Pre-Existance, Past-life/Birth Remembrances, Reincarnation

Premortal experience, pre-existance, prebirth experiences, past-life/birth remembrances, reincarnation
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52. Nicole T Experience 2/4/2018 During my life I’ve had a few possible past life dreams, one of which dating back to B.C located in China. The other places include: India (likely based on structures I researched for after the dream) the U.S, as well as other locations I have yet to identify. The location in China and India (?) both took place during deadly wars. In many of these dreams was the same man, though he and I always looked different in these dreams, I knew he was my same mate in every one. He I assume to be my husband in this life, as they share many traits and similarities.
Pre-life remembrances.


51. Andy L Experience 1/21/2018 I remember an open meadow with groups of souls sitting together in circles. Everything was so green there. I was walking from group to group communicating with them, possibly bidding them farewell because I was ready to incarnate again. The souls and I here actually had spiritual bodies. I remember adding the previous life I had just completed to a display shelf in what I imagine was my spiritual home, which strangely enough looked like a crystal igloo inside. The next thing I remember is being surrounded by light, like I was floating in it, feeling nothing but love while watching parts of my then 'future life' play out. I saw a few hardships that I would face and just smiled (no pun intended). Next I woke up in a void kind of place, it was black and purple and kind of twirled around.
Detailed pre-birth remembrance.


50. Alex P Experience 1/9/2018 I had to make some choices about whether to be male or female, some things about what life I would be living eg, comfortable off but something would go wrong, or poor but happy, or poor and unhappy, ect, quite a few choices, and different situations, and how I would die, but I do vividly remember that each life I had in the past, the death had been painful or terrible
Pre-birth remembrance of choices he needed to make before being born.


49. Jane H Experience  8/16/2017 When I was around 4-5, and aunt used to take me to her Protestant church which was stone and somewhat shaped like a 'castle', although I wasn't raised with religion by my parents they let her take me, and I used to tell her 'when will we go back to my castle'? They also say I would insist I used to live there, and ask 'where are the kids with no parents'? I once told my mother that dad used to have no parents and I took care of him. I do remember arguing with adults about god around 5yrs old.
Many past life remembrances including some shared with others in dreams.


48. Benjamin B Experience  8/14/2017 I am in a dark space and in what feels like a large chair. The chair is silver and looks almost futuristic, or even spacecraft-like. I am speeding through the dark in a straight line, faster and faster, towards white light. The faster I go and the closer I get to the light, the harder I am finding it to breathe. Even so, I have no emotions like fear or panic, but there is a feeling of resistance. I remember no sound. I feel this happened to me a few times, and I have no rational explanation for it.
Pre-birth remembrance.


47. Francine N Experience  3/27/2017 I remember before I came to earth. I was in a bright light space. There were about 12 or so other people. I remember knowing that I had to come again and thinking why do people have to wear clothes. Up there no one was in clothing. There were no "private parts" showing either.  Then I heard a deep male voice say "DROP". Flash of super bright light and I woke my bed about 6 or 7 years old. I knew not to be afraid but didn't know anyone. I had to relearn everyone and everything. My mom helped with the transition. We were Mormon at the time. She had me speak to the missionaries and then the bishop. We were told that some people remember life in heaven but no one explained why I was so old experiencing it and starting from scratch. In my 20s I searched different religions and finally came to the conclusion that there is no real religion. Throughout the following years after I came I had dreams, not many, of earth life experiences that I missed prior to coming. I have like 4 memories I got from my dreams. The rest is lost and learned all over again. I have 2 daughters now, I'm 35 this year. I have not seen the same signs from them. Not sure if it helps but I also didn't speak until I was 3 1/2 years old. I have no mental illness and graduated from college. I do occasionally see energy/spirits that were previously here on earth. Nothing threatening or scary. They do not verbally communicate with me, only watch me. I started smudging my home and protect it using objects so they no longer come in my home or on my property. My oldest daughter is 13 and my youngest is 4. Neither show signs of the same experiences.
This is the entire pre-birth remembrance so there is no link.


