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109.  Stephen CLS Experience 12/27/08  The explosion was accomplished in a nanosecond and before I knew it I was standing before a wall of unimaginable pure white light.  At the center of my vision I soon observed writings in "black fire" moving top to bottom and left to right in three rows.  These were numerical; eleven numbers per row expanding progressively by intervals no larger than 80 and no smaller than 4.  Most intervals averaged 30 to maybe 40 apart.  I somehow instinctively understood it to be an numerical record involving the sequential longevities of my previous 33 existences in an understandable form to me. 
STE where he saw 33 previous lives.


108.  Chen D Experience 12/27/08 When I went into sleep, it wasn't like any other time, I knew I was sleeping. I start to be able to view all around be 360 degree with just a thought of the mind. Then I began to feel light beings and a manifestation of Guan Yin (Mother Goddess in Buddhism) appear. I'm not the religious sort in fact was a Atheist but I am attracted reading Buddhist philosophy since young. So I thought it must be due to imagination. As though reading my thought, the being said non-verbally (mental projections) ,'No my friend, what you see is you've seen. It is due to past links that make you more attracted to Buddha's words.' So I began to ask questions about religions and existence's meaning.
STE from Singapore.  He was an atheist at the time.


107.  John P Experience 12/27/08 The experience lasted for about 1 week, during which I couldn't eat, but drank some water. The experience was indescribable, both wonderful and terrifying. This wasn't a random hallucination, but a vision where beings spoke to me. Wisdom came into my mind, beyond my control. I was told I had a pure heart, and this is why I could see paradise. The Golden Energy was absolutely wonderful, with a purifying smell. From my vision I learned that there is a God, and he would have created perfection in the beginning, but needed every Angel to serve him. Some didn't, retaining there power, and this Universe was created instead, with powerful duality. Perfect creation would have to be done with perfect order, with an Angel having a specific task. God has creative energy that has to be expressed, as we have to breathe. He had something he desired to create, with happiness for everyone, and some Angels prevented it from happening.
Detailed STE over a one week period.


106.  Josh R Experience 12/17/08 I started dreaming about flying over a tan color city, or kingdom, next thing I was by a little patio with a couple of steps with people and Jesus, once I walk on the patio, I knew somehow god had accepted me, I was going up in a birdcage rounded oval with a flat bottom, but I felt warmness cotton like softness beneath the back of my body and I also felt my body lifting and lifting in such a smooth fast very fast way, then I open my eyes, from my dreams to realize I'm in heaven. I was way up in the sky and looking down and I seen two people walking side by side holding hands walking up to some stairs that led to three big tan doors but I kept looking upwards and saw a beautiful kingdom with a really neat looking hexagon shape building in the center of the kingdom over looking thee glass like structures that were reflecting bright light and I look up straight ahead of me and seen the most beautiful giant light with a pillars on each side of God but as soon as I seen the light-God.  Boom I was back in my body.
STE after jaw got broken.


105.  Constance G Experience 12/15/08 I had just dozed off (so it seemed) when all at once I was in this "black void" that had "circles" around it like a trachea, or like the exterior of an earthworm looks. There was a hollow sound like wind and I saw a light way ahead of me. I didn't feel scared, just "What???"  When I looked at the light it seemed to "recognize" me as I recognized it...I knew what was happening (as I've been interested in this subject for YEARS but never thought I'd have such an experience.) When I acknowledged the light it was as though I became sucked toward it.  It wasn't just light. It was EVERYTHING. It was a feeling...JOY.  I felt JOY in the most enormous sense of the word that can be described.  I was bathed in this light and felt as though I was turned wrong side out before it and it was the most BEAUTIFUL feeling I can possibly possibly describe. I thought "am I dead?" but I didn't care. Then it was as though the light cleared and I saw a "world" through a sort of opening like a cave exit/entrance. 
Undergoing five day EEG study for seizures.  Two probable spiritual dreams.  No seizures during these spiritual experiences.


104.  Max W Experience 12/15/08 Immediately I realized I was in the presence of God - my Creator.  I use the word he for my emotional appreciation and ease of communication but that was never stated or even implied by this Supreme creator spiritual being to me. Rather he was Light, Love and Spirit with all capital letters for the uniqueness and lack of any better words to describe him. I sensed his wholeness, completeness, he was one as opposed to my being of parts ie spirit, mind and body. He did not think or decide I will love someone he is LOVE, endless love - his endlessness startled me and when he drew me closer into him and my spirit briefly seemed to touch him I became afraid - not of anything at all that he did or felt towards me for I only saw and felt this beings wonderful love but for some reason when I touched and realized his endlessness next to my finiteness I was briefly afraid - I was so different than him. He knew that and moved on to answer my prayer and show me what he wanted me to know.
Remarkably transcendent spiritual experience.


103.  Carry G Experience 12/1/08 Immediately, a strong but gentle voice spoke to me from the light, a voice heard not with my ears but with my mind.  The being of light said, "Carry, I love you exactly the way you are."  The funny thing was that when I heard that voice I recognize it.  Somehow, I 'knew' this being.  He was like the best friend I always wanted and wished for but did not know it.  But, upon hearing his voice, I knew him immediately.   When the being of light first said this, I felt like the most loved human being of all time, the most favorite of all human beings in the universe, past, present or future, yet at the same time I knew this being loved everyone equally and just as infinitely as I felt right then.  The being delighted in me and was completely focused on me.  I was the center of its attention yet somehow I knew everyone was at the 'center' of its attention.  When the being said those words to me I knew it saw me as I was, faults and all, not just at that moment, but for all the moments of my life. I felt no shame, no judgment; in fact, it was so liberating to be known so perfectly, to be so wonderfully accepted, yet at the same time, not judged or condemned in the slightest way.
Remarkably transcendent prayer experience with many similarities to NDE.  This experience led him to become a Catholic priest.


102.  Kim L Experience 10/4/08 From Canada Try to understand I found myself on a hill and I still do not know how I got there to this day or even why. It was full of life-size statues of the walk of Christ this is not the strange part, since I've since learned they really do exist. I am not a religious person but not person nor is there any background in my family. I looked at these statues I was really tired and emotional at the time and I had not slept in awhile but I cried and cried when I seen what they had done to this man...then I was in or was it around, or was it around me this is the weird does! Know it part, it was dark or really just the absence of light but there was presence and more than one and what peace wow real peace like I never felt and Love that I cannot put into words they just could never capture the truth. We all talked but not with words or hearing with our ears.
STE with substantial life change at age 12.


101.  Alisa L Experience 9/27/08 I UNDERSTOOD that night what unconditional love meant and was indescribably overcome with emotion as I FELT for the 1st time the very "realness" and wonder of God presence right there with me at that moment and his amazing love for ALL people as individuals.  The God of wrath disappeared forever and was replaced with a God of constant love and gentleness.  I realized ALL people had value, even (and especially) that little boy who shared my sonÆs hospital room. It was absolutely the most life-changing realization I have ever had. My personal relationship with God started that night as I sat there with tears streaming down my face. I was no longer afraid of death in any way. I knew it would be more wonderful than anything I could imagine. Life finally had a purpose for me: to reach out and share my personal knowledge of God with others.
Multiple remarkable and life-changing experiences.


100.  Terrance B Experience 9/1/08 From Australia Like any other night I went to bed and fell into a deep sleep, this sleep wasn’t like any other I have ever experienced. I had a falling dream however I fell into a large room with marble Column yellow and orange with blue grain running through it, standing next to them were human figures that was wearing off white robes and at the end of this room was a man sitting at a large marble table that had carvings around the edges, this man had white hair with a golden tinge, he has  ice blue eyes and his skin was of a pink and blue translucent delicate texture. As I stood in front of this man he asked me, "What have you done with your life?" I didn’t reply to his question.  He asked me a second time, "What have you done with your life?" Still I said nothing.  Then he said,  "I’ll show you."  He raised his hand then all of a sudden my whole life passed before my eyes as if I was looking at myself from a second floor apartment down on to the car park  below, from this prospective I saw my whole life in an instant . Again this man asked, "What have you done with your life?" Still I didn’t answer him.  Then he said, "Now what do you think of death?"
Although a short experience, it really gets you thinking!

