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348. Lawrence C Experience 1/14/2018 Phase 2 – A Celestial Tour Guide then came to coax me out of the Silent Void of NOW (No Ordinary Witnessing) and back into the Duality of Spirituality’s' Time-Space-Energy states including: I (the Conscious Awareness 'I') went inside of and at-one-with a granite rock stepping stone leading into the first library. Here in the rock I experience and then 'imperience' (co-resonated in and with) the various multi-harmonic etheric frequencies (including those first, second and third level harmonics) of living … consciously entangled . . . energy fields that are precursors to and thus comprise a physical rock.
Remarkably transcendent STE described.


347. Wallace A Experience 12/19/2017 I was transported to outer space and was shown the earth. I was far enough out that I could see the entire planet and I could feel the emotions and suffering of the people of the world. The area of the most suffering seemed to be the African continent, but it also occurred worldwide to a slightly lesser extent. I was suffering along with the world because I could feel what they felt.
STE with insights about why there is suffering in the world.


346. Helena L Experience 12/9/2017 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. Being of a anxious nature, I didn't feel any fear at that moment. I was welcomed by angels praising me, knowing me, waiting for me. They were greeting me in Arab language: « Salam aleykoum wa rahmatoullah ». Meaning : “The peace and mercy of God, should be on you”. I didn't exchange any word during this experience. Everything was done from mind to mind, instantly. Difficult to explain. When I say that I saw angels, it was not with my eyes but still always with my mind/spirit. You see everything, everywhere, at once.
STE from Muslim contributor. Both in English and in French.


345. Sandra A Experience 12/7/2017 From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. I continued to fly across a kind of vast, peaceful lake, of which was emanating a calm that was beyond comprehension to me. Then at the horizon a small light appeared and I was thinking, this could be a sun, but the light grew, and then it was clear to me: “Ah! That's THE light! Am I now allowed to go home (God's Realm)?” I was extremely happy and jubilantly wanted to fly into the light, when I heard a clear and loud 'Stop'. Immediately I stopped.
Remarkably transcendent STE. Posted in English and German.


344. Nejat K Experience 11/28/2017 Originally from Turkey. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I found myself (in my mind - that's the best definition - but in no way imagination, I didn't have the mood to imagine anything!) in a space filled with billions and billions of luminous particles. Similar to tiny stars, but so innumerable, that they made up the very essence of the space surrounding me. There were no walls, no ceiling, no floor. I was like in a tunnel where everything was luminous, thousands of billions of luminous particles....
STE with spiritual insights. In English and French.


343. Anna H Experience 11/4/2017 From New Zealand. She very maturely told me 'You know why I'm here' I realised she was speaking to me through her eyes, telepathically. Her eyes were the most beautiful and sparkly loving eyes I have ever seen like they were perfect. I thought 'What a weird thing to say' but shortly after started realising why she had chosen to be my niece and why I was her Aunty. Once I fully understood how our lives fitted together I then starting understanding the next level and the next and the next to the point that I understood how the entire universe worked.
Remarkably transcendent STE dream.

342. Amanda R Experience 10/14/2017 A moment later I saw a misty space above me that seemed to swirl in space. Then I felt a strong pulling upwards towards the ceiling, like I was being yanked up off my bed by my heart, and I felt a rushing sensation like I was being pulled through a cloudy tunnel at great speed towards a light. This rushing feeling didn't last long and I found myself suddenly in a tremendous expanse of wisps of colors swirling around everywhere. I had no body, no sense of gravity, no direction, very little sense of 'self' perspective.
STE that was NDE-like.


341. Victor C Experience 10/8/2017 From Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. Suddenly I felt myself come out of my body and rise, going through a white coloured tunnel, towards a kind of white cloud. As the cloud of light approached me, I started to feel an immense love, and an immense spiritual pleasure, while at the same time I felt an intense warmth in my heart. I knew immediately that I was connecting with God.
STE of merging with God.. Posted in Spanish and English.


340. Christine H Experience 10/2/2017 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. More and more brighter, illuminated by a white, magnificent light, very, very intensive, but at the same time soft. There's nothing anymore than this wonderful light and an indescribable happiness. Everything is perfect, there are no questions and no answers, no time, no weight. A luminous happiness, immense well-being, lightness.
Was reading a book on bed with sudden SOBE. Posted in French and English.


339. Martina R Experience 9/27/2017 I felt so much love welling up in me, love not directed at anyone or anything in particular. Just love rising in me and pouring out of me towards everything. As I walked on, rejoicing in this wonderful feeling of love, it spread and was just everywhere. My surroundings seemed to have a rose colored tint to it, it was absolutely beautiful.
Experience of feeling intense love spontaneously.


