NDE-Like Stories

Near Death Experience Like Stories are those that are like an NDE but the person does not physically die. More of these experiences can be found on www.nderf.org as possible NDEs and on this website as STEs.
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157. Julie-Ann BL NDE-Like Experience 10/14/2017 It was totally black, I wasn't frightened..In this I felt I was everything and becuase I was everything I didn't need to be anything, and I knew everything and because I knew everything I didn't need to know anything, so was in a state of being. No desire to do or be anything, it was bliss or fear it was just beingness and I didn't have the desire to do or be anything other than exist.
SOBE that was NDE-like.


156. Amanda R Experience 10/14/2017 A moment later I saw a misty space above me that seemed to swirl in space. Then I felt a strong pulling upwards towards the ceiling, like I was being yanked up off my bed by my heart, and I felt a rushing sensation like I was being pulled through a cloudy tunnel at great speed towards a light. This rushing feeling didn't last long and I found myself suddenly in a tremendous expanse of wisps of colors swirling around everywhere. I had no body, no sense of gravity, no direction, very little sense of 'self' perspective.
STE that was NDE-like.


155. Marie Laure L Experience 6/26/2017. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. So at first I see plenty of moments of my life scrolling in front of me, with great speed like flashes, as if I was looking at slides, an acceleration of my life. I'm seeing some parts, which fills me with beautiful emotions, but not sad at all. Between gaiety, nostalgia, smiling, I look at myself in this movie, like you watch photos of a child that has grown, with memories, and I'm satisfied of what I did.
NDE-like dream with a life review. In English and French.


154. Frank D Experience 6/4/2017. At first everything was dark, and then I noticed that there was no more pain. A rainbow of colors then appeared in front of me. At that point, I realized that I was weightless and was floating. I felt absolutely no stress and completely free. It was unbelievable at first. I had never felt this way ever in my entire life. Then I started floating towards a bright light. I slowly approached the light and wanted to float into it. When I came up to the light, I started hearing a voice telling me that it was not my time to be here, and I needed to go back.
OBE that started as a dream, which was quite NDE-like.


153. Francisco Experience 5/10/2017 From Canada. Then, the sequence of whirlwind like, wonderful events evolved as the vortex of my physical existence gave way to what appeared to be an outburst of fast, very fast paced, delightful phenomena of unprecedented powerful intensity of a kind never felt before, in face of which my very being simply and instantly felt overwhelmed and permeated by a whole array of unparalleled, marvelous sensations which absolutely overflowed my sensorial dimensions, for at the very instant I received the message announcing my physical dismissal, a boundless Universe of a very bright, radiant beyond description, soothing blueish WHITE LIGHT totally wrapped my senses, bringing along the most unbelievable yet very real feelings of peacefulness, immensurable joy and exhilarating harmony in unconditional loving acceptance into this new Realm, inundating and sweeping throughout my new being to the point of reaching a state of total and absolute bliss and ecstasy…
OBE that started as a dream and with notable NDE-like elements. In English and Spanish.


152. Jasper V Experience  4/24/2017 From Germany. Original in Dutch, translated to English by Garry. I had never felt so loved, secure and safe as with Her and that Light. I wanted so badly to get to that Light, to become One with it. The emotion was so strong; it felt as if at last I had arrived, "home". I came closer but did not go into the Light, that couldn't happen as I saw a Person, "standing in the light." This Person seemed clearly to me to be a woman and I knew immediately She was the one who controls everything, is everything. She was that Light and she was the love and complete acceptance. She wore a beautiful white robe. She looked at me although I could not make out Her actual facial features because of the brightness of the Light. She was also very big and I very small.
NDE-like experience that started as a dream.


151. Florence D Experience  1/8/2017 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I didn't travel through a tunnel. I found myself immediately bathed in a supernatural light. It was extremely brilliant but not hurting. It had an aspect, how can I say, 'compact, enveloping', like cotton. It was golden, with waves or pulsations; it was warm, benevolent, without judging; it was unconditional Love. The sensation was really very pleasant and appeasing, a thousand times more intense than the biggest orgasm.
NDE-like STE that started as a dream. Both in English and in French.


