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Other Spiritually Transformative Events

314.  Graciela B Experience  5/1/2015  From Uruguay.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.  Immediately I was carried to the other side, I was in a type of  park, there was an intense light, I can't say if it was white, it lit up everything, but never dazzled, it was resplendent, the green of the grass was so intense, that I couldn't compare it with any other colour here on Earth. Then I saw my puppy, it was lying down, I felt so happy to see it, she was seventeen years old and had died less than a year ago, and I missed her so much, I cried so much, but now I saw her as a pup of three years, with black radiant fur, not as she was then, when she was blind and ill. I said happily “Yacky it's me!” and went to stroke her, but I stayed there and said (without words, just through thought)... but Yacky you are dead! If you have died then I am dead as well! Only then did I realize my current state, in that moment. Immediately I was taken to where the wise beings were. Then I realized they had had to go away from there to deliberate the decision that had been left in their hands. The one in the middle in front was still communicating with me, he said that in my next life I had to go to the USA, this caught my attention and I said the “USA”? He replied “Not USA the country, but one in another dimension above the USA!” 
STE during a dream. 

313.  Scott F Experience  4/18/2015 As I stood in the apple grove I was suddenly overcome by a powerful energy. It was nothing I could see but it felt electric and warm. I was suddenly overcome with joy. My senses became heightened. I could now sense the life in the tree's and every blade of grass. The warmth began to get more intense and with it a feeling of unconditional love unlike anything I ever could have imagined in life. I was at one with my surrounding's. I could smell every blade of grass, apple and the air was sweet. I could see the figure off in the distance, standing quietly as if to ' let me have my time here to take all of this in '.  Standing near the apple tree's I noticed it was getting dark. Overcome with happiness I then knelt to the ground. I was crying with joy. There I was ' Home' I remember saying repeatedly with joy to myself out loud ' I'm home. I'm finally home '.
Profound STE during a dream.

312.  Leeann A Experience  3/27/2015  From New Zealand  David and the other people were sitting on the blanket eating lunch and chatting, the boys were playing in the sand, I was standing at the waters edge watching the boys playing, my mind said walk backwards into the water, so I did, I walked and walked, I could still see the kids on the beach, I looked above me and there was water my height plus above me, I thought if this is drowning yes please I like it, I was feeling so clam just standing there, I asked in my mind, is this it? what happens now,?... then a very gentle male voice said it's not your time, you have things many things to do......when this voice stopped I heard my son Paul calling his daddy, daddy daddy I can't see mummy any more. and with that I stared walking back to shore, it took a blink of time to get back on shore to stand beside my son, I looked down and I was bone dry not one drop of water on me at all.....  
STE at time of suicide attempt by drowning.

311.  Bill B Experience  3/17/2015  My next awareness was of being in a long tunnel; it was a cave with red stone walls.  This was more than a dream, it was very real and yet I had an awareness that I had that life on the surface, in the car.  Surprisingly I felt very happy there.  I loved that place and the sense of time was so ... ancient beyond ancient, beyond any sense of time.   The stone walls had cave paintings, much like the ones at Lascaux.  What I noticed though was the painting were knowledge of the deep of our existence, and I could read the meaning.  Moving deeper and deeper I found myself happier, more ebullient, joyful and comprehending of this cascade of knowing.  The deeper I went the more it became apparent the walls and paintings were really made of light in little rainbows of color and not stone and pigment.  Finally, very deep in this place, I came to the end of knowing.  There is such a place.  it was then I turned to my right and saw this warm, most wonderful, welcoming, familiar light.  I was home!  This is home. 
STE dream at time of crisis in his life

310.  Elena Experience  3/8/2015 From Venezuela.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.  He accompanied me again in my body. The next day I did it again on my own. And this way I travelled for a year. But after a year I felt there had been much more and one night I emboldened myself and made a big mental effort (to get me going further through the tunnel, it was like falling through it) when suddenly I heard a noise like a “splash” and I was in a dark empty place, there was nothing except darkness around me, but just then I saw a point of light, far away and I knew, I don't know how, automatically, that if I prayed, it would come near me, and I prayed the only prayer I knew the “Our father” and I repeated it until the light came look for me and I was in the cone of light. Without thinking, I walked to the source of the light I got close to it, and I felt it put it's hand on my shoulder, although it wasn't like this, because I was frightened that I didn't have a shoulder, and they said to me “No you can't continue because if you go any further you won't be able to return” in an instant I knew, that if I went where I was going, some form of energy would spread me into all other energies.  
Many NDE-like dreams.

309.  Phil F Experience  3/4/2015 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  I felt good, quiet, then this calmness intensified softly, but more and more. Then things get very difficult to explain, I felt being in an INDESCRIBABLE happiness, a serenity, a real IMMENSE happiness. There was love that filled me more and more. At the same time I started to know many things, and the longer it continued the more I understood, like a kind of puzzle that was rebuilding in front of me. For all questions that I asked myself, I instantly got the answer, that came to me as an evidence, and this knowing was filling me with still more joy. I really felt good, and was extremely lucid.  
STE from France.   

308.  Ulla B Experience  2/28/2015 From Denmark.  Original in Danish, translated to English by Mette Line.  I saw brief images of my life. This part of the experience is unclear – I don’t recall the details, only the feeling I had, that nothing really mattered, and that I shouldn’t spend time on it. The most important thing in life, the only important thing was love for other people, the love that encompasses us. Giving and receiving love from others, as well as offering and wanting to offer forgiveness. Living in the moment – joy in what we see and experience. The Light – God’s love felt warm and vibrated throughout my “body”.  
STE from a NDE-like OBE.

307.  Eeva-Kaisa R Experience  2/21/2015 From Finland It was totally dark. The darkness was warm and heavy, pressure-like. Like water around me. It was full of meaning, heavy with all the meaning of life. I felt a presence of a huge, solid wall. I was not close to the wall, but it was there. I knew it was the Wall between life and death. The edge of life. It was not open to me. I was taken there to understand that there is a limit to pain. Pain is not infinite. Pain is something that belongs to life. To this world. When life is over, pain will be over. Behind the Wall there is no pain.
STE at time of their life when they were in great pain due to liver failure. 

306.  Seva H Experience  2/15/2015  Then in less than a blink of an eye I was out of my body and was behind it.  My perspective was of being several feet back, even though I was hovering near the kitchen wall behind my body, which was only maybe 3 feet away.  I say this because everything seemed farther away.  I sensed that I was formless, but orb like, like a clear small orb, or spark.  Yet I felt huge somehow, but in a way that is difficult to describe.  I immediately remembered that this perspective was the real me (like waking up from a dream and remembering that you are the real you, not the dream you). I could see the entire kitchen and everyone standing around, and I noticed my body standing away from me and yet I felt absolutely no connection to it.  I do not mean only that I had no emotional connection to it, which I didn’t, but that I had no bodily sensations at all, nor would I be able to control it’s movements.  And my vision was not connected to my body in any way.  As a matter of fact, I could not see what the eyes of my body were seeing.
Interesting SOBE while standing in the kitchen with others around.

305.  Robert S Experience  2/15/2015  We also asked for the free will to decide if each of us would help or hurt one another. And we are the ones interpreting discipline for judgment and punishment. The song tells us that we've asked for independence from our Creator. But no Creator or parent would give up on an erring child after a mistake or two. We don't remember because of His forgiveness.
STE at a critical time during his life.

304.  Darian Q Experience  2/10/2015 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  Calmly I thought by myself that this light was supernatural, and that it probably was the manifestation of a divine presence, but that this visit after all was quite logical, as we were being told about God. I had the impression that this revelation was a personal chance. But I had not the time to linger on this subject, nor to try to know if the others saw the light also. So after my deduction it seemed normal to me, not to keep interested anymore in this, and to concentrate again on the words of the catechist, as you would do after the arrival of a latecomer. I even noted by myself, that having divine powers, it would beat everything having missed the beginning of the lesson! I was wrong, this presence wasn't too late, the moment was selected, as the lady would soon say something important.
Very in-depth spiritual experience, espesically for a 5 year old. 

303.  Sallyan G Experience  2/10/2015 From the UK.  In that moment I saw that I was a mirror image of Jesus and as I looked into his eyes I saw my Father God and I remembered everything. I ran into his arms and we bear hugged. It was like a scene from the prodigal son. The emotion was nothing to compare with on earth. Incredible. There were no words and o questions just deep peace and I had no memory of the world or the body I had just left. It was like it never existed. It was like I just woke from a dream. We walked hand in hand and sat down by a babbling brook and dipped our bare feet in the water. Father was skimming stones when suddenly we disappeared completely. I cannot speak of this time I just do not know what happened. Sometime later we were back on the banks of the brook and the Father gave me a healing wand and said this is a symbol of what you are on earth. You are a healer like me.
Life-long atheist STE.  Stunning encounter with Jesus and God.

302.  Mindy S Experience  2/10/2015 I closed my eyes, went into a place preparing to pray.   I was pushing my soul deeper, trying to reach spirit.   Instantly, I was out of my body.   I felt myself rising to another dimension, somewhere above the universe, in the navy blue sky with stars.   My first thought was, this is where I’m from.   This is my home and I knew I was home.   The next thing I heard (telepathically), was, ‘he knows every hair on your head, Mindy, every moment matters and where it matters is in your soul, that’s what counts.’ When he said every moment matters, immediately all pain of a lifetime drained from the top of my head, started draining down and I was filled with what I can only describe as the most amazing liquid love, internally.  I was then shown images of the sun, the stars and the moon. The moon started coming towards me, closer and closure. Bigger and bigger. I started to be able to see the moons surface. I then heard the words ‘God is the sun, the stars and the moon. Is the moon mad at you Mindy?’
Prayer experience at difficult time during life.

301.  Stevanie B Experience  2/10/2015  The reason I think this is a significant psychic event is the way that it just BAM suddenly appeared in my life after praying for it consistently for so long.  Something popped open between me and my higher self with this head tingling thing.  It is like a little inner electric fence I have, so that I will always know when I'm crossing the line into unkind and unloving areas of thought.  This was the goal I was seeking at the time I was praying for this.
Prayer experience with remarkable outcome.

300.  Russell R Experience  2/1/2015 Turning back over my right shoulder to look up, I saw a being in a long white flowing robe standing in the air a few inches off the ground. His hands were exposed a little above his wrists and his robe’s hem touched the tops of his feet. A glorious, but non-blinding white light brighter than the sun, radiated from his being, flooding the surrounding grove. His radiance was brightest nearest his personage. His thick hair, white and shoulder length, was neatly groomed and he wore a full, white, neatly trimmed beard. His most striking and curious feature to me was his eyes, which seemed to appear as if they were on fire and yet they were not. Remember, this was how I perceived the Savior’s eye’s as an eight year old.
Baptized into the Mormon church at age 8, and shortly after had an STE dream.  Interesting to note the strong Mormon influence in the dream, and the difference in his encounter with Jesus and NDE descriptions of encountering Jesus.  Exceptionally long account and fundamentalist in tone.

299.  Jenny Experience  12/18/2014 From Australia.  It was beautiful, I felt such a sense of warmth, no pain, just 'at home', so peaceful. Then writing appeared before my vision, it is hard to describe, like scrolls of printing without a typewriter, rolls and rolls. And all of the knowledge of the universe was there, and I had all of the knowledge of the universe. The answers to questions like 'why do children have to suffer?' etc. And I knew the answers to these questions, and my response was 'so that's why', and I felt at peace with the answer, even though in my earthly life I wouldn't have understood. And then I was back in my hospital bed, in the coma, hearing things around me, but unable to communicate.
STE while in induced coma during undiagnosed severe illness.

298.  Susan D Experience  12/1/2014   I knew my body could not sustain this severe stress response much longer.  I paced into my kitchen (I was home alone) and stared out the window into the sky praying and begging for relief.  All of a sudden and out of the blue a perfect calm descended on me and I heard these simple words clearly in my head: "IT IS NOT TIME.  JUST BE."  From that time on I was fine--perfectly calm and my heart stopped racing.  I was almost happy, even. It was simple, yet amazingly profound. I knew everything was ok.  I felt that God had taken pity on my distraught condition and loved me enough to help me. 
Prayer experience at time of great personal stress.

297.  Mary Anne M Experience  11/22/2014  My experience occurred during the day and I was completely awake. It was the day after a terrible rollover accident in which my sister was critically injured. I had come out of the accident unscathed, perhaps because I was the driver and had the steering wheel to hold onto. I was lying on my bed, completely distraught for my sister and her recovery. I also felt horribly responsible for her injuries. I lay there and prayed to the Creator for her recovery and for forgiveness. This is what happened next. I was struck by a jolt of total awareness. It happened in a split second. It was a complete knowing of the Universe and its purpose, of my part in the fabric of all things. The perpetual struggle is that it is impossible to find human words to begin to describe the amount of knowledge I was given and the comfort I received. I knew my sister would be ok. I knew I was not at fault.
Prayer experience with resolution of her guilt about a traffic accident in which she was the driver and her sister was seriously injured.

296.  Flora O Experience  11/8/2014 Upon leaving my body, I shot through the Universe.  I did not see a tunnel.  I saw stars and galaxies while flying at what felt like the speed of light as I went towards the light. I did this each time this happened, four in total.  When I reached the light, Time changed.  I could not tell from the moment of leaving how long each of these experiences lasted, because there was " no time". People refer to this as "Heaven" but when I arrived I "knew" instantly that I was Home!  It isn't a "place" it's a vibration of Unconditional Love. There are NO Earthly terms to describe the Ecstasy felt upon arriving.  It's all Love!
Detailed STE at time she was considering suicide.  States went unconscious, but no life-threatening event documented.  Possible NDE.

295.  Dennis M Experience  11/1/2014 From the Netherlands As my eyes took in the sight and I experienced the awe and the reverie of this mystical place my mind expanded. There are really no words fit to describe the feeling. It was as if I transcended the trees, the world and everything. I was flooded with love and warmth, like simultaneously experiencing every good feeling it is possible to feel, multiplied by a thousand. With the all-encompassing Love came a feeling of understanding that everything was 100% OK. Everything was in God's hands, the trees the land, the air, the animals, all people, everything. This feeling is like bathing in liquid distilled trust. In that moment I felt complete and completely loved… Later I realized that I had set out to find the source of 'our' stream and found the Source of everything...
STE in beautiful forest in New Zealand at age 11.  He later became a pastor.

294.  George N Experiences  8/23/2014 I then looked down and saw a small house on top of a hill.  There was a man and his wife and children (who were unidentified).  They were all working together for the benefit of each other and their family.  There seemed to be a very profound message that I received at that instance where I just knew with every cell of my body that this was the purpose of life.  There was nothing more, but this was enormously significant.  In my entire life I never since felt a truth in such a powerful way.  There was one other truth that accompanied this vision.  And that was that I was totally inconsequential.  I was nothing, like a grain of sand on a beach that stretched for miles -- and yet I was at the same time enormously important and significant.  So much so that without me, "the grain of sand,” the beach could not exist.  This event was the much more powerful than the first. I felt an overwhelming sense of bliss afterwards.  It remained for hours if not days.
STEs at age 17 and 19.  Shared at age 65.

293.  Nathalie Experience  8/18/2014 From France.  Original in French, translated into English by Marguy.  I was at the point of waking up when everything started... I found myself above myself in a split second, then in another completely unknown place. The feeling was that everything was light, easy to move. This place was like a dark corridor, and exactly in front of me a white light, brilliant, calming, reassuring, but above all loving.  I was like drawn towards this light, so I decided to advance close to, then a man, I would rather say a male voice talked to me, (I heard but I didn't see). He talked to me  very gracefully and above all with love, a language that we have not down here. Both we were alone. I remember that I was searching for my hands, my feet, but to no avail, moreover this didn't worry me a bit. I understood that there was only my spirit or my soul...I remember that I was pleading with this soul to let me stay.
STE in both English and in French.

292.  Yvonne Experience  8/16/2014 He then said to me (everything is telepathically in heaven) "I have so much love for humanity, I have so much love for my babies (meaning us)” and I said I understood. He went on: "I want to show you how much" He took my 'heart' or my being, my identity, the energy that is me and he merged it, blend it, with His heart and for a moment we were One. I could feel all His feelings of love, It was mind blowing - Waves of love, of energy, millions of love related emotions, light, power love. So strong that I became Him. I was Jesus, the same way I was Yvonne, feeling every atom of this powerful heavenly explosion of love for lack of better words.
STE at time of extreme emotional distress and desire to stop living.

291.  Janet G Experience 2968  8/9/2014 I felt my ability to trust come flying back to me and my head/being went into another dimension and I had a life review and met and completed my contract. It was all good. I understood why I had chosen the life I did up until that point and why I had suffered under a drug addiction, with all of the attending problems that goes with that. I was in recovery for a year and a half before this day and did some meth on this day after being clean for some time. When I got clean I made a full commitment to my healing journey, so using was not a part of my life anymore. The rest of the day I was very much in a different in a different world. Instant manifestation happening.
STE with important insights about her life and drug addiction.

290.  Nancy S Experiences  8/3/2014 at 10 years old, I was attending a darkened theater where my church was being held. hymns were being sung and suddenly as I looked at the stage, the heavy velvet curtains were automatically lifted to the left corner of the stage and I was suddenly engulfed in a beautiful garden, on the side of a grassy hill. there were beautiful and exotic crystal life flowers, of colors not of this earth. I had never seen such gorgeous flowers that looked like they were made of glass. I was astonished and could not take my eyes off of them. suddenly, the most indescribable feeling of unconditional love swept toward me in the garden and a voice told me that I was loved. When this love moved away from me and did not return, I was very sad for a long while. time was non existent. 
Multiple STEs over decades.

289.  Mary D Experience  8/3/2014  When my focus went to the field of particles I kind of had the thought "what is this?" which was immediately answered with, this is the tiniest particle. This is what matter comes from. This is love expressed as material. This is what everything is constructed from. This love, this love expressed as matter, is what the universe is made out of. This is love, this is God's love. Each physical piece of it is love and consciousness and the space between is love consciousness and infinite knowledge infinite information. This is what you did not know yet. This thing, this is it, this is the bridge between my love unexpressed and you. This is the bridge between all that energy unexpressed in the void and you, this field.
Exceptional STE while operating a vehicle.  Multiple insights, including insights into the tinniest particle that composes matter.

288.  Sue B Experience  7/19/2014 One minute I was sweeping a floor and the next I was in another dimension.  I was completely overcome and words can never describe what I experienced but I will try. There was complete love.  I just stopped and gasped. I looked up swathed and surrounded by complete and utter, deep and abiding love.  I also knew everything there was to know.  Everything was completely clear. All my questions were answered, all knowledge was there.  It was very powerful. I was in a dimension that was pure love.  In front of me was a broad golden path and at the end of it on a golden throne I knew was the 'omnipotent power'.  I couldn't see him except for a glow and a wonderful presence because I was just at the beginning of the golden road.  I 'knew' in a way that was incredibly empowering and that I cannot possibly explain, that if I spent my whole life sweeping that golden road and never got further than just the beginnings it was enough. 
Sudden STE while sweeping a floor.

287.  CR Experience  7/19/2014 I was in a meditative ""sleep"" and the pinpoint got a little bigger, and little more bigger.  It was mesmerizing and I couldn't stop "looking" at it.  It reminds me of the good witch in the wizard of Oz. when she appears and it is a small bubble getting bigger. The light was softly blinding, but beautiful.  I cannot put into words the peacefulness I felt and calm.  When the light was washing over me I was a little afraid.  But it let me know I was ok.  and I felt a veil like a cross between mist and light veil fabric come between me and a being.  I don't know if there was one or two, but I was talking to a specific being.  I was able to "talk" to this being about anything.  It was patient and loving, yet I was afraid of it...I asked it I was condemned and it said no...I can't remember the exact wording but it was instant and came through a feeling of communication.   It let me know that everything was going to be ok....that I was forgiven and all there is is love.
STE at time of great depression with a markedly reassuring message.

286.  Mark Experience  7/15/2014  From Canada. Next, the voice asked me, "Do you want to go back?" It was perfectly clear that this decision was up to me, I wouldn't be forced to live if I didn't want to continue. As that thought-block unraveled, I could see that I chose to be born in the first place. I remembered the memory I had before I was born -- I was looking down on planet earth from this ethereal place, and I actually had other ethereal friends too, and we joked about how the people on earth were so forgetful. I could see the people running around on earth, busy with their lives, but many of them living very sad unfulfilled lives. But they were so caught up with life, they forgot who they are at the core (ethereal beings too), as a result living without freedom. We laughed because the beings that got born in always said the same thing, "I will remember who I am, I won't let the world make me forget." But by the time they were about 10 years old, almost all of them were so heavily indoctrinated by the world, that by age 10 they had completely forgotten the truth. We laughed at how some gave up sooner than others. I don't know, you had to be there to get it. Playful teasing.
STE with interesting insights.

285.  Anna M Experience  6/23/2014  From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy.   My complete life proceeded in front of my inner eye like a movie. With this, I heard many voices and meanings of others. I felt like being locked in a box, helpless and without knowing how to get out.  Later I was surrounded with calmness, peace and safety. I very clearly felt the difference between my thought constructions, and the absolute "being". My consciousness, at this point of time of the experience,  found itself above my body. It was clear that I wanted to get back into my body. This experience clearly showed to me, that I am responsible for my happiness.
OBE that started with prayer.

284.  Martin P Experience  6/14/2014  From Canada.  It was, I was like an unbelievably gentle, pure, soft, totally caring and perfect 'mind' (that is an accurate word for all). A mind so light and so pure one becomes totally "in love" with oneself, and want to find out more about what that mind or self is. (To the point where one wonders why we come into a body after having a taste of what is real). It also felt like I was taking something from beyond with me on earth; the word 'message' is somewhere in these reflections. The lightness and purity of the Self or mind is so unearthly beyond this world that it is still today difficult to bear the violence, the impurities and the lack of care towards one another which is due, I believe, to the body. I earnestly and hastily want to say to readers that the softness and purity of the mind is also that of others and, as such, any description of who we really are should immediately have an impact on how we treat each other on earth. The description of who I am and what we are is directly involved with our behavior towards one another. So, in an immediate way, a description of who I felt I was at the time of my OBE totally and immediately implies my relation, the way I act, treat, welcome my fellow brother. I was always I very kind person by nature. But now, after having had this experience, I am committed and devoted to my fellow brother. I am convinced, by an inner knowing that is more real than any empirical proof by science, that we are One, but that the body separates us and makes us believe that we are divided.
Transcendent OBE STE.

283.  Annette IF Experience  6/8/2014  From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy.   I laid down and heard very distinctly a male voice saying: "Now come, open yourself up, and surrender to the adventure....I open my legs, I don't know why, so embarrassing, I bet with "open up" was meant something different.... suddenly I see 2 persons in my sleeping room. Diagonally above me...like standing in the air, in fact not completely but only from the feet up to the hip. One had no shoes and a long white dress, of the other person I saw beautiful boots covered with green brocade, a part of a green gleaming coat and half of a sword, seemingly fixed at the belt. I immediately identified the prophets Jesus and Muhammad. No doubt. Instead of doing something respectful, I thought 'what are you Muhammad needing a sword in the peaceful heaven??? Why so much pomp with the clothes???'
An STE with Jesus and Muhammad.

282. Nadir S Experience  6/5/2014  From Brazil. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Alexandra.    Then something happened and I was transported to infinity, I didn’t have a body or even a soul. I was a thought, I was weightless and small, a golden light surrounded everything around me to infinity. I saw the earth and saw that our planet and all that existed in it was originated from the light which was alive, warm, soft, enveloping and penetrating all my core, trespassing my being. For an instant the light surrounded completely my being, and happy I wanted to join it, to merge in its warmth. I looked at earth and realize that I didn’t want anything that was on earth, no money, wealth, fame, travel, goods, even my own children!... absolutely nothing made sense to me, the light was enough! It was everything and gently the light showed me that without it nothing existed and I was loved.
An STE that started from prayer.

281. Donna D Experience  6/5/2014  These angels communicated to me that I have been invited into the house of the Lord, he has called me as one of his people, for me not to worry, that my name is forever in His book, and that the Holy Land in the natural world is not what matters, it is but stones and dust that in time will naturally disintegrate, as all earthly things do, but the Holy Land in heaven is what matters, God's kingdom in the sky, for it is eternal.
STE accompanied by angels with remarkable view of walled city.

280. Nena J Experience  4/13/2014  From Canada.   I did not see this place with ordinary eyes.  I can't describe it. I was also always in the ordinary world. But it was heaven and not ordinary at all in terms of: spiritual beings; extraordinary knowledge whenever I wanted it; incredible joy at all times.  I can't really say what I learned (far too huge) except that I knew this was reality and the ordinary world was not. I also knew it is always available to anyone who would simply accept the will of God. Nothing else matters. I believe (now) that I had to come back in order to be able to relate to people in ordinary reality and also to unlearn family patterns I had adopted at birth.  Many people have described moments like I had (during prayer or meditation, particularly) but no one I've met has stayed there for two weeks. All of us identify it as reality, not a dream.  Sorry I can't be more articulate.
STE which cannot be well articulated.

279. Walter L Experience  4/13/2014  Suddenly I found myself in 'another dimension'.  I saw a light, whose appearance reminds me strongly of pictures coming from today's space telescopes about star nebula (Andromeda).  It was as if I was floating in space.  And I said to myself: It's so beautiful.  There was a loving warmth emanating from this light. And it became totally clear to me, that we are all One.
STE while in a meditative state.

278. Doug S Experience  4/12/2014  I had a heart attack Aug. 25th 2007 at 60 years old… While squirming around in the gravel trying to get in a position to lessen the pain I suddenly heard a loud, deep voice, "You now have a choice. You can go or stay". GO, I thought “he means die!” I've never had a fear of death and intuitively felt if I choose to go it would be very blissful and painless and I would just drift off toward that light on the horizon. My eyes were closed and there was a bright light in the distance. I wasn't in a tunnel, but more like tunnel vision. STAY!  I have a choice? I then had a vision. These were like three shadow figures floating between me and the light in the distance. The largest and closest was of my wife Jeanne. I intuitively knew these were inspirations, or reasons to stay!
Remarkable voice and vision during serious heart attack which apparently saved his life.  No separation of consciousness apart from the body, no unconsciousness.

277. Janet G Experience  3/31/2014  I had a deep desire to feel the rays of sun on my face, and as I sat receiving this radiating warmth on my face I fell into a deep meditative state.  I felt like I was floating in light and I asked from a profound place in my heart, "Am I on the right track with my studies?  Is this light work where I should proceed?"  That is when I heard a loud, deep voice clearly say, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light."  I opened my eyes to scan the room.  No one was there but I felt a serenity and peace that I had never experienced before.  I remembered hearing that verse in church during gospel readings, so I searched to find the source.  I noticed that I heard the voice clearly say "light" yet in the Bible the word used in this verse if "life" (John 14:6).  This gave me the feeling that my specific question was answered.  It freed me from the box of fear and guilt and it freed me to study, be open and expand my practice of energy therapy and focus my life on service.  All of the suicidal thoughts left me that day.  Through years of study, I grew tremendously.  The total structure of my belief system changed and expanded.
Meditation experience that helped end suicidal thoughts.

276. Wendy H Experience  3/23/2014 I was cold with terror. I decided to get out of my bed, despite my fear that a snake might be lurking there, and pray to God on my knees. I think my prayer was really very simple, I wanted to live to be at least ten years old.  I became aware of a warm, comforting presence in the room. I could pinpoint the presence, it was unconditional love. I was wrapped in the love and felt a bliss that I have never felt again.  I climbed back into bed with my eyes closed. I had the answer that I was loved, that I was precious. The presence slowly faded, but the feeling of utter peace remained for a long time. It also left me with a strange hunger for the knowledge of God, even though I have had my moments of rebellion.
Prayer experience at age 8 from South Africa.  Shared 51 years later.

275. John K Experience  3/23/2014  I was engulfed in the most amazing sense of compassion and love I had ever felt. I had never felt anything like this before. I knew that I was being held in Christ’s embrace. All I could see was this warm, golden light, I couldn’t actually see Christ or the Father. God spoke to me in this beautiful, masculine voice, not with words but telepathically. It was amazing. God said to me, “I’m here for you, my child. I love you completely. You are my child, and I am your Father.”  Right then it was conveyed to me that God loved every cell of my body, every molecule, and I felt his love as though I was immersed in this tremendous ocean of love and complete acceptance and forgiveness. God said to me, “I love you, and I have always loved you. There is nothing you could possibly say or do to separate you from my love. You are perfect and will always be perfect.”
Dramatic communication from God while he was a novitiate in a Benedectine monastery and was contemplating suicide.

274. TyLeishia D Experience  3/2/2014  Three days had gone by and I was still in the hospital. I was literally and physically blind, but not declared by the doctors legally blind. I could see blank white light in the daytime and nothing but darkness at night.  I was unable to see any form or shape.  On that third night, while lying in the hospital bed, I was in a peaceful place I had never experienced before.  I was at the top of a high, effervescent mountain and I was sitting among one of many large stones.  A silhouette appeared and a mysterious arm draped with a white cloak of some sort covered it.  I could feel a mild and meek presence sitting beside me on the stone.  I saw a strange, purplish color that hovered over the earth below me.  There were several tiny lights, which appeared to be the light of many souls. I heard a soft, still voice say, “This is why you cannot stay here, you must go back.” I was disappointed saying, “But I don’t want to go back.  It is so peaceful and happy here.  Please don’t make me go back!”  I heard nothing after I responded, but I saw the silhouetted arm pointing in a downward motion below the mountains.  I heard the voice again, softly fading out, firmly saying, “Do you see all these? You must go back.” I could not figure out if it meant the tiny lights or the unexplainable purplish color I had seen over the city-like scene below.  I tried to savor that moment, but it was gone in a twinkling of an eye.   
Inspiration STE and power of prayer.

273. Carlos K Experience  2/23/2014 The whole of Heaven was loudly celebrating and rejoicing with me on my arrival! I was back!!! I could "hear" heavenly bells, trumpets, angelic choirs, laughter and all kinds of happy, joyful sounds of infinite gladness for which we have no name here on earth because those things do not exist here. I felt the unspeakable, all encompassing, unconditional Love of God for me. It felt really "personal" and because of its unconditional character is almost incomprehensible. To the point where I thought: "All this Love for me? Who am I? I am just a boy who grew up in a middle-lower class family, in a regular neighborhood, went to a regular school. I have no accomplishments. Never done anything remarkably special. I'm just a regular guy, a normal human. What I have done to deserve this? Is ALL this LOVE really for me?". The moment I finished that thought I was instantly "swallowed up" by this amazing Love. "I" was completely GONE! There was nothing but Love. No me, no God... just eternal, incomprehensible, indescribable, total, complete, absolute LOVE.
Exceptionally profound STE.  Among the most remarkable and detailed STEs ever shared with NDERF.

272. Pam V Experiences  2/16/2014 During some point in time, I started to hear the Lord's prayer in my head. At first I thought I was just praying to myself, but I heard multiple voices (men and women) saying the prayer. After a short amount of time, my heart stabilized for the staff to bring my husband in to watch and begin the procedure. One of the nurses commented that it was really odd.  I didn't think much of it until I learned that my aunt had started a prayer circle at the same time this incident occurred. I figured it must explain hearing multiple voices reciting the Lord's prayer… I didn't think much about it until I later learned about the prayer circle. After that, I AM CONVINCED BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that what happened was real, and that divine intervention occurred to save both my and my child's life.
Heard prayer during delivery when her and baby’s heart was irregular.  Recovery attributed to prayer circle.

271. Virginia C Experiences  2/10/2014 Soon I felt a shaking under me, a sort of trembling of the earth and a sense of "take off" on gets on a jet plane. The birds came alive with song and movement at the joy of the sun's rising. The light seemed to fill inside of me the grass stared to move and insects began to crawl through my fingers. I was PART of it all in some sort of celebration of creation and existence. It was as if I were a conductor at the greatest performance of the "Hallelujah Chorus" ever. I only wiggled my fingers and toes some but I felt a slight floating and inner warmth and a "communion" with God, whom I knew nothing of then. I continued to lie in that manner for about another half hour after sun rise. Then I heard my Mother was up and ran into the house to excitedly share this great experience, but was told to pipe down. I figured adults knew about this too but didn't want to speak about it. Nature became my church after that and I developed a sort of communion with the creation others didn't seem to get.
Remarkable STE at age 4.  Shared 57 years- she is an attorney.

