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OBERF is part of a triad of websites that is designed to collect information on all aspects of consciousness.  The main website is www.nderf.org which studies near-death experiences (NDE).  The next website is www.adcrf.org which studies after-death communication (ADC). OBERF studies all other aspects of consciousness that are not an NDE or ADC.

After Death Communication, ADCRF
Near Death Experience, NDERF

(Several methods on how to have an OBE)

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  SOBE        Spontaneous Out of Body Experience
Meditation, induced or at will (aka frequent flier) Out of Body Experience

Near death experience but without physically dying

  DBV           Death Bed Vision (DBV) is one in which the person may see scenes from the afterlife, beings and bright
                         light at or Nearing End of Life Event (NELE) as far as 6 months prior to time of death

  STE           Other spiritually transformative events
  PRAYER   Healing power of prayer, miracles
  UFO           Unidentified Flying Objects
WV             Waking Vision

These are experiences that don't fit into the above mentioned categories, but
                         contain elements of several categories.

  Dreams/Lucid Dreams


Soul to Soulmate comes at a time when the world desperately needs more love.  This book tells you how to find your soulmate or if you already have a mate, this book tells you how to transform the relationship into one of ultimate love and respect.  As with all relationships, nothing is simple.  There are three portions in the book to understand the basis of human consciousness and behavior, the psychology of relationships and love, and then how to find your soulmate.  The chapter that I was most excited about was the study of soulmates.  In the beginning, I didn’t put a lot of credence to the “love at first sight” and thought it was really “lust at first sight.”  Just as research on this generally accepted concept proved me wrong – there are many other discoveries waiting for you to learn in Soul to Soulmates!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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Evidence of The Afterlife

NEWS ALERT: Evidence of the Afterlife became a New York Times bestseller eight days after its release!  There are only 16 books on the bestseller list.  This is the book that is already changing the world! 

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Dr. Jeffrey Long, Jody Long, and Paul Perry have teamed up to write this blockbuster book that became an instant Amazon bestseller after Dr. Long's appearance on NBC's Today Show.  You can see Dr. Long's interview by clicking here.

"Evidence of the Afterlife" is by far the largest scientific study of NDE ever presented, and is based on researching over 1300 NDEs shared with NDERF. This book is scientific in content, yet easy and a delight to read.  The people whose stories are presented span all age groups, races, and religious affiliations and come from all over the world, yet the similarities in their experiences are as awe-inspiring as they are inexplicable.  Using this treasure trove of data, Dr. Long explains how medical evidence fails to explain these reports and why there is only one plausible explanation—that people have survived death and traveled to another dimension.

"Evidence of the Afterlife" is so compelling that it will either validate your existing knowledge or it will heartily challenge your current belief system with nine lines of irrefutable evidence of the afterlife.  There are no explanations, medical or otherwise, that one can reasonably conclude after reading this book except that there is an afterlife!

BOOK REVIEW - by James Delmont, PhD, member, National Book Critics Circle
BOOK REVIEW - by Dr. Ken R. Vincent

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   Spirit Orb Phenomena: Fact or Fiction?  By Anthony Kevan Sercombe 
   Astral Projection by Lori A. Alvarez
   How to Have an OBE, by Cezyl
   OBE Validations by Dave Warner

     Bright Night Visions by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. 9/30/13
Survival Research Institute of Canada (SRIC) - all types of research papers and information on psychical research,
   ghost hunting, spiritual healing, and mediumship.
   Science and Paranormal by Chas Griffin 8/2/13

10/15/14 Researcher looking for people who have had an OBE Click Here


Spiritual Spectrum Overview, In order to fully understand what an out of body experience (OBE) is, it must be understood as one of many related spiritual spectrum phenomena.  An OBE can be defined as an experience in which a person seems to perceive the world from a location outside the physical body.[1] In this writing, I will look at the history of OBE and research findings on near death experiences (NDEs), the most extreme of OBEs.  An OBE is also compared and contrasted with dreams, lucid dreams, astral projection, and autoscopy. 4/21/02

Review of the Swiss Study on OBEs, by Jody 9/25/02 The study was published in the British journal Nature on 9/19/02.  Several media articles were published based upon this study.  This article takes a look at: 1) the study, 2) the media coverage, and 3) critical discussion of both, the study and the media. 