338. Stephanie W Experience 9/15/2017. I sensed Her and the truths of the Universe more fully, and I felt that we were against a backdrop of the entirety of the manifested Universe. She is The Mother. The language I want to use for her is not the way I normally speak. She is cloaked in stars. She is utterly, truly purely loving and this love is unconditional. I sensed her as being black, like the void of space, and lit with stars.
This is a hard experience to classify. One could call it a possible NDE, but 13 days in an ICU you can't tell when the experience happened. It could be ICU psychosis, it could be an intense dream, or it could be really happening in a different dimension. But one thing that does stand out is how this experience profoundly affected Stephanie and transformed her spiritual views.


337. Helen S Experience 7/30/2017. I noticed as I looked out the window that I was one with the blades of grass and the rocks in the road. I was enveloped in a love I could not put into words. This divine love was in everything and in me. At the core of my being, I was this love and so was everyone else. In this state of grace, there was no right or wrong, no good or bad, and no judgment whatsoever. Fear was non-existent. There was no death and I knew that we all live forever. Everyone I met was love.
Remarkably profound STE.


336. Elizabeth A Experience 7/15/2017. He instructed me to look past the roof to the sun, then past the sun to the sky, then past that. I received the impression that behind the sun and behind the sky, there was a world invisible and yet all around me, and that world was realer. I'll explain 'realer' after. It was what I was used.
STE at age 7.


335. Sylvie P Experience  7/15/2017 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. Not being a believer and refuting a God who would accept the suffering of this world, I nevertheless said the following words: 'God if you exist do something (I was physically and morally devastated). I didn't have finished my sentence, when everything surrounding me was but light, a vibrant fluctuating light, at the same time soft and strong. Everything was of a dense and fluctuating transparency, and above all I felt myself being taken into this process of an unbelievable strength and well-being.
STE from an avowed atheist. Posted in English and French.


334. Chris T Experience  6/21/2017 I start seeing little light swirling about my head. Startled, I kept in mind per instruction not to release my focus on my navel no matter what. The light grew in number. The light gave me the clear impression that they were alive; even happy. As the light grew in number they evenually filled the sky and my entire surrounding until their was nothing but light 360 decrees. At that point I knew I was no longer in my body. In fact I knew I had no body. The place I was in was infinite. It was imbued with a feeling of confidence and extreme sensation of love.
Was in Buddhist meditation for four days, then had an STE.


333. Mavis M Experience  6/3/2017 I then noticed a pin needle of light within this darkness. As I noticed it, I tried to reach for it, and as I tried to reach for it, I began to get closer and closer still to this growing light. As I grew closer, I felt better. In a flash, I was in the light. Within the light, I found myself floating down towards a pasture that had a horse pen. I always loved horses, and a man was sitting on the white picket fence, looking at the white horse.
STE during time of depression.


332. Marcella P Experience  4/16/2017 At that instant, (what I now relate all seemed to happen in less than 1/1000 of a second, and happened all at once, as well) the Real, Living Presence of Jesus appeared. He was more alive than anything in this Universe. His being was All Power, Glory, Light, and Love, I imagine that this is how He appeared to the Apostles after His resurrection. The Power radiating from Him was enough to blast the entire Universe apart. He appeared in the shape of a human body, but the Glory was so intense that I did not ‘see’ any things such as hair color, facial features, clothing. Every cell in my body recognized Him, and there was the strong awareness that I had known Him for eternity. It's difficult to describe, but His ‘Jesus-ness’ was so intense - He radiated every ounce of His ‘Being-ness, Human-ness as Jesus-on-this-earth, that there was no mistaking who He was. It was impossible not to know that He was Jesus, and there was no other being in this Universe that He could be mistaken for.
Major STE at age 28 with awareness of Jesus. Many other experiences.


331. Mary M Experience  3/9/2017 At the end he said the phrase, 'give your life completely up to Christ'. I remember only that phrase out of everything that happened at the assembly. The Christ appeared ahead of me and to my right, just behind the left shoulder of the speaker. I instantly fell into that presence and lost all awareness except for that of a profound sacredness so complete that the world, time, space and all form literally disappeared. I was infused with a holiness that transcends all things and forgives all things absolutely, a peace which enveloped all which ever was or will be.
STE as encounter with Christ at age 12 while at a school assembly. Remarkable spiritual wisdom including insights regarding forgiveness.


