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SOBE - Spontaneous Out of Body Experiences

608.  Eduardo V Experience  5/17/14 From Mexico.  I saw scenes from other planets and worlds.  I saw a planet with volcanoes and lakes of magma and a yellow sky full of gases and vapors, I saw some planets with life, I even saw a planet with humans, their planet was different, smaller and the entire planet was like a city, and it looked more advanced than ours, I saw another one, like a big jungle with massive insects and there were like humanoid reptiles, I saw another one that looked like it was destroyed, I mean like wasted, full of ruins, as if there has been a war or something, it looked like post apocalyptic, and I saw nothing alive in that one, just barren land, ruins under dust and ashes.
OBE dream with fascinating observations. 

607.  Cyndi E Experience  5/3/14 I was around 5 yrs old, I was on our front porch and a snake had wrapped around my ankle/leg my Mom had come out with a broom and told me to keep dancing (guess I was jumping around) and she knocked it off. I guess it had scratched my skin but not a deep puncture and my Mother started treating me (back in those days we pretty much did old remedies, etc.) I remember being in the bed burning up with fever and my Mother sitting in a chair beside the bed tending to me and my Father standing by my Mother. Around that time I could see myself not only lying in bed but floating above close to ceiling and off to the side, I remember seeing myself, my Mother & Father and my Father asking my Mother if I was going to die… I was definitely above myself floating close to ceiling, with both my floating self and myself in bed, my floating self did not feel physical but could see and hear everything, myself in bed (I think) felt the presence of self floating, and all these years I can not recall anymore than that.
SOBE at age 5 due to ‘scratch’ from snake that was likely a bite.  Shared 52 years later.

606.  Sarah J Experience  4/12/14 When I was in my mid 20's I was living in LA and sat outside one cloudy day in the garden, again I wasn't trying to make anything happen or thinking anything metaphysical or profound, I was just relaxing.  Suddenly I felt what I can only describe as the top of my head no longer being there and I was suddenly above my body jut a few feet up, I could see 360 degrees all around me and I suddenly knew that these little chips of consciousness like  "me" were inside every living thing and that we are all the same and perfect, kind of like the light that lights lamps, the shades may make the colors appear different but the light is the same.  The experience was very profound and it has changed me forever.
SOBE while relaxing and ‘Other’ experience.

605.  Chiara Experience  4/5/14  From Italy.  I found myself walking (or floating) in a NYC street. It was night, I remember the yellow lights. The street wasn't much populated, and I was walking by a playground fence around a corner. As I realized that I was in NY, I thought to myself "This means that it's true: I have lived in New York City in a past life". I have always thought I lived there in a past life, because of my childhood obsession with that city.  I felt that "he" was out there (a person I know this lifetime and that I thought I knew in another lifetime). As I had this confirmation about my past life, I though to myself "I have cleared this up, but I shouldn't think of the past now. I have to think about the future and build it for the best". So I left that place, up the tunnel again, and I saw an alternative version of my life in a panoramic view. I could see like a summary of it all. It was basically my life, but with an alternative end. I didn't like it, so I left it.
OBE dream with interesting content.

604.  Linda P Experience  2/23/14  At the beginning I mentioned that it was a cloudy day in order to highlight what seemed to me like a bright spotlight on the wall right below the ceiling.  It was a very grey cloudy day and yet there was this bright light.  I still don't know what to think about that, and that might not be worth mentioning because it could have been from a light in the room.  But I want to emphasize that right before I was out of my body, I was attracted to that spotlight right under the ceiling.  I am sure the ceilings  are about eleven feet.  And it almost seems that the light spurred this experience on.  But I will never really be sure about that.  I am sure that  I didn't see that light at the beginning or even during the middle of the audition.  I just saw it before the OBE. 
Dramatic SOBE during critical audition for a prestigious piano school.

603.  Lex H Experience  2/16/14  I was now standing outside on a balcony.   How I had gotten there I didn't know, I simply thought, 'what am I doing out here.'  The fact that my bedroom was on the first floor, and I was now on a second floor balcony didn't shock me either, but merely interested me.  So I looked around and inspected this balcony.  It looked as though it must be attached to log cabin styled structure.  The walls of the balcony were a light pine color and the logs were very large.  Like 'modern log cabin' style.  I then looked out over the balcony and saw a beautiful view of a mountain road covered in snow.  I was situated near the bottom of a long and winding road and the snowscape was beautiful. 
Remarkable OBE with premonition of experience that was duplicated a year later.

602.  Anna R Experience  2/2/14 From the UK I 'knew' my body was still sitting comfortably on the sofa but I could no longer feel it or care about it.  There was absolutely no fear or concern about anything.  I felt that I was floating in a void of ecstatic nothingness, immensely peaceful and happy with waves of energy flowing over me, powerfully strong, irresistible and right.  Suddenly I realized that they were not waves of energy but that it was I that was the energy and this realization made me drop my last connection to human existence.  I was no longer separate and floating on energy, I was it and my body/consciousness grew and stretched out until I filled the universe.  The sense of speed was unlike anything on Earth.  I was all, accepted all.  At that point I recognized that I knew everything there is to know about existence - or rather that there was an absence of questions in me.  There was no time in this state.
SOBE while sitting on a couch.

601.  Julie A Experience 2/2/14 From the UK  Instead of hitting the ceiling I burst into thus brilliant bright light of golds and silver ( I can only use these words as the nearest earthly description of where I was however, the intensity of the colors and feeling I describe are much more in strength, color and intensity than words can say. Take the brightest light and multiply it many times. The warmest feeling and multiple it etc) I felt cocooned in this wonderful warmth, softness and peace ( I imagine it is how a baby would feel in its mother's womb. Just as I was looking around me in wonder I heard a voice but the voice spoke to my mind, and I answered with my mind. No words were verbally spoken.  The voice (which I instinctively trusted and loved) said " you can carry on if you want to."
SOBE with interesting detail.

600.  Amy K Experience 2909 1/19/14  I saw him out of my peripheral vision, and I mean as soon as, instantly "I" was standing behind myself about 2 feet and could see everything from an outsider's perspective. On my right was my 16 yr old son grabbing his cup and taking a sip of his drink and at the same time (like a double exposure on a film) I saw him at 3 or so years old hanging onto my left leg and me handing him a sippy-cup. The 16 yr old him said "Thanks Mom" in unison with the 3 yr old him saying "Dank you Mommy". As soon as the 16 yr old walked out of the room, and again instantly, I was staring down at my cup of coffee, stirring the creamer and sugar with my spoon and I was a little dizzy. The entire event from start to finish couldn't have been any longer than 10 seconds, but I had an overwhelming desire to run after him to his room and hug him.
SOBE with interesting experience of seeing son at current age of 16 and also at age 3.

599.  Paula Experience 1/19/14 I went to sleep as usual. A vivid dream like event took place. I floated up in warmth and this lasted for a long time. I was far beyond home before the bright light found me a home at the landing of a feeling of unconditional love. I didn’t understand it all until last week . 22 years later I realize that the feeling I felt is all the love from my family and friends that is there for me. I cannot wait to go back. I miss all so much. I am sure that there is more than what is here for us. It would do us all well to remember the love. Express our love and be loving. It is important.
SOBE with visit to unearthly realm with great love.

598.  Kirk H Experiences 1/5/14 Being only 7 or 8 to 9 years of age I didn't know how to explain these events to my parents nor anyone else at the time.  But I knew that almost every evening after going to bed I would float around the room; sometimes in grade school when the class was very quiet studying for example, I would be floating above my class mates for a few minutes… I got sort of used to this happening on almost a regular schedule.
SOBEs regularly around age 7-9.  Shared over 60 years later.

