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Archives 1999-2013 Meditation experiences, dreams that turn into OBEs, and frequent fliers
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245. Terry H Experience  12/13/2013 The second time I went out was some years later, I was working a job in Independence MO. It was the evening of Valentines Day, I was missing my wife and kids, so I thought I would go visit them in W. P MI., that night. The next morning at 6 a.m. I got a call from my wife, she said you need to talk to the boys. She said they came into our room looking for you, they thought you had come home. They said I had checked on them that night, so they knew I was home. They were disappointed I was not home.  That was the longest trip I had made yet, and was very enlightening, as well as very scary.
Several interesting OBE experiences.


244. Dennis H Experience  11/23/2013 Physically, I knew what was taking place but could not communicate it to the others at the house and after a period of time I left to drive home. I do not remember driving home or anything else that happened to me from the time I said my goodbye's that evening until waking the following morning in my bed.  I awoke that next morning with the memory of soaring with my impish companion over the earth and through the universe and experiencing the birth of galaxy's and deaths of older fragile galaxy's. I was shown many wondrous sites and experienced many un-explainable feelings. One memory I did retain was a futuristic foggy image of a hospital room with a concerned nurse named Anna and a technician named Gabe and the dark shadows allowing me to return to my body.
Entity encounter- with remarkable OBE journey.


243. Stephen R Experience  10/5/2013 I was so excited and my wife was scared. Then she got out to make a call, and when she put in a dime, coins poured out into her hands as well.  When I saw that, tears started rolling down my face. When she god back into the car, I said - I have something to confess. I asked her about a certain night when they had chicken to eat with green beans, her Dad was wearing a white t-shirt sitting at the dinner table, I described what she was wearing, her brother was wearing, and what was on TV. She said, stop it - you're scarring me. I said, that's not all. Afterward I asked the "cosmic consciousness", whatever is out there, and if it was real, I want to see money literally pouring into my hands .. and my wife's also.  I had almost forgotten about that, until I saw her at the pay phone. It dawned on me what I had asked for, and it had to wait till she came back for it to happen.
Remarkable OBE with verified observations at a far distance.  Remarkable also that he asked for ‘cosmic consciousness’, if real, to see ‘money literally pouring into my hands’.  And it happened.


242. Marcus Experience  9/292013  I fell asleep telling myself I would try to induce an out of body experience (OBE). I became consciously aware of my self while in a dream and sat up in bed. I stood up next to my bed and began to realize that I was separated from my body. My room was exactly as it is in reality. It was dark, the glow of a street light coming in from the window was there. It was very real. I turned to see myself lying in bed. I saw the blanket and the bed and my general form and then became very frightened and did not allow myself to look at my face. I tried to scream for my wife. I was paralyzed, unable to scream and closed myself out of the whole experience. I woke up after a few seconds of absolute terror calling my wife's name (she was in bed next to me).
Two induced OBEs.


241. Boone G Experiences  9/8/2013  Every time I was roof dreaming or playing hide and seek I was fully awake. Fully awake. Sometimes I would sit up there frustrated that I had no idea how to wake my family or neighbors. I had no idea what a UFO was. If I may have seen one back in 1965 on TV or magazine.....they probably were the std mid sixty type saucer UFO . The ones I saw were pretty much like the CE types. Note: as an adult I would wake in a dream and be stating at the exact same ships while standing in a field. I had no idea where I was..... I did not care either- too focused on the light ships.
Multiple OBEs starting at around age 7-8.


240. Damien R Experience  8/31/2013 From New Zealand. Through my heart I could feel a massive channel of pure energy coursing. I felt my body ''physical and emotional'' was still so dense and blocked by memories and limiting concepts.  This denseness constrained the energy. Yet I felt it fully, perfectly. It was tremendously powerful, like a thick rope of solid energy running vertically through me.  It was more than a feeling of love. It was knowing that I am love. I am energy. That is the nature underlying the mind and perceived reality. There was no separation. Only my mind had separated me. It was wonderful, extraordinary. It was the coming home I had yearned for all my life. "I", Damien, was still present like an observer but I knew that my so-called identity was not lasting or real, only words and images and feelings I had assumed for this lifetime.
Profound mediation experience.


239. Duana L Experience  8/31/2013 From Canada. There was an open door to my left that I had been instructed to go through but I hesitated because I was torn between the thought of my children and the immense feeling of peace, expansiveness and amazing well being that is impossible to describe, that I was experiencing in the small room.  I did not want to leave that feeling.  I knew I was instructed to go through the door but I knew there would be no returning to my children if I did.  I hesitated and stayed in that room long enough that my husband spoke to me and when he did I was instantly back in the bed.  I was mad that he had interrupted such a beautiful experience… It is possible that it was psychological but how could my husband initiate this through prayer?
Husband prayed, and she had an OBE.


238.  John P Experiences  8/25/13 I was then in a very dark endless void, with a light in the upper left hand corner that is very hard to describe. It was very bright, but you could look at it and not hurt your eyes. there was also knowledge in the light, but I cannot really describe it.  Then a being appeared to my right, which I could identify as make, however all I could see was the silhouette of the being, but I could sense it was a male. The being "said" to me, "Your father is going to die." The being more communicated it to me in a telepathic sense. I then snapped back into consciousness instantly and was very freaked out.  I told a close friend about it within a few minutes, and called my mom back home the same day to relay the story to her. I also told her to tell my father to go to the doctor. He did not, and died of a massive heart attack a month later.
Meditation experience with OBE and premonition about the death of his father a month later.


237.  Wendi C Experiences  8/18/13 The out of body experience occurs on waking.  I am fully awake and aware.  There are no bright lights, or anything which could be considered unusual.  I am floating at ceiling level and, able to look down upon myself in bed.  This lasts a short while, maybe, a couple of minutes, then I go back into my body.  At this point, although I am in my body, I cannot move and, I cannot speak.  I find this part frightening as, try as I might and despite a determination to move or, to cry for help from my husband, I cannot.  This paralysis lasts for a few minutes.  I then return to normal.  I have no warning when these episodes will occur.  They do not link in to any particular life event, illness, etc.  I have experienced them over more than three decades, but not for the last couple of years.  That said, the episodes happen in an irregular way and, sometimes with a number of years between them.
OBE dream with associated sleep paralysis occurring over decades.


236.  Sam K Experiences  8/12/13 If I wanted to, I could feel the walls, the table, the window and everything outside the window. If I wasn't sensing it or feeling it, it was my choice. It was nice gentle feeling. A kind of mix of curiosity and a sense of wonder. A few minutes passed like that. I was relaxed, completely opened up mind in all directions. It cannot be described in words. It was experience of void. It was beyond good or bad. Then suddenly a thought/sensation/feeling arose inside me that it's not my time to be here yet. With that, I was almost pushed back into my mind, into my body and the body and mind functions began again.
Hindu meditation experience.


235.  Ken G Experiences  5/26/13   I felt as though I was almost in a euphoric state and remembered every moment of the experience. Since I rarely remember a dream, I am certain I was fully awake. A couple of weeks later, I traveled back to her, I assume so she could demonstrate to me that I was not dreaming. I was able to travel pretty much at will, and even visited a neighbor's home on one occasion to try to validate that the experience was real. I witnessed an argument between my neighbor and his wife. The following week he told me they were divorcing. I tried to visit my sister on my own on one occasion. She met me half way and turned me around. The message I received from her was that would be the last time we saw one another.
Multiple OBEs with observations of earthly events and encounter with deceased sister.


234.  Rosalie H Experiences  5/26/13 This continued to happen until I told someone, then never again. I've been thinking about it lately and trying to will it to happen, but no luck. The part of me that always made me skeptical of this, is that I would always hear water running, like the sound of the bath tub, and that was what would lure me to the door, because it was as if something was wrong with the water being on and a need to turn it off, but I wasn't able to ever get to it because the light would stop me. Every time I'd touch the light, it was like a forceful energy. Terrified me at the time, but I wish I could experience that again now that I am older, I'd experiment a bit.
Multiple recurring OBE dreams at around age 8.


233.  Jessica P Experiences  5/5/13 I will have moments, where I start to feel like I'm watching a movie. Though, what I am doing is the movie. Almost an out of body experience. I am fully aware of what I am doing, however, I feel that I am watching myself do it. I feel like I can't remember what I was doing, who is around, or what I am supposed to do. Almost like my brain/memory is completely paralyzed. Even if I am doing things, such as cooking supper or driving a car. It's hard for me to recall what I was doing after the time of an 'occurrence', but I feel I was in a dream when I try and remember what I was doing. But when I am having an occurrence, I am fully aware that I am having one, but I feel like I'm in a movie. Some times I get scared during an occurrence. And after one, I almost feel depressed because I have had one. Like I missed some part of my life.
SOBEs, probably autoscopic experiences.


232.  Bar Experience  5/5/13 I would come out and fly around room and go find mom and dad and fly around them or I would watch TV show wasn't supposed to see later to see things that hadn't happened yet  it was like watching the day happen and then picking one moment to focus on and be a part of… watched episode of twilight zone above mom and dad and then told mom about it next day and what it was about.
Multiple OBEs as a child age 3-6.


231.  Lissa C Experience 4/28/13  I especially felt the green at the last before I entered into the white vibrant light. I looked into the green and I saw grass, trees, and beautiful surroundings before I focused again on the white light. I kept moving foreword, because I was beckoned to keep on moving forward to this loving light. When I approached the light there was a very nice being right at the tip of the light who asked me " Would you like to come in?"  At first I said Yes. The being I'm going to say "He" ... although.... I don't think he was a male or a female..... "He" was  "both" ... just a "loving" being....  At first I wanted to enter like nothing more I ever wanted in my entire life...... Then, I suddenly remembered my son....
Meditation experience.  Quite NDE-like.


230.  Cary S Experience 4/14/13 I floated around my apartment about 2-3 ft. from the floor. I looked around my apartment for a few minutes and suddenly I could hear a car pass by on the street outside (through my physical ear). When I heard that car, this spirit body (or whatever you want to call it) dashed quickly through the wall of my apartment and outside. I saw a small four door white car drive by. Then I looked at the sky. It was the brightest, most beautiful blue I had ever seen. I looked at the grass. It was the same, but bright green. It was so bright and glowing. It was like I had stepped into a painting… I noticed the next day that one of my neighbors had a four door white car. I had never noticed them having that car before.
OBE associated with meditation.


229.  Simon G Experience 3/23/13  Instantly the scenery changed and I was in a cave that opened up to what seemed to be miles above a huge pit of glowing fire and tortured souls. The feeling of absolute misery filled me. I asked her if this was hell. No, she replied. There is no preformed hell waiting for anyone. People who thought they should go to hell for their deeds would if they believed it. The same applied for those who believed they would go to heaven.  She then began to explain the paradox of what I was seeing. Even though there was no heaven or hell awaiting anyone, we could create our own through our beliefs and expectations.
OBE Into beautiful realm, and was shown hellish realm.


228.  Hunter R Experience 3/23/13 Then, a velvet/burgundy sheet-like plane could be seen to my side, and it began to make sine wave like patterns.  Once again it was vast and everywhere I looked I saw it. The sheet-like plane was within my own body, and was giving me a sensation of warmness, and complete bliss. In that moment I realized what true bliss felt like, and how truly connected I was with the universe. After awhile in this state of bliss, I could start to faintly hear my heart beat, as if it was calling me back to my body, so I began to feel a sensation of floating down, back into this reality, and eventually into my body. I could literally feel myself reentering my body, I felt like a feather falling from the sky.
Meditation experience with interesting content and insights.


227.  Crystal M Experiences 3/18/13 So the first event was in Peru at an ayahuasca retreat, we were on dieta which means no salt sugar or oil and very plain foods, usually white. I didn't take ayahuasca and I was just meditating and I nearly touched the ceiling while floating I was scarred and tensed up and came back to my body. There was a deep sucking sound while floating up. I felt numb and cold when I got down. I did a breathing exercise to initiate that state. Breathe into each body part and feel it sink 3 rounds of this to float away.   Second experience, on ayahuasca and dieta night time. Vomiting. Shut eyes and see kaleidoscope world with dancing Buddhas thousands moving, some stepping in a circular dance… In the same OBE I have sex with my ex bf he acts towards me as I had acted towards him near the end of the relationship.
Several OBEs.  One associated with consuming ayahuasca.


226.  Hannah P Experience 3/14/13 From Australia.  Automatically I directed my focus towards each person sitting on their chair, and large balls of fire blew out of my stomach like cannon balls and covered each person in light. This happened for all the people present, after which I draw my consciousness back into myself.  Even no words were spoken; there seemed to be some form of communication between me and the Light Being. We were still standing joined at the hands, when all of a sudden I knew it was time to depart. We moved slowly away from each other, and I became aware of the tunnel behind me. I stepped into it...somehow entered my lifeless body and made my way up the passageway into the cave.
Very detailed meditation experience.

225.  Lorraine R Experiences 2/16/13  I even have what I call "trigger" sensations while in the hypnogogic state, I recognized the sensations and am usually able to leave my body at will.  Interestingly though, several years ago around 2002/2003 I went through a phase of a span of about 2 to 3 years of having intense OBEs multiple times a week, and sometimes multiple times per night.  But over the years and currently they have become less frequent (or my awareness of them have decreased).  It's almost like I "been there, did that" kind of thing, almost as if I needed to have those experiences at that time in my life.  I accept and embrace the OBE experience for what it is, very real to me and a life/belief changing experience.
Multiple OBEs dreams over decades since the age of 5.


224.  Bard A Experiences 2/9/13 In the Spring of 1960, I saw my body in my bed as I rose above my bed and then out the Window and I kept rising up and up watching my home and neighborhood and the land where I lived in getting smaller until I actually rose above the Earth looking at Earth, then I found myself entering a very very beautiful landscape of rolling hills, lots of Greenery of plants, trees, and colorful flowering plants, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, it was very very awesomely beautiful, but then I pondered why I did not see any living creatures at all, anywhere. I felt very lonesome. Next I was back in my body, and I pondered about what I saw, I loved what I saw, but it seemed so lonely. Is this place, and I wondered if this beautiful place was prepared for future living beings.
OBEs dreams that are very detailed.


223.  Cindy F Experiences 1/29/13  When he (Jesus) came back, he asked me if I was ready to go, and I consented. He told me that he was going to take me back to Earth. Either we linked arms or he took my hand, and he flew me back to Earth. He seemed to have been short and thin, maybe with short, dark hair and perhaps he had wings. Come to think of it, when he had been instructing me earlier he may have been holding one of those pointer sticks that teachers sometimes hold when pointing out things that are written on the board; but again, I really can't say for sure what he looked like. Anyway, the Earth looked like a blue sphere, and I could see the gaseous, hazy glow of the atmosphere. The Earth appeared larger and larger as we steadily flew closer and closer, and once we hit the atmosphere, I returned to my physical body in the mind-awake/body-asleep state of consciousness.  
Amazing couple of OBE experiences!

222.  Terri Experience 1/27/13  Then the being left me and I began to fly, it was as if I was able to adapt to anything I wanted to do. When I hit the water, Gills formed along my jawline and I was able to breathe under water and swim like I belonged there and all at once I was able to soar in the air and the fins that I had under water became wings in the air. I flew over a planet that had no trees or grass but was mostly water and had a bluish tone to the atmosphere. I flew like a bird to a cave that was mine and all of the vines and water knew exactly what I needed there. They produced what my body needed.
Meditation with interesting experience.


221.  Child Experience 1/19/13 I then decided that I would try to make myself float on my own.  I sat on the floor cross-legged, closed my eyes and started to meditate, until I could no longer feel my body mass. From complete darkness there was a dot of light, then all of a sudden the whole area was filled with a room of bright light.  I still had my eyes closed.  All of a sudden I felt as though I was floating in this room.  It was the most liberating feeling ever to be free floating about.  I was aware that there was someone else in the room, but didn't know who.  I was also aware that I had a physical body that I was separate from, but also connected to.  My senses were telling me to hurry and return to my body before it was too late, otherwise I might not be able to get back to it. 
Meditation experience at the age of 5.


220.  Terri M Experience 1/14/13  I felt light, and I noticed I didn't feel the need to take a breath. I took one, but I didn't need it. So I decided not to take another. The next thing I remember is an indescribable feeling of peace, and the sensation of floating. It was the most pleasurable feeling I have ever had, so I opened my eyes, fully conscious of my surroundings. Nothing was out of place in my room. I had the shades drawn but they allowed enough light in to see clearly. I could hear cars going by on the road, my dog outside the door pawing to come in. And that's when I looked down on myself, and realized I was "up here" and "down there" at the same time. I wasn't sure what "I" was--I had no sense of a form, but I sure knew what I was looking down on. My physical body was sitting cross-legged on the bed, motionless. I heard the dog bark and the next thing I knew I was looking out of my own two eyes from my sitting position on the bed. I was trembling and felt fearful. I have never been able to meditate since. The experience left me sure of two things: It was NOT a hallucination, and if this is what death is like, it will not be painful… It was joy and peace and love all mixed together, but those words seem a hollow abstraction next to the direct experience.
OBE during meditation.


219.  Paul K Experience 1/5/13 At that moment I saw some sort of tunnel and began to journey through, as I recall, there seem to be souls of people that new me or were there to guide me, not sure. Then I saw a brilliant light, warm and inviting, all consuming, all knowing. It knew everything about me, I needed not to speak but communicated none the less.  As that encounter ended I found myself leaving the ship and my body, drawing away at a steady pace, seeing the ship and its trail in the moonlight. As I headed away, I remember thinking, " I hope I can find my way back".  I kept moving over the water at a height of what felt like 50 or 100 ft. Not sure.  No idea where I was going and how much time had passed,,, soon I came over a beach and up and over a boardwalk and came to rest outside the stone pony, Asbury park NJ. I waited for someone to open the door and I went in. It was like I was being shown around the place, looking at all the people as I passed but not being acknowledged . As I studied my surroundings, I came across one table that my girlfriend was seated at with some friends. At that moment I knew she was the purpose of my journey and I became frightened I would not be able to find my body or my ship, after all, it had been steadily moving across a lot of water.
Meditation experience with OBE that proved to have accurate observations.


