OBE Stories Meditation experiences, dreams that turn into OBEs, and frequent fliers
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328. Matt R Experience 1/16/2018 The man I was seeing wanted personally a volunteer to pray the rosary with him. And they couldn’t find anyone. So I didn’t really mind. I actually enjoyed it (it’s funny because I had to use my phone to find the luminary I believe -it was Thursday that day). And we finished, and he was an older Hispanic man, maybe early 80s. And then he started talking to what seemed to be his dead older brother — and the conversation they were having was set in the time period of the 1940s I believe, maybe war time stuff. But definitely his brother who it seemed to be must have seemed to the brother to be younger... so that sort of makes sense. What’s also important about this was that the man was looking above and actually conversing with something or someone above him, maybe a 120 degree angle as to imagine.
Very deep meditation experiences described in detail.


327. Jen Experience 1/11/2018 I suddenly stood up very quickly. I stood there for a second and had a feeling to turn around to look.. When I turned around I saw myself sitting on the couch! I was out of my body looking at myself from a 3rd person point of view. I got even more scared.
OBE associated with LSD use. May be a drug experience vs FDE vs other.


326. Fayza A Experience 1/8/2018 From Iran. The next two night I was higher and the last night I saw two entities beside my self near the roof and they were talking about something which I couldn't focus on. Then I remembered my teacher's words and I told one of the entities to bring me back to my body and he or she did. After that I can see everybody's aura, including myself.
OBEs around age 14.


325. Val O Experience 11/17/2017 Suddenly, I felt and saw myself leaving my body. I felt my head and shoulders being pulled up out of my body. I then started floating around the living room around a small intense while glowing orb over the coffee table. I felt the need to ask who had sent this light to me. My answer came when a picture of a holy man with a beard was flashed on the wall
Meditation experience with OBE.


324. Janet W Experiences 10/24/2017 At that moment, my consciousness was as clear as at daytime, I could think in conscious mind, wondering why they happen or what they all mean. At the same time, I could feel my spirit (like an essence) filling up and getting back to my body from my toes to my breast. When my spirit has completely filled up my body, I could no longer see the visions. All stopped.
OBEs that are probably dreams, but with interesting visual content.


323. Antonio P Experience 10/12/2017 From Italy. Original in Italian. one night I was flying above my city when I saw sort of a dark point that was slowly enlarging as drawing me in sort of a black and brown tube with gray parts, and my speed was turning crazy when far into the tunnel I saw a faint light that got closer and closer and I was going faster and faster I came to this very white light and I barely saw persons with sort of very white overalls
OBEs that started as dreams. In English and Italian.


322. Therese A Experience 10/12/2017 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. Suddenly in the middle of my sleep I'm waking up, being astonished that I'm flying above my sleeping and appeased body. I'm sucked into a long, very long cloudy tunnel. I wonder what is happening to me, I don't want to enter it, I feel fear. Despite my slow pace I'm stopping brutally. An entity is barring my way; facing me is an assembly, or rather a procession of shadows and white shrouds in a single file.
OBE that started from a dream.


321. Pela OBE Experience 8/12/2017 From France. I felt non local and omniscient. I didn't had my human body. My shape was something like an ellipsoid, but I think this shape was mentally constructed with my own cultural knowledge : what it imperfectly fits the best. It is not descriptible; you know that you are everything but there were too much informations for my human spirit. While experiencing, the feeling was purely neutral, neither pleasant or unpleasant. I was everything that could exist but at the same time I felt that the whole being was itself inside vacuity - non being.
OBE dream with some very interesting and profound spiritual/philosophical questions.


320. Will R Experience 8/1/2017 First experience: Young teenager, lying on my bed, focused on a point on the wall, felt myself floating, went through a wall like in the movie Ghost. My mother saw me, ran to my room, told me to not do that anymore.
Several interesting OBEs, some that occurred 50-60 years ago.


319. Sonja W Experience 7/15/2017. During my 'sleep' i felt intense love and had the strong desire to go and see him and I dreamt that I went back simply to look at him. It was a weird dream, different in quality than a normal one. Not clearer, or lucid - just 'different'. It's hard to describe.
Shared OBE of husband and wife.


318. Elizabeth A Experience 7/15/2017. I was a point of awareness, or consciousness descending down a shaft of brilliant white light. The shaft was like a tube in which light shone or like a transparent vertical tunnel. This cylindrical shaft passed through round openings in what looked like flat white sheets, a good visual aid would be a fireman sliding down the tube while passing through the round openings through many levels.
Meditation experience.


317. Thomas Campbell Experiences 7/12/2017.
YouTube Videos on how to have an OBE.


316. Jared P Experience 7/3/2017. Moments later, I was hovering over a ciy, with lights and buildings of an unknown architecture. Although I could not see beings from that height, I 'knew' full well there were people in that city. It was night time over this planet, too, but it was definitely NOT Terran in any way. I remember feeling joyful and so happy.
OBE, that started as a dream, with visit to other worlds.


315. Virendra C Experience 6/26/2017. From India. After my Kundalini spark in May 1992, my aim of life was not achieved. I had no time and money to search any genuine Guru who can explain me about the ‘Life’ after the life. Therefore I leaned to Swami Vivekananda and meditated on him. I felt that his sorrow and tears were dropping from my eyes!. Thus In a few months by the grace of Swami also, I had an experience of “The Life after this life we live on the Earth!”
Samadhi meditation experience.


314. Mark R Experience 6/5/2017 My back was on the ceiling and I was looking at my body laying there, and it was very freaky. While out of body I was just staring at my nose and freaking out a little but something told me you are gonna be alright. My aunt was in the kitchen baking that night and I left my room and was just watching her.
OBE associated with sleep deprivation so severe that he was having hallucinations.


313. Xavier R Experience 5/29/2017. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I was listening to music in my bed and was asking myself questions about the infinity of the Universe. I then found myself expelled from my body. My self didn't exist anymore. I was nothing but this intense and profound light made of love and I felt the most pleasant thing of my life. I had a revelation and the reply to my question was 'everything is love' and I saw two beings embracing above the earth, filled with vibration. And I came back. I experienced the same thing again 20 years later.
Meditation experience from relaxing and contemplation. In English and French.


312. Steven Experiences 5/10/2017 My life has been significantly altered by this experience and I am a better person for it. This is always my rebuttal to some of my atheistic friends, with whom I’ve shared many of my stories – if it is some form of delusion, or even a mental illness as some would suggest (usually with care in their voice), why does it improve my existence? Why am I healthier for it? I experience a state many long for in their lives, a sense of peace, which took me a long time to attain and which was only available by following this ‘spiritual’ path and the teachings that came to me along it. It was always at my ‘request’, too – none of it was ever intrusive or something I hadn’t called out for by myself.
Meditation experiences transformed his life.


311. Francisco Experience 5/10/2017 From Canada. Then, the sequence of whirlwind like, wonderful events evolved as the vortex of my physical existence gave way to what appeared to be an outburst of fast, very fast paced, delightful phenomena of unprecedented powerful intensity of a kind never felt before, in face of which my very being simply and instantly felt overwhelmed and permeated by a whole array of unparalleled, marvelous sensations which absolutely overflowed my sensorial dimensions, for at the very instant I received the message announcing my physical dismissal, a boundless Universe of a very bright, radiant beyond description, soothing blueish WHITE LIGHT totally wrapped my senses, bringing along the most unbelievable yet very real feelings of peacefulness, immensurable joy and exhilarating harmony in unconditional loving acceptance into this new Realm, inundating and sweeping throughout my new being to the point of reaching a state of total and absolute bliss and ecstasy…
OBE that started as a dream and with notable NDE-like elements. In English and Spanish.


310. Neal M Experiences 5/2/2017 My left hand felt anchored onto something, so I turned my view 180 degrees away from my body. To my surprise I found another pane of glass, with a new view, completely surrounded by the void I pulled myself closer to the view, where my peripheral vision grew larger and was able to make out what I was seeing. I took time to understand this new view and noticed I was looking at myself, not directly at my face, but the patterns on my bedsheets; from the perspective of my desk, I often sit at whilst working.
OBE with observations close up in their bedroom.


