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205. Molly R Experience  12/29/2012  I was saying "I'm sorry (for the thought)...I miss you SO much, I want to come home!!" I think my eyes must have been shut because I wasn't really seeing the sky.  I was just purely feeling. I hadn't even been able to complete the thought and expression of my feelings when, again simultaneously I received a returning thought full of feeling and love.  I will give the thought a description and order, but again, there was none.  It happened all at once and without actual words.  The answer was "I miss you every bit as much as you miss me and long for you to come home, and I feel that way about every one of my children."
STE at age 6.


204. Alexandre FS Experience  12/28/2012    Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Susana.  I was laying down at home one afternoon when I suddenly found myself standing beside my body.  At first I did not recognize myself, the image that I saw was different than what I was used to seeing in pictures or in the mirror.  I felt a lot of peace and joy and a wonderful vibrant energy around my spiritual body.  At that point, a very calm voice asked me "What problem do you have?" I then understood that it was my laying body, but this did not bother me at all since I was experiencing the best moment of my life.  I then had to make a incredible effort in order to respond, because I did not know what he was referring to. Then when I remembered and I realized that all of my worrying was worthless, what mattered was getting to where I now was.  I understood that I did not need to worry so much.  I did not see anyone, only the voice that spoke to my conscience and this is how we communicated.  Until that point I did not remember my children and wife.  When the voice gave me the option of leaving out the window and continuing on or returning to my body, I immediately responded that I wanted to continue on.  
STE from an OBE and the power of prayer.


203. Per A Experience  12/12/2012  I feel and become aware of that this love/God has always been with me, every second of my life. Felt my feelings, watched over me and loved me without limit and that it would always be like that! I have nothing to fear! I feel that this God is one with me and I, one with God. I become aware that I consist of God just like everyone else. I had my entire life been subconsciously searching for God, safety and help and I had now became aware that he had always been with me, helped me and had been making sure I made it. This has God done trough other people in my surroundings, spoken to me through the entire creation. God IS everything that exists and communicates with us with the help of absolutely everything. Trough other people, nature, internet, EVERYTHING! I just hadn’t understood it or seen it! Now however it is so clear and logical as I during this moment are in perfect harmony and unity with God.
Profound STE/OBE.


202. Hedy B Experience  11/30/2012  While being tossed about underwater, a voice or thoughts came into my head giving me complete instructions on what to do to save myself and get out of the undertow.  I didn't feel afraid, I just went to work.  It told me to just let go and let the undertow suck me under and when I felt it let go, then quickly come up for air and swim as hard as I could towards land until it grabbed me again, and then repeat the process above.  If I did this and didn't quit, eventually I would make it back to the beach and be ok.  It said that letting go and not fighting the undertow, saving my energy for swimming between waves was critical. I would get tired but if I followed the instructions everything would be fine. (it wasn't a linear sentence type conversation, just there all at once and not in so many words along with a calming confidence feeling).  So I followed the instructions and over time got out of range of the undertow and found my way back to the beach.  No one noticed me being gone and I don't remember talking about it much. It all was kind of surreal I think.
STE with life-saving information to survive an ocean undertow.


201. Bonny S Experience  11/30/2012  I finally realized I had been in an accident but....... I had this overwhelming feeling of love. Not human love but indescribable Love, unconditional love and acceptance. A feeling I call Love but a spiritual Love. Love that is combined with Peace and Joy and Acceptance! Truly there are no words in my vocabulary I can use to describe this overwhelming feeling. I am not humanly capable of expressing this feeling because there are no words that can portray my experience to our earthly existence. God had told me it was not my time to die. I had more love to give and the only reason for our existence was to give love! That is all that mattered in this world- the amount of Love and Compassion we can share. But I was also filled with his Love- A knowledge that he loves us so much that there is no feeling as strong in this life as "How he adores us, not just me, all of us."  I felt like I was invincible. I had a message from above. I had a glimpse of his indescribable compassion he has for all of us- his children. I felt as though I had to get out of my bed and yell down the halls- "it's ok he loves all of us. You have no idea how much you are loved".
STE after auto accident and surgery.


200. Jackie S Experience  11/19/2012  Also within me the awareness that hurt is a very self-centered emotion and if you let go of hurt, love can grow again. Seconds after this knowledge came to me, I experienced a great love from my step-dad Marcel (died in 1973), followed by the same great love from my father Alfred (died in 1944 The Battle of the Bulge) and than a tremendous overwhelming love from God, my Father. Arms enveloping me all three together as one being. Having been terribly afraid of death and not believing that I was good enough to receive eternal life, this experience gave me the answer to the question of life after life. At that same moment I was lifted above the couch, saw my non moving body on the couch, saw my funeral procession with my children, husband and tried to get up from the couch and could not until I truly believed that if I let go of my self-centeredness I would be free.
Profound STE including several deceased family members.


199. Dimitri E Experience  11/19/2012  I quickly noticed that all over the beach, there was gold laying everywhere. I was surprised that all this gold has not value to me.  I approached the entrance of one of the house, and my grandmother's sister whom recently passed away greeted me at the door. The moment she opens the door, I felt warmth of welcome. She was not speaking, but I felt connected and understand everything she was saying. From the balcony, I look over the city and saw my grandfather (my mother's father) approaching coming over the house. He was dress all in white with a long white bear. He entered the house and sat in front of me. He looks at me and we connected. I understand everything he communicating, but there was no sound. Shortly during our conversation, he explained to me that if I wanted to return, the time will be now. I wanted to stay, but I felt a need to return.
Interesting STE.


STE from a child who almost drowned.


197. Audun M Experience  11/5/2012 From Norway.  Original in Norwegian, translated to English by Metteline.   Yet there was level after level, like deeper, quieter and softer twirls in a spiral. It was as though each of these levels had their own specific content: I went through all I had lived, all I had sought, my triumphs and failures, dreams, hope and disappointments. All the episodes were clear to me like a multidimensional panorama. But what was important or unimportant had little to do with appearances. Each level I slid through had its own state of consciousness. The first levels were more about outward things, episodes and events in a chaos, like a kaleidoscope. After a while I sank deeper and clearer pictures and realizations arose, and I was shown what was truly important. Earlier in the fall I had gone through some extreme emotions related to what I felt had been unfair treatment by the couple who were running the farm. Even when seriously ill I was dragged out of bed and beaten by the father of the house, in order to get me to work. He kept on with this for a while until he realized there was no point. He didn’t understand what was wrong, but he saw that force and violence wasn’t working.
Physician spiritually transformative experience from anorexia.


196. Maysee Y Experience  10/20/2012 From Canada I was dreaming- I went to a Buddha temple with my sister and we decided to have our palms read by one of the Taoist priest there. We all were sitting on some traditional oriental rugs and the Taoist priest began to read my palm. All of sudden, She looked into my eyes, she had a scared look on her face and then she looked away, like she knew something but was not sure if she should tell me. I begged her to tell me what she saw and after a few minutes, the Taoist priest looked into my eyes again. She told me that my soul had already left my body and that I was going to die in a horrible accident but she doesn't know exactly when… When I woke up and was given that second chance- I became more aware of my surroundings. I don't care for earthly materialistic crap anymore. I want to live, see the world, I am more adventurous. My husband and I don't have the same goals in life anymore- he call me "a hippie". I want to be truly happy even though I am still a full time employee, I make sure- I do things with my kids and I try to teach them the meaning of truth happiness through love.
Dream that led to new values.


195. Pat Z Experience  10/20/2012  I also recall that the angel or being, told me, as it opened the window or possibly just before it opened the window, that 'this is death'. However, when the window opened I felt a rush of overwhelming feelings whoosh out from the window and flood into me. The feelings came from inside that place beyond the wall and the window. It was like an indescribable love and compassion and kindness and joy and happiness all flooded into my chest from that window when it opened. The words I'm using can't actually fully describe the intensity or depth or level of feelings that flooded into my chest and my body, filling me up with that intense love and acceptance and joy and happiness. I remember that after I woke up from the dream, I knew that there were no words to describe what I had felt from that experience. And I was euphoric and the pain I had been feeling that also made me want to die was gone. After that I knew that because death was actually such a good place to go, I didn't want to die anymore because I had been wanting to punish myself for being a failure and didn't deserve to live.
STE during dream following emotionally traumatic event.


