Power of Prayer. This is actually a subset of STE/Mystical Experiences
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48. Steven A Experience 8/22/2017 I again found myself looking out over the meadows, lakes, rivers, and mountains where I had walked with Peter. The lands I was to tend to. I just had to know… Could I? My body was so different than my earthly body. No pain, no fatigue I felt so strong! Could I fly like Jesus flew when he ascended after his resurrection? So I did it. I lifted myself off of the ground and began to fly over the lands. Yes, I did. I flew over the meadows, and lakes, and rivers, forests, over the herds of elk, over the bears, over the beavers in the lakes, over the fish in the rivers. These spectacular lands just went on and on and I explored them from above. It was an incredible experience! Immeasurable joy filled me. I was home and everything was PERFECT…
Prayer experience at very difficult time during his treatment for amyloidosis.


47. DeeDee Experience 8/15/2017 The light was a very vivid white/bluish light and it was as if it was shining between my eyes. I began to hear and feel a very low frequency of sound and felt this vibration of energy begin at the top of my head and move all the way down my body then back up to my head again several times at a slow pace. At the same time this light became brighter and as it came closer to me, I was able to see that the blue/white light was in the shape of a cross with a haze around it similar to a star on a hazy night. As it got closer, it got brighter and larger until that was all I could see.
Prayer Experience after death of father and other losses.


46. Donna K Experiences 4/17/2017 From Australia. I was aware of two very tall beings standing behind me and felt they were there to support me - later I understood they were my great aunt and my grandmother, both of whom I had been very close to and both of whom were dead. I was aware of a powerful 'mass'some way to my left - at the time I did not have the language to describe this, but now I would say it was a mass of energy. This mass was emanating a powerful feeling which is almost impossible to describe, it felt like nothing I had ever experienced before nor since - a feeling of overwhelming love, compassion, peace and kindness - of wellbeing and 'rightness'.
Asked higher power for help while in ICU with severe asthma attack.


45. Venessa M Experiences 4/16/2017 From Cyprus. I felt myself detached from my body and start to rise. As I lifted up to my head I remember thinking 'just allow it'. I left my body and entered a tunnel, it was white and foggy, at the end of it I could see a keyhole shape. I moved towards it and as I did I could see a figure in the keyhole, I couldn't see what it was BUT I had an all knowing that it was my son, I could feel it - like an overwhelming energy of his. I started to move closer and faster and then something spoke to me - 'If you go any closer, you'll never go back'.
Prayer meditation experience while in church.


44. Bryce A Experience  2/9/2017 all of a sudden I was being lifted up toward the sky, and I saw clouds. they opened to golden gates. there were trumpets blasting and angelic singing of joy. the gates opened for me and I knew that this was heaven. everything was made of light. all of a sudden I was on a open space of light. I was being ushered toward a door by an invisible force that I could only tell you that loved me beyond any love I have ever felt my entire life before or after this event. we went to the door and it opened for me.
Prayer experience with OBE.


43. Sue C Experience  1/26/2017 All of a sudden I 'saw' a column of fire raging from above coming straight into my body from the top of my head. The column of fire entered me with what sounded like a rush. The next thing I saw was my body lying on its back, arms and legs spread out, on a huge, flat boulder. Then I saw myself being lifted up through the air toward what I can only guess to be heaven. At that moment, I saw a bright, bright white light - brighter than anything I had ever seen before. I was sitting - this is all very hard to explain - I was sitting inside a hand of bright white light. The hand didn't really have boundaries but the shape was there - I could see the form of fingers but they were not physical. They were made of light. The 'hand' brought me closer to Him and I knew it was God.
Prayer experience with answered request.


42. Marina M Experience  1/7/2017 From Italy. Original in Italian. Little by little, I saw the tunnel and I was rising in the tunnel very fast and at light speed. At the end of the tunnel, I had reached the light. I found myself floating with my soul in space like what astronauts see. The sky was dark. I was very happy as it was so beautiful to be there without problems, pains, or suffering. I felt this great presence that was like a huge spirit, the creator of everything. It was so great and powerful that I should have been scared. I was sand-dust compared with it but it was treating me as a human being; despite that it was invisible and I could not see it. A long dialogue started between me and him. He was talking to me through visions that crossed me in this space.
Very transcendent and NDE-like experience that started from prayer. Both in English and in Italian.


