SOBE - Spontaneous Out of Body Experiences


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519. Mark S Experience 6/24/12  From the UK. I remember floating out of my body and seeing my small form lying face down, apparently asleep.  I went through the ceiling and immediately found myself in a dark void.  I felt myself being pulled along, through this dark, featureless space.  It was neither cold nor warm.  I do not recall seeing my own form or body, but nor did I look down at myself.  Beside me, as a floated, were various people.  They were entirely still, reminding me of manikins.  These figures were watching me, expressionless - neither smiling nor grimacing.  I recall feeling perturbed but not scared as their eyes only followed my movements. I had a sense they somehow knew me but I did not know them at all.  These figures all appeared to be dressed in what I considered old fashioned clothing - 1940's or 1930's.  I felt a pull downwards and a sense of falling and I found myself back in my body rolling out of bed to land on the floor - I had fallen out of bed.
SOBE at age 2.

518. Thulasizwe T Experience 6/24/12  From South Africa.  I was napping in the morning after having woken up but without getting out of bed. The previous day I had read the book "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsh discussing the possibility of being in two places at once by dividing your body. By nature I do not believe in impossibility of anything. I therefore was curious about this possibility. While dreaming half awake and half asleep I found my self flying over the Indian ocean going to Australia, the curious thing about this particular dream is that it felt live and the time was about 9 AM. Another thing is I felt connected with All Things which I believe was arranged for me by God. While flying over the Indian ocean, I could see the coastline of Australia after a while. Then I saw a military vehicle moving about the coastline with one set of wheels immersed in the water and the other on land. I then saw a mountain that is typical of Australia with reddish soil. I then willed to see the signs on this mountain after myself and my brother discovered that there are signs on everything none man made that are what can be described as snapshots of things happening in the past, present and future.
SOBE from South Africa.

517. Belinda G Experience 6/24/12  This experience plays back in my mind like a movie, still today. I was asleep on a couch in our family room. My family was eating dinner at the table which was only two feet away from the couch. I remember opening my eyes occasionally and looking at my father who was in my direct line of sight as I lay down. I then opened my eyes again, expecting to see my dad looking at me, instead, I saw our ceiling which my nose almost touched as I realized that I was moving toward the ceiling. I remember being curious but very calm. I started to look over my left shoulder and felt that my whole 'body' was rolling left, what I mean is that it didn't feel like I turned my head, it just felt like I 'rolled' left. I was still floating at ceiling height and saw my family eating dinner as they were when I was opening my eyes previously. In the next instant I was back on the couch, looking at my father who looked at me a little perplexed and said 'you jumped high!' I looked at him and said 'oh, did I?'
OBE while sick with fever at age 6.

516. Pat S Experience 6/9/12  I'm going back a number of years.  This happened to me when I was in about the sixth grade.  I'm 52 now.  We were living in our old house and I was lying in bed. I wasn't asleep and wasn't dreaming.  Suddenly I was looking at myself on the bed from a spot up near the ceiling.  My back would have been against the ceiling, looking down.  I saw myself in the bed.  I wasn't at all afraid and I was curious but then the experience was over.  I would say it only lasted a brief minute or two. But I'd never had that happen before.  I don't recall that I was sick or anything at the time that it happened.
Probable dream OBE in sixth grade.  Shared at age 52.

515. Bonnie Experience 6/9/12  Then I start seeing images and then I hear my Mom talking to me (she passed away 10 years ago).  I addressed her directly and told her that I missed our Saturdays together.  At that moment, my back began to vibrate and I felt myself lifting out of my body.  I started falling and felt disoriented so I asked for awareness now and began to float more evenly.  I read this in an audio book I downloaded on the subject because I had a similar experience a month or so ago and was nervous about the experience and needed to know what was going on and what to do about it. This advice actually helped somewhat and I managed to float myself through my bedroom door and over to my dog’s area.  Snaggles saw me but if Meka did she didn’t show it because she just walked off into the kitchen.  I settled on the ground near Snaggles and tried to hold her but she went through my arms.  I then came back to my body.
OBE dream with visit to her pet dogs.

514. Glenn C Experience 6/2/12 It was the second role for me and the director was taking a chance on me.  I studied very hard to be the best I could be.  It was only one scene I was in but I was central to that scene.  It was on the second performance (I believe) that I walked onto stage, the theater (Riverside Community Players) is performed "in the round."  As I entered I began to feel strange but I continued with the scene.  During the action I drifted to the center of the stage as a consciousness, not physically.  I could watch myself performing and interacting with the other actors on stage.  I began to direct myself, telling myself what to do next as I continued the performance.  As the scene ended I began to exit the stage as I did my conscious self melted back into my physical self. I went straight to my dressing room, sat stunned in front of the mirror trying to understand what happened.  After a moment the director came and me, "Glenn, what happened out there.  You entered the stage as someone learning to act, by the time you left the stage you were a polished actor.  I watched years of growth in a matter of minutes.  What happened?"  I told him, "I don't know Ben, I just don't know."
Remarkable SOBE while acting on stage in a play.

513. TC Experience 6/2/12  Then I felt myself out of my body floating upwards.  I went to the corner ceiling of my bedroom and felt I couldn't continue because of the ceiling and wall of the house.  I turned around, looked around my bedroom, saw the light coming in through my bedroom door and heard the TV.  I moved closer to the person sleeping in the bed and saw myself.  Being startled brought me instantly back into my body.  I lied awake, realizing I had just left my body and how easy it was and that everything I had been told was true.  I have not been afraid of death since.  I've had many out of body experiences since and I know when I leave my body, this shell, a world of light and love awaits me.
OBE dream which was quite transformative at age 16.

512. Aldo R Experience 5/28/12  I woke up after I entered my body. Wh8ile I was out of my body I went from Saudi Arabia all the way to the United States and witness my girl friend doing certain things and her friends.  I woke up and wrote all these things down on a piece of paper. When I got back to the State in Florida, I approached her one day and had her open the envelope and read it… I visited my girl friend and witnessed her making love to Tony in the Van he drove. I wrote it all down on paper. When I got back and she read it, she attempted suicide by trying to cut her wrists with broken glass. She basically freaked out because nobody but her and Tony knew what they did except me.
SOBEs including observations thousands of miles away later confirmed.

511. Yolanda P Experience 5/28/12  I was in pitch black darkness and I felt the most unbelievable bliss that I've ever experienced in my life. The first thing I thought was "wow, this is better than drugs!"  It's hard to even put into words how amazing it felt, I have nothing to compare it with.  It felt like sheer heaven. Even though it was completely black, I wasn't afraid. The darkness seemed full of potential. Not empty at all, but just filled with amazing bliss and happiness. I felt totally myself and whole. I decided to start walking. After a while I saw a city with multi-colored street lights ahead. I had a vague feeling that I was following someone who was ahead of me, that this person was leading me to where I was supposed to go. I felt loved and whole and happier than I ever thought was humanly possible, but after a while I started to resist going forward.  I had a feeling I was going to meet someone, God possibly, and I felt like I wasn't ready or worthy yet.
OBE Dream.

510. Candy A Experience 5/14/12  At this time I realized I could allow myself to float up, and allowed myself to travel outside my house.  Once outside I was looking down on my house, the backyard and noted everything was in place, the play yard, trampoline, travel trailer and the dumb dog snoring.  Feeling content I allowed myself to explore, observing the city from above.  Visiting my friends houses, looking down from above, but not going inside.  Then I had the overwhelming feeling to lift myself higher and higher until I reached the clouds.  Still I wanted to go higher above the clouds, but I don't like losing sight of the area below and what's familiar to me.  I wanted to go higher, but I don't like not being able to see through the clouds into nothingness, as though I'm scared of getting lost if I lose visual sight of what I know.
OBE dream with travel far from home.  Also premonition of San Francisco earthquake.

509. Carolina R Experience 4/22/12 From Mexico The next thing I remember is waking up in a corner in y room and staring at myself sleep. For a few moments it didn't seem strange, until I realized I was staring at my own body, still listening to music,  laying in bed still. This caused me to panic because I thought I had died. I looked at my hands, so I could pinch myself or touch my skin...anything, but I had no hands. Feet or any physical body. I was like a small sphere of light without any weight that was floating in a corner in my room. As a sphere, I could not move very well, as if I didn't control it fully, not because I couldn't but because I was not used to it. I panicked even more and then somehow I woke up in my real physical body.… I could see things in a 360 degree manner, I was not confined in that sense.
OBE dream from Mexico.

508. Olivia H Experience 4/15/12  I went to my Ma who was sitting at the kitchen table smoking a cigarette. I was above her watching her inhale and exhale. I tried to get her attention by calling out to her but she wouldn't respond. I even went directly in front of her face yelling at her, but she appeared to be staring not at me but right through me. I had to constantly push myself down from the ceiling with my hands. I just didn't like how everything looked from so high up. I eventually gave up with my Ma and right when I did it felt like I was moving but wasn't. It felt like I was going back to my room, but more... like I HAD to go back. I don't remember turning around and going back to my room, but the next thing I remember is just 'coming to' suddenly. When I came to I was sitting up in bed with the covers up; there was puke in my lap and my Ma was there cleaning me up. Neither me or my Ma know if I was sick with a cold at the time.
SOBE at age 2.

507. Sam Experience 4/15/12  It was then that I realized I was outside of my body, but I had no idea of where I might be, as there was nothing my senses could relate to. It was an extremely unsettling experience and I felt that I was beyond any concepts of ‘time and space’ during the experience. I was in a formless place in which all was thought, without manifestation of forms. Then, I sensed two human-like 'beings', whom I felt were friendly and helpful, who arrived on both ‘sides’ next to me (although I had no form and neither did they) as if to guide me somewhere.  I remember asking them, telepathically just by thinking it, where we were going and they quickly answered me (without words being spoken) that we were going "Somewhere beautiful."
SOBE while walking down a street.

506. Linda S Experience 4/15/12 Back in the USA I was at my Mom's home glancing through a magazine. My Mom had just went upstairs when a strong force yanked me from my body. I was going faster  than the speed of light straight ahead. Then was going down. Came to a stop. Let out anger that I will not repeat for it serves no one. Once done I was again going down and the blackness was getting darker. At that point I cried out, "Lord Jesus have mercy on me! What came from my 'lips' did NOT come from my heart!"  Instantly I came back into my body and gently  too. My Mom had just come down and upon seeing me thought I was dying. Nope. Had already done that. Like a person who died from sudden death syndrome.
SOBE at time of emotional turmoil.

505. Cassidy B Experience 4/8/12  I was laying in bed asleep I think. it was strange the next thing I know, I am floating toward the ceiling, hovering over my body. it was unreal. I went to my body and I remember moving my arms and bending my legs. it was lifeless. and almost instantly I was standing in front of a house. I had never been there before. and I remember that it was around dusk and I remember the porch, the walkway, and across the road, which was small a two way, I remember the wooded area. the house was on a hill, and the next thing I remember was hearing loud music, I turned and looked at the car, it was a light brownish colored Cadillac. it was an older car but I guess pimped out. and the people in the car just started shooting. I remember getting hit in the chest falling back and then I just woke up… the turn we made was to a hill, vine street. that turn took me to the exact place that I was shot. before we got to the house (which was the same as in my "dream") I told my sister I had been here and she replied with a no I hadn't.
OBE with premonition of place she would visit later.

504. Annie N Experience 4/8/12  My husband and I were sleeping.  He'd been released from the hospital 8 hours previous after having a stroke.  I woke to what I thought was his snoring and when I rolled him over. His face was frozen with eyes open and mouth in a grimace and he couldn't take in much air, which was what I'd thought was snoring.  I thought he was having another stroke and called 911.  Since he was having trouble breathing, I had to get him off the bed to perform CPR.  I could not budge him.  I simply did not have the strength to move him...not right left or off the end.  I tried with all my might.  I had moved to the end of the bed and was beseeching "Please, oh please, no, please, no" and I realized that I could look down to the left and see myself.  I was slightly above, about one to two feet and about one foot to the right of myself.  Everything was real time and real place.  It lasted moments and I moved back to the side of the bed and the sensation did not recur.
SOBE during a frightening time that husband was having a seizure.

503. Bridgett H Experience 4/8/12 With all of my stress coming to a head I broke, feel to my knees and started to cry, then I could not breath and wanted to throw up but could not. I was gasping for air. the harder I tried to calm down the worse and worse it got.  my chest was tight and almost positive my blood pressure was through the roof! The next thing I remember is floating by my ceiling fan looking at myself on my knees unable to breath. a figure like a shadow (God or angel not sure) came behind me, touched me. As soon at he touched me ( I literally felt him ) I was back inside my body and he told me everything's going to be ok. (hard it plan as day he was right behind me. I got up and right away I stopped and was able to breath I got in to bed and slept like a baby. The next mourning I woke up and had such a burden off my shoulders feeling.
SOBE at time of great anxiety including encountering another loving entity.