99.  David M Experience 8/17/08 From England  At length I awoke the next morning, an entirely transformed person. Before, I was the shiest of all people, and suddenly I was now both outward going and also inward looking; before, I was afraid even of the dark, and of many things; yet suddenly, I was unafraid of all things; before, I was extremely unhappy, and now suddenly I had come into a happiness that never leaves, not even for a moment. In retrospect, what had seemed to be three extraordinarily terrible and malignant forces within my room, seem now to have been the dark shadows of my self caused by the all-compelling and ineffable brilliance of the encounter. This awakening took place on 1.9.1991.
STE with profound changes in his life.


98.  Rick N Experience 6/22/08 Then just as quickly as we were walking by the lake we were lying in a field of tall grass. I noticed this time however that I was lying  by his right  side but at the same time I was hovering above watching this.  I could see that it was me and that I looked to be about five years old. Jesus had his right leg crossed over his left with his knees pulled up. I was beside him the same way.  He had a straw in his mouth and would take it out to talk to me.  I could see his lips moving and my little head was nodding up and down as I was taking in what he was saying. He was so calm and peaceful acting.  Again it was telepathic and to this day cannot tell you in audible words what he said. He was speaking to my soul and to my heart.
STE at time of severe sleep deprivation.


97.  Dan M Experience 4/27/08 I felt an emptiness that I had never felt before, my old life was gone and the last thing I wanted to do was start a new one. Through my tears I looked up and yelled out ""God help me"". It was a plea and a demand at the same time, and before I could close my mouth on the last syllable, it felt like my consciousness was seized. My vision was drawn down to a single point of white light which immediately exploded up around me in a violet color that seemed to have texture. Then I was aware of being on a cloud while retaining all my minds faculties, but I knew I was no longer present with my physical body. The first thing I saw was the figure of who I can only describe as being Jesus, sitting across from me looking into my eyes. He wore a white robe and had white hair and beard along with a radiant smile. I immediately knew that every bit of my life was known and accepted as being good and right. Several moments in my life flashed through my consciousness that let me know that I was known by a power that I had not previously been conscious of, and in that there was the feeling of unconditional love.
Remarkable STE.  Very life-changing.


96.  Cornelia D Experience 1/2/08 From Germany, Original in German, Translated to English by Amy.   It was a dream. I entered the Church I normally attend, was led to my usual seat. The Mass began in its normal fashion, but all of a sudden -- I saw on the Altar -- there stood Jesus shining brightly with outstretched arms. I was in shock! I and everybody else started screaming. We all jumped up! But in this state of shock or terror a great feeling of love took complete hold of my heart and wouldn't let go. As if in a dream I knelt down. "Don't be afraid, I am with you," came the message. I was no longer afraid. Love held me and filled my being. I looked towards the front of the church one more time, and He was gone. Around me was chaos, everybody was running out of the church.
Spiritual dream with life changing consequences.


95.  Jean C Experience 12/31/07 From Brazil, Original in Portuguese, Translated to English by Rio.  I was walking along, and just as I was about to cross a street with lots of traffic thinking about the love of God, when I was completely enveloped by an extremely brilliant light and felt overtaken by an infinite, complete love.  I don't know how but I crossed the street without any notion of having crossed it.  I have never felt like a normal being since that time. I developed paranormal gifts and I feel like I am always living in two different worlds at the same time.
Wonderful spiritually transformative event!


94.  Bernadette C Experience 12/16/07 Then, something happened and it seemed like we were surrounded by a cocoon of a curtain of pouring rain, and everything outside was lit up with a sparkly silver-lavender light and alive and more vivid. But inside, it was just me and Holly and nothing else mattered, or was even there at all. I was in some other reality where time stood still. I felt very content and at peace with everything. And bliss, I could not have been happier than I was in that moment! I had a sense that all things were perfect as they were and we were part of something larger and everything had its purpose and was important. I also felt loved and protected by something unseen, I think it was God. Most of all, I felt a feeling of pure love and trust radiating from and toward Holly.
STE with dog during thunderstorm.


93.  Nate Y Experience 11/28/07 I remember that I didn’t feel any fear, but was trying to soak up and understand what was happening.  Suddenly a very white beam of light came down from the ceiling and landed on my chest.  The robed figures suddenly had looks of terror in their faces and they disappeared.  I looked up to see where the beam of light was coming from and that is when I saw Jesus floating above my bedroom closet.  I remember that I could still see things dimly around my room through my peripheral vision (study desk, windows, dresser, etc), but there above my closet was Jesus.
Spiritually transformative dream at age 14.


92.  Emma L Experience 10/23/07 Translated from Spanish into English by Eva.  When I left the operating theatre, with the drainage tubes [still in], and in much pain, I lost all notion of time and space.  I was lying down and all of a sudden I saw myself engulfed in a brilliant light and a sort of very soft and faint breeze passed over my chest. I wanted to move my body but I couldn't.   I wanted to turn around and see in another direction, and again I couldn't.  At that moment I felt fear but soon a voice told me that I shouldn't be concerned; that everything would be all right.  I wanted to turn to see this being and only was able to catch a glimpse of a white tunic from the chest [area] to the floor.  I also saw his enormous hands, so soft, that caressed my chest and spoke the words that everything would actually be all right.  I don't know how much time passed I only know that I started to feel a peace and tranquility that I had never before felt.  Up to now, they've done studies and everything comes out fine.  I think it was the Master, Jesus, who came to me and placed himself at my right hand to bring me the health and peace that I needed at that moment.
In English and Spanish.


91.  Perry S Experience 10/6/07  So our Father gave me a wonderful gift, he took me home, I remember following a very bright light. Came to a school or some teaching going on. I was in spirit form, but young and innocent child like), we were leaning forward listening to what looked like Jesus reading out of a book. It was so awesome, (you got me crying) I remember Jesus looking up at me and he closed his book and I started to leave. I was leaving, I had no hands or fingers to grab on to, I wanted to stay soooooooooo bad. But then Gods Holy Spirit filled me and instantly I felt secure, loved beyond want we feel here. I was safe. He Loves Us So much. Can't express to you the Joy, Love, Happiness, Peace, I could go on, but it wouldn't be enough....Awesome.


90.  Rhonda Experience 5/27/07 So we sat there on the rocks and closed our eyes for a couple of seconds. I said a few words silently, probably something profound like “Dear Lord:  Please help the dog. Amen.” When we opened our eyes, that Chihuahua was just floating, skimming, across the top of the rushing water. I’ve always said she looked like there was a hand under her.  Sally and I were overwhelmed, to say the least. We made our way through the woods and started walking back down the dirt road, just raving about how wonderful God was and how we couldn’t believe what we had just seen. We were quite the spectacle, if anyone had been around to see us:  all scraped up, babbling excitedly, our bathing suits still untied and hanging down around our waists.  Sally’s pet name for me and some of her other friends was “Kiddy.” At one point during this conversation on the dirt road, she turned to me and said, “Kiddy, what can we ever do to thank him?”  I opened my mouth to respond, but I will never know what I was going to say.  Right then a deep male voice boomed from the sky, saying “Praise God.”
Awesome Experience!


