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OBERF is part of a triad of websites that is designed to collect information on all aspects of consciousness.  The main website is www.nderf.org which studies near-death experiences (NDE).  The next website is www.adcrf.org which studies after-death communication (ADC). OBERF studies all other aspects of consciousness that are not an NDE or ADC.

After Death Communication, ADCRF
Near Death Experience, NDERF

(Several methods on how to have an OBE)

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  SOBE        Spontaneous Out of Body Experience
Meditation, induced or at will (aka frequent flier) Out of Body Experience

Near death experience but without physically dying

  DBV           Death Bed Vision (DBV) is one in which the person may see scenes from the afterlife, beings and bright
                         light at or Nearing End of Life Event (NELE) as far as 6 months prior to time of death

  STE           Other spiritually transformative events
  PRAYER   Healing power of prayer, miracles
  UFO           Unidentified Flying Objects
WV             Waking Vision

These are experiences that don't fit into the above mentioned categories, but
                         contain elements of several categories.

  Dreams/Lucid Dreams


Soul to Soulmate comes at a time when the world desperately needs more love.  This book tells you how to find your soulmate or if you already have a mate, this book tells you how to transform the relationship into one of ultimate love and respect.  As with all relationships, nothing is simple.  There are three portions in the book to understand the basis of human consciousness and behavior, the psychology of relationships and love, and then how to find your soulmate.  The chapter that I was most excited about was the study of soulmates.  In the beginning, I didn’t put a lot of credence to the “love at first sight” and thought it was really “lust at first sight.”  Just as research on this generally accepted concept proved me wrong – there are many other discoveries waiting for you to learn in Soul to Soulmates!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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Evidence of The Afterlife

NEWS ALERT: Evidence of the Afterlife became a New York Times bestseller eight days after its release!  There are only 16 books on the bestseller list.  This is the book that is already changing the world! 

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Dr. Jeffrey Long, Jody Long, and Paul Perry have teamed up to write this blockbuster book that became an instant Amazon bestseller after Dr. Long's appearance on NBC's Today Show.  You can see Dr. Long's interview by clicking here.

"Evidence of the Afterlife" is by far the largest scientific study of NDE ever presented, and is based on researching over 1300 NDEs shared with NDERF. This book is scientific in content, yet easy and a delight to read.  The people whose stories are presented span all age groups, races, and religious affiliations and come from all over the world, yet the similarities in their experiences are as awe-inspiring as they are inexplicable.  Using this treasure trove of data, Dr. Long explains how medical evidence fails to explain these reports and why there is only one plausible explanation—that people have survived death and traveled to another dimension.

"Evidence of the Afterlife" is so compelling that it will either validate your existing knowledge or it will heartily challenge your current belief system with nine lines of irrefutable evidence of the afterlife.  There are no explanations, medical or otherwise, that one can reasonably conclude after reading this book except that there is an afterlife!

BOOK REVIEW - by James Delmont, PhD, member, National Book Critics Circle
BOOK REVIEW - by Dr. Ken R. Vincent

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   Spirit Orb Phenomena: Fact or Fiction?  By Anthony Kevan Sercombe 
   Astral Projection by Lori A. Alvarez
   How to Have an OBE, by Cezyl
   OBE Validations by Dave Warner

     Bright Night Visions by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. 9/30/13
Survival Research Institute of Canada (SRIC) - all types of research papers and information on psychical research,
   ghost hunting, spiritual healing, and mediumship.
   Science and Paranormal by Chas Griffin 8/2/13

10/15/14 Researcher looking for people who have had an OBE Click Here


Spiritual Spectrum Overview, In order to fully understand what an out of body experience (OBE) is, it must be understood as one of many related spiritual spectrum phenomena.  An OBE can be defined as an experience in which a person seems to perceive the world from a location outside the physical body.[1] In this writing, I will look at the history of OBE and research findings on near death experiences (NDEs), the most extreme of OBEs.  An OBE is also compared and contrasted with dreams, lucid dreams, astral projection, and autoscopy. 4/21/02

Review of the Swiss Study on OBEs, by Jody 9/25/02 The study was published in the British journal Nature on 9/19/02.  Several media articles were published based upon this study.  This article takes a look at: 1) the study, 2) the media coverage, and 3) critical discussion of both, the study and the media. 

Healing and Paranormal Gifts: Survey Results Between NDErs and non-NDErs, by Jody 12/23/02  First of all I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this HUGE study.  We had 124 NDErs and 75 non-NDErs who participated in the survey. Without your help, we would never have such startling results to report on! The healing questions pertained to the meaning of healing, whether the participant had experienced any emotional or healing gifts and whether the timing of these gifts was before or after their NDE or other paranormal experience.  They were also asked if they had healed anyone, and if so to explain or give examples.  Past studies are reviewed.  Present tension between medicine and alternative healing is explored.  The main finding of this study is that healing and evidentiality of alternative healing depends on how a person views "healing."  Most of the time the way a person views healing is part of a larger belief system rather than a compartmentalized body of knowledge about the physical body.  




   Part Three: A Multidimensional Model of the Deceased State of Consciousness by Christian Hallman
Part Two: A Multidimensional Model of the Released State of Consciousness by Christian Hallman
   Part One: A Multidimensional Model of the Dreaming State of Consciousness by Christian Hallman
   Spirit Orb Phenomena: Fact or Fiction?  By Anthony Kevan Sercombe
   ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication)&spirit photography by Uday
   Astral Projection by Lori A. Alvarez
   How to Have an OBE, by Cezyl
   OBE Validations by Dave Warner
   Materialization of entities By Uday
   Electronic Voice Projection by Uday 
   Thought Projection onto Computer by Uday
   Dream diary and dream interpretation by Uday
   Guide Contacts by Uday
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Here are our newest experiences: 

Janine Experience  1/21/15 Then I felt weightless. At first I wondered what was happening, I'd never felt anything like it. I was in the air floating, I could see my room and myself sleeping. It dawned on me I was "flying" around my bedroom and I felt peaceful and happy, elated in fact. Then I suddenly snapped back into my body. A few moments later the same sensation happened again and I was again out of my body. I  thought maybe I'm in spirit, but if I'm in spirit why is my deceased daughter not here. A few moments later I snapped back before it started again, this time I wondered if I was lucid dreaming. I told myself if this is a dream, my beloved daughter would be in her cot before flying across my room to view her cot, her cot was still empty. i then tried to "escape" my surroundings and try to see if I could travel anywhere but I snapped back again. This happened repeatedly twice more before it stopped. It would always stop when I tried to experiment too much or went too far.
OBE with interesting search for her deceased daughter.

