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288.  Jenny Experience 12/18/2014 From Australia.  It was beautiful, I felt such a sense of warmth, no pain, just 'at home', so peaceful. Then writing appeared before my vision, it is hard to describe, like scrolls of printing without a typewriter, rolls and rolls. And all of the knowledge of the universe was there, and I had all of the knowledge of the universe. The answers to questions like 'why do children have to suffer?' etc. And I knew the answers to these questions, and my response was 'so that's why', and I felt at peace with the answer, even though in my earthly life I wouldn't have understood. And then I was back in my hospital bed, in the coma, hearing things around me, but unable to communicate.
STE while in induced coma during undiagnosed severe illness.


287.  Flora O Experience 11/8/2014 Upon leaving my body, I shot through the Universe.  I did not see a tunnel.  I saw stars and galaxies while flying at what felt like the speed of light as I went towards the light. I did this each time this happened, four in total.  When I reached the light, Time changed.  I could not tell from the moment of leaving how long each of these experiences lasted, because there was " no time". People refer to this as "Heaven" but when I arrived I "knew" instantly that I was Home!  It isn't a "place" it's a vibration of Unconditional Love. There are NO Earthly terms to describe the Ecstasy felt upon arriving.  It's all Love!

Detailed STE at time she was considering suicide.  States went unconscious, but no life-threatening event documented.  Possible NDE.


286.  Dennis M Experience 11/1/2014 From the Netherlands As my eyes took in the sight and I experienced the awe and the reverie of this mystical place my mind expanded. There are really no words fit to describe the feeling. It was as if I transcended the trees, the world and everything. I was flooded with love and warmth, like simultaneously experiencing every good feeling it is possible to feel, multiplied by a thousand. With the all-encompassing Love came a feeling of understanding that everything was 100% OK. Everything was in God's hands, the trees the land, the air, the animals, all people, everything. This feeling is like bathing in liquid distilled trust. In that moment I felt complete and completely loved… Later I realized that I had set out to find the source of 'our' stream and found the Source of everything...
STE in beautiful forest in New Zealand at age 11.  He later became a pastor.


285.  George N Experiences  8/23/2014 I then looked down and saw a small house on top of a hill.  There was a man and his wife and children (who were unidentified).  They were all working together for the benefit of each other and their family.  There seemed to be a very profound message that I received at that instance where I just knew with every cell of my body that this was the purpose of life.  There was nothing more, but this was enormously significant.  In my entire life I never since felt a truth in such a powerful way.  There was one other truth that accompanied this vision.  And that was that I was totally inconsequential.  I was nothing, like a grain of sand on a beach that stretched for miles -- and yet I was at the same time enormously important and significant.  So much so that without me, "the grain of sand,” the beach could not exist.  This event was the much more powerful than the first. I felt an overwhelming sense of bliss afterwards.  It remained for hours if not days.
STEs at age 17 and 19.  Shared at age 65.


284.  Nathalie Experience  8/18/2014 From France.  Original in French, translated into English by Marguy.  I was at the point of waking up when everything started... I found myself above myself in a split second, then in another completely unknown place. The feeling was that everything was light, easy to move. This place was like a dark corridor, and exactly in front of me a white light, brilliant, calming, reassuring, but above all loving.  I was like drawn towards this light, so I decided to advance close to, then a man, I would rather say a male voice talked to me, (I heard but I didn't see). He talked to me  very gracefully and above all with love, a language that we have not down here. Both we were alone. I remember that I was searching for my hands, my feet, but to no avail, moreover this didn't worry me a bit. I understood that there was only my spirit or my soul...I remember that I was pleading with this soul to let me stay.
STE in both English and in French.


283.  Yvonne Experience  8/16/2014 He then said to me (everything is telepathically in heaven) "I have so much love for humanity, I have so much love for my babies (meaning us)” and I said I understood. He went on: "I want to show you how much" He took my 'heart' or my being, my identity, the energy that is me and he merged it, blend it, with His heart and for a moment we were One. I could feel all His feelings of love, It was mind blowing - Waves of love, of energy, millions of love related emotions, light, power love. So strong that I became Him. I was Jesus, the same way I was Yvonne, feeling every atom of this powerful heavenly explosion of love for lack of better words.
STE at time of extreme emotional distress and desire to stop living.


282.  Janet G Experience 2968  8/9/2014 I felt my ability to trust come flying back to me and my head/being went into another dimension and I had a life review and met and completed my contract. It was all good. I understood why I had chosen the life I did up until that point and why I had suffered under a drug addiction, with all of the attending problems that goes with that. I was in recovery for a year and a half before this day and did some meth on this day after being clean for some time. When I got clean I made a full commitment to my healing journey, so using was not a part of my life anymore. The rest of the day I was very much in a different in a different world. Instant manifestation happening.
STE with important insights about her life and drug addiction.


281.  Nancy S Experiences  8/3/2014 at 10 years old, I was attending a darkened theater where my church was being held. hymns were being sung and suddenly as I looked at the stage, the heavy velvet curtains were automatically lifted to the left corner of the stage and I was suddenly engulfed in a beautiful garden, on the side of a grassy hill. there were beautiful and exotic crystal life flowers, of colors not of this earth. I had never seen such gorgeous flowers that looked like they were made of glass. I was astonished and could not take my eyes off of them. suddenly, the most indescribable feeling of unconditional love swept toward me in the garden and a voice told me that I was loved. When this love moved away from me and did not return, I was very sad for a long while. time was non existent. 
Multiple STEs over decades.


280.  Mary D Experience  8/3/2014  When my focus went to the field of particles I kind of had the thought "what is this?" which was immediately answered with, this is the tiniest particle. This is what matter comes from. This is love expressed as material. This is what everything is constructed from. This love, this love expressed as matter, is what the universe is made out of. This is love, this is God's love. Each physical piece of it is love and consciousness and the space between is love consciousness and infinite knowledge infinite information. This is what you did not know yet. This thing, this is it, this is the bridge between my love unexpressed and you. This is the bridge between all that energy unexpressed in the void and you, this field.
Exceptional STE while operating a vehicle.  Multiple insights, including insights into the tinniest particle that composes matter.


279.  Sue B Experience  7/19/2014 One minute I was sweeping a floor and the next I was in another dimension.  I was completely overcome and words can never describe what I experienced but I will try. There was complete love.  I just stopped and gasped. I looked up swathed and surrounded by complete and utter, deep and abiding love.  I also knew everything there was to know.  Everything was completely clear. All my questions were answered, all knowledge was there.  It was very powerful. I was in a dimension that was pure love.  In front of me was a broad golden path and at the end of it on a golden throne I knew was the 'omnipotent power'.  I couldn't see him except for a glow and a wonderful presence because I was just at the beginning of the golden road.  I 'knew' in a way that was incredibly empowering and that I cannot possibly explain, that if I spent my whole life sweeping that golden road and never got further than just the beginnings it was enough. 
Sudden STE while sweeping a floor.


278.  CR Experience  7/19/2014 I was in a meditative ""sleep"" and the pinpoint got a little bigger, and little more bigger.  It was mesmerizing and I couldn't stop "looking" at it.  It reminds me of the good witch in the wizard of Oz. when she appears and it is a small bubble getting bigger. The light was softly blinding, but beautiful.  I cannot put into words the peacefulness I felt and calm.  When the light was washing over me I was a little afraid.  But it let me know I was ok.  and I felt a veil like a cross between mist and light veil fabric come between me and a being.  I don't know if there was one or two, but I was talking to a specific being.  I was able to "talk" to this being about anything.  It was patient and loving, yet I was afraid of it...I asked it I was condemned and it said no...I can't remember the exact wording but it was instant and came through a feeling of communication.   It let me know that everything was going to be ok....that I was forgiven and all there is is love.
STE at time of great depression with a markedly reassuring message.