150. Marina M Experience  1/7/2017 From Italy. Original in Italian. Little by little, I saw the tunnel and I was rising in the tunnel very fast and at light speed. At the end of the tunnel, I had reached the light. I found myself floating with my soul in space like what astronauts see. The sky was dark. I was very happy as it was so beautiful to be there without problems, pains, or suffering. I felt this great presence that was like a huge spirit, the creator of everything. It was so great and powerful that I should have been scared. I was sand-dust compared with it but it was treating me as a human being; despite that it was invisible and I could not see it. A long dialogue started between me and him. He was talking to me through visions that crossed me in this space.
Very transcendent and NDE-like experience that started from prayer. Both in English and in Italian.


149. Claude A Experience  12/26/2016 From Canada. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. I found myself in a tunnel whose walls were fuzzy, like a white thick fog and slightly illuminated, like under a cloudy overcast. I was stationary. I asked myself if there was an end to this tunnel. Then I was transported through this long tunnel of which I first saw no end, then an extremity of a blackness of space, then a star, then several. I got out of the tunnel to find myself in a space full of stars. Except that I felt the radiation of each star, what passed through my body with a feeling of welcome, pure love, a superhuman human warmth. It was more than welcoming it was wonderful. I knew those stars, and even could recognize several of them, Jesus was there, Krishna was there, Buddha was there, all the saints were there, all the masters were there... I was welcomed by sublime beings.
Very transcendent and NDE-like experience that started from meditation. Both in English and in French.


148. Romero I Experience  11/20/2016 From Ecuador. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean. I jumped out of the tunnel, and there were “people”, or presences representing these people, Lots of light, a feeling of being surrounded with the imeasureable, with the infinite, everything around was like a plasma of clouds, lights, peacefulness, and tranquility, that I craved so much, I wanted to stay there, and suddenly I remembered my family in this bed that I had left, I missed them and something told me that it wasn't my time, not said in words, but this was the message “It's not your time” my body felt thrown from the waist, and a very strong attraction made me return, although I wanted to stay in this lovely place, so much mine, but at great speed I came back to my body, and my life, with all it's habits, sadnesses, nostalgias, and despairs...
OBE throughout the house. Both in English and in Spanish.


147.  Paulo Experience 8/28/2016 From the Phillipines. I saw two angels coming down to me. They said, 'Come with us.' They took my hand and we went up through a tunnel. I saw a very bright light at the end but my eyes were not damaged and I didn't feel scared. While we were travelling in the tunnel, I heard music, like singing, in a very sweet tone. I felt they were celebrating, so I didn't feel any danger. I felt this place was very peaceful and full of love.
Dream that is remarkably NDE-Like.


146.  Alessandra P Experience 8/3/2016 From Italy. Original in Italian. I was walking on an invisible pathway leading upward towards the sky. My father (who passed a few years ago, but who seemed to feel quite well there) was walking in front of me and taking me towards a garden. There was an unbelievable atmosphere of peace and joy, and it could be felt a love that here on the earth we cannot imagine even remotely. There isn't another way to explain what is over there, and unfortunately words cannot give any exact account.
NDE-like Dream. Posted in English and Italian.


145.  Deborah L Experience 4/26/2016 My brother began motioning to a white marble bust on a pedestal that had no head or arms, just the torso. 'One thing that you have to understand about our cousins is that they just didn't have it in them to be any different than they were when I was sick. Look at this bust, it has no arms. You wouldn't expect a person without arms to play the piano or to catch a ball. It's the same concept with our cousins and how they behaved. They didn't have it in them to be any different.' I nodded and looked at the statue. His words seemed to make sense to me. 'If you carry bitterness and hatred towards them in your heart, you will only end up poisoning your own life,' he continued, 'You must consider them as souls who are spiritually handicapped.'
Detailed ADC Dream from her brother.


144.  Sharon Kay C Experience 4/17/2016 In the light there were two beings one I could not see but hear and one I could see but she did not speak. Then I walked through something like a wide open door into a place of golden light. I noticed there was movement and I focused to see what was moving about. As I looked I begin to see cloud like shapes of light. I was spun around like I was dancing with a being of light. I was taken to a place just along side of where we were dancing. I was told everyone was here now. I witnessed many who were awaking and dancing with this one being of light then taken to their place alongside what looked like a walkway yet it was like diamonds or comets moving around in it. I was told it was the river of life.
STE with many NDE-like elements.