194. Max R Experience  10/16/2012 While sleeping one night, late in the night I was awakened by the presence of a robed figure complete with long hair and sandals, it was the Jesus we are familiar with. I arose from my bed, no words were heard or spoken.  I walked towards him, he was standing on the left side of the bed, 3-4 feet away.  At the moment I stood close to him, I felt love radiating off him. I can not explain the intensity of this feeling of love, warmth, and caring, it was like all the family members you ever cared about and those that cared about you, were all wrapped up in to this one figure.  It felt so warm, I stepped a foot closer to him, and the feeling of love, warmth, and caring radiating from him, multiplied 10 times!  That's all I recall from that experience.  I cannot adequately explain how love "radiates" but it did, and it was intense!
STE with Jesus encounter.


193. Rob W Experience  10/16/2012 I was talking to a man whom I knew to be Jesus and we talked about a lot of things but I only remember this, and honestly I don't understand why I had questions because I knew absolutely everything but either way I asked any way, Jesus this I said Jesus what is the right religion? odd (huh?) I know, and he looked at me with the most gentle, kind, loving reply and said: Robby all religions are man made the only thing that matters is Love, Forgiveness and Compassion and Love is all that matters!
STE during hospitalization.


192. Stephen W Experience  10/1/2012  I awoke in the early morning, daybreak hour and as I awoke, I said to myself...."oh my god I am dead, but how can that be all I did was fall asleep, but I feel so good"....that is when I felt his presence in the room. He was behind the bed, on the ceiling , on the floor, he filled the whole was love that was in the room, I could feel him but not see him, and I began to get scared for I could not see him....I heard a sparrow chirping outside my window and it sounded indescribably I had heard many sparrows chirp but in the presence of love, or god, it was different
STE in hospital three days after surgery.


191. Larry M Experience. 9/24/12 I was seeking the reality of God and, while camping, I prayed for the mind of Christ.  I left my body and found myself standing on, what seemed to be a balcony, next to a person who radiated love and wisdom.  When I returned to my body I was super-sensitive and had a deep intuitive knowledge of everything.  Over the next months I witnessed some healings and was able to help people by immediately connecting with their deepest fears and secrets.  The Episcopal Church wanted me to go to the seminary as they felt I was "touched" by God.  I did not go to the seminary.
STE at time of seeking the reality of God.


190. Rich L Experience. 9 /9/12  On the sixth time down to compartment I surrendered to fact this was it. Then I felt into this fear and shock. An direct intuition or insight for the lack of a better term. It came to me that I must die in order to go further with this. This was not a call to commit suicide. Rather a direct response to the fear and shock I felt. It was more a surrender to completely feel and be this fear and to submit to feeling it entirely and to do that I must be ready to die. I accepted that notion.  When that occurred in an instant the whole compartment lit up with love and I felt myself disappear and lifted into and as light, love and life.… There are no words to fully communicate the nature of the experience. The experience was so powerful and complete. How can you explain your individual identity has no existence apart from everything around you and everything and you are light, life and love to infinity.
Profound STE.

189. Douglas B Experiences. 8/27/12 The whole day I was mad a God, saying things like, "Why would you give me a desire that I can't attain?" It just felt like I had an unquenchable thirst to know something that seemed perpetually out of my reach.  Then, I was getting ready for bed that night. The moment I sat down on the edge of my bed, something in me began to open up. I saw nothing, but I sensed a great expansive sensation within me. It was incredible love, all-embracing, completely satisfying, and so intense that it almost scared me, but I didn't want it to stop. I began crying in awe. I felt like all my questions were answered, that there was nothing more than this experience that I needed or wanted. It felt like it would never stop.  Then, a "voice" spoke to me, but not audibly. I just knew what it was saying, and the message was very distinct. It said, "Do not be concerned about your life, for there is a plan." I totally trusted that this was true and I did not feel the need to ask what that plan might be. I only responded with, "Let it be that I may share with others what I am experiencing now."
STE that led him to become a minister.


188. David A Experiences. 8/22/12  I fell to my knees to worship the Voice, to ask for forgiveness.  The Voice told me “I am not God.  Do NOT worship me, but give your praise to God.”  To this day, I’m unsure if the Voice was an angel or Jesus, but I felt it was the latter.  “Show yourself!”  I demanded.  “Would that help?” the Voice asked me.  At this, I felt both inferior (for my lack of faith) and yet reassured that the Voice only wanted to help me somehow.  So I said yes, it’d help.  Instantly, from behind me, an old, bearded man in a tweed jacket and porkpie hat [like Sinatra used to wear] appeared.  He walked with a cane, but without a limp.  His presence invisibly radiated Love, Peace, Wisdom and Humor.  I started laughing.  We laughed so hard I had tears running down my cheek.  “Really?!”  I asked.  “THIS is how you look?!”  He said no, but he thought it’d help since it seemed to have helped many others when he spoke with them. 
Two STEs at different times in his life.  Remarkable spiritual insights.


187. Liza Y Experience. 8/22/12  I was driving home. The sun was setting down in the horizon. While listening to Jon Kabbat Zinn describing what mindfulness is, I suddenly was overwhelmed with a feeling of intense joy, I felt that I knew everything there is to know, that I knew the future awaiting me and everyone else, and that there is nothing to worry about. I also felt that I was one with everything and that I was bigger and beyond the horizon form all sides, that the content of this self holds all knowledge there is , that there is not time, and that I was essentially extremely joyful to be… It felt like I was  much bigger than my body and at the same time being in it, my mind felt huge and encompassing all knowledge, I felt that I can call any knowledge into my consciousness , but at the same time this felt as not the most important thing. I knew that I was not the body, although in it, and that I am like everyone else immortal , there were no words just a realization without words, I just knew, and the knowing was constant , without any judgments attached. There was intense love and joy, I felt loved and I loved everyone and everything myself. I wanted to  tell everyone about the content of the experience.

STE from physician from The Netherlands associated with listening to an audiotape about mindfulness.


186. Betsy J Experience. 8/22/12  Severe alcoholism - I was told while in Detox that had I continued drinking my liver would have exploded in another month… I vividly remember the feeling of a white light and an absolute peace. I knew I was safe. I new is a good way that IT was over. The IT was the active alcoholism ( an some drugs). I remember a strong sense of floating, white light, peace, safety, I was sure inside… I was free and secure. I felt peace knowing that my suffering was over.
Beautiful spiritual event that ended severe alcoholism.


185. Maryann B Experience. 8/11/12 After a few minutes at most and fully conscious it happened. I was in a tunnel. My impression was I was still and the tunnel was moving at great speed. In the tunnel I saw objects in more than 3 dimensions. I would see an objects height, weight, color (vivid) depth and what can only be described as its "Platonic essence; (finally understood that concept). I then was thrust into what was a rural setting. I appeared to be travelling at great speed and head first about a few thousand feet over the landscape. I spotted a farmhouse and literally headed for it. As I got closer I saw I wasn't slowing down and indeed was heading for a wall! I was terrified I was going to crash head on. I braced for the crash but instead and much to my relief I went right through it. I began to slow down and saw a room, a dining area w/ a large family eating. I seemed to be aware a young girl was aware of me. Just as I began to get control of this "Maserati body" and this was kind of cool I'd like to explore...I was back in my bed, fully conscious.
STE/OBE at age 18.


184. Lori E STE/SOBE. 8/3/14  They looked like human beings, although they all had dark hair and they were quite slender and taller then humans. Each being had a aura of white around them. It was sparkling and almost made them look a bit translucent. The beings kept coming, gliding down to earth. The music which had been entering my ears was layered with sounds. It was encoded with additional information to assist all of us in knowing this was part of a divine plan. The moon still flashing its words of peace and to stay calm, I suddenly felt a connection with everyone around me. A connection I did not feel even a few minutes before.
A remarkable dream.      7/28/12 There to my left on a screen was my life. I could see it! Me! I saw and felt all of my choices in this lifetime. There was absolutely NO judgment attached to it. None. I wasn't judging my life, simply seeing it. To my right was dim. I "felt" like the right side was reserved for when I actually did physically die. I would be privy to it then. It was all my possibilities all my angels of all decisions that were played out in a different realm. As if lets say, I decided not to get married when I did. What my life would of been, and yet it actually was played out, just not in the psychical body type of way. It was still acted out. It was all the "probables"  in life. I asked in feeling not in voice, why I was here. I was told, it was because I had asked to be there. I knew this voice, as it was comforting and familiar and yet I knew it was God. How is that possible?  I immediately questioned the voice, as it was female. I had always envisioned "God" to be male. I had expected to be greeted in a male voice. I was shocked to hear/feel that I had chosen this voice, because it was MINE! I suddenly knew, I was part of the universe.
This is a MUST READ.  Among the most remarkable spiritual experiences ever received.  SOBE with stunning spiritual insights.


