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Shaye A Experience 2/15/2018 There was an enormous beautiful fountain in the center that, although quite simple in design, was made of something like glass-smooth white quartz or marble, as was the floor. The fountain had a ledge that wrapped all the way around for sitting and a large clear plume spouted robustly. It seemed that every single person I'd ever met was there; some were sitting quietly on the fountain ledge, while many stood in small groups chatting idly.
OBE dream with awareness of every person she ever met.


Dede P Experiences 2/8/2018 I could see myself sitting in the chair at the table, my head turned away from me-looking towards where my friend was at the sink. everything was exactly as it really was, the room dimensions, the colors of items, decorations, lighting,sounds.I do not recall being aware if my body was showing signs of motion, breathing, etc.
Three SOBEs described in detail.


Nicole T Experience 2/4/2018 During my life I’ve had a few possible past life dreams, one of which dating back to B.C located in China. The other places include: India (likely based on structures I researched for after the dream) the U.S, as well as other locations I have yet to identify. The location in China and India (?) both took place during deadly wars. In many of these dreams was the same man, though he and I always looked different in these dreams, I knew he was my same mate in every one. He I assume to be my husband in this life, as they share many traits and similarities.
Pre-life remembrances.


King C Experience 2/4/2018 What I then experienced was the complete absence of a body, and a euphoria so high that it could not be contained. It was perceived as a radiating Light, except I was the light and was observing it simultaneously. This Light was My being, and moved in ripples like water.
Transcendent meditation experience.


Cinzia C Experience 2/1/2018 From Italy. Original in Italian. I saw my father helping my mother, and the voice said: «Feel how they love you! The don't deserve the grief you want to give them» I was filled with an incredible love I never felt before it's hard to explain it in words. So i said to him: «I didn't know my parents loved me like that I didn't know!» And I continued repeating it, surprised I never realized that.
NDE-like experience that started as a dream. In English and Italian.


Andy L Experience 1/21/2018 I remember an open meadow with groups of souls sitting together in circles. Everything was so green there. I was walking from group to group communicating with them, possibly bidding them farewell because I was ready to incarnate again. The souls and I here actually had spiritual bodies. I remember adding the previous life I had just completed to a display shelf in what I imagine was my spiritual home, which strangely enough looked like a crystal igloo inside. The next thing I remember is being surrounded by light, like I was floating in it, feeling nothing but love while watching parts of my then 'future life' play out. I saw a few hardships that I would face and just smiled (no pun intended). Next I woke up in a void kind of place, it was black and purple and kind of twirled around.
Detailed pre-birth remembrance.


Francie N Experience 1/17/2018 The image was from the man's point of view. I could hear him breathing heavily and could see our shocked faces as he came upon us, my friend still with his wallet open. The image was over just as quickly as it came. I grabbed my friend and told him we were leaving immediately.
Premonition of criminal attack from the perspective of the attacker.


Matt R Experience 1/16/2018 The man I was seeing wanted personally a volunteer to pray the rosary with him. And they couldn’t find anyone. So I didn’t really mind. I actually enjoyed it (it’s funny because I had to use my phone to find the luminary I believe -it was Thursday that day). And we finished, and he was an older Hispanic man, maybe early 80s. And then he started talking to what seemed to be his dead older brother — and the conversation they were having was set in the time period of the 1940s I believe, maybe war time stuff. But definitely his brother who it seemed to be must have seemed to the brother to be younger... so that sort of makes sense. What’s also important about this was that the man was looking above and actually conversing with something or someone above him, maybe a 120 degree angle as to imagine.
Very deep meditation experiences described in detail.


Leslie K Experience 1/14/2018 My 'spirit' came out of my body, laying on its side, doing leg lift exercises. Then it mentally said, 'Poor old tired body...' I mentally said back, 'I'm not that old!' Then it sent me a feeling of LOVE, pure and unconditional, like nothing I have ever experience on earth. The next thing I knew, it was standing at the tray table at the end of my bed, eating these bright colored foods, that sort of looked like child's blocks of different shapes.
Other experience in recovery room following surgery.


Lawrence C Experience 1/14/2018 Phase 2 – A Celestial Tour Guide then came to coax me out of the Silent Void of NOW (No Ordinary Witnessing) and back into the Duality of Spirituality’s' Time-Space-Energy states including: I (the Conscious Awareness 'I') went inside of and at-one-with a granite rock stepping stone leading into the first library. Here in the rock I experience and then 'imperience' (co-resonated in and with) the various multi-harmonic etheric frequencies (including those first, second and third level harmonics) of living … consciously entangled . . . energy fields that are precursors to and thus comprise a physical rock.
Remarkably transcendent STE described.


Jen Experience 1/11/2018 I suddenly stood up very quickly. I stood there for a second and had a feeling to turn around to look.. When I turned around I saw myself sitting on the couch! I was out of my body looking at myself from a 3rd person point of view. I got even more scared.
OBE associated with LSD use. May be a drug experience vs FDE vs other.


Alex P Experience 1/9/2018 I had to make some choices about whether to be male or female, some things about what life I would be living eg, comfortable off but something would go wrong, or poor but happy, or poor and unhappy, ect, quite a few choices, and different situations, and how I would die, but I do vividly remember that each life I had in the past, the death had been painful or terrible
Pre-birth remembrance of choices he needed to make before being born.


Fayza A Experience 1/8/2018 From Iran. The next two night I was higher and the last night I saw two entities beside my self near the roof and they were talking about something which I couldn't focus on. Then I remembered my teacher's words and I told one of the entities to bring me back to my body and he or she did. After that I can see everybody's aura, including myself.
OBEs around age 14.


Dawn C Experience 1/4/2018 From the UK They were super fast images of events that had occurred in my life, events throughout history, mathematical calculations and endless reams of information in what seemed a massive download. As I was receiving all this information, I understood it all, and remember thinking ‘oh yeah, I get it all now’, and instantly understood everything being shown to me. Then, my whole being was then filled with a huge wave of love, and I was shown that everything we do effects each other, as we are all connected to this universal love, in spirit and on the earth.
STE while asleep. Remarkably NDE-like.


Marilyn A Experience 12/25/2017 it was quickly replaced by a light so brilliant so spectacular, that it truly defies description, this light was filled with an unspeakable joy with continuous waves of love but a love I have never experience then nor now in my physical body. It was a light that had substance and a massive intelligence, an intelligence that I could feel it's measurement (if that makes any sense) this was an intelligence coupled with a love so Grand in size a universe could not contain it. This light had a warm thickness to it and yet felt like fluid. It was all around me and went into all of me.
Remarkably transcendent prayer experience.


Wallace A Experience 12/19/2017 I was transported to outer space and was shown the earth. I was far enough out that I could see the entire planet and I could feel the emotions and suffering of the people of the world. The area of the most suffering seemed to be the African continent, but it also occurred worldwide to a slightly lesser extent. I was suffering along with the world because I could feel what they felt.
STE with insights about why there is suffering in the world.


Lauren P Experience 12/19/2017 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. So I was floating above the area where my family and myself had been living for some years. I was above the houses, I saw the gardens, the flowers, the streets, the forest behind the houses; the sky was blue, I was free, in a total plenitude; there was no notion of time, of borders, insecurity, danger, sadness, pain, earthly thoughts, nothing of this had room there, where I was. I had a sensation of lightness, calm, of peace.
SOBE while at work. In English and French.


Angelique T Experience 12/16/2017 Next thing I know I felt like I was floating. I watched myself walk up a concrete paved ramp and weakly plead for an employee in the parking lot to help me. Then I saw myself sitting in the store on an orange crate with two ladies standing in front of me asking for my mother's phone number I remember watching my self give it to them over and over again. I kept repeating what happened?
Other experience attributed to being hit by a car at age 17.


Elaine M Experience 12/16/2017 A tropical beach with a sailboat is often what I visualize to relax. There was a stone tunnel, sort of like a natural arch, not very long but definitely it was an entrance to something and this time it was a beautiful cover, all white and shining. There were beings all around the cover, smiling and nodding to me. They looked like gorgeous young people with white shirts and jeans on but they were beings of light, I knew that.
Meditation experience with NDE-like features.


Helena L Experience 12/9/2017 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. Being of a anxious nature, I didn't feel any fear at that moment. I was welcomed by angels praising me, knowing me, waiting for me. They were greeting me in Arab language: « Salam aleykoum wa rahmatoullah ». Meaning : “The peace and mercy of God, should be on you”. I didn't exchange any word during this experience. Everything was done from mind to mind, instantly. Difficult to explain. When I say that I saw angels, it was not with my eyes but still always with my mind/spirit. You see everything, everywhere, at once.
STE from Muslim contributor. Both in English and in French.


Sandra A Experience 12/7/2017 From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. I continued to fly across a kind of vast, peaceful lake, of which was emanating a calm that was beyond comprehension to me. Then at the horizon a small light appeared and I was thinking, this could be a sun, but the light grew, and then it was clear to me: “Ah! That's THE light! Am I now allowed to go home (God's Realm)?” I was extremely happy and jubilantly wanted to fly into the light, when I heard a clear and loud 'Stop'. Immediately I stopped.
Remarkably transcendent STE. Posted in English and German.


Nejat K STE Experience 11/28/2017 Originally from Turkey. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I found myself (in my mind - that's the best definition - but in no way imagination, I didn't have the mood to imagine anything!) in a space filled with billions and billions of luminous particles. Similar to tiny stars, but so innumerable, that they made up the very essence of the space surrounding me. There were no walls, no ceiling, no floor. I was like in a tunnel where everything was luminous, thousands of billions of luminous particles....
STE with spiritual insights. In English and French.


Val O Experience 11/17/2017 Suddenly, I felt and saw myself leaving my body. I felt my head and shoulders being pulled up out of my body. I then started floating around the living room around a small intense while glowing orb over the coffee table. I felt the need to ask who had sent this light to me. My answer came when a picture of a holy man with a beard was flashed on the wall
Meditation experience with OBE.


Sean M Experience 11/10/2017 From the UK I sat down with some music and my favorite book, I began to read a meditation book about “The infinite way” and the being of light said turn your music off, as I did I started to pray, and a peace came, as I prayed “Your love makes me cry!” and the being came to me, and then much stronger, in waves of pure pleasure and peace and joy, as if only in an NDE it was so intense and came in waves the only way to describe this was like sex, but 1000 times more intense.
Mystical experience during prayer.


Stephanie B Experience 11/8/2017 There were papers and items that were not packed with me in my car for the trip and that I hadn't even seen before that ended up in the accident wreckage that may prove multiple timelines exist and that I did not exist in the same timeline as the me that packed those papers.
Severe auto accident with interesting experience shortly after.


Anna H Experience 11/4/2017 From New Zealand. She very maturely told me 'You know why I'm here' I realised she was speaking to me through her eyes, telepathically. Her eyes were the most beautiful and sparkly loving eyes I have ever seen like they were perfect. I thought 'What a weird thing to say' but shortly after started realising why she had chosen to be my niece and why I was her Aunty. Once I fully understood how our lives fitted together I then starting understanding the next level and the next and the next to the point that I understood how the entire universe worked.
Remarkably transcendent STE dream.


Brinton N Experience 10/27/2017 Butch, wake up - your mother needs you.' While speaking he raised his arm and pointed at me and caused my spirit to rise up out of my body... then directed/floated it (me/my spirit) up and accross my room to my doorway then into the hall... standing me in my mother's room's doorway, whereupon I stood and saw my mother sitting up in bed reading her bible which was in her lap. He then directed by floating self back to my bed where I floated back into my body.
SOBE with angel or Jesus encounter at age 15.


Janet W Experiences 10/24/2017 At that moment, my consciousness was as clear as at daytime, I could think in conscious mind, wondering why they happen or what they all mean. At the same time, I could feel my spirit (like an essence) filling up and getting back to my body from my toes to my breast. When my spirit has completely filled up my body, I could no longer see the visions. All stopped.
OBEs that are probably dreams, but with interesting visual content.


Julie-Ann BL NDE-Like Experience 10/14/2017 It was totally black, I wasn't frightened..In this I felt I was everything and becuase I was everything I didn't need to be anything, and I knew everything and because I knew everything I didn't need to know anything, so was in a state of being. No desire to do or be anything, it was bliss or fear it was just beingness and I didn't have the desire to do or be anything other than exist.
SOBE that was NDE-like.


Amanda R Experience 10/14/2017 A moment later I saw a misty space above me that seemed to swirl in space. Then I felt a strong pulling upwards towards the ceiling, like I was being yanked up off my bed by my heart, and I felt a rushing sensation like I was being pulled through a cloudy tunnel at great speed towards a light. This rushing feeling didn't last long and I found myself suddenly in a tremendous expanse of wisps of colors swirling around everywhere. I had no body, no sense of gravity, no direction, very little sense of 'self' perspective.
STE that was NDE-like.