270. John M Experience  2/2/2014 The sky exploded! The curtain had been pulled away and the fractal pattern of the Universe had been revealed. The data coming into my head was the equivalent of moving from darkness to candlelight...to flashlight and then to a magnesium fire. The fractal crystalline structure grew exponentially. I ""saw"" my family, my friends, my acquaintances, my patients, everyone I would ever meet, everyone they would ever meet, every energetic thing we've all interacted with... Only for a moment it appeared as a soccer ball before it became so complex that it would be easier to say it was a ball of crystalline fire. However, it would also be accurate to say that it was like an atomic structure because its volume was mostly empty space.  Source was still with me as I extended my intention to various places. I was happily surprised to find a friend, a stranger, a tree, a rock, another plant, another life form, another planet.  “Oh, you want me to remember that we are all interconnected. Friend, family, foe, tree, rock, planets, solar systems, galaxies, and so on. We are part of Source. Source is infinite and connected to all. Ergo, we’re all connected to everything!"
Remarkable STE after severe illness.

269. Maggie H Experience  2/2/2014 From Australia.  I see a women, a little older me, she has curly long ash blonde hair, she is on her knees and she is in great despair, I feel her loss and pain. She goes to the bathroom cupboard and retrieves a razor, I look at my guide, but he looks calm. He asks me "How would you help this women?" I am now frantic because she can't see us and her pain is overwhelming, I get the impression that she has lost a child. I say "I don't know how, what do I do, can she us? Then he walks behind her. She is kneeling and sobbing, just as she is about to break the skin on her wrists, he gently puts his hands on her shoulders, and she is now aware of us being there, She turns to us in Awe and says "Are you Angels?"
Remarkable STE dream.

268. Mark B Experience  1/29/2014 Outside the gates, I was startled to find that I had 360-degree vision, and that I could hear distant, whispered conversations at will.  Realizing that this "ultimate punishment" simply set us free, I rushed back to death row, hoping to assure the other inmates that they had nothing to fear.  As I passed the death chamber, I was totally unconcerned to see my body double strapped into the chair, apparently dead.  Of much greater significance to me was the fact that I appeared to be invisible to both the execution witnesses and the guards.  On death row, however, I found that I was visible to the few innocent men, and to those who had repented their crimes, while the hardened criminals remained oblivious to my presence.  Among the former was an inmate we all thought was crazy, because he was always mumbling to himself.  But as I passed his cell, he looked up at me and smiled, and I realized for the first time that he was praying. 
Fascinating STE intertwined with a prisoner on Death Row.

267. James R Experience  1/27/2014 My preconceptions of right and wrong melted away. I did not feel judged in any way, I felt completely accepted. Everything was meaningful in my life and nothing I had experienced was wasted. The only things that now mattered in my past life were the times I had shown loving compassion to other people and living things. Then I felt enormous, limitless, feelings of joy, love, compassion and empathy for humankind and all living things. I felt intimate kinship with all humanity.
Remarkable and transcendent STE while at the computer listening to music.

266. Carlos P Experience  1/27/2014  From Portugal.  Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Alexandra. I began to listen a very beautiful and unknown music, but very melodious. At the same time that I was listening I started to feel Peace, relaxed, and a sense of well-being as I never felt before. Something amazing!  I thought that because I never felt anything like that, despite my age, I could be CROSSING from this life to another one, in other words, that I was Dying, but the feeling was not of death itself but a PASSAGE for a much more pleasant situation.
The feelings and the music made this an STE for him.

265. Parle Experience  1/21/2014  From Canada.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  And suddenly I sensed a flow of ... energy, cleansing, love...( I don't know how to define it differently) picking me up, as if this flow was coming from the bottom of the vortex and took me up into space. I say space, because it seemed to me that I was outside my body and floating, seeing the earth, the moon and the sun at the same time. And at the same time I knew that I was still at home, as I could hear my dog who was sitting beside me, he was moaning for me; I never in my life felt so good , I wanted to remain for ever in this moment of rapture, but I also knew  that I would calmly come back. But during this union, this 'cleansing' I felt a message was conveyed; I cleary say I felt, as this message didn't consist of words but it translates as: 'the most important thing is to love', and I repeated this constantly while I floated.
STE after losing beloved pet.

264. Rachel Experience  1/19/2014  There was so much love beaming from the light it filled my heart with joy and peace.  After basking in the love and joy and peace the golden light parted showing me a blue sky and clouds.  some clouds had only a few people on them.  One cloud had several people on it and the man standing in front of all those people held out his hands and magnetically pulled the cloud I was standing on towards his cloud and as soon as I was at his cloud I was instantly transported back to my room and my spirit and soul still were not entirely back inside my body and I felt like I was walking on air and it took a week to get entirely back inside my body.
STE Probable Dream.  Detailed experience.

263. Michele C Experiences  1/19/2014   I can be walking, driving a car, staring out of a window and all of a sudden with no warning I am in a different place ( and no there is nothing wrong with my cognition).  When this happens where I am disappears along with me.  An example would be one time while driving my car, I found myself in another reality. I would like to think I was in the presence of God because that is what it felt like to me. It is definitely 'holy'.  I 'came back' minutes later, I knew it was minutes, because of where I was on road before the experience happened and where I was after the experience happened (I have no idea how the car stayed on the road and how it got driven). Yet when I am in this other reality or state of consciousness there is no time and I am beyond the five senses.  Words, information, feelings, understandings, etc. are not transmitted or felt in a linear fashion.  It's all there at once and you just get what your supposed to see, experience and understand and you KNOW it is truth.
Multiple experiences starting at age 14 of unworldly consciousness.

262. Michael L Experience  12/15/2013  Angels and voices spoke to me. I had resigned myself to death at the time and had made my peace with myself. The voices in a void or different place than earth spoke clearly to me informing me i would live and had a mission to carry out that would only become clear to me over time. The information I was provided also detailed events about my relatives that I found to be true despite they contradicted my prior knowledge. I was told my selection for this purpose was not clear but alluded to the fact I had lived a decent life and was a soul god favored. The one mission, which was not to be the main purpose of my life, was to inform people of my conviction and gratitude to god.
STE at time of liver failure.  Received information that he could not possibly have known at the time.

261. Joshua Experience  12/13/2013 Suddenly, the little girl I had awoken came up behind us. She tugged my sleeve to get our attention and asked the Irishman "where do I go now?" in a soft and inquisitive voice. He pointed toward the archway and said something reassuring. The girl smiled sheepishly and asked what she would find there. The man replied that she could only find that out for herself. She smiled and walked across the meadow to the archway. She walked through smiling and the light flashed.  Suddenly the tone of my conversation with the glowing man took a somber tone. I got the sense that this man knew everything, and that he was very familiar with me. I knew he loved me, and I knew he was proud of me for some reason I could not understand. He continued to alternate between calling me father, son and brother. I asked the man about death. He asked what I wanted to know about it. I asked "will I be judged?"
Remarkable STE dream.

260. Peter Experience  11/23/2013 From the UK.  He had a sash/rope/belt around his waist. He was above me. I could only see him from the waist down, I could not see his upper body or face. He looked kind of normal, just wearing funny clothes, like from an historical movie. He said nothing, but simply 'threw' his hands down towards me, palms facing one another. From between his hands came a river of fire that flooded into me and all over me. I felt like I had been hit by a lightning bolt or a freight train but it did me no harm. I was absolutely flooded with joy and delight and strange unearthly feelings like love and peace but so much better. All my senses activated and I started shouting 'Jesus, My Master, My Master!' I fell on the floor again and started crying with joy.
Prayer experience.

259. Germaine P Experience  11/23/2013  The depressing, lifeless scenery reminded me of my first glimpse of a Pakistani landscape when we drove from the airport to the hotel: dirt encrusted trees dangled black plastic garbage bags from their leafless branches. Desert sand appeared everywhere in Karachi, creating a beige, muted impression which caused me to squint when I went outside. Here, too, I squinted to adjust my eyes to the dimness. Where was I?  Thick, gooey mud was all around me. Then, just as I thought there was no life, I saw people in the distance. ""How strange,"" I thought, ""they're not wearing any clothes."" Only their backs, not their faces were visible, but I sensed hopelessness in their bent heads and heavy steps. They all walked in the same direction with no apparent destination. In their slow procession to nowhere, they reminded me of scenes from the Holocaust where Jewish prisoners were marched off to the gas chambers.  Unexpectedly, one of the men in the back row turned his head to the side. It was my husband.
OBE dream with powerful spiritual message.

258. Carla D Experience  11/17/2013  That this place is where we come from, a silver light that exists that consciousness of all and of one. I became aware that there is no good or evil, that there simply is being. I became aware that things that happen, like war, serve a purpose as a lesson for humanity. I came to understand the purpose of the human existence, and my own existence, which is to love. I began to think of my future, and my purpose. I realized that my purpose is to allow people to experience what I was experiencing, and to spread that love.… It was absolutely real. I have no doubt in my mind that was I experienced was real and not simply a drug induced hallucination.
STE following illicit drug use.

257.5  Gabrielle M Experience  11/17/13  From Denmark.  Original in Danish, translated to English by Metteline.  When I read the book I suddenly realized for the first time that I’d had an NDE and that all the time I was in a coma, I SAW things that happened in the hospital room from the outside, at the same time that I heard things from the outside and felt things from the inside. So yes, I was in a deep coma at the time, but I HAD been “outside” my body!  I SAW my mother and father and I SAW the nurses AND heard what they said. When they tried to take my respirator away the first time I BOTH saw it from the outside and felt it from the inside, but didn’t care at all if my body died. I didn’t want to leave that “place” where I was AND it felt physically horrible, as though I was suffocating. At that time I was closer to waking up, since I felt it all physically. That’s probably why they wanted to take away my respirator. While I was in the deepest coma I was being operated on, and I felt nothing at that time – at least nothing physical.
STE/OBE that was remembered after reading Anita Moorjani's book.

257. Christiane P Experience  11/10/2013  From Canada.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.   I'm transmitting my fear to cease existing, that if our course is not taking another direction we will be colliding with this SUN.  He answers me: (by thought) "Christiane, don't worry, all is well, everything is in its place, above all don't worry. You know death doesn't exist !" Then, I'm convinced, deeply convinced and I know that death doesn't exist. We continue the journey towards the Sun, that is aspiring my bubble. The Sun is approaching and when it's crossing my bubble, I'm enveloped in an orange-red light, I see the fire at the surface of the SUN and this LIGHT is LOVE without a word, without the possibility to describe its intensity, its strength, its power. It's a LOVE that surrounds me, loves me, letting me know that I'm of his  nature, I am Love, it's my original nature. There's nothing else existing, it's all that is. I AM, I'm at home. I know that I'm Love, that I come from this LOVE and that I will return to this LOVE. I came back home....
STE after falling asleep.

256. Paula K Experience  10/26/2013 I remember beginning to pray to God to heal me. I begged for him to take the pain away and I remember thinking that if I couldn't be healed that I would die. It seemed like I was in that well for eternity. The next thing I remember was waking up the next morning and walking down the stairs to get my meds. My head was still very fuzzy from the medication and I was telling the other girls that I had been out of my body. After two more doses of the medicine I thought I could be having an allergic reaction so I stopped the Tamiflu and went to see the doctor. I told him that I had experienced being out of my body and he said I had an allergic reaction. Well it was a very short lived flu because the next day I was perfectly fine, in fact I felt like a new person and I was full of love for everyone. It was so amazing because I suddenly felt like I had this big secret, like I had discovered the keys to the universe. I felt one with my creator and overwhelmed with love and joy and compassion.  Everybody at the center was astounded at this transformation.
STE and power of prayer at critical time in their life.

255. Salvador H Experience  10/23/2013  From Mexico.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Manuel.  I was very sick with high fever and when I laid down at night, I felt I was on another place. Without feeling my body, I was seeing a river and at a distance a woman with open arms inviting me to come close. I did that and when I hugged her, all around us was resplendent with a light different from the light of day. Thus embraced I was seeing how our bodies were light as well. I felt an ecstasy indescribable by words, something like that I had never experienced before.
STE with unconditional love.

254. Nora M Experience  9/17/2013  From the UK.  I had my eyes shut next and I saw my Maternal Grandmother sitting on a bench with two other people. She was wearing a red cardigan. (AT THIS POINT, I MUST MENTION THAT MY MOTHER HAD AN OLD BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO OF THIS SCENE WHICH I REMEMBER AS I WAS GROWING UP.) Back to the experience - the bench was around the edge of a children's playground and I could hear children chanting my name, as if they were playing a game.  Then I opened my eyes - I was still kneeling with my arm around my husband's shoulder. The pain had stopped! I felt such peace… I feel this was a 'partial' NDE which never developed because I was brought back from the edge by an answered prayer.
Prayer experience at time of painful delivery.

253. Brenda M Experience  9/17/2013  I could now discern that it was saying words, not just screeching, but because I was only three years old, I had neither the knowledge or experience to really understand what it was saying.  Something it said frightened me and I fled back to my bedroom, climbed back into my crib and fell asleep.  This experience was far more vivid and real than a dream and I have remembered it vividly down through the years… The event gave me a sense of purpose and removed my fear of death.  I am still afraid of OTHER people in my life dying, and I fear the process of dying, but I have no fear of death itself.  I KNOW that life continues after death… Although I am not sure what my beliefs were before the experience, I was so young, I know the event had a profound effect on me.  It made me intensely interested in religions, spirituality, etc. and I became certain of an afterlife.
STE at age 3.  Shared 49 years later.

252. Jonita K Experience  9/17/2013  From Canada.  Then I was shown what my life would be like if I stayed where I was now in heaven. I saw the difference and I knew as I watched the first part of facing the treatments I did not want to go back. I wanted to stay where I was. Loved, protected, surrounded in perfect love and peace. I saw what would happen to my parents, my younger brother, younger by a year than me, and my other family members. I don't remember what I saw but I do know without a doubt that it was far from good...so many people lost somehow, and hurt in some way. When Jesus was done showing me, I remember turning frontwards again, He looked at me, bent His head a little...like a parent does when sitting next to their kid talking about something important, and said now you can choose what you want to do. You can go back and go through all you've seen here, and if you go back you will have to go through everything, or you can stay here.
STE dream at age 6-8 during a time she was receiving treatment for a rare cancer.

252. Jennifer R Experience  9/17/2013  As I gazed upon these eyes I knew instantly that this was my creator. I was not told " I am your creator ", I just knew with every cell in my being who it was , as if every cell in my body corresponded with him in alignment to the past , present, and future. I merged with him, with his knowledge, with his love, with everything that was, and yet remained an individual. As I looked into his eyes, they appeared to look like crystal like the glass they use in lighthouses that reflected colors so bright and vivid that you became a part of them and they with you. As I looked passed the crystal into the center of his eye, it was as a gateway, a gateway to all of the knowledge that he had of every person, event, feeling, past present and future. Every sense that I had was at maximum 100 fold to what the body can accomplish, the earthly body in comparison was maybe a 1%. I knew everything he knew, there was nothing specifically I can recall it was just a feeling, I became one with the knowledge, if I had to compare it to an earthly feeling, it was as if, having amnesia for your whole life, then when you wake up (die) you remember instantly who you are.
STE with God encounter.

251. Amber T Experience  9/8/2013 From New Zealand. As I went into a contraction and through a contraction, and as it peaked and subsided, at the same time and parallel to it I went into a spiritual 'test'.  I realised that I was being put through an initiation.  The test got more intense as the contraction peaked, and as it subsided and I passed the test, then the intensity subsided and ended as the contraction stopped.  It was like waves rushing up onto a beach, reaching a point on the sand, and retreating back again.  I was aware that life and everything operates in waves or cycles, and cycles within cycles.  When you go through an experience, you go through a point which you have to pass back through to complete the experience. Each contraction was becoming more intense, and more difficult, just as each test was.  It paralleled each other.  But as I came through a contraction and passed another test and went onto the next one, then I was getting closer to the baby being born and simultaneously, enlightenment.  I had to pass each test at a high spiritual level. 
Stunning STE at the time of delivery.

250. Duana L Experience  8/31/2013 From Canada.  There was an open door to my left that I had been instructed to go through but I hesitated because I was torn between the thought of my children and the immense feeling of peace, expansiveness and amazing well being that is impossible to describe, that I was experiencing in the small room.  I did not want to leave that feeling.  I knew I was instructed to go through the door but I knew there would be no returning to my children if I did.  I hesitated and stayed in that room long enough that my husband spoke to me and when he did I was instantly back in the bed.  I was mad that he had interrupted such a beautiful experience… It is possible that it was psychological but how could my husband initiate this through prayer?
Husband prayed, and she had an OBE.

249. Kristen W Experience  8/4/2013 Then an extremely bright light came into the room and drew my soul closer to it.  I knew that I was being drawn into the presence of the Creator who I recognized as God the Father.  I could not see His "body" as He was bathed in incredibly bright light that did not hurt my eyes to look at.  I was drawn as closer to what I understood was a threshold.  Upon meeting the threshold the Father spoke firmly to me in thought "Understand that you have to go back." I consented.  I was immediately drawn into the fullness of His Presence.  It was immediate and shocking ecstasy of my soul as I was swept into communion with Him.  I felt as if my being would be completely annihilated.  He allowed me to experience this for a moment, then turned me away showing me all of creation.  My soul seemed to expand into timelessness and infinity and I became one with everything in heaven and earth and the universe. 
STE at time of spiritual crisis at age 17.

248. Miguel B Experience  7/29/2013 Original in Spanish.  Translated to English by Manuel.  Suddenly I saw how several silhouettes with human shape blue-gray in color were coming in trough the door. At least some 10 - 15 of these beings came in, truly had human form, consisting of men, women and children. None of them had a face so I could not see their features. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing and even thought that it was a nightmare but I looked at the clock on the wall and verified the minutes were passing by and that every thing was real and not a nightmare. I got very scared, I truly did not understand what my eyes were seeing and at the same time it was incredible to see something like that. They all set themselves around my bed and started to pray as a group. What I thought was they were looking for me and it was the time of my death. Next was to close my eyes and started to pray as well.  
Miraculous healing through prayer.

247. Karen M Experience  7/28/2013  In fact, it was clear that there was no 'need' for forgiveness - there was only LOVE.  I felt completely accepted and loved. I felt very safe. I heard several different 'voices' talking at once inside me.  One was saying, "Wow, this is incredible!"  Another was saying, "Whoa, this is too much!"  Another was saying, "Thank you so much for coming to me, this is great, but could you please leave now?"  When I heard that voice, I noticed that the Golden Light started to 'move away' or grow smaller.  I remembered reading in a book that believers can ask for the Holy Spirit, so I quickly added (silently, telepathically), but please give me the Holy Spirit before you go.  When I thought that, I felt a wind blow through me and I saw a figure that looked like me but that seemed to hold all my heaviness, go out of me or off of me, as if a garment were being blown away by the wind. And then the Golden Light moved far to my left and disappeared.
STE during difficult time in her life.

246. Paul R Experience  7/28/2013  From Canada.  Kind of like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz when she goes from a drab black and white world to Technicolour.  I didn’t know these men but they knew me, and they wanted me to remember what I was seeing and what they were saying to me (although words were not necessary where I was.) There was this huge red cliff behind the tree and it was full of holes. They said “the holes represented youth who had not realized their potential.“ I understood they were referring to youth who had committed suicide.  They told me “you know what to do about this; you can help eliminate this barrier”. Then I was back, and I didn’t know what to make of the experience. It was completely real. Later, I did research and found out that the two men were holy First Nations men from the 1800s: Black Elk, a Sioux visionary, and Walking Buffalo (George McLean) a former Chief of the Nakoda First Nation.
Remarkable STE with a message involving vision of Native American Sioux leaders.  The contributor is Caucasian.

245. Kimberly S Experience  7/22/2013  From New Zealand.  One evening I lay on my bed and closed my eyes, trying to breathe through my fear. It was about 7pm. Suddenly I was out of my body and enveloped inside a vibrating golden light. I think I was up in the universe.  I realized that my mind was apart of all other minds as well as everything that existed!! I was a part of this light and part of one BIG MIND!.... which was everything! I still recognized my sense of 'self' as an observer (the part of you that hasn't changed since you were 5)but I was completely connected to this one mind. It was portrayed as a huge golden light containing everything that exists. I felt so safe and AMAZING. If we are all the same mind, there is nothing to fear! For a brief few minutes I understood how I was a part of everything. Words fail this experience.
STE at the time of a panic attack. 

244. Alistair M Experience  7/22/2013  From the UK.  I heard a loud cracking sound like thunder in my head. At that point I fell through my body through a dark tunnel at tremendous speed.  As I fell I felt like I was also being spread out flat to what felt like the size of the universe. I felt one with everything and nothing at the same time. I had a vision of Shiva who was sat in front of me with all sorts of symbols around her that I had never seen before (I can't describe them to this day). Nothing was said to me but I felt at peace and a feeling of bliss was coming over me. It was a white light like nothing I had ever seen before, I felt unconditional love and pure bliss as this light engulfed me. A feeling of connecting into the origin/source of everything. The time scale makes this story  confusing to tell as there was a sense of timelessness, or everything happened all at once, or a knowing that time was an illusion. Another vision I had was that of being in space and watching 2 galaxies colliding with each other, it was very destructive but very beautiful at the same time. Another feeling I had was that I was connected to a ""database"" of everything that had ever happened and a fountain of knowledge was available to me in this state. I remember a feeling of familiarity, like I had been there before, wanting to call it home, a feeling of "this is where we all come from".
STE from meditation.

Maria S Experience  7/22/2013 From the UK. I still had a body, that was light and I was myself, but not myself.  It was myself but in indescribable state of mind or being, walking through this town of light, boiling with joy and happiness and freedom, in heavenly mood, and most importantly happiness for no reason, with no end.  I was just so happy.  I knew I am in heaven and I clearly understood that heaven is not a place, it was a state of mind… Most importantly -this happiness was not only mine, it was shared: everybody was happy there and that is why I was even more happy-because I wouldn't bear the thought to be happy while somebody else is suffering. Everybody seemed to be in close relation to each other.  It was like you are walking alone but you are not alone.  It was love all around, peace, joy and everything that is opposite of loneliness, and so alive… And if even I am wrong and was nothing more than a dream, I will die happy with the remembrance of this dream.
STE as a dream around age 15-17 at a time in her life that she was terrified of dying.  Originally from Bulgaria.

242. Lu M Experience  7/6/2013 The tingling and vibration kept moving up my body.  When it got to my chest I saw Light, it was very bright but not blinding.  The vibration and Light eventually moved over my head and I was enveloped by it.  I suddenly felt an immense knowing of Love; unconditional love.  I knew without a doubt that this Love had always been there and that I could not do anything to earn it or have it "abandon" me.  It was always there for me no matter what I did in my life or didn't do. It was complete acceptance. There was no such thing as right or wrong or good or bad. I also understood that this is the way it was for everyone! I then asked in my mind, so what are all these religions for (since this was a question I had been contemplating for some time)?  I understood that it didn't matter if I chose to be part of a religious organization or not.  These groups and beliefs existed for those that believed they needed it and if one day they didn't feel they needed this affiliation it was okay to move forward.
STE while lying in bed.

241. Joy W Experience  6/30/2013 Back to the light...it was warm, I felt overwhelmingly peaceful and as i was drawn into the light I saw colors that do not exist here, there was no condemnation, and I can't help mentioning the peace again. In Hebrew the word "shalom" is used and many translate it as simple "peace," but that is not an accurate translation. It means perfect peace, that all is right and perfectly peaceful. I would agree that is what I experienced. I also knew that I could just go towards God and that no one would judge me, and that it was my choice. I chose to go back because I had two young children, one of which has special needs and really needed me. I also stayed because I knew how terrible it would be for my husband to loose me at that time. Besides the peace and warmth, and splendor the most remarkable thing was when I was sucked back into my body all the pain returned, and it was excruciating.
Remarkable STE while suffering from pancreatitis.  Remarkably life changing.

240. Gena P Experience  6/22/2013   I heard a voice talking to me.  It showed me all these visions. I saw earth; I saw flashes of everything.  It was instantaneous thought pictures.  It was uncontrollable and unstoppable. I had this sense as I traveled.  The sense was of such a peace, love, bliss, wisdom, grace, beauty, and acceptance.  It was like I was truly being enlightened. I was enveloped in a such a strong, secure form, a love. I felt so loved and protected.  I understood and in that moment I saw earth and knew I had to return. From that moment on, my life has never been the same.
STE at time of personal crisis.

239. Rhonda M Experience  6/22/2013 My teenage daughter and I got into a fight and she ran away form home. I looked into the mirror and looked like a leper and thought is Jesus could love and heal leper he could help me too. He love Mary Magdalene the sinner he could love me too. I took a shower, out on a white night gown and prayer with tears that God would give me meaning to this illness and why I was going through this.  I feel asleep and floated through the Milky Way and the stars became angels and I found myself on a cloud with Jesus and he put his arm around me and told me I was his sister and he was my brother and I am to give and receive love and forgiveness and I told him I could do that and I woke back up in my bed and three days had passed…
STE during dream.

238. Chris L Experience  6/15/2013  I had never been here before and could not begin to understand anything that was going on.  I knew I was being taken care of though.  It was magnificent… In the moment of that experience something foreign came into my awareness.  I did not immediately recognize a sound I was hearing.  It was the sound of air passing through something.  The air that had been trapped in my lungs was finally escaping and I thought I might be able to breathe again.  I waited.  When the air stopped flowing, I dared to take in a gentle breath not wanting to disrupt anything in the process.  My cautious breathing became deeper, my vision began to clear and almost as quickly as all this had begun it was over.
STE at time of difficulty breathing at age 13 due to whooping cough.  Shared 54 years later.

237. Denise Experience  6/5/2013 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  During all this time , while we had the impression to make one with the infinite, or the universe, we both felt an omniscient, omnipotent presence, full of love.  It was the strongest feeling that we felt: the feeling of love, being loved deeply.  I do'nt know how the experience ended. At a moment we were together, eyes open and we were unable to get over what we just experienced and especially that we felt the same thing together.
STE experienced with her husband through the power of prayer.

236. Angie Experience  6/4/2013  I felt as if I had been away a long long time and I had finally reached home. There was  a feeling of peace that I cannot describe. When I got to the top of the garden path, I saw my deceased grandparents. My grandfather died in 1993 and my grandmother in 2010. I was extremely close to them. They helped raised me. They were standing in front of big wooden door. My grandmother was wringing her hands. She did that when she was excited. She was smiling this beautiful smile. My grandfather was smiling and motioning for me to come on  and saying "" well come on in, come on in."" They were so happy to see me and I was happy to see them. I WAS HOME!
STE associated with severe anemia.

235. Michele A Experience  5/26/2013 I knew that I was one with the Father and the Father was one with the light and this presence was the source from which all of this peace, love, joy, and light was streaming. I stayed in the light for what seemed a very long time. This was home and I was thankful. Then my awareness moved to a vision of myself on a stage, speaking about God to a large group of people. I was using words like ""salvation"" and ""revelation"". The man I saw before was behind me telling me what to say and I kept turning around asking him to repeat his words. After the talk, I was directed to a green room to pick up my small child and saw myself talking on a bunch of TV's. Then I was directed to the darkened room again. The woman came one more time with a cloth of burlap. There was a red glossy paint like substance on it. When I touched it, it turned into the words, ""God loves you"". Then I awoke.
STE during dream.

234. Gregory Experience  5/26/2013 From France.  I was driving home and on a little road by night, at one moment I just became more and more aware of the world and of my life and while I was asking questions, the answers were immediate. It was explaining my whole life even the sad moments like an incredible symphony. Like it was a song written by God for me and we were playing it together. That 'symphony' was explainable through an incredible mass of emotional layers and it was the most beautiful and most clever thing I've ever seen, felt or saw. That was pure intelligence, graciousness, merciful thing I had to deal with.
STE while driving.

233. Deloris G Experiences  5/26/2013  In 1967 is when I learned to go over.  No one taught me how to go over, nor did I have any knowledge of those who have gone over due to near death experiences.  I learned to visit over on the Higher Side, including going to school over there for four and a half years during those 10 years.   Now I teach others to visit love ones over there.  It is such a wonderfully peaceful experience over there even to this day.  All those I have helped (will continue to help) visit love ones say they feel more peacefulness within themselves being able to talk with as well as see their love ones.
STEs over many years after death of husband at young age.

232. Jacqueline M Experience  5/26/2013 From Australia.  Then a white being appeared to my left. I knew he was male although I could not see his face clearly. He began communicating with me, not with words but through thoughts, and I was doing the same. He told me I could not enter the tunnel. I remember arguing with him, saying: "I must, this is my home, this is where I belong, I do not want to go back". He told me I had work to do that I had not completed and had to return. As I begun to fight for my right to be there I suddenly found myself travelling back through the black tunnel at rapid speed… I proceeded to go and see a psychic who said to me: "You are so blessed to have been shown where we go after our physical body dies". "You must have a very important journey in this life time as they did not want you to take your life". "They were answering all of your questions". They did indeed answer all of my questions: There is life after death; there is no need to fear death for we never die; and suicide is not right.
STE at time in their life that they were contemplating suicide.

231. Evelyn S Experience  5/26/2013 It was so weird and fast but I remembered everything and many things happened. Without speaking we went through all the things I felt bad about in my life and I was told -again, without words- that it was okay because anyone in my position would have made the same choices I had. The mistakes I'd made were due to faulty logic I was unaware of. Then we were standing on clouds and across the 'room' sat Moses (idk how I know that) before him were all kinds of wheels or interconnected cogs which represented people and when one person made the smallest choice about something, it caused the cogs to turn  slightly which affected every other cog in the system. The smallest act by one of us has a ripple effect that touches all of us. And I looked at Moses and mentally acknowledged that I understood what I'd been shown.
STE at time of severe depression.

230. Joe W Experience  5/11/2013 And suddenly I had a birds eye view of the Giza Plateau. Empty and bare. Like watching a movie in fast forward I saw not only how they were built from the 1st stone to completion but the reasoning as well as the the tools. Every minute detail was *explained. This seemed to only take a second to comprehend. I felt a some disappointment. No flying saucers. No great revelation. Just a group of people doing there job. "How mundane I thought"  "I told you" my Guide said.
Remarkable STE with deep spiritual insights.

229. Bonnie L Experience  5/11/2013 The dull slow moving lights had to come to terms with what they feared judgment on, before moving forward faster.  But no one ever completely stops. Absolutely everyone returns to source. They stressed EVERYONE. Some sooner than others - They also told me what was going to happen when everyone returned to source, but I forget that now - I also know what source is but it it is hard to explain. It is not a god separate from us or one that created us more like we are fragments of it - everything is.
Remarkably detailed STE with spiritual insights.

228. Judy L Father Experience  4/28/2013  Then just as quickly as Dad had fallen to the floor, he all of a sudden got up from the floor. Dad told me he had been in heaven, outside a garden wall talking to Jesus. He said that Jesus told him that He was sending him back and to tell everyone about Him and that He was coming very soon.
Father’s experience shared that happened when she was 10-11 years old.

227. Mary D Experience  4/28/2013  I could only describe as a soft but roaring voice told me "it was of God." I could not talk or move. Time stopped. As this light appeared I felt this "love." A love not of this Earth. I have never had this feeling before nor have I had it since. I was told, in my mind, that this light knew every thought that I had ever had and was capable of remembering "all" of them. I couldn't even do that. Then, from right to left, almost like the stock exchange tape reading we see on TV, I was told that "Everything I perceived to be bad that had ever happened to me including being with this man was so that I could help others." The whole time I was being given this message I was enveloped in a "love" that I have never known and is not of this earth.
Remarkable prayer experience at time of criminal attack.