89.  Lidia Experience. 4/11/07 From Spain, Original in Spanish, translated to English by Carol I forgot my name, my beloved and fellow beings and all I was in the reality. The only thing that I was thinking and transmitting was the phrase: “it is just that I have to go back”, but I did not know where neither why. The presence that was with me was not any death being that I could recognize, but her company was so pleasant. The only thing that I was telling her was: “It is just that I have to go back.” I remember that I was communicating through my thoughts and that I knew that all the presences that were in that place think and feel. All of us were vibrating in the same intensity. All was perfect.  I felt the essence of love. My soul was in peace. I felt like never before. Because I did not stop repeating the same words, the presence that was with me told me “you will have to talk about that with Him.” Suddenly, He appeared in front of me. This presence had Biblical image. Mature man, long gray hair, with beard and a white tunic. His presence transmitted me something marvelous even more that the other presences of that place that I described you. Mentally I told Him “It is just that I have to go back” and He turned His hands to himself like if He was reading the story of my life and He told me: “It is just that you have to go back, the doors are open for you.”
Spiritually transformative dream with NDE-like imagery.


88.  Moriah Experience. 3/11/07  The next thing that I remember is waking up and finding myself on my knees and my head is facing down. I wonder to myself. Where am I? I’m not in my bed. As I tried to recognize my whereabouts, my head lifted up to see an oaken, wooden door that projects a presence of authority and respect. As I examine the door, trying to make sense of where I am, I notice there are no knobs. It had two doors that push open. When my head is facing straight forward, I am now instantly standing but I don’t remember using my legs to stand up. I look through the right-hand door with a window opening one foot high by two feet wide, although the window had no glass. As I look through the window, a torrential flow of excitement, joy and love bursts through me as I behold Our Father! I know instantly who He is! As my enthusiasm escalates, the doors, nearly six inches in thickness, invite me inward.  


87.  Kelly D Experience. 2/25/07  The angel figure was in the corner of the room every night for about a week.  Then one night, when I closed my eyes, I sensed the angel figure was real close to me, so I opened my eyes and it was hovering right about me (about 12 inches from my body).  I was petrified!  I tried to wake my husband up but he wouldn't budge.  Then I hear a voice that told me sternly to pray. In my head I told the voice that I did not know how to pray.  The voice repeated that I needed to pray.  I then cried out to God in my head and asked for his help.  Then this other voice started praying.  It was the most beautiful prayer I had ever heard. I cannot remember any of the words of the prayer, but I could feel in my soul that the prayer was awesome.  It made me cry.  After whatever it was that prayed for me was finished, I felt my soul being sucked out of my body backwards.  It sucked me backwards down the hallway and out of the house and I was elevated in mid air in front of my kid's basketball hoop.  Then I saw this beautiful iridescent cloud come up, and when it did, my yard lit up from the brightness of the cloud.  The color of the grass was beautiful (the colors are beyond words; I cannot describe the beauty). 


86.  Leturmi Experience. 2/13/07 From France, Original in French, Translated to English by Simon A  I was in full consciousness, I did not leave my body, nor did I see a tunnel as some people say they do, but after some ten minutes or so I could no longer feel my body, and an unimaginable wave of love swept through me completely. This wave of love seemed to be of a dimension whose power and extent I could not describe. I was so immersed in love that I felt incapable of withstanding it, it was overwhelming. At that moment, I could see a mighty white light, brilliant and dense, a light of love which engulfed me in every part. I was in the light and also part of the light. If you want a more exact image, I was doubly light, due to the weightlessness which filled my being at that moment. I could see through 360 degrees. I was like a fragment of love in a completely white universe, feeling all the density of this universe, a universe where only love was present. While being conscious of my situation ( I knew that I was lying on a bed in the house of this lady) , I no longer had any doubts about the destiny of mankind, the “why” or the “how” of all the existential questions which all humans being can ask themselves.


85.  Lorraine  R Experience 2/3/07 & 12/15/13  From Australia.  As we studied, someone brought a pile of even more beautiful books and offered them to us. I said " we have more than enough, why not give them to someone who needs them more than we do. As I said this I was sent soaring high up above the earth, looking down it was dark but I could see the lights of cities. I was shown and told that each of us is bound to the others. I was told that it is like a thread that weaves and binds and goes through each of us. This makes us all the same. The thread that binds us together is LOVE. As I was told this my whole body was suffused with the most amazing feeling of love that I have never yet experienced on earth and I understood totally that we are all one . It was totally overwhelming. I said to the being or teacher or God, " Why don't people understand that we are all the same, all colors and races and religions, if only people understood this there would be no more wars or hatred or greed or selfishness. There would be peace on Earth. Then I heard a voice. It just said one word, it was a male voice. He said;' Exactly' then it was as if thousands of voices joined in and echoed Exactly.


84.  Kimberly G Experience. 2/3/07 …all of a sudden my whole room filled with this red-rose colored light and at the same time this overwhelming feeling of love poured into me, into my brain, and my I.Q. went through the ceiling--------words are hard to explain, I started seeing people I had known that had passed away. I could see my Grandfather as a infant in the womb and at the same time I could see him as a old man. Everything was together as one, God was the center of it all , all this love. So many things were told to me things I could not understand or hold. I feel like the main message they told me was I was loved and this is what it felt like and not to ever be scared of death, for this is where I would go. I did not want it to end…
Remarkable experience, and quite transformative.


83.  Sue V's Experience. 1/4/07 I was aware of all things from the smallest organism to the biggest happenings of outer space. I had a "knowing" of everything and anything. Above my head and to my right a bright light (not blinding but brighter than any light I have known) flowed quickly towards and over me engulfing me and all the other souls in the universe and down on earth (which I was fully aware of entirely). Simultaneously, the light was also this complete LOVE. It was a type of love that cannot be described as it is not like anything I have ever known. The love came with the light. It was received and given at the same time. It spread from what I instantly knew was God to encompass everything in the universe and beyond. The love was like bliss and so complete that there was no room for anything else. (No room for evil).
Remarkable OBE while driving.  Very transcendent and life-changing.


82.  Saul P's Experience. 6/3/06  I found myself in a dark tunnel at the end of which I saw a small, powerful light.  I walked slowly but confidently toward it which grew as I got closer.  At the end of my journey, the tunnel and darkness gave way to a complete, ineffable light where there was a resplendent city without shadows.  Three days after this nighttime dream, at 10 a.m. while I was at work, I felt an enormous luminous force ascend from my body to my head which changed my way of seeing the world from being normally gray to illuminated as if everything has its own internal light.
STE via a Kundalini Experience.


81.  Lynn R's Experience. 5/27/06 As my mind meandered amongst the forest of my thoughts, I was unprepared for what waiting there for me.  Without warning, my brain seemed to have a mind of its own.  The tree beyond the window reached out to me and embraced me in its reality.  I had the overwhelming and unquestioning feeling that the tree and I were inseparably and totally one.  I had often felt a kinship with trees.  These majestic silence creatures continually give and ask little in return.  Yet, the experience I was immersed in, like a bottomless pool, was far deeper.  In a way I could not account for, I became the tree, and the tree, in turn, became me.  An essence within the tree was also within me.  Through this fundamental nature we shared our connectedness.  Joy and love surged through me and filled my awareness.  I experienced a connectedness to all of life.
Several remarkable spiritually transformative events including a concept of interconnectedness of all.


80.  Amal's Experience 5/20/06  From Jerusalem  She had a frightening out of body experience that shifted her spiritual awareness.

79.  Nicolla's Experience 3/26/06  I remember looking at her and it was like time stood still.  I remember thinking "my perspective is that I am over here looking at her.  The trees are on my right and I see a slide and a girl".  I realized that her perspective was different.  To her, the world at that moment consisted of seeing me on a towel with the trees on (her) left since we were facing opposite directions.  I realized there was no such thing as true perspective.  To everyone else the world is different. To us the world "consisted" of a backyard and pool although even between the two of us, our reality or perspective was different as noted above -- because each of us was looking at something differently.  But to others I realized that at that very moment the world "consisted" of a different reality -- I realized some people were in war, starving, sleeping, whatever... all looking at different things and experiencing a different reality.
Sudden spiritual insight spontaneously at age 9.

