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Spontaneous Out of Body Experiences.
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709. Brinton N Experience 10/27/2017 Butch, wake up - your mother needs you.' While speaking he raised his arm and pointed at me and caused my spirit to rise up out of my body... then directed/floated it (me/my spirit) up and accross my room to my doorway then into the hall... standing me in my mother's room's doorway, whereupon I stood and saw my mother sitting up in bed reading her bible which was in her lap. He then directed by floating self back to my bed where I floated back into my body.
SOBE with angel or Jesus encounter at age 15.


708. Vince B SOBEs Experience 10/14/2017 I was probably 6 or 7 and had come inside from playing outside probably with neighbors and friends. I had gotten a plastic yellow cup and put some water in it and was walking through my house headed back outside when suddenly I wasnt in the moment but seperated and watching myself walk through my home and head outside from another point in the home. There was no sickness involved or any other extreme circumstance that I remember. Just a few fleeting moments of memory from a point of view that wasn't 'first person' but an onlooker.
Two childhood SOBEs. SOBE dream at age 4, the other, and SOBE, at age 6-7.


707. Dr. I.K. V Experience 10/8/2017 From India. I started enjoying my state that I could fly in the air and hover on from the ceiling. Gradually a feeling of great peace prevailed. I became calm. I did not have that intense headache any more. Even though, the lights were switched off, I could see everything in the room. The whole room was flooded with light, but the source of that light could not be seen. I was thinking a thousand things simultaneously as if I was a computer CPU. I am not sure how long I remained in that suspended position. I was enjoying the condition I was in.
Physician SOBE while suffering from malaria.


706. James H Experience 9/24/2017 s it progressed I was seeing things from the passenger portion. Then I was looking at myself wondering how I could be still steering and functioning without crashing the car and I was on the other side of the center console looking at it. At this time there was no sense of emotion, no sounds, no sense of body except somehow I realized I was still connected to my body, but the connection was getting thin.
SOBE while driving on winding road.


705. Gatano N Experience 8/20/2017 From Italy. Original in Italian. Suddenly I found myself into an unknown environment, not dreadful but 'different'.
The landscape was desertic, with fine redish sands. Everything had a redish hue. I was surrounded with twigs: dry plants about one meter tall but with pointed thorns that emerged from the sands: all looked totally desertic, parched. I felt nimble, motivated, and pushed to search. I don't know what. I was very fine. Free. I repeat it, nimble: freed from my human body.
SOBE vs Dream


704. David W Experience 8/12/2017 The Man then stopped the car and the woman got out with the baby. I noticed it was hot,they were on a dirt road with large trees; a steep bank on one side of the road and a sharp drop off on the other that led to a river. The last thing I remember was looking down on the woman with the crying baby she was holding;she said 'Hush Bo'.
SOBE at around 1-2 months old. Shared 68 years later.


703. Sandra M Experience 8/8/2017 Then I was told I would be going alone and I realized I was going to die and I said 'no!' I had two young kids and couldn't leave them. My sense of floating away reversed and I felt like I was back in this world. Then I was told, 'If you want to live, you have to see a doctor as soon as possible.'
Remarkable SOBE with information about her undiagnosed breast cancer that appears to have saved her life.


702. Christopher P Experience 8/7/2017 I flew all over the Puget Sound, I went to my sister's house and was amazed to find that animals could see me. My sister has a black lab and he knows me well, he ran to me for pets and affection which I gave him. Her two cats just hissed and arched their backs at me. I remember seeing a green bread tie on their counter, so I grabbed it up and twisted it around the loop on their dogs collar, thinking that this was a dream and it won't be there when I check later.
SOBEs with apparent very rare physical validation of actions while OBE.

701. Shantelle Experience 6/21/2017 I could then see myself laying there and my mother there too and I could also see the campsite from above and our tent and picnic table and beyond the campsite to the beach, I saw people on the beach and the sand dunes. I started talking to my mother telling her what I was seeing, I asked her if she saw me.
SOBE at age 7.


700. Ed R Experience 5/9/2017 At some point after that I became aware that I was above our bed looking down on both my wife and myself sleeping. It's like I was in the spot where the wall and ceiling meet directly above our heads and was looking down from that vantage point. It was dark in the bedroom but I could see, sort of like a night vision camera would look. I started to feel like I was suffocating or something, and I thought, 'This isn't right - something is wrong.'
OBE that started as dream with verified OBE observations. Experience happened a few days prior to submission.


699. Pat A Experience 5/2/2017 From this point I became aware of my body down on the Sofa watching TV. I was calm, cool, could care less about what just occurred, it felt natural.I viewed my body as a natural object, it was still apparently watching TV, but I was not viewing it from that perspective, as I was the room and all of it, the body was something I was not associated with.
SOBE at age 8 during time of febrile illness.


698. William G Experience 4/15/2017 From Canada. I caught my eyes in the mirror and I immediately found myself up near the ceiling looking down on myself. I had no body and no feeling of having any kind of a physical presence at all. I felt beings above me but there was no feeling of direction or physical space so using the word above is not correct but is as close as I can get to describing it. These beings were not people but they used to be. They were very calm and told me not to worry and that I was not supposed to be where they were yet. There was a quiet compassion about them and no drama at all. I had an incredible all knowing feeling.
Sudden spontaneous OBE at age 11.


697. Marcus M Experience 4/9/2017 When walked to his door and touched the door handle time stood still I walked out of my body and went to an individual that standing behind the priest, when I reached the person I knew him seems like many centuries. I was happy to see him we rejoiced what it seems like for hours, asking how he has been, I suddenly returned to my body
SOBE as he was about to visit a priest.


696. Marge Experience 3/22/2017 after a bit of sitting, I was seeing from the top of the bus down at all the passengers, including myself. It felt like being a part of the air everyone shares. I have always randomly had lucid dreams, and astral projections, it was that same sort of light feeling. But I had never had this while being conscious, with my eyes open. I then thought about how I wasn't in my physical self and stared wondering about my breathing, if I stopped would I pass out and be stuck out here?
SOBE while riding a bus.