597.  Sally Experience 1/5/14 Suddenly, I saw myself from behind my head, and to the right, but through the sockets of my eyes as if I was in a grand theater holding up binoculars, as myself acting (autonomously from this dual conscious thought) with words and movement on its own, and this dual conscious thought was also watching the audience in front of my physical body as they laughed boisterously at all the right moments. I also felt my body reveling in the enjoyment of this intense high, that these people were so enthralled by my comedic performance, and caused my physical movements and verbiage to be more pronounced, inciting more laughter. I remember thinking wow, I'm having this completely separate thought while the rest of me is there, continuing to do what is warranted creatively.
SOBE while acting on a stage.

596.  Joey Experience 2904 12/28/13 Somewhere between consciousness and sleep, I feel the acoustic bumps of the ceiling being right at the tip of my nose. Opening my eyes, I find that I am, in fact, an inch from the ceiling of my bedroom.  I turned my head, to see myself laying in bed, eyes closed.  At that split second, I awoke with a start and a gulp of breath, sitting straight up in bed, shocked, but curious.
OBE dream at age 11-12.

595.  Lindsay J Experience 12/13/13 I felt totally calm and at peace as I took note of my sleeping body below. I saw my husband and his sister. I saw the exact same scene that I had been apart of as I drifted off to sleep, only now I was viewing it from the ceiling. I remember thinking how cool it felt! Something brought my attention to the hall and I was suddenly there. It was almost like I had passed through wall above the doorway. I saw my Father walking down the hall toward my room and felt happy that he was there.
OBE during delivery at age 17.  Remarkable confirmed OBE observation in hall outside of where she was sleeping.

594.  Aki S Experience 12/13/13 It was 36 years ago that I left my country to come to USA to go to school as an exchange student. The communication with my family was some how very limited, maybe once a month. Regardless of long distance, I was very close to my family especially my mother. It was about 30 years ago while I was sleeping my mother came to my dream laying down in bed and told me " Aki I missed you a lot, but I am dying".
OBE and reunion with deceased mother.

593.  Dolores M Experience  11/17/2013 I started coming out beginning from my feet and then my whole body was out and I saw a light and was felt this incredible speed and saw I was passing Dumbarton bridge, then after passing Dumbarton, I went through a tunnel and to out of space-everything I saw and traveled was so incredible fast and bright-confusing, frightening (hard to explain), but I thought I was in outer space.  I got so frightened and do not how or do not remember I came back to my body.  I steel feel the sensation of coming back-it was like coming back to a mold or frame like feeling a mold with plaster (some kind of matter).  The same how I left my body I came back.  It was my foot first and then the rest of my body.
OBE with OBE out of house then into space.

592.  Justin A Experience  11/17/2013 The best way to describe what it felt like is that I felt I was being electrocuted, but there was no pain. I continue to just lay there in bed I thought to myself that "this is awkward"  At first I was scared, but thought to myself "stay clam let's see what happens." Then I felt my feet and legs raising out of my body and the floating sensation worked it way all the way up my body with my head being the last to leave my body.  When my feet raise, it felt like someone grab my feet and starting pull me out of bed and anchor my feet to my bedroom floor.  I was completely out of body standing in the middle of my room.  My room still look the same as if I was awake in this reality, but with some slight changes.
SOBE over body.

591.  Lori N Experience  10/26/2013  Somewhere during this surgery I found myself somehow being embraced by Jesus in a great throne room of brilliant light and a love that was beyond description.  I was being completely saturated to the brim with a most heavenly LOVE and kept being embraced as ONE with Jesus as His strength was flowing through me and restoring me to wholeness.  I was aware that I was being promised a complete recovery and needed to go back to earth to complete what I had been created for."
SOBE during surgical procedure without anesthesia.

590.  Suzette J Experiences  10/24/2013 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  I had, all things considered, this fear of the unknown, and was very scared. And then after a few seconds, I calmed down as if somebody was dictating it to me. This humming sound went down at the level of my belly, transformed into a ball of white translucent light surrounded with blue, that I felt but did not see it (important). Colors can be perceived at the energetic level. For me it was a feeling.  Suddenly this light mounted some 10cm above my belly. And there I don't remember this lapse of time more or less short. The only thing that I try again and again, is to get my right leg moving, I realized that I could lift it and get it down but the problem was this, that I went through the sofa, so no physical contact!
Simple SOBE with remarkable changes in her life.

589.  Lina C Experiences  10/5/2013 From the UK.  I'd been in labor all night and was in so much pain. I'd been left with a student nurse. A senior nurse came in the morning and checked us, she told the student that we were both in distress. I remember being rushed suddenly in to the delivery room and the room filled up with doctors and nurses. I was on the delivery bed and there was a clock on the wall in front of me. My feet were put in stirrups and the doctor immediately made a cut and inserted forceps. He gripped my son's head with the forceps and started to rotate and pull him. The pain was excruciating. I heard and felt a horrific piercing scream and at that moment I was above the delivery table, in the corner of the room on the ceiling and I was now looking down on the clock from the left hand side of the bed (the clock was to my right). I could hear this terrific screaming but could feel nothing at all.  Suddenly I was back in my body and my son was being born and I could see the clock once more in front of me as the nurse announced the time of birth at 8.04.
SOBE at time of painful delivery.

588.  Natasha C Experiences  10/5/2013 Just put my children to bed. My husband were sitting in bed, talking - all of sudden, I felt a tremendous pressure in my head and there was an audible vibration in my ears. I closed my eyes for a second to try and find some kind of balance. At which point, it felt like I was moving very fast. I could feel a massive amount of energy and pressure surrounding my body - the sensation wasn't painful or anything, just incredibly powerful. I remember thinking to myself "hmmm, I wonder how far I can go with this" My curiosity at the time was tempered by the fact that I was only in control of the choice of whether I wanted to continue or end it. I had no control over the energy that was sucking me through this long vortex like thing. As I continued moving, I could feel myself gaining momentum - the vibration and noise was deafening, although it didn't hurt my ears. At some point, my curiosity was over ruled by my sense of autonomy. In the instant I said "no" - everything stopped and I dropped very fast.
Two SOBEs which she stopped by willing them to stop.

587.  Enocia J Experience  9/29/2013 From the United Kingdom.  I reminded myself of Love/God's omnipresence and that I am loved and safe.  I felt tremendous peace and relaxed.  It was then I realized what I was experiencing was very similar to the many out of body experiences I've had in the past, though they've occurred while I've been asleep or been in meditation. It was the first time I was having one while fully awake. I tried to get up but my body felt really heavy and the room was still spinning really fast so I stayed put. The urge to sleep was very strong but I had a feeling that I needed to stay awake at all costs or I would die… I was very much alert throughout the experience. I was also aware that I was experiencing myself from two positions - human and as the observer.
SOBE at time of apparent illness.

586.  Lisa P Experiences  9/29/2013  I noticed I was floating and could move at a very high speed.  I would kick up and go straight through the roof, and then kick down and come right back.  I would fly around the apartment and have to hold on to sinks and doors, just to stop I was moving so fast, most everything was a blur when I was moving.  I was in the kitchen, and was holding on to the sink, and did another kick up, and went into another kitchen.  I saw what looked like beer bottles on the sink, and got them one by one and emptied them in the sink and threw them away.  then I went back down and flew around more.  I was in total Awe as to how PEACEFUL I felt and Happy I was...  Not a care in the world, just flying and free of any worries or anyone.
Two OBE.

