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My experience is not the most usual one. In order to give you an idea of it, I have had intuitions about things since my childhood. In the period of childhood and puberty I had a strong psychic perception. I remember that as a boy, when I saw people as I walked in the street, I knew them, what their secrets were, and I always knew when they were lying or telling the truth.

Apart from this, like many people after having an NDE, from childhood and before the experience, "flashes" came to me, at least that's what I call them. These were images which came into my mind and lasted only a second, always coming when least I expected them and although they lasted such a short moment, I could see quite easily and in detail everything which was being shown to me (only those who have experienced this will understand).

In addition, I also had experiences with spirits. Since I was a boy I've had the faculty of sensing when there is a presence in a place, and when there is not. It was not only spirits, for example when my sister came up behind me to surprise me, and I could not hear her, I could always sense her there, and I always frustrated her plan to startle me. I can only describe this as being as if the air has been stolen from me, that is, when there is another person with me in the room I can easily sense it because it is as if they are stealing my air. I cannot explain this any better, anyway, I always felt presences with a sensation in the chest. This is something that runs in my family, since my grandmother and my cousin are also quite perceptive. My grandmother had bought a flat in the city, and I always knew that there was a "lady" there who spent her time moving objects about.

Before I was born, my grandmother had paranormal experiences in that house. Things were moved about and for a while she could hear scratching sounds in the wardrobe, but when it was opened up, there was nothing there. (She and the rest of her family all heard it.) The fact is that in this house my cousin saw a woman in his bedroom one night, and from that moment he never went back to stay in the house.

Lateer I was born, and I certainly sensed it in a more powerful form. I remember one day when I was about 13, I went to my grandmother's house. I came from school and there was no one home.

I remember that no sooner had I entered than I stopped in my tracks. I don't know how to explain it, but I felt someone there with me, but in a powerful and faceless form. The temperature was colder than outside, and there was something there which filled the entire entrance hall. I stayed quite still in the entrance and looked all around me but could see no one. I remember that, without knowing about the incident with the wardrobe, I entered that room. Without knowing what had happened there, I felt in this more confined space that the presence was far stronger. So, quite scared, I ran from the house and waited for my grandmother on the steps of the building.

Another example involving that house, which was  very important in my life, happened one morning when I was also 13, eating breakfast, getting ready to go to school. I was late, for a change, and my grandmother was pressing me, saying the lift was already waiting. She put my uniform on a chair in the kitchen and when I finished breakfast, I got up, went to the chair to take my pants and get dressed. Just at this moment, as I bent forward, I felt a great pressure around my waist. I was paralysed with fear, as I realised that the stronger the pressure got, the more clearly I felt the hand of a person there. My body was a slab of solid cement, as always when I had these sort of experiences my reaction was not to run or cry out or anything like that, but to be paralysed with fear.

What happened was that my mind speeded up, heaps of thoughts came to me at the same time, and meanwhile I was not able to concentrate on any one of them. For this reason I would say that I was partly blanked out.

I remember thinking that this thing can touch me, that is to say, if I run out of the kitchen it can shut the door against me or touch me again, pull my hair or even throw a knife at me because I'm in the kitchen. I remember that knowing that it could affect physical things meant that if I ran away and made it angry it would be able to touch me again or attack me.

So all I could do was go away, turning very  very slowly, making no sudden gestures to avoid angering this thing, and trying to see who was the person who had touched me. There was no one there, but I still could feel that I was face-to-face with a person. What's more, I knew at that moment that it did not touch me to ask me for help or anything of that sort; I felt that it had done it with the sole purpose of alarming me and I could feel that it was a woman, even without seeing her.

Years later, I discovered that my cousin saw "a woman", so my suspicion was confirmed.

I've had other experiences with spirits, seeing and hearing them, but I don't want to go on about this, I will pass on to the experience which I wanted to describe here.

OK, the last thing, in addition to all this was my dreams, which is where I had this experience. My dreams as a child and teenager were not simple dreams. Often I dreamed of concepts, objects, names, people I did not  even know, then days later I would discover that those things I had dreamed about existed, or happened (premonitory dreams). My grandmother too has had them. When she was 18, she dreamed about a man she did not know, nor had ever seen, then days later she met him in line at a store. These things always scared  her, so she left the shop without paying, she was so scared to see the man in her dream.