309. Venessa M Experiences 4/16/2017 From Cyprus. I felt myself detached from my body and start to rise. As I lifted up to my head I remember thinking 'just allow it'. I left my body and entered a tunnel, it was white and foggy, at the end of it I could see a keyhole shape. I moved towards it and as I did I could see a figure in the keyhole, I couldn't see what it was BUT I had an all knowing that it was my son, I could feel it - like an overwhelming energy of his. I started to move closer and faster and then something spoke to me - 'If you go any closer, you'll never go back'.
Prayer meditation experience while in church.


308. Patricia G Experiences 4/3/2017 From Bolivia. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. the first was in the cinema while I was watching a film, it was like a film being shot, passing through my eyes for a few seconds, the real me was in this room, looking at myself from behind, and behind this male person who I knew, and what I saw, was the centre of his face, I felt love, an enormous love that I have never felt, a love that would explode, and the walls of this room couldn't contain it. The walls of the room were moving and wanted to break, to allow this love out, this spectacular and giant love that was in this room.
Two OBEs, posted both in English and Spanish.


307. Damien R Experience 3/23/2017 From New Zealand I then travelled through a 'tunnel' that traversed galaxies in seconds. I approached a Light brighter than a hundred suns and entered it involuntarily. The soul was completely burned up, instantly. I realised that I was this eternal Light, composed of infinite love, compassion and knowledge. No separation. A separate divine entity is the creation of the mind. I stayed there for four minutes then returned, collapsing onto the floor weeping with joy at this knowledge. I was worthy of unconditional love for it was my true nature.
Profound meditation experience.


306. Lauren A Experience 3/12/2017 As I rose, that's when I felt my most alert and clear of a sense of God on the other side wanting to reach out and speak to me about something. No communication was ever said, it was like I just knew it, I suddenly begun to feel a very strong vacuum force from behind trying to pull me, and I wanted to go but I suddenly feared that I wouldn't be able to return to my body.
OBE with a sense of God.


305. Jake M Experience 1/20/2017 From Australia. I was able to see my body even though my eyes were closed. Then I could see the room I was in, then the house, and then the earth. The further I traveled, the faster I went until everything went pitch black. Then there was nothing until I saw a tiny pin-prick of light in the distance. So I headed towards it, travelling even faster. It was then right in front of me. I saw a giant, golden triangle with strange carvings or inscriptions inside the borders of the triangle. In the middle of the triangle was what looked like a hill with a single tree standing on top of it, and the sun shining brightly behind it.
Meditation experience with OBE.


304. Mark Experiences 1/16/2017 During these times I was out of body 6 to 8 hours and felt a great sense of urgency to get back asap. I could not go into buildings,homes or cars. I could see or sense the essence in those locations. I could locate a person very fast if I had something personal of theirs, especially if they wore or had it on the person recently. I could sense what I call their essence. It was more of a floating experience.
OBEs during dreams with travel across country.


303. Laura M Experience 1/15/2017 I then found my point of view from above a rural area I have seen before. I was then traveling straight up very quickly into the sky. Not flying, it was linear so more like a rocket. I realized how high I was and got scared. I felt my hands on a steering wheel which I perceived as a message that I was in control. So I decided to let the momentum take me and decided to trust and let go. I saw the trees get smaller, then I knew I was in space because I saw the earth, then I saw our solar system, the speed increased to a point where there was no speed. I was in a new place so far away in locale from Earth that none of our published research has disclosed.
OBE that started from being too tired to sleep.


302. Osman Experience  1/14/2017 Originally from Somalia. I can then see the entire room in broad daylight as there was plenty of sunlight coming into the room. I feel this incredible sweet heavenly blissful cool energy. It is a state that I did not even want to leave. I was like more alive then I currently am. It is like the life of this world is a dream compared to that state I was in… Normally I speak English or Somali to myself in my own head when I am thinking, but in this state those languages didn't exist.
OBE at age 18.


301. Georgia M Experiences  1/3/2017 I was somewhere around 2 years of age. We were in the upstairs of our home just about to enter one of the bedrooms. I remember watching a man carry me as if I was another grown-up watching this. I was seeing it at what would have been eye level like standing next to him with the man and child (me) being carried.
SOBEs with first at age 2.


300. Daniele Experiences  1/1/2017 Once, talking with a friend who is a researcher in a biologist laboratory, he told me that all of my experiences were related to out of body experience, this happened 2 months ago, after that I got a strong one, conscious in bed my body started to vibrate and a loud sound was everywhere, I felt like going really fast inside a void, with at the end a light, no fear, but a beautiful sensation, like I was going somewhere, somehow.
OBEs that started as dreams.


299. Claude A Experience  12/26/2016 From Canada. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I found myself in a tunnel whose walls were fuzzy, like a white thick fog and slightly illuminated, like under a cloudy overcast. I was stationary. I asked myself if there was an end to this tunnel. Then I was transported through this long tunnel of which I first saw no end, then an extremity of a blackness of space, then a star, then several. I got out of the tunnel to find myself in a space full of stars. Except that I felt the radiation of each star, what passed through my body with a feeling of welcome, pure love, a superhuman human warmth. It was more than welcoming it was wonderful. I knew those stars, and even could recognize several of them, Jesus was there, Krishna was there, Buddha was there, all the saints were there, all the masters were there... I was welcomed by sublime beings.
Very transcendent and NDE-like experience that started from meditation. Both in English and in French.


298. Romero I Experience  11/20/2016 From Ecuador. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. I jumped out of the tunnel, and there were “people”, or presences representing these people, Lots of light, a feeling of being surrounded with the imeasureable, with the infinite, everything around was like a plasma of clouds, lights, peacefulness, and tranquility, that I craved so much, I wanted to stay there, and suddenly I remembered my family in this bed that I had left, I missed them and something told me that it wasn't my time, not said in words, but this was the message “It's not your time” my body felt thrown from the waist, and a very strong attraction made me return, although I wanted to stay in this lovely place, so much mine, but at great speed I came back to my body, and my life, with all it's habits, sadnesses, nostalgias, and despairs...
OBE throughout the house. Both in English and in Spanish.


297. Hugo S Experience  10/27/2016 From Belgium. Original in Dutch, translated to English by Garry. Then these little stars slowly began to turn round and round with more dots being added in all colors.   These were all turning, there might have been thousands or millions of them. Slowly they began to form a spiral turning inwards. First it was turning slowly but going faster and faster until at a certain moment I felt as though I was being sucked into the middle point. Suddenly I fell into a deep dark hole.
OBE from practising stress relief exercises. Both in English and in Dutch.


296. Jessica P Experience  10/26/2016 From Italy. Original in Italian. I was aware of my new condition and looked in front of me where normally there were walls, curtains, rails and I saw nothing of what was earlier in my room; but I could see a wonderful landscape with a green lawn, small birds and I felt I could perceive all the perfumes of the flowers at once all very bright. I felt a great feeling of relief and I was about to leave my body for good to reach that wonderful place but before that I was interrupted by a voice that was speaking to me telepathically. They asked me if I could remember my life and if I was sure to have done ' all I had to do'
OBE with NDE elements. Both in English and in Italian.


295. Don J Experience  9/22/2016 After a few seconds, something that looked light a lighted doorway gradually appeared. This was much more vivid than the soft images we can all see in our minds during imagination. The vivid white light captured my attention. As I watched it, a black silhouette materialized in the light. It formed into the silhouette of a young man wearing a suit. The black and white image was very vivid and gradually took on color as the image moved toward me in my mind. The best way I can describe it is that it was like watching television in your mind.
Meditation experience. Awareness of entity during chi gong exercise.


