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As regards my OBE when I was 19yrs old. (I must add that I consider it to be my first because I was calm collected and fully conscious.) However, I did experience what you might call a 'vision' when I was 12yrs old.

My OBE happened when my brothers, all five of them, where having their usual Saturday evening rowdy discussion about sport, football, boxing etc. I had gone to bed, woke up suddenly and found that although I was fully conscious I couldn't move a muscle. I read years later about the cataleptic-like state but not knowing anything about this I was, to say the least, panic-stricken. After trying with all my might to move, my left arm swung high above. Then with great relief I was back to normal, or so I thought. The strange thing was that as I got out of bed I knew instantly what was happening and I remember feeling very excited about it, although, I might add, I didn't look back at my body, and I never do, even after all these years.

I went down the stairs in the usual way and stood in the corner of the living room listening to the conversation and observing the seating positions. After a while, I don't remember how long, I thought it was time I 'got back'. The next moment I was fully awake and in my bed, no journey upstairs, nothing, I was back in an instant.

I then went back downstairs (in my physical) and noted where my brothers were seated, everything checked out. One thing I did notice when in the astral was my brother, 'Joe' walking in from the kitchen with a mug of tea in his hand which he placed on a ledge. When I asked if he had put it there, it could have been put there by any one of them, he said, "Yes," and told me to stop nagging and get back to bed. When I tried to tell them what had happened they just wouldn't listen to me so I gave up trying and went back upstairs to my room.

I don't suppose this sounds too profound to you but to me, the classic Doubting Thomas, it really set me thinking of how it could possibly be that I could be fully conscious with excellent sight and perception and, at the same time, be asleep in my bed!