The fact is I not only dream about things which will happen, but also things which have happened already, but I don't take account of these (past) things.

To fill in the picture, I was living in a house in the country from the age of 3, until 15, and every night, I had a repetitive dream about some children who lived there in the year 1890. The dreams were not just repeated, but connected, that is to say, in one dream I found the bodies of these children dressed  in clothes of the period, and buried under some stones which were in that area. In a further dream a farmer who had a shotgun was puruing me and in this dream I knew that this man was after me  because in the previous dream I had found the bodies which he had buried there, in other words it was he who had murdered the children (a long story). As well as these dreams, in that house in the country things moved in front of my eyes, such as my grandmother's rings, which I first found on the ground (when she had put them on top of the furniture), then one day I saw one of these rings falling by itself to the ground, among other objects which were rolling out of place.

Now that I've explained how my dreams are sometimes - hard to express this - messages or signals, or things which have nothing to do with interpretations of my unconscious, I am going to describe the experience.

I was 16. I lay down to sleep and was then living in a house which was fairly old, I think that by now it is about ninety-odd years old.

Just for a change, in this house I also experienced things, and so did others who went there!

I will relate the dream:

I was in a commercial district, where I met up with a boy who happened to have the same name as me. He had not seen me and I began to follow him.

In the dream it was Christmas, though in reality it was May.

I followed him and followed him, through the alleys of the shopping centre, until suddenly he stopped in front of a Christmas tree,   ( which only had large yellow light-bulbs on it) and then he vanished before my eyes.

I thought "Where has he gone?" and a voice in my mind (never in spoken words, always in the mind) said:

"If you want to go where your friend is you have to think you do not exist".

I was puzzled, since I could not see this man (since it was a masculine voice) who was speaking telepathically to me. Still I paid attention, my curiosity being stronger than my distrust.

I thought, with my eyes tightly closed:  "I do not exist, I do not exist" and for a second I managed even to believe it myself.

At this exact moment I opened my eyes and began to se the lights of the Christmas decorations starting to shine in a very intense way. The light expanded to fill the whole area of the shopping centre, and even though it was so bright it did not dazzle me in any way.

I remember that at no time did I move towards it, the light expanded and came nearer and nearer to me, begane to envelop me and then I found myself floating within it.

I can give a description of this light, it is not light, it is energy. I knew this when I found myself inside it. I can try and give a comparison to clarify this. Once inside this light, it was experienced not as liquid or gas, just energy, as I said before.

If you want an idea of how I saw it, I would say that if you look at the surface of a road at a distance on a hot day, that sensation that there is something seeming to move (the optical illusion produced by the heat), that is more or less how it was. That is, not liquid, but definitely energy.

I have no words to describe the sensations and emotions I felt in that place. The word "peace" is what most resembles what I felt, though I am still aware that this word falls short of the concept of what is felt there. It is a total plenitude, infinite happiness, peace impossible to feel here on earth. I remember that I smiled with all my being, I could not stop smiling, as never, even in glimpses, had I felt such an intensity of happiness. I remember looking down and seeing myself floating in that place.

I looked and looked everywhere, but saw neither my friend, nor anyone else. But after some moments, the same voice spoke again to my mind. It said, "To return, you must think that you exist." I remember hearing this in my mind, but I felt his presence above me.

I was so happy there... but I did not want to disobey, so I thought "I do exist, I do exist" and I returned to earth (in the dream).

On my return the Earth was completely in ruins, destroyed, and all that feeling of peace and indescribable, infinite happiness turned to fear and anguish.

I saw a man there, and I asked "What has happened?" and he replied:  "Jupiter has destroyed the Earth".

