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Rich W's Experience

Experience description:   

I have had many oobes, since this first one, but the first consciously induced experience was while practicing Robert Monroe's technique of relaxing, then focusing on a point above the head a few feet.  Just hold your focus on that point, and practice not thinking or talking in the head. 

I practiced that for about two weeks, while also doing affirmations of ‘I am awake while my body is asleep’ and also wrote on paper 100 times I am having an out of body experience. 

I also was reading about oobes a lot (in Journey's Out of Body by R. Monroe). 

This first experience was brief. 

I was laying on the floor on a comfortable mat, head facing north, face down. 

I was uncomfortable on the bed.  I fell asleep on the floor and woke up maybe 10 minutes later, face down.  I realized that my physical body was still asleep, while I was wide awake and more awake than usual.  I looked up, as I did so I lifted my head off the pillow.  I realized that my physical head had not moved, and that I had lifted my head out of the body.  I could see clearly. 

It was twilight.  I could see the walls of the bedroom.  They were not exactly the same as the physical walls.  But were generally in the same location. 

There was an eerie ambiance the whole scene.  Not much if any color because it was dark.  It was very quiet, in strange yet peaceful sort of way. 

I was totally fascinated that I partially of of body. 

I lifted my right arm, and it came out of body too.  The physical body just lay there, unmoving. 

I was more awake, aware, conscious and clear thinking than in physical waking reality.  Being that awake, Self-aware and conscious inspires awe and gives one a new fascination for what it's like to be really awake. 

After this brief experience, I was drawn back fully into the physical body, maintaining full wakefulness as it occurred.

Any associated medications or substances with the potential to affect the experience?     No      

Was the kind of experience difficult to express in words? No      

At the time of this experience, was there an associated life threatening event?          No      

What was your level of consciousness and alertness during the experience?           If being awake and alert and clear thinking in physical waking reality is a 10, then I was at about 11 or 12 at least.

            Was the experience dream like in any way?   No.  For me there's a big difference in consciousness between dreams and being fully awake and aware in a non-physical environment.

Did you experience a separation of your consciousness from your body?     Yes     In that my head was completely out of the physical head, it was easy to get that I was not the body, that I was apart from the body.

What emotions did you feel during the experience?            Serene quiet mixed with awe.

Did you hear any unusual sounds or noises?           Not in this first one.  In one that followed a few days later, I heard ‘clapping’ like there were non-physical beings watching my progress as I began shifting out of body and they were applauding my efforts.  At that time I could not yet see anything.  I also heard the crackle of a fire.  The sounds of these two events was crystal clear like my non-physical vision, my non-physical hearing was crisper, and cleared and more real, than it is in physical reality.

LOCATION DESCRIPTION:  Did you recognize any familiar locations or any locations from familiar religious teachings or encounter any locations inhabited by incredible or amazing creatures?            Yes     Yes, but not in this first one.

I have met hideous looking human looking creatures.... I can only speculate what it meant.  Perhaps it was their own belief about who what they themselves believed about themselves (by virtue of how they have lived life) that causes them to create their own images so hideous. (Just speculation... but yes, I have seen some amazing creatures.  I have seen Dinosaurs, flying elephants, beautiful horses.  My own dog that crossed over.) 

I was at a place once that was like a lonely Tavern on the highway.  Inside were  what seemed to me to be just regular people, who were drinkers.  It appeared to be a place where these particular folks came to hang out after they had died.  They didn't seem to understand what was going on, on a deep level, but they did no that they had ‘died’ and were sort of waiting around, in what was the most comfortable/familiar environment for them.  I was inside talking to them briefly, but when I went outside, one fellow came out with me to the parking lot.  Crunchy gravel, one lonely street lamp, dim in a wet fog.  A few old clunkers parked under it.  This fella seemed somewhat despondent as he explained to me that he really didn't know what to do or where to go from here. 

As religious teachings go... seems like a kind of purgatory for the people I met there.   

I have also been to a park-like environment on at least 5 occasions.  Very nice place.  Green lawns, sidewalks, benches with people sitting and chatting.  Flowers.  Trees.  Some might call it Heaven.  Robert Monroe mentioned ‘the Park’ in his adventures and I am inclined to think it was likely that's where I went on at least some of those occasions.