46. Shelly P Experience  3/2/2017 I was preparing to incarnate by being bathed in GODs love.

Then I was in a room where I was shown 3 lives on 3 different screens playing like a movie(s).. It didn't need to be explained, it seems I knew what to do and what was happening. The movies of these lives seemed to be playing simultaneously. I immediately said no to the life to my right. I didn't verbally or telepathically say no. I said no with with the wave of what would be my spiritual hand in an up to down motion with intent and confidence and immediately that life choice was gone. I then viewed the life screen in the middle. I saw who would be my parents and my siblings. I was not interested in that life either... but, I let it keep playing.
Remarkably detailed pre-birth remembrance.


45. Natalie Experience  2/15/2017 Original in Russian, translated to English by Jim. Throughout my entire childhood I sometimes had a similar dream. I’m alone, desolated city streets. I know that there are Fascists in the city. I am trying to find someone who will help me hide from them. I knock on any door I can find.
Past-life Remembrance Dream.


44. Jennifer B Experience  2/14/2017 In this memory I am in darkness but this darkness doesn't feel like darkness. Like I have no sense of darkness. This darkness actually feels overwhelmingly illuminating. I feel like I belong here and have been here for a very long time and I can feel it slipping away from me along with my memories of this place whatever it is. In this darkness I know that I have never known anything else. This is my home as we would say today. I know that I have to leave and I don't want to. I have a choice to stay there or to leave but there is this consciousness that is with me of a different being someone that I respect and love and they want me to go. I also have a memory of me as a spirit watching myself as a child.
Remembering life before she was born.


43. Patrick Martin Experience  9/20/2016 I would come to earth and live a perfect sin-free life to express my love and devotion for God. It was my hope that by honoring Him in this way that I would be recognized and brought into His presence. Then I could tell Him of my great love and adoration. Looking back, I now see that I wanted to worship Him in person. Apparently all in the crowd had that same intent... personal worship of God.
Detailed pre-birth remembrance.


42. Martin L Experience  7/26/2016 All I can remember is I drank some water from a community well and later got really sick. I threw up and had a high fever. My parents tried to help the sickness by burning incense, which made me very very sick. Later I lost consciousness but remember looking down on my body and twirling around in a circle. I felt very bad because my father was so upset and crying that his only son had died. My mother was very distraught. I guess I really loved my parents and knew they needed me. Then I remember flying over the town and city towards the north. I flew into a tunnel and light. Then I saw a beautiful field of flowers that had a bright monument in the center of it.
Past life remembrance with extensive detail recalled of life perhaps two thousand years ago.


41. Lara S Experience  6/11/2016 I remember seeing my parents at their wedding reception. It was a big hall painted light green. I remember the cake. I remember being present at the house my parents lived in before I was born. Details were later confirmed. I remember being wheeled down the hall of the hospital shortly after I was born. The light streaming through the windows and the color of the walls made an impression on me.
Detailed pre-birth and past life memories.


40. Spencer Experience  5/30/2016 The vision continued and I was seemingly back in the dark, warm place of comfort I had just left. I remember thinking that coming back to Earth was just a bad dream and that I was still safely snuggled up in the womb of God (for lack of better terminology). My relief was short lived however because actually I was dozing inside of my physical mother's womb (which is almost a replica experience of the darkness), and soon the sounds from outside and the atmosphere of excitement (on the part of others not me) confirmed my worst fears. That the dream of me being forced to come back to Earth in this time of great strife was real and that I already had a body and would have to live through another physical life.
Meditation experience with pre-birth remembrance.


39. Stephen I Experience  3/18/2016 This is what I saw: all of it dealt with Nazi Germany and it was all focused on one man. I knew this man.  He scared me and I hated him. One of the women said, “This was you during your last great sleep.” I gathered from this comment that she was telling me that I was “asleep” during that lifetime. She took me over to a table that had a Nazi uniform on it. She said, “You wore this with great pride the last time.” At this point I could no longer see any of the “doctors” faces as I was walking and standing in front of them and I also had a deep sense of embarrassment and humiliation and did not want to face them. I could only hear them. The uniform I was looking at was indeed a Nazi uniform and I recognized it immediately. It was not an SS uniform (thank God!). It was a tan/brown officers uniform with the Africa Corps insignia on it.
Reincarnation dream.


