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My experience portrayal. I was having troubles of youth as all people do.  I, being 22 years old and healing past wounds, would succumbed to drink and drugs.  One evening i had exceeded on all counts of drink and pills.  The decision to end my troubles that evening was easy due too my consumption intake.  Upon overdosing on all manner of pills, I fell asleep alone in my room!   I can remember all events in fine detail; Strange to me,  as i don't
tend to remember all drunken nights. But that night is as vivid today as it was 11 years ago.

It begins with me standing in a large foyer in a mansion.  There was an extremely beautiful garden. Only God could prune such a beautiful spectacle.  As i looked on with fear and awe, i began to feel a presence. There was a very dark presence all around me. At the same time, i was being drawn to a door situated under a stairwell. The stairwell was like the one in the movie "Misery," only when I got in full view of the stairs, I found a stairway heading up!  The dark presence was hounding me to move and quickly. i proceeded too.  I ran up the spiral stairs.  They were dark, cold and unwelcoming at that. Through the stairs, the light was visibly bright and i sensed the light was welcoming me. i made for the door with need and urgency.

I almost made it to the piercing bright light through the doorframe when i heard a voice.
It was my voice calling me to wait, or retrieve something. I stopped.  Though fearful of what i would encounter, I grasped the hand of what would be my soul. That's my only explanation of what occurred as I can't explain it in any other way.

TOGETHER WE BURST THROUGH THE DOOR, AND FINALLY ENTERED INTO MUCH LIGHT.  But only i emerged, clothed and alone. A group of brightly lit individuals passed me, giving me a knowing and loving welcome. But why was i embodied, clothed, and not dressed like the welcoming committee?  I was bewildered.  There was no where to go other than to follow where the LOVING souls were leading me.  The new arrivals (like me) flow through the line, but I am stopped. I saw a man who resembled the son of God, himself.  Or maybe it was Peter, who welcome you at the gate.  Whoever it was, gave a silent wave of a finger. 

NOW this is where i come back to my body! I realized I was back and returning to consciousness because I was very sick and throwing up.  I was expelling all the foreign intake i.e the pills, the drink. The hangover.   Suddenly, all was sobering and just indescribable. 

I wonder if this experience of mine is unique or similar to anyone else's experience - you know light, dark, then awake HERE.

Was the kind of experience difficult to express in words?  Yes.  in time my experience became very vivid. and is until this day.

At the time of this experience, was there an associated life threatening event?    Yes.      My mother was living ruthless due too extensive cancer surgery and was a worrying time.

What was your level of consciousness and alertness during the experience?  I was totally out

       Was the experience dream like in any way?  unreal at first but became highly possible as just days passed after the experience. Fear is still very much with me because i never did truly pass over, so how could one truly know that the things experienced by myself were real. all the same it was the start of a positive change and i have not looked back since around that time.