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Moriah's Experience

Experience description:    There are several experiences, so keep reading!

            This is my NDE/OBE as best as I can describe, although I canít find the words to portray the awe-struck wonder of what I saw and felt, and the intense effect that this experience had on me afterwards.

It all began one night after I prayed myself to sleep. I was extremely depressed for years because I felt that my life kept giving me constant problems and I was sick of it. I couldnít fight off the depression any longer and I gave into wanting to die yet something kept me from attempting suicide. This night, I hit rock bottom and hope was almost severed. I felt absolutely numb of emotion for nearly an entire year and I saw no way out. My soul screamed within myself for help. I felt barely alive, alone in my pain, and hopeless as I poured out my whole heart to God in prayer.  

I pleaded with God for His help and I told Him exactly my dilemma. I had no enthusiasm, will, nor strength to do anything. I felt so empty inside. I didnít want to talk with anyone. I just wanted to hide and sleep. I was always tired and I did not want to get out of bed in the morning. I wanted simply to die.  

After I examined how I felt and explained to God that I didnít know how to get out of this slump of sadness, I handed my life over to Him. I knew that I couldnít help myself and only God could help me because there was no one else. God was my last hope. Then as I gave up my last weary hope to God, I concluded with the Lordís Prayer, praying myself to sleep. My heart felt tired and empty. I was heavy burdened and holding on by a thin thread which was about to snap. I gave my all to God and my heart felt purely to the bottom of the essence of need.  

The next thing that I remember is waking up and finding myself on my knees and my head is facing down. I wonder to myself. Where am I? Iím not in my bed. As I tried to recognize my whereabouts, my head lifted up to see an oaken, wooden door that projects a presence of authority and respect. As I examine the door, trying to make sense of where I am, I notice there are no knobs. It had two doors that push open. When my head is facing straight forward, I am now instantly standing but I donít remember using my legs to stand up. I look through the right-hand door with a window opening one foot high by two feet wide, although the window had no glass. As I look through the window, a torrential flow of excitement, joy and love bursts through me as I behold Our Father! I know instantly who He is! As my enthusiasm escalates, the doors, nearly six inches in thickness, invite me inward.  

Instantly as the doors crack open, I hear music which nothing on earth can compare. All of the earthís symphonies pale in comparison. It sounds loud and piercing as a trumpet, yet the notes glide smoothly as a violin, and also sweet pitched as a flute. It is all these rich sounds blended perfectly as one. True harmony. As I concentrate on the music, it gracefully slows down to a soothing lullaby. It can lull any colicky baby off to sleep. The effect is the most beautiful and emotionally soothing song I have ever heard!  

As I focus on the mesmerizing beauty of the music, it flows through my body and I believe I hear it from within my whole self, not just with my ears. I donít know how to describe this sense of hearing. It is different than normal hearing. It feels like wind flowing through me and it seems to feel my emotion. I notice that the music began bursting forth with loudness and excitement as I had felt upon first seeing Our Father, then the music became calm and tranquil as I listen and focus on the melody. Somehow this music became a dance between the thrilling and excited emotion that I felt within myself with a calming effect from without to bring me tranquility. It was so beautiful!  

Next, I focus on how extremely bright my surrounding is, as though I am inside the sun surrounded by whiteness. Imagine being inside a light bulb, and yet the brightness doesnít hurt my eyes or cause them to squint. This is even brighter! I can see every detail so clearly and sharp. The focus is precise and perfect. I had never seen anything with this much precision and clarity before!  

Then I notice how healthy I feel. I am truly happy! There is no pain. My body feels light and free somehow. I sense a presence of others to the left and behind me. I feel their love and satisfaction of me radiating from their heart. I can actually feel their happiness and admiration emanating toward me without looking at them. Somehow I also sense their smiles but I canít take my eyes off of Our Father to look at them. I assume that I will have a chance to look at the others later. I only want to see God right now! Nothing else matters to me. He sits before me on a glorious throne. Yes, a throne! He is beautiful...magnificent....glorious! Iíve never seen anything so breathtakingly wonderful! How can I possibly describe His Glory and this joy! There just are not any words to convey His majesty! I am in speechless awe and wonderment!


My heart is so full of excitement and love that it overflows! I cannot hold back the flow of my emotion as I look upon Him with His face aglow with rosy cheeks, shining skin with the glow of perfect health. He isnít what I expected to see. I thought that He would be as perhaps Moses with a long shaggy white beard. He is very modern and up-to-date with His majesty. His hair is pure snow white and perfectly neat, as though He had just left the barber shop. He is perfect in every way! So beautiful! He is dressed in white as bright as light. He IS as bright as pure white light! I look at Him and understand that He is Our Father without a doubt and His Name is an all-embracing concept that I knew. He feels in my being as our Creator from whom ALL is originated. 


