NDE-Like Stories - Archives 1999-2011

Near Death Experience Like Stories are those that are like an NDE but the person does not physically die. More of these experiences can be found on www.nderf.org as possible NDEs and on this website as STEs.
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119. Glenda G Experience 12/30/11 But there were three steps that led up to a platform of sorts, and there was a door across from the steps.  I instinctively knew that every person and every animal I have ever loved in my life was alive and well beyond that door.  They were all waiting for me.  Now I understood everything. This was my “mansion” that Jesus speaks about in John 14: 1-3 which also happens to be my favorite verse in the Gospel.  It assured me that there would be a place for me in “heaven”.  I was here.  This place was mine. It was being built and personalized just for me.  I can’t even describe the overwhelming joy I felt, or the atmosphere of love and acceptance I was surrounded by. I wanted to stay; and they were telling me that I could. I was loved. I was a part of this amazing place.
OBE vs. NDE.  Was physically compromised several days after surgery.  Quite NDE-like experience.


118.  Martin H Experience From the UK 12/11/11 I wanted to know if I could go up higher? I said to myself go up? At amazing speed I was travelling higher and higher in seconds I was above the Earth, again I wanted to see how far I could go. I once again looked deep into space and passed Saturn and then other planets. I kept saying faster faster faster. I remember leaving the galaxy and saw amazing sights throughout the universe… I moved forward I don't know how but moved forward, I saw a female who I thought I knew but could not recognize? Very attractive and reclining on a beautiful chaise lounge. The walls to her place were three sided and kept changing color (very iridescent) I asked her can any body have this, she replied that all you have to do is think it and whatever you think you can have. You can even think parts of your time that you enjoyed.
NDE-like  Remarkable unworldly journey.


117.  Sally Experience 11/5/11  From the UK  When I got closer to the bright white light, I remember seeing rows and rows of hands, all held open as if to greet me and welcome me.  There were no bodies attached, no faces and no-one spoke.  All communication was done with thought transmission.  These were beings of light.  I felt tremendous love all around me, it was so intense, I was completely engulfed by it and I felt such enormous relief – all my sadness had completely vanished.  I felt so relaxed and peaceful and totally loved.
OBE dream that is remarkably NDE-like.


116.  Wally Experience 11/5/11  I remember saying "I'm Here, I'm Here. This lasted for about 10 amazing seconds then I pulled back and was looking into the light. "Come or Go" was said. I thought about my wife next to me and my 4 children so young. I wanted to go back to what I just experience but didn't want to leave my family. I started fighting back into my body and the pain in my neck came back. I started making a weird noise, my wife rolled over and I came back. I darted up out of my laid down position with a massive pain in my chest as if a bee had just stung me and my neck throbbing. Within 10 minutes the pain was gone. I looked at what happened as a gift from Jesus and didn't seek medical attention. Since then I started eating extremely healthy and lost 50 pounds.
STE with NDE-like content.


115.  Delia A Experience 10/7/11  I was sleeping when I had my experience. I felt like I was floating and I saw a white light around me. I saw my dead maternal grandmother,2 aunts and my cousin. I also saw my deceased father who I wanted to visit with. However, my Father told me I had to go back because it wasn't my time and that I had to take care of my mother. Then I felt something holding me back from crossing a boundary and I saw Jesus. Jesus told me it wasn't my time, I had to go back and that my mother needed me. Then Jesus told me I had work to do and I felt myself being pulled back very quickly and I came to with a jolt.
OBE dream.  Quite NDE-like.


114.  Dwana H Experience 9/29/11  I had a vivid NDE about ten years ago. I fell asleep and at some point, stopped breathing. I saw something not of this world...I was in the "Tunnel" looking down at an Illuminated White City...the buildings made of Marble, the streets Mother of Pearl...window sills lined in silver. I saw an ocean...smooth, clear as glass with a Ferris Wheel spinning slowly at the edge...four seats moving slowly.  I saw two different cities  connected by a bridge...and at one point I felt myself lowering down to see this place up close...I looked to my left and saw a reddish/brown brick wall, that sent me back into my sleeping body... I was given a gift that I never forgot...that city remained in my head for ten years...I tried to paint what I saw but no amount of paint could reproduce the beauty I saw...no matter how good the artist.
Short NDE or NDE-like experience.


113.  Nicole M Experience 9/18/11  But, in that place I knew that there was God and I was actually worried about making him upset by arguing and being proven unworthy or he'd think I didn't trust him. I remember looking at my sister and everything he said about it being bad and getting worse made me want more and more to not leave her. She was good, is what I thought. I told him there was still good there, like her and that I know what he said is true and if he chose for me to go with him I would accept it and trust him. But, I didn't want to lose her. I remember I told him there was still good.
SOBE at age 4 due with content in the spectrum of NDE.


112.  Angela Experience 9/18/11 From Canada.  There were no words spoken, at any point.   Although I know these were a male presence, I remember not being able to see their faces.  I distinctly remember feeling a hand, a physical hand, on my own, and feeling that my life was now spared, that I was now safe.  Once on the shore, I remember looking back into the water, and along the shoreline.  There was no one there, except for people visible off in the distance, and back at the hotel.
Probable fear-death experience and STE during life-threatening risk of drowning.


111.  Oliver S Experience 9/10/11 From Australia  And I saw the moon as I did before I went to sleep ... That's how I know this was real ... After about 15 seconds it happened ... I all of a sudden in a split second came out of my body and found myself floating about a meter above my bed facing a bright white light and before I knew it I was in this realm of light ... I realized then where I was and it all made sense to me ...  I felt safe because I realized it was him ... He felt like my father ( Not my biological father  but my real father  ) ... And I felt pure love the whole time ... It was bliss ... He was talking to me at light speed , Giving me all this information ... It felt like I knew everything at once ... He taught me the meaning of life ... One of the things he said was ... Tell people about your experience ...
SOBE- remarkably NDE-like.


110.  Brett D Experience 7/17/11 From Canada.  My memory comes back immediately after the life review, I clearly remember turning to my left towards my spirit guides feeling very embarrassed and ashamed with myself based on my life review. I was afraid they would also be ashamed of me but was surprised that they hadn't judged me at all. I knew at that moment that my guides knew everything about me, every thought I ever had, and they still loved me completely and unconditionally with no judgment. Next I remember having what I can only describe as having knowledge downloaded to me. I don't remember what the knowledge encompassed, only that as I was having this knowledge "downloaded" to me I thought how easy it was, no school to attend or life experiences, just pure knowledge. It quickly became a heavy feeling however and the more knowledge I received the "heavier" I felt until I thought I couldn't handle any more and at that moment it stopped. Next I was in a meadow with some trees and a beautiful stream running through the trees.
Remarkably NDE-like STE during a dream at about age 15.


109.  John W Experience 7/4/11  During that time I had a dream I died and went somewhere. I was stopped by a man with a dark robe with a hood. I never saw his face. In the distance were lots of people. It seemed like they were waiting for me. It was like the feeling you get when you are getting off an airplane and can see your family waiting at the terminal for you to get off the plane. The man said it wasn't my time I had to go back. He wasn't mean, I felt his love and I felt the love of the people in the terminal. I wasn't going back and I knew I didn't have to. I didn't think I had anything to live for, my life was done, I was there, accept it and let me go forward. He showed me what I had to do I had access to all knowledge and convinced me to go back. When I came back I saw my body laying there in bed. I didn't know how I was going to get back in. All of a sudden I was awake.
Dream, NDE-like at time of illness.


108.  Kurt G Experience 5/26/11 I then proceeded to what appeared to be my residence...the center of a sun or some other great ball of light. Inside was like a room with some type of screen for viewing events in my life and every other life I've ever lived. From here I could view any past experience from any of my millions of existences and actually relive the scenario at the same time and location of the original event. It was, in fact, the original event. At this point I re-entered my body when I was 10 years old and changed something very usual i had done, like kicking a rock or something just as mundane. I don't remember exactly what it was that I did, simply because it wasn't important. What was important was seeing how that action rippled throughout my life in other choices I've made and continue to make to this day. Unfortunately I can't be more specific as this all happened at an incredible rate of speed and even though it lasted a period of 10 years it was over in the blink of an eye.
Remarkably transcendent STE.  Very NDE-like.


107.  Martin R Experience 5/7/11 From Canada  I Found myself standing in outer space. A disembodied voice that came from somewhere to my right said "Only people matter" That's it, nothing else. At that moment I realized that I had a type of body that was hovering upright. I had human form but without features. I guess I was a type of shadow. I was also at that point filled with a level of joy/happiness that is truly indescribable. I also was aware that I could ask any question imaginable and instantaneously know the answer. The knowledge was unfathomable, yet I asked no question. I absolutely believe if I even thought a question I would immediately have the answer. It was at this point that I started to look around. Mostly it was dark, but when I looked to my right, I could see the planet earth as if in H D. It looked like the pictures taken from space by N A S A. It was very clear and about the size of a dime.
NDE-like OBE.


106.  Tracey J Possible Pet Dog Experience 4/30/11 The puppy was neutered last week and it developed complications during the surgery.  It flat lined momentarily but was revived.  I recently brought him home wearing the "cone" and I am not supposed to give him very much activity because of his stitches and the surgery ordeal… In the drawer there was a photo of my dad, upside down, which I stuck in the drawer a couple of days ago planning to put in an album one day.  The dog usually goes crazy for his brush.  He sniffed around in the drawer and his tail wagged like crazy and then he pulled out the photo very carefully and gingerly carried it in his mouth.  He put it in his crate.  He has never carried paper before without chewing it apart (he absolutely loves eating paper).  This was so odd.  He can't get in the crate because his cone is too large but he set the photo in the crate on his pillow, just inside the door, then went to sleep on the floor… I believe that during my dog's "flat line" moments in surgery, he must have seen my father.  Nothing else explains him putting dad's picture in the crate, or rushing off to dad's grave when he had no way of understanding the significance.
Possible pet dog ADC with complication of neutering resulting in flat lining, then inexplicable awareness  of contributor's deceased father.


