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Experience description:   

     i went in the nurses office at school complaining of a head ache, i was only sleepy. I lie down on the cot as soon as i did i rose up went to the window turned and noticed my body was sill on the cot!  as i noticed this i begin to look up and down my body, and looking at my hands it was strange i was wearing the same clothes ! everything was the same except the fact i had no control over the  me lying on the cot! I walked around for a while in this state knowing i was not dreaming then felt drawn back to the body, i didn't want to go off to far ! i lie back down into my body and immediately opened my eyes!

Any associated medications or substances with the potential to affect the experience:  No

Was the experience difficult to express in words?  Yes

At the time of the experience, was there an associated life threatening event?  No