41. Annie M Experience 5/11/2016 Suddenly, I experienced a thunderous jolt of blue electric energy surge through my body. The electric energy thundered through me, making me tremble from the intensity of the physical and emotional experience. Simultaneous to this internal lighting was a voice that reverberated viscerally through me: I LOVE YOU.
Prayer experience at time of spiritual crisis and spiritual seeking.


40. Denyce R Experiences 4/1/2016 I stepped out into the hall, and stood still for a moment. I remember seeing the streetlight slanting up the stairs through the windows next to the front door. I was still feeling a little weak, so I leaned against the wall. Suddenly I became frightened for no apparent reason, so I stepped into the bathroom to turn on a light.
Two OBEs that started as dreams described.


39. Elizabeth GB Experience 4/1/2016. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. a breeze of incredible love invaded me and I KNEW that the God whom I had given my belief to EXISTED REALLY. Then I felt that God was healing me emotionally of a recently failed romance, as if I was made to understand that I was lovable .
Prayer experience that cured her asthma attacks. Experience also posted in French.


38. Cynthia L Experience 12/20/2015 I stayed until everyone left the small chapel. I knelt and prayed what I could only describe as being very sincere. I did ask for a sign. Then, I chided myself for doing so. And, WHAM. A fast all encompassing bright, beautiful light seemed originating from a distance and a point entered me. It is difficult to describe. I felt stupefied at first. I tried to make the same kind of light appear by squinting my eyes, to no avail. There were no windows. It occurs to me today, given that the chapel was located within the convent, there were likely many nuns praying for the students. I was filled with a renewed energy, an almost palpable hope. I remember looking in the mirror and laughing with joy.
Prayer experience after suicide attempt at age 15.


37. Nancy L Experience 12/20/2015 Then I saw my father, Joseph, pacing back and forth all excited! I couldn’t make out his facial details as though I was seeing him through a veil. He had been dead for six years. A most faithful man to my mother and his children as I had ever known. A very loved man and I still missed him. The anger I still housed was something I had not dealt with since he died from a slow, painful battle with prostate cancer. Why would God allow this to happen to so good a person; a man who didn’t complain much and a faithful Catholic in practice as well as belief. I had never dealt with this either. But there he was and I knew who had him. By this time I figured it out. I was talking to something divine in a zone of no time, no distance. So I told the light I had to go back.
Prayer experience, NDE-like. Prayer while in ICU with life-threatening illness. Shared 48 years later.


36. Peggy B Experience 12/3/2015 I was beyond terrified. I prayed. I prayed that if there was an accident and there had to be a death, that it would be me, and asked God to comfort my family, they had been through enough, to just make it easy for them. We went past at least a dozen exits, unable to see them in the dark and blowing snow. I was getting desperate and prayed even more. I was making deals with Jesus. Very suddenly, I felt a sense of calm and peace. The sensation was like there was a 'light' in the car, although it was still just as dark in a physical sense. I knew my prayers were being answered and that we would all survive. I cannot explain how I knew, but it was a very intense feeling.
Prayer experience while driving in a dangerous snow storm.


35. Daniel C Experience 8/14/2015 As this feeling slowly rose up from within me, before I know it I'm wrapped in this unconditional sense of love and warmth. It was I wish I could stay there forever. if Heaven exists, that's Heaven, for sure. This sensation lasted for about 10 seconds then slowly faded away, to which I jumped up and just started asking questions out loud. 'What just happened?!?', 'What should I do?!?', 'Was that God? Jesus? Angel? Spirit guide???' Over the long run this experience definitely made me believe in a higher 'something' and this 'something' is a loving 'something'.
Prayer experience at time of existential crisis.


34. Matthew V Experience 5/30/2015 I am not the same person I was five years ago. I am in an unknown world seeking an unknown reality with an unknown meaning. I don't know who I am or why I am here, but I am seeking the truth behind these matters. My faith in prayer, however, has increased because the experience taught me that our thoughts create reality. In fact, the more I believe I will become wiser, the wiser I seem to become.
Prayer experiences over a five year period that were remarkably transformative.


