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Experience description:   

First of all I will tell you that I have a friend who lives not quite 2 hours away from me, anyway I told him before my experience (Jan. 1/02) that on my next OBE I would see if I could go to his place but first of all I was going to go to the stars.  Well it was New Year's Day, just I and my son were home.  It was around 9:00 p.m. in the evening, all the lights and TV were on.

I was awake just relaxing on the couch when suddenly this loud buzzing noise started (I thought this to be strange, as usually this is my cue to leave my body.  But I thought, I am wide awake and not even trying to have an OBE).  The buzzing was so loud, I thought the whole house was buzzing.  When suddenly the phone range, I was going to get up and answer it.  I noticed as I sat up out of the corner of my eye, I could still see me lying down.  When I noticed that I was out of my body, I shot out of my living room window and was up in the stars gazing at Orion in less than a second.  It was so beautiful up there, Orion looked like a giant man all lit up, he seemed to be alive, I don't know how long I gazed at him, because I was out of my body for approximately 50 minutes, and there is no time in the spirit world.  When I was done gazing at Orion, I shot off, now this is where I felt I went back in time. 

After I shot off I ended up floating in a big long building with a bunch of sculptures and was looking at them and thinking how lovely they were, then suddenly I noticed 2 lady souls dressed in long dresses and funny little hats, they were quite a distance from me, all I did was think i wanted to talk to them and instantly was beside them.  I asked the one lady where I was, and I told her I was looking for Radville, Saskatchewan, Canada.  She told me "your a long ways from Radville, maam, your in Berkshire, England"  (I have never heard of this place before, or I have never been to England).  I told her "really, can you write that on a piece of paper for me so I can show my friend when I get to Radville?", she told me she could but I would most likely not be able to get past barrier with it, sure enough when I shot off again, I could not get past this invisible barrier.  I tried 3 times, so after I dropped the paper, I was able to get by.

The next thing I realized I was flying high above some souls who seemed to be sitting at tables, I felt this was another dimension.  They were all looking up at me flying by, and I could telepathically hear them all saying, "it's a soul traveler". (I heard a few different voices saying this).  (I was also sorry I didn't stop here and ask where I was, I was too busy trying to get to my friend's place).  After this I remember flying at such an incredible speed, I could not read the name on some grain elevators I flew by.  Then I went into some houses thinking they were my friend's house. 

Then I also remember being in some building with doors on like the old western movies. After some more experiences, I flew off and ended up in a beautiful place, grass so green (I've never seen it on earth).  I saw 2 little boys in the field.  As I was floating in the air above them, I asked them if they knew which way to get to Radville, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

That is when the one of them told me I was not allowed to go to ________ _______ place. (he said my friend's name and I didn't even tell them his name).  This is when I accepted his message, then after he told me this, I heard this powerful, authoritative but loving voice who gave me a long message (which I wasn't allowed to remember when I came back to the couch).  I believe this was the Lord speaking to me, this voice was so powerful I thought the whole world could hear it.  Anyway I believe this experience was preparing me for my father's death.  He died a little over a month after this experience.  All I know is this experience was meant to happen to me.

Any associated medications or substances with the potential to affect the experience?     No

Was the kind of experience difficult to express in words? No

At the time of this experience, was there an associated life threatening event?          No

But, a little over a month later my dad died.

What was your level of consciousness and alertness during the experience?           I was wide awake, that is why I believe the experience was meant to happen to me.  Sort of a preparation.

Was the experience dream like in any way?   NO

Did you experience a separation of your consciousness from your body?     No

What emotions did you feel during the experience?            I felt happy, I was flying at an incredible speed.  It was powerful.

Did you hear any unusual sounds or noises?           Loud buzzing

Did you notice how your 5 senses were working, and if so, how were they different?          Yes, I noticed about speaking telepathically.

Did you have any sense of altered space or time?   Yes

Did you have any changes of attitudes or beliefs following the experience?  

I was spiritual before the experience, and I have had other OBE's

How has the experience affected your relationships? Daily life? Religious practices? Career choices?       Grew more spiritual

Has your life changed specifically as a result of your experience?         No

Have you shared this experience with others?         Yes

Just close spiritual friends.  They loved my story.

What emotions did you experience following your experience?  I was humbled, amazed, grateful, thankful for this wondrous experience the Lord let me have.

What was the best and worst part of your experience?      Best part was being up in the stars

Is there anything else you would like to add concerning the experience?        No

Following the experience, have you had any other events in your life, medications or substances which reproduced any part of the experience?         No

Did the questions asked and information you provided accurately and comprehensively describe your experience?               Yes