105.  RR M Experience 4/5/11 From Madagascar, Original in French.  Translated to English by Jean Peter.  So I had nothing to fear, I told to myself that if this were Paradise, then I was to meet with my forefathers only! I am not ill or in a coma, I cannot be dead. I felt as if I were in Paradise! So happy and free, as if a heavy weight had been removed from me. This is like the feeling I might feel on top a greenish hill, asleep on my own under a tree and breathing fresh air while exploring the landscape around, but 20 times more intense. Faces have a body but it is rather blurred, like white smoke! I would not say they are persons because they don’t move on the ground, and I recognize some people smiling to me! I don’t remember their face but I know I already met with them somewhere in my life.
Going to the place of ancestors, may also hint at reincarnation.


104.   Miguel R Experience.  2/3/11 From Argentina.  Original in Spanish, translated by Susana.  I then asked "God, why is this happening to me?"  and at that moment I saw a tiny point of white light.  Everything started to make sense, I now had a sense of direction.  The point of light increased in size at great speed.  I am not sure whether I was approaching it, or it was approaching me.  Everything happened very quickly, the light enveloped me and took the shape of a spectacular face made of light.  What most impressed me were the eyes, they were of a penetrating black color surrounded by light.  I felt an incredible sense of love.  I started to vibrate from pleasure.  I think that is the hardest thing to explain.  It was beautiful. 
NDE-like experience a couple days after his brother died.


103.   Donald R Experience.  1/22/11  I was traveling through something that is best described as a tunnel, steel grey, and at a great speed.  The sound was something like a vacuum cleaner, but half of its volume.  At the end of the tunnel, there was a brilliant light, so bright, and felt no pain, but sensed an unbelievable level of joy.  It was a wonderful experience.  Then, I woke up, and realized it was a truly powerful dream, unlike other normal dreams.  In a couple of weeks after the dream, I read Elisabeth Kubler Ross' book, "On Death and Dying", and was dumbfounded on what she wrote about a tunnel experience.  From that point on, I became involved with hospice work.  My fear of death simply evaporated… I am Deaf, and so was my Mother.  In my dream, my hearing was clear.
NDE-like dream.  Remarkably transformative.  He is a minister involved with hospice.  Experience happened a few days after his mother died.


102.   Hajo J Experience.  12/16/10 Original in Dutch, translated by Annelies.  I was 14 years old and in my attic room, from nowhere....total happiness, I was somewhere else but I also wasn't, I just was it.  I haven't seen or heard people, angels, landscapes, tunnel or the road towards it or something like that. But I do think I was There, all at once, in the light. In all the love, in a certainty, in warmth, in the most beautiful thing I have ever felt. In something every human being is searching for.
NDE-like experience as a teenager.


101.   Maria dlA Experience.  12/10/10 From Spain.  Original in Spanish, translated by Simon. All of a sudden I found myself in a meadow or garden, very beautiful, with red flowers like giant poppies. I could not see my body, though I knew I was still myself.  Within me there was a noise like a vacuum-cleaner, but a deeper note. I was walking in the garden, ecstatic, marvelling, filled with joy, walking very quickly or almost flying, when suddenly I saw a neighbour called Rosi; she had died some two years previously. This neighbour was from my home-town, not where I live now. She was standing next to a white wall, I guess the wall of a house, as she communicated to my mind that this was my house. I don't know if she asked me in, but I intended to go in, but at that moment I found myself back in my bed.
NDE like experience after her dog died.


100.   Kim Experience.  10/24/10  I was outside of myself, and all of a sudden I had a huge sense of sadness and disappointment...I realized that I was born again on earth, and it made me so sad to be back here.  I was really upset that I had to do THIS over again.  I'm not sure of the sequence here, but I also remember wanting to be back in the universe.  I understood that before coming back to earth, I was this tiny, tiny speck of light...one of trillions of specks of light, and my "being" was perfection....all knowing and all loving.  And I also realized that if I was not there, even though I was one of trillions of specks of light, that the entire universe would be out of balance-it wouldn't be perfection, and it would never happen, I would always be that speck of light.  It may sound hokey, but I was "One with the Universe".  I was given a very quick review of the life I was to live this time on earth.
NDE like/STE at age 8.


99.   Sonja R Experience.  10/24/10 From the Netherlands.  Wooosh! I was in the light above my body, my life was shown to me, but from a loving and understanding perspective.  I lived my life to be able to understand the feelings of mankind. I heard a female voice asking me why was I jealous?  I was allowed to see the power that we all are.  Life as I knew it on earth was an illusion because we are energy. I saw my future but I was only allowed to remember that I'm on this planet to share experience of life.
NDE-like experience after breaking up with her boyfriend.


98.   Matthew T Experience.  10/17/10  Then I considered my family and specifically my mother, who just wouldn't understand my sudden unexpected death.  I could see and feel the pain that my unnecessary absence would cause.  I considered how long I would have to be left on Earth before returning here, and I heard about 60 years.  (again in my own voice)  I considered what 60 years felt like, and it passed incredibly fast!  I could see little blurbs of events, but it all happened at such amazing speed it was pointless to try and follow any of them.  To myself I said "It will feel much longer back there" but the part of my that felt the rapid passing said "60 years?  That's nothing!  I'll be back here before I know it!" 
NDE-Like OBE where he was given the choice to stay or go.


97.   Barbara C Experience.  9/13/10  I was in final stage of delivering my baby, the Dr kept telling me to push. I was pushing and I heard the Dr say, "She has done all she can do." Immediately I was floating up at the ceiling. I saw the light fixture from up above and there was dust on the top of the brown light fixture. I looked out of the Hospital window and saw a Coca Cola truck pull in and a man got out and started unloading cartons of Coke and putting them on a dolly and started walking into the hospital. The entire time I was aware of my body in the bed below and the Medical staff all around it, but It did not concern me. I was at total peace. I had never before and have not since felt the love, peace I felt during that time. All at once, I noticed a round  black hole in the ceiling and I was swished threw it at high speed. After going into the tunnel, I don't remember anything until I seemed to land back on the bed with a thud and the pain was back.
NDE-Like SOBE during childbirth.


96.   Paulino B Experience.  9/10/10 From Mexico.  Original in Spanish, translated by Simon. Then I found myself in front of the Father of the universe, a being of intense but beautiful light which conferred a love which truly one cannot express in words. Just from seeing Him and feeling his presence I was weeping in an incredible way. He wore a white tunic with a golden sash tied at the waist, and at first I could not see His face, but as soon as I was in His presence I fell on my knees weeping and said: My Father, I would like to see Your face, and He answered, Do not weep, stand up, and I stood and then turned to see His face. It had an appearance of grandeur but did not appear old, with silver hair and a thickly-growing silver beard. I don't recall what we talked about, but we did speak for a time. What I most remember are my feelings, as I could not stop weeping from the love I felt which was so strong.
NDE-Like Experience that started like a dream OBE.


95.   Caroline F Experience.  8/13/10 From Algeria.  Original in French, translated by Magalie.   It was night and I was asleep when I saw a sun colored light. I proceeded to follow it…. my body was light, you could almost see through it. I went up to the ceiling, which was very dusty, but the dust wasn’t soiling me. Once I crossed on the other side of the roof, I could see my whole town from above. There is a creek that goes through my town and I followed it, admiring its silver colors. It was dark but I could see the trees and everything else very clearly.  I knew when I came back in my body because I felt some twitches.    
NDE-Like Experience that started as a dream.


94.   Tonya M Experience.  7/19/10 From Canada The night before the surgery,  I had an unusual experience.  I felt the presence of loving beings reassuring me all would be well.  I felt as if I belonged to a group that was all knowing, all encompassing, all together. But I did not exist anymore.  There were no more I's no more individuals, we were all melded into one entity. It was as if the collective unconscious of all surrounded, swallowed and encompassed me. The message I received that night from the beings was about the power of love. Love, peace, well being, sense of completeness, no more oneness, the bonding of all melding into one. For one purpose, love! It is really difficult to find words to describe the experience. All I can say is it was amazingly beautiful in the sense of emotional beauty. The total clarity was amazing!
STE following being struck by lightning.


93.   Rebecca S Experience.  6/20/10  I was lying down getting ready for bed. I was awake when all of a sudden my spirit lifted as my body felt very heavy and impossible to move any part. I tried but then my spirit started going through this very bright white tunnel. I was moving slowly through the light and had the most wonderful feeling of love and peace. It was beautiful and I just slowly kept going. It seemed it took a while and the closer I got the stronger the feelings were. A male voice I hope was God, kept telling me, Becky, Go Back it's not your time! Go back Becky it's not your time. The peace was awesome and I had never felt anything like it. I kept flowing softly like on a cloud and soon I reached heaven as the voice kept saying go back. I reached the golden gates open wide waiting for me to come in. It was Beautiful! The flowers, colors, a waterfall flowing like diamonds, the peace and Love was what I wanted. I wanted to go in but the voice would not let me.
STE that is very NDE-like.


92.   Denise F Experience. 6/19/10 I cannot find words or language to describe her. I was amazed that I saw the red color of her hair, as I was always concerned and aware that I never dreamed in color before, only shades of gray and white. I was surprised that I was able to see such brilliant and beautiful colors. I looked at her and did not immediately know who she was until she moved closer. I suddenly realized she was my mother! I was shocked. I remembered my mother when she died. I was age 12. She was 38,overweight and looked nothing like this. She was physically perfect in every way and elated at seeing me. Her happiness was beyond joy, impossible to put into words but a feeling that I could experience beyond anything possible here.
Research scientist shares vision from time of brain surgery.


91.  Removed


90.  Karine P Experience 1/29/10 From France, Original in French translated to English by Jacqueline. I saw myself walking in a lovely garden, a pebble path of light gray (amazingly, they did not sound under my feet). The brightness of the place struck me. The light was very bright, intense but not at all dazzling, pleasant. The colors were indescribable, as we do not see on earth, green grass, blue sky, flowers, everything seemed much more beautiful and almost alive. There were people away, who were  talking quietly,  with a pleased look. They greeted me with the head and a smile and kept on with their conversation. They wore white robes without belts, to the feet. I felt at peace and safe. I saw a small white stone bench (like volcanic rock, but white), without back, on the edge of the road (I did not walk in the grass because it was so beautiful that I did not want to damage it). I sat and waited, certain that someone was coming to meet me, but I did not know who. I heard the birds sing a song similar to those of birds down here. They seemed aware of singing and being appreciated, even if I did not see them.
NDE-Like dream where she meets a recently deceased friend.