Did you see a light?           No      

Did you meet or see any other beings?           Yes     I have over 200 oobes and would like to answer this question yes, because of that.  But this first oobe, no, I didn't see any other beings. 

I have on other occasions seen the following relatives who have passed on to the other planes. 

My father:  At a Golf Club (his idea of Heaven I suppose).  We didn't talk, but he sat across the table from me, looking at me kindly, and I looked at him.  He appeared to not really understand how I was there.  He was ok emotionally speaking, not unhappy or anything.  But it was like he really didn't know what to say, so he said nothing as he fiddled with his cigarette pack.  The experience only lasted about 30 to 60 seconds.  Long enough for each of to understand that the other was ok and doing fine.  Then I shifted back to physical reality. 

My Dog.  I met him ‘over there’ about 8 months after he crossed over.  We were together in a field while I was having this out of body experience.  We were so happy to see each other.  We played and frolicked in the grass for awhile.  It was sweet.  It felt good to know that he was fine and happy (and had not, as some would have me believe- ‘absorbed into the great Consciousness of Dogness’ where all dogs go after death, because they don't have individual consciousness - or some such philosophical ‘Dogma’ (chuckle, chuckle). 

My cousin. He died in his 20's with a history of drug abuse.  I met him across the veil a few years after he crossed over.  I met him in his ‘hang-out’.  He was living life after death, in a room over a garage in a pleasant but meager neighborhood in the higher planes.  He was still recovering from a hard life.  He wasn't happy, but wasn't really depressed any more either.  He was getting along just fine, and felt comfortable in the surroundings he had.  A cot in the corner, no dry-wall on some of the walls, cobwebs in the corners, crumbs of debris and dust on the floor... but not bad digs really.  I talked to him for a bit to sort of cheer him up and let him know I still love him and think about him from time to time.  What I got from him was that he knew he'd be fine, and that he just needed more time to recover.  He's a good guy, best childhood friends, we were.  We played the Ouija board together and talked to a discarnate spirit using it, when we were young teenagers.  Who would have guessed that 10 or 15 years later we would meet ‘over there’ and talked face to face.

 Best girl friend when I was in grammar school:

I don't know if she is still on the physical plane or not, lost contact over 40 years ago.  However I have been with her on at least three occasion while out of body.  Very angelic experiences every time.  Of all the people I have known in the physical who I have seen ‘over there’ she's the one that fits the idea and description, most closely... of ANGEL. What a loving sweet Angel she is, truly.  What was communicated was pure love and friendship.  I really love her.

Did you experiment while out of the body or in another, altered state? Yes    

I have talked to may Beings while out of body.

I have asked ‘Are you really a person, or are you just something I am creating or imagining?’  Answer:  ‘I don't know.  What do YOU think?’ 

I once asked a girl if I could have a drink of her water so I could determine what it tasted and felt like.  Her and her girlfriend were on a veranda overlooking some trees and grass, sitting in the sun just chatting as I came flying over the trees and saw them sitting there.  I touched down next to them and they were quite pleasant and friendly.  I saw the glass of water there on the table and asked if I could have a sip.  ‘Sure’.  So I took a sip.  It tasted like water, but finer, and purer.  A very delicate taste and texture.  Oh yes, and WET!  Very important! 

I once stuck my hand in extremely cold water while out of body, experimenting to see if I could feel coldness.  I was in the mountains with snow and icy water.  I put my hand in the ice cold water and could very very, very clearly it's coldness.  (In physical terms it felt much colder than 32 degrees (freezing).  However there was NOT the attendant feeling of pain that usually goes with sticking your hand in extremely cold water and leaving it there for awhile.  So I felt all the cold, but no pain.  Very interesting. 

Singing experiment:  In the physical plane I can't sing, can't carry a tune, can't hit a clear note, can't play an instrument.  I tried singing while out of body.  My singing voice was absolutely beautiful. And I could sing and make up lyrics on the fly.  And play the guitar.  It sounds like I am making this stuff up.  I mean as I read this, it just seems to get more and more unbelievable. But  it's true.  For over 40 years I have been in love with this subject and have done many different experiments to get out of body, and many more once I get out.  So I have lots of stories to share. 