218.  Neil N Experience 1/5/13 First of all there was a wind like sound, and it felt like I was sucked or pulled out of my body. I heard unearthly music, I heard beings talking, my name was called out. I was surrounded by darkness but unafraid. As I looked at my hands and arms all I could see was stars or points of light. Throughout the experience it felt like I was floating and being lead to my destination. And finally I saw an indescribably bright light, which was radiating so much unconditional love it was so hard to fathom that such love exist. And strangely enough this place felt very familiar. As I continued to look at the light,  it became evident this was a being shinning with such brilliance. I felt drawn to it, and it had both arms outstretched as if to embrace me. And just as I was about to hug the being, I felt the same wind like sound and I was pulled back to my body.
OBE.  Very NDE-like and transformative.


217. Yaron Experience. 11/4/12  From Israel.  My sight was different, I didn't breath, though I could feel my body breathing, and I felt like my heart was going to explode, while beating in an impossible rate. Some minutes after that I started to feel a bit afraid - which was a big mistake, because fear is like an unstoppable snowball - once it starts it is very hard to stop. I heard voices and saw some very creepy things in my surroundings, only to find out that for some reason I can't wake up. I couldn't get back to my body.  As I started to panic, I suddenly lost my awareness to the situation and I remember very little from that point. It appears I have went into a dream state while I was outside of my body.  The next morning I woke up and I was so intrigued  by the experience that I have made a very drastic change to my field of interest, almost abandoning entirely the lucid dreaming field and focusing only on Astral projections. 
OBE from Israel.


216. Matthew Experience. 11/1/12 I was filled with the knowing that we are all One, but still individuals. It's impossible to describe this knowing. We can speak of it and even somewhat understand the concept, but at this time I truly felt the strange contradictory idea of being purely individual and the piece of a whole at the same time. As I relished in this feeling, I noticed a presence coming toward me, and for some reason I knew it was God, or some authority. When I realized this I became humble and felt that I was not worthy to be in the presence of God. The moment I thought this, a chorus of what seemed like millions of voices told me, "the 'I' is never..." and they continued to list every negative, fearful trait you can think of, angry, judgmental, punishing, etc. And I began to feel this unbelievable ecstasy, this feeling of pure love, acceptance, approval, and peace that I have never experienced. I knew immediately that everything was perfect, that every single seemingly unimportant event in my life had led me to right where I was and that everything was happening exactly as it is supposed to.
Profound meditation experience.  Stunningly NDE-like.


215. Jarvis M Experience. 10/6/12 The wind was at its most gusty, yet the strength was not overwhelming and was consistent.  In one moment, my physical body and what i think is a representation of my spirit/soul separated.  The wind was blowing from my left to my right.  I remember slipping into sync with the wind and the milky white aura that was surrounding suddenly began to lift out of my body.  It rose above, to the right and slightly behind, yet within my peripheral vision.  It looked just like my physical body. this energy i could tell was looking down on me, but my physical body did not turn to look at it. However, I am aware that they, physical and spiritual, entities were aware of each other.  The most intriguing part about this experience, was that I have very clear vivid and lucid connections to three entities: my physical self, my spiritual essence form, and third  force that saw it taking place.  The third force witnessed everything from behind me.  Essentially, I was two people having a conversation and an eavesdropper all in one.  As soon as I became aware of myself as the third, observing energy, the white essence dissipated continuing upward and to my right, and just blew away with the wind, and I came back to.
Meditation experience with remarkable content.


214. Jeffrey Experience. 9/16/12  Sleeping at night at a friend's home, on the guest couch. Normal sleep, normal dream... then, in the dream I see a woman with whom I had been briefly (a week or so?) intimate *six months before.*  She is walking away from me, my sight follows her, hoping she will turn to look at me.  She does stop, turns, and when her gaze meets mine, we are instantly magnetized into a merging each with the other... and then... transcendence... the bodily forms dissolve in a swirl, she is no longer there, nor is my own human form, as my awareness is pulled upward exceedingly rapidly (though there is no sense of wind speed nor friction nor sound of travel)... upward into dark night sky... my senses seem remarkably upgraded, unified, perceiving in a much more whole and direct manner... a sensation of deepening warmth and pleasure is evident... I can see very far, many stars and planets are seemingly close enough to touch. It is clearly evident that I a perceiving more completely and truly than ever before; THIS IS REAL.
OBE dream.


213. Dustin S Experiences. 7/28/12  from South Africa  …the OBEs started to happen. I can't remember what exactly happened in the first ones, just the most recent two.  When I'm asleep, a loud noise picks up, like wind rushing past a microphone with ear wrenching screeches. So loud it takes up my every sense. My eyes start to hurt a bit and all I can see is white snow like from a television without signal. Things start to get intense then and I know its about to happen. I feel as though I've been shrunk and thrown to the back of my head, looking out of a tunnel.  I'm then taken out of my body after which anything can happen. Everything is black and white and fuzzy.  The last time it happened I has flown and shaken across the room, knocking into everything until I hit the floor face down. I help my breath and started choking in hopes of waking up. I did eventually.
Many OBEs dreams.  Frightening.


212. Lyn R Experience. 7/28/12  When I touched his hand I felt some pressure - and then a second scare when my fingertips went through his !! I could see my fingers going through his.  I looked at him, and he had quite a stern face of what I could see - which was only the shape of his head, the receding hairline and I could kind of see the temples and cheek bones.  I was "thinking" - he's familiar but I don't know who he is.  I thought he seemed kind enough, he seemed concerned for me.  He was dressed nicely with a black coat and a lighter colored shirt or top - I sensed he was about 40 years old and very fit, about 5'11"" tall and a strong person.  I then got scared, and I took a chance and asked "WHO ARE YOU??" knowing full well, even before I asked the question, that he wasn't going to answer me.  His message, which wasn't spoken, but communicated via thought was "Go with it" --- "It's all OK" --- I knew what he meant (at the time).  I now think he meant go through life - just go with it, and don't fight it, but I am not totally sure on that.
OBE dream with encounter with an unknown person.


211. Emily S Experience 7/12/12 At first I was floating upward towards the sky, then I noticed snow sprinkling on my face then I could fly even higher.  I didn't have a physical body.  I had a wonderful time flying around looking at all the trees and snow.  There was a village below me, it was night time.  Lately I have been having lots of OBEs while I go to sleep.  I had a feeling of total peace and happiness and adventure.
Frequent flier with the OBEs starting in her dreams. 


210.  Boris Z Experience 6/13/12  Well I do believe I visited the other realm. Heavenly realm is more difficult to describe. Probably because it’s much more “other”  in comparison to the reality we exist here than the hellish realm (unfortunately I have experienced that too, but not sharing it publicly, at least not for now – that seems to be the inevitable conclusion). It’s just that human language is not adequate for describing the qualities of the heavenly realm. I took me many years to put this on paper and it’s still just a very poor version of the real experience  -doesn’t do any justice at all, not even close.
SOBE that started as a dream.


209.  Tom C Experience 6/7/12  My body somehow entirely slipped through this fissure. This took 3-4 seconds, and once through, I found myself floating just beneath the ceiling of the bedroom that my father and I were sleeping in. I was on my back, but able to easily look downward. I looked down and clearly saw my father sleeping on his right side (facing away from the wall) and myself asleep on my back, behind him. My body slowly began descending while remaining in its same position. I descended almost straight down, very gently and over about a 15 second period of time, toward the floor next to the bed. This led to the part of the event that I've not been able to forget... When I was 3-4 feet above the bed and began floating sideways toward my own body, I looked at the analog clock on the table. It indicated it was 8 minutes past 4. (We were to have gotten up at 4). My floating body continued toward the sleeping one and when it reached it, smoothly merged into one.  
SOBE that started as a dream.


208.  Walter E Experience 5/14/12 As I stood where I was, I happen to look at the front of the church where the altar would be but instead of an alter was a bright light and out of the light I heard a very strong powerful voice tell me to come forward and go into the light. I became afraid and did not know why but I did not want to go into that light, but finally I did and once inside of the light, I felt that I know was part of the collective so to speak and was of one with the light as though it was a shower and then things were opened up to me to get my answers to my questions about religion and God.  I now knew why I was in that church and who those people in the room across from me was. They were the shells of lives that I have lived before and once I leave this life I would be standing behind the Nazi soldier to account for my deeds in each of those bodies for final judgment… After it I wondered if it was just my imagination I visited my mother until I called her the following day and she confirm everything I told her but did not know how it was possible I would know those things, since I was 3000 miles away at the time.
Meditation experience with encounter with past lives and joining a mystical light.  Also OBE to mother 3000 miles away, and later confirmed his OBE observations.


207.  Renee G Experience 4/22/12 Although I was facing the sun I remember thinking Wow, how odd, I can see everybody and everything at the same time!  There was a sense of lightness and a feeling of being detached from my physical body.  I was everything.  It was not only Renee laying on the grass, I was the grass!  I was a blade of grass just “being” a blade of grass.  I was the sky and the clouds that were drifting above.  I was a tree growing roots deep into the earth from a hardy trunk while holding up branches sprouting delicate green leaves.  I was everything happening all at once!  I had this feeling of knowing that everything is perfect and on purpose.  I felt bathed in warm and glorious LOVE.  I was so happy!  It felt like the true meaning of home.  Everything is as it should be and all is well in the world.  It was a timeless experience because it seemed to last so much longer than what I believe to have been seconds.  I may have been in that state for only a moment and what a beautiful moment it was.  It was a flicker of Oneness, consciousness unbounded. 
Meditation experience.  Very life-changing.

206.  Victor C Experience 4/8/12 This experience has shown me something that I would like to attempt to describe in words; what I believe is that while we are in this body, we are equipped with the consciousness that comes with it. The difference between how I view what this consciousness is, in relation to my view of what awareness is, are two different things. Awareness for me is what is behind the consciousness that comes with the functioning of mind and body. The awareness behind it however is of a much broader, infinite nature. The thoughts that we all have in our consciousness appear to be a constant stream that is continuous and linear in nature. However, upon intense concentration on what is an iota of time between our thoughts, I believe that what I have experienced was a gateway leading out of consciousness and into the hidden spectrum of pure awareness that lies beyond… . It was kind of like this; I wasn't thinking but if I did think, I would become what I was thinking. Therefore, I dared not think about anything because that would have meant that I would have manifested out of total awareness and bliss. Being in this state was beyond bliss, you want to stay there and not do anything to disturb it.
Among the most remarkable and inspiring meditation experience that we have ever received.


205.  Rebecca P Experience 2/11/12 I refused the blindfold...saying I wanted to look my murderers in the eye.  I remember looking at each one...then the shots rang out and my head slumped forward.  I left the top of my head and drifted upward.  As I drifted I felt the most penetrating and overwhelming feeling of love and knowing.  I remember thinking Shakespeare is right...life is a stage and we are all just players in it.  I felt complete forgiveness for the firing squad for everyone...forgiveness isn't even the right word there was nothing to forgive...a deep understanding came over me.
OBE dream with interesting NDE-like content.


204.  Monica B Experience 2/11/12 Then I put my head through a part that had a closet on the other side, and I saw the things inside it. I then walked towards the door and I wondered if it was possible to touch the door and open it. I think now that I had to focus then on that idea and doing so, it worked... I opened it. Then I walk towards my parent's room and I saw them sleeping, but suddenly I saw my mom sit up and she told me that I should not be doing that. In that moment I went immediately back to my body, opened my eyes and noticed my heart was beating like crazy.
OBE Dream from Columbia at age 14.


203.  Kevin P Experience 2/11/12   From Wales, UK  As I saw these specks, I heard indistinct noises all around me similar to that of a rushing sound: like the whoosh of a high-speed train in the open air. I was propelled to this light by sound, sounding like an engine or turbine of shorts. Once passed the noise, I felt as if I had gone missing. This experience was entirely unexpected. Once 'there', I felt undeserving in all manner, style and expression. This is where matters took a turn for the emotional-side, I kept on crying, crying for acceptance-- It would be better for me to be deprived of a limb than to not gain the approval of this light... all in all, this being my first OBE experience was marked by seriousness, love and affection.
OBE dream with unexpected content.


202.  Tim J Experience 1/22/12  I called the people at the house that I went to. I described the ones in the house, what they were wearing, and the old trunk in the middle of the floor. She accused me of looking in her window. She explained the trunk had just been brought inside the house a few minutes before that call.... called my friend, who was at the house I visited. She was 750 miles from me and calling me a liar. I had her to return my phone call to prove that I was where I said I was at. She about fainted when she heard my voice on the phone.
OBE dream with verified OBE observations 750 miles away.


201.  Marc S Experience 1/8/12 From Chile.   Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon.   My body shuddered in every fiber, I rose through a stream of light, and arrived at a place which was white, illuminated, fulfilling, peace, love like a vital energy... I was with someone who showed me my failures of love and with a Superior being who gave me Forgiveness, Peace and Love. I understood "brother son, sister moon". I saw that He is one and three. I can say no more... I came back to my body, when I could not move, nor open my eyes.
Transcendent dream or OBE after meditation.

200.  Kobe M Experience 12/30/11  I was laying in bed unable to sleep and I prayed for help. the next thing I knew was that I was a amalgamation of iridescent light just floating in space among maybe another 2 dozen groups of light. somehow I knew that the other groups of light were other souls. but what I felt was incredible, total acceptance, total sense of being cherished, total love, at least a thousand times greater than any love I have felt here on earth. the feeling of total joy and happiness felt like a singing that was going on between all of us, a sort of harmonizing. I knew I could not stay there so I asked to stay a little longer and the others said sure. I stayed approximately 40 minutes and I read their souls and they were saying stuff like 'look at the new kid and there was lots of laughter in fun. the feeling of total rapture was part of all of us and all of the space we were in, the universe I guess, we were all one. for some odd reason, I knew I was in the dimension that you go to when you die.
OBE dream from Buddhist.  Interesting visit to unearthly realm.


199.  Christian M Experience 11/21/11  From Italy.   Original in Italian, translated to English by Joan.   It was 7 in the morning on November 4, 2011, and I was sleeping.  All of a sudden I saw myself coming down from above towards my head, and I managed to see the door in front of me opened.  Immediately after, I woke up, but I was stomach down and it was impossible that I could have seen the door.   
OBEs that started as a dream.


198.  Tim M Experience 10/29/11  From Ireland.  As I was relaxing a very light 'buzzing' started in my ears, almost at first like a fly or tiny insect was buzzing around somewhere in my inner ear. I had not much time to react to this when this 'light buzzing' very quickly turned into a deafening roar which caused me to instantly panic and instinctively jump up from the sofa. I found to my absolute horror that I could not move a muscle and when I tried to call out for help I couldn't speak a word. I was fully conscious throughout. I found myself rising towards the ceiling and thinking I was dying I said goodbye ( in my mind) to all those I loved. Just as quickly I found myself back lying on the sofa with the roaring becoming less loud and my mobility returning. I found the whole experience terrifying and more so as it happened perhaps six times over the next few weeks.
Interesting description of classic sleep paralysis followed by OBEs dreams.


197.  Tommy Experience 10/10/11 I'll try to explain it without losing you. I remember going to sleep and waking up. I got out of bed, walked into my fathers bedroom. Its weird because I lifted my fathers mattress  to get a knife that he had and then went back to my room and got into bed. I woke up the next mourning and had a knife in my hand but what's weird is that there's no way I could have lifted my father and the mattress enough to get anything under them. Also is that he does not have knives under his bed. I've always wondered where I got the knife from and if any of it that happened was real. I don't know? From there on I've had lots of weird things happen to me.
OBEs Dreams with one remarkable apparently evidential experience.


196.  Oliver S Experience 9/10/11 From Australia  And I saw the moon as I did before I went to sleep ... That's how I know this was real ... After about 15 seconds it happened ... I all of a sudden in a split second came out of my body and found myself floating about a meter above my bed facing a bright white light and before I knew it I was in this realm of light ... I realized then where I was and it all made sense to me ...  I felt safe because I realized it was him ... He felt like my father ( Not my biological father  but my real father  ) ... And I felt pure love the whole time ... It was bliss ... He was talking to me at light speed , Giving me all this information ... It felt like I knew everything at once ... He taught me the meaning of life ... One of the things he said was ... Tell people about your experience ...
SOBE- remarkably NDE-like.


OBEs Dreams with many apparent accurate observations.


194.  Sandy Experiences 9/10/11 With myself, these OBEs have changed my life forever- definitely for the positive. I am no longer afraid of death. I know we continue to exist, just in a different form. As a result of this I have contact with people who have passed. They continue to live, laugh, love just as we do here, except they live in a perfect world.
Multiple often quite remarkable OBEs Dreams.


193.  Bev Experiences 9/10/11 From Canada.  I stopped breathing for no apparent reason. "I stopped breathing in the middle of the night....I was sleeping in my sisters bed and she woke up to find me blue.  She woke the rest of the family.  My other sister gave me CPR and ambulance, fire, police were called.  I was taken to sick kids hospital and given tests....lumbar puncture, blood work....It was determined that I had epilepsy and was put on medication.  For years I continued to have what they called psychomotor epilepsy.  Each ""seizure"" I would feel myself floating over my body.....very strange sensation that i have trouble even describing now.  My seizures stopped after becoming pregnant with my second child at age 27.
Sensation of floating over body due to psychomotor seizures.