502. Jessica E Experience 3/31/12  I continued to watch myself get further and further away from myself. It was a creepy feeling. I seen myself holding my son just like I was when he fell asleep and looking oblivious to anything. I, my body self, didn't move at all. I saw myself from above and as I watched I felt so strange. I felt like I was really floating and light as a feather. There was no pain or anything just a lightness. Finally, knowing I was getting close to the roof I got afraid and tried to float back to myself but couldn't. I was worried about the baby because if he wake up and I wasn't present in my body he might fall out of my arms or anything else. That's some of what I was thinking. Then I was suddenly in the sky. I was in the clouds and there were some kind of entities with me. They looked like angels because they had wings and were beautiful. They were talking to me, telling me not to worry and that I was safe and, without words I knew I was somewhere almost holy.  There was a light above but behind me that looked pure white. I knew I was not supposed to go to it. I was only supposed to see it and stay where I was. I got to "fly" around for a while then it was time to go back. I don't remember any of the trip there or back except to my ceiling. Because of that I only remember looking down again from there at my body and "merging" with it. Then I instantly sat up awake.
Dream.  OBE to ceiling, then OBE in unearthly realm.

501. MT Experience 3/24/12 I was 17 years old and having sex with my steady boyfriend.   I had no sex information/training or anything.  While we were having sex, my spirit (?) or something major shot out of my body and I was "just out there!" Out there, where?   I don't know.  Shortly I was back in my body.   I tried to explain it to my boyfriend and he laughed and told me I had experienced an orgasm.   Well, today I am 65 years old and have never had anything like that transpire during sex or an orgasm.  I was shot out of my body and I felt it and it scared me badly.  It was very real.  I can remember it as if were 5 minutes ago.
Multiple experiences including SOBEs, ADCs, and others.

500. Janie K Experience 3/24/12 I was sat on my sofa in  my new flat on my own doing some work when I felt like I was watching my self from above typing my pulse went rapid and I have a throbbing pain in center of my boobs (no joke) and I felt sick. I was watching my self and felt like I was sinking further into the chair but I'm not actually moving and I'm just above myself.
SOBE while typing.

499. Caroline Experience 3/7/12 I was in bed and had been sleeping but during the experience I was definitely not asleep.  I became aware of being enveloped in a beautiful white/gold light. The feeling was of being wrapped in total and indescribable love. It was euphoric and magnificent and filled my total being. it is impossible to describe the total bliss of the experience I just knew that I didn't want to leave ....I just wanted to stay connected to whatever this was. I was pure energy and aware of myself although I didn't have a body. there was the most beautiful sound although it was music as such...every sense was at the most heightened that I can imagine. there was no sense of time and no sense of things or beings....just this overwhelming love that I was part of. Although I can remember the experience with total clarity I yearn to feel the immenseness of it again.
SOBE with exceptionally blissful experience.

498. Robin L Experience 3/7/12 So, I was lying in bed praying the night before I was to take the job when I became aware that someone in a white robe was standing at the foot of my bed. I was startled but not frightened. I instantly knew I was seeing my older brother who had died shortly after he was born. He appeared to be a handsome, slightly built young man. I think he was smiling. In an instant he had moved over NEXT to the bed and he leaned over and said into my ear in a soft voice, "Have fun!"  So u stopped worrying & I went to school the next day with my baritone ukulele and I was just my enthusiastic self. We sang a lot of the children's songs my mother had written years before...and etc. It was a great four months!... my brother who I never knew in mortality, yet I recognized him and seemed to know who he was instantly.
Remarkable ADC from brother who died shortly after birth, and who she never met.  Brother reassured her at a difficult time in her life.

497. Ladonna R Experience 3/4/12  Only one time did I have an out of body experience, and was surprised by it. I left my body, floating directly above, maybe 15 feet up, and could see the massage therapist and my body. as soon as I realized that I was where I was, I became immediately back in my body. I told the massage therapist about my experience and she stated that she had had other clients tell her the same thing. at another time in my life, I was hit by a car while walking. as my body neared the ground my life flashed in front of my eyes, with what seemed like everything that had ever occurred in my life. I could not see the ground until I hit. for some time after this I could remember many of the events.
SOBE during a massage and life review experience after being hit by a car prior to hitting ground.

496. Debra H Experience 2/11/12 I was taken to the OR for the delivery of my still born. The contractions were very difficult to handle. Suddenly whenever a contraction started I found myself floating in the corner of the ceiling watching a my body leave my body. It was as though there were 3 of me. The farther the body moved away from my body the pain decreased. I would relax and then the whole process started over. I have never heard of anybody having a third body.
Rare description of being OBE and then observing “my body leave my body” during delivery.

495. Andras Experience 2/11/12  However in this particular 'dream' I found myself in a very bright, white place, with nothing material I can remember of. There were no borders, no real dimensions, I can't recall anything familiar. I can only remember some very strong emotions, very pure happiness, joy, excitement, some kind of wholeness, with no pain or fear at all. (I'd always been a very nervous child in real life with heightened - both positive and negative - feelings.) I wasn't even afraid of being away from my home, let alone my parents, being at a distant, unknown and very curious place. There was someone, some sort of friend I believe, who "guided me" through the place. We knew very well, the time had been coming for us to see God's face. I didn't know what that meant, but I knew instantly that this was the only thing I ever needed, the purpose of my life. I felt like a chosen member of a community, like undergoing some kind of initiation process, but this didn't include any negative feelings such as arrogance or pride.
SOBE dream at age 7 or 8 in Hungary.

494. Jacqui G Experience 2/11/12  From Scotland. The biggest surprise to me about my OBE was that I could still see and think. I remember thinking that!!  I got such a shock when I saw my body...I thought I must've died.  I just kind of floated there not knowing what to do, I was scared. I could see the top of my wardrobe and wondered why my face was very near the ceiling. I noticed that a plant which I had on top of the wardrobe had dropped 3 leaves which had turned brown and were lying on the top of the wardrobe. I also felt 'physical' but not. ..very hard to explain. I felt like I had arms because I remember moving my right arm slowly down to feel underneath me starting to realize that there was nothing beneath me and that I was floating. This movement of moving the right arm down spun me right over! (Like as if I was doing an Eskimo-roll in a kayak). It was then I saw myself lying below.

493. Linda L Experience 1/29/12 I was unable to sleep, so listened to my favorite relaxation tapes. Still unable to sleep I got out of bed to look out of the bedroom window, when I turned back to return to bed I was aware of looking at myself asleep on the bed.  I instantly felt a love for my familiar shape as I lay on one side, eyes firmly shut, my arm stretched upwards on the pillow.  I thought WOW, this is what it is like to be outside of your body.  I felt I was in the corner of the bedroom, looking down on the sleeping forms of myself and that of my husband. I enjoyed watching myself, my sleeping husband and looking around the room for a few moments, then thought how do I return to my body.  As you think, your thought processes bring you immediately to where you want to be, which was the light switch.  I tried to switch on the lights, but nothing happened.
SOBE in bedroom.

492. Betty C Experience 1/22/12  My husband and I pulled in to the roadside rest instantly I saw a flash of brilliant white light. I was in a cloudy mist. I saw Jesus I was following him His arm and hand was behind him I think I was holding his hand. It was a peaceful feeling loving atmosphere until I turned around I got scared. I realized I was up in the sky with Jesus and I looked down and saw my body in the car. Suddenly I saw a brilliant light then I returned to my body, I could not move then gradually I was able to move. This was an experience I shall never forget.
SOBE with encounter with Jesus.

491. Sue V Experience 1/22/12  I had been going through a period that I was enveloped with the fear of death and dying. Questioning what happens to you when you die. A big nothingness, a forgotten existence. I didn't want to die! I was raised without religion and my best friend went to a Catholic school and was conflicted with the question of is there a Savior, a God? I would go to bed many nights thinking of death and crying myself to sleep. I began to pray that I needed to know, please help me, give me a sign, relieve my saddened heart… I think because the experience frightened me ... like was I just dead? And just as quickly as that emotion came over me, a realization struck me. The knowledge that my prayer had been answered, my experience was a gift from God. I was part of something larger than the physical world, there was "life" beyond this Earth. I did not need to live in fear anymore.
OBE dream with important message around age 12.

490. Steve Experience 1/18/12  I felt a great curiosity about how this person -- the physical me -- looked. I was closely examining the face of the body when, with a great gasp, I woke up -- back in the body -- looking up at where my spirit face had just been peering into my physical face. I quickly got up and looked outside and the same kids were playing on the sidewalk just like they had been when I, as a spirit, had been looking outside a moment earlier. I don't think the other experiences are worth mentioning. This one though, was absolutely real and showed me that we are conscious beings connected in a tenuous manner to the physical body that we put on at birth.
OBE dream with OBE observations verified after experience.

489. Victor H Experience 1/8/12  I was in the hosp. in Kansas Univ. Med. Ctr. I had a chronically infected gland surgically removed from my under my chin earlier that day. I'm allergic to penicillin so I was given nafcillin. All during the day I was having severe chest pains. The med staff told me I was young and it was nothing. Around 10:40 pm I was in bed watching Nightline with Ted Koppel. I had a severe very deep chest pain. I was immediately out of my body. I was over my body looking down on myself. I could see the blue rays from the TV on my body and Ted Koppel still talking. I was afraid and asked "what's going on?" I said "God please help me!" When I said that I was back in my body and started pushing the Nurse call button.
SOBE following surgery.

488. Susan B Experience 1/8/12  I remember that physical objects around me, walls, furniture, everything,  was not solid. All physical objects were almost transparent, sort of fuzzy.   So, I put my hand out and it went through the wall. I then decided to experiment further so I flew around my neighborhood at about 4 feet or so off the ground. I flew through many of my neighbors homes, looking with interest at objects they had in their house. Occasionally I came across people but they did not notice me.
Interesting OBE and ADCs.

487. Katherine B Experience 12/11/11 I went all over the place sometimes walking and sometimes floating.  In buildings and by streams and outdoor things. I went to a place with a tree and there were two dogs there.  One ran up to me and it was BB the dog I used to have here that died violently by a neighbor boy shooting him multiple times with his .22 rifle.  This was about five years ago that he died. I petted him and his fur was smooth.  I thought to myself, boy I had forgotten how smooth and soft BB's fur was.  He seemed fit and happy to see me and was playful.  Then I went indoors in a room and floated up toward the ceiling.  I stopped at the ceiling.
OBE dream including encounter with deceased pet dog.

486. Bob S Experience 12/11/11  I went over to the man in charge and was having a conversation about my life on earth. "Why was it so hard" was the main focal point.  The man told me that he tried to warn me but I wouldn't listen.  I was confused, and in a split second a memory was given to me, not shown but experienced. I remembered going to earth to be born, I was very happy and exited and couldn't wait to go live in a physical body on earth. The man in charge was pleading with me to wait, "it's too soon, it's not time yet" the man kept telling me as I was darting very happily to earth. (I was born two months early, and barely weighed 4 lbs.) That moment I knew why I was premature birth.
SOBE dream with remarkable unearthly experience and awareness of his pre-mortal existence.

485. Sonya Experience 11/27/11  Then I saw my 6 year old daughter was on her way to our room. I remember thinking that I needed to get back to me before she got there. Then, feeling a little humorous, I reached down to slap me on the butt. But I got scared when my body got up and stood next to the bed and I was still out of me. I closed my eyes and said get back where you belong and when I opened my eyes I was standing next to the bed back in myself. I don’t know if I was sleep-walking or not. I don’t have a history of it. So, I tend to think it was real.
SOBE involving seeing herself stand up out of bed while OBE.

484. Audriana Experience 11/27/11  When this was happening, I felt a lot of fear because I was definitely out of my comfort zone because I was not in control at all. I couldn't look away from her eyes, like I was in a trance or something, and she wouldn't break the eye contact either, I really don't know how long it was because when I was out of my body with her it was as if time didn't exist. Our spirits were just... There. Her eyes felt like black holes, almost as if she was sucking my spirit out of my body, but not intentionally or in an evil way at all. It just sort of happened.
SOBE with friend.

483. Mark R Experience 10/29/11  I fell into the very deep sleep, which by now was familiar. During the night--I have no idea how long I had been asleep--I "fell" instantly awake, only to find I was paralyzed. I COULD NOT MOVE! However, I COULD FEEL. I began to feel the sensation of my "Life Force" leaving my appendages (fingertips, fingers, toes); then that Life Force leaving my extremities (head, hands, arms, feet, legs). My Life Force was gathering in my solar plexus. The amount of time required for the Life Force to flee my bodily parts and gather in my solar plexus was perhaps one minute. Then my Life Force made to exit my body, through my chest. A baseball-size mass ATTACHED TO A METALLIC, SILVER WIRE, was VERY FORCEFULLY making its way out of my breast, eventually fully emerging, but yet tethered to my body via the silver wire.
SOBE at age 13.  Shared 50 years later.

482.  Michael M Experience 2580 10/29/11 My most concrete memory is of Hamlet's scene with Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern, in which he delivers the "What a piece of work is a man" speech. We had it blocked out that I walk downstage center and say the speech to the audience, while R&G remain upstage with my back to them. The speech begins with the line, "Look you sir at this great overhanging firmament". This night, I could plainly see from above the stage, that Rosenkrantz was mocking me behind my back, mimicking my gestures. So Hamlet said, "Look you, sirs" and then I had Hamlet turn quickly around, catching Rosenkrantz in his mocking. I repeated the line directly to them; "LOOK you, sirs". I then turned back to the audience to finish the speech. The two actors were visibly amazed I had caught them and remarked about it to me after the show. I can't recall exactly how long this OBE lasted, or how I eventually rejoined my physical body again. I do recall a great euphoria over the incident.
Remarkable SOBE while acting as Hamlet in a play.