294. Sandy M Experience  9/16/2016 I was out of my body looking down at us from predominantly above and somewhat behind where we were laying, but at the exact time I was still part of the dream where big city landscape was whizzing by and because I was so conscious of the fact that I was dreaming I remember thinking (deciding?) I didn't want to be in the city anymore and instantly the cityscape whizzing by changed to sandy beach landscape
Interesting OBE that started as lucid dream.


293. Allan Experiences  8/31/2016 The out of body experiences started slowly in that I would see my body laying on the bed and after a period of time I began to experiment and transport myself to various areas of the house and eventually the neighborhood. I was quite the adventurer throughout my youth and was always intrigued by things far beyond my years.
Multiple induced OBEs around age 5-6.


292. HM Experience  8/6/2016 From Finland.When the dark spirit is gone, Michael smiles lovingly at me and then a huge ball of white light with a golden center appears on the bed's end, over my knees or so. I can tell it's a spirit of a very loving and masculine guy, who looks a bit like a gentle beefcake man. His nothing but light with a golden center and he also smiles at me.
OBE dream with markedly erotic content.


291. Richard H Experience  7/20/2016 Out of nowhere and completely unexpected I found myself with my back to the ceiling and I was pushing against it. The ceiling was about 15 ft high. While I was pushing against the ceiling ( with my back to the ceiling it was more like spreading my arms against ceiling) I became aware of where I was and that my body was still sitting there and I knew my ass was still hurting but I didn't feel it. Then before I had time to analyze more I was back in my body with my seat hurting. I felt euphoric. I can't tell you if I had sight while out of my body or not. It all happened pretty fast 2 or 3 seconds.
OBE at time of meditation.


290. Dorothy L Experience  7/11/2016 They (my grandparents) stayed with me during my entire meditation (maybe keeping an eye on me?). This reaffirmed to me that when my dad passed, both of them were immediately there to meet him. The next thing that happened was I felt this very strong wave like vibration coming from very far away and above me entering through the top of my head and swirling down through my "solar plexus." I can't really describe it - it was like a river that kept coming and coming, getting closer and closer to me. It was huge and all-encompassing.  When it got to me, it stopped but I felt it was still moving - I still felt its vibration rippling through me. Important - the being of energy that I felt going through me like a river during my meditation entering at the top of my head, went down through my entire body, pulsing down through my head and through my solar plexus region and out my feet. This was continuous and constant. I think maybe it was the Holy Spirit, this entity who knew I was there on the "other side" as a visitor and knew WHY I was there. I felt the presence of my father then and knew all was well with him and he was happy.
Meditation experience after her father passed away.


289. A.K. Experience  6/20/2016 From Iran. When I looked out from the window I saw a light with a pretty blue color. The light entered my bedroom from top of the window. This light was flickering fast. When I saw that light and heard that bang, I ran into the guest room. I was still unaware that I was not in my body. But before I got to my bedroom door, I suddenly found myself in the middle of the guest room. But I felt touching the room door with my soul body and quickly passing through it. I was not aware that I am out of body, so I got scared and went to wake up my parents and brother. But when I got there I looked at my hands and legs and they were like a white cloud. When my hand touched their body it passed through their body, like a cloud. By seeing this scene I got really worried and scared and knew that something strange is going on.
OBE that started as a dream. Previous to this, he had a year of sleep paralysis during the sleep state.


288. Anindya Experience  5/30/2016 From the UK. I experienced myself looking on to my body. Then I took few steps away to ensure I was feeling it right. I walked out of the bedroom and went to kitchen, had couple of glasses of waters and then looked from the lounge window at our backyard. I came back to see myself and then went to the spare bedroom and checked outside the window. I then walked out of the main door and went downstairs. I checked myself on the mirror and then walked out of the building. I looked up to my bedroom window and in the next moment I was standing next to me. I then zoomed out immediately and started flying towards our park by the hill.
Meditation experience with detailed SOBE. Shared the day it occurred.


287. Maya Experiences  5/30/2016 From the UK. I used to have 'night terrors' starting at around age 6 until age 9 or 10, always after some sort of feverish state. I would go to sleep and soon awaken to the feeling of my body expanding and vibrating beyond it's apparent physical limitations, this would be accompanied by a rumbling sound, gradually growing loader in my head. It was like the engines of a jumbo jet starting up until eventually it would drop into a continuous high pitch tone which would finally fizzle.
OBEs that started as dreams in childhood that were very frightening and common. She was able to use these experiences as a tool for spiritual growth.


286. Manoj S Experience  5/21/2016 From India. My astral body started to disengage from my physical body, but I was connected to my body through a force field (Like a kite connected to a person who is flying it though thread). I went through the front wall of my room as if wall was no hindrance. I reached roof of second floor and started to go downstairs through circular stairs towards terrace of first floor. After reaching the terrace I viewed downwards and saw busy road which was in front of my residence. I was feeling light as if no gravity was present. I jumped from terrace and reached road.
Remarkable meditation experience with SOBE. Witnessed by many in OBE state.


285. Stephanie C Experience  4/25/2016 I remember drowning somehow (i think by a lake or river or something) and eventually knowing I had passed. All of a sudden I felt an out of body experience and like I was being lifted up through a vortex. A very intense vortex, it felt like I was going at least 100 mph. The scenery looked like bright light and like I was passing through a bunch of stars. The vortex eventually stopped however, and then my out of body experience occurred.
Committed suicide in a dream.


284. Enya L Experiences 4/10/2016 At one point during an experience I felt like I was fighting so hard to not get sucked down and out of my body that I felt exhausted so I desided to see what would happen if I just let go and let myself be pulled down- the sensation was terrifying . it was like falling at a million miles an hr away from my body in the dark , I abruptly jerked myself awake and sat up. The first out of body experience I believe to have had was while sleeping- I dreamed I floated out of my room, down the hall and saw my little brother on the floor asleep with crackers on the floor around him. The next morning when I woke my mother was asking my little brother why he had not slept in his bed and why he had made a mess of crackers in the living room… I would have had no way of knowing that any of that happened- he normally slept in his room and normally there wouldn't be a mess on crackers on the floor first thing in the morning.
Several OBE dreams described.


283. Denyce R Experiences 4/1/2016 I stepped out into the hall, and stood still for a moment. I remember seeing the streetlight slanting up the stairs through the windows next to the front door. I was still feeling a little weak, so I leaned against the wall. Suddenly I became frightened for no apparent reason, so I stepped into the bathroom to turn on a light.
Two OBEs that started as dreams described.


282. Chris H Experience 7921n 3/9/2016 While in the presence of this light I immediately and fully felt it peering deeply into my own awareness, lovingly knowing everything about me all at once. Feeling such love coming from this light I suddenly came to an awareness that this sun was God! I was so overwhelmed and surprised that God was real that I mentally gasped and then yelled out, “You’re Real!” Just prior to this experience I had a deep mistrust of religion and rejected the concept of any kind of "God" or creator, much less the idea there was any continuation for human beings beyond our physical lives.
OBE with encounter with God.


281.  Curtis F Experiences 1/24/2016 Over my life time I remember having very vivid dreams. In the last several years these dreams have become more intense and active. As I have embraced the dreams and has opened up the ability to communicate in my dreams and other states of consciousness. I believe now that they have become OBE's and on a weekly basis they include communicating with passed love ones and visits from them upon waking, visits by other beings, consciousness travel to other dimensions and worlds, seeing lights and hearing whispers, channeling messages and information upon waking, and much more.
Multiple OBEs that start as lucid dreams.


280.  Larry D Experience 1/20/2016 The voice told me to relax and observe anything I wanted. I could see all the planets in our area very clearly, without normal distance distortion. I was very happy. The voice told me I could have the answer to any question about any subject. I was content to sit and observe all that was to see. Time passed 20 minutes maybe but I never asked a question. I knew at that moment in time upon my death, I would gain all knowledge and was happy filled with joy.
Meditation experience.


279.  Albert S Experience 1/20/2016 From Brazil I was practicing a concentration technique and I saw a bright white light like a star attracting to the core of it. I was floating towards its hub and I cried in my mind: I don't want to die!' Then it was all gone. I felt in peace and joy.
Brief meditation experience from Brazil.