33.  Mindy S Experience 2/10/2015 I closed my eyes, went into a place preparing to pray.   I was pushing my soul deeper, trying to reach spirit.   Instantly, I was out of my body.   I felt myself rising to another dimension, somewhere above the universe, in the navy blue sky with stars.   My first thought was, this is where I’m from.   This is my home and I knew I was home.   The next thing I heard (telepathically), was, ‘he knows every hair on your head, Mindy, every moment matters and where it matters is in your soul, that’s what counts.’ When he said every moment matters, immediately all pain of a lifetime drained from the top of my head, started draining down and I was filled with what I can only describe as the most amazing liquid love, internally.  I was then shown images of the sun, the stars and the moon. The moon started coming towards me, closer and closure. Bigger and bigger. I started to be able to see the moons surface. I then heard the words ‘God is the sun, the stars and the moon. Is the moon mad at you Mindy?’
Prayer experience at difficult time during life.


32.  Stevanie B Experience 2/10/2015  The reason I think this is a significant psychic event is the way that it just BAM suddenly appeared in my life after praying for it consistently for so long.  Something popped open between me and my higher self with this head tingling thing.  It is like a little inner electric fence I have, so that I will always know when I'm crossing the line into unkind and unloving areas of thought.  This was the goal I was seeking at the time I was praying for this.
Prayer experience with remarkable outcome.


31.  Susan D Experience 12/1/2014   I knew my body could not sustain this severe stress response much longer.  I paced into my kitchen (I was home alone) and stared out the window into the sky praying and begging for relief.  All of a sudden and out of the blue a perfect calm descended on me and I heard these simple words clearly in my head: "IT IS NOT TIME.  JUST BE."  From that time on I was fine--perfectly calm and my heart stopped racing.  I was almost happy, even. It was simple, yet amazingly profound. I knew everything was ok.  I felt that God had taken pity on my distraught condition and loved me enough to help me. 
Prayer experience at time of great personal stress.


30.  Mary Anne M Experience 11/22/2014  My experience occurred during the day and I was completely awake. It was the day after a terrible rollover accident in which my sister was critically injured. I had come out of the accident unscathed, perhaps because I was the driver and had the steering wheel to hold onto. I was lying on my bed, completely distraught for my sister and her recovery. I also felt horribly responsible for her injuries. I lay there and prayed to the Creator for her recovery and for forgiveness. This is what happened next. I was struck by a jolt of total awareness. It happened in a split second. It was a complete knowing of the Universe and its purpose, of my part in the fabric of all things. The perpetual struggle is that it is impossible to find human words to begin to describe the amount of knowledge I was given and the comfort I received. I knew my sister would be ok. I knew I was not at fault.
Prayer experience with resolution of her guilt about a traffic accident in which she was the driver and her sister was seriously injured.


29.  Anna M Experience  6/23/2014  From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy.   My complete life proceeded in front of my inner eye like a movie. With this, I heard many voices and meanings of others. I felt like being locked in a box, helpless and without knowing how to get out.  Later I was surrounded with calmness, peace and safety. I very clearly felt the difference between my thought constructions, and the absolute "being". My consciousness, at this point of time of the experience,  found itself above my body. It was clear that I wanted to get back into my body. This experience clearly showed to me, that I am responsible for my happiness.
OBE that started with prayer.


28. Wendy H Experience  3/23/2014 I was cold with terror. I decided to get out of my bed, despite my fear that a snake might be lurking there, and pray to God on my knees. I think my prayer was really very simple, I wanted to live to be at least ten years old.  I became aware of a warm, comforting presence in the room. I could pinpoint the presence, it was unconditional love. I was wrapped in the love and felt a bliss that I have never felt again.  I climbed back into bed with my eyes closed. I had the answer that I was loved, that I was precious. The presence slowly faded, but the feeling of utter peace remained for a long time. It also left me with a strange hunger for the knowledge of God, even though I have had my moments of rebellion.
Prayer experience at age 8 from South Africa.  Shared 51 years later.