585.  John Experience  9/8/2013  I felt a overwhelming sense of peace, and love, and acceptance.  This other consciousness seemed to completely fill me and we seemed to occupy the same space, as if we where one, but there was me and it together but separate.  Then this other being said "I love you".  That was shocking too but by then I had been in the wonderful presence of this being for awhile and it made sense when it spoke about love, since that's all I was feeling then.  Not just a human love but an all penetrating love, almost narcotic but much more powerful.
SOBE from a physician.

584.  Nick R Experience  9/8/2013  From the UK  Well, then I was up and out of the flat, 'pulled' out of my body, hundreds of feet above, in the sky( did I mention it was about 11p.m?), looking around the cities (between Johannesburg and Pretoria is Midrand) I could see the millions of lights below,  a great sense of ease, or peace filled me, as I was 'turned' and was now zooming at a spectacular speed towards the stars, I noticed that so many others (people's spirits, looking like little bright shooting stars) coming with me, from all over the world, all of us 'zooming' towards a hugely distant, but somehow very near, tremendous light that was on a 'horizon' in the heavenly sky.
SOBE while walking across floor.

583.  Maisie S Experience  8/31/2013  I woke up to someone kissing me....I opened my eyes in the OBE state and saw his soul energy, his aura, his vibration...His energy was in white and gold, he was vibrating so brightly it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw...The feeling was t his amazing feeling of Love...All I got from him over and over is I love you, I love you, I love you...the feeling was all encompassing and amazingly healing...it engulfed me and filled me with warm fuzzies...I tried to stay out of my body for as long as I could to feel his energy but after about 35-40 seconds I fell back into my body...I asked  him the next day if he was meditating on Sunday night, he said yes, I asked did you send me Love? he said always...
SOBE with special friend.

582.  Charlotte H Experience  8/25/2013  I asked if she remembered when I had 'the dream', cause up until now, that was all I thought it was, a dream. She said yes, she remembered. I told her this is where I was! She didn't doubt me, she just listened. I told her just down the road there would be a motel with different colored awnings. And across the street a two story building, with outside ornate staircase, windows with shutters, etc.  With that she started the car and we were both somewhat startled, when sure enough a single story motel with awnings, but not colored different. The awnings tan and brown. But the building across the street was exactly as I described it. I decided to ask the people at the motel about the outside of the motel. The motel clerk, (was actually the owner) She hadn't had the motel very long, so she didn't know. But she knew of some postcards in the basement that were from the past owners. She retrieved them. The postcards revealed that the awnings were just as I described 5 years ago!
OBE dream.  Remarkably evidential- verified OBE view of buildings in New Zealand (she lived in the USA) five years later. 

581.  Sarah M Experience  8/18/2013 My experience was the presence of a very beautiful woman who appeared first by changing a radio station to a country music station. I listen only to rock. we were in a car. She waved above and the roof opened to a clear brilliant sky with clouds of sparkling clarity. It was odd as I had terrible blurry vision.  In this clarity was a brightness of light. Then I was enveloped in a feeling of great incredible love, beautiful.  This feeling was unimaginable to me, a feeling I had no awareness of ever knowing, having experienced an unhappy home, poverty, work stress and an  unhappy marriage.  I never wanted this feeling to stop.  Unfortunately I had to come back. And get up to go to work. This was merely a dream. I still cannot forget… How could I dream about a feeling I had never known?
OBE at time husband was very sick.

580.  Ned Experience  8/18/2013 I was in perfect health at the time of the experience.  This was an OBE, not an NDE.  Nevertheless I think my experience is relevant because had I not returned to my body I would no longer be here… I left my body, I basically sat up without my body.  I focused on my body, then on the room about me, and ended up in a place full of very happy angelic like beings.  I then realized I needed to come back, so I did, with quite a jolt I must say.  There was a kind of silver chord leading me back but re-entry was not smooth.
Brief description of an SOBE at age 10.  Shared 45 years later.

579.  Günes Experience  7/28/2013  From Turkey.  Original in Turkish, translated to English by Aylin.  A night, about ten p.m., I took a magazine to read, lay in my bed and somehow I was carried away. When I opened my eyes, I found myself at the ceiling, my face was touching the ceiling. I could feel the cold ceiling. I was scared that I would fall down and tried to hold the ceiling with my hands. I didn't think that I was dead at this point, that thought didn't even enter my mind. Outside of our apartment was a cafe, I could hear the voices very clear as if I was being with them.
Muslim SOBE as a child.

578.  Yami L Experience  6/22/2013  I felt fully awake. I was relieved to still be alive. That's when I looked around. I knew something was "not right". I was in my house, but it was different. The layout was not quite the same. I looked towards the kitchen (my only line of vision from where I was laying), and I noticed someone doing the dishes. I knew right away who it was. My late husband. And the sink was on the wrong side of the room. Then it felt like I was "gliding" towards him....I was approaching him faster than my consciousness could reason with me that that was impossible because I knew he had died. I felt fear. Immense fear. I realized I was still in my body, looking through my own eyes, but I was definitely not in the world I thought I was in. I felt like he (late husband) knew my fear. Because when I didn't want to approach, my "gliding" stopped. I didn't have 360 degrees vision...I could only see within my range of sight which is as far as your eyes would allow you to see if your head was stuck in one place. I was scared. I know whatever I'm experiencing, it isn't earthly.
OBE at time of sleep deprivation.

Hindu SOBE.

576.  Daniel B Experience  6/4/2013 I felt a gritty surface under me, I opened my eyes and was on the ceiling looking down at my prone body.  I was thinking 'cool'.  After a moment of so I started moving up thru the house, seeing plumbing, wood supports, I popped into (as in just moving through) a spare bedroom.  Then to the attic, insulation, wires, then out the roof.  I was moving approx. 5 feet a second, getting higher and higher, so I was nearly about a thousand feet.  When a thought came to me (like out of nowhere, prior I was content and happy, just calm) and at that moment I started panicking and thought NO, NO, NO!!!!  The next thing that happened I went speeding back the way I came (the speed was like 500 feet a second) and I awoke in my prone form on the bed.
SOBE that started as a dream.

575.  Michael M Experience 2856  6/4/2013 After my ride I was in the dark again but not on earth. I was in a place of no boundaries and there was an indescribable of infinity. I felt all that ever was and all that will ever be. I realized that I was not an individual but part of an collective energy. I had no fear and understood that time was an earthly illusion. I felt overwhelming love and peace. After my understanding I felt the stranger was beside me. I then realized I was connected to this stranger emotionally for whatever reason. Then all of the sudden I was back in my bed on earth completely awake and aware.
SOBE with remarkable spiritual insights.

574.  Valerie C Experience  5/26/2013 While outside of my body, I was taught that love was the most important thing in life and that the second thing I needed to learn was forgiveness. Often times I tended to "hold a grudge". Again I did not have much energy to fight for my life. This was made apparent to me by my physician who asked "if I was going to live or die?" My thought was you are my physician you should know. But then he told me that if I was going to live I had to work harder at it and try. So very reluctantly I began to put as much energy into living as I could… I was clearly being instructed by a power greater than myself on life lessons… I was instructed on a lot of things, but am uncertain what those things were with the exception of love and forgiveness."
Actively practicing physician shares OBEs following surgery for peritonitis.

573.  Sevilla L Experience  5/5/13 I was told I was being given a gift and I was suddenly plunged into The Sea of Eternity; the purest most powerful love beyond all imagining, it was the essence of everything. I was at once one with everything that had been and everything that would be in an instant. I was infinitely connected to everything without separation while still having an individual consciousness. This space of infinity was like being the the middle of every firework that had ever gone off all in once beautiful blaze of unspeakable brilliance. The color so fantastical, earthly eyes have never seen the colors that existed there. Energy made of pure love was winding around in a massive whirling  energy that threw me into complete ecstasy.  It was so loud that it penetrated everything - but the sound itself was pure love and ecstasy.  A circular flow of energy and lights dazzling beyond description.
OBE with powerful messages of love and reassurance.

