Other Consciousness Experiences (1999-2013)

Other Consciousness Experiences, like bilocation, entity encounters, orbs, and etc.
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135. Bella C Experiences  12/15/2013 When we returned to Puerto Rico, while enjoying a beach day, I went in the beach and suddenly my legs paralyzed.  I laid at the floor of the beach for 3 or 5 minutes.  I remember this experience because I was 11.  I was desperate trying to reach for air, I try to hold my arm up in case someone could see me.  I know how desperate a person feels when he is drowning.  Suddenly I felt a calmness over me.  I saw through the water a vision of my family at my funeral crying.  I did not want to die at that time.  I start praying Our Father and ask God to let me live because I want to be a wife and a mother.  Suddenly a force pushed me up and I was walking again.  My aunts and parents saw me and ran towards me.  They did not know where was I.  I was sick for over a week because of all the water I swallowed.
Varied experiences from age 2-3 to adulthood.


134. Harvey A Experiences  11/24/2013  All I know is that my mother said I had pneumonia as a baby and I died, or nearly died. a few years later I had an experience, and then another experience a year later… When I was about 2. I remember lying in our parlor and looking up at the sky and discussing with myself the concept of everlasting.  I know I was that age because my head was on the rug which was about 15 inches from the wall, my buttock was against the wall with my legs up the wall under a window.  A few clouds in the sky, and I wondered how heaven could be everlasting.  It seemed that there should be an end, no there is no end.  That is strange. In my youth I knew things about the future, and I did not think that was different from anyone's thinking.
Other experiences throughout life.  Shared at age 90.


133. Irma B Experience  11/3/2013 From France.  So many they don't really matter, only that I now know that this life is a dream and crossing over is the only reality. OBE, astral travels, messages from deceased people, instant telepathy, "seeing" what goes on in people's lives, healing people, being in more than one place at once and being "everywhere". All of this can be verified by people who received the messages I got from deceased relatives, plenty healing testimonies, being in two places testimonies, etc… common denominator: time does not exist, these experiences happen in a different realm where there's only "peace", they're more real than what I'm writing here :).
Multiple experiences throughout life of an unearthly realm of existence.


132. Sherrie T Experience  10/12/2013  Smoke was billowing or barreling into the room! It was moving and churning and the colors were dark, gray and white all swirling together. I was amazed that they were letting someone smoke in the room. I know realize this may have really been the beginning of the infamous "tunnel" forming. Then I thought how sad it would be that I would not be there to see someone else raise my baby/son as I was fading away pretty quickly at this point.
Difficult delivery.  Saw ‘smoke’ in room- she wonders if this was the beginning of an NDE tunnel, though she was conscious at time.


131. Brad Experiences  7/28/2013  My uncle who had recently died while I was in the hospital - came to my doorway at my hospital room to check on me.  He was talking with other people/beings.  I had no way of knowing that he had died while I was in the hospital...yet I knew it.  No one had to tell me… While I was in this altered state of consciousness; I do clearly remember a man being brought into Hopkins that had been shot.  He had his entire family and doctors around him.  He did not survive, but there were others there to help him.  I wasn't actually in the same room with him, nor did I actually hear any of this with my own hearing.  This was definitely more of a situation that I simply knew - I sensed it, without actually seeing any of it…
Other experiences while very ill with peritonitis.  Sensed uncle’s presence- uncle had died and he did not know it.  Saw entity working on his knee in hospital.


130. Miriam D Experiences  7/14/2013 From the UK.  I remember thinking if she don't get off the phone and come find me I was going to die. I waited not long and then thought she not going to find me, and being aware that I couldn't shout or move, I thought that's it I am going.  At first I started to cry but then I through this is not helping me and if anything making me worse, so I consciously thought I might as well accept it.  Then every thing changed for the better, when I accepted it.  I started to go and I had a great feeling of calmness tranquility that lasted for a while and then I woke up in another room and felt my soul descend back into my body. I was feeling really calm and good, and I just knew that the asthma attacks and the hospital was over and it would never be like that again.
Two experiences of absence of consciousness during life-threatening events.


129. Rami Experience  7/6/2013 From Israel.  I saw all my friends from far, already drying themselves on the shore and tried shouting for them to come help me. I was so exhausted that I could barely shout properly and could see none of my friends are looking toward me or hearing me.  I was so tired and started to panic, gave it a last push but it was too far.  In some point my memory went blank, couldn't remember anything, and at a point it came back in an instant and I found myself on the shore with the rest of my friends. I was completely shocked yet thankful I wasn't dead for some reason I could not remember or explain. I looked at my friends acting all normal like nothing happened and it even amazed me more. I never talked to them about this since I didn't know how they will react, was worried they will look at me like an hallucinating crazy fool in my subconscious I guess.
Experience of inexplicable swimming to shore while unable to do so and loss of memory at the time.  Was 16 years old. 


128. Gregory B Experience  6/30/2013 From Australia.  The first night at home I was so tired that I don't remember anything. The second night (08/09/12) I woke in the early hours of the morning starving, but I just ignored it and went back to bed as I wasn't interested in eating during the night as I'd been trying hard to eat all day and was sick of trying. While I was lying there starving, I had the impression there was a conveyor belt beside my bed, and I was alerted to it by the shuffling noise it made, like 2 metal plates rubbing together. I drifted off back to sleep. The same thing happened the next night but this time I got a better look at this conveyor belt thing, or at least I got to understand the significance of it better. On the third night I woke up at 0020 hrs (on the 10/ 09/12), and I noticed the conveyor belt had sections in it, and it was like taro cards showing significant parts of my life, but in a random order. I realized that the noise of the previous two nights had been shuffling the cards, waiting for me to put the events in the chronological order.
Other experience- Discussion of fight with metastatic cancer.


127. Maggi C Experience  6/22/2013 I was walking home from work. The previous days had seen heavy snow and the results had frozen on the ground.  Walking along my familiar route, alongside the local cemetery, an elderly lady appeared, coming toward me.  She lost her balance and I moved to help her......  But I slipped on a patch of ice and lost my balance. When I'd regained my balance and looked to the lady, she'd gone......  But there was nowhere she could have gone TO! She was elderly and frail. No way could she have sprinted away, out of my sight in the moment it had taken me to regain my balance.
Entity encounter while walking next to cemetery.


126. Melissa W Experience  5/26/2013  I could see it very clear in the light that reflected from the kitchen.  My husband was sleeping in the bed to my right.  I went on past and was thinking about what I saw, but got my shower went on to work. Didn't mention it to anyone until I got home.  My husband had mentioned years ago he thought he had OBEs.  I got to thinking about the outline of the form and it was taller than me and it was in a hurry, but how did I know to stop to let it pass.  So my conclusion was that he was having a OBE and the alarm went off and "called him back" and he was returning from his OBE.
Entity encounter believed by contributor to be husband in OBE form.


125. David M Experience  5/5/2013  When I started to become conscious I explained to boss that I was in a Lancaster bomber crash.  I correctly described the instrument panel of a Lancaster bomber correctly.  My boss has flown as a navigator in Lancaster bombers in the Second World War.  I had never seen the inside of a Lancaster bomber.
Upon regaining consciousness from a car accident, stated he was in a Lancaster bomber crash and correctly described the instrument panel of the bomber that he had never seen.


124. Gina R Experience  3/31/2013  One night while I was "sleeping" a being of light came to me. I saw the entire room light up and I knew something was different. A light being approached me and picked me up off the bed and hugged me. The feeling was indescribable; unconditional love and information was exchanged without speaking. The being told me to "take care of my family and everything will be alright". After what seemed like a long period of time, the being moved back across the room. I could still see the light, and I asked if "it" was still here. The being replayed," I will always be with you, just take care of your family".
Entity encounter at time of need with a profound message of hope.  Also a mystical blissful experience.


123.  Susan M Experience  3/14/13  There was nothing left untouched by her love for me. Every worry, fear, even thought vanished.  Her eyes were so very kind and gentle.  She was very close to me and reached over and touched my face with her hand, brushing my hair back, just as I had done many times to my own children when they were sick.  I physically felt her touch my forehead and the sides of my face even though it was a slight, tender touch.  Her message was very short.  She told me that she was there to heal me and not to be afraid; that I was not alone and I would not get anything wrong.
Loving entity encounter at time of illness.  Profound encounter.


122.  Saul R Experience  2/16/13  From Australia.  Three days prior I had been in hospital where my pulse rate dropped to 30-36 beat per min. I was discharged without treatment.  I was asleep and about 2.30am I felt a massive hit in my chest. It woke me up with a fright and I sat up in bed startled. At the end of my bed stood what only can be described as a ghostly figure shrouded in bright light. I can only describe the figure now as what I have seen of statues of the Virgin Mary. However I cannot say for sure if it was her apparition. The experience lasted for about two minutes.  I felt at peace and lay down and went back to sleep. The next day I was admitted to hospital and from there I was taken by Air ambulance 400 mile to Melbourne where I had a "Stent" inserted immediately.
Entity encounter associated with apparent severe coronary artery disease.


121.  Sean Experience  2/16/13  I remember sitting up in my bed and looking back over towards the wall at the head of my bed just to the right and I saw a shimmering golden light orb hovering about 5 feet about the floor, I remember just sitting there looking at it and having a feeling that it was looking back at me. It was about the size of a basket ball and the golden light was streaming inward from the outer edge towards the center of the orb. It was very odd I had the feeling of making eye contact with it and then suddenly it it just disappeared, the outer edges of the orb just grew smaller towards the center until it was go. I remember feeling really good, so at peace and relaxed.
Orb encounter in bedroom.


120.  Stevie Experience  2/3/13  During the difficult times after awaking, I was always surrounded by nurses, one in particular, a tall, thin, dark haired man named Ian. Ian was a very kind man, and strangely enough, did his job very well without doing much at all. He came in my room often and always greeted me with a handshake. He'd ask me what I needed, and I would tell him. He'd then ask if I had any preference in who would execute the task, and always, that person would come. I grew very fond of Ian in not a few days, he felt like a very close friend. But, one day, Ian didn't come. And the days that followed, the same thing. I began to worry, and at this time, I felt myself again, no more affects of the heavy sedation. I asked another nurse, "Where's Ian?" She seemed puzzled. "Who is Ian?" I heard that from every nurse I asked. I then tried to describe him, what he looked and sounded like. The confusion only grew. There was no nurse, on that floor or otherwise, that fit the description.
Mysterious entity encounter after brain surgery at age 16.