89.  Derick P Experience 1/9/10 I then found myself floating in this multi-blue space with a large bright white ball of light. It was just me and this Light. It seemed as though it were the sun and I was in orbit around it. I decided to test this to see if I was dreaming still. I turned my head to the right to see if it would follow my gaze and it stayed fixed in place. I found it all very curious. I even thought to myself that the bedroom ceiling light was on but that didn’t make sense because it just didn’t fit. The ceiling light had several bulbs and I would have been blinded other wise if it suddenly turned on. Now I had no fear but I didn’t feel any overwhelming since of love but no rejection either. I never tried to go into the light. I was quite comfortable and peaceful just floating there. It was nice just me and the light. The only thought that came to me was “This is where all dreams flow”.
NDE-Like dream OBE.


88.  Bridgett A Experience 12/19/09 I took a step forward and gazed up at the light, which was brighter and more beautiful, golden and full of unconditional love than I can begin to express in words.    As I stood there, looking into what I simply knew to be the presence of God, I "heard a voice" - not with my ears, but deep within, as if someone could speak words into your very being without sound.   What I heard, translated as words was:  "You are loved.  You are accepted.  You are approved."
Remarkable and very NDE-Like STE.


87.  Georgette Experience 9/27/09  From France, Original in French translated to English by Kathy.  And it’s at that moment, I think, that I no longer felt like an observer.  I suddenly felt drawn to this light which was at once so gentle and so powerful.  I wanted to go towards it and I started to rise and that’s when I felt an incredible love (which is difficult for me to describe) an urge to laugh without being able to do so, an inner well-being, a serenity which even in the happiest moments of my life I have only been able to barely scratch the surface.  I had the impression of returning to a familiar place and I was so happy, while at the same time being conscious of the human condition and really I wanted only one thing and that was to enter the light. 
NDE-like experience during a dream where he initially was just observing a couple in an accident.


86.  Leesa M Experience 9/13/09  My first question was, "who will I be with when I'm dead?"  The answer was shocking to me.  The answer was that "we" are one and that all the people I am thinking about are really projections of me and that I will miss no one because I am all.  Also, it showed me that when I "die" the grieving period for my family will be very, very short because time is not what it seems.  To them it will last a long time, but in the grand scheme of things it's no time at all.  I went to ask my next question, when all of the sudden I was FLOODED with knowledge.  I knew EVERYTHING.  Then my vision became 360 degrees and I was glowing w/light.  I was in the middle of a swirling vortex that had colors that I have never seen before.  I felt myself fading into that vortex and there are NO words to describe the feeling.  It was like bliss x 100,000,000.  It was amazing. 
Several experiences


85.  Jeff H Experience 9/7/09  I now was into the clouds and could see mountains way down below (we don't have mountains in the Midwest so I thought I must have travelled far).  Then the clouds turned into very beautiful, bright, colors (self illuminating).  I then came upon a dark tunnel (almost like looking down at a tornado but it was not spinning).  My heart told me to enter the tunnel (like I was tempted to go forward) but my brain told me that if I descended down I will never come back. I was floating above the tunnel when a gray form came behind me (this form was like a grayish apparition).  It reached out and touched me.  It felt warm (like you feel as a child when your mother holds you except the feeling was ten times stronger) and I could feel love radiating.  I knew by the touch and emotion it was my grandmother, who committed suicide 36 years ago while suffering from terminal cancer, who I last saw alive when I was 11 years old (we called her Nana).

84.  Dolly Experience 9/7/09  From France, translated to English by Simon I was in a state of perfect happiness, belonging to a level different from that on which I am now living. I experienced the fulfilment of one whose needs have all been realized, or who no longer has any needs. I felt surrounded by an envelope of love, I seemed like a foetus. I could hear music, but without its being "physical" music, and I was the one who heard it and also the one who was asleep, at the same time. I was immersed in a bath of warmth. With closed eyes I could see the light, but not the light we are familiar with; it was a light with several dimensions. Throughout this state I had a sort of awareness of my "earth" life, of those around me, my house, as if I could see them, as if I could feel them, as if I was with them, but I was also aware at the same time of another level. A voice, which was my own voice, strong and gentle at the same time, said to me: "You see, this is what being dead is like."
Altered-state NDE-Like experience.


83.  Margaret I Experience 8/9/09  I had gone to bed after wishing to die and was alerted in a dream state to a vision of an open window with the breeze blowing in and a curtain fluttering back and forth.  This window was not the window to our house.  I was immediately pulled backwards up a tunnel at a great speed.  It was so fast I could not stop.  Then I stopped at the foot of a lighted form that looked like a juke box with many colored lights.  My body seemed like a blob as I peered up at this being of light...
Dream with interesting imagery.


82.  Sher R Experience 12/15/08 I slowly floated over to this spot [on the west end of the bedroom I know now] and decided to see what was in there, thought I don't remember seeing an actual opening. I just 'went through' where I knew the place was. It was very dark, a tunnel. I remember that it was then I turned horizontal, and floated that way, whereas in the bedroom, I could turn either vertically or horizontally, but did mostly the latter. This is probably boring, just trying not to leave out any detail. I could smell dampness in the tunnel, if that makes any sense. It kind of smelled like being in a storm cellar, only without the kerosene lamp smell, don't really recognize the odor...and it seemed damp for some reason, maybe just cooler?
Fever illness at age 4-5.  OBE around room, then tunnel with masks.  Went toward light, but knew she needed to return.  Dream vs Possible NDE.  Can’t be sure of imminent life-threaten event at time.


81.  Gabriella Experience 12/8/08 Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A.   I was at the house where I grew up, in the yard at the back, and it was night. I began to float upwards, then started to fly, and when I looked down, I could see the whole area surrounding the house, its streets, its lights, and I began to fly higher and higher, until I could see the stars, one of which, very beautiful, was straight in front of me in the distance. I came nearer to it, and as I approached I felt peaceful and happy. I went on towards it until I entered into its light. Now I was in a tunnel of light and felt really happy. I continued my flight, and further on in, much further into the tunnel, with a bright and beautiful glow,  hands were waiting for me, open, beckoning  together, come, come, then remaining opened. I felt such happiness as I have never again felt, never again as much as in this beautiful dream, then I woke up, the telephone was ringing. . .
NDE-Like OBE from dream state.


80.  Moira D Experience 10/11/08 From Bénin (West Africa).  Original in French, translated to English by Simon A. "At last! About time, I'm really glad to be back." I felt I had come home, my true home, after a long absence. I was happy in a way I cannot explain, even to myself. Never had I felt so much at home. I wondered how it was I could have forgotten that this was my home, right here. We were conversing (it seems that I spoke with my mouth, but that they also caught my thoughts and replied to me in thought) when suddenly everything began to turn white. I could go on for hours about this white!! God, it is really white, this white!!!! Pure, luminous whiteness! And while everything was eclipsed in whiteness I felt an immeasurable peace, no cares, no pain, nothing, just peace, total wellbeing, and a love which forces out tears of happiness. I entered this light, as if I was a part of it. I was absorbed in it. I said to myself that this must be God. I said to him "I almost forgot you, forgot who you were". I felt him laugh gently. He communicated something like (I am trying to put this into words; it was given to me in thought, and so at the speed of thought) "I am still here" or perhaps "I have always been here".
Several experiences, and one is very NDE-Like.


79.  Michael P Experience 7/13/08 Traveled for a while through this blackness then there was a beautiful glow of blue. The blue kept getting brighter and brighter until it was bright white intense light. I stopped moving and stood, well with no body, in front of this light. I felt the rays of this light go through me. This was exciting and I just bathed in it for a while. It was the most amazing intense feeling I have ever experienced. Unconditional love, peace contentment and happiness. I knew this was God. Not what I had learned as a child... the old man with the beard. I wanted to stay there forever. I felt like a baby in his mothers arms. No worries.
OBE started while driving, ended in bed.  Very NDE-like.


78.  Attila P Experience 6/23/08 From Germany.  Original in German, translated to English by Amy. No question, just absolute acceptance.  Belonging. I moved so that I could quickly get to the light. But before I made to the door one of the sentinels grabbed me and held me fast. The doors closed. Next I found myself in some kind of courtroom. Before me sat an unbelievably stern all-powerful yet very kind judge. Absolutely incorruptible. Duty and person were one and the person didn't exist without the duty. I sat on a bench and near me was a friend or defender. Great love emanated from him. Was it Jesus? The judge asked me: What are you doing here? I was overcome with fear and wanted to wake up but that didn't happen. I thought about it and remembered that I had wanted to die. At the same moment that I knew this, so did the judge. I felt his mercy and it was like balm for my soul. I realized he wasn't at all angry. I learned how to distinguish between power and anger. The judge thought for a while and said: But you have a mission. In this moment I saw all the people (of my era?) with their unique destinies as a great mosaic, and my destiny was intertwined in that mosaic. The harmony of all these destinies together was amazing. I knew that if my own destiny failed then the harmony of the whole would be destroyed. I knew that I had to fulfill my destiny.
What an amazing experience for a 4 year old boy!


77.  Marlene B Experience 4/29/08 From Canada. Original in French, translated to English by Jean Peter.  During the night I awoke, my body was laying, and I was sitting in it. At the ceiling, there was a long tube with a dazzling light in the end (the tunnel). There was a lot of figures walking about in my bedroom, at the foot of my bed there was my deceased grandfather and grandmother. While trying to leave my body, I told them, “No I’m too tired, another time.” And I laid down in my body. I woke up with a need for living, not to set anything aside, study soul, spirit, God, training, psychic, clairvoyance, reiki, dream and a lot of other things. I’m in it full time (I spent at least 2 months not wanting to sleep, because I told them, not now, another time.
NDELike experience from possible heart attack.


