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Sally S's Experience

Experience description:   

Today, July 7th, 2011 at approx. 5:00pm, I was at the Target Store.  After finishing my shopping and check-out, I decided to get a popcorn and drink at the Food Court Area. The only people in that area were the food service cashier and a young lady sitting at a table approx. 30 or 40 ft. away from us. It appeared she had already finished her shopping and was getting something to eat and drink.

After paying $1.84, for the popcorn and drink, I thanked the lady employee for her help and was getting ready to walk over to fill up my cup at the fountain drink area. Suddenly, the young lady at the table stood up and walked over to me. She stood to my left side and looked directly at me. 

She said, “I have to tell you something. You are a beautiful person. You were talking about dying today. Jesus wants you to know He loves you and He died for you. He wants you to know you are a beautiful person and He died for You because He loves you so much. You are a beautiful person.” 

I studied her face and listened carefully to her every word without interruption. She delivered her words calmly and with a direct sense of purpose. (And, as you can see above, she said the same words/sentences several times.) 

She was a lovely young lady, approx. 20 years old, with shoulder length, straight, light-brown hair parted on the right. It was the same color as mine. Her eyes were bluish-green. She was slender, slightly taller than me and had a serene and sincere look on her face.  

Dr. Long, it was utterly shocking! She had to have noticed the look of puzzlement on my face, and I think my mouth was slightly open because of my shock, but this did not deter her.  

As soon as she finished speaking, I stared at her in amazement for a few seconds…completely uncertain of how to respond. Then thanked her and told her I deeply appreciated what she had said. “You’re welcome” was her response. She smiled and walked out of the store.

Seconds later, I was completely overcome with emotion. The Target Food Court cashier had witnessed this conversation. She, too, was bewildered and asked me to clarify what had been said…that was when I started crying and explaining to her a very small portion of the below listed information: 

Dr. Long, this stranger could not possibly have known about the private conversation I had, at my home around 2 pm today, with one of my best friends. (And a similar conversation with my Doctor at 10:50am this morning.)

In both conversations, we were discussing some of my recent Cardiovascular problems and some severe, almost unbearable pain from a current dental infection.

I did not disclose to my Doctor that the pain has been so bad I’d prefer to just go ahead and peacefully die than continue on with these seemingly endless ailments endured during the past 9 years. I only told my friend that information.

(Dr. Long, I do not want to kill myself and am not suicidal. I was only “wishing out loud” for a simple exit, if you will, so these seemingly un-ending physical pain/problems would cease. My friend offered compassion and comforting words as she, too, has endured more than her “fair share” of physical problems.) 

Also, it would have been impossible for this young lady, or anyone, to know that just a few days ago, I was deliberately alone, in the center of my/my husband’s farm bawling my eyes out and “yelling at God.”

“Yelling” at Him because I thought he had forgotten me. Accusing Him of not caring about all these years of enduring intense physical pain. Begging Him and pleading with Him to please, please help me! Feeling engulfed in self-pity. Sobbing in utter anguish/despair. Telling Him, “I’ve tried to do the right thing all of my life! I’ve tried to live an honest and decent life! How could you have forgotten me? How could you not care? I’ve cared about You and tried to do your work my ENTIRE LIFE!!! Why have you abandoned me???"  

Well, obviously He did not abandon me! It’s only been a few hours ago and am still overcome with emotion about it. Actually, tears of joy because it feels He deliberately sent someone directly to my side to offer reassurance that He did hear my prayers. That He does love me deeply and cares. (Even though I was “yelling” at Him.)


Right now, I can't tell you much more about the woman who delivered the message. Don't even recall exactly what she was wearing...possibly jeans & a summer top?

Saw her look/glance over towards us a couple of times while I was exchanging a short, pleasant conversation with the Target employee about their great-tasting popcorn & reasonable price. But didn't think much of that since the three of us were the only people in the Food Court Area.  

But today, thinking back, there are a few other interesting things about this Encounter: 

The Food Court employee was deeply moved as soon as I told her exactly what was said & about the Cardiology concerns. In fact, she was immediately & absolutely convinced the young lady MUST have been an Angel. She said, "Miracles happen every single day. They occur unexpectedly. My tubes were tied over 12 years ago. I was not able to/supposed to be able to have children, but I got pregnant twice afterwards! I named my first-born son "Angel" because he was a miracle baby. Both of my sons were miracle babies!!" 

Dr. Long, isn't it odd the person who witnessed the incident has a baby named "Angel" & told me of her belief in angels & miracles?? What I mean to say is anyone could have been working in that Food Court area but she was the person working there. And she's "Angel's" mom. 

Ok, after approximately 3 minutes, I left the store but did not see the lady anywhere in the parking lot. 

It took about 15 minutes to "pull myself together" and stop sobbing/crying. As soon as I could speak out loud about the encounter, I called the friend whom I'd spoke with earlier in the day. Then called one of my sisters, one of my brothers & my husband via cell phone. 

My friend & my sister both burst into tears as soon as I told them what happened! My husband & my brother were deeply moved & immediately asked if it was ok tell other friends/family members.

ALL of them believed me & were absolutely certain it was a true, God-sent answer to those questions I was asking God. (Well, again, actually "yelling" those questions/statements toward God.) 

None of them had ever experienced anything similar nor had ever heard of anything like it either. 

Oh, Thank You for your hope for better health. This entire incident was SO Awesome & getting back to good  health would be great, too! Still smiling about this whole thing while typing back to you Dr. Long!!!