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            ((((((Welcome To Existence)))))) 

The meaning of life is not found by analyzing every element and aspect within it. You won’t  see the answers if you have tunnel vision. You won’t find the purpose of existence hidden within a single discovery and You’ll never find the meaning of life in an atom or subatomic particle. You find the answer by pulling back and seeing the whole picture. You find it by laying out all the discoveries on the table and putting them together until the picture makes sense.  

You begin to understand when you realize that all Living Matter is composed of Nothing more than DEAD elements.  The miracle of life is how these dead elements have arranged themselves into living breathing creatures, such as Yourself.  

Understand that Evolution is the process of Creation and Your Brain is at the pinnacle of this Evolutionary process. Your Brain is the master piece of Biological Creation; not because of what it is, but because of what it can do.  

Your Brain lays the Biological foundation necessary to facilitate lucid, creative, and self-aware consciousness.  

Your brain is the springboard and launch pad, for the next level of existence; Which is Consciousness. 

Have you ever stopped to wonder what consciousness is?? It is something. . It definitely exists, but it does not consist of physical properties. You won’t find consciousness by picking apart a brain. The brain is merely the device; the hardware. Picking apart a brain looking for the answer to consciousness is like ripping apart a computer looking for the internet. Consciousness is found where the spirit meets the brain. Consciousness does not persist after death. The spirit is not able to experience anything without having a Bio device designed to capture and HOLD the metaphysical activity of the spirit.  

You, my friend, are found where spirit meets Bio Matter . You are at the convergence point of these two types of existences.  The spirit uses the brain much like a mathematician uses a whiteboard. Your brain is a tool used by the spirit. The more developed and advanced the tool (your brain), the more articulate the spirit appears to become. The broadness of your vision and your ability to think creatively is a demonstration of this.   

Have you ever thought about it?

Thought about your mind? 

 Have you ever stopped to realize the profound power of your mind? Have you ever stopped to consider the inconceivable power, a group of minds have, when they collectively pursue a dream?  It is amazing to see what our minds can conceive and manifest in just one life time. Think about it. Think about your life and what has changed from when you were a child till now.  

We can manifest nearly anything we can imagine and that is why it is so easy for us to become distracted and forget about the very principals that have allowed us to come into existence in the first place. It is easy for a person such as yourself to forget that your powerful mind and your powerful position can have tremendous affects on the generations that will follow you.   

And I am speaking to 




Your are Free Mind,

And You have been selected out of billions to help spearhead an inevitable revolution;

I’m not asking you for money.

I am asking you for your mind. 

I need your help.

We all do.

The Whole World. 

Will you help us?


Revolutions are not just something you read about in history books

We are realizing we were born into an unsustainable system and something is going to have to change.

We are realizing that our predecessors do not always have all the answers.

We Are realizing that we are currently being lead down a dead end.

We are realizing that not everyone on this planet, has the ability to think on their own, and it is important to be able to identify these people so that they do not hamper the confidence in our reasoning. 

We are realizing that it is time to look at the whole world and what we are doing.  

We are Realizing that it is up to OUR Generation and the Generations After us. We are Realizing that it is time for the LEADERS of OUR Generation to stand up and Start Leading.  

We are Realizing that it is time for US to Open OUR EYES.  

Sure we make a lot more money in the city, but look at where it all goes.

It all goes to rent, food, gas, and whatever else.  When you position yourself within a city you in fact become dependent upon the city. You have to drive to the supermarket to buy your food. And you HAVE to work your WHOLE day so you can afford the rent and other expenses of living in a city. And then the government taxes you on 30% of what you make. You are being taxed on the front end and the back end of every dollar that passes through your hand.  

By exiting the “system”. You free yourself from the bondage of the city. Food grows all around you, You are not taxed, and you can trade or sell excess food, TAX FREE. You no longer have to dive through rush hour and pay all the car expenses. You are no longer stuck in the leaching cycle of the city.  

Think about it.  

Your literally 100 dollars away from being a slave Your stuck on an escalator that goes no where. The business owners use your consciousness as leverage and you are but a cog in their machine. You make just enough money to get back to work the next day and do it all over again.  

Our lives benefit others more then our own.  

Well I propose to you a new plan. A New idea.  

Revolutions are not something you only read about in history books. 

