? Other Consciousness Experiences

Other Consciousness Experiences

Other Consciousness Experiences, like bilocation, entity encounters, orbs, and etc.
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165. Stephanie B Experience 11/8/2017 There were papers and items that were not packed with me in my car for the trip and that I hadn't even seen before that ended up in the accident wreckage that may prove multiple timelines exist and that I did not exist in the same timeline as the me that packed those papers.
Severe auto accident with interesting experience shortly after.


164. Richard J Experience 10/14/2017 It was like I was suspended in space and things were hitting me from all directions, but without inflicting any pain. While still in my 'suspended state of consciousness', and after I realized what was happening and the seriousness of my situation, I immediately thought: 'I'm about to find out what it's like to be dead'. I was pretty sure that I was in the process of dying, and about to experience being dead. At the point when I had that thought, I had no fear of dying or being dead and my mind was in a very peaceful state.
Severe auto accident with associated peaceful state.


163. Roya H Others Experience 9/9/2017 From Iran. Translated to English by Amir. But interestingly as years passed and I grew, I started having transcendental spiritual experiences. For example, I could see things and events close by that others could not see, or I could sense good or bad events happing far away. It was going like this until a few years ago during one of these transcendental experiences I saw that I am being taken into Kabeh in Mecca [center of worship for Muslims in Saudi Arabia, where Muslims always face to for their daily prayers]. After a while, I saw inside the Kabeh in a TV program and it was exactly like I had seen it in my experience.
Many experiences that happened to her. In English and Persian.


162. Ken G Experience 8/15/2017 Now I had never heard of a walk-in, or even have ever heard of the concept until listening to your interview. But this is what I said: "You felt guilty about not stopping the murder when you could have, and when you died on the operating table, you made a swap. Your mission in this life was over, so there was no point in you returning, and you could make amends to the person who died by swapping with them on the operating table, so they could continue to do what they were here to do. So that's what you did." He was astonished, and it's like everything clicked for him. "What kind of music did that person like? Is it what you like now?" We started to go through the similarities between the other person and him, and there it was - the evidence that could explain why he felt so different, and so confused, after resuscitation.
Could this be a walk-in experience?


161.  Bradley G Experiences 7/24/2017. While under the water I found myself surrounded by a bright light. The source of the lights was behind me. While under water I was given knowledge (I did not hear anything or anyone speak) that an Angel was behind me and that she was young, dressed in a long white gown, and had long dark hair.
Angel encounter that may have saved him from drowning at age 12.


160.  Kathleen P Experiences 7/9/2017. I distinctly remember thinking to myself 'it feels like someone has taken over my body. I was no longer in control of my own thoughts or actions'. I remember it scary as hell because things like that are not supposed to be able to happen. I didn't know what to do. I knew I couldn't tell anyone. Number one I knew I would have made a laughing stock out of myself if I told any body about it and they might even have locked up in a mental hospital.
Brain aneurysm burst. Following this, apparent ‘walk-in’ experience.


159.  Tonya G Experiences 6/26/2017. As I lay there taking my last short gasps of air I was looking toward my dining room and say this what I can only describe as a back mist it was a large mass and it was coming towards me fast clinging to the ceiling and walls I was in SHOCK and my first thought was 'NO! my KIDS OMG they are to young they still need me I cannot die!'
As she was approaching unconsciousness from asthma she saw a mist coming toward her along the ceiling and walls. Rare observation during a life-threatening event.


158.  Henry M Experiences 5/27/2017. My partner quickly and immediately got onto the M-60 machine mounted on our jeep and I told him to keep me covered as I got out of the jeep with my M-16 at the ready and started walking down the alley to check out the noise. I was about 50-75 feet into the alley when I heard a voice say, 'Get Out'. The voice was male, clear, in English and I thought someone was standing next to me as it had come from my right side. I turned to see who that may be and no one was there. I then took two steps forward and again the voice said 'Get Out'. This time the voice was loud and harsh with authority stopping me from moving forward.
Two experiences of inexplicable events while fighting in Vietnam.


