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Mary's Son's Experience

Experience description:   

After having just read your book Evidence of the Afterlife, I am compelled to share with you a discovery I made which gives me great hope for the afterlife.   

My son, died suddenly in 2010 when he fell 38 feet from the roof of his apartment building.  He was 20 years old, and a student of music.  There was a full moon that night, clear skies, and he and friends had been out on the roof, undoubtedly taking in the night sky and the lights of the city.  He was alone at the time of his fall, but we have every assurance that it was purely an accident. 

There have been several “coincidences” along the way, little things that, in hindsight, could be viewed as prophetic, and therefore, help assure me that there is a God, one who provides hope and promise of his love and care for us now and in our futures, whatever they may be.  The most compelling of these “coincidences” to me was the attached journal entry that I discovered recently in my son’s first grade journal that he kept for school.  He spelled words to the best of his ability at that point, and the teacher provided the translation in her writing of those words which were not spelled correctly.  It reads, “One night I was looking in the sky.  And then I saw the nice angels.  They carried me up.”  His illustration shows six stars in shades of purple, pink, blue, green, orange and yellow, each with a beam of light extending downward, and within each beam there is a little "being" representing himself pulled upward, judging by the shape of his hair.  And I find it interesting that he is wearing a tie in each picture of himself.  My son did not generally wear ties at six years old.  The night he died, he had played earlier in a concert, and we were told by his roommate that he had been dressed nicely.  One of the other astounding things about this entry is that it was dated October 29, 1996.  Although October 29 was not the date of my son's death, it was the date of his memorial service, and of his cremation.  This entry stands out from the other entries in the journal in its subject matter. 

Our family has been devastated by our loss, and I cling to the things which give me hope.  I have always had faith in God, but it has been put to a test with this tragedy.  One way I cope is by choosing to believe that there is an afterlife and that I will see my son again.  Reading of so many others’ experiences in your book has given me great hope.  Thank you for your work.