SOBE - Spontaneous Out of Body Experiences


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350.  Lorna B Experience 6/11/09 I went to bed about ten pm, my baby was asleep in her cot. I thought I had fallen asleep when I suddenly was standing by the bedroom door looking at myself asleep on the bed. I stood for a moment looking then tried to turn around but was not able to, I became frightened when I realized I could not turn around and then felt myself going backwards towards a light, because I was scared I said lord Jesus help me then I found myself back in bed and tied to sit up but couldn't. after what felt like only a couple of minutes I felt a lovely peace.
Spontaneous OBE, including "light."

349.  Valerie W Experience 6/7/09  I was brought into the surgery room and I was placed under Anesthesia and went out. I remember waking up in a dark room and was immediately drawn to the surgical lights and the backside of the Surgeons performing what I know was my own operation. I was extremely alert and curious about what they were doing. I approached the surgeons from behind and began to rise up to their height. I studied the surgeons clothing, mask, head covers, and gloves. I could see every detail of the surgeon’s face that was not covered by the mask to include pockmarks and facial hair stubs.
OBE at age 7 during general anesthesia.

348.  Barry B Experience 5/30/09 I was young, probably between the ages of 5 & 8. I had a dream that I found to be unusual. I wasn't sick, I was just sleeping in my bedroom at home and I had a dream. In the dream I was apparently in a hospital room (other than when I was born, I was not admitted to a hospital until I was about 13 years old for a stomach virus). The first thing I became aware of was people running into the room: medical personnel. As they ran into the room from my right, I asked: "Is he going to be all right?" as they ran THROUGH me. That I found unusual. No one answered my question and it appeared to me that nobody knew I was there. (They might have been ignoring me for all I know). My next recollection is that I began to float above the room and found myself looking down at the scene. I recall seeing several people standing next to a bed with a man in it...but I had no idea who it was. One of the people was a nun...I don't know why I remember the nun, but she was probably the most identifiable individual at the bedside because of her attire. After that I have no recollection of any other part of the dream. To this day I recall thinking:  "I've seen my death bed."
Dream at age 5-8, shared 50 years later, with some parallels to NDE.

347.  Jacqui T Experience 5/23/09  I got up (or thought I had) and was just about 4ft away from the bed when I realized that I felt... 'strange'.  I fell to the floor on the spot and as I leaned on my right arm to push myself up, I could push my hand and wrist through the carpet. I realized I must be in some 'sort of dream' but felt that it was real and I was awake and in control.  As I tried to pull the door more ajar to look into the hall where my husband was furiously typing away, it would not open enough for me to go through.  I touched the back of the door and I could push my whole arm through it and it came out the other side.  it was not physically uncomfortable at all (I know this must sound crazy) but rather exhilarating and exciting to be able to do this! I pushed my self through the door and was standing next to my husband.
During apparent dream, able to see other ongoing events in the house.

347.  Sandra S Experience 5/23/09  I remember being suspended in the top corner of a room looking down on a human baby. What I "felt" up against me must have been the walls and the ceiling. I tried to move but couldn't. I may as well been frozen inside a block of ice. Something was wrong. I wanted to know WHAT I was, where I was, how I got there, and WHO did this to me. Not knowing these things angered me greatly. I was also frightened which added to my anger. I couldn't even emit sounds. All I could do was think up there. I looked down again at the baby and tried to make it move. It didn't work. I was beginning to realize the baby didn't work either. I don't know how I came to this conclusion but I became aware that something wanted me inside the baby. Then I must have come down because the next thing I know I was in the baby…
Varied and interesting experiences.

346.  RL Experience 5/16/09 I was late for breakfast at my boarding school. I ran down the stairs and twisted my ankle on the bottom step. The last thing I remember consciously is hopping on my good leg while shouting "ow!".  Next thing I know, I am talking to God?! There was an incredible feeling of total, accepting, enveloping LOVE. God "asked" me something like "How is it down there?" (although it was more like a "feeling") and I replied with a "feeling" that life was all just about admin and rushing around trying to survive and that there was very little time or place for anything "higher". He then "told" me I had to go back. I didn't want to leave, I felt I was at home, safe and loved. Unfortunately, I then got flung back into my body, it felt like I landed through the center of my chest.
Two OBEs described with NDE-Like Features.

345.  Gordon K Experience 5/11/09 I decided to go to my bedroom and lie down. Immediately, I felt my feet vibrating, and then I began to hear a hissing sound. This vibration in my feet started to move up my legs. As the vibration moved up my legs, the hissing sound became louder until it became almost deafening. The vibration started moving up my body in a wave motion. Then as it came up to my throat, stopped and seem to be stuck. Then all of a sudden there was an explosion of light around my throat and I was hovering on the ceiling looking down at my body. My first thought was that I must have died. At that moment I was transported to this tunnel that had dark walls. I looked up and saw this incredible bright white light. I felt like I had wings and I instinctively started flying to the light. I remember seeing the walls of the tunnel passing by as I flew to the light. As I became closer to the source of the light, I felt that this light had a very powerful intelligence. The closer I got to the light, it seemed that my consciousness was merging with the intelligence of the light.
OBE with NDE-like features.  Very life-changing experience.

344.  Kim Experience 5/3/09 I don't remember much of what she said except for words like "stupid, lazy, incompetent" everything sounded blurry and with like an echo. Then I'm not sure exactly when it occurred but I realized at one point that I was witnessing her screaming at me at the third person.  It felt like I was watching her from the ceiling above and at the complete other end of the room, the furthest away from her possible. I don't recall seeing my physical self although I did feel a presence at the spot where my physical self should have been standing at but somehow I felt completely dissociated from that being; it didn't occur to me at the time that it might have been me and it didn't strike me as odd either.
OBE while being yelled at by a crazy boss.

343.  David S Experience 4/24/09 I was sitting with my friend Charles R on the front porch of the apartment building where we both lived on Bay State Road in the Kenmore Square section of Boston.  It was late afternoon.  Suddenly I saw myself sitting next to Charles on the porch but from a viewpoint of approximately 120 feet above where we were sitting.  I could clearly see the two of us sitting below my point of view and as soon as I thought "what am I doing here?" I was back in my body, back on the porch.
OBE while talking with friend.

342.  Alex M Experience 4/4/09  From Brazil Original in Portuguese.  Translated to English by Maria.  Afterwards I saw myself in a tunnel of white lights with blue rays which came from upwards . I got the sensation of being involved by them. I felt pain in my stomach like a pressure due to acceleration. And so I heard a voice: “Concentrate yourself and get into the right frame of mind. Your pain will diminish”.  I concentrated myself and the pain actually decreased.  The blue rays intensified as I entered in a concentration state.  I had the impression that there were different speeds  inside the tunnel.  I reached a sort of dark room with big pillars, without doors or windows, and there were yellow and purple lights. I stayed there alone for a certain time.
SOBE from Brazil.

341.  Lourens M Experience 4/4/09  So there I am arguing with myself while my body lay unconscious. It was not verbal  at all - more like expression and thoughts, also 'vibrations' and me understanding myself. (If that is even  comprehensible...) Conflicted with myself I (Entity one) gave in reluctantly, and went back down to my body  in an almost scary and urgent manner. Like falling off of a very high building. And I 'woke up' next to my  friend, who did not notice a thing. It is so hard to explain, but I DID KNOW AND FEEL both entities as ME, also my entities were a darker black  than the void, if that is possible, they were shaped, but their shapes were not constricted to one form if you  know what I mean. And although I experience this seemingly dull, black void every time it is so exciting and  exhilarating to be there, anything but dull and lifeless.
Three OBEs described.  From South Africa.

340.  Kevin Experience 3/8/09 I was operated on to replace an eardrum that was lost while diving in a pool. It was orientation week for the college I attended. When I was in my hospital room going in and out of conscience, I floated into the next room where to women that I assumed were nurses or orderlies were making up a bed in the next room. They weren't speaking about anything out of the ordinary, just about others that they worked with. The next thing I knew, I was back in the bed with friends and family around the bed and feeling like my head had been run over by a truck.
OBE after operation.

339.  Glendle M Experience 3/8/09  I had barely started when I became aware that I was in the air moving at an incredible rate of speed over a two lane highway. Even though I knew how fast I was moving I could "see" every rock and all aspects of the landscape as if I was standing still. At about the same time I was aware of the intensity and beauty of color that landscape provided. At the same time I became aware of another intelligent presence off to my right. The presence was just there. I was aware that I could communicate with it I didn't feel the need to. I was so focused on the euphoria I was experiencing. I changed course as soon as I thought to my self that "wasn't I supposed to see a tunnel with a light at the end?" or something to that effect. It felt like I made a right angle turn in a northward direction. The other consciousness was still with me.

338.  Annie Experience 3/6/09  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Isabel.  A month later it happened again. My heart beat very fast and again and it was like being absorbed by something. I was out of my body but this time I wasn’t so afraid and I could thought with normally. I saw myself in my bed and I felt so free!! I went around of my bedroom and saw the window. I returned to my body. When again I could to move I felt so happy. It was like having experienced something unique. The life in Earth was nothing  compared to what have just happened. I was eager to return to live that experience. When it was happened again just time I was over a village over 6 kms away from there. I can not explain what I felt. I returned to my home by the beach, everything had a special glow. The waves were a special white color and the stars came out sparks of light like colours and gases .A feeling of liberation and unity with the universe. I had many experiences like this, and my life has changed completely.
A couple of SOBEs

337.  Mitchell Experience 2/28/09  I felt cold wind and I remember seeing my community below me...lights mainly...and I could see house tops south of where I lived. I don't know why this happened. I felt wonderment at first and then fear. I came back through my open window and saw my bed and me sleeping. Weird experience.
SOBE as a child.

336.  JR Experience 2/28/09 When I finally wake up for real in real life, I felt insane. The sexual innuendo is creeping me out, I am completely confused. Why would I want to have sex with myself? This doesn't make any sense. Why, when after hearing about all these life-affirming out of body experiences that I interest so much in, do I finally have one, without trying, and turns out I'm having sex with myself? I am horrified and disgusted. I'm lost, grossed-out. I'm let down.
Atypical dream OBE with sexual content.

335.  Virginia A Experience 2/22/09 As I got up to go to restroom... I felt strange.  I looked down at my feet, legs and hands.. what I saw so amazed me.  I'm not sure exactly what I saw...some may call it the soul, spirit or over-self... I'm not sure.  But what I saw was these lights had taken the place of my physical body.  The lights were nothing like we have here on earth.  Nothing in this world can compare.  They were quintessential in color.  The only words I can use to describe this is that they were alive, vibrational, pure. After looking at the lights were my body was, I wondered how I was seeing this in the place of my body.  So, I looked down at where I just left.. my bed.  When I looked down, I received the shock of my life.  There laying in my bed... was ME.  I have never seen myself like that before.  I stared at my body and was disgusted.  I didn't want to go back into that body.  My consciousness was thinking.. "that thing is sooo tight and heavy.. I don't want to get back in there".  Then I questioned..."How am I seeing my body without my eyes?" 
OBE- interesting description of her non-physical OBE self.

334.  Haidee M Experience 2/15/09 Just beyond the bridge were some railroad tracks.  I slowed up to make a slight climb up onto the railroad tracks.  The moment my vehicle made contact with the tracks, I was zapped to another place or dimension.  This place was made up of a dandelion yellow light in all directions.  I saw it all around me. This dimension was neither too big or very small. And our understanding of time only existed in my consciousness because there was nothing changing there to measure time by. I was surprised to be zapped there!  From the moment I arrived, pure peace (love, joy, fulfillment) radiated into me forcefully but not painfully. It was so powerful that I could not think at first. My consciousness was sluggish almost a drunk feeling. Then like a baby I was suckling on it without a thought or care in the world which seemed like for several minutes. This powerful emotion was entering the front of me, but I could not pinpoint where it was coming from visually. Somehow I just knew that the energy stream was massive in size. Yet the part that flowed into me felt like its dimensions were 1 foot by 2 feet covering my head and some of my chest.  However, when I looked down to see the limbs of my body, I had none.  No hands, legs, torso, nada.  This was another surprise.
OBE to non-earthly place while driving.

333.  Ellie M Experience 1/17/09 I had been taken to the hospital following the accident.  The doctor checking me out decided I needed stitches in my knee, and I got hysterical about it.  I was left alone in an examining room until he came back to sew the cut up. I sort of zoned out.  I was in shock from the accident.  Then I was outside my body, looking down on it from the upper right corner of the room.  It looked like this thing that had been tossed aside, like my Raggedy Ann doll dropped in the corner (that was the analogy I used describing this experience, when I was still a child).  I felt no sense of connection to it... it was just an object. Then a woman appeared beside the bed.  She didn't come in, she was just there.  She was blurry, she didn't have any distinct features.  I used to describe her as "looking like a genie:" female on the top, and just fog below.  She looked at my body and smiled, and then she vanished. I would like to say that I had some sense of her identity as my mother, but I don't, just that she was definitely female. I think she was, but that's something I concluded later, not thought at the time.  This all happened before I learned that she had died.
OBE at age 9 following auto accident.  No apparent imminent life-threatening event at time.

332.  Arana R Experience 1/2/09 Sleeping in my moms bed last night at around 11:30 PM, 1 1/2 hours after I went to sleep, I woke up and realized I was on the ceiling.  I was looking down at myself and my mom in my moms bed.  There were dark shadows moving/rocking from side to side.  They were standing on the ground shoulder to shoulder around the bed and were about 4 feet tall or a bit taller.  I don't remember coming back into my body or falling, I just felt scared and needed to get away from those things and I was instantly in my body.  I immediately woke and gasped and sat up with my eyes open.
OBE Dream.  Experiencer is age 13.

331.  Ruth Experience 12/15/08  I, all of the sudden started going out of my body...almost in a different state.  I was going in and out and found the where with all to push the button for the nurse.  Come to find out, a clip came loose and I was leaking a bunch of fluid.  Had it gone too much longer, I would have died.  My deceased grandmother pushed me back.  I had the thought I could not leave my son, he was 15 at the time.  He and I were alone together for several years and I totally knew it was not my time. 
Post-surgery. Drifting in and out of sleep. OBE- Grandmother pushed her back in. No clear imminent life-threatening event.

330.  Charlene W Experience 12/15/08  It was like my spirit was called from my body I could feel it leave as if it just floated out of me like a helium balloon. While my body was frozen in the room in a standing position I did not look back at myself the frozen stiffness was a feeling. This floating feeling was like a swift journey, I quickly appeared in a place where only a few things were visible and familiar. I heard the voice the whole time; which as you recall this experience began with what I like to refer to as a heavenly choir singing. I recognized two enormously huge dragons on each side of two very large gates of what looked like ivory or pearls with gold brackets. Although at this time I don’t recall the exact location of the gold on the gates. The gates were open but I was not allowed to enter. A voice was talking to me telepathically and I remember calling it LORD.
SOBE following death of her child.

329.  Hami A Experience 12/15/08 From Iran. I was alone in my home and was sleeping in my bed. In the morning about 10 when I was about to wake up suddenly I found my self floating in the air above my physical body sleeping on the bed. I was shocked for the first seconds and I did not know where I was and who I was. I saw my body clearly and I heard the sound of my neighbors speaking but at the same time I heard some noise or sound from somewhere else which I did not know from where they came from. after I realized my situation and my body and found that I was out of my body the first thing came to my mind was that I was dead. I tried to touch my body but I saw that my hand pass my body and I could not to touch it. Surprisingly I was not frightened at all- despite my felling about death before the experience. I was in kind of release and told my self: "am I dead? yes I am dead."
SOBE Dream. 

328.  Cody S Experience 12/8/08 Spring of 1975, I was with my boyfriend and another couple at a Senior Party. This is the information I was given after the fact: On the drive home the driver hit a telephone pole. The front seat passenger was hurt the worst - a broken jaw and hip. The driver suffered a broken nose, my boyfriend went through the windshield but had no serious injuries. I have no memory even to this day of the accident. I suffered a brain concussion and have retrograde amnesia. My memory of that night is: my friends drove me home, stopping in front of my driveway. I got out and said my goodnights. I proceeded to walk to the back gate, we did not use the front door - company only!. When I got to the gate I lifted the latch - the next thing I new I was sitting in a ditch??? While the paramedics were attending to the front passenger, I sat in the ditch for about ten minutes saying over and over "Who am I. Where am I?" I was told that I gave them quite a scare.
OBE remembrance at time of head injury and retrograde amnesia.

327.  Liliane C Experience 11/13/08 From France, Original in French, translated to English by Amy.  Suddenly I find myself floating at the ceiling of the bedroom but I'm still attached to my sleeping body below by a kind of Ariadne's thread made of an indefinable light so brilliant but without blinding me. This thread is very fragile and can be broken if one strays too far in distance but I am not afraid. I keep floating in an incredibly intense light; it's not a violent light and I myself am made of transparent light but my consciousness is sharp and I know what is happening below me I know what's happening to me I know what's coming I understand that I might not return and even worse I don't even want to go back so great is the feeling of well-being even though my daughter is still a baby and I see her sleeping below. 
Interesting SOBE.

326.  Michael C Experience 11/1/08 I was dreaming that I was flying around my townhouse complex and I had stopped to hover over the dumpster that was located in the back of my complex, the dumpster along with the wood covered fence, and surrounding fichus bush and the tree that was next to the dumpster were all on fire. I immediately awoke from my dream and got ready for school, on my way out of the door my father had asked me to take out the trash.. so I grabbed the trash and proceeded to the dumpster, upon throwing the trash into the dumpster the maintenance man had asked me if I had heard what just happened.. I replied ""no, what happened?"" he told me that the dumpster on the other side of the complex had just caught fire!!
OBE dream.  Dreamed dumpster was on fire, and on awakening found a dumpster near him had burned.

325.  Marsha T Experience 10/19/08 When I was 30 despite the illness I started training as a student nurse.  The first out of body experience occurred in the middle of a ward while I was working. I was sitting in chair next to the patient and chatting to them.  In the middle of the conversation I suddenly found myself looking down at the top of my head.  I was still talking to the patient.  I then saw myself get up from the chair and walk across the bay of the ward to the nurses station.  The position from where I was seeing myself didn't change, that is I remained above the chair while I watched myself walk away.  When I was walking past the nurses station I found myself abruptly back in my self. I had a slight sensation as if something had hit me. I can't remember whether it was in the back or the front. I felt jittery and a little disorientated and my heart was beating fast.  I went to one of the empty side rooms to, well, pull myself together. 
Two OBEs described.

324.  Jeffrey S Experience 10/12/08 The conversation was coming to a lull and he was telling me how thankful he was to have someone in his life that he could talk to like this because no one else understood the things we talk about, and as he was telling me I felt my eyesight rise out of myself, he was still looking straight ahead but he was looking at my chest and then at my stomach. I thought my entire body was hovering about 2 feet in the air, and then when I realized what was actually happening I came back into my body very quickly, I guess I had been holding my breath because I started breathing very heavily and he asked me what was wrong. I explained what had happened and he told me to never forget it.
SOBE following prolonged conversation.

323.  Onowa V Experience 9/29/08 I was at a concert with friends and suddenly found myself looking down at my own body from above, also I could see my friends  in front of me and the rows in back of me.  I could see all of my friends and I felt very, light, also it was a extremely breezy day.  I felt that if I wanted to I could just float with the wind currents where ever I wanted to go.  I also remember how I felt happy, like no concerns or worries.   It like in that state I don't think you would even know what a concern or worry is. I know that I wasn't having any feelings of fear.  Just feelings of wonderment or exploration.  I felt good.
SOBE at a concert.

322.  Mary G Experience 9/29/08 It was the day before my 37th birthday.  Noelle was coming into the world.  I had had a bad experience with my son's birth eight years before, so this time, I decided to go completely natural.  It was a little frightening, because the doctor had not arrived.  The nurse and my husband had to deliver her.  I was lying on my left side and the pushing urge took over.  Suddenly I was behind myself, looking at the event taking place.  No more fear--no pain.  Just peace.  I didn't even seem surprised that I was there.  Then I saw an amazing pure white light coming from inside my lower back.  The light was so bright that it would have hurt my eyes, but it didn't.  It was really indescribable but felt like love on the highest level I have ever experienced.  I remember wondering what it was.  Immediately I could see it was shaped like a baby--my baby!  The entire experience lasted only a short time, and I was back in my body just as she was born.  I believe I was very privileged to witness my daughter's soul entering her body.
OBE at time of childbirth.  Witnessed baby’s soul entering its body.

321.  Debi S Experience 9/29/08 I became very angry and agitated.  I went into the other room to try and calm down and not let my child see how upset I was and then when I thought I could not take any more stress or get any angrier I felt like I just stepped out of my body and went about maybe 7 feet in front of myself then I started talking to my friend who told me your lips aren't moving but I can hear you in my mind.  Then I felt this extreme feeling of peace and safeness that I could not even begin to describe.  I knew that God was with me or in me at that time and then I went back into my own body.
OBE associated with stress at discovering her three year old daughter had been molested.

320.  William B Experience 9/14/08  As I began walking down the isle I left my body and flew up to the back corner of the room behind me and from there watched the nurses walk me down the isle. The experience was amazing.  It literally blew me away.  My older brother had been in the room visiting me.  He was sitting in a chair by my bed and was watching the nurses walk me down the isle.  From up in the corner of the room, I watched by brother reach behind him and remove his wallet.  He was looking for something in his wallet. I don't know what it was but as the nurses were walking me down the isle, my back was to him so there was no way I could have known he was looking through his wallet for something.  But since my mind was up in the corner of the room behind him, I was watching both me and my brother.  It was amazing. I do remember this most vividly about the experience.  I had a sense of total and absolute peace.  No senses of anything.  No noise, no smells, no feeling of cold or heat and no pain.  It was total peace. No other words can describe it.  I was perfectly aware of this.  But I could see everything going on in the room. 
OBE while being walked down hall in hospital.

319.  Terry T Experience 5/3/08  Following my open-heart surgery for – four bypasses, I experienced an out-of-body experience.  I can best describe my experience in two images in the recovery room just prior to waking up:  1. In the first image I see myself as a floating spirit hovering above my own physical body as if it were looking down upon it - waiting.  My spirit is transparent and floating in orange-like cloudy-waves.  2. In the second image, as soon as the ventilator is pulled from my mouth (I see the arm of a nurse and the ventilator), my spirit in an up-side-down pyramid form zooms back into my physical body.
Saw his own spirit apart from his body twice around time of open heart surgery.

318.  Alicia C Experience 4/24/08  Two and a half months later, when my son was legally declared deceased, I was holding him and I experienced this feeling of not really being aware of my senses. Although I was holding him, I couldn't feel him and it seemed if though everything was standing still. And as I looked at him I saw that same yellow light I saw when I was in the tunnel two months earlier.
During delivery, OBE into tunnel.  Saw light.  Later while holding deceased son, saw same light.

317.  Brian C Experience 4/24/08  From Philippines.  Back in 1990's I desperately wanted my friend (Edward) to go with my family to our home town in Leyte.  The night before our travel, I had a dream that I walked to my friend's side of the house and inside his room (cannot recall if I opened the door).  I then saw him sleeping and vigorously shook his legs and told him to wake up since we are about to leave (I though he was going with us).  Then he woke up and said "Didn't I tell you I wasn't going".  Then I looked at him and realized that he did.  Then I woke up.  I felt very drained and tired that I can hardly get up.  I was so weak that I had a difficult time taking a shower.  Then my family and I went to Leyte for 2 months of vacation.  When I came back, my brother told me that my friend (Edward) had a scary experience with me as a ghost.  I confirmed the story with my Edward, even confirming that I was shaking his leg and everything that happened.  He said that after he told me that he wasn't coming,  I just disappeared and I scared the hell out of him. 
OBE during dream with visual and physical interaction remotely later confirmed. 