Laurie A Experience  1/21/2015  We thought it was one of those "everybody has a twin somewhere" things. Except, it was his voice, and he spoke to someone we could not see. He finally turned and appeared to recognize us. Then, he sort of faded. His voice had sounded sort of broken up in transmission, almost like under watery, like a bad cellular connection. He looked and walked and behaved exactly as we had remembered him.
Ex-husband had massive hemorrhagic stroke and was near death. At that time, hundreds of miles away, two people witnessed what may have been the ex-husband in an OBE.

Tracey J Experiences  12/27/14 The first memory of an out-of-body experience was one where I looked at a spot above the TV in the corner, I saw a flash or light, then in an instant I left my body on the sofa and physically felt myself zip up to that same spot above the TV in the corner. I was watching myself. It lasted for awhile, but no more than 2 minutes. I remember it being quiet & safe, but cannot remember what I saw after the first notice of looking back at myself. When it ended, I couldn't feel the same sensation of actually going back to my body, it seemed to just happen in a moment. 
SOBEs at times of sexual abuse at age 4.

H & W Experience  12/20/14 From the UK  My husband and I both woke up with a jolt at the same time in the night.  We couldn't believe we had the same experience.  I was traveling down a black tunnel. I wasn't frightened. I knew where I was going to meet family who had passed on.  When I thought of my young child, I decided to come back to my body.
Interesting shared simultaneous OBE dream with husband and wife.

Roger I Experience  12/20/14 I left my body, passed through a wall, knew I was somehow 'complete' even without being in a material form. I felt pulled as if metal to a magnet toward a light, and pure peace of mind, love so incredible, and a feeling that all would soon be revealed? Then I was pulled back and the pulling back was stronger than that pulling me away? I returned to my body in shock, my wife (then) still getting undressed was at the end of our bed. I suggested to her that I imagined that I left my body and went through the wall of our house. I was shocked when she said she knew, and that if she had not willed me to return I would not have done so? She said she was totally exhausted when she saw I had returned.
SOBE at time he was mourning his mother’s death.

Theresa M Experience  12/20/14 From the UK I felt a complete sense of peace and euphoria was over me. I was telling myself this was great, I had no worries or fears. I felt totally happy. Then I took another look at the scene below me, I seemed to have no emotional connection to my body or my husband, which seemed odd to say now. I felt impartial and slightly disconnected to it all. I started to drift away from the scene and I heard a lady ask me if I was ready to leave? I instantly took notice and started to imagine what would happen to my unborn baby and my husband and I replied, that I wasn't ready to leave that I was having a baby. With that, I was straight back in my body.
SOBE at time of delivery- no life-threatening event at time.

Lisa L Experience  12/18/14  After taking our walk together he and I flew around in the sky playing and dancing as if we where two little kids having the time of their lives! At this point, he was my father. But then again, he wasn't; he was just a child to me when we were playing. We had a blast!  I can’t remember ever having this much fun and feeling this free and full of so much love and peace! When it was time to go, he gently lowered me back down through what seemed to be clouds. It may seem so stereotypical, but that's what happened.  He never said goodbye, but it was more of ‘I will see you later,’ all through telepathy, of course. We never used our mouths to speak…Next thing I knew I was back in my body.
Meditation experience with encounter with deceased father.

Jenny Experience  12/18/2014 From Australia.  It was beautiful, I felt such a sense of warmth, no pain, just 'at home', so peaceful. Then writing appeared before my vision, it is hard to describe, like scrolls of printing without a typewriter, rolls and rolls. And all of the knowledge of the universe was there, and I had all of the knowledge of the universe. The answers to questions like 'why do children have to suffer?' etc. And I knew the answers to these questions, and my response was 'so that's why', and I felt at peace with the answer, even though in my earthly life I wouldn't have understood. And then I was back in my hospital bed, in the coma, hearing things around me, but unable to communicate.
STE while in induced coma during undiagnosed severe illness.

Neha Experience  12/7/14 From India the Journey was so fast really very rapid, I couldn't make a thought about it even, my mind was flying so rapidly in an all black space I guess it was universe but it was just dark and black with some blue white bright and faded flickering lines and dots, I couldn't see them clearly because I was travelling with the speed of light and racing of my thoughts I was going in an upward straight direction like wind flowing on randomly but toward a destination through a definite path, and there was a doorway at the end it was kind of a very big gate I it was burning like sun but all around was dark it was in round shape of red and orange color I guess it was sun I think that wasn't spreading light around it as I reached near to it
Hindu meditation experience after death of a friend.

Thomas Y Experience  12/1/14 Next thing I know I was  being pulled as if falling from the sky into this little boy on the floor. In a snap things went dark and all of a sudden I felt a like my body jolted hard and then I noticed I had toys in my hands and I'm wearing the kids clothes. I was confused but deep down I think I've always known that I took over the Child's body from that point on. I have never told anyone I know or my family of this for some reason deep down I always felt that if I did something bad would happen. Now as I grow older those thoughts and memory's seem to bother me more and more.
Interesting experience of OBE over body at age 2.  Then fell into body and confused that he was in a body.  Believes he entered a child’s body at that time.

Susan D Experience  12/1/2014   I knew my body could not sustain this severe stress response much longer.  I paced into my kitchen (I was home alone) and stared out the window into the sky praying and begging for relief.  All of a sudden and out of the blue a perfect calm descended on me and I heard these simple words clearly in my head: "IT IS NOT TIME.  JUST BE."  From that time on I was fine--perfectly calm and my heart stopped racing.  I was almost happy, even. It was simple, yet amazingly profound. I knew everything was ok.  I felt that God had taken pity on my distraught condition and loved me enough to help me. 
Prayer experience at time of great personal stress.

Jennifer N Experience  12/1/2014  From the UK.  While in the 'experience', I was clearly able to compare my normal emotions to the emotionless heart of this man. Life didn't have much meaning with an emotionless heart.  'Today Jennifer asked me if I was happy for her to start seeing another man because she isn't convinced of my intentions; sure, it really doesn't bother me because I feel nothing for her. I don't hate her but neither do I love her.'  While in the experience, my heart generally felt nothing, there was no love or hatred. There were no emotions, my heart felt nothing.  When I woke up out of the experience, I was very angry that this man would try to lie to me about his love while he felt nothing for me. My anger was real and I felt pain in my heart.
Interesting psychic dream.  She was courted by a man as a potential partner.  She had a dream and felt his lack of loving intentions.