192.  Jerry L Experience 9/10/11  After reading the book ""Three Magic Words"" by U.S. Anderson, I did as the book suggested and meditated on a daily basis following the guided meditations in the book. After about a month of meditating, one morning as I was laying in bed about to get up I was suddenly found myself in a soft light. I felt that I was in the light, that the light was pure love. The feeling of total love is impossible to explain, it was as though the light was God, and that I was as one with the light. I remember being told something very profound yet very simple. Like that was the answer to everything. It was not told to me by a voice, rather by telepathy. However after leaving the light and returning to my body I could not remember what I was told.
Meditation OBE.


191.  Henry W Experience 7/30/11   Finally I saw light, other than my own small light, and I entered a place that resembled our universe except it was made of white light. This is hard to explain, imagine the earth and planets made of light and you get the idea. They revolved like a planet but the sound they made was like the best song you ever heard, the best food you ever ate, or the first time you fell in love, only at an infinite level. I could communicate to the other white globes, like myself, by thinking it. I can only liken it to what a human cell must feel. I had access to all knowledge and there were answers to every question I ever had. The human mind could not maintain this much data. I tried to get closer to the greater light but was repelled because ( I sensed) I was physically a live and was not supposed to be there. I rushed backward to my body, woke up crying, I am guy that does not get emotional...  I wanted to get back to that place.
Induced OBE.  Remarkably transcendent experience.


190.  Keith Experience 4/23/11 Immediately when I tried that I rotated and I was freed from my physical body.  I did not look at my physical body or have the desire to do as many people have reported doing.  Instead I left the room and checked on my kids.  One was in the bathroom and the other was asleep.  The one on the bathroom noticed the door opening but did not see me.  I went downstairs and was followed by my child who came downstairs.  As a joke I threw some of the pillows on the couch to see if she would notice and she did.… I was able to move physical objects.
OBE dream with apparent ability to move objects while in the OBE state.


189.  Helen T Experience 3/28/11  The light intensifies to billions of times brighter than any light I have ever seen or could ever imagine. I have awakened or arrived at this place of no limit. The Light is everywhere. The Light is bright, clear, without limit, blissful, loving, and full of clear intelligence. The love and bliss are also billions of times more intense and richer than any I have ever experienced. There is also a presence about the Light. A presence without form, but of pure clear light and love and bliss and intelligence. And I realize that I am also this Light. For the first time in my life, I have an awakened feeling that makes all my previous waking hours feel like a big sluggish slumber. I am this Light. I am without limit and am everywhere and everything at the same time. Everything is one and all. I am this Love, and I love all. I am this deep Bliss. I am this immense Intelligence, and know everything without explanation or any need of explanation.
Profound meditation experience with exceptional insights.


188.  David D Experience 3/20/11  I saw a bright white tunnel and went toward the light.  I could see at the far end "forms" whom I identified as deceased friends and relatives.  At the mouth of the tunnel was a bright white form whom I identified as Christ.  I started to move toward the tunnel, but the Christ-form told me it was not yet my time.  I had the sense that if I did travel down the tunnel I would die, so I turned around.  I went back to the porch and looked at myself again.  I then heard muted talking inside the building.  The doors were shut, but I tried and realized that I could pass through the closed doors.  Inside was the house treasurer and Superior talking about the budget.  I then left and went back outside.
Meditation experience with OBE and remarkable verification of OBE observations distant from his body.


187.  Cara Experience 3/6/11 From Canada  I got sucked through this circle hearing a swish sound as I went. Next think I noticed I was still standing in the same position but my body was lying on the bed, I looked at my self, then I noticed a dark hooded shape coming from my mothers closet and I instantly thought I have to get in my body and at that moment their was a swish sound and instantly I was back in my body and I was on the bed… Another time I was at a restaurant and and told a friend to watch a certain person and tell me what happens, so I out of body kept poking him in the back, when I came back I asked my friend what she saw she said he kept touching his back and turning around like some one was there.
Two OBEs described.


186.  Vellina Experience 2/6/11 From Indonesia. As I tried to go back to sleep I felt someone holding my head (again) and this time I didn't try to wake up, I just let go and I feel I'm flying and there are 2 people I can't explain how the shape and form but their whereabouts so they felt, they seemed they were discussing what I do, they talk fast, and I had caught them laugh, my intuition says they are very friendly and assertive. Until I saw a light, very bright, clear as if my body will be drawn closer, and in that time I thought "maybe this is my time" because earlier I had read that someone saw the light at the end of the life. Of course the only person who can see it's ourselves. Without the resistance I'm getting closer but strangely the second figure that I feel their existence is being debated as if they didn't want me to follow the light. One of them shouted, and I woke up.
OBE Dream from Indonesia.


185.  Henok Experience 12/17/10 From Ethiopia. Home in my bedroom, I am able to control when I want to have my body experience. I know this is not normal I am confused my doctor doesn't know how to explain it, I prefer when I am laying on my back to do it but if I'm reclined on a chair that's fine , as long as my face is towards the ceiling at any angle.


184.  Sammy E Experience 12/7/10  I was lying on my back and I could feel waves of energy pulsing back and forth along my body from head to toe. I could feel a pressure on my head as if someone was pushing down on my forehead with the palm of their hand.  I could hear and feel a rushing or powerful buzzing vibrational sensation inside my head as the energy waves pulsed up and down my body.  I was so shocked by the experience that I shook myself out of it. I knew that I had not been dreaming; the physical sensations were unlike anything I had ever experienced. Several days later, I had a similar experience and allowed the events to progress further. This time, the vibrational waves progressed to a higher frequency and I felt a popping sensation as I slid horizontally outside my body. I spent about 15-20 seconds a few feet away from my body and abruptly popped back in. I shook myself out of it in amazement.  
A couple OBEs.


183.  Sheri H Experience 11/14/10  This was my first OBE.  At age 13 as a child my father was ill and was in the hospital.  I was calmly watching my cousins play pool and listen to music on a Saturday night. Without any warning, I had the sensation of being out of my body, quickly pulled out and then I could see myself and others from the ceiling level of the room.  This was only for a split second and then I was pulled above.  I came back with the knowledge that my father had died.  I do not recall words or even a surrounding while I obtained this information.  It was scary and shocking at the same time.  I had no idea what had happened.  Following this event I immediately looked at the clock and noted the time.  This was the exact time noted on my father's death certificate.
OBE at moment of her father’s death at age 13, then other OBEs.


182.  John B Experience 11/9/10  Finally I began moving down a type of tunnel. The Tunnel had cloud-like walls, fluffy multi-toned gray in color.  I seemed to be moving slowly but perhaps the walls of the tunnel were farther away than I realized.  Suddenly I came upon an opaque light which engulfed me.  A feeling of intense love and warmth overwhelmed me.  I could only respond "I love you too".  Then I got the feeling that I didn't belong where I was and I quickly came out of the meditative state.  The feeling of not belonging there, kept me from attempting meditation again until I was in Viet Nam.  There, I had no success reestablishing the experience. The experience changed my life for a while, giving me solace and hope versus the frustrations of military service, Viet Nam etc.  I became more active with my church, got involved in discussion sessions, etc.
Meditation experience while in the Air Force.


181.  Dipak P Experiences 10/31/10 & 3/6/11 & 6/12/11 & 7/23/11 & 8/20/11 From India.  I had another interesting dream where I saw a dead body of my previous birth lying on a floor. I felt that my Soul came out of that body and began to fly in the sky. Ultimately the Soul  began to rise upwards and ultimately entered the outer space flying for an indefinite period with a spontaneous recitation of the word ‘God’ . It could not be fathomed how long it continued and then I (my feeling was that I was that Soul) began to descend to  the earth. While descending I observed the blue earth completely covered with the body of my God-the-Preceptor, Diamond sitting alone. I realized that the Soul of every human being  is the image of Diamond.  Several experiences and divine dreams.
In my dream I saw Sri Ramkrishna sitting on the cot in a hut. My dream went off I again slept and saw in a dream Sri Ramkrishna lying on the floor of a two storied house which I never saw in reality.He was giving his blessings on his innumerable devotees and turned towards me as if he wanted to give me anything I would desire. But I kept quite. All on a sudden I saw goddess Kali standing near the door as if Sri Ramkrishna was transformed into Goddess Kali. And within a short while She was again transformed into Sri Ramkrishna.
OBEs Dreams from India.  Multiple dreams interesting in showing the cultural content and interpretation of one living in India.


180.  Tom S Experience 10/31/10  From Belgium.  Original in Dutch, translated to English by Annelies.  From  Lying on the floor, visualizing colors while meditating I played a CD with various sounds. After some 15 minutes I lost consciousness for a short while and then I flew very conscious and alert through the cosmos via an umbilical cord. It was the same infinite cosmos as I experienced before birth. I was very alert and free of feelings. In the distance a small dot approached and it appeared to be a maze. This maze was octagonal and it's color was brown like wood. I flew through it. At that moment it felt as if I was passing through a gate and I landed on an other planet. I was "sitting" on very bright green grass. It was much brighter and fresher than anything I have ever seen on earth. In the distance I saw a mountainous landscape with in the middle an ochreous moon or planet. I felt very alert and conscious there and the moment I realized I was really there and that it was no figment of my imagination I was startled for a second. And in a split second I was back in my body. I stood up, was a little bit in shock and I was very cold. 
Pre-birth remembrance with 30 ‘soul group’ souls and image of a rose. OBE- was playing CD


179.  Harold R Experience 10/24/10  As with all other times, I felt "myself" shedding my physical body. This experience is the time I learned I could control my actions. I walked out of my bedroom and went toward the rear of my house toward the kids rooms. I walked into each of their rooms to check on them! Afterwards, I knew I could have some fun and went outside... only not through a door. I just went up. I did notice that everything in the attic was quite clear to me and was surprised at the detail in which I could see everything considering that there is no constant source of light up there. I realized in the experience prior to this that I could ( I know this sounds corny) FLY! Of all the things I might could have accomplished, I chose flight.
Frequent flier who tells of learning how to control what he could do in the OBE state.


178.  Ethan W Experience 10/24/10  So I had been consciously trying to induce an OBE that week so I think my astral body had loosened from the flesh that day when I took a nap. Right when I fell asleep I unintentionally rolled out of my body and saw myself floating above it. I flew through my door outside which was completely different than my normal yard (in the astral realm), but I had a thought that I should mark something so I could see it when I woke up. So I found myself with a nickel in my hand and as I was putting it down on the grass I saw a penny right beside it. That blew my mind as if I had been there before and that's all I can remember of that one.
Several OBEs.


177.  Prasetyo AN Experience 10/23/10  From Indonesia.  Original in Indonesian, translated to English by Chuck. When my spirit body reached the point of my waist I sensed a difference in being between my spirit body and my physical body. Originating at the traces of concentration remaining in the spirit body it was as if a new being existed. In addition there was a sort of fiber connecting the spirit and physical bodies. Nevertheless I could no longer see this spirit nerve fiber reach the physical because at that moment a red glowing light shone in the vicinity so that I could no longer see the physical body. Hearing the surroundings became far more acute (hearing of voices from far away). My intuition said there was some other person (spirit) standing nearby, because I was afraid that he would endanger me I tried to grab his neck (reflex without awareness of whether it was real or not). But I asked it, “who are you-who are you?” in my mother tongue (Indonesian) but the response I heard was not a language that I have ever before heard.  Then at that moment a knock came at the door. My younger sibling wanted to enter the room which I had previously locked, therefore I quickly returned to my physical body being propelled downwards. After this event until now I have tried again without success.
Great description of what happened during his OBE.


176.  Saloua Z Experience 10/23/10  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Magalie.  I had been very sad for about two weeks. One afternoon, I felt like sleeping: I laid down on my bed, totally relaxed. That’s when I embraced the world and found myself out of my body.   I first travelled in different dimensions with total indifference: no fear or whishes as to where I would “land”. Fairly quickly, it was as if someone was calling me towards a dimension of Light and once there, I found myself in front of a being of Love/Light. He was floating horizontally, with his arms in a cross. He was peace and love: serene. I observed him for a while, amazed by so much glory and love. It was as if we were having a conversation through our souls.        
Interesting OBE where she met a being.


175.  Toma Experience 10/17/10  I spiraled and coiled in the air above the garden. When I got tired of playing I stopped to watch the landscape. I' d never realized till then that our house was on a hill, I could see the roofs of the other houses with their red and white bricks.  Suddenly I saw SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT. There was an apricot tree in the garden - on the low branches the apricots were still green and grand mother did not allow to pick them. But on the higher branches THERE WERE RIPE APRICOTS!   I woke up and shout to my granny "There are ripe apricots on tree!" and ran into the garden. Soon I was dropping them in granny's apron.
4 year old dream to evidential OBE.

174.  Bri Experience 10/11/10  All 3 experiences start with the exact same feeling. I feel like walls are slowly closing in on me. Then i start to be very scared and cry. then I am able to see myself from the ceiling and I can see myself crying.  This all is in slow motion but I don't know how else to put in in words.
Several OBEs starting at age 9 associated with emotional distress.

173.  Massoud A Experience 10/11/10  From Iran During sleep I woke up and saw only blackness it was like a void or something the interesting thing was that I didn't even know who am I or even what am I....it was only blackness I didn't even feel my body and even know that I had one! I heard a very pleasant feminine voice that smoothly called my name and after some moments I woke up...I were sweating all over my face and body....and shocked of what had happened....after sometime I understood that human body has some other unworldly properties rather than the physiology and anatomy i were studying as a medical student....life seems more meaningful and beautiful to me now
Dream OBE from Iran


172.  Gabe A Experience.  10/11/10  I have for the longest time been able to rise out of my body. Recently I did something different. I told myself I wanted to see my dad. I found myself thinking about my dad and proceeded to the ceiling of my bedroom. I soon felt myself whisked to a place which from far away looked like millions of honeycombs. I landed like in a sort of a room with many of my relatives including my dad. none of them where happy nor sad to see me. it took a few seconds for my dad to recognize me. Many of my relatives who have been dead a long time were illuminated. Like they were dispersing. my dad however ask me what  I was doing there and told me I didn't belong. he then knew I was visiting not staying. my grandparents who I was very close with did not acknowledge me nor notice me. I tried to hold myself there but was back in my body in a second
OBE with intent to see her father.

171.  Dan H Experience.  10/10/10 In deep meditation I 'let-go' of all of my 'fears', and reached the "ME" ID, or ego. when I let-go of ID, everything felt like it was 'vibrating' and I felt that I was moving 'forward' at a very fast pace. I 'stopped' and my brain 'exploded' in all directions, simultaneously I feel a loving 'presence' and 'floating'. I knew that I could ask any question and get an answer, and I 'knew' that this was WHERE we 'go' at death. I wanted nothing, but to stay in this 'place', I felt myself 'asking', if THIS is All, then why continue? what I 'got' was something like "to ask another question", and a feeling of 'humor'.  Then I was 'pulled' like a big rubber-band back to my body. before I was finally able to tell my wife, she said there was something 'different' about my eyes, and when I looked in the mirror, my eyes had turned from green to blue.
Meditation experience with profound insights.  Remarkably his eye color changed from green to blue after the experience.


170.  Chris H Experience.  9/26/10 During one of my out of body experiences, I made a conscious decision that I would enter the tunnel to see what would happen. I entered it and right away I felt pulled in with great force. I panicked and pulled back to get out the tunnel. It took all I could to pull out of the tunnel and when I got out I was slammed back into to my body with great force. With sweat running out my body and the heat.  Because I did not know what this was, I prayed to God for whatever this was to stop. After that night it never happened again. 
Several OBEs as a young child.  Also an ADC from brother.


169.  Lani V Experience.  9/25/10  I wasn't floating over my body looking down at it then - I kind of went vertical, starting with my head - probably what it would look like if you saw someone fall down in reverse. I had a moment of realization that I wouldn't normally be able to get up that way. I didn't see my body, or even look for it.  Although it was morning when I feel asleep, it seemed dark wherever I was, but not frightening in the least. I don't know if that's just my memory, or if that's how it actually was. I'm not sure if I was still in my room, though when I was struggling to break free, I was aware that I was in my bed. This sounds kind of ridiculous, but I actually had fun with the flying for a few minutes in whatever space I was in. It seemed about the size of my room, but I didn't see any of the objects in it. Anyway, I was flipping around really enjoying myself. At one point I put my hands in front of my - like Superman - and then laughed at myself.


168.  John R Experience.  9/25/10  I can recognize when I am having sleep paralysis and I control for the most part my ability to have an OBE.  My sleep paralysis happens when I am extremely tired for the most part.  I can hear high frequency buzzing sounds and it feels like electricity taking over my entire body.  What follows is complete paralysis.  My OBEs will only happen if I attempt to fall asleep while lying on my back.  I cannot have a blanket or a pillow on top of me and I have to have my arms free.  When I feel the sleep paralysis coming on I literally tell myself to relax and go with it.  I slowly attempt to roll to the side and fall off of the bed or the couch.  As I fall I am lifted up to the ceiling.  Sometimes I feel like I push myself away from the ceiling.  At this point I can pretty much control my OBE and wander about the house or outside, floating through walls and doors.
Many OBEs.


167.  Stephen F Experiences.  9/19/10 From the UK. I remember just looking at this beautiful scene. When out of the corner of my eye I glimpsed some movement in the stars to my left. Just a tiny movement at first, the stars started to slowly revolve round each other, this pattern then repeated itself with all the stars .It was like a giant kaleidoscope of stars, spinning, turning and falling in to galaxy’s. At the same time these galaxies were moving away from each other. It was the most beautiful site I had ever seen.
3 OBEs from the same meditation. Has not happened before or after.