316.  Linda R Experience 4/19/08 I remember saying firmly in my mind, "Jesus Christ please help me, I need you RIGHT NOW!". I immediately felt him arrive and he, like a big wad of energy, was on my upper back. (It reminded me of having a shiatsu massage! When the therapist stands on your back.) Anyway, it "HE" felt like a weight of 1000 pounds bearing down on my back and through my entire being. Again I was on my stomach and I couldn't really move or feel myself breathing. The vacuum thing was still happening but could feel my focus changing.
SOBE with Jesus.

315.  José CL Experience 4/17/08 From Spain. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Rio.  I then saw my room at night.  I saw my bed, the bedroom window, and I saw a rose colored aura and enveloped my bed.  Then everything seemed as though in a video.  I saw the other room.  I peered into the inside patio.  It was nighttime and a saw  blue colored cloud that rose from the patio into my room.  It seemed to me that it melded with the rose aura creating one of violet. Then I went to the dining room.  It was dark.  I clearly saw the second hand of a clock there on the wall. I say the walkway of my house with the electric light illuminated and the door to the street from inside the room.  With GREAT COLOR and MUCH ELECTRIC LIGHT.
SOBE from feeling in love!

314.  Arabya Experience 4/8/08 From Algeria. Original in Arabic  So same night of there travel I cried a lot because we were friends and good neighbors .I tried to sleep I couldn’t I was in a hard facer.  So suddenly I couldn’t move any part of my body. And my voice gone, I tried to shout  but no one heard me , that’s phenomena became recurrence to me in a especial circumstances, I was breathing  but no body heard my shouts.  My soul outburst in the beginning of that short paralyzed which doesn’t take more than three minutes, I saw a nice charming views with a lot of colors, I saw a cities that I never seen before. The speed of the birr was unbelievable.
SOBE after sleep paralysis.

313. Robert W Experience 3/16/08 From Canada.  I was ill the week of the event. I think it was a very bad case of the flu.  I had been in bed for a day and I felt horrible. That night I was restless in bed and the sweat was pouring out of me. I felt like death.  The next morning I felt a bit better and got up to go to the bathroom.  I returned to my bedroom and approached my bed, I stopped dead in my tracks as I was looking down on my own body still lying in bed. This cannot be happening I thought, I neared the bed and looked more carefully at my face, yes it was me. I didn't look well though, very ashen complexion.  Afraid I turned away from the bed against the wall. I thought to myself I must be dreaming, it can't be real. I slapped my face hard, it hurt. I then punched the wall with my hand, it hurt also.
SOBE at time of illness.

312. Jo Ann F Experience 3/16/08  I went close to the mirror to look closer at my face and for some reason I extended my hand to touch the mirror where my face was and my hand never touched a hard surface it just kept going through the air. I didn't realize I never touched the mirror until my whole body (although I didn't see it or maybe just my spirit was) inside the reflection of the mirror still facing the same direction foreword. I realized I was in the mirror and refocused my eyes around my image to the back of me to see the objects in the room (without turning around) I felt like I was in a separate box sort of I knew immediately I went into another dimension through the mirror I had an out of body experience while I was making love to him and my spirit went through the mirror when my physical self went to touch it not knowing my spirit had risen to the surface and out of me.
SOBE involving being in mirror looking out from perspective of mirror after especially spiritual episode of love-making.

311. Vanessa Experience 3/9/08 From the UK.  I was sleeping one night and I have previously had OBE but this night I saw myself, looking at myself from the ceiling then a sudden jerk. I was going through a tunnel at intense speed the tunnel was like brown, dark brown, like unevenly round.  Anyway I was travelling at extreme speed like lightning through the tunnel  and I shot out into light; The most beautiful light.  Then I sped through all the planets and stars and what seems to be like galaxies or planets. I remember passing a planet with rings  and extreme light.  Then I went in through another tunnel like a hole and fell into the most stunning, amazing, no-words-to-describe, lake surrounded by a forest - everything is green light, green everything in there is flawless. I sense someone is coming to meet me. I am in the lake which is light  blue, the cleanest water.  I felt it was the purest water, so beautiful, but I sense someone coming though the trees. I called out om a ma shiva over and over. I know I am dead, but I say "no, I want to go back." I am not suppose to be here. I keep saying this.  I travelled back at speed and woke up. I have never forgotten this. I don't think I will ever forget this. I felt so afraid, yet so loved.
Dream. OBE- tunnel. Into beautiful landscape.

310. John C Experience 3/2/08 I was viewing it from the side, me walking with my parents, alongside a pool, then I had slipped into the pool, the view that I was first viewing from was almost as if I was watching it from the opposite side of the pool, then I had fallen in, and when I fell in, I started to close into myself viewing it as if I was using a grappling hook to view it, then as soon as I had lost consciousness, I had viewed the lifeguards' view, in both third and first person, and as I had gotten up, I regained consciousness.
Interesting variant experience.  Occurred about age 3, shared age 14.  Apparently OBE began prior to fall into pool.  Apparent bi-location of consciousness.

309. Shelly K Experience 3/2/08 It was approximately 20 minutes after learning of my older brothers death in a trench cave-in.  I was standing outside of our front door with a police officer, who was crying.  I was holding onto his arm and looking at him and asking him if they're positive it was Johnny, and are they sure he is dead.  During this time, I briefly moved out of my body...I mean I, the physical me, was standing and holding onto the officers arm, but another part of "me" was standing beside me.  It was a very brief experience, but it shook me.  It's been almost 20 years and I can still "experience" that moment in time.  I can still see me as well as a consciousness next to me. 
OBE at time of hearing of her brother’s death.

308. Jen C Experience 2/29/08 The funeral home had brought out a bunch of caskets for us to look at.  I was standing there with my family and suddenly realized that I could see myself and everyone else below me.  It was brief but real and it happened.  I have never forgotten about my experience.  When it was over I didn't say anything to anyone I just continued on with what we were doing.  I'm not sure what you call it because it doesn't fit a lot of the descriptions that I've read in other people's stories.  I've been told a few things....one is that I was helping my Dad cross over and the second is that I was so traumatized that my mind separated from my physical body to protect it.  Either way, it was a life altering experience for me that I haven't shared with many people.
OBE at time she was helping select a casket for her recently deceased father.

307. Agnes J Experience 1/13/08 From France, Original in French, translated to English by Amy.   I went in for a routine operation, to remove a cyst located on my wrist. I saw and heard everything. Everything was bluish, a beautiful blue; as I stared at the people around me I became less and less aware of them. Behind me stood the anesthesiologist. She was aggravated, which annoyed me. The surgeon removed the cyst with a tweezer-like device, and said that the cyst was as big as a raisin (which didn't bode well) and that they needed to send it to Paris to be analyzed. I felt fear coming from a man who was in a room beside mine. I don't know how I saw and how I heard, it was like a ball of thoughts.
SOBE during anesthesia.

306. Rick S Experience 12/28/07 From the UK When my wife and I were courting I lived in Lincoln UK and she lived in south London UK. (An approximate distance of 170 miles apart) I was in bed late one night thinking about her and just beginning to fall asleep. I found myself in her bedroom, there was an orange glow in the room, she saw me and got out of bed and gave me a hug. I then found myself fully awake and back in my bedroom in Lincoln. The following evening she rang me and asked how I got into her bedroom the previous night, she had woken up and seen just my head and shoulders in her room. She said she had fallen asleep with the electric bar fire next to her bed but seeing me had woken her and she switched it off. Somehow I knew she was in danger as the electric fire was right next to her bed and the quilt on the bed was very slippery and kept falling off, had it fallen on the fire she would probably been seriously injured.
OBE visit to girlfriend.  Was seen by girlfriend at the time.

305. Tracy R Experience 11/10/07 From New Zealand. I remember when I first arrived at the hospital in Hamilton to have the operation done on my chest that this lump had to be removed as yet I still have the scare to prove it, I was then put to sleep and about 3 minutes later I saw myself above my body floating on the ceiling and looking down at the doctors operating on me at the time and wondered why I was up there and my body was floating to me at the time I was happy but wondering why I was up there and not down where my body was laying, it is hard to explain but it seemed that I was there for ages, then what seemed for ever I awoke back in my body again I remember saying to my father that I was up there looking at the doctors down here, my father sort of looked at me and laughed to himself but this experience is one that I have never forgotten since that day.
OBE at age 6-7 during anesthesia. 

304. Laura H Experiences 11/10/07  When I was having my appendectomy at 16 years of age, I remember "waking up" in the corner of the room and watching the doctors operating on my body.  I was not conscious of darkness or light or any other "beings" but I could hear every word the doctors were saying.  They were talking about a women that both of them had gone out with and then they said something about my insides that I didn't understand.  When I came out of the anesthesia, I remembered the conversation and told my doctor.  He was quite taken aback and said, "People have funny dreams when they are anesthetized." But, he seemed very disturbed and seemed to avoid me after this.  I didn't feel I needed to defend it, because I knew it had happened.
Three OBEs.  One under anesthesia, one while unconscious, one due to drug overdose.

303. P.T. Experience 9/16/07  From Finland.  At one moment I was thinking of a song in radio, that the song was too boring song to listen at night (5am). Next thing I realized, I saw myself (my car & me) coming against "me" on the road. That was quite confusing experience, and I was startled. Then I was "back" at the car and started to keep the car on the road, and breaking heavily. After short moment, I ended up to a ditch backwards unharmed. I am not sure if my external me helped me to stop or slow the car in time so that nothing worse happened - car was damaged, but I was basically fine and feeling very alert and swift at thought.
OBE associated with auto accident. 

302. Carolyn T Experience 9/13/07 I was standing in the outfield of a baseball game we kids played whenever possible.  Suddenly I was over the sign at school, floating there, watching my girlfriend and myself walking home after school. we saw two boys walking towards us so kid like decided to cross the street so we would not run into them, and decided once across the street that that was a silly thing to do and crossed back.  I was floating above all this and yet also aware of all that was happening below me.  No sounds or odd feelings at any time associated with this event.  A few weeks later this event in it's totality and down to the smallest detail, including colors, clothing and place were repeated for me in real life and real time.
Interesting OBE and premonition at age 10 shared 54 years later.

301. Elizabeth C Experience 9/13/07 My bike began going too fast for me to control, I hit a hole, flipped over the handle bars and the bike landed on top of me. Then I slid down the hill on my left side for a few feet before stopping.   It caused an open head wound with a rather large 3 corner tear, gravel in the skull, a compression skull fracture, blood loss, shock and severe concussion with vomiting for 3 days after the accident.  I watched the entire accident happen from above my body (to the left) and never felt pain.  It was so strange.  When the bike stopped I was still watching my body lay there, then suddenly I was trying to lift it off me and started walking for help with blood pouring down my face.
Apparent OBE prior to bicycle accident at age 10.

300. R. P. Experience 9/13/07 Next I'm just outside the car looking at myself through the window of the back door on the driver's side from just above the car.  I can kinda see the roof of the car, it's reddish in color and I'm beating on the rear window and screaming.  I can't make out what I'm saying but I know what's happening and that we won't be coming back home. wow, I'm crying writing this, I don't cry.  it's like feeling it all over again. um, like finally confronting the realization that I knew we were never coming home again, never gonna be with mom or aunt Pat again and all three of us would grow up separated.
OBE at age 5 at a time she was in being adopted.

299. Gary B Experience 9/13/07 I thought of the ocean and then there was a blur and I was at the beach moving again all over the sand, from up high from seemingly inches away from the sand and then into the sand and under the dunes and then into the ocean and down through the sea.  At some point it occurred to me to go under the ocean down into the floor of the earth at the bottom.  I went under the ocean and down into the center of the earth and through the earth.  When I was in areas where there was no real light, like at the bottom of the ocean, I was still able to see, but it was a more subtle kind of vision.  I probably was seeing in this same way when I was out where there was light, but it wasn't apparent that my vision was different until I went into the cells of the trees and into the rocks and down under the ocean.  The way I have written this may make it all sound very fast, but there was much exploring into the fine details of things and it was a peaceful and relaxed pace.  It was just that if I thought of something new to focus upon, I was almost instantly transported there.
OBE at age 9 with remarkable journey about and into the earth.

298. Paul D Experience 8/18/07  As I sat up in bed I noticed that my "hard-shell" body was still lying down and my "transparent" body was sitting up. As a child I found that amusing and wonderful, so I swung my legs over the side of the bed and stepped out. As I did so I gently started to float. I found that by thought alone I could control the height and direction of travel that I desired. I floated upwards and observed my sister sleeping. I tried to wake her to show her what I had done, but was unable to rouse her. I then floated over to the bedroom door with the intention of showing my mother what I could do, but could not open the door or leave the confines of that room. I then in my childhood fears felt like maybe I was doing something wrong, so I floated back to my "hard-shell" body, laid my transparent body down over it in exactly the same way it was reposed and instantly I was alert and able to move the shell.
Child SOBE.

297. Alice Experience 7/15/07 I was "out of my body" and I just enjoyed the whole thing.  The first thing I experienced was the reality of consciousness....everywhere!  On every level I saw it.  I felt it and experienced the reality of a caterpillar,  and I was shown that life on any and all levels is equal and the level of awareness in every creature is the same.  Their purpose no less important than ours and just as precious. I then was shown and fully experienced "Creation", in every molecule everywhere and that it never ends, and that we never fully experience and appreciate the miracle of it and the beauty.  I apparently traveled up into "space?" and it was as though I poked my head through some layer of some kind and I could see that there were not just a few dimensions, but that the dimensions went on and on... that there was nothing but creation continuing, never ending.  There is SO MUCH more than we can ever try to imagine.
OBE associated with nitrous oxide at Dentist office.  Remarkably transcendent experience.

296. Tran D Experience 7/15/07 All the sudden I realized that I was floating right under the ceiling and looked down I saw my body lying on side facing the wall (Meaning my back was facing the window and the door to balcony that is adjacent). It was strange that I did not feel afraid at all (By the way I many times vividly saw strange people during my sleep but never felt afraid at all, some times even kind of exciting).  I do not remember why now but after that I flew out through the door, passing the balcony and was completely out in the air (So the edge of the balcony was about 1 or 2 m to my left)… When I passed the main square in order to reach the Q building where my exam would be held I saw exactly what I saw from the air when I was floating.
OBE from Thailand, occurring shortly before his MBA examination.

295. German P Experience 6/18/07 Original in Spanish, Translated to English by Carol G Without sleeping completely, I felt like levitating and I started rising to the space. Suddenly I was in somewhere like in the outer space. I did not carry my physical body; I was just like a little sphere of light that was joining with similar spheres inside of a giant spiral, transparent and silent.  The giant spiral was bending itself in the space. It was not in a linear direction. It was like an umbilical cord floating on the infinite space.  At the end of the spiral, I saw a strong light, like the sun and all the little spheres including me, were going closer and toward it.  Suddenly, my journey through the spiral finished, and I was in front of that strong light, amber color, yellowish, and I was penetrating on it slowly. In that moment, it was so big the love that I felt that it was to me unbearable and very hard to comprehend.  It was like if every molecule of my body (even though I did not feel my body) were shocked before all that love, were vibrating in such a high frequency that I started crying of love and peace.  I was going inside the light, and at every moment the sensation of complete love was stronger.

Integration where you can see how the experience was processed over a period of time.

293. Michael S Experience 5/14/07 She was holding a bowl of fruit in one arm.  I "knew" without even having to ask that the spirit of Oya is not actually one spirit but a collection of many, many entities who are very advanced and evolved.   Oya showed herself as a black woman who had the most amazing brilliant white, deep, "old" eyes that I have ever seen.  She was absolutely HUGE and very, very tall.  I could tell just by looking into her eyes that this was a very wise collection of not just one spirit, but many, many spirits, probably hundreds, who are fiercely powerful. She had on an orange robe and a white turban-type headdress.
Dream/Vision of Oya, and African Goddess.  Submitted by a Ph.D.

292. Manju Experience 5/14/07 From India.  I closed my eyes and started concentrating on my breathing and heartbeats.  Suddenly I felt as if a voice is saying death...and suddenly I felt as if something is struggling to detach itself from my body. My neck, spine and shoulders became stiff...It was dark and there was 'nothing', I went into 'nothing', and experienced darkness only, a nothingness....for few seconds. I heard as if a voice from inside is saying.... my name and ...die...die...and suddenly I regained consciousness and felt that stiffness in my spine, shoulder and neck...I consciously relaxed my self and I was feeling better. I was highly confused and didn't know what had happened.

291. Ali Experience 4/27/07 for few nights I realized that I am detached from my body some how but EXCEPT FOR ONE TIME I DID NOT DARE TO OPEN MY EYES WHILE I WAS FLOATED.  THEN WHEN I half opened my eyes I realized rotating in the air and I could see the carpet in living room and I CLOSED MY EYES AND I was so scared and I could not open my eyes up until I FELT THE HEAVINESS OF MY BODY SO I could make sure that I am in my body.
OBE as a child from doctor in Iran.

290. Harold C Experience 3/31/07  I descended to about 10 feet and "flew" up the drive between the tall cedar trees. I came around the corner where I could see my house and three cars parked out front. Two cars I recognized as ours but the third was unfamiliar. The big living room windows glowed with light and I floated up to the windows and looked inside to see my family talking and watching TV. I paused a moment looking at my parents and brothers and then was somehow satisfied… When I returned home my father told me that an uncle had come by a couple of nights after I left for camp to show off his new car, the very car I had seen in my OBE.
Probable Dream OBE at age 10.

289. Chris R Experience 3/31/07  I had the sensation that I'd "broken through"... I found myself standing in this ecstasy near the foot of a bridge which ramped slightly upward and to my right, then peeled down to the left and descended into the most magnificent city I had ever seen. I have since seen Paris, London and New York, and this city dwarfed all of them - all of them put together. The city was giant and shimmering and pulsating - magnificent. The sky had an amazing, iridescent twilight quality. Out-posted on this bridge were sentient beings. They floated about eight inches off the ground, facing outward, stationed approximately every 60 yards. *IMMEDIATELY* I ran as fast as I could to the closest one to me - on my left. As I ran I mentally screamed, "I'm here!! I made it! I'm back! I'm home! Isn't this glorious!?! Isn't this wonderful!?!"
OBE at difficult time in life at age 17.

288. Andrew B Experience 3/31/07  In a instant I was rising up in the air. I looked down to see my body still standing I looked around saw the neighborhood. Then I continued to float higher. Im guessing around 100 feet. I thought I was dying because Why would I be going to heaven. At that moment of fear I went back into my body. My girlfriend was yelling for my attention. The whole time I heard no sounds. I did however notice landmarks that were later confirmed.
OBE while standing outside.

287. Jewel Experience 3/31/07 Each time I would pass one of the frames (pleats) I would hear a slight whoosh sound. I kept watching my body as it was walking and became more afraid of it turning the corner and loosing it that the speed of my floating increased until I was moving at a high speed...still passing the frames "pleats". Only now it feels like im picking them up along the way. Like they were becoming part of me that I was leaving behind as I walked away.  The faster I would go the louder the whooshing sounds became as I joined up with each frame.  Just as my body turned the corner to go down the next hall way I rushed around the corner and went crashing into my body.  The joining of me and my body was such a hard impact that I heard a loud crashing/bang in my head then I lost my balance and fell into the lockers at my bodies side.
OBE at school at age 16-17.

286. Dwight M Experience 3/22/07  As I drifted above myself the people surrounding me became crystal clear and I saw that it was men and women.  The men were dressed in black pants and white shirts and all the women had on a blue or gray dress like the early settlers wore and each had on a bonnet.  No one said anything, I didn't feel scared by them but as they became as clear as day I knew that I was about to die.  I told myself that it's probably a heart attack.  I don't remember if it was me sitting in the drivers seat driving at 70 miles an hour or me (floating above me) that said it but I said very forcefully I'M NOT READY TO GO.
SOBE while driving truck.

285. Nora J Experience 3/22/07  One early evening in 1972 while I was driving on a freeway in Atlanta, suddenly I found myself ( or my consciousness and sight) floating near the ceiling in the back seat.  I could see the back of my body that was STILL driving the car but I couldn't see the front of myself in the front seat.  I was alone and was headed for a club meeting in town.  I was terrified seeing that I was no longer at the wheel ( or at least not all of me was at the wheel). Then in a flash I was back in my body and was relieved to see my  freeway exit come into view. 
SOBE while driving.

284. Samantha K Experience 3/20/07 I was walking to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park with a friend.  We were walking and talking, side by side, along the shoulder of the road.  As if changing a television channel, I found myself in a completely different and unfamiliar environment: I was walking alone in a beautiful field of very fresh, green grass.  A large tree (oak?) was in full leaf on a hillock to my left.  Enjoying my peaceful surroundings and wondering what and who I would find as I continued to walk, it suddenly occurred to me that I had no idea how I had arrived there and thought to myself, “Wait, I was walking with ** in GG Park!”  The very moment I completed that thought I was back in GG Park. 
OBE while walking into different realm with large tree.

283. Bill P Experience 3/20/07 I started having lucid dream...but was aware I was still in my bed. All of the sudden I felt this electric current pass thru my body and I seemed to lift up like a puff of smoke. I could not see anything it was very foggy. Nita met me and was talking to me. She had a very deep voice for a woman which I had never heard before. There were three other women's voices with her. They were all talking with each other. Strangely although I could here the pitch and tone of the voices very very clearly, I could not understand the words, and the whole place was filled with a thick gray fog so I could not see them. The voices sounded like regular voices not at all like "thoughts". Nita was instructing me in a voice I could not understand so finally I decided to leave and willed myself back in my body.
OBE by Research Scientist at a University Pathology Department.

282. Karen K Experience 3/20/07 I left the building by going down the elevator talking with other students and walked outside to Fifth Avenue. As I started walking towards a restaurant, I suddenly felt this calm come over me and I noticed that I was floating several feet in the air and looking down at myself walking among the hundreds of other people also walking along the street. As I said, I felt very calm and I don’t recall hearing any noise from the traffic. It was like my mind was floating, while my body below was still walking to lunch. This went on for 20 – 30 seconds when I realized what was happening, became alarmed, and returned to my body.
OBE by currently retired professor.

281. Leigh G Experience 3/20/07 Quite suddenly, and disorienting, I was in space among the stars and moving more quickly than I can even describe. kind of like that stars computer screensaver. There was no Earth in view, but many many stars and planets, systems. I could not see or feel my body I just WAS, there was a feeling that I was a spark of light, and off to my left but a bit behind and out of view, there was a faint glow traveling with me. I seemed to feel automatically that this was another spirit. (I had thought at first it was an escort, friend... now I wonder if it was my husband- he has a vague memory of being in the stars in what he thought was a dream. He would only have been about 13 at the time.?) Anyway, I can't really express the feeling I had hurtling through the stars, I felt that I was going somewhere in particular.
OBE with rather startling associated events.

280. Lena H Experience 2/25/07 From Sweden.  Original in Swedish, Translated to English by Lisa M.  I land on all fours and it feels like cool, smooth sand beneath my hands. I'm thinking "now I'm dead, so it wasn't harder than this, there must be a light somewhere". I look around, but there's only darkness. I look to the left and there I find an opening, outside there's a beautiful meadow, extremely pretty with billowy green grass, just wonderful. I walk out on it and feel the grass and it waves so beautifully in the wind. The sun is shining clearly, it's a beautiful day. I look out over the meadow and see a city, it looks like a small town in Sweden in the 50-ies. Turn-of-the-century buildings are mixed with more modern houses.

279.  Stephanie Experience 2/25/07  As I looked around I saw my papaw we smiled when our eyes met. He helped me off the rock and we began to walk and talk. The funny thing was we never opened our mouth when we spoke it was like telepathy. I knew I wasn't dead though I felt more alive and accepted than I ever had here on earth. There was no sadness or fear no heartache no tears no sickness no hate no anger no worry AND MY DEPRESSION WAS GONE in the blink of and eye, leaving my body here was no worry for me. I was ecstatic to be where I was. I don't know where this place was I have always referred to it as papaws perfect place. It was almost like it was in between heaven and Earth.
OBE which included meeting deceased father.

