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Sandra C's Experience

Experience description:   

My name is Sandra and I listened to the Coast to Coast am show on March 1, 2009.  I've been well aware of NDE experiences through-out the years but have never personally experienced a NDE in the traditional form.  I am e-mailing you today because I’d like to share my experience(s) with you and also find out in return if anyone else is experiencing NDE’s in this same format. 

Some how I’m able to experience what NDE’s are experiencing for people who are making their transition.  I’d like to share with you my latest experience.  There’s a lot hear but I didn’t want to leave anything out. 

On December 28, 2008 my father was hospitalized at age 71 with several complications, heart failure, diabetes, etc.  He was in CCU for a few days and continued to not make progress.  On Monday morning January 5, 2009 around 7:00 am (Monday) his night nurse said that they had sat him up and was doing much better.  My sister and my nephew felt great that Grandpa seemed to be finally feeling better.  I however felt different.  Again, for some reason I’ve been able to have this knowing when a person is about to make their transition. (related or not) 

My father’s primary doctor arrived a few hours later to check on my Dad’s progress and seemed puzzled.  I will never forget this……I quietly asked the doctor, “is he dieing?” and he nodded this head – yes.  I asked him if he felt that it was necessary for me to contact his siblings and other immediate family and again he said – yes.  He left the room and after 30 minutes he returned and said that he wanted a second opinion.  I few hours later another Doctor examined my father and said that all the numbers looked good and that he was getting better.  Again, everyone was very happy and they were almost upset with me for jumping the gun. 

Later that same day around 3:00 pm the second Doctor returned to my father’s room and apologized about her diagnosis. She informed us that there was nothing more that could be done for my father.  My father signed a “Living Will” stating that he did not want to be kept alive by artificial means.  She said that some of the machines and medicine he was taking were keeping him alive.  She asked all the family members if we were all in agreement about removing all life support.  We all agreed that this was best and this was his wish.  She also informed us that he would probably not live much longer than an hour or two after having all the machines and med’s removed.   

So, arrangements were made to move my father into a more quite and non evasive environment….a room where all the family could visit comfortably.  My father continued to live on his own all except for an oxygen tube in front of his nose.  Family members came and went and actually my father appeared to look and feel better, he spoke to visitors and looked good.   

My younger sister and I decided to spend the night with him.  We both did not want him to be alone.  I sat in a chair next to his bed on the right side of him and my sister sat in a chair directly behind me in the living area space.  In a hospital a person doesn’t really get uninterrupted sleep.  Nurses were in and out and other people walked up and down the hall way, etc. etc. 

It is now 3:00 a.m. and I’m tired but fully awake. While sitting next to my father a paranormal window opened up above him (4’ wide by 3’ high) over this waist and feet. This window is transparent….I can still see items on the other side of it….the actual window in the room, the existing closet, etc.  I have seen this window many times before in other situations, so it doesn’t scare me. 

Through the window I could see fields of golden wheat grass gently blowing back and forth.  I can see the sun shining and I can see a slight breeze blowing the on the grass.  It’s almost like watching it on TV.  Then suddenly my Aunt Josie (Dad’s sister) appeared.  I could only see her face….her body was there but I couldn’t see it.  She was smiling and was very happy to see me and she was waiting anxiously for my dad, her brother.  She died about 10 years ago from lung cancer.  Then another person appeared…it was my cousin Rudy…he was just standing and waiting but not making direct contact with me.  He died four years ago from cancer.  Then I could feel my dad’s brother approach the scene but his face and body stayed in the dark background outside of the opened window.  He was there to greet his brother too.  Paul committed suicide about 15 years ago.  Then my maternal grandmother appeared.  When she appears to me she always looks at me straight on with this huge smile and she always waves.  She died 8 years ago at age 82 of skin cancer.  Grandma always appears to me in this same window format when someone in the family is very ill and or is on the verge of dieing.  Then my maternal grandfather appeared and he too was waiting but he did not make direct contact with me.  Then my mother’s energy appeared.  She usually does not show herself to me but I can feel her presence.  She died 14 years ago from heart problems and other diabetic complications at age 51.   

Then others started appearing….my dad’s mother and father lined up with the others almost like standing at a receiving line.  The window faded away and closed.  This doesn’t scare me and I’ve learned not to share this with anyone not even my sister.  My father had stopped moving and speaking around 10:00 pm that night, but suddenly he began to lift his right arm that was closest to me. 

At that time, I thought he was uncomfortable so I propped his arm with a soft pillow but he kept raising and lowering his arm.  I thought maybe he wanted his lips moistened with water and maybe a towel on this forehead.  So I quickly did all of that for him.  Looking back a month later….I think he was trying to tell me that he saw into the window for the first time in his life and saw his family members waiting.  