78.  Leo T's Experience 3/11/06  I was now instantly in what appeared to be the Himalayas all covered in snow and only mountains in all directions. I was then at the top in a niche where there was a man sitting with legs crossed, he was bald, had a wrap that went around from across one arm down to his waist. He never said a word, no words were necessary. I new I was to ask him a question. I asked " What is the meaning of life." I was at that moment lifted as if floating, I was turned around and I then occupied his body-space.  At that moment i saw the universe, billions of galaxies, all circling like snowflakes, in a dancing mass. It was alive, spinning, mixing...billions of years passing in only a blink. I saw, knew understood everything. There was nothing of this magnitude to compare, i laughed. It just was. I just knew.
Remarkably profound and transcendent meditation experience.

70. Arturo's Experience 3/4/06 From Chile, Original in Spanish translated to English by Rio.  I finally decided to forget my past and recreate my life, especially for love of my children.  On making this decision I experienced it as a gift, as joy.  Afterwards, I had the sensation of beginning a journey, entering through a door or tunnel that was hidden behind some bushes.  After that, I relived some experiences with my wife or flirted with women when I was young where I understood and completely felt everything that was happening psychologically inside the other person (deep inside  where it would seem not even she realized the profound, positive, loving, and beneficial purpose that each experience between two people has).  This happened in such a way that any feelings of guilt or worry about these people where completely healed and taken away (in a very similar way as when the knots and muscular tensions were taken away when I began the experience).

67. Laine S's Experience 2/19/06 I opened my eyes to see a person sitting across from me.  He smiled when I saw him and I asked who he was.  He said he was my future\higher (Same thought) self.  Needless to say I was rather shocked.  We discussed many things.  He pointed out to me events in my life that led up to experiences that I had were not accidents and that there are no accidents or coincident.  He showed me several examples and showed me that circumstances were created for me that dissolved after I no longer needed them.  It was eye-opening to have somebody walk me through my life and point out things I missed.  I asked questions and he provided me with answers that I had been searching for all my life.  He was very wise and understanding.  I can't remember everything we discussed anymore but it gave me a new perspective on what I am and how my life had been set up.
Remarkable STE.  Cautionary note: I think this experience happened in spite of the associated LSD, and not because of the LSD.  LSD usage is generally dangerous and can be devastating, as we have heard from many others whose accounts we have not published.


65. Bob G's Experience 2/14/06  The voice said "there is a GOD" everything will be all right.  the words were followed by the absolute certain knowledge that what the words said were true.   ? and I mean ABSOLUTE CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE.  Never on earth can we know anything like i understood the meaning of those words at that moment.  Then without words more like a thought  but not  i was somehow given to know that God loved ME unconditionally  followed immediately by a joy or rapture that was unlike anything i had or have know the rest of my life.   The entire preceding episode is as clear to me today  as it was when it happened. i have related this experience to others ever since that day.
STE during ride in car that happened 52 years ago.

65. Tracy B's Experience 2/05/06  During what is called the offertory of the Mass, I was looking down at my hands.  I thought to myself, with mild disgust, "my hands look old, like my mother's".  Just then as I looked up toward the altar and the priest, everything was bathed in a very bright light.  I could still see the doings on the altar as I heard a male voice speak to me.  The voice said these words: "It is not what your hands look like that's important, it's the work they do that's beautiful, and the work of the hands of everyone here."  Upon the hearing of the the word beautiful, it was as if I was looking down into a deep well, I could see written words coming out of this well, words which I understood to define beautiful.
Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE) at Mass.

64. Brad K's Experience 2/05/06  Walking the woods, suddenly finding myself observing myself from above & behind, again timelessness, then "back". Moments later a different ethnic group of unknowns appeared, blocking my path, cursing & threatening. Normal reaction: anger, fear, possibly fatal given the circumstances, yet my "being" knew only compassion & tranquility ... somehow seeing deeply & beyond. A presence ... a voice that wasn't, conveyed "all rightness", protection ... the shouting grew silent, then stares ..  In times of weariness & discouragement, I've tried to discount such experiences & others for the small comfort of giving up, honestly I can't.  I'd always wondered what was meant by "Heaven's at hand & within" ... no longer.
OBE with a great deal of spiritual wisdom.

63.  Shirley W's Experience 1/1/06 It begins then as the acts of kindness and love of every moment, of every being everywhere, as they are gently gathered up and brought into the circle of my arms and circulated throughout the vessel that I AM in waves of overwhelming love. Small, tender, untold acts of child to elder, elder to child, stranger to stranger, family to family, friend to friend, and friend to foe. So many unknown actions except to the few, acts that have made all the difference in another's life, that have lifted the burdens for a brief moment, that have turned whole lives around, that have made one very small ripple in a life troubled by a multitude of pains.  No earthly vessel can hold this love, this magnitude of amazing love, from each human on this planet. It circles through my arms and clear through me and back out into the ethers clearing and marking a path to the stars.
Remarkable spiritual experience.

62. Lu's Experience 12/4/05  i was pretty sure that i was dying [IV methamphetamine overdose], but i felt so calm. i was in my bedroom. there was no-one with me, but suddenly someone [not visible] came & silently guided me through what i should do to increase my chances of living through it. it was the most calming voice... no sound, at all. out of nowhere, i knew things that i had never known before, so i calmly did these things right away.
Experience associated with IV  methamphetamine overdose.  No clear separation of consciousness, but remarkable encounter with loving presence.

61. Pamela B's Experience 10/8/05  As soon as my soul came out and I started going up the tunnel, there was a small circle of white light.  It was sort of a dim circle at the time.  Then the light got closer and closer, while I felt this circle above me and the tunnel.  The circle was expanding in the black.  The circle got bigger and bigger, or I got closer to the light.  I felt much emotion at this time--bewilderment, fear, but also love at the same time.  Even though I now felt for sure that I was dying, I was amazed and curious and scared all at the same time.  I felt an intense sense of peace, love and freedom.  Fear and joy all at once.  Then I sensed if I let this continue, and the circle of light gets big enough to erase all the darkness, and I enter it, that I would die and never return to my body.
Experience at age 14.

60. Georgia S's Experience 9/17/05  I found myself in my little car in a forest glade.  When I looked around me, I saw a path through this forest that wound upward and that at the end of the path was an opening.  And it opened into a really bright white light.  I started driving up the path.  I was absolutely determined to get there.  It was slow going and then it got slower because the path became muddy.  Finally, my car got stuck in the mud and I couldn't go any further.  Still, I decided to walk the rest of the way.  I was going to get into that light no matter what it took. I got all the way to the top when the voice of my oldest daughter distracted me.  She was standing at the end of the path and she looked at me and said, "Not yet, Mom."
Attempted to enter the light in vision, was not allowed to do so.

59. Aussie's Experience 9/3/05  This experience is very difficult to put into words. It was like I was connected to all of creation, I could see or feel the connections. Time became slower like syrup. The experience involved some type of direct knowing as opposed to words in my mind. I became aware of all of creation being like a huge wheel. The experience "told" me that everything, every speck of dust was so important to the whole. The focus then shifted to me, I was "told" that I was also just as important to this completeness as every other thing in this vast wheel. If I was not there there would be a piece missing. I was also told that every event in life has a purpose, even people starving had a purpose and that life and creation was perfect just as it was.
Experience fully awake in room at place of employment.

58. Melanie M's Experience 4/30/05  This is what he said to me:  "You asked me what I do with people's burdens. Well, it's simple:  I hang onto them until you learn the lessons from them, then I give the burden back to you as jewels. The jewels are the lessons you learn. Some lessons are more important than others, hence some jewels are more precious than others, but all equally important."  I was astounded!  I felt very honored to be talking with Him.
Dream OBE with a remarkable encounter with another being.  Very important life lesson taught.

