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Terry H's Experience

Experience description:   

2. Express in words: Yes very difficult 

3.  No live threatening event 

4.  My experience: 

I was riding my bike along the canal on the tow path. I was going to a birthday party of my young nephew. It was a sunny day and not so much wind. I enjoyed the trip. 

Suddenly it felt  like I was pulled out my body and lifted up. I didn't experienced fear or panic. I saw my bike (not my body),  than the canal, the place, earth and space. It looks like I was travelling at the speed of light. It started slowly and than increased to the speed of light .. I saw planets and stars. It felt that I was in a sort vacuum. Around me I saw the planets and stars. The stars looks like stripes because of the speed I was passing by. Than I stopped. I wasn't conscious of my body. I didn't hear, see, smell or  taste anything. I must have used my eyes because I looked around, But not with a vision or image. I understand "everything" . This is the hard part to explain what everything means and what I understand.. Its the meaning of live, death, space. I understand it completely but I'm not able to explain it in words. All those years I tried to give words to that feeling of understanding but I didn't succeed. My thoughts at that moment of completely understanding was: " Okay that's it". No philosophic or historical words just "that's it. I felt calm and peaceful. Than I went back to earth and landed on my bike. I didn't fell or stopped. I was confused and realize that the experiment must have taken place in a fraction of a split second.

I stopped my bike and sit down on the dike and tried to comprehended the event.  I was not able to do that.  I went along but didn't speak about it until a few years later. 

5. My consciousness was high 

Not a dream 

6. Separation not certain, but I think I was separated 

7. Emotions calm peaceful highly sensible  

8. No sounds  

9. no 

10. yes a beam of light surrounding me but it could have been the stars 

11. no other beings  

12. no 

13. no 

14. yes But it feels like I have another sense ( like telepathy ) or a sense not aware       of here and now 

15. ? 

16. Yes. Special knowledge. I feel privileged to experienced that feeling of             understanding everything,  although I cannot explain it. It's something inside my. 

17. no 

18. no 

19. no 

20. no 

21. uncertain because of my age. I was not fully formed  at 15. But I think it was live changing 

22. too young 

23. yes. I was selective in telling this to people. Most of the time they reacted positive an interested. Sometime they share experiences with me. But I never found someone with the same experience. 

24. peaceful exited full of live 

25. best part the understanding and the travel. Worst not able to explain it in words. 

26. No 

27. uncertain because of my age 

28. no 

29. yes. Al my feelings etc. were questioned.