119.  Dawn M Experience  1/14/13  I was in the school bus in front of my secondary school waiting for it to pull out to take us home.  In general, I was a very stressed kid due to major family dysfunction and abuse. I was also very shy, was attending a huge school, and was obsessed with getting A's.  I noticed how extremely nervous I felt. Just then I became aware of a presence behind my right shoulder and I received the message, "Everything will be alright." I also received a feeling of incredible peace and joy.  I was soaking this in when I became aware that the presence was leaving. It's hard to say how I knew this because I never saw the presence. I thought I may never have this chance again, so I asked, "Even after death?," and was told, "Yes, everything will be alright." I am less certain about one thing, which is that I think somehow I had this knowledge that everything is interconnected and fits together.
Entity encounter with important information for her in dealing with her anxiety.  Happened in early to mid teen years.


118.  Vijay C Experience  9/24/12  From India.  Friends and relatives visited me at the hospital ward. My brother who was at the hospital was in conversation with the doctor in the passage way. I had been given an injection some time ago - an anticoagulant, I was told later. There was a black space with a wisp of bluish green, fluorescent something that I saw as me. It kept rising in the black space. Then there was a very bright light, alive, not quite like the sun. It was all kindness, love.  The bluish green flame came down along a circular arc. I felt my body shiver, called out in panic to my brother for help. I saw a vignette of my body fall - something like a ghost in cartoons - down from a great height in this space back into my body. I thought I was going to die. I heard my brother say something to me. I was back to normal abruptly. I tried to flex my left hand and could. I made a fist and opened my hand. I felt whole, not like earlier when I felt 'half'… Everyday vision isn't the 'Truth'. It depends on the organs of vision, the eyes and the corresponding vision centers in the brain. The 'vision' during the experience is 'True', 'Real' in absolute terms.
Other (not otherwise classified) experience following motorcycle accident with paralysis. 


117.  Diana N Experience  5/14/12   As I was walking out of the kitchen to bring the lunch I made into the living room...my older son was walking up the hallway and we both stopped to not bump into one another. I then continued on to the living room to the younger two to give them their lunch. (which took all of 5 seconds) I turned back to go into the kitchen ..as I did I told my older son lunch was ready assuming he would still be in the kitchen. He wasn't there. At this point I thought it was odd he wasn't there since he had just walked in seconds before...but no big deal...he must have (very quickly) left the room. I walked down the hall into his room and he was in bed with his blanket covering his legs ..half laying down with his arms propped up on his pillows… I know from my son's reaction that it was not him who I nearly bumped into only minutes before.
Entity encounter with entity that appeared like her son.


116.  Dani G Experience  4/8/12 From Italy. The crucial fact about the experience (it is difficult for me to recall the exact sequence) is that I ‘remembered’ how I felt before coming to this life and how much I dearly cared for all the people I was to meet in this life. At the time of the experience I felt I had somehow been ‘tricked’ into coming into this life, because nobody had clearly explained to me that all these wonderful feelings of love may be turned into fear, hate and anger in every-day physical life. I felt somehow upset with my parents for having given birth to me. It is difficult to explain the feeling of how I was ‘tricked’ into investing all this love in something which would turn it into such painful feelings.  I KNEW for sure at the time that the greater my feelings of love ‘before’ my birth, the greater my vulnerability in this world was bound to be. I had NO IDEA on the other side that this would happen.  I also saw some crucial life events that were meant to happen, ‘before’ coming to this world, such as my meeting with and marrying my husband: in the experience it was like a picture of us together was taken to mark this event beyond space and time, but, at the same time, we were surrounded by distorting mirrors, and I saw how these crucial life events can be distorted in physical life.
Several spiritual experiences including a remembrance of pre-earthly life feelings. 


115.  Dolores C Experience  4/8/12 Starting at a cellular level, I was expanding and seeing/sensing spirals and orbits of energy that interacted with each other.  The expansion grew to body organs and systems, then planets and the solar system and then on out into the universe.  This was very cool and the knowing had me wonder if I was dying.  After that thought came a concern about my son who was maybe 7 or 8 at the time.  The scene shifted and I was moving along a tunnel (maybe on a hospital type gurney).  Below me were geometric shapes that flashed colorful changing patterns of light.  And on the sides of the tunnel which seemed to be made out of earth, there were unusual hanging plants. I did not see or hear beings but I was aware of some type of presence.
Probable hallucination vs other experience that occurred during illness.  Experiencer is a microbiologist.


114.  Priyanka R Experience  3/7/12 From India  After a while I stopped reading and was staring at the ceiling. Suddenly my body felt heavy and couldn't move or talk. I tried to move myself desperately and tried to reach for my husband. I thought I was going through a Heart attack or something. But then i suddenly found myself climbing down the stairs reaching for the main door as someone was knocking on it. I also saw my living Mother-in-Law reaching for the same door to open it for the person outside. I asked to wait and I would open the door for her. But she reached to door before me and opened it. As soon as she opened it a bright light came from outside and I could see everything going on reverse action. My mother got back to her room and I came upstairs to my room and suddenly I could move my body. I immediately reached for the Upanayana wore by my husband and he looked towards me. I asked him to go downstairs immediately to check on my mother-in-law. We went downstairs and she was fine. I asked if she got out of bed. She said no.
From India.  Good example of sleep paralysis.


113.  Annie Experience  3/4/12  Here is the conversation I had with the man:  "Hello. My name is The Buddha. I am here for your assistance and am amble to help with whatever questions or concerns you may have."  "Thank you so much for communicating with me today. It is a pleasure to meet you."  This was not the voice of the spirit guide I had been contacting recently. He was different and had a different vibrational presence. It was interesting how he referred to Himself as The Buddha. I think he did this to show that he was an enlightened being. His voice sounded like a white man.  I thought what I may what to ask or learn about. I paused and was unable to say something right away.  "Go ahead, sat it, don't be afraid", He chuckled.  "I'm gay."  It was the first thing that came to mind. Being a somewhat closeted lesbian, I often wonder what the other side has to say about homosexuality.  The voice laughed excitedly." Of Course you're gay!" He laughed. "If God had created all people to be alike then you wouldn't be gay. Everyone would be completely straight."
Communication with a being that identified themselves as The Buddha at age 17.


112.  Justin M Experience  1/22/12   Meanwhile, I sat up in bed completely stunned that somehow the 'energy' from these 2 short male beings was able to so strongly impact the physical world that it caused a moderately heavy mattress (which was leaned against the closed door at an angle that took some strength to place it that way and couldn't move backwards due to the basic laws of gravity!) to fall backwards and hit the carpet with a thud.
Entity Encounter with physical evidence corroborating.


111.  JoAnn T Experience  1/21/12 My M.D. came to me after the cath. and told me I was fine and could go home.  I said how could i be, I saw the tests just a couple of days ago and saw the blockages.  And then I said, well I'll go on a diet and loose weight and jog  ad eat better.  He said " don't change a thing, your heart is not only fine, its' perfect, keep on doing what you are doing. We don't understand what happened, but your heart turned literally upside down in your chest and you no longer have the blockages or the valve problem.  I went home then, knowing that I had passed onto the next lifetime without dying.
Other experiences including healing, OBEs, and more.


110.  Matthew G Experience  12/16/11 I believe that my daughter was dreaming of playing in her walker, which at the time, was her favorite toy, and some how had an OBE. and was actually playing out side of her body, I heard "giggling" and the sound of the walker rolling, after I picked up the walker and put it where we keep it, for the second time that day, I went to see if they were awake yet. They were sound asleep.
Interesting experience where daughter’s toy appeared in doorway.  Possibly due to daughter’s OBE at the time.

109.  Sandra C Experience  12/11/11 From Canada.  Almost drowned found self in a situation where I was about to die - next thing you know I have - a 'loud' slap of electricity in my head and I feel like a hand picked me up from my dangerous place and was 'thrown' on the beach - by what felt like a giant hand… my inner tube was stuck around a dead head tree rapids behind me right before the event I understood I had no other choice than to follow the voice in my head that said on the count of three push the inner tube down and you will be okay pushed and bang the 'shock' upside my head and bang dropped on the shore not very gently no viewers of the event the event has stayed in my mind for years as ODD.
Was at risk of drowning in inner-tube accident.  Heard voice say to push down on inner-tube.  Felt she was transported to shore without her remembering it.


108. Kim D Experience 10/29/11 From Canada.  I did not really know much about the Kundalini experience and its connection to transcending our common existence.  As it happened, I recognized some of the signs and let myself relax with the situation.  This foreknowledge and desire helped tremendously with the event… I felt the vibration in the floor first as though it were shaking the floor and it kind of scared me a little because I knew the fan had been left on while I was gone for almost a week.  I thought it was affecting the integrity of the floor and structure.  I stood there anyway even though the vibration was so strong.  then the vibration hit me at this tremendous level and I felt as though my soul, spirit and entire being was involved.  I was actually in the middle of trying to do some laundry.  So, in this state, I began  projecting love to the universe and thanking the one true god and everything.
Kundalini experience.


107.  Ray C Experience  7/23/11 On the morning in question, I had been sitting there, alone in the dark and quiet, for about the entire half hour, meditating with my eyes closed, when suddenly…I smelled roses.  It wasn’t just a faint, mild scent of roses, but a very strong, powerful smell, as though someone had just thrust a large bouquet of roses directly under my nose.  It was such a powerful smell that it caused me to stiffen in my chair and open my eyes, wondering what was going on.  During the entire time that I had been meditating, I had not heard anyone enter the building.  The whole room now smelled like roses, so I stepped out of my office, into the dark classroom and looked around, then stepped out into the long hallway, looking both directions. The classroom was empty and the hallway was likewise… My entire life has been one of mainstream science.  Anything that smacked of the paranormal would have been cause for me to roll my eyes, smile, and think "ridiculous New Age stuff."  This experience was completely beyond any explanation, using standard scientific views.  It was verified by two other science teachers, who were asked to report if they "noticed anything," without any further prompts as to what it was that I was referring to.
Remarkable scent of roses while meditating which was witnessed by two others without prompting.

106.  Leonard B Experience  7/4/11 After I was allowed to wake up from the coma, I saw a faint veil repeatedly whenever I closed my eyes. The veil remained with me for a period of about 4 days.  Every time I closed my eyes to rest, I would see a faint milky veil with a wavy outline, directly in front of me.  It was faint but very noticeable.  Every day, the veil would be slightly smaller as if it was receding away from me.  The unique thing about the veil is that its wavy shaped outline didn't change at any time. It retained the same shape every time I saw it until it was completely invisible after several days.  It simply appeared to withdraw from my vision over a period of about 4 days.  Then it was gone entirely.  I haven't seen it since… I believe that I know what it is like to be dead.  I believe that the next time I see that veil (and I believe that I WILL see it again), I will merge into it or go thru it.  This belief goes complete against what I believed before this experience.  I believed that there was nothing after death, now I am not quite so sure.
Saw a veil for many days after coming out of a medically induced coma.