226. Frances S Experience  4/20/2013 From Canada.  I was very ill I had inflammation around my heart and my muscles were very week, the doctor thought I had Coxsackie virus,, I am not sure of that spelling,  I had been having unusual experiences, I thought I heard people in the house and someone cooking in the kitchen when no one was there. I was alone in the guest bedroom because I didn't want to disturb my husband with the restlessness that I was experiencing, I wasn't sleeping well. I felt myself slipping away when I saw a black tunnel, I thought I was going to die, when I heard a voice in my head say "the darkest hour is before the dawn."  I knew at that moment I was going to recover, obviously I didn't die and I started to feel I would get over this dark time I was going through. It took a long time but I did recover, I had to take myself out of a negative life style and get away from my husband who was being very negative with me… I felt that the information given to me was coming from a place of knowing that wanted to comfort me because I was afraid I was going to die.
STE at time she thought she would die.

225. Armando Experience  4/14/2013 From Brazil. They glowed with the same intensity that I glowed, but I felt there was a hierarchy, not a submission type hierarchy, but a hierarchy of purification or similar. There was also a light that glowed stronger than all and I could feel it was God. He was a little farther away than the entities around me, and approaching slowly and gradually.  Once I got there the first thing I felt is that love was everywhere. Love was everything. A feeling of happiness that words fail to describe. There is no way to explain the intensity of these feelings because there are no parameters for comparison.  Time no longer existed, I'm not saying that time had stopped or was going faster than normal, time just did not exist anymore.
STE from Brazil in English language.

224. Olavi H Experience  4/7/2013  From Sweden.  Instantly I felt as if I was floating around in the cave. It was not as if had left my body. Instead, it felt as if my body had been dissolved. There was no longer any separation between me and the rest of the world. I felt incredibly peaceful and happy.… The next day I went with my friends to see Gangadass Babaji. On the way to his ashram, I looked for the yogi and his cave, but I could not find him. I could only see wilderness, rocks and mountain tops… One could say that I was miraculously saved by divine grace, or by an angel.
Mystical experience.  Was saved by several people in a cave in the Himalaya mountains, but the cave an people were not found the next day.

223. Gina R Experience  3/31/2013  One night while I was "sleeping" a being of light came to me. I saw the entire room light up and I knew something was different. A light being approached me and picked me up off the bed and hugged me. The feeling was indescribable; unconditional love and information was exchanged without speaking. The being told me to "take care of my family and everything will be alright". After what seemed like a long period of time, the being moved back across the room. I could still see the light, and I asked if "it" was still here. The being replayed," I will always be with you, just take care of your family".
Entity encounter at time of need with a profound message of hope.  Also a mystical blissful experience.

222. Shirin S Experience  3/23/2013 A second later, while I was waiting for him to say something, a familiar-seeming presence whom I couldn't place, intruded into my mind, and gave both of us a highly amused, and very searching glance.  The man in the white robes immediately turned around and started running back, looking equally joyful, and I found myself caught backwards down that tunnel faster than I had come, and whooshed back in my body. We all collapsed backwards on our heels, and the friend who had been praying in tongues; had said she wanted tongues. and had thought prophecy was the greatest gift said, "What happened? That was amazing!  What did I say?"  The only person who had understood the language was the third person, the one whom we had prayed over first, and who hadn't been there when we were talking about gifts before hand. She didn't remember all of it, but she said that the other person had said "My people will speak in tongues not their own...Thou, child, will have the gift of healing." 
Remarkable prayer experience that latter led to incredible understanding and forgiveness.  Contributor is a physician.

Eduardo B Experience  3/2/2013 Suddenly those words were embedded in every level of my existence, my energy was now infused with the certainty of happiness, health, wisdom and love.  Next thing I remember is entering a vortex being pulled back by those lights and gaining consciousness back inside my body, thou I still couldn't move or even open my eyes. The nurses were washing my hair and I came back as they dropped my head unto the pillow. The pain and all the sensations of this world came back. My body hurt, I was in much pain, couldn't breath, couldn't move. I felt heavy and shocked.... but I knew that I was going to get well very quick and powerful enough to transform my body and my life. A certainty that lives within me now everyday of my new life.
STE associated with illness.

220. Richard W Experience  2/25/2013 I could see a throne and on it sat one that I know was God (by the way I never saw his face). He never spoke a word to me but he would point to his left and to his right and the area where he pointed would light up like a movie screen. As the area would illuminate images would scroll by at a speed that was too fast to see with one's natural eye (but I now know that every image was imprinted in my mind). As I was standing there in disbelief it seemed as if God knew my thoughts. This is when he spoke to me and let me know, "so that you will know it's me, your friend ________ that cannot have anymore children will have a baby girl”. In 1976 my friend and her husband gave birth to a baby girl.
STE with remarkable encounter with God.  Given information to verify reality of experience.

219. Connie V Experience  2/25/2013 Suddenly I heard the following: do not fear I am with you. It was a strong voice within me, I can not explain, it appeared as mail voice but I am not sure. At the same moment I heard this voice, the whole parking area became illuminated with light, not a light that I can explain, but from hundreds of cars I saw my car in an instant. In the past I had to look for my car for a while, but not this time. A total peace overcame me, I can not explain, all the fear was gone, I felt comfort and peace within me.
STE during moment of fear that was reassuring.

218. Suzanne C Experience  2/25/2013 I was instantly consumed with the feeling of love, peace, joy, and just being overwhelmed with goodness.  The ascent in the palm seemed to last for about 15 to 20 seconds, all the while hearing the whooshing sound going up, and my time being there, overwhelmed with joy seemed to be about the same.… I will say, I think this happened because the Lord wanted to give me peace about my coming death from my COPD, as well as, my husbands coming death.  He has had advanced prostate cancer for three years and hormone refractory now for nine months.  I think the Lord showed me and gave me a sense of peace to not be afraid when these things happen.
STE during dream.

217. Allison G Experience  2/16/2013  During the weekend, we were not allowed to speak.  We wrote, but did not share and were guided in the writing exercises to consider our present life, then to write about past events and then to write about a specific time in our past. We then picked a spiritual figure from the past time, imagined going down deep in a well and finally meeting that spiritual figure at an underground stream.  At that time I transitioned into an alternate state of consciousness in which I understood complete love and acceptance, a sense of oneness, no such thing as time, no judgment.  Everything and everyone was interconnected.  When I came back to awareness, tears were streaming down my face because of the power of love.  It was intense and beautiful.
Mystical experience during a planned journal writing weekend.

216. Antoine L Experience  2/16/2013 For some time, the being let me bathe in its light. I felt like the power and warmth of this love was infinite. Like it could do miracles. After a moment, the angel started talking in a feminine voice. The voice was very loud, but also very sweet and motherly.  It was short. I think I forgot some parts of what she said, but a sentence sticks out, that I remember distinctly : "Don't worry. God is working right now, in ways that go far beyond your understanding. Everything will be fine."… the angel made me feel that love had power beyond anything I could ever imagine.
STE in dream with powerful message of reassurance.

215. Jane F Experience  2/9/2013  I am a sphere, a bubble, maybe 6 feet across, and my outer shell is made of light.  That is my only body.  There’s nothing in the bubble, just my awareness.  It is completely quiet and tranquil.  I have arisen from what I perceive to be an almost invisible spring of pure Being, Is-ness, who knows only, wholly, purely to BE.  I am its child, and I feel complete trust and appreciation for its gift of freedom to forever BE anything I want.   There is a multitude of spheres extending for a great distance.  I know that we are all unlimited and eternal.  I see human events displayed like movies on the blue light surfaces of the other spheres.  I can see some of my own events in my shell.  We have been all kinds of people, loved and hated each other, nurtured and killed each other.  I see everyone interacting in everyone else’s spheres, simultaneously.  This is all seen in complete silence. The Is-ness has no judgment on what we do.  As Beings, we will always BE.  The Is-ness will always BE.  There is no particular emotion in this scene, just observing. 
Several STEs.

214. Gustave P Experience  2/9/2013 The soul, or our consciousness, is in all things and *is* all things. I wasn't seeing, so much as *being* what it was that I wanted to perceive. If I wanted to look at a pine tree, I wasn't actually ""seeing"" the pine tree, I *was* or *became* the pine tree from whatever perspective I chose to ""see"" it. I could see it as a tree or at the molecular level. Since *I* was also the tree, there was no limitation as concerns my ability to ""perceive"" or ""know"" the tree. In fact, this is a better way of putting it. The soul (or the nub of consciousness that we become once we leave our bodies) doesn't ""see"" things -- we ""know"" things. If we want to see a pine tree, we ""know"" it. We don't see it. Concepts like ""near"" or ""far"" are meaningless to the ""soul"" because we are one with all things and all things are one with us. We see things distant with the same perfect clarity as the things that are nearby because there is no such thing as near or far.
Profound STE while “asleep” at age 11.

213. Luke Experience  2/9/2013  A scientific revelation respecting infinite existence.  Even though we are all born at different chronological interval.  In relation to a clock NASA has proven that as a cesium atomic clock more closely approaches lights' speed on a non-terrestrial space vehicle the time between the vehicles clock and an earth based clock changes (Though not by much) at 100% of lights' velocity there would be Zero change in the vehicles' clock and any onboard passengers would not have aged at all.  E=MC2.  Light (E)= The square of: Our body Mass (M) Times the speed of light (C).  This Brings forth answers to two documented phenomena during Near death.  Experiences.  First there is a small but measurable loss of weight (Mass) upon death which is probably the immediate conversion of a small amount of mass to a large amount of Energy often perceived as Light.  Second this slight mass but large energy equivalent loss (or gain from revival) from the deceased, call them life forces if you wish. may appear to occur at different chronological times but since time stands still at the speed of light all these Energy beams or life forces if you prefer arrive at the same time which is why NDE survivors are able to see the life forces from past chronological Periods This is quite easy to demonstrate on a live person not requiring a NDE.
Revelation about infinite existence at the time of bone marrow ablation in treatment of acute myelogenous leukemia.  Presented as is without comment.

212. Steve A Experiences  2/3/2013  I looked at myself driving and my dog was sleeping in the back.  I could turn my head but the rest of my body was paralyzed and I couldn't speak.  When I looked out my windshield it was like I was watching my life in reverse pausing on moments throughout my life. Everything was quiet...like a scene in a movie where someone is underwater.  Next it was like I was going around the world and being shown some really sad things...the state of 3rd world countries, the destruction of the Amazon, the floating masses of garbage that are floating around the world and some are bigger than the state of Texas.  At the end of all this I was shown something...a tab that you see on pop and beer cans - different from the existing one that is currently being used on the cans.  The voice came back and said the rest is up to you and that's when it ended. 
SOBE while driving with stunning look at the destruction ongoing in the world and a charge to make the world a better place.  Remarkable translation of experience into life action.

211. Michelle B Experiences  2/3/2013  The unconditional LOVE I felt was overwhelming and I knew that I was only being permitted to feel a glimpse of how truly profound it was. There is nothing to compare it to, to convey how wonderful it was.  If the scale was 1-100. I was only experiencing a 1 on that scale and it was so profound that my physical body could not handle it.  I felt like if the light, which I knew to be God, let me feel more that I would just explode. I felt like I was being held back in a way, that I could only come so close.  I was then shown, God, the light, energy never spoke but impressed upon my spirit things like unconditional love and total acceptance.  I was told without words to look beyond.  I saw eternity.
Two profound STEs that occurred while she was in prison.

210. David F Experience  2/3/2013  During a walk through the park, this presumed memory, flooded in in mere seconds.  Through a walled "tunnel", to the "waiting place".  In this place there was NOTHING in ANY direction.  No heat, no light, no joy, and it could last forever.  Fear started welling up inside me.  Then I remembered, Jesus promised he would be there, if we just believed, and I did, and....suddenly I was in the light, in another place.  A review of my life (second by second, and from my, and OTHERS' point of view) preceded seeing, and "speaking" with Jesus occurred.  If the trip "there" took...15 seconds, the trip "back" took...three?
Remarkably transcendent STE at age 17.

209. Sandy Experience  1/19/2013 By this time my lungs were burning and I felt total panic! With this I took a big gulp of water and that is when I heard the most wonderful music! Peace surrounded me and the panic resolved. I was so excited because I thought the people who owned the pool had hired an orchestra to play at the pool side. This probably happened over seconds but seemed more like minutes as I listened to the music. It flooded my soul with it's beauty and I have never heard anything as beautiful again in my lifetime. After some time a voice spoke to me. I now know that it was through telepathy. It was a loving, wonderful kind voice and it said, "You cannot swim on top of the water but you know how to swim underneath. Why don't you swim up where you can touch?" I rejoiced in this moment because I realized the voice was correct. So, I swam to the shallow end and was finally able to reach the surface of the water and crawled up steps out of the pool.
STE at age 8.  Was in pool and unable to swim.

208. Carmen Y Experience  1/14/2013  At decade 1970 (I am 68 years old) while a summer "siesta", very relaxed, suddenly I found myself in a interstar space. Dark blue colored. No tunnel, on the contrary wideness without limits. Consciousness of my knew form of being: "I AM JOYFULL AND PLENTYNESS, NOTHING IS MISSING TO ME" 
STE shared in English and Spanish.

207. Stephen K Experience  1/5/2013  On 6-28-12 I was feeling very, very bad.  Music, soft string music had started playing spontaneously in my head and felt very peaceful, however I was still very sick.   I quit taking the diuretic.  On 6-29-12 at some point in the morning, music still playing in my head I heard a very audible, loud, in-your-face type of voice of a grandfather figure, ""IF YOU DIE YOUR KIDS WILL DIE.""  A second voice, definitely female maybe in her 40s, ""You must complete [finish] what you started.""  I did not recognize either of the voices as any parent (deceased) or grand parent I ever knew.  My wife took the day off from work and dropped me off at the emergency entrance of a local hospital while she parked the car.  Drawing a blood sample they discovered a sodium level of 102 and confirmed it with another test of 103.  The doctors were surprised that I was alive let alone coherent.  I was taken to SICU for 4 days.  I scored a 30 out of 30 on the Neurologists mini-mental test to his surprise. Not being a medical person I cannot comment on the the lethality of sodium levels of 102-103.  An RN friend of mine checked with a doctor she knew and confirmed such low levels are normally lethal.
STE associated with exceptionally low blood sodium levels.

206. Molly R Experience  12/29/2012  I was saying "I'm sorry (for the thought)...I miss you SO much, I want to come home!!" I think my eyes must have been shut because I wasn't really seeing the sky.  I was just purely feeling. I hadn't even been able to complete the thought and expression of my feelings when, again simultaneously I received a returning thought full of feeling and love.  I will give the thought a description and order, but again, there was none.  It happened all at once and without actual words.  The answer was "I miss you every bit as much as you miss me and long for you to come home, and I feel that way about every one of my children."
STE at age 6.

205. Alexandre FS Experience  12/28/2012    Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Susana.  I was laying down at home one afternoon when I suddenly found myself standing beside my body.  At first I did not recognize myself, the image that I saw was different than what I was used to seeing in pictures or in the mirror.  I felt a lot of peace and joy and a wonderful vibrant energy around my spiritual body.  At that point, a very calm voice asked me "What problem do you have?" I then understood that it was my laying body, but this did not bother me at all since I was experiencing the best moment of my life.  I then had to make a incredible effort in order to respond, because I did not know what he was referring to. Then when I remembered and I realized that all of my worrying was worthless, what mattered was getting to where I now was.  I understood that I did not need to worry so much.  I did not see anyone, only the voice that spoke to my conscience and this is how we communicated.  Until that point I did not remember my children and wife.  When the voice gave me the option of leaving out the window and continuing on or returning to my body, I immediately responded that I wanted to continue on.  
STE from an OBE and the power of prayer.

204. Per A Experience  12/12/2012  I feel and become aware of that this love/God has always been with me, every second of my life. Felt my feelings, watched over me and loved me without limit and that it would always be like that! I have nothing to fear! I feel that this God is one with me and I, one with God. I become aware that I consist of God just like everyone else. I had my entire life been subconsciously searching for God, safety and help and I had now became aware that he had always been with me, helped me and had been making sure I made it. This has God done trough other people in my surroundings, spoken to me through the entire creation. God IS everything that exists and communicates with us with the help of absolutely everything. Trough other people, nature, internet, EVERYTHING! I just hadn’t understood it or seen it! Now however it is so clear and logical as I during this moment are in perfect harmony and unity with God.
Profound STE/OBE.

203. Hedy B Experience  11/30/2012  While being tossed about underwater, a voice or thoughts came into my head giving me complete instructions on what to do to save myself and get out of the undertow.  I didn't feel afraid, I just went to work.  It told me to just let go and let the undertow suck me under and when I felt it let go, then quickly come up for air and swim as hard as I could towards land until it grabbed me again, and then repeat the process above.  If I did this and didn't quit, eventually I would make it back to the beach and be ok.  It said that letting go and not fighting the undertow, saving my energy for swimming between waves was critical. I would get tired but if I followed the instructions everything would be fine. (it wasn't a linear sentence type conversation, just there all at once and not in so many words along with a calming confidence feeling).  So I followed the instructions and over time got out of range of the undertow and found my way back to the beach.  No one noticed me being gone and I don't remember talking about it much. It all was kind of surreal I think.
STE with life-saving information to survive an ocean undertow.

202. Bonny S Experience  11/30/2012  I finally realized I had been in an accident but....... I had this overwhelming feeling of love. Not human love but indescribable Love, unconditional love and acceptance. A feeling I call Love but a spiritual Love. Love that is combined with Peace and Joy and Acceptance! Truly there are no words in my vocabulary I can use to describe this overwhelming feeling. I am not humanly capable of expressing this feeling because there are no words that can portray my experience to our earthly existence. God had told me it was not my time to die. I had more love to give and the only reason for our existence was to give love! That is all that mattered in this world- the amount of Love and Compassion we can share. But I was also filled with his Love- A knowledge that he loves us so much that there is no feeling as strong in this life as "How he adores us, not just me, all of us."  I felt like I was invincible. I had a message from above. I had a glimpse of his indescribable compassion he has for all of us- his children. I felt as though I had to get out of my bed and yell down the halls- "it's ok he loves all of us. You have no idea how much you are loved".
STE after auto accident and surgery.

201. Jackie S Experience  11/19/2012  Also within me the awareness that hurt is a very self-centered emotion and if you let go of hurt, love can grow again. Seconds after this knowledge came to me, I experienced a great love from my step-dad Marcel (died in 1973), followed by the same great love from my father Alfred (died in 1944 The Battle of the Bulge) and than a tremendous overwhelming love from God, my Father. Arms enveloping me all three together as one being. Having been terribly afraid of death and not believing that I was good enough to receive eternal life, this experience gave me the answer to the question of life after life. At that same moment I was lifted above the couch, saw my non moving body on the couch, saw my funeral procession with my children, husband and tried to get up from the couch and could not until I truly believed that if I let go of my self-centeredness I would be free.
Profound STE including several deceased family members.

200. Dimitri E Experience  11/19/2012  I quickly noticed that all over the beach, there was gold laying everywhere. I was surprised that all this gold has not value to me.  I approached the entrance of one of the house, and my grandmother's sister whom recently passed away greeted me at the door. The moment she opens the door, I felt warmth of welcome. She was not speaking, but I felt connected and understand everything she was saying. From the balcony, I look over the city and saw my grandfather (my mother's father) approaching coming over the house. He was dress all in white with a long white bear. He entered the house and sat in front of me. He looks at me and we connected. I understand everything he communicating, but there was no sound. Shortly during our conversation, he explained to me that if I wanted to return, the time will be now. I wanted to stay, but I felt a need to return.
Interesting STE.

STE from a child who almost drowned.

198. Audun M Experience  11/5/2012 From Norway.  Original in Norwegian, translated to English by Metteline.   Yet there was level after level, like deeper, quieter and softer twirls in a spiral. It was as though each of these levels had their own specific content: I went through all I had lived, all I had sought, my triumphs and failures, dreams, hope and disappointments. All the episodes were clear to me like a multidimensional panorama. But what was important or unimportant had little to do with appearances. Each level I slid through had its own state of consciousness. The first levels were more about outward things, episodes and events in a chaos, like a kaleidoscope. After a while I sank deeper and clearer pictures and realizations arose, and I was shown what was truly important. Earlier in the fall I had gone through some extreme emotions related to what I felt had been unfair treatment by the couple who were running the farm. Even when seriously ill I was dragged out of bed and beaten by the father of the house, in order to get me to work. He kept on with this for a while until he realized there was no point. He didn’t understand what was wrong, but he saw that force and violence wasn’t working.
Physician spiritually transformative experience from anorexia.

197. Maysee Y Experience  10/20/2012 From Canada I was dreaming- I went to a Buddha temple with my sister and we decided to have our palms read by one of the Taoist priest there. We all were sitting on some traditional oriental rugs and the Taoist priest began to read my palm. All of sudden, She looked into my eyes, she had a scared look on her face and then she looked away, like she knew something but was not sure if she should tell me. I begged her to tell me what she saw and after a few minutes, the Taoist priest looked into my eyes again. She told me that my soul had already left my body and that I was going to die in a horrible accident but she doesn't know exactly when… When I woke up and was given that second chance- I became more aware of my surroundings. I don't care for earthly materialistic crap anymore. I want to live, see the world, I am more adventurous. My husband and I don't have the same goals in life anymore- he call me "a hippie". I want to be truly happy even though I am still a full time employee, I make sure- I do things with my kids and I try to teach them the meaning of truth happiness through love.
Dream that led to new values.

196. Pat Z Experience  10/20/2012  I also recall that the angel or being, told me, as it opened the window or possibly just before it opened the window, that 'this is death'. However, when the window opened I felt a rush of overwhelming feelings whoosh out from the window and flood into me. The feelings came from inside that place beyond the wall and the window. It was like an indescribable love and compassion and kindness and joy and happiness all flooded into my chest from that window when it opened. The words I'm using can't actually fully describe the intensity or depth or level of feelings that flooded into my chest and my body, filling me up with that intense love and acceptance and joy and happiness. I remember that after I woke up from the dream, I knew that there were no words to describe what I had felt from that experience. And I was euphoric and the pain I had been feeling that also made me want to die was gone. After that I knew that because death was actually such a good place to go, I didn't want to die anymore because I had been wanting to punish myself for being a failure and didn't deserve to live.
STE during dream following emotionally traumatic event.

195. Max R Experience  10/16/2012 While sleeping one night, late in the night I was awakened by the presence of a robed figure complete with long hair and sandals, it was the Jesus we are familiar with. I arose from my bed, no words were heard or spoken.  I walked towards him, he was standing on the left side of the bed, 3-4 feet away.  At the moment I stood close to him, I felt love radiating off him. I can not explain the intensity of this feeling of love, warmth, and caring, it was like all the family members you ever cared about and those that cared about you, were all wrapped up in to this one figure.  It felt so warm, I stepped a foot closer to him, and the feeling of love, warmth, and caring radiating from him, multiplied 10 times!  That's all I recall from that experience.  I cannot adequately explain how love "radiates" but it did, and it was intense!
STE with Jesus encounter.

194. Rob W Experience  10/16/2012 I was talking to a man whom I knew to be Jesus and we talked about a lot of things but I only remember this, and honestly I don't understand why I had questions because I knew absolutely everything but either way I asked any way, Jesus this I said Jesus what is the right religion? odd (huh?) I know, and he looked at me with the most gentle, kind, loving reply and said: Robby all religions are man made the only thing that matters is Love, Forgiveness and Compassion and Love is all that matters!
STE during hospitalization.

193. Stephen W Experience  10/1/2012  I awoke in the early morning, daybreak hour and as I awoke, I said to myself...."oh my god I am dead, but how can that be all I did was fall asleep, but I feel so good"....that is when I felt his presence in the room. He was behind the bed, on the ceiling , on the floor, he filled the whole room....it was love that was in the room, I could feel him but not see him, and I began to get scared for I could not see him....I heard a sparrow chirping outside my window and it sounded indescribably beautiful...now I had heard many sparrows chirp but in the presence of love, or god, it was different
STE in hospital three days after surgery.

192. Larry M Experience. 9/24/12 I was seeking the reality of God and, while camping, I prayed for the mind of Christ.  I left my body and found myself standing on, what seemed to be a balcony, next to a person who radiated love and wisdom.  When I returned to my body I was super-sensitive and had a deep intuitive knowledge of everything.  Over the next months I witnessed some healings and was able to help people by immediately connecting with their deepest fears and secrets.  The Episcopal Church wanted me to go to the seminary as they felt I was "touched" by God.  I did not go to the seminary.
STE at time of seeking the reality of God.

191. Rich L Experience. 9/9/12  On the sixth time down to compartment I surrendered to fact this was it. Then I felt into this fear and shock. An direct intuition or insight for the lack of a better term. It came to me that I must die in order to go further with this. This was not a call to commit suicide. Rather a direct response to the fear and shock I felt. It was more a surrender to completely feel and be this fear and to submit to feeling it entirely and to do that I must be ready to die. I accepted that notion.  When that occurred in an instant the whole compartment lit up with love and I felt myself disappear and lifted into and as light, love and life.… There are no words to fully communicate the nature of the experience. The experience was so powerful and complete. How can you explain your individual identity has no existence apart from everything around you and everything and you are light, life and love to infinity.
Profound STE.

190. Douglas B Experiences. 8/27/12 The whole day I was mad a God, saying things like, "Why would you give me a desire that I can't attain?" It just felt like I had an unquenchable thirst to know something that seemed perpetually out of my reach.  Then, I was getting ready for bed that night. The moment I sat down on the edge of my bed, something in me began to open up. I saw nothing, but I sensed a great expansive sensation within me. It was incredible love, all-embracing, completely satisfying, and so intense that it almost scared me, but I didn't want it to stop. I began crying in awe. I felt like all my questions were answered, that there was nothing more than this experience that I needed or wanted. It felt like it would never stop.  Then, a "voice" spoke to me, but not audibly. I just knew what it was saying, and the message was very distinct. It said, "Do not be concerned about your life, for there is a plan." I totally trusted that this was true and I did not feel the need to ask what that plan might be. I only responded with, "Let it be that I may share with others what I am experiencing now."
STE that led him to become a minister.

189. David A Experiences. 8/22/12  I fell to my knees to worship the Voice, to ask for forgiveness.  The Voice told me “I am not God.  Do NOT worship me, but give your praise to God.”  To this day, I’m unsure if the Voice was an angel or Jesus, but I felt it was the latter.  “Show yourself!”  I demanded.  “Would that help?” the Voice asked me.  At this, I felt both inferior (for my lack of faith) and yet reassured that the Voice only wanted to help me somehow.  So I said yes, it’d help.  Instantly, from behind me, an old, bearded man in a tweed jacket and porkpie hat [like Sinatra used to wear] appeared.  He walked with a cane, but without a limp.  His presence invisibly radiated Love, Peace, Wisdom and Humor.  I started laughing.  We laughed so hard I had tears running down my cheek.  “Really?!”  I asked.  “THIS is how you look?!”  He said no, but he thought it’d help since it seemed to have helped many others when he spoke with them. 
Two STEs at different times in his life.  Remarkable spiritual insights.

188. Renée D Experience. 8/22/12 I was suddenly lifted into another dimension. How do I know this? I know this as viscerally and innately as I draw breath, as I need water and food to live. This place, or rather this 'state', was more real, more 'dimensional' than anything I had ever experienced, ordinary consensual reality of our day to day being more like a cardboard cutout in comparison to this paradigm, this place that is right beside 'here'.  Softly vibrating yet solidly interwoven in every direction were filaments of warm, shimmering golden breathing light, as though my spirit were awakened into an infinite living cocoon. This place was peace, joyous, alive with a deep flowing love that infiltrated every atom of my being. I was utterly safe, protected and, while having no sense of bodily density, sort of floating gently in sublime warmth and eternal comfort. There was no 'I' in this place in the sense of taking up space, but I did have a pinpoint of awareness, an ability to think, sense, process.  I thought to ask, 'Where am I?' and directly I was given this knowledge, 'You are in the palm of God's hand.'
Remarkable prayer experience at age 10.

187. Liza Y Experience. 8/22/12  I was driving home. The sun was setting down in the horizon. While listening to Jon Kabbat Zinn describing what mindfulness is, I suddenly was overwhelmed with a feeling of intense joy, I felt that I knew everything there is to know, that I knew the future awaiting me and everyone else, and that there is nothing to worry about. I also felt that I was one with everything and that I was bigger and beyond the horizon form all sides, that the content of this self holds all knowledge there is , that there is not time, and that I was essentially extremely joyful to be… It felt like I was  much bigger than my body and at the same time being in it, my mind felt huge and encompassing all knowledge, I felt that I can call any knowledge into my consciousness , but at the same time this felt as not the most important thing. I knew that I was not the body, although in it, and that I am like everyone else immortal , there were no words just a realization without words, I just knew, and the knowing was constant , without any judgments attached. There was intense love and joy, I felt loved and I loved everyone and everything myself. I wanted to  tell everyone about the content of the experience.
STE from physician from The Netherlands associated with listening to an audiotape about mindfulness.

186. Betsy J Experience. 8/22/12  Severe alcoholism - I was told while in Detox that had I continued drinking my liver would have exploded in another month… I vividly remember the feeling of a white light and an absolute peace. I knew I was safe. I new is a good way that IT was over. The IT was the active alcoholism ( an some drugs). I remember a strong sense of floating, white light, peace, safety, I was sure inside… I was free and secure. I felt peace knowing that my suffering was over.
Beautiful spiritual event that ended severe alcoholism.

185. Maryann B Experience. 8/11/12 After a few minutes at most and fully conscious it happened. I was in a tunnel. My impression was I was still and the tunnel was moving at great speed. In the tunnel I saw objects in more than 3 dimensions. I would see an objects height, weight, color (vivid) depth and what can only be described as its "Platonic essence; (finally understood that concept). I then was thrust into what was a rural setting. I appeared to be travelling at great speed and head first about a few thousand feet over the landscape. I spotted a farmhouse and literally headed for it. As I got closer I saw I wasn't slowing down and indeed was heading for a wall! I was terrified I was going to crash head on. I braced for the crash but instead and much to my relief I went right through it. I began to slow down and saw a room, a dining area w/ a large family eating. I seemed to be aware a young girl was aware of me. Just as I began to get control of this "Maserati body" and this was kind of cool I'd like to explore...I was back in my bed, fully conscious.
STE/OBE at age 18.

184. Lori E STE/SOBE. 8/3/14  They looked like human beings, although they all had dark hair and they were quite slender and taller then humans. Each being had a aura of white around them. It was sparkling and almost made them look a bit translucent. The beings kept coming, gliding down to earth. The music which had been entering my ears was layered with sounds. It was encoded with additional information to assist all of us in knowing this was part of a divine plan. The moon still flashing its words of peace and to stay calm, I suddenly felt a connection with everyone around me. A connection I did not feel even a few minutes before.
A remarkable dream.      7/28/12 There to my left on a screen was my life. I could see it! Me! I saw and felt all of my choices in this lifetime. There was absolutely NO judgment attached to it. None. I wasn't judging my life, simply seeing it. To my right was dim. I "felt" like the right side was reserved for when I actually did physically die. I would be privy to it then. It was all my possibilities all my angels of all decisions that were played out in a different realm. As if lets say, I decided not to get married when I did. What my life would of been, and yet it actually was played out, just not in the psychical body type of way. It was still acted out. It was all the "probables"  in life. I asked in feeling not in voice, why I was here. I was told, it was because I had asked to be there. I knew this voice, as it was comforting and familiar and yet I knew it was God. How is that possible?  I immediately questioned the voice, as it was female. I had always envisioned "God" to be male. I had expected to be greeted in a male voice. I was shocked to hear/feel that I had chosen this voice, because it was MINE! I suddenly knew, I was part of the universe.
This is a MUST READ.  Among the most remarkable spiritual experiences ever received.  SOBE with stunning spiritual insights.