That was the whole dream. Then I woke up and the first thing I felt on waking was rage, I did not want to return here. Up there I was going through a delicate experience, and this world I felt as hostile, hard, full of suffering, and when I saw that I had returned again I became very angry. But I did feel fortunate to have felt what I suppose very few people have managed to feel without having to die first. I felt lucky because that man, that voice, which I know to be my spiritual guide, or spirit of light, as I also call him, showed me that place. My connection since childhood with that other side allowed me to see that wonderful place which others have seen after suffering a near-death experience.

When I went down to the kitchen I said to my grandmother: "Grandmother, last night I was in heaven." She, who has a fear of all such things, looked at me with a face which said "I don't want to know about it", and she said nothing more.

Years later I discovered in a documentary that meteorites destroyed the dinosaurs, as a result of Jupiter passing too close to the asteroid belt, causing the them to divert towards the Earth.

Could this be a sign that the same thing will happen again? Because at the beginning I did not know this about Jupiter, so OK, who knows, sometimes in dreams messages appear which seem very symbolic, everything depends on whether you are perceptive enough and know how to decipher what has been shown you.

This change of perception which may people undergo after  NDEs, I experienced from childhood. That is, that connection which people who suffer these experiences feel, I have always felt and even now go on feeling.

Now that I am grown up my perceptions have reduced, but anyway, it has been a pleasure to share my experience with you all.

Warmest greetings


In Spanish

Mi experiencia no es la más usual de todas.

Para que podais haceros una idea, yo desde niño siempre he sentido cosas.

En ese tiempo de niñez y pubertad tenía una gran percepción psíquica.

Recuerdo que de niño cuando caminaba por la calle y veía a las personas yo ya sabía como eran, que secretos guardaban y siempre sabía cuando me mentian o decian la verdad.

Aparte de esto como muchas personas tras tener una ECM, a mi desde niño y antes de la experiencia me venían ''flashes'', o al menos así los llamo yo. Son unas imágenes que me venían a la mente y que duraban solamente un segundo, siempre llegaban cuando menos me lo esperaba y aunque duraban tan poco, podía ver con todo lujo de detalles todo lo que se me mostraba, (solo las personas que lo hallan pasado podrán entenderme).

Aparte de todo esto, también tenía experiencias con los espíritus. Desde niño siempre he tenido la facultad de percibir cuando hay una presencia en un lugar y cuando no. No solo me pasaba con espíritus, por ejemplo, cuando mi hermana venía detrás de mí para asustarme y yo no la oía, pero podía sentirla y siempre le fastidiaba el susto que quería darme. Solo puedo explicarlo diciendo que es como si me robaran el aire, es decir, cuando hay otra persona conmigo en una habitación lo siento fácilmente porque es como si me robara el aire a mí, no sé explicarlo mejor, de todas formas, siempre sentía las presencias con una sensación en el pecho.

Esto a mí me viene de familia, pues mi abuela y mi primo son también bastantes perceptivos. Mi abuela había comprado un piso en la ciudad y yo siempre supe que allí habia ''una señora'' que se dedicaba a mover las cosas de lugar.

Antes de yo nacer, mi abuela tenía experiencias de tipo paranormal en aquella casa. Se le movían las cosas de sitio y durante un tiempo oía aruñazos dentro del armario, y una vez desarmado alli no habia nada (lo oía ella y el resto de su familia).

El caso es que mi primo en esa casa vió una mujer en su habitación una noche y desde ese momento no volvió a quedarse nunca más en aquella casa.

Luego nací yo, y yo si lo sentía de una forma más fuerte.

Recuerdo un día con 13 años, que entré en casa de mi abuela. Yo venía del colegio y no había nadie en la casa.

Recuerdo que nada más entrar me paré en seco. No sé como explicarlo, pero allí conmigo podía sentir a alguien, pero de una forma muy fuerte y descarada, la temperatura era más fría que fuera y allí había algo que llenaba toda la sala del hall. Yo quieto en la entrada miraba a todos lados y no veía a nadie.

Recuerdo que sin saber lo que le pasó a mi abuela con el armario, entré en esa habitación sin ser consciente de lo que ocurrió alli y allí al ser un espacio más pequeño podía sentir esa presencia mucho más fuerte. Así que medio asustado me largué de la casa y esperé a mi abuela en las escaleras del edificio.