695. Chip R Experience 3/2/2017 When I awakened, I was aware that I was in a hospital... lying in bed. Suddenly, I levitated toward the ceiling and was able to look down upon myself and the scene in the hospital room. I asked if I was dead.
SOBE while in hospital. Interesting communication with another person in OBE at what may have been their moment of death.


694. Diana R Experience 1/29/2017 From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. I was surrounded by a very beautiful, bright, pulsating light. Around this light there were still other light colors. I perceived myself like an ever expanding cloud. But...the light wasn't only surrounding me, I myself was also light. And this Love!!!! Everywhere there was love. I was love! In every little part of my being, was light and love. The words I'm writing here, cannot describe a fraction of what I experienced. There are no words, that can describe this situation.
OBE that started as a dream with exceptional encounter with light and love. Both in English and German.


693. Grzegorz N Experience 1/19/2017 It was dark in the room but something was off, I couldn't tell at first but after short time I realized that my bed was at the other side of the room. So was window and door. Whole room was like a mirror image of itself. I stood up and walked to the center of the room. My thoughts were clear, so was my consciousness and my senses worked normally so I realized that it was not a normal dream, because I was beginning to think it was. I even could think verbally, that never happens when I sleep, even while having lucid dream and I had quite a lot of those. I'm a IT guy so I got curious and decided to check my computer to see if it worked. To my surprise the moment I thought about doing that I was wide awake, lying in my bed, completely aware in the 'real world'.
SOBE with interesting mirror image awareness of his room.


692. Cruise T Experience 1/16/2017 From Israel. As I went high enough to see the roof and houses around time itself was either paused or super slow, I increased with speed and distance and was now over 100 meters above from my body. I looked to my right to the Mount Maunganui and saw 3 birds in the distance above the Mount, as I went to look back to the party and my body (all with a calmness, no stress or fear from the moment of leaving my body) the speed increased directly upward. I saw the city and country and earth grow smaller with speed to when I saw the solar system and galaxies start to flash away from me.
Remarkable SOBE that seemed to occur during an instant of earthly time.


691. Bonnie E Experience 1/8/2017 I could tell I was in spirit form, but never looked down at my 'spirit' to see if I had hands, etc. It didn't seem to be a concern I had. I seemed to know what I was, but also didn't know what I was. This part is very hard to explain because I don't know of any other form like it in order to explain it with words. While in the out of body 'spirit,' I was at peace and didn't seem to need to know what form I was actually in. It seemed like a greater reality, or another dimension…
SOBE following emergency caesarian section delivery.


690. Ann Experience 1/6/2017 From the UK. Suddenly I was somewhere else. Instead of seeing the squirrel and tree, I was looking at planet Earth through space. I seemed to know it was planet Earth. It was quite far away but I could clearly see the blue and green of it. Earth was quite well lit up, I suppose by the sun. All around was dark space. I can't remember much about what else was around because I mostly was just looking at Earth. I didn't feel anything was abnormal, though I was a bit surprised at how suddenly I was out there. I thought it was rather nice to be doing it. I didn't really think about how I got there. I was just there, watching the Earth and thinking, 'That's the Earth.'
SOBE around age 2-5. Shared about 60 years later.


689. Larissa M Experience 1/1/2017 At that point I started to leave my body, and I wanted to tell her 'oh I'm leaving my body' but it happened so quickly. It felt like I was drawn up through a narrow apperture, and then 'pop' - my head / upper half sort of popped right through and up into this enormous vast dark space, a place of such magnitude I couldn't find words - but a tremendously peaceful place. It was directionless, encompassing, vast, and incredibly comforting all at the same time.
SOBE during ‘energy healing session’.


688. Larissa M Experience 1/1/2017 At that point I started to leave my body, and I wanted to tell her 'oh I'm leaving my body' but it happened so quickly. It felt like I was drawn up through a narrow apperture, and then 'pop' - my head / upper half sort of popped right through and up into this enormous vast dark space, a place of such magnitude I couldn't find words - but a tremendously peaceful place. It was directionless, encompassing, vast, and incredibly comforting all at the same time.
SOBE during ‘energy healing session’.


687. Leslie M Experience 12/24/2016 This particular time however there was an upset when the nurse wanted to administer the premed via an injection which I refused to let her do, which meant I went into theater without it. Once there the anaesthetist tried to put me under with an injection. At this point I was very angry and tried to get up to leave. This resulted in me being held down by the theater staff while a gas mask was placed over my mouth. I witnessed this scene fleetingly from an elevated position from the corner of the room.
Brief SOBE during anesthetic induction.


686. Rhonda M Experience 12/23/2016 I am looking to the front where the dresser is situated and I keep on looking around and I recognize everything in the room with absolute clarity and definition and that fact struck me odd because I can't see without glasses and my first thought was I went to sleep with my glasses on and try to take them out of my face but I keep on trying to get them off my face and I don't feel them and I start to look around me and I put my hands in front of me and see them and start to turn them from the front to back and I realized that my movements are slower and that I can see without my glasses
SOBE with supernormal vision.


685. Patrick M Experiences 12/16/2016 & 12/25/16 My vantage point seemed to be about 40 feet (12-13 meters) in the air at an angle providing a good view. Two men approached him in the night and attacked him with a heavy duty folding pocket knife. My brother was knocked backwards by the slashing attack and jumped through the fire, sending of burning burning embers flying high through the dark night.
Remarkable SOBE that started as a dream with details of observations of a criminal attack on his brother later verified. Another he found his hidden bow and arrows in the OBE state.


684. Faith RT Experience 12/14/2016 I was lying on my bed, my mind whirling with these ideas, when I suddenly zoomed out of my body and into endless, star-studded space. As the stars slowly turned all around me, I felt myself as infinitely small, a tiny atom of being in all this glorious vastness. I somehow knew that life had gone on for eons before my existence and would continue long after I was gone. I felt a great comfort. Then the feeling of comfort expanded into an enormous sense of love surrounding me. I knew this love wasn't just for me, but for the whole universe.
SOBE at age 12. Shared 60 years later.


683. Sara S Experience 12/14/2016 In the morning as I got out of bed, I saw myself still in bed. I went as normal, down the hall and down the stairs into the living room. I laid on the chair. I could see the room reflected in the blank television screen. I saw myself enter the room as I done and laid on the chair as I had done. Then, I saw myself go into myself.
SOBE at age 7.