As I stand in awe of His presence, God nods to me and without restraint, I enthusiastically lunge straight forward unencumbered, through the air as though flying or hovering. I do not sense my legs, although I am not concerned with myself as I glide straight ahead. I never look left or right. I instantly leap into His arms to embrace Him in pure love! The joy is beyond anything I had ever imagined or felt before!


The music shot up loud and vibrant as before with enthusiasm and I see myself with three views darting from one view to another, then another, around and around like a spinning top! All three views dart from one to the other again and again so quickly that I am feeling dizzy. I see myself embracing Him upon His chest all the while looking into His face only inches away, and I also view from a distance away behind myself watching our embrace in full view. What is this experience? The views just keep spinning faster than I can handle. This is unlike anything I had ever encountered. As I thought this, suddenly the merry-go-round of views stopped. I feel as though I have just gotten off of an exciting roller coaster only this thrill was much more intense.  

I feel energy like a vibrating electrical power contained inside Him as we embrace. He embraces me in return with His arms. There is no way I can feel any happier than this very moment! I am swimming in divine love! We embrace for what seems to be thirty seconds or so and I never want to leave Him. Then I realize that all the hardship in my life was worth this moment. I cannot describe how intense my emotion feels. This is pure love that is like no other!  

I am astonished that He permitted me, a speck of a person to hug Him. Wow! Who am I that He would allow to touch Him? How can this be? Now I know how much God loves each and every one of us no matter how minute or prominent we may be in our life on earth. This is beyond my comprehension that He would do such an extraordinary wonder for me.

But then, I begin to question without speaking. I must have died (because I am truly in Heaven). But how did I die? Oh, no! It must have been instantly, like a bomb! Oh, no! The people! The earth! A bomb must have killed us all. Is everyone gone? My heart sinks down with empathy for what I thought had passed away. I begin to feel tribulation about the people. God knew how I felt and He gently stretched out His arm while still holding me with the other (like a loving Father), and spoke to me the only words I heard Him speak, "Everything is all right." His voice is perfect and calming and I know immediately that people are safe with God as He reassures me that it is okay. I stop worrying, but I still think that the world that I knew is now gone.  

I sense that it is time for me to go with a man who sat to the side of God whom I hadnít noticed before. I am not alarmed that he is suddenly there. It is not revealed to me why he is there but his visual looks are of someone that I knew on earth. I think it odd that he only looks like the person but does not feel like the person. This man who suddenly appeared seems as though he had watched us throughout my entire visit, but with no expression on his face. I cannot sense any feelings from him yet I recall feeling love radiating from the others around us which I still did not attempt to view. This man stood up and held out his right hand to me. I know that I am supposed to go with him and I assume that he will take me to where I belong in Heaven.  

Slipping away from God, I slowly arise and begin to take hold of this manís hand. Instantly, even before I touch his hand, I feel myself return back into my body on earth. My body is lying down on my bed, face up. I instantaneously slip through my chest and I feel my soul disperse throughout my entire body. I flow like liquid into my fleshly arms, all the way down to my fingertips, and into my legs, all the way to my toes. For about thirty seconds or so I lie in bed and can feel my skin surround me as though I am being enclosed in a body glove or a molded cage. My body is my container, a coating surrounding my spirit. I can feel both of them separately as I tingled with warmth. Then my body and soul blends together as one. It is like a sponge absorbing water. My body becomes one with my soul.  

I lie there wide awake, alert, and full of excitement! My heart is still pounding with ecstasy. If I would have known that I would return to this body on earth by touching that manís hand, then I would not have reached for his hand. Why didnít God warn me that I was leaving Him? I suppose I was meant to return to earth because if I had known beforehand, then I would have refused to go. But why was I sent back? There must be a reason that I had to return.  

I look to the left and see my husband asleep. I wonder what time it is as I try to acknowledge my homecoming or "earth-coming". I get up from my bed to look at the clock on my dresser and it is now that I realize that my eyesight has returned back to how it was before so that I need eyeglasses. My perfect vision is gone. The lighted digits on the clock shows 4:00 am. I lay back down in bed in awe and amazement to relish what had just happened to me. I was so anxious that I couldnít contain myself. God let me be with Him! I canít hold it in! I must tell everyone in the world how wonderful our God is! I felt like screaming from the tops of the mountains. I canít keep it in! I have to let it out!  

It is written in the scriptures; "They were to seek God, and, it might be, touch and find Him." (Acts 17:27). It is possible! Now I know what the scriptures meant to see things beyond our seeing, to hear things beyond our hearing, and things beyond our imaging. These scriptures are coming alive to me. I understand what they were talking about! The scriptures contain the truth and yet people do not comprehend their depth.  