157.  Laurie O Experience 4/10/2017 From Canada. I was looking at the plate, from where I lay on the bed, when sound became distorted and I heard ringing coming from inside my head. And I saw a bright, white light begin to emanate from the plate - it was incredibly bright, but didn't hurt my eyes to look at it. I next became aware of a rushing sound, like a great wind and when that diminished I saw there was a being in the room with me; it was as if it had stepped out of the plate. It was tall and human shaped but had no distinguishing characteristics - I didn't get a sense of gender, just of being. It was surrounded by the white glowing light but was also made up of the light. I remember thinking, if it's an angel, why doesn't it have wings?
Fever episode at age 14. Fevers are difficult to classify because it is hard to tell where the consciousness was at the time of the experience. If the consciousness was still in the body, it could be a febril hallucination. Yet if the consciousness was closer to spirit, the experience could have been real. Ultimately this is a subjective experience, so it is up to the experiencer to determine the reality of the experience and how it affects her life.


156.  Jacob D Experience 8/22/2016 From Wales. After a minute of being in that black void where I felt nothing I saw a red spec appear just as the blackness had but this was different, it was pulsating slightly, the diameter of this spec, as it grew showed a clear 2 steps out 1 step in pattern til it encompassed most of my sight. i could see this red cloud or blob of energy but never entered it. I saw an image in the centre suddenly appear.
Drug (Ketamine) experience. The difference between this experience and typical NDEs should be obvious to readers familiar with NDEs posted on NDERF.

155.  Barbara R Experience 4/30/2016  From Poland Every person gave me some information. I understand now the structure of the higher dimensions in everyone of us. First and lowest is a dark basement with imprints of all our traumas and fears, then the earthly landscapes, with fairy land, forests, villages and cities. And their inhabitants: dwarfs, unicorns and some unknown beings on Earth. There are tunnels and passages, sometimes rainbow serves as a energetic portal to the higher plane. The stripe of blue sky is the last earthly vibration before cosmic planes. In Cosmos within us we can meet and talk to our light beings, souls of people who are now on Earth or are already dead. We can have 'normal' conversation with them, ask questions, see them, touch them, hug them.
Experience of spontaneously guiding another person through a spiritual journey.


154.  JB Dad's Experiences 3/16/2016   The first of these occurred when he was a young boy (around 9 years old). He was sitting at the kitchen table in his house when he spontaneously experienced a vantage point near the ceiling, seeing the top of his own head as his body sat at the table. He said that it was over as quickly as it began but had always been something that he was never completely able to rationalize to himself, as he knew that it was not imaginative.
Father had many experiences during his life.


153. Puthen P Experience  2/16/2016. From India. Going through a bone marrow transplant is a near death experience because the bone marrow is suppressed with high dose chemotherapy and I am susceptible for any infection leading to death. Though I had all the antibiotics etc given I developed a strong will to LIVE and used to see my wife and daughters photos which made me keep saying that I have a purpose to LIVE… a white light engulfed in my room in the ward that I was admitted it came twice… felt that light was from God who engulfed and protected me.
Experience of white light during bone marrow transplant for chronic myelogenous leukemia.


152. Dani C Experience  2/16/2016. I liked to look at my figures on the shelf. I looked at them through the mirror, and I saw them fidgeting around and chattering to each other. When I looked at them directly, they shushed themselves. Then I looked to my beanie babies, and they too were fidgeting, but they seemed to be in pain. They were asking me to please unclip them from the hanging chain. It was very wondrous, but I felt bad for my toys, making the experience slightly unsettling.
Age 5 mirror experience where toys came alive.