682. Ian T Experience 12/4/2016 from the United Kingdom. A young lady stopped and handed me her own Asthma inhaler,which she had been using herself. I took the inhaler and used it. I felt relief and thanked the young lady. I got up from the floor and looked as other people were struggling to breathe. I helped them by letting them use the young lady's inhaler.
SOBE/Dream with content about an asthma attack, and meeting a girl who died in a storm related asthma attack in Australia.


681. Matthew R Experience 11/5/2016 from the United Kingdom. I was sitting in my lounge relaxing after a days work with the TV on when all of a sudden I could see myself sitting in my chair and I was looking down at myself. I remember thinking that my head was very shiny, as I am bald, and I was viewing myself as a mirror image of the way I was sitting.
SOBE while watching TV.


680. Tijo M Experience 10/19/2016 from India. I existed in some other dimension. But there was no tijo. Nothing but not nothingness. Its very hard to communicate. But I can even today feel that. For a time of 10 to 15 seconds I think it continued. I was not aware of the time.
SOBE while sitting in a chair.


679. Betty J Experience 10/14/2016 from the UK. Within minutes I felt my body lifting and then I was rushing through a tunnel and then come to a halt. I saw Jesus right in front of me carrying his cross. The next minute I know I went straight back to my body very forcefully.
SOBE after death of mother.


678. Harry B Experience 10/4/2016 I was skating at the local skating rink. I am off the rink fooling around on the carpeted area. Then, I am seeing myself from the other side of the rink. I start to get closer. The physical me does not know, I'm still just goofing off. Just as I step on the carpeted area again I am instantly back in my body and instantly knew what just occurred.
SOBE at age 10.


677. Emily H Experience 8/22/2016 From the United Kingdom I started to feel as if I was rising through the air, and then could see my bedroom from a new perspective as if I was floating above my bed. I was in the air looking down on myself lying there. As I watched I saw a pink/red orb emerge out of my ear and to a few feet away from my head. After a few seconds the orb slowly moved back into my head, then I was suddenly back in my body again.
SOBE that happened when she started to relax.


676. Janice Experience 8/16/2016 At some point during the night I awoke, or thought I awoke, and felt myself floating above my body. I was aware of having no feet but turned left and floated out of my bedroom door and down into the hall. I was aware of a twinkling of stars around me but my sensation of being solidly in the reality of my apartment was very real. I stopped in the hallway and read off a poster that I had on my hallway that read in part 'Your children are not your children' At that point I turned around and floated back into my bedroom and hovered over my body in my bed.
SOBE that started as a dream.


675. Hartley B Experience 7/20/2016 I was above myself, viewing myself from directly above. I stayed looking towards the ground, but could feel myself being pulled upwards by what felt like my diaphragm. I remained calm and aware somehow. As I continued to be pulled upwards, I saw the entirety of the bakery, then the building, then the greater area including the Naval Base. I saw the coastline and then the country. As I saw earth, I had this realization come over me that I was being pulled towards a black hole.
SOBE while at work.


674. Helen R Experiences 7/13/2016 I became aware of a much brighter light behind my head, in the room. I turned my head and looked. In the doorway between the living room and dining room was a tall column of light, reaching almost all the way to the ceiling. I couldn't see a figure in it, but i knew instinctively that this was Christ. He began moving toward me at the speed of a mortal man walking.
STE meeting with Christ and SOBE while explaining about God to an atheist.


673.  Carla F Experience 7/4/2016  I was sitting on the floor drying my hair when suddenly I became aware that I had left my physical body... the transition had been seamless and I was still combing my hair. However, becoming conscious of the situation I broke out of this trance and looked down at myself.. it was as if time was frozen.. my physical body was motionless, frozen in time and still combing.
SOBE while drying hair at age 17. Shared 49 years later.


672.  Cornelio M Experience 7/4/2016  From Mexico I could feel the sheet texture and the bed cover. There's a type of bed cover made out palm leaf in south America called 'petate'. By that I knew where I was. It happen again and this same this feeling crossed my mind. I was at my mom's house in Mexico! I looked around. I saw a window and the room was dark. I touched the bed cover again and I got convinced. It was that type of bed cover at my mother's house. I told myself that I needed to come back to my body. I felt myself starting to mix with a cloud that was twisting and going to a hole. Then I was in my room at my home.
SOBE with apparent verified OBE observation.


671.  Martina R Experiences 5/26/2016   A feeling arose that I was more than my body, I was larger than it and was filling up the room. It was kind of puzzling because I saw myself as if looking through a telescope the wrong way round - my body (as other things in the room) seemed very very small, and very far away, while I was very very large. There were no thoughts, no emotions in me. I liked the experience very much and was in awe. It was a very peaceful, relaxed, and serene feeling. It was just 'I AM'.
Two SOBEs with one as teenager while dancing.


670.  Carson J Experience 5/20/2016   I felt like I was witnessing my body act out abnormal actions, such as writing a poem about life. I texted my friend, and I was using abnormally large words, some words I still have no clue what they mean. it lasted for about 45 minutes, until I started to have another throbbing head pain. and then I just kind of came back to my body.
SOBE with apparent spontaneous writing of poem.


669.  Chase A Experience 5/9/2016   I slapped the window some more and that's when I saw myself. I was outside of the SUV looking in at my terrified face. I watched for a minute before going inside the house. I saw my mom still putting groceries away, but then she called for me. And when I didn't come, she searched the house for me.
SOBE in car at age 2 in Iceland.


668.  Allan F Experience 5/9/2016  From Australia. I noticed in the darkness some figures in hooded robes, no bodily feature could be seen. As i realised some sort of connection had been felt and i had no feelings of inhibition, I opened up with a free flowing feeling of love. As i was in this moment i noticed more being appearing and participating in whatever was occurring. Whatever took place in those moments is and has been hard to explain.I got to ask one question and that was, who are you. A voice that i will never forget said I Am.
SOBE with mystical experience.