Rick L Experience  12/1/2014  The light bathed my room, everything seemed so bright and different, difficult to express or define, I also just felt euphoric. I was in my own bedroom, so I couldn't do more than look about my belongings and see the same items but feel so different, so complete. I quickly but carefully dressed. I was aware I felt very complete and happy, so I was just 'hanging on' to that feeling or mood.  The next thing I recall is walking down from my home, to the town centre. A walk of a mile or so. I wanted to find out what the outside world looked like, and experience it whilst I felt so totally happy, peaceful and euphoric. I was consciously trying to stay at this emotional 'high' being very careful to move and think slowly so as to try and perpetuate this wonderful sense of peace and oneness
Two experiences- one with special sense after a dream.  He had supernormal vision.  Second experience with apparent future awareness.

Mary Anne M Experience  11/22/2014  My experience occurred during the day and I was completely awake. It was the day after a terrible rollover accident in which my sister was critically injured. I had come out of the accident unscathed, perhaps because I was the driver and had the steering wheel to hold onto. I was lying on my bed, completely distraught for my sister and her recovery. I also felt horribly responsible for her injuries. I lay there and prayed to the Creator for her recovery and for forgiveness. This is what happened next. I was struck by a jolt of total awareness. It happened in a split second. It was a complete knowing of the Universe and its purpose, of my part in the fabric of all things. The perpetual struggle is that it is impossible to find human words to begin to describe the amount of knowledge I was given and the comfort I received. I knew my sister would be ok. I knew I was not at fault.
Prayer experience with resolution of her guilt about a traffic accident in which she was the driver and her sister was seriously injured.

Justin T Experience  11/22/14 At different times there have been deceased friends and family. At times ranging from any & everyone I have ever known that have passed, to no one. Then Jesus & angels. & at a few occasions a woman & two small children, a boy and girl, the girl seemed to be older & chasing the little boy.  Something in side of me let me know that those were my children. & the woman, which I felt was my wife, her face was not clear.
Many meditation experiences.

Naomi C Experience  11/22/14 From Singapore  Since the first sleep paralysis, I didn't know that I was actually in an OBE state, all I knew my body was super light and I was flying around the house, to the street , I seriously thought it was a dream. Until at a point it happened not just once. And it was just yesterday, OBE happened again, this is the first OBE I have since I got into Singapore. But I kind of fail at this one, once I'm out,, something, like a real human hand pulled me out of the bed, it dragged me (this is the second time it happened : the first time was when I was still in Indonesia)  but then I hold on, and I realize that I wasn't out yet. IM still in my body, I'm totally conscious at the time, totally.

Malcolm J Experience  11/15/14 I was driving to the office on sunny morning in light traffic conditions when I became aware of 'myself' being about 6-8 feet above and 6-8 feet behind and slightly to the off side of my car whilst driving at 30-35 mph on a quiet urban road.  I very clearly 'watched' for several seconds, and this through the car's steel roof, myself carrying out normal driving functions.
SOBE while driving car.

Flora O Experience  11/8/2014 Upon leaving my body, I shot through the Universe.  I did not see a tunnel.  I saw stars and galaxies while flying at what felt like the speed of light as I went towards the light. I did this each time this happened, four in total.  When I reached the light, Time changed.  I could not tell from the moment of leaving how long each of these experiences lasted, because there was " no time". People refer to this as "Heaven" but when I arrived I "knew" instantly that I was Home!  It isn't a "place" it's a vibration of Unconditional Love. There are NO Earthly terms to describe the Ecstasy felt upon arriving.  It's all Love!
Detailed STE at time she was considering suicide.  States went unconscious, but no life-threatening event documented.  Possible NDE.

Bridgeen C Experience  11/1/14 From Ireland  I was drifting off to sleep when I felt my soul leave my body, I could see myself asleep in bed. I asked myself was I asleep so I did a test and jumped off the ground and suddenly I was floating above my house, I could see all around my house so clearly. I then had this thought " what if I can't get back to my body" and as soon as I thought that, my soul went so fast falling back into my body and I woke up. The fast falling scared me a little.
SOBE with “test” during experience

Dennis M Experience  11/1/2014 From the Netherlands As my eyes took in the sight and I experienced the awe and the reverie of this mystical place my mind expanded. There are really no words fit to describe the feeling. It was as if I transcended the trees, the world and everything. I was flooded with love and warmth, like simultaneously experiencing every good feeling it is possible to feel, multiplied by a thousand. With the all-encompassing Love came a feeling of understanding that everything was 100% OK. Everything was in God's hands, the trees the land, the air, the animals, all people, everything. This feeling is like bathing in liquid distilled trust. In that moment I felt complete and completely loved… Later I realized that I had set out to find the source of 'our' stream and found the Source of everything...
STE in beautiful forest in New Zealand at age 11.  He later became a pastor.

Wendy D Experience  11/1/2014   From the UK  In those split seconds I braced myself for the impact of hitting the wall at the end of the bedroom, then the outer wall of the house, but no impact happened. I shot straight through the house walls and straight out into the dark night. I travelled with such a speed that within milliseconds I could see the light change and I could feel the warmth of being propelled over a hot country, like Africa. As soon as my mind had caught up with what was happening to me, I panicked. I didn't understand what was happening and I was afraid that something bad might happen to me. As soon as I panicked, I was back in bed in my physical body.
Meditation experience during storm.

Jake P Experience  11/1/14 That is when the vibrations got really, really strong, and I noticed that they seemed to be coming from the center of my brain. As soon as I tried to put my hands on my head, I realized that I could not move. The vibrations kept getting more intense and I thought that I was dying. My body floated slowly to a horizontal position somewhere toward the ceiling of the hallway. Things started to ‘fade’ out. Just then I was back on the couch, vibrating out of control.  Everything was familiar, the full-body-hum, and the vibrations etc. Everything was how I remembered this strange paralysis state to be except one thing. As I lay there I realized that I was not afraid.
SOBE with prominent sleep paralysis-type symptoms at age 17.

Ian W Experience  10/18/2014  From Canada  I had been studying for an exam in university. I was very tired and tried to meditate and hypnotize myself to sleep. I first felt very heavy and sank into the bed. Then I felt a part of me become very light and float out of my body and rise a above where I was laying. I was fully aware that I was alive. Whatever I thought happened instantly. I thought I want to go through the door and I did. I thought I want to go down the hall and I did. I then thought if I am not in my body could another entity enter it and WHAM, I was back in my body and shot straight up in bed.
Mediation experience with willed OBE component.