Healing and Paranormal Gifts: Survey Results Between NDErs and non-NDErs, by Jody 12/23/02  First of all I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this HUGE study.  We had 124 NDErs and 75 non-NDErs who participated in the survey. Without your help, we would never have such startling results to report on! The healing questions pertained to the meaning of healing, whether the participant had experienced any emotional or healing gifts and whether the timing of these gifts was before or after their NDE or other paranormal experience.  They were also asked if they had healed anyone, and if so to explain or give examples.  Past studies are reviewed.  Present tension between medicine and alternative healing is explored.  The main finding of this study is that healing and evidentiality of alternative healing depends on how a person views "healing."  Most of the time the way a person views healing is part of a larger belief system rather than a compartmentalized body of knowledge about the physical body.  




   Part Three: A Multidimensional Model of the Deceased State of Consciousness by Christian Hallman
Part Two: A Multidimensional Model of the Released State of Consciousness by Christian Hallman
   Part One: A Multidimensional Model of the Dreaming State of Consciousness by Christian Hallman
   Spirit Orb Phenomena: Fact or Fiction?  By Anthony Kevan Sercombe
   ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication)&spirit photography by Uday
   Astral Projection by Lori A. Alvarez
   How to Have an OBE, by Cezyl
   OBE Validations by Dave Warner
   Materialization of entities By Uday
   Electronic Voice Projection by Uday 
   Thought Projection onto Computer by Uday
   Dream diary and dream interpretation by Uday
   Guide Contacts by Uday
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Here are our newest experiences: 

Gretchen D Experience  4/20/15 When standing in the check out line, I felt an "expanded awareness", that my spirit was outside my body and I saw before me a table with several people seated at it.  A man spoke-"we have been waiting for you".  I heard this audibly and saw the scene as visually as I saw the interior of the store.  I felt  my spirit being pulled toward the people seated at the table.  I had a moment of panic not knowing who they were, as I recognized no one, or why they were waiting for me and waiting for me for what purpose?  I was rational enough to question what would happen to my body if I joined them.  Would the body have died right there in the checkout line?  Actually I was terrified and fought to remain where I was.  It took quite a bit of will not to go, to remain where I was.  Soon the scene began to recede and fade from view- everything returned to what I called normal. 
SOBE from retired nurse at the grocery store.

Scott F Experience  4/18/2015 As I stood in the apple grove I was suddenly overcome by a powerful energy. It was nothing I could see but it felt electric and warm. I was suddenly overcome with joy. My senses became heightened. I could now sense the life in the tree's and every blade of grass. The warmth began to get more intense and with it a feeling of unconditional love unlike anything I ever could have imagined in life. I was at one with my surrounding's. I could smell every blade of grass, apple and the air was sweet. I could see the figure off in the distance, standing quietly as if to ' let me have my time here to take all of this in '.  Standing near the apple tree's I noticed it was getting dark. Overcome with happiness I then knelt to the ground. I was crying with joy. There I was ' Home' I remember saying repeatedly with joy to myself out loud 'I'm home. I'm finally home'.
Profound STE during a dream.

Mary S Experience  4/18/15 I was floating above and behind myself, I saw through those eyes not the eyes of my body, I remember simply being a presence in the air, not necessarily a body.
Remarkable SOBE at age 15 at time of near accident.  Was able to choose which of three scenarios would occur in the future- and her choice may have saved her life.

Jeanette H Experience  4/13/15 I had an out-of-body experience in which I suddenly found myself floating on the ceiling… Well, in total childlike enthusiasm, I decided to answer my question of whether or not I could see him from the ceiling, so like a frog maneuvering itself in water from it's hind legs, I turned myself in two different directions. I turned myself face down first because that was the only way I'd be able to look down on him, and then I turned my head in the opposite direction and headed back towards the corner and then turned the corner along the opposite wall. Now I was passing over my own bed but didn't think to look down, mainly because it didn't occur to me that there might be a body to look at down there because I felt fully and completely intact.
SOBE following ether anesthesia at age 5.  Shared 56 years later.