57. Rozee C's Experience 4/30/05 … the most beautiful sight i have ever seen. a perfect being about 7 feet tall, white hair to the shoulders, golden brown skin, huge eyes with fully dilated pupils pouring love into me, smiling radiantly at me as if i also was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. behind him the horizon stretched endlessly. mountains, the ocean, the clear blue sky.
Two visions described.

56. Terry S's Experience 4/30/05  I would always go first and turn on the light, then he would descend on his tummy. Just after I flipped the light switch I heard him cry out and saw him tumbling head first down the stairs. I cried out "Dear God help me!" and witnessed my son suspended in mid-air by one leg, the rest of his body dangling. He arched his back to look up at who had hold of him. I was there with my arms out to catch him, but a few more seconds passed before he was gently placed in my arms. I was totally awake at this time. Months later, while asleep, I watched myself personally handing my child to Jesus and felt the love and peace as I did so.
Encounter with Jesus.

55. Eva L's Experience 3/13/05  Best part: the funny discovery that all this worrying about the past and the future is just a joke, that what our thoughts have nothing to do with our timeless essence, and the feeling of expanding, of spaciousness.  Worst: not really a worst part, except perhaps a bit of remorse of not letting my laughter out, and not knowing how to stay in this experience.
Guided meditation in a Buddhist setting led to a different type of perception regarding past, present, and future.

54. Amy's Experience 2/18/05 then all of a sudden I felt like i was being lifted into the air i didn't feel like i was my whole self, I felt like it was just my soul. I felt like i was floating about 3 inches from my body, it felt like i was on top of myself. I felt extreme weightlessness, like i weighed nothing. I felt I had an adrenalin rush like i was free falling, like i was on a roller coaster. I felt like i couldn't move or breathe, but i didn't need to breathe. I floating there between 6-7 seconds. I was really really scared. Then i was gently put back down into my body. I felt like god reached down and lifted my soul out of me, then put it back into me.
An atheist asked God to prove he existed.


53 Michael M's Experience 2/18/05  At that exact moment, I was pushed down a tunnel and was aware of stone walls as I flew through it at lightening speed and before I knew what had happed: found myself in an intense light. I can remember it hurting my eyes but as I adjusted my vision, was aware I was in cloud. Through this cloud below me I saw a green cliff top and sensed I should fly towards it. As I got nearer I could pick out more detail and noticed there was a person standing below me. I was a bit disorientated at this point but as I landed the figure of a man stood before me. I could not see his face.
This was a very transformative event.

52. Jody C's Experience 2/18/05 Before my visitor left me, we appeared back in my attic bedroom.  He took both my hands, looked me in the eyes, with a piercing brilliance of pure love and energy, and said, "It's up to you now, Jody.  You must keep this family together, Love them, teach them what I tell you, when the time is right."  Then he embraced me, and we both wept.  Then he released me, and I laid back into my body.  I jumped from my bed, and knelt down beside it and cried, "God, why me?  Why did this happen to me?  Why is this my responsibility?"  Then a calming peace came over me, and I felt everything would be all right.  But the love and pureness of the light which for a time, I had been in, still overwhelmed me, and I cried myself to sleep.
Powerful spiritual experience.

51. Patricia S's Experience 12/12/04 First I would feel joy because the lovely scene from nature before me reminded me of "where I came from."  (I always assumed this place was Heaven, though I don't remember when I actually used that word, in my head, to identify the place.)  But shortly after feeling the joy of being reminded of "where I came from" I would feel rather upset and unhappy because I was not THERE and THERE was soooo much more wonderful than this world!  It was as if I was looking at the picture of a loved one and feeling joy at the sight of that face, but knowing that after all the picture was just a two dimensional object not the real, living, wonderful person. This world is like that - in it's most beautiful moments it is no more than a pale reflection at best compared to the reality of Heaven. 
Child STE of pre-existence knowledge.

50. Karla NC's Experience. 11/21/04 This light was Power, Light, something straight from (I hoped!) God. It was going to hit me right on the crown of my head, and I had enough time to get worried. I could hear it coming, and feel it. It sounded awesome. It struck me, (the way I imagine lightning would feel - HUGE EXPLOSION!!) and as I lost consciousness (during this conscious dream state) I seemed to split in two, like a dried out husk, and my last thought at this stage was "I didn't think this could happen during an astral experience [go unconscious!]"!! My "self" shrunk down to a tiny little light, and seemed to blink out. Next thing; I'm flying across a river, and land on a sea shore. (this portion felt more dream like). I look out to sea
There is a lot of powerful imagery in this one.

49. Lisa W's Experience. 10/31/04 i was wide awake and staring at the drapes when i saw a bright light where just seconds before, there were drapes. the light started to take on a form of it's own and within the light stood Jesus Christ. i remember staring into his eyes, i could not look away, i had no thoughts of my own, hypnotized would be more accurate.  paralyzed... he spoke my name and when he did, it echoed 2-3 times in my mind, and after that this is exactly what he said.
She was a 15 year old teenager when she had this transcendental experience.

48. Tracy S's Experience. 10/24/04 & 3/26/05 A short time later the messenger returned and said, "They will see you now." I then followed him through the door and into the garden area. I saw a man in a plain brown robe kneeling in the garden digging it with a trowel. He looked up at me, stood up and brushed the dirt from his knees and walked towards me with His arms open. I knew Him instantly, he was my Father, the Father of my spirit. I ran into His outstretched arms. I felt the greatest most pure love emanating from Him that I have ever felt, and I could feel it healing my spirit. I cried like a child and He comforted me, and soothed me.
An amazing account! An angel led him to the mother/father of his spirit. 

47. Kaye J's Experience. 10/24/04 I turned from the awful spectacle, and in terror ran back on the trestle.  I fell between the tracks.  I heard a calm voice say distinctly...."You die."  "No! No!" I wailed.      The voice asked. "What then?"  I thought immediately of my friend "God" (who was not a part of traditional teaching)  and felt great relief.     I sat up and said with perfect confidence "You will have to get me out of here God."  Then I watched the black mountain fall.  I was lifted about a foot off the ground, and held in a palpable circle of bright light.  It was unlike any thing I had ever felt, but at that time, it felt very natural. 
Miraculous event as a child where she had divine assistance in escaping a train.


46. Bryan W's Experience. 10/24/04  Suddenly, a light began entering my dream from above and behind me - at this point my dream was over - and I remember falling to my knee and looking down at a stone ground. As the light increased in my dream, there was this tremendous feeling that increased with it's presence. The light continued to the point that I became engulfed by it.  I could no longer see my hands as they were also made of light - basically, everything was white light.  One thing I would add, the light didn't hurt my eyes.  This feeling started in the middle of my chest and went through my entire body all the way through my toes and fingers, head, etc.  The only way I can describe the feeling is to say it felt almost like the same feeling when you have an orgasm - but a millions times stronger.   He was angry at God for human suffering - God answered back!


She was deeply grieving her husband's death and had this experience.

44. Dorie C's Experience. 10/24/04 I cant remember how much time had passed in this entire event. It may have been anywhere from half an hour to an hour. But suddenly, my body stopped convulsing and the noise was far in the background and the tent felt full of God's presence. I knew he was there and he was communicating with me. I also 'knew' my  grandmother was there. she had died about 5 years previously. But I knew she was there and I knew there was more than God's presence in the tent.  Encounter with God's presence has helped her change her life.

43.  Tom S's Experience 9/18/04  I opened my eyes and was just lying there very still, feeling this, wondering what was going on, when I suddenly felt two hands on my right shoulder push my physical body down harder into the mattress.  This was undeniably my body being pushed down like someone was leaning straight armed against me and putting his/her weight on me with a quick motion.  Coincident to the touch of those 2 hands a powerful pulse of of the same energy I had awakened to coursed through me.
Angel encounter that was life transforming.