278.  Judith S Experience 1/11/2016 I dreamed that I was in the street and an oncoming black car with running boards was about to hit me. My first thought was the fear that I was going to feel pain. Upon impact, I saw myself in a mystical place. I was on a path. On either side of the path were shrouded figures in a 'child's pose' stretching all the way out to the horizon on either side of where I stood. Ahead of me were unbelievably beautiful clouds and light emanating from that place. It also emanated heavenly, celestial music. In an instant, I knew that I was supposed to go there, towards the light.
NDE-like dream in 1971. OBE in 1974.


277.  OBE Video by Anthony Chene  11/17/15


276.  Simmi G Experience 10/4/15 Then from the center of my brain a white light raced out 360 degrees and as it did, it shattered my reality and sense of self. In my mind there was White light, that was self luminous and infinite and in all directions. I cannot say that I was one with the light, as in that state the 'I-me' did not exist. There was just light and it was conscious. There was no time. The light then spoke and said 'I AM' and then it spoke again and said ' Brahman.' In my mind I did not exist, had never existed and there was only this conscious light that was in every molecule, atom of the infinite Universe.
Although this started from meditation, it sounds like a kundalini experience from a Hindu physician.


275.  Angela W Experiences 10/4/15 From the UK. One time I was walking around a hospital and the doctor asked if I could work with the energy and help heal a wounded soldier...he was dressed in WW1 apparel. So I said 'sure' The doctor looked at me and said 'you know you can stay here and help if you want' Suddenly this hospital started getting more solid and I was touching things and they felt so real. In fact I started to think...what is the dream, this or life on earth? Anyway, I said no, I want to go back, I have so much more I want to experience, do and help... I woke up with tears on my face. I did wonder if this is how people die in their sleep for no apparent reason.... you just 'step' into the next realm that becomes the reality for you.
Interesting OBEs that start as dreams.


274.  Soraya N Experiences 8/15/15 My parents were visiting the United States.  I was in Abadan, Iran and traveled (mentally) from Iran to the United States. I saw my mother shopping for a gift specifically for me and picking it out. She was digging through a table full of blue jeans with the exact flower design on the bottom of the jeans. None of my siblings received anything like it.  Then she picked out a specific leather purse with thick leather stitching on the bottom with flowers.  I saw the 'exact' things she bought for me.  I was literally floating about 15-20 feet above her and could see the top of her head. I knew her thoughts.
OBE at age 9-10. She was living in Iran at the time. Also a meditation experience.


273.  Sharon M Experiences 8/10/15 From Costa Rica. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. I just wanted to be here and I don't know why I felt it, and what transpired in the light, I don't know because all my feelings made me go to the light, I truly felt a happiness and inexplicable pleasure. Just then everything disappeared I don't know at which point, or in which second, just that everything disappeared, I woke up, very happy, or to put it another way, I didn't get up, but as if I had reacted to it, and as if I had reacted as if jumping up, like a convulsion and from that day I ask myself what would have happened if I had gone through that light that there was there, but it amazes me to read of these experiences and although I didn't have an accident or life threatening danger, the sensation I had was described exactly as others have said, that went further than anything that could be humanly felt.
Several OBEs in English and Spanish.


272.  Amelie L Experience 7/26/15 From the United Kingdom. Suddenly, I stepped out of my body and saw it fall to one side, just like I had removed an old coat or jacket I no longer needed. I had no attachment to it and I was surprised to find myself looking at my body because I didn't know I was about to experience my death. I was not in the least alarmed or anxious. I felt at peace. Just then, I unfurled the most amazing wings: pristine, white and very strong. They had been furled for a long time but were just ready at that moment, not a second too soon or a second too late. I set off towards the sun, marveling at the beauty of the ocean below me. It was azure blue with diamonds of light twinkling up at me.
Meditation experience with interesting NDE-like content.


271.  Katsiaryna Z Experience 6/30/15 From Belarus. I got out of my body safely, like a balloon flying to a wall. I saw myself and my boyfriend sleeping. Then I thought of my body and tried to move, it worked and I got back to my body.
Successful OBE after a trial run.


270.  James S Experience 5/24/15 I was trying to (for lack of better word) meditate. Then suddenly I saw myself rising up out of my body. My view then switched to seeing myself lying on my bed with my eyes closed. I floated up towards the ceiling and stayed suspended there for what seemed like several minutes. All the while gazing at myself feeling not ecstatic, but elated that I seemed so peaceful. After a short period, I drifted down to my body. I blinked my eyes and reached over to turn off the light. Then went to sleep and was very rested the next morning.
OBE during meditation at age 14. Shared 48 years later.


269.  Pete B Experiences 5/24/15The most interesting OBE I had involved rising up from the bed, through the ceiling and down the alley behind our house. I had sight and looked down to see a basket ball hoop in the backyard of a house down the street. It was odd because the backyard was all grass and not pavement. The experience lasted about 30 seconds. When it was over, I was curious. I walked down the alley to the yard in the OBE and much to my surprise, there was a basketball poll in the backyard over all grass. I can say with 100% certainty that I had not been down there before. One interesting thing. The hoop was on the opposite side of the lawn than what I saw in my OBE. Later, I would read in doobe.txt that things are often reversed.
Numerous OBEs over the years and main points he learned.


268.  Diane T Experiences  2/1/15 In 2008; I was in a long distance relationship, dating a man who lived about 4 hours away. One night while sleeping in my bed: I felt like I visited him at his home. We were walking through his house toward his back yard to go outside and he told me "be careful, I just broke some glass earlier and I might not have gotten it all cleaned up". I was barefooted, during my visit and I did step on a small sliver of glass during the experience and stated, it's nothing I will get it out later. When I woke up in the morning, I immediately remembered the glass in my foot and reached down and picked a piece of glass from my foot. Then I remembered the experience. I talked to my boyfriend later that day and he told me that the night before he dropped a full / brand new bottle of alcohol the night before and was upset. But I already knew cause I had the glass in my foot.
OBEs dreams with remarkable potential physical confirmation of having visited boyfriend far away.

267.  Sarah S Experience  2/1/15 & 11/6/15
In the dream, most of the cattle were laying down several feet away from the water. Some were grazing around the area. I noticed 3 newborn baby cows with our cattle. Two of them were black and one of them was black and white. They all looked content and healthy, including the babies.  I woke up immediately and told my husband about the dream. A short time later, he went outside to feed the cattle some hay in our barn. One of the pregnant cows was "missing" and my husband reported it right away.
A couple OBEs that started as a dream.

266.  Janine Experience  1/21/15
 Then I felt weightless. At first I wondered what was happening, I'd never felt anything like it. I was in the air floating, I could see my room and myself sleeping. It dawned on me I was "flying" around my bedroom and I felt peaceful and happy, elated in fact. Then I suddenly snapped back into my body. A few moments later the same sensation happened again and I was again out of my body. I  thought maybe I'm in spirit, but if I'm in spirit why is my deceased daughter not here. A few moments later I snapped back before it started again, this time I wondered if I was lucid dreaming. I told myself if this is a dream, my beloved daughter would be in her cot before flying across my room to view her cot, her cot was still empty. i then tried to "escape" my surroundings and try to see if I could travel anywhere but I snapped back again. This happened repeatedly twice more before it stopped. It would always stop when I tried to experiment too much or went too far.
OBE with interesting search for her deceased daughter.


265.  Lisa L Experience  12/18/14  After taking our walk together he and I flew around in the sky playing and dancing as if we where two little kids having the time of their lives! At this point, he was my father. But then again, he wasn't; he was just a child to me when we were playing. We had a blast!  I can’t remember ever having this much fun and feeling this free and full of so much love and peace! When it was time to go, he gently lowered me back down through what seemed to be clouds. It may seem so stereotypical, but that's what happened.  He never said goodbye, but it was more of ‘I will see you later,’ all through telepathy, of course. We never used our mouths to speak…Next thing I knew I was back in my body.
Meditation experience with encounter with deceased father.