27. TyLeishia D Experience  3/2/2014  Three days had gone by and I was still in the hospital. I was literally and physically blind, but not declared by the doctors legally blind. I could see blank white light in the daytime and nothing but darkness at night.  I was unable to see any form or shape.  On that third night, while lying in the hospital bed, I was in a peaceful place I had never experienced before.  I was at the top of a high, effervescent mountain and I was sitting among one of many large stones.  A silhouette appeared and a mysterious arm draped with a white cloak of some sort covered it.  I could feel a mild and meek presence sitting beside me on the stone.  I saw a strange, purplish color that hovered over the earth below me.  There were several tiny lights, which appeared to be the light of many souls. I heard a soft, still voice say, “This is why you cannot stay here, you must go back.” I was disappointed saying, “But I don’t want to go back.  It is so peaceful and happy here.  Please don’t make me go back!”  I heard nothing after I responded, but I saw the silhouetted arm pointing in a downward motion below the mountains.  I heard the voice again, softly fading out, firmly saying, “Do you see all these? You must go back.” I could not figure out if it meant the tiny lights or the unexplainable purplish color I had seen over the city-like scene below.  I tried to savor that moment, but it was gone in a twinkling of an eye.   
Inspiration STE and power of prayer.


26. Pam V Experiences  2/16/2014 During some point in time, I started to hear the Lord's prayer in my head. At first I thought I was just praying to myself, but I heard multiple voices (men and women) saying the prayer. After a short amount of time, my heart stabilized for the staff to bring my husband in to watch and begin the procedure. One of the nurses commented that it was really odd.  I didn't think much of it until I learned that my aunt had started a prayer circle at the same time this incident occurred. I figured it must explain hearing multiple voices reciting the Lord's prayer… I didn't think much about it until I later learned about the prayer circle. After that, I AM CONVINCED BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that what happened was real, and that divine intervention occurred to save both my and my child's life.
Heard prayer during delivery when her and baby’s heart was irregular.  Recovery attributed to prayer circle.


25.5. Paula K Experience  10/26/2013 I remember beginning to pray to God to heal me. I begged for him to take the pain away and I remember thinking that if I couldn't be healed that I would die. It seemed like I was in that well for eternity. The next thing I remember was waking up the next morning and walking down the stairs to get my meds. My head was still very fuzzy from the medication and I was telling the other girls that I had been out of my body. After two more doses of the medicine I thought I could be having an allergic reaction so I stopped the Tamiflu and went to see the doctor. I told him that I had experienced being out of my body and he said I had an allergic reaction. Well it was a very short lived flu because the next day I was perfectly fine, in fact I felt like a new person and I was full of love for everyone. It was so amazing because I suddenly felt like I had this big secret, like I had discovered the keys to the universe. I felt one with my creator and overwhelmed with love and joy and compassion.  Everybody at the center was astounded at this transformation.
STE and power of prayer at critical time in their life.


25. Peter Experience  11/23/2013 From the UK.  He had a sash/rope/belt around his waist. He was above me. I could only see him from the waist down, I could not see his upper body or face. He looked kind of normal, just wearing funny clothes, like from an historical movie. He said nothing, but simply 'threw' his hands down towards me, palms facing one another. From between his hands came a river of fire that flooded into me and all over me. I felt like I had been hit by a lightning bolt or a freight train but it did me no harm. I was absolutely flooded with joy and delight and strange unearthly feelings like love and peace but so much better. All my senses activated and I started shouting 'Jesus, My Master, My Master!' I fell on the floor again and started crying with joy.
Prayer experience.


24. Nora M Experience  9/17/2013  From the UK.  I had my eyes shut next and I saw my Maternal Grandmother sitting on a bench with two other people. She was wearing a red cardigan. (AT THIS POINT, I MUST MENTION THAT MY MOTHER HAD AN OLD BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO OF THIS SCENE WHICH I REMEMBER AS I WAS GROWING UP.) Back to the experience - the bench was around the edge of a children's playground and I could hear children chanting my name, as if they were playing a game.  Then I opened my eyes - I was still kneeling with my arm around my husband's shoulder. The pain had stopped! I felt such peace… I feel this was a 'partial' NDE which never developed because I was brought back from the edge by an answered prayer.
Prayer experience at time of painful delivery.