278. Alva H Experience 2/17/07 From Cuba.  Original in Spanish, Translated to English by Rio.  The first thing I felt, or rather at the beginning, it was a sensation of inexplicable ecstasy that I had never felt before in my life that increased in strength until it almost became painful.  I lost perception of where I was and ceased to hear the noise of the motor. I then experienced a feeling of incredible unfolding of a reality impossible to explain that I can only describe as a melding of my consciousness with everything that was around me; like the physical integration of my being with the physical substance of the forest and the totality of nature.  I do not believe there is a way of expressing with words the feeling of joy and euphoria; of complete happiness and a super expanded consciousness I experience at that time.  This feeling was so powerful I felt it possible to die from their strength.  My chest felt very heavy and to my astonishment tears flowed from my eyes.  I was unable to contain my agitated breathing.  A sensation of ecstasy and rapture, a current of overpowering happiness completely overcame me at that time and I wanted it never to end.
SOBE submitted by an Engineer.

277. Chew L Experience 2/17/07 From Malaysia. I started to walk towards the lady, who is about 10 feet away. At that moment ,I noticed the images in front of me started to move and there was a momentarily blackout lasting perhaps a second. when I was finally able to see again, I found myself in another place. I was no longer in the office. I was in an enormously open space .I wasn't scared. I was feeling peaceful and I ask myself " where am I ?" I started to look around me but I could not see anything, no building, no people, nothing except me and the misty surrounding. I sensed something was amiss , I looked at myself and was amazed to see my body  transformed into a transparent light form with no flesh, no bone, nothing in between. in that instant, I heard a voice telling me that it is not the time yet and at the same time I felt a force is acting on me. 
SOBE while walking in office. 

276. James B Experience 2/17/07 As soon as I saw my dad punch my mother, I shot out of my body. I was instantly above the car and rising upwards at an incredible rate of speed. I'd say that within a few seconds I was several hundred feet above the car. I could see our yellow Chevrolet cruising down the 2-lane highway. I could see the tiny little cars passing our car in the opposite lane of traffic. I could see the forest on either side of the highway. I was deaf to everything that was occurring in the car while I was experiencing the OBE. At about the time that I REALIZED I was flying and no longer in my body, I suddenly popped back into my body.
SOBE associated with emotional trauma.

275. Rosemarie Experience 2/3/07 I  received a telephone call from the lady who rents my house,  while on the telephone, I felt myself come up out of my body and I seemed to float in the air and sort of arrived at my house.  I was actually looking into my house through the wall, and could actually see my tenant and her daughter sitting down on the sofa, and I was able to tell her this.  However I could also see a little girl, (whom me and my husband had always joked of that we had a ghost in the house.)
OBE with observation 40 miles away and also observation of entity while OBE.

274. Shyam Experience 2/3/07 Then I turn around to fold my blanket and shocked to see my own body lying on the bed in front of me. I was surprised and shocked and was wondering how that could be possible when I am literally standing and also confirmed that my parents came in my dream and not real anymore. Then in that shock, I suddenly realized that something happend either to me or my parents and closed my eyes and with folded hands standing in front of my body, I called Krishna Krishna Krishna three times.  (Everyday morning when I wake up, the first word I utter is always Krishna and every night when I go to sleep I say His name which is my habitual nature since my young age).  Then after I uttered the name three times,  in a fraction of the moment, the standing body of me, merged with the sleeping body and I actually felt that kind of jolt in my real time sleep and woke up with palpitation and sweat with a shock from the real sleep to see myself in the same direction and angle and my hands and legs in the same angle as how I saw myself from outside. 
OBE.  Contributor was born in India.

273. David Experience 2/3/07 I seemed to be hovering above them looking at them. I saw myself, a baby in my mothers arms.  We were in a car traveling, dad driving, my older brother in the backseat. My perception was normal, just as a person seeing with natural sight. I noticed my mother trying to console me still arguing with my dad. She made him stop the car getting out with me on a dirt road. I could see around me the trees, the hills on a sunny day. My mother was comforting me. The last sight I remember my mother standing on a dirt road in the country side holding me trying not to cry. At and during this experience it was as if I was an outside observer.
OBE at age 3 month shared 57 years later.  Confirmed 40 years after experience by mother.

272. Iran Experience 2/3/07 From Iran.  I found myself sitting in a small office talking to a personnel representative about benefits and what family status means for an employee. As we talked, without any warning or premonition at all, most of my consciousness   gravitated to an observer position somewhere over us. I could hear and see myself sitting in the chair talking, simultaneously wondering just how this could all take place. It was then that I began to become alarmed that should my body below lose track, the situation might become unmanageable. As I was thinking this,  the consciousness that was above quickly and without any interruption to my body’s speaking during the interview merged back into my body.
OBE during discussion with another person.

271. Don C Experience 2/3/07 I had just finished surfing. it was in the morning and I was traveling down Seal Beach Blvd and I saw a golden orb in the sky maybe a fourth the size of our moon. I pulled my car over to the side of the road. the orb was traveling towards me and eventually took on the appearance of a golden city which filled the sky. I was transported into a great hall of much beauty and peace.  No life was present. the hall had many doorways to other rooms and I was drawn to one. upon entering the room I felt for the 1st and only time in my life a feeling of profound peace and LOVE.  the walls were of gossamer/fine gold and seemed to emanate the feelings of peace, safety and love.  it was truly paradise. I knew than that this was going to be my eventual home.
OBE to heavenly realm.

270. Patrick P Experience 1/4/07  standing there was Jesus Christ like you see in the movies, in robes with a beard and his arms outstretched and welcoming me. As I floated closer he said to me come with me and you will have all you ever desired.  And I thought that wrong! Why would I want everything I desired. After all, all I need is what I need not what I desire. And while I am thinking this I am still moving closer to him, and then it hits me, a smell that is hard to describe in words. Just pure filth like a million years of unwashed bodies. Now I am only about 3 feet away and still moving closer so in an instant I knew who ever this was it sure as hell wasn't Christ and just like that he changed to a beast or demon or maybe even the devil himself.
OBE- possible NDE.  Interesting experience elements of meeting what appeared to be Jesus but was actually demonic.

269. Debashis DM Experience 11/10/06 From India I was in deep meditation with an image of a spiritual being in front of me. then I thought of cutting the image. suddenly after mentally dividing the image into two halves I felt as if hurled into space. then suddenly the space narrowed down and I was moving with extreme rapidity through a tunnel towards a bright source of light. but before I could reach that destination, I felt my body give a violent jerk and I woke up from meditation. one thing for sure I was not dreaming. after that whenever I sat in mediation I felt as if my body is floating in space, the boundaries defining my body dissolving. the experiencing was joyful and I felt tremendous pleasure after the experiencing.
SOBE during Meditation

268. Randolph N Experience 11/10/06  After we began meditating, trying to clear our minds, I became very peaceful and gradually became aware that I was surrounded by a large clear ball that had a distinct golden hue and at the same time my body and the ball floated off the ground to the upper left.  The ball reminded me of a giant soap bubble, not a solid glass-like ball.  It was big enough to surround me with a little clearance around me so I was comfortable, but no room for anything else.  It was firm yet flexible, supported my body without distortion to the shape, and the color was particularly strikingly golden.  I felt warm, glowing in sort of a sunshine, and protected, yet very alert and cognizant that I was meditating yet could see out of the bubble, able to look around, and attuned to the experience.  I was aware that I was having a very special experience.
SOBE from an attorney during meditation.

267. Jean J Experience
11/10/06  My friend and I were standing by the fire place in my den on a sunny summer day.  We both were having marital problems, hers worse.  We talked and the sadness and sorrow were almost unbearable.  I was an only child and Donnis was my best friend-sister, so I felt her pain.  With in a flash suddenly there were 4 bodies in the room.  @ standing by the fire place unmoving, not breathing, eyes unblinking.  And the other 2 bodies dressed the same seeming to be US, was amazed, awed unbelieving, awed.  Then we asked mostly me Donnie was always the weaker, and more afraid.  What has happened?  How?  What are we going to do?  So many questions I was asking with Donnie just saying "I don't know".  We did not know how we got out so when I asked how will we get back in filled me and I guess Donnie too.  Being a nurse I walked over to my body and said "What are we supposed to do-step in at waist level?”  And knowing that we could not do this I felt the worst fear I had felt in my life.  Instantly we both in a flash were back in our bodies…
Remarkable simultaneous shared SOBEs with communication with each other in the OBE state.

266. Kristi Experience 10/6/06 I felt very drawn to look up and as I did I saw this incredibly bright light that was not at all calming. It was so bright that I knew with every fiber of my being that it was not allowing me to see its full brightness because it would destroy me utterly. It spoke to me through my thoughts and it told me it is time to go now Kristi. You no longer belong here it is time to come home please do not fight me. As this was happening I was unwillingly being drawn from my body to this incredibly bright light. I fought and told it I can not leave my family right now they need me as I need them. I could literally feel the light drawing me away from my body and taking away my breath it was so terrifying.
OBE involving frightening encounter with a mystical light.

265. Sydney A Experience 10/6/06 I went to sleep I immediately felt a warm loving peaceful feeling wash over me and felt myself go out of my body to the hospital, I seen the hospital hallway and went through the door to my grandmothers room I seen my aunty on the other side of the bed who was reading a bible and I was opposite her .Then my aunty got up and went out the door… I described the room to my mother and where the other lady in the room was. including my aunty reading the bible and leaving and found out it was as I seen it.
Dream OBE and NELE (Nearing End of Life Experience).

266. Dino Experience 10/6/06 I was so close to pulling the knife down and ending life as I knew it, and I had an out-of-body experience of my mother, sitting down crying.  I then came out of the out-of-body experience and had another instantaneously, this time in the future, with me on my wedding day...  With the girl I had a crush on at the time...  It completely spun my life around, I have no thoughts of suicide now.
SOBE with visions of future events immediately prior to attempted suicide at age 16.

65. Kristi Experience 9/7/06  I felt very drawn to look up and as I did I saw this incredibly bright light that was not at all calming. It was so bright that I knew with every fiber of my being that it was not allowing me to see its full brightness because it would destroy me utterly. It spoke to me through my thoughts and it told me it is time to go now Kristi. You no longer belong here it is time to come home please do not fight me. As this was happening I was unwillingly being drawn from my body to this incredibly bright light. I fought and told it I can not leave my family right now they need me as I need them. I could literally feel the light drawing me away from my body and taking away my breath it was so terrifying.
OBE involving frightening encounter with a mystical light.

64. Anne W Experience 9/7/06 From Indonesia The manager still want to talk with my boss. I looked down to the stair. It is quite high. Suddenly I felt myself uncontrolled and my foot couldn't step to the ground. I felt frightened and confused. How such things happened. I felt myself higher and higher. I looked up, see the ceiling. It was closer and closer. I couldn't think, only prayed, God, help me. Suddenly I felt someone taped my shoulder. The manager was there. I thought I was day dream. We began chit chat, then suddenly I felt myself flying again. The manager stopped talking, surprised, asked, "Ann, can you fly?" "No, I don't know what and how" he looked frightened. I were still flying higher and higher.
Witnessed OBE at work. 

63. Gerry T Experience 9/7/06  I desperately wished to be at the wedding of my boyfriend's father since I missed my boyfriend so terribly. then I felt as if I was floating, opened my eyes and saw myself lying on the floor of my room. next thing I know was that I was floating in Istanbul above the wedding festivities, seeing my boyfriend seemingly a little sad and lonely. I tried to talk to him but he didn't notice me so I wished myself back and woke up in my room, feeling a little disoriented and dizzy.
Saw her boyfriend’s father’s wedding, even though it was in a different country.

62. Susan V Experience 9/7/06 I immediately experienced myself having an out-of-body experience while fully conscious and sitting up.  I exited to the right, rather than the left as the therapist had told me to do.  It was very much like sitting next to myself on the couch. The experience only lasted about two seconds, but while it was taking place I experienced full dual consciousness and felt as though I existed in two completely different spaces.  I could both see the white light self to my right, and from the eyes of my astral/spiritual body I could see my physical self.  The two states of mind were vastly different.   What concerned one did not concern the other; where my conscious self was nervous and fearful, my seemingly spiritual self was playful and something of a prankster, hence the exit to the right instead of the left.
OBE with interesting bi-location of consciousness described.

61. Jasmine K's Experience 9/7/06 From Oman ...just then my heart started beating really quickly. my hands began to vibrate really quickly and my entire upper body was vibrating and I felt that I am going through a black tunnel. it was like a passage upwards and I felt someone was holding holding my hand and taking me higher and I was smiling. I wasn't scared at all...m guide was higher than me and although I couldn't see my body I had a sense of leaving it and I opened my eyes because I wasn't prepared to leave....

60. Dianne F's Experience 9/7/06 I was driving my car with my Mom in it.  (No unusual circumstances around this situation either)  I decided to make a U-Turn.  As I flipped the car around on the Right side there was truck barreling out into the street and my Mom and I knew he was going to crash into the side of my car.  At the moment, everything stopped for a split second (my Mom & both felt it/it stopped/ suspended animation) and in the flash of an eye we were already in the lane on that street and there wasn't any truck around to be found.  I have no idea what happened there.  The odd thing is: We both saw the truck barreling at us.  We both felt time stop.  We both saw the car was in the lane instead of making the turn of the U-Turn.  We both saw there was no truck in sight.
Two experiences described.  One is SOBE, other is ‘time suspension.’

9. Matt Y's Experience 8/19/06 In my junior year, four years ago, I was in English class when my teacher called me to read a story out of our English book. At that time, reading aloud was my biggest fear in school. Half way through the story, I became so nervous that I left my body and quickly went to the ceiling with a 360 view of the class. I was directly above myself and could hear myself reading as though someone else was reading to me but in a room with a slight echo. I could think separately while I was out of my body with out skipping a beat in the story. I could look around the room with a peripheral vision perspective. Around 20 seconds, I thought to myself " what if I screw up". Just as I thought that, I was instantly back in my body reading.

8. Joe S's Experience 6/25/06  I reached the living room and stood up to go to the fireplace and get the candy.  As I stood there I felt and heard something simultaneously.  It was like a hissing/ringing/whooshing vibration that made the hair on my body stand on end.  I then felt a vibration.  All these things enveloped me and I felt being moved to another place in just a split second.  Then I was on a plateau overlooking a city.  I remember tall grass, a gentle warm breeze and someone there with me.  I remember being fascinated by the view and all the lights of the city.  The whole time I was looking out over this city the person there was telling me about my life here on Earth and that I'm here for a specific reason and to never forget that I have purpose here.
OBE at 17 months old.

7. Jill B's Experience 6/18/06  She had this beautiful pipe…she smoked first then turned pipe and I smoked….it was the most sweet smelling, sweet tasting tobacco…it was awesome…then she smudged me…and smiled beautiful and told me that she wanted me to tell those people and she pointed towards the dimension that I had just come from about love, peace and share the pipe, then she told me that I had to go back…..I begged her to let me stay I did not want to go back to that world…and she hugged me very tightly and lovingly and put my hand into that young girls hand and she led me back to the entrance….I was so lonely and did not want to leave…I remember crying…..but went through…..and when I got through it seems like there was this heavy evil thing that just all around and yet I felt so protected…and I was to tell what I had been through and take the message of love and peace….. 
Native American SOBE

6. Kathryn W's Experience 5/27/06 The ladies room was very narrow and each stall had only half a door for privacy. It was just one of things we put up with - heaven only knows why! Anyway, I was emptying my bladder - trying to maintain some privacy with the half door - when I suddenly was looking down on myself from above. I was seeing my body - my shell - down below. I must have been up about 7 or 8 feet and was off to the left side of my body. I wasn't cramped or hindered by the walls. They didn't physically exist for me. Like passing through a color. I didn't even notice I was out of my body until the strangeness or "uh oh!" of it hit me. It was mindless. It was regular existence, but without the physical human body. When it occurred to me that I was not in my body it was sort-of like "Hmmm...what am I doing up here? I better get back together!" So, I suppose I jumped back into my body or just instantly melded or something.
Brief OBE in a tavern restroom.

5. Ray U's Experience 5/13/06  I myself had no physical problems but a recent new acquaintance on base had began to have an epileptic seizure.  I was walking down a sidewalk heading for the location of this new acquaintance when I had the OBE twice showing me that he was having a seizure. I was approximately 1/2 to 1 mile away when I heard the sirens of the ambulance which triggered the experiences. My consciousness left my body still walking and traveled to his location twice.

4. Gary M's Experience 5/13/06  The next thing I know...I am suspended above the ceiling...about 30 feet at least it seemed so) above the floor of the bar, and my attention is fixed on the other end of the rectangular room...All I can see is the color...the smiles. the gayety.....people talking and enjoying each others company...all dressed so colorfully.....Really enjoying themselves in the light. Well now I begin the pan the room and slowly am focused on the dark part...I can see a couple. almost in the shadows, sitting at one table...a person in darkness sitting alone...and a few others similarly scattered throughout my part of the room. All of a sudden I am drawn to where I am...an it is like an eddy. swirling down and down darker and darker...beyond black. the blackest of black places. Then I'm back in my body. It wasn't scary...never gave it a second thought. the experience was as natural as breathing in and out.
OBE in bar.  Very life changing.

3. Donna B's Experience 5/13/06  Suddenly my bedroom door opened, it was so dark my whole body lifted up 5 feet from my bed I kept my eyes shut I knew I was awake I was confused and scared @ the same time the I asked in my mind "mom is that you? you are scaring me please put me down."  then my body slowly and gently dropped on the floor by the door.  then I just laid there on the floor because I was scared,  so terrified, I kept my eyes closed and did not say a word.

Arthur H's Experience 4/23/06  I disembarked from a 3 hour flight in the afternoon and was walking down towards the baggage area when I saw my daughter waiting to greet me. As soon as I saw her suddenly I was somewhere above watching me walking down to greet my daughter. I was in the scene yet watching it. It lasted about 5 seconds and ended when we met each other. No sounds. No light. Just complete silence as I watched.
OBE while walking.

Gary R's Experience 4/23/06  Since all this started in 1998, I've left my body at least 100 times.  I've flown from Earth to the moon then to Mars, I've examined my physical body while on the Astral plane, a spirit has taught me to move objects with my mind while on the Astral plane, I've tried to wake friends up to join me, I've been under water, I've been to the Akashic Records, I've been a leaf blowing in the wind, etc...  I've extracted by sliding out, flying out, rolling out, floating out, sinking out, sometimes a vortex will create at the back of my head and I'll allow myself to be sucked into it, etc...
Multiple OBEs.  Many dramatic accounts.

Paul F's Experience 3/26/06  One day, after picking up wounded soldiers from the jungle and while our dust off helicopter was rushing patients to 85th Evac Hospital, Phu Bai and I was busy as usual, in the back, wrapping messy stumps and starting IV's on severely wounded soldiers, it occurred to me to cause myself to have an OBE so I could take a step back and see the injuries without having to rush.  In this way, I thought, I could take more time to see what bones, tissue, etc. look like instead of having to put the large military dressings on the injuries so quickly that I never seem to get a long enough look at the injury.  Next thing I know, I am kneeling behind myself, watching myself apply combat dressings, etc. to the wounded infantry who were lying on the cargo floor of the helicopter!
Induced OBE while caring form injured Vietnam soldiers.  Found in OBE state he was unable to keep up his emotional barriers.

Kevin T's Experience 2/19/06  I was floating over people that were walking down the pier coming back to the ship. they were fogged too. with all the lights of San Diego and the lights on the Naval Base it was impossible to see the stars, but when I came to the end of the pier I turned up like I wanted to float up into the sky and I could see the stars. then suddenly I looked down and seen my pickup truck that was parked in the Parking lot. I was Married and lived off base and would drive to the ship each day. I was there that night because I had 24hour Duty that day. On my Pickup Truck under the drivers side windshield wiper was a parking ticket. The ticket was placed in the middle of the windshield under the wiper which was different than usual.
Evidential OBE.

Karen F's Experience 2/5/06 I was recently in a car accident, I hit into a vehicle going through an intersection, and flew up and flipped 2 times, landing upside down, hanging from my seat belt at my hips, no pain, no noise, no fear, calmness, slow motion, no major injuries, my dog ran out of the car, when it stopped, and I released myself from my seat belt and crawled out, as my windows had busted open during my roll over…  I felt as if I were just watching from the passenger seat, a slow motion view of the vehicle crushing in, and the windshield crackling little by little with no fear, just watching as if I were a camera person recording this scene, from a very safe place, again there was no fear, and in total silence.
Experience associated with car accident.  OBE.

Elizabeth B's Experience 1084 1/9/06 I finally got out  through my window, I felt the window, I heard myself  going through the window , it sounded like paper tearing. once I was outside, I was flying as fast as light, low to the ground. and naked! I realized I could do anything I wanted, so I rolled around in mud,  I wrapped myself up in weeping willow leaves as I flew through the tree. I felt the leaves on me I was so happy, just so happy, imagine yourself the happiest you have ever been, then multiply it times a million, happiness "here" does not compare to the happiness you feel when you are out. I was laughing the whole time, I knew that this was the true me, the real me, not bound by anything. What I learned is that whatever your personality is while you are in body is magnified millions of times when you are out of body, because there is nothing to hold you back or stop you, its all you.
OBE while trying to fall asleep.

Jeanette M's Experience 12/25/05  The following SOBE happened when I was 20 years old.  I have never experienced anything like it since, unfortunately.  I was skiing Mt Kosiosko, quietly traversing. It was a sunny clear morning and my boyfriend was about 20metres ahead.  I don't remember anyone else around.  I felt very fortunate and very very happy.  Then without warning I left my body and became a part of the surroundings. Not just observing the surroundings close up but I actually became a part of it all.  I was the sap in the gums, the bark of their trunks, the atoms of the leaves, even the molecules in the air. And I was all those things simultaneously.  Accompanying this physical experience was a spiritual one, namely overwhelming feelings of love, happiness and peace. I am not sure why I left that moment in space/time.  As far as time goes, I was unaware of it passing. Certainly when I returned to my body I was still traversing the same part of the ski slope.
SOBE while skiing.  Feeling of one with nature.

245Shirley W's Experience 12/25/05  11/4/1994 OBE, driving to work as usual.  Was lifted up and out of the car and could see myself driving the car as I watched from above.  An etheric or angelic presence next to me that I could hear but not see said, "Accept all Love.  Release all Fear.  Prepare yourself to leave."  Sounded like good advice to me.  What I felt about the experience was how fascinating it was to see my physical body just driving along in the car performing just fine without me in it.  There seemed nothing in the moments of that morning that would have precipitated this event.  I wasn't thinking about anything other than driving and getting on to work and hoping it would be a good day.  The feeling or energy of it was peaceful, reassuring, yet quite wonderful or "other worldly" feeling.
Several OBEs described.

Sapthagiri's Experience 12/25/05 From India I prayed to the god, First time ever in my life. I said to myself the sacred chanting OHM. I could see the holy symbol coming in front of my eyes. My pains gradually decreased. When the pain ceased I felt as if i was looking out of the window. I could see 15 buffalos tied up and controlled  by one single man. I couldn't get a glimpse of that man. But suddenly I felt I was thrown back and when I opened my eyes I was lying in my bed.
OBE from India.

Several OBEs in dreams over several years.

Donn D's Experience 12/4/05  Then one night it happened, after meditating for what I guess was about and hour, I separated from my body, rose up and floated out of my bedroom.  I could see the night sky above me and the apartments below.  I flew toward the city for a while, just looking around. I was in a state of awe!  At one point I found myself dodging a large commercial jet taking off from SeaTac airport!  I knew from my readings that directing thoughts can control the experience so I tried 'transporting' myself to my parents home in Texas. I flew up above the atmosphere and traveled across the country to where they lived, found their house, and wandered around in amazement at what I was doing.
OBE after meditation.

Bill M's Experience 11/26/05 I suddenly felt detached from my body and the anguish. The sounds of life outside faded away into silence.  I found myself to be floating in a calm, dimly lit, featureless void.  Then I heard this loving, calming "voice" say "yes?".  This voice was not audible, but it seemed that way.  It was more like it was within my head and a part of the void all around me.  With the simple statement came an understanding that I could ask whatever I wanted, that it would be answered. That it was here to help me understand and to comfort me.  I did not feel afraid. I asked about the most vexing question within my heart.  It answered not only in word but in visions. It did this with every question I had to ask; a simple reply in word, with visions and a complete understanding.
OBE at time of great despair in his life.  Very NDE-like experience.