183. John S Experience 7/12/12  It was a sensation almost like the proverbial “light bulb over one’s head” turning on.  A realization began to come together.  The essence of it was that if people are skillful enough with word-logic, they can create a perfectly logical case for whatever they are trying to prove, and another can construct a perfectly logical case to disprove it.  Neither can prove anything absolutely, because all logical arguments are founded on unproven assumptions; for instance, whether there is or is not a God, or whether one’s concept of “reality” is the same as another’s.  My interpretation of this discovery was that intellectual reasoning can never express absolute truth; it can only attempt to explain truths which are relative to particular people at particular stages in the development of human culture. I didn’t know it at the time, but my faith in my intellect had been undermined, and my intellect was the foundation of my self-image; my ego-strength. 
Exceptional STE with profound insights and dramatic change in his life.


182. Mary R Experience 7/4/12  I heard this crystal clinking sound, like someone was lightly hitting crystal glasses. It was so beautiful. Something made me sit up in bed. And then I looked, at out in the corner of the room, the crystalline sound showed itself as a whirling energetic light of blue, that was circling strongly around itself. It then became a HUGE blue flame. I sat up in bed, and it commanded me to listen...It grew bigger in the corner of the room. I felt it's peace. It started to speak to me, but it was beyond language, and was a sort of telepathic thought to me. It said, "You are coming back to your father's house.....everything is okay. I am here for you. I am the Presence..." I can't really explain it in language. It was a kind of peaceful feeling, a lightness, and joy, and also a feeling that this was my last incarnation, and that I had important work to do...
STE at important time in her life as she was considering her life’s vocation.


181. Charif Experience 5/31/12 From Morocco.   Original in Spanish, translated to English with the help of Google translator.  The first thing I saw were eyes.  They were the eyes of an angel or a god or whatever you call it. It was a gigantic being, the size of 17 men together. Take you the bodies of 17 men, put them together into one and provide a sense of the size of that being.  The LOOK was an absolute sullenness. The dictionary defines sullen as "grim, harsh and intractable." For such was the look. This angel was riding a horse. The best way I have to describe it is comparing the cartoon character "Venger". I think corresponds to what in the "Tibetan Book of the Dead" are called "angry gods" and the "Koran" are called "angels punisher".
STE of a Muslim experiencer prior to committing suicide.  He also has a couple SOBEs.


180. Bob J Experience 5/31/12  Back in June 2009, four months before becoming a father for the first time, I had an experience that to this day I don't fully understand nor can I adequately explain.  It was on a bright and sunny Monday or Tuesday following a weekend of drinking at my friend's bachelor party.  I had just turned 32.  I was standing in my kitchen feeling down and sorry for myself when suddenly an overwhelming sense of love, peace, and gratitude poured over me/out of me/through me.  It's as if I WAS love.  I was surrounded by a brightness and felt a lightness in my body.  Images from my past flashed before me, but instead of seeing failures and regrets I saw the beauty and interconnectedness of all the little events leading to my life at that moment.  It was as if I was seeing my life through God's eyes and the beauty was overwhelming.  Tears streamed down my face.  As happy as I felt at that moment, there was also a sadness that I had to stay here...I didn't want to leave "this thing/place".  Transitioning back to everyday life following this experience has not been easy.  However, I have not been drunk since and my life is materially different now three years later.  
Short STE.


179.5. Deborah Experience 5/28/12  I felt myself slowly moving towards this pin light when I heard a voice say; "Deborah." I knew it was Jesus Christ and answered; "Yes..." With a wonderfully tender and loving voice He said; "You have to go back." I said that I didn't want to go back but that I wanted to stay with Him. He said; "I know you do but you have to go back you have too much work to do." I thought work?, what work? I then said ; "But look at that body down there it is done, I can't even make it sit erect." He said, "Don't worry about that I will take care of that you just have to go back." I felt like He as coaxing me and the final decision was still up to me and I think because of God's love that's where free will comes in. Well, I didn't have much to say after that so I said; "Okay."
STE at time of illness.


179. Scott M Experience 5/19/12  I was in law school in San Diego about 22 years earlier. It was spring of 1977. I had been studying law cases, but I was also interested in world religions and had been studying about them also. As I was reading a law case I looked out the window to contemplate. As I was looking, a question I wondered about came back into my mind, and I asked, really wanting to know: "God, are you evolving too?  In an instant the whole of reality in front of me changed demeanor. I could still see the house below my window, the harbor, the airport in the distance and Point Loma, but all of a sudden it was all connected. Everything was one life. I just knew that I was part of it or really in some expanded part of me I was all of it! I knew that if I moved it would change reality and thus evolve it. In fact, I moved my little finger and it seemed like that small motion changed all reality. It was clear that everything we think or do affects everything.
STEs with remarkable insights.


178. Melody H Experience 4/22/12 At one point there were Spanish arches along the outward edge of the veranda and there was a beautiful brilliant, glowing light filling the space beyond.  The light had strips of white, silver, and pale yellow radiating outward from a center point.  I was drawn to the light and went toward it.  I was then standing on the curb of the veranda, the outermost edge, with the light flooding over and through me.  I knew that the light was God and heaven, and He let me stand there and experience the light and be filled with it.  I felt complete, unconditional love and acceptance, peace and wholeness.  The experience was overwhelming and euphoric, the extreme of spiritual bliss.  I don’t have the words to express the feeling or explain the intensity.  The light was so wonderful that impulsively I expressed the thought, “I’ll just go right now.”  In other words, I’ll save us both the trouble of life and death and go to heaven immediately.  I was even aware of making the first motion of stepping off the curb and directly into the light when I was told, “No, not now.”
STE in form of two dreams.


177. Renee G Experience 4/22/12 Although I was facing the sun I remember thinking Wow, how odd, I can see everybody and everything at the same time!  There was a sense of lightness and a feeling of being detached from my physical body.  I was everything.  It was not only Renee laying on the grass, I was the grass!  I was a blade of grass just “being” a blade of grass.  I was the sky and the clouds that were drifting above.  I was a tree growing roots deep into the earth from a hardy trunk while holding up branches sprouting delicate green leaves.  I was everything happening all at once!  I had this feeling of knowing that everything is perfect and on purpose.  I felt bathed in warm and glorious LOVE.  I was so happy!  It felt like the true meaning of home.  Everything is as it should be and all is well in the world.  It was a timeless experience because it seemed to last so much longer than what I believe to have been seconds.  I may have been in that state for only a moment and what a beautiful moment it was.  It was a flicker of Oneness, consciousness unbounded. 
Meditation experience.  Very life-changing.


176. Richard M Experience 4/22/12 Suddenly, I realized in the dream what my attraction meant--that I really am gay after all.  I then felt so much shame because of much that my heart hurt--like it was breaking.  I then remember that I was laying in the tub with my back to the wall when, instantly, there was this bright white light shining on the wall in front of me in the shape of a cross--the wall I was sitting against had a hole in it above my head--this light was shining onto the wall in front of me, so I stood up to look into the hole that had opened up (in the shape of a cross).  I looked into this hole, and I stepped back thinking "This light should be hurting my eyes, but it was not doing so at all:  "I should be squinting my eyes."  I looked into the hole again, and I just went into it like one would just walk into another room, but I no longer felt my body.  Inside of this light there was a man standing in front of it--I did not see anyone else but this man, and with a deep, manly voice that I will never forget, He said "Everything will be alright, Rich."
STE as dream at age 14.


175. Leslie C Experience 3/4/12  It was most definitely a divine being!  There was the MOST brilliant, calming, beautiful light that radiated out of its face and body.  I have never seen a light like this before.  It had no face - just light.  It didn't ""speak"" to me but it spoke to me.  I was ""told"" I had a choice to either stop smoking and live longer or not and die but that I was not going to be judged for either decision.  I was given an ""impression"" of my soon to be Granddaughter (my daughter was not pregnant and is not pregnant that we know of) The divine one and its light was very comforting.  I have never felt so accepted and cared for in my life!  The being then motioned with its hand along the length of my body (the hand had no fingers- just a thumb like extension and all light) and I knew I had to leave and go back.  I didn't want to but I did because it told me to.
STE in recovery room shortly after medical procedure.


174. Rhonda D Experience 2/11/12 I glowed as brilliant as the sun, but soft because it didn't hurt my eyes. Inside my hand, because it was transparent, were millions of glitter or sparkles. And with that realization I became elated. It was the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt in my life. I kept thinking to myself, ‘I am so beautiful. Oh my, how beautiful I am.’ And then, this warm feeling of joy and ecstasy just consumed me… as I was admiring myself and bathing in the joy I thought or maybe someone said in my head or whatever it was that I had, and it was not said in a mean way it was said in a humorous way as if this person or myself was so pleased with my joy but yet had to remind me why I was there - ‘All right, stop admiring yourself. You have a job to do.’ And with that I began moving.
STE dream with remarkable detail shared about an exceptional experience.