I have talked to ETs on board their craft.  At least three different times, three different types of ET, in three different OOBEs.  The most memorable is the one where the totally human looking old guy came walking down the ramp out of the craft that had just landed (in some higher plane that I was having an oobe in).  I went over to him because I really wanted to talk to this guy.  He said ‘We came to see YOU, Rich.’  Well that surprised me because after about 100 oobes this was the first time anyone called me by name, my real earth name.  Long story short, I was invited on board, and actually shown these beautiful living quarters.  Big picture window that looked out on a huge park with trees, ponds, lawns and all.  And inside, there was a fireplace, oak dinner table, beautiful furnishings, the works.  It was BEAUTIFUL.  The place as so gorgeous and like my own dream place... that literally, tears welled up in my eyes (over there).  The old guy said ‘This is for you Rich, when you're ready.’  It was a powerful experience... I couldn't handle any more wonderfulness than that and instantly shifted back to the physical plane... and had still had tears in my eyes here too.  It was a good one. 

As an experiment... to understand the Beings ‘over there’ and understand their world.. I often tell them I am from the physical plane and ask them if they have ever heard of it.

I get different answers from different people I have asked... things like:

1. Never heard of the place.

2. Yes, I used to live there.

3. Yes, I have a body there right now.

4. Yes, I have heard of it, you poor thing, I am so sorry.  (Realizing she was being compassionate and sympathetic toward my situation, I told this sweet girl something like ‘Oh no, it's ok, you get used to it, it's not as bad as it sounds, really.’) 

Another experiment has to do with memory ‘over there’ vs ‘memory in the physical’.  While in a different plane of existence (usually something as simple as an average looking neighborhood full of houses, streets, cars, and trees) I have consciously asked myself if I have memory here, as in do I have a history here that I can recall if I try.  The answer is yes.  One time I practiced remembering what I had just done’ moments before.  That worked just fine.  And right after doing that I became so awake, aware and conscious of BEING there, that, that world became more real, and more wonderful BY FAR, than my physical life.  And I actually said to myself while there ‘Is this perhaps the REAL reality then?  Because THIS place is ABSOLUTELY more real (an d enjoyable) in every way, than what I have ever experienced in the physical plane... even on my best day there.’ 

I haven't tried to move physical objects while in the astral or etheric planes.    At least not that I can recall right now. 

I have experimented with changing the shape of my astral/energy body.  I have looked at my astral fingers, intending them to grow longer, and they did without effort. 

I have watched my hand ‘bleed’ while over there.  Looked like real blood.  It was a little cut is all.  I don't believe we actually have red blood in our astral bodies, but there it was ‘bleeding.’

Did you observe or hear anything regarding people or events during your experience that could be verified later?          No      

Did you notice how your 5 senses were working, and if so, how were they different?          Yes            Vision is much clearer.  Can see close up, very, very close up.  And very far away clear with exceptional detail.  I have often watched closely noticing the minute details of things.

Such as: 

1. A wasp like three inches away, very clear, every detail, color, wings, legs everything. 

2. The sparkle in the fine dust particles as I sift sand through my fingers.  I can see the rainbow colors as the sun reflects off the silica. 

3. I have asked myself (while out of body) what is the same and what's different about this place.... that makes it uniquely NOT physical.  Sounds are clearer, visual details more vivid, and detailed.  Textures very, very distinct.  I have shoved my hand through walls of building paying particular attention to tactile sensation, and I could feel my hand go through first brick, then a cement wall after that, and then plaster as my hand and arm went through into the next building (that was build right up against the shop that I was in.  Tactile/sense of touch can be EXCEPTIONAL. 

Smell is a bit trickier (for me).  But if I put my attention on sense of smell I can definitely smell things.  All I can remember now is smelling a girls hair.  If I looked through my journals I can probably find more fragrances I've smelled while out of body... but like I said, smells a bit trickier than visual and tactile. 

Audio?  I have to focus more distinctly on sounds before I can fully appreciate the differences in sound quality in the physical vs in the other planes and realms.  But when I do, the audio quality over there is way better.  Sounds sound clearer.  If you hear a fire crackling it is absolutely unmistakable for example, even though you can't see it.   