Vince B Experience 10/14/2017 I was probably 6 or 7 and had come inside from playing outside probably with neighbors and friends. I had gotten a plastic yellow cup and put some water in it and was walking through my house headed back outside when suddenly I wasnt in the moment but seperated and watching myself walk through my home and head outside from another point in the home. There was no sickness involved or any other extreme circumstance that I remember. Just a few fleeting moments of memory from a point of view that wasn't 'first person' but an onlooker.
Two childhood SOBEs. SOBE dream at age 4, the other, and SOBE, at age 6-7.


Richard J Experience 10/14/2017 It was like I was suspended in space and things were hitting me from all directions, but without inflicting any pain. While still in my 'suspended state of consciousness', and after I realized what was happening and the seriousness of my situation, I immediately thought: 'I'm about to find out what it's like to be dead'. I was pretty sure that I was in the process of dying, and about to experience being dead. At the point when I had that thought, I had no fear of dying or being dead and my mind was in a very peaceful state.
Severe auto accident with associated peaceful state.


Antonio P Experience 10/12/2017 From Italy. Original in Italian. one night I was flying above my city when I saw sort of a dark point that was slowly enlarging as drawing me in sort of a black and brown tube with gray parts, and my speed was turning crazy when far into the tunnel I saw a faint light that got closer and closer and I was going faster and faster I came to this very white light and I barely saw persons with sort of very white overalls
OBEs that started as dreams. In English and Italian.


Therese A Experience 10/12/2017 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. Suddenly in the middle of my sleep I'm waking up, being astonished that I'm flying above my sleeping and appeased body. I'm sucked into a long, very long cloudy tunnel. I wonder what is happening to me, I don't want to enter it, I feel fear. Despite my slow pace I'm stopping brutally. An entity is barring my way; facing me is an assembly, or rather a procession of shadows and white shrouds in a single file.
OBE that started from a dream.

Dr. I.K. V Experience 10/8/2017 From India. I started enjoying my state that I could fly in the air and hover on from the ceiling. Gradually a feeling of great peace prevailed. I became calm. I did not have that intense headache any more. Even though, the lights were switched off, I could see everything in the room. The whole room was flooded with light, but the source of that light could not be seen. I was thinking a thousand things simultaneously as if I was a computer CPU. I am not sure how long I remained in that suspended position. I was enjoying the condition I was in.
Physician SOBE while suffering from malaria.


Victor C Experience 10/8/2017 From Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. Suddenly I felt myself come out of my body and rise, going through a white coloured tunnel, towards a kind of white cloud. As the cloud of light approached me, I started to feel an immense love, and an immense spiritual pleasure, while at the same time I felt an intense warmth in my heart. I knew immediately that I was connecting with God.
STE of merging with God.. Posted in Spanish and English.


Christine H Experience 10/2/2017 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. More and more brighter, illuminated by a white, magnificent light, very, very intensive, but at the same time soft. There's nothing anymore than this wonderful light and an indescribable happiness. Everything is perfect, there are no questions and no answers, no time, no weight. A luminous happiness, immense well-being, lightness.
Was reading a book on bed with sudden SOBE. Posted in French and English.


Martina R Experience 9/27/2017 I felt so much love welling up in me, love not directed at anyone or anything in particular. Just love rising in me and pouring out of me towards everything. As I walked on, rejoicing in this wonderful feeling of love, it spread and was just everywhere. My surroundings seemed to have a rose colored tint to it, it was absolutely beautiful.
Experience of feeling intense love spontaneously.


James H Experience 9/24/2017 s it progressed I was seeing things from the passenger portion. Then I was looking at myself wondering how I could be still steering and functioning without crashing the car and I was on the other side of the center console looking at it. At this time there was no sense of emotion, no sounds, no sense of body except somehow I realized I was still connected to my body, but the connection was getting thin.
SOBE while driving on winding road.


Stephanie W Experience 9/15/2017. I sensed Her and the truths of the Universe more fully, and I felt that we were against a backdrop of the entirety of the manifested Universe. She is The Mother. The language I want to use for her is not the way I normally speak. She is cloaked in stars. She is utterly, truly purely loving and this love is unconditional. I sensed her as being black, like the void of space, and lit with stars.
This is a hard experience to classify. One could call it a possible NDE, but 13 days in an ICU you can't tell when the experience happened. It could be ICU psychosis, it could be an intense dream, or it could be really happening in a different dimension. But one thing that does stand out is how this experience profoundly affected Stephanie and transformed her spiritual views.


Roya H Others Experience 9/9/2017 From Iran. Translated to English by Amir. But interestingly as years passed and I grew, I started having transcendental spiritual experiences. For example, I could see things and events close by that others could not see, or I could sense good or bad events happing far away. It was going like this until a few years ago during one of these transcendental experiences I saw that I am being taken into Kabeh in Mecca [center of worship for Muslims in Saudi Arabia, where Muslims always face to for their daily prayers]. After a while, I saw inside the Kabeh in a TV program and it was exactly like I had seen it in my experience.
Many experiences that happened to her. In English and Persian.


Lucid Dream.


Steven A Experience 8/22/2017 I again found myself looking out over the meadows, lakes, rivers, and mountains where I had walked with Peter. The lands I was to tend to. I just had to know… Could I? My body was so different than my earthly body. No pain, no fatigue I felt so strong! Could I fly like Jesus flew when he ascended after his resurrection? So I did it. I lifted myself off of the ground and began to fly over the lands. Yes, I did. I flew over the meadows, and lakes, and rivers, forests, over the herds of elk, over the bears, over the beavers in the lakes, over the fish in the rivers. These spectacular lands just went on and on and I explored them from above. It was an incredible experience! Immeasurable joy filled me. I was home and everything was PERFECT…
Prayer experience at very difficult time during his treatment for amyloidosis.


Gatano N Experience 8/20/2017 From Italy. Original in Italian. Suddenly I found myself into an unknown environment, not dreadful but 'different'.
The landscape was desertic, with fine redish sands. Everything had a redish hue. I was surrounded with twigs: dry plants about one meter tall but with pointed thorns that emerged from the sands: all looked totally desertic, parched. I felt nimble, motivated, and pushed to search. I don't know what. I was very fine. Free. I repeat it, nimble: freed from my human body.
SOBE vs Dream


Jane H Experience  8/16/2017 When I was around 4-5, and aunt used to take me to her Protestant church which was stone and somewhat shaped like a 'castle', although I wasn't raised with religion by my parents they let her take me, and I used to tell her 'when will we go back to my castle'? They also say I would insist I used to live there, and ask 'where are the kids with no parents'? I once told my mother that dad used to have no parents and I took care of him. I do remember arguing with adults about god around 5yrs old.
Many past life remembrances including some shared with others in dreams.


Ken G Experience 8/15/2017 Now I had never heard of a walk-in, or even have ever heard of the concept until listening to your interview. But this is what I said: "You felt guilty about not stopping the murder when you could have, and when you died on the operating table, you made a swap. Your mission in this life was over, so there was no point in you returning, and you could make amends to the person who died by swapping with them on the operating table, so they could continue to do what they were here to do. So that's what you did." He was astonished, and it's like everything clicked for him. "What kind of music did that person like? Is it what you like now?" We started to go through the similarities between the other person and him, and there it was - the evidence that could explain why he felt so different, and so confused, after resuscitation.
Could this be a walk-in experience?


DeeDee Experience 8/15/2017 The light was a very vivid white/bluish light and it was as if it was shining between my eyes. I began to hear and feel a very low frequency of sound and felt this vibration of energy begin at the top of my head and move all the way down my body then back up to my head again several times at a slow pace. At the same time this light became brighter and as it came closer to me, I was able to see that the blue/white light was in the shape of a cross with a haze around it similar to a star on a hazy night. As it got closer, it got brighter and larger until that was all I could see.
Prayer Experience after death of father and other losses.


Benjamin B Experience  8/14/2017 I am in a dark space and in what feels like a large chair. The chair is silver and looks almost futuristic, or even spacecraft-like. I am speeding through the dark in a straight line, faster and faster, towards white light. The faster I go and the closer I get to the light, the harder I am finding it to breathe. Even so, I have no emotions like fear or panic, but there is a feeling of resistance. I remember no sound. I feel this happened to me a few times, and I have no rational explanation for it.
Pre-birth remembrance.


Pela OBE Experience 8/12/2017 From France. I felt non local and omniscient. I didn't had my human body. My shape was something like an ellipsoid, but I think this shape was mentally constructed with my own cultural knowledge : what it imperfectly fits the best. It is not descriptible; you know that you are everything but there were too much informations for my human spirit. While experiencing, the feeling was purely neutral, neither pleasant or unpleasant. I was everything that could exist but at the same time I felt that the whole being was itself inside vacuity - non being.
OBE dream with some very interesting and profound spiritual/philosophical questions.


David W Experience 8/12/2017 The Man then stopped the car and the woman got out with the baby. I noticed it was hot,they were on a dirt road with large trees; a steep bank on one side of the road and a sharp drop off on the other that led to a river. The last thing I remember was looking down on the woman with the crying baby she was holding;she said 'Hush Bo'.
SOBE at around 1-2 months old. Shared 68 years later.


Sandra M Experience 8/8/2017 Then I was told I would be going alone and I realized I was going to die and I said 'no!' I had two young kids and couldn't leave them. My sense of floating away reversed and I felt like I was back in this world. Then I was told, 'If you want to live, you have to see a doctor as soon as possible.'
Remarkable SOBE with information about her undiagnosed breast cancer that appears to have saved her life.


Christopher P Experience 8/7/2017 I flew all over the Puget Sound, I went to my sister's house and was amazed to find that animals could see me. My sister has a black lab and he knows me well, he ran to me for pets and affection which I gave him. Her two cats just hissed and arched their backs at me. I remember seeing a green bread tie on their counter, so I grabbed it up and twisted it around the loop on their dogs collar, thinking that this was a dream and it won't be there when I check later.
SOBEs with apparent very rare physical validation of actions while OBE.


Will R Experience 8/1/2017 First experience: Young teenager, lying on my bed, focused on a point on the wall, felt myself floating, went through a wall like in the movie Ghost. My mother saw me, ran to my room, told me to not do that anymore.
Several interesting OBEs, some that occurred 50-60 years ago.


Helen S Experience 7/30/2017. I noticed as I looked out the window that I was one with the blades of grass and the rocks in the road. I was enveloped in a love I could not put into words. This divine love was in everything and in me. At the core of my being, I was this love and so was everyone else. In this state of grace, there was no right or wrong, no good or bad, and no judgment whatsoever. Fear was non-existent. There was no death and I knew that we all live forever. Everyone I met was love.
Remarkably profound STE.


Bradley G Experiences 7/24/2017. While under the water I found myself surrounded by a bright light. The source of the lights was behind me. While under water I was given knowledge (I did not hear anything or anyone speak) that an Angel was behind me and that she was young, dressed in a long white gown, and had long dark hair.
Angel encounter that may have saved him from drowning at age 12.


Sonja W Experience 7/15/2017. During my 'sleep' i felt intense love and had the strong desire to go and see him and I dreamt that I went back simply to look at him. It was a weird dream, different in quality than a normal one. Not clearer, or lucid - just 'different'. It's hard to describe.
Shared OBE of husband and wife.


Elizabeth A Experience 7/15/2017. He instructed me to look past the roof to the sun, then past the sun to the sky, then past that. I received the impression that behind the sun and behind the sky, there was a world invisible and yet all around me, and that world was realer. I'll explain 'realer' after. It was what I was used.
STE at age 7.


Elizabeth A Experience 7/15/2017. I was a point of awareness, or consciousness descending down a shaft of brilliant white light. The shaft was like a tube in which light shone or like a transparent vertical tunnel. This cylindrical shaft passed through round openings in what looked like flat white sheets, a good visual aid would be a fireman sliding down the tube while passing through the round openings through many levels.
Meditation experience.


Sylvie P Experience  7/15/2017 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. Not being a believer and refuting a God who would accept the suffering of this world, I nevertheless said the following words: 'God if you exist do something (I was physically and morally devastated). I didn't have finished my sentence, when everything surrounding me was but light, a vibrant fluctuating light, at the same time soft and strong. Everything was of a dense and fluctuating transparency, and above all I felt myself being taken into this process of an unbelievable strength and well-being.
STE from an avowed atheist. Posted in English and French.