Kelly G Experience  4/8/2015 From Australia  We stopped at a red light.  We were all relaxed and glad to be going home when the driver yelled , " Oh No! "  I looked at her face in the rear view mirror.  Her eyes were wide open. I was about to turn around to see what she was looking at  through the rear view mirror.  I heard a voice very calmly say , " Don't look , just lean your forehead against the back of the seat in front of you." And Then I was directed to tug on the seat belt to make sure it was secure. I Wanted to see why the driver screamed, but the voice repeated don't turn your head.  Then I heard the loud crash, and I felt like I was on some kind of carnival ride. And I remember laughing and telling the voice, " I usually don't like carnival rides, but this is not so bad."  But not out loud, I was communicating with out speech.  I Was spinning it seemed for a long time and I felt extremely happy and excited . There was no pain and no fear.  I still can relive that feeling of sharing that experience with my guardian angel.
Other experience that likely saved her from substantial injury at time the car she was in was struck from the rear.

John B Experience  4/7/2015 From New Zealand  At a pre school age I awoke in my bedroom and looked up. In the corner of my room high up I could see what I can only try to describe. There was no animation to suit in the early fifties and no screens however in today's animations it may be described as an uneven ball of 'energy'. I know energy is not descriptive in itself so I will say, imagine a loosely wound ball of wool, not even but slightly elongated about a couple of feet in diameter. Now imagine that big ball of wool being made of semi transparent fibers and those fibers relative in size to the 2 ft ball as are the strands of a normal sized ball of thick wool. Now give gaps all through the ball as if there are lots of stands which are not actually connected but moving around at a relatively fast pace with gaps between them however all moving as if in a swarm, an unordered but non colliding swarm. It was not bright at all but I could see the top corner of the room behind it so it was semi transparent. I interpreted it as a 'presence' and felt fear so concentrated on pushing it away.
Several interesting experiences, one like a foo fighter?

Leeann A Experience  3/27/2015 From New Zealand  David and the other people were sitting on the blanket eating lunch and chatting, the boys were playing in the sand, I was standing at the waters edge watching the boys playing, my mind said walk backwards into the water, so I did, I walked and walked, I could still see the kids on the beach, I looked above me and there was water my height plus above me, I thought if this is drowning yes please I like it, I was feeling so clam just standing there, I asked in my mind, is this it? what happens now,?... then a very gentle male voice said it's not your time, you have things many things to do......when this voice stopped I heard my son Paul calling his daddy, daddy daddy I can't see mummy any more. and with that I stared walking back to shore, it took a blink of time to get back on shore to stand beside my son, I looked down and I was bone dry not one drop of water on me at all.....  
STE at time of suicide attempt by drowning.

Denis Experience 7614NDE  3/16/15 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.    At the moment when I saw it, my whole being, my body, my heart and my mind, were attracted as if by a magnet towards this swirling incandescent ball, that was swooping down on me. While perceiving it, I instantly was standing up (I was sitting on the ground) with one move. I felt so much attracted, that the motion to stand up was very brusque, as if I was lighter, like being snatched upward, towards this ball of fire.
SOBE from going unconscious.

Terry H Experience  3/3/15 From the Netherlands. 

Jada M Experience 3/11/15 I could see my and my brother's entire body. There was a light at the end of the tunnel. I was running toward the end of the tunnel. The closer I got, I could feel that the light was God. Almost like the light was communicating that to me in my thoughts. The feeling of going toward the light was the most joyous feeling that anyone could ever feel. There are no words to humanly describe the feeling. It seems to me that the feeling is not something you could ever experience on Earth.
OBE that could be a possible NDE.

