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Kourosh D's Experience

Experience description:


I was born on Feb 14,1981 in Iran, Tehran. I had very deep and hard interest for blue, sky, metaphysics, flight, soul, heaven and ...  since my childhood.  In Dec 6,2005 , I was 24 years old. My experience was happened in airplane when I was returning to Tehran from Dubai, UAE.
I had very deep pain, because I had felt all my programs and dreams. I was crying when airplane was taking off. One moment, I saw sound that told me  " WAIT, MY DEAR SON , WAIT MY HONEY".  I was sitting behind window, because I like to watch the flight and the blue color of the sky; Especially when 2 blues come together {sea and air in horizon}.
I was crying hard and watching Persian gulf and sky, behind airplane window. One time I felt that blue colors are moving. They were dancing. I felt that I am free in air and flight. I feared one  moment. I thought that I am still in flight and I am watching blue color of sky. But in fact I was exit of my body.  I didn't feel pain.
Now I saw blue and violet channel, like a merry-go-round. As one time I saw all my life from my birth to this minute. The pictures were real and alive, despite their passing.  I was confused and mixed up because I couldn't believe what is happening.  In those pictures, I could understand deep love that my mother loved me.  I saw real pictures of my life, even my failings in life. But I wasn't ashamed, because I felt that I was clear.
I went to the channel and we were one together. I wasn't afraid. I passed very very fast from the channel. Again I repeat that I crossed very very fast. Then I saw complete blue and violet world. In it's gate , I saw my deceased mother that crowned herself blue and white and violet. When she died was 64 years old. But I saw her very young, like a young angel.
She embraced me, kissed me, she loved me, and she told me "my son, don't worry. please wait. your affairs will  become true in earth, you should wait.  Don't cry. I can't see your crying. Still after my journey from earth , I love you. I am aware your family situation. I come to you every night to kiss you and teach you. I know that all have enjoyed you." 
In this time I told her  "Mom, why did you lie to me?  Why am I having such bad luck? Why you don't help me? Why am I on earth?"
For a second time, she told me "WAIT MY SON." She answered all my 4 questions. She said, "I didn't lie, you are not bad luck. I help you as your guardian angel. You should be on earth because you have a very important and hard mission. Still it is not time to leave earth. You shouldn't be disappointed my son."  Then she embraced me like a small kid. She was kissing me and holding  me. I understood that we were going and turning in a very big blue and violet energy core. During this time, we were in rainbow, even we were itself. I was flying by superfast speed. I saw an island between a very beautiful place and sea. When we were flying all was like a globe. When we were stopping all was like earth.
My mother told me, "I say to your father to protect you. I want him to keep my son from dangers." I was astonished and asked her "mom, am I child or kid"?  She replied, "You can't understand how much I love you. Your destiny is very important for me. You are not a mom, if you were mom, you could understand. I love you more than my other 2 daughters and 3 sons."  Then she told me "my deary, take and keep that with your hands. It's for you."  I saw in my hand a golden star. That was very real and shining. If I was in material world, that shining could be harmful. In fact it's color was burning, boiling and reflecting my being.  She told me "This is for you.  I say your father to protect you like strong lion in nowadays."
Then it was time to return. She didn't let me continue and go closer. In this time I wanted too see her directly. She was crowned by blue and white color. She had halo that was shining love and spiritual knowledge.  I accepted to return. Still to this minute, I am astonished, why do I need to return?  When we were returning, I could see all things. We had vibration. Our vibration was very great. We could see beneath us and see other worlds. Nothing was hidden.
As in arriving to exit gate, I saw a council. They were together in speech. They indicated to me. I wanted to see myself or other self to indicated. I couldn't see my material body or face, but I understood I am light. I am knowledge. I am love!!!!!!!!!!!!  I could see myself very beautiful blue halo in very great sky. I didn't accept. Again I saw myself and saw blue halo. I couldn't understand being crowned, like my mother.  The council were speaking very much. They said that  I  have in very hard and bad situation. I am missing all my spiritual things, because very great danger is threat for me. That is " I am single".  In this time , I was shaming. I could see my errors in last. I shamed my mother. That was very bad. I couldn't defend myself. But they were closer me. They didn't condemn me and they gave me right, of course very limited.
Then they decided other procedures that didn't concern me. They left me. Behind the council, I was watching very violet and blue halos. I think that they were saints. Their shining was very warm and relaxing. I understand that they are real controllers for everything, in spiritual world or in other worlds.  Here, I wanted to exit. I wanted to see my mother again. She was in back of me to the left. I could see other halos back right or back myself.  They didn't force me, I went by myself. In this situation, I saw human beings that were unclear. I couldn't understand who are they.
By watching them, I saw events in earth. Here, I feared; very great fear. Because here there was no war or violence. But on earth I could see very great dangers, wars and violence.  To this minute,{ February 2008 } I have seen some them to  happened, just as what I was shown.