Fannie G Experience  10/18/14   From the UK  I had the sensation of floating, of not being connected to my body- then I was a bit frightened as the sensation seemed to last too long. Then I was back in my body, I felt like I was coming round as if I had passed out and was now waking up, but my body never slumped in my chair, I went back into myself and was sat in the same position as I had been when the experience started.  Then it happened all over again within the space of half an hour, the exact same sequence of events.  Afterward each experience I had the same feelings: I felt sick, light-headed, dizzy and scared… Floating above my body, not attached just there, I wasn't ghostly but wasn't a hard form either
Other experience associated with medical symptoms.

Kristen I Experience  10/11/2014  Through these clouds, I was looking down and I saw a coastal city in the bright sun. I thought it was Kobe, but it could have been any other city as well. I was looking around, and also back. From my back side, I saw a straight line, path, going from the end of the horizon until my feet. It was grayish, thin and very light in the texture. I wanted to know what would happen if I made a step. So I started walking and the path was “following me”. I do not know for how long this lasted. The next think that happened, I was back in my body, crying and in shock, not understanding what just happened. Interestingly, I was standing on my feet prior and post this event.
Meditation experience while visiting in Japan.

Bernie N Experience 9/7/14 from Belgium. Next I heard someone to my left say 'have no fear'. It was my uncle! Then at my left I heard 'We did this to you because we want to show you something'. And here was my grandfather!  Both had died at least 3 years before I was born, so I never knew them in life. They too had a similar form to me but radiated another color and were slightly bigger. They asked me to come with them.  I told them I can't because I didn't want to die. They said 'You are not dead, not even close, you are merely out of your body, we did this so we could show you something.'
OBE dream at age 9.

George N Experiences  8/23/2014 I then looked down and saw a small house on top of a hill.  There was a man and his wife and children (who were unidentified).  They were all working together for the benefit of each other and their family.  There seemed to be a very profound message that I received at that instance where I just knew with every cell of my body that this was the purpose of life.  There was nothing more, but this was enormously significant.  In my entire life I never since felt a truth in such a powerful way.  There was one other truth that accompanied this vision.  And that was that I was totally inconsequential.  I was nothing, like a grain of sand on a beach that stretched for miles -- and yet I was at the same time enormously important and significant.  So much so that without me, "the grain of sand,” the beach could not exist.  This event was the much more powerful than the first. I felt an overwhelming sense of bliss afterwards.  It remained for hours if not days.
STEs at age 17 and 19.  Shared at age 65.

Jo B Experience  8/23/2014  Then one day in May 1990, as Ed and I were driving from the Florida Keys to Jacksonville, it happened. Ed was driving down the highway as I lazily dozed. I was not really asleep, but was in a kind of semi-hypnotic state of drowsiness.  Suddenly I whipped out of my body and instantaneously found myself observing a small boy, barely beyond being a toddler, playing on the ground behind an old purple truck. The truck’s engine purred to life. Somehow I ‘knew’ that it was the child’s father in the truck.  The entire realization took just a matter of seconds, and in those seconds I also 'knew' that the father did not know that his small son was playing behind the truck.
OBE starting from a dream with remarkable witness of a child being killed.  Able to help child go to the light from what she learned during her own prior NDE.

Nathalie Experience  8/18/2014 From France.  Original in French, translated into English by Marguy.  I was at the point of waking up when everything started... I found myself above myself in a split second, then in another completely unknown place. The feeling was that everything was light, easy to move. This place was like a dark corridor, and exactly in front of me a white light, brilliant, calming, reassuring, but above all loving.  I was like drawn towards this light, so I decided to advance close to, then a man, I would rather say a male voice talked to me, (I heard but I didn't see). He talked to me  very gracefully and above all with love, a language that we have not down here. Both we were alone. I remember that I was searching for my hands, my feet, but to no avail, moreover this didn't worry me a bit. I understood that there was only my spirit or my soul...I remember that I was pleading with this soul to let me stay.
STE in both English and in French.

Yvonne Experience  8/16/2014 He then said to me (everything is telepathically in heaven) "I have so much love for humanity, I have so much love for my babies (meaning us)” and I said I understood. He went on: "I want to show you how much" He took my 'heart' or my being, my identity, the energy that is me and he merged it, blend it, with His heart and for a moment we were One. I could feel all His feelings of love, It was mind blowing - Waves of love, of energy, millions of love related emotions, light, power love. So strong that I became Him. I was Jesus, the same way I was Yvonne, feeling every atom of this powerful heavenly explosion of love for lack of better words.
STE at time of extreme emotional distress and desire to stop living.

Ajith R Experience  6/7/2014  From India  I placing one knee on the platform and in a very enthusiastic manner said aloud to Christ "the Supreme Father is standing there" He then said "I know better than you, he is my Father". No mouth or tongue was used for all these conversations, only mental telepathy was used. Words just came from the soul. Then a loud thundering voice emanated from Lord Shiva to me "GO BACK" and I awoke from my sleep. I assume it was not the time for me to be there at that time. This also was early in the morning at 3:45 a.m. The time I could see because I have a clock hanging in front of my bed. The whole experience was so pleasant and serene that I felt like a feather. It was a revelation to me.
Two dreams. 

Janet G Experience 2968  8/9/2014 I felt my ability to trust come flying back to me and my head/being went into another dimension and I had a life review and met and completed my contract. It was all good. I understood why I had chosen the life I did up until that point and why I had suffered under a drug addiction, with all of the attending problems that goes with that. I was in recovery for a year and a half before this day and did some meth on this day after being clean for some time. When I got clean I made a full commitment to my healing journey, so using was not a part of my life anymore. The rest of the day I was very much in a different in a different world. Instant manifestation happening.
STE with important insights about her life and drug addiction.

Mary D Experience  8/3/2014  When my focus went to the field of particles I kind of had the thought "what is this?" which was immediately answered with, this is the tiniest particle. This is what matter comes from. This is love expressed as material. This is what everything is constructed from. This love, this love expressed as matter, is what the universe is made out of. This is love, this is God's love. Each physical piece of it is love and consciousness and the space between is love consciousness and infinite knowledge infinite information. This is what you did not know yet. This thing, this is it, this is the bridge between my love unexpressed and you. This is the bridge between all that energy unexpressed in the void and you, this field.
Exceptional STE while operating a vehicle.  Multiple insights, including insights into the tinniest particle that composes matter.

Nancy S Experiences  8/3/2014 at 10 years old, I was attending a darkened theater where my church was being held. hymns were being sung and suddenly as I looked at the stage, the heavy velvet curtains were automatically lifted to the left corner of the stage and I was suddenly engulfed in a beautiful garden, on the side of a grassy hill. there were beautiful and exotic crystal life flowers, of colors not of this earth. I had never seen such gorgeous flowers that looked like they were made of glass. I was astonished and could not take my eyes off of them. suddenly, the most indescribable feeling of unconditional love swept toward me in the garden and a voice told me that I was loved. When this love moved away from me and did not return, I was very sad for a long while. time was non existent. 
Multiple STEs over decades.