23. Duana L Experience  8/31/2013 From Canada.  There was an open door to my left that I had been instructed to go through but I hesitated because I was torn between the thought of my children and the immense feeling of peace, expansiveness and amazing well being that is impossible to describe, that I was experiencing in the small room.  I did not want to leave that feeling.  I knew I was instructed to go through the door but I knew there would be no returning to my children if I did.  I hesitated and stayed in that room long enough that my husband spoke to me and when he did I was instantly back in the bed.  I was mad that he had interrupted such a beautiful experience… It is possible that it was psychological but how could my husband initiate this through prayer?
Husband prayed, and she had an OBE.


22. Miguel B Experience  7/29/2013 Original in Spanish.  Translated to English by Manuel.  Suddenly I saw how several silhouettes with human shape blue-gray in color were coming in trough the door. At least some 10 - 15 of these beings came in, truly had human form, consisting of men, women and children. None of them had a face so I could not see their features. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing and even thought that it was a nightmare but I looked at the clock on the wall and verified the minutes were passing by and that every thing was real and not a nightmare. I got very scared, I truly did not understand what my eyes were seeing and at the same time it was incredible to see something like that. They all set themselves around my bed and started to pray as a group. What I thought was they were looking for me and it was the time of my death. Next was to close my eyes and started to pray as well.  
Miraculous healing through prayer.


21. Denise Experience  6/5/2013 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  During all this time , while we had the impression to make one with the infinite, or the universe, we both felt an omniscient, omnipotent presence, full of love.  It was the strongest feeling that we felt: the feeling of love, being loved deeply.  I do'nt know how the experience ended. At a moment we were together, eyes open and we were unable to get over what we just experienced and especially that we felt the same thing together.
STE experienced with her husband through the power of prayer.


20. Mary D Experience  4/28/2013  I could only describe as a soft but roaring voice told me "it was of God." I could not talk or move. Time stopped. As this light appeared I felt this "love." A love not of this Earth. I have never had this feeling before nor have I had it since. I was told, in my mind, that this light knew every thought that I had ever had and was capable of remembering "all" of them. I couldn't even do that. Then, from right to left, almost like the stock exchange tape reading we see on TV, I was told that "Everything I perceived to be bad that had ever happened to me including being with this man was so that I could help others." The whole time I was being given this message I was enveloped in a "love" that I have never known and is not of this earth.
Remarkable prayer experience at time of criminal attack.


19. Shirin S Experience  3/23/2013 A second later, while I was waiting for him to say something, a familiar-seeming presence whom I couldn't place, intruded into my mind, and gave both of us a highly amused, and very searching glance.  The man in the white robes immediately turned around and started running back, looking equally joyful, and I found myself caught backwards down that tunnel faster than I had come, and whooshed back in my body. We all collapsed backwards on our heels, and the friend who had been praying in tongues; had said she wanted tongues. and had thought prophecy was the greatest gift said, "What happened? That was amazing!  What did I say?"  The only person who had understood the language was the third person, the one whom we had prayed over first, and who hadn't been there when we were talking about gifts before hand. She didn't remember all of it, but she said that the other person had said "My people will speak in tongues not their own...Thou, child, will have the gift of healing." 
Remarkable prayer experience that latter led to incredible understanding and forgiveness.  Contributor is a physician.


18. Alexandre FS Experience  12/28/2012    Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Susana.  I was laying down at home one afternoon when I suddenly found myself standing beside my body.  At first I did not recognize myself, the image that I saw was different than what I was used to seeing in pictures or in the mirror.  I felt a lot of peace and joy and a wonderful vibrant energy around my spiritual body.  At that point, a very calm voice asked me "What problem do you have?" I then understood that it was my laying body, but this did not bother me at all since I was experiencing the best moment of my life.  I then had to make a incredible effort in order to respond, because I did not know what he was referring to. Then when I remembered and I realized that all of my worrying was worthless, what mattered was getting to where I now was.  I understood that I did not need to worry so much.  I did not see anyone, only the voice that spoke to my conscience and this is how we communicated.  Until that point I did not remember my children and wife.  When the voice gave me the option of leaving out the window and continuing on or returning to my body, I immediately responded that I wanted to continue on.  
STE from an OBE and the power of prayer.