264.  Neha Experience  12/7/14 From India the Journey was so fast really very rapid, I couldn't make a thought about it even, my mind was flying so rapidly in an all black space I guess it was universe but it was just dark and black with some blue white bright and faded flickering lines and dots, I couldn't see them clearly because I was travelling with the speed of light and racing of my thoughts I was going in an upward straight direction like wind flowing on randomly but toward a destination through a definite path, and there was a doorway at the end it was kind of a very big gate I it was burning like sun but all around was dark it was in round shape of red and orange color I guess it was sun I think that wasn't spreading light around it as I reached near to it
Hindu meditation experience after death of a friend.


263.  Justin T Experience  11/22/14 At different times there have been deceased friends and family. At times ranging from any & everyone I have ever known that have passed, to no one. Then Jesus & angels. & at a few occasions a woman & two small children, a boy and girl, the girl seemed to be older & chasing the little boy.  Something in side of me let me know that those were my children. & the woman, which I felt was my wife, her face was not clear.
Many meditation experiences.


262.  Naomi C Experience  11/22/14 From Singapore  Since the first sleep paralysis, I didn't know that I was actually in an OBE state, all I knew my body was super light and I was flying around the house, to the street , I seriously thought it was a dream. Until at a point it happened not just once. And it was just yesterday, OBE happened again, this is the first OBE I have since I got into Singapore. But I kind of fail at this one, once I'm out,, something, like a real human hand pulled me out of the bed, it dragged me (this is the second time it happened : the first time was when I was still in Indonesia)  but then I hold on, and I realize that I wasn't out yet. IM still in my body, I'm totally conscious at the time, totally.


261. Wendy D Experience  11/1/2014   From the UK  In those split seconds I braced myself for the impact of hitting the wall at the end of the bedroom, then the outer wall of the house, but no impact happened. I shot straight through the house walls and straight out into the dark night. I travelled with such a speed that within milliseconds I could see the light change and I could feel the warmth of being propelled over a hot country, like Africa. As soon as my mind had caught up with what was happening to me, I panicked. I didn't understand what was happening and I was afraid that something bad might happen to me. As soon as I panicked, I was back in bed in my physical body.
Meditation experience during storm.


261. Ian W Experience  10/18/2014   From Canada  I had been studying for an exam in university. I was very tired and tried to meditate and hypnotize myself to sleep. I first felt very heavy and sank into the bed. Then I felt a part of me become very light and float out of my body and rise a above where I was laying. I was fully aware that I was alive. Whatever I thought happened instantly. I thought I want to go through the door and I did. I thought I want to go down the hall and I did. I then thought if I am not in my body could another entity enter it and WHAM, I was back in my body and shot straight up in bed.
Mediation experience with willed OBE component.


260. Kristen I Experience  10/11/2014  Through these clouds, I was looking down and I saw a coastal city in the bright sun. I thought it was Kobe, but it could have been any other city as well. I was looking around, and also back. From my back side, I saw a straight line, path, going from the end of the horizon until my feet. It was grayish, thin and very light in the texture. I wanted to know what would happen if I made a step. So I started walking and the path was “following me”. I do not know for how long this lasted. The next think that happened, I was back in my body, crying and in shock, not understanding what just happened. Interestingly, I was standing on my feet prior and post this event.
Meditation experience while visiting in Japan.

259. Jo B Experience  8/23/2014 
Then one day in May 1990, as Ed and I were driving from the Florida Keys to Jacksonville, it happened. Ed was driving down the highway as I lazily dozed. I was not really asleep, but was in a kind of semi-hypnotic state of drowsiness.  Suddenly I whipped out of my body and instantaneously found myself observing a small boy, barely beyond being a toddler, playing on the ground behind an old purple truck. The truck’s engine purred to life. Somehow I ‘knew’ that it was the child’s father in the truck.  The entire realization took just a matter of seconds, and in those seconds I also 'knew' that the father did not know that his small son was playing behind the truck.
OBE starting from a dream with remarkable witness of a child being killed.  Able to help child go to the light from what she learned during her own prior NDE.


258. Olivia D Experience  7/5/2014 Deep in meditation, I suddenly realized that I was floating in the ocean.  I could hear the bowls that were being played but thought of them as buoys in the ocean.  Then I felt myself rise up and break through into the Universe.  I saw myself floating throughout the Universe.  I was the size and shape of a bean.  I had the most comfortable and loved feeling I have ever experienced.  I knew that this was what death and afterlife was.  I felt totally at peace.
Meditation experience.


257. Hannah M Experience  6/14/2014  From the UK.  I was in a most beautiful state of being where there was no fear at all, only love.  I was with a small group of beings (not sure of the exact number, around 5 or 6 is my best guess) - the beings were not in a solid form but made of colored mist, the colors I remember were blue and pink and peachy colors.   My body was similarly not solid but misty.  I knew I had to go somewhere - to Earth was my interpretation; I was not afraid but excited by the prospect; and I felt that the other beings (who felt something like a family or perhaps more like a 'soul group') were all supporting me and encouraging me.  My grief was caused by the difference between my experience of this 'before incarnation' state and the 'embodied human' state - I longed for the state of blissful, fearless love which I had been in before.
Meditation experience at a Buddhist center in England.


256. Natalie S Experience  6/14/2014 I quickly found myself in 'the other side' (as I like to put it).. I was in a place of pure love and beauty. The landscape and colors were brighter than I had ever imagined. It was similar to the 'heaven' depiction of the film 'what dreams may come' starring Robin Williams. There were trees and mountains and a stream.. I felt complete connection with all around me and I felt pure love emanating from the landscape/energy... By the stream there 'hovered' a beautiful being. She was not human but she was beautiful... Angelic looking. She had long black hair and was wearing a white dress.
Meditation experience that appears to have led to her finding a small breast cancer.


255. Joline R Experience  5/17/2014 I heard a voice say "open your eyes".  I tried to open my eyes but everything was blurry.  Then I watched someone slap me across the face saying my name.  I watched my head swing from one side to the next from being slapped.  But I felt nothing.  I watched as though I was face to face with myself.  Someone flashed a light in my eyes.  I heard people panic.  A few people were around me, they were deciding who was going to give me mouth to mouth if I stopped breathing.  One man drew blood and they had it analyzed for drugs.  They put tiny stickers on my body attached to a scanner.  On my forearms, chest and head.  One man said, look at her eyes.  All this time I kept losing my vision, so everything turned black, but I never lost the sounds.
Interesting meditation experience that included an OBE.


254. Marco Experience  4/5/2014  From Italy.  Original in Italian, translated to English by Fran.   At that moment, all of a sudden, I felt a strong feeling of lightness, I felt stuck and at the same time I was floating in the air.  The strangest part of my experience was that I felt a slight feeling of happiness and amazement! as if I knew what was going on and where I was, despite I wasn't seeing anything yet around me, because the moment of transition from the dream to feel shapeless was so quickly, the most surprising thing was the fact that my mind was traveling at a breakneck speed… I knew, with my eyes still closed, I was in my room, that I was out of my body, and therefore there was something beyond the physical body and over the death.
Several OBEs.


253. Laurence B Experience  4/5/2014 I realized I was too concentrated on maintaining floating control that I didn't look at the environment and as soon as I reached the ceiling I began to descend and I new somehow it would soon be over, I cant describe the feeling of floating up and down to the ceiling and back , it was amazing, not dream like, very different to anything and the sense was it was truly happening, I was amazed at the "frame rate" of my vision, it seems I was perceiving the room moving super smooth past me as I floated down, that really stood out. 
OBE while seeking to have an OBE.