572.  Benzila E Experience  4/28/13  From Nigeria. As I went up I also saw our the little thatched house then the compound, the village,  the nearby villages. Then I stopped in mid air and came back with the same speed incredible speed and crashed into my body and jumped up and stood up.  I was filled with this unspeakable joy and happiness .I  tried waking up my younger brother to tell him God has visited me but he was deep asleep. so I waited till morning and then informed the preacher of my experience, he was quite and then he said fear not you shall not die .I was shocked, but then I said to him pastor ,If that was death then death is sweet.
OBE from Nigeria.

571.  Dee D Experience  4/28/13 I noticed a scene far below, so I knew I was high above in the night sky.  I saw what I thought was my prostate form lying on the ground and a person in great distress over me.  I was filled with a feeling of compassion and wanted to go to that person and tell him not to worry- I was in a blissful state.  As I got distracted trying to move myself, I noticed lights below - a convoy of vehicles and as I noticed the lights, I was pulled towards them, much like a light beam. I arrived as the convoy parked next to a building and a van opened and 2 men brought out a gurney with what I thought was my body.  I could hear their voices and thought, "Great, I am going to learn what is happening. 
Remarkable OBE with precognitive awareness of son’s death that night.

570.  Susan R Experience 4/14/13  After playing in the river for whatever time I did, a strong white light came onto me and I was transported to "heaven" or what I DO KNOW is HOME. There was a cloaked spirit leading me through the most wondrous (again, no earthly words to describe) crystal palace with angels I did not see but heard, singing and I knew it was the music of the spheres. This knowledge came to me along with the knowledge that we make all of our decisions ALL of the time, free will .  I had chosen my childhood horrors and needed to heal and change for my children, not leave them.  As this and so much more knowledge was imploding me, it was the same as a veil being lifted,   my memories of this place and this knowledge was coming back.
Remarkable SOBE which was very NDE-like while contemplating suicide.

569.  Sharon B Experience 4/7/13 I went to pick up my boyfriend for a picnic. I took one puff of pot and sat in his living room waiting for him to get ready to go outside. All of a sudden I realized I was looking down on my body. I felt I was floating above my body, still connected to it but in a place of incredible peace and love. The love was totally overwhelming and changed my life forever. It felt as if I was out for @ 20 minutes but it turned out to be just a few, maybe 5 minutes or so only… The overwhelming feeling of LOVE which still permeates my daily life.
SOBE which was very life changing.

568.  Monte Y Experience 4/7/13   Everything was slightly up from us but not far away or close it was total peace , love, exciting and calm at the same time.. no fear of any kind.  I felt like a kid who had just arrived at the most wonderful amusement park in the cosmos...we were not standing on ground (dirt) BUT WE WERE IN KIND OF A ROW STANDING ON SOMETHING I was on the extreme right of the others . I had on a white gown with my feet and hands exposed.  So did the others . I noticed they all had there jaws hanging open (shock) and I felt mine and it was open in awe also, I laughed. I thought we must all have just died at the same time on earth it seemed perfectly logical since people die every second.
SOBE while singing in a group.

567.  Jo F Experience 4/7/13 I extended my whole arm out and felt nothing I remember thing "Oh my God", "Oh my God" I just went with it. I did not turn instead I looked at the reflection to the sides of me at the bedroom behind me and it was soooo far away everything was happening in like slow motion I made no fast or sudden moves of any kind I continued a little further and just seen darkness not that I couldn't see I could but there was nothing immediately in front for or as long as I could see it was almost like a void I really wanted to go further..
SOBE with interesting venture into a mirror.

566.  Phuong T Experience 3/23/13 I had previously had several suicide attempts before this one, but this time I had a specific memory in which resulted in the last time I would attempted to commit suicide to date. I took like a handful of sleeping pills after I put my children to sleep. My youngest was only 5 months old at the time. I started hearing my daughter voice crying and tried to wake up to hold her. My hand went through her body, suddenly I saw a bright light and pray toward the light that please help me my daughter need me right now I will never attempt to kill myself again if you help me.
Probable OBE vs Possible NDE due to suicide attempt.

565.  Lanie Experience 3/14/13  I slowly began floating upward and was completely mid air looking down at myself in my bed.  Every detail in my room and on myself was completely accurate.  From my PJs, to the position I fell asleep in, the placement of my tablet beside my pillow prior to falling asleep - everything!  The only difference I found in my room was the location of my bedroom door.  Once reality hit that I was experiencing an out of body experience, I was overcome by fear.  I began to hear music in the distance and started to panic.  It was a song I had never heard before but the genre was definitely classical.  I started to look around and noticed that everything had darkened.  I did not feel that there was anything in particular causing a threat to me but I couldn't control feeling very uneasy.
OBE dream with encounter with frightening entity.

564.  Lesley A Experiences 3/14/13  From the UK.  At that point the pain began to quickly recede and I felt a strange tingly sensation and my immediate thought was 'I'm dying, I know exactly what's happening.' I didn't feel scared but felt really sad that I couldn't say goodbye to my sister and parents. Suddenly I felt myself shift and drop down and forwards out of my body. I found myself floating in a dark tunnel, moving towards a bright light. Suddenly a voice came from no where but I knew it was authority. It said ""Go back, you are not ready to die yet, Lesley."" As soon as I heard those words I felt as though I was being sucked backwards. I felt an uncomfortable jolt, opened my eyes and was back in bed.
SOBE at age 15.

563.  Nancy S Experience 3/2/13 I knelt down and felt great love, compassion, charity, beauty and glory. All the group and myself were praising the lord and singing or saying praise god in the highest and forever more. it has been the greatest experience of my life to be there in this holy place and be forever praising the lord. I will never fear death again, as I now know where my home in heaven will be. In that holy place (asleep in heaven) all earthly time and concerns had disappeared and I wanted to stay there forever. all my earthly problems, concerns and worries evaporated and for the first time in my life felt utter peace and contentment.
SOBE at time of depression.  NDE-like.

562.  Skylar H Experience 3/2/13 The first recognition of reality, and life happened to me at 4 years old as an OBE… here is the very first thing I ever saw in my life, and I mean physical me, there was a house we lived in before. The OBE happened in the 2nd place I've ever lived in... I have never seen the first house, and there's pictures of me in this house, and if I'm correct this experience of entering life was only 3 months difference from that very picture to the day I moved in to the 2nd house. Ok now that's over here is the visual. It looks like a movie, on wide screen setting, the right and left of your vision is black. I'm in the back seat of a car looking out the front window. I only now know what street that is.
Experiences including OBEs and precognition.

561.  Veronica G Experience 2/16/13  Me and my sister both exclaimed how it was actually fun! It was enjoyable because we felt so weightless yet just floating around and swooping and swaying, all while staying on my back position. Never did I ever have any anxiety, fear, or sadness. After some moments I remembering thinking "I have no physical body, so how is it that I can see??" and "Ok, I am now going to try to control where I want to go" because up to that point, I didn't have control. So I set my mind to it. And when I wanted to move right, I concentrated and I did. And it became easier. I remember seeing the light switch by the door and putting my mind to float towards it, and I did. I wanted to go past the threshold, but I could not.
SOBE at age 17.  Sister apparently had same experience.