17. Renée D Experience 8/22/12 I was suddenly lifted into another dimension. How do I know this? I know this as viscerally and innately as I draw breath, as I need water and food to live. This place, or rather this 'state', was more real, more 'dimensional' than anything I had ever experienced, ordinary consensual reality of our day to day being more like a cardboard cutout in comparison to this paradigm, this place that is right beside 'here'.  Softly vibrating yet solidly interwoven in every direction were filaments of warm, shimmering golden breathing light, as though my spirit were awakened into an infinite living cocoon. This place was peace, joyous, alive with a deep flowing love that infiltrated every atom of my being. I was utterly safe, protected and, while having no sense of bodily density, sort of floating gently in sublime warmth and eternal comfort. There was no 'I' in this place in the sense of taking up space, but I did have a pinpoint of awareness, an ability to think, sense, process.  I thought to ask, 'Where am I?' and directly I was given this knowledge, 'You are in the palm of God's hand.'
Remarkable prayer experience at age 10.


16.5.  Mark F Experience  2/19/12  My son overdosed. I was being pushed by my doctor to give up, just days from the accident. Neurosurgeons told me he was brain dead and there was no hope. It was because his situation was so bad, they had no hope… I was shown all of the prayer for Kevin coming from earth, it was a vision from the east coast looking west across the country and the prayers were spotlights shining individually but joining together with some reaching higher than others and looking like a 3D bar graph of sorts. I had prayer groups praying for Kevin all the way to Texas. I sent emails every night telling everyone of Kevin’s status… Kevin blazed through recovery amazing everyone. The story is long and filled with love, family and miracles. Kevin is about to get his G.E.D.
Son overdosed and was considered brain dead.  Mystical experience happened followed by inexplicable healing.


16. Beheshti Experience 3/4/12 From Iran.  These kind of experiences are so ordinary in our religious beliefs, even we Muslim believe that human being has this ability to deliberately export his spirit out of his physical body and so other abilities.  But these all are facilities and the main aim is some thing else!... I was in Imam REZA Haram in Mashhad and I was speaking with him in my mind (He was not physically alive at the moment) .during speaking and praying I heard  my heart that beat slow and stop beating.  But i was alive and conscious… I had just gotten feed back from my lord.  It was not me any more.  It was him who had my soul.
Prayer experience from Iran involving prayer to an Imam.


15. Sally S Experience 7/8/11  She said, “I have to tell you something. You are a beautiful person. You were talking about dying today. Jesus wants you to know He loves you and He died for you. He wants you to know you are a beautiful person and He died for You because He loves you so much. You are a beautiful person.”  I studied her face and listened carefully to her every word without interruption. She delivered her words calmly and with a direct sense of purpose. (And, as you can see above, she said the same words/sentences several times.) 
Power of prayer.


14.  Sally C Experience  11/1/10  Three years later I was checking out a 12 step support group at a hospital.  I found it boring and was going to leave.   A voice inside me said “stay a bit longer”.   I thought, “That is odd that I thought that, but OK”.    A few minutes later the room got really bright, I looked at the ceiling to figure out where were all these lights that got turn on.    Then to my front right stood Jesus!  At this point, I kind of turned into a different person, it’s hard to explain but I will try my best.  Basically, it’s like I became my spirit.  Like my spirit was allowed to remember.  I stopped being this human persona; so hard to explain.  I was me, but also an eternal being. When I saw Jesus, my spirit just felt INTENSE relief.  So relieved to see Jesus! 
STEs through prayer.