I am so used to dealing with the paranormal by myself that I missed sharing this with him.  (I still cry a lot about this)  I know this is taking a lot of time but there is more….please bare with me.  It is important that I share this with someone.  First, for my own sanity because I hold all this in…I don’t share this with anyone and I feel it is a beautiful thing.  In the past, I haven't believed in reincarnation….and still don’t know about it.  Reincarnation to me is someone dieing and returning as the same person, or as someone else, or even as a bug, etc.  What I’m witnessing is different.  I see body’s dieing and soul’s moving on to a new place or maybe going back home….I’m not sure. 

Today is Tuesday, January 6, 2009.  Dad is still alive but not moving or talking and sometimes the nurses can not detect any vital signs…but he is still breathing.  My sister, my brother and I take turns with dad and greeting friends and other family members.  Extended family members are in and out all day.  Around 2:00 pm I’m in the room with my dad by myself.  This time I’m sitting on a chair on the left side of him.  I’m holding his hand just being there and waiting and I’m looking out into the hallway from where I’m sitting.  Again, the 4 x 3 window appears over my dad’s body.  It was the same scene, the field of gold wheat grass blowing in the background, the sun shining, and the receiving line of family members. 

Then all of a sudden, my mother’s full body and face appear (still in the window but the window is larger in size) and she walks up to my father’s bed and reaches for his right hand and holds it and slightly shakes it and says…..”Jake……. (pause), come on Jake, it is time to get up”.   

Now, I didn’t hear this audibly but I heard it telepathically and VERY clearly.  I looked down at my father and he lay motionless but my spirit could see that he felt my mother’s presence, felt her touch, and acknowledged her command.  Then the window faded and closed.  Two seconds later the hospital priest walked into the room and asked me if I would like a prayer service for my father called “The Prayer for the Dieing” (or something like that).  I was raised Catholic but I don’t practice Catholicism.  I’ve practiced Buddhism to Science of Mind and I’m currently not practicing anything.  I answered yes because I knew this was important to my father.  I asked the priest if he would wait until 3:30 so that I could arrange for my dad’s siblings to also be there for the prayer.  (My father had 12 siblings) 

Everyone arrived and the prayer started about 3:45 pm.  The small room was filled with immediate family members.  The prayer, meditation, chant, began and I sat at the back of the room and wept and wept.  Almost at the very end of the prayer the priest said some words and sprinkled holy water over my dad and then my dad took a very deep breath and I felt and watched his spirit leave his body around 5:00 pm.  Everyone said good-bye and left the room and I cried a lot as if he had left this plain of existence.  I’m telling you this because physically my dad was still alive….physically he was still breathing! 

The room cleared and a nurse asked if I would like to have my father’s body bathed, hair combed, etc. etc.  I agreed, why not!  We all left his room and gave him some privacy as the nurse bathed him.  When she was finished another nurse arrived and again tried to get vital signs but could not.  No vitals but he was breathing.  The nurse raised the blankets that covered his feet and showed me his feet and ankles.  She said that his skin was already turning……the skin was purplish blue and stretched, she gave it a medical name but I can’t remember it now.  To me, he did NOT look alive!  But, he was still breathing! 

Around 7:00 pm my sister and brother and my brother’s friend and I we’re sitting around my dad’s bed just waiting….waiting….waiting.  I didn’t want to sound uncaring or unloving but I also didn’t want my dad to continue living in this state.  I had been watching his legs and arms turn a purplish blue and I felt in my heart that he wasn’t with us.  So I blurt it out!  Dad’s no longer with us…..he left us today at 5:00 pm!  We and dad requested that he not be kept alive with any life support.  Why do they still have the oxygen on?  I called the head nurse and told her in front of my brother and sister that I wanted the oxygen removed.  She refused and said that the primary physician had to make that call.  Thirty minutes later she returned and said that the doctor agreed to have the oxygen lowered by two points every hour.  Ok, we all agreed.  All of us waited near my father’s side, watching each breath get longer and more shallow as each hour passed as the oxygen was reduced by two points.  At, 10:38 p.m. my father took his last breath.  I was holding his hand when he took that last and final breath and I cried the DEATH CRY……deeper and harder than the crying that I had experienced earlier at 5:00 p.m.   

A final window opened and as I was crying I watched my father walk into the window of new dimensions.  He was younger, early 40’s, well groomed and very happy to see everyone.  He walked straight to this father who was standing in the middle of the receiving line with my grandmother to his right.  My grandfather was standing there with a huge smile on his face, with great love and joy with his arms straight out ready to embrace his son.  My dad embraced his father as if to say….so good to see you again.   And the window faded and closed. 

So why am I sharing all this with you?  It appears to me that there is another place in the universe that is continuing on with the souls that have left planet earth.  And I wanted to know if anyone else has shared these experiences.  You mentioned that you have studied 1,600 NDE’s.  Have you considered studying the death experience from someone or others like me?  I believe that the NDE’s and DE’s are the same.