166.  Howell W Experiences.  7/19/10 At one point I observed this 'me' being caught and taken to what must have been a keep or some form of dungeon. I remember being adamant in stating "I did not do it!" then immediately thinking "(this time)". Found guilty by my accusers, and rightly so, I was sentenced to death by way of public execution. On the day of the execution I was lead to a platform. While enroute I experienced sweating, gnawing anxiety in my stomach, racing panic, and an ultimate fear. Upon arrival at the platform I was urged to voluntarily place my head upon a stump of wood, as I resisted with denials of my guilt I was assured that the executioner did not care about my plight as his job was my death. After placing my head on the block I was soon decapitated and watched as my eyes tumbled down away from my body.
Meditation experience at age 14 with strong suggestion of viewing a prior life.


165.  Kim B Experiences.  6/20/10 It always happens when I'm falling asleep.  Always!  As I'm dozing off, I feel a little warm and my body starts to vibrate very fast.  I can almost hear it.  It is in every nerve of my body.  All of the sudden, I cannot move a muscle.  It is like a vice has clamped down on my entire body.  I cannot open my eyes or move a finger.  Before I know it, the vice and the vibrations are gone and I'm hovering over my sleeping body.  I am clothed in the exact same thing I am wearing at the time.  I know, because I have experimented during the daytime, when the fear of darkness does not take over.  Sometimes I just hover for a few minutes and in an instant, I'm back in my body, wide awake.  I always wake up when I reenter my body.  Sometimes I engage in a type of flying.  Sometimes I just swoosh around a foot or so off the ground.
Near life-long experience with OBEs


164.  Tom H Experiences.  4/15/10  Anyway, all of a sudden my skin felt as though it turned into crinkly, brittle dried brown rice paper, as though if you hit it with a stick it would disintegrate. And it was hollow inside. A shell. It felt absolutely real. Scary. Then I somehow went inside that hollow shell of dried paper and inside was the entire universe. All the stars and planets and galaxies -- everything.  I looked around and could see the earth. Later, judging from the size of the earth I figured I was about 40,000 miles away from it. I wasn't really scared at this point but just astounded. It all felt absolutely real. I was there. I was in a completely different location, far far away from my bed.  As I floated in space inside my body looking at the earth, all of sudden I knew something. And that was "Nothing we do is wrong. It is simply impossible to do anything wrong." 
OBE that started as a meditation experience.


163.  David A Experiences.  4/6/10   I had a prophetic dream that made no sense to me at the time.  In the dream, I turned the corner of a building and saw a gigantic, blue-colored block of something I couldn't identify.  The following week, a family friend took my brother and I cross-country skiing.  On the way to our hotel room, I turned the corner of the balcony that lead to our room and stopped dead in my tracks, my mouth agape.  My brother said my face had turned white.  It was a gigantic block of ice that had been pushed up vertically onto the shore of Lake Superior.  It was identical to what I'd seen in the dream.  It was my first experience with the unexplainable.
Several prophetic dreams, an STE, an OBE.


162. CM Experience 2/25/10    This voice "spoke" to me, and told me "We are from XYZ."  I do know what name he used, but I do not feel like sharing it here.  At the time, it was a completely new name to me - I'd never heard it before.  However, I instantly knew how it was spelled and could picture the word in my mind (and the spelling is a bit odd).  It wasn't a planet or anything that simple.  Later I found out that it has about 5 different meanings, means something in Arabic and Hebrew, was mentioned in the Bible, can be used as a person's name, etc.  But at the time, it was the first time in my life I'd heard it.  And when the voice said that to me, I thought, "Well, um, okay?"  The speaker seemed to be male, but I couldn't really tell.
Remarkable meditation experience.

161. Tia P Experience 12/19/09  That night I remember going to sleep and suddenly it felt like I was flying by my neighborhood above and watching a scenario happen. In OBE there was a boy I went to middle school with, I remember seeing him walk through this parkway towards the mall I lived generously close to. And it felt like I was following him above and sometimes along side. It kind of felt like I was there watching from above floating kind of. Than all of a sudden I saw a blue ford-like pickup truck driving through the park also, than I saw a blurred glimpse of a white male with a baseball cap, he pulled a rifle out of the window and shot the boy in the back. it was so detailed.
Remarkable OBEs, including witnessing a murder that was later confirmed.

160. Hannah K Experience 12/6/09  A being appeared in front of me. It was the most loving being I have ever encountered. It had blue almond shaped eyes which were electric blue, lightning flashing pure energy particles. I felt the most intense love EVER. I still question if this is my soulmate. This being was holding a red rose. The rose was intense fiery-love, ever-blooming. I came closer to the rose and I saw inside, that I could travel into the center of it. The center became orange and I went into it. In it, the being showed me that the rose represents Christ and his blood which was shed. (I was not a Christian at the time.) I traveled into the bottom of the rose and through the green stem, where the thorns were shown to represent the crown of thorns. I traveled downward and then was a woman with a shawl standing at the base of the cross. The woman was standing to the left of me and we were both crying.
Multiple, often very vivid, OBEs.


159. Roger R Experience 11/15/09 I actually begin to walk around and see people in the middle of their conversations and they do not see me but I see them I have actually remembered every word to a conversation and spoke about it the next day to the people and they asked how I knew what they were talking about. but walking in OBE is strangely slow almost as your hunched over trying just move using a walker or something. but these incidents are reoccurring I will probably deal with them my entire life.
Several OBEs described.


158. Bonnie T Experience 9/24/09 This has happened to me about ten times all together throughout my life. It first happened when I was a kid - probably around 9 or 10 years old. I would be laying in bed trying to go to sleep and at some point (unsure of whether I had already started to fall asleep) my physical body literally paralyzes and I begin to float. Each time it happened in the same room in my grandmother's house and I seemed to float towards the window. My state of consciousness felt completely normal, I knew that my body was still in the bed and I was leaving it.
OBEs throughout her life.


157. Chad  A Experience 9/24/09 I had a ton of OBE’s just prior.  I was in Sloan’s bed.  Rolling out of my body probably a dozen times.  I got sick of roaming around the house… I was in the in-between state.  Fully awake, yet sleeping.  It was the fullest attainment of this state I have ever been in.  I felt my self separated, felt two bodies, one physical and heavy… asleep.  And one light and ethereal… fully awake.  I rolled with the light body out bed, out of my physical body. 
Lots of OBEs.


156. Lorena F Experience 9/12/09 I started to feel a tingling sensation on the top of my head.  Then suddenly it was like I was hovering near the ceiling of our apartment.  I could see my roommate and myself sitting on the floor and I could see everything in the apartment.  The part that is hard to describe is the feeling I had.  I felt as though I was really weightless but really big.  Like maybe I was part of something else.  I'm really not very good at describing the feeling because it was unlike anything else I had ever experienced.  Then suddenly I was back in my body and my roommate was looking at me funny...
OBE while meditating.


155. Terral S Experience 9/12/09 I got up off my bed with no magnetic pull and realized I was out of body.  I'd like to emphasize that all this while I knew I was not dreaming and that I was fully aware. At this point I became excited. A little knowledgeable about Astral Projection and such due to my research, I knew I was experiencing something of the sort. I then decided to go explore.
Learning to OBE.


154. Erich A Experience 9/7/09 I laid back and went into my usual mode of meditation and allowed the feeling of floating out away to overcome me.  I found myself walking across the mall on the University of Arizona campus (a few blocks away and where I was enrolled).  I heard the noise of a straining jet engine getting louder and I looked up to the sky.  There, coming from the North West was a commercial jet airliner crashing towards the ground.  I knew it would crash and that there would be great loss of life.  I knew this because I - this is hard to explain - "saw" the people on board as "lights" and then they blew around a blackened scene of wreckage as "dead autumn leaves".  Also, as this was occurring, my mother was providing a kind of voice over. The content is very personal and I can't share the details.  It was her voice and she was telling me some important things, among which was that she had to go away (as in die) very soon.
Experience during Taoist meditation.


153. Cindy Q Experience 8/30/09 Anyway, as I started to go to sleep I prayed for a vision of what it's like to die from my ex, I asked him to show me. Next thing I know, I feel strange, the breath left me, I had no movement, no motion came from my body. I briefly thought 'well, this must be it' and I floated up about 3 feet from my body and looked down. I was white as a sheet and looked 'dead' in my mind, I was definitely not alive at that moment. The realization that I was dead spread over me, I thought about my kids and the fact that they just lost their dad and what a tragedy it would be to now lose their mother.

152. Colart Experience 6/20/09 From Belgium This is when, while falling asleep, I told to myself, “If only I could do something for all these dead people”… then I felt as if I was listened to, and I saw a very light blue glow. Then I exited my body, as if somebody had taken my hand and made me go out. I then followed this person, I only saw his hand. We entered a tunnel and I said, “I feel well”. In this completely dark tunnel, as I followed him, I saw wonderful purple butterflies which flew with us in the tunnel. These butterflies journeyed like my guide and I. Then we arrived to our goal. Never shall I be able to describe this place because it was so beautiful, a truly wonderful landscape. There were unending big valleys, vegetation everywhere, a very beautiful color for a green…blue sky with some clouds. I felt great inner peace. Then I watched the hand that waved to me while saying, “Look at the river”. I looked back and then saw a stream that flowed so far away… it was so beautiful…it meandered, it was not straight and represented life with its ups and downs… I then understood that life is a wonderful journey and that you should always keep hoping.

151. Karen Experience 2/22/09 I decided to go over to my mother's house to show her what I could do.  she lives very close by.  I opened my door for pup to go outside.  I went out the door in regular fashion, shut the door as usual - it's winter.     I floated to my mother's house.  no detour or accidentally floating somewhere else.  her lights were on like they should be.  she looked out the door.  puppy walked, she didn't seemed concerned at all that I was floating. 
OBE to mother's house.


150.  Karen D Experience 2/22/09 I was running away from someone in the casino. It was really fun.  I wasn't flying but I was moving really fast, "running", going right close to people.  I was moving so fast, it was sometimes blurry.  I was right in with the crowd who were gambling, drinking and socializing, mostly oblivious to me. All of a sudden, I woke up and I was in the van unable to move. I just happened to wake up maybe about a minute before P walked out to the van. I couldn't move.  I laid there paralyzed like.   She said "why were you running away from me in the casino?".  I said "I wasn't.  I was out here sleeping."  It took a lot of effort to say those few words.   She was really mad. 
Bi-location or an OBE?  Her friend saw her.


149.  Synesthe Experience 2/22/09 I thought I should get back to my body, so I flew up my stairs, only to find instead of my body lying there, it was a mound of flesh. I still tried to get inside, and had to re-grow my bones and stretch out the flesh. It was excruciatingly painful.  While I have had OBEs before in sleep, this was different. During my normal OBEs I just fly to wherever I want and control the "dream."


148.  Andreas M Experience 2/6/09 Thought provoking meditation experience.


147. Linda U Experience 12/20/08 Within seconds it happened. I shot out of my body at an incredible speed enveloped in a golden light. Suddenly I was in a void. The void was microscopic and infinitely huge at the same time. It was the most soothing color of brown or gray. I've never seen a color like it on earth. I felt completely at home and comforted--both peaceful and ecstatic at the same time. Then I heard a voice that was louder than anything I'd ever heard before. It was so loud it should have hurt my ear drums. But it didn't. It was soothing. It said, "EVERYTHING IS NOW." And with those words came a sudden understanding so huge, so great, so infinite. I understood everything all at once.
Meditation experience.


146. Rob Experience 12/15/08 From Canada Then the energy began to pulsate again. This time, I was "sucked" into a dimension where thoughts manifest as reality. Colors flow past in streams, lights appear and flicker, then disappear. To show that I was in a timeless place a clock with no hands appears and floats past, to show that I had access to unlimited knowledge, the largest mathematical equation I've ever seen appeared, hovering in front of me. Then a voice, more like a vibration resonated through me that told me "you are what you are and it's okay"! So I enquired "what am I then?" and was "sucked" to another dimension where except for blackness was a being. It was of height, width and depth beyond what I could view or comprehend. It was composed totally of light, not really of a "brightness" perse, but luminous nonetheless. After a moment to become aware of "it", I was pulled as a magnet draws metal into it. It's essence is of all that is, love, or of being the source of the energy that binds and animates all. To call it God I guess would suffice.
Very transcendent meditation experience at age 16.


145. Fay A Experience 12/1/08 From U.K.  I'm so glad to have had such a beautiful experience because when I actually went physically to my friend's house I saw all that I saw in my 'dream'.  All the changes in their house, their cooking and eating routines and also the absence of their family pets made me realize it wasn't just a dream, I think literally travelled there in spirit.
Several experiences.  Dream with detailed and accurate observations of a house in Italy while she was in Canada.


144. Emad Experience 11/27/08 From Palestine.  Original in Arabic.  Wonderful life there and its real, usually some body there waits for me talking to me but I could not see him. Once I looked at my self and for my amazement it was made of light. I could see my body laying on bed and I could hear my wife talking to my baby but I couldn’t speak.  Every experience I could go to any place I wanted to, there time is not time and the places there are different from places here. I can see things are going to be realty to me or to family or friends in near future.
OBEs and Sleep paralysis.


143. Sara Experience 10/19/08 I could fly over London, or be in a Maxfield Parish painting.  It was as real as I am sitting here right now.  Fun, amazing, and life changing.  One time ,one of my first times, I went to a place that my friends were at to find out if this was real or just my imagination.  I was able to fly there, and they were there and I saw what my friend was wearing and the next day I asked what she was wearing and it was true.  I absolutely was floored…
Multiple OBEs


142. Ema Experience 10/18/08 From Kuwait.  Original in Arabic. It was happened at 23:10 , Wednesday , 16/04/2008, for several minutes, and I had it after two days again, it began as a dream my friend shout wake up wake up, it was like a heart attack. I saw my body was laying on the abdomen. My soul was between the bed and my body. I opened my soul eyes, then I saw the bed which became wavelike limpid like a glass, I scared, I was alertness I saw in the dark not cleared physiognomy of a girl. I thought that she was my classmate, so I tried to call her but she didn't respond. I was afraid that she could be a genii or strange being; I noticed that somebody was beside her. At that moment my soul was gathering with my body. But this time without pain or any noises it was easy and I was very happy. I expected that the bed will be hard again, and then suddenly I decided not to come back inside my body. I decided to go and visit a friend; I took that risk in spite that may I will not be able to get back to my body. I wanted to visit Hamod. I haven't see him for long time and I love him so much.  I couldn't do that because the soul refused to go. I was forced to returned into my body. When I woke up I had a severe pain in my eyes because I opened the eyes of my soul too much
She describes several OBEs.


141. Ivan R Experience 10/12/08 From Australia.  I was sitting on a balcony, second floor off the ground. I was looking out into the distance and was 'letting my vision go'. I was playing with this all day without really realizing what I was doing. I was deliberately zooming up to trees that where great distances away as if I were right beside them and was making them sway with me. I was zooming my vision right in front of buildings on opposite streets and making them float and rotate. I did not realize I was leaving my body until I was zooming in towards a wall on the opposite side of the road. I thought at the time it was just my 'vision' that was situated on the road, then I turned sideways to see a motor bike come towards me then hit me. I snapped back into my body with a great shock, and I had a corked thigh the same side I saw the motor bike ride into me. I was over 30 meters away from the road on a balcony and I was some what conscious through the whole experience. I was zooming into everything around me all day not really realizing what I was doing, I was just 'letting my mind go'.
Induced OBE. Could zoom vision close to distant objects & “make them rotate…”.


140. G ne Experience 10/3/08 I tried to turn and I moved my arms and I could feel the ceiling but I was too weak to turn my body. I said no, this must be a dream, I said a prayer ‘Besmele’ and nothing happened. I sensed in my brain that I shall think to turn myself. And I succeeded, while my face was looking to the ceiling, I turned to my bed and I could not believe my eyes when I saw my body in my bed. The magazine was in my lap. I tried to reach to my body but in vein, I went to the balcony’s door. I saw at the military café my friends and family. You can turn around and you can not speak at all, or make a noise. Suddenly I saw Marmaris’s night streets, I was with phenomenal speed on my way to the place my friends wanted me to meet, it took me only 1-2 seconds. I saw my friends and they drank. One of them was on top of a car and was singing. It felt nice. I could travel where I wanted, the wind did not overthrow me, but I felt that the wind was carrying me to the place I want to be. In an instance, I was back with the same speed and I remember to go in my room back and I went in my body back and I jumped up from my bed.
OBE from Teenage Muslim boy from Turkey


139. SS Yogi Experience 9/29/08 I felt the whole Universe - Sun, Moon and other planets coming in my way transcendentally and I also felt that I am being blessed by the heaven with pouring colored powder on me through an Elephant nose shape thing and all these were seen through transcendentally- while closing the  eyes. This phenomenon continued for many days. Semi Red colored light came from my forehead eight times. Also I heard the great sound OHM during the period and it is still continuing. 
Remarkable meditation experience from India.  He is Hindu.


138. Kerry S Experience 9/27/08 1. Out of body briefly in motorcycle accident, witnessed my body hit the car and the ground and then reintegrated. Age 20.  2. Went through a tunnel into a woman's eyes while we gazed at each other on a couch. Vision dimmed to a light at a tunnel end, I went through the tunnel and expanded to fill the room in a state of unity with her. Coming out all I could say was "I love you". Age 20
Multiple varied OBEs.


137. Paula N Experience 8/17/08 After a few sessions she told me that besides the traumatic experience with my husband there was trauma in my childhood and I had matured beyond my years in many aspects but that emotionally I had stopped growing at a young age. She suggested that she help regress slowly to try to find the reason for this and resolve it. We talked about things I remembered, we did role playing, etc. One session we started as usual and the next thing I am aware of is this woman on her knees, next to me asking if I was ok and if she should call an ambulance. She told me that we were talking and all of a sudden I curled up in a fetal position and went very white. The whole thing lasted just a couple of minutes. From my perspective I remember seeing the whole room from the vantage point of the opposite corner of the room by the ceiling. I remember what the room, furniture looked like from a perspective I could not have from the normal sitting/standing areas in the room.
OBE to ceiling during counseling session.