Tim M's Experience 11/26/05  I must have fell asleep or into some kind of trance, because the next thing I knew I was above my body looking down at my self.  I could not see the spirit I was looking out of.  It seems I knew that I had left my body and I started to experiment with it.  First I tried moving and I had excellent skills at moving, effortlessly.  I decided to take a chance and flew right out the window (about 10 - 12 stories above the ground) I was fast and it appeared to last for hours.  I don't know what or how I came back, but I think I wished it, for I had been experiencing this for quite some time at least 3 or 4 hours.  Anyway I think I wished to return, because I woke up.  I was really afraid that I had been gone (from work) a long time.  I rushed back to my work center.  When I got back I found out that I had only been gone about 15 minutes and knew it was impossible.
OBE in VIP room at Cape Canaveral.

Carol F's Experience 11/13/05  From U.K. I was very depressed for a long while and had reached my lowest ebb, as I put it. I had really had enough of this life what with one thing and another.  One night I lay down in bed to go to sleep and after a short while I was aware that I was no longer on the bed, I was at the top of the room looking down at my body. This seemed to last for quite a few minutes, there was a sensation of being forced upwards but was unable to get past the ceiling. Eventually I broke through the ceiling and flew up into the sky, up into the stratosphere, faster than the speed of light. I was very aware of the speed - it was very exhilarating. I went up to the top of the universe with planets around me and slowed down then, but cannot remember any more after that - I lost all consciousness then. When I woke in the morning I remembered the experience in detail as it didn't seem like a dream. It was amazing. I told a friend a few weeks later. I can still remember it vividly.

238Haitham H's Experience 11/8/05  From Egypt   All of a sudden, my first and only OOBE started; I saw my mum - carrying my sister - walking through the whole park looking for me. She was crying, and people stopped her and asked her what was wrong. I couldn't hear anything, though I saw all the details; my mum, my sister, the road, the people, the fence, and the lake. The viewing angle changed for a few times; close-up, far, from the back..etc.  Furthermore, I saw mum sit down on the side of the road, cry more, then she took off her high-heel shoes. She then got up, and restarted the search, walking barefoot. The experience stopped at that part, and I felt my body again, sitting in the same place on the grass. 
OBE as five year old at United Arab Emirates.  Contributor is a medical student.

237Blair C's Experience 10/19/05 As the technician was about to close the printer case with a quick snapping moving that would take about half  a second, I noticed he seemed to be moving quite slowly.  Everything turned a slight cast of green and my pulse jumped, mostly because I wasn’t sure what the hell was going on.  I suddenly realized that I was aware of what the technician down the way was doing and he was behind a barrier, then I could see or feel or was aware of all the other employees in the building, the school, and the town.  I’m sitting here trying to recall an incident that feels very real to me yet as if it never happened.  I don’t remember any details other then that, I remember at the time that I knew EVERYTHING!! And then it was gone.  There were images of people, events, formulas, math equations (I’m terrible at math)  I realized I could look around the room and entire building, not really flying, but not walking either, just everywhere at once.
SOBE in a fraction of a second, yet with sense of coming close to understanding universal truths.

Sid K's Experience 10/8/05 My first awareness that I was OB was when I was looking down at myself from about 500 ft above my car in Clinton Mass. The view was as though I was looking at a matchbox car placed at my feet. I knew the car was mine (83 Mustang GLX Conv, top down) and I could see myself driving it. Everything was going fine until I realized that I couldn't remember seeing anything from the driver's view, or any other view for that matter, of the last 6 - 8 miles of driving.
SOBE while driving car.

John C's Experience 10/8/05  Sometime between 10:15AM (I had looked at my watch) and 10:30 I experienced an odd and never before sensation as if a pressure gradient was being drawn about my head which ultimately drew out or forced from my body what I can only describe as ME or my consciousness of myself. That consciousness/me moved above and behind my external body some distance (maybe 20-30 ft, although time and space seemed suspended during the experience). I was suspended in an incredibly brightly lit isotropic ‘universe’ bathed in a light of incredible clarity and brightness but not disturbing in its intensity;
SOBE while piloting a ship.  Very detailed description.

Alka A's Experience 10/8/05  I was sitting at a table in my apartment studying. All of a sudden I felt like I was up on the ceiling looking down at myself just sitting there. It seemed as though the person at the table was motionless, and I, the person on the ceiling was a neutral observer. My consciousness had switched from being oriented in the person at the table to the neutral observer. I wasn't aware of having any emotions. It was as if I was standing there checking myself out with my arms folded across my chest, just thinking "Hmmm". Then I remember switching positions to another part of the room. I remember thinking at one point that it was odd that I was up there.... I got up from the table and went to study myself in the mirror for some reason. The "consciousness" on the ceiling moved around the room and I remember looking at myself in the mirror and then I was back inside my body.
OBE while studying (graduate school).

Steven P's Experience 9/17/05  I was browsing the message board Sonic Vegemite, sonicveg.proboards22.com, and reading a post regarding an online comic strip. Suddenly, I heard a loud roar in my ears and a "BAM" kind of noise, and I was suddenly floating beside myself. I was terrified at first, but looking at my limp and motionless body, I understood what was going on. I briefly traveled around my home but could not go downstairs for some reason. I was lucky in that my parents did not see my body during this experience. When I was heading back down the hall to my computer room, everything at the end of the hall swirled and darkened, seemingly creating some sort of void.  I was too wary of it to experiment by touching it, but it seemed to be gradually pulling in everything else. I went back into my computer room, floated above my body and was instantly sucked, literally, into my head again. I gave a large jump and a gasp of air when I regained consciousness, and looked around before returning to my browsing.
OBE at age 10, shared when he was age 12.

Jennifer B's Experience 9/3/05 Once outside, I decide that I want to see things as they really are in my world. I look over at our van in the carport and know I'm doing good. As I look at the van, however, it vanishes, and the familiar carport turns into a structure that I've never seen before. I look to the right to a group of trees that I've never seen before. It's still dark as I float over to the trees and merge into them. Once inside the leaves and branches and trunk, a huge vibration begins. I feel the life of the trees. It is LOVE. The trees are emanating a very distinct vibration of pure love, and I just melt. I can't seem to believe how powerful and ecstatic it is to be inside the life of the trees. These are not dormant, mundane beings of a slow vibration. There is extreme bliss inside trees that one would never imagine!
Remarkable OBE with very detailed experience and encounter with people and inanimate objects.

231David T's Experience 9/3/05  I looked at them, I became part of them and sensed their love and sensed that they are doing what they should be doing at this point, which was being in the park and doing exactly what they were doing. Uncanny.  My thoughts left the couple and heard a dog barking. In that instant i became a witness to the dog, and his partner having fun in an alley. I could sense the feelings and thoughts of the dog.  I remember thinking if I could do this, I always wondered what a tree sensed. The next thought had me being a tree and feeling what a tree felt. My next thought was of a blade of grass, and I was now sensing what a blade of grass felt. It was indescribable. Every emotion I wanted to feel, I felt. Every think I wanted to sense an emotion from, I did. I could not believe how easy it was to do.

230. Gwen C's Experience 9/3/05  I always did the same thing: put the sunlamp on the toilet and turned it on, set the timer for 15 minutes, sat down on the floor before the sunlamp, covered my eyes with a rolled-up bandana, and waited for the timer to ring. So, I did this process, and when I was still I realized that I did not have one, single thought in my head. The instant I realized this, I felt myself float out of my body and I ended up somewhere in the ceiling over the shower. After I had been suspended there for a few moments, looking down at my body, a disembodied voice told me I could travel this way, and that I could go to the Colorado River (that was my favorite place) if I wanted to. I answered the voice that I did not want to do that because I didn't know what I was doing. I felt apprehension after that and I suddenly was back in my body.
OBE while in front of sunlamp.

229. Mandy D's Experience 9/3/05 I started with my toes, tensing them up and then relaxing them. I did this from my toes all the way up to my head. As soon as I was completely relaxed I got little "twitches" in different parts of my muscles. Then I felt really light, like I was floating. I saw the red numbers on my alarm clock, but I did not see myself, I was too scared to look. I floated through the wall and to the backyard where I could hear my mother's wind chimes cling-clanging in the breeze as if I were standing right next to them. I started drifting upward and got a little nervous, so I tried to will my physical eyes open.

228Alok D's Experience 9/3/05 From India  During this time since i am absolutely conscious, I sit and then see my body laying back in the fashion i was sleeping and when I put my hand across anything may be material, or my wife or my kid my hand passes them without them coming to know that I am trying to touch them. Actually this hand is not body hand but the hand of the being who has got up while leaving the body aback in the same way.
OBE from India (religion is Jainism)

Amanda D's Experience 8/13/05 "Hum," I thought, excited and trying to stay calm and clear headed, "I'm having an out of body experience."  I turned my arms over and was able to 'feel' them perfectly as I normally would.  I put my hands together, and was surprised that I could feel my hands and arms like they were real and solid, like always.  (I expected to 'pass through' myself, I guess.)  I looked down and saw my physical arms and touched them.  It was weird, like having 4 arms, I could feel both my invisible hands moving on my physical arms, and my physical arms felt the hands stroking them.  I glanced over to my bed side table and reached out, expecting to 'pass through' it, and again, was surprised to find it solid.  I touched the pot of my plant and rotated it so it faced away from me, so I could prove to myself later on that this was really as real as I thought it was.  ... The plant was indeed turned around, my 'proof' to myself that what I experienced was real.
Evidential OBE in which she was able to turn a plant around during the OBE.

Gill S's Experience 8/13/05 I was walking between classes with my school friends when suddenly I was aware of being beside my body. I was very scared at the time and all I wanted to do was that this weird thing stopped, I needed desperately to come back into my body and I just did spontaneously again. This experience was terrifying at the time and I tried to explain the experience to my mother and she couldn't take me seriously.
OBE at age 13-14 at school.

Arrow's Experience 8/13/05  Late one night I was in my room and it was dark. I was standing by my bookcase looking for a particular book, actually, I was looking for a particular piece of information that I knew was in one of my books. I was scanning the books trying to determine which book the information was in. Suddenly my roommates bedroom door opened. Before I knew it I was in the air. It was in a split second that I was in the air and I saw my body laying on my bed. I was out of my body. I quickly went down into my body but it was wrong! I was trying to get into my body the wrong way. I bolted up into the air again and spun around and went down into my body, this time perfectly aligned.  I remember seeing what seemed like a cord of light from my body to my spirit body. It was as though that cord had something to do with reeling me in.

Dana M's Experience 7/23/05 I watched as an orb of light came right through the window and I thought that was strange.  I also sensed that it had a presence to it, it was sentient, aware.  The light began to swirl around my head, becoming closer and closer with each rotation.  I heard a loud noise, almost like a helicopter, or a loud whirring sound.  Then I knew the light would enter my body and at the point that it did, I was aware of myself being at the foot of the bed.  I was a pinpoint of consciousness.  I did not notice having a body.  I could see my physical body on the bed.  It was summer and warm so I had just draped the sheet over my hip as I was sleeping on my side.  I looked exactly as I did when I started to drift off to sleep. 
She describes two separate OBE experiences!

Jennifer M's Experience 7/23/05  In fact, it was at this point that I distinctly remember feeling like I was watching a play from a balcony seat. I could see the "action" going on just below me and it was as if I were watching an actress "play" me, and I had no control over the dialogue. At the time I was absolutely mortified by what I was "witnessing" and I could see that the experience was having a painfully negative effect on my close friend, yet I could do nothing to stop it.  The whole episode lasted about 15 to 20 minutes.
OBE at friend’s house.  Able to see self in interaction that was displeasing to her.

222Hayley M's Experience 7/23/05  On my way back down the stairs I suddenly became aware that not only could I see where I was going thru my eyes, I was watching myself descend the stairs from below. It all seemed to be in slow motion until I was greeted by my auntie who made my jump, and then I was one again.  Another time I was in the playground at my secondary school and I was talking 2 my friends when I was aware that I could see myself from one of the classroom windows. I tried to control it this time as it was more familiar to me, but when a freind tapped me on the shoulder I was one once more.
Two OBEs.  First at age 12.

Darren J's Experience 7/23/05 In the place I was in (outside of time and free of my body) I looked down on my physical self and came to realize that our bodies are just physical matter responding to all kinds of stimuli (hunger, pain, emotions).   But I saw more. I also saw for the first time all of mankind as a chemical reaction - some sort of mobile organic crystal - carrying out its daily activities in response to biochemical induced forces (emotions, feelings, fears, insecurities).    I saw mankind as just a complex arrangement of matter   (matter that through millions of years of evolution has arranged itself into human form).
Interesting perspective from a biological scientist who had a SOBE.

221Mary A's Experience 7/23/05  I was having my second baby at age 20 in Santa Monica Hospital. I don't know if I had ever heard of out of body experiences then. But while in labor I went up to the ceiling I didn't make myself I just went up. I looked all around the room and I was up by the lights in the ceiling. Across the room I noticed a big mirror that I hadn't seen while lying down.  I wondered why they don't bring it to me so I can see the baby being born...
OBE during childbirth.  The son she had during this experience died a few days ago.  The OBE helped her know that “we have a spirit.”

Amy S's Experience 7/10/05  It was midday.  I was at a caregiver's house, in the second floor playroom.  I was in a room with about seven other children.  We were all playing.  I was in the middle of the room building with Lincoln logs.  Then, suddenly I found myself outside of the house, floating, looking in the window watching myself and the other children playing.  This only lasted a few seconds I think, but I was very alert and aware.  There was no sense of fear only a strange curiosity.  Within a few seconds I was simply back in my body building with the Lincoln logs.  At the time I don't remember being upset or unsettled about what had happened.
OBE at age 7.  OBE out of building, looked back at self through window.

Lianne J's Experience 7/10/05 I distinctly remember the being reminding me that I would have no memory of what I had seen there when I returned to my body.  It is critical to our learning, though in this crisis the vision was necessary, that we carry on our lives without the knowledge of what lies ahead.  So, I do not even know what I saw.  I know that I was given another chance, and I know that there is something so beautiful and hopeful beyond what I am able to experience here on earth that I must not respond to the pain of this life by seeking to escape it.
OBE associated with depression, and a remarkable revelation.

217Self A's Experience 6/26/05 Was very tired, had gotten into bed and felt something on the bed. I thought it was my dog. I was on my right side I roll over and there I was leaning over myself, I was startled and let out a yell,the spirit me pull back into a sitting possition and threw my hand up in the air and I turned my face to the right. It set there for a few min. I blinked and them my spirit was gone. It was very life like. I seen the whole body and features. Since that night I have not felt any thing on my bed.
Felt and saw being on her bed that looked like herself.

Maria A's Experience 6/17/05  My mother automatically assumed I was dreaming. From past OBEs, I knew it was real and started to get even more anxious when she would not take me seriously. At this point, she pointed out to me that it had to be a dream because it takes 3 days to get to the island and they only left last night making it impossible for it to be real. The first morning they were there however, (3 days later), my father called to check-in and reported what had happened that morning. He described the whole incident as I had described it to mother 3-days earlier... I knew from my mother's wide stare as she spoke on the phone that I was right... it wasn't a dream. This spooked her very much...
12 year old with OBE viewing details of an event that took place three days later.

Garry B's Experience 5/29/05  I floated up out of the house into the sky and became aware of everything around me.  Then suddenly, I could perceive all time and in particular the whole of my life.  I could see clearly that everything that seemed real and solid was just an illusion of mind. Time and space did not exist.  Out of interest I wanted to see where and when I was born and so I just thought that wish and I was immediately transported to our house...  It was a beautiful 1953 spring day.  I could see Dr... at the window of our home, looking out the window and at the same time I seemed to be inside the room.  I was lying on the bed beside my mother who was only 29 years old.
Remarkable OBE involving visit to time and place he was born.

214Juan C's Experience 5/29/05  I went to the library to take a nap in between classes.  I was about to fall asleep and thought I might look like a bum just sleeping there.  I grabbed a book from the shelf and put it directly in front of me open.  I put my head down on the table and began to feel the relaxation and peace.  I knew that I was about to have an OBE and decided to let it happen.  I floated up and was looking at the people sitting on the other side of the reading booths.  I then looked down and saw the book.  My first thought was that it would be so cool if I could read while sleeping.  I started reading the open pages...  I woke up still saying the words and looked at the page to find out that the words matched.  I then read the pages showing and realized that I had already read them.
Two OBE's describe.  In one OBE, he read pages of a book in OBE state, and later verified what he saw was accurate.

Howard G's Experience 5/29/05  I started to sense I was connecting to something. All of a sudden I felt a bubbling inside starting from my abdomen, like a bubble pushing its way up a narrow gap. It sounded like that too. As it came up and passed through my head there was a loud CRACK and my consciousness/soul left my body. I could see or was shown what looked like a large glowing silk bag. I could see that my soul was a glowing ball. Imagine a mirror formed into a ball that glowed. The silk bag was open there were some other balls/ souls there. They seemed to know me and strangely me them. I felt a total love.
Experience from New Zealand.

Greg R's Experience 5/29/05  I floated above the earth and it was so calming and peaceful. I heard  myself ask no one in particular what the cord was and a heard a voice that made my insides quiver. "This is the silver cord that binds all creation to one and another!  Look!"  The earth glowed silver do to all of the silver cords that bind.  The I completely understood that love and caring for others was what made the cords bind.
OBE at age 15.

Reuben T's Experience 5/29/05 I could look down from my left side and observe and hear every word spoken.  I noticed that I could see through my hands and feet, so I had to examine the rest of my body. The size of my body had not changed except that it looked like a form of transparent energy.    I could see my body on the operating table and it was hard to believe that it was me; because I was up at the overhead light.   The conversation below changed to the doctor being an atheist; the doctor said he did not believe in an after life, he beloved that we come here live, died and that was all there is. The nurse and anesthesiologist said they would not let him operate on them under any circumstances, they badgered the doctor for the rest of time in the operating room.
OBE under general anesthesia.  Interesting awareness of the conversation ongoing during the procedure.

210Jason R's Experience 5/10/05  i hovered into the spare room and looked at what she had put on a old computer desk, a ring made of jade, a silver spoon, the remote to our t.v., and a note that said "right after you wake up first tell me the punch line to that joke you told me the other day, then tell what was on the desk". so the first thing i said when i came back was "rare"…  i ran into the room to see if it was all true and it was.
Evidential OBE involving ability to see multiple placed objects.

Pamela K's Experience 4/30/05  Five years old standing in the school playground, then I was above and behind myself and above the tennis shed. I was amazed that I could see myself and realized where I was - then I was back again as normal.  I told no one.  Next time I was 13 years old, sitting on my bed doing my homework. then I was up in the corner of the room above myself and behind myself as before.  This time I was a little frightened and returned immediately to myself.
OBE at age 5 and 13.

Terry S's Experience 4/30/05  The experience of 2005 happened last night. While in my body, I have always been afraid of heights. But enjoy the out of body ability to fly about and above trees if I choose without fear. I was flying about the city enjoying the blooming trees and flowers but was being drawn against my will to my former husband's apartment. There was a light on in the window and was heading toward it. I did not want to see him or what was going there and a battle ensued between my body and spirit. I awoke with uncontrollable tremors and pain in both of my legs and felt intense fear throughout my entire body. It lasted for several minutes afterward.
She reports an ADC, SOBE, and a Jesus encounter in 3 separate events.

Bonnie D's Experience 4/16/05  As I was training a group of clients on computer software, I became aware of watching the class from the back corner of the ceiling.  When I asked myself (the one on the ceiling), "If I'm up here, how can I be down there talking?", I became alarmed that whatever I was saying couldn't possibly make sense.  The panic led me immediately back into my body with the consciousness of the me from the ceiling.
OBE at the time she was teaching a computer software class.

Karma's Experience 4/3/05  From Poland, translated by Mateusz  I felt the air as I was swooshing past. I had no body but I felt MYSELF. My mind worked normally and my body became something like a "long white dress" – I could use this name now, but then it seemed familiar to me. I was wondering where I was flying and who’d find me dead in my bed. Why had my life ended so unexpectedly? Again I felt fear and started panicking “Please...don’t let me die...I need to go back to my husband and my baby” That space seemed endless.

Tampa B's Experience 4/1/05 My consciousness (for lack of a better word) started to shrink down to a point in the center of my chest.  I could see portions of my body but they seemed very large.   I was not seeing myself from the perspective of my own eyes.  It was more like seeing my self from the perspective if a insect sitting on my chest.  Then I started to rise.  I was looking up, and I could no longer see any part of my body.  My visual field started to seem much more normal and I was again staring directly at the light fixture above me and slowly moving toward it.
OBE which may have occurred during dream.  Interesting in that his parents looked in his room several times and did not see him during this experience.

Lorelei B's Experience 4/1/05  I was aware, after a bit, that their speaking seemed to have somehow sped up...they were talking in fast forward!   I was also aware, at the same time, that they were asking me questions about possible ice on my ride home...then, everything had gone black, I'd "gone into myself" there was absolutely nothing - then the brightest LIGHT pulled me out and I was part of the light - such a feeling of complete Love, Peace and Joy - it was SO WONDERFUL!
OBE experience while talking with others.

Howard N's Experience 3/26/05  When my eyes opened I felt something vibrate through my body it felt like a vibrating wave of energy staring at my feet and making its way to my head and then back down to my feet again kind of like a massager, on the inside of my body) I was not able to move. Then it eased it way out of my body and sat on the edge of the bed then it lifted its arms and began to stretch I only stared at it.
Felt/saw energy leave her body and an entity walk around room, which seemingly arose from her.  Ultimately, this entity returned to her bed.

202Donna's Daughter's Experience 3/26/05 My little daughter came to me one evening and told me she could see herself in me. I asked her what she meant. She described to me that she can leave her body and go in mine and see what I'm seeing. She said she had done it in the summer with her girlfriend at the driveway because i would not allow her to go down to the street so she jumped in her friends body and was down there with her.  I asked her if she could do it then and she said yes so she went into me and saw whatever I was seeing also she did it to her 13 year old sister and saw what she was looking at! 
Mother describes OBEs her seven-year-old daughter has experienced since January 2005.  Describes how her daughter can enter other people, and see through their eyes.  Please e-mail Mother (link provided) with any information you may have regarding this.

Sally L's Experience 3/26/05  During the actual experience, I came to KNOW, as far as it is possible for any human being to know anything, that there is in fact a God (or at least a highly spiritual Being), who loves us completely and unconditionally, and assumes the form of a brilliant, white light.
Remarkable SOBE with travel to a loving white light.  Also described is a remarkable after death communication (ADC).

Lena L's Experience 3/13/05  I was standing in the hallway, firmly holding on to my Daddy's pants' leg, near his knee, for balance, since I could barely stand.  Mama and Daddy were talking, ignoring me.   I was trying to tell them about the most important thing that had ever happened to me ... coming from the light ... about floating down from the ceiling ... about the person of light and the shimmering atoms of light being replaced with normal light...
Multiple experiences including birth remembrance and OBE.  Touching story of how she tried to tell her parents about her experiences as a toddler.

Vincent H's Experience.  3/13/05 From China.  My manager's room was near, and I went into its house. I actually not walking in, I could not remember how I went in, but I found a book in a carton which is about adolescence sex teaching. I was quite amazed about that, and decided it could be my proof. I went out of the house, and realized that I did not open the door, the door melted away and formed a hole to my house instead.
During SOBE, moved into his manager's house.  Observed a book in a particular location, which he later confirmed.

