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Yaron's Experience

Experience description:   

My name is Yaron, I am 24 years old, live in Israel and am very agnostic about my beliefs.

However, I do know for certain that there is, in fact, life after death - we have a "soul" or a "consciousness" beyond our physical bodies.  

When I was about 12 I started to take interest in the world of dreams. I got obsessed with my dreams pretty quickly and from there I started to read and learn about the subject as much as I could. 

I had some silly little experiments, like trying to remember how I fell asleep or try and stay conscious while my body fell asleep, and I succeeded.  

I learned about the ability to have lucid dreams - dreams in which the person who is dreaming is fully aware that he is asleep and is in fact dreaming. Being awake inside your dream. This state lets you control your dream and do whatever you want. Kind of a matrix world where you are god. 

This field fascinated me so much that I've studied it and practiced it for several years more, telling people about it and teaching them techniques on how to reach to a lucid dream state. 

I managed a forum on a mystics website and wrote articles about the subject - all of that was accomplished by the age of about 15. 

By this time I was aware of the theories in which people believe that while we sleep, our consciousness leaves our physical body and "wonders off", to let the body regenerate and heal. 

I don't think I quite believed it at the time, until I read about a subject called "Astral Projection".  

I was very surprised to find that people can voluntarily leave their physical body and decided to try this for myself. 

I realized that I can actually try and perform an "Astral projection" while in a lucid dream, because I am already in the wanted consciousness state, both in body and mind.  

I read about the subject as much as I could and got extremely excited about it one night, that I went straight to bed with the highest morale and will power I have ever had about something that I wanted to accomplished. 

I fell asleep almost immediately while I was still aware, and started to try and leave my body. 

I started dreaming and I knew I had to stop the dream in order to succeed, so I focused on my body. I just tried to feel myphysical body, my breathes, my surroundings, when all of a sudden - it happened. 

All of a sudden I felt like I was weightless, and I was starting to float just a few inches up - the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced in my life. I can not describe the sense of freedom and relief that I felt, and I know for certain that this was no dream. 

I have been aware in my dreams long enough to know what feelings I can experience while dreaming, and these feelings were completely new and vivid, unlike any other dream I have encountered.  

It was a bit hard to control my state from that point, and raise myself into a position where I can completely "detach" myself from my body, but eventually I managed to get into an "upright position" and explore my surroundings. 

I've seen my room, but did not see my body laying in my bed. Everything felt weird - all my senses were functioning differently. 

My sight was different, I didn't breath, though I could feel my body breathing, and I felt like my heart was going to explode, while beating in an impossible rate. 

Some minutes after that I started to feel a bit afraid - which was a big mistake, because fear is like an unstoppable snowball - once it starts it is very hard to stop. I heard voices and saw some very creepy things in my surroundings, only to find out that for some reason I can't wake up. I couldn't get back to my body. 

As I started to panic, I suddenly lost my awareness to the situation and I remember very little from that point. It appears I have went into a dream state while I was outside of my body. 

The next morning I woke up and I was so intrigued  by the experience that I have made a very drastic change to my field of interest, almost abandoning entirely the lucid dreaming field and focusing only on Astral projections. 

With the help of Astral projection I was able to explain a lot of un-answered questions about the sleeping and dreaming process. For example I have discovered that those dreams you have of falling endlessly and then waking up - this is actually your astral body or consciousness getting back into your physical body faster than the speed of light, due to a sudden change in your physical body that causes you to wake up instantly. Things like a sudden change of temperature, un-relaxed mussels or other interference to your sleeping body - can cause a sudden "pulling" of your astral body into your physical body, causing you to dream you are falling and then waking up in a very unpleasant matter.  

I have learned so far that an Astral projection is different than a Near-Death-Experience, because those two experiences happen at a different state of awareness. 

There is another way to leave your physical body and it's called an "Out of Body Experience" or "OBE". 

In an Astral projection, your awareness level is somewhere between the dream world and the real world. Your imagination CAN effect your surroundings, although not as vividly as a lucid dream, but enough to cause you to see things that aren't there for example. 

In an Out of Body Experience, you are much more aware, and you actually stay here, in the physical plane, and can see and hear everything that happens around you in the physical world. This is probably due to the fact that you leave your body from an almost awake state - you don't do it while you are asleep. You need to achieve this state with some sort of meditation, while fully awake.  

Every person I have ever told him that and managed to get him to try it - immediately understood that we are much more than flesh and bones. 

There is definitely life after death, and it's amazing.  

I have told you all of this though I am pretty sure you have heard about this subject before, just so you know it's really not hard to voluntarily leave your body and you can experience it without too much practice or time consuming techniques.  

It is completely safe and the only thing you need to worry about is your own fear. If you do not control it - you will have a bad time. 

But all in all, this is my way to prove to any skeptical person that there is life after death.