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Tom C's Experience

Experience description:   

It began as what I believe was a dream and ended in a brief out of body event that, for one specific reason,  took it out of the 'dream' experience. 

I was 8 years old and to the best of my knowledge was in excellent health. I was on summer recess from school and accompanied my father as he operated a restaurant daily. He would close each day from 2 PM to 5 PM. We would go home and take a nap, rising at 4 PM to return and reopen the business. 

One day we went to sleep on a twin bed. He slept on the outside of the bed, I alongside him but between him and the wall. There was a small table next to the head of the bed on which were a lamp and clock. 

In what was the dream portion, I saw myself in our home kitchen, standing on the hardwood floor and listening to my parents converse as they sat at the kitchen table. For some reason I became frightened and began running across the room. I saw a small fissure in the floor (about 8" by 3") and inadvertently stepped into it.  

My body somehow entirely slipped through this fissure. This took 3-4 seconds, and once through, I found myself floating just beneath the ceiling of the bedroom that my father and I were sleeping in. I was on my back, but able to easily look downward. I looked down and clearly saw my father sleeping on his right side (facing away from the wall) and myself asleep on my back, behind him. My body slowly began descending while remaining in its same position. I descended almost straight down, very gently and over about a 15 second period of time, toward the floor next to the bed. This led to the part of the event that I've not been able to forget... When I was 3-4 feet above the bed and began floating sideways toward my own body, I looked at the analog clock on the table. It indicated it was 8 minutes past 4. (We were to have gotten up at 4). My floating body continued toward the sleeping one and when it reached it, smoothly merged into one.  

My eyes immediately opened and I looked toward the clock, but was unable to see over my fathers back. I got up onto my knees and looked. The clock read exactly 8 minutes after 4.  

I understand this may be of little or no consequence in regard to your study but in a way feel some relief at getting it 'off my chest' and to someone that might be able to glean something from it. I've not disclosed this event to anyone prior to now.