76.  Chris N Experience 4/29/08 From Belgium. Original in French, translated to English by Jean Peter. I kept rising higher and higher, when all of a sudden, I was in totally indescribable atmosphere. I started to slow down as if I had reached my maximal height, and I heard a very pleasant music, and I had never heard anything so beautiful on Earth, no sound compares to this. Then, I felt kind of enveloped in a very sweet and invisible presence, somewhat like a baby  swathed in its cradle. I found myself in a very bright light, the music kept playing on, I felt incredibly well, very well. The only feeling I had was the love which flowed from this light. The only thing I saw was the blazing light that enveloped me, while feeling the sweetness of the Presence amidst the music.


75.  Guy M Experience 3/16/08  As I was reading the tag, I suddenly wasn’t there anymore. I suppose that my physical body was still standing there, but the conscious me, the real me, my soul was some where else. The following is what I saw: I was standing in what seemed to be a room. This room was completely black, devoid of all light. I could not see walls, nor ceiling, nor floor. I’m not even sure if the room had a floor, however, I wasn’t falling. I also didn’t notice seeing myself or try to hold my hand out in front of me to see if I could see it. The only reason that I call where I was a room, is because of the only thing that I could see. About six feet in front of me was a doorway. The doorway had a frame and a door on it. The door was open outward (away from me) to the left, not straight out but about another 45 degrees passed that. I knew this because I could see the outside of the door through the crack between the door hinge and the door frame. There was a powerful light source that was on the other side of the doorway.
OBE.  Markedly NDE-like.


74.  Luana D Experience 2/1/08 From Italy. Original in Italian, translated to English by Heidi.  The sea was extremely luminous. There was direct, high sun in from of me and it illuminated everything. However, I saw that there was another fountain of light, father away at my right, semi-hidden behind the headland that overlooked the cliff. So I was interested in this fount of light, still stronger than the sun, extremely luminous, intense and teeming with luminous sparkles. I don't know how to explain it - it was a pure and white fountain. In that moment, a fount of white and luminous light appeared at my right, but semi-hidden from my view. As I was trying to look at it "in the face," it hid itself. I turned to look at my right and  that sort of "column" of light seemed to play hide-and-seek. It didn't want to show all of itself.
NDE-Like experience after falling asleep exhausted after her great-grandmother died.


73.  Kourosh D Experience 1/27/08 From Iran.  I was crying hard and watching Persian gulf and sky, behind airplane window. One time I felt that blue colors are moving. They were dancing. I felt that I am free in air and flight. I feared one  moment. I thought that I am still in flight and I am watching blue color of sky. But in fact I was exit of my body.  I didn't feel pain.  Now I saw blue and violet channel, like a merry-go-round. As one time I saw all my life from my birth to this minute. The pictures were real and alive, despite their passing.  I was confused and mixed up because I couldn't believe what is happening.  In those pictures, I could understand deep love that my mother loved me.  I saw real pictures of my life, even my failings in life. But I wasn't ashamed, because I felt that I was clear.
NDE-Like experience with an OBE and meeting with his deceased mother.

72.  Nancy E Experience 12/28/07 From Canada. They explained to me that living was my own choice. They would welcome me back with open arms but my life on earth was for a reason. There were other souls currently on earth that I had made promises, to live out experiences with and if I didn't keep these commitments, there would be *great* loss for us all. They said that the life I had chosen (and they had helped me choose it, too) was not going to be an easy one but they had the utmost confidence in me that I could do it. They said that I had also told them that I wanted to do this life on my own before I was born, that I didn't want too much help. They didn't think I would have the difficulties that I was having. But then again, it was my choice. They said that if I chose not to go back to earth that it would take several lifetimes to finish the work that I had started in this life. If I could go back to earth it really would be for the best, all concerned.
Remarkable meditation experience.


71.  Bob M Experience 12/5/07 And it seemed like I traveled at this speed forever...and then I started to slow down and the light actually increased but now it was ok because I became part of this light and I was in this area that was so beautiful and then people started talking to me; calling me by my name and they all knew me and I realized I knew all of them.  They were so happy to see me, and we were communicating, all at the same time, it was like I was talking to a million people all at the same time.  Yet, I could understand everything that was said and I was answering all of them at the same time. And all knowledge was available to me, I understood what life was and what it was all about.  Then I realized there was something I had to do...so I told them all that I had to go back all of them said no don't go back you don't have to go back stay here and be happy...but I insisted that I must return, and then out of nowhere someone approached me...I really did not recognize this person until the person spoke to me, and then I knew it was my creator...
Remarkable OBE, very NDE-like at age 12.

70. Matthew B Experience 11/28/07 From Wales  I became aware that I was looking down upon my body. I also became aware of a presence in one of the bedrooms down the hall, even though I knew there was nobody in there sleeping, but I was not bothered by it and felt the urge to go outside. At this point I expanded even more and viewed the garden outside, and the neighbors' gardens. Everything seemed translucent and transparent - this is very hard to describe. I was also aware that the everything was emanating a glow, and from this came beautiful serene sounds of music and birds singing, the sound was so clear and omnipresent. I then found that I could communicate with this 'glowing sound' in ways that words simply cannot describe. I then realized, although I'm unsure of whether I was told this, or simply realized it, that everything was connected like a "web", I felt a sense of bliss at knowing this, and became frustrated at my previous ignorance of it.
Transcendent OBE dream.


69. James E Experience 11/28/07 my level of conscience was clear and very alert. I was looking at my self lying in the ambulance from above, it was not scary, I could of  went either way but was eventually drawn back to this plane of existence I don't think it was my decision I was more pulled back to my body.
Probable NDE from car accident.


68. Mark W Experience 9/16/07 From United Kingdom Then I felt as if I was on a fluffy cloud laying back in comfort, surrounded by a brilliant white light, not a silver light or a light powered by electricity, far stronger than any high wattage light bulb. The light was infinite. the light enveloped me with unconditional love, I was totally relaxed, without pain, peaceful and felt an unlimited love oozing thru my body. No drug, no matter how powerful on this world could or ever would be able to give u this powerful emotion. I was in total peace, totally secure and safe, floating on this cloud of love in the brilliant light was an experience that no single word could describe. I did not want to leave that place, I felt serine, happy and loved. My whole life changed when I returned. I did not want to, but I was sucked back into the cloud and retuned into the hospital room.
Very life-changing.  Experience happened during a prolonged coma.  Not sure if this was imminent life-threatening event.


67. Coretta M Experience 9/16/07  In blink of eye, I was up near ceiling.  In another blink, I'm in a place that's all blue like the color of a cloudless sky, beautiful and bright.  I looked all around me and saw nothing, no feet.  "That's weird," I thought. I looked all around myself and didn't see my body.   I thought, "I wish I had a mirror so I could see my face."  There is no sense of up or down or sideways. Another blink and it's all dark around me.  Far, far ahead of me I see a pinpoint of blue and as soon as I see it I'm there.  This time it's different.  There are people lined up on either side of me.  Some I don't know, some I do.  My 2 uncles and grandma I know to been dead since I was lots younger.  In my mind I hear them to be "kinfolk", so I know they are family. I look at them to see any familiar, a few are.  Next blink I'm standing in front of a pair of feet sticking out from under white cloth.  I can't say robe or skirt or dress because when I looked up it got so bright it was like trying to look into the sun, so the feet were sticking from under a white piece of clothing. I was taken and shown amazing things.
Started anesthesia, then immediately OBE- saw light, deceased relatives, felt would be rich from understanding ideas (this was removed on return).  Not sure imminent life-threaten event at time of experience.


66. Annemarie N Experience 9/16/07 From South Africa I was undergoing spinal surgery through the abdomen when a main artery was cut and I started bleeding -  I was in and out of a coma for a week and only afterwards I remember very vivid dreams of visiting family and friends in their houses. Colors were very bright and the voices of those people very clear. They were nor aware of me at any time. Later when I told them about these visits I described to them the clothes they were wearing, the food they were eating and what they were talking about.  Needless to say it freaked them out. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before or after again and I do not believe in playing around with astral projections and such things.
Recalls memories later of OBE to visit other family members.  Was apparently accurate in what she saw.  Cannot be sure she had a life-threatening event at the time of these OBEs


65. Bill S Experience 8/18/07 From Australia Ever thing seemed to be very vital and alive. There was the ultimate LOVE here. I felt no remorse for the love ones I had left. I was in total bliss. Time was not an issue. I had complete peace. I felt I had come HOME.  Out of the landscape a form of a elderly being formed...in the risk of being sexist I felt it to be Male. There was no question that the being was GOD. I felt the appearance was for my comfort...so I hope that covers that point. This was all normal to me and I felt the ultimate sense of LOVE, acceptance and belonging.  GOD then arranged my life recall .... which was very unpleasant.. I was very ashamed of my gross failings. Yet I was shown total acceptance of me the person and I was loved. I recognized my failings and we joined as ONE...GOD was me and I was GOD. This fact can not be described, you had to be there...as one day we all will be...believe me.
OBE which is remarkably transcendent and NDE-like.


64. Patrick Experience 8/18/07 …all of a sudden I was sucked into this tube going faster than the speed of light. When I finally stopped I saw my life before me. It was TERRIBLE! I saw everything I ever did and how it had affected others. I actually felt the hurt I had caused others but it was like a 1,000,000,000x intense, and trust me it was pure hell!!!!!!! After I saw my life review I was pulled closer to God. At one point god and I were ONE!!! And the pure unconditional love he gave me was pure ecstasy (I was exploding with love!!!!). The next thing I remember was being given this block of knowledge of everything. I like to say block of knowledge cause it came all at once to me unlike on earth we have to accumulate what small knowledge we do have little by little.
Remarkably transcendent OBE.  Quite NDE-like.


63. Betty L Experience 6/18/07  I went to my friend's house for a facial.  When I arrived, I was really stressed out.  I did not think that I would be able to relax.  A few minutes into the facial I became very relaxed.  My body felt like it became very heavy.  I felt like I was in a coma and was unable to move.  I felt myself float upward.  I then felt myself traveling toward the light.  It was powerfully bright, yet soft.  As I got closer to the "end" of the light, I felt the presence of God and my grandfather who passed away 30 years ago.  There was also an angel there that I was able to see.  She is my guardian angel.  The light was so welcoming, I could not wait to reach the source of it.  I felt that if I got to that place, I would be permitted to stay in that place.
OBE that is very NDE-Like.