William B's Experience.  3/12/05 I could make out what seemed to be people peering down from what looked like a tear in the sky which was very white inside, a voice in my head then said do not look up. Am still unsure if this was my own or someone else's.  My attention now turned back to the boy who had stopped crying but seemed to have coming from him a silver strip!  This was coming from his stomach area and joined to my stomach area! It was so fine that when it twisted to and fro it would seem to vanish then the silver would show again and I knew it was still there, what's this I thought! The dawning idea that I may be out of my body arose in my being, I said with my mind to this boy-If you are me then look at me! His head turned and his eyes looked directly at me!
At age of 5, car bumped badly and he hurt his knees.  OBE outside of car.  Saw himself and silver cord connecting them.

199Harold E's Experience.  3/12/05 Harold E's Experience 3/5/05  Above my body looking down upon myself groveling in the mud.
60 years ago (1944) was going down ravine in training for World War II.  Broke ankle, OBE and saw self.  Believes this injury kept him from dying in combat.

198Mary B's Experience.  3/12/05 I was looking out the window admiring the starry sky and thinking to myself how nice it would be to be free to  soar up among the stars instead of being earthbound, when quite suddenly I was far out in space among the stars, but it was not nice. It was terrifying in the extreme.  The stars were all very far apart and impossible to reach.  I had nothing to touch, not even my body.  Every direction seemed to be down, like falling and falling and falling without  coming to anything.  The feeling of loneliness and the terror of it was unbearable.  I experienced this for only a few seconds for in less time than it takes to describe the experience I screamed out in my soul, "God help me!" and was suddenly back in my body lying in bed again.
51 years ago was looking at stars through window.  Then OBE to stars.  Was very frightening.

197Beth L's Experience.  3/12/05 I then stared intently at my white, smooth ceiling until I could feel myself rising up, coming to rest on the wall just beneath the ceiling, then looking down at my crib as if to be a bug on the wall.  I recall being aware of having risen above things and moving through the air in the dark house.  I recognized the stairs as I moved down to the main level of the house.  My most vivid memory of this little trip was entering my mother's laundry room where she had her ironing board set up with the iron sitting on top of it.  There was moonlight shining through this window onto the iron which seemed to glow in this moon light.  As a child I took comfort in this light and the familiar surroundings. I recall feeling greatful for the moon.
At age of 3, remembers OBE to ceiling.  Traveled through house.  Visited what she later found was a school gym.

Elizabeth C's Experience.  3/5/05  I began to realize the reason we are put on earth and how we are all connected, and that 'God's' plan is a good one that is unfolding as it should.  Although nobody spoke to me, I felt what i needed to know, and how to make my life and those around me better, just by being loving and caring.  I felt I had been given a job to do, and that I had to go back to earth to finish it.  I knew that if I turned around and looked directly into the light my body would die, and my 'thread' would snap.
Must read OBE!  Nurse from Australia.  Very dramatic and detailed OBE.

Rosemary P's Experience. 3/5/05  As we neared the small child, she turned and looked straight at me and smiled. I knew when this child looked at me that she was my first child that was stillborn. When our eyes locked, I seemed to be drawn out of myself by her eyes.  At this point, I woke up in my bedroom, but I was up near the ceiling.  In the corner of my bedroom, I saw what appeared to be many very small, different colored, bright twinkling angels.
In dream, was in car and saw child by road, felt to be her stillborn child.  OBE experience with vision of angels.

194Rachel B's Experience.  3/5/05  I was asleep on a sleeper train traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg. I fell asleep and when I awoke I was floating on the ceiling looking down at my body. I was particularly frightened as the ceiling was high and I was facing downwards and thought I would fall. I put my arms out in front of me and fell into my body on the bed. The experience only lasted a few seconds but has altered my ideas of life as I am now totally convinced we are not only our body.
OBE during train ride. 

Cathy B's Experience.  2/18/05 I was asleep and I could hear a loud, very loud mechanical machine.  It sounded like a roller coaster ride starting up.  I left my body and floated down the road.  I could see everything as it was but from above.  I knew I could go anywhere in the world and see anyone that I wanted to see.  I knew I could go as far as I wanted to go, but I didn't want to go far away because my kids were sleeping beside me.  I don't know why it happened, but I realized that there's plenty of freedom when you leave your body.   
Evidential SOBE

192Jessica B's Experience.  2/18/05  I was in school about 2nd grade taking a test or something like that when all of a sudden I could see myself writing. I was looking at myself from the side and I could see my hair pulled back and wet (My father usually made me take a shower before school and did my hair in a pony tale sometimes not usually). I could look around and I could remember seeing the kid across from me and trying to get his attention but he wasn't paying attention to me it seemed. 
Child SOBE while taking a test in school.

Mark G's Experience.  2/18/05 Then I saw a strange language being written in front of my eyes in light.  I can't explain it any better than that.  This language would be written in light in front of my eyes.  I cannot accurately describe this language, but it was sort of a combination of letters, numbers, and geometric shapes.  I had no idea what was being written, but as soon as a "sentence" was written, I would "read" it from left to right, it would disappear, and another "sentence" would be written.  This happened several times and then i was moving again.  Then I saw a ship (!).  I floated toward it, knowing that I was going to go inside and see amazing things. 
Interesting SOBE describing UFO imagery.

Marianne P's Experience.  2/18/05  His spirit helpers grabbed me and pulled me through a tunnel at an unearthly speed. I then popped out of the tunnel and was floating in space and light. I am sorry I don't  feel comfortable sharing the specifics of what happened then. I can say I felt safe and loved with the feeling of sacred presence surrounding me. As suddenly as I had been pulled through the tunnel I again found myself being sucked back through the tunnel. It all happen in a blink.
Several experiences.

Charles S's Experience 1/16/05  I was in the 5th grade practicing for a school play. when the time came to do the play in front of the whole school I was so nervous that I could barely breath. I was sitting in the front row on the auditorium watching all the classes come in. The next thing I knew was I was walking up onto the stage by myself, when I got half way up I turned to see myself still sitting in the chair, I never moved. when I noticed myself sitting there I immediately was brought back into my body.  It was like I had never left my body, it felt the same being outside as it was being inside.  OBE as a child.

Tommi L's Experience 12/25/04  From Finland The unusual situation was clear when I reached out for the light switch and tried to turn it on, even though it felt physical as ever, nothing happened. I realized I had not walked for the switch, but I had floated for it. The room was dark, as it was and I was in my room, not far from my bed. Fright overwhelmed me as I realized I was having an another dream of this kind; waking in a dream to the exact time & place where I'm supposed to be sleeping.
He describes a couple of SOBEs and distinguishes from lucid dreaming.

Bryan B's Experience 12/25/04  I had felt this strange vibrating energy on previous occasions in the tank, but this time I decided to test my ability to exit my physical body. I was easily able to leave my body. I felt a tingling sensation in my facial area and in my genital area as I left my body. I got to about 2 feet above my body (as best I could tell; it is dark in the tank and I cannot see anything). I felt as if I had no body, arms, legs, etc. I decided to re-enter my body and then I could again feel my body, arms, legs, etc. I decided to leave my body again and I had the same exact experience that I just described. I again re-entered my body since I felt that I was not yet ready to take this experience any further at this point.
I have often wondered about sensory deprivation tanks, now - here's a description of one.

186. Hannah S's Experience 12/25/04  I could turn my head to look at the time and I could see the clock changing as the minutes passed. I could see and feel my cat on the bed.  I could see my clothes on me but I had no body, I was waving my hands frantically above my face and they were not there.  I was sure I was awake but it seemed so surreal so as a scientist I began to do some tests to verify that I was awake. I put my hands on my face and could feel them there but I still couldn't see them. Then I put my fingers in my mouth and I could feel them and I could feel that they were wet.  I knew I was awake.  I was very scared so I said a prayer and asked God and my spirit guides to please stop whatever was happening to me because I was frightened.  It stopped immediately and I was finally able to get out of bed. 
She tested her abilities to see how they compared to waking reality.

Allan T's Experience 12/12/04 The next second I saw a golden (I don't know what to call it) connection emitting from a spot in my forehead, curving and bending through space and connecting me with my body.  I quickly flew through space (what a ride) and almost slammed back in my body. Except I didn't slam onto my body.  My re-entry was cushioned at the last instant. 
Cool SOBE that was verified the next day.

184 Ronda J's Experience 12/12/04 I found myself floating near the ceiling, looking down.  I saw that I was in my house, but not in my room.  I floated toward the hallway where the bedrooms were, and into my parents' bedroom, where I saw them sleeping.  I then got scared and wanted to go to my own room - where I would feel safe.  I floated down the hall into my room and saw myself laying in my bed.  I wanted to be back there, closed my eyes and focused on being in my bed.  I felt myself falling and then opened my eyes.  I was laying in my bed, and the bed was still shaking from the impact of me re-entering my body. 
Child SOBE.

183Lou W's Experience 12/12/04  During that time I appeared to come out of my body and moved back from myself.  I could see myself clearly, sitting at the wheel with both hands at the 10 o'clock 2 o'clock position.  I was inside what I would call a bubble.  I could clearly see the bubble surrounding me.  While observing myself from the back, there was no seat, just me sitting within the bubble.  I then slowly moved forward and went back to my body and I became more aware that I was alive.  Remarkable fear-death experience and extraordinary protection from a car accident.

182Ann N's Experience 12/12/04  1982 or 83 event was in Austin.  I was sleeping in a very dark room at someone else's house. I awoke to a noise during the night, I was looking for the digital clock to see what time it was and realized that I was looking down at it from the ceiling.  This was not a scary happening.  In fact I felt at one or at peace with everything. I haven't forgotten that feeling.
A couple of SOBE experiences.

Sandra D's Experience. 11/27/04  I woke up and decided I'd better check to see if the front door was locked before going to bed. I got up and walked to the door and using both hands tried the lock by trying to turn the doorknob. Soon I noticed that I was holding on to the doorknob to keep myself anchored so as to not float higher. This was upsetting at first but became pleasant as I found I could glide around the ceiling perimeter, which I did. As I maneuvered around the room I had a great view of the molding at the top of the doorway to the hall. I noticed that I had missed areas when I had painted earlier in the day.
Evidential SOBE because she was able to confirm where she missed painting the molding.

Stew D's Experience. 11/21/04  I was sitting with my friend Charles and we were passing the time.  Suddenly I was staring down from a great height, perhaps 200 feet.  I realized I was staring down at my own body sitting on the porch.  As soon as I realized what I was experiencing I was immediately back in my body.  I was suddenly aware in a different way than I had ever been before. 
A SOBE with prophetic visions.

Jennifer H's Experience. 11/21/04 I knew what was happening, I was fully aware, but I still couldn't bare it.  The vibrations ate away at my flesh as I was lying still, frozen, helpless.  Then, without warning, my body began to drop.  My body was rolling clockwise, front first, downward. Only to be struck by the brute force of an ever powerful jolt, thrown towards the ceiling scared out of mind, quite literally and figuratively, only to do what I knew how to do best and that is fight it. 
Unusual as she felt thrown towards the ceiling, most people float.

Clay S's Experience. 11/14/04  I could see my body below, yet I could also see the ceiling in the opposite direction. Objects seemed to be much more vivid and defined. I could see all ways around at once yet I would focus on points. But the most astounding state I found myself in was my state of mind. I HAD NO RESTRICTION IN ACCESSING ALL I HAD LEARNED PROBABLY SINCE BIRTH. It was as though I knew it all at once. I seemed to be a point in space without body.
SOBE with 360 degree vision!

177Wesley C's Experience. 11/14/04  Suddenly I stopped moving and i was at peace, everything was silent, calm and bright. I was looking at myself from the ceiling, I noticed my mom's head, the dentist's head and the assistant busy working in my mouth. My whole body was still and for those 8 seconds or so i suddenly was back in my body and i began to think about what happened.
Teenager who had his first SOBE in the dentist's chair!

176Fianna J's Experience. 11/14/04  I was staring at my ceiling then all of a sudden there a an extreme pressure and i was starting to rise. I wasn't frightened though because i was aware of what was happening. I rose to the ceiling and my face was about an inch from it, i could see across my room but from above. I then slowly fell back down but when i came down i was just above my body and i could hear my breath behind me. It was so insane and awesome because i was aware of being one but new that my physical body was also underneath me.
Good description of being out of body and relating to the physical body.

Harrelle F's Experience. 11/7/04 The next thing I was aware of was as if I was looking up, and through, what appeared to be a spinning rib-cage.  On the other side of the ribs was a blood-red background.  My next sensation was of being suspended above, and behind, a group of people looking down at something, or someone, on the table.  I couldn't see the object, or person, on the table but I felt I knew who it was.  It was me.  I looked about the room.  I saw a big round object, dark on my side, but focusing light upon the group from the other side.
Ten year old's SOBE from ether.

Sandy R's Daughter's Experience. 10/31/04  Someone asked her if she wanted to go in the door and she said, "NO!" Just then, she said, a tunnel opened up from her left side and she could see a ladder.  She knew this ladder would take her back home but she was scared to climb down.  At that point our pet dogs Sandy and a stray dog that had taken up at our house a few weeks earlier, climbed the ladder, "spoke" to her mind and told her to climb down. When I questioned her about the dogs speaking to her mind she said, "They didn't talk because they didn't have too, my mind knew what they were saying."  She then said she climbed down the ladder and woke up in front of the computer.  
The dogs could see her in the OBE state and helped her get back home!

Scott W's Experience. 10/24/04 I believe it was at this point that I had the “experience”.  It was a powerful and unforgettable vision being high above, looking back at the pandemonium with all of the smoke, flame and rioting people.  After a time I “woke up” and it occurred to me that this is a “fight for your life”, “every man for himself” predicament.  I joined in the fight, pulling down and climbing over the others above and in front of me. 
Airplane crash led to this SOBE or Waking vision.

172Warren's Experience. 10/24/04  I was about 22 Sunday morning radio on, semi awake but with my eyes still closed...... .........floated up to the ceiling could see but my eyes were still closed, looked down on myself from two angles at the same time, thought i was going to be crushed to the ceiling and at that point 'returned'  with a jolt. Whole thing probably lasted 10 seconds. 
His SOBE allowed him to be in 3 places at once.

DeeAnna's Experience. 10/24/04 Suddenly, i felt my soul, i guess, leave my physical body.  I was very confused and frightened.  This had never happened to me before.  I felt my soul come out of my body and float right above my body.  I could not control my physical body at all, i had no muscle control.  All that i could do was look at my body.  I cannot clearly remember what my body looked like.  I do remember thinking, "what the hell is happening to me?"  "Am I Dying?"  This experience was very frightening.  My soul was floating above my body and i felt my mind telling my self to wake up, force your way back in!  Finally, i made my way back into my body. 
Her SOBE was frightening to her.

Dominique L's Experience. 10/24/04 From the Netherlands While I was flying I felt very happy and really great. It had been hot in the classroom, but here there was a fresh wind blowing in my face, sweeping my hair back. In the end I did not dare to go any faster, because I feared I would 'tumble over', I don't really know how to say it, but I knew that if I would go any faster, I would start making somersaults. I also knew that this would mean I'd die, but that knowledge did not bother me in the least, I just did not go any faster.
Teenage SOBE from listening to music.

169Rose K's Experience. 10/24/04 At that moment, the room blurred and I began floating upwards toward the ceiling. I was slowly spinning around and looking for what they wanted me to see. It was dark and saw something like a white spark and then something like an old majestic fabric gold with gold thread. Then I saw a black cloaked figure. As I continued to spin, I came around again and it was still there. It revealed its skeleton face which seemed to change from one face to a different face.
Contemplation about life changes led to this SOBE.

Wichita K's Experience. 10/24/04  Suddenly I remember being at the top of the ceiling looking down at my body sleeping.  I remember this beautiful vibrant silver-sparkling cord that was from my throat area to a point behind this point of consciences. I was very scared because I thought if I was here then what is my body doing on the couch. I remember not having a care in the world nor felt any emotional attachment to my body, which is surprising since I am somewhat vain at the time.  My sense of hearing was magnified as I heard my mother  in the kitchen..preparing dinner and hearing the pots banging loudly.
SOBE where she saw herself connected by a gold chord.

Randi's Experience. 10/24/04 I blacked out for a moment and the next thing i knew i was awake again on my back but this time the girl wasn't there. I started floating upwards and my whole body was vibrating with numbness. I was looking at my feet and i could see my body moving upwards. The noise i heard was a once again 'vibrating' silence. Usually i would be afraid of this and i would stay awake, but i just fell back asleep after. The next morning i didn't know if what had happened was a dream or an alien abduction or and obe.   This is either a form of bilocation or autoscopy.

Nora L's Experience. 10/24/04  I looked up, my eyes still closed, and there - just above the temple of my head - stood this incredible entity of pure light in the shape of an Engle, gesturing me to follow. No words were spoken I just understood. I remember not being able to determine if the entity was male or female. It was not a solid mass, rather a shape in various shades of white --illuminating itself. Something similar to viewing a laser light-show, except this light overflowed with warmth and love. Before I knew what happened, I was in total darkness. I opened my eyes, this time for real. Before me was earth, as in the whole earth.
A dream that turned into a nde-like SOBE.

Jeanene M's Experience. 10/10/04 I heard a voice saying you need to move...move!  The next thing I remember was waking up and quickly looking over my shoulder to look at the truck.  It was laying on it side. I then looked around and saw that I was laying at the edge of the road and had moved from the position I had saw from above. The truck was laying where I had seen myself laying. There where about 5 people in this accident and I only saw myself.
NDE from auto accident.

Yonit B's Experience 9/18/04 From Isreal When I was 18 I woke up in the middle of the night to a very strange feeling. I woke up and in a matter of seconds, I felt like a vacuum was pulling me out of my body, and I felt myself rising up out of my body. I was very scared and I felt like I was losing control. My mind was completely awake and I was wondering, "what happened?" The next thing I knew I was floating around the house and I remember noticing a light on in the house that I usually leave on at night. ( As you can understand I was very, very afraid from the dark) I remember myself floating into the kitchen, looking down at the cabinet doors, I remember all the details of the house.  Several paranormal events are described by this experiencer.

. Osman's Experience 9/12/04 From Somalia After that, I could see the sunlit whole room more clearly and more real than before and this enormous feeling of bliss was all around me and my eyes, it was a cool heavenly feeling that is indescribable.  I totally forgot I wanted to project so I thought I was still awake in my physical body, I tried moving my arm which I can clearly see, but I felt and saw this transparent arm waving, it was phantom like.
Felt the peaceful state of bliss in this SOBE.

. Erin L's Experience 9/12/04 It had turned into a lucid dream. But a few moments later I woke up. I looked around my room...I was very conscious but my body felt very heavy...I lifted my arms and I felt like I was floating out of my body. I was a little frightened but I tried sitting up and it's like something came out of my physical body...my feet were floating. Then it's as if I rose up and I was going towards my ceiling. I saw my ceiling fan but just went right through it.
Teenager started lucid dreaming only to wake up and realize she was out of body.

Debi's Experience 9/12/04 Satisfied, I went back into our bedroom. Getting ready to climb back into bed, I sat gently down on my side. I looked over at my husband to make sure I'd not disturbed his sleep, when I saw someone sleeping next to him. I didn't have on my eye-glasses (I am near-sighted), but I could very clearly see it was a woman, and immediately recognized her as myself. I was very startled and thought, "Omigosh! I must have died!" Feeling panicky, I lay down into my body as quickly and hard as I could and pulled up the covers.
Checked her children without realizing she was out of body.

160Kim R's Experience 9/12/04 I remember feeling a sense of weightlessness... and then I was over myself...looking at the ceiling and I could not swallow at all...i then thought oh my god i am not breathing...when i tried to breathe the air was so strong.. it burnt my nostrils....i dropped back into myself...i could feel my arms flow back in starting at my shoulders rolling down into my fingers..
Good description of returning to the body.

159. Kevin C's Experience 9/12/04 next thing i knew i was in the office room next to my bedroom and i was levitating. (keep in mind i was levitating but not with my body.) i wondered at being free my physical self. i saw what i could only describe as my own life force. no , i saw myself from the standpoint or perspective of my own life source. my soul as i call it. i was my soul looking at myself. it's so surreal, so abstract it is hard to find the words. i knew i was one person. one complete being , yet i was looking at my human self from the state of pure energy.
In the OBE state, he saw himself very differently than with human eyes.

158. Hanna S's Experience 9/12/04  From Finland.  I don't know if I fell asleep but suddenly I noticed I was lying in the ceiling, close to the wall. I was in a fetal position, my legs bent and I kept my eyes shut. I realized my body is under me and I felt great fear to look down and I didn't. I saw the wooden wall in front of me and knew I was there, up in the ceiling. I remember it lasted for a few seconds and then I started to slowly com down.
SOBE that happened as a teenager.

157Robert K's Experience 8/12/04  This knowledge was not learned.  It was too immediate for that to be true.  It felt like (and had to be) remembered.  As if a wall of denial was lifted.  I felt very much that we must all have this knowledge,  but we are either keeping it from ourselves, so as enjoy "life's little play", or we forget it when we are born.  But the "Universal order" was made very clear to me. We are beings of light and energy that live an eternity.  Our existence is very pleasant and not limited at all. In our place, we have eliminated pain. But to do that, we had to give up pleasure.  We have no sorrow but we also have no happiness. 
After his OBE, he brought back a lot of universal knowledge.

A SOBE very much like the OBE component of the near death experience.

155Heather's Experience 8/12/04  I still wanted to have an OBE so I laid there trying to put my body to sleep and I felt pressure on top of me. I opened my eyes but could feel my eyes weren't open as I looked down at myself. I was frightened yet knew somehow that I would only be able to prove it if I did something in my state. I placed my hand on my stomach and my throat and felt as if my body was split. I could open my real eyes if I wanted, yet felt I could stay like I was as well. My closet doors were mirrors (for real) and I glanced at them.
Teenager's first experience with OBE

Jessica's Experience 7/27/04  Feeling paralyzed, I started to panic and forced myself to call out for my roommate so he can wake me up.  All the while, I was aware of my physical body laying down, my OOBE spirit body, and my astral perception viewing from the right upper corner of the room-all at the same time.  My spirit body was sitting up on/through my physical body on the couch. With my spirit body's eyes wide open, I saw my roommate walking from his room towards me.  As he woke me up, I intensely felt the last impression of my spirit body's eyes wide open seeing all this in astonishment. What was most amazing was my conscious awareness from all 3 perceptions. 
Fascinating simultaneous awareness of 3 states of consciousness.

PS's Experience 7/27/04  I left my house and was floating above the highway, going toward the beaches, ended up at Drum Street.  I knew no one at the beach, and had never been to Drum St.  I floated into a house after seeing a white Ford Escort with blue pin striping outside.  Upon going inside, I saw my friend sitting in an easy chair. He was smiling a "fake" smile, it seemed, and his girlfriend and someone else I didn't know (older man) was there. I got right in his face and looked at him and he seemed to smile. He was okay... we didn't talk.  I saw he was wearing new white tennis shoes, a red polo shirt, and new blue jeans.  After seeing he was okay, I left.
Is this a SOBE or the variant remote viewing?

Terry S's Experience 7/27/04 in the hospital to correct a broken nose under general anesthesia. next thing i knew i was standing beside myself on the operating table watching a tube being put down my throat and my head being lifted back. i could see everyone standing around the operating table and could not understand why they could not see me. i looked at myself on the table, the next thing i was being taken to a ward where i heard the nurse saying he's coming round now. they were not going to let me go from the hospital explaining that i was too unwell.  
Evidentiary SOBE during operation.

151Brianna H's Experience 7/27/04 i was very aware of everything around me i could hear the radio playing. when i went into this strange feeling as if i was paralyzed. Soon i felt something leave my body my eyes and legs started to twitch. I then found myself at a friends house. i moved to a table beside her bed, opened the drawer then moved to the bookshelf. i accidentally knocked over the deodorant and I FELT IT! i then turned to the bed and saw her painting her toe nails she looked startled.
Teenager's first SOBE

150MC's Experience 7/27/04  I then, felt my self rise up from the waist up... I was sitting straight up.  I was very light and then realized the other part of "me" was laying down listening to the race on the TV.  THEN, I felt a male energy walk along the side of my couch and sit down next to me.  I felt my right hand begin to rub his right shoulder.  I could hear my thoughts ask, "is this Chris?".  Chris was a guy I was working with at the time.  I heard no response. 
This seems to be a cross-over between dreams and OBE.