Thomas Campbell Experiences 7/12/2017. YouTube Videos on how to have an OBE.


Kathleen P Experiences 7/9/2017. I distinctly remember thinking to myself 'it feels like someone has taken over my body. I was no longer in control of my own thoughts or actions'. I remember it scary as hell because things like that are not supposed to be able to happen. I didn't know what to do. I knew I couldn't tell anyone. Number one I knew I would have made a laughing stock out of myself if I told any body about it and they might even have locked up in a mental hospital.
Brain aneurysm burst. Following this, apparent ‘walk-in’ experience.

Jared P Experience 7/3/2017. Moments later, I was hovering over a ciy, with lights and buildings of an unknown architecture. Although I could not see beings from that height, I 'knew' full well there were people in that city. It was night time over this planet, too, but it was definitely NOT Terran in any way. I remember feeling joyful and so happy.
OBE, that started as a dream, with visit to other worlds.


Marie Laure L Experience 6/26/2017. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. So at first I see plenty of moments of my life scrolling in front of me, with great speed like flashes, as if I was looking at slides, an acceleration of my life. I'm seeing some parts, which fills me with beautiful emotions, but not sad at all. Between gaiety, nostalgia, smiling, I look at myself in this movie, like you watch photos of a child that has grown, with memories, and I'm satisfied of what I did.
NDE-like dream with a life review. In English and French.


Virendra C Experience 6/26/2017. From India. After my Kundalini spark in May 1992, my aim of life was not achieved. I had no time and money to search any genuine Guru who can explain me about the ‘Life’ after the life. Therefore I leaned to Swami Vivekananda and meditated on him. I felt that his sorrow and tears were dropping from my eyes!. Thus In a few months by the grace of Swami also, I had an experience of “The Life after this life we live on the Earth!”
Samadhi meditation experience.


Tonya G Experiences 6/26/2017. As I lay there taking my last short gasps of air I was looking toward my dining room and say this what I can only describe as a back mist it was a large mass and it was coming towards me fast clinging to the ceiling and walls I was in SHOCK and my first thought was 'NO! my KIDS OMG they are to young they still need me I cannot die!'
As she was approaching unconsciousness from asthma she saw a mist coming toward her along the ceiling and walls. Rare observation during a life-threatening event.


Chris T Experience  6/21/2017 I start seeing little light swirling about my head. Startled, I kept in mind per instruction not to release my focus on my navel no matter what. The light grew in number. The light gave me the clear impression that they were alive; even happy. As the light grew in number they evenually filled the sky and my entire surrounding until their was nothing but light 360 decrees. At that point I knew I was no longer in my body. In fact I knew I had no body. The place I was in was infinite. It was imbued with a feeling of confidence and extreme sensation of love.
Was in Buddhist meditation for four days, then had an STE.


Shantelle Experience 6/21/2017 I could then see myself laying there and my mother there too and I could also see the campsite from above and our tent and picnic table and beyond the campsite to the beach, I saw people on the beach and the sand dunes. I started talking to my mother telling her what I was seeing, I asked her if she saw me.
SOBE at age 7.


Heidi S Experience 6/13/2016. I had a vision which came through my mind as though someone was telling me what was happening and then I viewed it from what they were describing. I guess one could say telepathically but then it became more like a live movie in my mind. I heard a loud bang and woke up screaming the neighbors house is on fire.
Exceptional and very well documented premonition with very specific information that she could not have otherwise known that came true.


Dimitris G Experiences 6/6/2016. From Germany. First was a déjà vu style dream. Dreamt my sisters boyfriends house caught fire and the next day it did. The other was an intense dream that was almost like waking around a movie set and witnessing the filming. The dream came in two parts and I had dreamt the entire Norway terrorists attacks that occurred in 2011. Every detail. I had seen a news photo of a man shooting people who were swimming away in the water and that's when my heart sank. I continued to read the news story and it was a description of my dream. It was a horrible feeling.
Dream occurred on 9/11/16 and the event happened 6/5/17.


Mark R Experience 6/5/2017 My back was on the ceiling and I was looking at my body laying there, and it was very freaky. While out of body I was just staring at my nose and freaking out a little but something told me you are gonna be alright. My aunt was in the kitchen baking that night and I left my room and was just watching her.
OBE associated with sleep deprivation so severe that he was having hallucinations.


Frank D Experience 6/4/2017. At first everything was dark, and then I noticed that there was no more pain. A rainbow of colors then appeared in front of me. At that point, I realized that I was weightless and was floating. I felt absolutely no stress and completely free. It was unbelievable at first. I had never felt this way ever in my entire life. Then I started floating towards a bright light. I slowly approached the light and wanted to float into it. When I came up to the light, I started hearing a voice telling me that it was not my time to be here, and I needed to go back.
OBE that started as a dream, which was quite NDE-like.


Mavis M Experience  6/3/2017 I then noticed a pin needle of light within this darkness. As I noticed it, I tried to reach for it, and as I tried to reach for it, I began to get closer and closer still to this growing light. As I grew closer, I felt better. In a flash, I was in the light. Within the light, I found myself floating down towards a pasture that had a horse pen. I always loved horses, and a man was sitting on the white picket fence, looking at the white horse.
STE during time of depression.


Xavier R Experience 5/29/2017. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I was listening to music in my bed and was asking myself questions about the infinity of the Universe. I then found myself expelled from my body. My self didn't exist anymore. I was nothing but this intense and profound light made of love and I felt the most pleasant thing of my life. I had a revelation and the reply to my question was 'everything is love' and I saw two beings embracing above the earth, filled with vibration. And I came back. I experienced the same thing again 20 years later.
Meditation experience from relaxing and contemplation. In English and French.


Henry M Experiences 5/27/2017. My partner quickly and immediately got onto the M-60 machine mounted on our jeep and I told him to keep me covered as I got out of the jeep with my M-16 at the ready and started walking down the alley to check out the noise. I was about 50-75 feet into the alley when I heard a voice say, 'Get Out'. The voice was male, clear, in English and I thought someone was standing next to me as it had come from my right side. I turned to see who that may be and no one was there. I then took two steps forward and again the voice said 'Get Out'. This time the voice was loud and harsh with authority stopping me from moving forward.
Two experiences of inexplicable events while fighting in Vietnam.


Steven Experiences 5/10/2017 My life has been significantly altered by this experience and I am a better person for it. This is always my rebuttal to some of my atheistic friends, with whom I’ve shared many of my stories – if it is some form of delusion, or even a mental illness as some would suggest (usually with care in their voice), why does it improve my existence? Why am I healthier for it? I experience a state many long for in their lives, a sense of peace, which took me a long time to attain and which was only available by following this ‘spiritual’ path and the teachings that came to me along it. It was always at my ‘request’, too – none of it was ever intrusive or something I hadn’t called out for by myself.
Meditation experiences transformed his life.


Francisco Experience 5/10/2017 From Canada. Then, the sequence of whirlwind like, wonderful events evolved as the vortex of my physical existence gave way to what appeared to be an outburst of fast, very fast paced, delightful phenomena of unprecedented powerful intensity of a kind never felt before, in face of which my very being simply and instantly felt overwhelmed and permeated by a whole array of unparalleled, marvelous sensations which absolutely overflowed my sensorial dimensions, for at the very instant I received the message announcing my physical dismissal, a boundless Universe of a very bright, radiant beyond description, soothing blueish WHITE LIGHT totally wrapped my senses, bringing along the most unbelievable yet very real feelings of peacefulness, immensurable joy and exhilarating harmony in unconditional loving acceptance into this new Realm, inundating and sweeping throughout my new being to the point of reaching a state of total and absolute bliss and ecstasy…
OBE that started as a dream and with notable NDE-like elements. In English and Spanish.


Ed R Experience 5/9/2017 At some point after that I became aware that I was above our bed looking down on both my wife and myself sleeping. It's like I was in the spot where the wall and ceiling meet directly above our heads and was looking down from that vantage point. It was dark in the bedroom but I could see, sort of like a night vision camera would look. I started to feel like I was suffocating or something, and I thought, 'This isn't right - something is wrong.'
OBE that started as dream with verified OBE observations. Experience happened a few days prior to submission.


Neal M Experiences 5/2/2017 My left hand felt anchored onto something, so I turned my view 180 degrees away from my body. To my surprise I found another pane of glass, with a new view, completely surrounded by the void I pulled myself closer to the view, where my peripheral vision grew larger and was able to make out what I was seeing. I took time to understand this new view and noticed I was looking at myself, not directly at my face, but the patterns on my bedsheets; from the perspective of my desk, I often sit at whilst working.
OBE with observations close up in their bedroom.


Pat A Experience 5/2/2017 From this point I became aware of my body down on the Sofa watching TV. I was calm, cool, could care less about what just occurred, it felt natural.I viewed my body as a natural object, it was still apparently watching TV, but I was not viewing it from that perspective, as I was the room and all of it, the body was something I was not associated with.
SOBE at age 8 during time of febrile illness.


Jasper V Experience  4/24/2017 From Germany. Original in Dutch, translated to English by Garry. I had never felt so loved, secure and safe as with Her and that Light. I wanted so badly to get to that Light, to become One with it. The emotion was so strong; it felt as if at last I had arrived, "home". I came closer but did not go into the Light, that couldn't happen as I saw a Person, "standing in the light." This Person seemed clearly to me to be a woman and I knew immediately She was the one who controls everything, is everything. She was that Light and she was the love and complete acceptance. She wore a beautiful white robe. She looked at me although I could not make out Her actual facial features because of the brightness of the Light. She was also very big and I very small.
NDE-like experience that started as a dream.


Donna K Experiences 4/17/2017 From Australia. I was aware of two very tall beings standing behind me and felt they were there to support me - later I understood they were my great aunt and my grandmother, both of whom I had been very close to and both of whom were dead. I was aware of a powerful 'mass'some way to my left - at the time I did not have the language to describe this, but now I would say it was a mass of energy. This mass was emanating a powerful feeling which is almost impossible to describe, it felt like nothing I had ever experienced before nor since - a feeling of overwhelming love, compassion, peace and kindness - of wellbeing and 'rightness'.
Asked higher power for help while in ICU with severe asthma attack.


Venessa M Experiences 4/16/2017 From Cyprus. I felt myself detached from my body and start to rise. As I lifted up to my head I remember thinking 'just allow it'. I left my body and entered a tunnel, it was white and foggy, at the end of it I could see a keyhole shape. I moved towards it and as I did I could see a figure in the keyhole, I couldn't see what it was BUT I had an all knowing that it was my son, I could feel it - like an overwhelming energy of his. I started to move closer and faster and then something spoke to me - 'If you go any closer, you'll never go back'.
Prayer meditation experience while in church.


Marcella P Experience  4/16/2017 At that instant, (what I now relate all seemed to happen in less than 1/1000 of a second, and happened all at once, as well) the Real, Living Presence of Jesus appeared. He was more alive than anything in this Universe. His being was All Power, Glory, Light, and Love, I imagine that this is how He appeared to the Apostles after His resurrection. The Power radiating from Him was enough to blast the entire Universe apart. He appeared in the shape of a human body, but the Glory was so intense that I did not ‘see’ any things such as hair color, facial features, clothing. Every cell in my body recognized Him, and there was the strong awareness that I had known Him for eternity. It's difficult to describe, but His ‘Jesus-ness’ was so intense - He radiated every ounce of His ‘Being-ness, Human-ness as Jesus-on-this-earth, that there was no mistaking who He was. It was impossible not to know that He was Jesus, and there was no other being in this Universe that He could be mistaken for.
Major STE at age 28 with awareness of Jesus. Many other experiences.


William G Experience 4/15/2017 From Canada. I caught my eyes in the mirror and I immediately found myself up near the ceiling looking down on myself. I had no body and no feeling of having any kind of a physical presence at all. I felt beings above me but there was no feeling of direction or physical space so using the word above is not correct but is as close as I can get to describing it. These beings were not people but they used to be. They were very calm and told me not to worry and that I was not supposed to be where they were yet. There was a quiet compassion about them and no drama at all. I had an incredible all knowing feeling.
Sudden spontaneous OBE at age 11.


Laurie O Experience 4/10/2017 From Canada. I was looking at the plate, from where I lay on the bed, when sound became distorted and I heard ringing coming from inside my head. And I saw a bright, white light begin to emanate from the plate - it was incredibly bright, but didn't hurt my eyes to look at it. I next became aware of a rushing sound, like a great wind and when that diminished I saw there was a being in the room with me; it was as if it had stepped out of the plate. It was tall and human shaped but had no distinguishing characteristics - I didn't get a sense of gender, just of being. It was surrounded by the white glowing light but was also made up of the light. I remember thinking, if it's an angel, why doesn't it have wings?
Fever episode at age 14. Fevers are difficult to classify because it is hard to tell where the consciousness was at the time of the experience. If the consciousness was still in the body, it could be a febril hallucination. Yet if the consciousness was closer to spirit, the experience could have been real. Ultimately this is a subjective experience, so it is up to the experiencer to determine the reality of the experience and how it affects her life.