Elena Experience  3/8/2015 From Venezuela.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.  He accompanied me again in my body. The next day I did it again on my own. And this way I travelled for a year. But after a year I felt there had been much more and one night I emboldened myself and made a big mental effort (to get me going further through the tunnel, it was like falling through it) when suddenly I heard a noise like a “splash” and I was in a dark empty place, there was nothing except darkness around me, but just then I saw a point of light, far away and I knew, I don't know how, automatically, that if I prayed, it would come near me, and I prayed the only prayer I knew the “Our father” and I repeated it until the light came look for me and I was in the cone of light. Without thinking, I walked to the source of the light I got close to it, and I felt it put it's hand on my shoulder, although it wasn't like this, because I was frightened that I didn't have a shoulder, and they said to me “No you can't continue because if you go any further you won't be able to return” in an instant I knew, that if I went where I was going, some form of energy would spread me into all other energies.  
Many NDE-like dreams.

Phil F Experience  3/4/2015 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  I felt good, quiet, then this calmness intensified softly, but more and more. Then things get very difficult to explain, I felt being in an INDESCRIBABLE happiness, a serenity, a real IMMENSE happiness. There was love that filled me more and more. At the same time I started to know many things, and the longer it continued the more I understood, like a kind of puzzle that was rebuilding in front of me. For all questions that I asked myself, I instantly got the answer, that came to me as an evidence, and this knowing was filling me with still more joy. I really felt good, and was extremely lucid.  
STE from France.   

Marilynn Experience  3/1/2015  I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a man standing above my husband and I. I closed my eyes just wanting him to go away and he stayed for what seemed like several minutes. When my husband and I woke up I told him that I know he doesn’t like to hear my ghost stories but told him what happened anyway. I smoked back then and my husband was taking me to the store to get some cigarettes and we saw the ambulance about a quarter block down. We went down there and my neighbors told us that the 18 year old boy had hung himself that night. There is no way I could have known that.
Multiple life-threatening events and premonitions

Ulla B Experience  2/28/2015 From Denmark.  Original in Danish, translated to English by Mette Line.  I saw brief images of my life. This part of the experience is unclear – I don’t recall the details, only the feeling I had, that nothing really mattered, and that I shouldn’t spend time on it. The most important thing in life, the only important thing was love for other people, the love that encompasses us. Giving and receiving love from others, as well as offering and wanting to offer forgiveness. Living in the moment – joy in what we see and experience. The Light – God’s love felt warm and vibrated throughout my “body”.  
STE from a NDE-like OBE.   

Eeva-Kaisa R Experience  2/21/2015 From Finland It was totally dark. The darkness was warm and heavy, pressure-like. Like water around me. It was full of meaning, heavy with all the meaning of life. I felt a presence of a huge, solid wall. I was not close to the wall, but it was there. I knew it was the Wall between life and death. The edge of life. It was not open to me. I was taken there to understand that there is a limit to pain. Pain is not infinite. Pain is something that belongs to life. To this world. When life is over, pain will be over. Behind the Wall there is no pain.
STE at time of their life when they were in great pain due to liver failure. 

Ramin Experience  2/17/2015  From Iran.  Original in Farsi, translated to English by Reza.  I saw in dream the house that I had left a year and a half years ago, I heard a grunting sound there, I followed the sound and I reached the room where the sound was coming from, there was someone in a black hood with hat, about 6.5 feet tall, facing the wall away from me, I asked who are you, then it turned to me, then I realised that it has no face, I was terrified and escaped, but it followed me and got me from back and squeezed me in its arm, so hard that I heard my bones crunching, then I heard a voice telling me “ If it was not for your children, you would have died” ;I woke up
Precognitive dreams.

Seva H Experience  2/15/2015  Then in less than a blink of an eye I was out of my body and was behind it.  My perspective was of being several feet back, even though I was hovering near the kitchen wall behind my body, which was only maybe 3 feet away.  I say this because everything seemed farther away.  I sensed that I was formless, but orb like, like a clear small orb, or spark.  Yet I felt huge somehow, but in a way that is difficult to describe.  I immediately remembered that this perspective was the real me (like waking up from a dream and remembering that you are the real you, not the dream you). I could see the entire kitchen and everyone standing around, and I noticed my body standing away from me and yet I felt absolutely no connection to it.  I do not mean only that I had no emotional connection to it, which I didn’t, but that I had no bodily sensations at all, nor would I be able to control it’s movements.  And my vision was not connected to my body in any way.  As a matter of fact, I could not see what the eyes of my body were seeing.
Interesting SOBE while standing in the kitchen with others around.