560.  Jeanne R Experience 2/16/13  This consciousness seemed to have long been a part of 'me' because (I somehow knew or sensed) she was familiar with me; my impression was that she had long resided either within me or adjacent to me.  Her attitude toward me was not overtly compassionate, nor was it hostile or indifferent.  I heard her saying, as she contemplated me across the room, that "she is really a mess" or "she is really in a mess." This thought did not disturb this other consciousness; she seemed to take it in stride, without alarm, conveying to 'me' that things were not really so dire.
Remarkable SOBE involving seeing her body from the OBE perspective of two different consciousnesses.  Shared 50 years after experience. 

559.  Christina R Experience 2/3/13 I had panoramic vision. It's difficult to explain but somehow I was able to see from all around my head as if my eyes were behind my head too. There was no sense of time either. I don't know how long I was out of my body.  I felt so happy that I went out the window and started to fly over the town. It wasn't night, it was daytime and the things in the town didn't seem exactly the same. I remember thinking that things looked a bit different, as if there were different trees in our garden. I flew over the houses, the buildings, and saw familiar people outside their houses. Then I thought "why not go to the beach?" as soon as the thought came to my mind I was instantly there.   Then I thought, well now I want to go out into space and I went up like a rocket but all of a sudden I felt very cold, it frightened me and I awoke in bed.
OBE dream with panoramic vision.

558.  Umer A Experience 1/27/13  From Pakistan.  A I realized I am out of my body and I can roam freely this experience was kind of new to me as I can see clearly myself sleeping in blanket and I can roam in room and see things like Clock which is at point that I cant see until I get out of bed and turn around. similarly I can clearly people talking who were out of the room.
Multiple SOBE dreams with associated sleep paralysis. 

557.  LK Experience 1/27/13  It was as if I was in two different realities at once, like I could see myself at the same time as I was myself. I had the indescribable experience of not having any sense of the passage of time, such as if I was completely removed from the "norms" of this reality. I was in a place where everything was happening at once, and at the same time, nothing at all. Time, as we experience it and know it, did not exist.  This state continued for about a minute, and I have never experienced it again, nor spoken of it.  I have never been able to make complete sense of what I felt, but the closest description I can use is "time ceased to exist" and I was in a different place, but in the same place all at once.
SOBE at dinner table while eating at age 13.

556.  Eva Experience 1/14/13 From Canada Anyway, then they moved back to my room, where I saw myself lying on my bed and listened to them talking about me, "you see that girl over there, blah blah blah" they kept talking about me for a while, and somehow transported themselves and me into a fake place, where everyone honor females or whatever. Here was the random part. Those two voices disappeared and a calm, machine-like female voices start to talk about this stuffed pig toy that can act like a rocket. I took a ride with it and saw the entire view of that town. People there apparently were huge about the color purple. Lots of things were in purple, and many even painted their rooftops purple. Then up in the sky, I saw two Husky dogs in someone's balcony. And that was it. My vision was cut black, and before I know it, I saw the three connected circles again. They were still in place where they were the last time I saw them. And they started to rotate back. As soon as all the circles got back where they were in the first place, my eyes popped open. It was then I figured out that I just had an out-of-body experience. I constantly dream about weird stuff and remember a great amount of them. I also had experiences with lucid dreams, and I can tell that it was different.

555.  Jeffrey W Experience 1/14/13 From the UK  My physical body was lying on the living room floor curled up and I was in immense pain, then I was up to the ceiling looking down at myself rolling about on the floor holding my stomach, curled up crying with pain, but I, up in the ceiling I felt no pain, I was just watching myself on the floor. at the time I told my mother (who is still alive) that I could see the other children from my school outside the house leaving bunches of flowers against the walls.
SOBE at age 12-13 associated with pain from a ruptured appendix.

554.  Barbara P Experience 1/5/13   Half way between earth and eternity I stopped.  I came to a place where there was nothing but "Peace." The peace was thick as a pound cake.  I did not see anything or hear anything.   But this was the most wonderful experience that I have ever had. I believe that the place that I stopped to rest was in the heart of God.  When people die and someone says, ""May he rest in Peace.  May she rest in Peace,"" they may not know it but there is a place where people do ""Rest in Peace after they leave this world.
SOBE vs anesthesia (ether) experience at time of delivery.  Very life-changing.  Shared 51 years after experience.

553.  Ana Experience 1/5/13   From Greece.   I left my body and I stood a little behind and above my physical body and the whole scene. I could see my physical body fighting this man and all the aggression, but I could no more hear my screams or any other sounds. I was in a very calm, comfortable, loving and sure place. It seemed that this place was really big although I was also somehow standing next to the scene. There was a subtle yet omnipresent light, more dense and without color, if we compare it with sun's or a bulb's light. I  had instant access to knowledge that what was happening was not really important or tragic and that I was  much more this being that I was feeling now (and nondestructive) rather my physical body and narrow life. And that life in physical body could be much greater also. Suddenly this man just stopped and looked at me, he was looking paralyzed and shocked as if he had "woken up" and ran away.
SOBE during criminal attack. 

552.  Bob G Experience 1/5/13  At that moment  I found myself above and a little to the  right of myself, above the car, today 30 years later I can still see this image in my head clear as day. Then I experienced an old  weathered hand  reaching down and planting a seed in  dirt and patting the soil. from it a  plant  bloomed immediately and grew like  Jack and the Beanstalk and became a  Sunflower that bloomed and the head peeled  back and then began to spin. The  stalk drops away and as a globe forms under the spinning head the  seeds  shoot out in a helical pattern and  surround the globe, the EARTH, in Seeds of Light. They dissipate, leaving the Earth in all its  splendor and  glory. And all is well.  I was back in the car.
SOBE with profound spiritual experience while driving.

551.  Laura M Experience 12/29/12 My "spirit" head and shoulders were first to emerge, above my "physical" head.  I totally bypassed my bedroom ceiling, went straight into outer space.  Immediately the roaring noise stopped and I looked around at the black midnight sky filled with millions of stars, totally still and generally silent, but I made a mental note that I could hear the "sounds of outer space" and felt a slightly cool temperature. There was a momentary break in the vacuum pull on my head. I was fully conscious, alert, aware I was dying and distinctly recall thinking with elation "This is not a dream, this is actually happening...here I go...wow, so soon and so easy!"… At this point I became aware of an unseen presence behind me to my right.  It communicated to me via mental telepathy that it was my choice to go or stay at this point.  I recall concern for my 12 year old cat being left behind, and the being made it known that the cat had lived a full life and I would be allowed to take him with me if I chose to die physically at this time.
SOBE.  Received answer to her question about whether her deceased husband would remember her.

550.  John S Experience 12/29/12 I was very sick at 16, and operated on for a tumor in my chest.  2 days later, I was back in surgery because I was bleeding internally from the removal of the tumor, and they could not stop the bleeding.  During this second surgery, I remember waking up and hearing the doctors and the nurses.  I was above the table looking down on myself, but it wasn't like I was flying or hovering, I could just see myself and hear the doctors talking and working.  I don't remember seeing blood on myself, but could see myself and it looked like I was sleeping and all these people standing around.  That's pretty much it.  I was in intensive care for about a month after the second surgery.
SOBE during surgery at age 16.

549.  Nick N Experiences 12/29/12  I could see my 2 dogs looking up at the ceiling looking as if they could see me looking back down at them, seeing myself, my girlfriend and the whole house through this tunnel in front of me. Yet I was standing still. I could see the tunnel getting smaller as it felt I was being pulled up further. I started screaming no god no, please I beg you not now. I had grabbed a hold of my girl friends arm and told her do not let go pull me back down. She had later said I looked as if I had saw a ghost when it was over. This scared me so much because I had a strong feeling that I going to die, yet I had a feeling that I knew it was heaven I was being pulled towards. However I was not ready to go and did not want to go I saw a refection of a bright light behind me, but never did see it head on, as it was behind me.
SOBEs while wide awake and unexpected.