330. Peter S Experience  2/12/2017 The features of the face did not move, but I sensed a great, wise intelligence, beyond any given human being. The Intelligence communicated to me that I was loved way and above what I considered possible, that no fault, no bad habit, no sin, no error, ever got in the way of a steady, overflowing, all-encompassing love for me as a person. What is more, I knew that this Love is universal, as a song says, 'not just for some, but for everyone.' And that universality did not diminish by one iota the profound love I was receiving.
STE dream that is NDE-like with insights about love.


329. Mattie A Experience  1/19/2017 From India. And finally I met God, He appeared as an orb of white light at first and I was a bit disappointed I didn't get a chance to walk with him. God never reveals his true face; he always shrouds himself in light. The next time I had a vision of Paradise God appeared like an old man with a long white beard and flowing robes (an image I was comfortable with as I always imagined God like that as a kid) and I walked hand in hand with him and I asked the same questions I asked Jesus in church - why can't all humans go to heaven, we all fell together, lets go home together ! But He also replied only the righteous go to paradise. The righteous I know now are those who believe in salvation through Jesus. And then the vision disappeared.
Athiest who encountered God.


328. Florence D Experience  1/8/2017 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I didn't travel through a tunnel. I found myself immediately bathed in a supernatural light. It was extremely brilliant but not hurting. It had an aspect, how can I say, 'compact, enveloping', like cotton. It was golden, with waves or pulsations; it was warm, benevolent, without judging; it was unconditional Love. The sensation was really very pleasant and appeasing, a thousand times more intense than the biggest orgasm.
NDE-like STE that started as a dream. Both in English and in French.


327. Marina M Experience  1/7/2017 From Italy. Original in Italian. Little by little, I saw the tunnel and I was rising in the tunnel very fast and at light speed. At the end of the tunnel, I had reached the light. I found myself floating with my soul in space like what astronauts see. The sky was dark. I was very happy as it was so beautiful to be there without problems, pains, or suffering. I felt this great presence that was like a huge spirit, the creator of everything. It was so great and powerful that I should have been scared. I was sand-dust compared with it but it was treating me as a human being; despite that it was invisible and I could not see it. A long dialogue started between me and him. He was talking to me through visions that crossed me in this space.
Very transcendent and NDE-like experience that started from prayer. Both in English and in Italian.


326. Eric Experience 10/31/2016 From Belgium Suddenly I was flooded by the greatest feeling of love you can imagine. I never have felt this before (even with my first girlfriend when I was 16, the first love of my life, this doesn't even come close) nor have I felt this later. It was incredible. The feeling of love and being loved was so intense. Then a voice in my head started to communicate with me.
STE with spiritual insights.


325. Kathy T Experience 9/20/2016 All of a sudden I came up to another plane. I saw thousands of white, beautful Angels or beings. And I said 'oh, thats where the beautiful sounds coming from'. One Angel came to me and we communed telepathically. She looked at me with such love and compassion. She could see everything there was about me, there was nothing I could hide, although I did not want to hide anything. She was pure white and iridescent with form but without form, it's hard to put it into words, but she was beautiful and full of pure love and compassion.
STE at time of severe side effects from medication.


324. Silvia Experience 9/18/2016 From Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated into English by Sean.A thought came into my head, and I said in an almost happy voice “Ahhh... it is going to be like this” referring to my death. Then all the water went...and then everything was totally white, everything was light – not blinding – but clear and a feeling of absolute love like I had never felt. The pleasure, the enjoyment or happiness was imeasureable. If I had to choose a word, it would be ecstasy or an eternal orgasm...
STE from relaxing in the ocean. In English and in Spanish.


323. Doreen W Experiences 9/18/2016 When I looked at the people on the machines I saw Light in their stomachs. Each one of the people was lit up with this bright Light. The next day I was sitting in my chair in the living room when all of a sudden I realized who I truly am. I saw that I was really God. I know that sounds strange but I saw that I was whole and perfect and that I didn't need or want anything at all. I told my husband "I am that I am". Again all my fear went away.
Two STEs involving seeing light.


322. Helen R Experiences 7/13/2016 I became aware of a much brighter light behind my head, in the room. I turned my head and looked. In the doorway between the living room and dining room was a tall column of light, reaching almost all the way to the ceiling. I couldn't see a figure in it, but i knew instinctively that this was Christ. He began moving toward me at the speed of a mortal man walking.
STE meeting with Christ and SOBE while explaining about God to an atheist.


