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Sammy's Experience

Experience description:   

I when I was young (about 10 yrs old) in elementary school I dreamt of my Uncle Mike as he was driving to work as he drove he had a drunk driver on his lane going at him.  I felt his fear and panic trying to avoid that drunk driver he had swerved off road but the drunk kept speeding at my Uncle Mike.  I felt the pain, fear as my Uncle was dying as saw the blood.  My uncle saw me there before he died, yet I was sleeping in my bed in Alaska as my Uncle lived in Washington. Woke up screaming Uncle Mike is dead, was told to knock it off itís just a nightmare.  Kept rocking back & forth and crying saying tears of death fill my eyes as they fall some one dies. Then the call came from family in Washington that my Uncle had died, that confirmed my nightmare.  My uncle had been a drug and alcohol councilor died on the way to work because of a known drunk driver whose drivers license had been permanently denied for life was driving after a night of drinking. 

I have a very high IQ and very artistic as go off the charts on visual and mechanical tests.  Why is this happening? I didnít mean to be different, I am sorry.  I am doing my best to block it as get migraines, nose bleeds and crabby as it takes a lot out of you when looking for the missing.  Concentrate on a picture then sleep or you can tell just looking at the picture of the whereabouts of that person missing.  This happens quite often when seeing peoples auraís and know where the missing are dead, alive, cold or to hot, sick, tortured and location.

Do Not Call to give tips as you will be asked why did you kidnapped the victims, as your tips match the assailantís description patterns, yet you have more info then the police on the matter as hello I live in another State very far away.  Police will say your nuts when offering to help them as itís a sign youíre a mental case. 

This is genetic but the strongest at it as it had been my great grandmother who was the strongest when I was born.  Scared sending this so have been debating whether or not to send this.