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Victor Z's Experience

Experience description:   

I experienced something quite sensational last Saturday – the full materialization of Arthur Conan Doyle. He spoke directly to me in a materialization meeting – under controlled conditions. Five etherics (spirits) materialized. 

After searching consistently for sixteen years for something quite spectacular, this is it!!!

In my 16 years of sustained investigating mediums, of attending ‘séances’ and public Spiritualist meetings in the UK, US and Australia, I was convinced that genuine high paranormal activity took place only about five percent of the time.

However I am 100% convinced that genuine materialization took place last Saturday night (24th June 2006) in a materialization meeting in Sydney with medium David Thompson, a medium who was thoroughly investigated by the SPR through Montague Keen.

Like Montague, I too was personally invited to participate in the inspecting of securing of the medium. I confirm I was involved in securing
the medium David Thompson to his chair – legs, hands and mouth gag. All these were securely tied with one way security bands which could not be undone without pliers once irreversibly secured – these security bands had to be destroyed to free David after the meeting.

Half way through the séance a red light was put on and I went over to where the medium David Thompson was sitting.  He appeared to be unconscious and confirmed that all security bands were still exactly as they had been at the beginning of the materialization meeting. Immediately afterwards more materialized spirits talked to the sitters (which included professionals from the media, accounting, law, administration) (full report later on).

But for the first time in sixteen years I state with absolute certainty that etherics (materialized spirits) talked to us – and one of them, claiming to be Arthur Conan Doyle, spoke to me directly, identifying me by my full name. He gave me permission to pass on his message.

David Thompson sat in a small room with eight sitters without the need for a cabinet and the phenomena were incredibly powerful. The materialized spirits moved around the room and approached and touched sitters. I have absolutely NO DOUBT whatsoever that spirits materialized. I had physical contact by way shaking hands with one of them – the controller William put his right hand on to my left shoulder in an affectionate gesture.

There was a  variety of voices, some from direct voice and some from the materialized spirits. Both my wife and I heard a voice about sixteen centimeters (approx. six inches) from our faces which moved to a different position and was accompanied by touches.

I have NO DOUBT at all that their mission is genuine, i.e. to prove that there is an afterlife so that there will be dissemination of information about these most brilliant experiences to help those who are searching for some evidence for the afterlife and others who are searching for meaning of life on this planet.

A full report will be sent later on. When I have permission from the other spirits, I will then pass details on to you.

SIR ARTHUR CONCAN DOYLE'S MAIN MESSAGE: After a brief conversation with Arthur Conan Doyle which included a discussion of how ectoplasm is taken from the medium, he gave us a demonstration of the sounds made by the ectoplasm on dematerialization (a distinctive loud “wooshing” sound) and re-materialization.

I asked him if he wanted to relate a message to the world.

Yes, of course, he said. Those present could feel the emotion in his voice. We noticed that his voice came directly from the center of the circle. Other voices came from other parts of the circle. The message (summarized very briefly):

“There is an afterlife and everything must be done to inform the world about it”  and

 “I am saddened that Spiritualism has become a religion.”  (in context it was implied that Spiritualism is a science)

I am convinced that with patience and a lot of hard work, these most dramatic experiences can be objectively proven. When that happens, the afterlife revolution now going on will take a new dynamic impetus.

For all of us involved in proving the afterlife, having a materialization medium of David's caliber these days is PURE GOLD. The implications are enormous. Everything must be done to support the continued development of his materialization mediumship.

The future with this group? Potential infra-red filming. That would be revolutionary, capturing materialized spirits on film- first in the world!!! Any hints from those experienced using infra red filming in the dark please feel free to contact me anytime.

More later.

Victor J Zammit

A LAWYER ON THE AFTERLIFE www.victorzammit.com