Karen L's Experience 6/13/04  I felt and saw my spirit leave my body and float down to the hall way in my house, I went to turn on the light because it was very dark and my hand went through the wall. At that very moment a fearsome growl was in the background it sounded like a large wild cat eg: puma or leopard I seemed to be aware that it was one of these animals. I seemed to take flight because I felt fear, I did not have the strength to get back into my body and I was not in control, I was rigid and pinned to the bed.
This experiences crosses over from dreams to OBE.

Marc N's Experience 5/29/04  After about a second of recognizing that I couldn't hear the radio I felt as if my upper torso had slid off my bed (futon) and that I was about to fall on the floor. I couldn't move and assumed that I was about to crash onto the floor in a SP state. Then a second after being in that position I felt the rest of my body slide off the bed in a fluid motion. But the freaky thing is that I didn't sense an impact with the ground, but instead felt myself accelerate upwards and away from my bed. I thought I kept my eyes shut because of the SP, but I'm not sure now if I would have been able to open them if I chose to. I felt as if I was flying in a void. The motion was very fluid and continually towards the same direction and upwards. Flying horizontally like superman, but I couldn't sense that I had a body.
SOBE as a natural progression from SP (sleep-paralysis).

Trina D's Experience 5/22/04  I was listening to a live performance of a Scottish heritage band.  When a certain singer took the lead I began to feel a vibration starting at the base of my neck.  It spread throughout my body and continued, becoming stronger, until I felt as though I were floating.  This went on until the song was over.  Going back into my body felt like an adjustment of some kind.  It felt as though my physical body reached out about 2 or 3 inches and recaptured the astral - the physical expanded in order to recapture and then contracted back to normal.  In the past, I have felt the vibration when experiencing a spiritual agreement with another person, but contained to the head and neck region.  I feel that perhaps the enhanced experience may be a result of my recent concentration on chakra balancing activities. 

Ricardo S's Experience 5/10/04 From Macao, China  I was made of light and I was floating around, without control. This lasted for a few seconds, only, but it seemed to last for several minutes. As soon as I understood that it was me on the bed, that I was looking to myself, I got scared and I went back to my body automatically! It was like a funnel, because I came down, entering my body, in circular movements that got smaller and smaller...
He was a teenager at the time.

Maria N's Experience 5/10/04 From Greece  Suddenly, the dream ended. My whole body was paralyzed and i was hearing a strange sound like music that after 2-3 seconds it stopped. I tried to move by i couldn't. Then I felt myself leaving my physical body. I was very frightened and  had the feeling that I was about to die. I was about 2 feet above my body, looking at it but not clearly. The room was very dark and full of shadows. I tried to scream but i was so paralyzed that i couldn't even move my lips! Then i said to myself "I don't want to die". The moment I made this thought I felt being pulled down to my body very fast and then i opened my eyes. I was back!
First experience frightened this teenager.

144 C L's Experience 5/10/04 From South Africa  I saw a friend of mine hovering a few meters above me.  I felt myself moving up to him - it was very painful.  I felt a terrible need from his side.  He grabbed my arms (in a chain-like way).  There were blue sparks.  I could communicate with him.  I fell back in bed - very tired and drained.  It was an awkward experience.
This is an unusual experience in that it was an SOBE and a psychic link with a living person.

143 Leah S's Experience 3/22/04 I became paralyzed, but this time, it was less intense.  I was aware that I couldn't really move, but before I could think about it , I was zipping, literally, through the halls, down the stairs, hovering just below the ceiling, I thought I might bump my head.  I looked down and thought, what a mess the living room looked like from this angle.  I thought about my body up in the bed and thought I better get back to it, and should I check in with my husband, but no, that would be spying.  So I went back to my body on the bed. 
Her second SOBE.

Dawn's Experience 3/22/04 I found myself upright, outside, at night and down the street, around the corner (the way I would walk to school).  I opened my eyes and I couldn't believe it.  I had the sensation I was floating, and I wanted to see whether I had legs, so I looked down at my feet and saw that I was floating about 6 inches off of the sidewalk.  There was a gentle "whooshing" sound in my ears that I eventually realized was connected to how fast I was moving.  I looked around and was amazed by the vividness of everything.  The houses, plants, trees, everything was outlined with a glow.  The light seamed to radiate from within each thing.  It was SOOOO beautiful, it really goes beyond description.  I realized I could "will" myself forward and LOVED the sensation.  I had the sense of a being watching over me. (behind me?) but, I didn't really care. 
Child SOBE.

Melissa T's Experience 3/22/04 The next minute I know I see myself lying on the bed and I go downstairs. I now see my flat mate Helena making scones in the kitchen and our boyfriends watching rugby on TV, I go outside and down the path down the street. Suddenly a figure in black appears its wearing a black cloak and I can't see its face. It calls my name in a really familiar voice as if it was my mothers, it calls me to go to it and I do.
Evidential SOBE.

Ruth's Experience 3/20/04  This experience happened about 10 yrs ago,  I was home at my parents house for a short stay with my 2yr old son.  We were in my old bedroom in two separate beds ~ I don't recall the actual start of my experience my memory started when I was already above myself, I flew over my son ~ stopped briefly to check on him, than flew quite fast down the flight of stairs into the dining room out to the front porch.  I remember whipping around at a fast rate of speed trying to get out the front door, knowing that the door was locked went back through the dining room up the stairs to the bedroom, again stopped above my son to check him an additional time than flew just above myself ~ noticed that I was sleeping very contently got into the position that I was in lying in bed and from my feet first went back into my body. 

139Albert C's Experience 2/20/04 One really hot summer night, I couldn't sleep in my bedroom so I went to the couch in my living room to try and get some sleep. When I fell asleep I wasn't dreaming. It was one of those coma sleeps where you are totally relaxed and numb. Then the strangest thing occurred. My spirit just sat up. I remember turning my head and I saw my body sleeping on the couch, out cold. I could feel a gravitational pull upwards and I remember thinking, I can make a conscience decision here, I can leave my body or go back into it and wake up. I decided to leave it and once I did I started floating upwards towards the ceiling. On the way up I kept flipping from floating on my stomach then to my back then to my stomach again. Like I was in water, but in air. When I reached the top I remember stopping and I had another decision I could leave and go through the roof (to who knows where I would end up) or go back into my body.
Interesting first experience.  Good detail.

Barbara D's Experience 1/24/04  Saturday night I woke up feeling like someone was trying to pull my head off although nobody was there. The next night I was pulled from a sound sleep into what I can describe as another dimension. It seemed we were in a small room and instantly a fighting spirit came at me and started pummeling me to a point that I had no time to think or act. I could only fight back. My fists went right through him. I caught glimpses of my arms and legs. They were like, I think gold light beams or something. I caught glimpses of him too. He was very golden and sparkly and I think I remember a muscular build.
This has elements of a meditation, a dream, a sobe, and frightening angel encounter.

137 LC D's Experience 1/24/04 I was about 7 years old at the time.  In the middle of the night I woke up and found that I was floating near the ceiling of my bedroom.  I was floating on my stomach, so I was parallel with my body which was lying in a single bed...except that I was looking down at my body and my body was looking up at me.  If we had been swimming my body would have been doing a back stroke and the crawl.  What struck me was the sensation that I was conscious and that this consciousness was the same rational sort that I experience when I am awake or right now for that matter.  I wasn't afraid.  I liked the feeling because I realized that I was experiencing a form of lightness that even at the happiest moment of my life I could never experience. 
SOBE as a child.

136.  Julia C's Experience 1/24/04 I just let myself relax further, then I started to hear a buzzing noise in my ear like an electrical current. I could remember reading that this was one of the first stages of an OBE in an article about sleep paralysis and it's connection to Out of Body Experiences. I just let it happen and I felt myself start to rise. I found this quite scary so I made an effort to kick my legs, and was back in my body again. I was still quite relaxed so when I heard the buzzing noise again, this time I let myself rise up. I felt like I was floating and was aware that I was about a foot higher than the bed.  Good description of initial stage of an OBE

135. Glenda I's Experience 1/18/04 As the train left the platform I began to notice "I" was above myself looking down!  From where I discovered myself (or herein after known as "my conscious self") I could see the top of my head.  I remember being quite surprised at the sight of myself amongst so many other people.  There were gaps between us all standing in the space and I remember noticing the parting of my hair from so high above my actual body.  I also remember such minute detail of all those others standing around me.  The view of a group of people itself from such a vertical viewpoint was really a revalation.  I remember noting dandruff and the length of peoples hair.  Spontaneous OBE that felt so natural.

134. Lynne W's Experience 1/18/04 Suddenly, I was walking down the stairs. My legs were making the motions of walking down each step. Then, somehow I realized that I could just glide down the stairs-hovering about two inches above them with very little effort! It was amazing! I could see that I was transparent, wearing some type of white gown that was luminescent. I then looked in the living room and did not find my son. I looked in the kitchen, he was not there. I then "floated" down stairs to the basement and there he was, with one chubby little leg in the dirty cat litter box! I watched, horrified, as he attempted to wiggle his other chubby little leg into the cat box.
This is an interesting SOBE because it has elements of precognition.

. Reuel B's Experience 1/18/04 My perception was clear in seeing and hearing the events take place but in a state limited to observation only.  I did not have the will to explore, being that the entire experience felt to me only perhaps a few seconds.  In reality the surgery lasted approximately and hour, I felt I was partially out of my body in a state of observation but also still attached to myself.
Transcendent experience from nitrous oxide.

132.  Lyn R's Experience 1/11/04 I was having a dream where I could see myself laying in my son's bed but I was actually sleeping in my own bed. I could see myself laying on my left side, eyes closed. In this dream there was a black T-shirt on my son's pillow right next to my head.  I somehow asked something or someone to fold the T-shirt, because I couldn't move.  I seemed to be asking a "higher level" or "spirit" to move and fold the T-shirt because I wanted proof that something out there existed.  Suddenly the T-shirt moved and this frightened me.  I began to awake but was caught up in between a dream-like state and an awake state.
She calls it a "dream" but realizes that there is a separation of consciousness because her spirit had to re-enter her body.

131.  Cherie K's Experience 1/3/04  One early evening I was lying in my bed when all of a sudden I was standing in front of my body, a few feet away looking at it. It was very shocking and very unexpected. I didn't know what to do, having almost no knowledge of these incidences so I leaned over and tried to squish myself back into my physical form, which of course did not work. I remember being very upset and disconcerted at not being able to go back into my body when I found myself - again very suddenly - flying through space at a tremendous speed.
Unexpected SOBE sends her traveling far and fast.

130. John B's Experience 1/3/04 was lying in bed after everyone had gone to sleep and I began to breathe deeply to relax myself, and began letting the vibrations come.  I tried to keep my consciousness just above the level of falling asleep.  Suddenly it was as if I had a strange hyper awareness; I heard this loud click and a fizzing sound.  The sound seemed extraordinarily loud but it did not hurt my ears.  One minute I was looking at the ceiling in a house I share and the next was as if my head were floating above someone's room.  The sound was very loud, and I was rotating around, as though I couldn't stop myself.  There was a bunch of electric-looking light in my peripheral vision as if I were a head in space surrounded by an aura. 
He had been practicing on inducing an OBE and succeeded!

129. Sal S's Experience 1/3/04  It was morning, and I woke up unable to move. I was trying to wake my fiancé up so she could help me wake up, but I couldn't move or make myself heard. Suddenly I realized that I could get closer to where she was lying, a couple feet away, by simply "willing" myself closer. I tried doing that in increments until I was right up on her visually, just inches away--then suddenly I was back on the other side of the bed, awake and in my body. Sometime in that process I realized I was out of my body. That part wasn't frightening--just the paralysis part was frightening.
Initial SOBE after several attempts of being aware of sleep paralysis.

128. Gabriel G's Experience 12/19/03 From Portugal  When I finally was above my physical body, but still fighting against the attraction of it, i sensed my bedroom. I could not see but in some ways i felt it like if my astral body was like water in the space of the bedroom. Then i felt the presence of two beings. I could not see them but i felt their volume. The best way i can describe them is a flying ball with wings. Then i remembered about some topics i read in books regarding astral beings. It said that some astral beings are very helpful and one should, in most cases not be afraid. So i asked for help. The words didn't came from my mouth, there was no sound, there was no words... just intention. It was telepathic and i knew i was communicating with them. I also "heard" their speech. It was like a 1000 people talking at the same time but i didn't understand.
First OBE after many prior attempts

127. Judy K's Experience 12/19/03 Whilst sitting in church watching a band play music, I experienced an OBE.  My body remained sitting on the pew while my spirit floated to the ceiling of the church.  I looked down to see the congregation but they couldn't see me and I could also see my own body, although I wasn't in the least concerned about it.  It was amazing to see everyone from up above.
SOBE during church services.

126. Glenn S's Experiences 12/19/03  In 1990 I was staying at mom's house.  During the night I had a SOBE.  I floated out into the hall and down into her room.  I saw her look at me.  The next night (when she returned home from work) I asked her if she saw anything unusual the night before.  She said she thought she saw a ghost or a spirit in her room for maybe a few seconds, and then she asked me how I knew about it.  I then related to her what happened.  This was the first time I had told anyone. 
Childhood sobes until he prayed for the ability to be taken away.

125.  Kerry V's Experience 12/19/03  All of the sudden, I was out of my body and floating up in the corner of my room.  I remember that I could see that my arms were lying on the outside of the blankets and that I was covered only to the waist with the bedding.  I was frightened and returned immediately to my body.  Brief couple of sobe accounts.

124.  Paula S's Experience 12/19/03 From Uruguay After attempting a few times to take a deep breath, it usually goes away. Sometimes I can feel it coming on, while I'm about to fall asleep: I feel myself vibrate intensely, or just shoot up like I'm a rocket... But an even stranger, much more frightening thing has happened a few times since. Sometimes I feel as though I were waking up and I feel like I get out of bed and try to move around. But I sense that I'm not really out of bed, as though a part of me, my consciousness perhaps, is out there, but my body, I'm sure, is on the bed (I’ve never seen it though). The very beginnings of several sobes.

123.  Rose F's Experience 12/19/03  I felt tingling all over my body, then I notice i feel like i'm not breathing, this frightens me, I then feel myself sinking away from my body. I try to breath but can't, my whole body is paralyzed. This feeling is strangely nice but yet my mind is telling me to breath, as if i don't breath i may go to far and not come back.  It is such a struggle to breath and move.
The very beginning of a sobe.

122. Kelly C's Experience 11/14/03  I had just gone to sleep and felt pain in chest, couldn't move or call out. I thought I had got out of bed and down steps to wake a friend and get help.  I was scared.  The room looked ordinary.  Then I realized that I was floating not walking. I floated into my friend's room, tried to wake him and ask for help, but couldn't speak.
This is probably a SOBE.  She thought she was dying, but the intense fear during the whole experience is atypical for a NDE.

121. Jenna's Experience 11/14/03  I knew i was out of my body as i have experienced it before, not very often though. At the end of my bed there is a wardrobe which has a chime hanging off it so i was thinking to myself if i could hit that and it would make a sound.  So as i was thinking, i started to move forward and my feet hit it. I couldn't feel moving nor could i feel my feet touching my wardrobe but i heard the chime make a sound. so i knew i had moved.
SOBE that when she thought she was dead, she went right back into her body.

120.  Robert T's Experience 11/4/03 I pushed my fears aside and decided (very lucidly) that I wanted to see what would happen. I floated through the walls and out to the back yard and consciously decided I wanted to go around the house to the front. My perception is that I flew very fast, rounded the corner to the front of the house, I saw my neighbors car, and both my vehicles in the driveway. I felt like I wasn't in control of how fast I was going, like if I kept going I could reach unlimited speeds. At this point I was frightened and went back in the house through the front wall as and back to my bedroom.
Great description of the OBE and with some contrasting elements of reality.

119.  Torkel O's Experience 11/2/03 One night I started quaking/shuddering/something and then felt myself sitting up in my body. Not one of me, but several of me. Kind of like a deck of cards. As I sat there in myself and having turned to put my feet on the floor, I looked to the left to see myself lying there. I don't know how I could see because it was pitch dark. Then I stood up, turned to the right, walked (I think) across the hall to the bathroom, flipped on the light (again I don't know how without a body), and then turned to look at myself in the mirror. That's when I got the shock of my life.  Remarkable!  Multiple SOBEs at the same time!

118.  Sam H's Experience 11/2/03  The OBE began with my realizing that I was floating 5 or 6 feet above my car and looking first down at it's roof (I could not see through the roof but I knew it was my car) and then all around my location and up and down.  I noted that everything seemed very very clear and sharp in image, almost unnaturally clear and detailed.  However the scenery was not unusual, it was the very landscape outside of my car, the road to my left the grass/dirt and trees to my right, ahead and behind me.  It was really cool to be floating above my car.  I was not afraid at this time at all, just intrigued by the fact that I was floating and that I could not feel the cold in the air. (it was very cold outside that night and I was floating above my car with no jacket on).
OBE initiated from the dream state - a harrowing tale befitting Halloween!

117. Alex F's Experience 11/2/03 I was sleeping when I was suddenly awakened but something...i remember just laying in bed...paralyzed and staring at the wall next to me...at the time i was facing the wall while sleeping...suddenly I can see the whole room from a side view...i also see myself sleeping in bed..i still think it was an amazing experience.
Teenager's first SOBE.

116.  Katherine B's Experience 11/2/03  Almost instantly I was drawn out of my body. I can only describe this as resulting from a huge 'pull' upwards, like something was being sucked from all over my body. I found myself just above my body and at first I kept my eyes shut as I was so terrified. I felt very light-headed, almost dizzy and sick. I tried to plead to be let back to my body, though I'm not sure who exactly I was pleading with... there seemed to be people there, though I did not see anybody.
Unpleasant OBE experience, but a positive integration.

115.   Jennifer A's Experience 09/21/03 I turned my head to look at the place where I had been lying down for confirmation and I saw my body lying on my side with my hair covering my face. At that moment I thought I was dead. I tried to brush my hair away but my hands were translucent and just passed through my head. I tried to shake my physical self to make myself wake up but I couldn't hold my body. I looked around and I saw my husband working at the computer. I tried calling out to him but I couldn't speak. I saw him turn off the computer and leave the room I wanted to tell him to wake me up but I couldn't. I followed him to the living room and I saw him tell my daughter they were going to the grocery and then I saw the leave the house.
She describes her first SOBE and several other OBEs since that time.

114.   Jenny A's Experience 09/21/03 I felt the light completely surround me. I heard music and I felt so much joy and happiness and all the fear was gone. I felt no worry and no pain. The light was so bright and beautiful and warm, a light like no other I've ever seen. It's hard to describe. I was so happy but I found myself saying I had to come back that I couldn't stay, that I needed to go back. I woke up with the feeling that I had stopped breathing. I was gasping to catch my breath.
This is a NDE-like SOBE.

113.   Elisabeth G's Experience 09/21/03 I had woken up (thought i woke up) and started walking down the hall.  I had called out to my grandpa who was sitting in his office.  I then realized that I wasn't awake, thought I was dreaming, so I went back into my room to find my body lying in bed.  The only thing I knew was that I had to get back in it to wake up.  So i laid back in my body and preceded to get up and walk down the hall again.  Still not "awake", I kept trying to get back in my body to wake up.  This happened many times before I was able to do so.  During these times of trying to get back in my body, I saw my grandpa take the flag in from outside, bring his dishes downstairs, and other things that normally take place on a Tuesday evening. 
Evidential walk around the house, confirming grandfather doing Tuesday evening chores.

112. Gary T's Experience 09/21/03 I felt as though I was traveling through a long tube of light similar to opening sequence of Space 2001. I came out of the tube into a large dark enclosure in the middle of which was a glowing sphere. In the middle of the sphere was a seated figure. As I approached, the figure got up and met me.  I said 'Who are you?'. He replied 'Who do you think I am?'. 'You are me'. 'Yes, That's right'.  Remarkable talk with his higher self that showed him the future, allowed him to visit and ask questions of his girlfriend.

111. Joe G's Experience 09/21/03 i remember that i started floating down the stairs from my bedroom loft.  once i was downstairs in the sitting area of my bedroom i did a quick circle around the room and proceeded to my brother's room next door to mine.  i floated above the bunk beds and just sort of looked at them.  i then left the room and floated through the kitchen down the hallway into my mother's room.  i saw her sleeping in bed with the tv still on, and i remember david letterman being on.
An evidential OBE where what he saw, he verified after coming back to his body.

110.  Robert V's Experience 08/29/03 Next thing I'm in this dark whirl wind and moving uncontrollably through space.  I can then remember seeing a light.  And I knew I was going to get to that light.  I finally made it to the light and everything slowed down and I was in a certain place (not sure of my surroundings).  All I know is there waiting for me was my best friend who had died the year before.  He told me to let him rest in peace. 
SOBE where he meets his recently deceased friend and finds emotional closure.

109.  Susan W's Experience 08/29/03  I find myself several feet about my sleeping body, it was very dark, and the ring was presented.  I figured I was supposed to go through it but I was too scared too. SO I RAISE MY HANDS UP IN FRONT OF MY FACE TO GAIN CONTROL OF THE EXPERIENCE AND I LIFT MY HANDS IN FRONT OF MYSELF AND THERE ARE NO HANDS, THERE ARE JUST BLACK, FILMY SHADOWS WHERE MY HANDS ARE (and of course, I scream and find myself in bed.)
Talks about a SOBE experience and another experience where she has an encounter with an other-worldly being.

108.  Lori R's Experience 08/10/03  My eyes were closed, but I was not asleep and suddenly I began to feel a vibration through out my whole body,  it was very intense and seemed to start at my head and moved through my body down to my feet.  The vibration seemed to consume me.  Slowly I felt my self moving from my bed,   I was not being pulled,  I was just drifting,  as I reached the foot of my bed,  I felt a bit of fear but was able to calm my fears by telling myself, "Lori, this is what you asked for, you are going to see your baby girl." and I seemed to calm right down. 
OBE brought on by grieving mother's wish to see her daughter again.

107.  Angel's Experience 08/10/03  I remember having fun floating upside down, going towards the ceiling, following the walls, going near the floor and then suddenly I was floating in one of the corners of my room looking at my bed and I thought to myself... If anything distracts me right now - I will be right back in that bed and I didn't want to go back yet so I was hoping nothing would disturb me...
This OBE may have elements of dream or perhaps parallel universe travel.

A couple OBEs and a visitation.

105. Bella's Experience 08/10/03  I was aware of a bright light to my right, and thinking that I was dreaming, it was a computer (but to my right is really my tv which was off) Then the light just went out and I felt this vibration start from my feet and move up through my body rapidly. It was a force, and I almost felt like I was about to be lifted up into a cloud. It frightened me. I felt like it could be death. I felt like i had to wake myself up. And the paralyzing feeling of being unable to scream was there as usual. But, I manage with a lot of will to yell "NO" again, and I'm awake.
Several descriptions of what may be the beginning of an OBE.

This experience could be a bridge between a dream and the OBE state of consciousness.

Interesting account that might have been triggered by subconscious remembering.

102. Karl G's Experience 06/23/03  The back and forth was like a strobe light feeling of vision between the two bodies and I tried to yell out to my partner next to me in bed but could only manage the smallest of sounds. i attempted this 3 to 4 times with the same result and then tried to reach out to my partner to help me.  as i felt paralyzed and at this point only managed to move my hand a few centimeters but it took all my effort to do so as if moving a bus with the hand i was trying to reach out with.
His consciousness was jumping from the physical body to the "other body" a few inches above the physical body.

101.   Sam M's Experience 06/23/03  The first time i had an OBE (i did it twice in 2 mins!) i was staring at myself i was at least 2 meters from my body. i was scared so i just wanted to get up, so i did. i turned over and i was out of my body again but i wasn't so scared now. so i zoomed up and i was staring birds eye to many streets then i zoomed out more and i was staring at the world!
Teenager tells of his experience when he was 12 years old.