136. Marcos A Experience 7/29/08 From Portugal.   English & Spanish.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon.  If you want an idea of how I saw it, I would say that if you look at the surface of a road at a distance on a hot day, that sensation that there is something seeming to move (the optical illusion produced by the heat), that is more or less how it was. That is, not liquid, but definitely energy. I have no words to describe the sensations and emotions I felt in that place. The word "peace" is what most resembles what I felt, though I am still aware that this word falls short of the concept of what is felt there. It is a total plenitude, infinite happiness, peace impossible to feel here on earth. I remember that I smiled with all my being, I could not stop smiling, as never, even in glimpses, had I felt such an intensity of happiness. I remember looking down and seeing myself floating in that place.


135. Christopher E Experience 7/20/08 From Nigeria Well the more warning! the more the other force I can't explain is pulling me toward other venture, at all this stage I clearly understand that I am out of my body! cause I feel same way as I feel now writing all this down, but the peculiar thing is that while standing in my village I can still see my body sleeping in my friend's room far away in Germany.  While trying to put all this things together, my eyes opened more to my immediate environment ! I started seeing all the dead elderly people of my kindred, they where all happy in there various compound some cooking while some are doing other domestic works, from the spot I was standing  I could see every compound and all the past dead elderly people of our kindred!
From individual living in Nigeria.  Probable dream.


134. Pam H Experience 7/20/08 Some areas look like teaching areas and some look like here on earth. Some look like a choreographic musical and everybody is singing and dancing. I have also been able to be in the future looking at now. I know it doesn't make sense, but it IS possible. It is very awesome. Time periods can be viewed almost as "rooms". In many instances, "higher spiritual" beings have observed me. Almost as if I was an "alien" to them. They want to know what I can see and have only a few times, received warnings. They are not allowed to give you a lot of information. You can ask for considerations of changes in your current life and they can actually "pull up" your chart. However, they are not allowed to look inside of it. They can only psychically guess what has happened in the past and have you confirm it. It is impossible to lie, because everyone has the ability to read your mind.
Multiple experiences that are remarkably spiritual in nature.


133. Larry B Experience 7/6/08  There were 2 within about a 2 week period. Both occurred while I was driving singing praise to God and basically feeling really good. The first occurred as I was entering an off ramp from the turnpike it lifted me approximately 500 feet above the truck judging from my view of both the truck and its surroundings. It lasted approximately 30 seconds judging by how far the truck traveled as I was viewing. Three things went thru my mind in this time . God who’s driving the truck was first next was am I like out of here and third was what’s my family going to do without me. All of which was pretty fine scary at the time. I immediately found myself back behind the steering wheel totally shocked but yet extremely peaceful and relaxed spent the rest of the day doing my job and wondering if I had gone over the fine edge and should have my self committed.
Two OBEs while driving a truck.


132. Gregory HM Experience 3/11/08 I remember the beginning of the dream.  There emerged our of deep-sleep darkness, luminous orange ovals against deep brown.  The orange morphed into moist peeled carrots on tilled earth.  Sensing a presence, I look up.  A person sits before me, writing.  Robed in black to elbow and knee, facial profile obscured by glossy shoulder length hair, her un-tanned forearms and legs are slender and long.  She is beautiful and I am glad she is here.  I strain to see a page of the book in her lap. 
Very detailed writing about an OBE. He has advanced degree in religion.


131. Anita G Experience 3/9/08  From Australia  I was wide awake, I felt the breeze, looked at the clock, 2.00am saw the hallway night lamp on, heard my young son toss and turn and turned to look at my husband who seemed to be sitting up in bed. I thought this was unusual so I went to put my hand on him, he was just looking forward and in a unusual daze, when I went to touch him, my hand went straight through him, it scared me so I jumped up and saw him sitting up but his body was lying down, it was really weird and frightening. I first put my head in my pillow and screamed a little, then I gathered my thoughts and looked and touched him again and the same thing happened, I then felt his lie down body to feel if he was breathing and I pushed him until he moved, then everything went back to normal, his second body was gone.
Witnessed husband’s non-physical body sitting up in bed with his physical body lying down.


130. Alexander Experience 1/13/08  From Moscow, Original in Russian, translated to English by Sergey.  In such situations I don't feel my body; my consciousness is somewhere near to my eyes.  Naturally, I start worrying; first thoughts like "Am I dead?" come to me and then I start struggling, i.e. trying to use my will to make my body act. And after about third or sixth try (usually) everything starts obeying my will, i.e. my body "comes alive", if you can say that. It usually happens like this: from the head (brain) a soft tingling energy wave (I'm trying to find a proper description) goes down through my body , like a spring breeze.
Beginning of OBEs and describes the precursor of sleep paralysis.


129. Lyn R Experiences 1/13/08  From Australia I found myself out in space, looking at the planet earth, and I was thinking "wow, I am out" and I thought (I think I even spoke out loud) "Hi" as I was trying to communicate to earth.  I heard the word "hi" vibrate very loudly and I could see a kind of string going from me to earth and I thought it was a communication line of some sort.  I could see a huge black cloud in front of the planet which covered about 1/3 of the earth.  The earth was extremely beautiful and with bright colors (like on Google Earth).  I got frightened when I heard my voice resonate all the way to earth, and suddenly I was back in my body, sitting upright and thinking "WOW".
Several OBEs described.


128. Matt Experiences 12/16/07  Then words started appearing.  One word at a time.  Slowly at first, then speeding up.  The first group of words I recall were, This is a joke about the center of the universe.  When these words went by in my "mind" (mind is the only word I can think of to describe.)  I felt a since of awe, denial, understanding, and a thirst to know more.  The words at this point speed up to the point were it was hard to catch every word but I got the general idea of what was being translated and said.  The words were stating the basic laws and rules of the universe.  I at this point realized that I was having de javu, to the very beginning of the universe.  At that realization there was a "snapback" and I was once again, matt, standing on the front porch of my friends house. Although it felt like a good 3 to 4 hours had passed, I looked at my watch and it had only been about 2 minutes.
Extensive number of very remarkable experiences.


127. Karl R Experience 12/10/07  I was sitting in a chair facing another person, and saying a mantra (meaningless set of words). I backed out of my body, the experience was like looking at the other person through a set of long wrapping paper tubes. My mouth felt different as I spoke. The first thought I had was, "Oh my God, I am not a body!". I continued to speak, and it struck me that I was thinking all these thoughts and still carrying on this mantra, and I thought "I wonder if I could have another thought and still carry on this conversation?" As soon as I had that thought, I had another thought process running in parallel to the other thought and to the conversation. I wondered if I could do this again, and as soon as I had the thought, I had another separate thought going in parallel to the other. I did this until I had 4 separate thoughts go simultaneously in addition is the mantra. (I thought that was pretty special). I noticed how good I felt, it was like I was pure joy and love wrapped together.
OBE during meditation experience.


126. Chai C Experience 12/10/07  I turn back, I see my flesh body lying on the bed beside my mum and I shocked and gathered all my strength and scream out loud.  The scream woke my mum up and I feel like flash. my soul is like attached to my body. Once that thing release me, I feel my soul bounce back.  I can t explain the feeling of being soul… Then she ask her Buddhist master to help me. He went into the room and come out after an hour.  He said there is uncle hanging himself there long ago and he tried to get me as his replacement.  The master said he had persuaded him to go and leave this room, leaving this room alone.  The uncle refuse him rudely.  So we are asked not to occupy this room anymore.  Actually I was told, the master have the power to catch him but he didn't do so. Because if he catch that ghost, he'll forever can't get his reincarnation.  He want to save the good deeds.
Several OBEs that sound like sleep paralysis.  Interesting Buddhist perspective on the experiences.  Experience happened in Malaysia.


125. Laura Experience 10/14/07   I was very awake and felt I was in my body (but different in a way I cannot explain). Anyway, went into the living room to see my husband. He was sitting in the living room watching TV with a magazine on his lap. I think I said something to him, but he didn't answer. He got up and went to the bathroom, then went to the mirror and started picking on something on his face. I don't remember saying anything to him at this point, but remember standing behind him and (think) I was in the mirror too.  Suddenly I was jolted back to my body. I almost jumped up out of bed immediately,  I was feeling a mixture of fear, confusion, but intense excitement too! I knew something amazing just happened, but didn't understand exactly what.
OBE associated with meditation.

124. Rich W Experience 8/18/07  The physical plane is the plane of pain.  None of the other systems I have visited (in over 200 experiences) have pain as part of it's game plan.  -There's way more than the astral plane.  Another way to say this is that there are some worlds, planes, dimensions, reality systems, Universes, and Multi-verses that exist in consciousness that to call them astral travels or out of body experiences is (although convenient) not always accurate.  -There's a Greater Reality, it's vast and all kinds of Beings Human and non-human are playing on many different planes of existence.
Fascinating and a MUST read!  Examples and summaries of large number of OBEs.

123. Gordy R Experience 8/16/07 "Its Timothy...Tim!" I was so surprised because he answered me before I had the question posed... it happened again and again after as I tried to ask subsequent questions.  One question was, about some thing I was concerned about and he had them answered again before I could even present them. One was of my immediate future and he replied, "You haven't got a thing to worry about, relax and keep doing your best, you will be ok, all your needs will be supplied."  Well that validated it for me, I was at my full senses, totally alert and he knew exactly what the next question I was going to ask, I really felt by him doing that, that it validated it for me...I now know my spirit Guides name...I feel my future is secure and I am contented about certain things. Now its up to me to continue my worldly tasks, carry the message of hope to my fellow recovering alcoholics and be as compassionate as I possibly can towards others. 
Attempted to induce OBE. Possible dream. Met spirit guide who gave him information.


122. Adrian G Experience 7/7/07 At first it happened by accident I would feel myself on the ceiling then one night I let myself out through the roof. sometimes I cant push out. When I do get out I use anything linear to hold, I have gone up into the sky and saw a galaxy, geese etc,, I do travel but I tend to lose myself and get sucked back into my body. Once in awhile I can time travel one time I went back to a birthday party when I was 6 years old. Last night for the first time a hand grabbed me it felt like a hand I knew it was positive. I have met people I think there people I even wrote down one woman's name. I have tried to look in mirrors move pictures in the house make hand prints outside in the mud. My main concern is bringing back a negative energy. When I do it I really have to feel in the mood and I can't explain that mood I can do it maybe three times a night. I would love to control it even more. as I do it gets better and better. I do believe its like time all bundled tighter
Multiple interesting OBEs.


121. Emma Experience 7/5/07  I was floating in spirit and watching myself asleep and my boyfriend next to me. I became a little confused about it and then realized I wasn't in my body so I attempted to move my fingers, I watched and my fingers moved. Then I just watched myself sleep but became a little anxious and wanted to get back into my body. It didn't happen straight away and I was almost pleading with myself to get back in as I didn't know why I was out of it or if I was dead. I finally managed to get back in and as soon as I did I woke and screamed at my  boyfriend to put the light on.


120. Donald M Experience 6/23/07 From Chile He can decide to go wherever he wants and decides to check on the kids first to make sure they're all fine. To do this, he just thinks and travels through the walls and in a fraction of a second he's in the children's room. He can go outside but he is scared, so he decides to stay at home looking at things. It doesn't mean that he has not gone outside but usually he prefers to stay. One day, he went to see a friend with whom they were talking about visiting at night, traveling in spirit only. He went and mentally asked him to go with him. He got so scared that turned around and wrapped himself with the covers yelling "leave me alone!." My husband didn't want to scare him, so he left. The following day this friend told everybody that Donald was a witch type of person and left town for good.
Large number of OBEs over life, shared by wife.


119. Deana G Experience 4/10/07  From Italy.  Many times I managed to consciously deliberately induce my OBEs. My early experiences contained unsettling aspects due to my propensity to depression in those years, but they have gradually become more positive, and the latest have been definitely mystical.
Very large number of OBEs. 


118. Jared Experience 3/22/07  Above modern day Earth 1973, I was floating.. I appeared out of the white void in space.. A unseen force took me to the Earth, going faster and faster, I felt the heat of the Earth's atmosphere.. I entered the atmosphere at blazing speed I ended up in a building somewhere...
Remarkably transcendent OBE.


117. Cassie Z Experience 1498 3/20/07 Standing inside the side of the mountain with my mother and grandfather I was told "It wasn't your fault, Baby.  It wasn't you."  My grandfather's words washed through me lifting the weight of the pain and guilt of 18 years!  I hugged him and held on not wanting to ever let go.  I heard the voice on the recording bringing us back  . . .  I didn't want to go back.  I SO didn't want to go back!!  I wanted more time with Grandpa and Mom . . . SO much more time, but I knew I had to go back.  My mother reminded me that now that the door was open, there would be other times like this, other reunions.  As I walked back toward the door to return, I took one final look back at Mom and Grandpa, and Grandpa told me "Now you're free to fly!" 
OBE with ADC.  Very healing experience.


116. Patent Attorney Experience 2/25/07 Anyway, I am certain that there is much to be gained with OBEs, but I have really largely done everything alone.  I would like to learn from a master so to speak -- and not one of the countless people that I expect have even less experience and/or knowledge than me yet speak as though they know all and/or even what the heck is really going on in that state...or those states...
Large number of OBEs over years.


115. Beverly M Experience 2/3/07 I was anxious to prove to myself that this was a valid experience, so I looked for objects they I could check on in the physical state. Once out the window, I headed for a large tree at the side of the yard. I examined it closely in every detail, but saw nothing unusual. I spotted some broken pieces of a clay pot in the yard then glided back into my bedroom. I attempted to turn on the light switch.  Although I could move the switch to "on" and hear it, the light failed to respond. I then felt a pull at the bottom of my spine which I couldn't resist even though I wanted to stay out of my body. I went back into my body head first and had no after effects. I later went into the yard and the pieces of pot were there as seen in the OOB.
OBE during meditation.


Both the Spanish and English versions are included.


113. Dave W's OBE E111206 12/10/06  The first angel was a child around 3-5yrs of age and the other angel was a adult woman around mid 40’s. I saw their white wings, both wearing dresses of white, very fancy, appeared in make-up with a glow resonating around them. The child angel was brunette, light tan skin, and cute for her age. The adult angel’s hair was black, short, straight, she was a medium size figure. I remember asking the little girl angel if she was previously in a accident and if she was a new angel. There was no reply from both angels, silent, still, and patient.
This is the latest of a series of angel encounters while in the OBE state.


112. Maurice F Experience 12/10/06  So, I'm out of my body and have become like this ball of energy..or light..something anyways..I go up through the roof and way up in the sky over Casper at an incredible rate of speed. I'm trying to take all this in. I can see like 360%..above, below..in front..behind..all at once..i realize I'm being led by these 2 other balls of energy as we go higher and higher, quickly entering space. we kinda speak. telepathically?? I dunno..I am told I am being shown this so I will know that there is more after life on earth..as we start to really accelerate..past the moon and planets. I hear this sound..quite beautiful unlike any other sound I have ever heard, I ask about it and am told that every spirit in the universe has its own sound that resonates throughout the universe and can be located in that way. we started to come to what I believe was the edge of our solar system and started slowing down fast. I knew/felt that I was coming back and didn't want to. I told them as much but they insisted I had to come back. I had more to do yet. I was in the middle of saying no when I was like slammed back into my body.
Meditation experience.  Very NDE-like.

111. David W Experience 11/11/06 When I started to come through with rational I thought to myself, I should go over to my dad and tell him that "I love you and am very proud". As I did just do that, I asked my dad who appeared to be younger and in his early 40's. I asked "are you my guardian Angel" and the Angel replied "Yes, I Am".  I asked the Angel "who are you" and she explained that she was a new guardian angel who recently passed on from earth. As I started to closely examine my dad, I could tell by looking at the Angel closely that it was more feminine then male. Although, it had striking close resemblance of my dad, it was female. I was caught up in my little own world, mission that I didn't catch the full details of my dad but when looking closer it was definite female taking on resemblance of my dad.
David's 2nd set of OBEs about his Angel Encounters!

110. Stella L Experience 11/10/06 From Hong Kong When I was a child of age 8 and 9, I used to sleep alone in my bedroom.  I experienced many times (countless) of OBE.  Most of the time happened just after I felt asleep, still feeling a bit of conscious. I saw my whole body sitting up on my bed, and when I turned my head looking back, I saw my body was still lying on my bed.  Looked like a separation of me, soul and body separate.  Once I was too scare and I felt a sudden lying back of my body and I felt I was return to my body and awoke.  A few times, I experienced that I stepped out of my body and my body seems very light and in a floating conditions.  At that time, since I was very small, I tried to search for my mum in the dark but couldn't.  Even I walked/floated within the bedroom, I still saw my "physical" body lying on my bed.
Many OBEs which may be related to dreams as child (8-9 years old).


109.  Justice J's Experience 10/6/06  I then made an effort to rotate my astral body horizontally with my hips being the axis. This allowed me to break free of my body and I began to float toward the ceiling. I spun around once I reached the sealing and saw myself lying their eyes open with a blank stare on my face kind of like I was staring up at myself on the ceiling. Turned back to the ceiling observing its texture and began to try and move along it in an effort to travel to my wife’s room which I was able to do. I hovered over her and my mother in law for a time just looking at them and noting other objects in the room. I remember feeling a sense of pride in overcoming my fear and wanting to tell her “hey look at me I am flying” when I attempted to speak the sound of my voice instantly sucked me back into my body.
Long history of frightening night terrors, then found way to have a positive experience.

108.  Dave W's Experience 9/29/06  I was looking down a tunnel, like seeing into a water well tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, was the light. I said to the Angel “I saw this light a few days ago in an OBE; this is the most beautiful light that I have ever seen”. As we got closer to the light, it opened up and engulfed me, almost blinding, a strong purity of love and presence to this light was incredible and vibrant.  I asked the Angel “Do you watch me all the time?” and she replied “Yes, we watch you all the time; we’re always there with you”. As we reached towards the end of the tunnel, the Angel said to me “The scene is going to change and let me show you about Gods love”. I replied back to the Angel “I am okay and ready”.