667.  Eduardo F Experience 5/9/2016  From Argentina. Then from that small point of light appeared someone started to approach me ... I felt it was like the face of someone coming towards me ... I felt I came jogging or running but could not see his body. ... It was as if he was worried about me and came quickly to meet me. ... At first I thought I could be Jesus, but as he approached I realized that maybe it was not. ... It was like a saint, made as light, a benevolent being.
SOBE both in Spanish and in English.


666.  Chris M Friend Experience 5/2/2016   During World War 2 a friend of mine was shot down while flying a Hawker Typhoon fighter and crash landed in a field in France. He said that the aircraft was burning, and that he could not get the canopy off. He looked out of the plane and on the wing of the plane he saw himself standing there. I don't recall if his self was speaking to himself or if it was telepathy, but he had the feeling that seeing himself outside the aircraft meant that he should not give up and should get out of the aircraft, and he did. He said it was a really strange experience.
Second-person account of SOBE from World War II.


665.  Evan D Experience 4/14/2016  From Australia When my girl came home I asked her where she had been she said out with her girlfriend. I didn't say anything about the OBE. About 2 weeks later she said to me one day, I have got something to tell you. I said to her are you going to tell me that you had sex with Rob in room 4 at the hotel? She said yes, how did you know? When I told her how I knew she wouldn't believe me then packed her bag and left. I haven't seen her since.
SOBE with remarkable confirmed observation of his girlfriend cheating on him.


664.  Lester R Experience 4/12/2016   At this point my surroundings faded away and I was in a place of only white light. It wasn't blinding or brilliant, more like the background for a modeling photo-shoot. I was in clear control of my thoughts and I wondered to myself what was going on. I felt no gravity (but not that I was flying or floating), no physical sensations except sight and felt like I could lean back and be completely supported. I wasn't scared at all, but was trying to figure out what was going on. Almost instantly I felt 'love'; I was completely enveloped by it. I said to myself this must be the type of love the bible talks about. It was like nothing I'd experienced, thought about or even thought was possible.
SOBE while in grocery store.


663.  Judith P Experience 4/12/2016   One night after having been out for a meal with a friend I went to bed as usual. I was happy and relaxed and not thinking of anything in particular. Suddenly I found myself zooming through space at an incredible speed. I was not aware of my body nor did I look down upon myself in bed. I was aware of the stars, planets and the Universe as a whole, although I was not observing them in detail. It was if I had merged into everything. I had become a part of the whole, of everything that existed. I felt no fear, just the most overwhelming sense of joy and peace. I find it difficult to describe the feeling. I didn't want it to end but just as suddenly I was back in my earthly body with tears running down my face. I found myself repeating 'thank you, thank you' over and over. I have no idea why this happened when it did and I have not experienced it since. Quantum Physics now tells us that everything exists of vibrations and I believe I experienced something like a blending of vibrations, with my mind fully aware of it.
OBE dream with NDE-like content.


662.  Kathy P Experience 3/28/2016   I had a sudden rush which felt as though my inner body, soul had been pulled up, into the room above. I experienced music like I had never heard. There was brightness abound, a private yet calm travel where I was experiencing a different state. I clearly remember I was calm, I also vividly recall the sure knowledge that my father knew what was happening. I traveled through the house, hallway to my parents room.
OBE dream with apparent shared experience.


661.  JB Dad's Experiences 3/16/2016   The first of these occurred when he was a young boy (around 9 years old). He was sitting at the kitchen table in his house when he spontaneously experienced a vantage point near the ceiling, seeing the top of his own head as his body sat at the table. He said that it was over as quickly as it began but had always been something that he was never completely able to rationalize to himself, as he knew that it was not imaginative.
Father had many experiences during his life.


660.  Chretien Experience 3/13/2016 From France.  I am French and a former fighter pilot in the air force. In 1986, when I had just taken off from the base, I suddenly went out of my body, projected on my left, still inside the cockpit. So I saw myself laterally. Frightened by the experience, which lasted only a few short seconds, I immediately returned to my body. I have a fairly vivid memory of that moment despite the thirty years that have passed.
SOBE while flying fighter plane.


659.  VB Experience 3/13/2016  I thought I had just died.  That feeling changed though rather quickly.  I had this warmth that came over me that can only be described as the bliss that you get from love; love that brings you joy and peace.  It was like just falling in love or having hugged a love one after a long time away from them.  I felt like I knew there was a barrier surrounding me that would ensure that I would feel this way for the rest of eternity.  I didn't want this feeling to stop.
SOBE from sleep deprivation.


658.  Julie L Experience 3/5/2016  It felt a little like death and I didn't want it to happen now. My brain was trying to understand how I could function without my body. It felt like my soul was above my body. The more I explored that feeling, the more I rose over my body. But it was difficult because there was also a strong force that was fighting to bring back my soul into my body. After a moment, it felt like a long time but I guess it went fast. Time was not important in this experience. I stopped to fight and my soul went back in my body.   
OBE that started as a dream with component of sleep paralysis at age 16.


657.  Oliver J Experience 2/29/2016  Seated around the table were about a dozen white-robed men.  One was standing with a chair pulled out, which I guessed was for me.  Being an agnostic my first thought was 'Damn I'm having a religious experience'.  I was determined to speak to these people but got scared.  What if my roommate tried to wake me?  He'd think I was dead.  What if they moved me and I couldn't find my body to get back in?  Then it came to me that I didn't have to walk from place to place, but could sort of think myself there.  
SOBE with prolonged journey outside of body. Shared 54 years after experience.


656.  Maarit H Experience 2/16/2016 From Finland. Everything went black in my eyes for 000.2 seconds and next thing I saw was my body on the blue mattress, in the position I had 'left' it there. My vision was spinning with a very fast pace as I was spinning down to my body. I could see the doors of my cupboard, even when my physical eyes where shut, when I felt how I was being gently places back to my body. It took some time actually, maybe 15 seconds, as the angel - who I couldn't see anymore - made extra care that my soul would be attached back well. Like fitting something JUST FITTING into this mold. When I felt that I was completely in, there was a short silence, until I heard the angel spoke to me lovingly, still smiling 'You can start to wake yourself up slowly now'.
Interesting SOBE that started as a dream.