100.  Fred's Experience  Hello!  I found your site very interesting. since I had an experience of leaving my body and floating above the house roofs I met another being there escorting another being and this first being told me to go back down, that's when I awoke like someone had hit me very hard and my two dog had their heads on my legs and were wagging their tails off their body almost, the second one was when one of my dogs died I chose to bury him in my garden; the next day when I was lying on the sofa a rush of wind came followed by a weight landing on my back, the next day I was sitting reading when my dog appeared in a misty form and came right through the patio door glass and just seem to look at me for about ten second and then disappear.

99. Rebecca B's Experience 06/14/03  The moment I saw them I was there, with them, passing through them. It felt wonderful to have something to see and feel. It felt like air, and that was a great deal "more" than the void. I felt the colors, too, and that, I cannot describe. In the brief moment I was in the clouds, I was aware of a very simple truth. THE ANSWER to all the mysteries. I remember marveling at how simple IT was. Wondering how we never found this TRUTH before. Thinking "Oh yes, oh yes, now I understand, how simple".  This remarkable experience turned out to be much like NDE imagery.  It started in a void and then moved on to total knowledge.  She felt the colors of the clouds.

98.  Melanie S's Experience 06/14/03  A second later, it was all over.  There was no more velocity, no pressure, no sound or vibration.  I was surrounded by light.  It was a white light that felt like pure energy.  This sounds crazy, but if it were possible to feel the presence of God, this would be it.  There was so much power all around me that it made me feel intimidated. But instead of feeling scared, I said four words, "I'm open to you"
Highly lucid prior to having an experience with NDE-like imagery.

97.  Sherry N's Experience 06/14/03 I went to sleep at my normal time and suddenly I felt myself rise. I rotated slowly. I was in my room and I was dressed in all white, rotating in a very slow circular motion at the ceiling. I know because I could touch it. There was someone else there dressed the same as I only I could not see there face. The feeling was calm but anxious to get to my daughter. I had the feeling that the only way to get myself out of this state was to ground myself by holding her hand and praying. And this brought me out of it. This experience happened only a month ago.  There's still a lot of uncertainty and fear of the unknown.

96.   David H's Experience 06/14/03  I was lying in bed, asleep, and I felt myself rise out of bed.  It felt very real, but not frightening.  As in every other time, I felt myself lay out, and "float" down the hallway, turning every corner in my house.  It was like I was actually moving through the house.  I left the house through the front door, but I don't know if I actually opened it or floated through it.  I remember it was dark outside, and I guided myself to an unknown house, and then inside of the house.  I vividly remember it being dark in the other house, and I remember seeing the furniture in the different rooms.  I don't remember if I saw anyone else in the house.  I left the house and went back to my own, and then woke up in my bed. 
This SOBE is akin to night wanderings while the physical body sleeps!

95.  Bea S's Experience 06/14/03  With a sudden jolt, i recall going through a tree in daylight. i did not recognize this place.  i could no longer see the old woman, instead i saw children.  they saw me and were screaming in completer horror which in turn terrified me.  they ran to take cover, pointing and screaming.  their mothers, i assume, came running out.  they too screamed and pointed as they ran into their houses.  i looked around in disbelief and realized i was in a different land.  the cars looked so foreign and the people i had seen were not at all like us as all the women and girls had their heads covered. 
SOBE with travel to other another world.  Her dog saw her leave.

94. WC M's Experience 06/14/03  From Singapore.  I was very sure I was totally aware what I was experiencing.  Unlike dreaming, I was conscious of the environment around me.  It is a feeling that is so unbelievable, to experience oneself floating upwards, leaving my own physical body.  I felt so light and weightless as my body floated upwards, horizontally, even performed a somersault in mid-air and then drifted back to physical body. The experience was wonderful and frightening at the same time.  I kept wondering, will my soul go back to my body?
Brief description of SOBE.

93.  Stephanie F's Experience 06/9/03 I decided I was going to grab one of those and go investigate what was going on when I discovered I couldn't move. Instead of going forward my body started to float up toward the ceiling and then I started to panic. I almost reached the ceiling when I felt a jolt and realized I had never got out of bed. I still had the feeling of terror and it was still hard for me to keep my eyes open but I sat up and tried to calm myself down and then eventually laid back down and fell into a deep sleep.
She only questioned her reality when it did not conform to her expectations of waking reality.  Up until that point, she didn't realize that she was in the OBE state.

92.  Sam M's Experience 06/9/03 The first time I had an OBE (I did it twice in 2 minutes!) I was staring at myself I was at least 2 meters from my body I was scared so I just wanted to get up, so I did I turned over and I was out of my body again but I wasn't so scared now so I zoomed up and I was staring Birdseye to many streets then I zoomed out more and I was staring at the world!
A 14-year old speaks of his experiences.

91.  Cristina C's Experience 06/9/03 SOBE from Spain  Feelings of lightness, I could think incredibly clearly, everything seemed much more real than reality. Sort of concepts or information about life and its purpose coming to my mind.  Everything around recognizable but with funny distortions. Sometimes some object or shape I wouldn't recognize. I could not see clearly my body lying down but could feel the shape somewhere there. I could perceive though the body of my partner bed.  Great description of the sense of sight.

90. Muhammad's Experience 05/31/03 MOSLEM Experience from PAKISTAN!  It was early morning on 26 December 2002.  I was asleep in my home.  During a dream I saw that I was on a hospital bed and my wife was besides me.  My two daughters were on my either side.  In my dream I felt that I was terminally ill and near death.  Then the time came and I knew that I am now to die.  I felt sad on leaving my daughters and wife and may be had tears in my eyes.  But there was no physical pain.  I then died and felt my body being lifted from the bed.  The feeling was like a flotsam popping up to the surface of the water.  I think I tried to stay down but the feeling of levitation over powered it.  Then with a light shudder, I woke up.  I think I died for that small moment and came back from being dead. 
Moving from the dream state to the OBE state.

89. Linda B's Experience 05/12/03 After I relaxed there was a second or two of what I will call "unconsciousness" and I left my body out of the top of my head.  When I was out, I had the most incredible feeling of lightness and freedom!  Instantly I was next to the woman who I could now "see".  She was beautiful, gold, pink and sparkling.  She told me to look down--we were at ceiling level some 15 feet above my body--the room was dark but seemed to be lit by some soft light and I could see my body clearly laying there.  There was a sparkling silver thread from the top of my head to my "spirit body" which was amorphous, web like structure that glowed pink and gold and silver.  The woman told me to love myself and the life I had in that body.  I was filled with a sense of love and peace. 
A SOBE with help from the other side.

Beginnings of SOBE

87. Robert T's Experience 05/12/03  For whatever reason, I felt this strong power from my chest sucking me out of my body. The force was not natural. It felt like the mixture of going down a steep hill on a roller coaster and being sucked up like a vacuum. I had never felt such power and force before and have not since.  Before I knew it, I could see myself from 360 degrees in the middle of the room with my body still on the couch. My spirit or mind was in the center of the room , but I could see my spirit from all sides hunched like I was sitting in the middle of the room.
SOBE with 360 degree vision.

86. Carol H's Experience 05/12/03  The next sensation was of falling.  I kept telling myself that I was safe and to just let it happen. As I was "falling," I heard voices that I didn't recognize.  It sounded like bits and pieces of conversations.  Then suddenly I was floating up toward the ceiling.  I remember thinking that this was impossible, that I wasn't light enough to float.  I ended up at the ceiling, kind of bobbing around and I felt really free.  There was no fear at all.  It felt totally natural. 
Shift in consciousness where buzzing sounds are really words from an alternate reality.

85. David F's Experience 05/12/03  The dream became even more fun because now, i was floating/falling above the floor of the non covered elevator. At this point i started FEELING air as if i was actually falling.  Not feeling it in my dream, but i felt it blowing on my arms and face and entire body as if i were actually free falling.  At this point i was completely bewildered and a little frightened.  I continued this for about 5 seconds, finally i said ok, i'm opening my eyes now, because it feels like there is REALLY air blowing me.  When i did open my eyes-everything was blurry, and i realized that i was sliding off the bed-not to the side, but straight back as if someone was tugging my feet and pulling me off the end of the bed.
Dream that turned into the beginnings of a SOBE experience.

84. Thor Q's Experience 05/11/03  I was lying dreaming I think and I started to fight with a shadowy figure, it was not a violent fight and I was not frightened. As the fight drew on I realized that this shadow that I was fighting was me and that I was gradually separating from the figure. As I separated I just flew upwards into a bright blue sky with a huge feeling of shedding all problems whilst still maintaining some sort of thread of contact with myself below. Anyway after a few moments I was pulled back down into my body and I woke.
This experience shows another aspect of consciousness.

83. Ruth R's Experience 04/19/03  Suddenly, as if my spirit had left my body, I could see myself standing there alone.  "Am I dying?  Will this be forever?"  Everything seemed bright, like everything and everyone was associated with a light of it's own.  The noise, a rumbling noise, as if people's voices were melting together into one echoed in my head.  And, a vibration, like the mall itself was feeling the pressure from my energy.  All of the sudden I was directed by my spirit toward the far end of the mall.  I turned and searched with all my power spotting my daughter. 
Mother lost her 3 year old daughter in a shopping mall and found her after an unexpected SOBE!

82. Brooks B's Experience 04/19/03  One night as I was about to drift off to sleep I was suddenly hovering close to the ceiling, looking down upon a bed with a person lying in it.  It was dark and I could not distinguish any features of the person.  I thought about wanting to get closer so I could see who it was and as soon as I had the thought I was hovering only 4 or 5 feet above the bed.  At first I still didn't know the person and then it suddenly occurred to me that it was MY body.  I had no emotional attachment to it whatsoever, only a curiosity.  I realized with great clarity that the body that slept on the bed was not me and that my "home" was not that house.  I knew my home was the universe and that "I" did not need that body, that house, or the bed or pillow.  I knew that I was perfectly safe wherever I was and that the entire universe was my home and my bed.  It was the most liberating feeling.
SOBE that could also be termed as a spiritually transformative event.

Frightening SOBE with the recollection of not being able to breath.

80. Joyce G's Experience 04/19/03 I was sleeping normally.  I remember getting the feeling that I was being lifted up and floating towards a nearby door.  At the time I felt as if someone (or more than one) was moving me out of the room.  I floated about 6 feet above the bed where my husband was sleeping.  I became frightened when I felt that I was close to the door and the experience stopped. I awoke briefly, but went back to sleep and slept through the night. 
This is a relatively new experience that occurred 3/22/03.

79. Kristin C's Experience 04/19/03  I want to say I "rose" above my body, but I feel that it was more of a struggle. Like my body didn't want to let go and it was holding onto my "soul" as it was trying to leave. I felt that i was about two inches higher than the rest of my body but it wouldn't go any further. During this entire time I remember thinking that this could be it, am I dying, but my thoughts were so clouded and there were so many of them rushing through my head that I can't hardly say exactly what was thinking.
This experience is only a couple weeks old.  You can see a lot of the confusion and fear that happens when a person first has an experience like this.

78. Heriberto C's Experience 04/19/03 When I turned around to look at the bed I was sleeping in, I saw myself laying there.  I was a little afraid because I have never experience this in my life. I did not panic.  Everything was very clear to me.  I saw the living room just as if I were awake in my physical body. The only difference is that it was a little dark.  Since I was afraid, I told myself that I want to go back into my body.  I willed myself in my physical body. It was like crashing hard against a solid wall.  I awoke and felt good and energetic. 
This is a first time OBE that happened when he was trying to control the lucid dreaming.

77. Rodney D's Experience 04/19/03  I was conscious, and in bed with my hand behind my pillow and head.  I went to move my hand and felt it move through the pillow.  I turned over and found myself floating in the air above the floor.  My dog sleeps on the floor on a dog bed  next to my bed and I clearly saw her.  There was a blue light surrounding me and illuminating the room.  I consciously associated the event with an OBE and attempted to maintain it, but found myself drawn back to the physical where I became immediately awake(?).  There seemed to be no real change in conscious state throughout the experience or my awakening in this reality.
Floated above body and observed a blue light illuminating the room.

75. Susan C's Experiences 04/19/03  I walked outside and sat down. I remember we had two dogs and they went with me. I then turned and started back to the house and the dogs followed me. Something caused me to look back and I was still sitting in the same place which frightened me because I did not know whether to go toward myself or not.
Here's a description of several SOBE experiences.

74.  Anna S's Experience 4/16/03  From Sweden  At the same time, I began to feel that my body, or maybe a part of the body became light (the spirit part?) It sort of detached from the rest of the body. At first, it felt like I was sinking down, but soon I instead started slowly "floating" forward and up. I remember how I was thinking about if this could be an "out of body experience", that I had heard of some time long ago. In a way I felt like I wanted to go through with the experience and see what happened. But at the same time, I was afraid that my leaving the body meant I was about to die.
A very new Swedish experience that just happened so not a lot of integration of the experience yet. 

73.  Denis P's Experience 4/10/03  As soon as I was outside my body, the fear vanished and was replaced by a sense of well-being. I thought this must be the way it felt to die when there were no traumatic circumstances involved. Upon discovering that my “guide” was hovering near me I asked him what I was.  He said to me, “You are a seat of consciousness.” I said next, “Well, what is my shape?” He replied to me, “Roughly spherical.” Then I said, “Well then, why can’t I see in a full 360 degree circle if I’m just a sphere of consciousness and don’t need eyes to see?” He replied, “it takes about 2 weeks to become deconditioned to the customary modalities of perception.” I marveled at the clarity of mind I was experiencing - having previously thought that if the mind could operate independently of the brain, it would experience a diminished intellectual capacity.
A must read for those interested in OBE.  This is one of the most fascinating SOBES that I have ever read! 

72.  Ray A's Experience 4/10/03 I don't remember going off to sleep so much as getting a feeling of weightlessness and drifting up out of my bed. A long tunnel, dark with a bright light at the other end  loomed ahead, down the hall outside my bedroom and out the front of the house. There were people in the light that I could not see who were telling me it was ok to come to them. I knew with certainty that if I did reach them and emerge from the tunnel into the light that I would not be able to return, that I would be dead. I have no idea who the people were, they were not menacing, but I was afraid. they may have said it was ok not to come to them. 
Wandered into a tunnel and saw beings.

71. Terri M's Experience 3/9/03 I was lying on the sofa, and I was trying to go to sleep again, I got a funny feeling in my stomach.  The only way I can describe it is this - It felt like the hand of God reached in and pulled my soul out. This time was different completely!! I was being pulled upwards, at the speed of light. I could feel like wind blowing strongly. I couldn't see what was around me at all. I couldn't even open my mouth to speak.  I just kept going up and up. I knew what was happening.  It was peaceful in a way.  Since I couldn't speak I thought my words in my head...Jesus...then I said, "This is going to hurt my mother."  Then it was like I was released as I fell down I went back into my body fast.  I woke up gasping for air.
A good description of a couple of experiences and what are some reasons to come back.

70. Seba M's Experience 2/8/03  I was in water over my head and suddenly I could see myself!  There I was, in my swimsuit, my hands and arms crossed reaching up to my throat and chest.  My mouth was open and I was screaming under water. My long hair was flowing in the water well up over my head.  My eyes were open.  Then I saw my eyes open wide (in what?  disbelief?) when the "me" that I was looking at, looked back!  I was not in that body that was me, though I knew it was still me, but I was also across from that body, looking back at it!  Like I was looking at someone else, but it was me.  And to see your own eyes go wide, wow.
A near-drowning caused this child to temporarily leave his body.

69.  Paul J's Experience 2/8/03 I then had a feeling of thickness in my body as if my soul where thinning out.  It felt larger somehow.  Then it was as if time stopped because I then became aware I had been staring at myself from above.  Seeing myself laying there, I could sense some connection with my body still - not in a physical sense but maybe in that thinning feeling sense.  An eternity could have passed but I would have never knew it.  I wasn't scared at the time but I do remember thinking I might be dieing.  However, I became worried I would float too high and not be able to get back.  I can't tell how I snapped out of it or back into my body. 
An OBE from being ill.

68. Jane's Experience 2/6/03  I have experienced sleep paralysis for about 3 years now.  I'm a 24 yr. old female and have read that the onset is usually around this time of life.  At first I had no idea if what I was experiencing was common, so I began asking around.  Everyone I asked told me that I was just dreaming and were quite skeptical, except for my father who it turns out had also experienced it.  Once I did some research into it I came across accounts of people who had out of body experiences during sleep paralysis.  There were even a few tips on how to induce such an experience, although the terror of sleep paralysis makes one very hesitant to try experimenting.  All you want to do is wake up and become unparalyzed.  Then yesterday I was watching a tv program on near death experiences and they were talking about the separation of the conscious mind from the body.  Suddenly, it all clicked into place.  I had always known that during sleep paralysis, my mind had become fully conscious and "separated" from my body, but I was too terrified to explore the possibilities for a complete separation where I will my consciousness to leave my body altogether.  So I do not have any OBE story to share (yet), but now I think I have a better understanding of the potential to have such an experience.  If I ever get the guts to try it I will let you know how it worked out.  I think I would very much like to sit on the top of the bell tower at the University, so that will be my goal should I get the chance. 
It is intriguing that there could be a genetic link to OBEs.  She has overcome her fear of OBE and is now willing to explore.

67.    Victoria P's Experience 2/2/03  From Bulgaria!  I woke up in my dream leaving my body quickly. This time everything was different. I wasn't scared anymore. I was somehow prepared. I had made a decision about where to go if it happens again. I went to some friends of mine. They were sleeping at the time. They are a couple. The man usually works night shifts, he was there, and in the morning I checked them and he really was there. However, I was in their sleeping room. I tried to throw a frame of a picture but couldn't. I only felt the cold glass. I went out. There was a fog and I couldn't see much. Then I told myself I wanted to look around. All of a sudden it all became clear. It was a sunny day.
Here are descriptions of several OBE attempts and successes.

66.  AJ N's Experience 1/26/03  In the dream I suddenly become aware that I've fallen way behind the other cars and that I'm beginning to lose consciousness. I'm fading fast and decide to turn off the road. Then I'm in what seems like an underground tunnel that slopes upwards. I am no longer feeling like I'm fading out. At the end of the tunnel is a light. I know if I reach the light I'll be okay. Then suddenly I'm floating next to the ceiling in my bedroom looking down at my husband and I sleeping. The room is not dreamlike in anyway. It's just my room.
She thought she was having a dream until she realized that she was floating near the ceiling and looking down on her husband.

65. Scott C's Experience 1/26/03  This OBE I experienced was while I was sleeping I felt incredibly warm and comfortable and I remember looking downward and then I realized what was happening. I saw my physical body lying in the same position as I was in as a spirit.  I did not see light of any kind. The, I was back in my physical body.  I remember waking up some hours later and feeling frightened then I got a sense of "WOW" that is the only way I could describe it.
This is a short, simple experience

64. Elizabeth B's Experience 1/26/03 At one point, I was standing there, close by but not too close to the casket and all of a sudden I was standing in the doorway, on the other side of threshold, watching myself stand there and cry. I watched myself turn around and look around the rear of the room. As if I was looking for "J" (the "boy" I was in love with/the man I am with now). I watched between him and me and I watched myself looking at him and when that part of me looked up to his eyes, I was standing there again in my body looking at him.
SOBE precipitated by the stress of a funeral.

63.  Nima's Experience 1/16/03 Then I don't know how, but my vision was like the space.  Many many many stars of different sizes.  But the vision was more than a vision, it was a feeling of space.  I remember saying to myself: Wow.  And as I was observing the scene within myself, my "eyes" focused on one spot darker than the background's color.  A very dark spot.  Then, as if I wanted to "go" to that spot, I went... the spot quickly got bigger and then I felt like going down a drain really fast... You know how you feel in the rollercoaster as it is going down the highest peak... well that feeling...  and then I was drained into somewhere... then 'pop'  I was beside the bed where I was laying... Very surprised, I didn't 'move' at first. 
This is a variant SOBE with a great description of the 5 senses and good suggestions for experiments.

62.  Jamie U's Experience 1/16/03  The creature had a feminine quality, though I'm not expressly sure she was female.  She radiated love, light, and protection.  All of the thoughts she communicated to me were in the form of feelings.  No words were spoken.  I'm not even sure that I could "hear".  She expressed that someone I loved very dearly was in great danger, mortal danger.  She expressed the feeling that she could keep them safe if they were near me.
Child's SOBE occurred in the hospital with a warning that saved her siblings.

61.  Ellen M's Experience 1/16/03  My husband and I were staying at a friends in Sydney and in the middle of the night, I awoke and found myself on the ceiling very very close to the light fitting. I looked down and saw my husband, I don't remember seeing myself.  It was a very strange feeling floating in the air.  I then heard a voice who said that He was God.  I questioned this and replied "How do I know you are God?" 
It must be very strange to wake up and find yourself on the ceiling!

60.  Jim R's Experience 1/1/03  Just as I was taking a breath to begin the 4th verse, I found myself stepping backward from the microphone one step.  I was then amazed to watch and hear myself, from the back, sing the entire 4th verse.  I had no conscious feeling of singing at all.  I was amazed at what was happening.  I was standing directly behind my body looking at the back of my physical head. It was such a unique experience that I did not find it threatening or frightful.  I heard me sing the 4th verse without even a hint of problem and I was right on key.  I did not look at anything else or anywhere else.  I just looked at my physical body.
This is a great SOBE!  His friend who was sitting in the pews witnessed the event!

59.  Jessica's Experience 1/1/03  I was laying down and just shut my eyes, and my head started to spin, and I saw from my closed eyes a black figure *full black* and than I saw/felt myself rise up into a standing position, and I looked around and saw myself laying there but I was not there long, for I got pulled in to a tunnel of a sort (energy?) and through it.  I was shown to all these places by a lady and a male form.
This a spontaneous OBE with NDE-like imagery.

58.  Sabrina A's Experience 1/1/03  I have another OBE whereas I thought I was awake but as soon as I realized that I wasn't was when I sensed i am about to wake up.  Then it almost seemed like the transparent me was trying to fit back into my body like a puzzle piece into a puzzle and as it was fitting in I was awakening more and more, I saw more color but while I was fitting in everything looked like it was floating.
Here's a frequent flyer who describes seeing herself as a transparent replica of her body.

57.  Marie B's Experience 12/13/02  This night and the only night that I have ever had an out of body experience was quite a surprise to me !  I found myself, during the middle of the night, up at the ceiling. I was in the south/east corner of the ceiling of our bedroom. I saw my husband and myself laying in our water bed sleeping peacefully. My husband was laying on his right side facing away from me in the bed. I also, was laying on my right side facing towards my husband. I saw our bedroom very clearly, but especially noticed that we were both sleeping. Yet, I knew I was also, up at the ceiling.
A first time event!

56.  Beth A's Experience 12/7/02  Then I floated up toward the ceiling. I could see my body back on the bed and I also could sense my body floating at the ceiling. I wondered if I could go through the ceiling so I proceeded to try. It was effortless. I floated out into the night air. I kept rising, as if swimming, and went up to the ridge behind our house. It was night but it didn't seem as dark as it should have. Everything looked like it does currently, but then I also started seeing some things that looked as if they were from a long time ago in the same place. I was seeing people in the woods and they seemed like manual workers of some sort.
A couple of OBEs and with seeing lights around people.

55.  Robyn L's Experience 12/7/02  Exactly one year later, the same overwhelming feeling of "sleepiness" came over me again.  This time I knew what was going to happen so I got underneath the covers and tucked the sheets and blankets tightly down the side of the water bed.  Once again, my eyes were closed but I could see myself floating towards the wall.  I pushed myself away again and did the back stroke back to bed.  When I awoke, the covers were perfectly tucked in my bed like I had never left the bed to float.  But I was floating.
Dreams floating out of body in college.