173. Kathy C Experience 2/11/12  After much insane behavior the men lined the remaining three of us up on the ground execution style. I had not prayed for years, I knew it was over. I made a promise if I were spared I would do anything to make changes in my out of control life. I was living a fast, selfish, vane, partying existence. At the moment I made the promise time stood still, as if by some force outside of the scene one of the men did a complete 180 and talked the other men out of killing us… A third generation Comanche medicine man who ran the Indian Medicine program at a local hospital called me. How he found me God only knows. He said they, the Native American ancestors told him to come and help me.
Nearly killed by criminals, then life-changing OBE.  Remarkable spiritual transformation.


172. Shirley J Experience 1/8/12   Although she was only 4 months old when she died, but somehow I felt she was able to communicate with me at that level and she comforted me and told me she was doing well and happy. I had tears of joy and sadness at the same time that I knew she must stay there. I put her back on the shelf and the door opened. it was my grandmother again. I stepped outside and she told me without speaking to me that I needed to go back.
Remarkable STE encountering deceased relatives and her own child who died of SIDS at four months old.


170. Wally Experience 11/5/11  I remember saying "I'm Here, I'm Here. This lasted for about 10 amazing seconds then I pulled back and was looking into the light. "Come or Go" was said. I thought about my wife next to me and my 4 children so young. I wanted to go back to what I just experience but didn't want to leave my family. I started fighting back into my body and the pain in my neck came back. I started making a weird noise, my wife rolled over and I came back. I darted up out of my laid down position with a massive pain in my chest as if a bee had just stung me and my neck throbbing. Within 10 minutes the pain was gone. I looked at what happened as a gift from Jesus and didn't seek medical attention. Since then I started eating extremely healthy and lost 50 pounds.
STE with NDE-like content.


169. Susan Experience 10/7/11  Just diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer, moving back to my home, job transfer to where I could get treatment, chemo and doctor dates scheduling.  I thought, I have to clear my mind, so I started saying a prayer.  I still couldn't concentrate so I started singing the prayer (even though I can't carry a tune) in my mind.  I was sitting upright on my bed with my eyes closed.  All of a sudden I saw a crack of light, then brilliant light.  Overwhelming peace and love overcame me.  I smiled, how wonderful this is, I need to do this more often I thought.  I kept singing the prayer in my flat voice.  Then a bunch of angels appeared to the right of the light.  They were singing with me, but much more beautiful voices.  It was like the "dueling banjos", I was flat and they'd finish in beautiful harmony.
Remarkable spiritual experience shortly after diagnosis with cancer.


168. James M Experience 101/11  The experience that followed was like a spiritual orgasm, with the release of a sexual orgasm but a hundred times more powerful. I felt concentrated love, joy, bliss, euphoria which is hard to translate, that is why I equate it with an orgasm.  And I knew this was ME and I had been here sometime in the past but had, at some point, tensed up and lost this awareness. Then I had been searching for return to this state, constantly, from moment to moment, without even realizing it.  I equate this experience to the Garden of Eden, which I think resides in our hearts right now, not in the distant past, or in some distant place.   To analyze this experience technically, in Buddhism there are states of Jahna or full absorption Samadhi when one's mind, normally centered in the head, drops into a state of profound rest in the solar plexus. When this happens, one can experience states of beautiful calm and bliss.
STE while in the Peace Corps in Thailand.


167. Angela Experience 9/18/11 From Canada.  There were no words spoken, at any point.   Although I know these were a male presence, I remember not being able to see their faces.  I distinctly remember feeling a hand, a physical hand, on my own, and feeling that my life was now spared, that I was now safe.  Once on the shore, I remember looking back into the water, and along the shoreline.  There was no one there, except for people visible off in the distance, and back at the hotel.
Probable fear-death experience and STE during life-threatening risk of drowning.


166. Willie W Experience 9/10/11  From New Zealand.  I was near the bottom of the pool, staring at the tiles on the floor.  I thought, "God, I'm coming to see you now."  I waited for the end, wondering what angels looked like.  I was apprehensive, but peaceful at the same time - a mixture of feelings that I struggle to describe.  I think I closed my eyes and waited.  The next thing I knew, I was standing upright in the pool, coughing water out, but alive. To this day I have no rational explanation for how I came to be standing in the pool.  There was nobody nearby who could have rescued me and I'm certain I did not propel myself upwards …After this event, I became much more spiritual and found myself hungering for knowledge about God and other aspects of Christianity.  By the time I was 12, I was able to teach other kids Bible teaching.  I have remained "religious" throughout my life and am now studying towards ordained ministry in the Presbyterian Church.  This experience changed God from a theory to a reality for me.
Life-threatening event at age 10  leading to great spiritual growth.  Contributor is studying to be an ordained minister.


165. Peter F Experience 9/10/11  From Australia.  It was simply an exacting re-run of the original only the final step came with a metamorphosis of sorts and mortal words can’t cut the mustard. I will fail, but it was the kinetics that was a mind-blow. The force that drew me toward the light was experienced at the level of the heart and so naturally with my last step I recall leading with my chest, arching my back letting my head and limbs trail and having this feeling of complete release as I rocketed vertically. It was an intense blur but without doubt, I remember exhaling. It was as though I was exhaling diving into water with bubbles pouring out of my mouth and trailing behind. It was the dominant part of the submission or transcendence and it was long, savored and when so complete, things just became stationary and I was just.., somewhere, taking it all in, witnessing.
STE dreams from doctor.  Remarkable spiritual experiences well worth reading.  Remarkable spiritual experience in the presence of a 3 meter (9 foot) snake.


164. Nancy C Experience 8/20/11 My eyes were wide open and I could see the room I was in and at the same time, I was completely and utterly enveloped in Unconditional Love, Wisdom and a Knowing beyond all knowing. My body melted away and there was only blissful peace. The entire physical world melted and I was floating in a sea of energy that was filled with the most amazing light. I was filled with overwhelming gratitude In those few moments, I knew that everything was and is exactly the way it is supposed to be and that we all come to earth for only one thing, to give and receive unconditional love and there are as many ways to do that as there are living beings in the universe… For now, I can say that I will never be afraid of dying and that while I might not like some things in this life, in my heart I know that ALL is well. I pray that I may be of service to and through this energy that I choose to call God. I can't wait until I get to go HOME.
SOBE which is profoundly transcendent.


163.  Max B Experience 7/23/11 From the UK.  At this point I slowly became aware of the music, unlike any music I have heard before, powerful and emotional it seemed to emanate from the brighter area in the mists above me, I could feel this music blowing through me, ripping away the last shreds of my existence on earth, catching me up in the music, joining me together with the others.  By now, the sense of joy at my return, that came from them all, everyone of them, was overwhelming, they were so genuinely overjoyed to have me back, so full of love for me on my return. I knew then my purpose (although I cannot tell you what it was). I also knew that I would stand on that balcony forever, as one with them all, at peace. Wrapped in, and pierced through with love, one with the music. Time had a different meaning here.
STE dream and premonition dream.


162. Anda Experience 7/10/11  Gently... a light appeared above me...I could see that I was approaching the surface of the water and there was a gentle light up there.  Before too long I broke through the surface of the water and found myself standing in shallow water in a sort of gentle river or brook in the middle of the most beautiful and alive forest.  The place was vibrant and the color green was all around me.  The forest was lit from within itself... there was no sky...but it wasn't dark either. I felt the most incredible love as I stood in that stream and in that forest. it was amazing.  I also knew everything.  I remembered this place and I remembered that I had always come from this place... and I remembered that I actually knew everything there was to know... and I always had known it ALL.
STE at age 15.


161. Douglas G Experience 7/4/11  Then I was in the Void, and I thought, “This is the Void. I'm not supposed to be here. I'm a Christian, not a Buddhist. Where's the tunnel and light I saw the last time years ago? Where's God? This isn't right. I'm disappointed.” The Void stretched on for eternity.  I hit the pavement and the blackness of the void changed to the blackness of simply having my eyes closed. I noticed the difference. I had a vision that I was about to be struck and killed by a particular car. I didn't want to open my eyes and see, but I wasn't really afraid. I didn't want to die, but felt I was ready to go if necessary. I thought I had two seconds left to live, and I wondered what I was going to do with all that time. Two seconds seemed like forever. I opened my eyes and the particular car I saw in the vision was indeed there, but it had stopped safely about 20m up the street.
Remarkable experience that defies description, but we’ll call it an STE.