277.  Mark Experience  7/15/2014  From Canada. Next, the voice asked me, "Do you want to go back?" It was perfectly clear that this decision was up to me, I wouldn't be forced to live if I didn't want to continue. As that thought-block unraveled, I could see that I chose to be born in the first place. I remembered the memory I had before I was born -- I was looking down on planet earth from this ethereal place, and I actually had other ethereal friends too, and we joked about how the people on earth were so forgetful. I could see the people running around on earth, busy with their lives, but many of them living very sad unfulfilled lives. But they were so caught up with life, they forgot who they are at the core (ethereal beings too), as a result living without freedom. We laughed because the beings that got born in always said the same thing, "I will remember who I am, I won't let the world make me forget." But by the time they were about 10 years old, almost all of them were so heavily indoctrinated by the world, that by age 10 they had completely forgotten the truth. We laughed at how some gave up sooner than others. I don't know, you had to be there to get it. Playful teasing.
STE with interesting insights.


276.  Martin P Experience  6/14/2014  From Canada.  It was, I was like an unbelievably gentle, pure, soft, totally caring and perfect 'mind' (that is an accurate word for all). A mind so light and so pure one becomes totally "in love" with oneself, and want to find out more about what that mind or self is. (To the point where one wonders why we come into a body after having a taste of what is real). It also felt like I was taking something from beyond with me on earth; the word 'message' is somewhere in these reflections. The lightness and purity of the Self or mind is so unearthly beyond this world that it is still today difficult to bear the violence, the impurities and the lack of care towards one another which is due, I believe, to the body. I earnestly and hastily want to say to readers that the softness and purity of the mind is also that of others and, as such, any description of who we really are should immediately have an impact on how we treat each other on earth. The description of who I am and what we are is directly involved with our behavior towards one another. So, in an immediate way, a description of who I felt I was at the time of my OBE totally and immediately implies my relation, the way I act, treat, welcome my fellow brother. I was always I very kind person by nature. But now, after having had this experience, I am committed and devoted to my fellow brother. I am convinced, by an inner knowing that is more real than any empirical proof by science, that we are One, but that the body separates us and makes us believe that we are divided.
Transcendent OBE STE.


275.  Annette IF Experience  6/8/2014  From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy.   I laid down and heard very distinctly a male voice saying: "Now come, open yourself up, and surrender to the adventure....I open my legs, I don't know why, so embarrassing, I bet with "open up" was meant something different.... suddenly I see 2 persons in my sleeping room. Diagonally above standing in the air, in fact not completely but only from the feet up to the hip. One had no shoes and a long white dress, of the other person I saw beautiful boots covered with green brocade, a part of a green gleaming coat and half of a sword, seemingly fixed at the belt. I immediately identified the prophets Jesus and Muhammad. No doubt. Instead of doing something respectful, I thought 'what are you Muhammad needing a sword in the peaceful heaven??? Why so much pomp with the clothes???'
An STE with Jesus and Muhammad.


274. Nadir S Experience  6/5/2014  From Brazil. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Alexandra.    Then something happened and I was transported to infinity, I didn’t have a body or even a soul. I was a thought, I was weightless and small, a golden light surrounded everything around me to infinity. I saw the earth and saw that our planet and all that existed in it was originated from the light which was alive, warm, soft, enveloping and penetrating all my core, trespassing my being. For an instant the light surrounded completely my being, and happy I wanted to join it, to merge in its warmth. I looked at earth and realize that I didn’t want anything that was on earth, no money, wealth, fame, travel, goods, even my own children!... absolutely nothing made sense to me, the light was enough! It was everything and gently the light showed me that without it nothing existed and I was loved.
An STE that started from prayer.


273. Donna D Experience  6/5/2014  These angels communicated to me that I have been invited into the house of the Lord, he has called me as one of his people, for me not to worry, that my name is forever in His book, and that the Holy Land in the natural world is not what matters, it is but stones and dust that in time will naturally disintegrate, as all earthly things do, but the Holy Land in heaven is what matters, God's kingdom in the sky, for it is eternal.
STE accompanied by angels with remarkable view of walled city.


272. Nena J Experience  4/13/2014  From Canada.   I did not see this place with ordinary eyes.  I can't describe it. I was also always in the ordinary world. But it was heaven and not ordinary at all in terms of: spiritual beings; extraordinary knowledge whenever I wanted it; incredible joy at all times.  I can't really say what I learned (far too huge) except that I knew this was reality and the ordinary world was not. I also knew it is always available to anyone who would simply accept the will of God. Nothing else matters. I believe (now) that I had to come back in order to be able to relate to people in ordinary reality and also to unlearn family patterns I had adopted at birth.  Many people have described moments like I had (during prayer or meditation, particularly) but no one I've met has stayed there for two weeks. All of us identify it as reality, not a dream.  Sorry I can't be more articulate.
STE which cannot be well articulated.


271. Walter L Experience  4/13/2014  Suddenly I found myself in 'another dimension'.  I saw a light, whose appearance reminds me strongly of pictures coming from today's space telescopes about star nebula (Andromeda).  It was as if I was floating in space.  And I said to myself: It's so beautiful.  There was a loving warmth emanating from this light. And it became totally clear to me, that we are all One.
STE while in a meditative state.


270. Doug S Experience  4/12/2014  I had a heart attack Aug. 25th 2007 at 60 years old… While squirming around in the gravel trying to get in a position to lessen the pain I suddenly heard a loud, deep voice, "You now have a choice. You can go or stay". GO, I thought “he means die!” I've never had a fear of death and intuitively felt if I choose to go it would be very blissful and painless and I would just drift off toward that light on the horizon. My eyes were closed and there was a bright light in the distance. I wasn't in a tunnel, but more like tunnel vision. STAY!  I have a choice? I then had a vision. These were like three shadow figures floating between me and the light in the distance. The largest and closest was of my wife Jeanne. I intuitively knew these were inspirations, or reasons to stay!
Remarkable voice and vision during serious heart attack which apparently saved his life.  No separation of consciousness apart from the body, no unconsciousness.


269. Janet G Experience  3/31/2014  I had a deep desire to feel the rays of sun on my face, and as I sat receiving this radiating warmth on my face I fell into a deep meditative state.  I felt like I was floating in light and I asked from a profound place in my heart, "Am I on the right track with my studies?  Is this light work where I should proceed?"  That is when I heard a loud, deep voice clearly say, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light."  I opened my eyes to scan the room.  No one was there but I felt a serenity and peace that I had never experienced before.  I remembered hearing that verse in church during gospel readings, so I searched to find the source.  I noticed that I heard the voice clearly say "light" yet in the Bible the word used in this verse if "life" (John 14:6).  This gave me the feeling that my specific question was answered.  It freed me from the box of fear and guilt and it freed me to study, be open and expand my practice of energy therapy and focus my life on service.  All of the suicidal thoughts left me that day.  Through years of study, I grew tremendously.  The total structure of my belief system changed and expanded.
Meditation experience that helped end suicidal thoughts.