38. Onda M Experience  1/31/2016 From Canada.  Then the aborigine man says to the men, "Who is the leader?". Both men stated that I was the leader and the aborigine man gave me a staff to hold. I thought to myself that I can't sing but when I opened my mouth the most beautiful song came out pledging what I who do while on earth. I know I sang the whole song but can only remember the last line: I pledge to protect the earth and the animals. This was all preformed with the knowledge that I was perfect and loved by all who attended the ceremony prior to my coming to earth.
Pre-birth dream.


38. Franziska R Experience  2/5/2015 From Switzerland.  Original in German, translated to English by Marguy.  Not very long time after Andreas' death, one night I woke up for the first time on the flower meadow. I'm able to remember, how at first I was slightly disoriented, because I couldn't understand, why I wasn't in my bed. But then I saw Andreas, who out of the expanse of the sky walked towards me in his white 'Jesus dress'. And then I felt that Love was poured over me. He looked beautiful as usual, had his three-day beard as usual.  He came towards me and smiled at me. I was standing up to welcome him with a hug. We were walking a bit through the meadow. It was beautiful. Somewhere further back a sparkling little brook, was meandering through the grass. This brook was the border to heaven. On the opposite side of the meadow there was a forest.
Exceptional ADCs and pre-birth remembrance.


37. Richard B Experience  2/1/2015 From Canada
1/ Remember the absence of identity
2/ Remember there being no separation between myself and anything else
3/ Remember direct experience of infinity (absence of time)
4/ Remember experience of mothers heartbeat as a child in the womb would experience it.
5/Remember the absence of thought.
6/Remember feeling totally at home in a way that my conscious life does not come close to feeling.
7/Remember experiencing/knowing my conscious life as an illusion and the remembered life as my real life.
8/Remember the experience of ecstasy…
Probable pre-birth remembrance.


36. Sandy W Experience 2948  6/7/2014  I remember she told me "I know that I am well loved already. I know that I am very much wanted and I can't wait to be born". Again, much was communicated, but these three sentences are the only specific words I clearly remember. There was just a huge sense of her being incredibly anxious, excited and happy to be born.  I then went to get my husband so I could show him and introduce him to his new granddaughter.
Interesting pre-birth dream and aura pictures between mother and child.


35. Nicola E Friend Experience  5/26/2014 Michael said that he remembers me stopping for gas and asking the attendant for directions to the hospital (TRUE).  He said that he wanted me for his mommy because he liked my voice when I was speaking to the attendant.  ( I did stop for gas and I was kind of lost going to a rural hospital, so I asked for directions).  Then he said that he remembers that the parking lot was partially closed for construction, so I had to park on a corner and run to the hospital… Then Michael said the most incredible thing. He said that while his "real mom" was in labor, he asked God if I could be his mom because he knew that his "real mom" wouldn't survive very long, and he was afraid of being alone on Earth.  Apparently he was told that he couldn't have me for his "real mom" but that everything would be OK and he would still get to be around me during his life.
The most remarkable pre-birth remembrance ever shared with us.  Exceptionally detailed observations of boy about to be born confirmed years later by a friend present at his birth.  Nicola E did not share her email address- we are asking her to email us.


34. Jonathan D Experience  1/21/2014  So, it may return to you in the next days or weeks, spontaneously. I will now count to three, and at the count of three you will leave this sphere and you will be transported to another energetic place that you need to visit, an energetic place where perhaps guides are waiting for you, or beings of light are awaiting you, if it is appropriate. One... take a deep breath, two... and three. And you let yourself be transported to an energetic place...
Past-life regression.


33. Christine G Experience  1/19/2014  Everything got slow and was quiet as I started to float instead of fight. I then saw something coming towards me from afar, getting bigger and bigger until it reached me- it was (remember, this was dream) bubble letters that spelled GOD. I was not raised any religion and was fairly doubtful there was such a thing, but in the dream I wrapped my arms around it and was suddenly enveloped in this light- it was golden- and it was everything and nothing at the same time. There were no questions or answers, as if they weren't necessary in this place. Everything was perfect, warm, and loving in a way I can't imagine explaining in words… I was born via C section and was very premature- my lungs had not developed yet and I had ""water in my lungs""- the doctor told my parents there was nothing they could do, they should baptize me and say goodbye as I was suffocating quickly. My mother told me I was completely blue when they saw me- I couldn't breathe.  I truly believe the dream I had at 15 was my remembering this experience from birth…
Possible birth remembrance.