321. Miriam A Experience 7/11/2016 The feeling I had brought tears to my eyes and continues to do so even today when I tell someone this story. It didn't last for long...I'd say about 30 seconds. Then it was gone and it has not happened to me since that night… The immense love I felt cannot be expressed in words.
STE with feelings of love.


320. Sylvie G Experience 7/7/2016 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. Then, far away at the right, I notice a white cylinder made of rings. I'm seeing the rings because they create a gray shadow. But the cylinder is very white, very luminous. I'm attracted irresistibly. And I notice what is at the other end of the tunnel. It's magnificent. Lights, rather green and a bit yellow, but light; there are some things like light bubbles dancing. There are sounds also. Not music nor voices, but very soft sounds. I feel better and better. I'm realizing that the light bubbles are in fact 'spirits' of deceased people. And there, I see my grandmother Juliette dancing in the light (she died 2 years before). I'm not astonished, as she always told me that she adored dancing! I feel better and better, filled with peace.
An STE from an attempted suicide with a dosage far too small to be fatal. Experience posted In both English and French.


319. Rebecca V Experiences 6/12/2016 I wondered to myself with an innocent curiosity, 'Hm... I wonder why that sign is red and white... Why did the owners choose those colors?' Then suddenly it HIT me! Everything! The answers to everything. I KNEW everything. I knew why the signs were that color, I knew why fish swam, I knew why we do the things we do, I knew why we were here, I knew everything there was to know. It was so instantaneous; like a split second.
Three remarkable STEs.


318. Marsha R Experience 5/15/2016 I saw a PURE WHITE SUN above me, a few feet above me -- it was perhaps 4-8 inches thick; its rays were 2 inches thick and 8-12 inches long. When I first saw this PURE WHITE SUN, I realized that this WHITE SUN was PURE SPIRITUAL LIGHT from the Father God. I saw the world as in physical form, but it was lit up, illuminated, but not to the point of blinding light. The world was a bit brighter, from that WHITE SUN. Every atom of the physical world had a speck (dot) of pure white light in it, from that WHITE SUN.
Transcendent experience at age 13.


317. Sharon Kay C Experience 4/17/2016 In the light there were two beings one I could not see but hear and one I could see but she did not speak. Then I walked through something like a wide open door into a place of golden light. I noticed there was movement and I focused to see what was moving about. As I looked I begin to see cloud like shapes of light. I was spun around like I was dancing with a being of light. I was taken to a place just along side of where we were dancing. I was told everyone was here now. I witnessed many who were awaking and dancing with this one being of light then taken to their place alongside what looked like a walkway yet it was like diamonds or comets moving around in it. I was told it was the river of life.
STE with many NDE-like elements.


316. Dwight C Experience 4/17/2016 Early one evening I became unconsciousness and experienced the 'out of body' sensation, entering into Heaven, looking down upon the earth, seeing events in the past and events in the future all simultaneously all within a super sentient state of ultimate bliss and grace and absolute complete love… I felt that my awareness, my sentiency, all cognition were fully united in a permanent bond with God, seeing, sensing, feeling more alive than when living on the earthly plane of material existence.
STE after difficult one and a half years.


315. Melissa M Experiences 3/28/2016 She said that I was going to see the face of God. I was happy for a second but almost immediately became frightened and said that I'm not ready for that. I was surprised at my reaction because I had considered myself a spiritual person. Even a bit superior to others. But when presented with the opportunity to go as far as seeing the face of God, I felt humbled and aware of my smallness. She took my hand and flew me along, and I was still protesting and she was saying I was ready and that I needed to open my mind to being ready. I consented to trust her judgment of my readiness. Then it was time to see God.
Remarkable STEs in dreams with fascinating progression of spiritual understanding.


314. Chris H Experience 7921n 3/9/2016 While in the presence of this light I immediately and fully felt it peering deeply into my own awareness, lovingly knowing everything about me all at once. Feeling such love coming from this light I suddenly came to an awareness that this sun was God! I was so overwhelmed and surprised that God was real that I mentally gasped and then yelled out, “You’re Real!” Just prior to this experience I had a deep mistrust of religion and rejected the concept of any kind of "God" or creator, much less the idea there was any continuation for human beings beyond our physical lives.
OBE with encounter with God.

313. Dr. Mary Experience 2/2/2016 From Canada  Suddenly, I found I am in a very beautiful place greenery and bright sunshine. Its so bright and still so pleasant that its hard to describe in words. In a word its beautiful, beyond imagination. I have seen a form of supreme power ( I don't want to reveal that form), as if welcoming me to that place with open arms. I found myself standing at the edge of a mountain, as if I am about to leap from there into huge dark cave or tunnel....
STE that started as a dream, from scientist who is Hindu.