183. John S Experience 7/12/12  It was a sensation almost like the proverbial “light bulb over one’s head”ť turning on.  A realization began to come together.  The essence of it was that if people are skillful enough with word-logic, they can create a perfectly logical case for whatever they are trying to prove, and another can construct a perfectly logical case to disprove it.  Neither can prove anything absolutely, because all logical arguments are founded on unproven assumptions; for instance, whether there is or is not a God, or whether one’s concept of “reality”ť is the same as another’s.  My interpretation of this discovery was that intellectual reasoning can never express absolute truth; it can only attempt to explain truths which are relative to particular people at particular stages in the development of human culture. I didn’t know it at the time, but my faith in my intellect had been undermined, and my intellect was the foundation of my self-image; my ego-strength. 
Exceptional STE with profound insights and dramatic change in his life.

182. Mary R Experience 7/4/12  I heard this crystal clinking sound, like someone was lightly hitting crystal glasses. It was so beautiful. Something made me sit up in bed. And then I looked, at out in the corner of the room, the crystalline sound showed itself as a whirling energetic light of blue, that was circling strongly around itself. It then became a HUGE blue flame. I sat up in bed, and it commanded me to listen...It grew bigger in the corner of the room. I felt it's peace. It started to speak to me, but it was beyond language, and was a sort of telepathic thought to me. It said, "You are coming back to your father's house.....everything is okay. I am here for you. I am the Presence..." I can't really explain it in language. It was a kind of peaceful feeling, a lightness, and joy, and also a feeling that this was my last incarnation, and that I had important work to do...
STE at important time in her life as she was considering her life’s vocation.

181. Charif Experience 5/31/12 From Morocco.   Original in Spanish, translated to English with the help of Google translator.  The first thing I saw were eyes.  They were the eyes of an angel or a god or whatever you call it. It was a gigantic being, the size of 17 men together. Take you the bodies of 17 men, put them together into one and provide a sense of the size of that being.  The LOOK was an absolute sullenness. The dictionary defines sullen as "grim, harsh and intractable." For such was the look. This angel was riding a horse. The best way I have to describe it is comparing the cartoon character "Venger". I think corresponds to what in the "Tibetan Book of the Dead" are called "angry gods" and the "Koran" are called "angels punisher".
STE of a Muslim experiencer prior to committing suicide.  He also has a couple SOBEs.

180. Bob J Experience 5/31/12  Back in June 2009, four months before becoming a father for the first time, I had an experience that to this day I don't fully understand nor can I adequately explain.  It was on a bright and sunny Monday or Tuesday following a weekend of drinking at my friend's bachelor party.  I had just turned 32.  I was standing in my kitchen feeling down and sorry for myself when suddenly an overwhelming sense of love, peace, and gratitude poured over me/out of me/through me.  It's as if I WAS love.  I was surrounded by a brightness and felt a lightness in my body.  Images from my past flashed before me, but instead of seeing failures and regrets I saw the beauty and interconnectedness of all the little events leading to my life at that moment.  It was as if I was seeing my life through God's eyes and the beauty was overwhelming.  Tears streamed down my face.  As happy as I felt at that moment, there was also a sadness that I had to stay here...I didn't want to leave "this thing/place".  Transitioning back to everyday life following this experience has not been easy.  However, I have not been drunk since and my life is materially different now three years later.  
Short STE.

179. Deborah Experience 5/28/12  I felt myself slowly moving towards this pin light when I heard a voice say; "Deborah." I knew it was Jesus Christ and answered; "Yes..." With a wonderfully tender and loving voice He said; "You have to go back." I said that I didn't want to go back but that I wanted to stay with Him. He said; "I know you do but you have to go back you have too much work to do." I thought work?, what work? I then said ; "But look at that body down there it is done, I can't even make it sit erect." He said, "Don't worry about that I will take care of that you just have to go back." I felt like He as coaxing me and the final decision was still up to me and I think because of God's love that's where free will comes in. Well, I didn't have much to say after that so I said; "Okay."
STE at time of illness.

178. Scott M Experience 5/19/12  I was in law school in San Diego about 22 years earlier. It was spring of 1977. I had been studying law cases, but I was also interested in world religions and had been studying about them also. As I was reading a law case I looked out the window to contemplate. As I was looking, a question I wondered about came back into my mind, and I asked, really wanting to know: "God, are you evolving too?  In an instant the whole of reality in front of me changed demeanor. I could still see the house below my window, the harbor, the airport in the distance and Point Loma, but all of a sudden it was all connected. Everything was one life. I just knew that I was part of it or really in some expanded part of me I was all of it! I knew that if I moved it would change reality and thus evolve it. In fact, I moved my little finger and it seemed like that small motion changed all reality. It was clear that everything we think or do affects everything.
STEs with remarkable insights.

177. Melody H Experience 4/22/12 At one point there were Spanish arches along the outward edge of the veranda and there was a beautiful brilliant, glowing light filling the space beyond.  The light had strips of white, silver, and pale yellow radiating outward from a center point.  I was drawn to the light and went toward it.  I was then standing on the curb of the veranda, the outermost edge, with the light flooding over and through me.  I knew that the light was God and heaven, and He let me stand there and experience the light and be filled with it.  I felt complete, unconditional love and acceptance, peace and wholeness.  The experience was overwhelming and euphoric, the extreme of spiritual bliss.  I don’t have the words to express the feeling or explain the intensity.  The light was so wonderful that impulsively I expressed the thought, “I’ll just go right now.”  In other words, I’ll save us both the trouble of life and death and go to heaven immediately.  I was even aware of making the first motion of stepping off the curb and directly into the light when I was told, “No, not now.”
STE in form of two dreams.

176. Renee G Experience 4/22/12 Although I was facing the sun I remember thinking Wow, how odd, I can see everybody and everything at the same time!  There was a sense of lightness and a feeling of being detached from my physical body.  I was everything.  It was not only Renee laying on the grass, I was the grass!  I was a blade of grass just “being” a blade of grass.  I was the sky and the clouds that were drifting above.  I was a tree growing roots deep into the earth from a hardy trunk while holding up branches sprouting delicate green leaves.  I was everything happening all at once!  I had this feeling of knowing that everything is perfect and on purpose.  I felt bathed in warm and glorious LOVE.  I was so happy!  It felt like the true meaning of home.  Everything is as it should be and all is well in the world.  It was a timeless experience because it seemed to last so much longer than what I believe to have been seconds.  I may have been in that state for only a moment and what a beautiful moment it was.  It was a flicker of Oneness, consciousness unbounded. 
Meditation experience.  Very life-changing.

175. Richard M Experience 4/22/12 Suddenly, I realized in the dream what my attraction meant--that I really am gay after all.  I then felt so much shame because of this.....so much that my heart hurt--like it was breaking.  I then remember that I was laying in the tub with my back to the wall when, instantly, there was this bright white light shining on the wall in front of me in the shape of a cross--the wall I was sitting against had a hole in it above my head--this light was shining onto the wall in front of me, so I stood up to look into the hole that had opened up (in the shape of a cross).  I looked into this hole, and I stepped back thinking "This light should be hurting my eyes, but it was not doing so at all:  "I should be squinting my eyes."  I looked into the hole again, and I just went into it like one would just walk into another room, but I no longer felt my body.  Inside of this light there was a man standing in front of it--I did not see anyone else but this man, and with a deep, manly voice that I will never forget, He said "Everything will be alright, Rich."
STE as dream at age 14.

174. Leslie C Experience 3/4/12  It was most definitely a divine being!  There was the MOST brilliant, calming, beautiful light that radiated out of its face and body.  I have never seen a light like this before.  It had no face - just light.  It didn't ""speak"" to me but it spoke to me.  I was ""told"" I had a choice to either stop smoking and live longer or not and die but that I was not going to be judged for either decision.  I was given an ""impression"" of my soon to be Granddaughter (my daughter was not pregnant and is not pregnant that we know of) The divine one and its light was very comforting.  I have never felt so accepted and cared for in my life!  The being then motioned with its hand along the length of my body (the hand had no fingers- just a thumb like extension and all light) and I knew I had to leave and go back.  I didn't want to but I did because it told me to.
STE in recovery room shortly after medical procedure.

173. Beheshti Experience 3/4/12 From Iran.  These kind of experiences are so ordinary in our religious beliefs, even we Muslim believe that human being has this ability to deliberately export his spirit out of his physical body and so other abilities.  But these all are facilities and the main aim is some thing else!... I was in Imam REZA Haram in Mashhad and I was speaking with him in my mind (He was not physically alive at the moment) .during speaking and praying I heard  my heart that beat slow and slower...it stop beating.  But i was alive and conscious… I had just gotten feed back from my lord.  It was not me any more.  It was him who had my soul.
Prayer experience from Iran involving prayer to an Imam.

172. Rhonda D Experience 2/11/12 I glowed as brilliant as the sun, but soft because it didn't hurt my eyes. Inside my hand, because it was transparent, were millions of glitter or sparkles. And with that realization I became elated. It was the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt in my life. I kept thinking to myself, ‘I am so beautiful. Oh my, how beautiful I am.’ And then, this warm feeling of joy and ecstasy just consumed me… as I was admiring myself and bathing in the joy I thought or maybe someone said in my head or whatever it was that I had, and it was not said in a mean way it was said in a humorous way as if this person or myself was so pleased with my joy but yet had to remind me why I was there - ‘All right, stop admiring yourself. You have a job to do.’ And with that I began moving.
STE dream with remarkable detail shared about an exceptional experience.

171. Kathy C Experience 2/11/12  After much insane behavior the men lined the remaining three of us up on the ground execution style. I had not prayed for years, I knew it was over. I made a promise if I were spared I would do anything to make changes in my out of control life. I was living a fast, selfish, vane, partying existence. At the moment I made the promise time stood still, as if by some force outside of the scene one of the men did a complete 180 and talked the other men out of killing us… A third generation Comanche medicine man who ran the Indian Medicine program at a local hospital called me. How he found me God only knows. He said they, the Native American ancestors told him to come and help me.
Nearly killed by criminals, then life-changing OBE.  Remarkable spiritual transformation.

170. Shirley J Experience 1/8/12   Although she was only 4 months old when she died, but somehow I felt she was able to communicate with me at that level and she comforted me and told me she was doing well and happy. I had tears of joy and sadness at the same time that I knew she must stay there. I put her back on the shelf and the door opened. it was my grandmother again. I stepped outside and she told me without speaking to me that I needed to go back.
Remarkable STE encountering deceased relatives and her own child who died of SIDS at four months old.

168. Wally Experience 11/5/11  I remember saying "I'm Here, I'm Here. This lasted for about 10 amazing seconds then I pulled back and was looking into the light. "Come or Go" was said. I thought about my wife next to me and my 4 children so young. I wanted to go back to what I just experience but didn't want to leave my family. I started fighting back into my body and the pain in my neck came back. I started making a weird noise, my wife rolled over and I came back. I darted up out of my laid down position with a massive pain in my chest as if a bee had just stung me and my neck throbbing. Within 10 minutes the pain was gone. I looked at what happened as a gift from Jesus and didn't seek medical attention. Since then I started eating extremely healthy and lost 50 pounds.
STE with NDE-like content.

167. Susan Experience 10/7/11  Just diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer, moving back to my home, job transfer to where I could get treatment, chemo and doctor dates scheduling.  I thought, I have to clear my mind, so I started saying a prayer.  I still couldn't concentrate so I started singing the prayer (even though I can't carry a tune) in my mind.  I was sitting upright on my bed with my eyes closed.  All of a sudden I saw a crack of light, then brilliant light.  Overwhelming peace and love overcame me.  I smiled, how wonderful this is, I need to do this more often I thought.  I kept singing the prayer in my flat voice.  Then a bunch of angels appeared to the right of the light.  They were singing with me, but much more beautiful voices.  It was like the "dueling banjos", I was flat and they'd finish in beautiful harmony.
Remarkable spiritual experience shortly after diagnosis with cancer.

166. James M Experience 101/11  The experience that followed was like a spiritual orgasm, with the release of a sexual orgasm but a hundred times more powerful. I felt concentrated love, joy, bliss, euphoria which is hard to translate, that is why I equate it with an orgasm.  And I knew this was ME and I had been here sometime in the past but had, at some point, tensed up and lost this awareness. Then I had been searching for return to this state, constantly, from moment to moment, without even realizing it.  I equate this experience to the Garden of Eden, which I think resides in our hearts right now, not in the distant past, or in some distant place.   To analyze this experience technically, in Buddhism there are states of Jahna or full absorption Samadhi when one's mind, normally centered in the head, drops into a state of profound rest in the solar plexus. When this happens, one can experience states of beautiful calm and bliss.
STE while in the Peace Corps in Thailand.

165. Angela Experience 9/18/11 From Canada.  There were no words spoken, at any point.   Although I know these were a male presence, I remember not being able to see their faces.  I distinctly remember feeling a hand, a physical hand, on my own, and feeling that my life was now spared, that I was now safe.  Once on the shore, I remember looking back into the water, and along the shoreline.  There was no one there, except for people visible off in the distance, and back at the hotel.
Probable fear-death experience and STE during life-threatening risk of drowning.

164. Willie W Experience 9/10/11  From New Zealand.  I was near the bottom of the pool, staring at the tiles on the floor.  I thought, "God, I'm coming to see you now."  I waited for the end, wondering what angels looked like.  I was apprehensive, but peaceful at the same time - a mixture of feelings that I struggle to describe.  I think I closed my eyes and waited.  The next thing I knew, I was standing upright in the pool, coughing water out, but alive. To this day I have no rational explanation for how I came to be standing in the pool.  There was nobody nearby who could have rescued me and I'm certain I did not propel myself upwards …After this event, I became much more spiritual and found myself hungering for knowledge about God and other aspects of Christianity.  By the time I was 12, I was able to teach other kids Bible teaching.  I have remained "religious" throughout my life and am now studying towards ordained ministry in the Presbyterian Church.  This experience changed God from a theory to a reality for me.
Life-threatening event at age 10  leading to great spiritual growth.  Contributor is studying to be an ordained minister.

163. Peter F Experience 9/10/11  From Australia.  It was simply an exacting re-run of the original only the final step came with a metamorphosis of sorts and mortal words can’t cut the mustard. I will fail, but it was the kinetics that was a mind-blow. The force that drew me toward the light was experienced at the level of the heart and so naturally with my last step I recall leading with my chest, arching my back letting my head and limbs trail and having this feeling of complete release as I rocketed vertically. It was an intense blur but without doubt, I remember exhaling. It was as though I was exhaling diving into water with bubbles pouring out of my mouth and trailing behind. It was the dominant part of the submission or transcendence and it was long, savored and when so complete, things just became stationary and I was just.., somewhere, taking it all in, witnessing.
STE dreams from doctor.  Remarkable spiritual experiences well worth reading.  Remarkable spiritual experience in the presence of a 3 meter (9 foot) snake.

162. Nancy C Experience 8/20/11 My eyes were wide open and I could see the room I was in and at the same time, I was completely and utterly enveloped in Unconditional Love, Wisdom and a Knowing beyond all knowing. My body melted away and there was only blissful peace. The entire physical world melted and I was floating in a sea of energy that was filled with the most amazing light. I was filled with overwhelming gratitude In those few moments, I knew that everything was and is exactly the way it is supposed to be and that we all come to earth for only one thing, to give and receive unconditional love and there are as many ways to do that as there are living beings in the universe… For now, I can say that I will never be afraid of dying and that while I might not like some things in this life, in my heart I know that ALL is well. I pray that I may be of service to and through this energy that I choose to call God. I can't wait until I get to go HOME.
SOBE which is profoundly transcendent.

161.  Max B Experience 7/23/11 From the UK.  At this point I slowly became aware of the music, unlike any music I have heard before, powerful and emotional it seemed to emanate from the brighter area in the mists above me, I could feel this music blowing through me, ripping away the last shreds of my existence on earth, catching me up in the music, joining me together with the others.  By now, the sense of joy at my return, that came from them all, everyone of them, was overwhelming, they were so genuinely overjoyed to have me back, so full of love for me on my return. I knew then my purpose (although I cannot tell you what it was). I also knew that I would stand on that balcony forever, as one with them all, at peace. Wrapped in, and pierced through with love, one with the music. Time had a different meaning here.
STE dream and premonition dream.

160. Anda Experience 7/10/11  Gently... a light appeared above me...I could see that I was approaching the surface of the water and there was a gentle light up there.  Before too long I broke through the surface of the water and found myself standing in shallow water in a sort of gentle river or brook in the middle of the most beautiful and alive forest.  The place was vibrant and the color green was all around me.  The forest was lit from within itself... there was no sun...no sky...but it wasn't dark either. I felt the most incredible love as I stood in that stream and in that forest. it was amazing.  I also knew everything.  I remembered this place and I remembered that I had always come from this place... and I remembered that I actually knew everything there was to know... and I always had known it ALL.
STE at age 15.

159. Sally S Experience 7/8/11  She said, “I have to tell you something. You are a beautiful person. You were talking about dying today. Jesus wants you to know He loves you and He died for you. He wants you to know you are a beautiful person and He died for You because He loves you so much. You are a beautiful person.”  I studied her face and listened carefully to her every word without interruption. She delivered her words calmly and with a direct sense of purpose. (And, as you can see above, she said the same words/sentences several times.) 
Power of prayer.

158. Douglas G Experience 7/4/11  Then I was in the Void, and I thought, “This is the Void. I'm not supposed to be here. I'm a Christian, not a Buddhist. Where's the tunnel and light I saw the last time years ago? Where's God? This isn't right. I'm disappointed.”ť The Void stretched on for eternity.  I hit the pavement and the blackness of the void changed to the blackness of simply having my eyes closed. I noticed the difference. I had a vision that I was about to be struck and killed by a particular car. I didn't want to open my eyes and see, but I wasn't really afraid. I didn't want to die, but felt I was ready to go if necessary. I thought I had two seconds left to live, and I wondered what I was going to do with all that time. Two seconds seemed like forever. I opened my eyes and the particular car I saw in the vision was indeed there, but it had stopped safely about 20m up the street.
Remarkable experience that defies description, but we’ll call it an STE.

157. Tony P Experience 6/25/11  Christmas night at Disney got call from ex wishing Merry Christmas, son after felt onset of I was barely alive, 3 wks critical care/ICU. flew back to co. pain was so intense indescribable, 4 mos. later scheduled surgery cancelled after I spent a week at cabin on top of mountain, no electricity, TV, etc. Suddenly no pain, could eat again, began gaining weight (was 240, then 150) now completely healthy and symptom free. During illness lucid dreamt nightly about body parts that were in peril, healing themselves. everything about me has changed since. Thought process, tolerance, need to help others, understand and accept all things as they are, have certain abilities that are unexplainable and prior to would be unbelievable… my doctor wants me to write a paper to state exactly what I did to suddenly heal, cannot place into words, unfortunately.
STE while sick.  Involves apparent healing and insights.

156. Tracey D Experience 6/12/11 In Sept 1997 I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I had a tumor the size of a grapefruit right beside my heart and lungs. Shortly after I began my chemo I was lying in bed exhausted and scared. I couldn't stop thinking of my kids. As I lay there I began to pray for God to take care of them if I die. In my head as clear as if someone was in the room with me I heard someone say, ""you are going to be fine."" I can't explain it but I know it wasn't me talking to myself in my head. It came from someone else. I also became very peaceful, all me fear went away. It has been 12 years since my last treatment and I have remained cancer free. These experiences have had a lasting affect on me. I have a lot less fear of death something I was always terrified of. also I can recollect the events as if they were yesterday. they haven't diminished with time. Although I was afraid at the time it now brings me great comfort and peace of mind."
STE following diagnosis of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

155. Kim B Experience 5/29/11 I suddenly had an intense urge to look up. I was telling myself, "I can't believe this is happening". My daughter was chattering away but I don't know what she was saying. My entire body began to feel like it was magnetized. There was an intense yellowy-gold light that came down from the sky just beyond the tree outside the window I was 'looking' out. This light felt like it was pulling me. It was like a giant magnet and I had a trillion tiny pieces of metal just beneath my skin (I didn't think this at the time - this is not the best description but the only one I can put into words). I was being pulled ever so slightly by the 'magnet'. I started thinking about God and immediately the pull felt to move from pulling me forward to pulling me upwards… There are no words to describe the absolute knowing but not knowing because nothing except the love from the light even mattered. It was more than love and peace, but I have no words for more... Then I said that I needed to stay and let people know about what I now knew. I was being told not to forget. I was certain I wouldn't. Before that thought even ended I was told not to forget that this is real.
Profound STE.

154. Maria Experience 5/22/11 The light is so bright now. I'd say it's the brightness whiteness I've ever seen. I felt no pain, no grief, no sorrow. I felt so light so free so bright and pure love is the best way to describe it in words. It's pure it's everything it's our beginning.  I see all the light at the end now and two beings of light on opposite sides of an entrance.  Guardians.  Light figures as white as light but I can see a figures somehow. I hear my voice say I want to come in I want to be here.  I hear you can not come. My voice responds why I've been good I don't want to go back please. I hear it's not your time you have more to do.  At that moment Im laying in my bed and all the pain and sorrow I was feeling was gone. A weight was lifted my spirit returned and I was reborn wanting to live. My faith restored and knowledge of the light that awaits me.
Remarkable STE while grieving her mother’s death.

153. Winfit Experience 5/13/11  From Indonesia.  Original in Indonesian, translated to English by Chuck.  And after the spirit had exited my body completely my spirit felt like it was floating and was as light as the wind. My spirit could see life on earth. I could see my younger siblings and my parents. It was strange, as if I was inside glass. I yelled, “please help!” but not one of my family members heard me. Then the being asked the name of my prophet. I answered, “Mohammed”. Then a person invited me to a dark place where there was one who was bright and white all over. But before that I was brought through a very dark path and at the end of the path I could see a white light so I ran closer to it and discovered that the light originated from the forehead of a very handsome person. The person next to me said this was the prophet Mohammed.
Muslim STE where she met Mohammad.

152. Myriam M Experience 5/7/11  From Belgium.  I had ŕ severe breakdown. I sat in bed alone at home, exhausted and suddenly found myself in ŕ pitch black void, complete emptiness. I was alone crying in despair and suddenly in THE distance I did see ŕ light growing bigger and bigger. At first glance I thought it was my grandfather but there was not really ŕ face and yet there was. THE being of light asked me what i was doing  there and told me it was not my time yet. I told it I was very unhappy because of person al reasons and did not want to go on like this. THE being of light told me this was not important. THE communication was telepathic but at THE Same time I could not only hear THE thoughts bud feel what it was feeling at THE Same time it looked like ŕ multidimensional communication. At That point THE being spread its light around me and i felt an unconditional love with ŕ complete understanding and Some humor, like we would comfort ŕ child who does not understand. I never experienced something so complete in my life.
STE at time of personal crisis.  From Belgium- shared in English.

Alena Z Experience 4/19/11  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A. One night while I was asleep my grandfather came to see me. Seeing him made me very emotional, I wept with joy to know that he was not dead, and just kept repeating: You're here, you're alive! and he replied to me: Yes, I'm alive. And he made me understand that he knew what was happening to me, he knew about all my fears and anxieties. He told me he had come come because he wanted to teach me something. I was scared and curious at the same time, but he calmed me, perceiving my fears.  Will I be able to return here? He said: Yes, I will bring you back. He took me by the hand and I went with him. We went through a kind of tunnel, with a radiant white light at the end of it, but which did not hurt the eyes though it was really bright. It seemed like a sky, or a space, but it was wonderful. My entire being was filled with a very great joy, a peace and a love which were unconditional, a compression of all things, and many emotions, it is difficult to express this with human words. There were people there, all of them smiling at me, it seemed they were busy with something, but at the same time they radiated much love and welcome. Their faces seemed familiar but I did not remember where I had seen them before. There was a man with a white tunic who also smiled at me and radiated great love, at the time I thought it was Jesus. I knew this was my true home and I felt at home there.
STE Dream

150. James Experience 5149NDE 4/17/11 Next thing, I was surrounded by this awesome white light. The light was bright and very calming. I felt as though a power had me in its grip. It began to lift me up. What a feeling of care and love!! The power was very gentle yet strong and confident not to drop me. I felt quite secure in its grip. Next, It, (the light) lowered me down on a pavement also glowing with light. I felt at first a little nervous, but it disappeared. I raised my head to see where I was, and gazed upon a place very familiar. It was the part of town where I had gone to high school. It was now beautiful, unlike the ghetto place it was back on earth. Everything, the buildings, homes, and even the streets were illuminated with a beauty indescribable.
STE.  Contributor is a pastor, and this experience turned him away from resigning as a pastor.

149. Magalie Experience 4/16/11  We reached the light inside. There it was a feeling of peaceful, happiness. The Man who saved me from the evil octopus shaped arms went to stand behind me. Didn't say anything. In the light was another man. He had white eyes, no pupils, had a long beard. He had also a stick like from grapevine in his hand .  He talked to me, but he didn't open his mouth. He talked in my head. I could hear what he said to me, without him moving lips. I could feel wisdom (that's kind of hard to explain). Than I felt like he was going through my head, my memories in a flash, extremely fast, very strange feeling. he said it wasn't my time yet. I had to go back.  Than in one second I was back in my car, and it was right on time cause I had to push the brakes immediately, the car was going to hit at 120 km an hour a big truck.
STE while driving.  At end of experience she was able to avoid a crash.  She was atheist before the experience, but not currently.

148. Peta W Experiences 3/28/11  From Australia.  I was just dozing off when I awoke in my dream to someone (a male voice) telling me the life cycle - I was ecstatic to finally understand and it put me immediately at ease.  Then I saw the bright light and felt such emotion I still cannot describe the intensity to this day.  I then remember thinking I must of had a heart attack because I could not explain why I was dead. I then told myself I was not ready to die and wanted to go back.  I then awoke with the intensity and calmness and a wholeness - a sense of completeness.  Even though I felt I knew what was on the other side I could not attach it to anything I had experienced before.  I tried to remember what the voice told me but for the life of me I could not.  It was like "I gave you this to help you survive and not fear death - but you cannot know the truth until the end". I will never forget that feeling - it was wonderful - it embraced me - it surrounded me - nothing on earth has ever come close.
STE dream with NDE-like features.

147. Julianne R Experiences 3/13/11 I felt love and peace like I had never known.  Eventually I started remembering things that had taken place in my life, things that I had totally forgotten.  I suppose you might call them flash backs...sort of like movies that I was re experiencing.  That is one of the reasons I knew the light (Lord) was giving me the information because I was remembering things that happened that were totally lost to my conscious mind.  As those experiences were revealed I remembered them.  At no time did I feel judged or condemned by the light about some of the selfish things I had done.  It was more self condemnation, and my own shame.  I felt emotionally the feelings of those I had hurt exactly the way they had felt them at the time I had been unkind to them and hurt them.   I was told by the Lord what my purpose had been on earth, in two words, overcoming selfishness was the purpose.  Loving others and giving of myself unselfishly.
STE dream. 

146. Gillian Experiences 3/2/11 I was finally taken to OR and the repair performed.  While in recovery I woke as if I had had the best sleep in my life.  I was back to being euphoric and loved and with that brilliant bright light again!  It was wonderful.  Nothing mattered but love.  I started chatting with the nurse and apologized for them having to call her in.  She responded and told me that in all her years (I believe it was 20) as an OR/Recovery Room nurse she had never witnessed anything like this.... a patient coming out of the OR with such clarity and happiness and glowing.
Euphoric and spiritual awareness around time of life-threatening event.

145. William Experiences 3/1/11  I was lying on the floor at my college girlfriend's house in front of the fireplace watching big snowflakes float down outside a picture window.  I thought how nice it would be if she joined me.  I heard a voice say why don't you ask her.  I thought, why don't you.  You are invisible.  I felt like there was a light on in the hallway and talking.  Then, her father came to the living room and I felt a spirit come into my head.  The next day she asked me how I did that.  I said I didn't know, but what did she see.  She said I was a gold light and was beckoning her with my hand and that her family also saw me.
Remarkable SOBEs (one witnessed by several people) and an STE from an attorney.

144. Dolores H Experience 2/12/11 My revelation came in a dream – a very real dream.  In my dream I heard someone knock at the front door.  As I made my way to the door, I saw the entire house filled with people, and I couldn’t understand why no-one was answering the knock.  When I opened the door, I saw with pure ecstasy that Jesus was standing there, and as far back as I could see, beautiful angels were behind him.  I was awestruck with joy, and shouted out to everyone to look – but no-one heard, no-one looked.  I turned back to Jesus with utter sorrow, but as devastated and crushed as I was, Jesus was more so.  He sadly let me know that the others were not ready to hear or see him.  He told me that he just wanted to let me know that he would be there for me when I needed him, and that he had to go. I pleaded to him to take me with him, but he smiled sadly and said he couldn’t, because I still had much to do.
STE and prophetic dream with remarkable validation after the experience, and remarkable encounter with evil entity.

143.  Bob S Experience 2/12/11 I decided to go into the middle bedroom to ask the Creator a question. My wife was watching TV in another room. As I began to make my way to this room, I began to feel a physical pressure on my chest that increased the closer I got to the room. By the time I had knelt down at the bed, the pressure was so great that I began to have trouble breathing. I can’t remember how long it took before I asked the question but it seemed like an eternity. So I asked the Creator:  How come we don’t have any children?  He instantly replied:  Because you wanted it that way.

142.  James Experience 1/30/11  I was then seen by the light who talked to me. There are NO words that can begin to describe this event.  Even today I have no way of passing this story on because there is NO language or story telling that could convey what I experienced.  The Light Being gave me a mission that I was to carry out in this life.  I was told that I would return to my body and I was sent away from the bright light being.  I was at great speed propelled downward to the first white room, the one with men in white robes, the place where I was first purified.  I was told that I ought to forget this memory, that I was never to tell the specifics of the instructions given to me by the Light Being.  I think the being was God, perhaps Jesus.  I was told never to reveal the mission or to consciously remember what the message from the Light to me was/is.
Remarkable STE by a Catholic priest with a doctorate level degree.  Experience happened at age 16.

141.  Hilary R Experience 1/22/11 As I was praying I asked God to reveal to me what he would like me to do because I wanted to be one of his disciples.  I continued to pray and read psalms.  As I went to go back to my room euphoria engulfed me. I felt the purest form and highest degree of an elevated love that I have never felt before.  I didn't even know that our bodies are capable of reaching such an exhilarating level. While I was feeling such joy I heard a very clear audible voice in my ear and it said "you have to tell people the good news that life goes on after death." This experience comes to me with absolute certainty and I can confidently say that the feeling I felt was not an earthly one but I can only surmise that it came from somewhere or something beyond my comprehension.
Brief experiences with profound insights.

140.  Diana B Experience 12/12/10  I was waiting for someone to answer, business call.  I had my eyes closed, I wasn't thinking of anything. My eyes were closed.  it was quiet in my apartment. Instantaneously, I was next to a huge vision of Virgin Mary.  I was very close to her.  She had a book in her hand. Telepathically she said "I want you to write this book", It was like I was in a movie.  She was moving her head as she looked through the book.  The energy was unbelievable. Then it was gone, I was on my back, my body felt it had been electrified, I was full of energy and love.  This started many experiences with Mary, Jesus, light beings healing from all three.
STE vision with awareness she should write a book.

139.  Ray K Experience 11/14/10 In my dream, I saw myself as a adult in a car accident. I did not see my present self (as a child), but I was looking at the car from the front. My adult self was in the front seat, and my body was crushed by the engine. I felt that I was watching myself die, and knew that my death was imminent. This dream has never repeated itself, nor have I ever had a similar one since. At present time, I have come to a conclusion that although this dream did not produce a conscious effect, I think it produced a subconscious one. I feel that this may be why I have shown no fear in death, and have a strong positive view of a Afterlife.
Dream as young child of seeing himself as an adult dying in a car accident.

138.  Maggie E Experience 11/2/10 Suddenly, for no reason, I had a drastic internal shift in perspective.  I perceived myself as being equally a part of, and connected to, everything in the universe (words really aren't doing this justice, or even coming close). I realized that my self existed, and everything in the universe existed, but that my self perception was an illusion. For a moment I could see this with total clarity, and understood it completely.  I was not separate from anything.   
Perception changed.

