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FRIEND FROM ANOTHER WORLD.  (O.O.B.E.) - From the m/s of my unpublished book "Another World” by Marilyn Preston Evans

On Monday, 6th September, 1971, another vastly exciting phase opened up for me.  I had gone to bed as usual, rather late.  Suddenly, I found myself on Plymouth Roe -I was fully aware my physical body was home in bed, but more fully aware that in Reality I was standing, in an astral projection, on The Hoe, waiting for someone very, very special, to arrive.

         Then it appeared -a magnificent Space Ship, gleaming and showing exterior colored light of white, yellow, blue, and green.  Watching as the Space Ship came in over Staddon Heights, I became excited and waited impatiently for it to land on the tarmac.

         The U.F.O. landed, a door slid silently back, a ramp walk appeared and a tall Being, dressed in a one-piece space suit came into sight.  His face shone with great happiness.  My heart lifted with unbelievable happiness, too, that my Spirit sang.  Never had I encountered before or since such depth of feeling, of love, of beauty, of joy, happiness and ecstasy.  I knew instantly, without a shadow of doubt, that I had known him for thousands of years, in lifetimes past and perhaps on other planes and dimensions of time, on other planets, too.  I had lived with him, and loved him in all that time.  He raised his right hand, palm facing me, and I felt absolute happiness and exhilaration -a great feeling of total LOVE enfolded me -such as one could never experience of an Earthly nature -'the love which passeth all understanding,...'  With tremendous relief. I said "Thank God you are here again -this Earth is in a terrible state."

         “We come in Love and Peace to help you -will you not accept us in Love and peace?” he asked.  Meeting him, left me in no doubt whatsoever that ‘they’ did indeed, come in a most wonderful form of Love and peace ­- that one could have absolute trust and faith in 'them' whoever they are and wherever they came from.  I replied that, of course, I accepted them in love and peace -but didn’t know how this Earth world would react to them.

           Then I became aware of something more -"Oh! We’re not using our voices to speak!" I exclaimed.  "No - we are talking telepathically as we always used to do" came his reply with that lovely smile.  No language barriers with telepathy!!!

            Then I became aware mentally that humans were afraid and were planning to attack the Space Craft, and became panicky.  He again, raised his right hand, palm facing me, and a quietness came on my mind, through which he then 'spoke':  “On no account must the Earth people attack us -we come with no weapons of war, but we have a sonic barrier surrounding our craft -you cannot harm us, but the barrier will return. Any attack and people will be hurt, maimed and killed by their own weapons.  Tell the people of our message of Love and Peace- tell your television and radio friends with whom you are in contact and also your press friends and all whom you know and who know you."

             I promised that I would 'tell the people' -and this is what I have tried to do ever since, for lots more things were to happen on the U.F.O. scene before long.

 Up until this time I had not come upon anything at all about the great field of ufology -it simply did not interest me in any way and I did not then know others were interested and in fact were having personal contacts and experiences themselves. Some have been beamed up aboard the space ships and have spent time with the Space Brothers, learning much from them and their advanced way of life and technology.  To say that in comparison we are very backward spiritually and in every other way is putting it mildly:

             ...the following morning, Tuesday, 7th September, 1971, I awoke with a feeling of great excitement.  Why???  Suddenly I remembered most vividly the experience of the night.  And it was real, quite real.  But I did not really believe in Flying Saucers - knew nothing about them and didn't know anyone else who had any knowledge or sighting of them.  Now this!

             All that day I had my eyes fixed on the sky.  I knew without doubt, that a Space Ship was there above. Somewhere- why couldn't I see it?  And how could I tell anyone? Already, as a healer of humans and animals and birds, many must have thought I had taken leave of my senses –at least those who did not know me or the work on which I was engaged.

             All that Tuesday I continued to scan the skies, waiting for my beloved friend from another world. But nothing ... Until the evening ... I went into the lounge to take my husband's cup of coffee in to him; I had spent the evening writing in another room. As I opened the door, the television set in the corner of the lounge broadcast a "Special Announcement" – a Flying Saucer had been seen over the East Cornwall area -where we live!!!  Nearly dropping the cup in excitement and hardly able to speak, I told my husband that I knew- had been waiting all day for 'them' to come -that I had been talking with a most beautiful and wise Space Being the night before.  But I was met with a blank look of pity and complete disbelief... and I could say no more.

