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        Through life here, probably most of us have our ups and downs – some more than others.  It must have been the autumn of 1978 when I was still in a down trough – in fact, I had been going through the ‘long dark night of the soul’ after the sudden passing of my first husband, Dennis, in March 1977, which was then followed by two other major traumas in the next two months, leaving me absolutely devastated.

   And so it was that on that autumnal evening in 1978, I had gone by ‘bus to the Healing Center of Barney and Mary C., in Plymouth, which they kindly held in their open home, and I gratefully received healing from one of the several healers there.

       At the 'Bus Station, sitting on a seat waiting for my 'bus I saw an aged man walking wearily up the stone steps, old army greatcoat fastened at the neck with a huge safety-pin, and reaching almost to his ankles, flat cap perched on his head. He looked into the rubbish bin, as though he wasn't really, then went over to the wall where 3 cola tins stood, and gently tipped each over, with the toe of his old shoe, hoping to find a little to drink... but, disappointed, he slowly walked on, head bowed, shoulders sagging.

      My 'bus was coming in, and I stood up... thinking. Tomorrow I would be collecting my widow's pension –all of £9 (or did it go up to £1 that year?). The fare was safely in my pocket and I had a £1 coin as well. The old man was now walking down the other flight of steps as I took the nearest flight down, to board the 'bus. I saw our paths would cross. How could I give him the spare coin, without offending?

      Almost level with him, I bent down and appeared to just pick it up. Holding out my hand to him, I said “Perhaps you could do with this, more than I can at the moment?"

 I can't say that I have ever seen a face light up so much for so little... with a beautiful smile, which I can still see now, 18 years later, one single tooth just showing, he took his hand out of his deep pocket, saluted me and said "God bless you, m’am, I only have this one penny for a few days!" and he opened his other hand to show it to me. And as I blessed him, and got on the 'bus, he walked away, head and shoulders up, whilst my heart sang for him as it went with him.

 That night, on going to bed, I prayed one of the deepest prayers of my life, asking for help and blessings for the old man and those like him who had no food or drink, or perhaps a roof over their head, for those really 'down and out' -sobbing for those who had nothing, I cried myself to sleep, with my beloved animal friends around me.

 Next morning I awoke to a different world! I felt light and happy ­something not felt for many years. Looking out of the window, I found the rooftops opposite appeared to be shining. The pavements were shining too, with a light not seen before. People came into view -how were they shining as well? And laughing! What on earth was happening? Why was I so happy? I felt no longer alone but as though someone wonderful was with me. Coming downstairs, I fed all the cats and dogs, then the birds (in those days I had a "Wild Bird and Animal Hospital/Sanctuary" here, and all manner of Creatures were brought to my door, many becoming my dear friends); then did likewise in the aviaries in the garden before getting my breakfast. But every one of them looked different -they were 'shining' -and I was filled with the utmost happiness.

 As the day progressed, so did the inner happiness. Where was it all coming from??? Friends came in and some people and animals for heal­ing, as I had been healing here since September, 1969, so, many had come to hear about it as word spread, as it does with most healers. That night I was able to go to bed with true thankfulness, feeling that God indeed had blessed me. Or was it the Old Man? Could he have been Christ?  Or had I 'entertained an Angel unawares'? Or the Healing?

      Whoever, or whatever it was, remained with me and next morning, the happiness had further increased, and the wonderful feeling of compan­ionship- of someone very real, with a great love and joy. Everything seemed to be alight with this shining and and could not grasp what was happening. This I could live with forever -THIS was the way life should always BE -With everyone and everything!!  Although outwardly alone, apart from my animal friends, inwardly I felt I was in Heaven. It was amazing - I tried to feel worried about something, but simply could not feel worried. Tried to think of unpaid bills, or frightening things, but in no way could I feel afraid of anything. This was absol­utely marvelous -I must have arrived in Heaven not even being aware of the journey -a Journey Without Distance!  But how did I get here?

      The next day was even more full of inner happiness - I had to ask "Please don't give me any more joy, or I will burst!" And this I really felt would happen any minute! That evening a friend, Sylvia, picked me up for Meditation at the home of Dr. Alec Forbes, who, at the time was Consultant Physician at Plymouth General Hospital, was a healer and also promoted natural/Spiritual Healing by giving all patients in hospital beds, under his care a letter suggesting they receive healing, if not already doing so, as "Healing refreshes the parts that other therapies cannot reach."

    Whilst previously I had been rather distressed at the Meditation evenings, and must have been quite a pain to all present, this evening, I was so happy that Dr. Forbes had to ask me to quietly 'centre' myself. Finding this impossible, the situation was rather hilarious.

The sixth day came and the inner bliss was, I felt, now firmly estab­lished within. Thank goodness for it -if only all life forms could feel like this all the time -it would indeed be Heaven. I was grate­ful for this beautiful feeling and Presence within.

That night -or early morning, I suddenly awoke knowing someone wanted me. I lay in bed... waiting. The doorbell rang, and I put on my dress­ing gown to go downstairs to answer the door. A chap I knew was there "Please can you come to help my mother, Mrs. Preston? She is in agony and the morphine is not helping." I got dressed and we drove to their home.

His mother was indeed in a great deal of pain with a terrible wound in her leg into which one could have put the first joint of a thumb, the bone was visible as she took off the heavy bandage which was applied daily by a District Nurse. We can never promise a cure, of course, as the healing is not 'in our hands’ as it were -one is simply a channel for the Healing Intelligence within. Talking with the lady whilst giving healing to her leg and mentally requesting help for the condition and for the lady herself, it was noticeable she was very resentful of certain things, and I allowed her to continue. After a while, looking down at her leg, I was shocked to see movement in the deep hole and had to force myself to look closer. Yes, something was moving in there!!! I had to steel myself to try to find out what it was. With amazement I realized it was the new flesh actually GROWING! It began to fill the hole as we watched -as though many weeks of new, clean flesh was growing in the space of as many minutes. I had seen many other miracles happening during healings here, so perhaps I should not find it so amazing this time. But it was! The lady was still talking and as I empathized with her my inner feelings became somehow distorted and began 'sinking'. All the happiness began to fade and I suddenly became fully aware of the Presence, which had been with me for the past 6 days and nights, walking out of the door of the room. I silently called out, begging It to return, but It carried on out of the house and was gone.

With a heart as heavy as lead, I also took my leave and was brought home again. The world and everything had returned to 'normal', sadly. But I do know now that The Kingdom of Heaven is here -if we can find it


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