137.  Sally C Experience 11/1/10  Three years later I was checking out a 12 step support group at a hospital.  I found it boring and was going to leave.   A voice inside me said “stay a bit longer”.   I thought, “That is odd that I thought that, but OK”.    A few minutes later the room got really bright, I looked at the ceiling to figure out where were all these lights that got turn on.    Then to my front right stood Jesus!  At this point, I kind of turned into a different person, it’s hard to explain but I will try my best.  Basically, it’s like I became my spirit.  Like my spirit was allowed to remember.  I stopped being this human persona; so hard to explain.  I was me, but also an eternal being. When I saw Jesus, my spirit just felt INTENSE relief.  So relieved to see Jesus! 
STEs through prayer.

136.  Kim N Experience 10/24/10 I also had the instant knowledge that I didn't have to worry about my body and that I would soon be coming back to it.  The forms left without another word and I felt myself floating towards the ceiling.  I went through the ceiling and came upon a beautiful ocean.  It was so crystal clear that I could believe it was real.  I began to walk on a path that went right into the middle of the ocean.  I looked to my right and saw three brilliantly gold fish popping to the surface as if to say 'hi'.  I saw three men sitting in chairs straight ahead.  I knew instantly that they were angels.  I sensed that only one of them was my guardian angel, the one on the left was my sisters angel, and the one on the right was my husbands.  I talked with my angel from what seemed like eternity.  He answered many of my questions, although I can't remember what we discussed. 
Remarkable shared experience with important lessons on love.  She was in the OBE state and he called his a dream.  

135.  Magda M Experience 10/24/10 From Portugal Suddenly, in the middle of the corridor leading to bed room, I felt engulfed by an enormous feeling of warmth and well being.  There was an incredible bright light, white but not blinding.  I felt a part of the universe.  Then a message was telepathically conveyed to me, very simple, "love, the important thing is to give, no matter how, when or to whom, all is about giving."  Then I felt terribly afraid and overwhelmed.  All of a sudden, I felt back at home, in the middle of the corridor leading to my bedroom.  My husband and children were still asleep, all was silent. 
STE,  Premonition, and possible ADC.

134.  Anthony H Experience 10/24/10  In the midst of me driving, I could see out of my own eyes, but I could also see the world around me, other cars, landscape etc. I saw myself through 2 different view points, to my left and to my right, all while looking through my own eyes and through the other view point above me that could see everything else.  Very quickly things began moving extremely slow.  At the point of time stopping, I felt my heart begin to beat abnormally.   I felt my soul leaving through the left side of my heart and it felt as though I was being pulled up by my shoulders.  All the view points became like my normal sight.  My eyes were closed after I left my body and it was hard to open them.  But as I did so, I could see the car I was driving and the world around me.  It was a state of reality that felt more real than life itself. 
An amazing STE while driving.  Not to be encouraged!

133.  Jan R Experience 9/27/10  But when I did, wow.  I was in a totally different place.  AND I DON'T MEAN MAYBE!  I felt totally, completely, profoundly at peace.  It felt as though I were in a light-filled tube sort of.  I could see my problems all around me on the other side of this "tube", but they didn't affect me AT ALL.  I had no emotions connected to them, no pain, no reaction to them AT ALL.  I was filled completely with peace, no ifs ands or buts.  It had a physical and mental resonance to it too that words cannot ever describe appropriately.  A sort of vibration I had never ever experienced before or since.  My thinking was super super clear. 
STE that turned her life around.

132.  KC A Experience 9/25/10   From the UK.  A pinpoint of light starts to grow, just like coming out of a tunnel, and I am now in the brightest white light you have ever seen but it does not dazzle. So peaceful, utopia, utter bliss, nothing matters any more. I have never felt peace and love like it, words can not describe this peace! Then a man comes up to me, now at that time I was an atheist and I didn’t know him. He said to me “ARE YOU COMING WITH ME” I say “YOU WHAT” and at that instant I’m back in bed and take a great gasp of air. I breath it out and there is so much carbon dioxide in it, it makes my eyes water, just like when drinking beer and you burp through your nose. My whole body is tingling, every cell is tingling and my heart is waking away like a sledge hammer.
Dream that changed to a NDE-like experience.

131.  Bev G Experience 9/17/10 Then there were the NDE’s that I personal believe were permitted to act as a ‘grave warning’ to all of us. Within three NDE’s when my spirit was permitted to enter the physical lives of ‘living people,’ three of these individuals were also permitted to actually be able to ‘see my spirit standing in front of them.’ My spirit was able to see two of these three people standing there pointing at me. I was aware that my spirit was calling out to one woman but her reaction appeared to show that she was unable to hear me. After that occasion of her being actually able to see my spirit, every time, I had a NDE and my spirit was permitted to enter into her ‘physical living life.’ I was aware she could not actually see my spirit but she was able to sense it nearby her within the room and she would start speaking to me. In one of these NDE’s my spirit’s attention was draw to the time on a clock. The following day she came to ask me if my spirit had visited her, I wrote down the time that my spirit had seen displayed on the clock and she confirmed it to be correct.
Many experiences and philosophy.

130.  Patti H Experience 9/13/10 The second "mystical" experience was just last month. I am now age 65 and thought perhaps it was my time to transition to the next life. I was awaken at exactly 2:30 AM Pacific Standard Time by a bright light that radiated throughout my bedroom. I live alone and thought perhaps my daughter had driven to see me from Idaho and flipped on the overhead lights as she entered the room. However, when I looked around, no one was present in the room. When I looked up I saw an Angel - literally! She had no arms but wings that attached to the side of her body. She was translucent and radiant in white light. I asked her why she was here and there was no verbal response. She had a look on her face of concern and then suddenly vanished and the room went dark again. I never felt afraid.
A couple of STEs.

129.  Sarah R Experience 8/10/10  Life crisis of a loss of a love relationship followed by miscarriage that led to severe depression and near suicide.  Instead turned to seek a relationship with our Creator through a retreat with "Conversations with God" author… My experience is different in that it was NOT triggered by a near-death encounter, and yet I came to the same spiritual viewpoint expressed by many who did have that experience.  That is why I think it is significant that you know of it.  It is NOT necessary to die to go to Heaven.  Heaven IS a state beyond mind, the realization of completeness and oneness with the Beloved, All-in-All.  We always have been, are now, and always will be ONE with the Presence of that we call God, by whatever name. There is no way to be separate from an omnipresent being.  Period.  We can only THINK we are separate.
STE following workshop/retreat.

128.  Rebecca S Experience 6/20/10  I was lying down getting ready for bed. I was awake when all of a sudden my spirit lifted as my body felt very heavy and impossible to move any part. I tried but then my spirit started going through this very bright white tunnel. I was moving slowly through the light and had the most wonderful feeling of love and peace. It was beautiful and I just slowly kept going. It seemed it took a while and the closer I got the stronger the feelings were. A male voice I hope was God, kept telling me, Becky, Go Back it's not your time! Go back Becky it's not your time.The peace was awesome and I had never felt anything like it. I kept flowing softly like on a cloud and soon I reached heaven as the voice kept saying go back. I reached the golden gates open wide waiting for me to come in. It was Beautiful! The flowers, colors, a waterfall flowing like diamonds, the peace and Love was what I wanted. I wanted to go in but the voice would not let me.
STE that is very NDE-like.

127.  Wayne Experience 6/20/10 In as much as it affected my life and future, and in as much as it affected others around me, changing them to positive ways and lifestyles, it was absolutely real, which is as real as it needs to be!
STE associated with LSD trip that was very life-changing.

STE where he was one with the light.

125.  Kenneth H Experiences 5/11/10   I had a feeling of well being, I flew through the roof, and kept flying at a speed so fast I cant explain ,however I kept going even faster. I could feel the g force and enjoyed it very much. Next I noticed a being, he spoke to me telepathically.  He said come here, instantly I was there. He was wearing a robe, he waved his arm and said to me look this is life, I looked all at once I understood everything there is about life I said is that all there is to it.  Is it that simple?  He said "yes." He then said this is you this is your soul. Next I turned into a golden bubble with my face inside the bubble. At that instant I became aware that I am an eternal being as well as everybody else the feeling was tremendous joy.
Very NDE-Like and spiritually transformative.

124.  David A Experiences 4/6/10   I had a prophetic dream that made no sense to me at the time.  In the dream, I turned the corner of a building and saw a gigantic, blue-colored block of something I couldn't identify.  The following week, a family friend took my brother and I cross-country skiing.  On the way to our hotel room, I turned the corner of the balcony that lead to our room and stopped dead in my tracks, my mouth agape.  My brother said my face had turned white.  It was a gigantic block of ice that had been pushed up vertically onto the shore of Lake Superior.  It was identical to what I'd seen in the dream.  It was my first experience with the unexplainable.
Several prophetic dreams, an STE, an OBE.

123.  Alain P Experience 3/25/10 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Simon A.  I was invaded by a cone of light which covered my whole being, a Light of Love, incredibly white, tender and loving. I really felt that this Light was someone, someone who loved me and was right there behind the light, on the right-hand side.  I still had my hands over my closed eyes, and I could see my joined hands in multiple replication, that is, I saw this image repeated 7 or 8 times one after the other. The cone of light was also outside of me, it was so gentle!  Then, gently, the light withdrew. The moment of astonishment once past, all I could say was "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Extremely loving, transcendent experience!

122.  Cathy Experience
2/26/10 From Canada  I then noticed that around me were these cloud like forms all over the gazebo.  most had white crosses above them.  I then heard a voice beside me explaining that the cloud like forms were the people that had been a part of my life. People that I was close to such as family and friends, and people that I had passed in the streets. every person I ever saw or interacted with were represented to me there. I could sense my family around me. I began thinking of the people that I love and was close to. the voice said that the people farthest away were people I was yet to meet. that If I choose to stay I would be a influence on their lives too. I asked if I was in heaven he said that I was not but it was very close by. He said that I could decide to go on to heaven or to go back to my life. He said that there were many more people for me to meet and to help if I should go back to "my life"
STE at time of depression.

121.  Treva Experience 2/25/10 It was around noon and all of a sudden in my deepest despair I was in the presence of something much bigger than me but no actual "seeing" a person but felt that I was in the presence of someone so wonderful.  And very bright light all around "me" even though I didn't "see" any part of me.  I just had a sense of me being engulfed with such love, acceptance and "wholeness".  The feeling was wonderful, peaceful, joyous and secure.  I "hear" a voice say "It's not your time".  I said I wanted to stay and be here in all this love and again "It's not your time, you must go back".  I said again I didn't want to that I wanted to stay here.  I begged but was told to go back and before I left I asked why are we here and the voice said "To get wisdom".
STE at time of depression.

120.  Carol O Experience 2/25/10 My first love boyfriend had broken up with me and I didn't know why. In struggling to get past it for months, I went to bed one school night and literally willed myself to die. I was not sleeping during this event and I had turned out the lights in my room.  Upon concentrating on wanting to die, I arose above my body laying in bed and looked down. I could definitely see myself laying there. I then proceeded to go down into this spiral tunnel and around and round and down, down I went. The tunnel was dark but I could see that I was going down. After a period of time traveling this way, there was an opening and I came through it and found myself standing with a wall behind me (or the shoot that I had just came out of was now behind me and that opening was directly behind me about shoulder height.)  There was this huge, bright white light shining on me. God spoke to me although I could not see him, but I have always assumed it was God. He said, "Have you made your final decision?"
STE at age 16.

119.  Kim D Experience 2/25/10 From Canada.  I was repeating to myself, "I wonder what it would be like to die..." as I lay in the back seat of the car as my mother drove the car and my sister sat in the front seat.  We were coming home from a shopping trip… Rather quickly, I entered a black void.  My consciousness was no longer in the back seat of that car.  I was in an absolutely black black place that was everything and everywhere.  Black void is the best definition for this place.  There was no sound.  My own thoughts were very loud when I did begin to think.  My first thought was, "Is that all there is"?  and then "I didn't even do anything".
STE at age 11.

118.  Jane Experience 2/25/10 Sometime toward morning I suddenly "awakened" or rather felt that I had become "untethered" from my body and I was rapidly speeding upwards.  The feeling of detachment from my body was surreal as I felt I had no weight or anchor.  I was totally free of any physical constraints (like gravity).  As I was rapidly speeding upward I had an overwhelming sense of a complete and total love and acceptance and I immediately said to myself "Oh, this is what it's like".  I immediately knew it was God's love for me.  It was the most wonderful emotion I had ever experienced and I felt free of any earthly attachments whatsoever. Nothing mattered anymore other than a desperate longing to remain in this "love".
STE dream.

117.  Mary P Experience
2/25/10 There were three ancient men dressed in robes surrounding me.  I knew them to be sages or spirit guides.  They were of three different heights.  They were teaching me by imparting knowledge directly to my brain in a telepathic way.  I felt that they were teaching me everything all at once. When I would later reenter my body I would have no clear recollection of what they had taught me but I was aware that this knowledge would always be a part of me and that I would be called to use this at various times in my life. When I asked these beings who they were, they replied "Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding" …I view this as an extraordinary learning experience that has changed me and allowed me to grow as a person.  I now know that all of the events that have happened, even the loss of my child, have occurred to allow the next things to unfold in my life as they are meant to.  I have learned to trust in my instincts and intuition and to walk by faith and not by sight.
STE at time son was fighting a fatal disease: brain cancer.

116.  Kathleen B Experience 2/4/10 I was sitting on the sofa waiting for a friend to return back to the house so was reading a book on color therapy when this strange sense of deeply connecting with my inner self took over my consciousness. It first began at the point where I was able to consciously connect with every cell in my body and then my own inner voice told me that I knew I could do this 'connecting down to a cellular level of my body' all along. Like it was some kind of common knowledge at a very base or spiritual level or an awakened inner consciousness? The more I seem to curiously concentrate on this feeling the deeper and more profound it became. It felt like 'home' and very 'natural' on some level to do this. The next aspect of this experience was that my body became very light in my torso area and I started to feel a separation of my body as it seem to float off.
STE with deep inner connection.

115.  Julie L Experience 1/14/10  I opened my eyes and there was a translucent white, bright light all around me in the room. I could see through the light and see the TV on un front of me. As I felt the warmth of the hand that held mine I was engulfed with love, unconditional love was filling me, I was smiling from ear to ear! Tears still steaming down my face, I heard a male voice say to me, not out loud  but telepathically,  in my head, everything is going to be ok, none of that matters now. I Will always love you. I asked him if he was holding my hand and he said yes, He told me he was sitting beside me. Meanwhile,   all I could feel was this complete unconditional  love and forgiveness. I was so happy, so close to him! To this day I am  still not sure who came to me that night, was it God? The lord Jesus? my grandfather, who by the way had a close relationship with Jesus.  Whoever it was, he was divine and he loved me! I felt close to him and I can't wait to be with him again someday.
Prayer/meditation experience.

114.  Joe C Experience 12/6/09  After a brief stop the wheel began to turn back away from the flames and the chasm.  At that point I knew that I had faced the force of evil and had won. I knew that I was going to be OK and I was going to be a stronger person in the future. Eventually over a period of several days it all dissipated and went away. For several days I was weak and drained.
STE involving vision of hellish chasm and a fight not to enter it.

113.  Robbrina A Experience 11/21/09 I seen my friend sitting at the end of the couch by my feet. His name was Adam & was a good friend of mine. He had died months earlier suddenly,...after being released from a long prison sentence he came home & died 2 weeks later as a result of a overdose. He had decided to try heroin again after being clean for years, & died alone in his room. I was overcome with joy by seeing him by I suddenly had a rush come over me...like a feeling & I received the explanation that it was Adam doing these things to me for the past 2 weeks. I got annoyed with him & said, "It was you? You were doing this to me? Why??" It felt like I was moving my lips but the question came inside my mind. He answered," Because I am mad at all of you. God made me die for a reason, so you all would stop getting high & you ARE ALL STILL DOING IT!" I knew he was talking about the circle of friends we had, which all of them used heroin…
STE with life-changing encounter with deceased friend.

112.  James W Experience 10/24/09 I clearly recall the sensation of “wow” this spirit is powerful and way bigger in size than me?  Why did I know this?  I could not see anything but I felt this sensation in the pit of my stomach. This spirit, or whatever it was, was very powerful. All of a sudden not 10 feet away from me was TWO of XXXXX.  Where the light came from that illuminated this next scene was beyond me but this bright light coming from somewhere had illuminated these two (one) person(s) One XXXXX was crying, looking away from me, and hugging the other XXXXX???  I perceived two ages, the younger XXXXX, the one that was crying and looking away?  Why I new that it was another XXXXX was beyond me, I just knew.  

111.  Cheryl McG Experience 10/11/09 It was then that I realized there really wasn't anything I could do to save myself, and that I wouldn't be able to hold my breath much longer.  I calmly stood there and mentally prepared myself to die.  After the panicky efforts to save myself, my mind was now quiet and calm as I waited to drown.  It was then that I heard a mechanical sound like an intercom in my ear, and the next thing I heard was a woman's voice calmly addressing me.  "Cheryl, walk against force of the water," the voice instructed, and, without question or resistance, I immediately obeyed.  Turning towards the flow of the water, I actually had to push through it, the pressure/force was that strong.  After a few steps forward, I actually felt a stone staircase under my feet and I knew, because of this, I couldn't be too far from shore.  I kept walking and within seconds my head finally broke through the surface of the water and out into the air. 
STE when she got caught in an undertow while being baptized in the Jordan River.

110.  Cedric S Experience 9/27/09 Here it went wrong I got a whole lot of foam (white water) and I could not take in enough air, so when the second wave hit me I went under without air, in panic and because of the force of the wave I went down and because I was totally in panic I did not see I was swimming in the wrong direction. Instead of going up I was going to the bottom, first I tried to fight it but then I remember saying to myself 'if I have to go like this God so be it'. A feeling of peace and serenity came over me and everything turned into a very special blue and I was gone.
Several STEs stemming from a near-drowning experience.

109.  Sarah M Experience 9/7/09  I was standing in a "room", only there were no walls, and there was a bright light as far as I could see. God was standing in front of me and told me that I had died, because my body had failed me. and then he said that I needed to make changes in my life, because if I didn't, it was going to be too late. he also told me that he was giving me another chance to live, and that I was still going to be sick, but he would heal me when the time was right. and at that time, I felt as if I had entered back into my body and I'm assuming that's when I gasped for air in my sleep. 

108.  Vernon Experience 8/22/09  Hindu from India   I started reading those NDE experiences, suddenly a world in front of me disappeared. there was no body around me at all. all I see is a vision, at first there is only void empty blackness around me. here I don't feel any fear. I was totally in other dimension. I still have the awareness of me without any body at all. suddenly I started moving (not moving but void emptiness vanishing slowly) towards a beautiful light. the light is so beautiful you cant see those light on this earth. light I saw was changing very slowly from golden brownish, then orange-ish then greenish blue yellow. mixture of all colors and hues .nearest possible explanation about light I saw is this. real beauty can only be experienced when you feel it. it was so beautiful to look at. and I also heard a beautiful sound which is more like angels howling chorus or may it is sound of "OM". it was so pleasant to hear it. suddenly I could feel presence of others around me. here others I meant was. there were other like me in this beautiful dimension.
NDE-like STE brought about by grief from the death of beloved kittens and reading NDEs on the internet. 

107.  Rose Experience 1/25/09  While in the Light, I was told I could ask any question or receive any answer.  All I wanted to know was whether I would go back.  Knowledge passed directly to my soul, without needing words or thoughts.  It was clear to me that: 1) God does exist 2) The "highest plane" on which God exists is open to all beings 3) God is a being of Infinite Light 4) God knows and loves everyone 5) We all go to the Infinite Light after death 6) The Infinite Light holds the key to all mysteries
Remarkable STE at age 17 during meditation.

106.  Maria Experience 1/23/09  From Mexico, original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon  Then suddenly I saw a black circle on the wall, like the mouth of a mine-shaft, followed immediately by a light in front of me, whiter than any I had ever seen. It did not harm my eyes, but was a strong light, which lit up the silhouette and the hands of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He offered me his hands as if to welcome me, and in a most beautiful tone of voice he asked me:  "Maria, do you wish to come with me?" Without hesitation I replied "Yes!" This was without reflecting twice, my reply was instantaneous, and straightaway my mother appeared on the scene, saying: "No, Lord, don't take her with you, I still need her so much." With that, the well of light  disappeared, and turning round I saw myself in my bed, and I saw how two angels, strong and adorable, who were holding me up by the arms as if to take me upwards, let me go all at once, and by this action made me "return" to my body, with such a jolt that it made me wake up.
STE from a meeting with Jesus.

105.  Rae Experience 1/10/09 Several weeks after this experience, in May, I started feeling this love in my heart. Similar to the initial experience in the restaurant.  At times this love became so strong, I would have to stop my job and go into the bathroom until it passed. It was an absolutely amazing feeling. Through this constant barrage of intense love, I became aware little by little of how beautiful all people are and that everyone is made of this love. Even now I still feel this love in my heart. It doesn't seem as intense as it use to, but sometimes it becomes very warm, fuzzy feeling that lights up my inside. I know this love is from God, and I know everyone is made from this love and is this love. The sad part of knowing this is others do not believe me and do not even know that they are love. This sometimes makes me extremely sad.  I use to speak of my experiences more when this was first happening because I thought maybe there are other people who feel this amazing love in their heart, but people do not want to believe it.  I know it is true because it is in me.
STEs over a period of time.

104.  Stephen CLS Experience 12/27/08  The explosion was accomplished in a nanosecond and before I knew it I was standing before a wall of unimaginable pure white light.  At the center of my vision I soon observed writings in "black fire" moving top to bottom and left to right in three rows.  These were numerical; eleven numbers per row expanding progressively by intervals no larger than 80 and no smaller than 4.  Most intervals averaged 30 to maybe 40 apart.  I somehow instinctively understood it to be an numerical record involving the sequential longevities of my previous 33 existences in an understandable form to me. 
STE where he saw 33 previous lives.

103.  Chen D Experience 12/27/08 When I went into sleep, it wasn't like any other time, I knew I was sleeping. I start to be able to view all around be 360 degree with just a thought of the mind. Then I began to feel light beings and a manifestation of Guan Yin (Mother Goddess in Buddhism) appear. I'm not the religious sort in fact was a Atheist but I am attracted reading Buddhist philosophy since young. So I thought it must be due to imagination. As though reading my thought, the being said non-verbally (mental projections) ,'No my friend, what you see is you've seen. It is due to past links that make you more attracted to Buddha's words.' So I began to ask questions about religions and existence's meaning.
STE from Singapore.  He was an atheist at the time.

102.  John P Experience 12/27/08 The experience lasted for about 1 week, during which I couldn't eat, but drank some water. The experience was indescribable, both wonderful and terrifying. This wasn't a random hallucination, but a vision where beings spoke to me. Wisdom came into my mind, beyond my control. I was told I had a pure heart, and this is why I could see paradise. The Golden Energy was absolutely wonderful, with a purifying smell. From my vision I learned that there is a God, and he would have created perfection in the beginning, but needed every Angel to serve him. Some didn't, retaining there power, and this Universe was created instead, with powerful duality. Perfect creation would have to be done with perfect order, with an Angel having a specific task. God has creative energy that has to be expressed, as we have to breathe. He had something he desired to create, with happiness for everyone, and some Angels prevented it from happening.
Detailed STE over a one week period.

101.  Zen B Experience 12/20/08  During the second song on the album, In the Morning Day, there was a creative pause after the lyrics ended and before the rest of the song was played out. I heard that familiar “Voice” say, "Bruce (my given adoptive name), are you willing to die for what you believe in?" Immediately the “Voice” had my attention and I thought for a moment about what I believed in strongly enough to give up my life. Jesus Christ was it... not as organized religion knows him... only as I knew him to be much more than most comprehended. So I agreed. Just as I said, "Yes," the music continued with a sound like a rocket ship taking off or going by at a phenomenal speed. I felt myself being gently pulled out of my body and so I let go and followed the pull. I looked back to see my body lying across my bed, as I had been doing. I'd had OBEs before so I was familiar with the feeling of leaving. What I found when I turned back to look where I was going was absolutely awesome. I was totally engulfed in white light... feeling at home, warm, rather effervescent and serene.
Experience following prayer.

100.  Josh R Experience 12/17/08 I started dreaming about flying over a tan color city, or kingdom, next thing I was by a little patio with a couple of steps with people and Jesus, once I walk on the patio, I knew somehow god had accepted me, I was going up in a birdcage rounded oval with a flat bottom, but I felt warmness cotton like softness beneath the back of my body and I also felt my body lifting and lifting in such a smooth fast very fast way, then I open my eyes, from my dreams to realize I'm in heaven. I was way up in the sky and looking down and I seen two people walking side by side holding hands walking up to some stairs that led to three big tan doors but I kept looking upwards and saw a beautiful kingdom with a really neat looking hexagon shape building in the center of the kingdom over looking thee glass like structures that were reflecting bright light and I look up straight ahead of me and seen the most beautiful giant light with a pillars on each side of God but as soon as I seen the light-God.  Boom I was back in my body.
STE after jaw got broken.

99.  Constance G Experience 12/15/08 I had just dozed off (so it seemed) when all at once I was in this "black void" that had "circles" around it like a trachea, or like the exterior of an earthworm looks. There was a hollow sound like wind and I saw a light way ahead of me. I didn't feel scared, just "What???"  When I looked at the light it seemed to "recognize" me as I recognized it...I knew what was happening (as I've been interested in this subject for YEARS but never thought I'd have such an experience.) When I acknowledged the light it was as though I became sucked toward it.  It wasn't just light. It was EVERYTHING. It was a feeling...JOY.  I felt JOY in the most enormous sense of the word that can be described.  I was bathed in this light and felt as though I was turned wrong side out before it and it was the most BEAUTIFUL feeling I can possibly possibly describe. I thought "am I dead?" but I didn't care. Then it was as though the light cleared and I saw a "world" through a sort of opening like a cave exit/entrance. 
Undergoing five day EEG study for seizures.  Two probable spiritual dreams.  No seizures during these spiritual experiences.

98.  Max W Experience 12/15/08 Immediately I realized I was in the presence of God - my Creator.  I use the word he for my emotional appreciation and ease of communication but that was never stated or even implied by this Supreme creator spiritual being to me. Rather he was Light, Love and Spirit with all capital letters for the uniqueness and lack of any better words to describe him. I sensed his wholeness, completeness, he was one as opposed to my being of parts ie spirit, mind and body. He did not think or decide I will love someone he is LOVE, endless love - his endlessness startled me and when he drew me closer into him and my spirit briefly seemed to touch him I became afraid - not of anything at all that he did or felt towards me for I only saw and felt this beings wonderful love but for some reason when I touched and realized his endlessness next to my finiteness I was briefly afraid - I was so different than him. He knew that and moved on to answer my prayer and show me what he wanted me to know.
Remarkably transcendent spiritual experience.

97.  Amanda Experience 12/14/08  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Rio.   Afterwards, a day was spend preparing for the funeral and associated activities.  On Monday we went to the burial.  I was standing by the body the whole time, including during the night.  I didn't want to leave my son alone.  I asked my loved ones to leave me alone with him for a few hours before they took him away.  This time, while standing in front of my son, I asked God to resurrect him,  that he do something because his death was caused by confusion, a mistake, and that he be returned to me.  I asked him with great faith and I knew that God could resurrect him.  He only needed me to ask.  So, during my prayer, there appeared on my right in the form of a triangle, thousands and thousands of lights moving down from heaven.  The first of these lights was my son.  God had heard my prayer!  He hadn't resurrected him physically, but in spirit. 
The power of prayer to help empower the deceased to go to the light.

96.  Carry G Experience 12/1/08 Immediately, a strong but gentle voice spoke to me from the light, a voice heard not with my ears but with my mind.  The being of light said, "Carry, I love you exactly the way you are."  The funny thing was that when I heard that voice I recognize it.  Somehow, I 'knew' this being.  He was like the best friend I always wanted and wished for but did not know it.  But, upon hearing his voice, I knew him immediately.   When the being of light first said this, I felt like the most loved human being of all time, the most favorite of all human beings in the universe, past, present or future, yet at the same time I knew this being loved everyone equally and just as infinitely as I felt right then.  The being delighted in me and was completely focused on me.  I was the center of its attention yet somehow I knew everyone was at the 'center' of its attention.  When the being said those words to me I knew it saw me as I was, faults and all, not just at that moment, but for all the moments of my life. I felt no shame, no judgment; in fact, it was so liberating to be known so perfectly, to be so wonderfully accepted, yet at the same time, not judged or condemned in the slightest way.
Remarkably transcendent prayer experience with many similarities to NDE.  This experience led him to become a Catholic priest.

95.  Kim L Experience 10/4/08 From Canada Try to understand I found myself on a hill and I still do not know how I got there to this day or even why. It was full of life-size statues of the walk of Christ this is not the strange part, since I've since learned they really do exist. I am not a religious person but not person nor is there any background in my family. I looked at these statues I was really tired and emotional at the time and I had not slept in awhile but I cried and cried when I seen what they had done to this man...then I was in or was it around, or was it around me this is the weird does! Know it part, it was dark or really just the absence of light but there was presence and more than one and what peace wow real peace like I never felt and Love that I cannot put into words they just could never capture the truth. We all talked but not with words or hearing with our ears.
STE with substantial life change at age 12.

94.  Alisa L Experience 9/27/08 I UNDERSTOOD that night what unconditional love meant and was indescribably overcome with emotion as I FELT for the 1st time the very "realness" and wonder of God presence right there with me at that moment and his amazing love for ALL people as individuals.  The God of wrath disappeared forever and was replaced with a God of constant love and gentleness.  I realized ALL people had value, even (and especially) that little boy who shared my sonĆs hospital room. It was absolutely the most life-changing realization I have ever had. My personal relationship with God started that night as I sat there with tears streaming down my face. I was no longer afraid of death in any way. I knew it would be more wonderful than anything I could imagine. Life finally had a purpose for me: to reach out and share my personal knowledge of God with others.
Multiple remarkable and life-changing experiences.

93.  Terrance B Experience 9/1/08 From Australia Like any other night I went to bed and fell into a deep sleep, this sleep wasn’t like any other I have ever experienced. I had a falling dream however I fell into a large room with marble Column yellow and orange with blue grain running through it, standing next to them were human figures that was wearing off white robes and at the end of this room was a man sitting at a large marble table that had carvings around the edges, this man had white hair with a golden tinge, he has  ice blue eyes and his skin was of a pink and blue translucent delicate texture. As I stood in front of this man he asked me, "What have you done with your life?" I didn’t reply to his question.  He asked me a second time, "What have you done with your life?" Still I said nothing.  Then he said,  "I’ll show you."  He raised his hand then all of a sudden my whole life passed before my eyes as if I was looking at myself from a second floor apartment down on to the car park  below, from this prospective I saw my whole life in an instant . Again this man asked, "What have you done with your life?" Still I didn’t answer him.  Then he said, "Now what do you think of death?"
Although a short experience, it really gets you thinking!

David M Experience 8/17/08 From England  At length I awoke the next morning, an entirely transformed person. Before, I was the shiest of all people, and suddenly I was now both outward going and also inward looking; before, I was afraid even of the dark, and of many things; yet suddenly, I was unafraid of all things; before, I was extremely unhappy, and now suddenly I had come into a happiness that never leaves, not even for a moment. In retrospect, what had seemed to be three extraordinarily terrible and malignant forces within my room, seem now to have been the dark shadows of my self caused by the all-compelling and ineffable brilliance of the encounter. This awakening took place on 1.9.1991.
STE with profound changes in his life.

91.  Rick N Experience 6/22/08 Then just as quickly as we were walking by the lake we were lying in a field of tall grass. I noticed this time however that I was lying  by his right  side but at the same time I was hovering above watching this.  I could see that it was me and that I looked to be about five years old. Jesus had his right leg crossed over his left with his knees pulled up. I was beside him the same way.  He had a straw in his mouth and would take it out to talk to me.  I could see his lips moving and my little head was nodding up and down as I was taking in what he was saying. He was so calm and peaceful acting.  Again it was telepathic and to this day cannot tell you in audible words what he said. He was speaking to my soul and to my heart.
STE at time of severe sleep deprivation.