42. Jeff F's Experience 9/18/04  At about eleven at night, I was compelled to fall on my face alone in the dark to pray on the floor.  For three and one half hours, words rolled out of my mouth about every unkind thing I had ever done and every sin.  I kept nothing secret and opened every darkest closet. Then for the next three and one half hours, words rolled off of my tongue about every dark and terrible act being committed among the nations of the earth. The floor was puddled with my tears. 
A bit on the preachy side, but if you like that kind of thing - you'll enjoy this experience.

41. Jessica B's Experience 9/12/04 I was truly 'in tune' with the music and suddenly i felt a beam of light - it felt very bright in the dark concert hall - it shone down on me and seemed to enter the top of my head.  Information was  communicated to me - 'through' the music - that we are light and love and that love truly conquers all - that all of the 'good' and 'bad' things that happen on this earth are nothing compared to love.  And then i had a vision of how everything is related and truly 'one'.  Profound and transformative event.

40. Rebecca R's Experience 7/27/04 Soon, I was ,I felt ,in space. There was a blackness at first then suddenly huge clusters of stars and lights bouncing from all directions. Then all these pieces of light seemed to create a funnel of brightness that the hands guided me through.  Immediately passing through this I was floating over the ocean right before complete night comes to the world. I remembered for an instant that I have a fear of deep waters. It was then that the hands that were holding mine suddenly, without missing a beat, swooped me up into their arms and held me close. Whoever this was knew my fear without me saying a word. I felt protected and secure in these arms.
Amazing discussion with spirit guides.


39.  Alan Z's Experience 7/27/04 One night I dreamt I was in a dark, primitive room made of mud walls.  Around the perimeter of the room were shadowy people, including myself.  Suddenly, I was in the center of the room looking back toward where I'd been standing along the wall.  In my place was now a glowing woman in colorful flowing robes.  Then, I saw a bright white light in the shape of a cross shining on floor in front of me from a skylight above.  I looked up into this impossibly bright white light and the dream cracked open with a highly dramatic surge of power going up my spine.  Suddenly, my vision changed and I saw the face of Jesus and a voice say "I am Jesus".  Then, my face was transposed onto Jesus' face and I saw my own cracking into pieces.  The vision left and I was left weeping in my bed, very frightened by the power of the experience. 
STE and a NDE-Like experience

38. Anthony S's Experience 6/13/04 All of a sudden, I felt so incredibly free!  I ‘saw/sensed’ everything around me in the room and just wanted to get away from it all.  So I directed by mere thought, my consciousness to go ‘up’.  I went through the ceiling and could still see in every direction.  I saw the attic as I passed the interior ceiling and then as I went through the roof I saw everything at once.  The sun, the clouds, the trees, the gravel in the driveway, feathers blowing in the wind along the ground, the vehicles, the neighbor's house, etc. etc.  The feeling of liberation was so very incredible and intense and I just ‘decided’ to continue going ‘up’.  It was a strange sensation looking back now.  Not as though it was actual motion (though it seemed like it at first), but more like a changing of perception.  It was more like everything else was moving or ‘shifting’ as my perception changed. 
A totally life changing SOBE.

37. Nicole F's Experience 6/12/04 First of all, there was an instant shift inside of me - a higher energy was over me and inside me at the same time.  I felt a tremendous swelling of love within me and it kept growing.  The best analogy I could use is blowing air into a balloon.  The balloon expands and gets larger, the more air you put into it.  I felt like I was expanding with love and joy as this energy (which I identified as my angel) was inducing this sensation.  Love and joy are words that have been used repeatedly when describing these experiences.  As such, it probably sounds trite.  But the sensation I felt far exceeds the human concept of these emotions.  The love and joy kept swelling and I knew I was approaching ecstasy.
Wonderful contact with her guardian angel through meditation!

36. Ann C's Experience 5/29/04 The presence was LAUGHING at me b/c 1)I had forgotten concepts that were so obvious, and 2)I had been living my life as if my identity as a human was real and fixed, when in fact it was all just an ILLUSION. Somehow I had forgotten that though there are intense/sorrowful dramas on this earth, our REAL natures are completely untouched by the sadness of the world. None of the stuff we believe to be important is even real! It's as if we're on this earth playing roles, following scripts -- but in actuality we're OK and not who we think we are. I "saw" internally a panorama of all the humans on earth, and how we're all caught up in our dramas, fictions of our own making!
An encounter from the other side that left her transformed.

35. Pepe M's Experience 5/22/04  From Spain  I then found myself inside of this incredible HUGE and VERY, VERY BRILLIANT PURE WHITE LIGHT, although the center of it seemed to be a little further away in front of me.  The light was HUGE, coming from everywhere, and it was POWERFUL (stronger and bigger than the sun). It was like a HUGE swimming pool full of light instead of water (better yet, an ocean). I mean that everywhere you looked, there was white light, only white light. But the light was beautiful to look at (I don't know why), and it did not hurt my eyes.
Pepe is one of our Spanish translators on  His spiritually transformative event has led him on a spiritual quest and he does a wonderful job spreading the word of love and peace to others!


34. Cousin's Experience 5/22/04  From Spain Basically, in about a second (as she says), she had instant access to ALL KNOWLEDGE regarding her own life questions. She means all the questions she has wondered about all her life, and she tells me that now she has no doubt whatsoever about anything which is important to her. She also received a high dose of PURE DIVINE LOVE which was so wonderful that cannot be described in words. That being so, right after the STE  she started to explain her husband the meaning of EVERYTHING (regarding her life questions), things that she did not know before, and she kept talking to him non-stop for a long time (more than an hour I think)… she also told me she would like to write the whole thing down and tell everybody.
Resultant experience from reading about the near death experiences on


33 Debra M's Experience 3/22/04  When the light rested at the foot of the bed directly at my feet it pulsed a light up over my body engulfing it and penetrating it.  The light spoke inside my body, telepathically I guess.  It said ( I am the virgin) be not afraid , the universe is unfolding as it should. Come i have something to show you. I was pulled from my body and overcome with a sense of innocence and wide-eyed wonder and I was filled with a feeling of all-knowingness and love.  I felt utterly comforted and safe with this being and felt shrouded with a divine essence.
This wasn't just a dream!

32.  Malcolm C's Experience 3/22/04  I woke up from being asleep, felt that I was not breathing and lay for what seemed a few seconds not able to move or breath and it was dark and I was laying on my bed.  Then I saw a brilliant light to the upper left of my vision that seemed distant.  It was incredibly hot and bright but I could look at it and I felt warm and safe.  I remember feeling very calm and happy and very emotional.  I wanted to be in the light and I felt like what was in the light was reality and the life I have I did not want to go back to.  I felt that everything I ever wanted to know about me was inside the light and that there were people there. 
A transcendent dream

31.  Keith F's Experience 2/20/04  Then far away I saw a tiny dot of white light. I stopped rolling and focused on the light. I was glad to not be alone in this infinite space yet I remained emotionally neutral. The white light became larger and larger as it got closer until I saw that it was a person. This person continued to come closer. It was a male spirit being wearing a white robe looking much like Jesus with his arms outstretched downward at a 45 degree angle, palms facing outward.
This is the beginning of a spiritual journey.

30. Mark B's Experience 011/14/03  I looked around and saw the figure of a man approaching me. I knew right away who it was (Jesus, but being the stubborn person I am, had to ask just to be absolutely sure. I asked Him, "Are you who I think you are?" He said "Yes I am". Not really knowing what to do, I shook His hand and said "Cool!" I then asked, "So, do I get to stay or what?"
An experience where he encountered Jesus, and it has drastically changed his life.