105.  Mary's Son's Experience  6/30/11  Son's drawing in first grade is premonition of death at age 20.


104.  Francisco P's Experience  5/14/11  From Spain.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A.  It must have been about 6.30 am in Spain. I was some 5 minutes out on the terrace and when I came back inside I saw myself floating in the doorway of my bedroom. I was wearing a shining white tunic, and I was very blond-haired. I thought to myself: This is not possible, if I'm over here, what am I doing over there? I pinched my cheek and was saying it's not possible, when he, or I, however you want to call him, came floating towards me. He had no legs, and I said to him that I was very scared and then said, You must be real, here I am standing, it isn't a dream. I was quite certain of this.
Bilocation or being visited by an entity? 


103.  Jerry C Experience 4/23/11 I thanked them for the warning. "We didn't say anything," one replied. Yes, you did. No, we didn't. It went back and forth. I put the incident out of my mind, but recalled it from time to time as the years passed. My father was a brutal drunk who terrorized our home on his sprees, so a male voice carrying that degree of tender care was utterly unknown to me. That has stuck with me as much as the near escape.
Voice gave instructions to save him from harm at age 7.  Shared 64 years later.


102.  Dick VL Experiences 3/22/11 An appearance of my father’s after his death. My father was sitting on a kind of rock / a big stone. He looked very alive / vivacious / lively / and he really looked very very good.  He was dressed in his Sunday-suit with vertical lines / vertical stripes, close beside each other.  The tie he usually wore with the suit + the shoes he usually wore with the suit. His hair was neatly cut and combed, he was shaven, it looked as if he just came from the hairdresser’s. As if he had to go to his men’s-society / club. He stood up from the stone and said clearly audible: ”I’m going to learn”. And then he stepped out of ”the screen” / out of sight.
Many different experiences on his spiritual journey.  Several ADCs in the beginning.  Experiencer translated his experiences from Dutch.


101.  Virginia P Experience 3/13/11 When I was approximately 3 years old. I wanted to play with my mothers hair dryer, she gave it to me to sit and play on the floor, but she told me NOT to try to plug it in. She went to the kitchen table and continued having coffee and talking with my father. Apparently from what I can remember,( so much is hard to remember clearly, as I was so young) I didn't listen and started plugging it in, I think I remember a spark but I am not sure. At that exact moment I heard the deepest voice I have ever heard say "Don't do that" and when I looked to my right I saw outside the window this man all in white staring at me, then it was gone. My mother said I came screaming to her pointing at the window saying "that man, that man", she said I was terrified. She said my father went out and looked around the whole house and found no one. I do remember after that if I would see a religious picture anywhere, with people dressed in white robes or picture of angels I do remember thinking "that's what that was". I also was very afraid of plug ins for a lot of my childhood after this.
Entity encounter at age 3 that may have saved her from electrical shock.


100. Robert B Dream vs. ICU Psychosis 3/6/11 Shadowy figures with long ton heads slinked in front and back of the urns as if they were in some slow ritual dance.  The floors of the hospital were at right angles to each other making it difficult to move from one floor to another.  Young hospital interns laid a few pranks on me, one of which involved setting a fire… My wife, my boss and my parents appeared in the dream.  I found the hospital moving so that I woke  up one time when the hospital was in Detroit,  Later when I was in Baltimore, then later in Miami, then later in Rockville, Maryland… Experience was definitely not real.
Dream vs ICU psychosis.  Posted to illustrate the difference between NDEs and experiences of altered stated of consciousness that are not NDEs.  Those familiar with NDEs will easily see the difference.


99.  Carolyn B Experience 3/1/11 I felt the presence of some kind of "being" off to the left side of the bed about 3 feet away from my left foot.  This being seemed to know exactly who I was, and seemed to know I was very scared. It also seemed to know that I had a lifelong battle with depression, and it gave me the choice telepathically if I wanted to stay on earth or go "home". Not "home" to my residence or favorite state where I was raised, but rather home to meet God, but it said to me "it wouldn't leave me alone for the journey, and that I may not be okay, and that if not, I needed to make my peace with God, and go with this being" "but he would not leave me alone and would take me to meet my relatives and ancestors that had gone before" (kind of like a friend that stops by to give you a ride somewhere). Like a guide on a trip or a journey. Also this being only gave me a second it seemed to decide whether to stay here on Earth, or to go with him/her.
Encounter with loving entity that gave her a choice to return ‘home’ or keep on living.


98.  Stan Experience 1/30/11 So last night my best friend and I are driving and I tell her umm I think my mom is next to me hugging me and telling me its ok son. My mother is very, very happy. My friends  jaw dropped and she started crying. I thought she would think I was crazy, And she thought I would think she was crazy but at the exact same time she was watching my mother die in a hospital bed with the doctors working over her. We both had chills and goose bumps at the same time. It was like a rush of energy hitting us both. I cant believe it happened myself so I don't expect anyone else to believe it. Yet I swear it happened and I have a witness that shared the experience with me!!
Shared ADC from mother who died when he was three years old.  Shared at same time, with different content, by friend who was with him.


97.  Rena K Experience 1/27/11 I am standing on this amazingly beautiful riverside. I am admiring the colors of the trees, sand and water. I feel so peaceful. In front of me, 2-3 meters away, a man is standing, who is a living person and acquaintance of mine and his name is "Christos". We greeted each other and I looked around again and saw the other side of the river. I wanted to go there. So very much... The moment I had this thought, the man told me "You cannot go there!", but I took one step in the water. Until today, I can still feel the sensation of the perfectly warm water on my feet. I remember the ripples of sand in the clear water. As I took the next step, I felt the sting of a needle under my bare foot and I came back. At that moment, I look up and I can clearly see, in a distance of 5 miles or more, numerous big white busses coming. This turned out to be a future event that came true; not exactly as seen in my dream but the dream was more symbolic of it. The moment I woke up, I knew something bad of a big scale would happen soon. Every time I have dreamt of white busses, they always point to a major disaster that claims many lives.  3 days later, the war in Iraq broke out.
Many different experiences.


96.  Lonny F Experience 1/13/11 To this day I can't recall the full conversation but I do remember some highlights:  ME: why don't you go into the light?  SPIRIT: (very confused and impossible for him to understand what I was talking about).  ME: are there others with you?  SPIRIT: there are others yes, but they tend to do their own thing, we don't interact much. Most spend the majority of their existence trying to get the attention of the living.
Prolonged and detailed conversation with an entity (ghost).


95.  Kristol K Experience 12/29/10 I still had this feeling like someone was next to me. I was about to lie down flat on my back again, when I had this enormous burst of light go off in front of my face, it was like someone took a picture of me at a foot away from my face in the dark using a flash. I remember hearing a whooshing noise as the flash was ending. It sounded like a Polaroid camera does after you take a picture. This all occurred in maybe three seconds. The flash seemed to suck back up into a little ball like the size of a marble and zoom out the bedroom window right next to me. I also remember being like flash blinded for a few moments after.
Saw a light in bedroom.


94.  Henry M Experience 12/12/10 Just then I heard a noise in the alley.  My partner heard it also.  He immediately got onto the M-60 machine mounted on our jeep and I got out of the jeep with my M-16 at the ready and started walking down the alley to check out the noise.  I was about 50-75 feet into the alley when I heard a voice say, "Get Out".  The voice was male, clear, in English and I thought someone was standing next to me.  I turned to see who that may be and no one was there.  I then two steps forward and again the voice said "Get Out".  This time the voice was loud, harsh stopping me from moving forward.  I stopped in mid step… I went back out to that location and verified this was the same alley I had walked down and the same alley were the NVA had set up their headquarters in preparation for the attack on the army base.  Where did this voice come from?  My guardian angle from the other side?  I most certainly would have been captured or killed by the NVA without any doubt in my mind.
Two experiences associated with combat in Vietnam.


93.  David A Experience.  11/9/10   Woke up in middle of the night walked in hallway and would see this lady, this went on for months, she had a hair rolled into bun on her head and came in a lightly clouded form and shape,  I could feel  a coldness and she would stand there move into living room and then I seen her in mirror.  I would wake my mom up and she would put me back in bed.  I told her about this and after months she encounter and saw her with me while she was putting me in bed.  She became a believer and understood.  A few months later a man came to the door and stated he was the original owner and builder of this house.  He told my mother he build it for his wife and he never was able to finish house, she died in house.  My mother asked him if she wore her hair in a bun, he said yes.  She told him what was taking place at house, they cried together.
Multiple entity encounters at age 9.


92.  Cary D Experience.  11/9/10  I ran out of the art room and looked over the balcony as Luke began falling head over heels down the stairs. I remember screaming....then the next thing I remember I am at the bottom of the stairs...I catch Luke out of mid-air at the bottom of the stairs...I have no idea how. I hold him close & sit on the bottom stair and cry, my whole body is drained of energy and it feels like I am moving in thick air, or heavy gravity...I am shaking out of control. I have replayed this thousands of times in my mind, there is no way I could have moved fast enough to run all the way down the hall to the top of the stairs & then get out in front of Luke in time to catch him. I was simply transported, somehow, out in front of him in time to catch him.
Her one year old baby (Luke) was falling down stairs, and she inexplicably was at bottom of stairs to catch him.


91.  Joe Experience.  11/2/10 From the UK. I was in a sort of upright position staring at my deceased grandfather who was showing no emotion in his expression, I seemed very calm and collected at this time at his presence, I can't figure how long I was around him. All of a sudden a door opened in front of me, shaped like an 'archway of light' and there stood many beings of energy coming toward me, I could figure their features as they're bodies were like whirlpools of light. I woke up when one touched me.
Recovery from brain hemorrhage. In both worlds, like described in death bed visions.


90.  Aurelija G Experience.  10/24/10 From Latvia.  I was dreaming about being in Norway on a nice, small island Godaoy.  I woke up I heard  a loud noise in my ears like my head is going to explode, but I wasn't awake. I was out of my body. I saw myself lying in a bed.  Then I was flying around very fast, through tunnels in the rocks and wanted to find my way home.  But I couldn't find it.  What I saw was men working; they had horses, EVERYTHING WAS OLD FASHIONED.  It seemed that I am in the distant past.  They didn't see me.  I noticed a blacksmith HE WAS WORKING.  Then I just woke up.
Dream to an OBE, but then went to the past.  Possible time travel or past life experience.


89.  Tom L Experience.  9/26/10  Suddenly everything but my mind slowed down. I felt as though I was thinking at a normal speed, but everything else was suddenly slowed down drastically. I could see the fire on the bottom of the cistern slowly get bigger and bigger as the flames slowly climbed toward the hole I was hovering over. As the flames came out of the hole I was moved backward a bit from them. In very slow motion I watched the concrete slab break in half, the concrete and brick shoulders of the cistern at the top of the ground breaking apart, and the roots of a nearby tree being slowly ripped out of the ground. I was being lifted slowly up into the air as I still stood on half of the concrete slab. All these events were happening in slow motion, but my thoughts were normal. It was like watching a movie in slow motion.  
Describes two explosions that alter time perception.  Maybe this is a variant of a fear-death experience?