Natasha G Experience  8/3/14   From South Africa.  I was in an environment that was non-ending. There was not point of reference to begin or end. It was not black but more grey. There were 100's of beings with me standing together. They were human form but had no physical human body. I remember feeling very calm safe and comfortable. I had an extreme sense of being in a natural state. I asked to go with them because I simply couldn't keep on living with my family. I desperately wanted to die and be with these beings. They said no, I have a life to live still I cant go with them yet but that I will be ok.
SOBE at age 12.

Susan R Experience  8/3/14  Well he took his hand put it on my shoulder and said in a very clear voice "Susan you may stay for awhile but that is all, this is not your time and I still need you on earth there is many things you must do for me”. I said to GOD I want to stay this is where and need to be and want to be, I promise you won't even know I am around there are many things I need from you and there are many things right now I wish to show you and he did as a guide would show a tourist, and as he showed me all these things his hand was always on my shoulder and he spoke very close to me as though to comfort me.  When the time had come to release me to earth, I begged once more to stay and all he could say was I will with you soon and you will be here.
SOBE which included an encounter with God.

Lori E STE/SOBE. 8/3/14  They looked like human beings, although they all had dark hair and they were quite slender and taller then humans. Each being had a aura of white around them. It was sparkling and almost made them look a bit translucent. The beings kept coming, gliding down to earth. The music which had been entering my ears was layered with sounds. It was encoded with additional information to assist all of us in knowing this was part of a divine plan. The moon still flashing its words of peace and to stay calm, I suddenly felt a connection with everyone around me. A connection I did not feel even a few minutes before.
A remarkable dream.      7/28/12 There to my left on a screen was my life. I could see it! Me! I saw and felt all of my choices in this lifetime. There was absolutely NO judgment attached to it. None. I wasn't judging my life, simply seeing it. To my right was dim. I "felt" like the right side was reserved for when I actually did physically die. I would be privy to it then. It was all my possibilities all my angels of all decisions that were played out in a different realm. As if lets say, I decided not to get married when I did. What my life would of been, and yet it actually was played out, just not in the psychical body type of way. It was still acted out. It was all the "probables"  in life. I asked in feeling not in voice, why I was here. I was told, it was because I had asked to be there. I knew this voice, as it was comforting and familiar and yet I knew it was God. How is that possible?  I immediately questioned the voice, as it was female. I had always envisioned "God" to be male. I had expected to be greeted in a male voice. I was shocked to hear/feel that I had chosen this voice, because it was MINE! I suddenly knew, I was part of the universe.
This is a MUST READ.  Among the most remarkable spiritual experiences ever received.  SOBE with stunning spiritual insights.

Sue B Experience  7/19/2014 One minute I was sweeping a floor and the next I was in another dimension.  I was completely overcome and words can never describe what I experienced but I will try. There was complete love.  I just stopped and gasped. I looked up swathed and surrounded by complete and utter, deep and abiding love.  I also knew everything there was to know.  Everything was completely clear. All my questions were answered, all knowledge was there.  It was very powerful. I was in a dimension that was pure love.  In front of me was a broad golden path and at the end of it on a golden throne I knew was the 'omnipotent power'.  I couldn't see him except for a glow and a wonderful presence because I was just at the beginning of the golden road.  I 'knew' in a way that was incredibly empowering and that I cannot possibly explain, that if I spent my whole life sweeping that golden road and never got further than just the beginnings it was enough. 
Sudden STE while sweeping a floor.

CR Experience  7/19/2014 I was in a meditative ""sleep"" and the pinpoint got a little bigger, and little more bigger.  It was mesmerizing and I couldn't stop "looking" at it.  It reminds me of the good witch in the wizard of Oz. when she appears and it is a small bubble getting bigger. The light was softly blinding, but beautiful.  I cannot put into words the peacefulness I felt and calm.  When the light was washing over me I was a little afraid.  But it let me know I was ok.  and I felt a veil like a cross between mist and light veil fabric come between me and a being.  I don't know if there was one or two, but I was talking to a specific being.  I was able to "talk" to this being about anything.  It was patient and loving, yet I was afraid of it...I asked it I was condemned and it said no...I can't remember the exact wording but it was instant and came through a feeling of communication.   It let me know that everything was going to be ok....that I was forgiven and all there is is love.
STE at time of great depression with a markedly reassuring message.

Mark Experience  7/15/2014  From Canada. Next, the voice asked me, "Do you want to go back?" It was perfectly clear that this decision was up to me, I wouldn't be forced to live if I didn't want to continue. As that thought-block unraveled, I could see that I chose to be born in the first place. I remembered the memory I had before I was born -- I was looking down on planet earth from this ethereal place, and I actually had other ethereal friends too, and we joked about how the people on earth were so forgetful. I could see the people running around on earth, busy with their lives, but many of them living very sad unfulfilled lives. But they were so caught up with life, they forgot who they are at the core (ethereal beings too), as a result living without freedom. We laughed because the beings that got born in always said the same thing, "I will remember who I am, I won't let the world make me forget." But by the time they were about 10 years old, almost all of them were so heavily indoctrinated by the world, that by age 10 they had completely forgotten the truth. We laughed at how some gave up sooner than others. I don't know, you had to be there to get it. Playful teasing.
STE with interesting insights.

Olivia D Experience  7/5/2014 Deep in meditation, I suddenly realized that I was floating in the ocean.  I could hear the bowls that were being played but thought of them as buoys in the ocean.  Then I felt myself rise up and break through into the Universe.  I saw myself floating throughout the Universe.  I was the size and shape of a bean.  I had the most comfortable and loved feeling I have ever experienced.  I knew that this was what death and afterlife was.  I felt totally at peace.
Meditation experience.

Mac R Experience  7/5/14  At one point I got so relaxed that I came up and behind myself (out of body experience). Even though I was "flying" on the track with my bike, I was still in the "zone" with everything quiet and in slow-motion. I thought it was pretty cool to be watching myself racing on my bike/motorcycle. I was watching myself do all the required elements to be racing my bike but I was not at all physically involved with those operations while I watched from above, slightly behind. By far the coolest thing I have ever seen involving myself other than re-directing energy, people and animals and believing in myself. This did not last long as I am a very responsible person and racing a motorcycle at high speeds is extremely dangerous. I had to cut this great experience short as I told myself that I needed to be 100% on the bike.  Who knows what would have happened but considering the circumstances it was the best/correct thing to do. I could not be disappointed in myself for safely crossing the finish line in first place and then driving my buddy with trophy in hand to show his father.
SOBE while racing a motorcycle.