268. John K Experience  3/23/2014  I was engulfed in the most amazing sense of compassion and love I had ever felt. I had never felt anything like this before. I knew that I was being held in Christ’s embrace. All I could see was this warm, golden light, I couldn’t actually see Christ or the Father. God spoke to me in this beautiful, masculine voice, not with words but telepathically. It was amazing. God said to me, “I’m here for you, my child. I love you completely. You are my child, and I am your Father.”  Right then it was conveyed to me that God loved every cell of my body, every molecule, and I felt his love as though I was immersed in this tremendous ocean of love and complete acceptance and forgiveness. God said to me, “I love you, and I have always loved you. There is nothing you could possibly say or do to separate you from my love. You are perfect and will always be perfect.”
Dramatic communication from God while he was a novitiate in a Benedectine monastery and was contemplating suicide.


267. TyLeishia D Experience  3/2/2014  Three days had gone by and I was still in the hospital. I was literally and physically blind, but not declared by the doctors legally blind. I could see blank white light in the daytime and nothing but darkness at night.  I was unable to see any form or shape.  On that third night, while lying in the hospital bed, I was in a peaceful place I had never experienced before.  I was at the top of a high, effervescent mountain and I was sitting among one of many large stones.  A silhouette appeared and a mysterious arm draped with a white cloak of some sort covered it.  I could feel a mild and meek presence sitting beside me on the stone.  I saw a strange, purplish color that hovered over the earth below me.  There were several tiny lights, which appeared to be the light of many souls. I heard a soft, still voice say, “This is why you cannot stay here, you must go back.” I was disappointed saying, “But I don’t want to go back.  It is so peaceful and happy here.  Please don’t make me go back!”  I heard nothing after I responded, but I saw the silhouetted arm pointing in a downward motion below the mountains.  I heard the voice again, softly fading out, firmly saying, “Do you see all these? You must go back.” I could not figure out if it meant the tiny lights or the unexplainable purplish color I had seen over the city-like scene below.  I tried to savor that moment, but it was gone in a twinkling of an eye.   
Inspiration STE and power of prayer.


266. Carlos K Experience  2/23/2014 The whole of Heaven was loudly celebrating and rejoicing with me on my arrival! I was back!!! I could "hear" heavenly bells, trumpets, angelic choirs, laughter and all kinds of happy, joyful sounds of infinite gladness for which we have no name here on earth because those things do not exist here. I felt the unspeakable, all encompassing, unconditional Love of God for me. It felt really "personal" and because of its unconditional character is almost incomprehensible. To the point where I thought: "All this Love for me? Who am I? I am just a boy who grew up in a middle-lower class family, in a regular neighborhood, went to a regular school. I have no accomplishments. Never done anything remarkably special. I'm just a regular guy, a normal human. What I have done to deserve this? Is ALL this LOVE really for me?". The moment I finished that thought I was instantly "swallowed up" by this amazing Love. "I" was completely GONE! There was nothing but Love. No me, no God... just eternal, incomprehensible, indescribable, total, complete, absolute LOVE.
Exceptionally profound STE.  Among the most remarkable and detailed STEs ever shared with NDERF.


265. Virginia C Experiences  2/10/2014 Soon I felt a shaking under me, a sort of trembling of the earth and a sense of "take off" on gets on a jet plane. The birds came alive with song and movement at the joy of the sun's rising. The light seemed to fill inside of me the grass stared to move and insects began to crawl through my fingers. I was PART of it all in some sort of celebration of creation and existence. It was as if I were a conductor at the greatest performance of the "Hallelujah Chorus" ever. I only wiggled my fingers and toes some but I felt a slight floating and inner warmth and a "communion" with God, whom I knew nothing of then. I continued to lie in that manner for about another half hour after sun rise. Then I heard my Mother was up and ran into the house to excitedly share this great experience, but was told to pipe down. I figured adults knew about this too but didn't want to speak about it. Nature became my church after that and I developed a sort of communion with the creation others didn't seem to get.
Remarkable STE at age 4.  Shared 57 years- she is an attorney.


264. John M Experience  2/2/2014 The sky exploded! The curtain had been pulled away and the fractal pattern of the Universe had been revealed. The data coming into my head was the equivalent of moving from darkness to flashlight and then to a magnesium fire. The fractal crystalline structure grew exponentially. I ""saw"" my family, my friends, my acquaintances, my patients, everyone I would ever meet, everyone they would ever meet, every energetic thing we've all interacted with... Only for a moment it appeared as a soccer ball before it became so complex that it would be easier to say it was a ball of crystalline fire. However, it would also be accurate to say that it was like an atomic structure because its volume was mostly empty space.  Source was still with me as I extended my intention to various places. I was happily surprised to find a friend, a stranger, a tree, a rock, another plant, another life form, another planet.  “Oh, you want me to remember that we are all interconnected. Friend, family, foe, tree, rock, planets, solar systems, galaxies, and so on. We are part of Source. Source is infinite and connected to all. Ergo, we’re all connected to everything!"
Remarkable STE after severe illness.


263. Maggie H Experience  2/2/2014 From Australia.  I see a women, a little older me, she has curly long ash blonde hair, she is on her knees and she is in great despair, I feel her loss and pain. She goes to the bathroom cupboard and retrieves a razor, I look at my guide, but he looks calm. He asks me "How would you help this women?" I am now frantic because she can't see us and her pain is overwhelming, I get the impression that she has lost a child. I say "I don't know how, what do I do, can she us? Then he walks behind her. She is kneeling and sobbing, just as she is about to break the skin on her wrists, he gently puts his hands on her shoulders, and she is now aware of us being there, She turns to us in Awe and says "Are you Angels?"
Remarkable STE dream.


262. Mark B Experience  1/29/2014 Outside the gates, I was startled to find that I had 360-degree vision, and that I could hear distant, whispered conversations at will.  Realizing that this "ultimate punishment" simply set us free, I rushed back to death row, hoping to assure the other inmates that they had nothing to fear.  As I passed the death chamber, I was totally unconcerned to see my body double strapped into the chair, apparently dead.  Of much greater significance to me was the fact that I appeared to be invisible to both the execution witnesses and the guards.  On death row, however, I found that I was visible to the few innocent men, and to those who had repented their crimes, while the hardened criminals remained oblivious to my presence.  Among the former was an inmate we all thought was crazy, because he was always mumbling to himself.  But as I passed his cell, he looked up at me and smiled, and I realized for the first time that he was praying. 
Fascinating STE intertwined with a prisoner on Death Row.


261. James R Experience  1/27/2014 My preconceptions of right and wrong melted away. I did not feel judged in any way, I felt completely accepted. Everything was meaningful in my life and nothing I had experienced was wasted. The only things that now mattered in my past life were the times I had shown loving compassion to other people and living things. Then I felt enormous, limitless, feelings of joy, love, compassion and empathy for humankind and all living things. I felt intimate kinship with all humanity.
Remarkable and transcendent STE while at the computer listening to music.


260. Carlos P Experience  1/27/2014  From Portugal.  Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Alexandra. I began to listen a very beautiful and unknown music, but very melodious. At the same time that I was listening I started to feel Peace, relaxed, and a sense of well-being as I never felt before. Something amazing!  I thought that because I never felt anything like that, despite my age, I could be CROSSING from this life to another one, in other words, that I was Dying, but the feeling was not of death itself but a PASSAGE for a much more pleasant situation.
The feelings and the music made this an STE for him.


259. Parle Experience  1/21/2014  From Canada.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  And suddenly I sensed a flow of ... energy, cleansing, love...( I don't know how to define it differently) picking me up, as if this flow was coming from the bottom of the vortex and took me up into space. I say space, because it seemed to me that I was outside my body and floating, seeing the earth, the moon and the sun at the same time. And at the same time I knew that I was still at home, as I could hear my dog who was sitting beside me, he was moaning for me; I never in my life felt so good , I wanted to remain for ever in this moment of rapture, but I also knew  that I would calmly come back. But during this union, this 'cleansing' I felt a message was conveyed; I cleary say I felt, as this message didn't consist of words but it translates as: 'the most important thing is to love', and I repeated this constantly while I floated.
STE after losing beloved pet.