252. Roger K Experience  4/5/2014 My first reaction was a thought, "Oh my God, I am not body". I continued to say the mantra, and my mouth felt odd, like it wasn't my mouth moving. My eye sight was like looking thru a pair of 2 foot long tubes and I was watching this from my location outside my body. I had the thought, "I wonder if I could have another thought?" and instantly, I had another thought. I did this three more times until I had four separate thoughts going, doing the mantra and watching the whole thing from outside of my body. Then a very powerful sensation of Joy, Love, and Bliss enveloped me and I felt omnipotent and omnipresent. I had the thought, "I wonder if I will go back into my body when I stop the meditation?", and then I stopped the meditation and was back in my body.
Meditation experience with OBE.


251. Michelle B Experience  4/5/2014 There were US military men and foreign military men that were leading the US troops in. I Was trying to talk to them and became frustrated that they could not see me. I then went into a camouflage dessert colored underground room. There was a map and lanterns on the table and about 5-7 high ranked officers. They were pointing out towns on a map, saying things like, "neutral area, escorts, and how many trucks were going in, should not be hostile area was evacuated." I tried talking to them as well but again I was ignored. I was then on a truck going with the soldiers there were large mounted guns, an each truck had 8-10 men on it. We were following a native military vehicle… The next morning on CNN they had said that the war had started. I turned and looked at the girl who was standing next to my bunk when I landed and while pointing at the TV I said "I was there!"
Remarkable meditation experience with OBE to beginning of the Desert Storm war while incarcerated.


250. Michelle Experience  3/23/2014 I went to sleep and had another experience of 'coming out of my body'. This time, I could feel my fingers and they felt stiff and I looked at myself sleeping but I did not see my face this time. I then laid back down and what seemed like some kind of swirl of energy? (I think), I left my living room where I had fallen asleep and was in a building that looked familiar. The building was old and I felt that I had been there before. It looked centuries old and I could not compare it to any time period that I have learned about in school. I then told myself that I wanted to go and see my cousin. I became really happy. I was not in a body, I was some kind of essence, and I remember mixing with my cousin's essence and realizing that we were one. I can not explain, but we are all one thing. I could feel that it was her, but I was 'mixed' with her, and I realized that we are all one. I was left very confused when I woke up. I may have the sequence of events incorrect as I could not feel time.
OBE dream with interesting content.


249. Jo S Experiences  3/2/2014 We were on a mountain, like in Pennsylvania, wooded and filled with brush.  It was fall moving into winter, and the sky was gray and the colors very faded and brown. It was windy and I had on a jacket.  I remember leaning over a cliff and just lost my balance. I remember falling frantically for a more sustained period then my short waking up falls. I don't remember ever hitting the ground. Next thing I know, I was in the most beautiful, spectacular garden with a white brick path and carefully pruned grass.  I think there was a river at the edge, but I didn't focus much on that. The colors were so brilliant, and I felt such a sense of peace and joy.  There was a small piano that was rainbow colored.  I think there was a bird bath and birds, maybe bunnies too.  I wanted to stay but I couldn't hold onto the image eventually.
Several OBEs starting as dreams.

248. Menatsea'h Experience  2/24/2014 From Madagascar.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.   
 Words are not enough to express this impression, of being in unity with the visible and invisible cosmos, starting with the tiniest particle, up to the distant projection of thought.
OBEs with some lucid dreams.


247. Tammy S Experience  2/23/2014 From France.  A few seconds after I felt the energy I felt my whole body began to freeze and tingle and I didn't know what was happening.  I remember feeling a bit frightful yet let go of the fear somehow.  The next thing I knew I heard this loud tornado type noise and I was going through some sort of tunnel.  On the other side there were about 50 light beings that appeared 'Casper the friendly ghost' like.  They were all stacked on top of each other like they were on bleachers.  There were no faces - just white light.  I heard the sound of clapping yet I didn't see any clapping.  I didn't know why they were clapping.  I began to float past them all and I remember the feeling of looking intensively to see if I knew any of them.  After I floated for a while looking I went back to this energy that talked to me - but have no idea what they said - and shortly after I remember the feeling of going back into my body. When I came to I knew this was something major.
Meditation experience in an unearthly realm.


246. Frank S Experience  1/19/2014 From the UK.  At this point I just Stopped, I mean one-second I’m travelling at what seemed to be thousands of miles per hour, the next I’m not. But there was no transition period! One second I’m falling through this tunnel the next I’m not.  I am just floating in space no longer in the tunnel.  All around me are billions of stars.  not like you would see when you look up at the night sky. These appeared to be yellow spheres all exactly the same size; same color (flame yellow) and appeared to be exactly the same distance apart, totally uniform.  But what was odd I could see them all exactly the same. (“Sorry this is hard to explain ”) It didn’t matter how distant the stars were from me, I could see them all exactly the same. It’s though width and depth didn’t exist , yet I could perceive  width and depth.  I remember just looking at this beautiful scene.
Remarkable OBE during meditation experience.


245. Terry H Experience  12/13/2013 The second time I went out was some years later, I was working a job in Independence MO. It was the evening of Valentines Day, I was missing my wife and kids, so I thought I would go visit them in W. P MI., that night. The next morning at 6 a.m. I got a call from my wife, she said you need to talk to the boys. She said they came into our room looking for you, they thought you had come home. They said I had checked on them that night, so they knew I was home. They were disappointed I was not home.  That was the longest trip I had made yet, and was very enlightening, as well as very scary.
Several interesting OBE experiences.


244. Dennis H Experience  11/23/2013 Physically, I knew what was taking place but could not communicate it to the others at the house and after a period of time I left to drive home. I do not remember driving home or anything else that happened to me from the time I said my goodbye's that evening until waking the following morning in my bed.  I awoke that next morning with the memory of soaring with my impish companion over the earth and through the universe and experiencing the birth of galaxy's and deaths of older fragile galaxy's. I was shown many wondrous sites and experienced many un-explainable feelings. One memory I did retain was a futuristic foggy image of a hospital room with a concerned nurse named Anna and a technician named Gabe and the dark shadows allowing me to return to my body.
Entity encounter- with remarkable OBE journey.


243. Stephen R Experience  10/5/2013 I was so excited and my wife was scared. Then she got out to make a call, and when she put in a dime, coins poured out into her hands as well.  When I saw that, tears started rolling down my face. When she god back into the car, I said - I have something to confess. I asked her about a certain night when they had chicken to eat with green beans, her Dad was wearing a white t-shirt sitting at the dinner table, I described what she was wearing, her brother was wearing, and what was on TV. She said, stop it - you're scarring me. I said, that's not all. Afterward I asked the "cosmic consciousness", whatever is out there, and if it was real, I want to see money literally pouring into my hands .. and my wife's also.  I had almost forgotten about that, until I saw her at the pay phone. It dawned on me what I had asked for, and it had to wait till she came back for it to happen.
Remarkable OBE with verified observations at a far distance.  Remarkable also that he asked for ‘cosmic consciousness’, if real, to see ‘money literally pouring into my hands’.  And it happened.


242. Marcus Experience  9/292013  I fell asleep telling myself I would try to induce an out of body experience (OBE). I became consciously aware of my self while in a dream and sat up in bed. I stood up next to my bed and began to realize that I was separated from my body. My room was exactly as it is in reality. It was dark, the glow of a street light coming in from the window was there. It was very real. I turned to see myself lying in bed. I saw the blanket and the bed and my general form and then became very frightened and did not allow myself to look at my face. I tried to scream for my wife. I was paralyzed, unable to scream and closed myself out of the whole experience. I woke up after a few seconds of absolute terror calling my wife's name (she was in bed next to me).
Two induced OBEs.


241. Boone G Experiences  9/8/2013  Every time I was roof dreaming or playing hide and seek I was fully awake. Fully awake. Sometimes I would sit up there frustrated that I had no idea how to wake my family or neighbors. I had no idea what a UFO was. If I may have seen one back in 1965 on TV or magazine.....they probably were the std mid sixty type saucer UFO . The ones I saw were pretty much like the CE types. Note: as an adult I would wake in a dream and be stating at the exact same ships while standing in a field. I had no idea where I was..... I did not care either- too focused on the light ships.
Multiple OBEs starting at around age 7-8.