62.  Robert D Experience 5/27/07 I looked around at the panoramic view of the universe and my first thought was the universe was God and that it went on forever with no end, eternity. I didn't really think it, it was just something that I immediately knew. I looked to the left then to the right, I could see millions of stars of all sorts, I could see galaxies in all their glory. If you've ever seen pictures of deep space taken by the Hubble telescope that's about as close as I can get to describing the beauty and glory of deep space. I was compelled to look to the left again and that's when I saw him, there was God, standing millions, maybe billions of light years away.


61. Lidia Experience. 4/11/07 From Spain, Original in Spanish, translated to English by Carol I forgot my name, my beloved and fellow beings and all I was in the reality. The only thing that I was thinking and transmitting was the phrase: “it is just that I have to go back”, but I did not know where neither why. The presence that was with me was not any death being that I could recognize, but her company was so pleasant. The only thing that I was telling her was: “It is just that I have to go back.” I remember that I was communicating through my thoughts and that I knew that all the presences that were in that place think and feel. All of us were vibrating in the same intensity. All was perfect.  I felt the essence of love. My soul was in peace. I felt like never before. Because I did not stop repeating the same words, the presence that was with me told me “you will have to talk about that with Him.” Suddenly, He appeared in front of me. This presence had Biblical image. Mature man, long gray hair, with beard and a white tunic. His presence transmitted me something marvelous even more that the other presences of that place that I described you. Mentally I told Him “It is just that I have to go back” and He turned His hands to himself like if He was reading the story of my life and He told me: “It is just that you have to go back, the doors are open for you.”
Spiritually transformative dream with NDE-like imagery.


60.  Lynnia C Experience 3/28/07 I had amazing vision when this happened.  I could see myself lying in the bed at the same time I could see both my father and I surrounded in white light standing or should I say floating in this blackness, and at the same time I was looking straight into his face. So it seemed to me I had three distinct visions I could see all at the same time.  We were in this very very black place and he and I were bathed in this beautiful white light, floating in the blackness. I cannot adequately describe the love I felt, in this tunnel and in his presence.  It was complete and total bliss, it was euphoric, it was overwhelming and wonderful and joyous and I could go on and on, this amazing feeling I had.  Now I am fully crying tears of joy, I'm thanking him over and over again and during this entire event he never communicated one thing to me, he just smiled.  I also felt but did not see a friend of mine who had died 3 years prior to this and I said to my father "oh I see Kathy is here" which was acknowledged to me telepathically but I did not actually see her.
ADC that is remarkably NDE-Like.  Remarkable experience.

59.  Sandi T's Experience E122806  The simple gist of the experience is that my soul left my body---I was in ethereal form with the extreme alertness that I had separated from my physical body and shot up into the heavens with a speed unknown to me here on earth.  The sensation left me breathless, exhilarated, and in wonder.  I remember vivid colors of reds, oranges, pinks...cloud swirls, and then realized that I was coming into the presence of a Holy energy.  Words cannot describe but the knowledge was vivid that this energy was of God given the AMAZING love, compassion and warmth that enveloped me.  No other experience on earth has ever matched that energy in the 'heavens'.  To my surprise, I passed this energy (every thing was at lightning speed) and became aware that I was coming into the 'energy field' of my father who died in 1986.  I remember the Knowledge that I would be meeting him and the emotion of joy...at the nearly the same time of this recognition I came back into my physical body remembering the words to the effect of 'not time'.  I am a psychotherapist that works in oncology, often assisting people in passing over.  Shortly after the dream I experienced a vivid awareness and sense of knowledge and the awareness that the energy that I was ' bathed ' in the dream offered healing properties in this earthly realm.  I sought out experts in churches, metaphysical arenas, dream interpretation, etc. and still am at sea as to what happened to me.  My awareness of this experience is with me every day.  I have no fear of death and long for the connection in the other world.  This is my dilemma.  I have trouble with electrical gadgets or computers but they seem to 'short' out unpredictably.  I have become a spiritual director since the experience but am quiet about the actual 'dream'.  I continue to work with people who are dying as well as other persons with cancer.  I recently went to Bhutan for a month of solo trekking in the Himalayans and this is the closest I come to the experience....the spiritual nature, etc.  I am in a bind now as I long for the freedom offered me out of my body>  I am fairly aimless and see little purpose in earthly goals, etc.  I am in need to have a 'place' to go with this but feel awkward completely identifying with NDE's as I wasn't declared clinically dead or there were no witnesses to whatever happened to me. 


58.  Diego V Experience 12/17/06 & 7/29/10 From Columbia  In my great pride and haughtiness, I remained before this wonderful light being that transcended me, of whom I felt a small part within me, and whose kind and definite answer I waited for. I turned again and looked at the being of light directly, at a distance of about half a meter. He was a being of powerful, beautiful and extraordinary energy, but I could not see his face. I had the feeling that if I did, it would be equivalent to staying. In one instant, the being made me feel an infinitely tender and noble embrace, which is not possible to describe. I understood and thanked them, because everything now was possible, even refusing to stay with him, for I had reasons to go back to earth. In wonderment, I saw how he extended his right arm. Between us there was a dark abyss, which I could pass by jumping, if I only took his hand, except that no return was possible. He told me I was free to take my own decision, offer for which I looked at him thankfully and satisfied, and inclining my head, I breathed an exquisite and refreshing air. The being of light looked at me with identification and condescendence, then slowly moved down his hand, and went away becoming every time smaller. He was a being of pure love, light and energy. The guides appeared then again, curious and kind, and were ready to take me back.


57.  Alberta C Experience 12/17/06  I saw unconditional love and every emotion, every thing I had ever been in this lifetime, all my past lifetimes and all possible future lifetimes in a line that had no beginning and no end. I took his hand, the chimes continued as we floated away from my bedroom. we floated through colors, oranges and pinks, mauves and I knew I was leaving. I was called back three times, twice through the astral expression of my husband and once through the astral expression of my 16 year old son. I looked at the Being of Light, he was looking ahead, not at me, I looked at my husband and son and I let go of the Angel's hand. I returned to my body by walking towards and into it and lay for two hours, knowing my life had changed forever.
NDE-like experience.  Very transcendent and life changing.


56.  Beatrice L Experience 12/10/06  It was in 1990, I lost my brother, my father and my aunt in 5 months. I was totally lost, in despair and I met a woman who used to put back the aura into place.  During this experience, I had exactly lived what people have lived after a near death experience. I didn't see any tunnel or dark area but in a few minutes I have been in  beautiful, loving light: I could see at 360 degrees. I was a part of this light ( a double light) and this light was only pure love. I  was pure consciousness. No pain at all, I knew I was still in my body, I could see the environment I were but at the same time I had the feeling of being in another body, a spiritual body, a body of love and light. As many people said: I do not exactly find the words to describe this but it was pure love. I didn't have any questions anymore, everything was obvious and the only question who came into my mind was "what am I going to do with all this love, I cannot cope."
Experience without a life threatening event, but elements of the experience remarkably like NDE.  From France.


55.  Erna A's NDE-Like 11/12/06 From Netherlands Original in Dutch translated by Matt The leader now speaks to others, and I’m distracted by the colors that float across the room, when suddenly I notice that I can influence the colors with my hands; I can play with them. A feeling of ecstasy overwhelms me as I roll across the floor, feeling so in love, it’s almost orgasmic.  I go back to the Leader and want to tell him what’s happening to me, but all I can do is laugh en and cry and be happy, I’m soooo happy! He says all is well. My colleague is staring at a plant in the room, it’s a small plant. I go sit next to him. The plant now seems to become brighter and larger, and I see now that the plant’s aura is touching my hands. Once again, I get overwhelmed by a sensation of almost ecstatic happiness, I’m in love with the plant and go lie next to it.
NDE-Like meditation.


54.  Barb's Experience.  10/6/06  From Canada I then felt myself drift towards the ceiling and looked back at myself on the bed.  Then the ceiling disappeared and I entered a realm of warm, peaceful bright white light where I saw or "sensed" beings that can best be described as twinkling white silver crystal objects (a poor description, but as close as I can get).  While I felt exquisite, extreme warmth, peace, love, and acceptance, I also felt infantile and impure in comparison to the other pure, wise beings.  A large white/silver-like cloak roughly three times my size engulfed me.  Inside, the feelings of safety, love, acceptance etc. intensified.  Communication of information was not through telepathy as described by some, but by a "knowing", the way you know your name.  I was aware of a "mental veil" lifting instantly revealing everything I ever wondered about.  Yet, it seemed as if I'd always known this information.  I did not want to leave.
Remarkably transcendent OBE (NDE-Like).


53.  Alok B's Experience.  10/6/06 Then out of no where, I felt my soul being pulled upwards by an invisible force to somewhere I had never been. All of a sudden I was in a circular room with doors all around that was all red, a gaudy burnt red, and the floor was dark brown, it was hard to see-it looked medieval, gothic or something. Then there was a figure that appeared and told me he was assigned to protect me and teach me the truth; to teach me of my past lives. Then with some motion of his hands we were elevated a couple feet off the ground, and a myriad of animals, peoples, leaders, and all other walks of life came rushing past through the doors under us. It was similar to the way that caribou and other group animals run in herds. He called himself "Leftinent," which I believe is one term also known as Lieutenant.
Hindu NDE-Like experience as a dream.

52.  Ryan M's Experience.  7/23/06 As I shot upward at an incredible speed, the view of the land getting smaller and smaller suddenly disappeared altogether and was replaced with an immense brightness.  This brightness lasted for what seemed to be about 30 seconds (although I'm not totally sure) and was replaced by a glowing ball of white light that was suspended in air.  I could see a bright crystal looking city behind it as it gently pulsated with what seemed like white-light energy.  I could feel immense love and joy radiating from the ball of light and I was involuntarily soaking this love and joy up like a sponge.  The feeling of being in the presence of this light was so calming and beautiful.  I wondered for a moment if I had died somehow.  Not even a moment after I had pondered whether or not I was dead, the ball of light responded that my body was intact and that it would be where I had left it when I return.
OBE associated with meditation.  Very transcendent.