88.  Rhonda R Experience.  9/25/10 Nearing a stoplight but still driving, my life "flashed before my eyes" so to speak.  It seemed that I saw a thousand or more images of my past within a very short period of time. It was as if someone was shooting pictures into my brain with a high-powered rifle. The images were still (not moving), each represented a day of my early life and each advanced rapidly --as a still picture would advance on a screen. I saw scenes from my childhood that flashed by in chronological order, each frame seeming less than a sixteenth of a second or less in length. They were all pictures that I recognized but had never recalled on my own up until that point or since. 
Spontaneous life review while driving.


87.  Georgia C Experience.  9/18/10 Then I 'heard' the most terrifying growling sounds coming out of my 'mouth' and my 'body' began lifting up as this 'thing' was being pushed out. I could tell it was fighting the removal, but was willing it out anyway even though I was scared to death and unsure of what the outcome would be. Suddenly I flew off the bed and was lying on the floor. All the while I was repeating "God's Light" and asking for help. The equally as frightening as the growling noises that had come out of my mouth, I began to hear hissing and whispering from many dark creatures under my bed. I was utterly terrified and my body began moving toward the bed, which scared me even more because I thought I might get sucked under there with those things. Then all of a sudden this black creature pops out of me. It looked dog-like, but wasn't a dog. I put my arm around it and sent it love then heard "Let it go". I released it and it darted under the bed.
Lucid dream, SOBE, possible exorcism?


86.  Kristina A Experience.  9/11/10 Strangely enough I was calm and still more amazed that someone was just in here and woke me. I remember the voice was female (mostly?) I can't explain it because there were hints of male in it too and it was so loud but yet a whisper.  Whoever it was, an angel a relative? I think it was my angel.  Whoever it was,  mine and my friends life were saved!
Talk about synchronicity!  An angelic fireman visitation read on 911.  There's more to this story than this tantalizing paragraph - so awesome!


85.  Juice Experience.  8/8/10 I went to sleep that night in January and I awoke when I was tapped by someone.  When I opened my eyes, it was Grandmother's sister.  I asked what she was doing there if she live in the Virgin Islands and she did not talk but gestured me to follow her.  I looked over and saw my roommate sleeping and as I followed her we went through the door without opening it. On the other side normally would have been my dorm lobby, but we were in a blue room and she was there on a hospital bed dead.  Two of her children were there and crying.  One of them then removed the ring from her mother's ring finger I was terrified and I remember that the place said Pavia Hospital.
Shared death experience.  Observation of his deceased Aunt in hospital.  Remarkable verification of his OBE observations.


84.  Jennifer R Experience.  8/8/10  My brother died, and unfortunately did NOT come back. I don't consider myself a psychic AT ALl. But I knew he died before anyone came over to tell me. I just had that "gut" feeling... The same gut feeling I got when I took these videos of the sky at his crash site right after we prayed for him to be with God... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNIrJzPk8vE  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg16bFIxPDA
Interesting videos taken at site where her brother died in a car crash.  Note Youtube links above.


83.  Tom H Experiences.  4/15/10  I was meditating at home when I suddenly heard a voice. I am a very visual person and when I close my eyes I always see things -- scenes, people etc. I'm used to that but I never had heard a voice before. It was very clear and may have been my own. Hard to tell. The voice said "Mitch Rider and the Detroit Wheels". I figured it must have some symbolic meaning and spent the next day at work with a friend trying to remember all their songs (if you don't know, they were a popular band in the 60s and 70s.  Think "Mustang Sally".) and see if any were symbolic of something happening in my life. Nothing came up.   . . .
Life lessons from meditation.  (Experience #2)


82.  Sue & Harry Experience 5/11/10 I woke up at sometime during the night to see a light that was blinding. It was a white light. Nothing that I could compare to anything from before. I saw a man standing at the foot of my bed between our beds that was looking at us. Actually me. I at first was confused and thought I was dreaming. However after lifting myself off the bed I knew he was there at the foot waiting for me. I was filled with fear. I had been raised in a strict Catholic upbringing and I knew something was definitely not right. I closed my eyes and prayed for dear life. I was filled with a terrible fear of something that I cannot describe. I closed my eyes and prayed to God that he would protect me and keep me safe. The next thing I knew it was morning.
Shared Spirit visitation.


81.  Gert N Experience 3/20/10 From South Africa. I am a part owner in a old copper mine. Regularly I go to an abandoned tunnel in the mine and the pictures included is the "orbs" that appears when I am there. There is no electricity or EMF interference down there. The mine was last mined in the late 1970. The first picture was taken 16 March 2010.
Orbs in a copper mine!


80.  Maria P Experience 12/8/09 From Germany.  Original in Spanish, translated by Simon.  One day I asked my guardian (angel), which we all have from birth, to show me if possible what a person feels when they go over to the other side. I asked him to teach me what death is like. That night I went to bed quite late, I was reading and taking notes, it would have been around 2 in the morning when I lay down. I did not take long to go to sleep. It was something wonderful, I felt that beneath me were men carrying me on their shoulders; I was in a coffin, feeling no fear at all, simply an eternal peace. I saw the people who were at the cemetery, and my body. I was conscious of being inside the box but in myself, my true being, I was outside and attempting to tell the people that I had not died, that I was still alive, but nobody, nobody heard me or saw me.
Experience with guardian angel when she asked to be taught about death.


79.  Michael M Experience 12/6/09  I tell my wife that it was a miracle we survived etc, but I keep adding the phrase "I saw something, I know everything is going to be OK". I do not know what I saw or why I know everything is going to be "OK". I just know it.  It bothers me a bit but I credit it to just some emotional component in my flat line brain. I let it ride. Then, one week ago, as I was in the twilight area of sleep, it came back. I sat up in the bed and started weeping. I do not weep. I was outside the aircraft and was looking at a horizontal band of white light. The background was dark and the ground below was featureless. The MiG had flattened out into a plate like sheet of gray. The sensation of "Everything is going to be OK" was simply "There". I did not see my body. There was no sound. The horizontal band was about 10 degrees in height, not pulsate, not particularly intense.
Physician shares experience that defies classification.  Apparent miraculous avoidance of plane crash in a MIG.  OBE component.


78.  Jonathan C Experience 10/24/09  On my first couple of mediation experiences I would concentrate on my co-worker "Mark". I was of course new to this so it would be a challenge at first, but, after great concentration and leaving my thoughts behind I was able to easily with no problem tap into his future or what he was doing at the moment. I meditated on him one day and observed him with his blue shorts and white shirt working out. At first I was seeing him blurry but still noticeable. The next day I would ask him if he was doing this and wearing this at this time. He wasn't shocked at what I asked him but he was very happy that I was getting good and seeing him spiritually. Mark is very good at meditated and has had amazing visions and stories on his mediation experiences.  
A series of meditation experiences, some may be remote viewing and others could be precognitive awareness.


77.  Jasna P Experience 8/1/09  The next instant I am floating in this blackness - it's over and below me, all around me. Nothing but black blackness. I am in an infinite black void. I am weightless. It's so peaceful. It's so welcoming. A thought crosses my mind "why did I fight so hard not to get here? why was I so afraid?" - but I don't really care. It doesn't matter. The black void envelopes me. It rocks me gently. It loves me. I am one with it. I share in it's peace and tranquility. This is where I belong. I am snug and safe as in a womb.  
Drug experience where she describes an OBE.  This is one of those experiences that you can't quite tell if its the drugs or if she did go to the other side. 


76. Nancy A Experience 3/20/09 The spotlight is on the wall at approximately one meter fifteen centimeters from the sink on the right -hand side. There was nobody else at home and I was thinking something related to Santi when I was urged to raise my head from the sink and look at the spotlight. It was NOT that I thought I had to do it,  it just  came to my mind  from nowhere and it was so rapid that there was no time involved from the instant I knew I had to look up and when I actually did it; it’s very, very  hard to explain.  What I saw was Tinker Bell suspended in mid-air fluttering her wings next to the spotlight staring at me; she looked at me in the eyes with purpose and determination. I stared back at her and asked her three or four times in my mind if she was Santi. I wanted to communicate telepathically with her but she never spoke a word to me.
Hard to classify, it is either a communication from her son (ADC) or an elemental trying to comfort her.


75. Norman L Experience 2/15/09 My father was a coal miner in Pennsylvania and had anthrasilicosis (black lung). That is coal dust in the lungs which affected his heart and artery functions later in life. He always wheezed when he breathed. This night he was in a hospital 1600 miles away and having a heart attack. I was sleeping at the time but felt his plea for help. I traveled to his hospital room and saw him in agony. I felt that I was helping him breathe for a long time. After a while he seemed to breathe on his own. I saw my mother and sister in the room with him. I knew he recovered and was stable. Later I woke up in my bed 1600 miles away to answer the phone and my sister filled me in on what I already knew. I felt that I had traveled out on my body 1600 miles to help my father. I never got to ask him if he felt my presence since he passed away a few days later… I saw my mother, sister and a woman who may have been a nurse. The were actually there at the time.
Dream OBE to father who was having a heart attack at the time.  Believes he helped his father.


74. Norman L Experience 2/15/09 That night she woke me and said, “It is time”.  I dressed, Put the bag in the car and drove to the old Polish cemetery as commanded. In the far corner there was an unmarked area where she stopped me.   “Dig here”, I had no money for a stone, Jan is here”. I carefully removed a large square of sod and dug down about a foot. I carefully arranged the bones in the hole then covered it and replaced the sod. I felt she was contended and asked her name.  “My name is Marishka, your great grandfather was my relative. Only you could have done this for me and now I am free”.  I drove back to the house and went back to bed. I told no one since I was not certain it was not a dream and what I had done, if I were awake, was probably against some law.  Several days later I went to the cemetery and saw that the sod was cut and replaced. I placed flowers on the graves of my ancient cousins Marishka and Jan who were together at last. 
Remarkably detailed entity encounter.


73. Debra M Experience 12/15/08 I was in bed reading, getting a little sleepy, then I saw myself in the bed clothes I had on at that time, at the foot of my bed reaching out for or walking towards my bureau. which is something I do every morning getting dressed for work. I laid in bed thinking about it afterword, but was not afraid, because it was me. It was definitely me. I have never before even seen my self in a dream.
Autoscopy experience.