Marcus M Experience 4/9/2017 When walked to his door and touched the door handle time stood still I walked out of my body and went to an individual that standing behind the priest, when I reached the person I knew him seems like many centuries. I was happy to see him we rejoiced what it seems like for hours, asking how he has been, I suddenly returned to my body
SOBE as he was about to visit a priest.


Patricia G Experiences 4/3/2017 From Bolivia. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. the first was in the cinema while I was watching a film, it was like a film being shot, passing through my eyes for a few seconds, the real me was in this room, looking at myself from behind, and behind this male person who I knew, and what I saw, was the centre of his face, I felt love, an enormous love that I have never felt, a love that would explode, and the walls of this room couldn't contain it. The walls of the room were moving and wanted to break, to allow this love out, this spectacular and giant love that was in this room.
Two OBEs, posted both in English and Spanish.


Francine N Experience  3/27/2017 I remember before I came to earth. I was in a bright light space. There were about 12 or so other people. I remember knowing that I had to come again and thinking why do people have to wear clothes. Up there no one was in clothing. There were no "private parts" showing either.  Then I heard a deep male voice say "DROP". Flash of super bright light and I woke up....in my bed about 6 or 7 years old. I knew not to be afraid but didn't know anyone. I had to relearn everyone and everything. My mom helped with the transition. We were Mormon at the time. She had me speak to the missionaries and then the bishop. We were told that some people remember life in heaven but no one explained why I was so old experiencing it and starting from scratch. In my 20s I searched different religions and finally came to the conclusion that there is no real religion. Throughout the following years after I came I had dreams, not many, of earth life experiences that I missed prior to coming. I have like 4 memories I got from my dreams. The rest is lost and learned all over again. I have 2 daughters now, I'm 35 this year. I have not seen the same signs from them. Not sure if it helps but I also didn't speak until I was 3 1/2 years old. I have no mental illness and graduated from college. I do occasionally see energy/spirits that were previously here on earth. Nothing threatening or scary. They do not verbally communicate with me, only watch me. I started smudging my home and protect it using objects so they no longer come in my home or on my property. My oldest daughter is 13 and my youngest is 4. Neither show signs of the same experiences.
This is the entire pre-birth remembrance so there is no link.


Damien R Experience 3/23/2017 From New Zealand I then travelled through a 'tunnel' that traversed galaxies in seconds. I approached a Light brighter than a hundred suns and entered it involuntarily. The soul was completely burned up, instantly. I realised that I was this eternal Light, composed of infinite love, compassion and knowledge. No separation. A separate divine entity is the creation of the mind. I stayed there for four minutes then returned, collapsing onto the floor weeping with joy at this knowledge. I was worthy of unconditional love for it was my true nature.
Profound meditation experience.


Marge Experience 3/22/2017 after a bit of sitting, I was seeing from the top of the bus down at all the passengers, including myself. It felt like being a part of the air everyone shares. I have always randomly had lucid dreams, and astral projections, it was that same sort of light feeling. But I had never had this while being conscious, with my eyes open. I then thought about how I wasn't in my physical self and stared wondering about my breathing, if I stopped would I pass out and be stuck out here?
SOBE while riding a bus.


Chip R Experience 3/`2/2017 When I awakened, I was aware that I was in a hospital... lying in bed. Suddenly, I levitated toward the ceiling and was able to look down upon myself and the scene in the hospital room. I asked if I was dead.
SOBE while in hospital. Interesting communication with another person in OBE at what may have been their moment of death.


Lauren A Experience 3/12/2017 As I rose, that's when I felt my most alert and clear of a sense of God on the other side wanting to reach out and speak to me about something. No communication was ever said, it was like I just knew it, I suddenly begun to feel a very strong vacuum force from behind trying to pull me, and I wanted to go but I suddenly feared that I wouldn't be able to return to my body.
OBE with a sense of God.


Mary M Experience  3/9/2017'. At the end he said the phrase, 'give your life completely up to Christ'. I remember only that phrase out of everything that happened at the assembly. The Christ appeared ahead of me and to my right, just behind the left shoulder of the speaker. I instantly fell into that presence and lost all awareness except for that of a profound sacredness so complete that the world, time, space and all form literally disappeared. I was infused with a holiness that transcends all things and forgives all things absolutely, a peace which enveloped all which ever was or will be.
STE as encounter with Christ at age 12 while at a school assembly. Remarkable spiritual wisdom including insights regarding forgiveness.


Shelly P Experience  3/2/2017 I was preparing to incarnate by being bathed in GODs love. Then I was in a room where I was shown 3 lives on 3 different screens playing like a movie(s).. It didn't need to be explained, it seems I knew what to do and what was happening. The movies of these lives seemed to be playing simultaneously. I immediately said no to the life to my right. I didn't verbally or telepathically say no. I said no with with the wave of what would be my spiritual hand in an up to down motion with intent and confidence and immediately that life choice was gone. I then viewed the life screen in the middle. I saw who would be my parents and my siblings. I was not interested in that life either... but, I let it keep playing.
Remarkably detailed pre-birth remembrance.


Rachel C Experiences 2/17/2017. First was a déjà vu style dream. Dreamt my sisters boyfriends house caught fire and the next day it did. The other was an intense dream that was almost like waking around a movie set and witnessing the filming. The dream came in two parts and I had dreamt the entire Norway terrorists attacks that occurred in 2011. Every detail. I had seen a news photo of a man shooting people who were swimming away in the water and that's when my heart sank. I continued to read the news story and it was a description of my dream. It was a horrible feeling.
Multiple experiences including precognitive experiences.


Natalie Experience  2/15/2017 Original in Russian, translated to English by Jim. Throughout my entire childhood I sometimes had a similar dream. I’m alone, desolated city streets. I know that there are Fascists in the city. I am trying to find someone who will help me hide from them. I knock on any door I can find.
Past-life Remembrance Dream.


Jennifer B Experience  2/14/2017 In this memory I am in darkness but this darkness doesn't feel like darkness. Like I have no sense of darkness. This darkness actually feels overwhelmingly illuminating. I feel like I belong here and have been here for a very long time and I can feel it slipping away from me along with my memories of this place whatever it is. In this darkness I know that I have never known anything else. This is my home as we would say today. I know that I have to leave and I don't want to. I have a choice to stay there or to leave but there is this consciousness that is with me of a different being someone that I respect and love and they want me to go. I also have a memory of me as a spirit watching myself as a child.
Remembering life before she was born.


Peter S Experience  2/12/2017 The features of the face did not move, but I sensed a great, wise intelligence, beyond any given human being. The Intelligence communicated to me that I was loved way and above what I considered possible, that no fault, no bad habit, no sin, no error, ever got in the way of a steady, overflowing, all-encompassing love for me as a person. What is more, I knew that this Love is universal, as a song says, 'not just for some, but for everyone.' And that universality did not diminish by one iota the profound love I was receiving.
STE dream that is NDE-like with insights about love.


Bryce A Experience  2/9/2017 all of a sudden I was being lifted up toward the sky, and I saw clouds. they opened to golden gates. there were trumpets blasting and angelic singing of joy. the gates opened for me and I knew that this was heaven. everything was made of light. all of a sudden I was on a open space of light. I was being ushered toward a door by an invisible force that I could only tell you that loved me beyond any love I have ever felt my entire life before or after this event. we went to the door and it opened for me.
Prayer experience with OBE.


Diana R Experience 1/29/2017 From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. I was surrounded by a very beautiful, bright, pulsating light. Around this light there were still other light colors. I perceived myself like an ever expanding cloud. But...the light wasn't only surrounding me, I myself was also light. And this Love!!!! Everywhere there was love. I was love! In every little part of my being, was light and love. The words I'm writing here, cannot describe a fraction of what I experienced. There are no words, that can describe this situation.
OBE that started as a dream with exceptional encounter with light and love. Both in English and German.


Sue C Experience  1/26/2017 All of a sudden I 'saw' a column of fire raging from above coming straight into my body from the top of my head. The column of fire entered me with what sounded like a rush. The next thing I saw was my body lying on its back, arms and legs spread out, on a huge, flat boulder. Then I saw myself being lifted up through the air toward what I can only guess to be heaven. At that moment, I saw a bright, bright white light - brighter than anything I had ever seen before. I was sitting - this is all very hard to explain - I was sitting inside a hand of bright white light. The hand didn't really have boundaries but the shape was there - I could see the form of fingers but they were not physical. They were made of light. The 'hand' brought me closer to Him and I knew it was God.
Prayer experience with answered request.


Jake M Experience 1/20/2017 From Australia. I was able to see my body even though my eyes were closed. Then I could see the room I was in, then the house, and then the earth. The further I traveled, the faster I went until everything went pitch black. Then there was nothing until I saw a tiny pin-prick of light in the distance. So I headed towards it, travelling even faster. It was then right in front of me. I saw a giant, golden triangle with strange carvings or inscriptions inside the borders of the triangle. In the middle of the triangle was what looked like a hill with a single tree standing on top of it, and the sun shining brightly behind it.
Meditation experience with OBE.


Mattie A Experience  1/19/2017 From India. And finally I met God, He appeared as an orb of white light at first and I was a bit disappointed I didn't get a chance to walk with him. God never reveals his true face; he always shrouds himself in light. The next time I had a vision of Paradise God appeared like an old man with a long white beard and flowing robes (an image I was comfortable with as I always imagined God like that as a kid) and I walked hand in hand with him and I asked the same questions I asked Jesus in church - why can't all humans go to heaven, we all fell together, lets go home together ! But He also replied only the righteous go to paradise. The righteous I know now are those who believe in salvation through Jesus. And then the vision disappeared.
Athiest who encountered God.


Grzegorz N Experience 1/19/2017 It was dark in the room but something was off, I couldn't tell at first but after short time I realized that my bed was at the other side of the room. So was window and door. Whole room was like a mirror image of itself. I stood up and walked to the center of the room. My thoughts were clear, so was my consciousness and my senses worked normally so I realized that it was not a normal dream, because I was beginning to think it was. I even could think verbally, that never happens when I sleep, even while having lucid dream and I had quite a lot of those. I'm a IT guy so I got curious and decided to check my computer to see if it worked. To my surprise the moment I thought about doing that I was wide awake, lying in my bed, completely aware in the 'real world'.
SOBE with interesting mirror image awareness of his room.


Cruise T Experience 1/16/2017 From Israel. As I went high enough to see the roof and houses around time itself was either paused or super slow, I increased with speed and distance and was now over 100 meters above from my body. I looked to my right to the Mount Maunganui and saw 3 birds in the distance above the Mount, as I went to look back to the party and my body (all with a calmness, no stress or fear from the moment of leaving my body) the speed increased directly upward. I saw the city and country and earth grow smaller with speed to when I saw the solar system and galaxies start to flash away from me.
Remarkable SOBE that seemed to occur during an instant of earthly time.


Mark Experiences 1/16/2017 During these times I was out of body 6 to 8 hours and felt a great sense of urgency to get back asap. I could not go into buildings,homes or cars. I could see or sense the essence in those locations. I could locate a person very fast if I had something personal of theirs, especially if they wore or had it on the person recently. I could sense what I call their essence. It was more of a floating experience.
OBEs during dreams with travel across country.


Laura M Experience 1/15/2017 I then found my point of view from above a rural area I have seen before. I was then traveling straight up very quickly into the sky. Not flying, it was linear so more like a rocket. I realized how high I was and got scared. I felt my hands on a steering wheel which I perceived as a message that I was in control. So I decided to let the momentum take me and decided to trust and let go. I saw the trees get smaller, then I knew I was in space because I saw the earth, then I saw our solar system, the speed increased to a point where there was no speed. I was in a new place so far away in locale from Earth that none of our published research has disclosed.
OBE that started from being too tired to sleep.


Osman Experience  1/14/2017 Originally from Somalia. I can then see the entire room in broad daylight as there was plenty of sunlight coming into the room. I feel this incredible sweet heavenly blissful cool energy. It is a state that I did not even want to leave. I was like more alive then I currently am. It is like the life of this world is a dream compared to that state I was in… Normally I speak English or Somali to myself in my own head when I am thinking, but in this state those languages didn't exist.
OBE at age 18.