655.  Danial Y Experience 1/31/2016 From Iran. I saw myself in my room, I was out of my body, and was slowly going up. On the right side of my bed is my PC, I saw my little brother working with the PC. Although we couldn't see each other, I was aware that my mother was in the living room and I think I saw here from rood view briefly. I noticed she said something, probably to me little brother (actually, I was not hearing anything). As I was going up, my little brother looked at me and 'said' that, 'hey, you're going up!' while laughing/smiling. I noticed my body below, and it was impressing to me that I was completely indifferent toward it, I was feeling that it no longer belongs to me, and I was no longer concerned about my body and the earthly world. I was very peaceful. Then I noticed a white light above near the roof, it was not irritating my sight, and I knew it is God and I'm going to go upper and embraced by the light, i.e. the God.
Muslim SOBE that started as a dream.


654.  Max A Experience 1/18/2016  From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. This time I told myself that this could have been me, if I had been there. The following night I was dreaming about death. I'm talking about it because this dream held sense and a large emotional load. It is completely involved in what came up afterwards. I saw my friends being enveloped by an invisible embrace and dropping dead, without any pain. I didn't feel sad for them, but I found that it was unfair, they even couldn't defend themselves.
SOBE shortly after Paris terrorist attacks.


653.  Michelle L Experience 1/17/2016  I was immediately transported outside. Then I was taken to Devil's Tower in Wyoming. It was night now and the stars were shining brightly. There was a house behind me and I went in. I was looking for something and I found 3 doors. Each door I entered was a different time period. The last door I went into had 3 desks in it. All the desks were very old and the room was stone. I backed out of the room. As I backed out, I backed into another room. When I turned, the people in the room were surprised to see me. So shocked, the one man asked if I was real and reached out to touch my hand to see. I made a point to look around the room and take in all the detail. The room was 18th century Americana dining room/kitchen with a huge cooking fireplace, dining room table, chairs and other utensils and such.
OBE that started as a dream and she came back with dog hair!


652.  Claudette S Experience 12/15/2015  My body felt very relaxed and I began to feel as if I was floating. I found myself in space. I remember thinking that this was impossible. I felt very alone and what I remember most was how vast space felt. It felt empty as if no other life was around. Mostly it just felt incomprehensibly huge. I found myself looking through a window of a spacecraft, perhaps a shuttle. I don't know what they call it. Inside were several astronauts. I focused on one man in particular. He was smiling and then he stopped. I sensed he was ill. The next second I found myself back in my body.
Teenage SOBE that was possibly verifiable.


651.  Paul M Experience 12/15/2015  I had a dream where I was flying over central park, guessing 1840-1890, as per the clothes. I flew above a park, a stone building, with a cobble stone walk way to the top, gas lamps along the walk way. Small lake with people strolling and picnicking. All the men are wearing full suits, top hats, polished shoes. All the women wearing fancy light dresses (the ones which bow out), mainly white, most have parasols, many have fancy wooden baby carriages.
Started as a dream with interesting OBE observation apparently verified.


650.  Luc D Experience 12/11/2015  From Canada. Original in French, translated to English by Cassandra. I was in the moon, and I I went into a dark tunnel, like I was in a rock, a little larger than my shoulders, I didn’t feel gravity anymore, and my reaction was to look around me, and I was stunned to realize I could see 360 degrees around myself and in that moment I was back in my body because I was afraid, because as soon as I realized that I could see all the way around myself, my out of body experience was over. I thought I had gone crazy, I didn’t believe in the beyond, and suddenly I couldn’t form a sentence, subject, verb, and complement, I felt the presence of a tunnel above my head.
SOBE that had several NDE-like elements.


649.  Adam H Experience 12/8/2015  I was beginning to get dizzy and started to hear my deceased mother's voice saying, "Hi, Honey!" This voice seemed to be coming from my 10 o'clock position. Just after that I felt pulled out toward that direction. I popped thru what seemed to be a small portal and I immediately saw my deceased mother, deceased 2nd wife, and deceased best friend. The vision was SO real. My vision was very much clearer there than anything I could see here on earth.
SOBE associated with dizziness during yard work.


648.  Carlos G Experience 12/3/2015  So I look behind me and I see myself just standing there, some what straight, a little slouched, arms at my side and I have the thought 'that's me' and just as last time big breath and all I am back in the body that was just standing behind me. Now this time it was longer, I was moving, and a lot of feelings were involved. Besides the tint I didn't see much else different but I felt a lot. I felt transparent but yet fully clothed, it felt like I was still wearing what I had on. I didn't get a good look because everything happened fast but I felt like my astroprojected right foot was still attached to my physical right foot, so I didn't fully leave my body.
Two SOBEs. One at age 15 was likely a dream. Second was a SOBE.


647.  Lisa K Experience 10/31/2015  From Australia I woke up and there was a bright light in the corner of my ceiling. I sat up and started floating towards the light. A woman appeared wearing a veil. I knew the woman's name was Mary, somehow even though she didn't mention it. She was kind and gentle but told me "No Lisa, you can't come here, go back to bed now" she repeated this a few times. I looked back at my bed and saw myself sleeping.
OBE that started as a dream with likely encounter with deceased relative at age 9.


646.  Rebecca Experience 9/20/2015  From New Zealand I was in a tunnel of light, and I felt like I was being made to come back to consciousness, this world, and I was not happy about it. I came back too, to extreme pain and months of this to follow. I was in a tunnel with bright light. I was safe and comfortable there not in my body.
SOBE associated with painful treatment of burn injury at age 8.


645.  Desmond Q Experience 9/18/2015  From the U.K. During Meeting for Worship the leader, George, shared his belief that Quakers alone held a vital place in the battle against moral degeneration, arising form the dynamic tension between Corporate and Personal responsibility. I recognized this as the trigger which brought me into Social Activism, and saw it as akin to the hairspring movement of a clockwork watch. I suddenly became aware that I was looking down on the assembly from above, and my attention was drawn to one person in the assembly as being of special significance. I looked down and discovered to my amazement that it was my physical self.
SOBE at Quaker conference.