Svetomir Experience  2/15/14 From Serbia.  Sitting with friends, and common talking… deep in love…very painfully… i was away from earth and could see it like small ball. I was a ball of bright white light and near me was bigger ball like me. Communication is without words. It told me look at earth and your feelings. i was surprised because i had no feeling and was surprised why i am doing on earth...like child play in mud...not worthy to think about that...after some time that big ball came and told me to go in place with similar beings like me.. they communicate with each other about things what they experienced on, probably earth.

Robert S Experience  2/15/2015  We also asked for the free will to decide if each of us would help or hurt one another. And we are the ones interpreting discipline for judgment and punishment. The song tells us that we've asked for independence from our Creator. But no Creator or parent would give up on an erring child after a mistake or two. We don't remember because of His forgiveness.
STE at a critical time during his life.

Darian Q Experience  2/10/2015 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  Calmly I thought by myself that this light was supernatural, and that it probably was the manifestation of a divine presence, but that this visit after all was quite logical, as we were being told about God. I had the impression that this revelation was a personal chance. But I had not the time to linger on this subject, nor to try to know if the others saw the light also. So after my deduction it seemed normal to me, not to keep interested anymore in this, and to concentrate again on the words of the catechist, as you would do after the arrival of a latecomer. I even noted by myself, that having divine powers, it would beat everything having missed the beginning of the lesson! I was wrong, this presence wasn't too late, the moment was selected, as the lady would soon say something important.
Very in-depth spiritual experience, espesically for a 5 year old. 

Sallyan G Experience  2/10/2015 From the UK.  In that moment I saw that I was a mirror image of Jesus and as I looked into his eyes I saw my Father God and I remembered everything. I ran into his arms and we bear hugged. It was like a scene from the prodigal son. The emotion was nothing to compare with on earth. Incredible. There were no words and o questions just deep peace and I had no memory of the world or the body I had just left. It was like it never existed. It was like I just woke from a dream. We walked hand in hand and sat down by a babbling brook and dipped our bare feet in the water. Father was skimming stones when suddenly we disappeared completely. I cannot speak of this time I just do not know what happened. Sometime later we were back on the banks of the brook and the Father gave me a healing wand and said this is a symbol of what you are on earth. You are a healer like me.
Life-long atheist STE.  Stunning encounter with Jesus and God.

Mindy S Experience  2/10/2015 I closed my eyes, went into a place preparing to pray.   I was pushing my soul deeper, trying to reach spirit.   Instantly, I was out of my body.   I felt myself rising to another dimension, somewhere above the universe, in the navy blue sky with stars.   My first thought was, this is where I’m from.   This is my home and I knew I was home.   The next thing I heard (telepathically), was, ‘he knows every hair on your head, Mindy, every moment matters and where it matters is in your soul, that’s what counts.’ When he said every moment matters, immediately all pain of a lifetime drained from the top of my head, started draining down and I was filled with what I can only describe as the most amazing liquid love, internally.  I was then shown images of the sun, the stars and the moon. The moon started coming towards me, closer and closure. Bigger and bigger. I started to be able to see the moons surface. I then heard the words ‘God is the sun, the stars and the moon. Is the moon mad at you Mindy?’
Prayer experience at difficult time during life.

Stevanie B Experience  2/10/2015  The reason I think this is a significant psychic event is the way that it just BAM suddenly appeared in my life after praying for it consistently for so long.  Something popped open between me and my higher self with this head tingling thing.  It is like a little inner electric fence I have, so that I will always know when I'm crossing the line into unkind and unloving areas of thought.  This was the goal I was seeking at the time I was praying for this.
Prayer experience with remarkable outcome.