Music over there can be unbelievably sweet too.  I have been in a few environments where there is music.  Can't see where it's coming from but it's really pretty music... like an orchestra playing.  But better. 

I have listened to others sing while ‘over there’.  My singing sounds great and so do theirs. 

Taste:  I have experimented with taste only twice that I can recall clearly.  Water, which I mentioned earlier, and then there was once in an astral desert environment.  It occurred to me to test my sense of taste while in this desert so I walked over to a pale blue-gray desert plant and plucked a leaf off and put it in my mouth and focused on it.  Yep.  Taste!  It was very, very delicate, likened to a weak, almost tasteless tea, if it were on the physical.  But over there it was not ‘weak: so much as delicate.  I am not good with words that describe flavors so I'm not much help on that, but think pleasant, delicate, desert plant flavors that you could use in a delicious soup. 

In conclusion, except for taste and smell the usual physical senses can be above 10 on a scale where physical sight, sound and touch peak out at 10.  And what I have noticed is that I can experience a keener sense simply by focusing on it with the intent of experiencing more fully.  (I was able to do these kinds of things because in the physical world I have been trained in helping people improve there physical perception of the physical world using various perception drills.  I learned those over 40 years ago... I simply started using them on myself but while in the non-physical realms.  Works like a champ!

Did you have any sense of altered space or time?   Yes     I did a few ‘time’ experiments over the years. 

I have asked a few people who I've met in the higher planes ‘When is this?’  And ‘What year is this?’  (There answers where not consistent with our calendar though) 

One time while out of body I was exchanging phone numbers with a girl I'd never met before.  We thought we could contact each other once we got back to the physical.  We realized this wouldn't work when she told me she was from ‘GUS’.  On further inquiry we G.U.S. (Gus for short) is what people from her time-line and alternate reality system call ‘The Greater United States’  and it was called ‘greater’ because there was also ‘Lesser’ United States.  So something was WAY different from our respective physical reality systems from which we both came from just an hour so ago. 

A Space experiment:  One time while out of body I was on a street lined with houses and a few trees.  It looked kinda ‘low-rent’ though.  It occurred to me to shift my consciousness and vibration ‘up’ a bit to see what happened. 

What happened was that the environment ‘upgraded’ magically to a bit nicer looking place.  The house looked nicely painted, the grass was greener, literally.  The litter was gone.  And it looked like a neighborhood were there was neighborhood pride and care for one's environment. 

So I did this vibrational shifting thing again to yet a higher rate.  The Space changed again.  It was the same ‘place’ I wasn't moving.  I was still standing in front to the same house looking down the same road.  But the houses and landscape did one of those movie special effect things where all things morphed into something more beautiful.  The houses were much prettier.  Generally the same but now with some extra architecture add-ons, nicer exteriors, and the landscaping was very, very nice.  It was now more like your dream neighborhood. 

Time-Travel.  Again this is starting to sound almost unbelievable for some.  But one time I found myself out of body and involved in a rescue mission.  Apparently a scientist had been kidnapped and hidden in a hotel room in time-line not his own.  Weird sci-fi stuff, but there I was like a ‘Time-Cop’ to the rescue. I found him (tied in a chair) got 'em loose and took him out of there...  Back to his own time presumably.  I shifted consciousness back the physical before it was ‘over’.  I think what's going on in adventures like this are as explained by Robert Monroe when he merges with another Self in some alternate reality system (as in the account of him merging with the Architect Self.

Did you have a sense of knowing, special knowledge, universal order and/or purpose?    Uncertain            I don't feel like I have any special knowledge, just a passion for learning and a passion for the whole ‘out of body’ thing.  Because I believe the best way to learn about what's really going on in our universe (or the Multi-verse aka The Greater Reality) is to see it for yourself and the best way to that is to learn how to shift consciousness to other planes, dimensions, realms, worlds, reality systems, time-lines and Universes.

Did you reach a boundary or limiting physical structure?             Once I was in a place where people (who had died) were taken and this place had around it a containment field, a boundary, created specifically to keep these people there. 

The place was like a little dirty, industrialized city.  The People who were brought there (I am assuming right after they died physically) were ‘processed’ and mind controlled to not remember their past life in the physical world.  So there they were all very busy with a life of labor in this artificial city life do God knows for for God knows who. 