Otro ejemplo de esa casa muy importante en mi vida fué una mañana con 13 años también que estaba desayunando, listo para ir al colegio.

Llegaba tarde para variar, y mi abuela me apresuraba y me decía que el ascensor ya estaba listo. Ella me ponía el uniforme en una de las sillas de la cocina y yo tras terminar de desayunar, me levanté, me dirigí a la silla a coger mi pantalón para vestirme y justo en ese momento que me incliné hacia delante sentí una gran presión en la cintura. Yo me quedé paralizado del miedo porque me daba cuenta que a medida que esa presión se iba haciendo más fuerte iba sintiendo perfectamente la mano de una persona. Mi cuerpo era un trozo de cemento sólido, porque siempre que me ocurrían este tipo de cosas mi reacción no era correr ni gritar ni nada de eso, sino paralizarme del miedo.

El caso fué que mi mente estaba acelerada, me venían montones de pensamientos al mismo tiempo y a la vez no era capaz de centrarme en ninguna de ellas, por eso digo que en parte estaba en blanco.

Recuerdo que pensé, esta cosa me puede tocar, es decir, que si salgo corriendo de la cocina puede cerrarme la puerta o volverme a tocar, tirarme del pelo, o incluso lanzarme un cuchillo porque estoy en la cocina. Recuerdo que el saber yo que podía tocar cosas fisicas podría hacer que si salía corriendo y lo hacía enfadar sería posible que volviera a tocarme o a agredirme.

Así que lo único que pude hacer es irme girando muy muy lentamente, haciendo gestos pausados intentando no enfadar a aquella cosa y ver quien era la persona que me había tocado. Allí no había nadie, pero sin embargo podía sentir que estaba cara a cara con una persona. Es más, supe en ese momento que no me tocó para pedirme ayuda ni nada por el estilo; sentí que lo había echo literalmente para asustarme y pude sentir que era una mujer, aún sin verla.

Años más tarde, descubrí que mi primo vió a ''una mujer'', así que mi sospecha era acertada.

He tenido más experiencias con los espiritus, los he visto y he oído, pero no quiero extenderme, pasaré a la experiencia que me ha traído a escribir aquí.

Bueno, por último además de todo esto estaban los sueños, qué es donde yo tuve la experiencia.

Mis sueños en la niñez y en la adolescencia, no eran simples sueños.

Muchas veces soñaba con conceptos, objetos, nombres, personas que ni conocía y días más tarde descubría que esas cosas que yo soñaban existían o sucesos que luego ocurrían (sueños premonitorios). Mi abuela también los ha tenido. Ella soñó con un hombre a los 18 años que no conocía, ni jamás había visto y días más tarde se lo encontró en la cola de una tienda. La pobre siempre le dió miedo todo esto y salió sin comprar de la tienda del espanto que sintió al ver al hombre de su sueño.

El caso es que no solo soñaba con cosas que luego pasaban, sino con cosas que han pasado, pero que yo no tengo conocimiento de ello (de cosas pasadas).

Para que se hagan una idea, yo estuve viviendo en una casa de campo desde los 3 años, hasta los 15 y ''cada noche'' tenía un sueño repetitivo con unos niños que vivieron allí por el año 1890. No solo eran sueños repetitivos, sino que se enlazaban, es decir, en un sueño yo encontraba los cuerpos de esos niños con ropa de época enterrados bajo unas piedras que habían por allí. En el sueño posterior un granjero que poseía una escopeta me perseguía y yo en ese sueño sabía que ese hombre me perseguía porque en el sueño anterior yo había descubierto los cuerpos que ese hombre había enterrado allí, es decir, que era el que había matado a esos niños (una larga historia). Aparte de esos sueños, en esa casa de campo las cosas se movían delante de mis narices, como los anillos de mi abuela, que al principio los encontrabamos en el suelo (y ella los habia puesto encima del mueble), hasta que un día vi como uno de los anillos caía solo al suelo, entre otros objetos que se rodaban de lugar.

Tras explicar el por qué mis sueños a veces son...como decirlo...mensajes o señales o cosas que no tienen nada que ver con interpretaciones de mi mente voy a explicar la experiencia.