             But my Space Friend had told me to tell my television, radio and press contacts about their message of Peace and Love.  So, dashing in on the typewriter, words were soon flying onto paper of everything which had happened the night before, when the U.F.O. appeared in her glory, and the white, yellow. blue and green lights surrounding her.  I was well aware I would be thought a complete 'nutter' and my letters would end up in the wastepaper bins, but it had to be done -I had to keep my promise and I was delighted to be able to do so.  Before midnight all the letters were safely in the Post Office letter box.

             Next day I bought a copy of the western Morning News -a man who saw the U.F.O. at Callinqton in East Cornwall, stated that it had white, yellow, blue, and green lights around it.

 I have to jump 6 months in my story now, to when a friend in Worcester sent me a copy of a newspaper which covered a Warwickshire man's 30 year interest in Flying Saucers.  I wrote to the paper with the experiences I then had been involved in, sending a copy to this ufologist.  He replied, sending a magazine which he printed and issued, called N.I.C.A.P. (National Investigation Committee for Aerial Phenomena) and I was amazed to learn that he, too, was in telepathic contact with our Space Friends, and had mentally received an almost identical message to that which I had received, almost word for word, 6 months previously.

            He then ‘tuned in’ for me, and received a most interesting and helpful message from Bor, the pilot of a 'large scientific space craft' circling our planet at that time.  Bor said they were going to energize me with the Purple Ray, and for the next 4 months I worked at a greatly increased pace, with much happiness, end needing only 4 hours sleep in every 24 hours.  A lovely ray to be on!

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            We come back again in time now, to 6 weeks after my first U.F.O. experience of the 6th September, 1971...

             On Saturday, 23rd October, 1971, Mike, a vegan friend (we were both vegan at the time, for several years- Mike still is), was driving me back from some healing sessions in East Cornwall, when we were privileged to see one of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen.  If seen as a painting, one would say it wasn't for real ­- but there it was, in all its full glory; the sun just setting, the sky a beautiful blue, with shades of gold, turquoise and purple, blending perfectly and giving the feeling that all is well with the world –if not this one, then some other world.

             We drove on towards home, watching the gorgeous sunset as it came into view through trees and hedges on that lovely autumn evening.

             Suddenly we noticed a large pinky/golden ball of light in the sky, and stopping to look at it, opposite a telegraph pole with a stay-cable, we queried what on earth it could be.  It was simply 'there' far, far larger than any star, and we could see the moon to one side of it.  U.F.O.s did not enter our minds at the time.  We were impressed to drive out through the lane on the opposite side of the road to where this 'sky-ball' appeared right in the apex of the pole and cable.  We drove very fast along this lane for quite a way until we came to a gateway into a field, where we could view the ball in quietness and without the stream of traffic distracting us as on the main road.

             Getting quickly out of the car, we found the ball of light had disappeared completely -the moon was exactly where we had left it ­- but no sign of our light by its side as before.  Disappointed, we were about to get in the car when I received a clear mental request.  Telepathically I was told “Go back to the place you first saw us and wait for us there." 

 We did.  And waited and waited ...and waited.  Suddenly, there it was again!  Exactly in the same spot -in the apex of the pole and cable; the same color, but a different shape. This time it was a cigar shape set at an angle Nor'-West - Sou'-East.  We were intrigued -what on earth was it? We watched and waited.  Then Mike said “Anyone would say that was the sun shining on a cloud!” But there were no clouds about.  Immediately he uttered the words, the ball-cigar changed shape in a flash -and color this time, too - to an oblong shape, darkish in color. 

 “They’ll say that's a canister in the sky” said Mike.  Instantly, it reverted to its original shape and color but this time the direction it was lying was Nor’-East -Sou'West.  We watched and waited again.  No change.  I spoke. .”They’ll say that's the sun shining on the other side of the cloud now!” and laughed.  Without waiting an instant, the shape suddenly became vertical.