It was a freaky place.  I remember a lot of detail, the oobe lasted about 30 minutes or more in subjective time, and I wrote up the experience in detail. 

The highlights though are that (before I realized everyone there was sort of mind controlled or hypnotized) I was watching these people being brought to this place in large numbers by transport ships (space craft) and this was like a little floating city sort of deal.  I watched them get processed in and like homeless refugees after a huge disaster they were all in this huge space lots of beds, and tents, and groups where families were trying to stay together.  From there they were being sent down to the planets surface.  I went down to the surface to see what was up.  There I saw all these poor people working away, just like (I imagine) when they were in the physical world.  It was like these people weren't getting any relief like most people do when they ‘die’.  Someone was having them continue with the un-fun ‘work-work-work’ thing.  (My speculation). 

I wanted to know how self-determined these people were.  Maybe they were consciously choosing this ‘after-life-style’. 

So I spotted a girl walking across some railroad tracks.  I intercepted her so I could ask her something.  In my notes I have the exact thing I said... but for now it was basically ‘Hello, are you awake?’  She looked at me with this glassy eyed, unfocused, trance-looking look, and said nothing.  I got a little freaked, not for my own safety, but for here and the others here.  So I said with a lot of intention something like, ‘Hello, wake-up’!  And she blinked a couple times and focused on me and actually saw me through her mental fog... But then became instantly frightened and took off running back into the city with the other people!  So to even wake these people up wasn't necessarily the right thing to do, at least not abruptly like that. 

So these boundaries I encountered... (there were two). One of them had to do with limiting or limited consciousness that was causing this trance state in the people there.  The other was more of an electronic barrier to keep these people here.  After the girl took off running I was ready to get out there myself. 

So I looked off into the distance and saw some pretty mountains and trees and countryside.  After about 75 yards of me going in that direction, I started feeling nervous.  I kept walking though, same direction, and I started getting freaky nervous, and very apprehensive.  A few more steps and I was feeling a strong compulsion myself, to run back ‘to the safety’ of the city and the people there.  Well THAT just didn't seem right at all, and it occurred to me that this was some kind of energy field to hold the people here.  The closer you get to the ‘perimeter’ of this containment facility the more you get sacred and desire to run back to the city.  Very clever.  Well I just bucked up, gritted my astral teeth and kept on going.  The compulsion to run back just got more intense but then I saw the shimmering energy of the structure.  I think it was a holographic image of mountains in the distance, not actually mountains.  I was able to walk right into the energy field and through it, and from there shifted back to physical consciousness, with me back in body, back in bed.  I'm going THAT was weird!  My own take on this brings understanding for me. (But everyone needs to have their own non-physical, wide awake adventures come up with their own first hand conclusions).   

To stay on topic, my understanding of this was that this electronic, holographic, fear energy radiating boundary was constructed to keep these people contained, people who may have been alive in the physical, just prior to being brought to this place.  Why? I can only speculate.  But I don't think the other Beings who brought these discarnate human people to this place were savory.  I don't think they were the ‘good guys’.  I think possible that my own guides helped get me to this strange place because I had been asking for them to show things that would increase my understanding of the higher planes and the greater reality.  Message?  Yes, it's not ALL sweetness and Light ‘out there’.

Did you become aware of future events?       No      

Were you involved in or aware of a decision regarding your return to the body?       Yes     Yes, often times (but not always) what can draw me back to the physical plane is simply the act of thinking about it. 

So I have had a lot of that happen because even though I know it can pre-empt a perfectly good oobe, I am likely to ask the locals if they know about the physical plane. 

One time, and only one time that I can remember, I was unable to return to my physical body even after I had totally decided I want to go back, but can't! 

I was in a bad situation, being chased by some people who I thought might try to hurt me.  I ran away from them but found myself trapped in a building with no way out.  And they were closing in fast.  I was scared.  So finally I decided to ‘just bail’ meaning ‘think about the physical, and instantly and easily shift back to my body.  Well this time it didn't happen.  I didn't just shift back.  Not good!  So with more intention and definitely the decision to GO BACK, I thought ‘physical body, physical plane’ over and over (about 3 or 4 times).  Still no go.  I was really scared now, not just because the ‘bad guys’ were almost on me, but because I had NEVER been stuck ‘over there’ before, ever.  So now I was literally banging my head against the wall (over there) saying things like ‘back to the physical-back now, now, back!’  Finally just before they nab me, I shifted back to here, pretty freaked out... but got over it pretty fast.  Still don't know why it was so hard to shift back though.  Perhaps something do with the fear I was experiencing ‘over there’ when trying to get back. 