Franziska R Experience  2/5/2015 From Switzerland.  Original in German, translated to English by Marguy.  Not very long time after Andreas' death, one night I woke up for the first time on the flower meadow. I'm able to remember, how at first I was slightly disoriented, because I couldn't understand, why I wasn't in my bed. But then I saw Andreas, who out of the expanse of the sky walked towards me in his white 'Jesus dress'. And then I felt that Love was poured over me. He looked beautiful as usual, had his three-day beard as usual.  He came towards me and smiled at me. I was standing up to welcome him with a hug. We were walking a bit through the meadow. It was beautiful. Somewhere further back a sparkling little brook, was meandering through the grass. This brook was the border to heaven. On the opposite side of the meadow there was a forest.
Exceptional ADCs and pre-birth remembrance.

Russell R Experience  2/1/2015 Turning back over my right shoulder to look up, I saw a being in a long white flowing robe standing in the air a few inches off the ground. His hands were exposed a little above his wrists and his robe’s hem touched the tops of his feet. A glorious, but non-blinding white light brighter than the sun, radiated from his being, flooding the surrounding grove. His radiance was brightest nearest his personage. His thick hair, white and shoulder length, was neatly groomed and he wore a full, white, neatly trimmed beard. His most striking and curious feature to me was his eyes, which seemed to appear as if they were on fire and yet they were not. Remember, this was how I perceived the Savior’s eye’s as an eight year old.
Baptized into the Mormon church at age 8, and shortly after had an STE dream.  Interesting to note the strong Mormon influence in the dream, and the difference in his encounter with Jesus and NDE descriptions of encountering Jesus.  Exceptionally long account and fundamentalist in tone.

Richard B Experience  2/1/2015 From Canada
1/ Remember the absence of identity
2/ Remember there being no separation between myself and anything else
3/ Remember direct experience of infinity (absence of time)
4/ Remember experience of mothers heartbeat as a child in the womb would experience it.
5/Remember the absence of thought.
6/Remember feeling totally at home in a way that my conscious life does not come close to feeling.
7/Remember experiencing/knowing my conscious life as an illusion and the remembered life as my real life.
8/Remember the experience of ecstasy…
Probable pre-birth remembrance.

Diane T Experiences  2/1/15 In 2008; I was in a long distance relationship, dating a man who lived about 4 hours away. One night while sleeping in my bed: I felt like I visited him at his home. We were walking through his house toward his back yard to go outside and he told me "be careful, I just broke some glass earlier and I might not have gotten it all cleaned up". I was barefooted, during my visit and I did step on a small sliver of glass during the experience and stated, it's nothing I will get it out later. When I woke up in the morning, I immediately remembered the glass in my foot and reached down and picked a piece of glass from my foot. Then I remembered the experience. I talked to my boyfriend later that day and he told me that the night before he dropped a full / brand new bottle of alcohol the night before and was upset. But I already knew cause I had the glass in my foot.
OBEs dreams with remarkable potential physical confirmation of having visited boyfriend far away.

Sarah S Experience  2/1/15 In the dream, most of the cattle were laying down several feet away from the water. Some were grazing around the area. I noticed 3 newborn baby cows with our cattle. Two of them were black and one of them was black and white. They all looked content and healthy, including the babies.  I woke up immediately and told my husband about the dream. A short time later, he went outside to feed the cattle some hay in our barn. One of the pregnant cows was "missing" and my husband reported it right away.
OBE dream with vision of a newborn bull- observations confirmed morning after dream.

Rommel Experience  2/1/15  I woke up from sleep, then walk out from our house.  I went to usual places.  I roamed around watching kids playing in the market and on roads.  Then I listened to people while they where chatting. I was actually watching basketball, when I felt like going home. I start walking back to our home.  When I arrived, I saw my body was still lying on a sofa were I slept.
OBE dream with apparent evidential observations while OBE.