Tenía 16 años. Me acosté a dormir y vivía en una casa que se era bastante antigua, creo que ahora mismo tiene unos noventa y pico años. Para variar en esa casa también me ocurrían cosas, tanto a mi como a otras personas que iban a la casa.

Relato el sueño:

Yo estaba en un centro comercial. Y me encuentro con un niño que casualmente se llama como yo. Él no me había visto y yo me puse a seguirlo.

En el sueño era Navidad (pero en la realidad era Mayo).

Lo seguí y seguí por los pasillos del centro comercial hasta que de repente se plantó delante de un árbol de navidad (que solo contenía bombillas amarillas y grandes) y se desvaneció delante de mis narices.

Yo pensé ¿a dónde ha ido? Y una voz en mi mente (jamás por comunicación oral, sino mental), me dijo:

- Si quieres ir a donde está tu amigo tienes que pensar que ''no existes''.

Yo me extrañé, pues no veía a ese señor (porque era una voz masculina), que me estaba hablando mentalmente, pero aún así le hice caso, era más mi intriga que mi desconfianza.

Pensé con los ojos fuertemente cerrados, no existo, no existo y por un segundo llegué incluso a creérmelo.

En ese justo momento abrí los ojos y empecé a ver como las luces de los bombillos de navidad empezaban a brillar de una forma muy intensa. La luz se expandía por todo el espacio del centro comercial y aún siendo tan intensa no me deslumbraba en absoluto.

Recuerdo que yo jamás me dirigí hacia ella, la luz se expandía y se iba acercando a mí, empezó a envolverme alrededor y luego quedé flotando dentro de ella.

Puedo describir cómo es esa ''luz'', no es luz, es energía. Lo supe cuando quedé dentro de ésta.

Puedo hacer una comparación para que os hagais una idea. Esta luz una vez estando dentro, no era ni líquida ni gaseosa, era como he dicho antes energía.

Para que podáis saber más o menos como la vi, os diré que si miráis al borde de una carretera a lo lejos en un día de calor, esa sensacion de que hay algo como en movimiento (el fenómeno óptico que produce el calor), pues era más o menos así. Es decir no era líquido, pero sí energía.

Lo que no tengo son palabras para describir las sensaciones y sentimientos que sentí en aquel lugar.

La palabra paz es la que más asemejo a lo que sentí, aunque sigo sintiendo que esa palabra se queda corta al concepto que uno siente alli.

Era una plenitud total, una felicidad infinita, una paz que es imposible sentir aquí en la Tierra. Recuerdo que sonreí con todas mis fuerzas, no podía parar de sonreír, porque jamás ni por asomo había sentido tal cantidad de felicidad. Recuerdo mirar hacia abajo y verme flotando en aquel lugar.

Miré y miré a todas partes y no ví ni a mi amigo, ni a nadie más.

Pero pasados unos instantes, la misma voz volvió a hablarme mentalmente.

Me dijo, para volver, tienes que pensar que sí existes.

Recuerdo que lo oía en mi mente, pero sentía su presencia por encima de mi.

Estaba tan feliz alli...pero no quise desobedecer, pensé, si existo, si existo y volví a la Tierra (en el sueño).

Cuando llegué la Tierra estaba totalmente derruida, como destruía y todo ese sentimiento de paz y felicidad indescriptible e infinito se volvió en temor y angustia.

Vi un señor por allí y le pregunté, ¿qué ha pasado? y me dijo, ''Júpiter ha destruído la Tierra''.

Es lo único que soñé. Luego desperté y lo primero que sentí al despertar fue rabia, no quería regresar a aquí, encima estaba pasando un momento delicado y este mundo lo sentía hostil, duro, lleno de sufrimiento, y cuando ví que había vuelto de nuevo me enfadé muchísimo, pero me sentí afortunado de sentir lo que supongo yo, muy poca gente ha conseguido sentir sin tener que morir primero. Me sentí afortunado porque ese señor, esa voz, que yo sé que fué mi guía espiritual o espíritu de la luz como también llamo, me mostró ese lugar, mi conexión que desde niño he tenido con ese otro lado me permitió ver ese lugar maravilloso que otros han visto tras sufrir una experiencia cercana a la muerte.