644.  Carl J Experience 9/15/2015  My whole vision then slowly turned from the dark room, to fizzy glowing white gold, and I felt like I was being lifted up or teleported somewhere special, which felt incredibly exciting at the time. This place was in the clouds somewhere not like Earth, with a city or place in the clouds in the distance to the right of my centre of vision. My first thought was that the city looked like Disney world, the main Cinderella castle but much bigger, more towers and just magical. It looked amazing and just gorgeous with the clouds all around and pinkish bluish sky.
SOBE during illness.


643.  Cristine H Experience 9/14/2015  I took notice of the flowers, of how they were alive and they were immersed in a love that was pure. To this day i can cry thinking of it. The garden’s colors were also alive with hues that made every other colors at ‘home’ dull. The flowers moved as if a gentle wind always was present. It was sunny but the sun never hurt my eyes. The temperature was perfect and I felt a sense of wellbeing as I never have. The sun lit up the petals and wings, making them transparent and I would fly in to enjoy the intricate designs (like I did inside the kaleidoscope).
Among the most remarkable SOBEs ever shared with OBERF. Sudden visit to a beautiful realm with remarkable descriptions of her experience there.


642.  Tilda H Experience 9/9/2015  I got out of bed and looked down at my body still laying there. I walked to the door to find the noise realized it must be coming from my dresser and my dream. I wanted to wake up. I walked back to the bed and knelled down beside myself. I was looking at my body still lying there mostly covered up except part of my arm and some hair. I was in fetal position and not moving. It didn’t scare me I just reached over and wanted to hold myself. I was still fighing to wake up when I crawled back under the blanket and back into my body. I was screaming 'Wake up, Wake up!’ over and over. I could feel how dry my mouth was and it was making it hard to scream or even talk. I thought to myself after I was almost back in my body go to him, go find Jeremey. He is in the kitchen at work unloading boxes. I knew right where he was and what he was doing all I needed to do was fly to him. I kept thinking to myself 'go to him' but I couldn't. I laid under the blanket and looked up. 
SOBE that started as a dream.


641.  Sharon W Experience 8/29/2015  From the UK. I saw a girl sitting at a window and I knew instinctively that she was an earthbound spirit. Despite my nervousness I knew I had to speak with her. I approached her and she said that her name was Honor...she was very sad. I asked her if she wanted to move on ..away from the dark room. She said ,yes. I asked her if she had anyone on the other side who could help her. She said that her grandmother had passed on and that her name was Edith. Suddenly the right side of my head went numb and I heard a woman's voice saying hello.  
SOBE including interesting encounter with apparently deceased child.


640.  Rayhaneh F Experience 8/29/2015  From Iran. Original in Persian, translated to English by Amir.One of my strongest thought was love for this (physical) world. Strangely, I felt very attached to this life and was not willing to die. On one hand I was telling to myself that everybody has to die some day and now this is my turn. But on the other hand I was thinking about my family, specially my mother for whom my death would be very painful. But whichever way, I just wanted this struggle between my body and my soul to end one way or the other, as it was very torturous. I was in these thought when suddenly my soul exited from my heart area in a 45 degree angle and I entered into a sun-like light. 
SOBE in a state between waking and the dream state that is posted in both, Persian and in English.


639.  Hiram N Experience 8/23/2015  From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. From nowhere, a young girl with plaited hair and a long nightdress (Victorian looking) appeared and was smelling of the lily of the valley. I could tell she was friendly. She held out her hand, which l took. l was approximately 8 to 10 feet off the ground and looking down. l could see myself motionless. I saw only the relatives l had known, but I could feel the presence of all my relatives who were almost blurred images. A trusted friend said, 'It's alright, don't be afraid.' The relatives then surrounded me as though protecting me.  
SOBE during a dream that is posted in both, French and in English.


638.  Brian G Experience 8/20/2015  From the UK. From nowhere, a young girl with plaited hair and a long nightdress (Victorian looking) appeared and was smelling of the lily of the valley. I could tell she was friendly. She held out her hand, which l took. l was approximately 8 to 10 feet off the ground and looking down. l could see myself motionless. I saw only the relatives l had known, but I could feel the presence of all my relatives who were almost blurred images. A trusted friend said, 'It's alright, don't be afraid.' The relatives then surrounded me as though protecting me.  
Remarkable SOBE that mimics a NDE, but no life-threatening event.


637.  Lucinda B Experience 7/25/2015  At some point closer to the delivery I realized I was on the ceiling of the hospital room watching everyone. I could see my husband, the midwife, the nurses coming in and out. I could see myself lying in the bed, all the monitors etc. Time stood still and all of a sudden I was back in my body and I had the INCREDIBLE urge to push.  
SOBE at time of very painful childbirth.


636.  Joanne R Experience 7/11/2015  I was aware of becoming deeply relaxed, like I was butter melting in the sun, when suddenly I felt my "self" separate from my body in the chair and rise up into the space above the chair. "I" floated up to about six feet above my head and was looking down at myself! But it wasn't a part of me, it was "Me." So hard to explain...when I realised what had happened, I thought to myself, oh my god, I'm dying, and became afraid.  
SOBE while listening to music.


635.  Dolly J Experience 5/12/2015  A being of light, who was human shaped but made of light, reached out to me with both hands. I held the hands and floated up through the ceiling. I went and up, up, and up. I was looking down on my house from a great height. I could see my husband and my children playing. I had this amazing knowledge and understanding of everything and the reason for life. I knew that the wonderful, amazing love that follows after what we call death, Is really being born. We are but a small seed on earth, that expands into the most magnificent awakening. Nothing of life's experiences can come close to its magnificence.  
NDE-Like SOBE with a light being.


634.  Dixie J Experience 5/9/2015  As we entered the hall we walked toward a man sitting on the arm of a chair. I realized it was my deceased husband. I walked up to him and said something to the effect of, "My God, Harry I thought you were dead. I must be dreaming." He said, "Look I am fine, touch me." I touched him and noticed that he was young and healthy looking. I saw no gray, just dark brown hair and healthy skin. " I said to him, I must have dreamt you died." He repeated, "I am fine." He didn't say so but the implication was clear that I was forgiven for past transgressions.  
Remarkable SOBE with ADC about one year after her husband’s death. Not a dream- she was standing throughout the experience.


