Nicole F's Experience


Experience description:   

My name is Nicole and I wanted to share a transformative experience I had last year. 
I've been practicing meditation for about eight years now.  I used to meditate on a daily basis, but now it's about two or three times a week.  This particular episode occurred on July 20, 2003.  I was at home and it was about 2:30 in the afternoon.  I decided to take a time-out and be still for awhile.  I laid down on the bed on my back.  My eyes were closed.  Slowly I began to shut off the mental noise that accumulated from the day.  Little by little I was able to quiet my mind. 
Once I did that I had this urge to connect with my guardian angel.  My inner guide told me to open up and send out a signal (which I would call purified desire) in order to draw the angelic energy/force.  I knew my mind had to remain clear of any other thoughts so that my angel could receive my energy clearly.  I maintained clarity of mind and kept sending out my wanting-ness to connect.  What happened next is quite difficult to explain.   
First of all, there was an instant shift inside of me - a higher energy was over me and inside me at the same time.  I felt a tremendous swelling of love within me and it kept growing.  The best analogy I could use is blowing air into a balloon.  The balloon expands and gets larger, the more air you put into it.  I felt like I was expanding with love and joy as this energy (which I identified as my angel) was inducing this sensation.  Love and joy are words that have been used repeatedly when describing these experiences.  As such, it probably sounds trite.  But the sensation I felt far exceeds the human concept of these emotions.  The love and joy kept swelling and I knew I was approaching ecstasy.
Immediately, either because I was overwhelmed or scared, I opened my eyes.  I still felt this powerful energy around me.  For some reason I looked up at the ceiling, yet I knew it wasn't something that could be located.  The next thing was very strange:  this energy transformed into a distinct presence and I recognized the presence immediately.  I knew without a doubt it was my guardian angel and I began to speak ALOUD to it.  I greeted it like you would an old friend you haven't seen in years.  I think I said something like "oh my God, you're here...I can't believe it..."  And then it responded to me.  I heard and felt this LOUD VOICE inside of my head.  It was so intense it carried a vibration.  I've never experienced anything like it. 
I would ask a question and it answered my mind in vibrations.  It's complicated because the angel was communicating to me with words, but it's energy was so powerful I FELT the words.  At this point I began to withdraw because the feeling in my mind was too intense.  Frankly I was scared, not of my angel specifically, but by the feeling inside my head and the incredible power surge of energy.  (I kind of regret it because I could've asked more questions).  
After I sensed my angel's presence had receded, I took out my journal and wrote the experience down.  Physically I felt like rush of endorphins took over my body's system.  The high lasted most of that afternoon.  I feel very blessed for having had this experience.  There is a higher reality that transcends the human experience.  This life is only the tip of the iceberg.