143.  Bailey J Experience 2/15/2016 My heart stopped. On my last breathe, I started to see a huge tunnel like another vortex just pulling me in. Time was non-existent. Strange colors started to appear in glowing flashes and disappeared into the darkness again. Then my life played out right before me. I saw myself inside my mother's womb, saying certain words as a toddler, staring up at the sunshine, meeting people, laughing, and crying. I saw things I didn't remember until that moment, but they really happened. All of the scenes led up to this day, showing me what I have done so far, and letting me know that there's so much more for me to do here on earth. I could feel a calm female presence with me who was comforting me; telling me, "Your time is not finished here Bailey. You will make art and be happy and help others along the way." Then, I woke up unable to move.
NDE-like SOBE experience.


142.  Ocskai Z Experience 2/2/2016 From Hungary. Original in Hungarian, translated to English by Mal.When I came up with a question if there exists a life on other planets ( it was pure curiosity, in this state there is no secret, whatever lays in your 'heart' is formed as a question to which you get answer right away ) I got possibility to observe from distance another planet with some different life forms. When I wanted to get closer I could do that but only under circumstance that I would never get back in my human body. I got reminded that there on Earth I left a body that belongs to me. That was something that I forgot about  with all the emotions and flow of information that I received it seemed dimmed and strange. When I got reminded about that I saw the Earth again and I could feel its pulling force. I was still outside my body but I realized that there is some kind of connection with it however I didn't see that 'silver cord' that some used to mention, I just could feel that part of me is there.
NDE-like experience from meditation.


141.  Judith S Experience 1/11/2016 I dreamed that I was in the street and an oncoming black car with running boards was about to hit me. My first thought was the fear that I was going to feel pain. Upon impact, I saw myself in a mystical place. I was on a path. On either side of the path were shrouded figures in a 'child's pose' stretching all the way out to the horizon on either side of where I stood. Ahead of me were unbelievably beautiful clouds and light emanating from that place. It also emanated heavenly, celestial music. In an instant, I knew that I was supposed to go there, towards the light.
NDE-like dream in 1971. OBE in 1974.


140.  Nancy L Experience 12/20/2015 Then I saw my father, Joseph, pacing back and forth all excited! I couldn’t make out his facial details as though I was seeing him through a veil. He had been dead for six years. A most faithful man to my mother and his children as I had ever known. A very loved man and I still missed him. The anger I still housed was something I had not dealt with since he died from a slow, painful battle with prostate cancer. Why would God allow this to happen to so good a person; a man who didn’t complain much and a faithful Catholic in practice as well as belief. I had never dealt with this either. But there he was and I knew who had him. By this time I figured it out. I was talking to something divine in a zone of no time, no distance. So I told the light I had to go back.
Prayer experience, NDE-like. Prayer while in ICU with life-threatening illness. Shared 48 years later.


139.  Károly H Experience 12/3/15. From Brazil As the tunnel is getting closer, the tunnel floor becomes rougher, it is brown, with shadows as if they were gravel. This rough floor should be around 15 meters to the light. The first time I saw this tunnel, I got scared and left, I could wake up normally, but at other times I let me to be floating around to see what was further ahead, I could decide to leave or stay.
OBE with NDE-like content.


138.  Mary S Experience 11/25/15. From New Zealand I thought I was in heaven although there was nothing to suggest that as I was in more of a void but a very bright void with figures of young men with dark hair and beards wearing white flowing robes zooming in towards me from angles from my right and from my left. whilst this was happening I felt the most powerful feeling of love which was so powerful it was unearthly as I have never felt love in such a way before or ever since. This feeling of love was rising and rising until it reached a peak when suddenly I found myself above my sleeping body although I don't remember seeing my body, but I remember seeing the brass knobs on my bedposts, then bang!!! I was back in my body.
OBE with NDE-like content.