258. Rachel Experience  1/19/2014  There was so much love beaming from the light it filled my heart with joy and peace.  After basking in the love and joy and peace the golden light parted showing me a blue sky and clouds.  some clouds had only a few people on them.  One cloud had several people on it and the man standing in front of all those people held out his hands and magnetically pulled the cloud I was standing on towards his cloud and as soon as I was at his cloud I was instantly transported back to my room and my spirit and soul still were not entirely back inside my body and I felt like I was walking on air and it took a week to get entirely back inside my body.
STE Probable Dream.  Detailed experience.


257. Michele C Experiences  1/19/2014   I can be walking, driving a car, staring out of a window and all of a sudden with no warning I am in a different place ( and no there is nothing wrong with my cognition).  When this happens where I am disappears along with me.  An example would be one time while driving my car, I found myself in another reality. I would like to think I was in the presence of God because that is what it felt like to me. It is definitely 'holy'.  I 'came back' minutes later, I knew it was minutes, because of where I was on road before the experience happened and where I was after the experience happened (I have no idea how the car stayed on the road and how it got driven). Yet when I am in this other reality or state of consciousness there is no time and I am beyond the five senses.  Words, information, feelings, understandings, etc. are not transmitted or felt in a linear fashion.  It's all there at once and you just get what your supposed to see, experience and understand and you KNOW it is truth.
Multiple experiences starting at age 14 of unworldly consciousness.


256. Michael L Experience  12/15/2013  Angels and voices spoke to me. I had resigned myself to death at the time and had made my peace with myself. The voices in a void or different place than earth spoke clearly to me informing me i would live and had a mission to carry out that would only become clear to me over time. The information I was provided also detailed events about my relatives that I found to be true despite they contradicted my prior knowledge. I was told my selection for this purpose was not clear but alluded to the fact I had lived a decent life and was a soul god favored. The one mission, which was not to be the main purpose of my life, was to inform people of my conviction and gratitude to god.
STE at time of liver failure.  Received information that he could not possibly have known at the time.


255. Joshua Experience  12/13/2013 Suddenly, the little girl I had awoken came up behind us. She tugged my sleeve to get our attention and asked the Irishman "where do I go now?" in a soft and inquisitive voice. He pointed toward the archway and said something reassuring. The girl smiled sheepishly and asked what she would find there. The man replied that she could only find that out for herself. She smiled and walked across the meadow to the archway. She walked through smiling and the light flashed.  Suddenly the tone of my conversation with the glowing man took a somber tone. I got the sense that this man knew everything, and that he was very familiar with me. I knew he loved me, and I knew he was proud of me for some reason I could not understand. He continued to alternate between calling me father, son and brother. I asked the man about death. He asked what I wanted to know about it. I asked "will I be judged?"
Remarkable STE dream.


254. Germaine P Experience  11/23/2013  The depressing, lifeless scenery reminded me of my first glimpse of a Pakistani landscape when we drove from the airport to the hotel: dirt encrusted trees dangled black plastic garbage bags from their leafless branches. Desert sand appeared everywhere in Karachi, creating a beige, muted impression which caused me to squint when I went outside. Here, too, I squinted to adjust my eyes to the dimness. Where was I?  Thick, gooey mud was all around me. Then, just as I thought there was no life, I saw people in the distance. ""How strange,"" I thought, ""they're not wearing any clothes."" Only their backs, not their faces were visible, but I sensed hopelessness in their bent heads and heavy steps. They all walked in the same direction with no apparent destination. In their slow procession to nowhere, they reminded me of scenes from the Holocaust where Jewish prisoners were marched off to the gas chambers.  Unexpectedly, one of the men in the back row turned his head to the side. It was my husband.
OBE dream with powerful spiritual message.


253. Carla D Experience  11/17/2013  That this place is where we come from, a silver light that exists that consciousness of all and of one. I became aware that there is no good or evil, that there simply is being. I became aware that things that happen, like war, serve a purpose as a lesson for humanity. I came to understand the purpose of the human existence, and my own existence, which is to love. I began to think of my future, and my purpose. I realized that my purpose is to allow people to experience what I was experiencing, and to spread that love.… It was absolutely real. I have no doubt in my mind that was I experienced was real and not simply a drug induced hallucination.
STE following illicit drug use.


252  Gabrielle M Experience  11/17/13  From Denmark.  Original in Danish, translated to English by Metteline.  When I read the book I suddenly realized for the first time that I’d had an NDE and that all the time I was in a coma, I SAW things that happened in the hospital room from the outside, at the same time that I heard things from the outside and felt things from the inside. So yes, I was in a deep coma at the time, but I HAD been “outside” my body!  I SAW my mother and father and I SAW the nurses AND heard what they said. When they tried to take my respirator away the first time I BOTH saw it from the outside and felt it from the inside, but didn’t care at all if my body died. I didn’t want to leave that “place” where I was AND it felt physically horrible, as though I was suffocating. At that time I was closer to waking up, since I felt it all physically. That’s probably why they wanted to take away my respirator. While I was in the deepest coma I was being operated on, and I felt nothing at that time – at least nothing physical.
STE/OBE that was remembered after reading Anita Moorjani's book.


251. Christiane P Experience  11/10/2013  From Canada.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.   I'm transmitting my fear to cease existing, that if our course is not taking another direction we will be colliding with this SUN.  He answers me: (by thought) "Christiane, don't worry, all is well, everything is in its place, above all don't worry. You know death doesn't exist !" Then, I'm convinced, deeply convinced and I know that death doesn't exist. We continue the journey towards the Sun, that is aspiring my bubble. The Sun is approaching and when it's crossing my bubble, I'm enveloped in an orange-red light, I see the fire at the surface of the SUN and this LIGHT is LOVE without a word, without the possibility to describe its intensity, its strength, its power. It's a LOVE that surrounds me, loves me, letting me know that I'm of his  nature, I am Love, it's my original nature. There's nothing else existing, it's all that is. I AM, I'm at home. I know that I'm Love, that I come from this LOVE and that I will return to this LOVE. I came back home....
STE after falling asleep.


250. Salvador H Experience  10/23/2013  From Mexico.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Manuel.  I was very sick with high fever and when I laid down at night, I felt I was on another place. Without feeling my body, I was seeing a river and at a distance a woman with open arms inviting me to come close. I did that and when I hugged her, all around us was resplendent with a light different from the light of day. Thus embraced I was seeing how our bodies were light as well. I felt an ecstasy indescribable by words, something like that I had never experienced before.
STE with unconditional love.


249. Brenda M Experience  9/17/2013  I could now discern that it was saying words, not just screeching, but because I was only three years old, I had neither the knowledge or experience to really understand what it was saying.  Something it said frightened me and I fled back to my bedroom, climbed back into my crib and fell asleep.  This experience was far more vivid and real than a dream and I have remembered it vividly down through the years… The event gave me a sense of purpose and removed my fear of death.  I am still afraid of OTHER people in my life dying, and I fear the process of dying, but I have no fear of death itself.  I KNOW that life continues after death… Although I am not sure what my beliefs were before the experience, I was so young, I know the event had a profound effect on me.  It made me intensely interested in religions, spirituality, etc. and I became certain of an afterlife.
STE at age 3.  Shared 49 years later.