32. Dakota Experience  9/29/2013  Then the gun went off I remembered the scene went black and I could feel the exact spot he had the gun, I could feel that part of my skull. I could feel the bullet enter my skull, go through my brain come out of the roof of my mouth and continue on till it felt like it left the bottom of my jaw. After that I jumped out of bed crying and scared with the same pain running in a straight line through the top of my head all the way to the bottom of my jaw. All the while being that young I thought that I had died.
Past life remembrance dream at age 6.


31. Marvin D Experience  9/17/2013 From Canada.  During the course of this experience I was able to learn things about my birth which were unknown to me.  Later I was able to learn from my parents that my birth had been especially difficult.  During delivery I had become lodged in the birth canal and was pulled free by my left arm, the then subsequently using something called a high forceps delivery.  This apparently caused significant bruising to my face and head.  I think of this as a pre-birth near death experience… Some of the events of my birth which I experienced, were later verified as having taken place as I related them to my parents.
Birth remembrance during Reiki session.


30. Jules M Experience  8/12/2013 After maybe a hundred or so life episodes, a fixed scene reminding me of a   Picasso cartoon like drawing of I didn't know what, and said  aloud "what's this" and he replied "Oh, you came from another galaxy" and then the scene in my head changed to an image of a red binary star, then a view of a planet, first an image of it  with the red binary sun in the background, and then a closer view like from a few hundred miles above this planet's surface, notable  features were few, little variation in elevation with lakes large and small scattered about.  And I said aloud "what's this?" and  his reply was "you are going to another galaxy"!!!  And then I  he said "there's 105 billion people and the brutes are in charge."  And at this time what felt like a download started in my brain  with an activity I felt above my right ear.  This activity continued for maybe ten minutes after the movie in my head stopped and now it feels like I have an encyclopedia of knowledge about this planet.
Interesting spontaneous multiple past life remembrances, including lives on non-earthly planets.


29.  James Experience  9/9/12  my teacher had a very wonderful way of brining whatever I asked back to those two fundamental things: life and the universe. He explained that everything had a meaning. He once told me, as I stared at a blade of grass that I held, that, "Everything has a value, but that value is based upon your perception and the value that you assign it." He told me that life and the universe holds everything of value, and that the laws that govern it do not distinguish one life of importance over another. Life itself is God. The universe values life equally; It does not discriminate based on race, gender, health, species or material. Every deed that is done benefits life as a whole - but good intentions are always better than the bad. It was identified through our talks that the Earth that we inhabit was given as a gift to us just as much as we were given a gift to the earth.
Remarkable and highly detailed pre-life memory in heavenly realm.


28.  Robin C Possible Pre-Birth Remembrance and ADC. 5/19/12 I never spoke much of this because others tell me it is impossible, but in my heart I know it was real. This experience wasn’t a NDE experience, I call it a NLE meaning near life experience. I remember the day I was feeling comfortable and the same feeling others had from NDE experiences a warm friendly nurturing place in my mothers womb, thinking to myself just as normal and old as I am now, (mentally 37) I thought what a lovely place I like it here and I was interested in the pretty colors of her organs very lovely. But before I knew it I saw a white light, it was earth, then nothing more since then.
Possible pre-birth remembrance and ADC.


27.  Dani G Experience  4/8/12 From Italy. The crucial fact about the experience (it is difficult for me to recall the exact sequence) is that I ‘remembered’ how I felt before coming to this life and how much I dearly cared for all the people I was to meet in this life. At the time of the experience I felt I had somehow been ‘tricked’ into coming into this life, because nobody had clearly explained to me that all these wonderful feelings of love may be turned into fear, hate and anger in every-day physical life. I felt somehow upset with my parents for having given birth to me. It is difficult to explain the feeling of how I was ‘tricked’ into investing all this love in something which would turn it into such painful feelings.  I KNEW for sure at the time that the greater my feelings of love ‘before’ my birth, the greater my vulnerability in this world was bound to be. I had NO IDEA on the other side that this would happen.  I also saw some crucial life events that were meant to happen, ‘before’ coming to this world, such as my meeting with and marrying my husband: in the experience it was like a picture of us together was taken to mark this event beyond space and time, but, at the same time, we were surrounded by distorting mirrors, and I saw how these crucial life events can be distorted in physical life.
Several spiritual experiences including a remembrance of pre-earthly life feelings. 


