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I was trying to record my own thought in computer for a long time and finally I succeeded recently. My Guru and Guides helped me a lot to achieve this. They provided me with guidance to achieve this.

Initially, I experienced lot of interference from different entities. Entities will pass on their messages and not allow my thought to be registered in computer.  After many trials and requests to keep them silent during my thought projection practice sessions, I could register some of thoughts with simple words. I seat near the computer & I repeated short messages mentally for about 4 seconds and got messages registered only once, rest is blank. Any way this was a good start. I got the confirmation from my guide that I am successful and he said to me, �See, it is like a telephone talk!"  Gradually I could register long sentences.

Then I faced different type of problem. Projected sound files look acceptable just after recording, but was getting changed during subsequent playing. They were also getting changed as I emailed them to others to check and confirm. I am still on the way of learning how to get a stable thought projected file.

I have explained below, my recording and editing procedure. I have added recording photos of my laptop screen at different stages.  I have added some sound files for your reference. All of the recordings are projected by my thought words or mental words and I did not use any microphone at all. Following are the steps of recording and editing:

(1) Firstly, I open the white noise program of Sound - Masker software. I have used frequency as 1000 MHZ and amplitude set at medium. Then connect the audio output socket of laptop with line - in socket using an audio connecting cable. Now I open a new blank file using Gold - wave soft ware for my recording. I focus my attention on my eyebrow till it starts tinkling. I look at the screen,  press the record button in the screen and mentally think about the message, I need to record.  Thus my mind signal gets modulated with white noise electronic signal and gets recorded in the computer.

(2) Secondly, I stop the noise program and remove the connecting cable and save the recorded file as a raw file. Now I select the batch-processing program (basically group of preselected editing files) of Gold - Wave program and run the batch editing process. It takes few seconds and the edited file gets saved as a processed sound file.

(3) Now I open the processed and saved file. Do necessary length trimming and amplitude enhancement as required.

 There are a few cases, where human could register thought in tape recorder but I am not aware of examples of this type of thought projection in computer.


         1.  Thought projection in progress. 

         2.   Batch editing of the received audio signal. 

         3. Edited signal gives audio file of the thought recorded.

                                                                         25th April2006

Click the link to hear the mp3 sound file.

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