481. Rose H Experience 10/29/11  From the UK.  I worked a nightshift on my first night there asked the care-giver what we had to do she said everything done we go and sit in the lounge. I went into the lounge and sat at the side of the TV my right side facing towards the back of the lounge. the care-giver came in and pulled a chair to the centre of the room in front of the TV but in my OBE, I was sat at the back of her. that's when I became aware what had happened to me I explained to the care-giver that I have been sat in the lounge with her but had to tell her what happened. I never saw her again.
OBE dream with interesting déjà vu experience later.

480. Mario M Experience 10/29/11  From Spain.  I was lying in my bed, in the morning. Then I stood up and walked down the corridor of my grandmother's home, it's about 9 meters long. When I came to the end of the corridor I suddenly started floating in the air. It was a wonderful feeling, but then I was sucked back to my bedroom. The speed was amazingly fast. I was back in my physical body and had a very clear and lucid consciousness.  I told it to my mother the next day, she is quite skeptical about life after death and spiritual experiences. She said that it was a silly story. I replied that if it happens once again I would go to her bedroom and strip off her blanket. About two weeks later she approached me and ask me: Did you have again that experience? No, I said, not that I remember. Then, she told me that night she was lying awake in her bed and suddenly her blanket was striped from her… It confirmed my eternal existence as a spirit and a determination to love and serve others.
SOBE at age 19.  Contributor is currently a minster.

479. Donna P Experience 10/29/11  I looked down at my body which was motionless sitting in a chair, head turned downward.  I never saw my physical face but I knew I was seeing my body… Something strange did happen while I was hovering - I noted seeing one specific man for what seemed like a spit second - someone I'd never consciously noticed previously.  A few days after my experience he was walking through the and when I turned my head in his direction, he was already staring at me and we locked eyes for a moment.  A few days later he walked up to me, introduced himself, offered that he was an attorney who worked on one of the top floors of the building, and asked me for a date.
SOBE Dream.

478. Sandy D Experience 10/29/11  I didn't open the door - I moved through it (but NOT like the movie Ghost) - it was something I was just able to do and it seemed right and perfect and I had this incredible overflowing of positive, wonderful, good feeling emotions and again...just everything being in the moment and absolutely perfect - but again there's really no "good" way to describe it. Words are inadequate - useless, really.  I remember going down the hallway, into the family room - to this day I remember the carpet, the magazines sitting on the coffee table, the green houseplant, and what I assumed to be the moon!  The moon was brilliant shining so brightly through the sliding glass door that it was casting shadows in the family room. Everything was brilliant, I wanted to experience this feeling - this moment forever.  I remember every detail about moving through the house that night - everything was so vivid.
SOBE dream at age 12.

477. Melanie O Experience 10/16/11  I laid down to take a nap and I remember waking up but could not move my body. I know about sleep paralysis, so I figured that my body would soon wake, even if my mind was already awake. I tried to move my arm and looked down and saw my arm muscles tensing, as I tried to move it. But I FELT my arm moving freely. I waved it around and above my head and thought "how cool, I am moving my energy around outside my body". I lifted my "spiritual" arm and saw it. It was my hand/arm but it was clear, I could see right through it. I was fascinated by this. I was not afraid at all...it was as if it felt normal to me. I wanted to climb out of my body but at that point, my body woke up.
Partial SOBE during dream with sleep paralysis.

476. Shelley B Experience 10/10/11  It was dark out. was a short distance away from the grave, I was aware that I was watching this happen. I saw myself get up out of my body. what I saw getting out of my body was gray and not solid. but more a gray body shaped air. I was lying on my side my body was lying on my husbands grave. as I was getting out of my body I could hear big Dougie saying, "wake up man. You gotta go back. It ain't your time yet Shel." as I lay unconscious on his grave, the part of me that left wandered aimlessly around the cemetery trying to find my way out. I was surprised to find that I somehow had found my way back to his grave. it seemed as though I was settling back into my body when I heard him saying, "there is a tar road right there. get up and go over there. the first tar road that goes across it, keep on going straight. the next tar road you come to look up and you will be at the gate.
Account is a bit confusing, but apparently overdose in suicide attempt at husband’s grave.  Observed herself leave her physical body at a distance.

475. Charles F Experience 10/10/11  Unexpectedly, I "rolled' (at least that was the sensation) and below me (not that far below, though I had no feeling of being in the room or house that I'd just left) I saw "Him" breathe.  (Him being my body.  Through the remainder of the experience I described my physical body as "Him" and my consciousness as "me.")  Next I had this specific thought, "Wait a minute, if I'm out here why isn't He dead?"  It was accompanied by a definite feeling of surprise.  I was extremely aware that "He" was still breathing, in fact it had been movement in his chest that initially captured my attention and alerted me to his being alive.  For the remainder of my experience it was as though "his" breath had captured me.  I remember having the specific thoughts (I'll describe what it was like to have thoughts out there shortly) "I had no idea that 'he' was so beautiful" and "this feels so good" (meaning his breathing which I had begun floating on).
SOBE with life-changing content.

474. Tina Experience 10/10/11  Then I floated over my cousin Sue's bedroom and she was sitting at the edge of the bed worrying.  She does this thing with her hands when she worries and that's what she was doing. I remember thinking that she was worrying for nothing.  But then I floated into a room with a stairwell and my grandmother (who died 2 years ago) was at the bottom of the stairs walking into another room and she waved at me.  At that moment, I remember thinking "oh goodness.  I'm on the other side.  I can't be on the other side yet.  I have a 13 year old niece who will be angry with me if I go.  So, I started to think about how I could get back.  I started floating backwards.  But, it was a strange backwards.  I never actually turned around.  I just felt like I was being pulled.  And the next thing I remember is waking up and thinking I should have stayed there because it was an awesome feeling.
SOBE started as a dream with observation of living family members and deceased grandmother.

473. Carlos G Experience 9/25/11Then I floated over my cousin Sue's bedroom and she was sitting at the edge of the bed worrying.  She does this thing with her hands when she worries and that's what she was doing. I remember thinking that she was worrying for nothing.  But then I floated into a room with a stairwell and my grandmother (who died 2 years ago) was at the bottom of the stairs walking into another room and she waved at me.  At that moment, I remember thinking "oh goodness.  I'm on the other side.  I can't be on the other side yet.  I have a 13 year old niece who will be angry with me if I go.  So, I started to think about how I could get back.  I started floating backwards.  But, it was a strange backwards.  I never actually turned around.  I just felt like I was being pulled.  And the next thing I remember is waking up and thinking I should have stayed there because it was an awesome feeling.
OBE dream with observation of living family members and deceased grandmother.

473. Carlos G Experience 9/25/11  My first out of body experience happened while I was hanging out with my friend in his garage. He was on his computer creating music while I had been sitting in an office chair beside him. I was extremely bored because there was nothing for me to do. Then it happened, while sitting down I noticed a head falling forward and when I realized that that was my head I immediately snapped awake with my upper body hanging over my thighs in the chair. So basically I came out of the experience as the 'head' I saw falling.
Partial OBE probable dream.

472. Judy E Experience 9/25/11  The pictures of Jesus disappeared and a voice started talking to me....a voice as physical and real as any.  The odd thing was that the voice was my own and I was being told that I would be okay and that it was the journey or process that was important. The next moment I was inside of a light and felt the most tremendous love. I felt as if there was nothing I could ever do to have that love taken from me. One way I have described it is, I crawled inside of God and could now feel how God felt about me.  I do not know how long this all took, but suddenly I was aware of my surroundings once again, but could now breath.  I remember laying down and hugging my pillow and feeling so appreciative of the fact I could lay down and rest and breath.
SOBE while in ICU for severe asthma attack.

471. Weeks P Experience 9/25/11 After I had slept for about 30 minutes I suddenly opened my eyes and discovered that I was floating toward the ceiling.  When I reached a height of about four feet from my bed I looked back and got the shock of my life, because on that bed was my physical body.  At first I thought I was dead, but when I took another look I saw that my chest was in motion and I must still be alive, but what was I doing suspended in air above my physical body?   I looked around my bedroom and saw the clock on the wall as the second hand continued to rotate.  I then looked down the hall and could hear my wife and little girl doing homework on the kitchen table. I returned to the bedroom and again hovered over my physical body.  As I gazed at my body I suddenly, like a bolt of lightening, shot back into my body and go out of my bed like a frightened animal.
OBE Possible Dream.  He is now investigating these types of experiences.

470. Jean-Pierre L Experience 9/20/11 From Canada, Original in French, translated to English by Simon.  Suddenly my whole being, my consciousness, found itself floating just beneath the ceiling. I felt that the only thing stopping me from going through the ceiling was the difference in frequency of vibration between my energy body and the vibrations of the material which made up the ceiling!!  I did not stay very long in the room, I thought of going outside and I did. I went through the wall, and as I did I thought: "Wow J-P, you are passing through solid matter!" I could see everything in the wall in detail, rock wool and wood grain!!!  Outside I floated about six feet above the streetlights in my street. I recognized them right off as they are fine streetlights! Then, I don't know how, I found myself in an immense green park. The park was perfect. The grass was perfectly mown and of a lovely green!
SOBE that changed his atheist beliefs!

469. Tola Experience 9/18/11  The last thing that happened was my out of body experience. My husband was at his mother's house. I walked in and tried to get his attention, but he could not see me. I sat down next to his niece and she handed me a crayon to color with. I sat there and listened to all of the things they were discussing. After I woke up from the coma, I was able to tell him everything that was said that day, what everyone was wearing and even what his mother was cooking. This happened one other time and he was at his sister's house. I had never been in her new home, and still have not, but can tell him what they were talking about and what the house looked like. I am even able to recall where the furniture was.
SOBE during medically induced coma following complications of surgery.

468. Nicole M Experience 9/18/11  But, in that place I knew that there was God and I was actually worried about making him upset by arguing and being proven unworthy or he'd think I didn't trust him. I remember looking at my sister and everything he said about it being bad and getting worse made me want more and more to not leave her. She was good, is what I thought. I told him there was still good there, like her and that I know what he said is true and if he chose for me to go with him I would accept it and trust him. But, I didn't want to lose her. I remember I told him there was still good.
SOBE at age 4 due with content in the spectrum of NDE.

467. Teri M Experience 9/18/11  I stood there next to him and looked around the room in total amazement.  I was watching myself from a spectators view. I looked up at my husbands face & watched his expressions as my labor continued.  I watched the doctor and nurse interactions. I was able to watch the hands on the clock tick away directly above my "physical" body head.  I had NO pain whatsoever. I was at peace… My doctor made a comment that in all his many years of delivering babies... he had never witnessed such composure and inner strength in his entire professional career. It was unheard of. The nurse added her amazement too.
SOBE at time of delivery.

466. Kenneth O Experience 9/18/11 So I went with him, closer and closer to the light. The closer I went to the light, then faster my body started to feel different..?? The best way I could describe it is, that the closer I was getting to the light, the more I was attracted to the light, the closer I got to the light, I felt my body vibrating, faster, and faster, like a moth to a candle flame, that's exactly what its like. You are mesmerized by the feeling of beauty, and pure awe, you wanted to get closer and closer. My body kept vibrating faster and faster and harder and harder! There was no denying! I was in the presence of God!
Remarkable OBE dream in which he held the hand of a deceased boy (age 8) and escorted him into the light of God.

465. Christine H Experience 9/10/11 I felt "invited" and I let myself go.  Fell through a tunnel that was lit up with colors. Saw myself being born and floated in the "womb" in space. Landed in a beautiful garden and I became eventually a smaller and smaller light- lost human form.  I saw the birth of the world and of living things- all in the blink of an eye. Could go in and out of people to "feel" them. Time could stop, go forward and then back again. There is so much more!  When I came back, everything looked amazing- I could see each blade of grass and it seemed as if I was seeing color for the first time. I felt incredibly wonderful yet also felt a great sadness.  I had the feeling of seeing parts of a past life. The whole time I knew I was 'visiting' and had no fear- I felt protected in a way.
Remarkable SOBE while working in a garden.

464. Lucy Experience 9/10/11  Ex-husband was beating me for no reason at all bleeding everywhere just standing there felt the lift then was looking down at my body bleeding with Jesus BESIDE me!...then felt the breath like back to life when put back...
SOBE due to criminal attack.

463. Lisa N Experience 8/28/11  What I do remember is this incredibly weird feeling of sliding forward out of my body for about 1 second (maybe less - not sure) then sliding right back in again. I kept thinking, "That was weird! What just happened?!"… Immediately after this experience, I had a sudden insight that people who fall to their death (by either jumping or by accident) are most likely not inside their body by the time of impact. I'm also not AS AFRAID of death.
Very brief SOBE during roller coaster ride.

462. Robert Experience 8/28/11 From Jamaica.  Playing in the road slid in water, in the path of oncoming traffic and saw myself in the middle of the road first I was looking down at myself then I was looking across at myself.
SOBE after slipping into path of oncoming traffic.  This is probably a fear-death experience, but the description is so brief we can't tell.  (www.nderf.org has more on FDE's)

461. Sharon H Experience 8/20/11  I was riding up with my friend who was the assistant director of student activities in his car.  We were well into the mountains an just chatting, mind you there were no drugs involved, when suddenly I had an out of body experience.  I felt as if I was floating well above the car, looking down.  There was no roof on the car and I could clearly see my friend and myself sitting in the car.  My perspective moved with the car and I could clearly see the road and trees as well.   I saw this just as clearly as I can see my fingers on the keyboard now.  It only lasted for a minute or two.  I have never had that same type of experience since.
SOBE while passenger in car.