248. Jonita K Experience  9/17/2013  From Canada.  Then I was shown what my life would be like if I stayed where I was now in heaven. I saw the difference and I knew as I watched the first part of facing the treatments I did not want to go back. I wanted to stay where I was. Loved, protected, surrounded in perfect love and peace. I saw what would happen to my parents, my younger brother, younger by a year than me, and my other family members. I don't remember what I saw but I do know without a doubt that it was far from many people lost somehow, and hurt in some way. When Jesus was done showing me, I remember turning frontwards again, He looked at me, bent His head a a parent does when sitting next to their kid talking about something important, and said now you can choose what you want to do. You can go back and go through all you've seen here, and if you go back you will have to go through everything, or you can stay here.
STE dream at age 6-8 during a time she was receiving treatment for a rare cancer.


247. Jennifer R Experience  9/17/2013  As I gazed upon these eyes I knew instantly that this was my creator. I was not told " I am your creator ", I just knew with every cell in my being who it was , as if every cell in my body corresponded with him in alignment to the past , present, and future. I merged with him, with his knowledge, with his love, with everything that was, and yet remained an individual. As I looked into his eyes, they appeared to look like crystal like the glass they use in lighthouses that reflected colors so bright and vivid that you became a part of them and they with you. As I looked passed the crystal into the center of his eye, it was as a gateway, a gateway to all of the knowledge that he had of every person, event, feeling, past present and future. Every sense that I had was at maximum 100 fold to what the body can accomplish, the earthly body in comparison was maybe a 1%. I knew everything he knew, there was nothing specifically I can recall it was just a feeling, I became one with the knowledge, if I had to compare it to an earthly feeling, it was as if, having amnesia for your whole life, then when you wake up (die) you remember instantly who you are.
STE with God encounter.


246. Amber T Experience  9/8/2013 From New Zealand. As I went into a contraction and through a contraction, and as it peaked and subsided, at the same time and parallel to it I went into a spiritual 'test'.  I realised that I was being put through an initiation.  The test got more intense as the contraction peaked, and as it subsided and I passed the test, then the intensity subsided and ended as the contraction stopped.  It was like waves rushing up onto a beach, reaching a point on the sand, and retreating back again.  I was aware that life and everything operates in waves or cycles, and cycles within cycles.  When you go through an experience, you go through a point which you have to pass back through to complete the experience. Each contraction was becoming more intense, and more difficult, just as each test was.  It paralleled each other.  But as I came through a contraction and passed another test and went onto the next one, then I was getting closer to the baby being born and simultaneously, enlightenment.  I had to pass each test at a high spiritual level. 
Stunning STE at the time of delivery.


245. Kristen W Experience  8/4/2013 Then an extremely bright light came into the room and drew my soul closer to it.  I knew that I was being drawn into the presence of the Creator who I recognized as God the Father.  I could not see His "body" as He was bathed in incredibly bright light that did not hurt my eyes to look at.  I was drawn as closer to what I understood was a threshold.  Upon meeting the threshold the Father spoke firmly to me in thought "Understand that you have to go back." I consented.  I was immediately drawn into the fullness of His Presence.  It was immediate and shocking ecstasy of my soul as I was swept into communion with Him.  I felt as if my being would be completely annihilated.  He allowed me to experience this for a moment, then turned me away showing me all of creation.  My soul seemed to expand into timelessness and infinity and I became one with everything in heaven and earth and the universe. 
STE at time of spiritual crisis at age 17.


244. Karen M Experience  7/28/2013  In fact, it was clear that there was no 'need' for forgiveness - there was only LOVE.  I felt completely accepted and loved. I felt very safe. I heard several different 'voices' talking at once inside me.  One was saying, "Wow, this is incredible!"  Another was saying, "Whoa, this is too much!"  Another was saying, "Thank you so much for coming to me, this is great, but could you please leave now?"  When I heard that voice, I noticed that the Golden Light started to 'move away' or grow smaller.  I remembered reading in a book that believers can ask for the Holy Spirit, so I quickly added (silently, telepathically), but please give me the Holy Spirit before you go.  When I thought that, I felt a wind blow through me and I saw a figure that looked like me but that seemed to hold all my heaviness, go out of me or off of me, as if a garment were being blown away by the wind. And then the Golden Light moved far to my left and disappeared.
STE during difficult time in her life.


243. Paul R Experience  7/28/2013 & 11/4/2015  From Canada.  Kind of like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz when she goes from a drab black and white world to Technicolour.  I didn’t know these men but they knew me, and they wanted me to remember what I was seeing and what they were saying to me (although words were not necessary where I was.) There was this huge red cliff behind the tree and it was full of holes. They said “the holes represented youth who had not realized their potential.“ I understood they were referring to youth who had committed suicide.  They told me “you know what to do about this; you can help eliminate this barrier”. Then I was back, and I didn’t know what to make of the experience. It was completely real. Later, I did research and found out that the two men were holy First Nations men from the 1800s: Black Elk, a Sioux visionary, and Walking Buffalo (George McLean) a former Chief of the Nakoda First Nation.
Remarkable STE with a message involving vision of Native American Sioux leaders.  The contributor is Caucasian.


242. Kimberly S Experience  7/22/2013  From New Zealand.  One evening I lay on my bed and closed my eyes, trying to breathe through my fear. It was about 7pm. Suddenly I was out of my body and enveloped inside a vibrating golden light. I think I was up in the universe.  I realized that my mind was apart of all other minds as well as everything that existed!! I was a part of this light and part of one BIG MIND!.... which was everything! I still recognized my sense of 'self' as an observer (the part of you that hasn't changed since you were 5)but I was completely connected to this one mind. It was portrayed as a huge golden light containing everything that exists. I felt so safe and AMAZING. If we are all the same mind, there is nothing to fear! For a brief few minutes I understood how I was a part of everything. Words fail this experience.
STE at the time of a panic attack. 


241. Alistair M Experience  7/22/2013  From the UK.  I heard a loud cracking sound like thunder in my head. At that point I fell through my body through a dark tunnel at tremendous speed.  As I fell I felt like I was also being spread out flat to what felt like the size of the universe. I felt one with everything and nothing at the same time. I had a vision of Shiva who was sat in front of me with all sorts of symbols around her that I had never seen before (I can't describe them to this day). Nothing was said to me but I felt at peace and a feeling of bliss was coming over me. It was a white light like nothing I had ever seen before, I felt unconditional love and pure bliss as this light engulfed me. A feeling of connecting into the origin/source of everything. The time scale makes this story  confusing to tell as there was a sense of timelessness, or everything happened all at once, or a knowing that time was an illusion. Another vision I had was that of being in space and watching 2 galaxies colliding with each other, it was very destructive but very beautiful at the same time. Another feeling I had was that I was connected to a ""database"" of everything that had ever happened and a fountain of knowledge was available to me in this state. I remember a feeling of familiarity, like I had been there before, wanting to call it home, a feeling of "this is where we all come from".
STE from meditation.

240. Maria S Experience  7/22/2013 From the UK. I still had a body, that was light and I was myself, but not myself.  It was myself but in indescribable state of mind or being, walking through this town of light, boiling with joy and happiness and freedom, in heavenly mood, and most importantly happiness for no reason, with no end.  I was just so happy.  I knew I am in heaven and I clearly understood that heaven is not a place, it was a state of mind… Most importantly -this happiness was not only mine, it was shared: everybody was happy there and that is why I was even more happy-because I wouldn't bear the thought to be happy while somebody else is suffering. Everybody seemed to be in close relation to each other.  It was like you are walking alone but you are not alone.  It was love all around, peace, joy and everything that is opposite of loneliness, and so alive… And if even I am wrong and was nothing more than a dream, I will die happy with the remembrance of this dream.
STE as a dream around age 15-17 at a time in her life that she was terrified of dying.  Originally from Bulgaria.