I reached over to awaken my husband and told him all that you have just read. I told him that I had seen, heard and felt not as people do on earth. I had a different sensory perception that was more in-depth and richer with a heightened reality. It was a true essence of feeling free. I knew with an overwhelming conviction that my presence in Heaven was truer, past all comparison than my life on earth. I now know that I was in the spirit and that my body entraps me to the earth. It is my vessel and I am bound in captivity to the world. So this is what is means; "to set the captives free!"  

This was in no way a dream. It doesnít even come close to a dream. How can a dream sense what our body on earth can never do? How can a dream touch me so profoundly that it overtakes and changes my life? It was a transforming experience. I would have accepted death that night but God gave me life. God had another plan for me and took away my depression. He lifted it away and replaced it with love and a renewed life. I owe everything to Him. I felt a love so rich that I had not known it before in our earth realm. Indeed, everything is all right and I am able to live my life with renewed energy.  

God came through for me and I love God with all my heart. To see anyone insult or reject Godís existence is against the very core of my existence. I am still here today because God brought me back.

Was the kind of experience difficult to express in words? No       I can express it, but not the depth of it.

At the time of this experience, was there an associated life threatening event?          No      

At what time during the experience were you at your highest level of consciousness and alertness?    When I realized where I was in the light and seeing God before me and throughout the entire duration of this experience.

How did your highest level of consciousness and alertness during the experience compare to your normal every day consciousness and alertness?    More consciousness and alertness than normal

If your highest level of consciousness and alertness during the experience was different from your normal every day consciousness and alertness, please explain:            When I realized where I was in the light and seeing God before me and throughout the entire duration of this experience.

Did your vision differ in any way from your normal, everyday vision (in any aspect, such as clarity, field of vision, colors, brightness, depth perception degree of solidness/transparency of objects, etc.)?  Yes     Clarity was far beyond my physical eyesight.  And I could see with different viewpoints without moving my spiritual "body's" position.  Brightness was beyond the sun and yet I didn't need to protect my eyes from its brightness.  The light did not hurt my eyes.

Did your hearing differ in any way from your normal, everyday hearing (in any aspect, such as clarity, ability to recognize source of sound, pitch, loudness, etc.)?
            Yes     Sound was emotional and clear.  Music was perfectly in harmony, pitch and beautiful beyond a symphony.  Music communicated to me through emotion.

Did you experience a separation of your consciousness from your body?     Yes

What emotions did you feel during the experience?            Bliss, happiness beyond description, healthy, whole.  I still felt compassion for the earth's tragedies.

Did you pass into or through a tunnel or enclosure?          No      

Did you see a light?           Yes    

Did you meet or see any other beings?           Yes     I saw Our Father and I felt the presence of others (angelic beings) behind me, but I did not look at them.  I felt their love flowing out to me and I could "feel" their smiles.

Did you experience a review of past events in your life?    No      

Did you observe or hear anything regarding people or events during your experience that could be verified later?          No      

Did you see or visit any beautiful or otherwise distinctive locations, levels or dimensions?            Uncertain      I don't know how to answer this question.  I felt that I was in a location, but I did not see anything but bright whiteness.  It was very evident to me that I was not on Earth.

Did you have any sense of altered space or time?   No      

Did you have a sense of knowing special knowledge, universal order and/or purpose?     No       Not at that time, but I did receive special knowledge about creation, God, and purpose years later through visions.

Did you reach a boundary or limiting physical structure? No      

Did you become aware of future events?       No

Did you have any psychic, paranormal or other special gifts following the experience you did not have prior to the experience?     Yes     I received many "other worldly" perceptions about life's purpose, creation and God through visions. I saw with a "third eye" (mystical sight) that I didn't know I had before.

Have you shared this experience with others?         Yes     I shared it with my immediate family.  They thought that I just had a very strong dream.  They couldn't grasp the profound depth of my experience.

Did you have any knowledge of near death experience (NDE) prior to your experience?    No       I didn't know that such an experiences was possible!  I never heard of it before.

How did you view the reality of your experience shortly (days to weeks) after it happened:            Experience was definitely real    I never doubted my experience.  It was too extreme and life altering to be questioned.  My near-death/out-of-body experience was more real to me than life in my physical body on earth.  There's no comparison.

Were there one or several parts of the experience especially meaningful or significant to you?            God is love.  There can't possibly be anything else in God that isn't connected to love.  Everything is for love.  Everything was created in love and for love.

How do you currently view the reality of your experience:            Experience was definitely real    My view never changed.  I know this happened to me.  There is nothing to doubt.