Bonnie E Experience 1/8/2017 I could tell I was in spirit form, but never looked down at my 'spirit' to see if I had hands, etc. It didn't seem to be a concern I had. I seemed to know what I was, but also didn't know what I was. This part is very hard to explain because I don't know of any other form like it in order to explain it with words. While in the out of body 'spirit,' I was at peace and didn't seem to need to know what form I was actually in. It seemed like a greater reality, or another dimension…
SOBE following emergency caesarian section delivery.


Florence D Experience  1/8/2017 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I didn't travel through a tunnel. I found myself immediately bathed in a supernatural light. It was extremely brilliant but not hurting. It had an aspect, how can I say, 'compact, enveloping', like cotton. It was golden, with waves or pulsations; it was warm, benevolent, without judging; it was unconditional Love. The sensation was really very pleasant and appeasing, a thousand times more intense than the biggest orgasm.
NDE-like STE that started as a dream. Both in English and in French.


Marina M Experience  1/7/2017 From Italy. Original in Italian. Little by little, I saw the tunnel and I was rising in the tunnel very fast and at light speed. At the end of the tunnel, I had reached the light. I found myself floating with my soul in space like what astronauts see. The sky was dark. I was very happy as it was so beautiful to be there without problems, pains, or suffering. I felt this great presence that was like a huge spirit, the creator of everything. It was so great and powerful that I should have been scared. I was sand-dust compared with it but it was treating me as a human being; despite that it was invisible and I could not see it. A long dialogue started between me and him. He was talking to me through visions that crossed me in this space.
Very transcendent and NDE-like experience that started from prayer. Both in English and in Italian.


Ann Experience 1/6/2017 From the UK. Suddenly I was somewhere else. Instead of seeing the squirrel and tree, I was looking at planet Earth through space. I seemed to know it was planet Earth. It was quite far away but I could clearly see the blue and green of it. Earth was quite well lit up, I suppose by the sun. All around was dark space. I can't remember much about what else was around because I mostly was just looking at Earth. I didn't feel anything was abnormal, though I was a bit surprised at how suddenly I was out there. I thought it was rather nice to be doing it. I didn't really think about how I got there. I was just there, watching the Earth and thinking, 'That's the Earth.'
SOBE around age 2-5. Shared about 60 years later.


Jo M Experience 1/3/2017 from Australia. And then, in front of me, was a scene. It was a field of long, pale yellowish grass that reached up to my knees. In front of me was a winding road that led over to the corner of the field. Surrounding the area was a line of very dark, green trees with the glossiest leaves I have ever seen. In the corner of the field, where the road ended, stood a very high, dominant tree. It too had the darkest green, glossiest, healthy foliage.
Mourning death of father. Vision of grass and trees that was meaningful to her.


Georgia M Experiences  1/3/2017 I was somewhere around 2 years of age. We were in the upstairs of our home just about to enter one of the bedrooms. I remember watching a man carry me as if I was another grown-up watching this. I was seeing it at what would have been eye level like standing next to him with the man and child (me) being carried.
SOBEs with first at age 2.


Larissa M Experience 1/1/2017 At that point I started to leave my body, and I wanted to tell her 'oh I'm leaving my body' but it happened so quickly. It felt like I was drawn up through a narrow apperture, and then 'pop' - my head / upper half sort of popped right through and up into this enormous vast dark space, a place of such magnitude I couldn't find words - but a tremendously peaceful place. It was directionless, encompassing, vast, and incredibly comforting all at the same time.
SOBE during ‘energy healing session’.


Daniele Experiences  1/1/2017 Once, talking with a friend who is a researcher in a biologist laboratory, he told me that all of my experiences were related to out of body experience, this happened 2 months ago, after that I got a strong one, conscious in bed my body started to vibrate and a loud sound was everywhere, I felt like going really fast inside a void, with at the end a light, no fear, but a beautiful sensation, like I was going somewhere, somehow.
OBEs that started as dreams.


Claude A Experience  12/26/2016 From Canada. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I found myself in a tunnel whose walls were fuzzy, like a white thick fog and slightly illuminated, like under a cloudy overcast. I was stationary. I asked myself if there was an end to this tunnel. Then I was transported through this long tunnel of which I first saw no end, then an extremity of a blackness of space, then a star, then several. I got out of the tunnel to find myself in a space full of stars. Except that I felt the radiation of each star, what passed through my body with a feeling of welcome, pure love, a superhuman human warmth. It was more than welcoming it was wonderful. I knew those stars, and even could recognize several of them, Jesus was there, Krishna was there, Buddha was there, all the saints were there, all the masters were there... I was welcomed by sublime beings.
Very transcendent and NDE-like experience that started from meditation. Both in English and in French.


Patrick M Experiences 12/16/2016 & 12/25/16 My vantage point seemed to be about 40 feet (12-13 meters) in the air at an angle providing a good view. Two men approached him in the night and attacked him with a heavy duty folding pocket knife. My brother was knocked backwards by the slashing attack and jumped through the fire, sending of burning burning embers flying high through the dark night.
Remarkable SOBE that started as a dream with details of observations of a criminal attack on his brother later verified. Another he found his hidden bow and arrows in the OBE state.


Leslie M Experience 12/24/2016 This particular time however there was an upset when the nurse wanted to administer the premed via an injection which I refused to let her do, which meant I went into theater without it. Once there the anaesthetist tried to put me under with an injection. At this point I was very angry and tried to get up to leave. This resulted in me being held down by the theater staff while a gas mask was placed over my mouth. I witnessed this scene fleetingly from an elevated position from the corner of the room.
Brief SOBE during anesthetic induction.


A.M.L. NELE 12/23/2016. I saw a long velvety dark brown tunnel, with sparkles falling from the top. Also, at the top of the tunnel, there was a glow of lights around the entire rim. It seemed that within these lights, there were hundreds if not thousands of entities. Their message to me: 'She has done an A++ job, we can't wait to get her; you have seven days.'
Nearing end of life experience related to dying beloved pet dog.


Rhonda M Experience 12/23/2016 I am looking to the front where the dresser is situated and I keep on looking around and I recognize everything in the room with absolute clarity and definition and that fact struck me odd because I can't see without glasses and my first thought was I went to sleep with my glasses on and try to take them out of my face but I keep on trying to get them off my face and I don't feel them and I start to look around me and I put my hands in front of me and see them and start to turn them from the front to back and I realized that my movements are slower and that I can see without my glasses
SOBE with supernormal vision.


Faith RT Experience 12/14/2016 I was lying on my bed, my mind whirling with these ideas, when I suddenly zoomed out of my body and into endless, star-studded space. As the stars slowly turned all around me, I felt myself as infinitely small, a tiny atom of being in all this glorious vastness. I somehow knew that life had gone on for eons before my existence and would continue long after I was gone. I felt a great comfort. Then the feeling of comfort expanded into an enormous sense of love surrounding me. I knew this love wasn't just for me, but for the whole universe.
SOBE at age 12. Shared 60 years later.


Sara S Experience 12/14/2016 In the morning as I got out of bed, I saw myself still in bed. I went as normal, down the hall and down the stairs into the living room. I laid on the chair. I could see the room reflected in the blank television screen. I saw myself enter the room as I done and laid on the chair as I had done. Then, I saw myself go into myself.
SOBE at age 7.


Ian T Experience 12/4/2016 from the United Kingdom. A young lady stopped and handed me her own Asthma inhaler,which she had been using herself. I took the inhaler and used it. I felt relief and thanked the young lady. I got up from the floor and looked as other people were struggling to breathe. I helped them by letting them use the young lady's inhaler.
SOBE/Dream with content about an asthma attack, and meeting a girl who died in a storm related asthma attack in Australia.


Romero I Experience  11/20/2016 From Ecuador. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. I jumped out of the tunnel, and there were “people”, or presences representing these people, Lots of light, a feeling of being surrounded with the imeasureable, with the infinite, everything around was like a plasma of clouds, lights, peacefulness, and tranquility, that I craved so much, I wanted to stay there, and suddenly I remembered my family in this bed that I had left, I missed them and something told me that it wasn't my time, not said in words, but this was the message “It's not your time” my body felt thrown from the waist, and a very strong attraction made me return, although I wanted to stay in this lovely place, so much mine, but at great speed I came back to my body, and my life, with all it's habits, sadnesses, nostalgias, and despairs...
OBE throughout the house. Both in English and in Spanish.


Matthew R Experience 11/5/2016 from the United Kingdom. I was sitting in my lounge relaxing after a days work with the TV on when all of a sudden I could see myself sitting in my chair and I was looking down at myself. I remember thinking that my head was very shiny, as I am bald, and I was viewing myself as a mirror image of the way I was sitting.
SOBE while watching TV.


Eric Experience 10/31/2016 From Belgium Suddenly I was flooded by the greatest feeling of love you can imagine. I never have felt this before (even with my first girlfriend when I was 16, the first love of my life, this doesn't even come close) nor have I felt this later. It was incredible. The feeling of love and being loved was so intense. Then a voice in my head started to communicate with me.
STE with spiritual insights.


Hugo S Experience  10/27/2016 From Belgium. Original in Dutch, translated to English by Garry. Then these little stars slowly began to turn round and round with more dots being added in all colors.   These were all turning, there might have been thousands or millions of them. Slowly they began to form a spiral turning inwards. First it was turning slowly but going faster and faster until at a certain moment I felt as though I was being sucked into the middle point. Suddenly I fell into a deep dark hole.
OBE from practising stress relief exercises. Both in English and in Dutch.


Jessica P Experience  10/26/2016 From Italy. Original in Italian. I was aware of my new condition and looked in front of me where normally there were walls, curtains, rails and I saw nothing of what was earlier in my room; but I could see a wonderful landscape with a green lawn, small birds and I felt I could perceive all the perfumes of the flowers at once all very bright. I felt a great feeling of relief and I was about to leave my body for good to reach that wonderful place but before that I was interrupted by a voice that was speaking to me telepathically. They asked me if I could remember my life and if I was sure to have done ' all I had to do.'
OBE with NDE elements. Both in English and in Italian.


Tijo M Experience 10/19/2016 from India. I existed in some other dimension. But there was no tijo. Nothing but not nothingness. Its very hard to communicate. But I can even today feel that. For a time of 10 to 15 seconds I think it continued. I was not aware of the time.
SOBE while sitting in a chair.


Betty J Experience 10/14/2016 from the UK. Within minutes I felt my body lifting and then I was rushing through a tunnel and then come to a halt. I saw Jesus right in front of me carrying his cross. The next minute I know I went straight back to my body very forcefully.
SOBE after death of mother.


Harry B Experience 10/4/2016 I was skating at the local skating rink. I am off the rink fooling around on the carpeted area. Then, I am seeing myself from the other side of the rink. I start to get closer. The physical me does not know, I'm still just goofing off. Just as I step on the carpeted area again I am instantly back in my body and instantly knew what just occurred.
SOBE at age 10.


Richard L Experience  10/1/2016 Suddenly, I was given a vision of what happens right after we die. I became a ball of light, propelled (like a rubber band snapping) into space at tremendous speed. Several other balls of light were around me. My feelings were being totally free. Then I realized that I would have to land somewhere soon.
Other experience after nearly dying during intestinal surgery. Hard to say if this is an out of body experience that started as a waking vision.


Don J Experience  9/22/2016 After a few seconds, something that looked light a lighted doorway gradually appeared. This was much more vivid than the soft images we can all see in our minds during imagination. The vivid white light captured my attention. As I watched it, a black silhouette materialized in the light. It formed into the silhouette of a young man wearing a suit. The black and white image was very vivid and gradually took on color as the image moved toward me in my mind. The best way I can describe it is that it was like watching television in your mind.
Meditation experience. Awareness of entity during chi gong exercise.


Kathy T Experience 9/20/2016All of a sudden I came up to another plane. I saw thousands of white, beautful Angels or beings. And I said 'oh, thats where the beautiful sounds coming from'. One Angel came to me and we communed telepathically. She looked at me with such love and compassion. She could see everything there was about me, there was nothing I could hide, although I did not want to hide anything. She was pure white and iridescent with form but without form, it's hard to put it into words, but she was beautiful and full of pure love and compassion.
STE at time of severe side effects from medication.


Patrick Martin Experience  9/20/2016 I would come to earth and live a perfect sin-free life to express my love and devotion for God. It was my hope that by honoring Him in this way that I would be recognized and brought into His presence. Then I could tell Him of my great love and adoration. Looking back, I now see that I wanted to worship Him in person. Apparently all in the crowd had that same intent... personal worship of God.
Detailed pre-birth remembrance.