239. Lu M Experience  7/6/2013 The tingling and vibration kept moving up my body.  When it got to my chest I saw Light, it was very bright but not blinding.  The vibration and Light eventually moved over my head and I was enveloped by it.  I suddenly felt an immense knowing of Love; unconditional love.  I knew without a doubt that this Love had always been there and that I could not do anything to earn it or have it "abandon" me.  It was always there for me no matter what I did in my life or didn't do. It was complete acceptance. There was no such thing as right or wrong or good or bad. I also understood that this is the way it was for everyone! I then asked in my mind, so what are all these religions for (since this was a question I had been contemplating for some time)?  I understood that it didn't matter if I chose to be part of a religious organization or not.  These groups and beliefs existed for those that believed they needed it and if one day they didn't feel they needed this affiliation it was okay to move forward.
STE while lying in bed.


238. Joy W Experience  6/30/2013 Back to the was warm, I felt overwhelmingly peaceful and as i was drawn into the light I saw colors that do not exist here, there was no condemnation, and I can't help mentioning the peace again. In Hebrew the word "shalom" is used and many translate it as simple "peace," but that is not an accurate translation. It means perfect peace, that all is right and perfectly peaceful. I would agree that is what I experienced. I also knew that I could just go towards God and that no one would judge me, and that it was my choice. I chose to go back because I had two young children, one of which has special needs and really needed me. I also stayed because I knew how terrible it would be for my husband to loose me at that time. Besides the peace and warmth, and splendor the most remarkable thing was when I was sucked back into my body all the pain returned, and it was excruciating.
Remarkable STE while suffering from pancreatitis.  Remarkably life changing.


237. Gena P Experience  6/22/2013   I heard a voice talking to me.  It showed me all these visions. I saw earth; I saw flashes of everything.  It was instantaneous thought pictures.  It was uncontrollable and unstoppable. I had this sense as I traveled.  The sense was of such a peace, love, bliss, wisdom, grace, beauty, and acceptance.  It was like I was truly being enlightened. I was enveloped in a such a strong, secure form, a love. I felt so loved and protected.  I understood and in that moment I saw earth and knew I had to return. From that moment on, my life has never been the same.
STE at time of personal crisis.


236. Rhonda M Experience  6/22/2013 My teenage daughter and I got into a fight and she ran away form home. I looked into the mirror and looked like a leper and thought is Jesus could love and heal leper he could help me too. He love Mary Magdalene the sinner he could love me too. I took a shower, out on a white night gown and prayer with tears that God would give me meaning to this illness and why I was going through this.  I feel asleep and floated through the Milky Way and the stars became angels and I found myself on a cloud with Jesus and he put his arm around me and told me I was his sister and he was my brother and I am to give and receive love and forgiveness and I told him I could do that and I woke back up in my bed and three days had passed…
STE during dream.


235. Chris L Experience  6/15/2013  I had never been here before and could not begin to understand anything that was going on.  I knew I was being taken care of though.  It was magnificent… In the moment of that experience something foreign came into my awareness.  I did not immediately recognize a sound I was hearing.  It was the sound of air passing through something.  The air that had been trapped in my lungs was finally escaping and I thought I might be able to breathe again.  I waited.  When the air stopped flowing, I dared to take in a gentle breath not wanting to disrupt anything in the process.  My cautious breathing became deeper, my vision began to clear and almost as quickly as all this had begun it was over.
STE at time of difficulty breathing at age 13 due to whooping cough.  Shared 54 years later.


234. Denise Experience  6/5/2013 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  During all this time , while we had the impression to make one with the infinite, or the universe, we both felt an omniscient, omnipotent presence, full of love.  It was the strongest feeling that we felt: the feeling of love, being loved deeply.  I do'nt know how the experience ended. At a moment we were together, eyes open and we were unable to get over what we just experienced and especially that we felt the same thing together.
STE experienced with her husband through the power of prayer.


233. Angie Experience  6/4/2013  I felt as if I had been away a long long time and I had finally reached home. There was  a feeling of peace that I cannot describe. When I got to the top of the garden path, I saw my deceased grandparents. My grandfather died in 1993 and my grandmother in 2010. I was extremely close to them. They helped raised me. They were standing in front of big wooden door. My grandmother was wringing her hands. She did that when she was excited. She was smiling this beautiful smile. My grandfather was smiling and motioning for me to come on  and saying "" well come on in, come on in."" They were so happy to see me and I was happy to see them. I WAS HOME!
STE associated with severe anemia.


232. Michele A Experience  5/26/2013 I knew that I was one with the Father and the Father was one with the light and this presence was the source from which all of this peace, love, joy, and light was streaming. I stayed in the light for what seemed a very long time. This was home and I was thankful. Then my awareness moved to a vision of myself on a stage, speaking about God to a large group of people. I was using words like ""salvation"" and ""revelation"". The man I saw before was behind me telling me what to say and I kept turning around asking him to repeat his words. After the talk, I was directed to a green room to pick up my small child and saw myself talking on a bunch of TV's. Then I was directed to the darkened room again. The woman came one more time with a cloth of burlap. There was a red glossy paint like substance on it. When I touched it, it turned into the words, ""God loves you"". Then I awoke.
STE during dream.


231. Gregory Experience  5/26/2013 From France.  I was driving home and on a little road by night, at one moment I just became more and more aware of the world and of my life and while I was asking questions, the answers were immediate. It was explaining my whole life even the sad moments like an incredible symphony. Like it was a song written by God for me and we were playing it together. That 'symphony' was explainable through an incredible mass of emotional layers and it was the most beautiful and most clever thing I've ever seen, felt or saw. That was pure intelligence, graciousness, merciful thing I had to deal with.
STE while driving.


230. Deloris G Experiences  5/26/2013  In 1967 is when I learned to go over.  No one taught me how to go over, nor did I have any knowledge of those who have gone over due to near death experiences.  I learned to visit over on the Higher Side, including going to school over there for four and a half years during those 10 years.   Now I teach others to visit love ones over there.  It is such a wonderfully peaceful experience over there even to this day.  All those I have helped (will continue to help) visit love ones say they feel more peacefulness within themselves being able to talk with as well as see their love ones.
STEs over many years after death of husband at young age.


229. Jacqueline M Experience  5/26/2013 From Australia.  Then a white being appeared to my left. I knew he was male although I could not see his face clearly. He began communicating with me, not with words but through thoughts, and I was doing the same. He told me I could not enter the tunnel. I remember arguing with him, saying: "I must, this is my home, this is where I belong, I do not want to go back". He told me I had work to do that I had not completed and had to return. As I begun to fight for my right to be there I suddenly found myself travelling back through the black tunnel at rapid speed… I proceeded to go and see a psychic who said to me: "You are so blessed to have been shown where we go after our physical body dies". "You must have a very important journey in this life time as they did not want you to take your life". "They were answering all of your questions". They did indeed answer all of my questions: There is life after death; there is no need to fear death for we never die; and suicide is not right.
STE at time in their life that they were contemplating suicide.

228. Evelyn S Experience  5/26/2013 It was so weird and fast but I remembered everything and many things happened. Without speaking we went through all the things I felt bad about in my life and I was told -again, without words- that it was okay because anyone in my position would have made the same choices I had. The mistakes I'd made were due to faulty logic I was unaware of. Then we were standing on clouds and across the 'room' sat Moses (idk how I know that) before him were all kinds of wheels or interconnected cogs which represented people and when one person made the smallest choice about something, it caused the cogs to turn  slightly which affected every other cog in the system. The smallest act by one of us has a ripple effect that touches all of us. And I looked at Moses and mentally acknowledged that I understood what I'd been shown.
STE at time of severe depression.