548.  Yrjö B Experience 12/29/12  from Finland.  Shortly thereafter I went over Helsinki, and admired city lights on a clear, dark August night. After a short time I went over South Finland and saw the lights of cities. Quickly thereafter I kept on going higher, until I was in space and saw curvature of the earth. Silver line was in place all the time. There I stopped and started wondering: I am in space, but do not feel cold, no hunger, no thirst, I can move around without legs... what am I? Who can behave like this? God can! Have I become God? God knows everything, do I? I then posted two questions. The answer came back before I could finish the questions. The questions were: Was president Kennedy honest and patriotic in all that he did? The answer: Yes. The same question regarding Soviet Union's leader Chrutshow, The answer: Yes. I became very excited: I know everything! But then, I started going back down. I would not have wanted to.
SOBE from Finland.

547.  Justlove Experience 12/28/12 I closed the door and it was pitch black. I held my palms out in front of me as though I could see them as I looked at them and said, "ok, who am I?  I mean I know that I am human and I have a body and organs and a heart and blood and stuff, but, who am I, inside"? At that moment, it was as though "I" left my body and was outside of the planet Earth.  It was HUGE and beautiful.  I just looked at it amazed at the colors and brightness. I just remember staring at it as though I would a fire, captivated until it became the size of a quarter, and I was so far away in the pitch black ALONE that I became frightened and said, "I WANNA GO BACK"! and I entered back into my body and ran out of my grandmother's bedroom.
SOBE at 5 years old.

546.  Benjamin O Experience 12/13/12   I noticed then that I felt as if there were no negative emotions/sensations in my spirit (I didn't see a body nor feel as if I had one, but just felt there if that makes any sense).  The feeling I felt was amazing.  It was the best feeling I had ever felt in my life leading up to this point and ever since.  I felt no pain, no suffering, no anger, no sadness, It was almost as if losing all of emotional senses except for a feeling of pure joy.  After traveling past the stars, it just got pitch-black for a moment.  Then all of a sudden, it was pure white...it was so white that I couldn't see anything.  The wonderful sensation remained the same, and I heard a voice say, "now you know your way home".  Immediately, I started back down the way I had come.  Immediately I felt panicky, not wanting to leave.  Then it was like my life was being handed back to me, and I didn't want it.  Over and over it was being handed to me and I tried to reject it.  I had a sense that I was being told that my life would be happy and okay.  I saw images of my family and just felt as if I was being told it was going to be just fine in the future;  that I would be happy later in life.  I still tried to refuse the whole way back.  I still felt the same during this though;  I was not frustrated or angry as I refused...its hard to explain.  I just didn't want my life back, I wanted to stay where I had gone.  I stopped just above my body still sitting in the same position with my head in my hands, and I heard the voice again "never forget this".  I was back.
Remarkable SOBE.

545.  Walter C Experiences 12/1/12 From Canada.  My spirit moved about the shards in admiration for a few moments, and then turned to the 'task' at hand. This body (I felt NO emotional attachment) had been in an accident and I wasn't sure it was still inhabitable. I know that sounds odd, but that was the question in my consciousness... was this body still in tact and could I still 'use' it. My consciousness moved in front of the body and examined it, almost like a scan, from top to bottom. No damage.  SOBE at time of auto accident.  Remarkable observation of shattered glass in air as time stood still.  The feeling while I was floating was not a sensation. There was no 'feeling' of floating, only the fact that I was. I felt empathy and overwhelming compassion for my physical self, but the pain evident within that body was not felt. I 'was' within the room. There was no confinement of body; it was as though I was everywhere and anywhere within the room all at once. For a few moments, I oriented myself with this new freedom, moving about the room and observing the environment from various angles.
Exceptional SOBE that lasted for months following receiving traumatic news.

544.  Clinton Experience 12/1/12 From South Africa My transporter on this occasion was a young Middle Eastern man with a hunched back. I said "thank dude, nice flight" but realized that he took me to an earth like place other than to my wife's apartment as I requested. It was dark and there were two large blue colored moons in the night sky. Before me, was a brown face-brick building and as I entered I saw an Indian man. I immediately stated my purpose to know if my ex-wife was fine and he gestured me to follow him. We walked back outside and we were joined by a young Indian lady pushing a baby girl in a stroller. What I found significant was that the baby girl was in a blue stroller meant for a boy. We all started walking into a direction led by my Indian guide and at a certain point we stopped and he allowed the young lady to "search" for my ex-wife with what looked like search-lights shining out of her two hands, scanning a building that I recognized to be my ex-wife's apartment building.
Guided SOBE which included seeing his future wife and daughter. 

543.  Charlotte Experience 11/30/12 From Australia  I was about 5 years old, and at the dentists. I was lying on a bed, like a dentist's chair, and as I was so young, instead of a needle in the mouth they gave me gas as an anesthetic.  Initially, upon receiving the gas, I remember pink. I’m not sure if everything went pink colored, or I just “felt pink”, I can’t quite remember. So, I’m lying in this chair, and I get bored, so while the dentist is working in my mouth, I sit up and climb down off of the bed/chair, and walk around to the top of the stairs. The staircase is narrow and steep, and there is a door at the bottom, I think it has glass in it. This is the main memory. Then, I THINK, but I’m not sure, that I walked down the stairs and outside. That’s all I remember.
OBE during anesthesia at age 5.

542.  Donna F Experience 11/30/12 I dreamt that night that I was up in the corner of a bedroom looking down. It was a small room. Just enough to fit a double/queen size bed an older type dresser, long and short with a television on it. My boyfriend was in bed sleeping with someone. They were both sleeping, not entangled. I had never seen this person before. She was quite large and I could tell it was nighttime but I could see clearly. There was nothing special at all about the surroundings. I didn't think too much of it afterwards. I was working at a bar at the time and the woman from my dream came in. She didn't want anything because she was waiting for someone is what she said. She left but I stepped out to watch her. She met my boyfriend just a bit down the block. I later asked him who she was and he said it was the mother of his child. I had never before laid eyes on her or seen a picture. As a matter of fact I remember him stating she had been a cheerleader so I had a picture her being slim and fit in my head. Imagine my surprise.
OBE dream with information she could not possibly have otherwise known.

541.  Lorraine H Experience 11/30/12 After that happened, I still don't know if I had a body and I don't know how much time passed but it was like I was free. Like I never existed or had no feelings, I was light and happy.  Again I don't know how much time passed when I sensed my husband Lloyd beside me. I didn't see him but somehow I knew he was there. This is something that still bothers me to this day. He filled my tummy with sadness and I can't figure out why he has sadness. I always thought of him as an angel without any sins because he never did wrong to anyone and always helped.  After that I sensed my dad who had passed away in 1996 and then I sensed my only daughter who died in an accident when she was 13 in 1991.
ADC with deceased family members during OBE.

540. Shannon A Experience 11/20/12 The next thing I knew I was up above the Earth, floating in outer space. The Earth was absolutely beautiful!  The colors I remember most were shades of blue.  Then the halo of light around the Earth was lighter and lighter blue - then glowing white - with the blackness of space all around it. I felt that there was at least one other being with me, but I couldn't see him or her, like it was behind me.  I remember the air temperature was PERFECT out there.  It just felt heavenly.  Then (remember, I was a small child) I realized I wasn't at home with my parents.  I felt the most extreme amount of loneliness and frantically wished to go back home. 
SOBE at age 6.