151. Evelyn M Experience  1/30/2016. My mother was walking ahead of us and as we were walking by a long high wall it sort of gave way to reveal a cemetery. I stopped to watch as about six or seven beautiful  angels in white with huge wings were almost gliding to particular graves and placing a single white lily flower on the grave from lilies they were holding. It was done slowly and deliberately with great care and compassion. I was mesmerized and the angels seemed to know I was there. I wasn't scared and excitedly called to my sister to look at the angels but she said she couldn't see anything and didn't know what I was talking about and to hurry up or we would be in trouble. A second or so later the wall reappeared and I caught up.
Angel encounter at age 4. Shared 59 years later.


150. Linda S Experience  12/22/2015. I was awoken by a blow to the back of the head and a male voice said to me very loudly 'Ive got you!' I have also been awoken at night by someone gently blowing on my hand to awaken me. It also awoke me one night by asking from across the room 'Will you marry me?' To which I shouted my reply of 'No!'. This frightful entity bothered me at night for several months. The experiences with this particular entity stopped after a few months. Praying, saying the lord prayer. etc did NOT make it stop bothering me. For three years now I have had people contact me while I am falling asleep. I had one experience with a voice saying to me 'I am an 85 year old man and don't know where to go.' I also had one with a frightened young women pleading for help one night. I felt she was a crime victim. I have voices bothering me every night. Mostly they are unintelligible conversations that I am hearing. They vary from an adult male, adult women and a female child. This has been extremely aggravating.
Multiple entity encounters.


149. Michael A Experience  12/20/2015. There were 3 men on each side of the bed and 3 men at the foot of the bed. Today, I often wonder was there 3 other men behind me that I didn’t see. Now, the closest I can tell you about the center man on the left side of the bed is that he wore what I can only describe as a Japanese courtesan mask with a veil and a beautiful horn decoration was on top of the mask bent back over his head. When I focused my attention on the man on my left at the foot of the bed it seemed we instantly moved together into a field of sorts like I’ve never seen. I could smell water.
Atypical experience most likely ICU experience vs entity encounter.


148. Mel TJ Experience  10/20/2015. In the body and life of another 'me', I saw myself in a small galley kitchen. There was an aluminum table with two chairs sat against a wall and a 'lazy Susan' on the tabletop also sat against the wall. I knew, somehow, that I was waiting for my sister to come home and was preparing tea because I knew she would be tired from work. The tea I was making was in a small, red tin. It had obviously been used a lot because it had started to rust in the hinges. It reminded me of vintage band aid containers, only a bit bigger. There was a design in the center, although I'm not certain what it was, maybe a rooster or chickens. It felt like I was going about my everyday life, nothing spectacular or extraordinary. There was a screen door opened and I walked out, waiting for my sister to get off of the bus at a stop not far from our front door. The home we lived in was small and seemed to be the right side of a white duplex. There was a road running in front and I go the feeling I lived in a small town.
She slipped into another lifetime and different body.


147. Peter C Experience  10/11/2015. Instantly, I expanded in every dimensional direction: I took up infinite space, infinite time, infinite probability, and so forth. I was going through each dimension, as if I was showing myself the truth about what I really was. I knew that I, GOD, would return to Peter, for his life was unfinished, but he would gain this incomprehensible knowledge nevertheless. I, God, would show this lost little ego what it really was. It was everything, it was infinite. While I could go on for days, years, centuries, all the way to infinities, about the nature of infinity, dimensions (being Space, Time, Probability, etc- the things that primarily make up that which is.) I won't do that just yet. So eventually, I was inevitably reaching the point of infinity. I knew what was going to happen, but I wasn't aware of it. That is because at the point of ABSOLUTE INFINITY, nothing happened.
Although this is a drug experience, the detailed nde-like description and changes in his life after the experience seems to be more than brain chemistry.


146. Francesca SS Experience  9/26/2015 From Italy. Original in Italian. The strange thing is that upon waking I could recognize nothing of my body, starting with me being a man at that time. I didn't know what my language was, didn't know the name of the objects around me, what I was doing there, I would not call it amnesia, I'd rather call it a complete lack of knowledge. Even stranger, persons around me told I had the voice of a woman, though I was visibly a male and my relatives wondered whether I had some throat surgery or I had a related trauma, which never happened.
This is an Amnesia experience from a medical doctor that sounds like an evidential walk-in. It is posted in both English and Italian.


