UFO/Alien Encounters

UFO or Alien Encounters
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4.  Jarvis M Experience 2/18/17 All of a sudden, we both stopped moving and looked up at the sky. There was this opaque looking object seeming to hover and float through the sky. It appeared round in shape, circular, but I could tell that it was definitely an object, and definitely moving. I remember observing this for several seconds. Without a word being said, my friend and I both looked at each other as if to say, "Are you seeing what I am seeing?"
Saw UFO in the sky.


3.  Cezyl Experience 1/26/10 I hardly believed my own eyes; even after all I’d researched and seen in film and on paper. I was actually seeing a UFO, and if not for the fact that I was seeing it I may not have believed and probably would not now believe my own seeing myself! In my own town, and only blocks away from my own home. I didn’t have to take a trip to Gulf Breeze, nor camp outside of Area 51, as I’d previously thought (and was planning to do). The craft seemed to stay out of the cloud for only a matter of seconds, as if the beings piloting it endeavored to answer my call of letting me see, and then go about their business.
Several UFO encounters.


2. NUFORC Report 8/22/09 by Peter Davenport.  He does not know what the objects reported to NUFORC were, but does not believe that they were man-made, or of terrestrial origin. NUFORC received  81 reports for sightings on July 4th, 2009, 76 of which were for the evening of that date.  Eighteen of those were from the State of Washington, and most of those from the Puget Sound area.
Recent UFO sightings.


1.  Marilyn E's Experience  5/2/02.  "More than 30 people telephoned one newspaper alone to report a 'strange sight in the sky'.  We were not the only ones to see some­thing unusual!  But we seem to have had the best seat!  And to be in telepathic contact with our Space Friends again!"
Our first UFO experience is a continuation of the SOBE experience where she first became aware of the space beings .