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Robin L's Experience

Experience description:   

I was to temporarily replace a small sweet kindergarten teacher for 4 months while she had surgery. I had watched her teach one day and she was SO kind and sweet with the kids that I was worried that me with my enthusiasm and music etc would scare them. ( I HAD taught kindergarten before and I AM rather dynamic). So, I was lying in bed praying the night before I was to take the job when I became aware that someone in a white robe was standing at the foot of my bed. I was startled but not frightened. I instantly knew I was seeing my older brother who had died shortly after he was born. He appeared to be a handsome, slightly built young man. I think he was smiling. In an instant he had moved over NEXT to the bed and he leaned over and said into my ear in a soft voice, "Have fun!"

So u stopped worrying and I went to school the next day wiith my baritone ukulele and I was just my enthusiastic self. We sang a lot of the children's songs my mother had written years before...and etc. It was a great four months! I even got a couple of letters from parents thanking me for being part of their child's kindergarten experience!

I don't know why it was important for my brother to come to me that night. I figure it was because God loved those little children and he wanted me to share my gifts with them.

Any associated medications or substances with the potential to affect the experience?     No      

Was the kind of experience difficult to express in words? Yes     It felt like I was seeing with my spirit eyes

At the time of this experience, was there an associated life threatening event?          No      

What was your level of consciousness and alertness during the experience?           Completely awake.

            Was the experience dream like in any way?   A bit. My brother seemed to glow.

Did you experience a separation of your consciousness from your body?     Uncertain      I was still in my body but I felt like I saw him with my spirit eyes and heard him with my spirit ears.

What emotions did you feel during the experience?            Amazement.

Did you hear any unusual sounds or noises?           Just his soft voice

LOCATION DESCRIPTION:  Did you recognize any familiar locations or any locations from familiar religious teachings or encounter any locations inhabited by incredible or amazing creatures?    No           

Did you see a light?           Yes     There was a glow of brightest white to his robes and all around him.

Did you meet or see any other beings?           Yes     Yes, my brother who I never knew in mortality, yet I recognized him and seemed to know who he was instantly.

Did you experiment while out of the body or in another, altered state? No      

Did you observe or hear anything regarding people or events during your experience that could be verified later?          Yes     Sort of. I was told to have fun... And I did and the four months with the kindergarteners were wonderful!

Did you notice how your 5 senses were working, and if so, how were they different?          Yes            Like I've said, I seemed to hear and see with my spirit ears and eyes, not my mortal ones.

Did you have any sense of altered space or time?   No      

Did you have a sense of knowing, special knowledge, universal order and/or purpose?    Yes            Yes, but a more specific purpose to be myself.

Did you reach a boundary or limiting physical structure?             No      

Did you become aware of future events?       No      

Were you involved in or aware of a decision regarding your return to the body?       No      

Did you have any psychic, paranormal or other special gifts following the experience that you did not have prior to the experience?   No      

Did you have any changes of attitudes or beliefs following the experience?   Yes     I stopped worrying

How has the experience affected your relationships? Daily life? Religious practices? Career choices?       I stayed being a teacher

Has your life changed specifically as a result of your experience?         Yes     I know I am meant to be in this career as a teacher.

Have you shared this experience with others?         Yes     I shared it only with family members. Inerestingly my brother looked a lot like my nephew of the same name. My sister, that nephew's mom said, "Well, I guess we named him right then! Overall this experience stregthened my immediate and extended family's faith.

What emotions did you experience following your experience?  Amazement

What was the best and worst part of your experience?      Best Part: It served as more Confirmation that eternity and the next life are real AND I was put at ease and felt peace. There was no worse part.

Is there anything else you would like to add concerning the experience?        I felt like I should share this experience with more than family when I saw this website. I have also,  since this event, had a few other experiences including one where my Drs told mr I was going to

Not make it. I am considering sharing them.

Following the experience, have you had any other events in your life, medications or substances which reproduced any part of the experience?         No      

Did the questions asked and information you provided accurately and comprehensively describe your experience?               Yes     As well as I can.