145. NC Experience  9/21/2015 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. A fellow worker was crushing a fly and I saw the soul of the fly going. In front of me I saw a kind of cone opening, bright at the outside and completely black inside. It was a perfect and circular form. Immediately after the cone stopped growing it aspired the soul.
This is an 'Other' type of experience that is posted in both English and French.


144. Farrah J Experiences  5/12/2015 But see there were more lives out there. These lives were all being lived out simultaneously, side by side. Energy- life- went on forever, in every direction. I’m not sure what order this happened in, but I felt like I was being given all the knowledge in the universe…I suddenly was filled with this immense knowledge of math and science and all of these questions I had ever wondered about were answered instantaneously. It seemed so simple. I could hear myself saying, “Ohhhhh” because everything suddenly made sense. I felt so powerful, so knowledgeable and so filled with happiness. And I wanted to share my knowledge with everyone. It was all so perfect and beautiful.
The best way to sum this up is a life journey. Scientifically, there could be a lot of these experiences that could be dissociation or some that could be related to drugs. However, there are other experiences like the spontaneous life review and frequent OBEs, that say otherwise. . .


143. Kelly G Experience  4/8/2015 From Australia  We stopped at a red light.  We were all relaxed and glad to be going home when the driver yelled , " Oh No! "  I looked at her face in the rear view mirror.  Her eyes were wide open. I was about to turn around to see what she was looking at  through the rear view mirror.  I heard a voice very calmly say , " Don't look , just lean your forehead against the back of the seat in front of you." And Then I was directed to tug on the seat belt to make sure it was secure. I Wanted to see why the driver screamed, but the voice repeated don't turn your head.  Then I heard the loud crash, and I felt like I was on some kind of carnival ride. And I remember laughing and telling the voice, " I usually don't like carnival rides, but this is not so bad."  But not out loud, I was communicating with out speech.  I Was spinning it seemed for a long time and I felt extremely happy and excited . There was no pain and no fear.  I still can relive that feeling of sharing that experience with my guardian angel.
Other experience that likely saved her from substantial injury at time the car she was in was struck from the rear.


142. John B Experience  4/7/2015 From New Zealand  At a pre school age I awoke in my bedroom and looked up. In the corner of my room high up I could see what I can only try to describe. There was no animation to suit in the early fifties and no screens however in today's animations it may be described as an uneven ball of 'energy'. I know energy is not descriptive in itself so I will say, imagine a loosely wound ball of wool, not even but slightly elongated about a couple of feet in diameter. Now imagine that big ball of wool being made of semi transparent fibers and those fibers relative in size to the 2 ft ball as are the strands of a normal sized ball of thick wool. Now give gaps all through the ball as if there are lots of stands which are not actually connected but moving around at a relatively fast pace with gaps between them however all moving as if in a swarm, an unordered but non colliding swarm. It was not bright at all but I could see the top corner of the room behind it so it was semi transparent. I interpreted it as a 'presence' and felt fear so concentrated on pushing it away.
Several interesting experiences, one like a foo fighter?


141. Marilynn Experience  3/1/2015  I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a man standing above my husband and I. I closed my eyes just wanting him to go away and he stayed for what seemed like several minutes. When my husband and I woke up I told him that I know he doesn’t like to hear my ghost stories but told him what happened anyway. I smoked back then and my husband was taking me to the store to get some cigarettes and we saw the ambulance about a quarter block down. We went down there and my neighbors told us that the 18 year old boy had hung himself that night. There is no way I could have known that.
Multiple life-threatening events and premonitions


140. Douglas H Experience  6/30/2014  My own experience in that tunnel demonstrated clearly to me that there is an existence beyond our earthly and intellectual dimensions that I must keep and open-mind to accept. I went through something really strange and foreign to me at a very early stage in my life, that I couldn't explain, but it was enough to give me an understanding that death is not what it seems, and something enriching is in that tunnel to somewhere interesting and intriguing.
Several experiences, including experience with ether at age 5, that helped lead this scientist to conclude that “there is an existence beyond our earthly and intellectual dimensions.”