539. Lana J Experience 11/19/12  However, last night I saw a ring with points of light and realized I was being drawn strongly out. I was able to see that my hand was on my husband's back, and kept it as an anchor even though I could no longer feel it. My being is entirely encompassed by the 'electric' feeling, which is scary...but in this case, I decided to slide down and out...I then moved over my husband's back and about a 1/4 below into his skin. I was very cold, scared and alone as I moved as a consciousness - though never losing my identity and self-awareness. I kept touching or moving through his back and legs, and was surprised that he responded by waiving me away while asleep. This entire time, I could still see that my physical body and arm were asleep and beside him. I could also sense his body - not his soul -differently, as if I had thousands of sensors reacting at once to touch, but never warm...in this state, I am cold. I then immediately traveled (in the same conscious but electric state) - which was NOT sleep - to a future.
SOBE with interesting journey into husband’s body.

538. Rhonda Y Experience 11/4/12 I had been practicing ""out-of-body"" methods since I was in a bad car accident ten years past (1979); it helped me meditate to relieve my physical suffering. As I stood there, I was wondering who the paramedics were working on, and ""my spirit"" rose out of my body to hover over the scene. I could see they were working on Mr. O'Donald. Overhead, two spirits (angels with green wings) came down to get him, but I was in the way, and they grabbed me by the elbows instead. I tried to convince them that they had the wrong person, but they wouldn't listen to me. I told my physical body to stay standing where it was. The spirit on my right was amused at my protests that they needed to take Mr. O'Donald, not me, but would not let me go. The spirit on my left looked very serious and held on to me very tightly. We rose into the sky very quickly. It seemed like we were going a long distance from Earth. I saw a bright light coming closer and closer. It was like the sun, but not hot and not hard to look at, in fact, I was mesmerized by it. Beautiful rainbow colors surrounded the light. When I arrived in front of the Being of Light I transferred my thought that the spirits had brought the wrong person to It, they were suppose to bring Mr. O'Donald.
Remarkable account of SOBE at the time of a neighbor’s life-threatening event which may have been a shared death experience.

537. Lolita C Experience 11/1/12 I remember being near the ceiling and looking down upon myself and my sisters in our beds.  I then floated into the hallway and into the kitchen (still near the ceiling).  I looked outside the kitchen window, then found myself outside the house near the porch light, looking over the driveway pavement, the next door neighbor's house and the street.  It was about 2 a.m. in the morning.  Everything was still, it was dark outside and no people were moving about.  I remember being disappointed that there were no people out, because I knew I could not be seen and wanted the thrill of moving about them and having them not know it.  I looked back near the garage of the house; it was still dark and I thought I would at least see a cat or a dog (I didn't).  I then became bored with being outside.  I found myself back in the hallway of our house; I thought about my parents and looked towards the door of their bedroom and could see through the door.  They were sleeping.  I quickly turned my eyes away because I knew I shouldn't be looking into my parents bedroom.  I stayed at the ceiling in the hallway for a bit, looking at the light of the moon coming in from the bathroom window into the hallway.  I then floated back into my bedroom. 
SOBE at age 8.

536. Michelle H Experience 10/20/12  I was around 5 years old when we were sitting around the table having dinner, when all of a sudden, I had trouble swallowing.  I remember that I really needed to swallow but I couldn't.  My mum and dad moved me over to the kitchen bench where they grabbed a teaspoon to help remove the food.  I don't recall if I had difficulty breathing.  All I knew was that I was feeling VERY uncomfortable and just couldn't swallow.  I didn't know why I couldn't.  I remember the spoon down my throat and I thought it was from that reason why I couldn't swallow.  Then the next thing I remember was, feeling no discomfort but watching the commotion of my parents.  I was standing behind them and I was at ground level.  I know I was trying to see what all the commotion was about but I couldn't see anything. It's like I was right behind them now, watching a scene.  The whole experience was so brief.  It probably only lasted for about 10 seconds when suddenly I was back and felt the discomfort of the teaspoon down my throat and then moments later, I could swallow again, though my throat felt quite sore afterwards.
SOBE at time of difficulty swallowing at age 5.

535. Sherry Experience 10/6/12  While having my wisdom teeth removed and under general anesthesia at age 20, I hovered above my body and watched the surgeons and nurses do their work.  I have had this experience a couple of times.  I also had an out of body experience while vacationing in La Jolla, Ca in 1982. I fell asleep during the day in my hotel room.  I left my body at a high speed shooting straight up into the sky.  I passed through barriers, walls, the city, etc. Within seconds I was above the earth watching the planet.  It was beautiful.  I was attached to my body by a chord.  I was awed by the beauty but I was also frightened that the chord may sever and I would float into deep space.  I willed myself back into my body out of fear.  Woke up crying.
OBE while under anesthesia and OBE during dream.

534. Erin Experience 10/6/12  My body was definitely paralyzed and I would've accepted that it was just an episode of sleep paralysis until I put so much effort into moving my body (my arms in particular) that I saw what appeared to be a shear, yellow/gold, glittery version of my arm and hand. This wasn't a dream because I clearly thought to myself "Oh my God, I'm about to have an out of body experience. If I don't stop trying to move I'm going to completely come out of my body". I was scared. I didn't want to come out of my body.
SOBE involving a partial OBE.

533. Laurie Experience 9/30/12  Then they all turned to me and put up their hands as if telling me to stop. I hesitated, then tried to continue saying ""but I want to come in."" The shadow hands multiplied and became more insistent in their stop motion. I felt rather then heard them tell me God had a purpose for me that I still needed to fulfill. I couldn’t come in. Not yet. So I said fine if I can't come in then I want to live. Right then I felt a falling sensation and my eyes popped open wide awake full of energy and determination to overcome and live to serve whatever purpose God had in mind for me. I called my mom. Years later when we were talking about it Mom told me at that very moment she was sitting in the kitchen crying because she was so worried about me. She felt Something was very wrong. The kids kept telling her not to worry I was fine. But she couldn’t stop crying, worrying and praying for me.
OBE Dream associated with suicide attempt.  Verified OBE observations hundreds of miles away during experience.

532. SK Experience. 9/2/12  from Iran I slept without eating lunch.  I set eyes on each other.  At this moment I felt I can not move my arm.  I wanted to scream I can not.  I was too scared.  I heard a voice that said, let's go.  I remember I was so upset because of my families.  I tell I want to comeback to my family.  At that moment I fell I can move. I got up immediately. And I and my mother and my sister cry for 2 hours.  After that experience I Slept with anxiety .After I entered college In psychology I see a disorder called sleep paralysis With signs Just like my experience.  After reading that article I feel calm.  And now I study and research in the mind and sleep With the hope that can get a clue and help to thousands of anxious people.
Description of sleep paralysis.  Contributor is a psychology student.

531. Sally S Experience. 9/2/12  from Canada  Only the bottom half of my body had separated, I could feel and see a another pair of legs moving upwards like they were mine, above my real body legs and there was a yellow light around them. It felt like my own legs were separating and going elsewhere without my consent and there was nothing I could do about it my real legs were paralyzed.  I panic and wanted to scream for help and it was the most difficult thing to do since my mouth was also paralyzed. I think my panic brought me back. I finally gained my feelings and heard myself saying HELP out loud.
SOBE with interesting partial OBE- only her legs were observed apart from her body.

530. Olivier H Experience. 8/27/12  from Canada  The next thing I know, I was standing up. I was able to see ''through'' my eyelids, it was not really seeing, but more like a dream. I saw the other room in my house through my door, and I then popped in my kitchen (kind of like in a dream, where you remember the places you went in your dream, but not how you got there), then I opened my eyes and I was staring at the ceiling, then I lost the feeling of paralysis and I woke up.
SOBE with sleep paralysis.

