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I heard the show last night on Coast to Coast, loved it.  I'm sharing a very short version of an experience I had in June of 1994.  It's different from the classic versions as was sleeping in my bed, in good health.

Several of us had camped at a local lake, the weather turned bad.  The wind kept us up all night, catching tents and blankets.  During the night several of us had a philosophical discussion on life after death, reincarnation, etc.  I had expressed the idea that although I leaned towards reincarnation, that if it did exist, we might be on a karmic wheel with no end in sight.  I wondered if we were in control of individual reincarnations, or someone else was.  How it was decided, etc, etc.

We came home a 6:30 in the morning, I had cat napped at best during the night.  I made the decision to get a couple of hours of sleep before starting the day.  It seemed that within seconds of my head hitting the pillow the experience started.

It was unlike a dream as everything was crystal clear and I moved as in real time.  I don't know how to explain it clearly.  Dreams seem surreal and tend to get cloudy as you wake up, this was real and the vision was so clear.

I was talking to some of my family members, especially my son.  I walked up to him, he was with a group of people.  I said hi and started talking to him, he looked at me strangely and said he did not know me.  I said, I'm your mom, he said he'd never seen me before.  This happened with other family members in other places in the experience. I felt very sad and hurt by my family not recognizing me. 

I was then transported to a place where I was talked to by a man in ordinary clothes.  He was sitting in a chair with his arms crossed and to his right were three men dressed in white tunics with belts, like the karate clothes.  They would not make eye contact with me, they did not talk.  They looked at the man with his arms crossed, I had the impression that they were subservient to him.  I also had the impression that the man with his arms crossed was subservient to someone else, that there is a ladder of command.  He said I had to go back, I said no.  He laughed and said that I knew I had to go back.  He was not mean but he wasn't that loving either.  He was more like a parent disciplining a bratty child.  But I didn't feel emotion from him, other than the smiling, which almost seemed condescending.  He was treating me like a young child. He said, go, then I was suddenly at a threshold or doorway and was supposed to go through.  I stomped and planted my feet down, just like a young stubborn child would do.  I felt like my wisdom, age, knowing, was about the level of a young child.  Then I was somehow booted through the door and fell into a blue energy field. 

This is the best part.  I cannot begin to describe this energy, it was pure love.  It was a thing, it was tangible. I did not want to leave, ever!!!  There are no words that exist on earth that can describe this blue energy, no words to describe the ecstasy I felt.  I don't know how long I was there, not long enough.  I was then in bed, with tears streaming down my face.  I heard a masculine voice say, In order to have all, you must give up everything.  Then a chorus of beautiful female voices with one predominate voice said, Don't worry, everything is going to be perfect in the end.

After I was fully awake, I realized the remnants of the feeling of the blue energy were still with me.  Just a tiny amount of the original feeling but even this was wonderful.  This feeling lasted about 2 days.  I told my family and best friends, no one could understand.  I still did not want to be here and told my family that I would give up them to get the feeling again.  I told them I would lie down in front of a bus to get this feeling again.  My family was very upset and could not believe I was talking this way.  Now, in looking back, I feel bad about saying this to them, it must have made them feel unloved or unwanted.  But for 2 days, I was floating, it was like I existed in another world as well as this one.  And I would have rather been in the other one.

I realize my words have not done justice to this experience.  Unless someone has personally had an experience such as this one, it's impossible to relate.  I am not afraid of death, I realize that some of us are undeveloped, learning souls but I don't know why.  I know that life here is hard, it really is, but I don't know why.  It must be necessary, for some reason unknown.  There is reincarnation, I have no doubt of this, but I still don't know the real reason it exists.  Probably for development.  We have a guardian assigned to us but I don't know who this guardian is.  I don't know who this guardian works for. There must be a reason our memories are suppressed from life to life.  I have tried to really understand this experience but honestly I do not.  I can only speculate.  It's a good thing that this does not happen on a regular basis to people, the world would be in chaos.  No one would want to stay here, believe me.  It's not that I would have seriously contemplated suicide but some might.  This earth life just did not seem important at all for a couple of days.  It seemed insignificant, it was just exasperating to be here.

I am happily married with three children, 3 grandchildren, a successful business woman, nice home, never depressed, just your average middle aged lady.  I am not religious but am always seeking the spiritual.  I was raised as a good Methodist which I gave up after educating myself.  I do not belong to any religious organization.  I do not use drugs, smoked a little weed back in the early 70's, drink a beer once in while, that's it. I enjoy life but I will never, never forget this experience.

Hope you can glean something from this.

Warm regards,