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I had a sister who was just two year younger to me. She was not a healthy child from the date of her birth. Mentally she was very intelligent child but physically she was weak.  She didn't had  a normal growth like normal children has like height.  My mother tried her best to improve or give medical help to improve on her disabilities but unfortunately nothing happened.  When she was of age 11yr her physical disabilities started increasing like she could not walk and slowly within a 2-3years here hand movements also stopped.  Than she got bronchitis problem because of which she was admitted in the hospital for 10-15 days with life support system. When she came back home after 6month one day at about 11.20a.m, she was laying on the floor and she started shouting and screaming, i don't want to go with u -2 and she cried also.  I was sitting next to her and i asked what happened.  She said there were two -three person in white cloth, they came here to take me and was fighting with them, than they said they will come again. 

After 6 month she again got a attack and again was admitted in the hospital for 3-4days and when she came back to home.  After coming back to home she got a severe pain in the legs for an hour and she me and my mother to press here legs so that she should feel some relief from this pain but nothing happened and than she said bring hammers and bang on here legs so that she should feel the relief nothing happened after an hour or so she was salient.  By 7.00p.m. she started calling all over relatives and said by 10.45p.m she will stop talking because she is going, she don't have time.  Exactly at 10.45p.m. she went to coma and was silent forever and died after 2days in the midnight by 4a.m. (early morning) and father said at the same time he heard the music of god very loud for 1-2minutes.  When she died we all got a nap of a minute.

 this is my experience which still as a fresh as it happened today only.