13. Julie L Experience 1/14/10  I opened my eyes and there was a translucent white, bright light all around me in the room. I could see through the light and see the TV on un front of me. As I felt the warmth of the hand that held mine I was engulfed with love, unconditional love was filling me, I was smiling from ear to ear! Tears still steaming down my face, I heard a male voice say to me, not out loud  but telepathically,  in my head, everything is going to be ok, none of that matters now. I Will always love you. I asked him if he was holding my hand and he said yes, He told me he was sitting beside me. Meanwhile,   all I could feel was this complete unconditional  love and forgiveness. I was so happy, so close to him! To this day I am  still not sure who came to me that night, was it God? The lord Jesus? my grandfather, who by the way had a close relationship with Jesus.  Whoever it was, he was divine and he loved me! I felt close to him and I can't wait to be with him again someday.
Prayer/meditation experience.


12.  Zen B Experience 12/20/08  During the second song on the album, In the Morning Day, there was a creative pause after the lyrics ended and before the rest of the song was played out. I heard that familiar “Voice” say, "Bruce (my given adoptive name), are you willing to die for what you believe in?" Immediately the “Voice” had my attention and I thought for a moment about what I believed in strongly enough to give up my life. Jesus Christ was it... not as organized religion knows him... only as I knew him to be much more than most comprehended. So I agreed. Just as I said, "Yes," the music continued with a sound like a rocket ship taking off or going by at a phenomenal speed. I felt myself being gently pulled out of my body and so I let go and followed the pull. I looked back to see my body lying across my bed, as I had been doing. I'd had OBEs before so I was familiar with the feeling of leaving. What I found when I turned back to look where I was going was absolutely awesome. I was totally engulfed in white light... feeling at home, warm, rather effervescent and serene.
Experience following prayer.


11.  Amanda Experience 12/14/08  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Rio.   Afterwards, a day was spend preparing for the funeral and associated activities.  On Monday we went to the burial.  I was standing by the body the whole time, including during the night.  I didn't want to leave my son alone.  I asked my loved ones to leave me alone with him for a few hours before they took him away.  This time, while standing in front of my son, I asked God to resurrect him,  that he do something because his death was caused by confusion, a mistake, and that he be returned to me.  I asked him with great faith and I knew that God could resurrect him.  He only needed me to ask.  So, during my prayer, there appeared on my right in the form of a triangle, thousands and thousands of lights moving down from heaven.  The first of these lights was my son.  God had heard my prayer!  He hadn't resurrected him physically, but in spirit. 
The power of prayer to help empower the deceased to go to the light.


10.  Carry G Experience 12/1/08 Immediately, a strong but gentle voice spoke to me from the light, a voice heard not with my ears but with my mind.  The being of light said, "Carry, I love you exactly the way you are."  The funny thing was that when I heard that voice I recognize it.  Somehow, I 'knew' this being.  He was like the best friend I always wanted and wished for but did not know it.  But, upon hearing his voice, I knew him immediately.   When the being of light first said this, I felt like the most loved human being of all time, the most favorite of all human beings in the universe, past, present or future, yet at the same time I knew this being loved everyone equally and just as infinitely as I felt right then.  The being delighted in me and was completely focused on me.  I was the center of its attention yet somehow I knew everyone was at the 'center' of its attention.  When the being said those words to me I knew it saw me as I was, faults and all, not just at that moment, but for all the moments of my life. I felt no shame, no judgment; in fact, it was so liberating to be known so perfectly, to be so wonderfully accepted, yet at the same time, not judged or condemned in the slightest way.
Remarkably transcendent prayer experience with many similarities to NDE.  This experience led him to become a Catholic priest.


9.  Cindy G's Experience 1/26/04   I remember entering a light, indescribably bright, brilliant.  I was part of this light and it was part of me.  The light was made up of me.  We were all communicating with each other.....they were all in me and I was in all of them.  The communication was too fast for me to discern what was being said but the feeling that flowed through me from in the light.. was love...more intense than anything I have ever felt.  I was 'home.'  I had the feeling of belonging....of being...that was of indescribable peace.
She prayed to God for the first time - and what an answer!

8.  Mark C's Experience 12/19/03 
I did not want to leave and knew not even to ask if I could stay because I was to back...I just was so happy to experience my home again and I just enjoyed the peace, the joy, the love and the knowledge that flowed through me.  Truly, there are no words to explain this.  I then felt presence to the right of me...a communication of pure love.  I looked to right of me and saw two golden transparent globes floating next to me.  They loved me unconditionally and I loved them just as much and in the same way.  They communicated to me that I need to go back now and that I will never be without them.  They were my angels that were to watch over me in my life...and I will see them again when I return.
News of cancer diagnosis prompted intense prayer and this experience.