             We were baffled and sat watching it until it gradually became smaller and smaller in the growing gloom, still centered in the apex of the pole and its cable, until it was a tiny, dark ball, which nearly drew our eyes out watching it.

             Then the enormity of the situation hit us both! We were both elated by the experience and spiritually aware that something tremendous was happening.  What had we just taken part in??? 'Someone out there' had known exactly what we were saying and thinking and have given us a private ringside seat, a marvelous exhibition.  Who -or what -was it?  What did it all mean?  Why us?  Did anyone else see it? Did it correspond with their thoughts and statements, too? Was it connected to the previous U.F.O. experience?

             When we were able to move, we dashed along the road in the car to the nearest phone-box and rang the Western Independent, a Sunday newspaper printed in Plymouth.  We told our story to a reporter.  He asked us to ring again in an hour -he would check if any military exercise could account for it.  I explained that nothing of the Earth plane could account for it; for the fact that immediately Mike or I said something about the appearance in the sky, it immediately changed shape, direction or color - by no stretch of the imagination could that be Earthly or coincidental.  He agreed it was 'all very strange'.

 We telephoned the I.T.V. station in Plymouth and the B.B.C. and were told a lady in Torpoint had just reported a 'brilliant white light zigzagging northwards in the sky at a fantastic speed.'

             On Monday evening, 25th October, the western Evening Herald carried a large article of interest and a BBC spokesman said that on Saturday evening, parts of Cornwall had T.V. blackout, with viewers finding their pictures fading or others superimposed.  Radio reception suffered considerably and that this was all due to “circumstances beyond our control – propagation of radio waves in the atmosphere affected the micro-wavelengths used in television transmissions."

             More than 30 people telephoned one newspaper alone to report a 'strange sight in the sky'.  We were not the only ones to see some­thing unusual!  But we seem to have had the best seat!  And to be in telepathic contact with our Space Friends again!

             On Tuesday, 28th March, 1972, Mike was again driving me to give healing to someone near Plymouth.  We could not find the place and found ourselves at Staddon Heights, with a glorious view of Plymouth Sound.  The evening was again most beautiful.  Suddenly we saw a huge arc of white light in the sky -like a white rainbow.  As we watched, it began to move out over the sky towards the sea, and as it came over the Breakwater, 7 beams of light came up out of the sea, joined the arc of light and drew it down into the sea.  I immediately wanted to tell the world, but as Mike pointed out -who would believe us, and who would want to know?  We did not know what it was all about ourselves.  Next morning, in the post, was a book, sent to me anonymously, called "The Brotherhood of the Seven Rays.”

             I was invited to give a lecture on Animal Healing to a number of international and national healers at the National Federation of Spiritual Healers' Spring School at Torquay on Friday, 21st April, 1972.  I was, of course, a registered healer of the N.F.S.H.  My friend, Mike, drove me there, and we found about 120 healers waiting for the afternoon talk.  At the end of the lecture, I found myself listening to my voice, talking about our Space Friends and of their help to the Earth plane, and of their great healing abilities.

             The talk finished, several came up to the platform to ask questions and tell me of their own experiences.  Three members from Sweden asked if I had been aware 3 Spacemen were with me whilst talking and had 'given me power- -I was not aware, but by then not surprised either!  They asked if Mike and I would like to stay on after the dinner in the evening as they had booked a private room at the hotel for their time of telepathic communication with the Space Friends.  We jumped at this offer to join them.  They described the Space Beings who had been in on the healing talk.  They gave me a psychic painting done for them by a local physic artist (whom I knew).  On the back of which I later found they had written "With Love, Light, Strength, Power and Blessings from that Planet which is working through you.  Jupiter, Saturnus, Mercurious, and your friends from Sweden.”

             During the meal, I was seated next to the Librarian of the N.F.S.H. and President of the Essex Healer's Association (I think my memory serves me correctly).  Mentioning the episode of the Swedish healers seeing clair­voyantly the group of space beings, she immediately blanched and said she, too, had seen them - 3 men, and described them completely accurately according to the Swedish description.  She explained she had not believed in 'that sort of thing’ before.