529. Angelica Experience. 8/27/12   from Indonesia  Light blue color of the cubes with numbers on a middle. They moved around in labyrinths. Like it was some kind of codes. it was unexplainable, I never saw it anywhere before. Something has been shown to me.  I also heard very very loud noise! It was like heavy machinery working next to me, nothing similar I heard before.  It's happened three times. First naturally, while I was half sleep, half conscious. My soul tried to leave the body, but every time I move further from the bed, I was scared, I will never come back, so I pull myself back and after I said to myself No. Now I feel, I want to repeat it again.
Non-western SOBE.

528. Allen D Experience. 8/11/12  I was driving in my car and was experiencing  much emotional distress when I experienced the sensation of an invisible arm sweep down from above me and across my face very fast, and then plunged with great force into my chest. It felt as if my soul was plucked out of me with explosive force and began to literally rocket up to a darkness with a dim light emanating from a distant perimeter. I saw that I appeared to be the contrail from a jet that was capped with a face consisting of the same smoky material. I detached from it and could see it going up. I was following it and watching it . In the peripheral I could see many more contrails all shooting up simultaneously towards the same dull dark sphere with dim illumination around it. I reached stopped and was absorbed into what I can only describe as absolute pure perfect love from God to me as one person.
SOBE while driving. 

527. Maryann B Experience. 8/11/12 After a few minutes at most and fully conscious it happened. I was in a tunnel. My impression was I was still and the tunnel was moving at great speed. In the tunnel I saw objects in more than 3 dimensions. I would see an objects height, weight, color (vivid) depth and what can only be described as its "Platonic essence; (finally understood that concept). I then was thrust into what was a rural setting. I appeared to be travelling at great speed and head first about a few thousand feet over the landscape. I spotted a farmhouse and literally headed for it. As I got closer I saw I wasn't slowing down and indeed was heading for a wall! I was terrified I was going to crash head on. I braced for the crash but instead and much to my relief I went right through it. I began to slow down and saw a room, a dining area w/ a large family eating. I seemed to be aware a young girl was aware of me. Just as I began to get control of this "Maserati body" and this was kind of cool I'd like to explore...I was back in my bed, fully conscious.
STE/OBE at age 18.

526. Andrew T Experience. 7/28/12  I was looking down at myself looking up, as if I were an adult version of myself. My body wasn't smiling,  nor was it frowning. I stood there for about e minute before my out of body self, moved forward and made contact with my body's face. A moment later I was in my body and looking upwards toward the ceiling. This was my first memory, and life was as it is now, normal.
First memory at age 3. 

525. Heidi S Experience. 7/28/12 I was floating in the dark sky, feeling as though I was just a soul, with no physical body. I felt as if I was the universe-that everything in the universe is just one thing. as if you took everything that is and made it into a ball (like taking play dough and squishing it all into a ball). it felt as if I was the actual universe. I felt like I was floating in the dark sky and bright stars were in the sky, and I started to absorb them like rain drops on my face (except I was not in physical form, I just was there as a soul, I'm assuming). the stars which were like rain drops were all being absorbed into me, which felt as one thing only. it was all one thing, even though falling stars/rain drops were becoming me. it made me think that when we pass, we might possibly become one with the universe and we are here, and we're everything. when I came back I was overwhelmed with emotion, and was instantly brought to tears and couldn't understand why. I felt as if I understood what can happen to us when we die, like I received some sort of answer. trying to explain the oneness I felt with the universe was extremely difficult, but really felt compelled to let everyone know exactly what happened, and how it really was something that happened consciously. if was a positive experience and I want so badly to experience more in the future.
SOBE with remarkable awareness of oneness with the universe.

524. Lori E STE/SOBE. 7/28/12 There to my left on a screen was my life. I could see it! Me! I saw and felt all of my choices in this lifetime. There was absolutely NO judgment attached to it. None. I wasn't judging my life, simply seeing it. To my right was dim. I "felt" like the right side was reserved for when I actually did physically die. I would be privy to it then. It was all my possibilities all my angels of all decisions that were played out in a different realm. As if lets say, I decided not to get married when I did. What my life would of been, and yet it actually was played out, just not in the psychical body type of way. It was still acted out. It was all the "probables"  in life. I asked in feeling not in voice, why I was here. I was told, it was because I had asked to be there. I knew this voice, as it was comforting and familiar and yet I knew it was God. How is that possible?  I immediately questioned the voice, as it was female. I had always envisioned "God" to be male. I had expected to be greeted in a male voice. I was shocked to hear/feel that I had chosen this voice, because it was MINE! I suddenly knew, I was part of the universe.
This is a MUST READ.  Among the most remarkable spiritual experiences ever received.  SOBE with stunning spiritual insights.

523. Gundula G Experience 7/28/12 From New Zealand.   As I progressed, I felt myself deeply grateful to some form of Higher Self/Universe/God. I knew God exists but I was God. When I met people I had this overwhelming consciousness of "One-ness".  On the day of my "out of body" experience I was massaging a client. While I was massaging her, time stood still, even for my client, who commented afterward that this was the nicest longest massage she ever had. Even though it was an hour, I had this feeling it was going on for ever (in a very pleasant way). During the massage all of a sudden I could feel my soul float in front of my third eye. I had this overwhelming bliss within me and I knew then, that this is what will happen when I die. This event lasted for roughly 3 days. I was more aware of other people, I noticed their strength (even if they didn't) and had this all encompassing Love for all beings
SOBE with spiritual insights.

522. Timothy M Experience 7/21/12 From Canada. I then looked up to the ceiling  and saw there were off-white ceiling tiles . All of a sudden a panel opened up and flashed the most magnificent light I have ever seen . I was completely bathed in it and suddenly felt myself lifted up and was soaring upwards into this indescribably beautiful light at an incredible speed. After a few seconds the light went off , like the picture of a television when you turn it off . I was standing back in the cabin looking up a the ceiling and saw the ceiling panel close up . I looked at the panel where it had opened and could not see even a seam . The cabin was silent and I looked over to the pane glass windows. I sensed I was in a most unusual place and walked over to the windows to look out and see where I was. As soon as I got to the window to look out ,  I woke up in my bed .
OBE dream with encounter with deceased brother.

521. Annie C Experience 7/4/12 From Canada. I smoked a considerable amount I wont lie. it was my first time. I felt light at one point walking down the street with my friends. Being tired of listen to a friend prattle on about his crush I tuned out. Next thing I realize is I'm floating away. Now I'm thinking, oh man I'm really high, but then I started to notice the tops of the street lamps, and I could see far out in the distance over the low rise apartment buildings. Thing is I could still hear my friend talking beside me. The realization kind of scared me when I noticed all these things, I out of nowhere I just snapped back into my body, looked over at my friend in awe. He hadn't noticed anything. I definitely wasn't high anymore completely sober. I always thought that because my mind was so relaxed that it was possible. I have thought about it everyday since then. I still cant believe the feeling and the view. I could really see everything around!
OBE associated with marijuana use.

520. Wendy L Experience 7/4/12 From Australia.  The most vivid memory of an experience I have is of floating gently out of my bed, through the ceiling and roof, and then at breakneck speed higher and higher. I met a young woman who appeared to be in her teens who spent time with me, she didn't say it but I knew she was my daughter. I had not given birth to her but I had a miscarriage when my oldest son was about 18-20 months old. I am sure this "being" was her or her spirit. She told me that she had wanted to meet me and that she was breaking the rules by doing so and that if caught she would be punished. I have never seen her again.
ADC with remarkable encounter with stillborn child.  Other OBEs.

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