26.  EP Experience  1/8/12  I have had the following experience/memory all my life. When I say ‘all my life’ I literally mean just that – not only is it the first or earliest thing I remember but I *know* that it happened before the rest of my life, so to speak. I have always had this memory. Always. I have thought about it from age 0 – if that’s possible. I clearly remember thinking about it when I was at least 3, and intrinsically know that it ‘happened’ way before that age… I am drifting up a tunnel. It is vast, and white. To my right and above, near me, is another being/person, whom I recall as possibly being female, and somehow ‘with’ me. We are drifting up. There are others drifting up too, although further away. When I reach near the top, I’m looking up, and all around the edge of the circular tunnel are faces looking down at me, dozens/hundreds. All are angelic, beautiful, off the scale. This is in fact a rather large understatement. The sense of love is not describable. I have a strong (that would be the biggest understatement in the universe) urge to be with them.
Probable pre-birth remembrance.  Very NDE-like.


24. Angela E Experience 8/30/11  I remember now being in my body in my mother's tummy.  I felt afraid but not for long.  It felt to me the same way as when I was resting in heaven.  I was comfortable, secure, relieved and just basking in the rest.  I could also feel her love which made me feel good.  I became very comfortable there but was still aware that it was temporary and that I would have to be born into the world.  I knew at that time, it would be a lot of work to live in a body on earth.  My apprehensions grew as I grew in her tummy.  It became harder and harder to get comfortable and it was growing tighter with less room to move.  I knew that the time was coming near that I would have to be born into the world.  I was once again getting scared.  As I grew, I became more and more uncomfortable.  And then, the urge to get out was within me.  I just felt I needed to get out and that I could no longer live in that environment.  Too uncomfortable, too boring.  Still nervous about what I was to face after birth, I knew it was time to get out of  there.
Reincarnation and pre-birth experiences.


23. Merilyn Experience 8/28/11 I have not experienced and NDE - or even OBE - but there is something I would like to share with you. It would be interesting to see if you have had other accounts like the following. When I was about 8 or 9 years old I had a very real/clear dream that before I was born I was sat down and shown what my life was to be in like a movie format. (I never did remember what I was shown.) After that I was "told" that I would now have to go and live my life. (I don't think that everything was set in stone - just that I had to make of it what I could.) I seem to remember a "committee" telling me this. My reaction was that I was reluctant - but resigned - to having to do this, but so angry that I had to live being a child AGAIN. 
Dream about pre-birth existence.


22.  James M Experiences 8/28/11 & 9/9/11 My actual death experience from two lifetimes ago when my name was Lovick William Rochelle Blair.  As a young child, during the early 1970’s, I would experience what I now know were spontaneous past life memories, which for me was like watching a very detailed movie within my mind.  I watched, experienced, and participated in the action that unfolded, through the perspective, body, senses, and emotions of a particular gentleman, who as an adult I was able to identify as L.W.R. Blair.  Even at a young age I knew that this person was me prior to my birth, and that I was reliving experiences I had had, before I was born.  Having been born and raised in the South in a Southern Baptist home, I was unaware of the concept of reincarnation, until about the time of my 4th or 5th grade year in elementary school.  As an adult, I was finally able to discover my past life identity, which enabled me to locate records of the actual events that I had experienced by means of the past life memory flashes I had in my childhood. 
Reincarnation, past-life experiences.


21.  Hallie J Experiences 7/23/11  Two dreams of possible past lives.  One was apparent laborer, male, in Ireland.  Got drunk in pub, fell in water, and drowned.  This helped her get over her current fear of water.  Second dream she was dressed as long-ago nurse- was walking through hospital hallway aware that she was dead.
OBEs Dreams with interesting possible past life remembrances.