54. Steve P's Experience I had open heart surgery when I was two years old because I had a hole in my heart. The doctors did not use any anesthetic at the time because I was too young. When they cut me open, I felt severe and intense pain and I left my body because it was too much for me to bear. When I left my body, I was floating at the ceiling level. This spirit or being came to me and took my hand and held it. I felt as if I could leave with the spirit being right then if I wanted, but it made me feel all the love in the room and my mom praying for me, and I think that is what kept me from dying.
Pain during surgery caused this 2 year old to leave his body.

53. Vanessa's Experience TEENAGER FROM SINGAPORE 11/23/02 There's this other time, which was freaky-scary. I was really really tired and it was about three am so I shut off the lights and lay down on the floor to rest, when all off a sudden, I felt the vibrations coming on really strongly. It was so strong that I felt myself ready to 'take off' any moment. (I think I was on the verge of dropping off) I didn't want that to happen and tried to stop it. I tried willing myself NOT to feel the vibrations but that didn't work. So I shut my eyes and clenched my hands and tensed my body really hard and WILLED the sensations to go away. They did eventually and I fell asleep.
Teenager's initial experiences and trying to understand OBEs.

52.  Angie V's Experience.  11/10/02  I heard a very unusual sound. It is very hard to explain because there is nothing I could compare it to. It was more like many sounds of the same type. Maybe is not the correct perception but I felt as if I was surrounded by beings or spirits that produced this strange sound.
Great descriptions of the beginnings of OBE and how they affect our senses.  The family dog witnessed one of them.

51.  Nick G's Experience.  11/10/02  i relaxed myself and started concentrating. the next thing i know i'm rising again and i can hear an odd sound. i see shadows of people to the right and a foggy light to the left. i wanted to go to the light but was scared. i was totally aware that i was 5 feet or so from my real body.  i thought, i've got to get up and tell my girlfriend. but i slammed back into my body.
This is a new experience that just happened a few days ago.

50.  Richard A's Experience.  11/9/02  I was working 2 jobs and lay down before work for a nap. Just as I was entering 'sleep' all of a sudden I rose above my body to the corner ceiling of the room. I was not alarmed at all by this experience, more perplexed if anything. I didn't feel any different and recall looking down on my body, detached thinking 'look at that - just bones - not the real me'. My OBE lasted about 10 seconds. I then returned to my body, woke and recalled the entire experience. 
This experience describes the first OBE and a subsequent OBE.  Also included are a couple of after death communications and astral traveling.

49.   Ron C's Experience.  10/29/02  At each breath the tingling increased and I felt myself being drawn out of my body. Everything was in perfect vision and very clear, actually very clear. After several breaths I was now about 5m (16 feet) away from the car. This lasted about 10 seconds. With a final breath I seemed to just slip away very fast and the whole experience turned into a dream experience - I found myself in a village.
A quick, simple, but profound experience.

48.  Gina T's Experience.  10/21/02  I was laying on the couch in my family family room.  I remember that I heard this loud screeching sound in my ears.  It was piercing to the point where I tried covering my ears and was laying in the fetus position.  Next, I felt the need to get to the light switch that was on the other side of the room.  Slowly I crept off of the couch and crawled on the floor.  I remember being conscious of what I was doing every step of the way.  I went to go to reach up to the light switch when I glanced over at the couch.  To my astonishment, there I was still lying there in the fetal position. 
A surprising SOBE since she didn't even feel herself part from her body.

47.   Angel E's Experience.  10/13/02  The top body or spirit was more see through. I know my eyes are still closed right now - The way I'm seeing is different because I can see from different angles at the same time. Anyway, I can feel strong, very strong energy between the 2 bodies...trying to separate. It's like colored lights of energies that I c between the two bodies moving. It feels like I don't want to let go... It's having a hard time separating from my body. I can see the different energies between the two bodies.
Great description of astral body separating from the physical body!

46.   Konrad K's Experience.  Experiencer from Poland  10/13/02  I heard a loud noise and I realized that I can see. I saw my room, my bed, and my body. Then I thought that I wanted to prove my experience, so I go to window to look out of it. I can see the light on the street. Then I thought I go to main the room.  I experienced going through a closed door and a wall.  It was .... (difficult to explain) a wonderful feeling.
Our first Polish OBE!

45.   Gretchen D's Experience.  9/27/02  I heard myself speaking, like I was talking to myself, but my lips weren't moving.  I said out loud, in my unconscious, I'm dreaming. The sound of my voice, and the energy in my body, was if I was awake.  This made me aware.  Then I saw that I was in a bedroom, with two separate beds, and there was a dresser over to the left.  I was startled by the way I viewed the room and realized that my back was on the ceiling of the room.  I then was frighten, being confused I looked around the room and it registered to me that my back was on the ceiling, my breasts were dangling.  I felt my breast dangle.
OBE that scared her initially, but then acted as a spiritually transformative event to greater spiritual awareness.

44.  Sephult's Experience.  9/25/02  "I lifted the binoculars trying to find the triangle again. A voice from the woods on the left side, said in a very frightening , but friendly tone. H-e-l-l-o. It sounded very chorusy, almost like a cat purring the word Hello. The next thing I knew, I looked straight out in the woods, and I had an OBE. I saw the lights from the back porch, I was about 100-150 feet away from the house looking at me and my friend. The feeling still stays with me. I felt like I was the thing in the woods."
This is a SOBE with a bit of an interdimensional shift.  It could be possible that the thing he heard was himself if you view the encounter as a 4th dimensional soul reducing one or more of its parts to this third dimensional reality.  I'm not sure if two or more parts of the soul can exist in the same third dimension, but hypnosis work done by Dick Sutphen suggests that it can happen. Or another theory is that in the particular OBE state he was in, perhaps all things are connected and perceived as one being.  The UFO angle is intriguing - whether it is actually him or if it is the connectedness of all beings in his state of OBE. 

43.  Amanda M's Experience.  9/25/02  "The room was bright and I was looking at a dress that was hung on my bedroom wall. My gaze was fixed on this dress taking in all its details. I knew it was not possible to see this dress from the position I was laid in bed, this frightened me again. Then this beautiful white light wrapped itself around me, it felt amazing it was so bright  and for a moment I felt safe. Then fear hit me and I thought, please go away, leave me alone. The next thing, I was back in a upright position coming down. I reached the floor and touched my bed in a sitting position. I whooshed back into my body."
Interesting OBE in that even though the surroundings were real, a teddy bear and a torch came floating by.  Also includes an experience where both, she and her son, saw each other on the astral plane.

42.  Micheal Cr's Experience.  9/4/02 "Upon reaching a window I nearly materialized through a wall to outside. I could have done this with effort and perhaps some pain. It was then that I realized that this was an actual Out Of Body Experience. I decided to explore my room first and become familiar with the OBE state though I was very curious to see what flying out of doors would be like. Then the sound of a car engine caused me to partially awaken back in my physical body."
Here's the first OBE experience of many; highly informative!

41.  Michelle B's Experience.  9/3/02   "I was about as high up as a plane. I could feel the air, cool and moist on my skin. I was going through the clouds at that point. I then flew over the water. I could see the waves below me. I then was over land, like a desert. I landed there and I seen military trucks, men in uniforms and police that was not from the USA. I knew at that point I was somewhere else. I could see oil rigs off to my right and a city in front of me. It was either dusk or dawn, with that sort of lighting. I tried talking to the men there. No one would answer me."
Fascinating experience with a trip to the middle east at the beginning of Operation Desert Storm!

40.  Teri M's Experience.  9/3/02 & 9/27/02 & 1/26/03 "Suddenly, it was as if some energy came at me from all directions and although centered near my diaphragm, it encompassed all of me.  I felt it first, then opened my eyes and realized that I was being slowly 'lifted' or raised from my former position on my bed.  I have a tall white lamp near my bed, and it's post was horizontal, which threw off my perception of where I was at first.  There was the most intense brightness, though it was also somewhat foggy around the edges.  As I continued to rise, I felt so LIGHT."
Reported within hours of having the OBE and again several weeks later.  What a wonderful way to go, to sleep and then have it turn into an OBE, then directly record the experience on the website!  An additional update added on 1/26/03 which clearly shows positive integration.

39. Micheal O's Experiences.  8/24/02  "Then my mind must have wandered for all of a sudden I felt very warm and safe as if my whole body and mind was being made warm and all my fears and thoughts of tomorrow had gone.  I was safe.  I remember walking around this shed, which seemed to have gotten bigger and brighter.  In the corner was something or someone it was just a crumpled heap.  I went to touch something on a bench but could not seem to pick it up."
A childhood near drowning and a suicide attempt both have similar feelings and recollections.  There are some clear elements of OBE in both experiences and both were life-threatening events. 

38.  Tamara's Experience.  8/20/02. "I felt comfortable and free and completely normal or better. I can describe it as when you are in water that is the same temperature as your body. You don't feel the contrast and you flow. I felt that way until I became aware that I was looking down at what should be in front of me. Then I felt like I had smashed into a brick wall at a high speed."
Evidential SOBE where she left her body and went to a church.

37.  Elisha's Experience.  8/20/02.  i was sleeping and suddenly i found myself on another planet far from home. it was an evil and empty place. there were others there but they were all dirty and missing limbs. and they were sad and empty. the whole atmosphere of the place was grey and dirty. and the people there lived in homes made of trash and filth. it seemed i had been there for a very long time, like a year, and my heart was heavy. all i wanted to do was go home. but i didn't know how to leave."
This is a story from a 14 year old who had the experience at age 11.

36.    Dr. Garth C's OBE.  8/13/02.  "I was whisked through one wall of the bedroom up through the roof into upper space, at great speed, way up into the stratosphere. I felt amazingly light. The speed was unbelievable. Then I was looking down at the planet Earth and it appeared like an onion with multiple layers all transparent so that I could see through them all simultaneously. Everything that had ever happened in history was still going on, at various levels: great migrations, historic battles, wars, catastrophes, land movements, changing contours, people rousing each other to various causes."
This is an OBE from New Zealand that also is a spiritually transformative event.  One of the most unusual facets is that the experience occurred at the age of 57.  Most OBEs happen prior to age 25.

35.    Penny E's SOBE.  8/6/02.  All of a sudden (no trips down a tunnel, etc.) I was in the presence of Light, incredible, indescribable Light. I was shown my vanity, not in a way that was condemning, but in a way that I could see it stemmed from needless insecurity. I knew I was completely Loved in spite of what I perceived as physical imperfections. I felt enveloped in Love and Peace and Joy and knew that these were what the Light was. I Loved myself and everyone else as well.
Prayers for her enemies led to an incredible out of body experience.

AWESOME!  This is a mixed form of SOBE and bi-location. 

33.  Tex A's Experience.  7/22/02  "I laid back down kinda trying to sleep lightly because i had to get up in about another hour. It was like I just rose out of my body. It was like some trying to talk to me but I couldn't hear there voices. All I heard was like noises." 
Here is the beginning of a first OBE that occurred during a very light sleep.

32. Vera's Experience:  I don't suppose this sounds too profound to you but to me, the classic Doubting Thomas, it really set me thinking of how it could possibly be that I could be fully conscious with excellent sight and perception and, at the same time, be asleep in my bed!
SOBE at age 19.  7/8/02

31. MeKenzie Jo's Experience: I thought of flying higher and higher so I could visit my twin sister (was 5 weeks old when she died... we both were born 3 months prematurely).  Suddenly, I heard... (I never hear anything in my real life, but all of a sudden I could hear).  I heard someone behind me, saying in the most beautiful voice... "You know that you can travel from one place to other instantly like winking your eyes.  You don't have to fly up to your destination." (something like that).  Immediately my thoughts were racing with, "Wow, I can hear... wow.."
Is this an OBE or a variant of lucid dreaming?  This experience is special because a deaf person describes sound she heard during her OBE.  6/20/02

Maria T's Experience:  "At age 12 I was sleeping.  I thought I was dreaming about my grandfather's death but when I looked back over the way things went that day I realized that it wasn't a dream at all but was an out of body experience (OBE).  I recall the details vividly.  I was all of sudden in a hospital in the ICU unit.  I saw the monitors attached to my grandfather flat line and heard the emergency code for him.  I saw the nurses and doctors rush in and try to save him.  They did the paddle shocks on him but it was no use.  It was his time to move on to the next step.  I watched as his spirit floated out of his body and as he drifted off he looked over where I was looking on and smiled at me." 
This is an amazing connection of a child to her grandfather by an evidential OBE to the emergency room at the time of his death! 6/20/02

29.  Patrick T's Experience: I was very alert. It was exactly as if I was awake. I could see the details in my room and the ceiling from up close exactly as if I was seeing it in real life, them problem is I was sleeping and I was seeing the ceiling and the wall from a position that was impossible to achieve even if I was awake and stood up on my bed looking at the ceiling. I then realized it was an OBE. 
This is one excited fellow, whose experience occurred May 15, 2002!  He's really working on a way to induce OBEs now.  However, I would strongly caution anyone regarding drugs or electronic devices without medical approval.  Too much excitement may prove harmful.

28.  Andrew C's Experience.  6/15/02.  "About half way between the body and the ceiling of the bedroom I hesitated, then wanted to see if the ceiling was a boundary. It was, and I bumped the ceiling, while turning 90 degrees upon assent. I had a strong sense that the direction of north had changed to west, this occurred while rotating 90 degrees upon assent to the ceiling. My body was lying face down in bed, a normal sleeping posture for me, and my floating body (presence of mind) had it's back to the ceiling." 
Wow!  15 minutes after the experience, Andrew found this site and reported the incident! 

Gil Z's Experience  6/4/02  "Managed to sit up and looked over at the clock to see 2:00am still with the to catch my snap I reached for the sting of the ceiling fan to turn the light on and i kept missing it i tried over and over again. I finally got frustrated and decided to go to the restroom and splash water on my face. I took several steps towards the restroom which felt like in slow-motion and feeling as if I just woke up from a long comma."  He sure was surprised to realize he wasn't in his body!

26.  Lori W's Experience  6/4/02  "I'm not sure how long I was asleep before I felt myself floating up to the ceiling. I remember looking down and seeing myself asleep on one couch and my friend and her boyfriend asleep on the other couch." Just the beginnings of an OBE.

Nathan's Experiences  6/4/02."My son says he suddenly appeared at the other end of our yard (about 100 yards) and was watching himself with his friend and the air hog.  He said he could not hear what he was saying or anything, and then he was back with himself."  Remarkable!  7 year old's two OBEs as told to mother.

Jacqueline's Experience: "As I was doing this I felt myself float up about a couple of feet from where I was laying.  I said to myself "Hey, this is cool!" and then I kind of wobbled or rolled from side to side, but something or someone seemed to be holding my left foot down.  I sat up and reached down with both hands and pulled my foot and leg up along side the right one.  Everything thing was black around me and I was afraid if I didn't do something quick that I would end up back on the couch.  I don't know why, but I remember asking God to release me, either back into my body or completely out of it.  Then I saw a very small bright light, the color of the sun, straight ahead and a little bit to the right. " 
This is a SOBE with STE elements because the experience transformed her such that she has no fear of death and the interaction with God increased her faith.  5/25/02

23.  Diane D's Experience: FROM DENMARK "i was lying in my bead without thinking of anything when I was pulled out of my body though an endless tunnel. With the speed of light, which was wonderful. i came near to a Light, came into it . It was God and it showed parts of my life, which I should not concern myself with. The only thing  that mattered is LOVE, I then forgot my life on earth, even my name and family. I melted completely in the Light. Suddenly I remembered my youngest child age 2. All at once I came into a-no-where-gray place and felt very lonely and unhappy. Then I was back in my body." 
This is a SOBE with NDE-like elements.  5/25/02

22.  Todd S's Experience: "I had just come in from running. I laid down on the living room floor and just relaxed. Then I felt as though I was floating.  I was was a very comfortable feeling. As I floated more I began to realize that I was floating upward. So I turned around and saw my Body laying on the floor below me. I could see my furniture, the color of the rug in fact many details but in a cloudy, ethereal sort of way and from a totally different perspective, one from above. The fact that I was still sweating and could see the sweat startled me. " 
A runner's OBE.   5/25/02

Marilyn E's Experience  5/2/02.  "The U.F.O. landed, a door slid silently back, a ramp walk appeared and a tall Being, dressed in a one-piece space suit came into sight.  His face shone with great happiness.  My heart lifted with unbelievable happiness, too, that my Spirit sang.  Never had I encountered before or since such depth of feeling, of love, of beauty, of joy, happiness and ecstasy.  I knew instantly, without a shadow of doubt, that I had known him for thousands of years, in lifetimes past and perhaps on other planes and dimensions of time, on other planets, too."
During the SOBE Marilyn became aware of UFOs for the first time. 

20.    Mike's Experience.  5/1/02. I remember a lighted tunnel and humanoid beings at the end of the tunnel.  They "indicated" That I could go with them.  I did not want to to go.  So I went back. 
This is a child experience and wonderful meeting with Jesus.

19.    Tammi L's Experience.  4/29/02.  i went in the nurses office at school complaining of a head ache, i was only sleepy. I lie down on the cot as soon as i did i rose up went to the window turned and noticed my body was sill on the cot!  as i noticed this i begin to look up and down my body, and looking at my hands it was strange i was wearing the same clothes ! everything was the same except the fact i had no control over the  me lying on the cot!
A teen OBE happening at age 14.

18.    Tim J's Experiences.  4/29/02.  "I can never find the line that brings me back quickly, I get paranoid about being away too long so I usually end it quickly. I am working on that "line" so I can stay out longer. Swimming in air is the easiest way to put it for now because I still think my body is connected. It excites me but scares me too."  This is a good example of how an experience or set of experiences don't really fit into a category.  Technically, there are elements of spontaneous OBEs, but the frequency of the happenings may make all but the first OBE more into the category of induced or subconsciously induced.

17.    Prana's Experience.  NON-WESTERN SOBE FROM INDIA  4/19/02.  "After reaching a level I stopped and stood still for sometime. I wanted to call my husband and tell him about this. But could not do any thing. But then, I slowly came down in the same way and with a jerk entered the body. suddenly I was able to move and jumped up. The only after effect is that I have developed claustrophobia."  SOBE triggered from fever after miscarriage. 

16.    Pat V's Experience.  4/19/02.  As I often am, I was rushing from one thing to another.  As I entered my room everything (EVERYTHING!) went WHITE.  I do not mean that objects were white, I mean that there were no objects, only whiteness.  I felt a sensation of 'separating' beginning with my right shoulder. It was like a complete dropping away of all worries, concerns, physical weight, all 'earthly' ties.  What was moving upward was a separation of my spirit/soul/innermost being into a TOTAL peace that cannot be described.  My big question is whether the OBE was a reaction to the light (like walking into another dimension) or if the OBE started and then recognition of the light came?  Addendum from Pat - RE your question about "the light" - I believe everything 'went white' first.  The 'separation' was only beginning when I somehow called it off.  (Sort of wish I hadn't). . . There are simply no words to express the feeling of peace!  Peace to you!        Pat

15.    Shari C's Experience.  4/19/02.  All I can tell you really is that I can remember walking home from junior school with my friend, and then, I saw myself in the distance walking and talking to her.  I don't know what I was saying, it was like I was watching someone else walking down the road.  I do not know how I "caught up with myself" or how the experience ended either.  Perhaps it was a dream, I just don't know.  Although much is vague and memory time distortion exists, Shari's experience may be a type of deja vu or perhaps a mild bilocation?

14.    Ewa E's Experience.  4/13/02."At the moment I was asked to turn on my stomach (any time I was touched by therapist my astral body was pushed inside me) When on stomach I left my body - I was sitting on a stream of white energy, while sitting on it I crossed a wall and then became unity with the energy and became part of total universal Energy. Then I saw God- as Old man, Jesus,, Virgin Mary, Krishna (I understood what means that Krishna has no sex) and Buddha, but also he appeared as monkey dressed in beautiful crimson" What starts as a spontaneous occurrence, quickly moves into repeat occurrences.

13.    Donna A's Experience.  4/6/02.  I was totally aware of my surroundings, but yet something was very strange.  Only my mind was aware of what was going on. It was like I did not have a body at all.  I never once acknowledged that I was a person or had a body, just mind. I was totally aware of my surroundings and that was all.
Grandmother's recent death was a precipitating factor in this SOBE, and had some NDE-like changes afterwards pertaining to lack of fear of death.

12.    Jared A's Experience.  4/6/02. As soon as I shut my eyes it happened.  I was looking down upon myself and I heard "my out of body experiences' got dead cops after me" then I tried to get up cause i got scared but my body was immobile, but finally i used all my strength and got up.  
Illness associated short SOBE.

11.    Hilda L's Experience. 4/1/02.  "I saw god sitting at the top of a staircase. I asked some questions and they were answered." 
From the depths of despair, her soul finds God.

10.    Lynn's Experience. 3/29/02.  "Just then, I was hovering over my body, looking at myself and the the way I was laying in my bed.  The thing that most interested me was the fact that I felt a wonderful feeling of love, no worries, complete happiness.  There was no sense of myself as a person, just a feeling of love." 
The intense sense of well-being and love was felt in the early stages of the OBE.

9.    Teen's Experience. 3/22/02.   "I was then floating up from my house and I was rising to the night sky I looked at my hand and I had looked solid but I didn't know at the time that I was actually traveling with my energy body and I felt something forcing me up and up and since no one can control my energy body I was telling myself I couldn't stop what was happening to me and it made me rise higher" 
Another first experience, only this time it is a teen experience. 

First awakening to new spiritual possibilities. 

7.    Helga B's Experience.  3/9/02.  "It was ecstasy!  I was free and comfortable- free from worry, pain, illness, etc.  I felt as if I were perched on a plateau, getting ready to fly.......and wanting to just go ahead and fly out of my disaster of a body and a disaster of a life.  The peace that had descended upon me was total: no more anything but comfort, serenity, love, and the feeling of being enwrapped in the strength/warmth of someone else's arms." Pain associated post-operative SOBE with a positive void experience.

6.    Riki G's Experience.  3/9/02.  I went to bed and fell asleep normally. I was dreaming some insignificant dream and in my dream I went over and sat in a chair.  Suddenly, my dream stopped short and all was black.  A place opened up above me with a brilliant, white, misty light.  The light was very, very bright, but it didn't hurt my eyes.  It started out small and kept opening larger.  
NDE-Like imagery from a spontaneous OBE.

5.     May's Experience  3/8/02. i could not move or escape and i cried out for Jesus with all of my strength. suddenly i was pulled upwards so fast i could not see. i was pulled up into light brighter than hundreds of suns. the light filled my very being till i too became the light and then the love that emanated filled me too. i knew i was saved and deeply loved like nothing on earth. i looked around and saw that i was in a place of great beauty.  Fantastic NDE-like imagery without the life-threatening event.

4.     Patrick's Experience  1/5/02. " I closed my eyes and almost immediately found myself in a state that was neither a dream nor a hallucination.     I found myself enveloped within the lining of a slowly revolving vertical pipe-like affair. One might even call it a tunnel except that it was revolving. By looking across the “pipe,” I could that the diameter was only about eight feet.
Very life-changing OBE.

3.    Lana's Experience  6/17/99.  I knew I had left my body behind. He had no face I only saw a silhouette, and knew it was Jesus. I knew I was with him, but remembered my mom. I felt I couldn't leave her back on earth and Jesus said "Everything will be okay". 
Pain from surgery triggered this OBE.

.    Marty's Experience 6/17/99.  At that precise second, reality around me all "melted" away... the best analogy I can think of in this regard is the way the cessation of a "holo-deck" program occurs on the television series "Star Trek: The Next Generation"... except that the void I was suddenly in had no "yellow grid lines" and was immense beyond comparison
NDE-Like imagery, the void, and given a choice.

1.    Darcy's Experience  4/4/99.  I was out of body about 30' in the air behind the car viewing the  distance between the car and the concrete divider. I watched as the car went through and was steering the car from out of body as it  went through, when ever I moved the steering wheel I was briefly back in the car to watch how much I moved the steering wheel, then out of body again to watch the car go through. Soon as I got by the concrete divider I was back in my body. 
Talk about a wild drive!

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