312. Anna E Experience 1/11/2016 From Switzerland  I sat in the bus talking to God. I said, 'Prove me that you exist. I need to know. Show me a light!' Ten minutes later I got off the bus and started to run home because it was so cold. Suddenly there was a blinking light in my coat, not in the pocket but it must have slipped down through an hole. I have no idea when I should have left it there, but it started blinking because I ran, and I knew it wasn't an accident. I got scared and said, 'Okay, okay I'm sorry, I believe in you.' The light was real but the circumstances it appeared didn't leave no doubt to me. It was a sign.
STE asking God to “Prove to me that you exist”.


311.  Behnam R Experience 8/29/2015  From Iran. Original in Persian, translated to English by Amir. I was hearing his voice inside me (maybe it was telepathy). He asked me if I knew that I am dead? I said yes. He asked do I know that I have to pass that bridge too? I said yes with great sadness (I knew most likely I would fall into the valley). He said are you “Behnam” the son of … the son of …? I first wanted to lie to somehow save myself or maybe they return me. But I told myself if they find out I am lying it will be worse and they would say what a bad person who even lies here. While I was thinking all these thoughts I was also looking at his face. He looked quite different than the guards and had feelings and there was a excitement and energy in his look and was waiting for my response. I became certain that he is seeing my thoughts and knows I am not sure between telling the truth or lying. So I told the truth. After my response he looked at his book which now looked like a normal size book. Every time he turned a page, it would make no difference in the thicknesses of pages on this or that side of the book ( I felt that he knew what he is going to read but hesitating on purpose to see how do I react). Eventually he told me: “Your name is not here and essentially you are not supposed to be dead yet. God just wanted to give you a serious warning so you get your act together. Your situation is very bad and you better take these events seriously.” 
STE dream where a child thought he died. Posted in both, Persian and in English.
(Keep in mind that NDEs are remarkably consistent and NDErs many times do not see what they think they should see so it is not biased or made up. The other thing is that the experience is what it is. However, many people will use language they are familiar with to explain or communicate the NDE to others. Many people can only explain their experience in biblical or religious terms, so they internalize and explain it to others in terms of the bible or religion.)


310. Phoebe O Experience 9/9/2015  This great opening came right after several days of sensing deeply that everything I encountered— furniture, hair, paper, clothes, music, food, soap, bodies, minds, thoughts, reactions, plans, cities, cars, trees, clouds, and more—had an unspeakably complex history that was inseparable from the history of the whole universe and everything else in it. Everything simple looked magnificent in still observation… I saw that there was a vast life that was the Source of everything that was and ever will be. I was not seeing with my eyes, but with the core of my being. I saw our universe, all physical space, all other universes, and everything that changes as one tiny dark finite speck surrounded by an infinite sea of life and light. I saw even more clearly life’s nature of pure love, bliss, creativity, and wisdom. This sea of pure life is formless and spacious, and yet it is fully conscious and intelligent. It is the only true experiencer, the only true “I.” The Source is present everywhere and in every moment whether we are aware of it or not. As this great being showed Him/Herself to me, I could see that the pure divine life that is Him/Her is the same life that is the essence of every being through all space and time. The formless gives birth to all forms. Every taste, opinion, personality, and experience grows out of pure divine life. Every set of what we humans perceive as opposites or differences is actually one.
Among the most profound STEs ever shared with us. Astounding spiritual insights. A quite long account, but a must read!


309. Carolyn B Experience 8/23/2015  From Australia. While I was in the Light, I experienced a sense of love and compassion such as I'd never known previously. The Light was acceptance without any judgment whatsoever. I was intensely aware how much weight we carry in terms of what we think we ought to be doing, and with the petty problems and the struggles that take up our daily existence. All these concerns fell away from me in the presence of the Light, and I felt an indescribable sense of lightness, peace, freedom and love.
Stunning experience at group therapy.


308. Flo V Experience 7/26/2015 It was a beautiful day and sunshine filled the room. From above me on the ceiling an even brighter light emerged and came toward me. My heart flew out of my chest and was beating wildly about an arms length from me as if straining to get to that light. The light enveloped me completely and I was in the most outrageous love hug I'd ever felt. I was being loved to an absolutely ridiculous degree. It was PURE love. I was raised in a very loving family (atheist but very loving :) and I had never known love like this before. It was other-worldly. I remember thinking to myself, 'oh my god! I can't believe I'm getting this!'
Two experiences of feeling profound unearthly love.