Cuando bajé a la cocina le dije a mi abuela - abuela, anoche estuve en el cielo-. Ella que le teme a todo esto me miró con cara de -no quiero saber nada-y no dije nada más.

Años más tarde descubrí en un documental que los meteoritos que destruyeron a los dinosaurios, cayeron debido a que ''Júpiter'' pasó demasiado cerca al cinturón de asteroides e hizo que se desviaran a la Tierra.

¿Será una señal eso de que ocurrirá lo mismo? Porque al comienzo no entendía eso de Júpiter, pero bueno, quien sabe, a veces en los sueños se mezclan mensajes como cosas muy simbólicas, eso depende de si eres suficientemente perceptivo y si sabes como descifrar lo que se te muestra.

Ese cambio de percepción que muchas personas sienten despues de una ecm, yo ya la sentía desde niño. Es decir, que yo esa ''conexión'' que sienten las personas que sufren estas experiencias yo ya las sentía de siempre, aún hoy lo sigo sintiendo.

Ahora que he crecido mis percepciones son en menor grado, pero bueno, me ha gustado compartir mi experiencia con todos ustedes.

Un gran saludo. Aarón.

Was the kind of experience difficult to express in words? No

At the time of this experience, was there an associated life threatening event?

At what time during the experience were you at your highest level of consciousness and alertness? En el momento que estuve dentro de la luz, fué cuando mis sentidos se hicieron mas fuertes, lo veía todo nítidamente y la paz me hizo sentir en total plenitud.

At the moment when I was inside the light, that is when my senses were at their keenest, I saw it all clearly and the peace made me feel in total fullness.

How did your highest level of consciousness and alertness during the experience compare to your normal every day consciousness and alertness? Normal consciousness and alertness. At the moment when I was inside the light, that is when my senses were at their keenest, I saw it all clearly and the peace made me feel in total fullness.

Did your vision differ in any way from your normal, everyday vision (in any aspect, such as clarity, field of vision, colors, brightness, depth perception degree of solidness/transparency of objects, etc.)? Yes Sí fue diferenete, recuerdo que tenía varios puntos de ángulos de visión, es decir, que podía ver al mismo tiempo distintos puntos alrededor de mi eje, no sé explicarlo, es como si viera mi parte de los pies (cuando me vi flotar), mi parte de atras y la visión de lo que tenía delante, todo al mismo tiempo.

Yes, it was different, I remember that I had various points of view at the same time, that is I could see various point at the same time around my own axis, it is difficult to explain; as if I could see from my feet (when I saw myself floating) from behind, and also the vision of what I had in front of me, all at the same time.

Did your hearing differ in any way from your normal, everyday hearing (in any aspect, such as clarity, ability to recognize source of sound, pitch, loudness, etc.)?
Uncertain No, eso ya no lo sé con seguridad.

Podía oír los pensamientos de ese señor, pero no con los oídos, sino con mi mente.

Uncertain. No, I do not know with certainty. I could hear the thoughts of the man, but not with the ears, only the mind.

Did you experience a separation of your consciousness from your body? No

What emotions did you feel during the experience? Paz, felicidad, plenitud. Pero que por mucho que yo lo ponga con estas palabras, ya digo que se quedan muy muy lejanas a lo que verdaderamente sentí.

Sumadle a esos sentimientos la palabra infinito.

Peace, happiness, fullness. But however much I use these words, I have to repeat that they remain very very far from what I really felt. One must add to these feelings the word "infinite".

Did you pass into or through a tunnel or enclosure?
Yes Sí, en un centro comercial, si es que eso cuenta.

Yes , a shopping centre, if that is what this means.

Did you see a light? Yes

Did you meet or see any other beings? Uncertain No lo ví y personalmente no lo conocí, pero sentí su presencia, que aunque no estaba visible, yo sabía que había estado conmigo durante toda la experiencia.

