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Terrance B's Experience

Experience description:   

Hi I would like to share with you an experience I had back in 1974. Like any other night I went to bed and fell into a deep sleep, this sleep wasnít like any other I have ever experienced. I had a falling dream however I fell into a large room with marble Column yellow and orange with blue grain running through it, standing next to them were human figures that was wearing off white robes and at the end of this room was a man sitting at a large marble table that had carvings around the edges, this man had white hair with a golden tinge, he has  ice blue eyes and his skin was of a pink and blue translucent delicate texture.

As I stood in front of this man he asked me, "What have you done with your life?" I didnít reply to his question.  He asked me a second time, "What have you done with your life?" Still I said nothing.  Then he said,  "Iíll show you."  He raised his hand then all of a sudden my whole life passed before my eyes as if I was looking at myself from a second floor apartment down on to the car park  below, from this prospective I saw my whole life in an instant . Again this man asked, "What have you done with your life?" Still I didnít answer him.

Then he said, "Now what do you think of death?" As soon as he said that  I awoken with a heavy punch like feeling in my chest, I was wet with sweat and I felt very cold all over. During this experience I was never frighten nor did I feel judged. The sudden reality of waking up was more disturbing.

This experience was as real as life itself one Iíll never forget. I was living in a town called Cleveleys near Blackpool in England, I have since returned to Perth  Western Australia. This experience changed my life, within months my marriage fell apart and I returned to Australia. Strange thing since then things have happened in my life that I saw coming as if I was shown it all before it really did happen but I never knew till the moment it happened itís as if my life has been played out  and Iím just going along for the ride. Thank you for taking the time to read this as I have only talked about it to those who are close to me. This experience has made me a more spiritual and loving person.

Reflecting back since my experience, my whole life has been a rocky road. I have been divorced twice,  I have raised two children as a single parent struggled to make the mortgage like most and I was married a second time to a women with three children one we had of our own giving the total of six. Seven years ago we divorced and she took half of the house I had before I married her and left me with a large debt, today I own a beautiful 4 bedroom home with all the modern features debt free, and run my own small computer business.

What I am saying is not about what I have, itís about having faith and welcome new opportunities as itís our own negativities that stops personal growth. My faith is not to worry about what could happen but what can I do to make it happen. Since my experience itís like I have been dropped in the middle  of an intersection i.e. crossroads and I have to make a choice what direction Iím going to take and itís this choice that will decide the outcome to the question. What have I done with my life?