307. Carole A Experience 7/14/2015 When I was in the recovery room at the hospital, I saw the words 'I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS' in bold black letters on golden-colored tiles written in descending formation.
STE in recovery room after surgery.


306. Mark E Experience 6/22/2015 Then this rather tall thin man dressed like a medieval monk came along side of me, to my left. Then the "dream" became real. He reached down and took my left hand, and had this strong urge to follow him. I was not scared or afraid, but I felt that this person was extremely "powerful" and wise. He sort of "told" me not to be afraid and to go with him. We walked down the central Isle of the church towards the confessional boxes on the left. The priest's center box door was opened, and we walked into it. Inside, we kept walking, but it was a dimly lit tunnel. Before I knew what was going on, we began to move extremely quickly until we began to "fly".
STE dream at age 6.


305. Peter C Experiences 6/20/2015 & 8/3/15 Immediately, I become aware of both past and future lives. These are not happening sequentially, one after the other, set in a style of birth, death, and rebirth. Instead, they are all happening concurrently. It doesn’t matter how long or short the life is, it is still occurring as though speeded up or slowed down to match the pace of some other timeline, or perhaps the life in which I am having this vision. This is my most immediate awareness, but in being aware of these, that they are an intimate part of me, of my character and of my soul, they do not define me. I am still me, separate and apart from these lives. Though we may share a common soul, each of these lives is separate and is independent in their own minds. I know that these eventually merge and become one with the learning and wisdom of all and the minds of many. But for now we are separate, but remain interconnected in an intimate way.  
Profound is an understatement for this astoundingly detailed and transcendent vision.


304. Deidre R Experience 6/20/2015 I found myself up above looking down at this deflated thing on the table. I had no connection to it. It looked odd to me as I studied it. It reminded me of a deflated balloon or a tube of toothpaste that has been squeezed empty. As I continued to observe this thing on the table, the face looked familiar and I realized I knew that person. It was me. Like a switch had been flipped, my lucidity heightened Now, I felt completely awake and functioning. I wondered if that was me on the table, but I was up above, what did I look like now? And I brought my left hand before my eyes to see this gorgeous gold, soft and glowing, translucent shape with tiny sparkles inside that glittered. It was the most beautiful thing I think I'd ever seen. And I turned my hand over and held it up and stared at it, marveling that this was me. I remember thinking, I am so beautiful. It was odd that I had no thought of my waking life. I had no sense of time outside that moment. No history or future. I existed now. A warmth that was love filled me and wrapped its beautiful self around me. I had no worries at that point.    
STE with interesting content.


303. Yusuke M Experience 6/13/2015 From Japan. Original in Japanese, translated to English by Max. That powerful love was not just a love. Because of it, everything existed. This God’s love made everything exist. I felt intense love and I could not stop loving everything in existence. I clearly understood that everything is so holy and precious. While I was touched deeply, I also felt the intense calmness that I had never felt before.    
Buddhist STE.


302. Conrad S Experience 5/9/2015  The next thing I remember was going through some type of initiation ceremony but there is no memory of exactly what happened. Then they left my mind and I was by myself again. I could have reasoned that this experience never happened except for one thing, when they left my consciousness they also left some information. I had a conscious memory of the values; Beauty, Order, Honesty, Truth, Laughter, Positive Thoughts and Path of the Golden Heart. I thought to myself, 'why laughter?' and with that thought I received an intuitive answer, 'when we're laughing we are in the moment, it is the ego-killer and it's hard to think ill of someone else when laughing.' I thought this sounded to be reasonable 
STE while on 35 hour bus trip in Brazil.


301.  Graciela B Experience 5/1/2015  From Uruguay.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.  Immediately I was carried to the other side, I was in a type of  park, there was an intense light, I can't say if it was white, it lit up everything, but never dazzled, it was resplendent, the green of the grass was so intense, that I couldn't compare it with any other colour here on Earth. Then I saw my puppy, it was lying down, I felt so happy to see it, she was seventeen years old and had died less than a year ago, and I missed her so much, I cried so much, but now I saw her as a pup of three years, with black radiant fur, not as she was then, when she was blind and ill. I said happily “Yacky it's me!” and went to stroke her, but I stayed there and said (without words, just through thought)... but Yacky you are dead! If you have died then I am dead as well! Only then did I realize my current state, in that moment. Immediately I was taken to where the wise beings were. Then I realized they had had to go away from there to deliberate the decision that had been left in their hands. The one in the middle in front was still communicating with me, he said that in my next life I had to go to the USA, this caught my attention and I said the “USA”? He replied “Not USA the country, but one in another dimension above the USA!” 
STE during a dream. 