Have your relationships changed specifically as a result of your experience?           Uncertain      I am different on the inside.  Even though I want to share my experience with others, I keep it to myself because most people aren't open to it without skepticism and doubt.  They don't know what I experienced and how it has changed my life, and I understand that.  I don't push my experience on to others.  Many people have no idea that I had such an experience.

Have your religious beliefs/practices changed specifically as a result of your experience?           
Uncertain      I am still of the same religious practice, but I am more open to multi-faiths.  I have a universal view of all religions and I see the oneness of all creation.

Following the experience, have you had any other events in your life, medications or substances which reproduced any part of the experience?         No      

Is there anything else you would like to add concerning the experience?        I know that God loves all of us and our acceptance doesn't depend on which religion we practice.  God is pleased with us when we love one another.  Love is always "the way".

Did the questions asked and information you provided so far accurately and comprehensively describe your experience?         Yes    


What I learned from my NDE-like experience and afterwards 

15 years after my NDE/OBE, I started to receive insights about God, creation and our world from an otherworldly dimension. This transcendent experience occurs in 18% of adult experiencers. It is as difficult for me to explain this phenomenon as it is to express my NDE-like experience because our vocabulary simply cannot clearly describe ethereal insights. I hope that you will forgive me if my expressions fall short of explaining it adequately enough for you to understand. I wish to make the disclaimer that the following is my conclusion that I have come to, from my own understanding, after all of my lifetime experiences and insights thus far. I submit this contribution in hopes to help other people understand what I learned through my near-death experience and other phenomena.

I discovered many things that answered many questions about God and the reason for things. I honestly donít have the intelligence to make up these answers or to give myself these visual effects. I felt awe struck as I watched this information unfold so that I viewed it from a mystical ďthird eyeĒ that I didnít know I had before. I saw creation take place from a mystical perspective from within a consciousness before there was form and shape. I was an observer of this consciousness and I perceived a conversation of a conscious mind about what it wanted to do before doing it.

I saw that our world was planned through a Divine Creator and yet the process of evolution was a part of that planning. This consciousness thought everything through from beginning to an ending purpose. I observed that while this consciousness was pleased with its ďperfection of peaceĒ it also wanted to love and move. It was perfect and ďtranquil stillnessĒ as it is, and yet it wanted involvement and interaction with life. It wanted to share all that it is with life. (I donít feel right calling this an ďItĒ so think about ďitĒ as being an abbreviation of a living Intelligence.)

But there was something special in having another ďbeing-nessĒ who chooses to love and interact with this Divine Consciousness without being made to do it through force. This consciousness wanted life to choose to want a communion with ďItĒ because It wanted to share all that It is with us. I felt its desire to nurture and to express itself. This became the feminine Consciousness and yet it was not separated from the masculine Consciousness which was content as It is. This consciousness wanted something similar to Itself that had its own freedom of expression and the ability to think for itself, and yet It knew that we couldnít be exactly like this Divine consciousness or we wouldnít become a different ďbeing-nessĒ. It was like separating a drop of water from an ocean except that the ocean had no boundary. How could this Divine Consciousness make another entity that was so much like Him/Herself and yet not be Him/Her?

This consciousness thought of the epitome of us before the formation of the universe and all that is on our planet. I will now call this consciousness ďGodĒ to make it easier for me to explain. God has the power to force people to follow His guidance, but He doesnít want to force His power against our will. There can be no absolute control over people if we were given free will and as was revealed to me, God did not want to take away our free will and freedom of choice. God remains hidden to this realm and many people have a problem believing in His existence. He stays hidden to permit us freedom of our choices, even about belief in Him! God certainly is not forcing people to believe anything, otherwise we would all see and hear Him dictating His absolute authority each moment of our life. God did not want that for us and so to see religions trying to coerce people to follow their scriptures goes against the will of God. God only intervened to give us guidance through inspiration because He foresaw people making bad choices with their freedom and where it would take them. He only intervenes enough to get us back on track and then lets us live our lives as we choose, and yet He hopes that we make good choices.

He permits us the freedom to pursue our destiny according to the level of our ability and at our own pace of comprehension. Perfect love does not dictate authority and God is perfect in every way. Perfect love respects the rights of another personís will while teaching and guiding with care, compassion, understanding and tolerance. Isnít it logical that since God is all-knowing that He would be tolerant and understanding of our weaknesses and mistakes? Wouldnít He understand why each of us does as we do?

God created in diversity so that we could be uniquely whomever we wanted to be in freedom, although He hoped that we would choose to follow the path of goodness along the way so that we would live in harmony. Unfortunately with freedom of will, there was always that vice which permits us to decide our path between what is good or bad for us, healthy or harmful. As I observed the vision of human spiritual evolution, I saw that people migrate toward likenesses of themselves because they conflict with their opposition and they seek harmony with their own soulís identity. Those who migrate toward Godís attributes are lead toward His path of unconditional love and philanthropic views, while those who migrate away are lead down the path of harming others and ultimately harming themselves.