107.  Susan V's Experience 9/7/06 It was the light, not a light, the light and it was coming closer, or I was getting closer to it.   The moment I saw it all kinds of knowings broke open in side me all at once.   It was multiple understandings, but they all came at once.   That light was my home.  I knew it completely and it was all I wanted.  It was where I had come from, and it was where I was always meant to return to, and there was no doubt in my mind at all that it was my real home.  The feelings were of immense love, peace and joy.   Love, peace and joy such as humans do not experience in our material states.   I knew that I had known before I was born that my life would be extremely difficult, and the reason I had to go through the things I had was that I had "lessons to learn and debts to pay."
OBE associated with hypnosis.

106. Kim R Experience 7/29/06   I felt my conscious self starting to come out firstly from my feet then through the top of my head I was floating in the air above myself I can see all around me it was great, I was floating everywhere in my home I was drifting through the walls, doors, I actually saw my cat, I felt I could go into the next door neighbors home if I wanted to, I would then drift out of the window into and find myself in the street, I literally saw everything houses, street lights, it was dark because it was night, I felt I could go anywhere on the earth plane, I did not go to any other sphere or anywhere weird, or I didn't see any other spirits like myself, I was just on earth level, I would suddenly want to go back to my body, I would suddenly feel my self drift back into my body, but feel a bit confused on first waking up, but then feel like a renewed sense of myself. more spiritually aware and more aware of things around me, it made me feel more alive and spiritual.
Multiple OBEs.


105. Sunny Experience 7/29/06 Somehow I was in both worlds, she was scared and kept asking me if I was okay. I tried to answer and I couldn't. I griped the fence and forced my self to hang on. while this was happing to me the woman was screaming. I knew where I was in the other earth, I knew everything at once. I don't know that experience now. then I was free and happy, at total peace. the woman somehow helped me back to my house and I laid down and dreamed. then this experience was explained to me. I was asked if I wanted to leave then or stay. I was shown what would happen to my son of nine years. I answered I wanted to leave badly but I wanted my son safe and cared for more. I was told then that my job here was done and to enjoy my life and to remember my reward later. I have to remember I here by choice now, I had planned to see if I could just pop out when my son is grown. I won't because I have other people to share time with here now, so I stay. I feel I could go back to the earth in the heavens anytime it's up to me now.

104. Maurizio S's Experience 6/6/06  From Italy, Original in Italian translated to English by Werner.  all of a sudden I was wrapped up in bright light, I didn’t pass through the tunnel it was as if I was instantaneously enveloped in the light; though at the beginning there was a small dark edge as if I had crossed the tunnel at ultrasonic speed.

103. Henry W's Experience 5/13/06 I was monitoring one family member while they were in a college cafeteria and noted the time on the clock above her head. I willed my relative to call at that very moment. The telephone ringing brought me back to my body, I willed myself up and answered the phone. I asked if there was a clock directly behind her above her head, she said yes, I told her what she was wearing and the title of the book she was currently reading. She thought I was in the cafeteria. I was actually 400 miles away and had not seen her in over a month.
Multiple OBEs described.  Highly developed ability to induce OBE.

102. Brad K's Experience 2/05/06  Walking the woods, suddenly finding myself observing myself from above & behind, again timelessness, then "back". Moments later a different ethnic group of unknowns appeared, blocking my path, cursing & threatening. Normal reaction: anger, fear, possibly fatal given the circumstances, yet my "being" knew only compassion & tranquility ... somehow seeing deeply & beyond. A presence ... a voice that wasn't, conveyed "all rightness", protection ... the shouting grew silent, then stares ..  In times of weariness & discouragement, I've tried to discount such experiences & others for the small comfort of giving up, honestly I can't.  I'd always wondered what was meant by "Heaven's at hand & within" ... no longer.
OBE with a great deal of spiritual wisdom.

101. Neil S's Experience 1/1/06  Something happened to me then that had never happened before; I 'saw' words in the air before me, as if they were superimposed on my normal vision.  The words simply said:  "Tuesday the 23rd"...  It was night.  We were above a town, in some dry, mountainous part of the world.  There were trees, I remember - we were hovering together somewhere just above the tops of the tall pines.  On the ground there were lights - the lights of vehicles on a road which ran below us.  The lights illuminated the rubble of a ruined building, which was strewn across the road, blocking the vehicles.  I remember the road signs, bent and twisted...the flashing of the emergency vehicles...it soon became apparent that this was a scene of devastation.
Induced OBE with premonition of earthquake that occurred as he was shown.

100. Marianne D's Experience 10/8/05  During this six weeks of quarantine, being alone got very boring.  I took up Yoga again, as I started it when I was around 14.  One night I was relaxing doing the "dead man's poise." A very deep relaxation, meditation.  I'd done many times before I was ill.  It seemed like time was in suspension, during separation from my body.  All of a sudden I was up in the corner of the room I'd been laying in, bodiless!  Just sight, was there.  What I saw was me, laying on the floor doing my, "dead man's poise."  I was in disbelief, I wanted to make sure it was really happening, so I watched me for a while, then I was frightened! I didn't want to leave my body, I wanted to go back, I did. All of a sudden I was back, back in my body...Maybe I should have enjoyed being where I was for awhile longer.  I've never forgot the experience in over 31 years.
OBE associated with yoga meditation during hospitalization.

99. Mandy D's Experience 9/3/05 I started with my toes, tensing them up and then relaxing them. I did this from my toes all the way up to my head. As soon as I was completely relaxed I got little "twitches" in different parts of my muscles. Then I felt really light, like I was floating. I saw the red numbers on my alarm clock, but I did not see myself, I was too scared to look. I floated through the wall and to the backyard where I could hear my mother's wind chimes cling-clanging in the breeze as if I were standing right next to them. I started drifting upward and got a little nervous, so I tried to will my physical eyes open.

98.  Melvin F's Experience 8/13/05 I felt free, and I mean free like it can never exist here on earth. The mere act of breathing is a chain in the prison compared to the pure freedom I felt. There were no restrictions, no laws of physics or simply no laws, for laws are restrictions. I was not restricted to the normal senses, so to describe something with words like hearing, feeling, seeing etc are in themselves restrictive and unable to transmit or communicate the experience. I am sorry to say that I have only this means to communicate to you what I experienced. Words are totally unsuited, but my only means.  The words "I heard music", as an example is a very inadequate phrase to describe the sensation of swimming in pure Love.  The "air" was exactly that "pure Love".
Remarkable experience during meditation, with profound spiritual insights.


97.  Katelyn B's Experience 8/13/05  A couple times I've spoken to ghosts of dead relatives who have given me visions of future events.  In 1996 my deceased father appeared to me through a wall in a ball of blue light and told me "I'm sorry I can't be with you at this most important time in your life.  I'd like to give you a hug.  It was time for me to go".  And then he was gone back through the wall in the light.  Then, in the same vision, I saw me in a hospital bed and I was looking at the floor next to the bed and I saw my son and a man I did not know sitting on the floor looking up as if in awe because they too, saw the ball of blue light.  This indeed began a VERY important time in my life. 
A variety of OBEs and visions over decades.

96.  Penny J's Experience 7/10/05  i traveled to someone's house.  while there i saw my boyfriend and a woman on the stairs. later i found out that at that time my boyfriend was secretly seeing his ex-girlfriend at the same time as this out of body.
Multiple OBE episodes described.

95.  Mike M's Experience.  5/29/2005  The thing that I feel separates me from the rest, For the last two years or so, it happens almost every night. At first, I had no control. My "spirit" would travel on its own. I could not control direction or any of my body parts. I realize there are no body parts to the spirit, but somehow it still helps guide me when I do these things... Most do not understand. A few wish they could experience the same. I tell them to be VERY careful what you wish for.
Multiple OBEs over the past several years.

94.  John J's Experience.  4/17/2005  So, OOBE, my experience. Always, first phase accompanied by sounds, vibrations, voices, pressure, the usual. Followed by, second phase, simply being out of body. Here, I have met deceased friends and relatives, spiritual guides, traveled to physical places, astral places, and explored past and future lives. I have also, watched astral movies, been to educational classes, done soul rescue and counseling.
Lifelong history of ability to have OBEs.  Comments on what he has learned from his multiple experiences.

93.  Tami C's Experience.  4/16/2005  I was floating above a scene in my life but from the future. About 10 feet high or so, and would follow my self in a future day for whatever distance the experience lasted. My future self would talk, laugh, play whatever and my other-self would watch, but "I" was the floating one, even though I was no less the one walking also.
Lifelong ability to have OBE's and see future events, usually within three months of the experience.

92.  Sylvia M's Experience. 3/12/05  The next thing I knew was I was looking down on the Alps and I was doing somersaults in the air.  It was a beautiful feeling of serenity and freedom.  I then felt myself descend and I was then stood in a garden, on old wooden cottage with some people in the garden looking at me.  They seemed to know me but the dress was really old so I knew I had gone back in time.  I looked up at the house and I ran upstairs.  I was furious and panicking at the same time.  As I burst into one of the bedrooms there was a young girl in there and an older man.  I started shouting at him in French.  I don't speak French but it was natural to be speaking it there.  The girls ran out and the man was apologizing and agreeing with me.  One of the feelings was that I said she is too young!
Dream- OBE, saw Greek city she was in  Then went back in time and knew she was speaking French, which she could not speak.

91.  Laura G's Experience. 3/12/05  I was quite amused and figuratively shaking my head at myself as I got up off the floor. But as I stood up, I noticed someone laying in my bed on her back. In three instances, this is what went through my mind. "Someone is in my bed!" "Diane is in my bed!?!" (Diane is my identical twin, who lived in New Orleans at the time.) And, "No, that's not Diane -- that's ME!!"
In meditation, OBE to side of bed.  Looked at self, lay next to self, and returned into body.

90. Marisa S's Experience.  2/18/05 From Mozambique Everything was just normal and I felt a kind of big relief thinking “oh, finally I am out of bed, for real”… But when I start walking to the table near the bed (to take a cigar) I felt almost petrified when I saw myself sleeping in the bed. I felt so sacred that I didn’t know what to think about… Then, I went closer to the bed to see and prove myself that I was really seeing my body in the bed. I tried to touch the body but it was like my hands had no consistence, I couldn’t touch it, I had no hands, I looked to my legs and I had no legs… then I realized that I had no body, the body was there in the bed.
Great descriptions of lucid dreaming and trying to wake up, only to fall into another dream.

89. Julie's Experience.  2/18/05 While I was having a dream about him (totally unrelated to what he experienced), he felt a hand on his shoulder.  It was a strong grip, he could not move his hand.  I then began making smooching (kissing) sounds.  I often do that (while awake), from across the room over the phone, giving him kisses even though I can not reach him.  I hope this makes sense to you. After a few seconds he finally smooched back, I let go and began to leave.  He rolled over to see me disappearing out of the room.  I don't remember doing this at all.  I woke up from my dream, having to go to the bathroom. 
Snoring causes these events - and her husband is aware she is doing it!

88. Karen's Experience 2/18/05 One night when I was crying I became aware that I was no longer in my body and I floated up to the ceiling where I was very amused that I could touch it.  This felt totally natural and I was very calm and serene and fascinated by the whole thing.  I could see myself on the bed and my sister in her bed.  I floated round the room and by the lampshade and then I looked at my body and drifted down back into it.  This was a very pleasant experience and I wanted to repeat it.  I found that if I concentrated hard enough I could leave my body at will.  I only ventured as far as the doorway of the room because I wanted to keep sight of my body in case I couldn't find it again.
Child's OBEs after her parents divorced.

87. Ginger S's Experience 2/18/05 I went to bed that night before my husband got home and had thought about trying to have an OBE to see if he had kept his word to me and not discussed our problems.  Well I had one heck of an OBE, I obe'd, I walked (outside myself) to the bar that I thought they might be at and found them there.  I took a seat at their table and listened in on the conversation.  I was horrified to hear my husband describing in detail all of our marital difficulties and doubly horrified to hear what "our supposed friend" said in response to them. 
Evidential OBE.

86. Todd B's Experience 2/18/05  The next thing I remember, I "see" this hole in our ceiling, just to the left of our bed. I instinctively floated towards - and up - through the hole. I remember vividly seeing pieces of wood structure you would expect in the attic, then all of a sudden I am sitting on the top of our roof. We lived in a town home at the time, so the homes were connected. I remember thinking how cool it looked up here. All the pointed rooftops. I looked up and the stars were AMAZING. One cluster in particular seemed alive somehow. It's hard to explain really, but it seemed like it had consciousness. I remember thinking I wish I had a camera. I could also see a very bright star in the Southwest. 
OBE using the "Roll Out" Technique.

85. Sharon K's Experience 2/18/05 All of sudden I heard the loud vibratory sound in my head and whilst visualizing my body six feet above my body, my hands involuntarily stretched towards the direction of the ceiling (one wrist over the other), then swung from side to side in a violent motion.  The next instance I am rising gently out of my body to the right side of my bed.  My landing was so gentle.  I turned around and looked at my body.  I walked over to it and looked at myself.  Everything was lit up in my room and colors were extraordinarily vivid. 


84. Cindy G's Experience 2/18/05  One evening, at my parents house, my mother and I were laying on sofas watching T.V. together when I suddenly found myself going into this state.  After fighting for my life to stop it, I jumped up and freaked out, like I always did, and my actions caught the attention of my mother.  I explained to my mother what I had just experienced.  I was surprised when she accepted my strange experience without question, and simply referred me to speak with my father about this, because he had experienced this in the past.   
She provides some strong evidence that the ability to have OBEs may be hereditary.


83. Paul W's Experience 2/18/05  So, already reclining on a sofa I entered into a state of comfortable low-key thought and visualized  being with my son that I was very close to.  In seconds I found myself in his automobile driving through a  part of town where a river exists and we were driving toward a bridge that spanned that river.  Driving over the bridge  the windshield of his automobile became suddenly covered with water splashing wildly over the whole windshield? I immediately sat up and ended the journey, fearing that the automobile had gone off the bridge and into the river!  I was upset and decided I would not ever fool with OBE again. 
Interesting because his son was getting the car washed at the time.

82. Rose M's Experience 12/12/04 I found myself ending up in my back garden and i felt much more physical and out of control than ever but i managed to rise up and look over my trees and i saw my whole neighborhood as some sort of massive factory with reddish smoke coming out of the funnels which scared me but when i came back into my body i forgot about what had happened. Some months later my friend who has had similar obe's had told me that he saw these factories as well which until then i didn't mention a word about my experience to him. (I think that is very strange).
Frequent flyer with a variety of experiences.     

81. Edward B's Experience 11/27/04  I might mention that our appearances were not bodies or ghosts. They were simply an image of a brain without a body and the silver cords seemed to be the equivalent of a super flexible spinal cord. They could stretch to infinity!  I decided to move on and found myself viewing a funeral procession, then some small dome shaped buildings made of rocks painted white. The road leading to them was divided and on the mound at the split, there were more rocks painted white.
Interesting OBE induced by hypnosis, but allowing for time travel - both forwards and backwards.

80. Avadhesh's Experience 10/24/04 From India.  Then I suddenly felt as if my head was drifting toward right and my feet were drifting towards left. So my body started spinning, with navel as the center, counter clock wise slowly. I felt this drifting till I felt that I was lying at right angle to my physical body. I was also conscious that the drifting body must have been internal astral body and not the physical body. Then it again drifted back and aligned with physical body. During this phase,  I heard as if some one was calling me by my name from the gate of my flat.
Good description of a series of experiences from meditation as he tries to induce an OBE.


79. Lauren R's Experience 10/24/04 I saw myself, up against the mirror. But then, I saw a blurred version of me again trying to climb out of my body, pulling away from the mirror. My insides felt as if they were being wrenched from my body and I felt like I had no..essence, really. This blurred version of me then stood behind my body, just watching. It was breathing heavily, just like I was, slumped in the same position as I but not leaning against anything. It was then that I swayed backwards and fell on the floor and I stared up at the ceiling for what seemed like an eternity.
This is another type of OBE that on one level might be autoscopy or if it is related to consciousness, it might fall under a bilocation category.


78. Mixalis' Experience 10/24/04  From Greece In December 2003 i succeed to have an OBE. It was very clear and i had a very clear mind. It lasts for just some seconds but i remember i was on my room, without moving. My only fear was not to lose a "bond" that i felt in my heels with my body. I behold a table that i have in my bedroom. It was empty. After some seconds i believe, i woke up. I saw the table and it was full of books and cafe glasses. It was strange. My emotion was very clearly not a dream. I told it to a friend of mine who does reiki yoga etc. He told me that i may have seen my room in another time.
Repeated attempts to have an OBE finally succeeded.


78. Charles C' Experience 10/24/04 i had a friend to write a letter and draw a shape on a blank peace of paper and tape the paper to the refrigerator and then i had an obe and i told her that she drew a triangle with the letter f inside it and i was right
Remote viewing.

77. J.D. A's Experience 9/12/04 I just kept concentrating on going down the hall to go to my baby daughter's room to check on her. I made it that far and tried to go back to my room, figuring that I had made my first "baby steps" and that was good enough for now. Well, as I tried to get into my body I kept floating upwards towards the ceiling. I remembered thinking, "oh my God, I'm going through the ceiling." We lived in an apartment at the time, so I went through the ceiling into the bedroom of the apartment directly above us.
First OBE after a year of trying.


76. Ronda's Experiences 9/12/04 I was planning a work related party and suddenly felt the same thing.   I was talking with groups of people, and felt that I was watching myself from the right.   It felt like I was channeling through my own body and that I had no connection at all.   It lasted for three days.   I went to a doctor, who prescribed Xanax for me telling me it was a panic attack.
This OBE sounds more like autoscopy than regular OBEs.  