160. Tony P Experience 6/25/11  Christmas night at Disney got call from ex wishing Merry Christmas, son after felt onset of I was barely alive, 3 wks critical care/ICU. flew back to co. pain was so intense indescribable, 4 mos. later scheduled surgery cancelled after I spent a week at cabin on top of mountain, no electricity, TV, etc. Suddenly no pain, could eat again, began gaining weight (was 240, then 150) now completely healthy and symptom free. During illness lucid dreamt nightly about body parts that were in peril, healing themselves. everything about me has changed since. Thought process, tolerance, need to help others, understand and accept all things as they are, have certain abilities that are unexplainable and prior to would be unbelievable… my doctor wants me to write a paper to state exactly what I did to suddenly heal, cannot place into words, unfortunately.
STE while sick.  Involves apparent healing and insights.


159. Tracey D Experience 6/12/11 In Sept 1997 I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I had a tumor the size of a grapefruit right beside my heart and lungs. Shortly after I began my chemo I was lying in bed exhausted and scared. I couldn't stop thinking of my kids. As I lay there I began to pray for God to take care of them if I die. In my head as clear as if someone was in the room with me I heard someone say, ""you are going to be fine."" I can't explain it but I know it wasn't me talking to myself in my head. It came from someone else. I also became very peaceful, all me fear went away. It has been 12 years since my last treatment and I have remained cancer free. These experiences have had a lasting affect on me. I have a lot less fear of death something I was always terrified of. also I can recollect the events as if they were yesterday. they haven't diminished with time. Although I was afraid at the time it now brings me great comfort and peace of mind."
STE following diagnosis of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.


158. Kim B Experience 5/29/11 I suddenly had an intense urge to look up. I was telling myself, "I can't believe this is happening". My daughter was chattering away but I don't know what she was saying. My entire body began to feel like it was magnetized. There was an intense yellowy-gold light that came down from the sky just beyond the tree outside the window I was 'looking' out. This light felt like it was pulling me. It was like a giant magnet and I had a trillion tiny pieces of metal just beneath my skin (I didn't think this at the time - this is not the best description but the only one I can put into words). I was being pulled ever so slightly by the 'magnet'. I started thinking about God and immediately the pull felt to move from pulling me forward to pulling me upwards… There are no words to describe the absolute knowing but not knowing because nothing except the love from the light even mattered. It was more than love and peace, but I have no words for more... Then I said that I needed to stay and let people know about what I now knew. I was being told not to forget. I was certain I wouldn't. Before that thought even ended I was told not to forget that this is real.
Profound STE.


157. Maria Experience 5/22/11 The light is so bright now. I'd say it's the brightness whiteness I've ever seen. I felt no pain, no grief, no sorrow. I felt so light so free so bright and pure love is the best way to describe it in words. It's pure it's everything it's our beginning.  I see all the light at the end now and two beings of light on opposite sides of an entrance.  Guardians.  Light figures as white as light but I can see a figures somehow. I hear my voice say I want to come in I want to be here.  I hear you can not come. My voice responds why I've been good I don't want to go back please. I hear it's not your time you have more to do.  At that moment Im laying in my bed and all the pain and sorrow I was feeling was gone. A weight was lifted my spirit returned and I was reborn wanting to live. My faith restored and knowledge of the light that awaits me.
Remarkable STE while grieving her mother’s death.


156. Winfit Experience 5/13/11  From Indonesia.  Original in Indonesian, translated to English by Chuck.  And after the spirit had exited my body completely my spirit felt like it was floating and was as light as the wind. My spirit could see life on earth. I could see my younger siblings and my parents. It was strange, as if I was inside glass. I yelled, “please help!” but not one of my family members heard me. Then the being asked the name of my prophet. I answered, “Mohammed”. Then a person invited me to a dark place where there was one who was bright and white all over. But before that I was brought through a very dark path and at the end of the path I could see a white light so I ran closer to it and discovered that the light originated from the forehead of a very handsome person. The person next to me said this was the prophet Mohammed.
Muslim STE where she met Mohammad.


155. Myriam M Experience 5/7/11  From Belgium.  I had à severe breakdown. I sat in bed alone at home, exhausted and suddenly found myself in à pitch black void, complete emptiness. I was alone crying in despair and suddenly in THE distance I did see à light growing bigger and bigger. At first glance I thought it was my grandfather but there was not really à face and yet there was. THE being of light asked me what i was doing  there and told me it was not my time yet. I told it I was very unhappy because of person al reasons and did not want to go on like this. THE being of light told me this was not important. THE communication was telepathic but at THE Same time I could not only hear THE thoughts bud feel what it was feeling at THE Same time it looked like à multidimensional communication. At That point THE being spread its light around me and i felt an unconditional love with à complete understanding and Some humor, like we would comfort à child who does not understand. I never experienced something so complete in my life.
STE at time of personal crisis.  From Belgium- shared in English.

154. Alena Z Experience 4/19/11  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A. One night while I was asleep my grandfather came to see me. Seeing him made me very emotional, I wept with joy to know that he was not dead, and just kept repeating: You're here, you're alive! and he replied to me: Yes, I'm alive. And he made me understand that he knew what was happening to me, he knew about all my fears and anxieties. He told me he had come come because he wanted to teach me something. I was scared and curious at the same time, but he calmed me, perceiving my fears.  Will I be able to return here? He said: Yes, I will bring you back. He took me by the hand and I went with him. We went through a kind of tunnel, with a radiant white light at the end of it, but which did not hurt the eyes though it was really bright. It seemed like a sky, or a space, but it was wonderful. My entire being was filled with a very great joy, a peace and a love which were unconditional, a compression of all things, and many emotions, it is difficult to express this with human words. There were people there, all of them smiling at me, it seemed they were busy with something, but at the same time they radiated much love and welcome. Their faces seemed familiar but I did not remember where I had seen them before. There was a man with a white tunic who also smiled at me and radiated great love, at the time I thought it was Jesus. I knew this was my true home and I felt at home there.
STE Dream


153. James Experience 5149NDE 4/17/11 Next thing, I was surrounded by this awesome white light. The light was bright and very calming. I felt as though a power had me in its grip. It began to lift me up. What a feeling of care and love!! The power was very gentle yet strong and confident not to drop me. I felt quite secure in its grip. Next, It, (the light) lowered me down on a pavement also glowing with light. I felt at first a little nervous, but it disappeared. I raised my head to see where I was, and gazed upon a place very familiar. It was the part of town where I had gone to high school. It was now beautiful, unlike the ghetto place it was back on earth. Everything, the buildings, homes, and even the streets were illuminated with a beauty indescribable.
STE.  Contributor is a pastor, and this experience turned him away from resigning as a pastor.


152. Magalie Experience 4/16/11  We reached the light inside. There it was a feeling of peaceful, happiness. The Man who saved me from the evil octopus shaped arms went to stand behind me. Didn't say anything. In the light was another man. He had white eyes, no pupils, had a long beard. He had also a stick like from grapevine in his hand .  He talked to me, but he didn't open his mouth. He talked in my head. I could hear what he said to me, without him moving lips. I could feel wisdom (that's kind of hard to explain). Than I felt like he was going through my head, my memories in a flash, extremely fast, very strange feeling. he said it wasn't my time yet. I had to go back.  Than in one second I was back in my car, and it was right on time cause I had to push the brakes immediately, the car was going to hit at 120 km an hour a big truck.
STE while driving.  At end of experience she was able to avoid a crash.  She was atheist before the experience, but not currently.


151. Peta W Experiences 3/28/11  From Australia.  I was just dozing off when I awoke in my dream to someone (a male voice) telling me the life cycle - I was ecstatic to finally understand and it put me immediately at ease.  Then I saw the bright light and felt such emotion I still cannot describe the intensity to this day.  I then remember thinking I must of had a heart attack because I could not explain why I was dead. I then told myself I was not ready to die and wanted to go back.  I then awoke with the intensity and calmness and a wholeness - a sense of completeness.  Even though I felt I knew what was on the other side I could not attach it to anything I had experienced before.  I tried to remember what the voice told me but for the life of me I could not.  It was like "I gave you this to help you survive and not fear death - but you cannot know the truth until the end". I will never forget that feeling - it was wonderful - it embraced me - it surrounded me - nothing on earth has ever come close.
STE dream with NDE-like features.


150. Julianne R Experiences 3/13/11 I felt love and peace like I had never known.  Eventually I started remembering things that had taken place in my life, things that I had totally forgotten.  I suppose you might call them flash backs...sort of like movies that I was re experiencing.  That is one of the reasons I knew the light (Lord) was giving me the information because I was remembering things that happened that were totally lost to my conscious mind.  As those experiences were revealed I remembered them.  At no time did I feel judged or condemned by the light about some of the selfish things I had done.  It was more self condemnation, and my own shame.  I felt emotionally the feelings of those I had hurt exactly the way they had felt them at the time I had been unkind to them and hurt them.   I was told by the Lord what my purpose had been on earth, in two words, overcoming selfishness was the purpose.  Loving others and giving of myself unselfishly.
STE dream. 


