Muslim Views on Dreams
From Shaza, in Sudan

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The Muslim believes in the truth of the Dreams, the Quran tells the Muslims the story of the prophet Joseph and how his early dreams when he was a child became true after many long years, and also how is Joseph interpreted to the two prisoner's dreams, and his interpretation occurred to them  in the life.

Muslim believes that the God created all the dreams either bad or  good ones, but some dreams are from the dreamers’ self, like if he is frighten or worry about something or if he ate a lot before sleeping. which we call it nightmare and never occurs in the real life.

Muslims believe that the one who has the truest dream is always the honest in his speaking and never lies, as the prophet Muhammad said.

The Truest Dream:

The prophet M. said that “the truest dream is in the early morning”, and he also said “the truest dream is in the afternoon because the God revealed to me in afternoon”.

The prophet Muhammad said (If  anyone dreamed a bad dream he has to spat to his left three times and say “Oh God I ask you the best in this dream and I ask your help for it’s bad, then it will never occurs in the reality”.  As the Prophet Muhammad said (the supplication struggles with the destiny in the sky).

The dreams comes on :

Something happened in the past, to remind the dreamer, or in the present situation, or in the future to tell what will occur like death, rain, poverty, richness, highness.

Some people dreams the opposite in their dreams, if he dreamed that he is laughing it means something bad will occur which will make him sad or cry , vice versa.

Some people dreams the exact thing, so everyone knows the kind of his dreams through time!.

The dreamer has not to lie or add something in his dreams because it is a revelation from the God.

Dreaming of the prophets

 Dreaming of the prophets are either warning or good news for the dreamer. If anyone saw any prophet in a good look, it means he is –the dreamer-in good situation and the God  loves his deeds in the life, if he saw any prophet looks strange or sad, it means that the dreamer has bad deeds, and he will be punished a lot.

If someone dreamed of Jesus : it means that the dreamer is good and helpful man, and travels a lot, and he has a knowledge of medicine and other sciences.

If some one dreamed of the virgin Mary :it means that he will be in highness among the people, and he will get everything he wants, if a pregnant woman dreamed of Mary she will get a wise boy.

If someone dreamed of the wise Daniel : it means he will get fortune and knowledge of dream’s interpretation, and he will win against big enemy. Or he will be prince or minister.

Prophet Muhammad said (If anyone saw me in the dream he will never go to the hell in the afterlife).

If someone dreamed of prophet Muhammad it means : if he has debt he will pay it, if he is ill he will be in good health, if the dreamer in a struggle he will win.

Dreams of Angels :

To see the angels in dreams in good look , it means something will occur to the dreamer, get power and highness, good news and winning after giving up, good health after disease, or safe after fear, or may be go to pilgrim.

If the dreamer saw the angel of death looks happy, it means the dreamer will live long time, or he will die as a martyr, if he saw the angel of death looks angry the dreamer will die with many bad deeds, if he struggled with the angel of death and the angel won it means the dreamer will die, if he didn’t win the dreamer will be very ill but will not die.

If he saw many angels in a village or town it means the death of a scholar, or a good believer, or an innocent one will be killed there.