633.  Bob B Experience 5/9/2015  I found himself rising above the dental chair, looking down on myself. I continued to rise until I was about 10-20 feet above myself and the dentist and dental assistant, looking down on the whole scene. At that point, I was thinking to myself, “This is kind of neat.” Then I thought, “But, isn’t this what happens to people when they die?”  
SOBE associated with nitrous oxide anesthesia for dental procedure.


632.  Michael J Experience 5/9/2015  My recollection of the accident and the activities surrounding the event remain vivid and they have throughout the years. During the moments when I reflect upon it, I can remember the impact of the car and my body flying through the air.  
SOBE during surgery after being hit by a car at age 12.


631.  Gretchen D Experience  4/20/15 When standing in the check out line, I felt an "expanded awareness", that my spirit was outside my body and I saw before me a table with several people seated at it.  A man spoke-"we have been waiting for you".  I heard this audibly and saw the scene as visually as I saw the interior of the store.  I felt  my spirit being pulled toward the people seated at the table.  I had a moment of panic not knowing who they were, as I recognized no one, or why they were waiting for me and waiting for me for what purpose?  I was rational enough to question what would happen to my body if I joined them.  Would the body have died right there in the checkout line?  Actually I was terrified and fought to remain where I was.  It took quite a bit of will not to go, to remain where I was.  Soon the scene began to recede and fade from view- everything returned to what I called normal. 
SOBE from retired nurse at the grocery store.

630.  Mary S Experience  4/18/15
I was floating above and behind myself, I saw through those eyes not the eyes of my body, I remember simply being a presence in the air, not necessarily a body.
Remarkable SOBE at age 15 at time of near accident.  Was able to choose which of three scenarios would occur in the future- and her choice may have saved her life.

629.  Jeanette H Experience  4/13/15
I had an out-of-body experience in which I suddenly found myself floating on the ceiling… Well, in total childlike enthusiasm, I decided to answer my question of whether or not I could see him from the ceiling, so like a frog maneuvering itself in water from it's hind legs, I turned myself in two different directions. I turned myself face down first because that was the only way I'd be able to look down on him, and then I turned my head in the opposite direction and headed back towards the corner and then turned the corner along the opposite wall. Now I was passing over my own bed but didn't think to look down, mainly because it didn't occur to me that there might be a body to look at down there because I felt fully and completely intact.
SOBE following ether anesthesia at age 5.  Shared 56 years later.

628.  Denis Experience  3/16/15
From the France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.    At the moment when I saw it, my whole being, my body, my heart and my mind, were attracted as if by a magnet towards this swirling incandescent ball, that was swooping down on me. While perceiving it, I instantly was standing up (I was sitting on the ground) with one move. I felt so much attracted, that the motion to stand up was very brusque, as if I was lighter, like being snatched upward, towards this ball of fire.
SOBE from going unconscious.

627.  Terry H Experience  3/3/15
From the Netherlands.   

626.  Svetomir Experience  2/15/15
From Serbia.  I was away from earth and could see it like small ball. I was a ball of bright white light and near me was bigger ball like me. Communication is without words. it told me look at earth and your feelings. I was surprised because I had no feeling and was surprised why I am doing on earth...like child play in mud...not worthy to think about that...after some time that big ball came and told me to go in place with similar beings like me..they communicate with each other about things what they Experienced; probably on earth next time after many years, I was some kind of being who travel through space. I remember some worlds with strange trees silver colors divided with something from space..those worlds are singing like tuned electric guitar.


625.  Rommel Experience  2/1/15  I woke up from sleep, then walk out from our house.  I went to usual places.  I roamed around watching kids playing in the market and on roads.  Then I listened to people while they where chatting. I was actually watching basketball, when I felt like going home. I start walking back to our home.  When I arrived, I saw my body was still lying on a sofa were I slept.
OBE dream with apparent evidential observations while OBE.

624.  Tracey J Experiences  12/27/14
The first memory of an out-of-body experience was one where I looked at a spot above the TV in the corner, I saw a flash or light, then in an instant I left my body on the sofa and physically felt myself zip up to that same spot above the TV in the corner. I was watching myself. It lasted for awhile, but no more than 2 minutes. I remember it being quiet & safe, but cannot remember what I saw after the first notice of looking back at myself. When it ended, I couldn't feel the same sensation of actually going back to my body, it seemed to just happen in a moment. 
SOBEs at times of sexual abuse at age 4.

623.  H & W Experience  12/20/14
From the UK  My husband and I both woke up with a jolt at the same time in the night.  We couldn't believe we had the same Experience.  I was traveling down a black tunnel. I wasn't frightened. I knew where I was going to meet family who had passed on.  When I thought of my young child, I decided to come back to my body.
Interesting shared simultaneous OBE dream with husband and wife.


622.  Roger I Experience  12/20/14 I left my body, passed through a wall, knew I was somehow 'complete' even without being in a material form. I felt pulled as if metal to a magnet toward a light, and pure peace of mind, love so incredible, and a feeling that all would soon be revealed? Then I was pulled back and the pulling back was stronger than that pulling me away? I returned to my body in shock, my wife (then) still getting undressed was at the end of our bed. I suggested to her that I imagined that I left my body and went through the wall of our house. I was shocked when she said she knew, and that if she had not willed me to return I would not have done so? She said she was totally exhausted when she saw I had returned.
SOBE at time he was mourning his mother’s death.

621.  Theresa M Experience  12/20/14
From the UK I felt a complete sense of peace and euphoria was over me. I was telling myself this was great, I had no worries or fears. I felt totally happy. Then I took another look at the scene below me, I seemed to have no emotional connection to my body or my husband, which seemed odd to say now. I felt impartial and slightly disconnected to it all. I started to drift away from the scene and I heard a lady ask me if I was ready to leave? I instantly took notice and started to imagine what would happen to my unborn baby and my husband and I replied, that I wasn't ready to leave that I was having a baby. With that, I was straight back in my body.
SOBE at time of delivery- no life-threatening event at time.