72. Bridgette B Experience 12/3/08 From Canada.  Original in French translated to English by Amy.  Suddenly I had a flash, a vision. I realized that I had just dreamed of the exact situation she was in, and without hesitation I immediately began asking her questions: did a man wearing a long beige coat and with wavy brown hair knock at your door, because that was my vision, and she responded yes. She was shocked. Then I continued the scene by adding that she had a bowl of fruit on the living room table and that the man was eating from that bowl while talking to her. And she said yes. The I asked her if the man was sitting on the black sofa and telling her exactly which part of the sofa he was occupying, actually because I was sitting next to him! I added that two other policemen then knocked on her door, and these guys were going through her kitchen and how many police cars were parked outside. She verified everything, I was stunned and fascinated.
Crime solving that is almost like a cross between a waking vision and psychometry.


71. Sammy Experience 11/9/08 I when I was young (about 10 yrs old) in elementary school I dreamt of my Uncle Mike as he was driving to work as he drove he had a drunk driver on his lane going at him.  I felt his fear and panic trying to avoid that drunk driver he had swerved off road but the drunk kept speeding at my Uncle Mike.  I felt the pain, fear as my Uncle was dying as saw the blood.  My uncle saw me there before he died, yet I was sleeping in my bed in Alaska as my Uncle lived in Washington. Woke up screaming Uncle Mike is dead, was told to knock it off it’s just a nightmare.  Kept rocking back & forth and crying saying tears of death fill my eyes as they fall some one dies. Then the call came from family in Washington that my Uncle had died, that confirmed my nightmare.  My uncle had been a drug and alcohol councilor died on the way to work because of a known drunk driver whose drivers license had been permanently denied for life was driving after a night of drinking. 
Psychic crime solving.  We do have this occasionally and all are afraid to say anything because they don't want to be accused of a crime.


70. Ronnie R Experience 10/19/08 Another one that is not yet verified is the WMDs that President Bush claimed to be in Iraq. Although, I don't like the whole war idea, I saw the weapons and know where they are at, but this is something I won't talk about. You see, I was trying out the remote viewing thing to test the theory and at first I could only see around the corners and sneak a peak at Saddam's palace. These brick walls kept building up in front of me every time I'd try and take a closer look, but that's not where those things are located.
Varied paranormal experiences.


69. JD M Experience 8/17/08  I then felt like I was sinking into a liquid-like calm. That's the only way I can describe it. It was like water, but not water and it felt very calm and pleasant. I sank down and down. And I became aware that if I sent out a wish for something to happen in this place I would know immediately if it would happen in the physical world. I also was aware that if I tried to communicate with anyone or wanted to go anywhere it would happen immediately. I didn't try to go anywhere, I only tried calling out to a friend and when he replied as if he where right beside me I became afraid. Not because of the instant communication, but I feared because I felt so much love for him at that moment and I didn't know if he loved me in return. I was terrified of asking him, in case he would say he didn't. That fear made me feel like I was all of a sudden drowning in the liquid and I wanted to get back to the surface. I started swimming upward but it was very hard.
Remarkable experience with university professor’s first try at meditation.


68. Jean K Experience 7/13/08 We always went to my Mother's and help prepare holiday dinner. I was standing against the door going into the kitchen, just talking and laughing with everyone in the kitchen, family and I saw myself on the other side of the room sitting on the steps, peeling potatoes and talking and laughing, but I could not hear what I was saying and all I could do was point at myself. Of course everyone laughed and said yea right, but I could not explain it, didn't know why, how or anything only how strange I felt at the time. Everyone laughed it off and I though no more about it until about hour later, I was actually sitting on the steps peeling potatoes, and it was like I felt a shock, jolt and I realized that where I was, what I had seen an hour earlier. It just happened.
Interesting example of autoscopy and déjà vu.


67. Omnaka Experience 5/1/08  The veil was like static, with all the colors , kind of like static in the TV when you get no channel, This lasted one millionth of a second,  and came out the other side to an abrupt Stop in another kind of space. This space had no stars or planets, but there were energy balls who were other spirits whipping around  me, talking To me filling my brain with some kind of universal knowledge, They were all different colors some bright some dim. I wanted to see what color I was so I looked down, and there was nothing there. How could I see If there was nothing there I wondered. , I looked at an angle to my stance what ever that was, because I had no body, and saw what looked like a Jetson's spacewalk, the moving sidewalk, with entities Human looking as well as animal on it, with their heads hung low, oblivious to the one in front or behind, for as far as I could see, some were crying, some were berating themselves it was a very sad state. 
Interesting encounter with his daughter on the inner planes.


66. Sil Experience 11/10/07  Following are eight incidents reported to me where people saw me in a place and time I was not; and I had other witnesses with me to refute. "Doppleganger" is the more common name. Again, I think it says something that the Germans included a name for the phenomenon, that I believe is now also in the English dictionary...
Bi-location experiences.


65. Valerie K Experience 10/14/07  As I neared the front of the line another soldier grabbed my arm and restrained me just before I reached him. Just then we heard the click. My friend had stepped on a land mine. The force of the explosion threw me backward against a tree. I screamed as blood splattered my body.  The next instant found me again in the doorway of my apt. and I heard the sound of feet running as my friend and the two boys waiting for me came to see what had happened. They found me standing in the doorway with my hands braced against the door jam on each side. I had blood and dirt splattered on my clothes and face and my right shoulder was painfully swollen and turning black. It had been dislocated when I hit the tree.
Among the most remarkable experiences we have received.  OBE/ADC at time of friend’s death by land mine in Vietnam.  Incredibly, she was covered with blood and dirt immediately after this experience, though she was living in America at the time.


64. Jason Experience 9/29/07 
Tonight before you fall asleep, hold your thoughts still and listen for me.
I Communicate to You through insight and your Reality.
I have no voice, But I will guide you, if you pay attention.
I have no Gender or Face,
No Robe,
No Castle Made of Clouds
No Thrown
No Crown
No Saints
I am the very Fabric Of Space and Matter which constitutes All that you know to exist.
And I am conscious. 
And We are ONE.
A spiritual writing shared with NDERF.


63. Eric A Experience 8/18/07  I was shot at; the reader must understand that at the actual moment, the moment when the gun was fired, it was aimed point blank at me!  I saw the orange/ blue flash ignite from his handgun, and the barrel was aimed at me!  I THEN turned my face to the side, as the hot wind of the bullet seared my cheek. This is important because it was not just a matter of a near miss; on the contrary, he had me point blank, and there is no way ...it is not humanly possible for ones reflexes to out speed a bullet fired at close range; it just isn't, and that's the part that made me think there was some supernatural force at work that night. 
Divine intervention.


62. Thomas R Experience 8/18/07 My experiences are different than most NDE experiences. I did not leave the body and then return. Instead I entered the body, walked in and took up residence. Two weeks before my (his) 14th birthday (May 21) Tom R fell off a cliff and certainly lost consciousness. He was attending a seminary to become a Catholic priest. He fell during a school outing to a park full of canyons and cliffs. Life was not the same ever again. I happened upon the "Tom's" body in a hospital and became intrigued with the possibilities and potential. I moved right in and sat down. "Tom" was gone and the seat of consciousness was vacant.
Walk-in Experience


61. Jo Ann L Experience 7/7/07
We are looking down, not on earth
But on many worlds of light.
Speaking without words she said.
“You feel that breeze? She asked.
“It is the energy, peace, and love
Of all the lights of time.
It is the breath of life.
Feel it raise and fall.
Feel the ebb and flow.”
I breathed it in
I breathed it out.
Markedly transcendental meditation experience.  Written as a poem.


60.  Curtis Experience. 4/12/2007  I remember the very first instance of my life or at least the consciousness that I feel now and since that moment to this day. I remember nothing before this moment.  I remember being in a void of nothing but pure white. I could not see myself in anyway. Then I heard a voice, I can not say if it was with my ears or my mind. I tend to believe it was with my spirit which didn’t really have anything but consciousness.  I heard the voice say “It’s time to go.” and I felt a longing to stay, but I also knew I had no choice and I felt tremendous love and reassurance and I felt my self or spirit being rushed away, laterally at first and then downward. I was falling at a great speed and I felt some fear at what might happen. Then my consciousness started getting filled with information. Looking at it now it would be like adding a new program to your computer. I suddenly knew my mother and father and the layout of my house.
Sounds like a walk-in at age 3-4.


59.  Michelle B Experience. 11/10/2006 I was involved in a 'hit and run' accident. While my car was being bounced around, I was trying to gain control of my steering wheel. The moment I gave up trying to gain control, and my car went spinning, I suddenly had the image of myself all drenched in blood and dead. I felt horrified and very very distressed. I remember thinking just before that, 'gosh, this is how I am going to die!'. And suddenly my car came to a halt, and I did the weirdest thing possible - I put my brake on 'park'. And then it seemed like a deja vu - I remember somehow seeing this - that I would be in a car accident, by myself, and that my car would halt finally, and that I would very CALMLY put my brake in 'park'. I still was very shaken, looked down at myself to see if I was covered in blood, had broken bones, was immobilized. I was very happy and relieved and surprised to see that I was alive, no blood, just an injured knee.
Déjà vu experience associated with an auto accident.


58.  Susan V Experience. 9/7/2006 I was sleeping.   I found myself sitting up and having an out-of-body experience, but I was only out half way, from my hips upward.    Before, in spirit, was my grandmother, who had died two years earlier.    She immediately thought/spoke, because it was telepathic, just everyone describes, "I'm so happy to be able to see you again!" is what she communicated.   I not only understood her words, I also felt her joy inside me, as if it was my own emotions, but not quite.    With this communication you feel the other beings feelings just as you do your own, but you realize it is the other being.
ADC with deceased Grandmother.

57.  Victor Zammit's Experience. 7/10/2006 SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE'S MAIN MESSAGE: After a brief conversation with Arthur Conan Doyle which included a discussion of how ectoplasm is taken from the medium, he gave us a demonstration of the sounds made by the ectoplasm on dematerialization (a distinctive loud “wooshing” sound) and re-materialization. I asked him if he wanted to relate a message to the world. Yes, of course, he said. Those present could feel the emotion in his voice. We noticed that his voice came directly from the center of the circle. Other voices came from other parts of the circle. The message (summarized very briefly):  “There is an afterlife and everything must be done to inform the world about it”  and  “I am saddened that Spiritualism has become a religion.”
Spiritual materialization.


56.  Wendy S's Experience. 5/27/2006  On the other side of the window was an ocean and beautiful sand dunes.  She took me to the other side of the window and stood in the distance as I stood along the shore.  I felt as though I had answers to my past, present and future at that moment.  I felt like my brain was a library full of letters, numbers and complete knowledge.  I never saw her face.. I just remember her long brown hair and her hand.  She took my hand.  Initially, when I left my hospital bed (obe) She took my hand and we flew out the window into mid-air, ending up at the window where the ocean was on the other side.  When I came back to my conscious self.. I was very sad, as though I lost my best friend.
Experience following surgery.