75. Cezyl's Experiences 9/10/04  I thought to make sure I was out by jumping and floating like Mysticweb suggests, and I floated, though I could not really control my flight. I thought to go through the door. I jumped and floated as if reclining on a three-section lawn chair, legs out, and arms folded behind my head. I floated through the door feet first, proud that I am ‘out’ and passing through things. I felt myself going through the door and to outside, which drastically differs from actual physical reality here.
This is the beginning of a chronology of experiments in the OBE state.  Many helpful hints for those who are trying to have an OBE.

74. CS's Experiences 8/12/04 After a minute, he said that in our heads, we should dance right up through the top of our heads.  At that point, I felt that I was a small, bright light dancing in the air over my head.  I felt freer than I had ever felt and continued to dance outside of my head. I was ecstatic.   Finally he called us back to our bodies.  I continued to feel light and very happy and free for about an hour after the experience. 
Two very interesting experiences.

73.  Theodor G's Experience 5/29/04 from Iceland When I rise up it is often very hard, as If I am struggling, and sometime it is better for me to roll over onto the floor (still lying in bed).  Sometimes though, I simply float up and drift away from the bed. Sometimes it feels as if I am taken and thrown into the air by an outside force.  A feeling of outside forces is very common and often very scary.  It often feels as If I am attacked by outside forces.  Sometimes I even see faces.  This is often very dreamlike, and I drift between dreams and awareness.  Therefore I am quite certain that faces and such is induced by dreaming.
Another set of experiences initiated by sleep paralysis.  This is interesting in that you can see the spectrum between dreams, lucid dreams, and OBEs.


72. Adriaan's Experience 5/29/04 A little bit after 4 o'clock at night I couldn't move any more, but was still completely awake. Then it felt as if I was drifting towards the ceiling, hovering above my body for a couple of seconds. It felt completely peaceful. When I realized that I wasn't staying in my body, I thought I was going to die. In a split of a second I was back in my body, screaming on top of my lungs in the way a baby after birth would do. I was fighting for every breath and felt glad for every beat my heart made.
Two experiences, A SOBE and an OBE experience.


71.  Thomas M's Experience 5/10/04  Seeing my sister, I asked if our grandfather had stopped over and she said, 'I told you the last time you came up that he didn't!' I asked her what she meant and she informed me that 10-15 minutes earlier I had come upstairs wandered around every room of the house and asked the same question before returning downstairs to my bedroom. She mentioned I looked pale and didn't really act like my normal self. However, I did not leave the bed in my room.
This might be bi-location or possibly a variant of OBE.

70. Deb T's Experience 5/9/04 I was again napping, on my stomach, and felt something grab me by the ankles.  It was not like hands on my skin, there was no sense of flesh touching flesh, but rather the energy was concentrated on my ankles.  This thing YANKED me off the end of the bed.  At that time we had the box springs and mattress on the floor, no bed frame.  As I was pulled off the bed I felt the blankets bunch up under my body, my t-shirt roll up as I moved.  There was a wall about 4 feet away from the end of the bed and I felt myself thrown against this wall and ended up crumpled in a pile on the floor.  I felt huge fear and a very palpable PRESENCE.  This was a malevolent being who was showing me its dominance and even anger.  I struggled to return to my body and wake up.
Learned to overcome her frightening OBEs by calling on Jesus Christ.

69. Cord M's Experience 5/9/04  That same night as I was waking up from a dream I felt the sleep paralysis begin to take hold. At that moment I thought about the connection I had made earlier that day and completely gave into the paralysis. I then experienced my first conscious OBE. I essentially sat up astrally, both half in and half out of my body. I remember looking around my room in this state while realizing that I had just succeeded in overcoming my fear of flight!!! I remained conscious for just a few moments more before blacking out and waking up again in my body.
For years had a problem with sleep paralysis and fear.  Then one day he gave in . . .


68. Jamie R's Experience 5/9/04  I opened my eyes and I was no longer in my bed but floating towards darkness, upwards and higher than earth it seemed to me. I could see no lights but one and I kept flying upwards toward it as it seemed to be calling out to me. It was only seconds when I reached him. He was dressed in what appeared to be a long gown with flowing sleeves. His hair was dark and midway down his back and shoulders. His arms were outstretched as if he wished me to go into his embrace. For a moment I hesitated when he spoke without speaking out loud "it's ok, come to me and let me hold you child." I floated into his arms and he wrapped them around me and held me gently. I held him back, wrapping my arms tightly around his waist. I wanted to cry it felt so good. He never said another word, he just held me there as if he were trying to comfort me. I had never felt such pure energy or happiness or love like this in my entire life.
OBE where she met another being

67. Nassir's Experiences 5/9/04 FROM IRAQ  i could not get the chance to see my body because when i was there i could see nothing but the forests ,oceans the green. i could not feel the ear but i could fly the speed i want i could be slow as much i want but unable to stop completely. I was afraid because i was alone and i knew it was not a dream because the time it happened i thought im having a real brain damage.  it started  with a big and i mean big noises coming from the inside of my brain it was different noises but the were all unbearable. Then there was this tunnel.
Multiple dream OBEs and one is a transcendent experience.

66. Letty's Experience 4/15/04 The dreams I have are very vivid and real.  When falling asleep I can feel myself drifting away.  I get up from my bed and walk to my kids rooms.  Everything is the same, their rooms, my dresser and everything I have on it.  I walk back to my room and I can see myself sleeping. The feeling is very uncomfortable for me.  I feel afraid and scared of leaving my children behind.  I take a look at how the me in bed is positioned and place myself back into my body.  This is not the first time I've had dreams like this one, there have been times I find myself floating through my hallways and pull myself back by placing my hands on the ceiling and pulling.  It's a little to weird for me.


65. William SR's Experiences 3/22/04  First Experience:  When I got through I saw my mother cooking at the stove.  She turned and looked up at the ceiling, me.  She ran from the kitchen to my bedroom as I seemed pulled back through the wall.  She again looked up at the ceiling and down toward me as I reentered  my body.  She looked worried and told me not to do that again.  Second Experience:  As I got more and more relaxed, I noticed or felt there was a light on in the hallway and some talking.  I disregarded it thinking it was just someone going into the bathroom or something minor.  Then, I heard the father say something, like "I'm not afraid of him.  I am going to tell him to go home.  I felt a whoosh of a yellow light into my head.  A few seconds later, the father pretended he was looking for his boots and grabbed my head.  I said that was me.  He said to go home.  I said I can't because of the snow.  He said to stay out here.  I said I would be right here.
Great OBEs; one was verified by a whole family.


64.  Yvonne D's Experience 3/22/04  Recently I have worked out that I can will myself in a direction but even this doesn't always work to plan. When I first leave I feel very conscious of what I am doing but it doesn't take long until I get distracted by things such as looking at doorways or furniture like I have never seen them before. Once I spent the entire time checking out the bottom trimmings on my wardrobe. I couldn't touch them no matter how hard I tried and I just seemed fascinated. It was like I had never seen them before. Another time I fell through the wall of the bedroom to the driveway and was fascinated by a sense of space.
She experiments frequently in the OBE state.


63.  Dominick V's Experience 3/22/04  My first OBE was when I was 19. My grandfather died. That evening I had an OBE where I met my Grandfather in a park. We were face to face & he was telling me that I shouldn't worry because he still existed & I could visit him anytime I wanted. He told me that he would wait for my Grandmother until he went to his final destination. I would meet him twice a week for 9 years.
This seems to be a cross between OBEs and ADCs, almost traveling to a place between this world and the next.

62.  Neil W's Experience 3/22/04  My experiences start with buzzing in my head, which is like a moderate electric shock. At first this is intermittent then becomes constant at which point I leave my body. I usually hover around a while. The first experiences took me by surprise and shocked me back into my body. I then began to feel intense peace when they happened and began to control my movements. I can make a conscious decision to go through walls or floors or down the street. Outside seems darker and very quiet and peaceful as is the whole experience. Something stops me from visiting friends or relatives houses. When I return to my body I follow the same route in reverse. I sometimes get annoyed and frustrated if its a short experience and I always want more.
Frequent flyer with a lot of good detail.


61.  Carol N's Experience 3/22/04  my best friend died in 1993. i was devastated. i willed him desperately to let me know if he was really gone. three months later i began to experience vibrations through my body. paralyzation. sitting up. feeling. traveling through blackness until i ended up somewhere else. i was terrified at first. i discovered i could shut it off by sitting up when the rushes started  but in the end because this problem wouldn't go away and persisted every time i closed my eyes. i had no choice but to research this bedtime nightmare. i know a lot about astral travel now. at first i didn't know what was happening to me. i have seen my dead friend a few times since i lost my fear and he told me he switched me on.
Involuntary frequent flyer that has learned a lot over time.


60. Astral T's Experience 3/22/04  From Poland.  It was an OBE, I was standing in my room and looking at the my sleeping body.  Short and to the point.


59.  Kerry's Experience 3/22/04 On any given night, I will be fast asleep dreaming or not dreaming, and then be aware, and "look" around the room through (?) my eyelids. rather than try to stop it or get up and look at my body (as, evidently everyone and their mother does!) I will scan. I scan the room I am sleeping in. What I see there upsets me in the moment.
A bit on the irreverent side, but there is some good information.

58.  Coney A's Experience 2/20/04  Lying in bed at night.  Felt strange feeling of wanting to float which scared the hell out of me.  Then I said, as a researcher, lets see what happens if I let it go. I floated to the ceiling, saw my wife sleeping and my body.  I left the house, floated above all the cities till I got to a woman friend's house.  No feeling of cold, noise and definitely not a dream.  Stood at the door and thought of opening it when it dawned on me that I could walk right through the door which I did.  In the living room was the mother and father and the woman all watching TV.  No sound just sight.  She was drinking a beer and laughing with family.  I turned and left, floating the 50 some miles back home in a matter of seconds.
Verified as accurate later and then he tried again and found her in the shower!

57. Chevy N's Experience 2/20/04 When I exit my body during the dream state, I am fully aware of the fact that I am in some type of dream state.  I am outside my body.  I can walk into the living room, create a door and exit outside.  I can create images or they just appear before me.  All of my senses seem real.  I can feel the dampness of grass at my feet when I am walking on my lawn.  I can feel the soft fur of my cat that I am petting.  I can feel the mist of water on my body from a waterfall, I can hear beautiful music playing.  I can increase the volume or lower it by concentration.  It is really awesome. 
Many wonderful experiences!

56. Admir S's Experience 1/13/04   I became lucid in a huge meeting hall  were hundreds of people were meeting, many walking in an out, a stairway connected the outside with the inside of the area. No sooner I had entered the place and girl took my hand and led me flying outside, and I found myself flying over people entering the from. The girl left me floating under the most gorgious, blue, sparsely cloudy sky which partially hid the sun, "What a marvelous thing, people!” I shouted.
Here's a frequent flyer from Brazil.  It is interesting because these experiences show the cross-overs between lucid dreaming and OBEs and add a cross-cultural flavor to the narratives.


55. Jeff C's Experience 1/3/04  Suddenly, I heard loud buzzing and crackling sounds, and they started getting louder.  At the same time, I could see a bright light coming from out of the distance (I had my eyes closed).  Once the light and sounds reached a climax, I heard a loud bang like something being ripped apart.  I guess the best comparison would be a sonic boom.  Immediately after that, I could see everything around me in the car, and I began to float above my body and out of the roof of the car.  I hovered about 3 feet above the car for a few second, long enough to see my brother walking out of the house, carrying his CD's in a carrying case. 
Remote viewing experience.

Describes multiple experiences fighting with entities.


52.  Adrian B's Experiences 12/19/03  OBE are helpful and informative at this second level as I call it, and they are not self generated, I have had to many to know that for certain, I can bring about the conditions where they can occur, but that also depends if those who have our welfare at heart have anything they need to tell us. OBE at the first level are fun because you can go and do what you want, with out any restrictions of climate cost or interference from people that should just keep their noses out of my business, big brother.
This has some good descriptions of the phenomena if you can wade through the condescending language.

51.  Bruce D's Experience 11/14/03  I was traveling above a brilliantly glittering expanse of ocean. A white dove was flying directly below me and then turned into a stone and fell into the ocean and disappeared beneath it's surface. A voice said, "Transformation, change is what keeps the bird aloft, and if this process should cease, the bird would be petrified into stone and disappear into an abyss." I was then at the edge of a tropical swamp at twilight. There were the sounds and calls of a myriad of unknown creatures filling my ears. As I stood there, an unusual amphibious creature just below the brackish water could be seen approaching the shore.
This is a transcendent experience well worth the read as the "co-creators" were discussing what to do with earth because it was throwing the universe out of balance.

50.  Asya K's Experience 11/14/03 FROM ARGENTINA   In another time during that night, when I got out of my body, I concentrated on getting myself to the house of a certain person I have feelings for, as I once read in a website that it is possible to project myself... Suddenly I found myself in his bedroom. I do not remember many images... except for the image of his wife lying in bed, and his hand encircling her naked lower stomach. It only lasted seconds and then I returned to my body.
After a couple of tries, she succeeded in projecting her consciousness outside her body and directed it to a friend's house.

49.  Jennifer D's Experience 09/21/03 The rhythmic 'whump' sound was the sound of horse hooves against hard dirt.  I was crouched as close to the horse as I could get and I knew we had to go faster.  I felt something fly by my right cheek and heard a whistle sound as it passed.  I realized it was an arrow and that I was being chased, which explains the feel of panic I had, yet I was calm.  It was like I was entering someone else's body and mind. The wind was cold and stung the sides of my face that weren't buried into the mane, my arms held tight to the reigns as I urged the horse to go faster. 
Fascinating concept!  She went to another time and space, with a theory that she entered into another person's body who had a NDE or was about to die at the time.

48. Themos P's Experience 09/21/03  I told myself I wanted to go to the red planet (or the orange, I don’t remember which one I said.) At that point, I expected to slowly see the planet coming into view. Instead, I find myself looking through a sky at night as if I was back on earth in the night time. As I was flying, I could see lights from cities and as I was going back in great speeds, I noticed what seemed like a part of a city raised off the ground. There were lights in geometric patterns – I think the lights were green. It was a green city floating in the sky.
Here's an OBE with an ADC (with his father) in which he likens the experience to a lucid dream.

47. Rachel V's Experience 09/21/03  It always started as waking up in my bed (thought I was awake) hearing banging..soft then as it moved closer became real loud. Feeling something grabbing me, hovering over me, trying to scare me. Seeing someone in the corner of my room just looking at me. This went on for months. One day I got up...this is when I finally realized I was sleeping because I felt different and saw myself and my husband sleeping in the bed.
This is a frequent flyer who stays close to home but the scenery at the house changes.  Could this be part of a phase shift or different dimension?


46.  Andy A's Experience 09/21/03  It so happened that an old lady I knew was sat outside her house enjoying the afternoon sun and looked straight at me while I was airborne. I even remember thinking that something was wrong because she did not appear surprised at seeing someone float down the street. I also noticed she had hairs on her chin, something I could not have seen from across the street, unless my senses were a lot more acute than usual. Nothing bizarre happened while floating, if floating itself is not considered bizarre, and I can only surmise that this was some sort of extreme runner’s high brought on by endorphins.
Child's athletics helped him to have these experiences.  He describes being awake, yet able to bi-locate from his body so that he jumps farther than his physical body.

45. David O's Experience 08/10/03 Finally I was able to allow myself to rise out of my body and not get frightened and stay focused in my concentration.  At this point I could float out of my body.  See myself on the bed and was hovering at the ceiling of my room.  I could turn my focus to look at anything in the room but it felt slow.  I was conscious enough to make a decision to look at specific things and rise up and down as if floating. 
He describes the process of learning how to leave the body and some of his experiments while in the OBE state.

44. Jamie M's Experience 06/14/03 I had decided to focus my energy on sending out a message to the universe that I was ready to meet my soul mate.  After a short bit I began to realize that I could hear myself breathing kind of loudly, almost snoring.  As I realized this sound was from "outside" of myself. I looked forward...out a window which is behind me in my bed.  The room was illuminated but there was no light source.  It was not bright...but I could just see everything perfectly. 
Interesting description of an altered state.


43. Lara F's Experience 06/14/03 From Sweden. I had been at a state of deep relaxation all day. I was now lying on my bed , trying to meditate. Suddenly I felt a strong pressure on the right side of my head and the left leg, under the knee. I found my right side being lifted up into the air, very slowly. At first I was interested in what happened and let it happen, willingly. The other side of my body was lifted up as well. Then I realized how absurd it was to be floating a few decimeters over the bed.
Brief but intense OBE experience

42. Abhishek M's Experience 04/19/03  From India.  The next thing I knew is that I was out of my body. I looked at my arm to see what was wrong with it, and what I saw was a bluish-whitish translucent arm! My arm was long and wavy and I couldn't see any fingers on my hand.. I realized that I was really having an OBE, my first, and immediately I saw that the door to my room wasn't locked and the thought of somebody coming inside the room and checking out my body scared me. The moment this thought entered my mind, I was back in my body and I opened my eyes. The whole day my arm ached. It felt weak and devoid of energy. It took a few days to return back to normal.
Good, detailed OBE experience.  This is especially interesting because there was a time where his perception of his etheric arm seemed more real than his earthly arm.


41. Amanda E's Experiences 04/19/03  I have come to consciousness floating high above my house looking down at the trees and roof so vividly.  I have been visited and paralyzed by four pairs of arms of apparitions, and two nights later the same kind of apparition grabbed a hold of my arm (physical one) and yanked it into the air while i was laying on my bed.  I saw one spirit who was peaceful.  I can not move physical objects while out of my body, but i can think myself places.  One i had i was soaring over fields, and trees and came to a training camp way out in the mountains where soldiers were training with fire arms.  I have had experiences that brought me to some ones house.  I observed what went on and later verified it to the person. 
Fascinating possibilities between sleep narcolepsy and OBEs.  If anyone else has experienced this or has any input, would love to hear it and pass it on to her!