620.  Thomas Y Experience  12/1/14  Next thing I know I was  being pulled as if falling from the sky into this little boy on the floor. In a snap things went dark and all of a sudden I felt a like my body jolted hard and then I noticed I had toys in my hands and I'm wearing the kids clothes. I was confused but deep down I think I've always known that I took over the Child's body from that point on. I have never told anyone I know or my family of this for some reason deep down I always felt that if I did something bad would happen. Now as I grow older those thoughts and memory's seem to bother me more and more.
Interesting experience of OBE over body at age 2.  Then fell into body and confused that he was in a body.  Believes he entered a child’s body at that time.

619.  Malcolm J Experience  11/15/14
 I was driving to the office on sunny morning in light traffic conditions when I became aware of 'myself' being about 6-8 feet above and 6-8 feet behind and slightly to the off side of my car whilst driving at 30-35 mph on a quiet urban road.  I very clearly 'watched' for several seconds, and this through the car's steel roof, myself carrying out normal driving functions.
SOBE while driving car.

618.  Bridgeen C Experience  11/1/14
 From Ireland I was drifting off to sleep when I felt my soul leave my body, I could see myself asleep in bed. I asked myself was I asleep so I did a test and jumped off the ground and suddenly I was floating above my house, I could see all around my house so clearly. I then had this thought " what if I can't get back to my body" and as soon as I thought that, my soul went so fast falling back into my body and I woke up. The fast falling scared me a little.
SOBE with “test” during experience.


617.  Jake P Experience  11/1/14  That is when the vibrations got really, really strong, and I noticed that they seemed to be coming from the center of my brain. As soon as I tried to put my hands on my head, I realized that I could not move. The vibrations kept getting more intense and I thought that I was dying. My body floated slowly to a horizontal position somewhere toward the ceiling of the hallway. Things started to ‘fade’ out. Just then I was back on the couch, vibrating out of control.  Everything was familiar, the full-body-hum, and the vibrations etc. Everything was how I remembered this strange paralysis state to be except one thing. As I lay there I realized that I was not afraid.
SOBE with prominent sleep paralysis-type symptoms at age 17.

616.  Fannie G Experience  10/18/14
   From the UK  I had the sensation of floating, of not being connected to my body- then I was a bit frightened as the sensation seemed to last too long. Then I was back in my body, I felt like I was coming round as if I had passed out and was now waking up, but my body never slumped in my chair, I went back into myself and was sat in the same position as I had been when the experience started.  Then it happened all over again within the space of half an hour, the exact same sequence of events.  Afterward each experience I had the same feelings: I felt sick, light-headed, dizzy and scared… Floating above my body, not attached just there, I wasn't ghostly but wasn't a hard form either.
Other experience associated with medical symptoms.


615.  Natasha G Experience  8/3/14    From South Africa.  I was in an environment that was non-ending. There was not point of reference to begin or end. It was not black but more grey. There were 100's of beings with me standing together. They were human form but had no physical human body. I remember feeling very calm safe and comfortable. I had an extreme sense of being in a natural state. I asked to go with them because I simply couldn't keep on living with my family. I desperately wanted to die and be with these beings. They said no, I have a life to live still I cant go with them yet but that I will be ok.
SOBE at age 12.


614.  Susan R Experience  8/3/14   Well he took his hand put it on my shoulder and said in a very clear voice "Susan you may stay for awhile but that is all, this is not your time and I still need you on earth there is many things you must do for me”. I said to GOD I want to stay this is where and need to be and want to be, I promise you won't even know I am around there are many things I need from you and there are many things right now I wish to show you and he did as a guide would show a tourist, and as he showed me all these things his hand was always on my shoulder and he spoke very close to me as though to comfort me.  When the time had come to release me to earth, I begged once more to stay and all he could say was I will with you soon and you will be here.
SOBE which included an encounter with God.

613.  Mac R Experience  7/5/14   At one point I got so relaxed that I came up and behind myself (out of body experience). Even though I was "flying" on the track with my bike, I was still in the "zone" with everything quiet and in slow-motion. I thought it was pretty cool to be watching myself racing on my bike/motorcycle. I was watching myself do all the required elements to be racing my bike but I was not at all physically involved with those operations while I watched from above, slightly behind. By far the coolest thing I have ever seen involving myself other than re-directing energy, people and animals and believing in myself. This did not last long as I am a very responsible person and racing a motorcycle at high speeds is extremely dangerous. I had to cut this great experience short as I told myself that I needed to be 100% on the bike.  Who knows what would have happened but considering the circumstances it was the best/correct thing to do. I could not be disappointed in myself for safely crossing the finish line in first place and then driving my buddy with trophy in hand to show his father.
SOBE while racing a motorcycle.


612.  Can A Experience  7/5/14  From Turkey.  I was sleeping middle of the night I woke up but my body was sleeping some thing from my body left my body and slowly raise up to clouds I saw the light over the clouds  and go towards the light it was more shinier than sun light but did not do any harm, the more I see and go the feeling covered  insight me was indescribable and can be called happiness, peaceful, but described up until now I never have a similar feeling.
OBE dream from Turkey.  Contributor is Muslim.  Non-Western Experience.


611.  Peggy V Experience  6/30/14  This time I also floated through the sheetrock into the next room, the dining room, and was looking down at myself. I awoke trying to get back into the body. I was in between worlds. My head was bouncing up and down on the counter bar that divided the kitchen from the dining room. I watched it and remember the feeling of not being able to control my own head on my body.
Several Experiences.

610.  Tony W Experience  6/30/14
   I was asleep in bed when I seemed to be transported to a derelict high set house that had rotten floors and walls, I remember saying to myself surely I have not exchanged my home for this place I looked around and even though it was dark I could see that the whole place was rotten. The next thing it seemed like a whooshing sound and I was back in bed and looked at the ceiling and the relief was tremendous, now the strange thing about this experience was when I told my eldest brother he said that he also had been to this house but on three occasions, he described what I had seen in detail, I just hope that this is not what we can expect when we pass on.
SOBE that started as a dream.


609.  Michéle Experience  6/30/14  From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.   I was on the way to Lyon, I was driving on the A7 highway and all at once, I didn't feel my body anymore, and I felt myself leaving to the right, outside of my car in a very bright tunnel. All this happened very fast, it was pleasant. I was aware about what happened and stopped on the emergency lane. I was lucky to come back to reality fast. I went to the next highway station where I took some rest.
A couple of unusual experiences.