Silvia Experience 9/18/2016 From Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated into English by Sean.A thought came into my head, and I said in an almost happy voice “Ahhh... it is going to be like this” referring to my death. Then all the water went...and then everything was totally white, everything was light – not blinding – but clear and a feeling of absolute love like I had never felt. The pleasure, the enjoyment or happiness was imeasureable. If I had to choose a word, it would be ecstasy or an eternal orgasm...
STE from relaxing in the ocean. In English and in Spanish.


Doreen W Experiences 9/18/2016 When I looked at the people on the machines I saw Light in their stomachs. Each one of the people was lit up with this bright Light. The next day I was sitting in my chair in the living room when all of a sudden I realized who I truly am. I saw that I was really God. I know that sounds strange but I saw that I was whole and perfect and that I didn't need or want anything at all. I told my husband "I am that I am". Again all my fear went away.
Two STEs involving seeing light.


Sandy M Experience  9/16/2016 I was out of my body looking down at us from predominantly above and somewhat behind where we were laying, but at the exact time I was still part of the dream where big city landscape was whizzing by and because I was so conscious of the fact that I was dreaming I remember thinking (deciding?) I didn't want to be in the city anymore and instantly the cityscape whizzing by changed to sandy beach landscape
Interesting OBE that started as lucid dream.


Lara S NELE 9/6/2016. I saw my grandfather sitting at the foot of my bed. He was in the form of a spirit, I could only see his outline made of glistening sparkles of light (impossible to describe) but somehow I knew it was him, and oddly, I wasn't afraid (I guess because I thought it was a dream?) He kissed my forehead. I felt the love-- it was gentle and fatherly and somewhat sad.
NELE with dying grandfather.


Allan Experiences  8/31/2016 The out of body experiences started slowly in that I would see my body laying on the bed and after a period of time I began to experiment and transport myself to various areas of the house and eventually the neighborhood. I was quite the adventurer throughout my youth and was always intrigued by things far beyond my years.
Multiple induced OBEs around age 5-6.


Andrea C DBV 8/31/2016. Then I smelled cigarette smoke, which I thought was odd. Upon smelling the smoke I then sensed someone pass by me. I opened my eyes thinking the nurse had stepped in but no one was there. I closed my eyes again and felt the presence of what felt like many people walking passed me. My grandfather then started talking. I kept my eyes closed and just listened. He said in a very surprised voice 'I can't believe how beautiful you all look.' He said it in awe and more than once.
Shared deathbed vision with dying grandfather.


Paulo Experience 8/28/2016 From the Phillipines. I saw two angels coming down to me. They said, 'Come with us.' They took my hand and we went up through a tunnel. I saw a very bright light at the end but my eyes were not damaged and I didn't feel scared. While we were travelling in the tunnel, I heard music, like singing, in a very sweet tone. I felt they were celebrating, so I didn't feel any danger. I felt this place was very peaceful and full of love.
Dream that is remarkably NDE-Like.


Jacob D Experience 8/22/2016 From Wales. After a minute of being in that black void where I felt nothing I saw a red spec appear just as the blackness had but this was different, it was pulsating slightly, the diameter of this spec, as it grew showed a clear 2 steps out 1 step in pattern til it encompassed most of my sight. i could see this red cloud or blob of energy but never entered it. I saw an image in the centre suddenly appear.
Drug (Ketamine) experience. The difference between this experience and typical NDEs should be obvious to readers familiar with NDEs posted on NDERF.


Emily H Experience 8/22/2016 From the United Kingdom I started to feel as if I was rising through the air, and then could see my bedroom from a new perspective as if I was floating above my bed. I was in the air looking down on myself lying there. As I watched I saw a pink/red orb emerge out of my ear and to a few feet away from my head. After a few seconds the orb slowly moved back into my head, then I was suddenly back in my body again.
SOBE that happened when she started to relax.


Janice Experience 8/16/2016 At some point during the night I awoke, or thought I awoke, and felt myself floating above my body. I was aware of having no feet but turned left and floated out of my bedroom door and down into the hall. I was aware of a twinkling of stars around me but my sensation of being solidly in the reality of my apartment was very real. I stopped in the hallway and read off a poster that I had on my hallway that read in part 'Your children are not your children' At that point I turned around and floated back into my bedroom and hovered over my body in my bed.
SOBE that started as a dream.


HM Experience  8/6/2016 From Finland.When the dark spirit is gone, Michael smiles lovingly at me and then a huge ball of white light with a golden center appears on the bed's end, over my knees or so. I can tell it's a spirit of a very loving and masculine guy, who looks a bit like a gentle beefcake man. His nothing but light with a golden center and he also smiles at me.
OBE dream with markedly erotic content.


Alessandra P Experience 8/3/2016 From Italy. Original in Italian. I was walking on an invisible pathway leading upward towards the sky. My father (who passed a few years ago, but who seemed to feel quite well there) was walking in front of me and taking me towards a garden. There was an unbelievable atmosphere of peace and joy, and it could be felt a love that here on the earth we cannot imagine even remotely. There isn't another way to explain what is over there, and unfortunately words cannot give any exact account.
NDE-like Dream. Posted in English and Italian.


Martin L Experience  7/26/2016 All I can remember is I drank some water from a community well and later got really sick. I threw up and had a high fever. My parents tried to help the sickness by burning incense, which made me very very sick. Later I lost consciousness but remember looking down on my body and twirling around in a circle. I felt very bad because my father was so upset and crying that his only son had died. My mother was very distraught. I guess I really loved my parents and knew they needed me. Then I remember flying over the town and city towards the north. I flew into a tunnel and light. Then I saw a beautiful field of flowers that had a bright monument in the center of it.
Past life remembrance with extensive detail recalled of life perhaps two thousand years ago.


Hartley B Experience 7/20/2016 I was above myself, viewing myself from directly above. I stayed looking towards the ground, but could feel myself being pulled upwards by what felt like my diaphragm. I remained calm and aware somehow. As I continued to be pulled upwards, I saw the entirety of the bakery, then the building, then the greater area including the Naval Base. I saw the coastline and then the country. As I saw earth, I had this realization come over me that I was being pulled towards a black hole.
SOBE while at work.


Richard H Experience  7/20/2016 Out of nowhere and completely unexpected I found myself with my back to the ceiling and I was pushing against it. The ceiling was about 15 ft high. While I was pushing against the ceiling ( with my back to the ceiling it was more like spreading my arms against ceiling) I became aware of where I was and that my body was still sitting there and I knew my ass was still hurting but I didn't feel it. Then before I had time to analyze more I was back in my body with my seat hurting. I felt euphoric. I can't tell you if I had sight while out of my body or not. It all happened pretty fast 2 or 3 seconds.
OBE at time of meditation.


Helen R Experiences 7/13/2016 I became aware of a much brighter light behind my head, in the room. I turned my head and looked. In the doorway between the living room and dining room was a tall column of light, reaching almost all the way to the ceiling. I couldn't see a figure in it, but i knew instinctively that this was Christ. He began moving toward me at the speed of a mortal man walking.
STE meeting with Christ and SOBE while explaining about God to an atheist.


Dorothy L Experience  7/11/2016 They (my grandparents) stayed with me during my entire meditation (maybe keeping an eye on me?). This reaffirmed to me that when my dad passed, both of them were immediately there to meet him. The next thing that happened was I felt this very strong wave like vibration coming from very far away and above me entering through the top of my head and swirling down through my "solar plexus." I can't really describe it - it was like a river that kept coming and coming, getting closer and closer to me. It was huge and all-encompassing.  When it got to me, it stopped but I felt it was still moving - I still felt its vibration rippling through me. Important - the being of energy that I felt going through me like a river during my meditation entering at the top of my head, went down through my entire body, pulsing down through my head and through my solar plexus region and out my feet. This was continuous and constant. I think maybe it was the Holy Spirit, this entity who knew I was there on the "other side" as a visitor and knew WHY I was there. I felt the presence of my father then and knew all was well with him and he was happy.
Meditation experience after her father passed away.


Miriam A Experience 7/11/2016 The feeling I had brought tears to my eyes and continues to do so even today when I tell someone this story. It didn't last for long...I'd say about 30 seconds. Then it was gone and it has not happened to me since that night… The immense love I felt cannot be expressed in words.
STE with feelings of love.


Sylvie G Experience 7/7/2016 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. Then, far away at the right, I notice a white cylinder made of rings. I'm seeing the rings because they create a gray shadow. But the cylinder is very white, very luminous. I'm attracted irresistibly. And I notice what is at the other end of the tunnel. It's magnificent. Lights, rather green and a bit yellow, but light; there are some things like light bubbles dancing. There are sounds also. Not music nor voices, but very soft sounds. I feel better and better. I'm realizing that the light bubbles are in fact 'spirits' of deceased people. And there, I see my grandmother Juliette dancing in the light (she died 2 years before). I'm not astonished, as she always told me that she adored dancing! I feel better and better, filled with peace.
An STE from an attempted suicide with a dosage far too small to be fatal. Experience posted In both English and French.


Carla F Experience 7/4/2016  I was sitting on the floor drying my hair when suddenly I became aware that I had left my physical body... the transition had been seamless and I was still combing my hair. However, becoming conscious of the situation I broke out of this trance and looked down at myself.. it was as if time was frozen.. my physical body was motionless, frozen in time and still combing.
SOBE while drying hair at age 17. Shared 49 years later.


Cornelio M Experience 7/4/2016  From Mexico I could feel the sheet texture and the bed cover. There's a type of bed cover made out palm leaf in south America called 'petate'. By that I knew where I was. It happen again and this same this feeling crossed my mind. I was at my mom's house in Mexico! I looked around. I saw a window and the room was dark. I touched the bed cover again and I got convinced. It was that type of bed cover at my mother's house. I told myself that I needed to come back to my body. I felt myself starting to mix with a cloud that was twisting and going to a hole. Then I was in my room at my home.
SOBE with apparent verified OBE observation.


A.K. Experience  6/20/2016 From Iran. When I looked out from the window I saw a light with a pretty blue color. The light entered my bedroom from top of the window. This light was flickering fast. When I saw that light and heard that bang, I ran into the guest room. I was still unaware that I was not in my body. But before I got to my bedroom door, I suddenly found myself in the middle of the guest room. But I felt touching the room door with my soul body and quickly passing through it. I was not aware that I am out of body, so I got scared and went to wake up my parents and brother. But when I got there I looked at my hands and legs and they were like a white cloud. When my hand touched their body it passed through their body, like a cloud. By seeing this scene I got really worried and scared and knew that something strange is going on.
OBE that started as a dream. Previous to this, he had a year of sleep paralysis during the sleep state.


Rebecca V Experiences 6/12/2016 I wondered to myself with an innocent curiosity, 'Hm... I wonder why that sign is red and white... Why did the owners choose those colors?' Then suddenly it HIT me! Everything! The answers to everything. I KNEW everything. I knew why the signs were that color, I knew why fish swam, I knew why we do the things we do, I knew why we were here, I knew everything there was to know. It was so instantaneous; like a split second.
Three remarkable STEs.


Lara S Experience  6/11/2016 I remember seeing my parents at their wedding reception. It was a big hall painted light green. I remember the cake. I remember being present at the house my parents lived in before I was born. Details were later confirmed. I remember being wheeled down the hall of the hospital shortly after I was born. The light streaming through the windows and the color of the walls made an impression on me.
Detailed pre-birth and past life memories.


Anindya Experience  5/30/2016 From the UK. I experienced myself looking on to my body. Then I took few steps away to ensure I was feeling it right. I walked out of the bedroom and went to kitchen, had couple of glasses of waters and then looked from the lounge window at our backyard. I came back to see myself and then went to the spare bedroom and checked outside the window. I then walked out of the main door and went downstairs. I checked myself on the mirror and then walked out of the building. I looked up to my bedroom window and in the next moment I was standing next to me. I then zoomed out immediately and started flying towards our park by the hill.
Meditation experience with detailed SOBE. Shared the day it occurred.


Spencer Experience  5/30/2016 The vision continued and I was seemingly back in the dark, warm place of comfort I had just left. I remember thinking that coming back to Earth was just a bad dream and that I was still safely snuggled up in the womb of God (for lack of better terminology). My relief was short lived however because actually I was dozing inside of my physical mother's womb (which is almost a replica experience of the darkness), and soon the sounds from outside and the atmosphere of excitement (on the part of others not me) confirmed my worst fears. That the dream of me being forced to come back to Earth in this time of great strife was real and that I already had a body and would have to live through another physical life.
Meditation experience with pre-birth remembrance.