29. Cathey L's Experience 08/10/03 A shrouded skeleton, much like the pictures we see of the “grim reaper” appeared. The doctor told me not to be afraid, he was a friend. He then gave me a large bouquet of pink roses. The shroud picked me up and we began flying back to my home. While flying I saw the stars and cosmos surrounding us. As we got closer, I saw the earth, then the city, then the streets of my town. As we flew closer I saw a cemetery that was close to my home. The thought came into my mind “this was your old life, it has been buried”. The roses the doctor had given me began to shrivel and die; the petals began dropping onto the cemetery grounds.
What a remarkable experience with NDE-like imagery!

28. Christina C's Experience 06/14/03  Suddenly I was bathed in a bright white light which came from my right, I felt that the light went on forever and within it was a presence, (the only way I can describe it), and complete and pure love. I lost track of time and was aware of my current physical surroundings but unable to see them as I could only see the light. Within what must have been a few seconds I felt completely comforted and able to walk under the bridge as many times as I needed to, I felt I could do anything alone as I was never really alone. There was no voice, no vision of a being, just the light and the knowledge that we are loved and never alone. I told no one of this event until years after.
Spontaneous visit that helped her to cope with life's difficulties.

27. Ann J's Experience 05/31/03 The next coherent slide was an outdoor image, of an immense Buddha carved out of the side of a mountain. I still remember it very clearly. The exposed stone of the mountain was a light to medium gray (not red or yellow like sandstone) and the Buddha was carved in a cross-legged position (that I now know is the Lotus position, though I didn't know it at the time). He wore robes over one shoulder but the other shoulder was bare, and the wrinkles of the robe were very finely carved. The statue was probably about 75 to 100 feet high.
Buddhist flashback occurring in a Lutheran Church that was a STE that established a firm belief in reincarnation.

26. Robin D's Experience 05/31/03  Suddenly, the staircase I was looking at "morphed" as it were, into a shaftway or tunnel, extending upward. I saw a light blue sky at the end.  Then, out of nowhere, appeared a light.  It looked, I thought then, like the sun.  But I could look right into it.  It shone very brightly and it rippled or pulsed-that's the best way I can put it. It remained at the end of this stairway/tunnel extending skyward.  I never moved any nearer to it.  It spoke without using words.  It communicated a lot about universal goodness, God, the universe, life in this plane. 
Answer to depressed teenager's pray to God.


25.    Jonathan F's Experience.  5/12/03  It seemed almost at the end of these words I opened my eyes and was enveloped in the most intense light I had ever known. I had the feeling that I was no longer where I had been, I could see nothing but this light, I have no recollection of seeing my body or anything else but this light. With the light though came a feeling of love, peace and understanding I had never know at any other time in my short life. I have no idea how long this lasted, if I remember right it was three or four minutes real time, but it seemed to last for hours and hours. Nothing was said to me I did not hear voices, nor did I see any beings, people or otherwise, just the light and the overwhelming feeling of peace and love.
Prayer to God right before suicide attempt.

24. Donna M's Experience 05/11/03 I was at a place that was space, filled with light. From afar my eyes were watching me (in light form) communing with a brilliant Light Form. This Light Form and I were communicating our pure Love for each other. No words were exchanged. This was done telepathically. Light filled all space. This Light Form was revealing Itself to me. I understood I was being blessed to "Know" this.
An experience with tremendous love and light.


23. Kathy V's Experience 04/19/03  What I saw was shocking, stunning, beautiful and horrible and out of this world all at once:  Laying beside me I saw not my husbands physical body, but his light body.  The light was blindingly beautiful, and the matrix of the outline of his body was blue-white and pulsing and vibrating and flowing.  Shockingly, at the area of his heart was what I can only describe as a "cannon blast" from the inside out, a giant hole (bowling ball sized) in his light body, and the edges were torn and ragged and burnt black-red in color with the very edges burnt black, bending outward as from an inside blast.  His "light" was streaming out of the hole, leaking out so fast like blood pumping from a severed artery.
Marriage trouble from husband cheating on her.  This vision during OBE changed her life.


22. Rob G's Experience 04/19/03  After about ten minutes laying there with my eyes closed, I began experiencing a bright, beautiful greenish/blue light. Almost like a dimmer, it took about ten seconds to start from dark to a super bright light, although it didn't hurt my eyes. My eyes are still closed!  I then felt a presence in the light, a very loving energy. I remained calm. I didn't move, yet in hindsight, I don't think I even tried to move. I didn't want to scare the wonderful experience away.
An transcendent experience as a teenager is amazing!


21. Cindy B's Experience 04/19/03 Immediately after praying for Jesus to come into my life, I felt myself being raised up in the air, and I was looking down at my body down there praying, and sitting next to me was a man in white.  I could only see our backs, but he had his arm around me.  Then the voice said "Everything is going to be okay now".  Suddenly it was over, and I was left with a feeling of indescribable peace.  I suddenly KNEW things, and saw experiences in my past and the true meaning behind them.  I cannot put into words this sense of knowing and seeing, but it transformed my life and my personality was changed in an instant.  I had no FEAR anymore - fear had ruled my life in the past.  I felt SO free.  And full of forgiveness. 
Spiritually transformative event!


20. Norma B's Experience 04/19/03  We stopped and he motioned with his arms.  I knew that he meant for me to step back, the ground was going to open.  I looked down and the ground separated.  Below my feet was a beautifully clear pool of water, clear all the way down without a muddy bottom.  I saw a fish and as it moved through the water sprinkles of colors rippled through the water which I could feel through my body. It was wonderful and I didn't want to return. 
Encounter with a being during a dream/obe was spiritually transforming for her.


19. James K's Experience 04/19/03 In the corner of the bedroom, a small flame the size of a candle flame was burning. It looked just like a small candle flame. Then I heard a male voice that seemed to come from behind the flame not from within the flame. I saw no one.  And it said, "I am the way, the truth, and the light, follow me." Then vanished.  Then slowly, I seemed to float downward. There was a sensation of re-entering my body, which is why I say it was an OBE, though I couldn't tell in the darkness. 
Pentecostal Minister's STE occured during a SOBE.


18. Peter W's Experience 12/22/02  Before one particularly odious court hearing, I could not sleep for five nights in a row, worrying. Lying in bed about 3 a.m, puzzling over something, I suddenly felt myself lifted into heaven. God answered the puzzle in my mind, then began to explain a few things about life. God described man as going through a difficult transition, which many species have gone through on many planets through-out the universe. God revealed that as the sun heats up in the coming billions of years, life is intended to migrate to the out planets: First Europa (a moon of Jupiter), and then around Saturn, etc, as the sun continues to heat up. Whatever beings are around a billion years from now will seed the outer planets with life, to continue the party out there.
Although described in terms as being a psychological near death experience, the events (no matter how they are classified) are spiritually transforming.

17. Patricia C's Experience 12/7/02 When I arrived in the classroom I lay back on a row of chairs and felt myself ascending again I opened my eyes and could see a light and the clouds in the sky. There was a point when I could see or feel as though I was struggling to pass some beings that did not want me to continue upward the beings were like clouds themselves. After I passed that level I felt confident and looked ahead and saw someone dressed in like platinum in the distance one hand was outstretched and I think I was being beckoned to come.
A couple of SOBE experiences associated with prayer.

16. Nora P's Experience 11/24/02 He began to speak to me through his mind; his mouth or body never moved. He said "do you know where that road leads to?" I just answered "yes." I just knew it must be Heaven. He said, "do you want to get there?" I answered, "yes."  He went on and said, "Jesus was given a cross to carry, he carried his cross.  You've been given a cross.  Are you going to carry it or are you going to leave it there?"  Of course, I wanted to get to Heaven.  I felt a little sad because I thought I was getting ready to escape my horrid life.
What a wonderful affirmation from the other side for coming through life's difficulties!