Can A Experience  7/5/14 From Turkey.  I was sleeping middle of the night I woke up but my body was sleeping some thing from my body left my body and slowly raise up to clouds I saw the light over the clouds  and go towards the light it was more shinier than sun light but did not do any harm, the more I see and go the feeling covered  insight me was indescribable and can be called happiness, peaceful, but described up until now I never have a similar feeling.
OBE dream from Turkey.  Contributor is Muslim.  Non-Western experience.

Peggy V Experience  6/30/14 This time I also floated through the sheetrock into the next room, the dining room, and was looking down at myself. I awoke trying to get back into the body. I was in between worlds. My head was bouncing up and down on the counter bar that divided the kitchen from the dining room. I watched it and remember the feeling of not being able to control my own head on my body.
Several experiences.

Tony W Experience  6/30/14   I was asleep in bed when I seemed to be transported to a derelict high set house that had rotten floors and walls, I remember saying to myself surely I have not exchanged my home for this place I looked around and even though it was dark I could see that the whole place was rotten. The next thing it seemed like a whooshing sound and I was back in bed and looked at the ceiling and the relief was tremendous, now the strange thing about this experience was when I told my eldest brother he said that he also had been to this house but on three occasions, he described what I had seen in detail, I just hope that this is not what we can expect when we pass on.
SOBE that started as a dream.

Michéle Experience  6/30/14 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.   I was on the way to Lyon, I was driving on the A7 highway and all at once, I didn't feel my body anymore, and I felt myself leaving to the right, outside of my car in a very bright tunnel. All this happened very fast, it was pleasant. I was aware about what happened and stopped on the emergency lane. I was lucky to come back to reality fast. I went to the next highway station where I took some rest.
A couple of unusual experiences.

Douglas H Experience  6/30/2014  My own experience in that tunnel demonstrated clearly to me that there is an existence beyond our earthly and intellectual dimensions that I must keep and open-mind to accept. I went through something really strange and foreign to me at a very early stage in my life, that I couldn't explain, but it was enough to give me an understanding that death is not what it seems, and something enriching is in that tunnel to somewhere interesting and intriguing.
Several experiences, including experience with ether at age 5, that helped lead this scientist to conclude that “there is an existence beyond our earthly and intellectual dimensions.”

Anna M Experience  6/23/2014  From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy.   My complete life proceeded in front of my inner eye like a movie. With this, I heard many voices and meanings of others. I felt like being locked in a box, helpless and without knowing how to get out.  Later I was surrounded with calmness, peace and safety. I very clearly felt the difference between my thought constructions, and the absolute "being". My consciousness, at this point of time of the experience,  found itself above my body. It was clear that I wanted to get back into my body. This experience clearly showed to me, that I am responsible for my happiness.
OBE that started with prayer.

Hannah M Experience  6/14/2014  From the UK.  I was in a most beautiful state of being where there was no fear at all, only love.  I was with a small group of beings (not sure of the exact number, around 5 or 6 is my best guess) - the beings were not in a solid form but made of colored mist, the colors I remember were blue and pink and peachy colors.   My body was similarly not solid but misty.  I knew I had to go somewhere - to Earth was my interpretation; I was not afraid but excited by the prospect; and I felt that the other beings (who felt something like a family or perhaps more like a 'soul group') were all supporting me and encouraging me.  My grief was caused by the difference between my experience of this 'before incarnation' state and the 'embodied human' state - I longed for the state of blissful, fearless love which I had been in before.
Meditation experience at a Buddhist center in England.

Cassie S Experience  6/21/2014 Joyce was four years older than me (about 13 at the time), and we shared a room. That night I quietly said, "Joyce, I'm a witch." I thought she would laugh. Instead she asked me what I meant. I explained to her what had been happening, and she unexpectedly burst into tears. She told me how on the bus a group of boys would tease her, knock her books out of her hands, kick her, etc. and asked if I could help her. I had no idea this was taking place and was infuriated. I asked Joyce what she wanted me to do. Joyce asked me to break the "gang"" leader's leg so that he couldn't ride the bus for awhile. I stayed up all night concentrating on it. That very next day while he was skateboarding down our street, he fell and broke his leg (the exact scenario I saw in my mind).
Episodes of telekinesis during childhood after a possible NDE or fear-death experience at age 6.

Scott T Experience  6/21/2014  A high orbital position above the Earth which appeared with the left side of the planet lit by the Sun, and the right in the darkness of night. The Sun was clearly visible as a natural star. This became my Home Point and still is today. Quite an awesome experience in itself. It has taken many viewings to learn about this point and the themes used during the communication in the viewing. How all of this is happening is still not completely understood, but it does... From this point the question of where to go next may arise. Quite simply, while one is floating surrounded in the darkness and volume of space, the NDE reports of 'seeking the light' or 'I followed the light' seemed as appropriate a thing to try as any. So from space there is one very big light to draw your attention, the Sun.  Now technically the Sun is physically, a gravitational ball of rawing nuclear fusion of no apparent intelligence, or it should be at least. The Sun is not just this though, it is such a thing in its physical appearance but it has a non-physical aspect as well.
Remarkable observations from remote viewing.

Natalie S Experience  6/14/2014 I quickly found myself in 'the other side' (as I like to put it).. I was in a place of pure love and beauty. The landscape and colors were brighter than I had ever imagined. It was similar to the 'heaven' depiction of the film 'what dreams may come' starring Robin Williams. There were trees and mountains and a stream.. I felt complete connection with all around me and I felt pure love emanating from the landscape/energy... By the stream there 'hovered' a beautiful being. She was not human but she was beautiful... Angelic looking. She had long black hair and was wearing a white dress.
Meditation experience that appears to have led to her finding a small breast cancer.

Martin P Experience  6/14/2014  From Canada.  It was, I was like an unbelievably gentle, pure, soft, totally caring and perfect 'mind' (that is an accurate word for all). A mind so light and so pure one becomes totally "in love" with oneself, and want to find out more about what that mind or self is. (To the point where one wonders why we come into a body after having a taste of what is real). It also felt like I was taking something from beyond with me on earth; the word 'message' is somewhere in these reflections. The lightness and purity of the Self or mind is so unearthly beyond this world that it is still today difficult to bear the violence, the impurities and the lack of care towards one another which is due, I believe, to the body. I earnestly and hastily want to say to readers that the softness and purity of the mind is also that of others and, as such, any description of who we really are should immediately have an impact on how we treat each other on earth. The description of who I am and what we are is directly involved with our behavior towards one another. So, in an immediate way, a description of who I felt I was at the time of my OBE totally and immediately implies my relation, the way I act, treat, welcome my fellow brother. I was always I very kind person by nature. But now, after having had this experience, I am committed and devoted to my fellow brother. I am convinced, by an inner knowing that is more real than any empirical proof by science, that we are One, but that the body separates us and makes us believe that we are divided.
Transcendent OBE STE.