51.  Christina M's Experience.  6/25/06 From Germany, translated from German to English by Werner  To my surprise I didn’t step on any debris, there was nothing there, no unevenness at all. I was literally hovering above the smooth ground while the fog cleared.  When I approached the mountain and the fog cleared for a view of the mountain top, I saw a man standing on top of it and I “recognized” him at once. My thoughts formed his name - Jesus.  There was a donkey to his right and he kept a long shepherd’s crook in his left hand.  He wore a bright linen and he was absolutely beautiful. I don’t remember his face but I do remember his absolute beauty, which melted into a feeling. I felt this beauty within me. At the same time he irradiated intense love beyond expression. Behind it and everywhere there was this white light that was a thousand times brighter than the sun and did not blind you. And this light was infinite love and beauty at the same time.

50.  Catrina P's Experience.  6/6/06 From Spain, translated from Spanish to English by Judith

I was feeling happy and I felt like laughing.  (I used to laugh in my dreams untill my father died, because it occurred in a very traumatic way for me. Yet after 3 years from his death I start laughing in dreams.)  Somebody was scolding me in a very gentle way, without hurting me at all.  I know it was a male voice coming from one side (cannot tell whether it came from the right or the left)  Only once in my life, they brought me to a ‘sleepy-like’ state. I am not sure if it was at that time when it happened. It was while giving birth... but nothing serious happened. They used the forceps to take my daughter out. Without crossing any boundary, I was suddenly seing very specific instants of my past; some of which I didn´t even remembered (that is what I thought).   

49.  Henri's Experience.  5/20/06 Inside my body I felt like a tear of incredible brutality together with a simultaneous noise, similar to a lightning exploding in the room: a huge deafening “CRAAAACK…”! Then, as if fading-in, fading-out, it was not ME surrendering anymore, but I was the earth surrendering to the sky, and beyond this, matter surrendering to …  THEN immediately afterwards, a feeling of total ecstasy and Union with the whole universe.  In this state, the feeling looked like both huge LOVE and huge joy (many million times bigger than anything I had ever felt during my life; but when I say love it is not quite exact because: in total union with ALL, there was nobody to love.


48.  Marion H's Experience.  1/15/06  I was fully awake. I even laughed out loud because I knew I was on my way. The earth seemed to be a rust color. I saw large city freeway system with overpasses and all the exits and roads. I saw cars and tractor trailers. They looked like matchbox size. Traffic was moving and very busy like after work. Then I looked up and was being propelled. It was first gray then very dark. I was in a tunnel with motion. It seemed the tunnel had grooves and moving very fast around me as I was going higher. After awhile, I saw bluish white light in the very far off distance. It seemed to be one light. The closer I got to the light, I realized it was lots of lights. I was not scared and wanted to keep moving towards them. I felt very comforted. I also had the feeling of being guided. In the darkness with all the lights, I saw another single light form in the far off distance and instantly I had the feeling this was the light I was searching for. I got closer and then I stopped. I said " Wayne " and watched the light move slowly towards me.
Dramatic OBE with encounter of deceased friend.  Very NDE-like experience.

47.  Kevin S's Experience.  1/1/06  When I became aware that the person on the couch was me I decided to see what was out there this time and trust in a higher being. Went straight up through the ceiling. Was logically thinking inside - outside. Went through beams, insulation and then roof. Kinda startled me how that happened as I wasn't expecting it. Saw cars and lights on the street then looked down at city from above then earth. I turned to face the stars and it was pitch black. Then started moving towards stars. Suddenly everything was a blur and lights (stars?) were going by very fast. Came to the end and it was like a dark wall or curtain ahead of emptiness. I could feel life.
Very NDE-like experience.

46.  Tami L's Experience.  11/8/05 The next thing I knew I was standing on a black sea. It rippled like small waves - but it was solid like black silk.  I turned my head to the left and I saw a bright purple light as if it was coming from a doorway off in the distance.  I remember thinking to myself...this should be a white light, not purple...  I then found myself following a white orb that was down and to my left - about waist height.  It was spherical, with different colored small lights twinkling on and off - most of them were white lights.  I had the feeling that I was in space - I saw darkness and stars above me.  The orb took me across planets as if it was taking me 'away' from something.  I followed it willingly - no thought was in my head except how fantastic this was.  Then the thought came to me that I can't leave now - my daughters are not ready for me to leave.  I began to feel the presence of another being, although I did not see anyone else. I told them I had to go back, that we all (myself and my children) would need to go together.  The "presence" agreed with me, and I told him (as with telepathy but still hearing words) that I would spend the rest of my life telling people that he existed.
NDE-like experience following surgery.


45.  Carla P's Experience.  11/8/05 from Canada As I drifted off, I felt myself go to a beige place, no bright lights, no sounds, no fear, just beige.  As I was there I thought to myself that I was ready to go, and that it was okay because I knew that my children knew that I loved them.  They were spending Christmas with their father in Nanaimo.  The only regret that crossed my mind was the loss of my new life together with my fiancée and that I never finished the Children's story I had been working on for my future grandchildren.  I then heard my mother's voice tell me that she loved me, and that it was time to go back.  She said that I would be in pain, but that I needed to go back.  I drifted back to awareness as we arrived safely at the Cranbrook Hospital.
NDE-Like experience after auto accident


44.  Mary W's Experience.  10/8/05  He let me ask him questions.  My only question was how could He give me the parents I had?  How could he forget all about me and leave me so alone to work my way through those years?  What was He thinking!?  I have to admit I was pretty angry.  He showed me why I had the parents, childhood and life I had experienced.  I asked Him for it!!!  I chose this life because I wanted to learn those lessons.  Everything was so clear to me …I had to go through it all to learn what I needed to learn and be able to continue my work here.  He never left me alone and I could see in hindsight that he was always with me.  I was making a lot of wrong choices because I wasn’t listening to or trusting myself.  I was spending too much time comparing myself to others.  I was doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing.  I felt like a little mouse in a maze trying to find my way but I wasn’t getting anywhere.    By what I was shown I understood that Earth is school and when we are done we have a “Life Review” and then we get to graduate and go back home.  The whole experience was amazing because I felt like my brain had been opened up to the whole universe.  Everything made so much sense.  The lesson was so simple …it’s all about love.
Profound experience.  Stunning spiritual insights.  A “must read” for anyone interested in NDE.  NDERF defined as a “fear-death experience” with experience immediately prior to physical compromise, but obviously part of the spectrum of near death experience.

43.  Dick B's Experience.  9/17/05  i entered a turn on my motorcycle too fast. i have no memory of this part. it is always a bone chill of fear when you come close and something you can always recall in detail. instead, this time, i was viewing me riding my cycle, even noting the dust from my rear wheel, as i was riding off the shoulder of the road parallel trying to dissipate speed. i seemed to be viewing from 20 ft altitude and 75 ft away from the bike. in the next instant, all of me was on the bike trying to regain control. the bike slid from the shoulder into a ditch to a sudden stop from 50 mph[police estimate].  sustained 3 broken badly ribs which gave no end to pain and misery.
OBE associated with motorcycle accident.  OBE apparently prior to physical injury.

42.  Laura's Experience.  9/3/05 I remember right from the point were I saw the mountains.  There were two of them, incredibly tall and smooth, completely covered with snow.  I looked down and around me and discovered that I was on rolling hills covered with perfect green, green grass. Everything was so bright and so clear.  I looked to the right and saw pine trees, looked down to my left and saw a depression in the land that I now believe is a lake.  I began to hear beautiful clear celestial music that reminds me of Celtic music.  It was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard, and it filled me with peace.  I looked around me and saw people dancing and stretching, moving in fantastic and graceful ways.  I moved closer to join them and saw that they were people I knew, although I cannot today remember who.  They made me feel warm loved and wanted.  i felt complete and sighed and laid down on the perfect grass to feel it, to kind of soak up the pure joy the place seemed to emanate.
NDE-like dream at age 13, though had serious head injury at age 4.  Contributor is 13 years old.

41.  Larry's Experience.  7/10/05  Original in French, translated by Jody with the help of translation software.  French version is below the English version.  Omniscience! I am the universe! I am the love, my heart is ENORMOUS. Impression that light, her ' music ', the understanding of the universe, are demonstrations, of the facets different of the same 'all.' Impression of uniqueness and love... I want to come back on light. She/it is hot, cordial, compassionate, of a great, infinite power, but dazzle not at all. As I don't see it with physical eyes, I don't have a blinding, not of limits.  

40.  Sam D's Experience.  3/13/05  It seemed no more than a few seconds that I spent regarding my lifeless body below, when I felt a strong impulse to turn around.  I felt something behind me pulling myself toward it, and proceeded to turn my attention from the bed to what should have been the ceiling. There I found a brilliant light, but for some reason it wasn't blinding or hot or in any way uncomfortable.  It was love.  I can't find another word, and love is an inadequate explanation.  All I know is that I immediately felt a presence that enveloped me with a feeling of total and complete comfort, love, understanding, and so much more that can never be described in words. 
Even though this started as a dream, he perceived it as though he died.  The SOBE has NDE-like imagery.

39.  Jeff H's Experience.  2/18/05  I was given the impression that there were leaders close by but it was not my purpose to meet them. I was also taught that people in the after life are limited in their progression until they have someone to "take responsibility for them", and open an "avenue of progression" for them. This was the lesson I was being taught. We are not all independent entities,  but a single family unit, being knit or woven tightly together by the love and willingness to the raising of one another.
He was shown some profound things in his altered state.


38.  Mary L's Experience.  2/18/05 Next thing I knew I was looking down from the corner of the doorway. As if I had been 8 ft. tall and hands on the door trim peaking in from the hallway. I was up so high that I could see everything. Even the other side of the floor of one of the beds that's next to a wall that only has about 10inches of room between it and the wall but I was up so high I could see the floor over their. Then when I got to looking at my daughter I could smell her, see her smile and hear her laughs. I could also hear the tv my husband was watching in the living room. Next thing i know, I'm looking at myself but couldn't hear myself speak.
This is a possible NDE due to history of tachycardia, but there is not enough information.