Janine Experience  1/21/15 Then I felt weightless. At first I wondered what was happening, I'd never felt anything like it. I was in the air floating, I could see my room and myself sleeping. It dawned on me I was "flying" around my bedroom and I felt peaceful and happy, elated in fact. Then I suddenly snapped back into my body. A few moments later the same sensation happened again and I was again out of my body. I  thought maybe I'm in spirit, but if I'm in spirit why is my deceased daughter not here. A few moments later I snapped back before it started again, this time I wondered if I was lucid dreaming. I told myself if this is a dream, my beloved daughter would be in her cot before flying across my room to view her cot, her cot was still empty. i then tried to "escape" my surroundings and try to see if I could travel anywhere but I snapped back again. This happened repeatedly twice more before it stopped. It would always stop when I tried to experiment too much or went too far.
OBE with interesting search for her deceased daughter.

Laurie A Experience  1/21/2015  We thought it was one of those "everybody has a twin somewhere" things. Except, it was his voice, and he spoke to someone we could not see. He finally turned and appeared to recognize us. Then, he sort of faded. His voice had sounded sort of broken up in transmission, almost like under watery, like a bad cellular connection. He looked and walked and behaved exactly as we had remembered him.
Ex-husband had massive hemorrhagic stroke and was near death. At that time, hundreds of miles away, two people witnessed what may have been the ex-husband in an OBE.

Tracey J Experiences  12/27/14 The first memory of an out-of-body experience was one where I looked at a spot above the TV in the corner, I saw a flash or light, then in an instant I left my body on the sofa and physically felt myself zip up to that same spot above the TV in the corner. I was watching myself. It lasted for awhile, but no more than 2 minutes. I remember it being quiet & safe, but cannot remember what I saw after the first notice of looking back at myself. When it ended, I couldn't feel the same sensation of actually going back to my body, it seemed to just happen in a moment. 
SOBEs at times of sexual abuse at age 4.

H & W Experience  12/20/14 From the UK  My husband and I both woke up with a jolt at the same time in the night.  We couldn't believe we had the same experience.  I was traveling down a black tunnel. I wasn't frightened. I knew where I was going to meet family who had passed on.  When I thought of my young child, I decided to come back to my body.
Interesting shared simultaneous OBE dream with husband and wife.

Roger I Experience  12/20/14 I left my body, passed through a wall, knew I was somehow 'complete' even without being in a material form. I felt pulled as if metal to a magnet toward a light, and pure peace of mind, love so incredible, and a feeling that all would soon be revealed? Then I was pulled back and the pulling back was stronger than that pulling me away? I returned to my body in shock, my wife (then) still getting undressed was at the end of our bed. I suggested to her that I imagined that I left my body and went through the wall of our house. I was shocked when she said she knew, and that if she had not willed me to return I would not have done so? She said she was totally exhausted when she saw I had returned.
SOBE at time he was mourning his mother’s death.

Theresa M Experience  12/20/14 From the UK I felt a complete sense of peace and euphoria was over me. I was telling myself this was great, I had no worries or fears. I felt totally happy. Then I took another look at the scene below me, I seemed to have no emotional connection to my body or my husband, which seemed odd to say now. I felt impartial and slightly disconnected to it all. I started to drift away from the scene and I heard a lady ask me if I was ready to leave? I instantly took notice and started to imagine what would happen to my unborn baby and my husband and I replied, that I wasn't ready to leave that I was having a baby. With that, I was straight back in my body.
SOBE at time of delivery- no life-threatening event at time.

Lisa L Experience  12/18/14  After taking our walk together he and I flew around in the sky playing and dancing as if we where two little kids having the time of their lives! At this point, he was my father. But then again, he wasn't; he was just a child to me when we were playing. We had a blast!  I can’t remember ever having this much fun and feeling this free and full of so much love and peace! When it was time to go, he gently lowered me back down through what seemed to be clouds. It may seem so stereotypical, but that's what happened.  He never said goodbye, but it was more of ‘I will see you later,’ all through telepathy, of course. We never used our mouths to speak…Next thing I knew I was back in my body.
Meditation experience with encounter with deceased father.