300.  Scott F Experience 4/18/2015 As I stood in the apple grove I was suddenly overcome by a powerful energy. It was nothing I could see but it felt electric and warm. I was suddenly overcome with joy. My senses became heightened. I could now sense the life in the tree's and every blade of grass. The warmth began to get more intense and with it a feeling of unconditional love unlike anything I ever could have imagined in life. I was at one with my surrounding's. I could smell every blade of grass, apple and the air was sweet. I could see the figure off in the distance, standing quietly as if to ' let me have my time here to take all of this in '.  Standing near the apple tree's I noticed it was getting dark. Overcome with happiness I then knelt to the ground. I was crying with joy. There I was ' Home' I remember saying repeatedly with joy to myself out loud ' I'm home. I'm finally home '.
Profound STE during a dream.


299.  Leeann A Experience 3/27/2015  From New Zealand  David and the other people were sitting on the blanket eating lunch and chatting, the boys were playing in the sand, I was standing at the waters edge watching the boys playing, my mind said walk backwards into the water, so I did, I walked and walked, I could still see the kids on the beach, I looked above me and there was water my height plus above me, I thought if this is drowning yes please I like it, I was feeling so clam just standing there, I asked in my mind, is this it? what happens now,?... then a very gentle male voice said it's not your time, you have things many things to do......when this voice stopped I heard my son Paul calling his daddy, daddy daddy I can't see mummy any more. and with that I stared walking back to shore, it took a blink of time to get back on shore to stand beside my son, I looked down and I was bone dry not one drop of water on me at all.....  
STE at time of suicide attempt by drowning.


298.  Bill B Experience 3/17/2015  My next awareness was of being in a long tunnel; it was a cave with red stone walls.  This was more than a dream, it was very real and yet I had an awareness that I had that life on the surface, in the car.  Surprisingly I felt very happy there.  I loved that place and the sense of time was so ... ancient beyond ancient, beyond any sense of time.   The stone walls had cave paintings, much like the ones at Lascaux.  What I noticed though was the painting were knowledge of the deep of our existence, and I could read the meaning.  Moving deeper and deeper I found myself happier, more ebullient, joyful and comprehending of this cascade of knowing.  The deeper I went the more it became apparent the walls and paintings were really made of light in little rainbows of color and not stone and pigment.  Finally, very deep in this place, I came to the end of knowing.  There is such a place.  it was then I turned to my right and saw this warm, most wonderful, welcoming, familiar light.  I was home!  This is home. 
STE dream at time of crisis in his life


297.  Elena Experience 3/8/2015 From Venezuela.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.  He accompanied me again in my body. The next day I did it again on my own. And this way I travelled for a year. But after a year I felt there had been much more and one night I emboldened myself and made a big mental effort (to get me going further through the tunnel, it was like falling through it) when suddenly I heard a noise like a “splash” and I was in a dark empty place, there was nothing except darkness around me, but just then I saw a point of light, far away and I knew, I don't know how, automatically, that if I prayed, it would come near me, and I prayed the only prayer I knew the “Our father” and I repeated it until the light came look for me and I was in the cone of light. Without thinking, I walked to the source of the light I got close to it, and I felt it put it's hand on my shoulder, although it wasn't like this, because I was frightened that I didn't have a shoulder, and they said to me “No you can't continue because if you go any further you won't be able to return” in an instant I knew, that if I went where I was going, some form of energy would spread me into all other energies.  
Many NDE-like dreams.


296.  Phil F Experience 3/4/2015 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  I felt good, quiet, then this calmness intensified softly, but more and more. Then things get very difficult to explain, I felt being in an INDESCRIBABLE happiness, a serenity, a real IMMENSE happiness. There was love that filled me more and more. At the same time I started to know many things, and the longer it continued the more I understood, like a kind of puzzle that was rebuilding in front of me. For all questions that I asked myself, I instantly got the answer, that came to me as an evidence, and this knowing was filling me with still more joy. I really felt good, and was extremely lucid.  
STE from France.   


