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Kristina A's Experience

Experience description:   

In 1987, I was living in Oakland, California. I lived in the basement of my friend's mother's house. When I had gone to sleep, I was at the bottom of the bed and my best friend was at the opposite at the top.  We had an electric heater at the bottom of the bed which sometime during the night caught on fire. My friend had kicked a pillow off the bed into to electric heater. I was sound a sleep and somehow I was at the top of the bed now and woke to a loud whisper in my right ear saying exactly this "wake up Kristina the bed's on fire" and I woke with a start.  I looked and wondered who was just in here and then proceeded to look over my right shoulder (I was on my stomach) to see.  Sure enough, not only the bottom of the bed in flames ( where I was sleeping) but the walls and wood beams in flames as well!

Strangely enough I was calm and still more amazed that someone was just in here and woke me. I remember the voice was female (mostly?) I can't explain it because there were hints of male in it too and it was so loud but yet a whisper.  Whoever it was, an angel a relative? I think it was my angel.  Whoever it was,  mine and my friends life were saved!

There is more to this.  I felt so bad because I was the one who put the heater so close to the bed. I felt it was my fault.  I woke the entire house up including my friend next to me with the same words minus names "wake up the bed is on fire!" I ran upstairs to the kitchen sink to get water.  At this time I could feel the adrenaline going top speed.  I wanted to help put the fire out!  My friend's mom's boyfriend had come running down after me on the stairs. I had two jugs of water and threw the water onto one of the wood beams not noticing the electrical work on it and it started zapping! That's when her mom's boyfriend steered me to go upstairs.  There was a back door in the basement to the outside and it leads up a hill to the street.  Somewhere in the mix, the fire department got there. 

Though I was 17, I still slept with my teddy bear cuddles. Now I'm up in the street by the fire truck with adrenaline pumping, but numb at the same time.  Up the hill, on the side of the house, comes this beautiful fireman.  He walked up to me and pulled my teddy bear from behind his back and handed him to me.   I said, "How did you know he was mine?" He said no words, just smiled the whole time.  Then he took his fireman coat off himself and draped it over me.  I was standing in only a night gown soaked from water from trying to help put out the fire.  I remember the coat was heavy and it was so warm and comforting.  He turned to walk away and I was about to say "thank you." Strangely enough, I noticed as he walked back down the hill that he had his fireman coat on!! But I had it on! Then everything was calm and I was just taking in the miracle of the last hour or less that had just happened.

My only wish is that everyone on the planet could experience what happened to me that night . I mean I don't wish anything bad to happen but if in some small way everyone could know how precious we are to God I would be complete.  I'll never forget it, never.  Anytime I need a little boost of faith or that there's something more than we see out there, I automatically go back to that experience and know that there is something more and I am so loved! I know this is not an OBE or NDE but  it was just such an awesome experience that still touches my soul so many years later.  I was 17 when it happened and almost 41 now!