137.  Lara S Experience 10/25/15. I saw myself, my soul, lift out of my belly button. I was looking down at my own body. My essence traveled through an umbilical cord/tunnel that was white and grayish with wave like patterns. I was so distraught, I didn't know what to do. Was I dying? On my way to this never-ending tunnel, I yelled at God to save me. I was so scared that I yelled out to Jesus/Buddha to help me. I was desperate because I didn't know where I was heading. I said I would miss my family and my two cats. The tunnel reached to this white dome-shaped room. But then I quickly fell back into my body. When I woke up I felt instantly refreshed. It almost felt like Earth is not really real and that this world is more like a dream than reality. I had a sense of peace and happiness than I ever felt in my life.
Experience with NDE-like content.


136.  Oriane Experience 10/18/15. Original in French, translated to English by MarguyThe most magnificent of sensations (even more than that)! I suddenly came into this light. It was white, but not the white we know, that I would qualify as too dull. It was bright, radiant, divine, indescribable, it was much stronger than what I try to explain to you. I was bathed in it, it was welcoming me in an unbelievable manner. I felt so good, so calm. In peace. At last I understood. I was well. And I continued on my way. The presence was still there, but I felt it a thousand times stronger. It was the god-mother of my little sister, who passed some years ago due to a cancer. I don't know how I knew, but she was there, all around me in this magnificent light. I wasn't dazzled despite is power. It was really very soft. I was advancing and a wonderful music came along, sounds of bells, they reverberated. It was sumptuous. I felt an infinite love.
NDE-like dream in English and French.


135.  Nathan D Experience 8/23/15. What happen next is a little faded, as it happen over a year ago, but it said to me that it was not my time and I had more to do. I am unsure if this meant more for me to do to be able to pass or more to do in life. It said I need to go back down as I was going back down. I pled not to send me back. I was unsure if I was going back to earth or somewhere else, I felt an extreme sense of sadness come over me. I pled to stay and I went back the same way I came up.
Probable OBE dream with notable NDE-like content.


134.  Paul H Experience 8/23/15. I immediately flew upwards in the sky and had an enormous sense of elation. I gathered pace and ended up floating fast through bright white cloud. I remember looking down at earth and seeing my family crying, my parents, brother and aunt in particular. They were in mourning dress and in my parents house in London. I wanted to shout to them that I was sad not to be with them, but that I was fine and had never felt better in my life. I eventually came to a wooden gate where a person was standing with an ordinary clipboard, they looked at me with a smile but a confused look on their face and said, sorry, you aren't meant to be here with us yet.
OBE dream with some aspects similar to near-death experiences.


133.  Rounas Experience 8/21/15. From Iran. Original in Farsi, translated to English by Amir. Instantly the time stopped for me. The same voice told me that “this was the word”, and suddenly I felt that something was pulled out with lots of power from my body, from the left chest area, and rushed forward with great speed. The voice told me that “Now you can go and ask all your questions from God”. With the same great speed I passed through a sand road that had tall trees on both sides. The road ended into the sun which was setting and it was red color all around it. I was going forward very fast and an intense feeling of loneliness engulfed me and got scared. Every where was so quiet. I cried for help to God that I am very much scared. Suddenly with the same speed I felt that my soul returned to my body, from the same area it had exited my body.
NDE-like SOBE/Dream that is both in English and in Farsi.


132.  Gene C Experience 4/27/15  I started to see in this vision a lot of well defined fibers, like the material of a potato sack but, only a small portion of it was shown to me! It was off white in color, like the way a white material looks after its been left in the sun for a very long time. Very quickly, the vision began to widen, I was now very aware something was happening that I couldn't explain but I wasn't afraid. I was completely in what was happening!! As the vision became wider I noticed I was in a narrow field with trees on both sides of this field. The leaves and grass were a very vivid color and moving in the wind but, I couldn't feel the wind. The sky, I'll never forget it!!! It had to be early morning or late in the evening, the light was golden. There were clouds in the sky all pastel colors light blues, pinks, yellows and purples, there was a feeling in these colors but I cant explain it . As I finished taking in my surroundings, I noticed this figure in front of me, wearing a robe made of the material I had seen at the beginning of this experience. This figure appeared to be Jesus but he had no face, there was a void where his face should of been.
Profound SOBE while texting.


131.  Jada M Experience 3/11/15 I could see my and my brother's entire body. There was a light at the end of the tunnel. I was running toward the end of the tunnel. The closer I got, I could feel that the light was God. Almost like the light was communicating that to me in my thoughts. The feeling of going toward the light was the most joyous feeling that anyone could ever feel. There are no words to humanly describe the feeling. It seems to me that the feeling is not something you could ever experience on Earth.
OBE that could be a possible NDE.