295.  Ulla B Experience 2/28/2015 From Denmark.  Original in Danish, translated to English by Mette Line.  I saw brief images of my life. This part of the experience is unclear – I don’t recall the details, only the feeling I had, that nothing really mattered, and that I shouldn’t spend time on it. The most important thing in life, the only important thing was love for other people, the love that encompasses us. Giving and receiving love from others, as well as offering and wanting to offer forgiveness. Living in the moment – joy in what we see and experience. The Light – God’s love felt warm and vibrated throughout my “body”.  
STE from a NDE-like OBE.   


294.  Eeva-Kaisa R Experience 2/21/2015 From Finland It was totally dark. The darkness was warm and heavy, pressure-like. Like water around me. It was full of meaning, heavy with all the meaning of life. I felt a presence of a huge, solid wall. I was not close to the wall, but it was there. I knew it was the Wall between life and death. The edge of life. It was not open to me. I was taken there to understand that there is a limit to pain. Pain is not infinite. Pain is something that belongs to life. To this world. When life is over, pain will be over. Behind the Wall there is no pain.
STE at time of their life when they were in great pain due to liver failure. 


293.  Seva H Experience 2/15/2015  Then in less than a blink of an eye I was out of my body and was behind it.  My perspective was of being several feet back, even though I was hovering near the kitchen wall behind my body, which was only maybe 3 feet away.  I say this because everything seemed farther away.  I sensed that I was formless, but orb like, like a clear small orb, or spark.  Yet I felt huge somehow, but in a way that is difficult to describe.  I immediately remembered that this perspective was the real me (like waking up from a dream and remembering that you are the real you, not the dream you). I could see the entire kitchen and everyone standing around, and I noticed my body standing away from me and yet I felt absolutely no connection to it.  I do not mean only that I had no emotional connection to it, which I didn’t, but that I had no bodily sensations at all, nor would I be able to control it’s movements.  And my vision was not connected to my body in any way.  As a matter of fact, I could not see what the eyes of my body were seeing.
Interesting SOBE while standing in the kitchen with others around.


292.  Robert S Experience 2/15/2015  We also asked for the free will to decide if each of us would help or hurt one another. And we are the ones interpreting discipline for judgment and punishment. The song tells us that we've asked for independence from our Creator. But no Creator or parent would give up on an erring child after a mistake or two. We don't remember because of His forgiveness.
STE at a critical time during his life.


291.  Darian Q Experience 2/10/2015 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  Calmly I thought by myself that this light was supernatural, and that it probably was the manifestation of a divine presence, but that this visit after all was quite logical, as we were being told about God. I had the impression that this revelation was a personal chance. But I had not the time to linger on this subject, nor to try to know if the others saw the light also. So after my deduction it seemed normal to me, not to keep interested anymore in this, and to concentrate again on the words of the catechist, as you would do after the arrival of a latecomer. I even noted by myself, that having divine powers, it would beat everything having missed the beginning of the lesson! I was wrong, this presence wasn't too late, the moment was selected, as the lady would soon say something important.
Very in-depth spiritual experience, espesically for a 5 year old. 


290.  Sallyan G Experience 2/10/2015 From the UK.  In that moment I saw that I was a mirror image of Jesus and as I looked into his eyes I saw my Father God and I remembered everything. I ran into his arms and we bear hugged. It was like a scene from the prodigal son. The emotion was nothing to compare with on earth. Incredible. There were no words and o questions just deep peace and I had no memory of the world or the body I had just left. It was like it never existed. It was like I just woke from a dream. We walked hand in hand and sat down by a babbling brook and dipped our bare feet in the water. Father was skimming stones when suddenly we disappeared completely. I cannot speak of this time I just do not know what happened. Sometime later we were back on the banks of the brook and the Father gave me a healing wand and said this is a symbol of what you are on earth. You are a healer like me.
Life-long atheist STE.  Stunning encounter with Jesus and God.


289.  Russell R Experience 2/1/2015 Turning back over my right shoulder to look up, I saw a being in a long white flowing robe standing in the air a few inches off the ground. His hands were exposed a little above his wrists and his robe’s hem touched the tops of his feet. A glorious, but non-blinding white light brighter than the sun, radiated from his being, flooding the surrounding grove. His radiance was brightest nearest his personage. His thick hair, white and shoulder length, was neatly groomed and he wore a full, white, neatly trimmed beard. His most striking and curious feature to me was his eyes, which seemed to appear as if they were on fire and yet they were not. Remember, this was how I perceived the Savior’s eye’s as an eight year old.
Baptized into the Mormon church at age 8, and shortly after had an STE dream.  Interesting to note the strong Mormon influence in the dream, and the difference in his encounter with Jesus and NDE descriptions of encountering Jesus.  Exceptionally long account and fundamentalist in tone.