90.  Dan M Experience 4/27/08 I felt an emptiness that I had never felt before, my old life was gone and the last thing I wanted to do was start a new one. Through my tears I looked up and yelled out ""God help me"". It was a plea and a demand at the same time, and before I could close my mouth on the last syllable, it felt like my consciousness was seized. My vision was drawn down to a single point of white light which immediately exploded up around me in a violet color that seemed to have texture. Then I was aware of being on a cloud while retaining all my minds faculties, but I knew I was no longer present with my physical body. The first thing I saw was the figure of who I can only describe as being Jesus, sitting across from me looking into my eyes. He wore a white robe and had white hair and beard along with a radiant smile. I immediately knew that every bit of my life was known and accepted as being good and right. Several moments in my life flashed through my consciousness that let me know that I was known by a power that I had not previously been conscious of, and in that there was the feeling of unconditional love.
Remarkable STE.  Very life-changing.

89.  Cornelia D Experience 1/2/08 From Germany, Original in German, Translated to English by Amy.   It was a dream. I entered the Church I normally attend, was led to my usual seat. The Mass began in its normal fashion, but all of a sudden -- I saw on the Altar -- there stood Jesus shining brightly with outstretched arms. I was in shock! I and everybody else started screaming. We all jumped up! But in this state of shock or terror a great feeling of love took complete hold of my heart and wouldn't let go. As if in a dream I knelt down. "Don't be afraid, I am with you," came the message. I was no longer afraid. Love held me and filled my being. I looked towards the front of the church one more time, and He was gone. Around me was chaos, everybody was running out of the church.
Spiritual dream with life changing consequences.

88.  Jean C Experience 12/31/07 From Brazil, Original in Portuguese, Translated to English by Rio.  I was walking along, and just as I was about to cross a street with lots of traffic thinking about the love of God, when I was completely enveloped by an extremely brilliant light and felt overtaken by an infinite, complete love.  I don't know how but I crossed the street without any notion of having crossed it.  I have never felt like a normal being since that time. I developed paranormal gifts and I feel like I am always living in two different worlds at the same time.
Wonderful spiritually transformative event!

87.  Bernadette C Experience 12/16/07 Then, something happened and it seemed like we were surrounded by a cocoon of a curtain of pouring rain, and everything outside was lit up with a sparkly silver-lavender light and alive and more vivid. But inside, it was just me and Holly and nothing else mattered, or was even there at all. I was in some other reality where time stood still. I felt very content and at peace with everything. And bliss, I could not have been happier than I was in that moment! I had a sense that all things were perfect as they were and we were part of something larger and everything had its purpose and was important. I also felt loved and protected by something unseen, I think it was God. Most of all, I felt a feeling of pure love and trust radiating from and toward Holly.
STE with dog during thunderstorm.

86.  Nate Y Experience 11/28/07 I remember that I didn’t feel any fear, but was trying to soak up and understand what was happening.  Suddenly a very white beam of light came down from the ceiling and landed on my chest.  The robed figures suddenly had looks of terror in their faces and they disappeared.  I looked up to see where the beam of light was coming from and that is when I saw Jesus floating above my bedroom closet.  I remember that I could still see things dimly around my room through my peripheral vision (study desk, windows, dresser, etc), but there above my closet was Jesus.
Spiritually transformative dream at age 14.

85.  Emma L Experience 10/23/07 Translated from Spanish into English by Eva.  When I left the operating theatre, with the drainage tubes [still in], and in much pain, I lost all notion of time and space.  I was lying down and all of a sudden I saw myself engulfed in a brilliant light and a sort of very soft and faint breeze passed over my chest. I wanted to move my body but I couldn't.   I wanted to turn around and see in another direction, and again I couldn't.  At that moment I felt fear but soon a voice told me that I shouldn't be concerned; that everything would be all right.  I wanted to turn to see this being and only was able to catch a glimpse of a white tunic from the chest [area] to the floor.  I also saw his enormous hands, so soft, that caressed my chest and spoke the words that everything would actually be all right.  I don't know how much time passed I only know that I started to feel a peace and tranquility that I had never before felt.  Up to now, they've done studies and everything comes out fine.  I think it was the Master, Jesus, who came to me and placed himself at my right hand to bring me the health and peace that I needed at that moment.
In English and Spanish.

84.  Perry S Experience 10/6/07  So our Father gave me a wonderful gift, he took me home, I remember following a very bright light. Came to a school or some teaching going on. I was in spirit form, but young and innocent child like), we were leaning forward listening to what looked like Jesus reading out of a book. It was so awesome, (you got me crying) I remember Jesus looking up at me and he closed his book and I started to leave. I was leaving, I had no hands or fingers to grab on to, I wanted to stay soooooooooo bad. But then Gods Holy Spirit filled me and instantly I felt secure, loved beyond want we feel here. I was safe. He Loves Us So much. Can't express to you the Joy, Love, Happiness, Peace, I could go on, but it wouldn't be enough....Awesome.

83.  Rhonda Experience 5/27/07 So we sat there on the rocks and closed our eyes for a couple of seconds. I said a few words silently, probably something profound like “Dear Lord:  Please help the dog. Amen.” When we opened our eyes, that Chihuahua was just floating, skimming, across the top of the rushing water. I’ve always said she looked like there was a hand under her.  Sally and I were overwhelmed, to say the least. We made our way through the woods and started walking back down the dirt road, just raving about how wonderful God was and how we couldn’t believe what we had just seen. We were quite the spectacle, if anyone had been around to see us:  all scraped up, babbling excitedly, our bathing suits still untied and hanging down around our waists.  Sally’s pet name for me and some of her other friends was “Kiddy.” At one point during this conversation on the dirt road, she turned to me and said, “Kiddy, what can we ever do to thank him?”  I opened my mouth to respond, but I will never know what I was going to say.  Right then a deep male voice boomed from the sky, saying “Praise God.”
Awesome Experience!

82.  Lidia Experience4/11/07 From Spain, Original in Spanish, translated to English by Carol I forgot my name, my beloved and fellow beings and all I was in the reality. The only thing that I was thinking and transmitting was the phrase: “it is just that I have to go back”, but I did not know where neither why. The presence that was with me was not any death being that I could recognize, but her company was so pleasant. The only thing that I was telling her was: “It is just that I have to go back.” I remember that I was communicating through my thoughts and that I knew that all the presences that were in that place think and feel. All of us were vibrating in the same intensity. All was perfect.  I felt the essence of love. My soul was in peace. I felt like never before. Because I did not stop repeating the same words, the presence that was with me told me “you will have to talk about that with Him.” Suddenly, He appeared in front of me. This presence had Biblical image. Mature man, long gray hair, with beard and a white tunic. His presence transmitted me something marvelous even more that the other presences of that place that I described you. Mentally I told Him “It is just that I have to go back” and He turned His hands to himself like if He was reading the story of my life and He told me: “It is just that you have to go back, the doors are open for you.”
Spiritually transformative dream with NDE-like imagery.

81.  Moriah Experience3/11/07  The next thing that I remember is waking up and finding myself on my knees and my head is facing down. I wonder to myself. Where am I? I’m not in my bed. As I tried to recognize my whereabouts, my head lifted up to see an oaken, wooden door that projects a presence of authority and respect. As I examine the door, trying to make sense of where I am, I notice there are no knobs. It had two doors that push open. When my head is facing straight forward, I am now instantly standing but I don’t remember using my legs to stand up. I look through the right-hand door with a window opening one foot high by two feet wide, although the window had no glass. As I look through the window, a torrential flow of excitement, joy and love bursts through me as I behold Our Father! I know instantly who He is! As my enthusiasm escalates, the doors, nearly six inches in thickness, invite me inward.  

80.  Kelly D Experience2/25/07  The angel figure was in the corner of the room every night for about a week.  Then one night, when I closed my eyes, I sensed the angel figure was real close to me, so I opened my eyes and it was hovering right about me (about 12 inches from my body).  I was petrified!  I tried to wake my husband up but he wouldn't budge.  Then I hear a voice that told me sternly to pray. In my head I told the voice that I did not know how to pray.  The voice repeated that I needed to pray.  I then cried out to God in my head and asked for his help.  Then this other voice started praying.  It was the most beautiful prayer I had ever heard. I cannot remember any of the words of the prayer, but I could feel in my soul that the prayer was awesome.  It made me cry.  After whatever it was that prayed for me was finished, I felt my soul being sucked out of my body backwards.  It sucked me backwards down the hallway and out of the house and I was elevated in mid air in front of my kid's basketball hoop.  Then I saw this beautiful iridescent cloud come up, and when it did, my yard lit up from the brightness of the cloud.  The color of the grass was beautiful (the colors are beyond words; I cannot describe the beauty). 

79.  Leturmi Experience2/13/07 From France, Original in French, Translated to English by Simon A  I was in full consciousness, I did not leave my body, nor did I see a tunnel as some people say they do, but after some ten minutes or so I could no longer feel my body, and an unimaginable wave of love swept through me completely. This wave of love seemed to be of a dimension whose power and extent I could not describe. I was so immersed in love that I felt incapable of withstanding it, it was overwhelming. At that moment, I could see a mighty white light, brilliant and dense, a light of love which engulfed me in every part. I was in the light and also part of the light. If you want a more exact image, I was doubly light, due to the weightlessness which filled my being at that moment. I could see through 360 degrees. I was like a fragment of love in a completely white universe, feeling all the density of this universe, a universe where only love was present. While being conscious of my situation ( I knew that I was lying on a bed in the house of this lady) , I no longer had any doubts about the destiny of mankind, the “why” or the “how” of all the existential questions which all humans being can ask themselves.

78.  Lorraine  R Experience 2/3/07 & 12/15/13  From Australia.  As we studied, someone brought a pile of even more beautiful books and offered them to us. I said " we have more than enough, why not give them to someone who needs them more than we do. As I said this I was sent soaring high up above the earth, looking down it was dark but I could see the lights of cities. I was shown and told that each of us is bound to the others. I was told that it is like a thread that weaves and binds and goes through each of us. This makes us all the same. The thread that binds us together is LOVE. As I was told this my whole body was suffused with the most amazing feeling of love that I have never yet experienced on earth and I understood totally that we are all one . It was totally overwhelming. I said to the being or teacher or God, " Why don't people understand that we are all the same, all colors and races and religions, if only people understood this there would be no more wars or hatred or greed or selfishness. There would be peace on Earth. Then I heard a voice. It just said one word, it was a male voice. He said;' Exactly' then it was as if thousands of voices joined in and echoed Exactly.

77.  Kimberly G Experience2/3/07 …all of a sudden my whole room filled with this red-rose colored light and at the same time this overwhelming feeling of love poured into me, into my brain, and my I.Q. went through the ceiling--------words are hard to explain, I started seeing people I had known that had passed away. I could see my Grandfather as a infant in the womb and at the same time I could see him as a old man. Everything was together as one, God was the center of it all , all this love. So many things were told to me things I could not understand or hold. I feel like the main message they told me was I was loved and this is what it felt like and not to ever be scared of death, for this is where I would go. I did not want it to end…
Remarkable experience, and quite transformative.

76.  Sue V's Experience1/4/07 I was aware of all things from the smallest organism to the biggest happenings of outer space. I had a "knowing" of everything and anything. Above my head and to my right a bright light (not blinding but brighter than any light I have known) flowed quickly towards and over me engulfing me and all the other souls in the universe and down on earth (which I was fully aware of entirely). Simultaneously, the light was also this complete LOVE. It was a type of love that cannot be described as it is not like anything I have ever known. The love came with the light. It was received and given at the same time. It spread from what I instantly knew was God to encompass everything in the universe and beyond. The love was like bliss and so complete that there was no room for anything else. (No room for evil).
Remarkable OBE while driving.  Very transcendent and life-changing.

75.  Saul P's Experience6/3/06  I found myself in a dark tunnel at the end of which I saw a small, powerful light.  I walked slowly but confidently toward it which grew as I got closer.  At the end of my journey, the tunnel and darkness gave way to a complete, ineffable light where there was a resplendent city without shadows.  Three days after this nighttime dream, at 10 a.m. while I was at work, I felt an enormous luminous force ascend from my body to my head which changed my way of seeing the world from being normally gray to illuminated as if everything has its own internal light.
STE via a Kundalini Experience.

74.  Lynn R's Experience5/27/06 As my mind meandered amongst the forest of my thoughts, I was unprepared for what waiting there for me.  Without warning, my brain seemed to have a mind of its own.  The tree beyond the window reached out to me and embraced me in its reality.  I had the overwhelming and unquestioning feeling that the tree and I were inseparably and totally one.  I had often felt a kinship with trees.  These majestic silence creatures continually give and ask little in return.  Yet, the experience I was immersed in, like a bottomless pool, was far deeper.  In a way I could not account for, I became the tree, and the tree, in turn, became me.  An essence within the tree was also within me.  Through this fundamental nature we shared our connectedness.  Joy and love surged through me and filled my awareness.  I experienced a connectedness to all of life.
Several remarkable spiritually transformative events including a concept of interconnectedness of all.

73.  Amal's Experience 5/20/06  From Jerusalem  She had a frightening out of body experience that shifted her spiritual awareness.

Nicolla's Experience 3/26/06  I remember looking at her and it was like time stood still.  I remember thinking "my perspective is that I am over here looking at her.  The trees are on my right and I see a slide and a girl".  I realized that her perspective was different.  To her, the world at that moment consisted of seeing me on a towel with the trees on (her) left since we were facing opposite directions.  I realized there was no such thing as true perspective.  To everyone else the world is different. To us the world "consisted" of a backyard and pool although even between the two of us, our reality or perspective was different as noted above -- because each of us was looking at something differently.  But to others I realized that at that very moment the world "consisted" of a different reality -- I realized some people were in war, starving, sleeping, whatever... all looking at different things and experiencing a different reality.
Sudden spiritual insight spontaneously at age 9.

Leo T's Experience 3/11/06  I was now instantly in what appeared to be the Himalayas all covered in snow and only mountains in all directions. I was then at the top in a niche where there was a man sitting with legs crossed, he was bald, had a wrap that went around from across one arm down to his waist. He never said a word, no words were necessary. I new I was to ask him a question. I asked " What is the meaning of life." I was at that moment lifted as if floating, I was turned around and I then occupied his body-space.  At that moment i saw the universe, billions of galaxies, all circling like snowflakes, in a dancing mass. It was alive, spinning, mixing...billions of years passing in only a blink. I saw, knew understood everything. There was nothing of this magnitude to compare, i laughed. It just was. I just knew.
Remarkably profound and transcendent meditation experience.

Arturo's Experience 3/4/06 From Chile, Original in Spanish translated to English by Rio.  I finally decided to forget my past and recreate my life, especially for love of my children.  On making this decision I experienced it as a gift, as joy.  Afterwards, I had the sensation of beginning a journey, entering through a door or tunnel that was hidden behind some bushes.  After that, I relived some experiences with my wife or flirted with women when I was young where I understood and completely felt everything that was happening psychologically inside the other person (deep inside  where it would seem not even she realized the profound, positive, loving, and beneficial purpose that each experience between two people has).  This happened in such a way that any feelings of guilt or worry about these people where completely healed and taken away (in a very similar way as when the knots and muscular tensions were taken away when I began the experience).

Laine S's Experience 2/19/06 I opened my eyes to see a person sitting across from me.  He smiled when I saw him and I asked who he was.  He said he was my future\higher (Same thought) self.  Needless to say I was rather shocked.  We discussed many things.  He pointed out to me events in my life that led up to experiences that I had were not accidents and that there are no accidents or coincident.  He showed me several examples and showed me that circumstances were created for me that dissolved after I no longer needed them.  It was eye-opening to have somebody walk me through my life and point out things I missed.  I asked questions and he provided me with answers that I had been searching for all my life.  He was very wise and understanding.  I can't remember everything we discussed anymore but it gave me a new perspective on what I am and how my life had been set up.
Remarkable STE.  Cautionary note: I think this experience happened in spite of the associated LSD, and not because of the LSD.  LSD usage is generally dangerous and can be devastating, as we have heard from many others whose accounts we have not published.

68. Bob G's Experience 2/14/06  The voice said "there is a GOD" everything will be all right.  the words were followed by the absolute certain knowledge that what the words said were true.   ? and I mean ABSOLUTE CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE.  Never on earth can we know anything like i understood the meaning of those words at that moment.  Then without words more like a thought  but not  i was somehow given to know that God loved ME unconditionally  followed immediately by a joy or rapture that was unlike anything i had or have know the rest of my life.   The entire preceding episode is as clear to me today  as it was when it happened. i have related this experience to others ever since that day.
STE during ride in car that happened 52 years ago.

Tracy B's Experience 2/05/06  During what is called the offertory of the Mass, I was looking down at my hands.  I thought to myself, with mild disgust, "my hands look old, like my mother's".  Just then as I looked up toward the altar and the priest, everything was bathed in a very bright light.  I could still see the doings on the altar as I heard a male voice speak to me.  The voice said these words: "It is not what your hands look like that's important, it's the work they do that's beautiful, and the work of the hands of everyone here."  Upon the hearing of the the word beautiful, it was as if I was looking down into a deep well, I could see written words coming out of this well, words which I understood to define beautiful.
Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE) at Mass.

Brad K's Experience 2/05/06  Walking the woods, suddenly finding myself observing myself from above & behind, again timelessness, then "back". Moments later a different ethnic group of unknowns appeared, blocking my path, cursing & threatening. Normal reaction: anger, fear, possibly fatal given the circumstances, yet my "being" knew only compassion & tranquility ... somehow seeing deeply & beyond. A presence ... a voice that wasn't, conveyed "all rightness", protection ... the shouting grew silent, then stares ..  In times of weariness & discouragement, I've tried to discount such experiences & others for the small comfort of giving up, honestly I can't.  I'd always wondered what was meant by "Heaven's at hand & within" ... no longer.
OBE with a great deal of spiritual wisdom.

Shirley W's Experience 1/1/06 It begins then as the acts of kindness and love of every moment, of every being everywhere, as they are gently gathered up and brought into the circle of my arms and circulated throughout the vessel that I AM in waves of overwhelming love. Small, tender, untold acts of child to elder, elder to child, stranger to stranger, family to family, friend to friend, and friend to foe. So many unknown actions except to the few, acts that have made all the difference in another's life, that have lifted the burdens for a brief moment, that have turned whole lives around, that have made one very small ripple in a life troubled by a multitude of pains.  No earthly vessel can hold this love, this magnitude of amazing love, from each human on this planet. It circles through my arms and clear through me and back out into the ethers clearing and marking a path to the stars.
Remarkable spiritual experience.

Lu's Experience 12/4/05  i was pretty sure that i was dying [IV methamphetamine overdose], but i felt so calm. i was in my bedroom. there was no-one with me, but suddenly someone [not visible] came & silently guided me through what i should do to increase my chances of living through it. it was the most calming voice... no sound, at all. out of nowhere, i knew things that i had never known before, so i calmly did these things right away.
Experience associated with IV  methamphetamine overdose.  No clear separation of consciousness, but remarkable encounter with loving presence.

Pamela B's Experience 10/8/05  As soon as my soul came out and I started going up the tunnel, there was a small circle of white light.  It was sort of a dim circle at the time.  Then the light got closer and closer, while I felt this circle above me and the tunnel.  The circle was expanding in the black.  The circle got bigger and bigger, or I got closer to the light.  I felt much emotion at this time--bewilderment, fear, but also love at the same time.  Even though I now felt for sure that I was dying, I was amazed and curious and scared all at the same time.  I felt an intense sense of peace, love and freedom.  Fear and joy all at once.  Then I sensed if I let this continue, and the circle of light gets big enough to erase all the darkness, and I enter it, that I would die and never return to my body.
Experience at age 14.

Georgia S's Experience 9/17/05  I found myself in my little car in a forest glade.  When I looked around me, I saw a path through this forest that wound upward and that at the end of the path was an opening.  And it opened into a really bright white light.  I started driving up the path.  I was absolutely determined to get there.  It was slow going and then it got slower because the path became muddy.  Finally, my car got stuck in the mud and I couldn't go any further.  Still, I decided to walk the rest of the way.  I was going to get into that light no matter what it took. I got all the way to the top when the voice of my oldest daughter distracted me.  She was standing at the end of the path and she looked at me and said, "Not yet, Mom."
Attempted to enter the light in vision, was not allowed to do so.

Aussie's Experience 9/3/05  This experience is very difficult to put into words. It was like I was connected to all of creation, I could see or feel the connections. Time became slower like syrup. The experience involved some type of direct knowing as opposed to words in my mind. I became aware of all of creation being like a huge wheel. The experience "told" me that everything, every speck of dust was so important to the whole. The focus then shifted to me, I was "told" that I was also just as important to this completeness as every other thing in this vast wheel. If I was not there there would be a piece missing. I was also told that every event in life has a purpose, even people starving had a purpose and that life and creation was perfect just as it was.
Experience fully awake in room at place of employment.

Melanie M's Experience 4/30/05  This is what he said to me:  "You asked me what I do with people's burdens. Well, it's simple:  I hang onto them until you learn the lessons from them, then I give the burden back to you as jewels. The jewels are the lessons you learn. Some lessons are more important than others, hence some jewels are more precious than others, but all equally important."  I was astounded!  I felt very honored to be talking with Him.
Dream OBE with a remarkable encounter with another being.  Very important life lesson taught.

59. Rozee C's Experience 4/30/05 … the most beautiful sight i have ever seen. a perfect being about 7 feet tall, white hair to the shoulders, golden brown skin, huge eyes with fully dilated pupils pouring love into me, smiling radiantly at me as if i also was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. behind him the horizon stretched endlessly. mountains, the ocean, the clear blue sky.
Two visions described.

Terry S's Experience 4/30/05  I would always go first and turn on the light, then he would descend on his tummy. Just after I flipped the light switch I heard him cry out and saw him tumbling head first down the stairs. I cried out "Dear God help me!" and witnessed my son suspended in mid-air by one leg, the rest of his body dangling. He arched his back to look up at who had hold of him. I was there with my arms out to catch him, but a few more seconds passed before he was gently placed in my arms. I was totally awake at this time. Months later, while asleep, I watched myself personally handing my child to Jesus and felt the love and peace as I did so.
Encounter with Jesus.

57. Eva L's Experience 3/13/05  Best part: the funny discovery that all this worrying about the past and the future is just a joke, that what our thoughts have nothing to do with our timeless essence, and the feeling of expanding, of spaciousness.  Worst: not really a worst part, except perhaps a bit of remorse of not letting my laughter out, and not knowing how to stay in this experience.
Guided meditation in a Buddhist setting led to a different type of perception regarding past, present, and future.

56. Amy's Experience 2/18/05 then all of a sudden I felt like i was being lifted into the air i didn't feel like i was my whole self, I felt like it was just my soul. I felt like i was floating about 3 inches from my body, it felt like i was on top of myself. I felt extreme weightlessness, like i weighed nothing. I felt I had an adrenalin rush like i was free falling, like i was on a roller coaster. I felt like i couldn't move or breathe, but i didn't need to breathe. I floating there between 6-7 seconds. I was really really scared. Then i was gently put back down into my body. I felt like god reached down and lifted my soul out of me, then put it back into me.
An atheist asked God to prove he existed.

55. Michael M's Experience 2/18/05  At that exact moment, I was pushed down a tunnel and was aware of stone walls as I flew through it at lightening speed and before I knew what had happed: found myself in an intense light. I can remember it hurting my eyes but as I adjusted my vision, was aware I was in cloud. Through this cloud below me I saw a green cliff top and sensed I should fly towards it. As I got nearer I could pick out more detail and noticed there was a person standing below me. I was a bit disorientated at this point but as I landed the figure of a man stood before me. I could not see his face.
This was a very transformative event.

54. Jody C's Experience 2/18/05 Before my visitor left me, we appeared back in my attic bedroom.  He took both my hands, looked me in the eyes, with a piercing brilliance of pure love and energy, and said, "It's up to you now, Jody.  You must keep this family together, Love them, teach them what I tell you, when the time is right."  Then he embraced me, and we both wept.  Then he released me, and I laid back into my body.  I jumped from my bed, and knelt down beside it and cried, "God, why me?  Why did this happen to me?  Why is this my responsibility?"  Then a calming peace came over me, and I felt everything would be all right.  But the love and pureness of the light which for a time, I had been in, still overwhelmed me, and I cried myself to sleep.
Powerful spiritual experience.

53. Patricia S's Experience 12/12/04 First I would feel joy because the lovely scene from nature before me reminded me of "where I came from."  (I always assumed this place was Heaven, though I don't remember when I actually used that word, in my head, to identify the place.)  But shortly after feeling the joy of being reminded of "where I came from" I would feel rather upset and unhappy because I was not THERE and THERE was soooo much more wonderful than this world!  It was as if I was looking at the picture of a loved one and feeling joy at the sight of that face, but knowing that after all the picture was just a two dimensional object not the real, living, wonderful person. This world is like that - in it's most beautiful moments it is no more than a pale reflection at best compared to the reality of Heaven. 
Child STE of pre-existence knowledge.

52. Karla NC's Experience. 11/21/04 This light was Power, Light, something straight from (I hoped!) God. It was going to hit me right on the crown of my head, and I had enough time to get worried. I could hear it coming, and feel it. It sounded awesome. It struck me, (the way I imagine lightning would feel - HUGE EXPLOSION!!) and as I lost consciousness (during this conscious dream state) I seemed to split in two, like a dried out husk, and my last thought at this stage was "I didn't think this could happen during an astral experience [go unconscious!]"!! My "self" shrunk down to a tiny little light, and seemed to blink out. Next thing; I'm flying across a river, and land on a sea shore. (this portion felt more dream like). I look out to sea
There is a lot of powerful imagery in this one.

51. Lisa W's Experience. 10/31/04 i was wide awake and staring at the drapes when i saw a bright light where just seconds before, there were drapes. the light started to take on a form of it's own and within the light stood Jesus Christ. i remember staring into his eyes, i could not look away, i had no thoughts of my own, hypnotized would be more accurate.  paralyzed... he spoke my name and when he did, it echoed 2-3 times in my mind, and after that this is exactly what he said.
She was a 15 year old teenager when she had this transcendental experience.

50. Tracy S's Experience. 10/24/04 & 3/26/05 A short time later the messenger returned and said, "They will see you now." I then followed him through the door and into the garden area. I saw a man in a plain brown robe kneeling in the garden digging it with a trowel. He looked up at me, stood up and brushed the dirt from his knees and walked towards me with His arms open. I knew Him instantly, he was my Father, the Father of my spirit. I ran into His outstretched arms. I felt the greatest most pure love emanating from Him that I have ever felt, and I could feel it healing my spirit. I cried like a child and He comforted me, and soothed me.
An amazing account! An angel led him to the mother/father of his spirit. 

49. Kaye J's Experience. 10/24/04 I turned from the awful spectacle, and in terror ran back on the trestle.  I fell between the tracks.  I heard a calm voice say distinctly...."You die."  "No! No!" I wailed.      The voice asked. "What then?"  I thought immediately of my friend "God" (who was not a part of traditional teaching)  and felt great relief.     I sat up and said with perfect confidence "You will have to get me out of here God."  Then I watched the black mountain fall.  I was lifted about a foot off the ground, and held in a palpable circle of bright light.  It was unlike any thing I had ever felt, but at that time, it felt very natural. 
Miraculous event as a child where she had divine assistance in escaping a train.

48. Bryan W's Experience. 10/24/04  Suddenly, a light began entering my dream from above and behind me - at this point my dream was over - and I remember falling to my knee and looking down at a stone ground. As the light increased in my dream, there was this tremendous feeling that increased with it's presence. The light continued to the point that I became engulfed by it.  I could no longer see my hands as they were also made of light - basically, everything was white light.  One thing I would add, the light didn't hurt my eyes.  This feeling started in the middle of my chest and went through my entire body all the way through my toes and fingers, head, etc.  The only way I can describe the feeling is to say it felt almost like the same feeling when you have an orgasm - but a millions times stronger.   He was angry at God for human suffering - God answered back!

She was deeply grieving her husband's death and had this experience.

46. Dorie C's Experience. 10/24/04 I cant remember how much time had passed in this entire event. It may have been anywhere from half an hour to an hour. But suddenly, my body stopped convulsing and the noise was far in the background and the tent felt full of God's presence. I knew he was there and he was communicating with me. I also 'knew' my  grandmother was there. she had died about 5 years previously. But I knew she was there and I knew there was more than God's presence in the tent.  Encounter with God's presence has helped her change her life.

45.  Tom S's Experience 9/18/04  I opened my eyes and was just lying there very still, feeling this, wondering what was going on, when I suddenly felt two hands on my right shoulder push my physical body down harder into the mattress.  This was undeniably my body being pushed down like someone was leaning straight armed against me and putting his/her weight on me with a quick motion.  Coincident to the touch of those 2 hands a powerful pulse of of the same energy I had awakened to coursed through me.
Angel encounter that was life transforming.

44. Jeff F's Experience 9/18/04  At about eleven at night, I was compelled to fall on my face alone in the dark to pray on the floor.  For three and one half hours, words rolled out of my mouth about every unkind thing I had ever done and every sin.  I kept nothing secret and opened every darkest closet. Then for the next three and one half hours, words rolled off of my tongue about every dark and terrible act being committed among the nations of the earth. The floor was puddled with my tears. 
A bit on the preachy side, but if you like that kind of thing - you'll enjoy this experience.

43. Jessica B's Experience 9/12/04 I was truly 'in tune' with the music and suddenly i felt a beam of light - it felt very bright in the dark concert hall - it shone down on me and seemed to enter the top of my head.  Information was  communicated to me - 'through' the music - that we are light and love and that love truly conquers all - that all of the 'good' and 'bad' things that happen on this earth are nothing compared to love.  And then i had a vision of how everything is related and truly 'one'.  Profound and transformative event.

42. Rebecca R's Experience 7/27/04 Soon, I was ,I felt ,in space. There was a blackness at first then suddenly huge clusters of stars and lights bouncing from all directions. Then all these pieces of light seemed to create a funnel of brightness that the hands guided me through.  Immediately passing through this I was floating over the ocean right before complete night comes to the world. I remembered for an instant that I have a fear of deep waters. It was then that the hands that were holding mine suddenly, without missing a beat, swooped me up into their arms and held me close. Whoever this was knew my fear without me saying a word. I felt protected and secure in these arms.
Amazing discussion with spirit guides.

41.  Alan Z's Experience 7/27/04 One night I dreamt I was in a dark, primitive room made of mud walls.  Around the perimeter of the room were shadowy people, including myself.  Suddenly, I was in the center of the room looking back toward where I'd been standing along the wall.  In my place was now a glowing woman in colorful flowing robes.  Then, I saw a bright white light in the shape of a cross shining on floor in front of me from a skylight above.  I looked up into this impossibly bright white light and the dream cracked open with a highly dramatic surge of power going up my spine.  Suddenly, my vision changed and I saw the face of Jesus and a voice say "I am Jesus".  Then, my face was transposed onto Jesus' face and I saw my own cracking into pieces.  The vision left and I was left weeping in my bed, very frightened by the power of the experience. 
STE and a NDE-Like experience

40. Anthony S's Experience 6/13/04 All of a sudden, I felt so incredibly free!  I ‘saw/sensed’ everything around me in the room and just wanted to get away from it all.  So I directed by mere thought, my consciousness to go ‘up’.  I went through the ceiling and could still see in every direction.  I saw the attic as I passed the interior ceiling and then as I went through the roof I saw everything at once.  The sun, the clouds, the trees, the gravel in the driveway, feathers blowing in the wind along the ground, the vehicles, the neighbor's house, etc. etc.  The feeling of liberation was so very incredible and intense and I just ‘decided’ to continue going ‘up’.  It was a strange sensation looking back now.  Not as though it was actual motion (though it seemed like it at first), but more like a changing of perception.  It was more like everything else was moving or ‘shifting’ as my perception changed. 
A totally life changing SOBE.