Maya Experiences  5/30/2016 From the UK. I used to have 'night terrors' starting at around age 6 until age 9 or 10, always after some sort of feverish state. I would go to sleep and soon awaken to the feeling of my body expanding and vibrating beyond it's apparent physical limitations, this would be accompanied by a rumbling sound, gradually growing loader in my head. It was like the engines of a jumbo jet starting up until eventually it would drop into a continuous high pitch tone which would finally fizzle.
OBEs that started as dreams in childhood that were very frightening and common. She was able to use these experiences as a tool for spiritual growth.


Martina R Experiences 5/26/2016   A feeling arose that I was more than my body, I was larger than it and was filling up the room. It was kind of puzzling because I saw myself as if looking through a telescope the wrong way round - my body (as other things in the room) seemed very very small, and very far away, while I was very very large. There were no thoughts, no emotions in me. I liked the experience very much and was in awe. It was a very peaceful, relaxed, and serene feeling. It was just 'I AM'.
Two SOBEs with one as teenager while dancing.


Manoj S Experience  5/21/2016 From India. My astral body started to disengage from my physical body, but I was connected to my body through a force field (Like a kite connected to a person who is flying it though thread). I went through the front wall of my room as if wall was no hindrance. I reached roof of second floor and started to go downstairs through circular stairs towards terrace of first floor. After reaching the terrace I viewed downwards and saw busy road which was in front of my residence. I was feeling light as if no gravity was present. I jumped from terrace and reached road.
Remarkable meditation experience with SOBE. Witnessed by many in OBE state.


Carson J Experience 5/20/2016   I felt like I was witnessing my body act out abnormal actions, such as writing a poem about life. I texted my friend, and I was using abnormally large words, some words I still have no clue what they mean. it lasted for about 45 minutes, until I started to have another throbbing head pain. and then I just kind of came back to my body.
SOBE with apparent spontaneous writing of poem.


Marsha R Experience 5/15/2016 I saw a PURE WHITE SUN above me, a few feet above me -- it was perhaps 4-8 inches thick; its rays were 2 inches thick and 8-12 inches long. When I first saw this PURE WHITE SUN, I realized that this WHITE SUN was PURE SPIRITUAL LIGHT from the Father God. I saw the world as in physical form, but it was lit up, illuminated, but not to the point of blinding light. The world was a bit brighter, from that WHITE SUN. Every atom of the physical world had a speck (dot) of pure white light in it, from that WHITE SUN.
Transcendent experience at age 13.


Annie M Experience 5/11/2016 Suddenly, I experienced a thunderous jolt of blue electric energy surge through my body. The electric energy thundered through me, making me tremble from the intensity of the physical and emotional experience. Simultaneous to this internal lighting was a voice that reverberated viscerally through me: I LOVE YOU.
Prayer experience at time of spiritual crisis and spiritual seeking.


Tomas Experience  5/9/2016 Fom Lithuania I felt as I was about to pass out (and I knew how it feels to pass out) but I did not passed out. Instead, my field of view changed, it seemed like I did a step back or something. All sounds faded out (water was still going but I could not hear it). And then I felt that I need to look to the right. As my view was turning, I saw water drops literally hanging in the air (because water was (supposed) to be going) and finally my view focused on that sink. For a split second I saw my sink falling over.
Premonition that sink would fall shortly before it actually did.


Chase A Experience 5/9/2016   I slapped the window some more and that's when I saw myself. I was outside of the SUV looking in at my terrified face. I watched for a minute before going inside the house. I saw my mom still putting groceries away, but then she called for me. And when I didn't come, she searched the house for me.
SOBE in car at age 2 in Iceland.


Allan F Experience 5/9/2016  From Australia. I noticed in the darkness some figures in hooded robes, no bodily feature could be seen. As i realised some sort of connection had been felt and i had no feelings of inhibition, I opened up with a free flowing feeling of love. As i was in this moment i noticed more being appearing and participating in whatever was occurring. Whatever took place in those moments is and has been hard to explain.I got to ask one question and that was, who are you. A voice that i will never forget said I Am.
SOBE with mystical experience.


Eduardo F Experience 5/9/2016  From Argentina. Then from that small point of light appeared someone started to approach me ... I felt it was like the face of someone coming towards me ... I felt I came jogging or running but could not see his body. ... It was as if he was worried about me and came quickly to meet me. ... At first I thought I could be Jesus, but as he approached I realized that maybe it was not. ... It was like a saint, made as light, a benevolent being.
SOBE both in Spanish and in English.


Chris M Friend Experience 5/2/2016   During World War 2 a friend of mine was shot down while flying a Hawker Typhoon fighter and crash landed in a field in France. He said that the aircraft was burning, and that he could not get the canopy off. He looked out of the plane and on the wing of the plane he saw himself standing there. I don't recall if his self was speaking to himself or if it was telepathy, but he had the feeling that seeing himself outside the aircraft meant that he should not give up and should get out of the aircraft, and he did. He said it was a really strange experience.
Second-person account of SOBE from World War II.


Barbara R Experience 4/30/2016  From Poland Every person gave me some information. I understand now the structure of the higher dimensions in everyone of us. First and lowest is a dark basement with imprints of all our traumas and fears, then the earthly landscapes, with fairy land, forests, villages and cities. And their inhabitants: dwarfs, unicorns and some unknown beings on Earth. There are tunnels and passages, sometimes rainbow serves as a energetic portal to the higher plane. The stripe of blue sky is the last earthly vibration before cosmic planes. In Cosmos within us we can meet and talk to our light beings, souls of people who are now on Earth or are already dead. We can have 'normal' conversation with them, ask questions, see them, touch them, hug them.
Experience of spontaneously guiding another person through a spiritual journey.


Deborah L Experience 4/26/2016 My brother began motioning to a white marble bust on a pedestal that had no head or arms, just the torso. 'One thing that you have to understand about our cousins is that they just didn't have it in them to be any different than they were when I was sick. Look at this bust, it has no arms. You wouldn't expect a person without arms to play the piano or to catch a ball. It's the same concept with our cousins and how they behaved. They didn't have it in them to be any different.' I nodded and looked at the statue. His words seemed to make sense to me. 'If you carry bitterness and hatred towards them in your heart, you will only end up poisoning your own life,' he continued, 'You must consider them as souls who are spiritually handicapped.'
Detailed ADC Dream from her brother.


Stephanie C Experience  4/25/2016 I remember drowning somehow (i think by a lake or river or something) and eventually knowing I had passed. All of a sudden I felt an out of body experience and like I was being lifted up through a vortex. A very intense vortex, it felt like I was going at least 100 mph. The scenery looked like bright light and like I was passing through a bunch of stars. The vortex eventually stopped however, and then my out of body experience occurred.
Committed suicide in a dream.


Sharon Kay C Experience 4/17/2016 In the light there were two beings one I could not see but hear and one I could see but she did not speak. Then I walked through something like a wide open door into a place of golden light. I noticed there was movement and I focused to see what was moving about. As I looked I begin to see cloud like shapes of light. I was spun around like I was dancing with a being of light. I was taken to a place just along side of where we were dancing. I was told everyone was here now. I witnessed many who were awaking and dancing with this one being of light then taken to their place alongside what looked like a walkway yet it was like diamonds or comets moving around in it. I was told it was the river of life.
STE with many NDE-like elements.


Dwight C Experience 4/17/2016 Early one evening I became unconsciousness and experienced the 'out of body' sensation, entering into Heaven, looking down upon the earth, seeing events in the past and events in the future all simultaneously all within a super sentient state of ultimate bliss and grace and absolute complete love… I felt that my awareness, my sentiency, all cognition were fully united in a permanent bond with God, seeing, sensing, feeling more alive than when living on the earthly plane of material existence.
STE after difficult one and a half years.


Evan D Experience 4/14/2016  From Australia When my girl came home I asked her where she had been she said out with her girlfriend. I didn't say anything about the OBE. About 2 weeks later she said to me one day, I have got something to tell you. I said to her are you going to tell me that you had sex with Rob in room 4 at the hotel? She said yes, how did you know? When I told her how I knew she wouldn't believe me then packed her bag and left. I haven't seen her since.
SOBE with remarkable confirmed observation of his girlfriend cheating on him.


Lester R Experience 4/12/2016   At this point my surroundings faded away and I was in a place of only white light. It wasn't blinding or brilliant, more like the background for a modeling photo-shoot. I was in clear control of my thoughts and I wondered to myself what was going on. I felt no gravity (but not that I was flying or floating), no physical sensations except sight and felt like I could lean back and be completely supported. I wasn't scared at all, but was trying to figure out what was going on. Almost instantly I felt 'love'; I was completely enveloped by it. I said to myself this must be the type of love the bible talks about. It was like nothing I'd experienced, thought about or even thought was possible.
SOBE while in grocery store.


Judith P Experience 4/12/2016   One night after having been out for a meal with a friend I went to bed as usual. I was happy and relaxed and not thinking of anything in particular. Suddenly I found myself zooming through space at an incredible speed. I was not aware of my body nor did I look down upon myself in bed. I was aware of the stars, planets and the Universe as a whole, although I was not observing them in detail. It was if I had merged into everything. I had become a part of the whole, of everything that existed. I felt no fear, just the most overwhelming sense of joy and peace. I find it difficult to describe the feeling. I didn't want it to end but just as suddenly I was back in my earthly body with tears running down my face. I found myself repeating 'thank you, thank you' over and over. I have no idea why this happened when it did and I have not experienced it since. Quantum Physics now tells us that everything exists of vibrations and I believe I experienced something like a blending of vibrations, with my mind fully aware of it.
OBE dream with NDE-like content.


Enya L Experiences 4/10/2016 At one point during an experience I felt like I was fighting so hard to not get sucked down and out of my body that I felt exhausted so I desided to see what would happen if I just let go and let myself be pulled down- the sensation was terrifying . it was like falling at a million miles an hr away from my body in the dark , I abruptly jerked myself awake and sat up. The first out of body experience I believe to have had was while sleeping- I dreamed I floated out of my room, down the hall and saw my little brother on the floor asleep with crackers on the floor around him. The next morning when I woke my mother was asking my little brother why he had not slept in his bed and why he had made a mess of crackers in the living room… I would have had no way of knowing that any of that happened- he normally slept in his room and normally there wouldn't be a mess on crackers on the floor first thing in the morning.
Several OBE dreams described.


Elizabeth GB Experience 4/1/2016 . From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. a breeze of incredible love invaded me and I KNEW that the God whom I had given my belief to EXISTED REALLY. Then I felt that God was healing me emotionally of a recently failed romance, as if I was made to understand that I was lovable .
Prayer experience that cured her asthma attacks. Experience also posted in French.


Melissa M Experiences 3/28/2016 She said that I was going to see the face of God. I was happy for a second but almost immediately became frightened and said that I'm not ready for that. I was surprised at my reaction because I had considered myself a spiritual person. Even a bit superior to others. But when presented with the opportunity to go as far as seeing the face of God, I felt humbled and aware of my smallness. She took my hand and flew me along, and I was still protesting and she was saying I was ready and that I needed to open my mind to being ready. I consented to trust her judgment of my readiness. Then it was time to see God.
Remarkable STEs in dreams with fascinating progression of spiritual understanding.


Kathy P Experience 3/28/2016   I had a sudden rush which felt as though my inner body, soul had been pulled up, into the room above. I experienced music like I had never heard. There was brightness abound, a private yet calm travel where I was experiencing a different state. I clearly remember I was calm, I also vividly recall the sure knowledge that my father knew what was happening. I traveled through the house, hallway to my parents room.
OBE dream with apparent shared experience.


Stephen I Experience  3/18/2016 This is what I saw: all of it dealt with Nazi Germany and it was all focused on one man. I knew this man.  He scared me and I hated him. One of the women said, “This was you during your last great sleep.” I gathered from this comment that she was telling me that I was “asleep” during that lifetime. She took me over to a table that had a Nazi uniform on it. She said, “You wore this with great pride the last time.” At this point I could no longer see any of the “doctors” faces as I was walking and standing in front of them and I also had a deep sense of embarrassment and humiliation and did not want to face them. I could only hear them. The uniform I was looking at was indeed a Nazi uniform and I recognized it immediately. It was not an SS uniform (thank God!). It was a tan/brown officers uniform with the Africa Corps insignia on it.
Reincarnation dream.


JB Dad's Experiences 3/16/2016   The first of these occurred when he was a young boy (around 9 years old). He was sitting at the kitchen table in his house when he spontaneously experienced a vantage point near the ceiling, seeing the top of his own head as his body sat at the table. He said that it was over as quickly as it began but had always been something that he was never completely able to rationalize to himself, as he knew that it was not imaginative.
Father had many experiences during his life.