149. Gillian Experiences 3/2/11 I was finally taken to OR and the repair performed.  While in recovery I woke as if I had had the best sleep in my life.  I was back to being euphoric and loved and with that brilliant bright light again!  It was wonderful.  Nothing mattered but love.  I started chatting with the nurse and apologized for them having to call her in.  She responded and told me that in all her years (I believe it was 20) as an OR/Recovery Room nurse she had never witnessed anything like this.... a patient coming out of the OR with such clarity and happiness and glowing.
Euphoric and spiritual awareness around time of life-threatening event.


148. William Experiences 3/1/11  I was lying on the floor at my college girlfriend's house in front of the fireplace watching big snowflakes float down outside a picture window.  I thought how nice it would be if she joined me.  I heard a voice say why don't you ask her.  I thought, why don't you.  You are invisible.  I felt like there was a light on in the hallway and talking.  Then, her father came to the living room and I felt a spirit come into my head.  The next day she asked me how I did that.  I said I didn't know, but what did she see.  She said I was a gold light and was beckoning her with my hand and that her family also saw me.
Remarkable SOBEs (one witnessed by several people) and an STE from an attorney.


147. Dolores H Experience 2/12/11 My revelation came in a dream – a very real dream.  In my dream I heard someone knock at the front door.  As I made my way to the door, I saw the entire house filled with people, and I couldn’t understand why no-one was answering the knock.  When I opened the door, I saw with pure ecstasy that Jesus was standing there, and as far back as I could see, beautiful angels were behind him.  I was awestruck with joy, and shouted out to everyone to look – but no-one heard, no-one looked.  I turned back to Jesus with utter sorrow, but as devastated and crushed as I was, Jesus was more so.  He sadly let me know that the others were not ready to hear or see him.  He told me that he just wanted to let me know that he would be there for me when I needed him, and that he had to go. I pleaded to him to take me with him, but he smiled sadly and said he couldn’t, because I still had much to do.
STE and prophetic dream with remarkable validation after the experience, and remarkable encounter with evil entity.


146.  Bob S Experience.  2/12/11 I decided to go into the middle bedroom to ask the Creator a question. My wife was watching TV in another room. As I began to make my way to this room, I began to feel a physical pressure on my chest that increased the closer I got to the room. By the time I had knelt down at the bed, the pressure was so great that I began to have trouble breathing. I can’t remember how long it took before I asked the question but it seemed like an eternity. So I asked the Creator:  How come we don’t have any children?  He instantly replied:  Because you wanted it that way.


145.  James Experience.  1/30/11  I was then seen by the light who talked to me. There are NO words that can begin to describe this event.  Even today I have no way of passing this story on because there is NO language or story telling that could convey what I experienced.  The Light Being gave me a mission that I was to carry out in this life.  I was told that I would return to my body and I was sent away from the bright light being.  I was at great speed propelled downward to the first white room, the one with men in white robes, the place where I was first purified.  I was told that I ought to forget this memory, that I was never to tell the specifics of the instructions given to me by the Light Being.  I think the being was God, perhaps Jesus.  I was told never to reveal the mission or to consciously remember what the message from the Light to me was/is.
Remarkable STE by a Catholic priest with a doctorate level degree.  Experience happened at age 16.


144.  Hilary R Experience.  1/22/11 As I was praying I asked God to reveal to me what he would like me to do because I wanted to be one of his disciples.  I continued to pray and read psalms.  As I went to go back to my room euphoria engulfed me. I felt the purest form and highest degree of an elevated love that I have never felt before.  I didn't even know that our bodies are capable of reaching such an exhilarating level. While I was feeling such joy I heard a very clear audible voice in my ear and it said "you have to tell people the good news that life goes on after death." This experience comes to me with absolute certainty and I can confidently say that the feeling I felt was not an earthly one but I can only surmise that it came from somewhere or something beyond my comprehension.
Brief experiences with profound insights.


143.  Diana B Experience.  12/12/10  I was waiting for someone to answer, business call.  I had my eyes closed, I wasn't thinking of anything. My eyes were closed.  it was quiet in my apartment. Instantaneously, I was next to a huge vision of Virgin Mary.  I was very close to her.  She had a book in her hand. Telepathically she said "I want you to write this book", It was like I was in a movie.  She was moving her head as she looked through the book.  The energy was unbelievable. Then it was gone, I was on my back, my body felt it had been electrified, I was full of energy and love.  This started many experiences with Mary, Jesus, light beings healing from all three.
STE vision with awareness she should write a book.


142.  Ray K Experience.  11/14/10 In my dream, I saw myself as a adult in a car accident. I did not see my present self (as a child), but I was looking at the car from the front. My adult self was in the front seat, and my body was crushed by the engine. I felt that I was watching myself die, and knew that my death was imminent. This dream has never repeated itself, nor have I ever had a similar one since. At present time, I have come to a conclusion that although this dream did not produce a conscious effect, I think it produced a subconscious one. I feel that this may be why I have shown no fear in death, and have a strong positive view of a Afterlife.
Dream as young child of seeing himself as an adult dying in a car accident.


141.  Maggie E Experience.  11/2/10 Suddenly, for no reason, I had a drastic internal shift in perspective.  I perceived myself as being equally a part of, and connected to, everything in the universe (words really aren't doing this justice, or even coming close). I realized that my self existed, and everything in the universe existed, but that my self perception was an illusion. For a moment I could see this with total clarity, and understood it completely.  I was not separate from anything.   
Perception changed.


140.  Kim N Experience.  10/24/10 I also had the instant knowledge that I didn't have to worry about my body and that I would soon be coming back to it.  The forms left without another word and I felt myself floating towards the ceiling.  I went through the ceiling and came upon a beautiful ocean.  It was so crystal clear that I could believe it was real.  I began to walk on a path that went right into the middle of the ocean.  I looked to my right and saw three brilliantly gold fish popping to the surface as if to say 'hi'.  I saw three men sitting in chairs straight ahead.  I knew instantly that they were angels.  I sensed that only one of them was my guardian angel, the one on the left was my sisters angel, and the one on the right was my husbands.  I talked with my angel from what seemed like eternity.  He answered many of my questions, although I can't remember what we discussed. 
Remarkable shared experience with important lessons on love.  She was in the OBE state and he called his a dream.  


139.  Magda M Experience.  10/24/10 From Portugal Suddenly, in the middle of the corridor leading to bed room, I felt engulfed by an enormous feeling of warmth and well being.  There was an incredible bright light, white but not blinding.  I felt a part of the universe.  Then a message was telepathically conveyed to me, very simple, "love, the important thing is to give, no matter how, when or to whom, all is about giving."  Then I felt terribly afraid and overwhelmed.  All of a sudden, I felt back at home, in the middle of the corridor leading to my bedroom.  My husband and children were still asleep, all was silent. 
STE,  Premonition, and possible ADC.


138.  Anthony H Experience.  10/24/10  In the midst of me driving, I could see out of my own eyes, but I could also see the world around me, other cars, landscape etc. I saw myself through 2 different view points, to my left and to my right, all while looking through my own eyes and through the other view point above me that could see everything else.  Very quickly things began moving extremely slow.  At the point of time stopping, I felt my heart begin to beat abnormally.   I felt my soul leaving through the left side of my heart and it felt as though I was being pulled up by my shoulders.  All the view points became like my normal sight.  My eyes were closed after I left my body and it was hard to open them.  But as I did so, I could see the car I was driving and the world around me.  It was a state of reality that felt more real than life itself. 
An amazing STE while driving.  Not to be encouraged!


137.  Jan R Experience.  9/27/10  But when I did, wow.  I was in a totally different place.  AND I DON'T MEAN MAYBE!  I felt totally, completely, profoundly at peace.  It felt as though I were in a light-filled tube sort of.  I could see my problems all around me on the other side of this "tube", but they didn't affect me AT ALL.  I had no emotions connected to them, no pain, no reaction to them AT ALL.  I was filled completely with peace, no ifs ands or buts.  It had a physical and mental resonance to it too that words cannot ever describe appropriately.  A sort of vibration I had never ever experienced before or since.  My thinking was super super clear. 
STE that turned her life around.