39. Nicole F's Experience 6/12/04 First of all, there was an instant shift inside of me - a higher energy was over me and inside me at the same time.  I felt a tremendous swelling of love within me and it kept growing.  The best analogy I could use is blowing air into a balloon.  The balloon expands and gets larger, the more air you put into it.  I felt like I was expanding with love and joy as this energy (which I identified as my angel) was inducing this sensation.  Love and joy are words that have been used repeatedly when describing these experiences.  As such, it probably sounds trite.  But the sensation I felt far exceeds the human concept of these emotions.  The love and joy kept swelling and I knew I was approaching ecstasy.
Wonderful contact with her guardian angel through meditation!

38. Ann C's Experience 5/29/04 The presence was LAUGHING at me b/c 1)I had forgotten concepts that were so obvious, and 2)I had been living my life as if my identity as a human was real and fixed, when in fact it was all just an ILLUSION. Somehow I had forgotten that though there are intense/sorrowful dramas on this earth, our REAL natures are completely untouched by the sadness of the world. None of the stuff we believe to be important is even real! It's as if we're on this earth playing roles, following scripts -- but in actuality we're OK and not who we think we are. I "saw" internally a panorama of all the humans on earth, and how we're all caught up in our dramas, fictions of our own making!
An encounter from the other side that left her transformed.

40. Pepe M's Experience 5/22/04  From Spain  I then found myself inside of this incredible HUGE and VERY, VERY BRILLIANT PURE WHITE LIGHT, although the center of it seemed to be a little further away in front of me.  The light was HUGE, coming from everywhere, and it was POWERFUL (stronger and bigger than the sun). It was like a HUGE swimming pool full of light instead of water (better yet, an ocean). I mean that everywhere you looked, there was white light, only white light. But the light was beautiful to look at (I don't know why), and it did not hurt my eyes.
Pepe is one of our Spanish translators on www.nderf.org  His spiritually transformative event has led him on a spiritual quest and he does a wonderful job spreading the word of love and peace to others!

39. Cousin's Experience 5/22/04  From Spain Basically, in about a second (as she says), she had instant access to ALL KNOWLEDGE regarding her own life questions. She means all the questions she has wondered about all her life, and she tells me that now she has no doubt whatsoever about anything which is important to her. She also received a high dose of PURE DIVINE LOVE which was so wonderful that cannot be described in words. That being so, right after the STE  she started to explain her husband the meaning of EVERYTHING (regarding her life questions), things that she did not know before, and she kept talking to him non-stop for a long time (more than an hour I think)… she also told me she would like to write the whole thing down and tell everybody.
Resultant experience from reading about the near death experiences on www.nderf.org

38. Debra M's Experience 3/22/04  When the light rested at the foot of the bed directly at my feet it pulsed a light up over my body engulfing it and penetrating it.  The light spoke inside my body, telepathically I guess.  It said ( I am the virgin) be not afraid , the universe is unfolding as it should. Come i have something to show you. I was pulled from my body and overcome with a sense of innocence and wide-eyed wonder and I was filled with a feeling of all-knowingness and love.  I felt utterly comforted and safe with this being and felt shrouded with a divine essence.
This wasn't just a dream!

37.  Malcolm C's Experience 3/22/04  I woke up from being asleep, felt that I was not breathing and lay for what seemed a few seconds not able to move or breath and it was dark and I was laying on my bed.  Then I saw a brilliant light to the upper left of my vision that seemed distant.  It was incredibly hot and bright but I could look at it and I felt warm and safe.  I remember feeling very calm and happy and very emotional.  I wanted to be in the light and I felt like what was in the light was reality and the life I have I did not want to go back to.  I felt that everything I ever wanted to know about me was inside the light and that there were people there. 
A transcendent dream

36.  Keith F's Experience 2/20/04  Then far away I saw a tiny dot of white light. I stopped rolling and focused on the light. I was glad to not be alone in this infinite space yet I remained emotionally neutral. The white light became larger and larger as it got closer until I saw that it was a person. This person continued to come closer. It was a male spirit being wearing a white robe looking much like Jesus with his arms outstretched downward at a 45 degree angle, palms facing outward.
This is the beginning of a spiritual journey.

35.  Cindy G's Experience 1/26/04   I remember entering a light, indescribably bright, brilliant.  I was part of this light and it was part of me.  The light was made up of souls...like me.  We were all communicating with each other.....they were all in me and I was in all of them.  The communication was too fast for me to discern what was being said but the feeling that flowed through me from in the light.. was love...more intense than anything I have ever felt.  I was 'home.'  I had the feeling of belonging....of being...that was of indescribable peace.
She prayed to God for the first time - and what an answer!

34.  Mark C's Experience 12/19/03  I did not want to leave and knew not even to ask if I could stay because I was to back...I just was so happy to experience my home again and I just enjoyed the peace, the joy, the love and the knowledge that flowed through me.  Truly, there are no words to explain this.  I then felt presence to the right of me...a communication of pure love.  I looked to right of me and saw two golden transparent globes floating next to me.  They loved me unconditionally and I loved them just as much and in the same way.  They communicated to me that I need to go back now and that I will never be without them.  They were my angels that were to watch over me in my life...and I will see them again when I return.
News of cancer diagnosis prompted intense prayer and this experience.

33. Mark B's Experience 011/14/03  I looked around and saw the figure of a man approaching me. I knew right away who it was (Jesus, but being the stubborn person I am, had to ask just to be absolutely sure. I asked Him, "Are you who I think you are?" He said "Yes I am". Not really knowing what to do, I shook His hand and said "Cool!" I then asked, "So, do I get to stay or what?"
An experience where he encountered Jesus, and it has drastically changed his life.

32. Gloria J's Experience 09/7/03 The communication was a telepathic clear voice between the heavenly being & my inner spirit. Wow! I was and still am totally amazed, that my spirit has its own voice, it was clear yet not verbal. We were talking but I never opened my mouth. I want to call this spiritual being an Angel and just like in the Bible in Isaiah 6: 6 the Angel touched my mouth with what I believe to be a piece of coal -it actually clicked on my teeth. I was awake during this experience ,  laying flat on my bed, on my back, face up yet unable to move anything but my eyes, kinda frozen in time. I saw only the bottom of his long light grayish robe, with blue circular stripes around its bottom. I saw feet & sandals just like men wore in biblical times.
Prayer at a time of crisis was the precursor to this STE.

31. Cathey L's Experience 08/10/03 A shrouded skeleton, much like the pictures we see of the “grim reaper” appeared. The doctor told me not to be afraid, he was a friend. He then gave me a large bouquet of pink roses. The shroud picked me up and we began flying back to my home. While flying I saw the stars and cosmos surrounding us. As we got closer, I saw the earth, then the city, then the streets of my town. As we flew closer I saw a cemetery that was close to my home. The thought came into my mind “this was your old life, it has been buried”. The roses the doctor had given me began to shrivel and die; the petals began dropping onto the cemetery grounds.
What a remarkable experience with NDE-like imagery!

30. Christina C's Experience 06/14/03  Suddenly I was bathed in a bright white light which came from my right, I felt that the light went on forever and within it was a presence, (the only way I can describe it), and complete and pure love. I lost track of time and was aware of my current physical surroundings but unable to see them as I could only see the light. Within what must have been a few seconds I felt completely comforted and able to walk under the bridge as many times as I needed to, I felt I could do anything alone as I was never really alone. There was no voice, no vision of a being, just the light and the knowledge that we are loved and never alone. I told no one of this event until years after.
Spontaneous visit that helped her to cope with life's difficulties.

28. Ann J's Experience 05/31/03 The next coherent slide was an outdoor image, of an immense Buddha carved out of the side of a mountain. I still remember it very clearly. The exposed stone of the mountain was a light to medium gray (not red or yellow like sandstone) and the Buddha was carved in a cross-legged position (that I now know is the Lotus position, though I didn't know it at the time). He wore robes over one shoulder but the other shoulder was bare, and the wrinkles of the robe were very finely carved. The statue was probably about 75 to 100 feet high.
Buddhist flashback occurring in a Lutheran Church that was a STE that established a firm belief in reincarnation.

27. Robin D's Experience 05/31/03  Suddenly, the staircase I was looking at "morphed" as it were, into a shaftway or tunnel, extending upward. I saw a light blue sky at the end.  Then, out of nowhere, appeared a light.  It looked, I thought then, like the sun.  But I could look right into it.  It shone very brightly and it rippled or pulsed-that's the best way I can put it. It remained at the end of this stairway/tunnel extending skyward.  I never moved any nearer to it.  It spoke without using words.  It communicated a lot about universal goodness, God, the universe, life in this plane. 
Answer to depressed teenager's pray to God.

26.    Sari T's Experience.  5/12/03  The prayer was if I should fight to save the marriage or let it go and move on. Then, I turned off the lights and laid down to fall asleep. I had the first and only dream I remember of the time for weeks. In this dream, I was above looking down and watching a scene play out before me. I was in the scene and a man who I do not know I could not "see" all his features was in the dream. He reminded me of a boy I dated as a young girl, but it was not him, only similar. I can't describe the feeling but I "knew" him.
Soulmate lucid dream precipitated by prayer.

25.    Jonathan F's Experience.  5/12/03  It seemed almost at the end of these words I opened my eyes and was enveloped in the most intense light I had ever known. I had the feeling that I was no longer where I had been, I could see nothing but this light, I have no recollection of seeing my body or anything else but this light. With the light though came a feeling of love, peace and understanding I had never know at any other time in my short life. I have no idea how long this lasted, if I remember right it was three or four minutes real time, but it seemed to last for hours and hours. Nothing was said to me I did not hear voices, nor did I see any beings, people or otherwise, just the light and the overwhelming feeling of peace and love.
Prayer to God right before suicide attempt.

24. Donna M's Experience 05/11/03 I was at a place that was space, filled with light. From afar my eyes were watching me (in light form) communing with a brilliant Light Form. This Light Form and I were communicating our pure Love for each other. No words were exchanged. This was done telepathically. Light filled all space. This Light Form was revealing Itself to me. I understood I was being blessed to "Know" this.
An experience with tremendous love and light.

23. Kathy V's Experience 04/19/03  What I saw was shocking, stunning, beautiful and horrible and out of this world all at once:  Laying beside me I saw not my husbands physical body, but his light body.  The light was blindingly beautiful, and the matrix of the outline of his body was blue-white and pulsing and vibrating and flowing.  Shockingly, at the area of his heart was what I can only describe as a "cannon blast" from the inside out, a giant hole (bowling ball sized) in his light body, and the edges were torn and ragged and burnt black-red in color with the very edges burnt black, bending outward as from an inside blast.  His "light" was streaming out of the hole, leaking out so fast like blood pumping from a severed artery.
Marriage trouble from husband cheating on her.  This vision during OBE changed her life.

22. Rob G's Experience 04/19/03  After about ten minutes laying there with my eyes closed, I began experiencing a bright, beautiful greenish/blue light. Almost like a dimmer, it took about ten seconds to start from dark to a super bright light, although it didn't hurt my eyes. My eyes are still closed!  I then felt a presence in the light, a very loving energy. I remained calm. I didn't move, yet in hindsight, I don't think I even tried to move. I didn't want to scare the wonderful experience away.
An transcendent experience as a teenager is amazing!

21. Cindy B's Experience 04/19/03 Immediately after praying for Jesus to come into my life, I felt myself being raised up in the air, and I was looking down at my body down there praying, and sitting next to me was a man in white.  I could only see our backs, but he had his arm around me.  Then the voice said "Everything is going to be okay now".  Suddenly it was over, and I was left with a feeling of indescribable peace.  I suddenly KNEW things, and saw experiences in my past and the true meaning behind them.  I cannot put into words this sense of knowing and seeing, but it transformed my life and my personality was changed in an instant.  I had no FEAR anymore - fear had ruled my life in the past.  I felt SO free.  And full of forgiveness. 
Spiritually transformative event!

20. Norma B's Experience 04/19/03  We stopped and he motioned with his arms.  I knew that he meant for me to step back, the ground was going to open.  I looked down and the ground separated.  Below my feet was a beautifully clear pool of water, clear all the way down without a muddy bottom.  I saw a fish and as it moved through the water sprinkles of colors rippled through the water which I could feel through my body. It was wonderful and I didn't want to return. 
Encounter with a being during a dream/obe was spiritually transforming for her.

19. James K's Experience 04/19/03 In the corner of the bedroom, a small flame the size of a candle flame was burning. It looked just like a small candle flame. Then I heard a male voice that seemed to come from behind the flame not from within the flame. I saw no one.  And it said, "I am the way, the truth, and the light, follow me." Then vanished.  Then slowly, I seemed to float downward. There was a sensation of re-entering my body, which is why I say it was an OBE, though I couldn't tell in the darkness. 
Pentecostal Minister's STE occured during a SOBE.

18. Peter W's Experience 12/22/02  Before one particularly odious court hearing, I could not sleep for five nights in a row, worrying. Lying in bed about 3 a.m, puzzling over something, I suddenly felt myself lifted into heaven. God answered the puzzle in my mind, then began to explain a few things about life. God described man as going through a difficult transition, which many species have gone through on many planets through-out the universe. God revealed that as the sun heats up in the coming billions of years, life is intended to migrate to the out planets: First Europa (a moon of Jupiter), and then around Saturn, etc, as the sun continues to heat up. Whatever beings are around a billion years from now will seed the outer planets with life, to continue the party out there.
Although described in terms as being a psychological near death experience, the events (no matter how they are classified) are spiritually transforming.

17. Patricia C's Experience 12/7/02 When I arrived in the classroom I lay back on a row of chairs and felt myself ascending again I opened my eyes and could see a light and the clouds in the sky. There was a point when I could see or feel as though I was struggling to pass some beings that did not want me to continue upward the beings were like clouds themselves. After I passed that level I felt confident and looked ahead and saw someone dressed in like platinum in the distance one hand was outstretched and I think I was being beckoned to come.
A couple of SOBE experiences associated with praye.

16. Nora P's Experience 11/24/02 He began to speak to me through his mind; his mouth or body never moved. He said "do you know where that road leads to?" I just answered "yes." I just knew it must be Heaven. He said, "do you want to get there?" I answered, "yes."  He went on and said, "Jesus was given a cross to carry, he carried his cross.  You've been given a cross.  Are you going to carry it or are you going to leave it there?"  Of course, I wanted to get to Heaven.  I felt a little sad because I thought I was getting ready to escape my horrid life.
What a wonderful affirmation from the other side for coming through life's difficulties!

15.  Sam J's Experience.  11/9/02  TOGETHER WE BURST THROUGH THE DOOR, AND FINALLY ENTERED INTO MUCH LIGHT.  But only i emerged, clothed and alone. A group of brightly lit individuals passed me, giving me a knowing and loving welcome. But why was i embodied, clothed, and not dressed like the welcoming committee?  I was bewildered.  There was no where to go other than to follow where the LOVING souls were leading me.  The new arrivals (like me) flow through the line, but I am stopped. I saw a man who resembled the son of God, himself.  Or maybe it was Peter, who welcome you at the gate.  Whoever it was, gave a silent wave of a finger. 
Drug and alcohol excess caused this spiritually transformative event.  Although it is unclear as to whether he died or if the intoxicants influenced the experience, it is certain that it caused positive change in this man's life.

14. Mary B's Experience.  10/29/02 & 2/15/03  And then HE spoke to me. I didn't hear a voice nor see a form. But I was clearly and intensely aware of a communication directly into my consciousness from an OTHER of indescribable goodness, kindness and power.. and I recognized him as I would my mother or father. I felt I had known him before but had somehow forgotten him until that minute. I trusted him completely with no apprehension for he was, I knew, completely to be trusted.
This is one of the most amazing spiritual encounters with God - which both, she and her friend, experienced at the same time!  Another handprint of God was that when Mary opened her e-mail from me asking for permission to post, she was listening to a song entitled, "I Love to Tell The Story."

13.    Gail K's Experience.  10/13/02  I was asking Jesus to help me. Alternately begging Him and daring Him that my heart and soul were open and to come  into my heart. Well he did. In a moment and I felt it physically!! happen - I felt Jesus in my chest, in my heart, I couldn't see Him and didn't need too. I felt his warmth radiate through me. I knew it was Him and He knew I knew it was Him.
This experience shows the transformative power of prayer through contact with Jesus.

12.  Aaron W's Experience  10/1/02 "Yes.  I realized how little I really knew about life, and how I was closing myself off. I really started to pay attention to looking through other people's eyes. The experience changed my life, and was profound." 
A lucid dream with a tremendous impact on his spiritual path!

11.  Joey P's Experience.  9/4/02 "As the chill reached the top of my head I felt a flick with a "ping" sound.  I looked to my right and saw a figure.  It was dark.  I focused in and saw the face of a terrifying demon.  It had horns twisting out from its forehead.  It had green/black, beat up skin, was hunched over, a human, evil face and snarling scary teeth.  It was strong to the bone.  You would not think of touching it."
Frightening experience from attempted suicide really changed this fellow around!  This experience has two components, the first story was submitted 4/29/02 and the second time he submitted the story shows more integration and a change in how he views the world.  9/4/02

10.  Tony S's Experience.  7/22/02  "In healing it is gentle, subtle, but this was fizzing, raw power rushing through me, 10,000 volts compared to the 12 volt trickle-charge of healing. It had a striated texture, like the run-off from a dam, and a feel of blue, white, yellow color, but I could not say whether it passed up or down me, it seemed to be both. It was awesome, ecstatic,  not threatening, and I seemed to know it would stop soon." 
Wow!  This is one amazing account with some deep insights about the in-between world - not the least of which is how sex feels in the OBE state!

9.  Traci's Experience: 5/25/02."When I realized this boy could be of the spirit world I was so overwhelmed with complete shock and fascination that I believe it caused me to re-enter my body. Instantly after this revelation I re-entered through my head and I was back in my body.( This was the feeling of my head instantly being raised as described before). I had been changed forever and instantly picked up phone to tell someone, anyone all about it." 
This is a striking newby SOBE (12 days ago), but the after effects are what place this into the STE category.  There will still be a lot of integration and would be interesting to have a follow-up in a year to see if there are any changes or new insights. 

8.    Bob A's NDE. 5/14/02. "I was asked to use my psychic gifts to help police find a murderer. . . The last one was working on a missing girl case in Moose Lake, Minnesota. I was working in Cincinnati, Ohio at the time, and my brother called me up about a girl missing in Moose Lake,  as he was telling me her name I was able to see the killer and exactly how he did it. My brother told me to call the police up there and I did, they said if they need help they will call me!
Although Bob's NDE is highly noteworthy, the aftereffects are truly astounding!  This is an excerpt from a murder case that occurred 900 miles from where he was working a construction job.  His methods have a strong and recurring theme of prayer and solid belief in Jesus and the Bible.  He talks of incidents involving healing, reincarnation, and future events.
This is one of the more astounding cases that I have ever run across.  I want to express profound gratitude to Bob for sharing his story.  Although he is a bit shy about his dyslexia handicap that prevented him from filling out the NDERF form, and apologized over and over again, he did e-mail us and indicate that he really wanted to share.  I cannot tell you how humble I felt in the presence of such a unique and highly spiritual fellow.  It was such an honor to interview him so that I could help him share his experiences with others.   - Jody

7.    Mary N's Experience  5/5/02.  "I told my parents and they said it was the devil messing with me. There very superstitious. I know that's not true. Actually the experience helped me live a better life.
Although an OBE, the effect was one of a spiritually transformative event.  

6 Marilyn E's Experience  5/2/02.  "Yes, something was moving in there!!! I had to steel myself to try to find out what it was. With amazement I realized it was the new flesh actually GROWING! It began to fill the hole as we watched -as though many weeks of new, clean flesh was growing in the space of as many minutes. I had seen many other miracles happening during healings here, so perhaps I should not find it so amazing this time. But it was!"
This series of events goes far beyond the power of prayer, and is extremely instructive in charity, the Christ light, creating heaven on earth.  Such an amazing and powerful story from England. 

5.    Phillip L's Experience  4/13/02.  "Incidentally, before my experience I had no prior experience, belief or even interest in anything ‘spiritual’, nor did I acknowledge any higher power. (My early religious ‘teachers’ insisted that the love I spoke of within me was essentially different and invalid before the love of God. A belief which left the best of the Self out in the cold, and which immediately estranged me from religious teachings.)" 
One man's spiritual journey that is utterly fascinating.

4.    Tony W's Experience  4/4/02."One night I had a strange dream.  I dreamt that I told my wife I needed to tell my father about our daughter, and in my dream she said 'Well why don't you phone him'. I answered saying that the number I had for him was quite old and that he probably wouldn't be there anymore and my wife said ' Give it a try anyway'.   I did and he answered."
This is one amazing set of coincidences, before and after telephoning his deceased father in the dream.

3.    Jason G's Experience  3/14/02.  All of a sudden there I was suspended over what I can only describe as a "Celestial Ocean accompanied by the most magnificent symphony I have ever heard... but...I didn't actually hear it... there was no sound... (the sound of silence ? or the soundless sound ?) it was more like totally experiencing it with all of my senses AND my sense seemed to cross over... I mean I could actually taste, smell and feel color and sound.... there were no limits or boundaries... I was It and It was Me.... I suddenly knew what it was to be one with the all that is...  at one with the universe.... what a profound peace... awesome.... exhilarating.... spiritually moving. 
Great description of what it is like for the soul to be at one with the universe. 

2.    Bill W's Experience.  3/9/02.  It was only when I knew that I was being returned (sent back) that I suddenly realized my existence. I cried and cried and pleaded bitterly, with such anguish to God that He NOT send me back. I did not want to leave the peace I had been placed in, the light of which I was now a part. 
NDE-like imagery, but an awesome transformation from agnostic to firm belief in  God and Jesus.

1.    Jena's Experience.  It occurred during the month of August '81 or '82 while in a "sleep state" but, it is far more vivid than anything I have ever consciously experienced, far more vivid than this glassy faced monitor that sits before me.  There has not been a waking day since, when I have failed to remember. 
This seems like a lucid dream with a lot of subconscious imagery, but the content was so vivid it transformed her life forever.

(DBV) - Death Bed Vision is one in which the person may see scenes of the afterlife, beings and bright light at or close to the time of death.  A nearing end of life event (NELE) is one that occurs up to 6 months away from death.  This is a new OBERF research category, although these experiences have been reported throughout history.  The definition may change as we learn more about this type of experience.  So far this part of the experience is after a near death experience but before an after death communication.

62. Marianne P Experience  11/3/13 She had entered the active phase of dying and was quickly moving to agonal breathing.  She appeared comfortable, eyes closed seeming to be unaware of her surroundings.  I told her I was there at the foot of her bed.  She continued the agonal breathing, opened her eyes, focused on me in the room, winked at me, and took 3 more breaths before she passed.  I had never experienced anything like it.  Once a person begins agonal breathing I had never seen them become conscious again even though I know they hear.  As soon as she passed one of her daughters found a drawer full of hand written letters to her family telling them she was ok and not to weep for her. These were all written approx a week before her death.  It was one of the sweetest experiences I have had to date but there are hundreds more to also validate life after death.
Deathbed experience of lady dying of breast cancer as told to her hospice worker.

61. Karen's Experience  9/8/13 Sandy was sitting in my lap facing me with her back against the dashboard. She was no longer pregnant. And she was only a torso and a head. Her limbs were gone. She was struggling to breath. Her face showed clear evidence of pain as she tried to get air. I lifted her up so her torso would hang down strait below her making it helpful for her to breath. She thanked me and a look of calm came over her face as she was able to breath. Her attacks started coming more frequently where she was uncomfortable and gasping for air. Each time I would lift her up she would thank me, Eventually, she yelled at me and told me to stop it!  She said it was becoming painful. She looked me in the eyes and she said "tell them to let me go!" Then I woke up.  I knew my friend had an aggressive brain tumor. The last I had heard just a little over a month before was that she was doing pretty good. So this dream really shook me.
Dream involving friend dying of brain cancer.

60. Christopher M Mother's Experience  4/20/13  My Mother was taking care of a 96 year old man that was my Grandma's neighbor. He had been in the convalescent home and had come out to live in his house again. He needed help with his taxes and other things. My mom took on the job to watch him close to 24 hours a day. One night my mom was watching him and all the sudden he started to breath heavy and my mom knew he was dying, so my mom held his hand and told him it's all right to go everyone's going to be ok. So within about 10 minutes he died. When he died my mom saw a bright green light leave his body float above him and then disappear. She believes it was his spirit leaving his body at death… at the beginning my mother was a little scared to be with Harold when he died but she said after it happened she was overwhelmed and that death is a beautiful thing and that there's nothing to fear.
Son describes mother’s shared death experience when she was with neighbor who died.

59. Lisa D's Mother's Experience  3/14/2013  Then mom let Lee Ann know that her son was there, and that he was okay, and that she’d be there soon taking care of  him.  Lee Ann had lost her son at the age of two.  Mom never knew Lee Ann’s son, but she had seen a little boy crying in the hallway, then he’d come around in the hallway just outside her room and had been peeping around the doors at mom for about 4-5 days before this divine revelation.  Once mom had told us it was a little boy, then later when we asked again she said he’s good.  Another time she said, “He’s an angel.”  We now knew it was Lee Ann little boy helping mom make her transition from earth to heaven. 
Deathbed vision of mother who was dying of pancreas cancer.

58. Angela Experience  11/19/2012  The first shot did not make her relax at all. In a few more minutes the doctor returned and gave her the deadly injection. As he was injecting the needle and delivering the shot I felt Roxy's spirit leave her body and to my surprise I left with her, in no time at all I had traveled so far from where I was standing on earth and had traveled to another galaxy light years away. But, then as if no time at all had passed I was standing back at the exam table with the doctor and my dog's body. Her spirit had just traveled from our world to the next.  Do all dogs go to Heaven? YES guaranteed, that is what I learned. The experience changed my life…
Shared death experience with pet dog who was euthanized due to advanced malignancy.

57. Rhonda Y Experience 11/4/12 I had been practicing ""out-of-body"" methods since I was in a bad car accident ten years past (1979); it helped me meditate to relieve my physical suffering. As I stood there, I was wondering who the paramedics were working on, and ""my spirit"" rose out of my body to hover over the scene. I could see they were working on Mr. O'Donald. Overhead, two spirits (angels with green wings) came down to get him, but I was in the way, and they grabbed me by the elbows instead. I tried to convince them that they had the wrong person, but they wouldn't listen to me. I told my physical body to stay standing where it was. The spirit on my right was amused at my protests that they needed to take Mr. O'Donald, not me, but would not let me go. The spirit on my left looked very serious and held on to me very tightly. We rose into the sky very quickly. It seemed like we were going a long distance from Earth. I saw a bright light coming closer and closer. It was like the sun, but not hot and not hard to look at, in fact, I was mesmerized by it. Beautiful rainbow colors surrounded the light. When I arrived in front of the Being of Light I transferred my thought that the spirits had brought the wrong person to It, they were suppose to bring Mr. O'Donald.
Remarkable account of SOBE at the time of a neighbor’s life-threatening event which may have been a shared death experience.

56.  Francis J Shared Death Experience  11/2/12  They said to me (the body below me) that they were sorry they could not save me. I "think-talked" to them, feeling so peaceful, that it was ok, it was ok, it was ok. Next a wonderful green-yellow-white light drew me to it (still floating in the hospital room). I couldn't resist the light and entered into it. There was an immense and more than beautiful lawn or meadow, and a tree with a man gardening under it. I moved toward the man (who was somewhat ephemeral) and it was my grandfather (my grandmother's deceased husband). He began to welcome me. Then the phone in the bedroom rang and rang...my husband awoke, answered the phone, and called me to it. I was very groggy from the dream, and my voice still "froggy" from all the rasping as I had tried not to breathe the water. It was my dad on the phone, telling me my grandmother had passed away, approximately a two-hour drive from my home.
Remarkable empathic shared death experience dream at moment of her grandmother’s death.

55.  Kathleen S Shared Death Experience  5/15/12  In July 2009 her quality of life had deteriorated and we decided it was no longer fair to prolong her life, we called our vet and she came over to our house to put her down. I sat on the floor with Nelly and stroked her and let her know how much I loved her. The vet had given her a relaxing drug and when Nelly was relaxed enough our vet would give her the injection to stop her heart. When this injection was given to her, while sitting on the floor with Nelly, I heard a very loud whoosh noise and I could actually feel that Nelly was no longer in her body, I remember looking at her body and thinking that was all that was left. It changed my life forever and I know I will be with her again someday. We all are just shells for the soul within them.
Shared death experience with beloved pet dog.

54.  Trish Experience  4/15/12  All of a sudden we both heard very loud, as though it was just outside on the street, a Naval whistle that military Naval ships blow they call "piping onboard." It's the long 3 notes they sound during different times, as when dignitaries or such are coming on board the ship. My sister and I both looked up at each other and found out we both heard it as it was pretty loud. I ran to the door and looked outside and no one was there. I checked to make sure no TV's or radios were on and none were. It was just as quiet as before the whistle sounded. My dad that evening quietly passed away. We both believe that maybe my dad's buddies came to get him. I guess that sounds crazy but I have never heard any whistles or any such noises such as that before or after that day and I have lived here for 11 years. Plus, those men and that ship meant a lot to him.
Shared death experience witnessed by two sisters shortly before their father’s death.

53.  Stephen I Experiences  11/19/11  I came into work the next morning and noticed he wasn't in his bed. I was informed that he was in the ICU (intensive care unit). They had had a heart attack. They coded him 3 times (coded is when the heart stops and they have to shock them to bring them back). His family didn't want to let him go so they would not sign a "do not resuscitate" order. They made 3 attempts to bring him back and he and I did 3 "pulls" in our tug of war in my dream! He survived.  Two remarkable shared death experience dreams from a nurse with his patient.  One day, a couple of weeks before she passed, she was chatting away with this unseen child. I asked her to ask him what his name was. She turned her head away from me and said in the direction of the little boy, “What’s your name?” I asked her if he answered her and she said, “He said his name is Lolo.” I broke out in a sweat…Entity encounters at age 4 and later.  Deathbed vision of mother who described being she saw as same name contributor used for entity as a child.

52.  Lee M's Grandmother's Experience  5/22/11 All at once, she began smiling and was extremely happy, and began talking.  I asked to whom she was talking, and she began naming names - they were all people who had died.  She said they were all around her bed, and she was very, very happy to be seeing them again… There were more than just one person there - there were several, and they were her deceased relatives - I think a husband, a child, maybe others.  I got the feeling it was a family reunion!
Deathbed vision by individual who was about 103 years old at time of death.  The deceased was a traditional Cherokee and respected elder.

51.  Janice R Mother's Experience 1/16/11 My mother was in a coma & had a round the clock nurse on duty in her room, the nurse observed her reaching up, while in the coma and shortly after regained consciousness, she told the nurse that she saw her deceased brother who she was very close too prior to his death at the age of 22. She said that in her dream or whatever occurred that she saw herself standing on a cliff with nothing below and her brother was across from her on another cliff and he was reaching out for her and told her to take his hand so he could pull her over to the other side and she was trying very hard to reach him but said she couldn't. This is what the nurse observed her doing, trying to reach him. She then awoke and told the story to the nurse who believed that if she had been able to take his hand and he pulled her over to the other side that he was on that she would have died.
Mother’s deathbed vision.

50.  Eileen C's Experience 10/16/10 But let me just say that when she was dying,  I asked her if she saw the light and she nodded yes...and when I told her not to be afraid and to walk into the light because it would heal her, she glowed...literally...like a halo appeared around her...and her eyes turned sky blue (they were hazel) and her skin was like a babies pink skin and everybody including the hospice nurse who was present...saw it. The hospice nurse said that she had attended over 200 deaths and never saw anything like it. She fell to her knees and wept and said she would never walk the same again and called her husband to bring her 4 month old baby to the house so that he could be in the presence of the miracle that she saw. Even my brother, who, like my father, was very cynical about spiritual stuff and believed in nothing but the here and now...saw it. And when she passed there was the most amazing smell of flowers...roses...in the room. This is all true. There are 4 witnesses.
Remarkable shared deathbed vision and also multiple dream ADCS.