20.  Carol B's Experience  5/7/11  I feel I have a memory of before life, I don't recall when I became aware of this memory.  I was floating in the wind, there were many many of us we had no physical form and I was unaware of any physical feeling and where ever the breeze took us we went. I had feeling of curiosity and interest but no emotions other then calm and content other then at one point.
Possible pre-birth remembrance.


19.  Derrick's Experiences  4/30/11  I remember this being had massive hands and he cradled and caressed me in his hands. I remember him having a voice that was deep, strong and powerful but yet gentle and loving at the same time. I don't know for sure what he said to me since I couldn't understand language at the time but I could think in concepts or feelings such as I could easily tell if someone was talking in a loving way, sad way or angry way.  I remember being in a the most wonderful state of peace and love that even to this day I have never felt anything close to. Also I remember seeing either the spirits or the spirit bodies of other babies that were about to be fitted with their earthly body. They were like swirling around this powerful being who was holding me and even looked like they could have been coming forth every time he spoke.  At one point I remember this being taking me from the cradled position and placing me on his shoulder as if he was trying to show me something. Then he took me into his hands for a final time and then I found myself going backwards down a dark tunnel with still seeing a hint of light from where I once was and then almost like with a thud I found myself in my body.
Pre-birth and during-Birth Remembrance.  Memories of weeks after birth verified with parents and are medically plausible.


18.  Betty B Experience 4/16/11  In my dreams when my daughter was pregnant I would have many  dreams with what I thought was the baby my daughter was carrying. These were long, intelligent, thoughtful conversations. The child in my dreams was around 10, heart shaped face and long curly hair.  When the baby was born, I was convinced it was her I had conversations with, but in her toddler years her hair was straight, her face a little odd shaped, she looked nothing like the girl in my dreams.  About the age of 5 or 6 she started getting curly hair and by the age of 10 definitely looked just like the girl in my dream. This child is so wise and intelligent and we are so very close. I do have 6 amazing grandchildren, but this one is a special human being. Not only do I see it, but her teachers and most people see it.
Short experience (no link) Pre-existence contact with daughter.


17.  Suzanne P Experience 3/13/11 My earliest memory was just before birth and suddenly indescribable light and whirling around. Indescribable harmonious melody, peace, oneness with all. Communication was extremely fast like a vibrating buzzing sound within the all engulfing light and a total understanding of the purpose of the event. The event was moving so fast I asked to "please help me remember".  I am 70 years old now… A sense of complete oneness, unity, peace, assurance, acceptance. The "light" is indescribable and all encompassing… The information was coming fast. I felt a sense of calmness and oneness.
Probable pre-birth remembrance (shared 70 years later) and ADCs.


16.  Thomas C Experience.  10/11/10  I was in a large spherical, domed, room, with dim light. I was surrounded by many others, and felt like we all were sharing similar experiences. A small table protruded the complete distance around the room, about halfway down the wall, to my desired height. On the table sat a sphere, or a bubble, in front of myself, and many more separated by about 6 inches of space between them, completely around the room. Other people stood in front of their bubbles, as did I. I looked into my sphere, and a movie began to play in the bubble. I watched it in its entirety, and felt that I had to make a choice. there were other people consulting me, and I decided to take this life.  I have had this memory for as long as I can remember, and though it is foggy, I can still remember most of the detail.
Possible pre-life remembrance.


15.  John V Experience.  9/19/10   I was floating, or hovering off the floor. I am spherical in shape. I know this because I can see this shape from inside. It is misty? inside, but I can see everything outside clearly. I see two people, one of them holding a baby up by its ankles. I cannot tell if it is two doctors, or a nurse and a doctor because they are wearing surgical masks, gowns and caps. It is not them though that I am interested in, it is the baby. I move towards the baby and there the memory ends. I have always known that it is my birth that I was watching, and that the baby that I viewed is the body that I am in today.
Watched own birth. OBE from fall.


14.  Howell W Experiences.  7/19/10 At one point I observed this 'me' being caught and taken to what must have been a keep or some form of dungeon. I remember being adamant in stating "I did not do it!" then immediately thinking "(this time)". Found guilty by my accusers, and rightly so, I was sentenced to death by way of public execution. On the day of the execution I was lead to a platform. While enroute I experienced sweating, gnawing anxiety in my stomach, racing panic, and an ultimate fear. Upon arrival at the platform I was urged to voluntarily place my head upon a stump of wood, as I resisted with denials of my guilt I was assured that the executioner did not care about my plight as his job was my death. After placing my head on the block I was soon decapitated and watched as my eyes tumbled down away from my body.
Meditation experience at age 14 with strong suggestion of viewing a prior life.