227. Joe W Experience  5/11/2013 And suddenly I had a birds eye view of the Giza Plateau. Empty and bare. Like watching a movie in fast forward I saw not only how they were built from the 1st stone to completion but the reasoning as well as the the tools. Every minute detail was *explained. This seemed to only take a second to comprehend. I felt a some disappointment. No flying saucers. No great revelation. Just a group of people doing there job. "How mundane I thought"  "I told you" my Guide said.
Remarkable STE with deep spiritual insights.


226. Bonnie L Experience  5/11/2013 The dull slow moving lights had to come to terms with what they feared judgment on, before moving forward faster.  But no one ever completely stops. Absolutely everyone returns to source. They stressed EVERYONE. Some sooner than others - They also told me what was going to happen when everyone returned to source, but I forget that now - I also know what source is but it it is hard to explain. It is not a god separate from us or one that created us more like we are fragments of it - everything is.
Remarkably detailed STE with spiritual insights.


225. Judy L Father Experience  4/28/2013  Then just as quickly as Dad had fallen to the floor, he all of a sudden got up from the floor. Dad told me he had been in heaven, outside a garden wall talking to Jesus. He said that Jesus told him that He was sending him back and to tell everyone about Him and that He was coming very soon.
Father’s experience shared that happened when she was 10-11 years old.


224. Frances S Experience  4/20/2013 From Canada.  I was very ill I had inflammation around my heart and my muscles were very week, the doctor thought I had Coxsackie virus,, I am not sure of that spelling,  I had been having unusual experiences, I thought I heard people in the house and someone cooking in the kitchen when no one was there. I was alone in the guest bedroom because I didn't want to disturb my husband with the restlessness that I was experiencing, I wasn't sleeping well. I felt myself slipping away when I saw a black tunnel, I thought I was going to die, when I heard a voice in my head say "the darkest hour is before the dawn."  I knew at that moment I was going to recover, obviously I didn't die and I started to feel I would get over this dark time I was going through. It took a long time but I did recover, I had to take myself out of a negative life style and get away from my husband who was being very negative with me… I felt that the information given to me was coming from a place of knowing that wanted to comfort me because I was afraid I was going to die.
STE at time she thought she would die.


223. Armando Experience  4/14/2013 From Brazil. They glowed with the same intensity that I glowed, but I felt there was a hierarchy, not a submission type hierarchy, but a hierarchy of purification or similar. There was also a light that glowed stronger than all and I could feel it was God. He was a little farther away than the entities around me, and approaching slowly and gradually.  Once I got there the first thing I felt is that love was everywhere. Love was everything. A feeling of happiness that words fail to describe. There is no way to explain the intensity of these feelings because there are no parameters for comparison.  Time no longer existed, I'm not saying that time had stopped or was going faster than normal, time just did not exist anymore.
STE from Brazil in English language.


222. Olavi H Experience  4/7/2013  From Sweden.  Instantly I felt as if I was floating around in the cave. It was not as if had left my body. Instead, it felt as if my body had been dissolved. There was no longer any separation between me and the rest of the world. I felt incredibly peaceful and happy.… The next day I went with my friends to see Gangadass Babaji. On the way to his ashram, I looked for the yogi and his cave, but I could not find him. I could only see wilderness, rocks and mountain tops… One could say that I was miraculously saved by divine grace, or by an angel.
Mystical experience.  Was saved by several people in a cave in the Himalaya mountains, but the cave an people were not found the next day.

221. Gina R Experience  3/31/2013  One night while I was "sleeping" a being of light came to me. I saw the entire room light up and I knew something was different. A light being approached me and picked me up off the bed and hugged me. The feeling was indescribable; unconditional love and information was exchanged without speaking. The being told me to "take care of my family and everything will be alright". After what seemed like a long period of time, the being moved back across the room. I could still see the light, and I asked if "it" was still here. The being replayed," I will always be with you, just take care of your family".
Entity encounter at time of need with a profound message of hope.  Also a mystical blissful experience.


220. Eduardo B Experience  3/2/2013 Suddenly those words were embedded in every level of my existence, my energy was now infused with the certainty of happiness, health, wisdom and love.  Next thing I remember is entering a vortex being pulled back by those lights and gaining consciousness back inside my body, thou I still couldn't move or even open my eyes. The nurses were washing my hair and I came back as they dropped my head unto the pillow. The pain and all the sensations of this world came back. My body hurt, I was in much pain, couldn't breath, couldn't move. I felt heavy and shocked.... but I knew that I was going to get well very quick and powerful enough to transform my body and my life. A certainty that lives within me now everyday of my new life.
STE associated with illness.


219. Richard W Experience  2/25/2013 I could see a throne and on it sat one that I know was God (by the way I never saw his face). He never spoke a word to me but he would point to his left and to his right and the area where he pointed would light up like a movie screen. As the area would illuminate images would scroll by at a speed that was too fast to see with one's natural eye (but I now know that every image was imprinted in my mind). As I was standing there in disbelief it seemed as if God knew my thoughts. This is when he spoke to me and let me know, "so that you will know it's me, your friend ________ that cannot have anymore children will have a baby girl”. In 1976 my friend and her husband gave birth to a baby girl.
STE with remarkable encounter with God.  Given information to verify reality of experience.


218. Connie V Experience  2/25/2013 Suddenly I heard the following: do not fear I am with you. It was a strong voice within me, I can not explain, it appeared as mail voice but I am not sure. At the same moment I heard this voice, the whole parking area became illuminated with light, not a light that I can explain, but from hundreds of cars I saw my car in an instant. In the past I had to look for my car for a while, but not this time. A total peace overcame me, I can not explain, all the fear was gone, I felt comfort and peace within me.
STE during moment of fear that was reassuring.


217. Suzanne C Experience  2/25/2013 I was instantly consumed with the feeling of love, peace, joy, and just being overwhelmed with goodness.  The ascent in the palm seemed to last for about 15 to 20 seconds, all the while hearing the whooshing sound going up, and my time being there, overwhelmed with joy seemed to be about the same.… I will say, I think this happened because the Lord wanted to give me peace about my coming death from my COPD, as well as, my husbands coming death.  He has had advanced prostate cancer for three years and hormone refractory now for nine months.  I think the Lord showed me and gave me a sense of peace to not be afraid when these things happen.
STE during dream.


216. Allison G Experience  2/16/2013  During the weekend, we were not allowed to speak.  We wrote, but did not share and were guided in the writing exercises to consider our present life, then to write about past events and then to write about a specific time in our past. We then picked a spiritual figure from the past time, imagined going down deep in a well and finally meeting that spiritual figure at an underground stream.  At that time I transitioned into an alternate state of consciousness in which I understood complete love and acceptance, a sense of oneness, no such thing as time, no judgment.  Everything and everyone was interconnected.  When I came back to awareness, tears were streaming down my face because of the power of love.  It was intense and beautiful.
Mystical experience during a planned journal writing weekend.


215. Antoine L Experience  2/16/2013 For some time, the being let me bathe in its light. I felt like the power and warmth of this love was infinite. Like it could do miracles. After a moment, the angel started talking in a feminine voice. The voice was very loud, but also very sweet and motherly.  It was short. I think I forgot some parts of what she said, but a sentence sticks out, that I remember distinctly : "Don't worry. God is working right now, in ways that go far beyond your understanding. Everything will be fine."… the angel made me feel that love had power beyond anything I could ever imagine.
STE in dream with powerful message of reassurance.