Each person is responsible to learn the delicate balance to use our own free will without crossing over the line to infringe on the rights of others or to intentionally bring them harm. Each person has the freedom to choose the way which guides their life. As more and more men were inclined towards corruption, there evolved the need to give guidance to mankind to try to guide us back to the path of goodness. This is why so many people received divine inspiration which formed different religions throughout the world. The dilemma is that the guidance that He inspired is difficult for men to comprehend because we are not perfect beings. Therefore our interpretations are not perfect.

To know God is one of our choices. He wanted us to choose to follow His guidance because our heart agreed with it. He wanted us to choose to know Him. But to know Him was also to evolve toward His likeness. The problem is that we canít be His exact likeness or we wonít be our own individual being. We need our own identity. So He concealed Himself so that we would not see Him as He is until we chose to embrace Him because our heart loved what He is.

I want to point out that during my NDE-like experience, I saw God as a masculine Deity and I was even permitted to embrace Him. But during these visual revelations, I didnít ďseeĒ a God of form. This is because my transcendent vision was prior to God manifesting Himself as a visual Deity. In the spirit, we have access to God and God is not bound to the past, present or future. It was through this spiritual connection or communion that I perceived this explanation from a prior state. This is why I donít have a problem with other people discovering God in a different concept or form. God is a Consciousness that emanates His attributes into life. Each and every plant, rock and creature has an attribute that is Godís. Each life form has varying degrees of Godís attributes and characteristics. But to give us our own individual being-ness that was unique, He designed each thing with its own unique characteristics. As life forms evolve, or expand upwards to contain more and more characteristics of Godís attributes, life forms have more abilities and holds more and more of Godís purity.

"Now we see only puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we shall see face to face. My knowledge now is partial; then it will be whole, like God's knowledge of me." 1 Corinthians 13:12

"For all that may be known of God by men lies plain before their eye; indeed God himself has disclosed it to them. His invisible attributes, that is to say his everlasting power and deity, have been visible, ever since the world began, to the eye of reason, in the things he has made." Romans 1:19-20

Ē[I pray that God] may give you the spiritual powers of wisdom and vision, by which there comes knowledge of him. I pray that your inward eyes may be illumined, so that you may know what is the hope to which he calls you.Ē Ephesians 1:17-23


Part 2 - Receiving through the 3rd Eye 

The following is a description of what it was like for me when I received revelations in my third eye. One week in particular during the year 2002, I had been given some revelations as I had in the past. But something was different about it this time. I knew that there may be more revelations given at any moment in the near future because of the initial messages that I had received so I warned my husband that something extraordinary was about to be revealed to me and that something was very important!

By the end of the week, when I awoke in the morning, I was completely filled with Godís Word. All during the night while I slept and also while I was awakening in the morning I saw visions about Godís guidance, religion, creation, etc. Then I literally saw words in my vision whether my eyes were open or shut. I had an inner eye that saw from another dimension. I played with my eyes for a while with this new experience. I watched the words quickly flow. What I saw was like a screen of words scrolling in my Ďinnerí eyes. I almost felt like a robot that was scanning words like on a computer screen! The words did not have spaces, and they scrolled in a speed that was faster than I could read so I tried to pick out just a few letters. When I focused on a certain letter, I noticed that the scrolling slowed down just a little bit so that I could see all the positions of that one letter become bold among the screen. Still the scrolling was not at the speed that I could read because I couldn't identify the words without spaces. As I tried to pick out words, the scroll started to fade from my eyes. So then, I stopped trying to pick out words or letters and then the letters darkened and the scrolling kept flowing. I was very surprised with what I was seeing, but I didn't know what it was or why it happened.

Then after the scrolling finished, I was shown another tremendous vision. I was awestruck and extremely overwhelmed! I immediately sat up in bed. How can I explain all that I saw and felt? It was early in the morning and I was bursting with information. I felt like a spouting vessel (except it was in the spiritual sense)! I was given the understanding of God's guidance in my heart. So much of what I received was similar to what is written in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament and it also included information about the New Testament except it was so much more logical and obvious. It was so deep in divine truth. No one told me what to do with this revelation or why I received it but I couldnít keep it inside. I felt as though my mind wouldnít rest until it was released in some form of word. I just had to let it out! I knew that I could not fall back to sleep or do anything else until I released this information from my mind. I had to do it immediately because the words were gushing out of my mind and I didnít want to spill a drop of this most precious elixir.