460. Srinivasan N Experience 8/20/11  From India. I felt that I was out of my body for nearly three days. But I could do daily chores, including teaching at a local college, talk to my colleagues and travel by  public transport, as if these things were done by another person and I was detached and watching the actions… The best part was the effortlessness with which I could do daily chores, no anxiety or restlessness.
SOBE from India.

459. Suzy P Experience 8/20/11  During the actual experience, I did not feel any emotion or investment in what was going on: just aware.  The other parts consisted of the physical component (the body), which I subsequently termed the puppet.  The puppet was manipulated by what I called the "puppet master". The puppet master was also non-physical, but it was all-knowing and all-powerful and incredible love emanated from it… It was like I understood what Jesus meant when he said it was "good news".  This knocked the socks off me, because I did not believe in this type of experience, or in a spiritual reality, at the time.
Remarkable SOBE with profound spiritual insights.  A must-read!

458. Nancy C Experience 8/20/11 My eyes were wide open and I could see the room I was in and at the same time, I was completely and utterly enveloped in Unconditional Love, Wisdom and a Knowing beyond all knowing. My body melted away and there was only blissful peace. The entire physical world melted and I was floating in a sea of energy that was filled with the most amazing light. I was filled with overwhelming gratitude In those few moments, I knew that everything was and is exactly the way it is supposed to be and that we all come to earth for only one thing, to give and receive unconditional love and there are as many ways to do that as there are living beings in the universe… For now, I can say that I will never be afraid of dying and that while I might not like some things in this life, in my heart I know that ALL is well. I pray that I may be of service to and through this energy that I choose to call God. I can't wait until I get to go HOME.
SOBE which is profoundly transcendent.

457. Maryanne J Experience 8/13/11 From South Africa.  I was feeling very relaxed and was happily playing in our garden.  I was standing near the back of our house, outside the kitchen when suddenly I found myself floating at the height of our roof (single storey house).  I was looking down at my physical body and felt an enormous sense of peace.  At that moment I seemed to gain vital knowledge about the meaning and purpose of life.  It felt as if I was one with the universe and I had a strong feeling of elation.  This OBE probably only lasted a few seconds but it prepared me for life and has helped me to understand life and death… When my daughter died I was able to accept her death immediately and to cope more easily than others in my family.   I know that this is because of the what I experienced as a child.
SOBE at age 7 that gave her insights into life and death that helped her for the rest of her life.  Experience shared 44 years later.

456. Angie Y Experience 8/13/11 I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. Then I felt my body was heavier 'I' was kind of lighter. And 'I' got slowly suck or pull towards the wall behind me. When I start shifting, I saw the girl who slept over in my room was using my roommate's computer, and she was on gmail. I started screaming my roommate's name, hoping she could wake up. When I was about to go through the wall, I was thinking, "I will see the two guys living next door." But then all I see is a tunnel/tube with dark red color mixed with black shapes. I was lying down, and I could only see and think; I couldn't even move my eyes or turn my head. I was speeding up faster and faster like the speed of light towards one direction.
SOBE in college.

455. Justin E Experience 8/13/11  At this point, I began floating out of my body and I felt free.  I was an individual point of consciousness without a body, just a speck of consciousness.  I saw colored lights flashing all around me.  I could see everything in my room around me but my eyes were closed.  I could see my clock and my bed and I could even see through the walls of my house.  I saw my mom sitting in the living room watching TV and I could see the stars in the sky above me.  I was able to see in several directions at once. 
SOBE with bilocation of consciousness.

454. Leah Experience 7/28/11  then I find myself floating in the corner of my bedroom. I see my body on the bed realize that I'm not in that body and feel curious as to what is going on. I turn around face the top of my bedroom door and put my hand through the wall look back at my body and the next thing I remember was waking up thinking what in the world just happened.  

453.  Warren H Experience 7/4/11 On 6-25-2011 on Saturday night, I was watching TV when I dosed off.  I heard the words "your dying" and a fear came over me like I have never felt in my whole life. When I knew I was going to die, I just accepted it.  Then I started to feel real calm. And a 100% peace came over me.  If a doctor could put this peace in a pill he would sell it for $100,000 dollars. And if it were a street drug it would sell for $500,000 dollars. That's how peaceful it was. I looked around and there was a green room with a big black hole. And in the black hole a woman and two men were talking in beautiful voices. They told me, "See there you got through the hard part, which was the fear of dying."  Then they started explaining the peaceful feeling I was having. I felt so good that instead of being scared of the hole, I started walking towards the hole as they were telling me that it would be ok and that this is what death is.
Dream at time he was frightened about death.

452.  Ben R Experience 7/4/11 I was told that life as I knew it as well as time and size were merely orientations set up by a creator. Our known universe as well as numerous others merely inverted themselves over trillions of years. While I didn't see them I was aware of numerous other beings all of which were total strangers. I did ask about the future specifically of the United States. The weapon that would defeat America was mind control and it would enable a single government to run the Earth. Getting back to myself, I was a mind without a body, able to see hear and think. Apparently all reality is alive at some orientation and this next stage of life involves a great deal of learning.
Remarkably transcendent SOBE.

451.  Emile Experience 6/25/11 From the Netherlands.  I knew immediately and exactly what was going on, I was having a OBE and felt very grateful and exited that this "sign" was given to me.  Hovering at the ceiling of the bedroom I turned around and saw my wife and myself asleep in the bed below me. A light on the floor of the bedroom occurred to me and I thought that it must be the light from the lamppost being projected through the window above the bedroom door. In an attempt to "gain some evidence" that this experience really took place I floated towards my wife and wanted to scream: "I'm out!" But no sound came from my mouth. I approached her even closer and wanted to say something more shocking or emotional in another soundless attempt to get her attention. "Let's have sex!" was all I could think of at that moment.  Then the idea came up to write something down that could be verified later on. I wanted to write down: "this is a message from another dimension" but I wasn't able to touch the pen and the notebook at my night table.
SOBE from a physician in The Netherlands.

450.  Shayne H Experience 6/25/11 When I was living with my mother,  I was going through a pronounced depression from my separation from my wife. we rented a downstairs apartment which was vacant at the time. she was yelling for me to come downstairs. screaming. I got up was mad....ran down the stairs and out the backdoor. ran outside. opened the downstairs apartment door. walked up to my mom. she said nothing. she moved the refrigerator all by herself. I tried to help. could not. she kept getting in the way. then she proceeded to look around the apartment. I yelled.....what are you looking for. no sound from her. she went upstairs. I followed and squeezed past her. I ran in my room and sat my head back down on the desk. she came into my room. she said.....where you downstairs? I said yes. she freaked out. she said the door opened and closed by itself.
SOBE with some corroboration by another.

449.  Tim B Experience 6/5/11 Then as quickly as I closed my eyes I was home again and this time Cathy was arguing with the neighbors about Brutus barking,,, in an instant I was back at the hospital,, they had brought my temperature down....... 2 months later I went to court for that night because my dog was barking.
While very sick in hospital had OBE seeing his arguing with neighbors about his dog barking.  Late had court summons for his dog barking that night.

448.  Virginia R Experience 5/29/11  Whether this time or another time, I was at the same place out behind the woodshed.  as I walked, I began to see strips of pink and yellow light on the ground. I don't think it was moving light, just strips of pink and yellow light on the ground or the air tinted pink and yellow on the ground as I saw it. The next thing I remember, I am way up in the sky. It is as if i am in an airplane looking down at the earth. As far as I know I was just up in the sky looking down. I saw the roofs and buildings, and the ground and myself on the ground very small, like an inch or so high, but i could see myself exactly as I was, and the same as I was dressed, still like walking behind the woodshed. Only a one glimpse,/still life thing. like a picture I saw. Then all of a sudden I was again in my body.
SOBE around age 3-6.

447.  Nicolas M Experience 5/26/11 From France, Original in French, translated to English by Simon A.  I found myself in an absolute darkness, when a light appeared. It looked like the end of a tunnel, and just next to the light there was a being of light. What struck me most was the extraordinary feeling of wellbeing. I had never felt such a state of happiness and fulfilment, whose origin was this light and this being. The being of light extended its arm towards the light, as if he (or she) was inviting me to go towards the light, but I did not go there. I withdrew, until I could not longer see it at all, and found myself back in my house, but outside my body, in a room underneath my bedroom. Then I went back up through the ceiling and returned to my body. When I was back inside my body it felt like being in a vise, my body compressed on every side.
NDE-like SOBE that started as a dream.

446.  Dulce L Experiences 5/22/11  I was giving birth to my first child and I was about 7-8 centimeters dilated.  I had a spinal block and Darvocet but it was obvious to me that I was going to do this alone. This is hard to explain how the "me" that I know can be in two places at one time.  How my body can be in one place and "who I am as a person" can be in another place.  It is  hard to explain how I could look down on my body without (1) recognizing it as mine and (2) not immediately questioning why I was up on the ceiling.  It is difficult to explain how as soon as I asked "what the heck am I doing  up here" I immediately sensed a presence or a something I cannot explain above to my right and as I turned to look, I was immediately back in my body experiencing pain.
Two interesting SOBEs.

445.  Mahmood K Experience 5/22/11 From Pakistan. As I tried to sit down I realized that I was unable to do so as I was feeling very light and as I tried to sit down I went through the seat of my chair. It was at this moment that I realized that something was not right. The very next moment I also realized that I was away from my body and was also fully aware that it some kind of unusual phenomenon that I was experiencing. I had two thoughts at that very moment. Either to go upstairs and see one of my children there so I can tell any one of them that I was there and saw them, or to go back and see myself on the bed. I decided to go upstairs but I could not direct myself to upstairs. I felt like air. So I decided to go to the room where I had slept. It was right next to where I was at that moment. I had a feeling that I should hurry but I don't know why I had that feeling. I somehow got to my room. By this time I knew it for sure that I was out of my body. I saw myself lying straight on the bed.
SOBE Dream from Pakistan.

444.  Polly K Experience 5/17/11 From Canada.  My body was, but I was in the right hand corner of the room behind myself, looking down at myself.  I don't know if I was still cutting at that point.  I do remember looking down at myself in hysterics.  I believe that my true essence was up near the ceiling.  My spirit.  This is the part that I find hard to explain.  My spirit had no problems.  I felt such peace and love.  It was me, without the flaws and baggage of life.  I felt such love and compassion for the person down on the floor.  I felt detached, but linked.  I wish there was a better way to experience. 
SOBE at time of suicide attempt at age 15.

443.  John M Experience 5/17/11  My experience was a partial OBE.  I had just gotten in bed beside my sleeping wife.  On my left side, I was fully awake, and felt what I believe to be my soul being slowly pulled from my solar plexus and upwards at slightly more than a 45 degree angle.  It felt as if something viscous and elastic was being gently being tugged out of me.  I wondered if I was dying, and if it completely left me if I would be dead, and this frightened me, and I called my wife, and the experience quit soon after she touched me.
Partial SOBE.

442.  Michelle Experience 5/6/11  I then found myself somewhere else, and that's when the main "thing" happened. "He" ran to me, he didn't have a face that I could see but he had a lean athletic form. "He" ran into me and we became one and then I felt something I have never felt before...strong vibrations...I didn't want for it to stop. I loved him and I didn't want for him to leave. My entire body vibrated and I can not ever explain the feeling to anyone. I do not know how to explain. He then went away. I felt myself go back into my body. Then I left again. I started to chase a form & I "heard" or understood a voice that told me not to follow him. I remember some time during this I felt very scared. I was going back into my body & that is when I saw my face. I saw my face like I was another person looking at me and I went back into my body. I then felt the strong vibrations again. I can not explain how they felt...there are no words...I know I felt peace. 
Felt separated from body.  Frequent vibrations.  Felt she met herself in a different form. 

441.  Steven H Experiences 4/30/11 My eyes remained open the entire time, and upon the second pull I slowly drifted upwards and away from my physical body and into a comfortably dusky void.  Suddenly, I felt that I had gained all knowledge from all of time, but without specification; in that I was so overwhelmed with the information available to me and so exhilarated by the experience that I was entirely unable to think of just one thing that I could focus on, although my focus was stronger than it had ever been or has been since.  I felt in tune with, and aligned with the 'universe' in a way that was indescribably strong.  I felt the energy of every molecule of every living thing, and we together were God… My partner experienced the same thing, and we consistently conversed with each other throughout the experience therefore I know with no uncertainty that it was not a dream.
SOBE with sense of universal knowledge.

440.  Matt W Experiences 4/23/11 The bright sphere was dwarfed against its glowing background, now clearly round, with marks in it like sunspots and swirls and other glowing spheres in the distance.  As the glowing sphere grew smaller, and even it’s background sphere grew smaller at this distance, the other direction became much more clearly solid, like a wall of dim light.  Suddenly, flying into the wall of light, buried in light, nothing but light, becoming more and more dense, even solid.
OBE Dream with remarkable journey into the universe.