Another time a decision to return to the physical was made by my friends ‘over there’ and not me.  I was with a great group of friends.  I love them very much, they live there, not here.  So now it's time for me to leave them, but I say no, I want to stay (and I think I meant permanently!)  Anyway they were very kind and loving and gentle about how to handle me.  One of my buddies gave me pen with a nice little saying on it, as a farewell gift.  I got hugs all around (there were about 6 or 8 guys and gals there.  Also this whole scene was staged at like a train station, for departures.  Classic really.  So I still don't want to leave, but now, instead of train arriving for me (all symbolic of course) a little one or two man space craft lands for me right there were the train was supposed to stop.  I didn't want to get in though.  So what happens next is that the spacecraft lifts up (without me) and starts to land on another platform just across the tracks.  Inlaid as part of the design of the landing platform is an inscription that I noticed as I watch the craft starting to land right on top of it.  The inscription said in tile... ‘Don't think about the Physical Plane.’  Of course just me reading it had me thinking ‘the physical plane’.  That's the only trigger needed, I shifted back instantly.  Oh, those clever, loving friends of mine.

Did you have any psychic, paranormal or other special gifts following the experience that you did not have prior to the experience?         No      

Did you have any changes of attitudes or beliefs following the experience?   Yes     Beliefs and attitudes: 

-The physical plane is not for everyone. 

-There are probably more human beings who have never been to the physical plane than exist in it right now. 

-The physical plane is a very dense, heavy place relative to many other alternate reality systems that are a lot like this physical reality system, except for the density and the ability to experience pain. 

-The physical plane is the plane of pain.  None of the other systems I have visited (in over 200 experiences) have pain as part of it's game plan. 

-There's way more than the astral plane.  Another way to say this is that there are some worlds, planes, dimensions, reality systems, Universes, and Multi-verses that exist in consciousness that to call them astral travels or out of body experiences is (although convenient) not always accurate. 

-There's a Greater Reality, it's vast and all kinds of Beings Human and non-human are playing on many different planes of existence.

-We all are living many different lives simultaneously.  (A lot like in the book  Adventures of Oversoul 7) 

-We all have the potential to learn how to shift in consciousness and merge with other Selves, or other aspects of Self that are living complete and full lives in other planes, worlds and reality systems. 

-I believe that this is what I often do when I shift.  I am merging with ‘other me's’.  And for brief moments I am in their shows being them living moments in my life, in some other reality, or what have you.  (You can read The Adventures of Oversoul 7 by Jane Roberts/Seth a fictional account of how this might work, good stuff.  And because I have been fortunate enough to actually experience similar events first hand, full awake, aware and conscious.... but not in this physical plane, tend to agree with Seth and Jane, and Robert Monroe or things like this.)"     "Affected Relationships?  Yes. I now prefer people who have an understanding to learn and grow spiritually, and know what Life Holds for everyone after the body dies. 

Affected Religious practices?  Here's how I feel about religion, Webster's says it well:

 Webster's Collegiate Dictionary traces the word back to an old Latin word religio meaning ‘taboo, restraint.’ A deeper study discovers the word comes from the two words re and ligare. Re is a prefix meaning ‘return,’ and ligare means ‘to bind;’ in other words, ‘return to bondage.’  I think that says it well for me.

Has your life changed specifically as a result of your experience?         Yes     I am constantly learning and using various techniques for consciousness shifting into the other planes. 

-Robert Monroe's Methods have worked best for me (his 3 books and his first tape series.  I've never been to his Monroe institute, just used his first 4 tapes for his first series.)

Have you shared this experience with others?         Yes     I have shared quite a few of my experiences with others, over the years... in oobe forums mostly. 

The usual reaction is somewhere between mild and strong interest.  A couple people over the years showed a passion and burning desire to learn and know more, and with those two I actually coached them out of body while sitting with them face to face.  And with them I did further oobe research.   