130.  Bernie N Experience 9/7/14 from Belgium. Next I heard someone to my left say 'have no fear'. It was my uncle! Then at my left I heard 'We did this to you because we want to show you something'. And here was my grandfather!  Both had died at least 3 years before I was born, so I never knew them in life. They too had a similar form to me but radiated another color and were slightly bigger. They asked me to come with them.  I told them I can't because I didn't want to die. They said 'You are not dead, not even close, you are merely out of your body, we did this so we could show you something.'
OBE dream at age 9.


129.  Erick N Experience 3/26/14 from Kenya. As I was being held tight, something like body freeze, I could not move or move any part of my body...I slept into death or something like that. I saw my body on bed... while myself, I started to move through a tunnel, a dark tunnel...at the furthest end of the tunnel, I could see some light, very bright light....so as I was moving towards the light, two beings were talking to me, sought of flying on top of my body...one told me that I was actually dying...another welcomed me to someplace. So I slid into the tunnel further and further, someone from across the tunnel shouted, 'Erick you are dying, wake up refuse, make a decision if you want to die.'  I resisted, I held myself tight and I awoke from the bed.
OBE.  Classic sleep paralysis symptoms of paralysis and fear.  NDE-like content.


128.  Vona L Experience 6/9/13 They said, ""you are healed"" to me directly. They also indicated that they telepathically knew what I had been thinking, and in a display of tremendous love they conveyed to me, "we Love you"...drawing the words out to emphasize the depth of their feeling towards me. Then, they stretched me out, and they inserted a golden beam into my body thru my crown chakra. After that while I was suspended in a laying position, the outline of my body was intact, but the inner part was illuminated like I was a lantern with brilliant white energetic light, illuminating me completely in a series of two, flashes, lasting a few second each. I took that to be the healing.
OBE that is notably NDE-like experience with message of healing.  NDERF note: chemotherapy for multiple myeloma is generally tolerated very well, and usually with excellent initial response.


127.  Lissa C Experience 4/28/13  I especially felt the green at the last before I entered into the white vibrant light. I looked into the green and I saw grass, trees, and beautiful surroundings before I focused again on the white light. I kept moving foreword, because I was beckoned to keep on moving forward to this loving light. When I approached the light there was a very nice being right at the tip of the light who asked me " Would you like to come in?"  At first I said Yes. The being I'm going to say "He" ... although.... I don't think he was a male or a female..... "He" was  "both" ... just a "loving" being....  At first I wanted to enter like nothing more I ever wanted in my entire life...... Then, I suddenly remembered my son....
Meditation experience.  Quite NDE-like.


126.  Raymond W Experience 3/14/13  From Ireland.  It grew stronger and I found myself enveloped in and floating in a proverbial sea of Love. At one point I thought “was in total bliss and the thought came “I could stay her for eternity, and I really meant it. Here I was in a void the space with absolutely nothing and I needed nothing else for eternity, enveloped in the most blissful completely fulfilled state one could ever imagine. I understood that this was the basis and source and goal of creation and there was nothing else. This for all intents and purposes was the creator, vast beyond measure, timeless and totally complete, absolutely ‘everything else just faded into insignificance.
Profound meditation experience with remarkable similarity to many NDE accounts.


125.  Flora J Experience. 1/19/13  I was just drifting off to sleep when I felt I was being lifted out of my body that was at rest on the bed.  I was then elevated up, up, up into a void until I was conscious of a bright light.  I was then encapsulated in this light and a profound feeling of total love filled my every sense.  I did not remain in that state for long and was soon falling back to my bed.  I was so filled with this love I called out - "I love you".   My partner awoke - pleased with this announcement - but the revelation was not for him.  The experience was something that has remained with me all these years and something I will never forget.
OBE dream with NDE-like content.