15.  Sam J's Experience.  11/9/02  TOGETHER WE BURST THROUGH THE DOOR, AND FINALLY ENTERED INTO MUCH LIGHT.  But only i emerged, clothed and alone. A group of brightly lit individuals passed me, giving me a knowing and loving welcome. But why was i embodied, clothed, and not dressed like the welcoming committee?  I was bewildered.  There was no where to go other than to follow where the LOVING souls were leading me.  The new arrivals (like me) flow through the line, but I am stopped. I saw a man who resembled the son of God, himself.  Or maybe it was Peter, who welcome you at the gate.  Whoever it was, gave a silent wave of a finger. 
Drug and alcohol excess caused this spiritually transformative event.  Although it is unclear as to whether he died or if the intoxicants influenced the experience, it is certain that it caused positive change in this man's life.

14. Mary B's Experience.  10/29/02 & 2/15/03  And then HE spoke to me. I didn't hear a voice nor see a form. But I was clearly and intensely aware of a communication directly into my consciousness from an OTHER of indescribable goodness, kindness and power.. and I recognized him as I would my mother or father. I felt I had known him before but had somehow forgotten him until that minute. I trusted him completely with no apprehension for he was, I knew, completely to be trusted.
This is one of the most amazing spiritual encounters with God - which both, she and her friend, experienced at the same time!  Another handprint of God was that when Mary opened her e-mail from me asking for permission to post, she was listening to a song entitled, "I Love to Tell The Story."


13.    Gail K's Experience.  10/13/02  I was asking Jesus to help me. Alternately begging Him and daring Him that my heart and soul were open and to come  into my heart. Well he did. In a moment and I felt it physically!! happen - I felt Jesus in my chest, in my heart, I couldn't see Him and didn't need too. I felt his warmth radiate through me. I knew it was Him and He knew I knew it was Him.
This experience shows the transformative power of prayer through contact with Jesus.

12.  Aaron W's Experience  10/1/02 "Yes.  I realized how little I really knew about life, and how I was closing myself off. I really started to pay attention to looking through other people's eyes. The experience changed my life, and was profound." 
A lucid dream with a tremendous impact on his spiritual path!

11.  Joey P's Experience.  9/4/02 "As the chill reached the top of my head I felt a flick with a "ping" sound.  I looked to my right and saw a figure.  It was dark.  I focused in and saw the face of a terrifying demon.  It had horns twisting out from its forehead.  It had green/black, beat up skin, was hunched over, a human, evil face and snarling scary teeth.  It was strong to the bone.  You would not think of touching it."
Frightening experience from attempted suicide really changed this fellow around!  This experience has two components, the first story was submitted 4/29/02 and the second time he submitted the story shows more integration and a change in how he views the world.  9/4/02

10.  Tony S's Experience.  7/22/02  "In healing it is gentle, subtle, but this was fizzing, raw power rushing through me, 10,000 volts compared to the 12 volt trickle-charge of healing. It had a striated texture, like the run-off from a dam, and a feel of blue, white, yellow color, but I could not say whether it passed up or down me, it seemed to be both. It was awesome, ecstatic,  not threatening, and I seemed to know it would stop soon." 
Wow!  This is one amazing account with some deep insights about the in-between world - not the least of which is how sex feels in the OBE state!


9.  Traci's Experience: 5/25/02."When I realized this boy could be of the spirit world I was so overwhelmed with complete shock and fascination that I believe it caused me to re-enter my body. Instantly after this revelation I re-entered through my head and I was back in my body.( This was the feeling of my head instantly being raised as described before). I had been changed forever and instantly picked up phone to tell someone, anyone all about it." 
This is a striking newby SOBE (12 days ago), but the after effects are what place this into the STE category.  There will still be a lot of integration and would be interesting to have a follow-up in a year to see if there are any changes or new insights. 


8.    Bob A's NDE. 5/14/02. "I was asked to use my psychic gifts to help police find a murderer. . . The last one was working on a missing girl case in Moose Lake, Minnesota. I was working in Cincinnati, Ohio at the time, and my brother called me up about a girl missing in Moose Lake,  as he was telling me her name I was able to see the killer and exactly how he did it. My brother told me to call the police up there and I did, they said if they need help they will call me!" 
Although Bob's NDE is highly noteworthy, the aftereffects are truly astounding!  This is an excerpt from a murder case that occurred 900 miles from where he was working a construction job.  His methods have a strong and recurring theme of prayer and solid belief in Jesus and the Bible.  He talks of incidents involving healing, reincarnation, and future events.
This is one of the more astounding cases that I have ever run across.  I want to express profound gratitude to Bob for sharing his story.  Although he is a bit shy about his dyslexia handicap that prevented him from filling out the NDERF form, and apologized over and over again, he did e-mail us and indicate that he really wanted to share.  I cannot tell you how humble I felt in the presence of such a unique and highly spiritual fellow.  It was such an honor to interview him so that I could help him share his experiences with others.   - Jody

7.    Mary N's Experience  5/5/02.  "I told my parents and they said it was the devil messing with me. There very superstitious. I know that's not true. Actually the experience helped me live a better life." 
Although an OBE, the effect was one of a spiritually transformative event.  


6.  Marilyn E's Experience  5/2/02.  "Yes, something was moving in there!!! I had to steel myself to try to find out what it was. With amazement I realized it was the new flesh actually GROWING! It began to fill the hole as we watched -as though many weeks of new, clean flesh was growing in the space of as many minutes. I had seen many other miracles happening during healings here, so perhaps I should not find it so amazing this time. But it was!"
This series of events goes far beyond the power of prayer, and is extremely instructive in charity, the Christ light, creating heaven on earth.  Such an amazing and powerful story from England. 

5.    Phillip L's Experience  4/13/02.  "Incidentally, before my experience I had no prior experience, belief or even interest in anything ‘spiritual’, nor did I acknowledge any higher power. (My early religious ‘teachers’ insisted that the love I spoke of within me was essentially different and invalid before the love of God. A belief which left the best of the Self out in the cold, and which immediately estranged me from religious teachings.)" 
One man's spiritual journey that is utterly fascinating.

4.    Tony W's Experience  4/4/02."One night I had a strange dream.  I dreamt that I told my wife I needed to tell my father about our daughter, and in my dream she said 'Well why don't you phone him'. I answered saying that the number I had for him was quite old and that he probably wouldn't be there anymore and my wife said ' Give it a try anyway'.   I did and he answered."
This is one amazing set of coincidences, before and after telephoning his deceased father in the dream.

3.    Jason G's Experience  3/14/02.  All of a sudden there I was suspended over what I can only describe as a "Celestial Ocean accompanied by the most magnificent symphony I have ever heard... but...I didn't actually hear it... there was no sound... (the sound of silence ? or the soundless sound ?) it was more like totally experiencing it with all of my senses AND my sense seemed to cross over... I mean I could actually taste, smell and feel color and sound.... there were no limits or boundaries... I was It and It was Me.... I suddenly knew what it was to be one with the all that is...  at one with the universe.... what a profound peace... awesome.... exhilarating.... spiritually moving. 
Great description of what it is like for the soul to be at one with the universe. 

2.    Bill W's Experience.  3/9/02.  It was only when I knew that I was being returned (sent back) that I suddenly realized my existence. I cried and cried and pleaded bitterly, with such anguish to God that He NOT send me back. I did not want to leave the peace I had been placed in, the light of which I was now a part. 
NDE-like imagery, but an awesome transformation from agnostic to firm belief in  God and Jesus.

1.    Jena's Experience.  It occurred during the month of August '81 or '82 while in a "sleep state" but, it is far more vivid than anything I have ever consciously experienced, far more vivid than this glassy faced monitor that sits before me.  There has not been a waking day since, when I have failed to remember. 
This seems like a lucid dream with a lot of subconscious imagery, but the content was so vivid it transformed her life forever.