Annette IF Experience  6/8/2014  From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy.   I laid down and heard very distinctly a male voice saying: "Now come, open yourself up, and surrender to the adventure....I open my legs, I don't know why, so embarrassing, I bet with "open up" was meant something different.... suddenly I see 2 persons in my sleeping room. Diagonally above me...like standing in the air, in fact not completely but only from the feet up to the hip. One had no shoes and a long white dress, of the other person I saw beautiful boots covered with green brocade, a part of a green gleaming coat and half of a sword, seemingly fixed at the belt. I immediately identified the prophets Jesus and Muhammad. No doubt. Instead of doing something respectful, I thought 'what are you Muhammad needing a sword in the peaceful heaven??? Why so much pomp with the clothes???'
An STE with Jesus and Muhammad.

Hermina A Experience  6/7/2014  From Namibia  When God said "I will just give you living water", he scooped water from the small spot of water which was next to him with a calabash which is usually used to drink water with in our culture.  I do not know where the calabash came from, but in this dream God gave me water in the calabash and I drank this water.  The taste of these water was sweetish but not too much sweet.  It was just sweet enough to quench someone's thirst in a very good way.
Two interesting dreams including encounter with God.  Contributor lives in a village in Namibia.

Sandy W Experience 2948  6/7/2014  I remember she told me "I know that I am well loved already. I know that I am very much wanted and I can't wait to be born". Again, much was communicated, but these three sentences are the only specific words I clearly remember. There was just a huge sense of her being incredibly anxious, excited and happy to be born.  I then went to get my husband so I could show him and introduce him to his new granddaughter.
Interesting pre-birth dream and aura pictures between mother and child.

Nadir S Experience  6/5/2014  From Brazil. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Alexandra.    Then something happened and I was transported to infinity, I didn’t have a body or even a soul. I was a thought, I was weightless and small, a golden light surrounded everything around me to infinity. I saw the earth and saw that our planet and all that existed in it was originated from the light which was alive, warm, soft, enveloping and penetrating all my core, trespassing my being. For an instant the light surrounded completely my being, and happy I wanted to join it, to merge in its warmth. I looked at earth and realize that I didn’t want anything that was on earth, no money, wealth, fame, travel, goods, even my own children!... absolutely nothing made sense to me, the light was enough! It was everything and gently the light showed me that without it nothing existed and I was loved.
An STE that started from prayer.

Donna D Experience  6/5/2014  These angels communicated to me that I have been invited into the house of the Lord, he has called me as one of his people, for me not to worry, that my name is forever in His book, and that the Holy Land in the natural world is not what matters, it is but stones and dust that in time will naturally disintegrate, as all earthly things do, but the Holy Land in heaven is what matters, God's kingdom in the sky, for it is eternal.
STE accompanied by angels with remarkable view of walled city.

Nena J Experience  4/13/2014  From Canada.   I did not see this place with ordinary eyes, btw, and I can't describe it. I was also always in the ordinary world. But it was heaven and not ordinary at all in terms of: spiritual beings; extraordinary knowledge whenever I wanted it; incredible joy at all times.  I can't really say what I learned (far too huge) except that I knew this was reality and the ordinary world was not. I also knew it is always available to anyone who would simply accept the will of God. Nothing else matters. I believe (now) that I had to come back in order to be able to relate to people in ordinary reality and also to unlearn family patterns I had adopted at birth.  Many people have described moments like I had (during prayer or meditation, particularly) but no one I've met has stayed there for two weeks. All of us identify it as reality, not a dream.  Sorry I can't be more articulate.
STE which cannot be well articulated.

Nicola E Friend Experience  5/26/2014 Michael said that he remembers me stopping for gas and asking the attendant for directions to the hospital (TRUE).  He said that he wanted me for his mommy because he liked my voice when I was speaking to the attendant.  ( I did stop for gas and I was kind of lost going to a rural hospital, so I asked for directions).  Then he said that he remembers that the parking lot was partially closed for construction, so I had to park on a corner and run to the hospital… Then Michael said the most incredible thing. He said that while his "real mom" was in labor, he asked God if I could be his mom because he knew that his "real mom" wouldn't survive very long, and he was afraid of being alone on Earth.  Apparently he was told that he couldn't have me for his "real mom" but that everything would be OK and he would still get to be around me during his life.
The most remarkable pre-birth remembrance ever shared with us.  Exceptionally detailed observations of boy about to be born confirmed years later by a friend present at his birth.  Nicola E did not share her email address- we are asking her to email us.

Joline R Experience  5/17/2014 I heard a voice say "open your eyes".  I tried to open my eyes but everything was blurry.  Then I watched someone slap me across the face saying my name.  I watched my head swing from one side to the next from being slapped.  But I felt nothing.  I watched as though I was face to face with myself.  Someone flashed a light in my eyes.  I heard people panic.  A few people were around me, they were deciding who was going to give me mouth to mouth if I stopped breathing.  One man drew blood and they had it analyzed for drugs.  They put tiny stickers on my body attached to a scanner.  On my forearms, chest and head.  One man said, look at her eyes.  All this time I kept losing my vision, so everything turned black, but I never lost the sounds.
Interesting meditation experience that included an OBE.

Sandy W Experience  5/17/2014 I had recently cut the side of my right hand open, during washing a glass. Surgery was needed to fix the nerve in my hand. I remember coming out of the anesthesia and saying, "Why is my arms in the air. The doctor stated, they were not. I reply, "yes they are they feel straight up in the air. I feel so cold. The doctor explained my arm that was having surgery done was out to the right laying on a table, it felt cold because blood flow was stopped for the surgery. I remember very vividly feeling like I was reaching up out of my body, half in my body half out. I wasn't afraid at all. But when I woke I didn't understand the feeling and knowing I was awake… It was so vivid, it didn't matter what the doctor was saying to me, even though I saw my arm was on the table to the right. It felt like I was reaching up out of my body, more real than what he was saying.
Unusual belief that arms were in the air after surgery.

