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Materialization of entities from behind the veil
By Uday

( revised and verified by Victor Zammit)

 We never die. On completion of our lessons in our Earthly physical class-room , we shed our solid body structure. Our etheric body  ( at higher state of vibration) escapes with all the feelings intact  and consciousness.  We call a person in this state an entity. They dwell in a world which is invisible to our naked eye. Their world is located very near to our physical world. This world is equipped with all the necessary requirements for continuation of this next stage of life. These entities communicate with each other mentally/telepathically and have strong visual ability. They can move freely from place to place without any need for a pass-port and visa. We can capture their thought waves in our recorders or computers with the help of a noise signal( White noise). The process is known as EVP ( Electronic Voice Phenomenon). We can photograph them using our normal photographic cameras . Their photographs appear as a round lighted patch known as an "ORB”. I have enlarged many ORB photo’s and done a little bit of editing for brightness and contrast to reveal internal hidden information. I always find a full human body or head. People have validated their similarity with the photographer’s relative on the other side of the veil. See link:  



Materialisation of an entity means they take solid body form which is then visible to our naked eyes. This is possible by taking advantage of a  human body fluid known as “ectoplasm” .  Ectoplasm is a special body fluid which normally comes out from the mouth of gifted mediums in their meditative state. Entities can use this fluid & generate solid forms of their face, hands or whole body.  They use the etheric voice cord of the medium & can generate audible messages which they want to deliver to us. Their audible messages can be recorded using any audio recording device.  Such materialisation is one of the greatest achievements of psychic extravaganza. The presence of any  visible light during this materialisation is an obstacle since ectoplasm cannot tolerate light . Therefore this exercise has to be performed in total  darkness. If you apply any sudden light from a torch or use any other light source , you will cause a rapid return of ectoplasm inside medium’s body. This is very dangerous to the health and wellbeing of the medium. There are many recorded cases of materialisations in the past. This is a worldwide phenomenon & had happened in the19th, 20th  & 21st  centuries. Sudden application of light from curious observers has also caused causalities in the past. 

Recently a small and selected  group of psychics are regularly performing such exercises in Sydney, Australia, every week. David Thompson, one of the famous medium in Australia is allowing his body’s ectoplasm to be used by the spirit scientists for such materialisations.  

     David Thompson , medium.  link for his web site : http://www.davidthompson.com.au/ 

Sydney lawyer, Victor Zammit, is working with the other circle members to ensure that these materialisations are carried out in experimental conditions and to let the world know about their success through his web site. 

  Victor Zammit , lawyer, member of the circle of the Solver Cord  materialisation /séance/ experimentation. Link for his  web site: http://www.victorzammit.com/ 

One helpful Entity name, William, is instrumental in bringing forward reputed figures of the past during  such  séances. The sketch of William shown below was validated by medium David Thompson . 


So far famous personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Arthur Conan Doyle and Louis Armstrong have appeared & conveyed their messages in English. Victor has shaken the solid materialized hand of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 



Following is the check list followed by the experimenters: 

·       Experiments are done during night time only.

·       The room’s door & window closed and locked to prevent accidental opening.

·       The room’s lights are off and gloves removed.

·       Members are seated on chairs in a quarter-circular fashion as shown in the sketch below and hold their hands during materialization to form a chain.

·       Medium David Thomson is seated in the centre of the quarter –circle.

·       A digital MP3 recorder switched on before the séance starts and covered to prevent accidental exposure of light.

·       The hands of the medium are tied to the arms of the chair & his legs are tied to the legs of the chair. A gag is placed across his mouth in such a way that his speech is muffled but ectoplasm can still be extracted from his mouth.

They find

·       voices appear from different parts of the room in space.

·       Sometimes the voices are up near the ceiling and other times close to the ears of the sitters.

·       Sometimes you can hear the footsteps in the room.

·       Sometimes entities shake hands with the sitters. 

I have enclosed the link which will take you to the transcript & sound files of different discussions they had with materialised entities. 


I have suggested Victor and Wendy ( another of the sitters )  use a stereo sound recorder for recording of the conversation and to use  two similar micro-phones, placed at a distance of 2 meters from each other. This will enable listeners to enjoy the special effect of sound movement in two – dimension.  

All voices that come from the entities may appear similar as they are generated by using etheric voice box of the medium but you will find modulation & pitch are distinctly different for different entities, but consistent for a particular entity in different sound files. Voices also resemble their real life recorded messages. 

We seek your help & your expertise to analyse the sound files to support the above statement . 


Uday_mukhopadhyay@hotmail.com               4th September, 2006