136.  KC A Experience.  9/25/10   From the UK.  A pinpoint of light starts to grow, just like coming out of a tunnel, and I am now in the brightest white light you have ever seen but it does not dazzle. So peaceful, utopia, utter bliss, nothing matters any more. I have never felt peace and love like it, words can not describe this peace! Then a man comes up to me, now at that time I was an atheist and I didn’t know him. He said to me “ARE YOU COMING WITH ME” I say “YOU WHAT” and at that instant I’m back in bed and take a great gasp of air. I breath it out and there is so much carbon dioxide in it, it makes my eyes water, just like when drinking beer and you burp through your nose. My whole body is tingling, every cell is tingling and my heart is waking away like a sledge hammer.
Dream that changed to a NDE-like experience.


135.  Bev G Experience.  9/17/10 Then there were the NDE’s that I personal believe were permitted to act as a ‘grave warning’ to all of us. Within three NDE’s when my spirit was permitted to enter the physical lives of ‘living people,’ three of these individuals were also permitted to actually be able to ‘see my spirit standing in front of them.’ My spirit was able to see two of these three people standing there pointing at me. I was aware that my spirit was calling out to one woman but her reaction appeared to show that she was unable to hear me. After that occasion of her being actually able to see my spirit, every time, I had a NDE and my spirit was permitted to enter into her ‘physical living life.’ I was aware she could not actually see my spirit but she was able to sense it nearby her within the room and she would start speaking to me. In one of these NDE’s my spirit’s attention was draw to the time on a clock. The following day she came to ask me if my spirit had visited her, I wrote down the time that my spirit had seen displayed on the clock and she confirmed it to be correct.
Many experiences and philosophy.


134.  Patti H Experience.  9/13/10 The second "mystical" experience was just last month. I am now age 65 and thought perhaps it was my time to transition to the next life. I was awaken at exactly 2:30 AM Pacific Standard Time by a bright light that radiated throughout my bedroom. I live alone and thought perhaps my daughter had driven to see me from Idaho and flipped on the overhead lights as she entered the room. However, when I looked around, no one was present in the room. When I looked up I saw an Angel - literally! She had no arms but wings that attached to the side of her body. She was translucent and radiant in white light. I asked her why she was here and there was no verbal response. She had a look on her face of concern and then suddenly vanished and the room went dark again. I never felt afraid.
A couple of STEs.


133.  Sarah R Experience.  8/10/10  Life crisis of a loss of a love relationship followed by miscarriage that led to severe depression and near suicide.  Instead turned to seek a relationship with our Creator through a retreat with "Conversations with God" author… My experience is different in that it was NOT triggered by a near-death encounter, and yet I came to the same spiritual viewpoint expressed by many who did have that experience.  That is why I think it is significant that you know of it.  It is NOT necessary to die to go to Heaven.  Heaven IS a state beyond mind, the realization of completeness and oneness with the Beloved, All-in-All.  We always have been, are now, and always will be ONE with the Presence of that we call God, by whatever name. There is no way to be separate from an omnipresent being.  Period.  We can only THINK we are separate.
STE following workshop/retreat.


132.  Rebecca S Experience.  6/20/10  I was lying down getting ready for bed. I was awake when all of a sudden my spirit lifted as my body felt very heavy and impossible to move any part. I tried but then my spirit started going through this very bright white tunnel. I was moving slowly through the light and had the most wonderful feeling of love and peace. It was beautiful and I just slowly kept going. It seemed it took a while and the closer I got the stronger the feelings were. A male voice I hope was God, kept telling me, Becky, Go Back it's not your time! Go back Becky it's not your time.The peace was awesome and I had never felt anything like it. I kept flowing softly like on a cloud and soon I reached heaven as the voice kept saying go back. I reached the golden gates open wide waiting for me to come in. It was Beautiful! The flowers, colors, a waterfall flowing like diamonds, the peace and Love was what I wanted. I wanted to go in but the voice would not let me.
STE that is very NDE-like.


131.  Wayne Experience.  6/20/10 In as much as it affected my life and future, and in as much as it affected others around me, changing them to positive ways and lifestyles, it was absolutely real, which is as real as it needs to be!
STE associated with LSD trip that was very life-changing.


STE where he was one with the light.


129.  Kenneth H Experiences.  5/11/10   I had a feeling of well being, I flew through the roof, and kept flying at a speed so fast I cant explain ,however I kept going even faster. I could feel the g force and enjoyed it very much. Next I noticed a being, he spoke to me telepathically.  He said come here, instantly I was there. He was wearing a robe, he waved his arm and said to me look this is life, I looked all at once I understood everything there is about life I said is that all there is to it.  Is it that simple?  He said "yes." He then said this is you this is your soul. Next I turned into a golden bubble with my face inside the bubble. At that instant I became aware that I am an eternal being as well as everybody else the feeling was tremendous joy.
Very NDE-Like and spiritually transformative.


128.  David A Experiences.  4/6/10   I had a prophetic dream that made no sense to me at the time.  In the dream, I turned the corner of a building and saw a gigantic, blue-colored block of something I couldn't identify.  The following week, a family friend took my brother and I cross-country skiing.  On the way to our hotel room, I turned the corner of the balcony that lead to our room and stopped dead in my tracks, my mouth agape.  My brother said my face had turned white.  It was a gigantic block of ice that had been pushed up vertically onto the shore of Lake Superior.  It was identical to what I'd seen in the dream.  It was my first experience with the unexplainable.
Several prophetic dreams, an STE, an OBE.


127  Alain P Experience 3/25/10 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Simon A.  I was invaded by a cone of light which covered my whole being, a Light of Love, incredibly white, tender and loving. I really felt that this Light was someone, someone who loved me and was right there behind the light, on the right-hand side.  I still had my hands over my closed eyes, and I could see my joined hands in multiple replication, that is, I saw this image repeated 7 or 8 times one after the other. The cone of light was also outside of me, it was so gentle!  Then, gently, the light withdrew. The moment of astonishment once past, all I could say was "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Extremely loving, transcendent experience!

126.  Cathy Experience 2/26/10 From Canada  I then noticed that around me were these cloud like forms all over the gazebo.  most had white crosses above them.  I then heard a voice beside me explaining that the cloud like forms were the people that had been a part of my life. People that I was close to such as family and friends, and people that I had passed in the streets. every person I ever saw or interacted with were represented to me there. I could sense my family around me. I began thinking of the people that I love and was close to. the voice said that the people farthest away were people I was yet to meet. that If I choose to stay I would be a influence on their lives too. I asked if I was in heaven he said that I was not but it was very close by. He said that I could decide to go on to heaven or to go back to my life. He said that there were many more people for me to meet and to help if I should go back to "my life"
STE at time of depression.


125.  Treva Experience 2/25/10 It was around noon and all of a sudden in my deepest despair I was in the presence of something much bigger than me but no actual "seeing" a person but felt that I was in the presence of someone so wonderful.  And very bright light all around "me" even though I didn't "see" any part of me.  I just had a sense of me being engulfed with such love, acceptance and "wholeness".  The feeling was wonderful, peaceful, joyous and secure.  I "hear" a voice say "It's not your time".  I said I wanted to stay and be here in all this love and again "It's not your time, you must go back".  I said again I didn't want to that I wanted to stay here.  I begged but was told to go back and before I left I asked why are we here and the voice said "To get wisdom".
STE at time of depression.


124.  Carol O Experience 2/25/10 My first love boyfriend had broken up with me and I didn't know why. In struggling to get past it for months, I went to bed one school night and literally willed myself to die. I was not sleeping during this event and I had turned out the lights in my room.  Upon concentrating on wanting to die, I arose above my body laying in bed and looked down. I could definitely see myself laying there. I then proceeded to go down into this spiral tunnel and around and round and down, down I went. The tunnel was dark but I could see that I was going down. After a period of time traveling this way, there was an opening and I came through it and found myself standing with a wall behind me (or the shoot that I had just came out of was now behind me and that opening was directly behind me about shoulder height.)  There was this huge, bright white light shining on me. God spoke to me although I could not see him, but I have always assumed it was God. He said, "Have you made your final decision?"
STE at age 16.


123.  Kim D Experience 2/25/10 From Canada.  I was repeating to myself, "I wonder what it would be like to die..." as I lay in the back seat of the car as my mother drove the car and my sister sat in the front seat.  We were coming home from a shopping trip… Rather quickly, I entered a black void.  My consciousness was no longer in the back seat of that car.  I was in an absolutely black black place that was everything and everywhere.  Black void is the best definition for this place.  There was no sound.  My own thoughts were very loud when I did begin to think.  My first thought was, "Is that all there is"?  and then "I didn't even do anything".
STE at age 11.