439.  Renate K Experiences 4/17/11 In summer 2003, I had become very ill with the flu.  I am elderly and I therefore had a hard time fighting it off.  I was in and out of the hospital where at one point, I had to be given Oxygen.  Then, on August 4th, I was laying in bed, trying to let it run it's course, but I was feeling terrible nevertheless.  Suddenly, I was outside my body looking at it.  My position was standing beside my bed looking at my body.  I felt confused, this had never happened to me before.  The experience only lasted a few minutes, before I regained the vantage point from my body.  This had never happened to me before or since, and I have been sick just as badly many times since.
SOBE in hospital.

438.  Agata Experiences 4/17/11  It was incredible lightness and a feeling of love. As I'm interested in spirituality issues, I knew it was my soul being separated from my mind and body for that moment. I also knew it was virtually impossible to feel fear or any other negative emotion in that state - so it must be us "making up" all negativity if we choose to. The whole experience lasted a few seconds, then I came back to my normal consciousness, but it was powerful. Now I know I'm not my mind or body which I feel so attached to, but this incredible love and lightness I felt at that moment. This is my soul and my essence which is timeless and limitless.
SOBE at work.

437.  Linda K Experiences 4/16/11 Floating at the foot of the operating table. Watching and waiting.  No sound, emotion, thoughts or sense of time. Vision is clear, but not in the traditional sense. There is strong connection to the surgeon.  He is a good man.
SOBE during surgery.

436.  AJ Experiences 4/5/11 For a while since then I had been communicating through telepathy to a presence who some might interpret as God, others simply as their own selves, but one that I discerned as one of my soulmates in heaven or my best friend. The conversations are lost to me now through the passing of years so it would be hard for me to justify that deduction, though the impressions from them still remain. I was lying in bed one night talking to her and asked her kind of jokingly if she would lie down next to me, not expecting anything to happen as I was still going with the flow of things and largely on the fence as far as believing or disbelieving all that was happening to me. I was lying on my side and felt this slight pressure against my chest, this warm and tingling feeling, and then my body was completely consumed again by that feeling of total peace and love.
SOBEs and telepathic experiences.

435.  Adi A Experience 4/5/11  At the age of 16, I had a severe case of Jaundice. My Indian doctor took me off all food in order to shrink my liver. For 21 days I was fed intravenously with Glucose injections. I lay bed-ridden. My muscles atrophied enough to so I can enclose my thigh bone between my thumb and index finger. Around the 15th day and after, I began to feel that I can get out of my body and float around feeling very peaceful. I felt like Captain Marvel of the comics. It was a pleasant experience. I was able to control myself going in and out of my body at will. I used to look forward to the experience. It went on for several days until I was given small amounts of food on the 21st day. I slowly started to regain my strength while my liver completely regenerated.
SOBEs while he was living in India at age 16, which was 64 years ago.  Also ADC.

434.  Christine B Experiences 3/30/11  From France. Original in French translated to English by Magalie.  I was no doubt critical at one point: my eyes were closed and I could see my feet moving away from me. I was coming out of my body from the top of my head and I could see myself from above. I went around my body many times from above.  I wasn’t really scared but I didn’t talk about it.
Child SOBE.  Angioneurotic edema (not a life threatening event). 

433.  Luise Experiences 3/20/11  I told my mother and my sister that I am moving to the US. I was 19 at that time. I had a huge argument with them. They did not want me to come. They yelled at me and my mother slap me. It was the first time for her to slap me. I got very angry to the point that I started screaming, crying and yelling. I don't remember being that angry before. Then I saw my self from where my sister and my mother were standing about 4-5 feet opposite from me. They were looking at me and I was to the hysterical point that I felt that this is how people in asylums feel. Even though I was aware of my surroundings I could not go back in to my body. I was just standing there between my sister and my mother looking at  my self on the floor screaming and kicking to empty air. It took me couple of seconds to realize that I had an out of body experience.
SOBE at time of emotional distress.

432.  Usha P Experiences 3/6/11  From India.  I  drifted off to sleep cuddling my niece. I  think after sometime I could feel my body ache (legs were paining) and somehow I thought I died and am trying to find my way to don't know where but I am clear I am not going back to the place I died. I see my cousins and dad in a state of shock. My dad is telling me not to go and I am telling him - don't cry pops, I am fine. I see a man sitting in front of a small  open air temple (which is only a huge stone in the dream) - he smiles at me and points to the stone and then I start feeling very light, no body weight at all. I am flying like a piece of paper somersaulting gently and then I feel as I am dropping and I realized I am dropping back into my body in the sleeping position- the weight and the pain returns.
OBE dream.

431.  William Experiences 3/1/11  I was lying on the floor at my college girlfriend's house in front of the fireplace watching big snowflakes float down outside a picture window.  I thought how nice it would be if she joined me.  I heard a voice say why don't you ask her.  I thought, why don't you.  You are invisible.  I felt like there was a light on in the hallway and talking.  Then, her father came to the living room and I felt a spirit come into my head.  The next day she asked me how I did that.  I said I didn't know, but what did she see.  She said I was a gold light and was beckoning her with my hand and that her family also saw me.
Remarkable SOBEs (one witnessed by several people) and an STE from an attorney.

430.  Corinne Experience  2/12/11  From France.  I came in the elevator and pressed the button. The elevator, an old one (in wood with wrought iron door) made a noise as usual and I started going up at the same speed as usual. Then I arrived at the roof and I suddenly realized I could see it from very close. The elevator was out of order, it had not moved, I had gone up alone without my body still down so as the elevator. I got scared and rushed in my head again.
SOBE from France shared in English.

429.  Vanessa G Experience  1/30/11  At the time, I was two or three years old.  I was wearing a purple t shirt with a little pocket on it, and a diaper. I was laying on my back on my mom's bed with my arms and legs extended outward. I remember looking up at the ceiling fan watching it go around, then all of a sudden im on the ceiling looking down at my body on the bed. I specifically remember thinking..."why isn't the fan hitting me?"  I stared at my body in amazement, and then just as suddenly as it had happened I was back in my body. I gasped and sat straight up, then I ran to my mom who was out in the living room. Throughout the experience while it was occurring I remember just being confused and wondering how it was possible for me to be doing that.
SOBE at age 2-3 years old.

428.  DixieAnn T Experience  1/22/11 I became absorbed in the carving I was creating, gouging out sections of the wooden block to leave the bass relief of my design.  Suddenly I felt myself at the top of the room, in the corner above the door.  I could see myself below, carving away on the block as I listened and spoke with three entities.  I did not see these entities, for I was busy looking down at myself and the others in the room.  However, I did have the awareness that I spoke with 1 male and 2 female entities.  The clean up buzzer rang out and I felt a snap and was suddenly back inside my body.  Everyone around me was scurrying to put up their work, but I sat there for several moments in a daze...trying to remember what had been said by the entities.  However, I could not remember a single word.  I only knew that I had discussed something about my life and the future.
SOBE during a school class at age 16.

427.  Kees B Experience  1/22/11 From the Netherlands.   Original in Dutch, translated by Annelies. The old question arose again: why does this child have to suffer. Immediately the answer came to me. Don't you see the great love, richness and the bond that have grown between these people as a result of this illness. Those feelings surpass the worldly feelings. Tears rolled down my cheeks by watching these intense feelings of predominating love between these 2 people.  

426.  Yvon R Experience  1/22/11 From Canada.   Original in French, translated by Simon. I'm asleep, then I feel something happening to me... I remember asking myself the question: What's happening? What's happening? I had the feeling that what was happening to me was new, unprecedented, exceptional... as if, for about ¾ of a second, I had become a big question mark. No more control of myself. I am moving at a crazy speed, not touching the ground, with no impulse or pressure that I could feel, no weight, then I stop... I am nowhere... before me is a white, translucent being, who takes me by the hands... it bothers me a bit, but I feel such welcome... it's indescribable. Then slightly to the right a  diffuse white light appears... I somehow arrange it ( I don't know how) so that the person and the light coincide... this is happiness... I look at the light... I am...(this is where words fail to describe it)... I can ask for nothing more than this... but I'm still "conscious" that I am probably going through a dying process.
SOBE that started as a dream.

425.  Kevin R Experience  1/16/11  I found myself sitting at the kitchen table watching my Mother & Grandmother using one of those red rubber bulb syringes on a screaming infant at the kitchen sink. I didn't understand completely what it was they were doing but it was interesting to watch. I felt no emotion .I lived another 50 years thinking I had been watching them work on my sister. One day my mother and I were talking about things we remembered and I mentioned this event. She told me that was me they were working on.
OBE at age 3.  Shared 60 years later.

424.  Andrea W Experience  1/12/11 We came to a place that is almost indescribable for words fell me when I try to tell about it. The music was the first thing I noticed. It was coming from everywhere surrounding me there. Love was all around me, soaking into every fiber of my body. I could feel it everywhere, above, below, and all around me. Then I saw Jesus. He stood tall above me clothed in white garments. His hair was as white as snow and hung down about His shoulders. His eyes were as flames of fire flashing from his face yet I had no fear at all. His face was like brass, tanned by the sun. He spoke and it sounded like mighty thunder that rolls across hill and dale. It was very loud and mighty. His lips did not move when He spoke to me yet I understood every word He said. Before me He displayed a large screen hanging as if perfectly placed there. Upon the screen He showed me my entire life. It began when I was a small child with Polio.
NDE-like SOBE.

423.  Lisa L Experience 4973  1/12/11  I was under general anesthesia during a four-hour surgery about two weeks before my mother passed away. During this time, my mother was in a coma in a hospital across town after going into renal failure. During my experience while I was under sedation, I found myself standing just inside a very dark tunnel. A few feet beyond where I was standing, the tunnel ended and there was a large area of just pure, white light. I could see beings dressed in white flying or moving about within the light. With me inside of the tunnel was my mother. We were talking for a time, though I have never been able to recall what we were talking about. It seems as though we were together for awhile, though again, I'm not sure how long it was. Finally, my mother said that it was time for me to go back. She said that she would be going on into the light in a few days, but that she would see me again soon.
Remarkable encounter in tunnel with her mother who was in a coma at the time.  Shared OBE, possible NDE during surgery. 

422.  Marcus P Experience  1/4/11  From France.   Original in French, translated by Simon. I was lying in a foetal position when suddenly I was thrust into a tunnel of light. This light was full of love and energy, not dazzling. I was not a body, I had no more body, I was consciousness in its pure state, bathed with light. Time did not exist any more,  just an eternal present. No more thoughts. But the most remarkable thing was that I had no more memory. I no longer had any memory of my identity, my sex or my past, I did not even have the memory that I had been a human being of flesh and blood. I was this light, no body, no thoughts, no past, no sense of time. I saw no angel or bodily form because I did not even know what a body is any more. I lost all individuality, merging with a form of  universal cosmic energy, which to my mind is our true source of being, nature.

421.  Hazem G Experience  1/1/11  From Egypt.  One night I surfed the internet looking for an explanation to what was happening to cause I knew it was something unusual. That night I read about OBE and I thought to myself what is that, so that night I went to sleep and I woke up fully paralyzed but fully aware, as I was lying in bed the thought of OBE came to my mind just the thought of it and then I felt as my whole body is being lifted up as if I was floating it I also felt as if the energy of my body is great, it only lasted for like 5 seconds and then my body dropped hit the bed and I don't remember what happened afterwards but I remember being very afraid while floating and I also remember that after it ended, I had a wonderful feeling, a feeling that what has just happened to me is amazing.
OBE Dream.  Contributor is Muslim.

420.  Felipe G Experience  12/24/10  From Mexico.   Original in Spanish, translated by Simon.   Suddenly I could see my body on the couch, surrounded by a golden shining light. I could see everything in the living-room but also with the same light, or shining quality around it, as if my perception of colour had been modified and now I could see a light. I realized that I had no body, no eyes,  no ears, but nevertheless with a feeling of being a powerful being, joined to the universe and able to achieve anything simply by desiring it, even perhaps travelling to a different place.  I saw some trophies which were on a bookshelf and I was about to take one and move it, but then I was scared by something inside me which said that if I continued away from my body I would never wake up again. 

419.  Stephen P Experience  12/17/10  I became aware of what I'd describe as a very light feeling in the center of my sternum (breast bone) area....the sensation is difficult to explain except to say it was a concentrated feeling of extreme lightness associated with extreme pleasure in my anterior chest...I let it happen while saying over and over to myself "this feels really f'ing good"...to my amazement I raised up out of my body (my anterior chest) and rotated and floated up to the corner of the room...as I looked back on the bedroom I could see myself and my wife...room was dimly lit from moonlight...I continued to marvel at how good it felt but then suddenly ask myself "how can this be happening"...it occurred to me that I must be dead and I became alarmed...I immediately looked @ my chest to see if I could see movements....I had covers on me and could not...
Physician shares two SOBEs. 

418.  George D Experience  12/7/10  From the UK.  The Wing Officer began climbing the stairs beneath me. At this point I thought two things.  First, that I was actually getting an unexpected visit for the first time, and from my step mother who I didn't get on with very well, this was unusual. Secondly, that I had better get back to my cell or they would think I was escaping.  I hurried back up the stairs and along the corridor to my cell.  As I entered I was shocked to see my body lying asleep on the bottom bunk!  I entered my body with a sudden jerk and sat up so suddenly that I banged my head on the top bunk.  Still smarting from the knock I sat rubbing my head when I heard footsteps approaching along the corridor.  I knew who it was!  The door was unlocked, and the Wing Officer who I just seen and heard half entered, and told me to get ready and that I had a visit.
OBE dream.  Remarkable verification of OBE observations far from body.