124.  Lewis J Experience. 1/5/13  As I floated higher, embraced by the warm air and the beautiful angel singing, my spirit, (that very part of us that our Father placed there when we were ourselves created) began to awaken. It was like someone had turned the ignition on, I was getting closer and closer to the top of the precipice, my eyes which were closed could see the light becoming even brighter, the warm air became increasingly absorbing my anxiety was gone, this place felt like home. Love.  I sensed that not so far away from where I was going there was waiting a very special person, the brilliant warm white light appeared to radiate from a circular area not so far away and from it came the most overpowering and enveloping feeling of pure Love. I was almost leaping for joy, I knew in that very same instance that it was Jesus who was there, even though I didn’t see him his loving presence was quite prevalent. My spirit and very being was filled to overflowing with pure love, much stronger than any humanly ties, I knew instinctively that I was loved eternally and was astonished to know that my Lord could ever contain so much “Love” just for me.  In that very same moment, I found myself sitting up in bed, out of breath in a state of shock/surprise, where had I been? This wasn’t just a dream, it was a journey that I’d been sent on.
STE dream with many NDE-like features.


123.  Matthew Experience. 11/1/12 I was filled with the knowing that we are all One, but still individuals. It's impossible to describe this knowing. We can speak of it and even somewhat understand the concept, but at this time I truly felt the strange contradictory idea of being purely individual and the piece of a whole at the same time. As I relished in this feeling, I noticed a presence coming toward me, and for some reason I knew it was God, or some authority. When I realized this I became humble and felt that I was not worthy to be in the presence of God. The moment I thought this, a chorus of what seemed like millions of voices told me, "the 'I' is never..." and they continued to list every negative, fearful trait you can think of, angry, judgmental, punishing, etc. And I began to feel this unbelievable ecstasy, this feeling of pure love, acceptance, approval, and peace that I have never experienced. I knew immediately that everything was perfect, that every single seemingly unimportant event in my life had led me to right where I was and that everything was happening exactly as it is supposed to.
Profound meditation experience.  Stunningly NDE-like.


122. Caroline D Experience 9/24/12 From the Netherlands. I was asleep at home, but also awake. I felt myself being in another place, where I met with Chris (my friend who passed away) and he told me a lot about where he was right now. He looked the same, but his eyes looked like shining stars. Then I felt like I was travelling through the whole universe, the planets, the stars. And then there was what I can best describe as an "explosion" of information. I knew and understood everything and I mean everything of the universe, death, life, the past, why things happen, who we are etc. etc.
NDE-like experience that started as a dream and then turned into something much more. . .


121. Sue H Experience 4/8/12 From the UK.  I had gone to bed alone, and always stood and looked at a little church across the street before I closed the curtains. I always smiled because there was a lovely star shining above the church in the sky... I awoke at approx 1 am to the sight of a beautiful and fairly large area of light in the corner of my bedroom. It was so bright, and yet I was able to look into it without hurting or squinting my eyes, and I could see that the light was running into the shape of a tunnel. I wasn't afraid and immediately began to smile because I knew instinctively that this light was of goodness and it made me feel so lovely. I was unable to move, and then felt myself being picked up so gently and lovingly and carried into the light. I could see myself from above lying on the bed still wearing a lovely smile, and then I heard a voice. Even though I understood what it said, it was just to beautiful in its tone to be human. The voice said to me, "Your my child and I love you" and then I felt a little quick kiss which I knew was to my spirit, I knew that in the light I was of spirit, and immediately after this I was carried back to my body....
Beautiful SOBE with NDE-like characteristics.


120. Flora A Experience 2/27/12  From Argentina  Translated to English by Simon.  It was while I was waking that I had the experience, which could have been an NDE, I don't know if my life was at risk or not, I was alone, nobody questioned anything, so I don't know what really happened nor did I ask for explanations afterwards, I just paid for my stay and went off quite happy for the beautiful experience, happy and in peace. The tunnel was formed by luminous bucket-shaped forms, linked into each other and at the other end a powerful light could be seen, but which did not dazzle. I moved toward the light and next to me were my deceased parents accompanying me with their presence, I could just feel that they were with me. On one side of the tunnel I saw my brother and his wife, who are still alive, and I said to them, "It's beautiful here, papa and mama are with me. On reaching the end of the passageway Jesus was waiting for me, dressed in shining white, and with infinite tenderness he stretched out his hand for me to cross to the other side, but I said to him "I can't. My daughter needs me, she is still very small and she only has me to care for her."
NDE-like experience from hitting his funny bone.