Chretien Experience 3/13/2016 From France.  I am French and a former fighter pilot in the air force. In 1986, when I had just taken off from the base, I suddenly went out of my body, projected on my left, still inside the cockpit. So I saw myself laterally. Frightened by the experience, which lasted only a few short seconds, I immediately returned to my body. I have a fairly vivid memory of that moment despite the thirty years that have passed.
SOBE while flying fighter plane.


VB Experience 3/13/2016  I thought I had just died.  That feeling changed though rather quickly.  I had this warmth that came over me that can only be described as the bliss that you get from love; love that brings you joy and peace.  It was like just falling in love or having hugged a love one after a long time away from them.  I felt like I knew there was a barrier surrounding me that would ensure that I would feel this way for the rest of eternity.  I didn't want this feeling to stop.
SOBE from sleep deprivation.


Chris H Experience 7921n 3/9/2016 While in the presence of this light I immediately and fully felt it peering deeply into my own awareness, lovingly knowing everything about me all at once. Feeling such love coming from this light I suddenly came to an awareness that this sun was God! I was so overwhelmed and surprised that God was real that I mentally gasped and then yelled out, “You’re Real!” Just prior to this experience I had a deep mistrust of religion and rejected the concept of any kind of "God" or creator, much less the idea there was any continuation for human beings beyond our physical lives.
OBE with encounter with God.


Julie L Experience 3/5/2016  It felt a little like death and I didn't want it to happen now. My brain was trying to understand how I could function without my body. It felt like my soul was above my body. The more I explored that feeling, the more I rose over my body. But it was difficult because there was also a strong force that was fighting to bring back my soul into my body. After a moment, it felt like a long time but I guess it went fast. Time was not important in this experience. I stopped to fight and my soul went back in my body.   
OBE that started as a dream with component of sleep paralysis at age 16.


Oliver J Experience 2/29/2016  Seated around the table were about a dozen white-robed men.  One was standing with a chair pulled out, which I guessed was for me.  Being an agnostic my first thought was 'Damn I'm having a religious experience'.  I was determined to speak to these people but got scared.  What if my roommate tried to wake me?  He'd think I was dead.  What if they moved me and I couldn't find my body to get back in?  Then it came to me that I didn't have to walk from place to place, but could sort of think myself there.  
SOBE with prolonged journey outside of body. Shared 54 years after experience.


Jarvis M Experience 2/18/17 All of a sudden, we both stopped moving and looked up at the sky. There was this opaque looking object seeming to hover and float through the sky. It appeared round in shape, circular, but I could tell that it was definitely an object, and definitely moving. I remember observing this for several seconds. Without a word being said, my friend and I both looked at each other as if to say, "Are you seeing what I am seeing?"
Saw UFO in the sky.


Puthen P Experience  2/16/2016. From India. Going through a bone marrow transplant is a near death experience because the bone marrow is suppressed with high dose chemotherapy and I am susceptible for any infection leading to death. Though I had all the antibiotics etc given I developed a strong will to LIVE and used to see my wife and daughters photos which made me keep saying that I have a purpose to LIVE… a white light engulfed in my room in the ward that I was admitted it came twice… felt that light was from God who engulfed and protected me.
Experience of white light during bone marrow transplant for chronic myelogenous leukemia.


Dani C Experience  2/16/2016. I liked to look at my figures on the shelf. I looked at them through the mirror, and I saw them fidgeting around and chattering to each other. When I looked at them directly, they shushed themselves. Then I looked to my beanie babies, and they too were fidgeting, but they seemed to be in pain. They were asking me to please unclip them from the hanging chain. It was very wondrous, but I felt bad for my toys, making the experience slightly unsettling.
Age 5 mirror experience where toys came alive.


Paul F Experience  2/16/2016 My wife and I were reading while our small children played along a sandy river bank (no current).  As I was reading, a thought entered my consciousness that (said?) "You're not paying enough attention to your children!"  As I looked up, I saw my daughter step toward a rock along the river bank and suddenly go completely underwater, with just an arm outstretched above the water.  I took three steps, grabbed her arm, and pulled her out of the water.
Precognitive awareness of message that helped him save his child from drowning.


Adrian S Experiences  2/16/2016 From Canada.  On March 17th, 2015, I had a dream that my other friend and I were standing beside a silver van on a upward-inclined driveway. It was parked directly in front of a house. The car was parked facing the garage door of the house. My friend asked me to hop in the car, so I did. He put the key into the ignition, took the car out of the parking gear and floored it directly through the garage door, up a set of concrete stairs in the garage and through the door into the house! The windshield was smashed and there was glass everywhere yet he put the car in park, took the keys out and calmly said, 'We're here Age' (Age is my nickname). He smiled at me as my jaw hit the ground. We got out of the car started laughing uncontrollably! Then, the dream ended.
Two precognitive dreams.


Maarit H Experience 2/16/2016 From Finland. Everything went black in my eyes for 000.2 seconds and next thing I saw was my body on the blue mattress, in the position I had 'left' it there. My vision was spinning with a very fast pace as I was spinning down to my body. I could see the doors of my cupboard, even when my physical eyes where shut, when I felt how I was being gently places back to my body. It took some time actually, maybe 15 seconds, as the angel - who I couldn't see anymore - made extra care that my soul would be attached back well. Like fitting something JUST FITTING into this mold. When I felt that I was completely in, there was a short silence, until I heard the angel spoke to me lovingly, still smiling 'You can start to wake yourself up slowly now'.
Interesting SOBE that started as a dream.


Bailey J Experience 2/15/2016 My heart stopped. On my last breathe, I started to see a huge tunnel like another vortex just pulling me in. Time was non-existent. Strange colors started to appear in glowing flashes and disappeared into the darkness again. Then my life played out right before me. I saw myself inside my mother's womb, saying certain words as a toddler, staring up at the sunshine, meeting people, laughing, and crying. I saw things I didn't remember until that moment, but they really happened. All of the scenes led up to this day, showing me what I have done so far, and letting me know that there's so much more for me to do here on earth. I could feel a calm female presence with me who was comforting me; telling me, "Your time is not finished here Bailey. You will make art and be happy and help others along the way." Then, I woke up unable to move.
NDE-like SOBE experience.


Ocskai Z Experience 2/2/2016 From Hungary. Original in Hungarian, translated to English by Mal.When I came up with a question if there exists a life on other planets ( it was pure curiosity, in this state there is no secret, whatever lays in your 'heart' is formed as a question to which you get answer right away ) I got possibility to observe from distance another planet with some different life forms. When I wanted to get closer I could do that but only under circumstance that I would never get back in my human body. I got reminded that there on Earth I left a body that belongs to me. That was something that I forgot about  with all the emotions and flow of information that I received it seemed dimmed and strange. When I got reminded about that I saw the Earth again and I could feel its pulling force. I was still outside my body but I realized that there is some kind of connection with it however I didn't see that 'silver cord' that some used to mention, I just could feel that part of me is there.
NDE-like experience from meditation.


Dr. Mary Experience 2/2/2016 From Canada  Suddenly, I found I am in a very beautiful place greenery and bright sunshine. Its so bright and still so pleasant that its hard to describe in words. In a word its beautiful, beyond imagination. I have seen a form of supreme power ( I don't want to reveal that form), as if welcoming me to that place with open arms. I found myself standing at the edge of a mountain, as if I am about to leap from there into huge dark cave or tunnel....
STE that started as a dream, from scientist who is Hindu.


Onda M Experience  1/31/2016 From Canada.  Then the aborigine man says to the men, "Who is the leader?". Both men stated that I was the leader and the aborigine man gave me a staff to hold. I thought to myself that I can't sing but when I opened my mouth the most beautiful song came out pledging what I who do while on earth. I know I sang the whole song but can only remember the last line: I pledge to protect the earth and the animals. This was all preformed with the knowledge that I was perfect and loved by all who attended the ceremony prior to my coming to earth.
Pre-birth dream.


Danial Y Experience 1/31/2016 From Iran. I saw myself in my room, I was out of my body, and was slowly going up. On the right side of my bed is my PC, I saw my little brother working with the PC. Although we couldn't see each other, I was aware that my mother was in the living room and I think I saw here from rood view briefly. I noticed she said something, probably to me little brother (actually, I was not hearing anything). As I was going up, my little brother looked at me and 'said' that, 'hey, you're going up!' while laughing/smiling. I noticed my body below, and it was impressing to me that I was completely indifferent toward it, I was feeling that it no longer belongs to me, and I was no longer concerned about my body and the earthly world. I was very peaceful. Then I noticed a white light above near the roof, it was not irritating my sight, and I knew it is God and I'm going to go upper and embraced by the light, i.e. the God.
Muslim SOBE that started as a dream.


Evelyn M Experience  1/30/2016. My mother was walking ahead of us and as we were walking by a long high wall it sort of gave way to reveal a cemetery. I stopped to watch as about six or seven beautiful  angels in white with huge wings were almost gliding to particular graves and placing a single white lily flower on the grave from lilies they were holding. It was done slowly and deliberately with great care and compassion. I was mesmerized and the angels seemed to know I was there. I wasn't scared and excitedly called to my sister to look at the angels but she said she couldn't see anything and didn't know what I was talking about and to hurry up or we would be in trouble. A second or so later the wall reappeared and I caught up.
Angel encounter at age 4. Shared 59 years later.

Curtis F Experiences 1/24/2016 Over my life time I remember having very vivid dreams. In the last several years these dreams have become more intense and active. As I have embraced the dreams and has opened up the ability to communicate in my dreams and other states of consciousness. I believe now that they have become OBE's and on a weekly basis they include communicating with passed love ones and visits from them upon waking, visits by other beings, consciousness travel to other dimensions and worlds, seeing lights and hearing whispers, channeling messages and information upon waking, and much more.
Multiple OBEs that start as lucid dreams.

Larry D Experience 1/20/2016 The voice told me to relax and observe anything I wanted. I could see all the planets in our area very clearly, without normal distance distortion. I was very happy. The voice told me I could have the answer to any question about any subject. I was content to sit and observe all that was to see. Time passed 20 minutes maybe but I never asked a question. I knew at that moment in time upon my death, I would gain all knowledge and was happy filled with joy.
Meditation experience.


Albert S Experience 1/20/2016 From Brazil I was practicing a concentration technique and I saw a bright white light like a star attracting to the core of it. I was floating towards its hub and I cried in my mind: I don't want to die!' Then it was all gone. I felt in peace and joy.
Brief meditation experience from Brazil.

Max A Experience 1/18/2015  From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. This time I told myself that this could have been me, if I had been there. The following night I was dreaming about death. I'm talking about it because this dream held sense and a large emotional load. It is completely involved in what came up afterwards. I saw my friends being enveloped by an invisible embrace and dropping dead, without any pain. I didn't feel sad for them, but I found that it was unfair, they even couldn't defend themselves.
SOBE shortly after Paris terrorist attacks.

Michelle L Experience 1/17/2015  I was immediately transported outside. Then I was taken to Devil's Tower in Wyoming. It was night now and the stars were shining brightly. There was a house behind me and I went in. I was looking for something and I found 3 doors. Each door I entered was a different time period. The last door I went into had 3 desks in it. All the desks were very old and the room was stone. I backed out of the room. As I backed out, I backed into another room. When I turned, the people in the room were surprised to see me. So shocked, the one man asked if I was real and reached out to touch my hand to see. I made a point to look around the room and take in all the detail. The room was 18th century Americana dining room/kitchen with a huge cooking fireplace, dining room table, chairs and other utensils and such.
OBE that started as a dream and she came back with dog hair!

Judith S Experience 1/11/2016 I dreamed that I was in the street and an oncoming black car with running boards was about to hit me. My first thought was the fear that I was going to feel pain. Upon impact, I saw myself in a mystical place. I was on a path. On either side of the path were shrouded figures in a 'child's pose' stretching all the way out to the horizon on either side of where I stood. Ahead of me were unbelievably beautiful clouds and light emanating from that place. It also emanated heavenly, celestial music. In an instant, I knew that I was supposed to go there, towards the light.
NDE-like dream in 1971. OBE in 1974.

Anna E Experience 1/11/2016 From Switzerland  I sat in the bus talking to God. I said, 'Prove me that you exist. I need to know. Show me a light!' Ten minutes later I got off the bus and started to run home because it was so cold. Suddenly there was a blinking light in my coat, not in the pocket but it must have slipped down through an hole. I have no idea when I should have left it there, but it started blinking because I ran, and I knew it wasn't an accident. I got scared and said, 'Okay, okay I'm sorry, I believe in you.' The light was real but the circumstances it appeared didn't leave no doubt to me. It was a sign.
STE asking God to “Prove to me that you exist”.