417.  Chris F Experience  12/7/10  I really don't sleep through the night because of incontinence, and got up to go to the bathroom around 2 A.M.  As I got out of bed, and started walking to the bathroom, I noticed something in my bed.  I stopped and looked, and my body was still lying asleep in bed, next to my wife.  I was awake, and knew I wasn't asleep, but I could still see my body lying in bed.  I stood frozen next to myself, not knowing what to do.  I called for my wife, and she responded, telling me to leave her alone she was sleeping.  I asked her to shake me to rouse me and wake me up.  She said, obviously you're awake if we're talking.  I stood there looking at myself, knowing I wasn't dreaming, and the fact that I had just gotten a response from my wife reassured me that I was awake.
SOBE with remarkable verification.

416.  Minitha Experience  12/7/10 From India. This is a strange feel or vision I can say, where everything I do and see is fast forwarded this has occurred about some 10 times till now. I'm very much awake when this happens. even I can see everyone around me normal with their activities. I become speechless and I try to analyze or observe myself sitting in a corner, even then the fast forwarded feeling goes. after about 5 minutes everything gets normal with me and then I tell this to d person with me at that moment. But that person would have not observed any changes in me...with this I can say its a feeling in my inner mind, this keeps me in a state of confusion, but only for some time.
Multiple SOBEs.

415.  Amy K Experience  11/30/10  Pain had been intense and when he left to go to store a wave of intensity flooded in and it became, unknowable.  I began to shake and was very cold, suddenly I saw ceiling was in so much detail, I wondered, how can I see it vaulted so clearly, every bit of texture, why is edges of my vision dark and focused into tunnel point of like a circle with vivid ceiling I could never make out from bed so clear...suddenly I realized, I was not in pain and was wondering about ceiling. I realized something was wrong, horrible and wrong. I suddenly "knew" I was dying and though I was still looking up, i felt above my body, and I felt absolutely no sensation no touch nothing connected with a body...I heard a weird noise, like ringing or some kind of very loud noise pervasive, everywhere, not buzz or ring but combination, but later was when I realized how loud it had been yet, this was only sensory input besides sight. 
SOBE associated with severe pain.

414.  Amanda S Experience  11/22/10  After sitting up on the edge of the couch, I sat there for a second and focused on what was on the TV (Maury Povich) I was getting ready to stand up, and looked at the end of the couch and saw that my feet were still there, then looked at the other end and saw the the rest of me still sleeping.  I noticed some catsup on my sweatshirt that I was wearing that I was not aware of before I laid down.  I immediately got scared and was afraid that I had somehow died in my sleep, and instinctively laid back down.  I laid there for a few moments with my eyes closed, then got up.  My body was no longer on the couch, and I was awake… Note:  the catsup stain was INDEED there and I realized it after waking, this validated the incident for me.
SOBE that started as a dream with later validation of OBE observation.

413.  Abed Experience  11/15/10  From Algeria They looked at me for a brief moment and went back to work. One man was standing: he was strong and tall. I asked him how to avoid being sucked in by the vacuum… I didn’t want to go… I wanted to stay. He took my hand and I cannot describe what I felt… it was warm, soft, a never ending love. I wanted one thing: stay there, holding his hand forever… peace and calm took over my body and I wasn’t scared anymore. It was as if I was drinking this love and wanted to keep drinking it but he withdrew his hand and gave me a look that meant I was not allowed to be there, it was not my time.  
SOBE that started as a dream.

412.  Mulder Experience  11/4/10  From France   I remember finding myself in complete darkness and going up towards a light. I was floating in the air towards the light like a puppet and I had no control over my body. I still wonder if I had a body because I wasn’t feeling anything physically. The most notable fact is this infinite love I had for everybody, this serenity, this peace of mind. I was “LOVE”, there are no other words to express it. I couldn’t tell the difference between my wife, my daughters and the rest of humanity. I was feeling great, going towards the light, spinning slowly and listening to amazing music I had never heard before. Then my youngest daughter, who was playing in her bedroom with her sister, said: “Daddy, come back”. My ascension ceased and I came down a little bit but then, I started going up again. Once again, my daughter said “Daddy, come back” and then, everything stopped and I woke up.
SOBE where his daughter saw him.

411.  Julius C Experience  11/2/10  From Kenya  I looked around and I saw my body covered in bed. I was terrified and thought I was dead. I tried to touch the empty packet of milk to see whether it was expired and thus poison but I could not grasp it. I could  not touch myself. I finally resigned to the fact that I was dead. My fear subsided and I tried to explore my world. I moved from one room to the other with only my imagining it. I found myself outside the house just by merely wishing. I went to my rural home where I saw the dogs and the compound - it was quite and people were asleep. I felt tired and came back to my bedroom. I decided to sleep next to my body and wait for morning to come. I entered the blankets and closed my eyes. when I opened them my physical eyes opened and I was conscious. I woke in a fright and felt so much peace that I can't explain. I wish I could do it every night.
SOBE while just laying down to sleep.

410.  Angela S Experience  11/2/10 A few seconds later the can exploded. The shrapnel went flying and some of it hit me. The pain was amazing and the sound of the explosion was deafening. The next thing I know, I'm standing next to a tree watching a little girl run past me screaming. My grandmother said I was running and screaming. During the oobe I didn't feel the pain of the burns, and I didn't feel scared.
4 year old had a SOBE while running from an explosion.

409.  Sara K Experience  11/2/10  From Australia part of me kept  rising and went way up through the  roof  and up into  the black sky. I could see the stars and was in awe of what was happening, thinking how beautiful they looked.  I looked back over my shoulder and could make out the roof of the house with a hazy hole in the middle, I could feel the wind around me as I was accelerating towards the stars and began to feel afraid. I was enjoying the experience but  was afraid that if I didn't go back I would never get back to my body and with that I descended back quickly into my body which continued to hum for a while. I went to sleep but the next morning could remember it all very vividly and recount it to my friends who laughed. All the next day my skin was tingly like electricity was going through it and I felt really good and positive.
SOBE right before sleep.

Three SOBEs.  This first one was at age 5.

407.  Susan J Experience  10/24/10 From the UK  The first was when I was 15 I was suddenly aware of floating out of my body and floating towards the ceiling I reached the ceiling and I could touch it and feel it. I turned over and saw myself sleeping I felt calm and happy I stayed like this for what felt like 2min and then I just dropped back down and woke with a jolt.
Two SOBEs.

406.  Dawn K Experience  10/24/10 I was sitting on the rug leaning up against the couch watching TV ( I believe), with company and my room mates. So, there was roughly 4 to 5 people in the small living room just hanging out. I was sitting there normally one minute the next second my visually perspective was changed to coming from the ceiling in like a 40 degree angle looking down on myself sitting there and everyone else just hanging out. I had all these internal thoughts racing through my mind, was I dying?, am I dead, what is happening?, should I be scared? etc. All of a sudden, as I sat their, my perspective left the room. My perspective was situated above the entrance door, suddenly, it started off with out me... It quickly and effortlessly  went through the top of the door between the frame and the ceiling  and began down the steps , down the drive way and made a right down the sidewalk , which was a slight down hill. My perspective was, I would guess 10 feet above the ground, but looking down.
SOBE while watching TV.

405.  Brandon Experience 2320 10/24/10  I can't really remember the conversation, as it was quite honestly not anywhere as memorable as the OBE. As I was just about to break the plane between the hallway to the room speaking with my cousin; I all of the sudden pulled out to a view hovering about myself looking down, like a fancy camera angle directors use in films.  And I was just watching myself, and my body continued as if I wasn't even their walking, more specifically, my body continued to speak on its own, mindlessly, like it didn't even need me there to keep talking.
Teenager had SOBE while walking.

404.  Edward D Experience  10/20/10 Shortly after that I was in the worst pain I have ever experienced and tense in my muscles. The tenseness in the muscles put my back in spasm and suddenly I was floating in the air looking at blue sky and whiffs of clouds. I was pain free floating in the sky while my wife talked on 911 and asking me not to go to sleep. I heard her words and responses while on the phone. but I was somewhere in the sky floating. I gathered enough consciousness to tell her I loved her and then prayed for forgiveness. And the pain came and It was as intense as before, before a policeman showed. After about 10-15 minutes more the ambulance came. In the ambulance I experienced the exact same experience as before, Peace, pain free, and, floating in the sky somewhere. By the way it was  well after sunset. And a third same exact experience where I could hear the 911 people as they asked me questions and messed with their equipment.
SOBE associated with unspecified painful illness.

403.  Annie Experience  10/20/10 I suddenly thought to myself I don't belong up here and immediately after that I was sucked back into my body. I was totally freaked out but didn't show or say anything to my mother. I needed time to process this experience. I said goodbye to my mother and left in deep thought. After thinking about it for several days I decided to discuss the experience with my mother who is also a spiritual person. I asked her if she recalled the day I visited her at work. She replied yes. I asked did you feel anything when you touched my shoulder. She replied a brief frightening chill came over her that gave her goose bumps. Then I describe my experience to her and she finally understood why she had that chill.
SOBE with part of sensation verified by her mother.  She is a physician born in Iran.

402.  Connie D Experience 10/11/10  I had brain surgery on 2/24 for treatment of a large intraventricular brain cyst and was under anesthesia for 2 to 3 hours. I had no memory of the experience until the next morning… The next time I closed my eyes I had a vision of actually entering my brain, what looked like creamy peach color of the brain tissue, and the contours of the brain. I saw the jagged opening of the cyst and actually entering the opening and seeing the perfectly round hole the surgeon made in the cyst! I also saw the pearly blue color of the cyst itself. I drew a picture, as best I could, of what I saw and the surgeon said it was "pretty accurate". He also chuckled when I mentioned the perfectly round hole he made and he verified that.
OBE during brain surgery.  Remarkably was able to describe details of the appearance of the cyst that was removed.  She is a nurse.

401.  Alvin T Experience 10/11/10 as I made the shot I left my body and saw my own move through the eyes of a player waiting off court to play next.  I saw my own self through his eyes and "heard" his thoughts saying, "what a move!  I gotta cover that guy next game."  sure enough he did cover me during the next game.  and he was pumped up to try and stop me. ***chills as I write this!!!***
Viewed his own basketball shot from the perspective of another person who was off the court.

400.  Karl L Experience 10/11/10 I went to a specialist dentist to have 4 teeth removed for braces.  It was the second such procedure and I breathed in the gas as usual.  The next thing I remember is seeing myself in the dentist chair having my teeth removed, the dentist was leaning over the chair with 2 nurses assisting.  During the experience, I felt like I was floating at the ceiling. I remember returning to my body - and the next memory is coming around from the anesthetic, feeling drowsy as you would.  I only feel like I was aware and out of my body for 15-30 seconds - I was not bobbing around on the ceiling for long at all.
SOBE at time of dental procedure at age 9.

399.  Gordon E Experience 10/11/10  Then I noticed the area where there is a statue of The Lady Mary was aglow. Seems the 2 spot lights that are inside the Covey that the statue stands in were lit for the first time in 6 months. I sit here often with the dogs and meditate. Been doing so for 17 years. So I said to the pups, hey Mary is lit up lets go check it out.  It was about 3000 feet away. Because of the mist and fog the area around Mary was in a soft blue haze. As I stepped on the Island where Mary's statue and the benches are--------I left my body I was now outside the earth several miles up the earth was far below North America was below me and the globe looked like one from school all blue green and brown. To either side of me were people joined in hands as far as I could see off into the horizon both east and west.
SOBE with sense of presence of God.

398.  James R Experience 10/9/10  I did rise from where I was sitting, I did in fact walk on the floor, I could feel it beneath my feet, I turned to my right and was aware of my mortal body still sitting where I had left it with eyes closed, but again there was no fear no concern, no "bloody hell what's going on" as I have said, it was a natural state for my spirit to be in, it was in fact free, all was natural. We move on, although I could not hear the TV, I was all of a sudden aware of some commotion, from where I do not know, there was shouting, cars screeching outside, noises, then when I turned I saw an old good friend his name is Mark sitting in one of the chairs in the room with his hands on the arms, he said nothing and I thought, "that's Mark but he is in Ireland" still not really concerned, just that he was meant to be in Ireland, I never said a word but just looked at him.
SOBE with awareness of a friend who died at that moment far away.

397.  Lisa C Experience 9/25/10  Instantly, I let go of the ropes because (spontaneously) my Spiritual Body moved upward and I could feel my Spiritual Feet stabilized around the neck area - they just stopped. I was up high, as I looked down and around I saw the landscape, grass, sandy areas, fences, house, trees, cows and stonewall. This was where I lived.  I could see my niece and nephews playing the game of marbles.  It was all so beautiful and I felt very, very light and wonderful.  I suddenly realized that I could control the marble game so my niece could win.   Then very slowly my Spirit Body started to go back down in my physical body.  I did not speak out loud, but in my mind I thought " oh this feels wonderful (and I was giggling)  - I want to do that again"  and my Spiritual Body started to go back upward and I could see everything again.  I had a sense that I could do anything that I wished to do.  So I went up and down in the physical body 4 times - then I was totally back in my body. 
First OBE at age 11 while on a swing.