             It was not until 1977 I received another telepathic message of great help and comfort from my Space Friend, during a traumatic time. 

             Here I would like to quote from Elizabeth Klarer’s book "Beyond the Light Barrier."  Mrs. Klarer had met with a beautiful Space Being who was her twin soul, she went to his planet and there their son, Ayling, was born.  She returned to the earth plane and the last I heard was that she was awaiting recall by Akon and their son to their real home again.

             “To meet with people of a highly advanced civilization, thousands of years ahead of earth people, I could only hope for contact if I was prepared to go half way to find them.  Becoming aware of their presence in the skies. I practiced telepathy with horses, dogs and cats – even with plants, machines or anything with the electric spark of life.  I found this of great value in my experience through the years and eventually, I was able to communicate with Akon who came in a spaceship from beyond our Solar system.  As the time went on through the years of preparation, the telepathic link became stronger and stronger.”

             "It is when one can respond with love and kindness, understanding, and wisdom, with no vestige whatsoever of fear or hate, one can hope to approach within their domain and meet with the people who maintain the interstellar spaceships.  In the understanding of universal harmony, I knew his name within my Soul and that he was there within the spaceship.  I waited for him to make physical contact, but the key was first to find him with my mind and spirit.

             “And so I prepared myself, spiritually, mentally and in intellect, to attain a wholeness with the Universe and tune in with the infinite to develop a sense of telepathic communication with all nature and living creatures, and in so doing, find complete harmony within my physical being, to become whole in spirit, mind and body."

             For those quotations, I am indebted to "Viewpoint Aquarius" of London.  I am been unable to obtain "Beyond the Light Barrier" so far, but from the foregoing quotes from the book., I realize how very true are these statements -that indeed our space Brothers are so ahead of us that it behooves us to make every possible effort to try to reach up to a fraction of their love, compassion, wisdom and understanding.


Several years after the OOBE & UFO experiences occurred, I was still sharing with people the happenings,  when the opportunity presented itself, and explaining the events as they occurred to me, to seek to overcome the awful fear folk have of some-thing, some-one unknown. I passed on the message of my Space Friend that "We come in love and peace to help you, will you not accept us in love and peace?..." whenever able.
One night, having typed up several pages on the subject of our Friends, I proceeded to photocopy  a couple of hundred sets to share with friends and acquaintances. Towards the end of the task, about 2am in the early hours, I suddenly became quite frustrated with all the effort I had put into this over the years.  Aloud I said "I really am getting fed up telling 'all the people' as you asked me to do, and getting nothing back from you, as though it's a complete waste of time. I don't know if anyone is still interested in knowing all this stuff.  There's never a word from you that you are still willing to help us on this planet, never a little 'Thank You', or anything to give me hope you are still there/here. I'm packing it all in!"   Then, very disgruntled, I went upstairs to wash before going to bed in a most uncivil frame of mind....
Next morning I saw our friend Pam who lives nearby.  She was very excited.  "Marilyn, I must tell you this, I can't wait, but you will think it's mad.  Last night, I had one of my  REAL DREAMS where everything is more real than real. I came racing down to your house, got to your back door and said "Quick, Marilyn, run through the house with me to the front door - there are great squadrons of spaceships over your house - fleets and fleets of them!"  We ran through our corridor to the front door and looked up, seeing them all pass overhead in droves.  I was tremendously happy but Pam said she was afraid as she did not know what it meant.... 
Then, one little spaceship broke formation from the centre of a large group and turned back to hover over our pathway - it was bright yellow!  As it hovered there, Pam said it
slowly dipped its nose to me (not to her, she emphasized), in a salutation, paused, then headed back to rejoin its group again!!!
As my friend was telling me this, expecting a laugh, I could not speak.  Tears had welled up in my eyes and I was choked with emotion and gratitude for this most absolutely wonderful acknowledgment.  I could hardly believe that such an amazing thing had happened and that Pam had been the instrument through whom our Space Friends' thanks had been delivered.  What more proof did I need that my outburst at 2am had been monitored and answered immediately, when I was on the point of giving up?  It was the best tonic I had had in years and I was so grateful to our Friends from
Another World!

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