Uncertain. I did not see him personally and did not know him, but felt his presence, which although it was not visible, I knew had been with me throughout the experience.

Did you experience a review of past events in your life? Yes Como ya dije, yo no soy una persona que tiene experiencias muy comunes. No ví en esa luz ni durante la experiencia imágenes en diapositivas de toda mi vida.

Pero cuando tenía 4 años, me ocurrió, yendo de mano con mi abuela.

¿Recordais los flashes que dije que tenía de siempre? Bueno las personas que hallan tenido una ecm y hallan visto su vida pasar ante sus narices, así es como yo los he tenido, solo que yo los llamo flashes.

Se reconocen porque todo se vee en ''un segundo'', pero todo se vee con lujo de detalles.

El caso que cuando tenia 4 años, iba por la calle con mi abuela de mano a coger un autobus.

Recuerdo que cuando pasé una de las esquinas me vinieron los sucesos de mi vida a mi mente. Todo transcurrió en un segundo y recuerdo que al ser muy pequeño me quedé sorprendido, porque me asusté de la impresion de ver eso, que no tenía nada que ver con mis pensamientos.

¿Es usual que una persona viva le ocurra esto? Por eso desde el principio estoy diciendo que me ocurren desde niño cosas inusuales.

He visto pasar mi vida de 4 años, pero en esa luz no.

Yes, as I said, I'm not someone who has very ordinary experiences. I did not see in this light, nor during the experience, images or slides of my whole life. But this did happen when I was 4 and holding my grandmother's hand. Remember the flashes I said I had always had? Well, people who have had NDEs and see their lives pass before them, I have had something like it, but I call them flashes. They are recognizable because everything is seen in a second, but in the greatest detail. I was with my grandmother, holding her hand, to catch a bus. I remember that as we went round a corner, the events of my life came into my mind. Everything happened in a second and I recall that, as I was very young, I was surprised, it startled me to have these impressions, which had nothing to do with my own thoughts.

Is it usual for thes things to happen to a living person? That's why I said all along that from childhood I have unusual experiences.

Did you observe or hear anything regarding people or events during your experience that could be verified later? No

Did you see or visit any beautiful or otherwise distinctive locations, levels or dimensions? Yes Un lugar de energía, lleno de paz y felicidad. Era imposible sentir un sentimiento negativo allí.

Yes, a place of energy, full of peace and happiness. It was impossible to feel anything negative there.

Did you have any sense of altered space or time? Yes Allí como dije me vi flotando y comprobé que el espacio allí no contaba, y con lo del tiempo, cuando desperté sentí que había pasado poco tiempo en la luz (no sé si llegó al minuto) y ya era de día, es decir, habian transcurrido horas.

Yes, as I said, I saw myself floating there ascertained that space there did not count for anything. As for time, when I awaoke I felt that I had spent a short time in the light (maybe less than a minute), yet it was already daylight, so several hours had passed.

Did you have a sense of knowing special knowledge, universal order and/or purpose? Yes Por supuesto.

Como he dicho, yo he sentido y comprendido todo desde un punto espiritual que no todos los de mi alrededor entendían y me llamaban ''raro''.

Después de la experiencia solo pude corroborar que lo que ya sentía y sabía era cierto y no solo eso, todos los seres humanos siempre y digo siempre estamos en el punto de mira de esos espiritus o seres que nos encontramos en la luz. Los que pasan las experiencias cercana a la muerte lo sienten tras la experiencia, yo es algo que ya sentia desde antes.

Yes, of course. As I said, I have felt and understood everything from a spiritual standpoint, which not everyone around me understood, so they treated me as an oddity.

Did you reach a boundary or limiting physical structure? No

Did you become aware of future events? No

Did you have any psychic, paranormal or other special gifts following the experience you did not have prior to the experience? Yes Desde que nací. A mi me ocurrió lo contrario. A los 19 años (hoy día), mi don por llamarlo asi ha disminuido.

Yes, since I was born. To me the opposite has occurred. At 19 (now, that is) my gift, to call it that, has diminished.