240. Damien R Experience  8/31/2013 From New Zealand. Through my heart I could feel a massive channel of pure energy coursing. I felt my body ''physical and emotional'' was still so dense and blocked by memories and limiting concepts.  This denseness constrained the energy. Yet I felt it fully, perfectly. It was tremendously powerful, like a thick rope of solid energy running vertically through me.  It was more than a feeling of love. It was knowing that I am love. I am energy. That is the nature underlying the mind and perceived reality. There was no separation. Only my mind had separated me. It was wonderful, extraordinary. It was the coming home I had yearned for all my life. "I", Damien, was still present like an observer but I knew that my so-called identity was not lasting or real, only words and images and feelings I had assumed for this lifetime.
Profound mediation experience.


239. Duana L Experience  8/31/2013 From Canada. There was an open door to my left that I had been instructed to go through but I hesitated because I was torn between the thought of my children and the immense feeling of peace, expansiveness and amazing well being that is impossible to describe, that I was experiencing in the small room.  I did not want to leave that feeling.  I knew I was instructed to go through the door but I knew there would be no returning to my children if I did.  I hesitated and stayed in that room long enough that my husband spoke to me and when he did I was instantly back in the bed.  I was mad that he had interrupted such a beautiful experience… It is possible that it was psychological but how could my husband initiate this through prayer?
Husband prayed, and she had an OBE.


238.  John P Experiences  8/25/13 I was then in a very dark endless void, with a light in the upper left hand corner that is very hard to describe. It was very bright, but you could look at it and not hurt your eyes. there was also knowledge in the light, but I cannot really describe it.  Then a being appeared to my right, which I could identify as make, however all I could see was the silhouette of the being, but I could sense it was a male. The being "said" to me, "Your father is going to die." The being more communicated it to me in a telepathic sense. I then snapped back into consciousness instantly and was very freaked out.  I told a close friend about it within a few minutes, and called my mom back home the same day to relay the story to her. I also told her to tell my father to go to the doctor. He did not, and died of a massive heart attack a month later.
Meditation experience with OBE and premonition about the death of his father a month later.


237.  Wendi C Experiences  8/18/13 The out of body experience occurs on waking.  I am fully awake and aware.  There are no bright lights, or anything which could be considered unusual.  I am floating at ceiling level and, able to look down upon myself in bed.  This lasts a short while, maybe, a couple of minutes, then I go back into my body.  At this point, although I am in my body, I cannot move and, I cannot speak.  I find this part frightening as, try as I might and despite a determination to move or, to cry for help from my husband, I cannot.  This paralysis lasts for a few minutes.  I then return to normal.  I have no warning when these episodes will occur.  They do not link in to any particular life event, illness, etc.  I have experienced them over more than three decades, but not for the last couple of years.  That said, the episodes happen in an irregular way and, sometimes with a number of years between them.
OBE dream with associated sleep paralysis occurring over decades.


236.  Sam K Experiences  8/12/13 If I wanted to, I could feel the walls, the table, the window and everything outside the window. If I wasn't sensing it or feeling it, it was my choice. It was nice gentle feeling. A kind of mix of curiosity and a sense of wonder. A few minutes passed like that. I was relaxed, completely opened up mind in all directions. It cannot be described in words. It was experience of void. It was beyond good or bad. Then suddenly a thought/sensation/feeling arose inside me that it's not my time to be here yet. With that, I was almost pushed back into my mind, into my body and the body and mind functions began again.
Hindu meditation experience.


235.  Ken G Experiences  5/26/13   I felt as though I was almost in a euphoric state and remembered every moment of the experience. Since I rarely remember a dream, I am certain I was fully awake. A couple of weeks later, I traveled back to her, I assume so she could demonstrate to me that I was not dreaming. I was able to travel pretty much at will, and even visited a neighbor's home on one occasion to try to validate that the experience was real. I witnessed an argument between my neighbor and his wife. The following week he told me they were divorcing. I tried to visit my sister on my own on one occasion. She met me half way and turned me around. The message I received from her was that would be the last time we saw one another.
Multiple OBEs with observations of earthly events and encounter with deceased sister.


234.  Rosalie H Experiences  5/26/13 This continued to happen until I told someone, then never again. I've been thinking about it lately and trying to will it to happen, but no luck. The part of me that always made me skeptical of this, is that I would always hear water running, like the sound of the bath tub, and that was what would lure me to the door, because it was as if something was wrong with the water being on and a need to turn it off, but I wasn't able to ever get to it because the light would stop me. Every time I'd touch the light, it was like a forceful energy. Terrified me at the time, but I wish I could experience that again now that I am older, I'd experiment a bit.
Multiple recurring OBE dreams at around age 8.


233.  Jessica P Experiences  5/5/13 I will have moments, where I start to feel like I'm watching a movie. Though, what I am doing is the movie. Almost an out of body experience. I am fully aware of what I am doing, however, I feel that I am watching myself do it. I feel like I can't remember what I was doing, who is around, or what I am supposed to do. Almost like my brain/memory is completely paralyzed. Even if I am doing things, such as cooking supper or driving a car. It's hard for me to recall what I was doing after the time of an 'occurrence', but I feel I was in a dream when I try and remember what I was doing. But when I am having an occurrence, I am fully aware that I am having one, but I feel like I'm in a movie. Some times I get scared during an occurrence. And after one, I almost feel depressed because I have had one. Like I missed some part of my life.
SOBEs, probably autoscopic experiences.


232.  Bar Experience  5/5/13 I would come out and fly around room and go find mom and dad and fly around them or I would watch TV show wasn't supposed to see later to see things that hadn't happened yet  it was like watching the day happen and then picking one moment to focus on and be a part of… watched episode of twilight zone above mom and dad and then told mom about it next day and what it was about.
Multiple OBEs as a child age 3-6.


231.  Lissa C Experience 4/28/13  I especially felt the green at the last before I entered into the white vibrant light. I looked into the green and I saw grass, trees, and beautiful surroundings before I focused again on the white light. I kept moving foreword, because I was beckoned to keep on moving forward to this loving light. When I approached the light there was a very nice being right at the tip of the light who asked me " Would you like to come in?"  At first I said Yes. The being I'm going to say "He" ... although.... I don't think he was a male or a female..... "He" was  "both" ... just a "loving" being....  At first I wanted to enter like nothing more I ever wanted in my entire life...... Then, I suddenly remembered my son....
Meditation experience.  Quite NDE-like.


230.  Cary S Experience 4/14/13 I floated around my apartment about 2-3 ft. from the floor. I looked around my apartment for a few minutes and suddenly I could hear a car pass by on the street outside (through my physical ear). When I heard that car, this spirit body (or whatever you want to call it) dashed quickly through the wall of my apartment and outside. I saw a small four door white car drive by. Then I looked at the sky. It was the brightest, most beautiful blue I had ever seen. I looked at the grass. It was the same, but bright green. It was so bright and glowing. It was like I had stepped into a painting… I noticed the next day that one of my neighbors had a four door white car. I had never noticed them having that car before.
OBE associated with meditation.


229.  Simon G Experience 3/23/13  Instantly the scenery changed and I was in a cave that opened up to what seemed to be miles above a huge pit of glowing fire and tortured souls. The feeling of absolute misery filled me. I asked her if this was hell. No, she replied. There is no preformed hell waiting for anyone. People who thought they should go to hell for their deeds would if they believed it. The same applied for those who believed they would go to heaven.  She then began to explain the paradox of what I was seeing. Even though there was no heaven or hell awaiting anyone, we could create our own through our beliefs and expectations.
OBE Into beautiful realm, and was shown hellish realm.