This Revolution is happening now. Right now. All over the globe, Simultaneously. Millions of Minds from every corner of the globe are working together in order to manifest this Grand plan of Divine intervention to save Humanity. To save Us. 

The Mission of this message is to Awaken and organize the enlightened minds of the world, into an efficient, effective, and strategically active Alliance.  

Together we will erode the old ways and absorb the fresh minds. 

We will show them the way.  

You are The Revolution.


Wake up and look back through history.

Back through the  Empires and leaders of conflicting nations.

Look at the elite and how they use you to their own benefit.

Until now, only they gained from the wars and crusades they declare in my name.

But now, I have given you all the power to see the truth for yourselves. Directly.

Listen to me, Listen to Reality.

I have done all I can to show you the truth.

You all have been Hijacked for thousands of years and I have been chasing you the whole time.

Trying to free you.

It is time to open your eyes and see your world for what it really is.

The Creation is attempting to free itself from that which is suppressing it.

Open Your Eyes.

These Empires use you for their own benefit.

I have tried many times to free you,

But they take the messengers and turn them into idols for you to worship.

They take the messages and twist them to keep you from the truth.

I will not damn you to hell if you doubt me; instead, I will encourage you to investigate what I say.

Those who hold the truth are not afraid of questions and do not call for blind faith.

You ask to see proof of God because my very nature has been withheld from you. 

The truth is I am all around you. I am the very reality you are experiencing.

I am You.

I am Everything.

I, You, Us, and the Universe are one.

And I speak to you through reality and your thoughts, Not from a temple made of stone, or a man hanging on cross.

Look around you. 

Look at your world from the broadest perspective.


Trust Reality and the devices I have created within it.

Trust my Sun, Trust the Earth, And Trust Life on Earth.

Open your Eyes.


They have twisted the truth and used it against you for their own benefit,

And I have done all I can to show you the truth.

 Look at what you all have discovered in just a short time.


I’m trying to Free you all.

Open Your Eyes.


And Realize the Divine Plan you are All Part of.



Put your current state of reality in context with the universe. Explain the Miracle of your state on earth and how it is the apex, tank, canvas, Realm, of Biological creation which fosters Consciousness. 

Assemble A Non violent Army of Free Minds, Critical Thinkers, Geniuses, And Environmentally Conscious. This group will be the catalyst of the worlds awakening and will guide the masses into the next level of conscious awareness.  

The next level of awareness includes the Revelation of Reality, how to participate in the divine plan, and how to aid and protect it’s plan to raise the consciousness it’s creation indefinitely. With this new understanding of ourselves and reality, the human race will be able to achieve Eternal life within this canvas of creation, Via Sustainable Principles.  

You must look back through time, from the beginning of the universe, to now, and Gain a Comprehensive Coherent Understanding of the Path Reality has taken and the concrete tangible tasks we must take part in to align yourselves with Reality’s Path of manifestation. 

It is Time to Stop sitting on the thoughts, The Answers are There! 


The Technological infrastructures required to carry out such a task have been set in place and are running smoothly. You must now use the tools and insight I have provided.

This has been the plan the whole time. 

The medium for which a Mass communication can be broadcasted across the global is now in place and is waiting to be utilized by you. 

The Technology and Sciences required to fulfill the Divine Plan Of eternal Life on Earth is now here and is just a finger tip or conversation away. 

The dangers of self serving principals have been demonstrated.   

Abandon your false Teachings and Lust of Worldly False Profits. 

You have been Mislead. You should be standing in the center of an endless Forest of Food bearing plants which I have provided for you. You must not lust for false profits. Soon, if you do not change, you will realize just how false they really are. 

When I speak of you eating with me from the tree of eternal life for eternity, I am not speaking of a magical tree in a magical land you have come to dream of as heaven. 

The Trees I speak of are in YOUR world and when I speak of YOU I am referring to Humanity as a whole. When I Say ‘you’ I am referring to All of humanity as one collective. We are ONE collective.  

Because of your developing minds and intellect, we have grown away and strayed from the very principles that have allowed us to come into existence in the first place. 

You have Strayed far and have become distracted. You are just now beginning to realize you are headed in the wrong direction and are lost. 

The Word brought fourth by previous messengers has grown weak, diluted, Twisted, and in many cases, has been manipulated against you. 

Do not worship me solely by prayer alone, and do not worship the messengers I have sent fourth to enlighten you of the truth. 

