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Nancy A's Experience

Experience description:   

A few days before 30th October, 2008, I was washing some cups and saucers at the kitchen- sink.  It must have been between five and seven PM and though it wasnít dark yet, I had turned on the spotlight that best illuminates the sink as I always do. The spotlight is on the wall at approximately one meter fifteen centimeters from the sink on the right -hand side. There was nobody else at home and I was thinking something related to Santi when I was urged to raise my head from the sink and look at the spotlight. It was NOT that I thought I had to do it,  it just  came to my mind  from nowhere and it was so rapid that there was no time involved from the instant I knew I had to look up and when I actually did it; itís very, very  hard to explain.  What I saw was Tinker Bell suspended in mid-air fluttering her wings next to the spotlight staring at me; she looked at me in the eyes with purpose and determination. I stared back at her and asked her three or four times in my mind if she was Santi. I wanted to communicate telepathically with her but she never spoke a word to me.

It was a beautiful animated projection of Tink in admirable proportions. She was about fifteen centimeters tall, had dark eyes but never blinked them. I paid special attention to her wings; they were transparent and exquisitely embroidered like those of a dragonfly but not as large.

I canít tell how long she was there but it must have been just a few  seconds. Somehow I knew she couldnít stay long but I didnít want her to leave. The very instant I felt she was about to leave, she flew making a shape like the infinite symbol in the air glowing with pixie dust and disappeared.  

I havenít seen her again since. I wish she would come to visit me again and that she would speak to me.


Foot note: Santi is my only son who took his life on 24th April, 2007 at the age of 23.

An NDEr from Argentina told me  he knew of five different people who had seen Tinker Bell ten years ago or so under similar circumstances but he didnít give me any details. Of the five accounts, three were told to him personally by the experiencers.

Iíd like to know if thereís somebody among you dear folks who has seen Tink as I did. Itís very important to me. Thanks!

E-mail:  nancy.antia@gmail.com