It was 6:15 a.m. when I went to the living room and began to write. I grabbed my tablet and pen to write down what was spewing from my mind. It was difficult for me to contain so much divine revelation all at one time. I was like a little vessel trying to capture the down pouring of a continuous flow and my vessel wasnít big enough to hold it all. It was like trying to hold as much liquid in a cup from the downpour of Niagra Falls! There were so many different things pouring into my mind all at once. I knew that I had to give my complete attention to this divine pouring of information and I couldnít take my concentration away. My mind was so full that it was overflowing and spewing out with precious knowledge.

The understanding unfolded within my mind during the process of reflection. It was difficult to focus completely on the revelation and not be distracted by the noise around me at home. My mind felt torn in two when my family talked to me because it diverted my attention during this continual flow of unfolding of divine emanations. I felt like crying because I didnít want to miss any of the details that were flowing in my mind. I felt love inside my heart when I reflected on this message. I enjoyed the love of Godís interaction with me while I tried my best not to break my focus away from God. This was way too important and I didnít want to miss a drop! I had received more than I ever had before in my life and I knew how important the message was to have come from God. It was more precious to me than any treasure of earth.

I tried to figure where I could go to be alone in peace and quiet, without being interrupted. I had to be alone! I went to the library and headed to the farthest corner away from the front door of the library and saw a desk that had a dividing border around it. There were no other people near. I know that there was more that I could have held if I could have kept my focus connected to God in absolute peace but that was simply impossible at home. I sat down at the desk, took a deep breath, calmed myself, and said a prayer; ďOh God, let me retain what you poured into me!Ē Then I began writing.

Two hours into my writing, my hand began to ache so much that I couldnít write anymore so I stopped to pray. ďGod, if you want me to write down the revelations that you gave me, you need to help me. I am willing to write but you need to take away the pain from my hand. How can I continue to write with this pain?Ē After I had finished my prayer, I rubbed my hand and began to write again. The pain was completely gone! I continued to write four more additional hours without the pain returning. I wrote continually from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. (except for that one brief pause for my hand), until my mind finally felt just enough relief to stop writing. I had more to write, but I had released onto paper the major outline of what I had received.

Although I hadnít written down everything that was in my mind, I felt that enough was written that I could stop for now and pick up the rest from my notes. I was happy and in wonderment of what God had revealed to me. At that moment, I felt brave and sure that the world would see better days if people would seriously reflect on the words I had written. God was with us and actively searching for people who will receive His Word. I felt comforted and loved by the interaction I shared with God. There was nothing I wouldnít do to help Him. I knew that I was trying my best and I felt that God was pleased.


Part 3 - The Beginning 

The following was revealed to me in January 2002 about the beginning of Creation. I have the understanding within my heart, but the task of deciphering it onto paper and into a language is a challenge for me to clearly explain what I had received. To the best of my ability to express on paper, this is how the vision unfolded...

I am among two thoughts having a discussion, like among two hemispheres of the brain except there is no form. It is dark so I canít see anything and yet I do see from inside a conscience. I feel what these two thoughts discuss and I become drawn into it like an observer and a participant at the same time. I sense no boundaries and yet I donít move. I donít want to move. I observe two perspectives that are together in harmony as one. One perspective felt masculine and the other perspective felt feminine. I felt the masculine on the left and the feminine on the right, and I felt connected to both when each had something to think to share with the other perspective conscience. It was like the left side of a brain and a right side communicating with each other and I was among them as a witness while He/She was One Ė even with my presence. This is very difficult to describe! I just watched in awe and amazement as I was drawn into this conversation.

The left conscience is completely content and calm, completely tranquil and peaceful. The right is also just as amiable and yet she wants to love something. She wants expression of her love and movement, and an interaction with life. There is nothing to hold, nothing to see, and nothing happening except thought. Although the masculine conscience is quite satisfied with the way it is, he also wants to please the feminine conscience and so begins the discussion of her thought. The conscience thoughts discuss what they want to bring into being. Both perspectives want something to be like itself.

Although there isnít anything else, the duality of this thought process needs to produce something other than itself, otherwise the thing would not be another existing thing. Itís like air beside air; there is no separation and it is just itself.

The discussion thinks through every aspect from beginning to an end goal before it ever makes any movement. Nothing moves until every aspect is thoroughly thought out first. The goal is to have something other than God to have something with life that interacts with God. In order to bring something from him/herself into existence, there had to be a parting of himself and a way to keep that part of himself set aside or contained. Itís like blowing air into a balloon. There is air on the inside and air on the outside, yet they are separated. God wants a likeness of him/herself and yet it would need to be different from what already is God, so that it would come into being and become an individual being.