13.  Margie Experience 8/15/09 I remember my own birth.  I remember that I was in a black space. I was waiting for a dream. That dream was about my life. I wasn't born yet, but I looked very forward to it. Then I got the dream, it was about my future. I saw events that were going to happen in my life and people I was going to meet. It was like watching a movie. Then a 'voice' asked me, do you want this life? I said yes. He said, are you really sure, it's going to be very difficult. I said: whatever would happen, I want this life. It was not really a voice, but sort of a thought that spoke in my head.
Pre-birth Memory.


12. Norman L Experience 1/25/09  I felt lighter and lighter then heard a piano below me playing. It was Chopin’s Minute waltz and done very well. As I enjoyed the music I realized that the piano was behind and not below me. As I looked down, I was on the ceiling and the person playing the piano was my twin. I began to recall being a student of Chopin in Paris France and preparing for a concert. While out on an errand, I was accosted and put into the Army. My body ended up as compost in a French field. It seemed the concert was being performed tonight, but by whom?  The finale, Fantiasie Impromptu, from which "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows” was derived was now being performed and as it faded into the night, I drifted down.  When I looked up, I was seated before the piano and a room full of people were standing and applauding.
NDE briefly described and also past life remembrance.


11. Kat B's Son's Experience 11/1/08  …this story is about my son, not me. He told me when he was 3, and again recently, (he is now 13), that he remembers everything about being born. He described completely accurately the layout of the hospital room, the # of nurses that were in the room, where they were standing\positioned, and the fact that the doctor missed the actual birth and came into the room just after he was born. The interesting thing about it all is that not once did we ever talk about his  birth or the nurses or anything of the sort, so there was no "help from us", but he remembered everything exactly the way it was.
Birth remembrance, and other mystical experiences shared by his parent.


10. Kathleen Experience 4/4/08  From Germany translated to English by Iris I was in a kind of light/water but at the same time, it was no matter. It was blue, I was floating in it. It was warm, comfortable and there was some beautiful music. I was being prepared to what was about to come, to life. I was there for an eternity and at the same time it was only a brief moment, time didn't exist. Suddenly, I was in a dark tunnel. It was very long, ca. 50 m. I was afraid of being alone. Thanks God, a woman with long blond hair was walking in front of me, holding hand with a small blond girl. I hurried quickly after them because I was so afraid of being alone, because I didn't know where to go. They turned left at the end of the tunnel, climbing up some 5-6 stairs. I ran after them. At the end of the stairs there was a very bright light and I saw the lights of the operation theatre.
Birth Experience.


9. Rachel S Experience 12/28/07  From Australia So, the first thing from my memory is I was standing in a place where everything was white.  In front of me was a big white stone building with three stairs leading up to it.  There was a young man standing on the top step, looking at me, we knew each other (my Grandma told me he was my angel during that conversation with mum in this life so I will refer to him as my angel from now on).  I knew that I had just arrived and felt like I had just been chased and closed a door behind and me got away from whoever was chasing me.  That's what it felt like from that perspective at the time but to me now it is obvious that I didn't get away, they got me and I died.  I looked up to my angel and asked, "What was that all about?'  All communication in this place was telepathic, this was not a big deal to me and was natural.  As I asked this I was referring to the life I had just left.
Possible past life remembrance.


8.  Phillip D Experience. 11/10/2006  My recollection was seeing in front of me a completely dark blacked out shape  like a (negative film) but solid form of British WW1 soldier (The helmet shape being the only part distinguishable. This appearance was brief, but I somehow knew that the shape in front of me was myself.  To the right was what seemed like a huge explosion of light, that I took to be a bomb, that probably killed me.  I did not think it strange that I should be remembering this event. Being about seven years old, it seemed really natural even though this was the 1960's  My mystery question when I thought back on it when I was a little older was if this (bomb /light) had killed me why did I remember this light to be the most beautiful all encompassing thing I had ever seen or felt before or since.
Possible past life remembrance as a British soldier in World War I.