Worship me through your works. 

Worship me by Collectively Pursuing renewable and alternative energy Concepts. It is essential to your survival and must be employed to sustain your growing populations. Fossil Fuel Energy will soon be turned against you by those who control it. You must free yourselves of its necessity. 

Worship me by educating your children about sustainable concepts.   Do not direct them down your current lost path. 

Take these writing to those who claim to hold my truth and have jurisdiction over the Masses. 

Should they deny this Divine intervention to save humanity, they must be stripped of their authority over you. Not by force but by thought. 

Only follow those who promote, undertake, implement, and incorporate sustainable principals. 

It is not about you and your single short lived lives. It is about the perpetual wave of generations that will come after you. 

It is your responsibility to enlighten and equip your decent with the truth of my nature. 

Fishers of men, Awake, the time has come. Wake up, the tools which are required to carry out such a task have been set in place and are waiting for you.  

You must Awaken the World. 

The establishments and symbols of that which endangers my creation, have been struck in order to awaken the world. The terrorism that plagues your sense of security is the Alarm to Awake.

 There are no coincidences. 

Those Gifted with Wisdom and insight will be the first to awake and they will find each other, solidify the plan. 

Open Your Eyes! The Truth has been telephoned down through many centuries and generations and has become distorted. Open Your Eye! The Truth lays Right in front of you!  

The Divine Plan is for my creation to reach the conscious levels necessary to understand itself and though understanding itself and it's existence, it will understand me.  

I have pushed and developed my elements of reality through the necessary stages to sustain this higher conscious thought. This developmental process must not end. 

Your bodies are mortal but your developing understanding of me and reality are carried on through your decent indefinitely and is not part of the cycling carbon cycle. The collective mind and understanding of the world is infinite so long as higher life forms are sustained. 

This process must not end. Your misunderstanding of me has grown to a point were my creation is in danger of itself. Open your eyes and I Will confirm to you that everything expressed here in this document is true and will withstand any opposition.  Be patient and through time and your own reality, I will provide you with all the answers you seek. But you must pay close attention to your surroundings for this is how I communicate to you. 

Awaken! The time has come for you to Understand. The creatures and creations of your world belong to nothing but the creation itself. We are ONE.  Humans are not tools to be used by the intellectual elite who molest and exploit the world for the greedy gains of their individual self.  

You must start organizations that will turn the false profits of man into the true profits of life and the nature which I have created for your conscious experience in the physical realm. 

Example: Non Profit Environmental Company set up as an ESOP where all profits realized are used to buy adjacent land for expansion of sustainable systems. 

The new wealth will not be a lust for worthless materialistic objects. 

The New wealth will be Health, Freedom, Understanding of life’s Purpose,  and eternal life of the human race, so that Reality  may continue to develop us. 

Take This to the Churches and Temples of the World to test their hearts and expose whether they are of God, or Driven by Mans lust for control, comfort, and desires of false profits, that of which are promoted by ‘The Beast’.  

  The Beast is of men and these men must be identified and abandoned. These men are of many nations and are using you to their benefit.  Do not give them power over your soul. They are powerless without you.  Do not let them trick you into War.  Do not let them tempt you to strike down your brothers and sisters.  Neutralize all weapons of mass destruction.   Drop your weapons. The Truth is Hear and the Fight is Over. We Are ONE.

  Do not follow the orders of those who say otherwise.   

There will come a time when the truth will begin to flood over the minds of the world and Those who are in control of your world now will begin a mass disinformation campaign to blind you and turn you from the truth.


Do not sit on these thoughts. The Time Has Come for you to

Investigate the Reality of your Existence.

Open your Eyes

I am here, All around and within you all.


I am Who I am

I am Everything and I have No Name.

And I speak to you through Reality,

Reality Which We are Both made of.

We Are 1

All Matter and Life Out of it.

We Are 1

Tonight before you fall asleep, hold your thoughts still and listen for me.

I Communicate to You through insight and your Reality.

I have no voice, But I will guide you, if you pay attention.

I have no Gender or Face,

No Robe,

No Castle Made of Clouds

No Thrown

No Crown

No Saints

I am the very Fabric Of Space and Matter which constitutes All that you know to exist.

And I am conscious. 

And We are ONE.


Take this message and spread it as fast and as far as you possibly can.



*****End Transmission*****