37.  Dawn's Experience.  2/18/05  Then there was this kind of pulling thing happening, almost like what water does when it goes down a drain. With that pulling I saw my life, everyday of my life. As it pulled I could feel all of my emotions running together from day to day and minute to minute. It was happiness , sadness , boredom, grief anything you've ever felt in your life and it all happened in a matter of what felt like seconds.  Then I could feel this incredible sadness, a heavy grief. It was just awful. Then I realized the sadness and grief was coming from my dog. As if I felt his hurting that I was gone. The next thing I recall was the voice of my Aunt who had passed away several years ago saying, She's not ready yet send her back.


36.  Maureen's Experience.  2/18/05  On one of the falls, I left our usual time-space. I reviewed my life. It was very quick but slowed down at a birthday party I attended when I was about seven. I was played a party game, knelt on a chair and dropped a wooden cloths pin into a milk bottle. Next, I was in a kitchen and a boy was reading about my accident to his parents. "there were two Americans".  At the end of the review I heard the thought 'you did alright'. 
Life-review after a "fear death" experience on a cable car in the alps.

35.  James P's Experience.  2/15/05  During this time, I thought I woke up to see the person in the bed to my right die.  After I recovered, and started to ask questions about his death, the doctors and nurses insisted that I could not possibly have remembered this.  It seems as though I was standing beside my bed looking over top of myself towards the person in the next bed down from me.  The nurses all of a sudden came to his bed in a hurry.  The first one there tried frantically to recover him, but it didn't work.  A lot of other nurses surrounded his bed and did a lot of stuff to him as well, but he died.  When this happened, I can remember seeing some sort of fog, or cloud come directly up from his body and leave the room.  I knew right at that time he had died, because of what it felt like.  I could not hear any sounds during this event, but I can still remember all of the feelings.
Experience that happened during a coma.

34.  Wesley S's Experience. 10/24/04  So we began to move, 'flying' along (though we weren't really flying) and I began to perceive a change in the sameness and the whiteness of my surroundings (it wasn't really white, but an absence of color). I could now 'see' ahead of me a brightness. There was a direction to our movement, a gentle increase in speed, toward the bright place. The light was pure and was becoming brighter by the moment. It was beautiful and very soothing. 
Really an interesting experience where he perceived he died and was given a tour of the afterlife by angels!

33.  Mark B's Experience 8/12/04  It is so hard to explain what I "saw" then.  It was like a brightly colored jewel, smaller, more compact than the large white light.  This jewel was like a "city" of color lights, but not really a city at all.  It radiated energy in seemingly random places like spikes of light or some type of energy.  From the left side of this "jewel" I could only feel my heart's anticipation of what was to come.  I was brought directly in front of this apparition and every fiber of my being became saturated with immeasurable excitement, rapture, love, tears...pure undeniable love...the word is truth.
Dream/vision was NDE-like

32.  Jonathan M's Experience 8/12/04  I was feeling like I was leaving my body, yet not losing consciousness. Suddenly I was seeing my life in brief flashes. Then I was standing in my friend Randy's kitchen watching his mother in tears as she talked to my parents on the phone. She felt totally responsible for my death and was grief-stricken. I could hear her say how sorry she was, that if only she would have been watching or had seen me go under it wouldn't have happened. She was crying much and I felt  horrible for her. I suddenly realized I had to live and didn't want to do that to her. 
Near drowning incident where he experienced something similar to a life review and a fast-forward.

31.  Eric L's Experience 3/22/04 It was night and the sky seemed more vivid then I'd ever recalled it being and I felt strong and calm there was no sense of my disability or any limitations, I felt at ease looking into the sky.  The next thing that happen was in the sky to my far left there came a hole or void that seemed to open silently from the sky.  All I remember feeling was that I was going home and this is where I was supposed to be.  Then a whitish glow or energy embraced me and was pulling me towards the void, which was now a cascade of turning soft pastel colors. 
NDE-Like Dream

30. Stefan's Experience Original in Swedish Translated by Lisa M. 1/14/04  Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me, saying "Stefan, it's not your time yet."  I didn't see any being of light or anything like that - I just knew there was someone there. I accepted this immediately, and then asked how I could get back to earth.  The voice/being then pointed to earth and said I should dive into the water, and then I'd come up on the other side. I saw the earth before me and started diving with my head first.  During the dive, I experienced the water and noticed I was on my way up to the surface. I came up on a shore and felt born anew, happy, blissful, redeemed.
Started as a dream, but woke up gasping for air. 


29. Johnstone W's Experience 1/3/04  After a while i came across my mother's mum, who had passed away a few years earlier. she looked beautiful. she told me I shouldn't be here, it wasn't my time yet and I had to go back as there was things I had to do yet. I told her I wanted to stay, but she was firm and said I must go back. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of peace and love whilst I was there and did not want to come back, but I did. I was not forced or felt pushed to return but gently eased back into my body.
NDE-like imagery from something different than a dream.

28.  Mark C's Experience 12/19/03  I did not want to leave and knew not even to ask if I could stay because I was to back...I just was so happy to experience my home again and I just enjoyed the peace, the joy, the love and the knowledge that flowed through me.  Truly, there are no words to explain this.  I then felt presence to the right of me...a communication of pure love.  I looked to right of me and saw two golden transparent globes floating next to me.  They loved me unconditionally and I loved them just as much and in the same way.  They communicated to me that I need to go back now and that I will never be without them.  They were my angels that were to watch over me in my life...and I will see them again when I return.
News of cancer diagnosis prompted intense prayer and this experience.

27.   Carolyn's Experience 011/16/03  My husband was dying or had just died from a heart attack.  I had an experience that changed my life forever.  It was a cylinder of light.  In the cylinder, I experienced the tremendous energy of love, great peace, understanding, truth and knowledge of everything anyone ever needed, given to me in an instant.  Plus, I experienced a journey through and around the earth, and into the realms beyond the earth.  Then great wisdom and knowledge instilled in my soul you can't even imagine just given to me through this light.  I was not aware that my husband was dying or dead yet I was experiencing an out of body experience and left with things so strong that the world could never have taught me.  This was given by a superior spirit.  Great beauty, peace, understanding, LOVE, absolutely everything.  It happened on July 18, 1984.  this was not of my mind.  I could have never imagined.  It can not be put into words.  But others have said it came from the grace of God. A gift to me.  I was not dying, but saw the tunnel of light as clear as day.
This experience is a variant of a NELE (nearing end of life experience) with very vivid NDE-like imagery. Short experience so this is all there is.

26.    Kathy O's Experience 09/21/03  The next thing I knew I was being pulled into the light and gosh what an utterly wonderful experience. This light went into me and bathed me in PURE PURE PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I became part of it and it showed me that we needed to look not with our eyes but with our hearts. We need to love selflessly and to do it often. To be compassionate and understanding and to look beyond what we see – to see with our hearts. We are all connected – we know each other. We (All things) are all of this LOVING light. It was too beautiful and wonderful, I did not want to leave.
These experiences have many different aspects to them.  She started as a child of age 6, and the experiences continued.  The most amazing parts of these stories are the descriptions of the other side, the soulmate story, and the soul contract of trying to help her first husband find God.

25. Val I's Experience 09/7/03  Immediately I saw me rising from my bed and at the ceiling of the room looking down on my body. Next I was rising through the beautiful clouds into a sweet, peaceful, loving, delicate, secure place. I knew I was in the place where God is. No fear, no pain, no hurt, no worry, none of the things holding me down that were with me just a few minutes ago. I felt the deepest peace and love flowing all around and within me. I felt secure beyond measure. A loving presence surrounded me, but a brighter image approached me. The entire place was spotless - not a touch of darkness or shadow was around. The light was pure and without a source - it is the source. I wanted to get closer to the image approaching me, but I remembered my children.
Although surgery can be life-threatening, it is unclear if she really died during the procedure - otherwise, this would be a NDE.

24. Hannah H's Experience 07/17/03  I went up through the tunnel and into the light. Supersonic speed very fast...then I was with 4 or 5 beings. They were pure light, energy and peace. They were all familiar to me, like family members, but I cannot tell you who they are now. they were wearing white robes, except white is not the color, it was more than white. They spoke into me. Not like hearing voices external or internal, but in me.  They were seated on a bench I was sitting in one of their laps...The person felt like a male and was comforting me...They were telling me all about myself, I knew everything//then they told me it was time to go back.  I was afraid, but they told me it was all right, I would be okay.
Strong pattern of dissociative tendencies and abuse triggered this event.  This is not uncommon, even in NDEs.

23. Kami M's Experience 06/14/03 I glanced out the hospital window that was across the room, and thought about the changes in my life in the last year, and as I looked away from the window, a large circle of light appeared near the ceiling, but reached into eternity.  I felt speechless and in awe and wonder as the next events unfolded right before me, yet I was the event.  My spirit got up out of my body, starting from my head.  I floated above my body and looked down on my lifeless self and wondered if anyone would care if they found my lifeless body in the bed. I was drawn by the warmth and light upward into this tunnel.  The light was goodness. 
This is an amazing NDE-like experience where she saw deceased relatives and also had a separate ADC with her grandfather.  However, it is intriguing that the two different types of experiences occurred so close together.

22.  Michelle B's Experience 06/14/03 I started digging but before I could throw up the sky started getting really bright.  I became distracted by the increasing intensity of the brightness.  Then I saw a man walking toward me but not on the ground, above it somehow over the water, he was bright, smiling and I felt an inner warmth. I knew he was coming for me but I didn't want to go with him.  I kept saying over and over not to let him come for me, that I didn't want to go with him.  I couldn't see anything else but him and brightness, not my parents or the beach. 
Child experience similar to NDE, but no separation of consciousness apart from the body. 

21.  Lori A's Experience 05/11/03 I wanted to Not go back to earth but communicate with the people there and tell them to not fear death cause it is wonderful, but I could not talk to them.  There was no time in this place. I remember starting to explore, Then I was standing in front of a much higher being which had taken some human form not fully, they had a big smile, and I looked into their eyes and they were pastel yellow, I realized this is god! then more joyous feelings than ever came over me I tried to touch him.  He did not speak. 
Experiencing a NDE from a dream state.