55.  Richard G's Experience. 5/27/2006 I were driving South East at approximately 75 to 80 miles per hour approximately five or six miles North West of Wild Horse, Cheyenne County, Colorado on US 287.  All of a sudden I observed a curve that would be coming up in two or three miles and the rental care we were driving in started around a fairly sharp curve to the left.  The right rear tire blew and we went off the road and rolled the car several times.  About sundown I observed my wife and I hovering above the accident and saw the ambulance crew working on us on the ground.  Suddenly I was back driving about two or three miles before the curve.  I pulled over and checked the right rear tire and found the tread was separating from the tire.  I changed the tire and continued on the trip to Lamar, Colorado without incident.
Premonition of impending car accident with apparent shared NDE after accident.

54.  Stewart B's Experience. 5/13/2006 Auras Before Seizures For example if I was sitting in a chair then this new view is like someone (who does not exist) is looking at me from across the room and what ever they see I can see in this new vision. Another example of this vision is if I am standing up when I had the aura, the 2nd vision would be like myself standing behind me and I could see the back of myself. I can move my arm and i would see my arm move from the view behind me at the same time. this was usually followed by the epileptic seizure.
Autoscopy (medical term for “seeing one’s own self”), or depersonalization, can occur in association with seizures.  These are types of experiences are not rare.  Some medical literature draws a correlation between these types of experiences and the OBE phase of NDE.  Those familiar with the pattern of NDE will immediately see the difference between this type of experience and NDE.  These are not true OBEs.

53.  Louise's Experience. 1/7/2006  From Scotland  I cant really remember a separation.....but I could see the room I was in with my physical eyes, I could see my son, the wall and the light coming in from the open door, yet at the same time, with different eyes I could see the street I used to live in as a young girl,  I was in the air about 5 ft from the ground, I was being pulled or drawn backwards, I could feel the sensation of the cold wind on my face, almost the feeling of being beside an open car window when the vehicle is moving, I could smell cut grass, I was terrified, I was trying to move and shout with my physical body, at the same time as seeing feeling hearing and being in this other place. I had doubts at first as to whether or not this was an OBE, because from other peoples stories it sounds as if they shift awareness into a second self, and the perceive from this second self, yet I would describe my experience as a split in awareness and perception, I could see, feel and think in two selves.
Bi-location experience.

52.  Canine Angels in Disguise. by Alexa Hartung  11/9/2005  It was then that I saw the two dogs in a different way.  Time seemed to stop for a moment, even though I heard my husband say, "Let them go; let them go...okay?"  The two dogs looked at me at the same time, in the same way!  It was as if I was seeing them for who they really were!  Whitish-yellow, spiritual LIGHT was emitting from them, through them, around them, above and below them.  I was astounded.  Why hadn't I seen this before? They were obviously Special.  I blinked, but the shining LIGHT was still there, pierced only by their glowing hazel-brown eyes.  Stunned, I closed the door.
She is writing a book on spiritual encounters with animals, which will include After Death visitations

51.  Ed F's Experience.   10/8/2005 This afternoon Patti and I made love and later- our climax was spectacular and mine was of such profound intensity and depth that I felt I had experienced the most complete, Earthly ecstasy possible...  As this rapidly expanding "I" was thrown out free by the stream into a cosmic void where "I" almost immediately became joined with a cosmic entirety in a state of absolute, ecstatic equilibrium...a separate but joined, immense, dazzling pure light of cosmic awareness. (The impression I have which may not be accurate memory of this particular instant, but something I conceptualized later during recall, is that "I" was in union with infinite cosmic forces; "my" light was white, intense, immense but finite as "I" was aware of its outer limits; there was the feeling that there were other similar systems "out there". There was in this cosmic ecstasy a dimension of cosmic family love (5) and it was infused throughout this infinite system.
Mystical experience triggered by ecstatic sexual climax.

50.  Christine N's Experiences.   7/10/2005  The amnesia would be a problem for more than 2 years and to this day, I know that the only way I survived that was because I had a higher sensitivity and could 'know' things.  Deja Vu was daily and I would see things (what I refer to as) behind the veil.
Complications of childbirth leading to amnesia and many episodes of deja vu that helped her.

49.  Mary A's Experience.  3/13/05 Fell asleep in front of fire place, a loud voice screamed my name "Mary".  I woke up, thought that it was my husband, looked up, saw an angel.  Fire had gone out but gas had filled the room. Coughing, I opened the sliding door. She/He was gone, but saved my life!
Was asleep and heard her name called.  Saw an angel.  Then found that the fireplace was out and filling the room with gas.  Beliefs she was saved by the angel.

48.  A.A.'s Experience 2/18/05  I noticed it was all darker than usual. At the same time, I heard him say "it's so dark, I'm not here, what's happening? Is it because of the dark?". I felt extremely surprised because I thought I was dreaming, but I understood that I was awaken and he was feeling the same. He said "the air we're breathing, is getting heavy, and we're getting "light" (low weight)". I was thinking exactly what he was saying, and later he said that everything I said too, during that experience, was exactly what he was thinking. We were connected, we were the same, it was this what we concluded later.
Soulmate experience that is a cross between and OBE and melting into each other.

47. Faye's Experience 2/12/05  My paranormal experience is of telepathy. It happened 1996. I was asleep, and at one moment my dreaming become more real than ever. It was a "reality dream". I in a sense got hyper-senses: the experience was no more like an "ordinary" dream nor a hallucination, but something like existence aside this existence. In the carnal life I'm hopelessly myopic, but in that state of existence my vision was full 20/20.

I formed a telepathic connection with a woman who is my close friend, and it was more real than anything. It was like there had been a direct FTP connection, point to point, between our brains and minds. I managed to read her thoughts and her mind, as she was able mine. At one point she said, or should I say messaged, me: "What are you doing? Stop it now! Don't you realize this skill is not for mortals!"

I stopped immediately, and I haven't tried telepathy ever since. I e-mailed her the next morning, and asked her if she had experienced anything abnormal that night. She said she had been fully aware of what I had been doing. She had had previous experience of the world beyond ours, and she warned me not to try it again; she told me I was not aware of what kind of powers I was dealing with and how much damage I could cause - even with good intentions, and even just by accident.

I had a tough time on digesting it, but I understand now. Telepathy can prove extremely dangerous, even with good intentions, since we have carnal bodies, which can be harmed. We may sabotage our intentions, either bona or mala fide, and disturb the spiritual growth of each other. Telepathy is the means of communication of spiritual beings; not that on physical bodies.

46. Orin's Experience 1/30/05 This is recent shot after our 1/21/05 snow storm, it stopped snowing, my friend wanted shots of our 12 inch storm! Four orbs are plainly visible, maybe one more in the lower left on the snow! One above the roof is distinctly a pink or violet color! I think he has another shot of this one during his recent basement renovation! There is also evidence of smoke-like trails, like the ones in his basement, which plainly show orb movement! This is my only shot he E-mailed me the same night! Sorry THEY ARE FOR REAL, I know this House Well, Several previous owners died there! I had a near death experience when I was a teen from a drug overdose, they used the defibrulator on me several times, it was unexplainable then but now I can remember almost all of the details. I was incredible! And Very scary!
For a better look at these Orbs, click here!

45.  Lisa I's Experience 12/25/04 All of a sudden I had a flash.  I saw a baby (about 3 months old) all alone crying in a car-seat on the couch of our living room in our home (the house that I grew up in).  I saw it from the top corner of the room, the baby, the Christmas tree, and the whole room and "knowing" (but not seeing) that the 'family' ie grown-ups were drinking and arguing in the other room (kitchen).   I then sat down and began to feel all the feelings I had as a child (how scared I was throughout my childhood).  My friend and I talked for awhile and then she drove me home--I didn't finish decorating the tree. 
Whatever this was, it is intriguing since it is rare for people to have memories before age 2.

44.  Marguerite's Experience 12/12/04 Suddenly, I had a terrible feeling of impending danger. It was so strong that I could no longer concentrate on my daughter's words. I felt that car was going to come through the median and hit us head on. I also felt that only my daughter would be killed. I knew that this had happened in a dream or some such thing. I sat up and watched the traffic coming towards us on the opposite side of the road. I did not share my feelings with anyone as I knew they would think I was crazy.
Premonition of impending accident, but yet felt she had dreamed it before - similar to a deja vu incident

43.  Uday's Orbs 11/18/04  There are two school of thoughts for color explanations. Some say it is the mood of the soul which is reflected in color others say No! it is the spiritual maturity which determines the color.  The orange ORB photo was taken in a car park area.  I was facing an open field in one pitch dark night.  No light source was in front of me.  Fireflies, if present, will generate green-blue light and not orange.  On enlargement to 800% it gives a human face in the middle.

42.  Alicia L's Orbs 10/27/04 This one room was the only place that the orbs showed up.  Notice that even though the light source is above, it doesn't affect the orbs.  Therefore, this phenomena couldn't have been caused by light.  Also notice that there are orbs within orbs.  I believe that this was a place where there were a lot of Indian souls. 
Although this is technically not an ADC, it is a common phenomena of how souls appear on a camera.

41.  Phillip L's Orbs 10/27/04 The orbs I have seen are usually 3-4", white to light yellow or sometimes light green, they seem to move fairly slowly without any noticeable reason or pattern to there movement. But, when I approach them to investigate, or sometimes when I look directly at them they will either fly very quickly into a wall or disappear. There doesn't seem to be any noticeable significance of the location, but it is normally where there are few or no people, often centered around some feature of a room (door window etc.)
Age 14.

40. Bobbi W's Experience 9/12/04 we awoke at the same time in a room that was not our bedroom. It was very dark and the only light we could see was a domed door far across the room that led to the bathroom. I actually said, "I hope I don't trip over anything on the way there." He started fumbling for the light on his bedside table, which hasn't even been plugged in for years, to turn it on so he could see. It turned back into our bedroom after a few seconds. It was so strange, and afterward we both described what we had seen to each other and we had seen the same thing!
Shared experience with her boyfriend that was like a shift in reality.

39. Jeffrey F's Experience 7/27/04 With seemingly no strength left, I dragged myself onto the fold away bed in the living room and fell face up on it motionless.  Just then, a beautiful place opened though the ceiling just like an ancient scroll opening with a living image of a beautiful green environment in it instead of script and I stepped though it into this place.  I ascended a steep ridge effortlessly and all my senses were acutely functioning better than ever before.  There were young hardwoods on the way up the ridge but at the top was a magnificent, spruce/fir/pine forest which seemed to have been given the utmost care.  In front of me was a gorge and on the opposite side a great and wide waterfall which made yet a gentle wisp of sound because of the straightness of the gorge.
There are many elements of STEs here, but there is also a lot about philosophy learned from all his experiences.