139. Cassie S Experience  6/21/2014 Joyce was four years older than me (about 13 at the time), and we shared a room. That night I quietly said, "Joyce, I'm a witch." I thought she would laugh. Instead she asked me what I meant. I explained to her what had been happening, and she unexpectedly burst into tears. She told me how on the bus a group of boys would tease her, knock her books out of her hands, kick her, etc. and asked if I could help her. I had no idea this was taking place and was infuriated. I asked Joyce what she wanted me to do. Joyce asked me to break the "gang"" leader's leg so that he couldn't ride the bus for awhile. I stayed up all night concentrating on it. That very next day while he was skateboarding down our street, he fell and broke his leg (the exact scenario I saw in my mind).
Episodes of telekinesis during childhood after a possible NDE or fear-death experience at age 6.


138. Scott T Experience  6/21/2014  A high orbital position above the Earth which appeared with the left side of the planet lit by the Sun, and the right in the darkness of night. The Sun was clearly visible as a natural star. This became my Home Point and still is today. Quite an awesome experience in itself. It has taken many viewings to learn about this point and the themes used during the communication in the viewing. How all of this is happening is still not completely understood, but it does... From this point the question of where to go next may arise. Quite simply, while one is floating surrounded in the darkness and volume of space, the NDE reports of 'seeking the light' or 'I followed the light' seemed as appropriate a thing to try as any. So from space there is one very big light to draw your attention, the Sun.  Now technically the Sun is physically, a gravitational ball of rawing nuclear fusion of no apparent intelligence, or it should be at least. The Sun is not just this though, it is such a thing in its physical appearance but it has a non-physical aspect as well.
Remarkable observations from remote viewing.


137. Sandy W Experience  5/17/2014 I had recently cut the side of my right hand open, during washing a glass. Surgery was needed to fix the nerve in my hand. I remember coming out of the anesthesia and saying, "Why is my arms in the air. The doctor stated, they were not. I reply, "yes they are they feel straight up in the air. I feel so cold. The doctor explained my arm that was having surgery done was out to the right laying on a table, it felt cold because blood flow was stopped for the surgery. I remember very vividly feeling like I was reaching up out of my body, half in my body half out. I wasn't afraid at all. But when I woke I didn't understand the feeling and knowing I was awake… It was so vivid, it didn't matter what the doctor was saying to me, even though I saw my arm was on the table to the right. It felt like I was reaching up out of my body, more real than what he was saying.
Unusual belief that arms were in the air after surgery.
(angular gyros experience)


136. Babs Experience  3/23/2014  I was participating in a function for a Masonic associated group known as Rainbow for Girls.  More accurately, I was invited to a pool party and preparing for the Grand Assembly, a big Rainbow Girls meeting, where every group in the state gathers.  I can't swim, but we were playing a game where we would slide down a slide and land in a raft below it.  I had slipped off and ended up in the deep end of the pool.  It was ethereal, very dreamlike, once I realized what was happening.  I don't remember if water ever got in my lungs, it was just funny.  I was very afraid and scared, and then I opened my eyes: I could see and breathe underwater, and that shouldn't happen.  I remember both pleasant surprise from this, but also deep concern that I might not make it out of the pool.  So I started walking, almost with no thought of what I was doing, to the shallow end.  Eventually, I heard a voice telling me to go for a hand, then one of the other girls pulled me out and rescued me.  I don't remember ever grabbing her hand, though.
Other experience of altered consciousness at age 12 associated with threat of drowning.