396.  Lyndie C Experience 9/19/10  I was locked in my bedroom and being punished and I fell asleep.  It was really warm and I could feel sweat.  I loud bass like noise was in my head and then I felt my body vibrate.  I then peeled what I describe as my soul from my physical body and at will, I flew all around my bedroom doing summersaults and flips and dives.  It has happened only when I am sleeping or in an almost sleep state.  After this incident, I learned to come out when I wanted and then explored out of my bedroom and without control was above the house, above the clouds and when I get to outer space, I plead with God to put me back in my body and he does.
5 year old went exploring when locked in her room as punishment.

395.  Bonnie C Experience 9/19/10 When we walked into the old store, I left my body and flew to the top of the ceiling and 'hovered there'. I felt like the ceiling was keeping me from flying higher. I could see everything below including myself, Mr. X, Rusty, store owner (could see and hear them talking and see them walking around in the store. I was puzzled because I knew where all the items were located on the shelves that we were seeking in the store (never in store before the event or after). I was asked a question several times and remember I, reluctantly, had to return into my body to answer (talk). As soon as I answered the question I would leave my body again and return to the ceiling.
Experiencer was 11 or 12 years old and had a SOBE while walking into an old store.

394.  Green T Experience 9/19/10 Everything appeared to be normal, except the light was different (had a greenish tint) and all was extremely quiet.  I found my baby-sister's playpen and tried to get in, but had trouble doing so because I could not touch it.  I became frightened at this realization and tried to call out to wake my family up, but I couldn't make any sound.  I then hid behind a large house plant for a while.  I don't recall who or what I was hiding from, I recall feeling incredibly alone, which scared me.  After a brief period of time, I went into my parents' room and tried to wake them up, but could not do so.  I tried to yell at them, but could make no sound.  I tried to shake them, but could not touch them. 
SOBE from the perspective of a 3 year old.

393.  Yvonne P Experience 9/19/10  The next thing I recall was standing beside my bed and watching myself as I lay there sleeping.  My first thought was that I had died, for how else could I be standing there beside myself watching me sleep?  But the thought that I was dead didn't bother me at all, I felt fine!  What I was feeling was merely "curiosity" about what was happening.  My next thought was that I must be dreaming, and to prove it to myself, I felt my arm lying beside my sleeping body and was surprised that I could actually feel my warm flesh!  Convinced then that I was not dreaming, and that what was happening was real, I thought, "I must be dead!  But I can't die now!  I still have a young son at home who needs me!"  It wasn't that I minded being dead, because I felt just fine, but the thought that my son would have no one to care for him caused me concern.  But no sooner than I had thought, I heard someone say, "Don't worry, you're not dead, yield yourself."  It then occurred to me that I wasn't alone, that there was someone in the room with me.
SOBE to Jerusalem.

392.  Joe K Experience 9/19/10  I was standing in a black void. I felt no other beings around me, just me completely by myself. Then about 15 feet or so in front of me was a very beautiful bright white light. it was shaped like you know if the sun shine is coming thru a window, well it was exactly like that. I approached the bright light and was intrigued by it. I decided to 'merge' with the light and as I leaned forward my body started to 'vibrate' I stepped back briefly as I was so puzzled to what this light meant, but then I decided that 'I know I cant get hurt, lets just do this and see what happens'. so I re-merged with the light and I cant put into words the pure feeling of love and bliss that I felt. it was amazing and I for the briefest of time felt I had a knowledge of everything and was surrounded by? god? the creator? whatever you want to call it. I never did put a label on it, I just think of it as the 'creator'..
Dream to Lucid Dream to SOBE where he went to a void.

391.  Tabitha T Experience 9/19/10  From the UK.  I had a warm feeling and I can then remember feeling a feeling I had never felt before, like anti-gravity.  I had left my body and seemed to float up towards the round lights on the ceiling in the hospital room.  It seemed as if my nose had touched the middle light and my body turned around (as you see astronauts). I turned around and looked down and saw my husband the midwife and myself on the birthing bed. I could not hear them talking to me but could see what was going on. I felt warm free and at ease wonderful feeling.  I could see out into the corridors (through the walls).  I did not leave the room and could see people in the hospital rooms nearby. I felt things around me, and a lovely light bright light, not blinding, and white hazy.  I also saw figures. I went back into my body as the head of my baby crowned.  I did not wish to go back as the place where I was.  It was absolutely beautiful and it felt as if I knew what was out there and I needed to go and look. I heard voices in my head saying that I needed to go back now (telepathy). I knew there were people there I had know that had passed away but could not see them, only the outline of bodies in the light and absorbed by the light.  All seemed to be same height etc. I knew I needed to go back, my son was born.
NDE-Like SOBE during labor.  Not life threatening.

390.  Dinene Experience 9/19/10   I laughed and thought ha! This must be a dream thus the term a lucid dream. Then I transitioned into another state in which I was lifted out of my body and I had the feeling that this was not a dream anymore because I was aware of my surroundings. I felt a rushing sensation around me. I was excited and a little nervous but my mind said, let’s go with this for a little bit. I was able to pass through walls and move very quickly. I do not remember if I saw my body or not. I was traveling at a fast speed and took notice of what was around me.
Lucid dream to SOBE.

389.  Alexa C Experience 9/18/10 All of the sudden I was being teleported to the side of the bed facing my physical body. I saw the physical body sleeping on the back and itching its nose... I was confused and curious so I bent over to take a close look at the face. I got too close and the next thing was waking up.
Dream turned to lucid dream, then to SOBE.

Kimberly K Experience 7/25/10 I was walking home from my elementary school on a sidewalk that was bordered by a well traveled road.  I only had a block or so to walk and I remember, even to this day, the exact spot that I had this experience.  One minute I was walking home and the next minute, I was looking down at myself.  I remember, vividly looking at the part of my hair from about 4 feet above my head and thinking, "Wow, that's my part on my hair."  It seemed like time was just frozen.   My body too.  I wasn't aware of movement of my body, but my mind was going a mile a minute.  I remember that I thought, "This is so cool, if a car jumped the curb, right now, I wouldn't be dead because I'm right here."  I remember feeling SO MUCH PEACE at that point, like I was being embraced, but I wasn't aware of any other being around me.  Just a feeling.
Spontaneous OBE at age 5 while walking home from school.

387.  Joan M Experience 6/20/10  I spent months planning my suicide.  I wrote letters to my friends, family and the day before I was to go to court, I knelt down, prayed to God and said if this is the right thing for me to do, let it happen.  I then went to a friends empty apartment, and drank 2 glasses of anti freeze.  While I was drinking the 2nd glass, I saw myself, hovering over my shoulder, from the waist up.  I was not afraid.  I was at peace knowing I was doing the right thing.  It was crazy, seeing me floating and watching the human me, drinking anti freeze and waiting to die.
OBE during suicide attempt.  OBE occurred immediately prior to losing consciousness.

386.  John H Experience 6/19/10 I am 70 now, but my experience == which was really an “out of body” experience == occurred at age 14 when I had polio myelitis.  Hospitalized at LACGH in 1954 with a high fever (104) and horrid headache.  Suddenly I left my body and was floating outside the hospital several floors up.  I was concerned but not really frightened.  I looked back into my hospital room where I saw myself in my bed.  I made the decision that this “wasn’t right” and suddenly—with the feeling of being turned inside out (literally)— I returned to the confines of my body… I view the experience as evidence that "I" am separate from my body.  That is, that I am a spiritual entity living in and communicating with the physical world with my body.
SOBE from retired physician at age 14.

SOBE from criminal attack.

385.  Horatio G Experience 5/15/10 From Argentina, Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon.  I felt unable to move my body, and I got scared because I could feel myself leaving it. I wanted to tell my brother that I was dying, but I could not speak nor move. I came out of my body and was for a while on the ceiling of the room looking down at my body and at my brother reading. I saw my brother close his book and pick up another one which he began to read. Then, in a state of great peace and tranquillity, I began to travel through a circular tunnel, with walls that looked like points of light passing at great speed. At the end of the tunnel a beautiful and comforting light was visible. I had no feeling of a body, neither cold nor heat, nothing whatever. Only an immense peace.

384.  Julie T Experience 5/10/10 From Canada, Original in French, translated to English by Caroline.  It's at this moment that I started asking myself questions such as: "would it be possible that, in this day and age, in a reputable hospital, surrounded by plenty of doctors and the best technology available, I would still be at risk of dying while giving birth, like in the old days ? In front of my family members ? and all these doctors?" A voice suddenly responded, with a tone as ironic as my questioning: "if that must happen, what can you do about it ? That's just the way it is, yes, that's just the way it is...". At that very moment I felt that I was leaving my body. I was half conscious and floating up in the air, in what felt like an empty space. Only a part of me was filling up this space... like if I was inside an egg or something.  I felt like I had no more problems, no more worries, no more baby... absolutely nothing but the essence of myself, without any emotions. I felt great.
Either a SOBE or ascension into her higher self occurring during childbirth.

383.  Dave D Experience 2/25/10  I remember very little about my early childhood as is probably the case with most people.  What happened to me is that one day on or around my second birthday, I fell out of my hi chair and broke my left arm.  I don't remember the event per say, but remember falling one time, then hitting the ground followed by about 15 seconds of excruciating , throbbing pain, then at the point where the pain was most unbearable, going through a tunnel at great speed and then becoming conscious in what I can only describe as a garden or a place with really vivid green features.  I also remember hearing water like a brook.  I seem to remember myself as a ball of light at the time, and within a short time was greeted by another entity that also appeared as a ball of light but when I concentrated,  I could see the profile of a human form.  The personality of the entity can only be described as complete love and compassion for me and only seemed concerned about my well being.  I do not remember what we communicated as it was a long time ago.  I remember at first really being overwhelmed by my surroundings that, if I remember correctly, was up in the sky sometimes and at other times in the garden that I described.
Interesting SOBE at around 18 months.

382.  Steve C Experience 2/25/10 I was visiting my family for Christmas several years ago, and went to a hockey game.  I'm in good health, nothing was out of the ordinary.  At some point during the game, I suddenly had the experience with no warning nor cause.  I went up a tunnel of light, and during that ascent I experienced the life review, where I re-experienced many significant times in my life, relationships, places I had lived, things I had gone through, going back very early into my childhood, re-experiencing things I had long forgot.  At the time it was very clear, however after this, I went right back into my body and I heard a swooshing sound as I went rapidly back down the tunnel into my body.  As soon as I was back, I had forgotten the specific scenarios of the life review, though I know I just had it.  I have no idea if anything happened at the end.  When I came back it was slightly jarring, and I am pretty sure the entire thing took only a few seconds.
SOBE at hockey game.

381.  Karen D Experience 2/25/10  I was teaching and had my planning period during 2nd hour.  I smoked then so went to my car to have a cigarette as usual.  I sat behind the wheel smoking while I looked up into the mirror to check my make-up.   Suddenly, I was to my right several feet up (I believe) looking down on myself.  I was, therefore, above me and remained conscious (the cigarette remained in my hand).  I didn't see anybody or hear anything - I just knew that I didn't want to come back to my human body - too cumbersome - I loved the seemingly weightless freedom of being outside of my body.  I also knew, just knew, that as humans we are like Stepford Wives - DULL - I wanted to be the real me and remain outside of my body.  That's ALL.  Suddenly I was back in me.  I had no clue as to what had just happened and it scared the living hell out of me. 
SOBE while in car.

380.  Phillip D Experience 1/2/10   then it began.......the candles did not dim... but grew quiet, the music which was very low became a physical thing in the room...then very gently the sound of wings folding one upon another could be heard. you could hear the structure of the bone and feather as they folded, one upon another....one on another and I knew it was covering angels and as I knew this I was no longer here...I was there. There is where the sky was as blue as twilight on a perfect summers day...there was no coldness just warmth and a feeling of knowledge and LOVE and the knowledge was (is) that everything is perfectly planned your cares for the world evaporate as the truth of just how safe everything you leave behind is, how God has His hand on us all, how everything is perfect and makes sense, How EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.....
OBE at time of romantic tryst.

OBE during surgery at age 14 with apparent medically inexplicable events.

378.  Rita S Experience 12/19/09 The first event that I can remember, I was 3 yrs, I was in a swimming pool, I could not swim and I somehow walk to far into the pool and went under water and started drowning. The water burned but the next thing I know, was I could see the lady sun bathing next to the pool and I saw my self drowning. I was wondering why couldn't she see me. Then the next thing I remember, I was on the ground and they were doing CPR.
NDE from drowning at age 3 and multiple OBEs.

377.  Pragati P Experience 12/6/09 From India  I went for sleep for around 2 hours. After a while I woke up but could not move. My body became numb. I could not move any part of the body not even my eyes or head. I was lying straight with my head turned to my left. Suddenly a apparition dressed in white came in front I could not see the face only the dress since my head was side ways. The apparition just came to my right side and lied down. It said something in Hindi language 'Don't get angry'. I was terribly scared. I could not move. I could not see. I started chanting the name of God. For a moment I was shocked. After 2 minutes my body returned to normal. I could move. I did not see anyone around me. I was pretty scared. It was for real. No I was not sleeping. I was fully awake.
OBE, Possible REM intrusion.

OBE and bathed in light- on awakening found the right side of her body paralyzed.