Eduardo V Experience  5/17/14 From Mexico.  I saw scenes from other planets and worlds.  I saw a planet with volcanoes and lakes of magma and a yellow sky full of gases and vapors, I saw some planets with life, I even saw a planet with humans, their planet was different, smaller and the entire planet was like a city, and it looked more advanced than ours, I saw another one, like a big jungle with massive insects and there were like humanoid reptiles, I saw another one that looked like it was destroyed, I mean like wasted, full of ruins, as if there has been a war or something, it looked like post apocalyptic, and I saw nothing alive in that one, just barren land, ruins under dust and ashes.
OBE dream with fascinating observations. 

Cyndi E Experience  5/3/14 I was around 5 yrs old, I was on our front porch and a snake had wrapped around my ankle/leg my Mom had come out with a broom and told me to keep dancing (guess I was jumping around) and she knocked it off. I guess it had scratched my skin but not a deep puncture and my Mother started treating me (back in those days we pretty much did old remedies, etc.) I remember being in the bed burning up with fever and my Mother sitting in a chair beside the bed tending to me and my Father standing by my Mother. Around that time I could see myself not only lying in bed but floating above close to ceiling and off to the side, I remember seeing myself, my Mother & Father and my Father asking my Mother if I was going to die… I was definitely above myself floating close to ceiling, with both my floating self and myself in bed, my floating self did not feel physical but could see and hear everything, myself in bed (I think) felt the presence of self floating, and all these years I can not recall anymore than that.
SOBE at age 5 due to ‘scratch’ from snake that was likely a bite.  Shared 52 years later.

Marco Experience  4/5/2014  From Italy.  Original in Italian, translated to English by Fran.   At that moment, all of a sudden, I felt a strong feeling of lightness, I felt stuck and at the same time I was floating in the air.  The strangest part of my experience was that I felt a slight feeling of happiness and amazement! as if I knew what was going on and where I was, despite I wasn't seeing anything yet around me, because the moment of transition from the dream to feel shapeless was so quickly, the most surprising thing was the fact that my mind was traveling at a breakneck speed… I knew, with my eyes still closed, I was in my room, that I was out of my body, and therefore there was something beyond the physical body and over the death.
Several OBEs.

Walter L Experience  4/13/2014  Suddenly I found myself in 'another dimension'.  I saw a light, whose appearance reminds me strongly of pictures coming from today's space telescopes about star nebula (Andromeda).  It was as if I was floating in space.  And I said to myself: It's so beautiful.  There was a loving warmth emanating from this light. And it became totally clear to me, that we are all One.
STE while in a meditative state.

Sarah J Experience  4/12/14 When I was in my mid 20's I was living in LA and sat outside one cloudy day in the garden, again I wasn't trying to make anything happen or thinking anything metaphysical or profound, I was just relaxing.  Suddenly I felt what I can only describe as the top of my head no longer being there and I was suddenly above my body jut a few feet up, I could see 360 degrees all around me and I suddenly knew that these little chips of consciousness like  "me" were inside every living thing and that we are all the same and perfect, kind of like the light that lights lamps, the shades may make the colors appear different but the light is the same.  The experience was very profound and it has changed me forever.
SOBE while relaxing and ‘Other’ experience.

Doug S Experience  4/12/2014  I had a heart attack Aug. 25th 2007 at 60 years old… While squirming around in the gravel trying to get in a position to lessen the pain I suddenly heard a loud, deep voice, "You now have a choice. You can go or stay". GO, I thought “he means die!” I've never had a fear of death and intuitively felt if I choose to go it would be very blissful and painless and I would just drift off toward that light on the horizon. My eyes were closed and there was a bright light in the distance. I wasn't in a tunnel, but more like tunnel vision. STAY!  I have a choice? I then had a vision. These were like three shadow figures floating between me and the light in the distance. The largest and closest was of my wife Jeanne. I intuitively knew these were inspirations, or reasons to stay!
Remarkable voice and vision during serious heart attack which apparently saved his life.  No separation of consciousness apart from the body, no unconsciousness.

Laurence B Experience  4/5/2014 I realized I was too concentrated on maintaining floating control that I didn't look at the environment and as soon as I reached the ceiling I began to descend and I new somehow it would soon be over, I cant describe the feeling of floating up and down to the ceiling and back , it was amazing, not dream like, very different to anything and the sense was it was truly happening, I was amazed at the "frame rate" of my vision, it seems I was perceiving the room moving super smooth past me as I floated down, that really stood out. 
OBE while seeking to have an OBE.

Roger K Experience  4/5/2014 My first reaction was a thought, "Oh my God, I am not body". I continued to say the mantra, and my mouth felt odd, like it wasn't my mouth moving. My eye sight was like looking thru a pair of 2 foot long tubes and I was watching this from my location outside my body. I had the thought, "I wonder if I could have another thought?" and instantly, I had another thought. I did this three more times until I had four separate thoughts going, doing the mantra and watching the whole thing from outside of my body. Then a very powerful sensation of Joy, Love, and Bliss enveloped me and I felt omnipotent and omnipresent. I had the thought, "I wonder if I will go back into my body when I stop the meditation?", and then I stopped the meditation and was back in my body.
Meditation experience with OBE.

Michelle B Experience  4/5/2014 There were US military men and foreign military men that were leading the US troops in. I Was trying to talk to them and became frustrated that they could not see me. I then went into a camouflage dessert colored underground room. There was a map and lanterns on the table and about 5-7 high ranked officers. They were pointing out towns on a map, saying things like, "neutral area, escorts, and how many trucks were going in, should not be hostile area was evacuated." I tried talking to them as well but again I was ignored. I was then on a truck going with the soldiers there were large mounted guns, an each truck had 8-10 men on it. We were following a native military vehicle… The next morning on CNN they had said that the war had started. I turned and looked at the girl who was standing next to my bunk when I landed and while pointing at the TV I said "I was there!"
Remarkable meditation experience with OBE to beginning of the Desert Storm war while incarcerated.

Chiara Experience  4/5/14  From Italy.  I found myself walking (or floating) in a NYC street. It was night, I remember the yellow lights. The street wasn't much populated, and I was walking by a playground fence around a corner. As I realized that I was in NY, I thought to myself "This means that it's true: I have lived in New York City in a past life". I have always thought I lived there in a past life, because of my childhood obsession with that city.  I felt that "he" was out there (a person I know this lifetime and that I thought I knew in another lifetime). As I had this confirmation about my past life, I though to myself "I have cleared this up, but I shouldn't think of the past now. I have to think about the future and build it for the best". So I left that place, up the tunnel again, and I saw an alternative version of my life in a panoramic view. I could see like a summary of it all. It was basically my life, but with an alternative end. I didn't like it, so I left it.
OBE dream with interesting content.


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