214. Jane F Experience  2/9/2013  I am a sphere, a bubble, maybe 6 feet across, and my outer shell is made of light.  That is my only body.  There’s nothing in the bubble, just my awareness.  It is completely quiet and tranquil.  I have arisen from what I perceive to be an almost invisible spring of pure Being, Is-ness, who knows only, wholly, purely to BE.  I am its child, and I feel complete trust and appreciation for its gift of freedom to forever BE anything I want.   There is a multitude of spheres extending for a great distance.  I know that we are all unlimited and eternal.  I see human events displayed like movies on the blue light surfaces of the other spheres.  I can see some of my own events in my shell.  We have been all kinds of people, loved and hated each other, nurtured and killed each other.  I see everyone interacting in everyone else’s spheres, simultaneously.  This is all seen in complete silence. The Is-ness has no judgment on what we do.  As Beings, we will always BE.  The Is-ness will always BE.  There is no particular emotion in this scene, just observing. 
Several STEs.


213. Gustave P Experience  2/9/2013 The soul, or our consciousness, is in all things and *is* all things. I wasn't seeing, so much as *being* what it was that I wanted to perceive. If I wanted to look at a pine tree, I wasn't actually ""seeing"" the pine tree, I *was* or *became* the pine tree from whatever perspective I chose to ""see"" it. I could see it as a tree or at the molecular level. Since *I* was also the tree, there was no limitation as concerns my ability to ""perceive"" or ""know"" the tree. In fact, this is a better way of putting it. The soul (or the nub of consciousness that we become once we leave our bodies) doesn't ""see"" things -- we ""know"" things. If we want to see a pine tree, we ""know"" it. We don't see it. Concepts like ""near"" or ""far"" are meaningless to the ""soul"" because we are one with all things and all things are one with us. We see things distant with the same perfect clarity as the things that are nearby because there is no such thing as near or far.
Profound STE while “asleep” at age 11.


212. Luke Experience  2/9/2013  A scientific revelation respecting infinite existence.  Even though we are all born at different chronological interval.  In relation to a clock NASA has proven that as a cesium atomic clock more closely approaches lights' speed on a non-terrestrial space vehicle the time between the vehicles clock and an earth based clock changes (Though not by much) at 100% of lights' velocity there would be Zero change in the vehicles' clock and any onboard passengers would not have aged at all.  E=MC2.  Light (E)= The square of: Our body Mass (M) Times the speed of light (C).  This Brings forth answers to two documented phenomena during Near death.  Experiences.  First there is a small but measurable loss of weight (Mass) upon death which is probably the immediate conversion of a small amount of mass to a large amount of Energy often perceived as Light.  Second this slight mass but large energy equivalent loss (or gain from revival) from the deceased, call them life forces if you wish. may appear to occur at different chronological times but since time stands still at the speed of light all these Energy beams or life forces if you prefer arrive at the same time which is why NDE survivors are able to see the life forces from past chronological Periods This is quite easy to demonstrate on a live person not requiring a NDE.
Revelation about infinite existence at the time of bone marrow ablation in treatment of acute myelogenous leukemia.  Presented as is without comment.


211. Steve A Experiences  2/3/2013  I looked at myself driving and my dog was sleeping in the back.  I could turn my head but the rest of my body was paralyzed and I couldn't speak.  When I looked out my windshield it was like I was watching my life in reverse pausing on moments throughout my life. Everything was a scene in a movie where someone is underwater.  Next it was like I was going around the world and being shown some really sad things...the state of 3rd world countries, the destruction of the Amazon, the floating masses of garbage that are floating around the world and some are bigger than the state of Texas.  At the end of all this I was shown something...a tab that you see on pop and beer cans - different from the existing one that is currently being used on the cans.  The voice came back and said the rest is up to you and that's when it ended. 
SOBE while driving with stunning look at the destruction ongoing in the world and a charge to make the world a better place.  Remarkable translation of experience into life action.


210. Michelle B Experiences  2/3/2013  The unconditional LOVE I felt was overwhelming and I knew that I was only being permitted to feel a glimpse of how truly profound it was. There is nothing to compare it to, to convey how wonderful it was.  If the scale was 1-100. I was only experiencing a 1 on that scale and it was so profound that my physical body could not handle it.  I felt like if the light, which I knew to be God, let me feel more that I would just explode. I felt like I was being held back in a way, that I could only come so close.  I was then shown, God, the light, energy never spoke but impressed upon my spirit things like unconditional love and total acceptance.  I was told without words to look beyond.  I saw eternity.
Two profound STEs that occurred while she was in prison.


209. David F Experience  2/3/2013  During a walk through the park, this presumed memory, flooded in in mere seconds.  Through a walled "tunnel", to the "waiting place".  In this place there was NOTHING in ANY direction.  No heat, no light, no joy, and it could last forever.  Fear started welling up inside me.  Then I remembered, Jesus promised he would be there, if we just believed, and I did, and....suddenly I was in the light, in another place.  A review of my life (second by second, and from my, and OTHERS' point of view) preceded seeing, and "speaking" with Jesus occurred.  If the trip "there" took...15 seconds, the trip "back" took...three?
Remarkably transcendent STE at age 17.


208. Sandy Experience  1/19/2013 By this time my lungs were burning and I felt total panic! With this I took a big gulp of water and that is when I heard the most wonderful music! Peace surrounded me and the panic resolved. I was so excited because I thought the people who owned the pool had hired an orchestra to play at the pool side. This probably happened over seconds but seemed more like minutes as I listened to the music. It flooded my soul with it's beauty and I have never heard anything as beautiful again in my lifetime. After some time a voice spoke to me. I now know that it was through telepathy. It was a loving, wonderful kind voice and it said, "You cannot swim on top of the water but you know how to swim underneath. Why don't you swim up where you can touch?" I rejoiced in this moment because I realized the voice was correct. So, I swam to the shallow end and was finally able to reach the surface of the water and crawled up steps out of the pool.
STE at age 8.  Was in pool and unable to swim.


207. Carmen Y Experience  1/14/2013  At decade 1970 (I am 68 years old) while a summer "siesta", very relaxed, suddenly I found myself in a interstar space. Dark blue colored. No tunnel, on the contrary wideness without limits. Consciousness of my knew form of being: "I AM JOYFULL AND PLENTYNESS, NOTHING IS MISSING TO ME" 
STE shared in English and Spanish.


206. Stephen K Experience  1/5/2013  On 6-28-12 I was feeling very, very bad.  Music, soft string music had started playing spontaneously in my head and felt very peaceful, however I was still very sick.   I quit taking the diuretic.  On 6-29-12 at some point in the morning, music still playing in my head I heard a very audible, loud, in-your-face type of voice of a grandfather figure, ""IF YOU DIE YOUR KIDS WILL DIE.""  A second voice, definitely female maybe in her 40s, ""You must complete [finish] what you started.""  I did not recognize either of the voices as any parent (deceased) or grand parent I ever knew.  My wife took the day off from work and dropped me off at the emergency entrance of a local hospital while she parked the car.  Drawing a blood sample they discovered a sodium level of 102 and confirmed it with another test of 103.  The doctors were surprised that I was alive let alone coherent.  I was taken to SICU for 4 days.  I scored a 30 out of 30 on the Neurologists mini-mental test to his surprise. Not being a medical person I cannot comment on the the lethality of sodium levels of 102-103.  An RN friend of mine checked with a doctor she knew and confirmed such low levels are normally lethal.
STE associated with exceptionally low blood sodium levels.