38.  Helen N's Experience 7/27/04  Of this experience I can only remember I seemed to be floating/flying in a dark void.  There seemed nothing around me, as I was going 'up'.  I seemed to be wearing a long white gown.  I can remember my long hair whipping around my face as I 'saw' myself being propelled higher into the vast nothingness.  The next thing I seem to remember hearing my voice crying: "I want my world back; I want my world back!" 
These two experiences are hard to classify.  There are elements of a dream, a possible SOBE, and even a possible NDE. 

37.  Thomas M's Experience 5/10/04  Seeing my sister, I asked if our grandfather had stopped over and she said, 'I told you the last time you came up that he didn't!' I asked her what she meant and she informed me that 10-15 minutes earlier I had come upstairs wandered around every room of the house and asked the same question before returning downstairs to my bedroom. She mentioned I looked pale and didn't really act like my normal self. However, I did not leave the bed in my room.
This might be bi-location or possibly a variant of OBE.

36.  Hera G's Experience 3/22/04  I developed difficulties to awaken in the morning, I could listen people speaking to me but I was unable to answer them or to move my body. This is during the period, I have this «bizarre» dream. I was in presence of an intelligence, without dimension, knowing everything and I was terrified. To comfort me, this intelligence that I feel not good or bad but only a «will» decided to become a white light. And it shows me how this light without dimension could create a smaller unit.
An entity visitation associated with sleep paralysis that was not entirely pleasant.

35.   Debbie's Experience 2/20/04  These experiences happen at random, approx. 2 to 3 times per week and have been happening for the last couple of years. I can be at work, at home, just about anywhere...suddenly my head feels like it's swimming, I feel tingly and numb, and it's as if I'm not quite connected to what's happening around me. I experience the events of the next 30 seconds to 1 minute as if I've already experienced them before. I know what is going to be said and done by the people around me before they say or do anything. It's almost like a deja vu feeling, but much stronger, and I'm physically affected by the feeling for a short period of time.
This type of experience might be one that connects the physical body to out of body experience.

34.   Tara J's Experience 1/24/04 I decided to try to meditate I was lying on my back.  Within a few moments I felt a sensation up the back of my spine to the top of my head and felt pulled forward. I heard a humming sound. I felt like I was traveling.  Immediately I thought I had gone into a deep meditation that I had never experienced before so I asked a question, "what is my life's purpose?"  I saw black around the peripheral and then a view showed up in the center as two pieces of paper slid into view.  Waking vision inspired by meditating and asking a question.

33. Sally J's Experience 1/3/04  The lady in front started talking to me although her lips never moved. She told me everything would be all right and I would be able to sleep and the dentist appointment that I was going to have to wait for a month to get, would come through within the next few days. I said out loud, "Huh? No, they are booked." She repeated what she had said earlier and said, "I will make the pain subside so you can sleep, although it will still be there, you will be able to sleep."  And with that, she reached out and pulled my hand away, touched my cheek and it felt very hot. She pulled her hand back and said, "You're going to get some sleep soon."  The pain was gone! I remember I sat there with my mouth open and then I said, in my mind, 'Who are you?' She said, "We are your angels and we are always with you, each one of us has a role to play for you and when you need us, we are here, although you won't always see us." 
This is an amazing being encounter and would be interesting to see if anyone can help verify if these "angels" really did exist on earth!  She got names, dates and places.

32.  Tina R's Experience 12/18/03  I remember telling him I didn't feel well and then just passing into a space of complete peacefulness.  There was a buzzing noise and a space of complete nothingness, peacefulness!!!!  The next thing I remember is looking into his and my sons eyes as they were slapping me in the face and yelling my name. It took many minutes for me to respond to them. I could see them, and the panic that they were experiencing.  It just wasn't the same for me.   I felt completely at home where I was.  It was their reaction that desired me to return.  I kept telling them that I was fine. I just wanted to go outside and breath some fresh air.  As I stood up, the same thing happened again. 
Drug experience that may have been a bit more.


31.  Janet's Experience 011/30/03 

I have visited your Website with great interest, and will continue to do so as there is much too read. the reason I am sending this email is, I have a photo which was taken of a country scene.  To our amazement it actually turned out as a picture of myself out-of-body.  Nobody else was around.  But in the photo, it looks like a carbon copy of myself!  It is no way an error in the film as the actual negative has been checked, it is very strongly impressed.

I have had a near death experience and floated to the ceiling, looking down at my body and feeling it didn't belong to me, before this; all I could see is whiteness, being ill at this time, I was not and do not take any medication. Since all this I see 'dead people' and have some on video at times hear them, also pets who have died traumatically, also clairvoyant with people I meet.

30.  Kathy W's Experience 11/2/03 The next day, I told my husband about the woman. We played back the tape and she was on the tape. My husband agreed that there was someone there. When I looked at the woman more closely, I realized that it was me. I was the woman standing by the side of the house.
Possible bi-location caught on video tape?

29.  Kathy O's Experience 09/21/03  The next thing I knew I was being pulled into the light and gosh what an utterly wonderful experience. This light went into me and bathed me in PURE PURE PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I became part of it and it showed me that we needed to look not with our eyes but with our hearts. We need to love selflessly and to do it often. To be compassionate and understanding and to look beyond what we see – to see with our hearts. We are all connected – we know each other. We (All things) are all of this LOVING light. It was too beautiful and wonderful, I did not want to leave.

These experiences have many different aspects to them.  She started as a child of age 6, and the experiences continued.  The most amazing parts of these stories are the descriptions of the other side, the soulmate story, and the soul contract of trying to help her first husband find God.

28.  Richard B's Experience 09/7/03 I walked into the playground the sun was shining on the grass and trees it looked beautiful. It was then that I felt that I wasn't in my body and I didn't exist as such, the trees turned into atoms and molecules and were dancing around each other I felt full of elation and bliss. When the experience was finished I knew that I was different from the other children at school and I had a job to do to understand what was really going on in my life.
Transformative event at age 7.

27.  Dorian H's Experience 06/14/03 Anyway, Chris was finished doing whatever he was doing at the computer and we walked the opposite side where there were normal-sized glass doors (they were in the windows) and there were many people walking in and out. It was beautiful outside. Healthy fresh grass, gorgeous skies, trees, birds.. very color rich. I was standing with Chris and there was someone else but I don't remember who that Chris was talking to (not sure if he used his mouth to speak or not) and in the middle of them talking I hear a loud but subtle knock come from nowhere. I ask Chris what in the world was that and he said "That is a parent's prayer" or something very similar to that.
Whatever this is, it has all the elements of starting off as a dream, an OBE, perhaps astral travel, and NDE-like imagery.

26.  Dennis B's Experience 06/14/03  I was walking, perhaps floating, toward trees that were about 200 meters further on. Everything around me was bright with color. I cannot describe the feeling of absolute happiness and serenity--sheer bliss would be the best way to describe it. There was a feeling of absolute reality--this was home where I had always been. Everything about me was clean, above all I felt clean inside. I am not of course speaking of dust and dirt, I mean clean of spirit and heart, and clean in thought. A young woman walked (floated?) diagonally from right to left across my path, about half way between me and the trees. She turned and looked at me and waved, and I waved in return. I did not recognize the woman, but she felt familiar to me.
This was not a dream.  Possibly an OBE?  Not sure what this was, but it does seem to be an other-worldly experience.

25. Jill H's Experience 06/14/03  I was laying in bed, unable to sleep.  Suddenly, I was paralyzed, with the heartbeat in my head.  It was deafeningly loud.  I tried to scream above it, but couldn't make any noise.  It tried to get up off the bed but was unable to move.  I saw above me near the ceiling moving shapes that I couldn't identify.  These shapes did not frighten me, but the sense of being in a void was terrifying.
This experience seems to be a bit more than sleep paralysis because of the lucidity of the experience, but it doesn't seem like a dream.  There is no clear description of separation of consciousness apart from the body, yet she describes being somewhere else like in a void.

24.  Diane F's Experience 6/9/03  As I was soaring through the pitch black tunnel I heard familiar voices all around me.  They were so happy to see me and welcoming me.  I had no idea so many people knew and loved and missed me!  They were so happy sounding.  I couldn't see them although I knew they were there.  I tried to answer them although it took quite awhile for me to hear what they said as I was going so fast through the tunnel it took time for their message to get to me.  I could not respond to them for that reason.  Also, I noticed they telepathically told me their greetings and I transcribed it telepathically by their tone and into my way of understanding. 
This is more like a dimensional shift rather than a OBE.  See what you think!

23.  Ken N's Experience 5/12/03 But the most obvious of the strange occurrences was every morning when I would unlock the building I would find the name plate of one of the psychiatrists lying on the floor. It had not been like that when I had locked the building. I would dutifully replace it in the holding frame and press against it firmly so the glue on the back would hold it in. This continued for about a month and I came to accept the fact that the second floor was haunted by a ghost that I felt was that of a young girl. She seemed to enjoy my company and would pass thru me a different points in the hallway. When this happened I would feel a very sudden cold chill.
A strange tale of a child haunting the hospital.

22.  Arana T's Experience 4/19/03  In what it seems a nanosecond, my life was "downloaded", like a zip file. I saw pictures of my mother, whom I have not spoke with in 16 months. I saw pictures, like film clips of my childhood, mostly the bad parts of abuse that I had buried deep inside me. It made me very sad, and I wish not to live anymore. I began to breath deeper and saw darkness. Then there was a immense number of stars. Like I was traveling through them like Star Trek.
Drug experience with NDE-like imagery.

21.  Steve T's Experience 1/17/03  As for my re-entry... there was no tunnel of light. Me becoming white light was instantaneous. Coming back was... more drawn out. If you can imagine the self dissolved in infinity, then subtle forces drawing a sense of self towards "I" - then that's how it started. By this, I include all previous things that went into constructing "I". As something of an anti-climax, for me the sequence went: being white light, sense of existence (becoming not white light), sense of me, me, mother (as other, yet me)... and then BANG, critical mass reached: memories, personality, cognitive ability and tendencies, having a body... the whole she-bang.  There was no tunnel.
Here's an intellectualized experience of becoming one with the white light.

20.  Rebekah's Experience 1/17/03  Then suddenly I sat up! I saw as if it were right in front of me his mothers red Chevy cavalier swerve off the road out of control, I saw he was asleep! I violently shook him screaming at him to wake up I had never been so frightened in all my life I saw him look at me as if I were there in the car with him and all of a sudden it was over I saw his car go back onto the road and continue down the highway.  Then I didn't see anything I was back in my room in the dark, all alone, I cried I had an awful feeling and I waited and waited and he was late calling me until Finally!! the phone rang and the first thing I heard on the other end of the phone was "are you wearing your Club '55 t-shirt??"
Here's a form of bilocation.  Fear caused her consciousness to project to her boyfriend to wake him up and save him from an accident while falling asleep during driving a motor vehicle.