49.  LJ's Experience 9/11/10  I stood in the same void with my Father on my left and an unknown on my right. Until this particular rest period, I did not visually see my Father standing on my left and the light had been at a distance, but this time the light was upon us brilliant and there. Dad stepped from my left side into my range of vision and stepped into the light.  I watched as my Father moved away from my side into the light. He stepped into the outer perimeter of the light and looked into its depth for a few seconds then turned to face me and as he smiled he raised his arthritic arms high above his head and beamed with the greatest joy I had ever seen on his face.
Remarkable shared deathbed vision with dying father.

48.  Barbara M's Experience 9/11/10  I signed him up with the local Hospice on the Saturday before his death.  I'm sure he was tired fighting and he lapsed into a state of semi-consciousness on the following Tuesday.  My daughter, sister and I gathered around his bed for 3 days.  We talked to him and read him short stories of angels.  During this time, he would occasionally raise his hand high over his head and wave frantically.  He kept repeating the word "no, no."  This happened multiple times over the days of Tues, Wed & Thurs (the day of his passing). The Hospice nurse was due to visit that Thursday.  As soon as she arrived and I left the room for a short break, he took his final breath.  We are convinced that he was waving off the angels who had come to escort him to his heavenly home.  He had waited until someone (other than my sister and daughter) could be with me as he passed away.
DBV with husband.

47.  Veronica M's Mother's Experience 6/20/10  When they got in the room, they were shocked to see us watching my mom open her mouth and make a surprised expression.  She then started smiling and grinned from ear to ear.  We were stunned, but once again thought she had rallied and her struggle would continue.  Then she tried to open her eyes, but couldn't, then mouthed the words "good bye" and then took her last breath.  She was totally at peace.  We all sat there stunned and even waited to get our bearings before we could go get someone to declare time of death.  Her face was literally glowing.  I just wanted to pass this along.  If I had been by myself, I would have thought that I imagined it, but there were 5 of us who witnessed it.  And amazingly agreed on exactly what we had all seen.
DBV from mother.

46.  Carol M Experience 2/18/10  Just before midnight I had a "dream". A tornado moved over me. It was dark purple at the bottom and went up very high.  Looking up inside the tornado I could see the top of it with bright (not blinding) light. The tornado was not violent, did not suck me up. It was not scary but quite beautiful. But I was INSIDE the tornado. Later I wonder if this was a vertical tunnel like so many talk about. As this "dream" ended I started to slowly wake up and I realized my dad's breathing was slowing down.
DBV at the time of father’s death.

45.  Gina D Experience 2/12/10 I was sitting in a recliner in the corner of the room when suddenly I felt a presence and for one split second heard a voice that said "Daddy" from the back of the house near the back door.  I got the impression it was my deceased brother.  It was as though he was saying something else, but I heard his voice for only a second or two.  It was like a roulette wheel (or a fan) spinning very fast and for a few seconds I could see into it. It was like that was all I was allowed.  It's all very hard to put into words.  Also, the presence I referred to wasn't one presence but many.  I strongly felt outlines of people/shapes encircling the house.  I was startled rather than frightened.  One minute they weren't there, the next they were and they stayed until Daddy passed from this life into the next.
DBV around time of father’s death.

44.  Kathleen B Experience 2/3/10 I began telling my grandfather that it was okay to let go and God would take care of him and to go toward God when I felt like I was being pulled toward a great bright light.  Not a harsh light but a light filled with warmth and peace.  I remember feeling and seeing my grandfather's had in mine and him telling me he was scared and he needed me with him.  It was bizarre as I was not dead or dying but I was having this feeling as if my spirit/body was being pulled toward the light at the same time as my grandfather was.  The light got brighter and then enveloped us. We were standing in a place that was illuminated but not with regular light or lamps or candles and there were other people there but I could not make out who they were nor was I frightened or surprised to see them.  My grandfather was on my left and we were still holding hands.
Exceptional experience of transitioning with her dying grandfather into the afterlife.  These types of experiences, along with shared NDEs, are among the strongest evidence that what happens in NDEs is what happens at the time of permanent, irreversible death.

43.  CD Experience 1/14/10  After closing my eyes and beginning to meditate on correcting these three conditions my sister gently appeared smiling at me while gently floating in front of me in the blackness of my meditation. I could see her whole body as if suspended in mid air. The vision was totally silent and hyper real, more real than anything I had ever experienced including daily life. She was wearing a long white gown that covered one shoulder and surrounding her whole body was a beautiful golden translucent glowing envelope of light that was about three inches thick. This Light was fully conscious.
Meditation experience near the time of his sister’s death.

DBV apparently witnessed by one other at time of mother’s death.

41.  Cathy W Experience 11/21/09 I woke up and this is when I had my experience. I was lying on my back and my husband was on his stomach (the way he always goes to sleep). I awoke and turned my head in his direction and I saw a blue/grey light surrounding him. He was raised off his stomach (arched from his back), and was literally vibrating. Not shaking but vibrating. I was looking at his face, his eyes were closed and his lips were protruding. At the time, I was witnessing this (and I WAS NOT dreaming), I had such a sense of calm. I could not hear any noise at all and I felt no movement at all and yet I saw this vibration movement of my husband.
Empathic DBV with unexpected death of husband, after they had been married only 1 ˝ days.

40.  MRG Experience 11/8/09 Aug 2008- As my brother passed, I was leaning over the side of his bed hugging him and telling him it was ok to go. His partner was on the other side of him leaning over and hugging him, saying similar things. His partner felt this sensation as well, but he no longer has any contact with me, but he confirmed it as it was happening, that he could feel it too. The rushing feeling I had go through me was right about where my torso was hugging him. It felt very fast moving and almost felt liquid like, but not really. It was almost a slight sensation of being breathless, like at the top of a roller coaster hill, but I had no problems breathing, it was just a slight sensation like that as this rushing sensation was occurring. It was very much not a part of me, it felt "other". Like belonging not to me. It began a few seconds before his machines no longer detected a H.R and stopped very shortly before his Dr. "pronounced" his time of death to the nurses.
Shared DBV and possible ADCs.

39.  Judith G Experience 9/20/09 From Australia While I was standing next to Dad, with my hand on the bed next to his hand (I did not want to touch him in case I hurt him - blue skin and very delicate) space changed around me and I felt a love coming into my numb body.  It grew very strong, extremely blissful and beautiful. The love expanded out into the room.  I was this love and I became the furniture and everything in the room.  I did not go thru the walls.  My mind was repeatedly saying 'What is happening' over and over again. I was outside my body, I was observing in a detached way inside my body and I was everything.  There was no time.  I felt I knew everything (knowledge) but was unable to pick out a thought.  There was no sequence.  I saw a light.  I then started coming down and my thoughts were very clear. My mind was clearer than my normal state. If that light was a bomb everyone would be frightened, but, there is no need to run because 'LIFE GOES ON; NOTHING MATTERS'. 
DBV with father that was also a STE for her.

38.  Iris S Experience 6/7/09 My sister died at home of kidney cancer following an illness of approximately six months.  As she was dying, I was alone with her in her bedroom for a time.  I was sitting next to her, my eyes closed, in a light meditative state.  Suddenly, I moved from my own body and was actually inside of her body.  The experience was absolutely terrifying.  I could feel myself shrinking!  The life force in "my" arms and legs was slowly shrinking, and I was horrified by the sensation that I might shrink so far as to entirely disappear.  Locked inside of my sister's dying body, I could not tell if she was inside with me.  I began screaming, "Help me!  Help me!"  Suddenly, I realized that nobody could hear me, and that even if they could do so, that there was nothing anybody could do to help. I felt deep, deep despair and utter horror.  At that instant, I found myself back in my own body.  I fled the room in terror, and to this day, after four long years, I still cannot sleep in a fully dark room.
Submitted by a college professor (Ph.D. in theology).  Rare frightening DBV.  Two points could be made.  First, this is the first experience with this type of content we have received.  Thus, the meaning may be more for the experiencer than us all.  This makes hesitant to speculate on the meaning of this experience.  Second, with any spiritual (or other) experience that is associated with a long-lasting problem in life after the experience, consideration could be given to counseling.

37.  Jo-Ann T Experience 5/11/09 This is not really MY NDE, but rather a "vision" that occurred when I was lying in bed next to my dying mother. I was called to the hospital at 6pm, and arrived from Pennsylvania at around 11pm. My mother was unable to speak. She had tubes in her throat and did not open her eyes. I asked the nurse to leave, turned off the TV and the lights, and crawled into bed with her. I began to sing some songs that my grandmother (her mother) had sung to me as a child. I noticed a light on my mother's side of the bed. It wasn't bright-more like an aura, but it was white. I saw my grandmother, flanked by her other daughter and son. All were wearing white robe type garments. Their faces were young and unlined, but not real distinct. They seemed to be walking through an orchard with a canopy of trees. In the trees and on the ground were blossoms (I think apple blossoms-white and light pink), and I smelled a sweet apple smell. I told my mother it was okay to go - and I saw a white wisp of her going to them. I then heard the hospital machine beep continuously - and the vision was gone - and my mother had died.
Empathic DBV shared at the time of her mother’s death.  Interesting account in the spectrum of near-death experience.

36.  Liz S Experience 5/3/09  It was around 1:00 AM and I was asleep. I thought I was dreaming a very "real" dream. In the "dream" I was lying flat on my back with my hands stretched out. I was in a place that seemed like a beautiful green grass field, bright sunlight coming from above. Everything was crystal clear and at the same time slightly unclear. I felt the feeling of being there -everywhere- and also of laying down in the field to my right. I could feel my arms heavy. I could feel the sensation of something in my throat. Nothing hurt, I just knew I wanted to get "up" and join what was there. But at the same time I could feel a sense of "peace" unlike anything I have ever felt before. There was no struggle. No sense of time. I was not cold, hot or uncomfortable. I was observing and yet being observed. I could feel the presence of everyone that had ever been.
‘Dream’ at time her father was dying. 

35.  Rose Experience 4/24/09  That evening as we went to sleep on a pull out sofa in my sisters home, lying back to back, I heard a radio playing in my head, it's hard to explain but it was just as if a radio was on in the house, I even rolled over to ask my daughter if she had on her walkman radio, which she didn't. The song that was playing was by the "Doors" and it was "Touch Me". The words are touch me babe, can't you see that I am not afraid, I'm going to love you till the heavens stop the rain, I'm going to love you till the stars fall from the sky. Well the next morning I asked my sister if she had a radio on upstairs and she said no and I replied well then mommy sent me a song last night to let me know that she is OK, she is not afraid anymore.
ADC from mother, and DBV.

34.  Sandra C Experience 3/3/09  A final window opened and as I was crying I watched my father walk into the window of new dimensions.  He was younger, early 40’s, well groomed and very happy to see everyone.  He walked straight to this father who was standing in the middle of the receiving line with my grandmother to his right.  My grandfather was standing there with a huge smile on his face, with great love and joy with his arms straight out ready to embrace his son.  My dad embraced his father as if to say….so good to see you again.   And the window faded and closed. 
DBV with father.

33.  Catherine Z Experience 2/15/09  Patient asked me to be with her at her time of death… With the patient, I was standing by the side of her death bed with her laying there, alone, when suddenly, out of the blue, I experienced her presence as pronounced as if she were standing there.  She was wildly joyful, totally whole and healed, and with God.  I heard the words, "Thank you" and "Good Bye", and then I sensed her spirit leaving the room through an exterior wall and then total emptiness in the room.
DBV with patient and ADC from mother.

Marcine B Shared Dying Experience. 11/28/2008  And someone of great power  said to me “ that is for the living  to worry about not for you, you are now among the dead.” And I knew that I was dead and forgot totally about living and was going out and never returning. It was exactly what I wanted to do.  I could not have turned around for any reason.  I was gone.  But then, Marilyn’s mom dropped my metaphorical hand and said “you can’t go” and I dropped incredibly hard and disappointed back into my chair.  I was still in mediation and I tried with all my might to get back out but it was impossible.  The thought then  came to me was that I could find the first dying person and go with them.  To get back was all I wanted to do.  Just then Marilyn broke the  experience by saying” she’s gone”.   I told her that I knew and that I had gone with her.
Experience during meditation beside individual dying.  Apparent shared experience with them.

31.  Catherine F Experience 8/30/08 I suddenly felt COMPELLED to go to my father!  I am not kidding at all -- it was as if some unseen force were MAKING me go down that hallway.  I almost literally felt myself being pushed from behind, as if by angels! I went to where my father was resting, hugged him, and told him that I loved him.  As he looked back at me, his body appeared gray and already dead, but his eyes!  They shone from his face brighter and greener than I had ever seen them.  All his life force was contained in them.  He said, "And I love you, too.  You know that, don't you?"  I replied that I did, and told him that one of my two sisters and I fully believed that he was but simply walking through a doorway, and that on the other side would be all his departed loved ones, even his childhood dog, waiting to greet him. 
DBV - This is a good example of what the Chinese call, "the light returns."

30.  B's Shared DBV 6/30/08 He consciously watched me until 4 breaths before his last exhale. By that breath I was TOTALLY aware of how perfectly calm everything was. As I sat there holding his hand I witnessed a unexpected sight. I SAW not with my natural sight, however I SAW what looked like a whitish, wispy, cloudy human form lift out of a lying down, to sitting, to lifting form leave his body. It went upward and diagonally across the ceiling corner. I even said aloud ‘This is wild’. And I KNEW he was no longer inside the shell of the human body. No question about it. I even felt like I was a part of it. Everything seen and unseen was connected in perfection, and a joyous peace. I am also positive that T and another presence were in the room, located in the corner of the ceiling behind my left shoulder. I felt like I could join them. I was connected I sensed knew that T needed to be sure that I was okay with his leaving before he could/would leave to go on.
Dramatic ADC with husband immediately after his death.

29.  Thomas P Experience 5/27/08 From Australia I was sitting in the chair facing my Dad and holding his hand {I had been for sometime] when my sisters changed positions. My youngest sister sat next to me and very shortly afterwards a flash of light just appeared, very bright but not blinding about a meter above his head and just below the ceiling, I'm known to be a COOL character however my instant response was quote "       What the f...k was that" This happened directly in front of us and my sister Jean's reply was " I don't know what was it" The centre of this was what I saw clearly, this was roundish/oval shaped and kind of crystal like, clear however not see-through, like one of the small jelly-fish found on the beach. the closest thing to compare it to would be a camera flash in your face however that would kind of be blinding, this wasn't. The light was kind of clear, white and bright. and it lasted about 1.5 seconds. and the light would have been around 1 meter across.
Death Bed Vision witnessed by two people present.

28.  Roseann Experience 4/17/08 Original in German, Translated into English by Iris. About two hours later, after the ward round, I asked her what she meant by referring to the letter. She responded that she sensed from what I had written how much I liked my mother and she described me in detail what I had written. I insisted on the question how she could know about all this and she told me that she had watched me from above, from the ceiling. I had written the letter at a desk and worn a green bath robe. I wanted to know if she could speak Spanish. She said that she did not speak Spanish but she again accurately described what I had written. She described my pen, how everything was arranged on my desk, the writing pad which all exactly matched how it really was. She even could describe the Roman style of my chair. I asked quite desperately: “How can this be possible?” “I do not know, I have never experienced anything like that”, she answered. I could not find an explanation and finished the conversation. 
This is a second-hand report, but what a REPORT!

27.  Natalia Experience 1/30/08 Original in Spanish, Translated into English by Mariana.  Something impulses me, pushing me towards the tunnel, at the end of it there is a white light extremely shiny. In the tunnel I completely forget about the time, I am slowly suspended, I feel wonderful in peace with myself; at the same time my whole life goes in front of me like a flash of lightening. All people I met, situations I have lived, sensations that I felt, it is overwhelming, so much that I want to reach the light…I feel that my people is there, that after all I will see each other again and will be together and I want to get there, but at the same time I feel for the one I leave in life, yet I perceive that something is missing with the alive people, I have the sensation that I can decide and everything ends…  
She has advanced stages of AIDS and walks in both worlds so this is a DBV. 

26.  David M Experience 9/13/07 When he came out of the coma he told me that he had taken a trip. He did not know how he got there but when he arrived he saw two very large doors. He did not go inside the area that he called the most beautiful garden he had ever seen. There were birds and flowers and trees. He said it was wondrous. He said he sat down next to the doors but he did not go in. He said it was funny but, "I saw people of all ages, male and female, and all different nationalities go in the doors, but I only saw babies going out of the doors." These were his exact words.
Death Bed Vision from father.

25.  repeat of 24.

24. Sammi G Experience 8/18/07 I had my face toward the lamp, and heard Carol's breathing stop...I say her head and face in three views...on the left side I saw her right profile, on the right side, her left profile, and in the middle (larger) her full face.  She was looking down at something...and behind her was the most beautiful landscape I have NEVER seen. There were rolling hills, a blue sky, a stream, and strong clear "sun" light. She had her normal hair in this vision...like when she was in her thirties.  She was looking down at something that made her break into a pleased, delighted smile.  There was no sound, but I felt flooded, swept away, snatched up and filled with love.  I was pushed back...but knew it was going to be OK for her, and I felt the connection between us stretching like a string.  I sat up as her body started breathing again...but I knew she was not in it.
Shared DBV with partner who was dying of cancer.  Remarkable experience!

23. Lynn's Experience 8/17/07 On her last day, she had been lying on the sofa watching television.  Her mother heard her speaking and thought she was talking to the TV as she had been known to do that on occasion.  She walked into the room to ask her if she wanted some juice or something else to drink.  Lynn then asked her mother why Dorothy and Cookie were there (Dorothy was my mother, who Lynn dearly loved, and Cookie was her grandfather, my great-uncle, and she was closer to him than anyone.  My mother died in 1969 and Uncle Harry, aka Cookie, died in 1975.).  She also named several other people, all of whom had been dead for years, said they were all there looking at her and she wanted to know why. The thing is, Lynn had NO long-term memory and very little short-term memory.  Under normal circumstances, she would never have remembered the names of those people, so even if seeing them jogged her memory so she'd be able to actually name them all, the question is...what or who was she seeing??? 
Cousin's DBV as told by Lori D.

22. M B Experience 7/7/07 When the vibration reached my chest, I knew that I had to “open the doors” of my chest cavity.  I purposely allowed the chest to open -- as if it were enclosed behind two large oak doors.  At that very moment of knowing, my chest was raised as my back arched, the sound became even louder, and then a wide ray of white light connected me/my chest to the heavens.  At this moment I don’t recall the sound being there anymore.  As I’m arched in the recliner, breathing very heavily with some difficulty, I look up to my right and I see the profile outline of Jesus, who is very far away (but not small as normal human perception would have it) , but who is seriously looking down and watching the being who is in front of me. 
Vision shortly after death of spouse.

21. Kathleen N Experience 11/10/06  As I stood at her bedside, it seemed as though a wall in the room opened above her head.  I looked through it and at that moment I could feel the presence of another being standing over my right shoulder.  It felt like my Aunt (deceased and no direct relation to my cousin). I couldn't see the presence.  I could only feel and mentally hear it.  I watched the activity through the wall.  Bright sparkling, radiant lights were bouncing in the distance over a green landscape, like birds and butterflies but undefined.  The landscape was green and the sky was a cloudless beautiful brilliant shade of blue.  A sense of more than one planet in the sky.  Could not see or just don't remember but the feeling was there.  The presence over my right shoulder told me that this was my 'gift' for helping my cousin and that I would share in this experience now.
Cousin was dying of Hodgkin’s disease.  Contributor had OBE, traveling an enormous distance to be with her cousin as she died, where this profound experience resulted.

Sandra S Experience 10/6/06 Suddenly I heard my name being called very clearly, Sandy, Sandy.  It was a man's voice but didn't sound like my dad.  It sounded like it was coming from a computerized place or a long hollow tunnel.  It was being heard inside my head but not by anyone else in the room (verified later).  I turned around as I suddenly felt it must be Dad calling me but the only thing was he was still on the bed going through the death process. I had turned to my right and as I turned back around my eyes glanced up toward the corner of the ceiling on my  right and I saw a circle of mist hovering in the corner.
Death Bed Vision which was experienced by daughter around the time of her father’s death.

Sydney A Experience 10/6/06 I went to sleep I immediately felt a warm loving peaceful feeling wash over me and felt myself go out of my body to the hospital, I seen the hospital hallway and went through the door to my grandmothers room I seen my aunty on the other side of the bed who was reading a bible and I was opposite her .Then my aunty got up and went out the door… I described the room to my mother and where the other lady in the room was. including my aunty reading the bible and leaving and found out it was as I seen it.
Dream OBE and DBV (Death Bed Vision).

Linda L's Son's Experience 9/7/06  After a few minutes, everyone was in the room with us and there was complete silence as everyone watched in awe as Grant appeared to be answering to someone.  It was if he was being asked questions and with a very intense look in his eyes was answering with his head movements of yes and no being very pronounced.  After a few minutes, I sat by Grant's left side and started talking to him.  I asked him if he "saw" someone....he looked at me and gently shook his head "no".  I then asked him if someone was "talking" to him.  Again he looked at me intensely and shook his head "yes".  Due to the intense look in his eyes, I asked him if it was scaring him...he again looked at me and gently shook his head "no".
Son near death at age 26 communicated he heard voice that did not frighten him, and appeared to be significant.  Of note, medically he was not on medications that could cause hallucinations.

Snowy's Experience 2/04/06 At about 7:00 pm  Snowy suddenly sat up bolt upright, looked as if she was looking at an object very, very intensively and following that object with her eyes and her head slightly moving from side to side. If a dog could smile, she was smiling. You could see there was a certain happiness radiating from her. She began to wag her tail and within seconds she then plopped down and went back into coma.  
The family witnessed "The light returns" phenomena in a beloved family pet.  This is identical to the phenomena in #8 Andrew's mother's DBV below, except occurring in a dog.

Doug H's Experience 12/25/05 Once my son’s aunty has left the room, I was sitting quietly holding his right hand and felt the need to close my eyes which I did.  I felt very calm and began to move very fast through space, similar to a tunnel effect, where there was a brilliant white crystal clear light. I didn't seem to be going anywhere other then forward through this space at a very fast speed. I felt I was in control and could get off anytime. I don't know exactly how long it lasted but I would say about 30 seconds to almost a minute.  I didn't feel shocked, surprised at all just very quickly accepted it was a sign from my son that he was going to be OK when he passed.
Experience in son’s hospital room shortly before 15 year old son died of leukemia.

Cathy R's Father’s Experience  11/8/05  My father was dying of esophageal cancer...  One night, he was lying in his bed and suddenly started talking to Kenneth and William.....his brothers that had passed away over 70 years ago.  He asked my mother why she wasn't offering them a seat, and told her that she was being rude.  My mother asked him what he was talking about, and he got really upset with her.  She brought in 2 chairs from the kitchen then walked out and closed the door.  She was very shook up.  The next day, she asked my father about what had happened the night before.  He was very lucid, and told her that Kenneth and William are there to take him home.  He died that night.
Father dying of cancer, and he spoke to two of his brothers who died 70 years ago.

Sherry M's Grandmother's DBV 10/8/05  The amazing thing about this was the last 18 hours of her life was like she had no sign of her Alzheimer's, it's hard to believe but it's true. There was so many family members that was there, they all thought the same thing. As I said  the last 18 hours she was alive she was talking to family members that had past on before her, but I was so happy to hear her say, look look how fast he can run, look look at him go. I looked at my Aunt Barbara then I looked at my cousin and thought what is she talking about? Then She said it again, I said Granny what are you talking about? And she said it again. Then I said Granny who are you talking about? She raised her hand up and spread out her fingers. I new then she was talking about my son Brian, he was buried in the number 5 jersey. She could have not knew this because. She didn't even go to his funeral, so she had know idea that he was buried  in his jersey, and wouldn't have remembered any way.
Death Bed Vision where she apparently identified a deceased great grandson who die very recently, and who she could not have know was dead.

Florence P's DBV 8/8/05  My mother had been ill for quite some time with different ailments, such as CHF and other Heart problems. she had been in severe pain for about six months. three weeks ago she became confused (a normally very sharp minded woman) we took her to hospital and she was admitted with pneumonia and heart failure. we were told she would most likely not make it through one night. all of us gathered around and even the nurses were sad. any how she was like this for three days so confused she did not know what the heck was going on. when she woke up on the third day she was so peaceful and stated she had had a dream and she was no longer afraid of death. this 78 year old woman had such a since of peace it was overwhelming. mom told me her dream and it went like this:

She dreamed she was in a boat on the river of death, she just wanted to get to the shore and die, these large arms drew her out of the boat and set her on the shore and she say the brightest sunshine she has ever seen, she said god then sang to her all night and put her back in bed he did this for three nights, my mother is a changed person , before she was bitter at times and now every thing is wonderful she sees the good in ever single thing she talks different she has told everyone how much the mean to her and she doesn't care if people don't believe her she knows god was there on the river of death with her. she says now she is afraid of nothing she is at peace . and she is well her heart looks great and she is in no pain she is walking again and enjoying life.  

12.  Marion C's Son's Experience 4/16/05 My son was not expected to live.  A friend & I were sitting by his bed, when he whispered,  'She is calling me, she is beautiful'.  I asked my son 'who is calling you? He said 'the angel'.  A cold chill went through my body.  I felt my son was about to cross over.  In desperation I begged my son not to answer the angel.  He then whispered "I can't' with that I went to the corner of the room and prayed for his life.  After a few moments, his friend said to me," Cam said the angel shook her head".  Without a shadow of a doubt I knew from that moment my son would live.
Deathbed vision in which the experiencer did not die.

11.  Keith F's DBV 3/7/05 My very severely retarded cousin died recently. He was so retarded that it was impossible to administer an IQ test. He lived in his parents' home for 60 years. While lying on the hospital bed during the last few days of his life he pointed to the ceiling three or four times (he commonly pointed when asking a person to look at something) and said in his idiosyncratic way of speaking, "Hello John." John was his nephew who died about two years earlier.

10. S.A.'s DBV 11/16/04  My wife, aged eighty-two, two days before she died, visited me at my breakfast table, entering at the closed door and stopped at my side.  She was absolutely beautiful and looked age thirty, not eighty two. Looking at me, and pointing hard at her chest, she said very plainly, "This is the real me, the other, (meaning her own body at the nursing home, sixteen miles away) is but a carcass." She then walked from my side to the front of me, bent down and kissed me on the lips, which I felt. She then vanished. Although her body and brain had deteriorated to child proportion, her mind was absolutely intact. She wished to see me and her mind controlled all her subsequent actions. It took away all fears of her passing to the beyond and it was a joy to see her.

9.   Carolyn's Experience 011/16/03  My husband was dying or had just died from a heart attack.  I had an experience that changed my life forever.  It was a cylinder of light.  In the cylinder, I experienced the tremendous energy of love, great peace, understanding, truth and knowledge of everything anyone ever needed, given to me in an instant.  Plus, I experienced a journey through and around the earth, and into the realms beyond the earth.  Then great wisdom and knowledge instilled in my soul you can't even imagine just given to me through this light.  I was not aware that my husband was dying or dead yet I was experiencing an out of body experience and left with things so strong that the world could never have taught me.  This was given by a superior spirit.  Great beauty, peace, understanding, LOVE, absolutely everything.  It happened on July 18, 1984.  this was not of my mind.  I could have never imagined.  It can not be put into words.  But others have said it came from the grace of God. A gift to me.  I was not dying, but saw the tunnel of light as clear as day.
This experience is a variant of a DBV (Death Bed Vision) with very vivid NDE-like imagery.

8.  Andrew's Mother's DBV  6/22/03 Chinese Account.  There is well recognized phenomenon among the Chinese which is like a DBV.  It is called HuiGuangFanZhao (The Light returns). This is a commonly reported situation where a dying patient would be comatose or confused but suddenly becomes alert and lucid, often acknowledging the loved ones around him/her before dying.  During this phase, they may or may not have a vision of their departure.  My mother was dying of Ca breast with liver mets and was going in and out of a coma but was very lucid and alert and could recognize the people around her seconds before she drew her last breath.

7.  Sharon G's Experience 06/14/03  I looked back at mum and there was a light forming around her, the color is hard to describe but it was like a golden pale lemon color.  The light seemed to be completely around her.  Then the light started to move up towards her head and then it was completely above her.  When I looked at the light above mum I couldn't believe what I was seeing as mum was in the light, floating above her body!!   Then she moved slowly towards the corner of the room she was reaching for before, and once again stretched out her hand to greet someone, then she was gone.
Wow!  What an interesting death bed vision (DBV)!

6.  Myra E's DBV.  8/6/02.  We got closer and closer to that light. I began to feel warmth and a feeling of being drawn to that warmth. Is it corny to say that I just "knew" that if I could reach that light that everything would be okay. It was everything we love wrapped up into light. It was the feeling of home, family, reassurance and love. It was a feeling of belonging that I have never found since. Then the shadow beside me abruptly stopped. We had not yet reached the end and the light and we stopped. "Why?" I asked. "You have to go back now" the shadowy figure said softly, "You can't stay."
Wow!  This is a Death Bed Vision (DBV) where the granddaughter walked with her grandfather through the death experience - described just like a typical NDE.  The interesting part is that Myra describes it as a dream, yet didn't realize it was her grandfather with her until someone later told her that her grandfather had died.

5.    Randi N's DBV:  "When her breathing got irregular we both took her hands and I kissed her forehead. She took her last three breaths and the room was absolutely silent. I felt locked to her for a minute or two and could only focus on her. While looking down at her face I saw a very soft yellow glow and my peripheral vision saw it in the whole room. Then the feeling I actually physically felt was the most calm feeling of warmth and well being that came from somewhere inside me."
It is not uncommon to experience a loved one passing through one's own body, leaving feelings of universal love and connection when they go to the other side.  7/23/02

Judy R's DBV: "During his illness, he complained frequently about the little girls chatting so much.  At dinner one night, I asked if  they had wings because my husband thought they might be angels.  His eyes widened and he said he never looked at them, but he knew they were girls because it was "yakety-yak all the time."    I asked him what the little girls wanted him to do.  And he choked emotionally, and said he already felt overburdened and they wanted him to go to another planet. " 
He was hearing angels after he found out he was dying of cancer, and the neighbor was seeing angels outside the house in a tree.   5/20/02

  Pansa N's Sister DBV: NON-WESTERN FROM INDIA - When she came back home after 6month one day at about 11.20a.m, she was laying on the floor and she started shouting and screaming, i don't want to go with u -2 and she cried also.  I was sitting next to her and i asked what happened.  She said there were two -three person in white cloth, they came here to take me and was fighting with them, than they said they will come again.
Not only does this account have a death bed vision, but also music heard at the time of death.  5/14/02

2.  Marilyn E - Husband's DBV: "I think his motto was "If you can't see it, it doesn't exist"  So I was keen to find out what he now thought about the previous night's experience, of course.  "Do you believe in life after death now, then, Den?"  "Why on earth should I?"  "Well –after what happened last night!"  "What happened last night to make me think any differently?" 
An amazing story that shows how memory in an altered state of consciousness may not be accessible in our every-day state of wakefulness.  The conversations were with people on the other side, and he knew things that nobody knew - yet when confronted the next day, he had no recollection of the events.  5/2/02

1. Marilyn E - Mum's DBV: "I then asked her several other questions which she immediately answered with her thumb.  Was she comfortable?  "Yes."  Was she worried about any thing?  "No."   Was she hungry? "No."  Did she know she was I going Home?  "Yes."  Was she afraid? "No."   Was she able to see her Mother, my Grandmother, who had passed on several years before? Mum had nursed her to the last and who 'died' with such a lovely smile on her face seeing someone she obviously loved very much and was very special to her, who was waiting for her there: Her answer to this last question was a very clear "YES!" with a very firm thumb press, twice.
The hospital staff considered her mother unconscious, but she was able to see everyone in the room (even in a coma with eyes closed) and her mother was conscious enough to communicate through a thumb press on her daughter's hand.  5/2/02



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