Have you shared this experience with others? Yes Bueno, con la persona que lo compartí fué con mi abuela. La misma que tenía sueños premonitorios, y como ella siempre ha visto algunos de fenómenos paranormales que he vivido, pues ella siempre me cree.

Se lo conté a los 2 años. Antes todas mis experiencias me las guardaba por miedo al ridículo.

La reacción de mi abuela fué decir que ''era un simple sueño'', y yo le recordé que no todos mis sueños son ''sueños'', y ella en ese momento se dió cuenta de que era cierto porque ella misma habia tenido esos sueños que eran mensajes.

Influenciada no, porque ella siempre ha intentado evadir estos temas, pero cuando vemos por ejemplo Entre Fantasmas (ghost whisperer) y hablan sobre la luz y la cara de paz que ponen los espiritus en la serie, me siento tan identificado que siempre hago comentarios delante de ella.

Me sorprendió la primera vez que lo ví, como pueden reflejar eso que viví en una serie y todo el tiempo.

Yes. In fact the person I shared it with was my grandmother. She is the same one who had premonitory dreams, and as she always has seen some paranormal phenomena which I have been through, she has always believed me. I told her about it when I was 2. Before that I kept all my experiences to myself, for fear of ridicule. My grandmother's reaction was to say it was a "simple dream", and I reminded her that all my dreams are not "dreams". She then realised that it was true, since she herself had had these dreams which were messages.

She has not been influenced, as she has always tried to avoid these subjects, but when we watch for example Ghost Whisperer, and they talk about the light and the face of peace which the spirits don in the series, I am so identified with it that I always make comments in front of her. I was surprised the first time I saw it, as they reflect what I lived through, in a series which keeps on being shown.

Did you have any knowledge of near death experience (NDE) prior to your experience? Uncertain No creo que no.

Lo único de que si tenia conocimiento era de fenomenos paranormales de algunos de mis amigos o familiares en sus casas o historias o leyendas, cosas de ese tipo.

I believe not. The only thing I did have knowledge of was paranormal phenomena involving my friends, familiars in their houses, stories or legends, things of that sort.

How did you view the reality of your experience shortly (days to weeks) after it happened?Experience was definitely real .  Pues quería volver a ese lugar durante las semanas siguientes. Me sentía afortunado por el hecho de que mis guias quisieran que viera esa realidad, ya que solo tenía experiencias con espiritus ligados al plano fisico.

Experience was definitely real. I even wanted to return to this place in the following weeks. I felt lucky for the fact that my guides should want me to see this reality, since I only had experience of spirits tied to the physical plane.

Were there one or several parts of the experience especially meaningful or significant to you? Está claro que estar dentro de la luz es algo que jamás he oído a nadie, siempre hay un punto de retorno, pero sin embargo yo estuve flotando en ella y es estar en un estado que ojalá aquí existiera.

It is obvious that being inside the light is something which I have never heard anyone talk about, there is always a point of return, however I was floating in it and it is a state of being which would that it existed here!

How do you currently view the reality of your experience? Experience was definitely real Sigo sintiendo lo mismo que el primer día después de la experiencia.

Experience was definitely real . I still feel the same about it as the first day after the experience.

Have your relationships changed specifically as a result of your experience? No

Have your religious beliefs/practices changed specifically as a result of your experience? No

Following the experience, have you had any other events in your life, medications or substances which reproduced any part of the experience? No

Is there anything else you would like to add concerning the experience?
No. Todo está bien explicado.

No, everything is well explained

Did the questions asked and information you provided so far accurately and comprehensively describe your experience? Yes Si, creo que definitivamente todo lo expliqué tal cual sucedió

Yes, I think definitely everything has been described just as it happened.

Are there any other questions we could ask to help you communicate your experience? No, todo está bien como está.

Lo que sí pediría es que alguien se comunicara conmigo a través de mi correo para decirme si mi experiencia se va a publicar, o si alguien quiere entrevistarme o hacerme preguntas sobre otras cosas.

Un saludo y gracias.

No, everything is just fine as it is. What I would like to ask is if someone could communicate with me by email to tell me if my experience is going to be published, or if someone is going to interview me or question me on other things.

Thank you, sincerely.,