122.  Jane Experience 2/25/10 Sometime toward morning I suddenly "awakened" or rather felt that I had become "untethered" from my body and I was rapidly speeding upwards.  The feeling of detachment from my body was surreal as I felt I had no weight or anchor.  I was totally free of any physical constraints (like gravity).  As I was rapidly speeding upward I had an overwhelming sense of a complete and total love and acceptance and I immediately said to myself "Oh, this is what it's like".  I immediately knew it was God's love for me.  It was the most wonderful emotion I had ever experienced and I felt free of any earthly attachments whatsoever. Nothing mattered anymore other than a desperate longing to remain in this "love".
STE dream.

121.  Mary P Experience 2/25/10 There were three ancient men dressed in robes surrounding me.  I knew them to be sages or spirit guides.  They were of three different heights.  They were teaching me by imparting knowledge directly to my brain in a telepathic way.  I felt that they were teaching me everything all at once. When I would later reenter my body I would have no clear recollection of what they had taught me but I was aware that this knowledge would always be a part of me and that I would be called to use this at various times in my life. When I asked these beings who they were, they replied "Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding" …I view this as an extraordinary learning experience that has changed me and allowed me to grow as a person.  I now know that all of the events that have happened, even the loss of my child, have occurred to allow the next things to unfold in my life as they are meant to.  I have learned to trust in my instincts and intuition and to walk by faith and not by sight.
STE at time son was fighting a fatal disease: brain cancer.


120.  Kathleen B Experience 2/4/10 I was sitting on the sofa waiting for a friend to return back to the house so was reading a book on color therapy when this strange sense of deeply connecting with my inner self took over my consciousness. It first began at the point where I was able to consciously connect with every cell in my body and then my own inner voice told me that I knew I could do this 'connecting down to a cellular level of my body' all along. Like it was some kind of common knowledge at a very base or spiritual level or an awakened inner consciousness? The more I seem to curiously concentrate on this feeling the deeper and more profound it became. It felt like 'home' and very 'natural' on some level to do this. The next aspect of this experience was that my body became very light in my torso area and I started to feel a separation of my body as it seem to float off.
STE with deep inner connection.


119.  Joe C Experience 12/6/09  After a brief stop the wheel began to turn back away from the flames and the chasm.  At that point I knew that I had faced the force of evil and had won. I knew that I was going to be OK and I was going to be a stronger person in the future. Eventually over a period of several days it all dissipated and went away. For several days I was weak and drained.
STE involving vision of hellish chasm and a fight not to enter it.


118.  Robbrina A Experience 11/21/09 I seen my friend sitting at the end of the couch by my feet. His name was Adam & was a good friend of mine. He had died months earlier suddenly,...after being released from a long prison sentence he came home & died 2 weeks later as a result of a overdose. He had decided to try heroin again after being clean for years, & died alone in his room. I was overcome with joy by seeing him by I suddenly had a rush come over a feeling & I received the explanation that it was Adam doing these things to me for the past 2 weeks. I got annoyed with him & said, "It was you? You were doing this to me? Why??" It felt like I was moving my lips but the question came inside my mind. He answered," Because I am mad at all of you. God made me die for a reason, so you all would stop getting high & you ARE ALL STILL DOING IT!" I knew he was talking about the circle of friends we had, which all of them used heroin…
STE with life-changing encounter with deceased friend.


117.  James W Experience 10/24/09 I clearly recall the sensation of “wow” this spirit is powerful and way bigger in size than me?  Why did I know this?  I could not see anything but I felt this sensation in the pit of my stomach. This spirit, or whatever it was, was very powerful. All of a sudden not 10 feet away from me was TWO of XXXXX.  Where the light came from that illuminated this next scene was beyond me but this bright light coming from somewhere had illuminated these two (one) person(s) One XXXXX was crying, looking away from me, and hugging the other XXXXX???  I perceived two ages, the younger XXXXX, the one that was crying and looking away?  Why I new that it was another XXXXX was beyond me, I just knew.  


116.  Cheryl McG Experience 10/11/09 It was then that I realized there really wasn't anything I could do to save myself, and that I wouldn't be able to hold my breath much longer.  I calmly stood there and mentally prepared myself to die.  After the panicky efforts to save myself, my mind was now quiet and calm as I waited to drown.  It was then that I heard a mechanical sound like an intercom in my ear, and the next thing I heard was a woman's voice calmly addressing me.  "Cheryl, walk against force of the water," the voice instructed, and, without question or resistance, I immediately obeyed.  Turning towards the flow of the water, I actually had to push through it, the pressure/force was that strong.  After a few steps forward, I actually felt a stone staircase under my feet and I knew, because of this, I couldn't be too far from shore.  I kept walking and within seconds my head finally broke through the surface of the water and out into the air. 
STE when she got caught in an undertow while being baptized in the Jordan River.


115.  Cedric S Experience 9/27/09 Here it went wrong I got a whole lot of foam (white water) and I could not take in enough air, so when the second wave hit me I went under without air, in panic and because of the force of the wave I went down and because I was totally in panic I did not see I was swimming in the wrong direction. Instead of going up I was going to the bottom, first I tried to fight it but then I remember saying to myself 'if I have to go like this God so be it'. A feeling of peace and serenity came over me and everything turned into a very special blue and I was gone.
Several STEs stemming from a near-drowning experience.


114.  Sarah M Experience 9/7/09  I was standing in a "room", only there were no walls, and there was a bright light as far as I could see. God was standing in front of me and told me that I had died, because my body had failed me. and then he said that I needed to make changes in my life, because if I didn't, it was going to be too late. he also told me that he was giving me another chance to live, and that I was still going to be sick, but he would heal me when the time was right. and at that time, I felt as if I had entered back into my body and I'm assuming that's when I gasped for air in my sleep. 


113.  Vernon Experience 8/22/09  Hindu from India   I started reading those NDE experiences, suddenly a world in front of me disappeared. there was no body around me at all. all I see is a vision, at first there is only void empty blackness around me. here I don't feel any fear. I was totally in other dimension. I still have the awareness of me without any body at all. suddenly I started moving (not moving but void emptiness vanishing slowly) towards a beautiful light. the light is so beautiful you cant see those light on this earth. light I saw was changing very slowly from golden brownish, then orange-ish then greenish blue yellow. mixture of all colors and hues .nearest possible explanation about light I saw is this. real beauty can only be experienced when you feel it. it was so beautiful to look at. and I also heard a beautiful sound which is more like angels howling chorus or may it is sound of "OM". it was so pleasant to hear it. suddenly I could feel presence of others around me. here others I meant was. there were other like me in this beautiful dimension.
NDE-like STE brought about by grief from the death of beloved kittens and reading NDEs on the internet. 


112.  Rose Experience 1/25/09  While in the Light, I was told I could ask any question or receive any answer.  All I wanted to know was whether I would go back.  Knowledge passed directly to my soul, without needing words or thoughts.  It was clear to me that: 1) God does exist 2) The "highest plane" on which God exists is open to all beings 3) God is a being of Infinite Light 4) God knows and loves everyone 5) We all go to the Infinite Light after death 6) The Infinite Light holds the key to all mysteries
Remarkable STE at age 17 during meditation.


111.  Maria Experience 1/23/09  From Mexico, original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon  Then suddenly I saw a black circle on the wall, like the mouth of a mine-shaft, followed immediately by a light in front of me, whiter than any I had ever seen. It did not harm my eyes, but was a strong light, which lit up the silhouette and the hands of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He offered me his hands as if to welcome me, and in a most beautiful tone of voice he asked me:  "Maria, do you wish to come with me?" Without hesitation I replied "Yes!" This was without reflecting twice, my reply was instantaneous, and straightaway my mother appeared on the scene, saying: "No, Lord, don't take her with you, I still need her so much." With that, the well of light  disappeared, and turning round I saw myself in my bed, and I saw how two angels, strong and adorable, who were holding me up by the arms as if to take me upwards, let me go all at once, and by this action made me "return" to my body, with such a jolt that it made me wake up.
STE from a meeting with Jesus.


110.  Rae Experience 1/10/09 Several weeks after this experience, in May, I started feeling this love in my heart. Similar to the initial experience in the restaurant.  At times this love became so strong, I would have to stop my job and go into the bathroom until it passed. It was an absolutely amazing feeling. Through this constant barrage of intense love, I became aware little by little of how beautiful all people are and that everyone is made of this love. Even now I still feel this love in my heart. It doesn't seem as intense as it use to, but sometimes it becomes very warm, fuzzy feeling that lights up my inside. I know this love is from God, and I know everyone is made from this love and is this love. The sad part of knowing this is others do not believe me and do not even know that they are love. This sometimes makes me extremely sad.  I use to speak of my experiences more when this was first happening because I thought maybe there are other people who feel this amazing love in their heart, but people do not want to believe it.  I know it is true because it is in me.
STEs over a period of time.