20.  Gary F's Experience 04/19/03 Then found myself in a spiral tunnel, walls resembled oil on water, sort of mottled purple, bright light ahead, aware of other people somehow - relatives, others and my mother I think - after some time of travel in the tunnel ( unable to say how long), I was able to reach a point where I could decide to go on or go back - I decided to go back quite calmly and deliberately in the clear knowledge and understanding that "I could go back (into the tunnel and complete my journey, or what ever it was) any time I wished."
An OBE with NDE-like imagery.

19. Wendy O's Experience 04/19/03 As I lay in the bed waiting for the ambulance to arrive the entire room suddenly became white, not like the typical tunnel, but everything, all I could see was white everywhere. My body felt very light, almost weightless, as if I was leaving my body. I began to 'see' images from my life, not like the usual way one would visualize memories, more like really clear pictures from my life. I mostly saw images of my three children and some of my closest friends from over the years.
Initial stages of a NDE but not actual death.

18. Jenny M's Experience 04/19/03 i was being repeatedly stabbed by my boyfriend.  i had my children's lives flash before my eyes and i remember thinking that i can't die like this. i then felt an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility and silence once i had accepted that i was going to die. abruptly the stabbing stopped and i saw my attacker looking beyond me as if someone else was there.
She saw her children's lives flash before her and also sensed that her deceased mother and father were with her.


17. Erin K's Experience. 4/16/02."He took my hand, and I could feel each of his fingers. His voice was clear and normal while the others remained muffled. He wore white, but I don't know if it was a suit, a robe or something else. He said, "Don't be afraid." (Actually, I wasn't afraid to begin with, and I felt very calm at the sight of him.) He said some things that I have never repeated (and never will), and then said that we would be together someday." 
NDE-like during childbirth.  What is most interesting about this experience is that the being in the experience turned out to be a man she met later in life, but he has no idea of the role he played in her experience!

16.  Paula R's Experience 4/10/03 Then I started to receive thoughts and feelings, there was never any verbal words spoken, everything was through telepathy.  I felt so safe, so loved, so protected.  I felt like this place was where I had come from and I felt welcomed here, I belonged here.  It was like going back to a place that I was taken from a long time ago, I felt that I had missed this place for so long!  And the feelings of peacefulness, tranquility, huge LOVE, were so strong!  I was so relieved to be in this place. I was the happiest I can ever remember being! I felt God's true unconditional love, a love that no human could possibly give to me. 
Surgery-related experience and a walk with Archangel Michael.  It is not clear that she actually died in this experience, so it is categorized as NDE-like.

15.  Brian C's Experience 4/10/03 I believe these beings were angels and I believe this place I was at was a meeting place were angels would meet me to guide me to heaven. They communicated to me by thoughts and I spoke to them the same way, I can not remember all that may have been said but I do remember the voices were male. I realized where I was and told them that I did not wish to die, I had family I wanted to spend time with. They asked me if I was sure they said there will be many temptations in life and that life is not easy. I think they were trying to advise me that these temptations will try to destroy my relationship with God are you sure you want to go back.
Surgery-related experience with angels.

14. Hillary P's Experience 1/26/03 There is a lot I now cannot recall but mainly I remember traveling through a tube-like or tunnel thing, and I distinctly remember that there was a song playing over and over and over, but every time it neared the end, it never quite finished, and it would start from the beginning again. I remember thinking that when the song finally finished, I'd be on the other side.
Cancer related experience resulting from surgery, chemo, and illness.

13. Michelle B's Experience 12/23/02  I was swimming across and was caught in an undertow. I was under the water for sometime, I was trying to make my way to the surface and I could feel myself dying. I saw a very bright light appear in my eyesight. I was warmed and I felt comfortable. Then a large hand reached down through the light and pulled me up out of the water. That happen to be my older sister. She told me she couldn't find me and was searching the water with her hand and all of a sudden I was there. I know I felt very sad. I looked for the sun in the sky but it wasn't there. I was confused by this.
This is a child NDE-like experience.  If there was a separation of consciousness, this would be considered a NDE.

12. Vanna J's Experience.  10/21/02The next thing that I recall is that I was looking at myself lying in a beautiful white bed, It glowed. So what almost hard to look at. Like looking into a florescent light. Into the center without a cover on it. My gown that I was wearing , the bed, the bed covers, pillows, etc, everything was brilliant white. As to look at white under a black light type of white. So white it was almost blue.  Around the outside of the bed, It seemed to be dark, but celestial. Starry, or lights flickering around in darkness.
This has all the hallmarks of a great NDE - except the actual death part!  However, classifications should not dissuade people since NDE-like episodes are just as powerful and transforming as NDEs.

11.  Rose K's Experience.  10/13/02  I could see a light far in the distance. I was then suddenly drawn back from the entrance and a voice spoke, I could feel a presence but couldn't really see anyone the voice was soothing and calm but very firm.  I could see the tunnel stretching out in a winding road fashion until it disappeared. As if it were suspended on air there was nothing but darkness around it except at the end, I could see there was a light at the end. 
This could be a near death experience, but it is uncertain whether or not actual death occurred.

10.  Bonnie D's Experiences.  8/24/02  "Then suddenly I was in another place. It was a place of light, almost like a mist, but not quite. It was a calm place, a place of immediate belonging, but without the attachment that usually accompanies such a feeling. There were five beings of light in a semicircle. I could not see faces. I could not tell you if they were seated or standing. They were just there. It was as if they were wearing monks robes with hoods, as the closest analogy. They were beyond personality, and although they had form, they were also beyond form."
This is a researcher's dream in comparing attitudes and integration over a years time span!  The initial experience is in light blue and submitted to NDERF 4/7/01.  The follow up answers were submitted 8/23/02 and are in dark, navy blue.  Although these were clearly life threatening events, it is unclear whether actual death occurred. 

9. Anthony R's Experience. 8/24/02  "Two things struck me immediately when I awoke.  The first was the fact that I could see everything in the room perfectly clearly.  I have 20/400 vision, and I can barely see without glasses or contacts.  I thought I had passed out and left the contacts in, not initially remembering that I took them out.  For thirty seconds I could see everything in the room with more clarity that I ever have in my life.  The second thing that struck me as odd was the absence of any exhaustion or hangover for this thirty second period.  I felt more refreshed that I ever had in my life.  After this thirty seconds, however, everything blurred and I started to feel sick to my stomach again."
It is hard to tell if this is an actual NDE because there is a gray area with alcohol poisoning that may not actually be experienced because of death.  Additional support is that Anthony did not need any outside influences to be resuscitated.  However, from the above description of how he perceived the world upon re-entry into his body, it is clear that he was not using his brain or physical senses to perceive his waking or OBE reality.

8.    Beth H's Experience.  7/29/02.  "I was in this tunnel, it was so dark, at the end of the tunnel I could see a bright glowing light which was so bright it was blinding. Coming toward me was something that appeared to be electricity amber and green colored. The nearer the electricity got closer to me I remember being so cold as if I was in cold storage."
Here's a fairly new NDE-like experience occurring 7/13/02.  The NDE imagery was there after surgery, but no physical death.

7.    Peter R's Experiences.  7/29/02 & 8/4/02. FIRST EXPERIENCE:  "The experience is valid. It was real. Being in the body appears to be unreal, but that is something we will overcome as we increase in Spiritual knowledge."  This is a NDE-like experience caused from an asthma attack.  SECOND EXPERIENCE:  I seem to be in a place I can best describe as a blue sky, and felt a feeling of peace and belonging. On a bright pink/red/golden cloud stood a male wearing a robe that was full length. He had a full beard & moustache, reddish brown in color. He was the very essence of compassion & love. I was shown my entire life & told that I would have to come back & make changes to my attitude and learn to love as I was being loved during this extraordinary experience. Classic NDE imagery caused from exhaustion and starvation.  but is in the NDE-like category since it is unclear whether he actually died or not.

6.  Craig W's Experience.  6/8/02.  "This time however was different.  I had absolutely no recall of any dream or any memory of anything happening while I was gone.  I just realized I had been gone when I came back and had a profound sense of how important relationships and love were."  This was NDE-like in that there was the death from a heart-attack and the profound after-effects, but there was no associated experience during death.

5.    Beth L's Experience.  4/29/02.  That night I had the sensation that I was ever so slowly falling in circles, and I was so at peace. I kept telling myself I had to wake up, but I had no desire to do so. Finally I did wake up. I have no idea what happened medically, but I have never forgotten my feeling of such peace.  This experience was precipitated by severe illness, and would be classified as an NDE except there was no death.

4.    Victor's Experiences.  NON-WESTERN EXPERIENCES FROM RUSSIA (In ENGLISH and RUSSIAN)  4/21/02.  Then I felt like I was flying through some kind of dark tunnel.  Insofar as I had already heard about this on American broadcasts and read about it in local papers, I was not surprised, but rather expected it for some reason.  I picked up tremendous speed.  Such speeds are not encountered in life.  My speed increased gradually, yet very quickly.  Shortly thereafter, a light appeared somewhere in the distance and rapidly grew closer.  This is an amazing cultural exchange with several experiences over time - a spiritual journey.  In a land of government collapse, Victor found the Bible (spirit) and also found balance and purpose in life.

3.    Mel's Experience  3/8/02  "In a split second, like hitting the mute button on the remote control, this room went silent to me as the activity continued. I watched in silence, and then a voice.....a calm, and extremely casual tone asked " well, hey, do you want to stay ...or go?"
Amazingly life changing as the experience was profound enough for him to want to change from 20 years of being a chef, to becoming a minister.  This would have been an NDE except for the fact that he never experienced consciousness apart from the body.

2.    Ruth's Experience  5/2/99.  It has been two and a half years since my NDE and OBE, and even though I don't dwell upon the experience, it is never far out of my mental field of vision.  I don't consider myself to have experienced what might be called the traditional "NDE" with all the bells and whistles attached. 
Looks like an NDE fitting our definition, what do you think? 

1.    Katie's Experience  6/17/99.  I was caught in an undertow and although a strong swimmer, the current held me underwater.  I could no longer hold my breath and the one and all possessing thought was just to make it to the surface to get air.  All of a sudden, I stopped struggling and the most peaceful calm surrounded me.  The presence of my father (who had died 6 months earlier) totally enveloped me. 
Experience associated with a near drowning event.