Jenny Experience  12/18/2014 From Australia.  It was beautiful, I felt such a sense of warmth, no pain, just 'at home', so peaceful. Then writing appeared before my vision, it is hard to describe, like scrolls of printing without a typewriter, rolls and rolls. And all of the knowledge of the universe was there, and I had all of the knowledge of the universe. The answers to questions like 'why do children have to suffer?' etc. And I knew the answers to these questions, and my response was 'so that's why', and I felt at peace with the answer, even though in my earthly life I wouldn't have understood. And then I was back in my hospital bed, in the coma, hearing things around me, but unable to communicate.
STE while in induced coma during undiagnosed severe illness.

Neha Experience  12/7/14 From India the Journey was so fast really very rapid, I couldn't make a thought about it even, my mind was flying so rapidly in an all black space I guess it was universe but it was just dark and black with some blue white bright and faded flickering lines and dots, I couldn't see them clearly because I was travelling with the speed of light and racing of my thoughts I was going in an upward straight direction like wind flowing on randomly but toward a destination through a definite path, and there was a doorway at the end it was kind of a very big gate I it was burning like sun but all around was dark it was in round shape of red and orange color I guess it was sun I think that wasn't spreading light around it as I reached near to it
Hindu meditation experience after death of a friend.

Thomas Y Experience  12/1/14 Next thing I know I was  being pulled as if falling from the sky into this little boy on the floor. In a snap things went dark and all of a sudden I felt a like my body jolted hard and then I noticed I had toys in my hands and I'm wearing the kids clothes. I was confused but deep down I think I've always known that I took over the Child's body from that point on. I have never told anyone I know or my family of this for some reason deep down I always felt that if I did something bad would happen. Now as I grow older those thoughts and memory's seem to bother me more and more.
Interesting experience of OBE over body at age 2.  Then fell into body and confused that he was in a body.  Believes he entered a child’s body at that time.

Susan D Experience  12/1/2014   I knew my body could not sustain this severe stress response much longer.  I paced into my kitchen (I was home alone) and stared out the window into the sky praying and begging for relief.  All of a sudden and out of the blue a perfect calm descended on me and I heard these simple words clearly in my head: "IT IS NOT TIME.  JUST BE."  From that time on I was fine--perfectly calm and my heart stopped racing.  I was almost happy, even. It was simple, yet amazingly profound. I knew everything was ok.  I felt that God had taken pity on my distraught condition and loved me enough to help me. 
Prayer experience at time of great personal stress.

Jennifer N Experience  12/1/2014  From the UK.  While in the 'experience', I was clearly able to compare my normal emotions to the emotionless heart of this man. Life didn't have much meaning with an emotionless heart.  'Today Jennifer asked me if I was happy for her to start seeing another man because she isn't convinced of my intentions; sure, it really doesn't bother me because I feel nothing for her. I don't hate her but neither do I love her.'  While in the experience, my heart generally felt nothing, there was no love or hatred. There were no emotions, my heart felt nothing.  When I woke up out of the experience, I was very angry that this man would try to lie to me about his love while he felt nothing for me. My anger was real and I felt pain in my heart.
Interesting psychic dream.  She was courted by a man as a potential partner.  She had a dream and felt his lack of loving intentions.

Rick L Experience  12/1/2014  The light bathed my room, everything seemed so bright and different, difficult to express or define, I also just felt euphoric. I was in my own bedroom, so I couldn't do more than look about my belongings and see the same items but feel so different, so complete. I quickly but carefully dressed. I was aware I felt very complete and happy, so I was just 'hanging on' to that feeling or mood.  The next thing I recall is walking down from my home, to the town centre. A walk of a mile or so. I wanted to find out what the outside world looked like, and experience it whilst I felt so totally happy, peaceful and euphoric. I was consciously trying to stay at this emotional 'high' being very careful to move and think slowly so as to try and perpetuate this wonderful sense of peace and oneness
Two experiences- one with special sense after a dream.  He had supernormal vision.  Second experience with apparent future awareness.


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