19.  Elizabeth W's Experience 1/17/03   I was laying in bed staring at the wall, I couldn't see it of course since the room was of total darkness.  Out of no where there was this bright shimmering light coming out of the wall. Sparkly shining coming towards me. I never saw any tunnels, no people, no aliens. No colors that I can recall. Just a bright bright light that didn't hurt my eyes. It started small and as it came towards me it grew in size. I was terrified, so I dove under the covers for safety.
Visitation by entity in the same room - described both by Elizabeth, and years later by her girlfriend who experienced the same phenomena.

18. Donna C's Experience 1/1/03  Then to my right from the corner of the room about a foot from the ceiling I saw a beautiful beam of light that was round and it went straight into the head and shoulders of this girl laying in this hospital bed. Then I watched as this girls head slowly moved up into this light and then her shoulders and then her body and as she moved upwards her head stayed the same but her body changes into more of a fetus then she was gone. It was right away then that Heidi started coming down head first into this tunnel or beam of beautiful lights.
This is an amazing story that describes a mother's encounter with her deceased daughter who is trying to return to earth through another dying child.  The exchange is known as a walk-in.  Although the described change was brief, the description of one soul exiting the body while her daughter's soul entered the body is astounding!

17.  Oliver E's Experience 12/7/02 That sensation is a kind of life-force which instantaneously permeates my entire body. It felt like my shoulders hunched inwards slightly. Like an electric current or even a quick, painless electric shock that enveloped my whole body. Not just my body. My mind felt physically different. It would be what I imagine hypnosis to feel like. Like  an electric switch flicking your brain into the deepest, most "at-one-with-itself" state of consciousness. It seemed like i was in this state for about 10 maybe 15 seconds. Then, i found myself slowly opening my eyes and folding myself out of the (pleasant) electric shock. I was back in the normal world.
CAUTION:  This is a drug-induced experience presented for retrospective research efforts only, but not endorsed or promoted by this website.  We strongly do NOT recommend anybody try to prospectively replicate this experience. 

16.  Cassie Z's Experience  As I rose through the water I became aware of EVERYTHING being alive!!  The water around me was devoid of sea life, but the water itself was alive and was assisting me to rise to the surface.  I could see the light up above getting brighter the nearer I came to it.  As I reached the surface I felt a sense of having just passed some test.  I have not been afraid of death since.
This experience has elements of a dream, an OBE, and most certainly is an STE (spiritually transformative event!  The most amazing transformation is the lack of fear of death and the shift in life focus.

15.  Bill W's Experience 10/29/02 and 11/12/02  The grass was so green it hurt to look at it, and it felt so good!  I could even taste the grass by feeling it, it tasted like watermelon.  Walking on the grass was wonderful – it was an incredible feeling.  The best way I can describe it was, “OH MY GOD! WOW!!!”  The sense of smell was not with the nose.  It was more like it permeated through my cheekbones under my eye, like smelling through the sinuses.
This is one of the most amazing accounts with such detailed descriptions of the indescribable!  This is Bill's first time telling his story and it truly is such an honor to hear the account first hand!  ADDENDUM Experience - one amazing story that happened to him after he told his NDE that will send goosebumps up your spine!

14.  Hattie R's Experience.  11/10/02 i started working at another home just up the road where i worked nights again. One evening after finishing our jobs, we went and sat in the lounge.  i sat near the window. the lady i was with pulled up a chair in the middle of the room.  she sat down. my heart stopped (but not literally)   i could not believe what i was seeing. at the side of her was a cup, a paper, and a radio at the side of her -  exactly what i had seen in my "dream."
A hit on the head precipitated astral travel, spirit sightings, and an amazing precognitive event.

13.  David R's Experience.  10/29/02 I began to say goodbye and could see the sadness in their face but as I drifted away a sense of emotional release occurred. At 1m the emotional pain of leaving my friend subsided with a sudden feeling I was sliding backwards to a higher purpose, at 2m the pain had gone (perhaps emotional shutdown occurred).  There was a freedom felt at this point that my soul was to exist as a self-entity. It no longer required the emotional attachment to other people because it was moving out of this phase onto a journey of higher purpose and autonomy. At this point I realized it is those who are left behind who feel the pain of grieving for those who have left them but those who pass over realize there is something more.
This is a nitrous oxide experience from the dentist's chair.  Was it a drug-induced experience or could it be a spontaneous out of body experience?  We have several near death experiences from the dentist chairs on www.nderf.org that might yield some clues.

12.  Connie T's Experience.  10/21/02  Some days later ( I am not certain of how many) they showed the pictures of the highjackers on an airport surveillance tape at the bottom of the screen it showed the time of morning on Sept 11, 2001. I was "freaked out" because it was the same time as was on the alarm clock pacific time when I awoke from the experience. At that moment I felt as if I had stepped into their minds and saw before hand the terrible acts that they had been scheming.
Here's a 911 dream.

11.  Sally J's Experience.  10/13/02  I was 100% healthy, fully conscious, fully sober, standing upright in the "main room" of the Alamo. I saw and telepathically communicated with about 50-100 "spirits", "ghosts", "angels" -- WHATEVER they were. They were dressed in the clothes of the "era" or "time" of the fall of the Alamo, 1830's, and I could FEEL my soul being pulled up out of my chest area, towards them. They were extremely friendly and warm towards me, almost as if they somehow "recognized" me from THEIR "time"! I had a definite choice -- Either to "stay" where I was or to "go with" them, which is what THEY wanted me to do.
Wow!  Remarkable experience at the Alamo.  The resulting disability may be that the soul did not get back into the body properly so it could be grounded.  She now has a condition (with no name) where she can't stand for very long at a time.

10.  Cher W's Experience.  10/13/02   I kinda looked around and i was laying in a white tub that expanded for ever. like it was flat and then there was a tub like thing i was laying in with clean aqua color water. then i felt my lower body to start to rise. and then i knew i was going to die. I looked up and seen what looked like a pair of hands reaching for my body to go into. but i said. I can't go now. can i have another chance?
This experience is hard to classify.  Whatever one's bias might be regarding drugs, this experience also qualifies for being an STE with NDE-like elements.

9.  Steven B's Experience.  10/3/02 I absolutely knew I had left the physical world and had left my physical form, as though there was a wall (not a physical wall) between my current state and my former physical state. I knew that I was not a great distance from my former state, but was separated from it.  The 1st thing that came to me after a while (I have not sense of how long) was an overwhelming sadness, because it occurred to me that my leaving my physical form (my death) would bring great sadness to my family and those that i loved, this knowledge that my leaving would bring great sadness to their lives made me very sad. 
This is a unique blend of a dream and an OBE.  There is also a woman on the other side that could be his soulmate, higher self, or a member of his soul-cluster group.

8.  Eva M's Experience.  NON WESTERN EXPERIENCE FROM SPAIN 9/3/02  "Suddenly, whilst I was in bed I felt my boyfriend nudging me with his elbow, to the point that I fell off the bed (I am 100% certain that I was not dreaming or under the influence of drugs - I hadn't taken any). I remember standing up & looking at my feet because I had no shoes on & the floor was cold. When I looked round I saw my boyfriend standing next to me, I then realized that he was also lying in bed. The person standing up was so real, he looked at me with a relaxing smile, & got into bed & just sort of got into the body of my boyfriend who was asleep at the time."
This one has something for everyone.  There is a dream experience, she saw her boyfriend in his spirit form, and talks of hearing voices.

7.  Missy V's Experience.  7/22/02. "I saw something standing by my bed.  I heard loud wind and flapping. It seemed as if i was been covered with plastic and I heard crying and a person speaking in tongues."  
This "being" encounter is described like it takes place during the dream state of consciousness. 

6.  Steven S's Experience.  6/8/02. "Then I remember that a green light appeared and I felt like I had more control over my body now.  I looked out towards the rook entrance and saw a beautiful angel with lovely jewelry on I think and she had white wings.  She was so beautiful.  She looked identical to my mum but there was something about her so heavenly, it was great.  I just stared at her for ages, and I thought 'hey, what's happening, is this my mum' I then said 'Mum what are you doing' as I thought it must be my mum, the angel just smiled at said nothing at all, but I knew that she loved me." 
These are a series of experiences.  One is an encounter with an angel, and one is an OBE.  Addendum OBE after his experience was posted!

5.  Leighton S's Experience:  "As I have stated I believe I traveled to Mars. Possibly experienced a feeling of unlimited dimensionism (if there exists such a word). Yes quite a strong feeling in that context. Unlimited dimensions. Almost seeing 'everything' feeling 'everything', almost total connection of dimensions to be as one connection even though you feel all dimensions i.e. infinity."
Severe accident and morphine causes some ICU psychosis with visions of the Grim Reaper and visions, but extraordinary is the remembrance of a trip to Mars.  6/4/02

4.  Vera J's Experience: "i was presented with the "most" of everything.  the most beautiful thing i ever saw, the most sad thing i ever saw, etc.  i order to move on/not accept to die i had to 100% believe the that was not what i wanted.  and until all doubt was gone i was stuck on one image." 
This is a drug experience that is NDE-like, so one cannot exclude the possibility that she might have died from an overdose and been resuscitated in the hospital.  6/4/02

This honeymoon story has NDE-like elements.  There was a perception of dying. She was rescued from the void by her deceased grandmother and experienced the profound emotions of love and peace.  However, she describes this as not dreamlike and not occurring in a conscious state.  There is a marked increase in fear of death and no accompanying spiritual transformation so commonly seen in near death experiences. 5/20/02 

2.  Melissa K's Experience: My dad came in the back door and came directly to me on the sofa, got down on his knees and hugged me and asked me if I was alright and he began to cry. On his way home through South Carolina, he told me he saw me standing in the road right in front of his car and he swerved and about had a wreck.
This story contains a life-saving warning, but also at the moment of explosion her father saw her many miles away while he was driving.  There is a telepathic connection between father and daughter.   5/19/02

1.  Rodney G's Experience:  But after a few hours i realized they weren't hurting me physically. I thought it through as an illusion by meds. Closed my eyes and saw nothing. Opened them they were there. Sometimes there would be a room full of them sometimes only a few. But they were in constant motion. Some of their faces were blank. Some had no eyes and a mouth, or no mouth and big empty eyes, or big O eyes and mouths or one eye. All seemed to be different in some little aspect. Never heard voices from them or noises. But they would get into my face and wiggle theirs like they was trying to say something or communicate with me. Oddest thing i ever encountered in this life.
This story is most interesting because it suggests a link between pain, consciousness, and perceptions of reality.  Were the ghosts real or were they ICU hallucinations caused by pain and/or medication?  Although one cannot draw conclusions, there are many similarities and supporting stories from others talking about nearing death awareness.  It is not uncommon for people close to death to see beings and light in the room.  5/14/02