228.  Hunter R Experience 3/23/13 Then, a velvet/burgundy sheet-like plane could be seen to my side, and it began to make sine wave like patterns.  Once again it was vast and everywhere I looked I saw it. The sheet-like plane was within my own body, and was giving me a sensation of warmness, and complete bliss. In that moment I realized what true bliss felt like, and how truly connected I was with the universe. After awhile in this state of bliss, I could start to faintly hear my heart beat, as if it was calling me back to my body, so I began to feel a sensation of floating down, back into this reality, and eventually into my body. I could literally feel myself reentering my body, I felt like a feather falling from the sky.
Meditation experience with interesting content and insights.


227.  Crystal M Experiences 3/18/13 So the first event was in Peru at an ayahuasca retreat, we were on dieta which means no salt sugar or oil and very plain foods, usually white. I didn't take ayahuasca and I was just meditating and I nearly touched the ceiling while floating I was scarred and tensed up and came back to my body. There was a deep sucking sound while floating up. I felt numb and cold when I got down. I did a breathing exercise to initiate that state. Breathe into each body part and feel it sink 3 rounds of this to float away.   Second experience, on ayahuasca and dieta night time. Vomiting. Shut eyes and see kaleidoscope world with dancing Buddhas thousands moving, some stepping in a circular dance… In the same OBE I have sex with my ex bf he acts towards me as I had acted towards him near the end of the relationship.
Several OBEs.  One associated with consuming ayahuasca.


226.  Hannah P Experience 3/14/13 From Australia.  Automatically I directed my focus towards each person sitting on their chair, and large balls of fire blew out of my stomach like cannon balls and covered each person in light. This happened for all the people present, after which I draw my consciousness back into myself.  Even no words were spoken; there seemed to be some form of communication between me and the Light Being. We were still standing joined at the hands, when all of a sudden I knew it was time to depart. We moved slowly away from each other, and I became aware of the tunnel behind me. I stepped into it...somehow entered my lifeless body and made my way up the passageway into the cave.
Very detailed meditation experience.

225.  Lorraine R Experiences 2/16/13 
I even have what I call "trigger" sensations while in the hypnogogic state, I recognized the sensations and am usually able to leave my body at will.  Interestingly though, several years ago around 2002/2003 I went through a phase of a span of about 2 to 3 years of having intense OBEs multiple times a week, and sometimes multiple times per night.  But over the years and currently they have become less frequent (or my awareness of them have decreased).  It's almost like I "been there, did that" kind of thing, almost as if I needed to have those experiences at that time in my life.  I accept and embrace the OBE experience for what it is, very real to me and a life/belief changing experience.
Multiple OBEs dreams over decades since the age of 5.


224.  Bard A Experiences 2/9/13 In the Spring of 1960, I saw my body in my bed as I rose above my bed and then out the Window and I kept rising up and up watching my home and neighborhood and the land where I lived in getting smaller until I actually rose above the Earth looking at Earth, then I found myself entering a very very beautiful landscape of rolling hills, lots of Greenery of plants, trees, and colorful flowering plants, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, it was very very awesomely beautiful, but then I pondered why I did not see any living creatures at all, anywhere. I felt very lonesome. Next I was back in my body, and I pondered about what I saw, I loved what I saw, but it seemed so lonely. Is this place, and I wondered if this beautiful place was prepared for future living beings.
OBEs dreams that are very detailed.


223.  Cindy F Experiences 1/29/13  When he (Jesus) came back, he asked me if I was ready to go, and I consented. He told me that he was going to take me back to Earth. Either we linked arms or he took my hand, and he flew me back to Earth. He seemed to have been short and thin, maybe with short, dark hair and perhaps he had wings. Come to think of it, when he had been instructing me earlier he may have been holding one of those pointer sticks that teachers sometimes hold when pointing out things that are written on the board; but again, I really can't say for sure what he looked like. Anyway, the Earth looked like a blue sphere, and I could see the gaseous, hazy glow of the atmosphere. The Earth appeared larger and larger as we steadily flew closer and closer, and once we hit the atmosphere, I returned to my physical body in the mind-awake/body-asleep state of consciousness.  
Amazing couple of OBE experiences!


222.  Terri Experience 1/27/13  Then the being left me and I began to fly, it was as if I was able to adapt to anything I wanted to do. When I hit the water, Gills formed along my jawline and I was able to breathe under water and swim like I belonged there and all at once I was able to soar in the air and the fins that I had under water became wings in the air. I flew over a planet that had no trees or grass but was mostly water and had a bluish tone to the atmosphere. I flew like a bird to a cave that was mine and all of the vines and water knew exactly what I needed there. They produced what my body needed.
Meditation with interesting experience.


221.  Child Experience 1/19/13 I then decided that I would try to make myself float on my own.  I sat on the floor cross-legged, closed my eyes and started to meditate, until I could no longer feel my body mass. From complete darkness there was a dot of light, then all of a sudden the whole area was filled with a room of bright light.  I still had my eyes closed.  All of a sudden I felt as though I was floating in this room.  It was the most liberating feeling ever to be free floating about.  I was aware that there was someone else in the room, but didn't know who.  I was also aware that I had a physical body that I was separate from, but also connected to.  My senses were telling me to hurry and return to my body before it was too late, otherwise I might not be able to get back to it. 
Meditation experience at the age of 5.


220.  Terri M Experience 1/14/13  I felt light, and I noticed I didn't feel the need to take a breath. I took one, but I didn't need it. So I decided not to take another. The next thing I remember is an indescribable feeling of peace, and the sensation of floating. It was the most pleasurable feeling I have ever had, so I opened my eyes, fully conscious of my surroundings. Nothing was out of place in my room. I had the shades drawn but they allowed enough light in to see clearly. I could hear cars going by on the road, my dog outside the door pawing to come in. And that's when I looked down on myself, and realized I was "up here" and "down there" at the same time. I wasn't sure what "I" was--I had no sense of a form, but I sure knew what I was looking down on. My physical body was sitting cross-legged on the bed, motionless. I heard the dog bark and the next thing I knew I was looking out of my own two eyes from my sitting position on the bed. I was trembling and felt fearful. I have never been able to meditate since. The experience left me sure of two things: It was NOT a hallucination, and if this is what death is like, it will not be painful… It was joy and peace and love all mixed together, but those words seem a hollow abstraction next to the direct experience.
OBE during meditation.


219.  Paul K Experience 1/5/13 At that moment I saw some sort of tunnel and began to journey through, as I recall, there seem to be souls of people that new me or were there to guide me, not sure. Then I saw a brilliant light, warm and inviting, all consuming, all knowing. It knew everything about me, I needed not to speak but communicated none the less.  As that encounter ended I found myself leaving the ship and my body, drawing away at a steady pace, seeing the ship and its trail in the moonlight. As I headed away, I remember thinking, " I hope I can find my way back".  I kept moving over the water at a height of what felt like 50 or 100 ft. Not sure.  No idea where I was going and how much time had passed,,, soon I came over a beach and up and over a boardwalk and came to rest outside the stone pony, Asbury park NJ. I waited for someone to open the door and I went in. It was like I was being shown around the place, looking at all the people as I passed but not being acknowledged . As I studied my surroundings, I came across one table that my girlfriend was seated at with some friends. At that moment I knew she was the purpose of my journey and I became frightened I would not be able to find my body or my ship, after all, it had been steadily moving across a lot of water.
Meditation experience with OBE that proved to have accurate observations.


218.  Neil N Experience 1/5/13 First of all there was a wind like sound, and it felt like I was sucked or pulled out of my body. I heard unearthly music, I heard beings talking, my name was called out. I was surrounded by darkness but unafraid. As I looked at my hands and arms all I could see was stars or points of light. Throughout the experience it felt like I was floating and being lead to my destination. And finally I saw an indescribably bright light, which was radiating so much unconditional love it was so hard to fathom that such love exist. And strangely enough this place felt very familiar. As I continued to look at the light,  it became evident this was a being shinning with such brilliance. I felt drawn to it, and it had both arms outstretched as if to embrace me. And just as I was about to hug the being, I felt the same wind like sound and I was pulled back to my body.
OBE.  Very NDE-like and transformative.