7. Gloria J's Experience 09/7/03 The communication was a telepathic clear voice between the heavenly being & my inner spirit. Wow! I was and still am totally amazed, that my spirit has its own voice, it was clear yet not verbal. We were talking but I never opened my mouth. I want to call this spiritual being an Angel and just like in the Bible in Isaiah 6: 6 the Angel touched my mouth with what I believe to be a piece of coal -it actually clicked on my teeth. I was awake during this experience ,  laying flat on my bed, on my back, face up yet unable to move anything but my eyes, kinda frozen in time. I saw only the bottom of his long light grayish robe, with blue circular stripes around its bottom. I saw feet & sandals just like men wore in biblical times.
Prayer at a time of crisis was the precursor to this STE.

6. Robin D's Experience 05/31/03  Suddenly, the staircase I was looking at "morphed" as it were, into a shaftway or tunnel, extending upward. I saw a light blue sky at the end.  Then, out of nowhere, appeared a light.  It looked, I thought then, like the sun.  But I could look right into it.  It shone very brightly and it rippled or pulsed-that's the best way I can put it. It remained at the end of this stairway/tunnel extending skyward.  I never moved any nearer to it.  It spoke without using words.  It communicated a lot about universal goodness, God, the universe, life in this plane. 
Answer to depressed teenager's prayer to God.


5.    Sari T's Experience.  5/12/03  The prayer was if I should fight to save the marriage or let it go and move on. Then, I turned off the lights and laid down to fall asleep. I had the first and only dream I remember of the time for weeks. In this dream, I was above looking down and watching a scene play out before me. I was in the scene and a man who I do not know I could not "see" all his features was in the dream. He reminded me of a boy I dated as a young girl, but it was not him, only similar. I can't describe the feeling but I "knew" him.
Soulmate lucid dream precipitated by prayer.

4.    Jonathan F's Experience.  5/12/03  It seemed almost at the end of these words I opened my eyes and was enveloped in the most intense light I had ever known. I had the feeling that I was no longer where I had been, I could see nothing but this light, I have no recollection of seeing my body or anything else but this light. With the light though came a feeling of love, peace and understanding I had never know at any other time in my short life. I have no idea how long this lasted, if I remember right it was three or four minutes real time, but it seemed to last for hours and hours. Nothing was said to me I did not hear voices, nor did I see any beings, people or otherwise, just the light and the overwhelming feeling of peace and love.
Prayer to God right before suicide attempt.

3. Patricia C's Experience 12/7/02 When I arrived in the classroom I lay back on a row of chairs and felt myself ascending again I opened my eyes and could see a light and the clouds in the sky. There was a point when I could see or feel as though I was struggling to pass some beings that did not want me to continue upward the beings were like clouds themselves. After I passed that level I felt confident and looked ahead and saw someone dressed in like platinum in the distance one hand was outstretched and I think I was being beckoned to come.
A couple of SOBE experiences associated with prayer.


2.    Gail K's Experience.  10/13/02  I was asking Jesus to help me. Alternately begging Him and daring Him that my heart and soul were open and to come  into my heart. Well he did. In a moment and I felt it physically!! happen - I felt Jesus in my chest, in my heart, I couldn't see Him and didn't need too. I felt his warmth radiate through me. I knew it was Him and He knew I knew it was Him.
This experience shows the transformative power of prayer through contact with Jesus.


1.  Marilyn E's Experience  5/2/02.  "Yes, something was moving in there!!! I had to steel myself to try to find out what it was. With amazement I realized it was the new flesh actually GROWING! It began to fill the hole as we watched -as though many weeks of new, clean flesh was growing in the space of as many minutes. I had seen many other miracles happening during healings here, so perhaps I should not find it so amazing this time. But it was!"
This series of events goes far beyond the power of prayer, and is extremely instructive in charity, the Christ light, creating heaven on earth.  Such an amazing and powerful story from England.