The discussion then thinks about its characteristics, abilities, and essence that is what God is. God is reflecting of him/herself and identifying the infinite attributes of what he/she is. God identifies his/her attributes of eternal existence (life), intellect (thought) with wisdom and understanding, love and compassion (emotions), will (power), infinity, boundlessness (choice and freedom), endurance, goodness, contentment, etc. As He reflects on his attributes, He sees perfection and bliss. Everything is good. He/She is willing to share all of His attributes with Creation. He also sees that in order to bring something of his likeness into existence, then the other something needed to reflect these same essences and yet be different in some way. He could ensemble diverse combinations of His essence into different living forms. He could design a myriad of living forms with each creature being a diverse expression of himself in unique combinations of His own attributes. This is satisfactory and yet all of these life forms would not resemble Himself in fullness.

For a living being to have His fullness of attributes and yet be different than what is already absolute perfection, is to accept and tolerate some kind of imperfection. Creation could not be completely perfect or it would not be identified as separate from God. God pondered on this as He saw that the Creation would not be completely perfect as him/herself and yet He wanted Creation to be as near as possible to His perfection as it could possibly be. He pondered how He could help Creation to compensate for its imperfection and this also satisfied the desire for involvement with His creation. In order to create something that wasnít absolutely perfect from His perfection, He needed to conceal or hold something back from Creation which made it incomplete and yet almost whole. 

He then reflected in thought about this concealment. To conceal is to hide (keep back) something from his perfection in order to create something different from himself. He needed to reflect himself onto himself while concealing something that he is in order to bring it into being. But to conceal something of himself is to hide the totality of His perfection that he is from his Creation. This was a dilemma because he wanted Creation to know him. But for Creation to know him is to know perfection and then Creation would not be separate from God, and therefore not manifested. So he thought further on how to reflect himself in Creation without being completely disclosed. He speculated very carefully about which aspect of himself he should choose to conceal from all Creation.

He wanted Creation to hold all of his attributes and yet he wanted to have and to hold it with care and interact with it. He knew that he could create anything that he wanted and it would be, but he needed to choose what he wanted that Creation to be before it became manifest. What was so precious to him was to be able to share all that He is and to be known by his Creation because he wanted to share Himself with creation. He wanted to love something other than Himself and He wanted love to be reciprocated. But to give Creation life, he would need to conceal himself and be hidden. He foresaw the essence of concealment and how it would bring into life a veiled enigma. So then he chose to build Creation upon the foundation of logic and truth so that there would be evidence to prove what he is without being seen. While God would be hidden from his Creation, he could interact with it by revealing himself through Creation. And since Creation would not know God as he/she is in totality, then we would not be all-knowing. Knowledge of all things would be concealed. God didnít want us to be ignorant, but he needed to create something of his likeness through concealment. Unfortunately, not to be all-knowing is to have ignorance and so complete knowledge would be veiled.

God then knew that he could combat the lack of knowledge by helping us discover the unknown. He planned on revealing things of the infinite knowledge to his Creation by increments, thus Creation could evolve and expand. While God is infinite and boundless, Creation would be bound so that it could exist separately from Himself. To be bound is to have restrictions and so we could not contain infinite knowledge within ourselves. God wants Creation to be free and to also reflect his attributes of eternal existence and free will. So he reflected on how to combat our restrictions by permitting Creation to learn and expand in knowledge at its own pace and with freedom of choice to learn what we can grasp. This would also reflect a continual evolution to learn, grow, and expand in wisdom. And while our knowledge expanded, we would become more knowledgeable about God as he revealed himself through Creation because Creation reflected his invisible attributes. Therefore, this is how God could be known while being unseen.

So, to begin the process of creating something different from what is already pure in perfection, is to become a different existence, thus Creation is always different from God while being of God. God is God just as fire is fire, or air is air, or water is water. God does not become less of his/her essence by giving himself to Creation. Itís like separating fire from fire; or air from air, or water from water. The essence of fire is still fire when it is separated, but to keep fire separate from the original source, it needs some way to attach itself to another object (like a stick, match, or wick) or placed into a containment of form.

Fire is dependent on air to keep it aflame. Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen (air). So air was the first element which came from God. Air provided an element for space or thought. Water came forth as a malleable element for movement (action). Then Fire (spirit) came to emanate light (knowledge) to shine onto the water. These three elements are the beginning foundation of life, yet they had a beginning source. For God to begin to separate what he is, he needed to share part of himself and then place that part of what he is into a form or a vessel. So God would need to start the process by moving his stillness into action of will. 