375.  Wayne Experience 12/6/09 It was a weekend morning and I woke up around 8am. As usual I got dressed into some casual clothes and and turned on the TV.  Within 15-20 after waking up I walked outside and down the street heading to the beach like I do every weekend morning to check the surfing conditions for the day. It only takes about 1 minute to get to the beach.  About half way to the beach while walking in the middle of the street I experienced something I never felt before.  All of a sudden I was looking at myself from behind and my body was still walking towards the beach.  I seemed to be about 10 feet behind by body and slightly elevated. Maybe about 5 feet higher than normal.  It only lasted about 2 or 3 seconds and I was back to normal while still walking.
Brief SOBE while walking.

374.  Sandy TS Experience 12/6/09 I began having extremely intense contractions, when my doctor came into to check my centimeters his voice was very soothing and helped me become more focused on the self hypnosis process that we had been practicing for approximately three months.  In the middle of a contraction I was transported by nursing staff from my bed to a gurney in order to transport me into the delivery room.  It was during this transport to gurney that I began to feel as though I was floating above my body.  I could hear the conversations around me, but it was as though I was separate from my body and had no feeling of any physical experiences.  It was only when the doctor said "here comes the head" that I felt my self immediately drop back into my body and could feel the physical effects of birthing.
SOBE at time of delivery.

373.  Requested removal.

372.  Sandrea J Experience 12/6/09  Somewhat overwhelmed with depression, anxiety and confusion, I found myself out of my body. No physical trauma at all. I was probably exhausted with mental anguish.  I do not use drugs, nor am I on any prescription drugs, nor do I drink. This was so clear and I remember it so well that it is extremely real to me.  I found myself flying with a comforting  being on my right side.  Somehow I knew he was there to guide me and watch over me.  I never saw him but somehow I knew he was amused because I was so excited about flying and I could go through things like walls etc.  We communicated by mind only.  I was astonished that I was so light and all my troubles were gone and I was in the blue sky flying over the ocean with him.  We flew over the Galapagos Islands (I do not know how I knew that's where we were but I just "knew.") It was so beautiful. 
Remarkable OBE

371.  Michael M Experience 12/6/09  I tell my wife that it was a miracle we survived etc, but I keep adding the phrase "I saw something, I know everything is going to be OK". I do not know what I saw or why I know everything is going to be "OK". I just know it.  It bothers me a bit but I credit it to just some emotional component in my flat line brain. I let it ride. Then, one week ago, as I was in the twilight area of sleep, it came back. I sat up in the bed and started weeping. I do not weep. I was outside the aircraft and was looking at a horizontal band of white light. The background was dark and the ground below was featureless. The MiG had flattened out into a plate like sheet of gray. The sensation of "Everything is going to be OK" was simply "There". I did not see my body. There was no sound. The horizontal band was about 10 degrees in height, not pulsate, not particularly intense.
Physician shares experience that defies classification.  Apparent miraculous avoidance of plane crash in a MIG.  OBE component.

370.  Brandon Experience 11/21/09  My body got extremely dizzy when i tried to lift the ice off of the lid and suddenly I could see myself from above like a birds eye view of what I was doing...I was still very dizzy and every motion seemed like it was flashing... like if you were to look at a book full of pictures and flipped the pages and it turned into a movie. It lasted for about 3 seconds and I was back to normal.
Brief OBE at around age 15.

369.  Crystal C Experience 9/24/09  My spirit went out into the open which I would think was the sky and I was just floating around free and having fun just being then the same knowing said COME and I raised as if I had a face towards the upper sky.  I went fast so very very fast and then I popped up into another dimension out of the dark sky and now in a wonderful place and the spirit I was a gassy form there were thousands of others.  In the midst of them was a light, that even though I had no eyes, I could see no ears but I could hear. It was like if you puffed on a cigarette and you see that gassy puff while that's what I was and many were there and all you wanted to do was be closer to the light. It was the brightest light ever but it did not hurt your eyes. The feeling was PURE LOVE.
Remarkable SOBE as an infant!

368.  Sharla D Experience 9/24/09 I was going to bed and had just fell asleep. Im not sure how long I was sleeping before I tried to move or get up but I couldn't. I guess I opened my eyes because I saw myself floating over me. I tried to move my legs, but my body would not move. I could feel my heart beating so I knew I was still alive. Even though I couldn't move somehow I saw myself sitting on the floor with my friend who had passed away.
OBE including seeing and talking to dead friend

367.  Reba B Experience 9/24/09 My husband got a different job in another part of the state and we were planning a move.  I was asleep one morning, nothing out of the ordinary, just asleep when I felt myself "wake up".  I literally floated through the foyer hall from the master bedroom and onto the front porch were I saw my deceased father standing there. 
Very well-developed OBE, including seeing and conversing with deceased father

366.  Val Experience 9/20/09 From Panama.  While reading on my bed one night, all of a sudden I "a thought" entered my conscious mind telling my  body to relax, and actually felt my body relax like never before, and the next thing I saw was my body "below" me, I was actually floating close to the ceiling watching myself. I was still reading (no physical movement on my part, it just appeared like I was reading, same posture as when I was "awake" reading my book, and yet I realized that my eyes were open, and yet, I was not blinking). After some time, while in my "perch", I felt like I did not belong there, and the moment I felt that emotion, I "went back" into my body. After the event, I felt very tired, put the light out, and went to sleep, when I woke up the next day, I woke up feeling fully rested, and could have taken the world. To this day, I can still see my body on my bed reading.
OBE while reading in bed

365.  Denis Experience 9/20/09 Muslim experience and from Turkey.   Then I felt that I was hanging on the ceiling with white dress. I saw only my upper body.  I was looking at my body. I watched everything from ceiling. They put me on the couch. I was still crying but little bit slowed down.  After a few seconds, I came back to my body. That is how I can remember everything so clear. While I was watching to my body she was like someone else, not me.
OBE from shock and trauma of mom's death. 

364.  Harriet L Experience 9/20/09  I had gone to bed for the night I remember laying on my back and how exhausted I felt but how relaxed I felted also I remember being half awake and half asleep and my breathing was delayed and I remember getting up out of my body and when I did  the heels of my feet cause cramping in my calf muscles I remember turning around and seeing myself lying there and a white light all around me I remember touching my dresser the white light only outlined my body I could see though the outline I lift my arm and the light went into kitchen. I thinking this whole time have died. I rushed to get back in my body I got back in the same way I got out I could feel my heels in my calves as I got back in I had the cramping in my calves. As soon as I got back in I stay up all night it really scared me. It has tried to happen several times to me since then, But when I have that feeling of being relaxed and the breathing thing. I get up
Quick SOBE experience.

363.  Joey Experience 9/20/09  The light slammed into my chest area and it threw me back against the chair. Suddenly, I was floating down the hallway towards the master bedroom and into the room.  I floated above the bed and could see my husband sleeping below. I do not remember if an image of myself was in the bed also but I think it was.  I do not remember the object leaving or how I got back to the chair I was sitting in.  I seemed to be conscious of sitting in the chair again, the object was gone and I was very scared and shaken.
Unusual SOBE caused by being hit with light.

362.  Geoff M Experience 9/19/09 ...as I gave myself the command to rest my head back on the pillow I noticed my head did not feel as it normally does during the lowering back down procedure. Instead my head felt very distinctly as if it were floating or wafting slowly down towards the pillow. It was a feeling of weightlessness. I felt as though I had no actual muscular control of the process.  It was then I realized I was out of my body and instantly understood that my detached condition also accounted for the skewed perspective of my surroundings. 
Brief OBE after awaking from sleep

361.  Ann B Experience 9/13/09 I sat up and could feel like my limbs were very heavy, almost leaden. I walked toward my bedroom door and made it to the hallway. I really did not feel different but, I decided to leap into the air as a kind of test. It worked! I floated. The feelings at this time were elation and overwhelming joy. I floated just above ground level throughout my living room.
SOBE after several tries.

360.  Pierre V Experience 9/13/09 From Canada.  I felt asleep on my desk then next thing I know I'm sort of walking (Floating) around the ice ring and my friend who suppose to be sick is playing hockey with another player.  As I think that I'm walking, I look on the sidewalk and see that it is covered with thick ice and realize that the sidewalk is slightly in angle. The first thing that comes to my mind is ...why is it so easy for me to stay up on this slippery sidewalk?  But never mind, I was just interested to see my friend closer on the ring.  Next thing I know, I'm on the side of the ring moving at the speed of a regular walk and just observing.  Then I wanted to be at the other end of the ring.  Next thing I know, I'm there observing the clothes they were both wearing - the gloves, the skates. 
Evidential SOBE as a teenager.

359.  Christina D Experience 9/13/09 The last experience I had was just slightly different.  It all started the same way, but it was like I was above my bed watching myself sleep and I started to try to make myself move or talk to wake my husband. This whole time I am still above my bed watching myself and my husband sleep. Well I had woke up when my husband heard me trying to talk to him.  I was making this weird noise and he thought I was playing around.  I started to cry and told him that it had just happened again. After that night I had never experienced anything like that.
SOBE with sleep paralysis precursors.

358.  Geoff R Experience 9/13/09 Although awake I suddenly felt a huge force push me - like being hit by a car - I felt myself being pushed right out of my body and into another reality.  Suddenly I was flying /floating over a strange world - colors seemed brighter greens greener blues bluer and all shimmering like jewels.  I flew like this for about 10 minutes, first over moorland, the hills and finally over a beach towards the sea.  At this point suddenly felt pulled back - as if by a spring and snapped back into my body.

357.  Lee V Experience 9/12/09 the next thing I remember I was on floating upward and away.  my back was rounded and my legs were dangling. I kept moving up and away until I realized what was happening and then I became stationary in that position.  it felt like a good portion of my rounded back was already through the ceiling.  for a few seconds I just hung there looking around the room, looking at all the knick knacks on the dresser and into a half bathroom that I had not noticed was there when I came in.  I could see all the decorative hand towels my mother had placed by the sink.  then I remember thinking, wow, how am I doing this? 
Several SOBEs.

356.  Alicia C Experience 9/12/09  When he took the curve he lost control and the car started to spin. It never rolled or crashed into anything, luckily. We ended up on the other side of the road in the ditch facing the other way. During the whole time as soon as the car started to spin. I some how ended up out side the car about 100 ft away on the side of the road. I could see the car, I could see us in the car, I could make out all the colors, I saw all the cars coming on the road along with the headlights. I could see the car spinning. As soon as the car stopped in the ditch I was back in the car.
OBE from fear death experience.

355.  Nina Experience 9/12/09  I was covering  my son. Only I couldn't move the covers. You see his baby bed was in my bedroom. And as I turned to go back to bed I noticed MY BODY WAS STILL IN BED I could not understand this, but continued to go towards the bed. At that time I noticed this figure in the doorway of the bedroom. He or she was dressed in clothes like Jesus wore except I could not see the face it was as though the hood was shadowing the face. I know the figure communicated with me but not in words. It was more understanding.
SOBE & ADC from father-in-law.

354.  Betty Experience 9/9/09 I was 12 and I was playing with my friends outside that day. One friend was pulling another in a wagon and myself and another friend were running side by side chasing the wagon down a sidewalk. I tripped and started to fall. The second I hit the ground I saw myself from about 150ft in the air looking down. I could see everything looking straight down...the tops of the trees, the top of my house, myself and friend running - all in a freeze frame. It felt like I was looking down on everything for about 5-7 solid seconds. It was like looking at a photo...no fear of being high in the sky, just a freeze frame as if time stopped, but I could still feel it was a good period of 5-7 seconds that I was looking down.
This one is either a type of fear death experience or a spontaneous OBE, or something in between the spectrum of consciousness. 

353.  Lauren B Experience 9/9/09  I will describe the most profound one first. It was May, 1982. I had come back from an amusement park with my boyfriend and he was breaking up with me. We lived together.  That night, I went to bed in our bed in the bedroom, I did not know where he went. I was severely depressed, I wanted to die, literally. I was profoundly depressed because he was breaking up with me.  At some point after I fell asleep, I "awoke" to find myself floating above my body. I then floated out of the bedroom, into the bathroom where I floated above the sink, looking into the mirror but saw nothing. I roamed above the shower. Next, I floated into the kitchen and saw my boyfriend sleeping on the couch. I willed the refrigerator open for some reason and looked inside. I looked at my boyfriend sleeping on the couch.  Then, I went back into my bedroom and slipped back into my body.   
Several SOBEs and sleep paralysis.

352.  Honey A Experience 9/7/09 I showered and after putting the baby to bed, I too lay down and started to drift off. Here, I am not so clear. I felt a sort of pulling sensation and the next thing I remember is floating.  The experience reminded me of astronauts in one of those anti gravity rooms. I know this sounds odd, but I remember still being in my nightgown and I told myself I will go back in just a minute. I drifted over to my dresser, I put my foot out and sort of pushed myself off of it and started to drift over to the other side of the room. I don't remember seeing my body.

351.  Daniel C Experience 8/30/09 This experience happened when I awoke in the middle of the night about 3am.  I went to the bathroom. When I came back to bed I had just laid down and then all of a sudden I felt my body going through the ceiling, then the roof. It was painful for a split second. Then I felt myself travelling at a very high speed. There was bright light surrounding me. The ringing sound was very loud. I was thinking that maybe I had died.  Realizing that I might be dead frightened me so much that suddenly I could feel myself being slammed back through the roof and into my earthly body. I know this was not a dream.

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