7.  Art's Experience. 11/26/2005  My experience took me back to my previous life, I was an American soldier fighting in Korea. I had one white stripe on my helmet and I was of American Indian decent. I was on my own when I confronted a Chinese machine gun with 3 Chinese soldiers behind it. I made the mistake of shooting one of them. I only had a hand gun. They then opened up on me. I could feel my body being hit by the bullets all over. I remember saying "I'm dead why are they still shooting me". I looked up and saw they were laughing. At that time I was a little confused. I remember rising from my body, there was a golden thread, on a 60 degree angle from souls chest to my body's stomach. I sensed that my body was the same shape as my soul. It felt so good to be out of my body. I found that I was really still alive but no one could see me.
Past life remembrance as soldier in Korean war, killed, and had NDE.  From Australia.


6.  David B's Experience.   7/23/2005  I remember all of my friends being chosen for missions on Earth and it was a VERY prestigious thing to be chosen. All of my counterparts in this..."Pool" of spirits were all being chosen and sent to Earth to fulfill their assignments. I was not chosen. I don't know why, or at least I don't remember why. I THINK it had something to do with the fact that I served a purpose in Heaven already. What, you ask? I soooo wish I remembered that.  Anyway, I begged and begged the Lord to let me go. I wasn't lonely, because I was in the presence of the Lord, but I was kind of....jealous? (I guess you could say). I so much wanted to be a part of the plan and have the same reward that awaited my counterparts upon their return.  Finally, Father agreed to send me. He gave me an assignment that to this day I don't remember what it was...
Detailed pre-life remembrance.


5.  Lena L's Experience 3/13/05  I was standing in the hallway, firmly holding on to my Daddy's pants' leg, near his knee, for balance, since I could barely stand.  Mama and Daddy were talking, ignoring me.   I was trying to tell them about the most important thing that had ever happened to me ... coming from the light ... about floating down from the ceiling ... about the person of light and the shimmering atoms of light being replaced with normal light...
Multiple experiences including birth remembrance and OBE.  Touching story of how she tried to tell her parents about her experiences as a toddler.


4.  Elena H's Experience 2/12/05  I was playing with other beings, or something of the sort, without worries, having a good time.  It could be we were like children playing on a patio.  Then, something that could be God, a being superior to ourselves who knew us and loved us, called to me.  It was like a big hand, something that came from above.  He told me that I was going to be born.  And he asked me if I wanted to be born as a boy or a girl.  I told him a girl.  And, well, that's the way it happened.  That's the end of the experience.
Amazing pre-birth remembrance!


3.  Partrick R's Experience 10/24/04 From Ireland Ever since i can remember can speak to people who have died and guide them on paths appropriate to them. Basic memory that makes me conscious of these things happened in the forties when i was thrown into a pit of burning gasoline by ss. I was twelve and could see others dying plus my own body burning at my feet, i felt wonderful and realized that events weren't actually real, more like watching a film. I was still born in this life but didn't remember several sets of memories as coming from this time.
Vivid past life remembrances that directly affect this life.


2.  Cynthia B's Experience 011/14/03  Then God appeared and began walking toward me on the golden path as everyone turned to watch. We all knew that he lived among us, but to see him still made us all feel so overwhelmed with love and joy. Here he was and he would never let us down, NEVER. I KNOW THAT IS THE TRUTH. . . As God walked up to stand in front of me. I knew what he wanted. I was about to be born.
Pre-life remembrance that occurred at age 5.


1.  Maxine Z's Experience 3/8/03 We soon stopped, and hovered over a small farm, with a canal in back, barn yard etc.  I asked him, "IS THIS WHERE I AM GOING TO LIVE"  HE REPLIED  "YES"  I ASK IF I WAS GOING TO BE THE ONLY CHILD THERE, HE SAID "NO YOU WILL BE ONE OF MANY."  I WAS NUMBER 11.  I ASKED IF I WOULD BE HAPPY THERE, AND HE SAID SOMETHING LIKE "IF YOU WANT TO BE." 
Pre-life waking vision when she was a 5 year old child.