The masculine and feminine mind agreed to bring Creation into existence even with the awareness of imperfection and ignorance. He/she saw imperfection and ignorance as a way to become involved with Creation by nurturing it to evolve toward perfection and knowledge. So imperfection and ignorance is to be tolerated while we evolve. God also saw that ignorance will eventually bring about sin because sin is the action of doing harmful things due to ignorance. Sin was not perfection and it sows corruption. This was a process that God did not like but he also saw that knowledge dissolves ignorance and so there is a remedy. Ignorance is not knowing, therefore to know is to overcome ignorance and God would take it upon himself to disclose knowledge as we were able to embrace it.

When Creation evolves with knowledge and understands the consequences of sin, then his creation could combat corruption through discipline and restraint. God would also bring into existence spiritual beings (of the ether), which were not bound to the material world to assist Creation to help us overcome the forces of evil. God foresaw that the things of the spirit would defeat the lower nature of sin. The spirit was of life while the nature of sin lead to mortality. Life would conquer death. Manifested life would be the combination of the two. Although humans have the free will to choose between life (of the things of perfection and goodness) and death (of the things of corruption and wrongdoing), God would help guide us to the path of perfection. So God thought through this before acting upon creating which would permit sin to come temporarily until we overcame it. God saw Creation as a way to express him/herself and to share all that he/she is in love.

Since Godís attributes are so diverse, he placed a variation of expressions of himself into a variety of forms. Thus these forms held different combinations of Godís attributes in various amounts of simplicity and complexity. The simple manifested life forms begin with simple abilities and are less complex, such as the amoeba The more complex manifested forms then expand on upward into the complexity found in humans. The more complicated life forms have the ability to do multiple tasks. Humans are the epitome of life forms for their thought process, abilities and will. Human beings are the highest order of life forms on the earth with mental reasoning capabilities and the ability to expand.

Humans were created as intelligent and emotional beings which reflect the epitome of combination of Godís attributes manifested into a physical life form. We are the expression of all variations of Creation combined into one being. We reflect the spiritual and the physical, the seen and the unseen. We contain elements which reflect the attributes that are found in planets and celestial things, plants which grow and produce seeds, and animals which animate life with mobility. We were created from the life force and of the substance that does not have life which is like the clay of the earth substance. If the life force is taken away from the body, a corpse remains. A corpse is made of a substance that does not have movement. The flesh is like the dirt which is a substance that is not a living thing without the life force. A body comes to life when it contains the life force (spirit) within.

The whole of Creation infinitely expresses various ways of existence through different element combinations as manifested as the solar system, plants, rocks, animals, etc. Then within each of these, there are other dimensions of variety which shows different colors, sizes, shapes, etc. There are levels within dimensions which expresses individuality. God was pleased.

Then I intuitively discerned the right side of Godís hemisphere softly move herself so that the process of creating could begin. She needed to bend and fold herself in order to reflect on the left hemisphere like a malleable mirror. The masculine hemisphere stayed as he was while the feminine hemisphere moved herself downward, toward the masculine hemisphere, like a gentle wave and twisted outward until they almost separated. Then while they were still connected, they reflected on each other. This process began a polarization of Godís attributes by reflecting his invisible attributes of what he is onto and into his reflection that was turned in the opposite direction. There became a stillness and movement, an up and down, and an inward and outward expression. Then everything that he/she thought came to be in the order of his/her disclosure and it radiated throughout all things. First came space (air) from the will to move, then the polarity of opposite qualities to go up or down and toward or away. This formed another dimension of direction. Then the spark of light (fire) emitted to give thought (knowledge). This brought forth the two opposite qualities of lightness and darkness. Next, the upper and lower reflection produced an infinite dimension to reflect levels within levels. To reflect light is also to shine like water glistens, and so the upper water reflected onto the lower water.

Another dimension of reflection is how the eye reflects an image inside the eye and the image is turned upside down and projects to the retina before the brain turns it right side up again. Animals have two eyes that reflect to the one mind.

Humans also perceive understanding with the eye of reason. Knowledge comes down from above (from the divine consciousness) to enlighten what we didnít previously perceive. Humans uniquely reflect this invisible attribute when we use our brain to think with reason and logic. This is the connection that guides mankind to seek a higher destiny. This connection to the higher consciousness is a blessing from God as he emanates downward into our mind with things beyond our present knowledge and capabilities. Intelligence prevails over ignorance and this is the whole purpose that God wants us to rise above and learn. We are intelligent beings and we are supposed to question things and always seek deeper wisdom.

Humans are like gems to God when we radiate beauty and goodness at our highest splendor. The most upright of humans reflect the highest human potential which is the nearest to perfection as a human may evolve. Thus all things may freely evolve upward in spirit as we conquer the lower gradients of ignorance. We may become what we want to become from our own will while we evolve in the spirit. We could continually reach for perfection which is a good thing, and so Creation came to be.