Research:  This is one of the reasons I am taking the time to share so much here.  I believe in what you are doing here.  OOBE research and development has been my passion for over 30 years." "All kinds over the years but the 3 key one's are: 

Love: Once I asked for help on understanding love, and a few nights later was met (out of body) with a beautiful girl.  She just drifted up close to me and looked lovingly in my eyes.  I broke down and started crying, it was that good. 

I came away going ‘Oh, ok, so THAT'S what love is.  Hmmm.   WOW!!!’  So then I knew. 

Fear:  A few times I woke up afraid, having just experienced something scary.  A pure evil Being-ness (or what appeared to be that) came creeping out of a swamp once, after just standing there in the water looking at me. Reminds of Luke Skywalker facing off some pure evil.  You could just feel the waves of evil radiating off of it!  Woke up scared from that one. 

Frustration:  During those times I'd get out and get drawn or shifted back the physical by some unknown or subconscious ‘thing’ way before I was consciously ready to return.  Oftentimes I'll get out and instantly snap back the the physical - very frustrating and disheartening."  "There were several that were ‘best’.   

-They included the one's where I was with Loved Ones, True Loves, and Lovers. 

-High Adventure ‘OOBEs’ are always super fun.   They give hope that life after death can actually loads of fun, and not just spiritual learning.  Things like flying fast through forests.  Speed boating, chasing after the guys in the boat ahead of you, wind and water blowing in your face, the sun beating down, bright and warm, you can see for miles, crystal clear, vivid, fully awake, knowing you are out of body having fun who knows where but it sure beats Kansas! 

The worst part of consciousness shifting for me is not the fear but the frustration that over the years I have become less able to stay ‘out’ for those really nice long oobes. 

It's like I have peaked out.  It's not really true - but something's going on that I don't understand.  And I am unable to stay out as long as I'd like, and seem to get drawn back the physical very quickly on many occasions.  It can be very frustrating, and causes me to not want to do the drills and exercises I used to do to get out, more, better, and faster.  Like, why bother if the experiences is going to be short lived?  That's the worst part of an experience for me.

What emotions did you experience following your experience?  No.  (Great questions by the way, thanks for asking!)

What was the best and worst part of your experience?      Yes

Is there anything else you would like to add concerning the experience?        In ways I am a more understanding, loving person.  But in other ways I have become somewhat distant from most people... because most people (I believe) wouldn't get me if I shared this stuff with them.  And for me ‘getting out of body/astral projection/consciousness shifting, is not just a little something I'd like to learn how to do.  I see it as one of the very best avenues for spiritual growth and development there is because with first hand experience you can start getting a broader, deeper understanding of life and existence than any other method I know of.

Following the experience, have you had any other events in your life, medications or substances which reproduced any part of the experience?         Yes     Yes, and I appreciate the opportunity to share in such an organized manner.

This is the first site on the subject that addresses it in a community research setting and I really like that.           

Please offer any suggestions you may have to improve this questionnaire.    Suggestions: 

1.  When we type in the validation code ‘lynx’ do we type in the quote marks too, or just the word without the quote marks?  I opted for no quote marks but not absolutely sure.  Hope that's right. 

I think there might be quite a few people who have a tremendous amount of experience with ‘getting out’ who like me have a lot to share, and thus have many oobes they can base their answers on and not just one oobe.  With that said, at the beginning of the questionnaire the questions start out asking ‘time of experience’.  So at first I was just going to sort out which ONE experience might best represent my answers.  Then I thought, ‘oh lets just share the very first experience, cause I think that's what he's researching.  But then the questions just kept getting better and better.  So I shifted to include data from many different oobes I have had over the years (filling maybe 1,000 or more pages of two OOBE journals.  I hope you don't mind me including answers from various oobes.  If it's ok to do it this way, perhaps a note to that effect at the beginning would help.  And if you really need and want answers to just one experience at a time, I completely understand, but again a note to that effect would keep eager beavers like me for ‘over doing it’. (smile)  

Can people who answer this questionnaire read other people's answer to it?  Or is there a place or a book you might be writing that will share your findings and results? 

Any other questions?  No.  Your questions were excellent.  Thank you.