40. Violet L's Experiences 04/19/03  I was sitting and watching from the shadows. a woman materialized from out of nowhere right before my eyes. She was dressed from a past era. I asked her who she was. She said " I am you." She did not look like me but I knew it was me, from a different dimension.  Somehow I found out that she had been murdered. The others knew who murdered her but could not prove it because her body disappeared and they needed her blood sample to prove the murder. Then she vanished. Because she and I were one, they had brought me into this other dimension to extract blood from me( because it would be identical).
This is an amazing travel between dimensions to solve a murder mystery.  This story has great movie potential!


39. Hannah L's Experiences 04/19/03  One night I was lying in bed asleep. The next thing I knew I felt awake but heard a loud buzz in my ears, I couldn't move and I had pins and needles in my hands. I felt I was being dragged from my bed by my left hand, but couldn't see anyone in the room. I was extremely frightened. I then found myself in front of my wardrobes full length mirror. I was naked (always sleep in nightwear) and the whites of my eyes were black. I looked like I had no eyes. The pulling continued and seemed to drag me up the wall of my bedroom, I remember thinking the word 'no' over and over again.
Initially a frightening set of experiences, her mother's passing away has renewed her interest in OBEs.

38. Damian W's Experience 04/19/03  the vibrations were getting stronger when i started thinking about moving up, i started to imagine me moving up and i did about 3 - 4 inches up of my body  , i know that it was that much because i could feel my body ( material body) to be about in level of my ears.  then vibration was hitting stringer i was getting scared more and i quit.
First OBE occurring during meditation.

37. Ros J's Experience 04/19/03 Suddenly I saw gray swirling energy - clouds?  I don't know.  It became profoundly energized, and poof!  I was transported it seemed, into a tunnel - dark but with vivid scenes of my life on what seemed like endless movie screens, but I was traveling so quickly that I could scarcely see what the scenes portrayed.  In fact, I cannot recall any of these scenes at all now.  They seemed important at the time. 
Caught off guard when meditating and experienced a SOBE with NDE-like imagery.

36. Tia B's Experiences 04/19/03  1993 I had bronchitis and could not attend my mothers funeral in Duluth, Minnesota, so I lay on my bed, and attended the funeral out of body. After viewing my mother in her coffin I returned to my body in Cresson, Texas.  I spoke to 2 of my sisters on the phone after the burial and was able to describe to them, the coffin, what mother wore and how she looked, to their astonishment.
Multiple experiences that began as a small child to escape abuse.

35. Renny K's Experience 04/19/03 During these experiences I feel a great power in my mind where I can imagine anything that I want, much more real than in a dream.  I have seen some pretty scary things but somehow feel protected and am not afraid to confront them.  Mostly I just see myself, nearly always motionless and calm, almost statue like.  I cannot see any meaning to all this other than that it is a simply amazing experience, and one I intend to enjoy over the coming years.
OBE while being acutely aware of sleep paralysis.


34. Senead O's Experience 04/19/03  Once in my dream I told my sister that my soul could leave my body. I showed her and she watched me. When my soul returned back into my body I asked her what my soul looked like while floating in the sky she said it was a light. Very strange dream but one that felt very real, especially the sensation in my body just before my "soul" left my body.
Dream OBE and descriptions of other OBEs.


33. David S's Experiences. 4/19/02.  One experience, I saw a black void which i now think was boundary between present time and future this limbo was guarded by two lions but they only had power if i was afraid of them.
Several OBEs described. 

32. Shannon C's Experience 1/26/03 I went traversing out in space, using my hands to fly. My heart beat played an important part in having full awareness. I went through the earth to come out the other side. I flew over the landscape out and away from earth. The stars make up celestial bodies in holographic space, there is a grandfather clock with magnificent detail. I feel like a grain of sand compared to the enormous size of this celestial object. The void of space is some sort of astral body, it's like your larger body. There is a familiar feeling in the void that's as if the movement beyond is coming from your higher being. At the same time, a ball of light takes on the shape of my spirit. 
Wow!  Here's a great OBE to read.

31. Bryan S's Experience 1/26/03  I was in God's backyard, wrapped or surrounded by the most intense feeling of love that I have ever felt.  I described it as being hugged by God.  The experience lasted about 15 minutes, give or take, as I remember the beginning and ending for the music, which was about 20 minutes long.  I have vivid memories of places important to me, not from this part of the Universe.  I also remember a whirlwind tour and life review that I experienced.
This experience was an answer to the dilemma between the LDS church and a homosexual lifestyle.

30. Mike T's Experience 1/17/03 Within 20 minutes of experiment, my eyes open. To my amaze it work just as I thought. My physical eyes were still close, but my spirit eye was open. And upon their opening, so my spirit was free from my body as will. I look around the room, it look the same. I feel there was a lot of energy, vibrating all around the room. I notice that if I focus on one thing, I can't see it too well. The trick to looking was to look at the whole room. There was color aura emanating from the room as well.
Experimentation with astral projection.

29. Marilyn F's Experience 1/16/03    After I shot off I ended up floating in a big long building with a bunch of sculptures and was looking at them and thinking how lovely they were, then suddenly I noticed 2 lady souls dressed in long dresses and funny little hats, they were quite a distance from me, all I did was think i wanted to talk to them and instantly was beside them.  I asked the one lady where I was, and I told her I was looking for Radville, Saskatchewan, Canada.  She told me "you're a long ways from Radville, maam, your in Berkshire, England." 
Here's an OBE that transcends time and distance.  She did a lot of traveling to different places that night.

28. Kate E's Experience 1/16/03   I was doing it, and I felt that it was fun. I wanted to wake up because the fact that my keys were moving was frightening, but I knew I was the one playing with them. I couldn't open my eyes or move, but I was trying to get up. When I started to really try, the keys stopped moving, and I could feel myself physically moving from the counter back to my body to which I was still tethered through my back. I was amorphous (sp?),  but had a large volume and no weight. The largest part of this part of me was surrounding the counter, about 4 feet above the ground (it is a raised bar-like sort of counter), and about ten feet from where I was sleeping.
This experience was only 2 hours old before she posted it.  Interesting discussion of being in the OBE state.

27. Annie's Experience 1/16/03   My eyesight was different you don't see things exactly the same. they look the same but its like like looking through a different pair of eyes how you see colors mainly. I do not hear the same either sounds are the same but different I can't exactly explain how I see and hear. My sense of touch, taste and smell are also the same but different. the senses are processed differently but the response....or the end result is basically the same.
When she has these "forced OBEs" they leave her exhausted.

26. Joshua A's Experience 12/22/02 Finally the light was so close that it filled my vision and I could see nothing but light. Then my eyes seemed to adjust to the light and I was floating before a great map. The map I realized was my life. I saw myself depicted as a word (written in some strange language and yet I knew what it meant) inside a circle... to tell you the truth it looked like an ORG Chart (organizational chart) I saw the relationships of people and things to me depicted with lines and I saw God and how God was related to things. Then a moment later I sat up in bed and it was over.
An OBE that talks of traveling amongst the stars and seeing connections.

25.  Lorie S's Experience.  11/9/02  After it happened a few times (separate occasions), I felt the vibrating, heard the buzzing, and my body was not on the bed but a few inches from the floor between the bed and the dresser and started to spin . I was in such close proximity to the dresser and the bed, I thought I was going to hit my face.  I knew what was going on but was unable to consciously move any part of my body.  This frightened me so much because I could feel it start to happen and I could not do anything to stop it.  The only thing that would stop it was if I moved any part of my body consciously. 
Here's a very reluctant frequent flyer who is looking for some answers. 

24. Eric G's Experience.  10/13/02  I then flung out of my body with a sensation as if I had flipped over backwards, and found myself on the ceiling, I turned and saw my body laying in bed.  I was obviously astounded and filled with exhilaration at the intense feeling that the feeling of limitless flight gave to my body.  I felt light as a feather, and was able to completely control my every movement.  I then focused on the door and moved towards it, as I did so however a feeling that I can only describe as horrific came over me. 
Lots of great experiences in this account!


23. Jesse P's Experience.  10/13/02  I felt like I was forcefully being pulled from my body and had gotten a short distance from my body before I got back into it.  I managed to move my limbs a few times and after I'd considered myself more than scared enough, I moved my arms again and tried to break out of whatever trance I was in. 
Frightening OBE where he felt something trying to take him from his body.

22. Evita S's Experience.  9/6/02 "Now there's mixed signals here because even though things were the same in my apartment they seemed a little different in the sense that not everything was clear, some of it was a little distorted. I went into my bed room and was shocked that I couldn't see my body. But yet I understood I was outside of my body- I had perfect thinking, I was very aware."
Lucid dream turned OBE.  She has lots of experimentation in the OBE state, erotic encounter with beings, and upon return she saw many spirits while telling her friend of her experience.  This is one excellent account you won't want to miss!

21.  Mary J's Experience.  9/3/02  "I felt completely paralyzed, yet I knew I was awake. I was frightened, and trying to move, I was hearing things, someone at my door the door was squeaking, I was trying to call for help but unable to. It was very slow motion, thick feeling, then suddenly I was up on the ceiling looking down at myself, I thought to myself, ok now, get back down into your body, and I did, effortlessly."
This is an OBE that occurred while in the alpha REM state (sleep paralysis.)

20. Tatiana A's Experiences.  NON-WESTERN OBE FROM PORTUGAL 8/21/02. I was in my bed. When I looked, he was standing next to my bed. I asked him if he was alright. He told me "Yes", without speaking. I asked him if I could hold him. If that was possible. He say I could. I got up and gave him a hug. Than I cried. I wasn't afraid or sad. I just missed him so much. The hug lasted about 10/15 seconds. Than I saw him vanishing, gradually.
This narrative describes an after death communication (ADC) hug with her uncle and an OBE where she traveled to various places in the past.

19.  Amy P's Experience.  7/29/02. "The earth changed from a globe into a flat surface in front of me. The land and water were sparkling, like different colored jewels.  The beauty was dazzling and the joy and love I felt was overwhelming.  I became profoundly aware of the special ness of the earth and I felt grateful for life.  I then became aware of the darkness and space around me and became scared.  The instant I felt that, I felt myself do a back flip into a very comfortable place, like a big pillow.  My "eyes" were closed and I opened them just enough to experience a radiant, brilliant light." 
This a remarkable first OBE with many others to follow.

18.  Conner's Experience.  7/29/02. "I grew up in Connecticut. The very first time I had a trip was when I was 9, maybe a little older . It was late at night and I was sleeping in bed, I woke up and put my arms out in front of me and I felt the ceiling with my hands ( I know it was the ceiling because the paint was that bumpy type, not smooth ). I also felt what was inside of the wall, I felt the insulation and the wood. I was so afraid I never opened my eyes the whole time."
Here's a frequent flyer who makes it a point to check times and places for later writing in his journal.

17. Missy S's Experience.  7/29/02. "i have had several spontaneous obe's, usually while napping or during the night while asleep. sometimes i stand up out of my body, sometimes i jump out. there is always a strange hum. the only thing i could compare it to is the sound monks make while chanting or a low tuning fork being struck very loudly."
Here's a frequent flyer, nothing specific though.

Frequent flyer since age 5 where she has OBEs and sees other beings.

15. Antonius' Experience:  INDONESIAN EXPERIENCE  As I want to go far away, then I move upward passing through my ceiling and my roof. I can see my roof from a plan view. I feel excited. WOW! I am up and up, suddenly 'Oops' I can't see my house...the earth. I only see many stars blink. Wow, it's wonderful! But after that I feel fear. Not long after that, I am pulled into my body.
This is a wonderful account from a non-western frequent flyer!  7/8/02

14. Bobby R's Experiences: Then on the 4th time of this, I saw myself lying there asleep, but a Black Cat ( large for a domestic cat, but not overly large) was sitting on my chest biting me on the face and head. This really scared me and I discussed this with my Doctor the next day. He was quite impressed and told me how he had tried unsuccessfully for years to induce an OBE himself and gave me a brief overview of the process. I told him it spooked me too much and I thought I was going crazy. He said not to be afraid of it, but to welcome it. I told him I just wanted it to stop. He suggested sleeping with the light on and the tv or radio playing so it wouldn't be so quite and dark.
Unwelcome frequent flyer OBEs that interfere with sleep ability.  If this is a problem for Bobby or others, suggest contacting a sleep clinic doctor or perhaps the Monroe Institute.  6/20/02

13.  Colin M's Experiences  6/7/02  FROM BELGIUM "As a child (8-12) I had little OUT-of Body experiences.  Mainly when I had the flu with some fever. When I was almost sleeping, with my eyes closed,  I felt like I was going up and there was nothing I could do about that. I was not scary but strange. When I opened my eyes I could see myself in my bed, and I was as high as the ceiling. I do not remember how I got back, but the feeling of being out of my body faded away and I was back in my body." 
OBE experiences from childhood.  

 12.  Melissa C's Experiences  6/7/02  " When i usually have these OBE i'm competely relaxed and i feel myself being pulled from my body. These experiences sometimes frighten me. I sometimes float around inside my house or outside my house. Everything is the same as if i was awake, nothing is enhanced, besides the fact that i'm floating around. These OBE are sometimes peaceful, but sometimes they're not." 
Another frequent flyer.  What is interesting is that she uses her sister's name to bring her back to earth.  A soul cluster group relation with her sister could be a key to her purpose on earth.

11.  Thelma L's Experience: "One time when I was about 60 yrs old, I had an experience which angered me and that evening just as a laid down for sleep I popped out so fast, it was unusual, so I decided to find the person with whom I was annoyed and see if I could change her mind about a decision she had made regarding employment for me.  I found her in a motel room, she was talking to some others.  I started telling her what I thought of her and became very angry with her. She appeared puzzled but not really aware I was there.  Two men came out of the motel office.  They were dressed like the young Mormons men who went from house to house and they each took me by the arm, took me out the door and told me that it was not the way to use the experience."  5/27/02

10.  Micheal's OBEs  5/14/02. "I was disappointed to see that my son was not there...I asked the children where he was and they pointed...giggling...at the corner of the room...he suddenly appeared...much younger than at the age he would be...he was shy...embarrassed and hesitant...I was overjoyed...cried out his name and we hugged and kissed...but alas...it was only momentary"
Wonderful visit with his deceased son, even it was a short visit.

9.    Guilherme D's OBEs  4/29/02.  Non-western experiences from Brazil!  They're mainly out of body experiences, sometimes spontaneous, other times induced, most times unconscious during the event. The most impressive one was while I was very tired talking on the phone, and all of a sudden I was describing on the phone what I was observing outside from my bedroom window, but I was half sat on my bed meters away from the window. When I "returned" consciously on the phone, I just mentioned impressed by the event: "Hey! I'm not there!"  His experiences have led him to develop his abilities and to teach others his methods.

8.  Laura D's OBEs  4/1/02.  "The colors are absolutely brilliant.  I always try to find my husband if he is not in the room.  I have flown over the country and into deep bodies of water.  There are times when I don't want to go because I am scared to I try to wake myself up by yelling to Christ or trying to move my pinky finger." 
Here's a frequent flyer, with an unusual pattern of seeing lake bottoms.

7.  Greg's OBE(2).  3/25/02.  "The workers all had on white "lab coats", and the room next to the one where people were queuing, consisted of a number of glass-enclosed cubicles with reclining chairs. In each was a person with headphones on, being attuned to by a "worker" in a lab coat. My understanding was that they were being given info, that could/would be triggered at the necessary time in the future?" 
OBE with reincarnation imagery.  This experience provides the motivation for future study of the OBE phenomena. 


6.  Greg's OBEs.   3/25/02.  "this has happened for my whole life, but yes many beautiful places, states. I recall one where the clouds where silver, almost like iron filings or pencil lead?  Feel I have crossed two boundaries/levels to a 5th dimension on one occasion" 
General description of what he experiences in numerous OBEs. 

5.  Wanda M's OBEs  3/8/02."Imagine the awe of understanding and having proof that you can exist outside of your physical shell.  Any misconceptions about physical death disappear and with it fear.  Imagine the realization of what lies beyond this limited world, and the possibilities, the open doors, and the prospect of seeing again, everyone you loved who passed on." 
Fascinating and extremely lucid descriptions of separation of consciousness.  This knowledge gives new perspectives on the nature of the soul.

4.  Natasha's OBE  3/8/02.  During the actual realization that I was a separate entity of some sort, and my body was on the bed, I felt like I was awake, and hence when i "woke" up it didn't feel like I was waking up, it felt like I had regained my faculties and was able to walk in the real world. 
It's hard to say what is more fascinating, the description of separation of consciousness or the time disorientation.

3.  Char's OBE  3/8/02. With that I KNEW that the God most of us have been taught about, and the prerequisite goodness that one is suppose to have to get to the proverbial heaven -- was totally incorrect.  That experience showed me that all one has to do is want to go home - to return to our source - whatever you choose to label it.  
NDE-Like imagery with major transformative spiritual impact on life.

2.  Christopher's OBE  3/2/01.  I awoke within it to find myself standing in the presence of a huge sun or sphere of light and I quickly learned that this sun was pure consciousness and awareness. Although its surface was only swirling light and did not have a face, it seemed as if it was smiling at me and had nothing but love for me.
Truly a transcendent experience!

1.    Susan's OBE  6/17/99. I was sitting in a dimly lit room staring into the darkness of my bedroom meditating. The meditation was on "love" or "death." My 19 year old sister had died two years before.   I was suddenly in a tunnel. I was unaware of my feet moving, but I was moving. There was a coolness and the sound of swooshing. I came out of the tunnel into, what can best be described as a "large cavern." 
NDE-like imagery.