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Rena K's Experience

Experience description:   

First of all, thank you for your work. It's grand! You help humanity to evolve and I believe your site is a global healing center! After 58 years of life I found out I'm not the only one with such experiences. I view them  as "Altered State of Consciousness" ones, because they are a mix of NDE-like, Deathbed Visions, ADCs. You are the experts, however, so if they will be of value to readers,  you may post them on your site.


I will start my story from the beginning, in case that maybe some of them are remembrances of an NDE. My religious background is Christian, although I am not much of a church-goer. I was told by my parents that I died when I was 40 days old. I have no memory of it, of course, but I have grown up with all the after effects of an NDE. Gifts... Being oversensitive and extremely sympathetic and caring towards people. Features that I have tried, but cannot change. To be honest, they have, over the years, gotten even stronger. As a child I was begging my parents to tell me if I was adopted! I was so different and I could never have enough love without wanting more. Throughout my life I met, befriended or even attracted good people, helped them, using my "gift" and received love. I have many lifelong friendships, but my intimate relationships and marriages have been disastrous. NDE-like experiences started 7 years ago, when I was 51 years old. They came to me in this state when you think you're still awake, but after 4-5 minutes you wake up and realize you had a "vivid dream". The kind that changes you and you never forget.


1)After my mother's death (it was 4 years after my father's), I couldn't find peace. I already had profound ADC's. My parents being in white marble buildings with pillars, Jesus standing under an arch opening looking at them, or hearing  them calling me, or smelling  them in my house, or smelling the flowers they liked etc. But I was not sure they were real. I prayed to God to show me a sign, if they still existed and were with Him. Minutes later, I found myself standing in my yard, in amazement and awe looking at this bright, white, clear and really unearthly light coming from above, like a very big flashlight. I looked towards one direction, but saw it was shining all around me in a perimeter of 30 meters. Beyond this area, it was dark. Looking at my house, I realized it looked different, like it used to be when my parents were living in it and light was coming out from all of the windows and door. But it was a different light than the one shining above me. Bright but not so white, clear or unearthly. I noticed that this light was also coming out from the door and windows of the neighbor's house (they died years ago and were of different religion to us).

2)This one came some months ago, some days after I started reading about NDEs for the very first time. I didn't pray and didn't ask; it was just a thought that came through my mind "When I die, if I find myself somewhere dark, will I be able and coherent enough to call God?". Next day while I was taking a nap and just as I was falling asleep, I found myself standing in my room and my daughter (who in reality was in her room) was standing next to me pointing to a picture on the wall and saying (no voice heard) "Do you see the light? Focus on it...Focus..". The room faded away and I was traveling in outer space, which was without stars, at incredible speed towards this marvelous Light that was bright, white with a blue hue around it and the size of a big  basketball. I knew it was God. I knew I was not dead.
I knew I was given the gift of a visit and came back. I didn't see my body but had the feeling of traveling seated, holding my desk chair firmly with my hands and was saying continuously "Thank you God! Thank you God!! Thank you God !(no actual voice; I was hearing my voice in my head)". Although I was holding on to the chair, I had no fear at all and was feeling excited and very very grateful! I woke up, became aware I was in my room and still, my voice in my head was saying "Thank you god" and at the same time, I was thinking "Are my heart and head ok? Do I feel any pain? Am  I alive?". When the inner voice stopped, then I felt fear.


I am standing on this amazingly beautiful riverside. I am admiring the colors of the trees, sand and water. I feel so peaceful. In front of me, 2-3 meters away, a man is standing, who is a living person and acquaintance of mine and his name is "Christos". We greeted each other and I looked around again and saw the other side of the river. I wanted to go there. So very much... The moment I had this thought, the man told me "You cannot go there!", but I took one step in the water. Until today, I can still feel the sensation of the perfectly warm water on my feet. I remember the ripples of sand in the clear water. As I took the next step, I felt the sting of a needle under my bare foot and I came back. At that moment, I look up and I can clearly see, in a distance of 5 miles or more, numerous big white busses coming. This turned out to be a future event that came true; not exactly as seen in my dream but the dream was more symbolic of it. The moment I woke up, I knew something bad of a big scale would happen soon. Every time I have dreamt of white busses, they always point to a major disaster that claims many lives.  3 days later, the war in Iraq broke out.


 Some hours after her actual death, as I lied down to rest a bit, I saw a female figure in the corner of her bed, in her house (next door to ours). No legs or arms or face; just the body. It was milky white and I knew it was a "she". My mother got out of her bed, she was younger, happy and so pretty and told me that "She" gave my mother permission to drink water. And my mother did. My mother was in a coma for 3 days before she passed and I was told to not give her any water to prevent choking.

Two years ago, the moment my cousin died from cancer, I was miles away having an experience. I was standing on a green hill, observing what was taking place some distance away from me. It was a gathering of all the dead family members, 20-30 people, standing outside a room without walls. Instead of walls, it had white curtains that were moving by a light breeze. Outside of this room,  there were also so many flowers of fantastic colors! My father had almost finished building this house for my cousin. They were all there, waiting for him to come and my mother was telling my father, "Quickly! Put on the roof he is coming!!". I was a spectator but could hear them and feel their feelings of joy and anticipation.

Thank you for your time. Enjoy life, never give up and be hopeful.